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EnglishThis is the Home Page- Ésta es la Página HogarEspañol
Holistic and Lucid Vision
Visión Holística y Lúcida
 New Age Website Dedicated to the Dissemination of Truth—F. 1997—Sitio Web de la Nueva Era Dedicado a la Diseminación de la Verdad
Integration—Syncretism—Synthesis—New Age—From Higher Source   —   Integración—Sincretismo—Síntesis—Nueva Era—Desde la Fuente Mayor

Site Map
Website in English A vision without a task is a dream.  A task without a vision is drudgery.  A vision and a task is the hope of the world.  —From a church in Sussex, England, circa 1730.

Visit this Site Map to find "What’s New!".  This Website is in constant growth by the hour!  We are not lazy here, see if you can catch us up!  Send us your suggestions to improve this Website.

The titles in dark blue are articles written by Luis Prada.

The Art of … Brother Veritus' Website

This T-shirt exhibits Ave Maria and Aquarian Dawn paintings.Brother Veritus’ Website is offering products such as T-shirts, mugs, cap, license plate frames, hats, mousepads, etc., displaying Luis Prada’s art.  Please visit our store by clicking here.  Also visit our Art Gallery to enjoy some of the art used on our products.

Subjects Articles
Who Is Luis Prada Autobiography of the Publisher and Editor of this Website
Staff Members Translators English-Spanish: ;  Spanish-English:
Brother Veritus’ Community

Brother Veritus’ University Plan
Brother Veritus’ Community Plan
Journey into the City of Light of BVC
Requirements for Ascension and to Be a Part of BVC
The Ecological Community of BVC Renegades
BVC Flag and Specifications
BVC Logotypes
BVC and BVW Slogans and Legends
Forum/Chatroom Join the Forum to discuss subjects related to this Website. Use the Chatroom within the Forum to make contact with other people of like mind, Lightworkers and members of the Brother Veritus’ Community. Register in the Forum.
News Media Brother Veritus TV English RT English Brother Veritus’ Occupy
Egyptian Mysteries An Egyptian Initiation
A Tale of Imhotep
Code of Conduct When Visiting Egyptian Temples
Violet Flame – St. Germain A Biography of Saint Germain
A Healing Visualization with the Violet Flame
Alchemical Transmutation
The Physical Appearance of Saint Germain
St. Germain’s Gift of the Valentine of His Heart
Saint Germain’s Dwelling in the Higher Realms
Mystical Aquarian Dawn
El Morya’s Remarks
How Jesus Looked Like
Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, As Explained by the Arcturians
Message of Facundo Cabral
Psalm 23 Explained by Emmett Fox
Special Room for Healing
The Message from I AM
The Power of Love
Spokes and Wheels
Sanctity of the Heart
How to Create a Miracle
Pillars of Spirituality
Your Master Within
Supplication to the Lord
Physical Attributes of the Ten Sephira
Searching for the Real You
Align Yourself to the God Within
The Christmas Story
Prayer Power
Integrating the Radiance of Your God Cell
Creative Imagination
The Parable of the Cliff
Perceptions of Masterhood, III
A Call to Prayer
Faith for the Open Road
The Twelve Ingredients of the World Teacher
The Coming
The Fear of Death
Ten Messages from Sananda
And They Called His Name Immanuel
A Rainbow Walk
Imagination and the New Safe Energy
Brotherhood of Light Versus Brotherhood of Darkness
The Religious Beliefs Must Change
Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws
An Explosion of Spiritual Light
The Message of the Spirit of Love
Preparation for the Mission
New Masters and Their Role of Service
I Aspire to Contact with Those Who Are Ready
From the Lighted Beings of Nebadon
Monjoronson: Circumstances Are Changing Now
Monjoronson: Multiple Aspects of the Magisterial Mission
One Hundred Quotes from "The Secret"

Your World Is Approaching Tipping Point
Teachings of Master JarEl, 2006
Kwan Yin: Nothing Can Harm Me
A Hathor Planetary Message
The Christ Speaks
Teachings of Master Machiventa Melchizedek, 2006
Nebadonia: Personal and Impersonal Reality
Be Bold when the Dominoes Begin to Fall Very Shortly
The Adventures of an Elder Wanderer
Channeled Messages for BVC: Part 1,Part 2,Part 3, Part 4

Angels 10 Steps to Get Near Angels
The Angels Are Here, Can You Feel Them?
The Angel in Us All
Guided Imagining for Groups
You Are Satan Also
We Are the Arch Angels of the Resurrection
Archangel Michael’s Rosary
Virtuous Life Joie de Vivre
Unconditional Love
About Forgiveness
Service and Servitude
The Light in Your Heart
Our Values Are a Precious Jewel
Vices and Criticism
Birthing of New Earth
Spiritual Warrior
Advices for Good Living, Part I
Advices for Good Living, Part II
Do Not Justify Revenge
Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet
Noah’s Ark
Your Six Spiritual/Psychic Senses
Declaration for All Life On Earth
If Only I Could Be Like My Cells
The Key to Initiation
The Winners
Questions On the Air
Restrains to Change
Embracing the Process
20 Rules for Living
A Cultivated Garden
The Law of Correspondence
Recognizing the Disadvantages of Attachment
Affirming Your Life
Value Your Life High
Suggestions to Live in Harmony
Never Complain of Your Fate
About the Threatened Charity
Creating Your Own Sphere of Light
Rules for Being Human
The Saga of Casanova Galactico
Kryon, Questions and Answers, I
Forgiveness Visualization
Light and Dark Forces in Your Life
Blessed the Meek for They Have Inherited the Earth
Any Word That Contaminate the Consciousness of Other Is Sin
Venus Transit by Kirael
How to Recognize the Anti-Christ Within
Success Has Six Billion Plus Flavors
Wake Up to Your Real Self
Call to Service of Suffering Humanity
I Command
The Phenomenon of Channeling
All Is Within You
Reclaiming Your Atlantean Heritage
Encouragement and Energy Work
Magic and Wonder
Love to Live and Live to Love
Things Are Beginning to Accelerate As Never Before
Do Unto Others…
The Power of Unconditional Love
The Law of Right Action
Teachings of Krishnamurti
A Wonderful Message by George Carlin
Spiritual Pandemic
Kill the Television!
Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Man’s Choices

Fables and Tales Fables and Tales, Book I Fables and Tales, Book II
Indigoes Indigo Children’s Message
Why Children Should Access the Light

The Message of the New Children
Nature of Reality On the Nature of Reality
The Physicist as Mystic
Creating Reality
Tachyon Energy
A New Advanced Physics and Life on Earth
ET Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies
Unusual Phenomena Origin of Crop Circles Orbs, What They Are
Astrophysics The Sun Is Cold, I
The Sun Is Cold, II
The Photonic Belt
The Planetary Grids
Galactic Central, Trantor
Transformational Fireworks of the Sun RA
Solar and Galactic System Changes
A Transforming Ray
Birthing a New Sun
Urantia Book’s Cosmic View
Soltec On the Ignition of Jupiter
Soul Journey From Urantia to Paradise
Dimensional Portals The Energies of One
Pillar of Light Meditation
Energy Portals
What’s Ahead for Planet Earth
12 Helix DNA Cosmic Mandala
DNA Changes
The Grid and DNA
Russian DNA Discoveries
Change in DNA Eliminates Aggressiveness
Lightworker Frustrations, Part II
The Truth About DNA
Prayer and Meditation
Lord Kuthumi on Crystals and DNA
Demonic Possessors and DNA Regeneration
Invisible Things
Message to the Jews
Undefining the Spiritual Path
The Integration of the Star Seeds
Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA
Star Nations

The Fall
Genetic Recoding
Return of the Dove
The Ashtar Command
The Ashtar Command, II
Ashtar Command Mission
Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran
Galactic Federation Fleets
First Galactic Federation Contact
The God Metaphor
Disclosure of UFO/ET Subject
Interview to Dr. Steven Greer
Reptilian Pact
Galactic Wars, I
Galactic Wars, II
The Holographic Prison
Change the World
Summary of Dr. Greer’s Press Conference
The Illuminati and the Galactic Federation
Journey Into the Resistance Movement
Liberation of the Planet Earth
The Underground Kingdom of Light
Light and Darkness Intertwined For Learning
Texan BBQ
The Ending of a Vast Conspiracy
Plan For a Galactic Society
Why Are ETs Interested in Us
Abundance Is Coming
Great Shifts in Consciousness Are Coming
The Truth In a "Nutshell"
The Galactic Federation of Light "First Contact"
Galactic Technologies and Abundance
"The Face of Mars" Syndrome
Light Prevails
Preparations for First Contact
Your Petition for Intervention Is Already Done
ETs Are Family
Vital Message for Gaia and Her Humanity
You Are Living the Pangs of New Birth
Your Scientific Paradigms Will Be Altered
Stupid White Men On ETs
Where Do ETs Come From?
Iraqi Children Are Children of Light
Divine Service of the First Contact Fleets
Nobody Is Lost for the Creator
Magnetic Field Affects the Genetic Code
We Will Take You Onboard Our Ships
A View of First Contact
Night Training
Roswell Crash 1947
Sirian Creeds
The Stargate 8:8 Is Now Officially Opened
We Come and Rejoice With You
A Step Toward Full UFO Disclosure
Out-of-Body Journey to the Year 3000
Your Global Society Will Transform in a Short Time
The Secret Shadow Government
The Cabal, a Geoplutocratic "Elite" Bent on Global Domination
Your Leaders Either Change or Be Replaced
Truth Will Be Stranger Than Fiction
You Concept of Creation Will Be Changed
You Begin a Great Adventure of Co-Creation
The Manifest for the Liberation of Planet Earth
The Khazar Are Zionist and Illuminati
Hatonn Describes Himself and More
Mohammed Speaks
Mother Shekhmet Speaks
Buddha Speaks
Arcturus, My Home Planet
We Have a Magisterial Son!
Letter to Churches
The Many Hats of Christ Michael
Two or More in My Name
Introducing Monjoronson
Sonship with God
Message of Admiral Jhonka of the Ashtar Command
Excerpts of the Book of Heru
Excerpts of the Book of Heru, II
Plan Aurora
Galactic Codex
This Is My Gift
The Pleiadians: An Uprising in the Offing
Monjoronson:  The Upheaval That Comes
Sananda On the Upheaval Times Ahead
Is It Nearing Showdown Time on Planet Earth?
Messages from the Celestials

Messages from the Celestials, II
Messages from the Celestials, III
Messages from the Celestials, IV
Ashtar and Soltec On the Non Lift Off
The Relationship with the Grays
The Magisterial Mission
The Restoration of the Other Side of the Veil
Await the Timing in Grace
An Interview with Mr. X
Ashtar: The Imminent Changes
Ashtar: The Imminent Changes, II
Together We Made Known the Unknown

Countdown to an Official and Open Contact
Christ Michael: Update on the Coming Changes

Concerning V. K. Durham Story
Time’s Up
Opening the Door to Truth
Messages Through José Trigueirinho
Vrillon’s Report
Stasis 101, I
Stasis 101, II
Stasis 101, III
Stasis 101, IV

Pleiadian Federation Flagship, Nibiru
Writing to Pass the Time While I Wait for Stasis
Jupiter Is NOT Waiting Until Late December
Everything You Wanted to Know About Robotoids and Clones
Extraterrestrials and Other Governmental Cover-ups!
Ships of the Galactic Federation
New Beginnings
Armageddon as Prophesied Is Close upon Us
Important Alert for Los Angeles and the Pacific Rim
October 14th, 2008, Sighting Was Cancelled
Understanding More About Stasis and the Aftermath
Esu Introduces Himself to Newcomers
The Three Days of Darkness
After Enlil

Ascension New Jerusalem Message – Allegory
Summer Solstice Ritual to the Sun
What On Earth Is Happening to Our Bodies
Projection from the Spheres of Light
You Are Experiencing New Energetics
You Are the Inbreath of the Creator
The Harmonic Concordance and Lightness of the Heart
Becoming Ascended Beings
Message for a New and Joyous Year
The Call to Return Has Issued Forth
You Are Finishing Your Cycle of Duality
Chakra Doorways Open
The Great Change of Phase
The Crystalline Form

Message from Gaia
The Game
The Two Phases of Change
Ascension: How It Works
And So It Begins…
God Event
A Progress Report on Our Ascension
Protocols of the Fifth Dimension
James: The Sovereign Integral
Prayers Prayers to God
Huna Prayer for Peace
Prayers to Mary
Affirmations and Meditations
Small Discourses Series I
Series IIa
Series IIb
Series III
Series IV
Health The Cat’s Purr for Healing
Remarks On Health and AIDS
When Disease Turns into A Business
Desire, the Strong Motivator for Health
Aura Sonics, Healing with Sound
George Carlin’s Views on Aging
Autotrophs and Heterotrophs
Meet My Sky Doc., Raphael
Issues of Human Sexuality
MSG, The Slow Poisoning of America
Health and Dental Cures
Jesus Was a Vegan
Perfect Food for Man
Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer
The Key and Ethics of Psychic Healing

Social Affairs Mahatma Gandhi’s Life
We Have Met the Enemy
Mother Teresa On Abortion
Sociological American Changes After September 11
Bureaucracy in the Planet of the Apes
Christ in the Aquarian Age
So You Want to Be Management
Ten Steps to Attract Your Ideal Relationship
Practical Value of the Great Invocation
Letter to Christian Bernard, AMORC Imperator
The Utopians
The Personality of Countries
One Person Can Make A Difference
Taurine Feast in Spain (Co-author)
The Killing and Torture of Animals
The Three Dark Tools of Domination
Illuminati Defector Details Conspiracy Plans
Strategies of Manipulation
Examining the Reputation of Christopher Columbus
The Real Dark Overlords
Stand Down & Stand Aside
Messages of Matthew Ward
Messages of Matthew Ward, II
The Bush Et Alia Ship of Fools Is Sinking Rapidly
Putting Christ Back Into Christmas
America Needs to Awake
The Templars of the Crown
The Truth About the Catholic Church
Jesuits, Controllers of the Vatican and the New World Order
When Are We Going to Show Up?
Abraham Lincoln from Beyond
Class On the American Constitution
Sexual Abuses to Nuns
Christ Michael On War and Terrorism
The Purpose of Gun Control
Who Owns You, Americans
Secret Societies and Their Power
Project Mannequin, UK Cloning, Mind Control and Genetic Enhancement Program
The Gullible Mind Explained
The Need of Existence of the Dark Forces
Dissent in the Holographic Matrix
The Elements of the Holographic Prison
NESARA Updates, Dove Reports, Part 1
NESARA Updates, Dove Reports, Part 2
NESARA Updates, Galactic Federation, Part 1
NESARA Updates, Galactic Federation, Part 2
NESARA and Personal Sovereignty
Matthew On NESARA and The Dark Forces
Protection Demonstration by St. Germain
Congressman too Truthful
It is OK To Believe in ETs
Message to the Skeptics on NESARA
NESARA Foreseen by St. Germain
The Hundredth Monkey and NESARA
NESARA Opens Door to Higher Health Gifts
Spiritual Aspects of NESARA
Sananda On NESARA and Compassion
Why Bush and Cheney Did Resignations
The Ascended Masters Warn the Illuminati
Harry Belafonte Is Pro-NESARA
The Illuminati Stole Sacred Symbology
Abundance After NESARA
The Physical Angels Who Will Transform the Universe
The Four Traitorous Justices of NESARA
Dimensions, House Cleaning and NESARA
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, V
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI
NESARA, Another Perspective
Hold the Fort!
Start Living in the Future
Changes Are Coming Fast
You Will Be Free of Your Present Shackles
The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified
The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified, II
No Other Planet Has Walked with Christ Michael
St. Germain On NESARA & Money
Answers to Many Questions
Christ Michael On the Arrest of Bush and NESARA
Enough Is Enough!
Germain Speaks o Casper

About Money I Want the Earth Plus 5%
Social Decay and the Federal Reserve
Money and Ascension
Running Out of Money? – A Multidimensional Solution
Silver’s Three Flags
Work, Money and Creativity
Why the Dollar Bubble Is About to Burst
Money and the Lightworker
The Humongous Deceit of the Income Tax
The Federal Reserve
The Matrix, the Federal Reserve, the Banks and the Strawman
Preparing for the Coming US Economic Collapse

Aquarian Communities

Women, Guardians of Place
Epilogue to the Masculine Era
About Violence Against Women
Biosophy in the Age of Aquarius
Reflections On the New Aquarian Consciousness
Government in the Aquarian Age
The World After NESARA
Islands of Light and the Waves of Ascension
Venus Transit and Intuitive Awareness
The New Galactic Consciousness
True Feminity
The Living Language of Light
The World of Time/No-Time
Curriculum and Higher Order on the Higher Realms
St. Germain: Follow Your Passion!
Have Compassion for Those Who Betrayed You
Work for a Clean and Just Society
The Law of Grace Will Forgive Your Karma
Two Streams of Future Probabilities
Changes in Heaven
See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes
See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes, Part II
After 2012, Will It Be the Ideal Utopia?
New Device for Telepathic Communication
The Work of the New Messiahs
Recreating Paradise On Earth
What Is AbundantHope?
Monjoronson:  Population and Earth Changes
Monjoronson:  Planetary Changes
The Coming Cataclysms
Monjoronson: Model for Sustainability
Essay On 2012 and Beyond

Peace Prevails on Earth Women United Against War
Peace Conference in Puerto Rico, 2002
A Call for Non-violence
Open Your Eyes and Call On Hope
Reality Is Changing
The ‘In-Breath’ of God Has Started
It Is Time For Peace
Why Do You, Soldier, Fight For?
Women’s Global Charter for Humanity
Resistance in the US Military to the War on Iraq
Free Energy The World of Free Energy
New Energy Disclosure Initiative
Inventors and Mother Earth Beware!
Soul Matrix St. Germain on Soul Groups
The Grand Game
Cosmic Romance and Our Divine Identity
Lady Nada On Mary Magdalene
The Miracle of Death
12:12 Universal Solstice Alchemy of Consciousness
Prophecies The Seven Plagues of the Century
Ancient Civilizations, Hollow Earth Lemurian Views of Living Underground
How Do People in Telos Look Like?
Inside Our Earth
Remembering Your Lemurian Heritage
The Lacerta Files
Underground Military Bases
Inner Earth Does Exist!
The Meaningof 2012 Prophecy
Agharta in the Hollow Earth
Secrets of the Subterranean Cities
Supernatural Powers Power of the Mind
Elephants to the Rescue
The "Psychic Internet" Is as Close as Your Thoughts
Cetacean Life Matthew’s Message on Cetacean Life
Earth Changes Global Warming Revealed
Earth Changes Are Coming
The Inversion of the Magnetic Poles
Soltec On Earth Changes
A Call For Prayer
Adama: Planetary Changes
The Shift Is Happening Now
Monjoronson On the Axis Change
Are You Prepared for the Coming Earth Changes
Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal
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