Birthing a New Sun

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Birthing a New Sun,
blue bulletBy Esu Immanuel (Jesus Sananda), Christ Michael and Candace Frieze
April 10-13, 2007
Jupiter is now a new sun of the solar system
Jupiter is now a sun

Published in this website on April 26, 2007.

bead, purple Candace:

Hi everyone, here is that piece that tells the story of what is to come. I worked it originally with Esu, and then Christ Michael decided he would do a short introduction around what is confusion regards the Sheldan Nidle’s reports. He promised a few words, and it grew into several more pages. Words=pages! There, the translation is correct. If anyone is more «gabby» than I am, it is Aton, followed very closely by Esu.

bead, purple Christ Michael:

Hello, my beloveds in service to Nebadon. Over the next 1 to 1½ years you will be heavily tested and I expect all of you to pass grandly and make good progress in your journey to Havona. I just had a nice conversation with one who states he has put on his shoes for the journey. A marvelous young man and I will protect his name in this piece but take the opportunity to thank him deeply in this public way for standing up to serve in the coming trying times and assisting to rebuild this world.

We have long known this event, the igniting of Jupiter into a sun would occur, and this is behind the whole rational of the Ascension of Earth at this time. For it is the Ascension of the entire solar system in which you live. Hints of this have been given through «science fiction.» You are going to run into some who will debunk this and state that this is not possible, but most surely it is and the time is ripe. A number of years ago we thought the event would not occur prior to 2010, and possibly a bit later, but everything evolves and changes and so has that timing changed.

We have put out little in updating recently because we have been in many a conference to discuss what our scientists have learned and who to deal with it at this time, as related to our other activities. It has been decided to assist this ignition at a time more opportune for you which is when it will next be «behind» the sun, from your viewpoint. Since Jupiter’s cycle is considerably longer than Earth’s, there is about a 6-month leeway period.

The ignition will be less intense for you, if the sun is «in the way» and will buffer it. Nevertheless, it will not be easy. I will leave you to read the rest that Esu has done through Candace.

I have been informed there are some problems for some of you in understanding the latest Sheldan Nidle reports. When I started this work with Candace, we were hoping the planet would have come a bit further, assuming the assistance of the dark side coming into cooperation but that has not happened quite as I wished as all of you «waiting» are aware of.

His reports are essentially correct, in the timing of what he labels «First Contact.» What he has left out is the detail of Jupiter in the mix. There is more going on than «Mother Earth» is anxious to get on with her changes.» In fact the entire solar system is anxious to get on with the changes as are you who are aware.

We are getting into a timing concerning the pollution too but we will fix much of this during the «big sleep». My, all of you do enjoy your abbreviations! We do have to be moving along. A number of years ago, prior to 9/11, we pretty much figured we would have to «throw in the rag» so to speak, but afterwards, a sleepy planet began to awaken. I have been more than a little disappointed in the United States however, in this because the people have not be able to get attention to the fact that 9/11 was a scripted event.

Too many still will not look at a devious government behind the scene. You remain in the Iraq war, with extensions planned into Iran, and yet the people mostly sleep, and will not put pressure upon the political cartel in sufficient numbers to create some action. There is still the belief that Islam has a problem, and it is much of Christianity that has the bigger problem. I remain saddened at the issue of the rapture that so few who follow that idea will see past. They put out many thoughtforms into the mass consciousness that say «bring on Armageddon» so we may rise up to see the Lord.

As a result of the continued war activities without adequate confrontation by the people, the planet’s vibrations have lowered some rather than moved up. However, on a good note, there are many who do know, but know not what else to do, who will stand up given the opportunity and we can make great progress.

Now, back to the Nidle report. We will have the announcement period as we have said, as ASAP as possible. But it may be in May at this point for we are still in some planning. And the presence of God and star visitors assisting God in the end times will be taught and, as has been said, Esu will be on that team, for some portions in the second half. Right after the first discussion of star visitors presented to the public there will begin nightly flyovers increasing in duration and intensity. At that time, the world military forces will be stood down so as to not interfere.

At the end there will be a bigger show. Many people don’t want to believe the ships are many of the stars in the night sky and these bigger ships will put on a bit of a show.Imagine the Big Dipper moving about out of form! However, there will be no big landings at that time. We will begin gradual small Contact activities to get people more used to the idea. Helena will do the event in Denver with Candace that has been long planned, and there will be similar ones around the world.

As soon as I determine the timing, the Earth will be put into stasis or the «big sleep» for at least three weeks, so that we can work without observation and resultant fear. The big sleep will also correct your seasons some which are off because the year is 360 days now. The ozone layer will be removed. Some pollution will be remedied and we will be working with many, in their higher selves at this time, to promote awareness. We will increase the energies even more as we have been doing in the past. We did that a year ago but the planet has slid a bit. These energies will further awaken the DNA in those on the planet and help set up the conditions for more significant Contact.

So you get the flyovers, but not the major Contact we had previously planned. After the big sleep, the facts of Jupiter will be presented and preparations begun in earnest. As good news, most governments are being cooperative and will work to assist their peoples for this. Those that have been reticent should change their minds.

The monies will happen, the banking will be in place, as it must be for preparation, and the American administration is down and out of place at the time the announcement activities begin. We have made some changes in the plans for what some of you have labeled «the rebates» of taxes and illegal interest. Some of this will not be released until after the Jupiter event, but some of it will to those who will manage it well.

Since Jupiter is coming upon you early and by our timing to assist you, many will not be ready to have such large finances at their disposal. The monies need to be in the hands of those that will use them properly at this time. More can be released after the event when the planet is stabilized a bit. There are simply too many who, if they had this money, would «just take this job and shove it» and otherwise use it irresponsibly.

There remain the huge massive trusts that will be released to those of merit and those who invested in the prosperity programs. There are very strict instructions with the release of these large humanitarian funds. They are not to be «blown off.» In the United States, the decimal will still be moved over one place, so that goods and wages are 1/10 of former cost, to restore a goodly portion of damage from inflation.

Debt forgiveness remains part of the plan, and this alone will moderately increase prosperity for many allowing them to begin to store and prepare for what is to come. I do not want Jupiter to ignite, at an inopportune time, it is better to assist rather than have a greater tragedy.

The Pacific Rim will suffer greatly. There will be weather issues and I assume Esu has covered much of this in an introductory manner with Candace. It is time, beloveds, for you to come into the leadership you are capable off. Many of you have had your ideas rejected by your circles but I say to you that you will find yourselves sought out now, in these coming times, for your knowledge after all.

You will be able to say «I told you so», but in saying this and you should say it, go into leadership and assist your peoples to plan carefully. There will be much chaos and this can be reduced greatly by local leadership. Many of the star seeds will fully awaken with the announcement period and, if that doesn’t do it, the announcement after the big sleep should do it, they being prepared more at soul level.

So, now I return to the Nidle reports.  Over the months until ignition, the star peoples will assist much behind the scenes, more education will be given, there will be enabling events such as Candace’s and Helena’s and more and more exposure to prepare people for the assistance to be given during the trying times. It is a time when each and every one on the planet is going to stand up or fall apart. It is difficult to know how some of the religions will handle this because the dark side has done much to prepare them to reject us as the dark ones who have come to bring the tribulation and they will await the real ones. So be it.

You are asked to help as these ones in your circles. This is the final time to make the choice to Ascend or not. I have waited and delayed long for ones to make that choice and I await them but a bit more. Some just have to have it placed thoroughly in front of their faces before they will finally make the choice. This is the time for my «fallen angels» to return unto the lighted grace that awaits them that have not yet made their decision. It is my wish that they have until the last minutes to do so. For many, it will take the cataclysm to do so.

I would like to make a brief comment on the stuff about Imus, which is being blown out of proportion. I would like to know just how these young people have been harmed, other than the media attention brought to it? These ones are handling it far worse, that what an off hand comment should cause them, and it does not serve these young ladies to do so. They should be given the big «so what.» If media and those good church people, who are not so good, had stayed out of it, they would not even have known in all likelihood. This is a big cover show to cover up more nefarious activity. It is scripted.

Imus has his relationship with God, and I have no idea what his purpose is, but I think this has gone too far. I think you have in your media and politics many who are much more deserving of removal from their jobs than this man. Keep the perspective. This pales in relation to a war that continues and to the deaths of so many inIraq. Civilian deaths there are now almost 900,000. A man is booted over several days from a long career, and he apparently is involved in some fine charitable work, and yet you have a resident of the White House who stole the office. American must learn to turn off the TVs during these shows and get about getting the real scoundrels out of office in your future if they show up once again.

I need to let Candace go, so she can rest and finish this piece tomorrow. I bid you adieu, Namaste,
Aton of Nebadon.

bead, purple Candace:

I wish to comment also on the Imus story. As I had CNN on in the background on this last night, the meeting with the Governor of New Jersey in the governor’s mansion was being covered. Anderson covered that the acting governor was handling this as the governor had been in an accident on the way to the meeting. This was a murder attempt as to the timing and how it was carried out. I am pasting in a portion of an article that was on Netscape news:

«Corzine was riding in the front passenger’s seat of a sport utility vehicle driven by a state trooper when a white pickup truck swerved to avoid a red pickup truck that had moved onto the highway from the shoulder, State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes said. The white pickup hit the passenger side of the SUV, sending it skidding into a guardrail. The red pickup left the scene.»

That use of the red truck was meant to happen, and I don’t know if the white truck was involved or not. I do not know why Corzine and others arranged this meeting for the apology in the governor’s mansion but obviously someone was not pleased, or it was set up in order to murder Corzine for other reasons, or ones related to this game. It smells really bad.

The purpose of this game is to let others of prominence with Big Mouths, that they should shut up. Imus has said many a thing in the past that could have provoked this reaction, and there are many who do genuinely slimy work who are ostracized. Now the big clue was that Tom Delay was on Anderson Cooper last night, participating in the contrived news discussions taking place now about why others with big mouths have not faced what Imus did.

This is dark side talk, for «keep up with your big mouths» and you do shall face consequences such as firing and murder. Tom Delay specifically pointed out Rosie O’Donnell, and her suggestions that Bush had something to do with 9/11. Boy, that caused me to stand up. At least the «good part» is that the suggestion was made about 9/11, but it was really a threat from Delay to Rosie to shut up immediately. I have no idea if this was discussed on The View this morning. I intended to pay attention, but was doing some work for CM for another purpose than this article.

Yes, Don Imus blew it, and went a bit too far, as these young ladies did not deserve they description he gave (but see my comment later on in this section). In all of this, it is being discussed that certain ones with the black street culture use these terms for themselves and even Imus made a statement to that fact, that the terms used are self-description. Certain known people in our black community have come forth in various outrages. Some against Imus, and others who are taking the opportunity to attempt once again, much like Bill Cosby has done, to point out certain folks in America have some community problems and need to grow up. The point of much of hip-hop is to destabilize young people of all races and not just black young people.

I think Imus will arise, acquire a little better taste, and do something positive with this. From what I have seen of him I have liked some of his work. However I have never listened to his show, I only learned he even exists because of his being a guest on shows such as Larry King. I don’t know if he is involved with genuine underground radio (not so underground) or not, or if he serves the dark. I think he exists to expose as best as able dark game plans, and I think this is the reason he got told to shut up. I did not here all of what was said, but the one bit that I did see, his tone of voice indicated he was proud of them, even through the trashy language.

I assume they were just waiting for any of several ones with radio stations to make a stupid comment and he «scored» for them. If he is dark, in fact he may have done this intentionally to create this story and a way to threaten others who are trying to expose the darkness. Obviously this whole game, no matter how it was scripted, was designed to throw big darts at public people such as Rosie, who are being spiritual warriors at this time. To repeat, I have not followed Imus well enough to know if he is a dark warrior or a spiritual warrior.

There are spiritual warriors who may appear to be dark warriors, as they are very crafty and know how to play the game within the dark. And many very advanced souls come into to play what appears a dark role in order to stimulate action needed. By being gross at times, Imus could thus be drawing attention to that which needs healing, within the hip hop/rap music culture that denigrates in particular black women. And the reverse is also true, that many accomplished dark warriors can make themselves appear as Light while being crafty out of sight.

Reverend Jackson has done so many a time and his participation in this signifies he is a player in a dark side game. Imus could be following a script to cause whites to further look down on blacks much as what occurred with New Orleans. It becomes difficult to see the game played and in the case of Imus, once again, I don’t know his role because I have insufficient experience to make a decision on the role he plays. But let it be said, he is playing a significant role, whether it be dark or Light. He is a warrior. Now on TV it is just stated that these poor girls «suffered.» NO, THEY DID NOT. In fact, from this is the opportunity to demonstrate that most young black people are in fact beauteous souls and that such comments do not personally cause them any harm.

OK, now on the work I did with Esu that was done over a two day period, on April 10th and 11th, 2007.

bead, purple Esu (Sananda):

Beloveds, it is I, Esu, and you can refer to me by that name without a problem for we in the higher realms are not «stuck» on title. Since last summer we have been setting up a new story upon the planet as a part of her birthing into the higher realms. We have been telling on the planet for a time now that there would be an event. The time for that event moves ever closer.

You have heard that some planets have two or three suns. These are planets that have moved higher up in creation. This is a natural process. So what is the story we have been leading up to since Monjoronson began his tales with the Teaching Mission last summer of the coming catastrophe that can’t be avoided?

It is, beloveds, the birth of your Second Sun. Times marches on, things change, and rebirth and renewed life continue in the cycle. After eons upon eons of formation in your solar system, and the many, many times through the photon belt, your solar system is growing up some more. That is the reason that it is this time in the photon belt that is the end of evil upon this experiencing sector of the universe, your solar system. Also, it is a time when all in photon belts everywhere are being much uplifted, for all of this galaxy (Orvonton, Milky Way) is moving up a notch. The rays coming through are most intense as different from more recent history. You recall that last October 17[2006] was the big conjunction of many systems that was predicated to occur in 2012.

In fact the rays are more intense from their origins because all involved closer to Source in this galaxy have «moved up» and now this energy is spreading through the monastic systems unto many places. There will be no 3D planets or lesser shortly within Nebadon. All evolutionary planets, unless they fall will be at least 4d. This comes from simply experience, time, and growth in this yet fairly young incomplete universe. Graduation time for many, plain and simple, for the many have gained their lighted experience and this will filter down to the younger planets within Nebadon yet to come.

Each trip through the monastic ring, or photon belt, causes many changes in a solar system. Since you are far from your Central Sun, Alcyone, the process takes longer, as you are in the photon belt for far shorter times than you are out of it. You spend long ages, quite literally «in the dark.» So the time has come, after these eons of change, that Jupiter will ignite into a sun. It is Jupiter’s «graduation» also. This is why this is the final battle of evil because the intensity of living with two suns prevents the dark energies from being able to exist. This means you will no longer have the lower astral or «hell» realms, sometimes called theBarbados. These negative beings and thoughtforms that can influence your behavior will be gone forever. However, let it be said, that evil is not gone from the evolutionary planets of Nebadon because 4d is a very trying stage in which no one sits on a fence anymore and thus your troubles at this time.

In the Phoenix Journals we, or more particularly Hatonn as Christ Michael or Aton, told that in a number of years you would have an event that must be prepared for, faced by all. That is Jupiter becoming a new being, a Father Sun, and its moons will begin to beget new life also, thus becoming Mother Planets. Just as in physical life, a new family is born. Birthing of one sort or another exists throughout all of creation. Always the birthing involves a Father and a Mother. Jupiter might be seen, for those of you who have studied the Phoenix Journals version of the Trinity, the One Light that divides into the Father-Mother Light, which begins the process of uniting the twin Father-Mother Light back into the One.

bead, purple Candace:

This is an interesting comment from Esu because a few days ago, while working on another piece, I had this desire to go, get a book in my collection off the shelf. It is «Bringers of the Dawn» by Barbara Marciniak. This was one of the early books my soul mate Tom encourage me to read in preparation for my coming work. The book fell open to a page with this discussion upon it. How interesting now in retrospect.

«The twin flame is the male and female existing in one body, whether you are physically male or female. The patriarchal society has been run by the male aspect of the self, which you all have been. You have all experimented with consciousness and taught yourselves about what works best, preparing for this time when the flames will be lit together. After this time, the twin flame is NOT sought as a partner outside of self, but is understood to be the integration of the male and female selves and the ripeness of all that self has done. After you have integrated the male and female within yourself and activated your own twin flame, then, when you seek a partner, you will seek someone complete, not someone to fill the need that you have not acknowledged or that you have not filled for yourself.»

Now continue with reading what Esu has to say. The uniting of the twin Flame is just everywhere in creation apparently. And indeed it is what creates new being, in the process of fertilization of an egg, the uniting of the two, creating again, a «one» new complete being.

bead, purple Esu:

And in time this new system about Jupiter, this new Father-Mother, will find its way back into unity consciousness, just as your current solar system is doing. Creation expands in this way. There are other methods of expansion or growth, this is but one. This is the birthing of a «child» solar system; you might want to call this new system the grandchild of your current sun, its planets being its children. In time, a very long time, another of these outer gas planets of Earth might, and probably will, do the same thing.

Your sun has been aging, a normal process, but all of this represents renewal for it. It will not die now either. Only suns without solar systems are prone to die. For this new grouping of suns will cause the re-energizing of each other, which will also be continued by the «photons» that come periodically from Alcyone. It is possible, in the far distant future, that your sun might even become a true central sun. With the Jupiter event, it does become a central sun, having at least one sun encircling it.

In time, if a 3rd sun should ignite, other suns from nearby systems might become attracted to this system of suns, and in the process grow some more. And one day, there might become a huge new sun from all of this performing similarly to Alcyone.

You have had hints of this in some of your sci-fi stories. On occasion it has been suggested in material from «channelings» and under hypnosis. So now you have it, on the importance of this age.

Now, we must get serious, because this event is not without some difficulties. You are aware of sunspots and other solar activity that can affect your electromagnetics and produce even earthquakes. You are aware that this activity can affect also your satellite transmissions, and interrupt electrical output from your electric grids. And so shall this do so, rather «big time.»

The reason we are saying 6 to 12 months is that we are going to assist this a bit, so that the event takes place when Jupiter is far from earth, on the other side of your sun. Otherwise, if allowed totally its natural time, the journey into this could be considerably harsher upon you. Ideally it should be directly opposite you, but this is not totally necessary. Your own sun will diffuse the energy produced during the igniting and the distance is also useful.

Currently Jupiter is still visible in your skies. But soon it will begin to wander behind the sun, from your viewpoint. Remember that you encircle the sun much more frequently than Jupiter, so that decreases the window of timing.

Aton in his Hatonn form visited your many leaders and continues to do so, so that the people may be prepared for this event. You do not want it to occur without some assistance of governments in place and as stable a monetary system as can be obtained. Otherwise the anarchy would be incredibly huge. I suggest re-reading, or reading Monjoronson’s message on Candace’s main site, about the coming Cataclysm and what you might expect. I would also suggest you get into thinking and pondering this and the ramifications. (Link to 1st piece on this topic by Monjoronson last summer: )

This will affect the magnetics enough to shift your poles to a new location, meaning your axis will change. This changing axis will only take at most a few days. This is survivable but you must plan for it. In the United States we have taken over the underground areas and are preparing them for use to make this easier because the government has made no previous plans for you, The People. Russia and China are well equipped to handle their populaces and plans are being made for other areas of the world.

Before I detail our plans, still in the making because of the approaching time, and the refusal of the Illuminati to stand down (now you know the reason for the stand down of April 3rd, 2005), the planning changes. We will take over the USA if required. Most other countries are in compliance and are willing to serve. This is the reason we have 25,000 plus people on the ground working behind the scenes.

After some recalculations of a couple years ago, it became apparent that Jupiter was going to ignite, maybe a couple years prematurely. And this is the main reason Christ Michael chose to go global with the NESARA idea that has become a very enhanced GESARA now. Please note the final «A» is for actions, not act. Time is of the essence. In this «wait», that has made some of you uncomfortable, much of necessity has been accomplished.

Now back to what to expect in terms of physical Earth changes. The axis change will be small. You have experienced axis changes in the past of up to 90 degrees. This is 5 degrees. Part of that reason is the choosing of timing to assist and part of it is that the planet has moved forward spiritually thus a less chaotic event. We will add some stability also during the process.

The Pacific Rim will be most affected, but all will experience problems of some sort. Some volcanoes will erupt and many oil wells will close because this will cause the spaces in which the oil used to be to fall in. You have already created many of your recent quakes simply because of oil and gas removal. One of the reasons for the situation in Los Angeles is related to ocean water under higher pressure seeping through the existing faults and filling in some of those spaces in which oil has been removed thus worsening the issues there. Some of the caverns, not all, are simply «empty» oil caverns. So be it, you all did it.

Many incarnated to bring energy unto you as you entered the Industrial Age that would not use fossil fuels, and it was rejected. While that seems not the little man’s fault, you are involved in that every time you get into your car. Many know, but it did become very difficult with suppression of literature in various formats for you ones to organize effectively, especially as textbooks were changed and scientists murdered or bribed. But you could have, had the leaders that stood up in the 60s and 70s stayed in action, and had not «run away» to develop nice candles to buy, and enter into New Age commercialism.

College campuses, normally the place for mind to work its magic, were very suppressed, so you do not bear all the blame. The Beast has pretty advanced weaponry and people «freaked out,» especially after the murder of Kennedy and KentState. It seemed easier to attempt to help through commerce for many. Some of this has been most useful, but you would be so much further to have kept up the pressure of the pen rather than riots.

Why didn’t we intervene? We have been, and in great measure over time I might add. You have your Internet, for example, and other technologies which do service you and make your life easier. But the Beast always counts the dollars to be made and limits. We have to go through your leaders and governments, no matter how bad, because on dark planets like this, the small guy gets «deaded» making change difficult. That sounds like a contradiction to the above statement, but in numbers with powerful pens, you would be further along. But nevertheless you have moved forward, especially with the event of 9/11. Some of you wonder why we «allowed» 9/11, for certainly we could have prevented it. Yes, we could have and you have not had another 9/11 of that nature including this past Easter weekend.

It was in fact 9/11 that finally awakened this sleeping planet, and the goodness that has come from it, started the glowing of the planet. You visually glow, from where we sit, beloveds, just as Venus and the moon glow in greater brilliance right now. They are glowing in part from a brighter sun, but also are glowing themselves. This is move up time for the entirely of your solar system.

bead, purple Candace:

Many of you may be noticing on sunny clear days, it is much brighter, if you don’t have Chemtrails, that it. The moon is much brighter. When I was young I could actually look at the sun for a short period of time, but not more. I may on bright days need to wear sunglasses, which I have never done, except when skiing on bright snow. I am beginning to squint almost painfully some days when outside. However, my body will adjust to this naturally in time.

Venus is very bright and large. It was never that way. I noticed this about 3 years ago, that it was much brighter. I need to get out in the early morning to check on Jupiter, which is supposed to be in my early dawn skies to the southeast. Remember two years ago, when Mars was at it closest point in many years, and how bright it was? I was visiting my father in Steamboat Springs then, and in the skies away from the city lights it was impressive.

Some of us noticed that it seemed brighter outside, and colors were more vivid after the increase in our vibrations last spring, that was «engineered» a bit.

bead, purple Esu:

It is appropriate at this time, despite my little complaints, to extend a grateful hand to the star seeds who have come and endured for so long to assist the lifting of this planet from within. Many have suffered far more than I did in the travail of the cross. Many times over in some cases. For you shall have your reward, which differs for each of you, depending on your journey and what you came to do and learn.

So back to those physical changes I seem to drift from today. The rim of fire as I said is the major issue. It is likely this is the time when LA falls downward and raises up great tsunamis from the displacement of water. The sudden axis change, even spread out over a few days, will cause great fractures and thus quakes, which will cause other quakes, etc.  A ripple effect. The Pacific Ocean is kind of like going to slosh like a pool full of people. This will occur even if no earthquakes happened. So in this case the waters will have both this effect of sloshing and displacement from some quakes along fractures that produce displacement of water.

You recently observed in the Solomon Islands a great quake which lifted the islands up, exposing coral reefs and extending the distance out to sea of the shore line. In some areas this was a high as 10 feet. Apparently this didn’t cause much attention in the media in the USA. Candace is only aware of it being on Yahoo news. This should have caused great consternation and teaching in the United States. That it wasn’t as «big» as the quake in Indonesia 2½ years ago is in part the reason. The death toll was such much less.

During announcement time you will be taught the truth of other recent events since 9/11 upon the planet that have been dark side attacks covered up. There are many. Not all may be covered initially but some will. Over the months more details will come forth.

For a few days especially during the ignition of Jupiter, you will have great electromagnetic disturbances. If it were to ignite, while in your skies and not behind the sun, you would have blinding light that might cause great vision damage, if not inside and preferably underground or in basements.

Your televisions and cell phones will not work during this time, nor radios, so you are sort of on your own in determining your actions. You will most likely have no news whatsoever. During this time we are going to assist in a manner of «martial law» in keeping of some peace and folks will be told this beforehand. You will have some types that will take advantage and in fact some people will be very confused from the electromagnetic impulses upon the physical body.

You must have planned shelter. Those of you with basements will be fine in them. Although the light will be considerably less than if the ignition took place in your view, it will still be bright because of these electromagnetics. I need not give a big description here use your «common sense.»

You must buy strong sunglasses; actually goggles would be better if you need to be outside. Some who work emergency services will be able to provide such. Your autos should work for emergency use at this time. Portable generators should work. How the [electrical power] grids act is a wait and see for the most part and you should assume they will not.

You need supplies such as flashlights, etc, to last up to a couple weeks, while the solar storms settle down. You need food and water stores for that period, as service will be scanty, folks will be «holed» up. Water is particularly important if your water delivery requires electricity. You should have preserved food for a longer period, just in case, because there will be delivery problems for food, and much spoilage of food for lack of refrigeration. Those of you having large freezers should be eating that food before then, and replacing it with dry or canned foods. I am not going to do further teaching at this time because I expect you, readers, to be able to use your own minds and figure out what will be your risks and needs wherever you live.

This event will be announced publicly after the «big sleep,» the period of stasis that was announced in a previous piece. The big sleep will occur within a couple weeks after our two-week announcement period. The presence of our star visitors will be announced also, as we have stated, during the announcement period and I will be on television, but after all the other «news» and truth to be presented, to also add Jupiter to that, would be more than the psyches of most could handle. We will have flyover activities as we near the end of the two-week television event to further prepare people.

During the big sleep, which will last about 3 weeks, we will do much cleansing, remove the ozone layer, and bombard the planet with more rays of energy to help lift it and the people up vibrationally a little more. We desire to be able to lift folks off in some areas and many of you still can’t be lifted in a light beam. There is hardly the point of lifting if one would not survive it.

We will get to the teaching of this event publicly shortly after the awakening of the planetary surface because much must be prepared for. People will be told they are in the hands of God in this but must assist also themselves. Most people in the world live on the coasts. All will have to get back because all the water will slosh to some degree everywhere. Not a good idea to be near lakes and large rivers either.

Huge amounts of dry and canned foods must be stored up. Many countries are preparing, as I speak, for the protection of their peoples. I have ordered that star visitors make replicated foods and manna for storage to be used in places where there has been inadequate food supply. All countries on the Pacific Rim will have to permanently abandon their coastal areas. The tsunamis are going to make the coasts unusable, and in many cases the coasts will be remodeled.

Each cooperating country, which does not include the USA at this time, is making provisions already for this. Those that have safe underground areas will use them. The government underground areas of the United States will be used. These ones all have ability to grow food beneath, and we are including the stores of dry foods.

It isimportant to start migration shortly after announcement is made of the impending event for it would be very catastrophic to wait until the last minute. The regions needing to do this will be informed. Now I want you to think, in the United States, exactly what the coastal areas of your Western states produce and what destruction of these business and agriculture is going to cause. You, beloved readers, must make decisions and start thy planning NOW.

The electric grids, as the solar storms decrease, will work again if not damaged. You must study your utilities in each area you live so that you properly prepare. Many people are going to hopefully accept our advice and move inland. This will tax those of you living inland. We are talking millions and millions of people in the United States alone. ALL countries on the Pacific Rim will need to close down. Period. Yes, I said that, I say it again, for you must «get it»: Whatever businesses in those regions that exist now, will not later. Your shipping will be disrupted for some time to come.

Now, also you will face windstorms and shelters, no matter where they are, must be sturdy. Folks in structures like frame and mobile homes will need to vacate them or live in the basements of those that have such. There will not likely be enough wood to board over all windows so take this into consideration. There will be tornadoes and probably hurricanes dependant on season and other variables.

Again, I must state, shipping and transport of all sorts will have issues for quite a long time. Even as the initial solar storms pass, airports near waters may be unusable. There may be road damage and shipping ports will be affected. In this so will distribution of oil. Quaking may break oil pipelines in places. Oil will be expensive afterwards and I suggest the acquiring of bicycles for those able to use them.

Although we are saying 6 to 12 months, around January of 2008 seems the most likely. The Northern Hemisphere will be in winter and thus you need additional preparations. We will see to it also that your «concentration camps» which were constructed and old military bases will be used to handle the population moving inland. You will need to offer your homes if you have extra space. And once the time comes for this event to actually occur you will be living in close quarters in protection and you must mentally prepare for that.

When we started this project with Candace, we told that you would need to become rocks. Now do you not see why? Many of you have been rejected by your families, in part for what you know, but after announcement of this you will be seen as dependable leaders, so you must step into that role. Hopefully the announcement activities will awaken the star incarnates more and they will step into place in leadership. Without leaders everywhere who can maintain calmness and control, this event would get totally out of hand. You must stand in place. This is a time to grow into strength and give up your fears. This is the time to be in compassion for those who will not handle it as well.

The first two weeks will be the worst. You can go outside if the winds are calm and you have eye protection, but you must also be careful of those who will step into their darker selves to take advantage. You can and should go out in groups during calm periods and walk and move about.

Batteries should work fine and I suggest that if you have CD players, etc, that these be used and shared about for the calming that music can provide. In this time, you shall begin to relearn the value of community that has been lost in modern societies. Those places that have been used to strife will do much better. Those living in prosperous societies are no longer familiar with survival techniques. So in the months preceding this event, it will be time to learn some and begin to build community wherever you are so that you will survive this better.

It is always chaos that encourages growth. There will be some who will become more criminal and shall lose of themselves for it. There will be controls in place. I said that already, I am reconfirming it. For you must have control. Local police and military will be used. In the United States you desperately need your soldiers to come home and this includes from many of your bases around the world not just the theaters of war.

Life is going to greatly change. Calmness will return but still the problems of supplies and challenges in the aftermath will persist for some time. Many will exit the planet despite the greatest of preparations. In some, the fear will cause this. Now, Monjoronson brought up the seemingly difficult subject of depopulation and those on the forum and in other related venues did not desire to face this reality.

You are going to be in great light now. When your new sun appears in your skies, from behind the older sun, you will not have night. When during the cycles it is back behind the larger sun, you will have some night again. Many will not be able to survive in this light. It is very cleansing. Many will pass from conditions that will be similar to radiation damage, for it is radiation damage. Those of you in Ascension will continue building your Light bodies and be fine.

Many aged will pass, aging faster, simply because their bodies are beyond renewal, both from deterioration and the inability to consider one could reverse age from the use of their mind.  You are what you think, much more than you are what you eat. In fact this will begin in earnest when your new sun appears in your skies. It is nature and there is nothing that can be done except to compassionately help those in transit. This may seem harsh in statement but most of the population reduction will occur within 5 years and it will be very high.  All will be made new. This is the time of transition because it is the time a new sun shall birth itself.

I am going to back off now and finish this piece because it is intense. Many of you will be highly curious and others will feel not so good and all of you must find a happy medium. As the various prosperity funds are delivered, I think you see what they must be used for. You should not be going on vacations, building new poorly built homes and the like. You will put it into service and preparation. Many have worried that some folks would quit their jobs when money began to flow and I think now you see that this will not happen in great numbers. Some will and they may find themselves not obtaining enough growth to Ascend with the planet.

Many of those are passing because of DNA issues whether inherit in their lack of lighted living or because they are star folks that walked into the existing DNA structures and the body doesn’t heal. Do not be judgmental and assume every one who passes is dark. Some are going home and others will return and continue their growth in the new babes to come.

We made a suggestion somewhere that reproduction would be greatly reduced. It will be, this huge increase of photons and radiation will cause that. There will be many miscarriages also. But this will pass and fertility will be restored in time as the DNA codes change. All right, I said enough, so it is enough for this time. Candace indicates she will write some teaching and thoughts. Apparently she has begun that with a piece entitled, «Telling it Like It Is.» We will all bring forth more teaching to our readers. For in knowledge comes the removal of fear. In fact, after the first couple of weeks are over, many people will feel renewed from their ability to deal with the issues and survive. Much great love energy will come forth as people find community and start doing the real business of living, rather than existing tied to a job and paycheck with little true growth involved.

This «event» that will seem tragic to many, will however jump-start the birthing of your New World. Be calm in that idea. Many have suffered so long throughout so many incarnations and this event truly signifies the end of that long era. Many will find their sovereignty and the value of living, truly living. Your New World will not be free of error but it will increasingly become free of intentional evil.

In time, as we have been teaching, you will enter into the hallowed state of Light and Life, and into monopolarity. Only souls who have reached a suitable level can incarnate into your world.  Like attracts like. It is universal law. This has been such a dark planet for exactly the same reason. Those of you, who came to assist, drew the dark increasingly up into the Light by voiding the dark. Light and dark VOID each other, not attract. So you have been «voiding» the dark, step by step, and you will be greatly assisted by having a beautiful young second sun in your skies.

The water vapors will be restored in time and the planet will return to being a plush Garden of Eden and fulfill its lost role once again as the seed planet of the [Christ] Michael’s dreams. Whoever chooses to live upon it, will truly be its caretakers. And in time, as the other planets are restored and new life implanted, so can you expand to other areas of your solar system. Overpopulation will not be anymore an issue once you obtained galactic status as citizens for you simply move and begin anew the cycles.

In this way you begin to become the Gods of nearby planets. And so on and so forth. Candace just reminded me that I have not yet gone away. So now I do so. I AM THAT I AM and SOARE YOU. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia and son of the Great Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days spoken of in your Bible.

bead, purple Candace:

I am indeed preparing more and this message is now at least 14 pages long in the font I am using. I will wind this up with one comment. There are some who like to post portions only of my messages. If you do so, please state that and include a link to my website, where it can be read in fullness.

Milson, if you send this to your list and post it upon DA, you must send it all including my teaching comments. You chose to leave out important teaching in the piece I did with Monjoronson, Christ Michael, and Esu last October. Your list members needed to understand for example the teachings I gave around the symptoms that would occur with de-aging.

It is rude to remodel others work without stating so. In fact, it is not right to remodel work. You added your own comments in a few places while leaving mine out, and you didn’t necessarily state that, if memory serves. Nor will you change my sacred Christed star name from Candace to «the receiver.» I am a Second Coming team member serving the Planetary Prince and my contributions are well beyond that of receiver. I ask you to respect that. To amend my contributions with these ones is to violate copyright law. So be it.

That said, it is time to retire from this piece for it is very long. I myself have been on a bit of an emotional/intellectual journey the past couple weeks or so since I learned this was the cause of the coming axis shift. I have shifted between excitement and intrigue and «oh shit.» I expect many of you to do the same or have whatever are your own appropriate reactions to it. But we must all come into balanced being about all this so that we may serve well during it.

Now is the time to face and engage your fears so that when the event does occur, you are past your fears and can serve in leadership during it and, in fact, during preparation for it with your circles. Become the rock that you know you are. Study all aspects of your emotions around this and your own knowledge of your skills in the next few weeks so that you can form a real and useful game plan.

Forgive those who have not believed you in the past, for it is always true that the prophet is a stranger in his own land. It is time to truly say, «forgive them Father,» for they do not know what they do. You shall show the way, of what to do, and help many come out of fear from lack of knowledge. You are blessed for your service. Take care, Candace.
© Copyright by all rights reserved

Christ Michael Aton Confirms Jupiter Sun Thought Jess Anthony

Taken from:

Friday, April 13, 200711:27 PM

bead, purpleJess: I heard last weekend that Candace was preparing a message with Esu about Jupiter becoming a new sun. I decided to go to Christ Michael myself to ask for information. He spoke with me for three evenings to explain the sequence of what is going to happen and provide some explanations. I want to point out that I heard this explanation before I read Candace’s message. In my opinion, this makes it a very forceful confirmation. I have combined the three messages into one, but I have kept the dividing dates and the questions I used to begin the commentaries.
Journal 4-9-07
Jess: Aton, I ask for some explanations and clarification this evening regarding the events and the timeframe of the Earth changes. My understanding at this point is that after the announcement period the big sleep will begin. Is this to be triggered by the Jupiter nova, to use that phrase, or is this to occur before the major cosmic changes start? How much time do we have to prepare and how much geophysical change should we expect? Candace is projecting an explanatory message from Esu, but I would like my own synopsis, if you will give me one. Speak with me again this evening, I ask respectfully.

bead, purpleChrist Michael: Jess, I will speak with you this evening and give you some explanations of things to come. You have gleaned elements of this picture from various sources, including us, and you now wonder how it all fits together. Let’s see what we can outline for you.

The Announcement period, as you call it, is scheduled at this point to last for two weeks. This should give ample opportunity for people around the globe to become acquainted with the changes we are instituting with your assistance. This presentation will take the form of televised programming that explains the history of your planet and the new direction you will be taking in resolving many of the obstacles you have placed on Mother Earth in the past.

Once this series of panels is completed, it will be time to prepare for the «Big Sleep,» as it has come to be called. This will not be an immediate transition, primarily to allow many of those less believing to have a change, to change their opinions. We are planning to illustrate everything that will be going on as part of the television programming. This will not cause chaos and the results we expect from it are minor cosmetic alterations of Mother Earth’s visage. We are projecting this step to occur before the Jupiter flaring up. This is the event scheduled sometime in the 6-12 month period. We will do everything we know to do to find the most practical way to prepare for this major Earth-changing event.

The new sun will rearrange the base alignment of the planet and will cause the seasons to begin to merge into one restful, calm extension of ever-ripening food. The most dreadful consequences will be for the Pacific Rim. The fault lines and the overlapping plates will cause unbelievable chaos and trouble. The increased photon energy will indeed play havoc with many of the time frames that will be presented. Many inhabitants can’t tolerate the level that will be shining on them. Much of the world is slipping its plates. The government changes are scheduled to allow the citizens this modicum of trying to prepare, although nothing like this has ever really been done before. Let’s pick this up again later.

Journal 4-10-07
bead, purpleJess: Speak of the calendar for Jupiter and the length of time for the retreat. Where will it be and what will go on there? What sort of time frame are we looking at in terms of Earth changes? How many years? I again thank you for specifics.

bead, purpleChrist Michael: Yes, Jess, let’s continue from last night. I spoke of the timeframe for the solar occurrence with Jupiter. The timeframe is when Jupiter is behind the sun in regards to Earth’s orbit. This should fall in the period between December 2007 and January 2008. This is near. Yes. This transforming of the planet will be aided by our technicians when it is most covered in relation to Earth. This will protect Earth from the fullest intensity of its flares. This will be a cataclysmic event that will be recorded and preserved in Earth’s archives.

We are expecting to correlate the activities during the stasis period shortly after the final flyover event during the announcement period. We expect this to take place in May, at this point. This is determined by the progress in implementing the announcement process. It is ready to go. I am waiting for the most powerful time for this to occur. The shifts in commitment and intent are stabilizing, I will say, and they should be at their peak in a number of days.

The bank deliveries are not the cause of this announcement period, but they help set the stage for further shifts in the public’s thinking. Once the money is distributed to its proper transfer points, and the people are notified, it will be prudent to begin the change in government before further intrigue can be manipulated.

This is enough again this evening. There may be more to speak of later. Good evening,
Aton of Nebadon

Journal 4-11-07
bead, purpleJess: Aton, I would like to continue with the outline a bit more. I am curious about the actual landing of the forces and the return of the masters. I envision this to be postponed until at least the transition period. What are the plans now? I also wonder about the length of time the Earth will be affected by the initial flares from Jupiter. What should we expect in that regard? And is this is being triggered at this time specifically? Thanks you again for more explanation. If you wish to speak to the immediacy of the beginning of the announcement period, that also will be appreciated.

bead, purpleChrist Michael: Yes, I will speak again this evening. There is some confusion that has cropped up about the timing of the return of the Hosts and the Masters. There will be a vast array of different types of spirits and entities that start to make an appearance visibly. However, as you surmised, and as Sheldan indicated, they have determined that they prefer to have you on Earth raise your level of energy vibration to a dimension that is closer to the one they are most comfortable with in meeting you. They would have to lower their energy embodiment to a level that has some limitations for them if they approached all the way to your current level. This is the reason the «Second Coming» in the traditional sense has been postponed until you have acclimated yourselves to the initial influx of energy after the «big sleep.» The time I have called the transition period is the logical time frame for this to happen. They will be introduced in concept as you undergo the intensive education period after the announcement, and their role in the «big sleep» will be described.

The transition period will also be a time to familiarize the people with the fact that a wide range of different physical types of beings exist. People will be intellectually prepared as they are physical re-tuned. This will be happening in increments all during this transition period. It will start during the «sleep» and it will continue through the whole time of house cleaning that will occur during the several months before the Jupiter nova. Their role in protecting Earth and helping to condition the inhabitants will also be outlined in detail. It will actually be more feasible for them to appear visibly at that point to assist with the catastrophes that will ensue from the new star. Some landings will occur in various places and the concept will become more acceptable to the majority of people.

I see the arrival of the Galactic Forces and the Ascended Masters as happening in stages all during that time and there will be a grand celebration after we have dealt with the disasters that are looming as a result of the Jupiter transformation.

This transformation has been developing for many years, and we have known its potential for occurring, but we felt that it would happen a little later in your time. The output of new energy from Earth has begun this transformation process sooner than we had predicted. The re-establishing of the energy grid around Earth and the every increasing power of your own energy usage has amplified the level of energy in the solar system and tipped the process in Jupiter to a new level of action.

Everything in this process of change and initial stages of what will be Ascension on Earth has interacted with everything else. It is a living process and a change in one area forces a reaction in all the others that are connected with the one that changed. The balance of the energy shown throughout the world indicated that the earlier projections were not happening as predicted and the decision was made to shift the direction of the change to a more global template. The schedule of when events would occur was also modified to reflect the rates of progress in various sectors of Earth. America was not moving ahead as fast as had been expected, so the decision was made to reverse the order and accomplish the last events first. Everything would be in place and ready to begin operations once the official American strangle hold on free will choice was circumvented. We keep modifying the order as the facts of a change in American government continue to be delayed.

The timing of these events was also impacted to a certain extent by the natural transformations that were going on in other planets near you. This was all part of grander scheme of Ascension and Earth had to tailor the schedule for its change to the larger picture. The time scale of these events is flexible enough to allow for us to keep delaying the start of the Ascension process to allow as many inhabitants as possible to awaken to the reality they were facing. The more involved the better and more have returned to my Universal Oneness.

Let’s speak of now. The events are ready; the characters are in place or on standby waiting my determination. I am ready to move ahead, but I wait for just a few more variables to be in place that satisfy my concept of a planet ready to start a shift in its thinking. The bank deposits are not the triggers some suggest, but their completion will be a stimulus to prevent others from taking over the process they are ultimately financing. I expect everything to be in place to my satisfaction. OK. We are winding down again. This is enough for the evening once again.
Aton of Nebadon

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blue bulletEsu Immanuel Kumara (Jesus), Lord Sananda
Esu Speaks on Ascension and Man’s Responsibility, Through Jess Anthony
Sunday February 8, 2009

Taken from:

Jupiter’s Ignition Has Begun

bead, purple Jess: Esu, I ask for words this morning. Speak of Ascension and what that means. Speak of the timetable that is probable. Speak of what we should expect in the next few months. How are Galactic Forces working with man? How is man awakening to his Higher Self, and how long is a logical projection? I ask for as many specifics as you feel appropriate to give.

bead, purpleEsu: Let’s speak of the things you asked about. Let’s speak of Ascension first, and what that means. Ascension is a process that involves raising Earth to a higher level of interaction with the dimensions of energy your planet is directly connected to. Man’s Ascension is tied to Earth’s at this point. By that I mean his commitment to his own personal evolution, in spiritual capacity, is linked with his current embodiment as a human on Earth. His DNA is constructed and sequenced to synchronize with his environment. As his surroundings change their frequencies, so too must his DNA in order for him to continue to be connected. This act of entrainment is endemic to man’s nature as a lower dimensional manifestation.

The process you are undergoing now is preliminary to a larger shift that will take place when stasis is entered and Earth is reconditioned to assimilate higher levels of cosmic energy. Man’s DNA will become fully functional, and the «wasted» DNA you now carry in your system will be operational. This expanded resource will guide you into new realms of physical capability and creativity. The body will become stronger and healthier within its physical package, and its mental capacities will be increased ten-fold. This will be a result of more efficient physical systems that are controlled by the awakened DNA structure.

The time frame for Ascension is a loaded question. What does the word mean? Mere evolution of the physical body into an improved physical state with spiritual interconnections that begin to guide decision-making is only a transition stage your 3rd and 4th dimensional incarnations must experience as physical beings. This is not Ascension in the grand scheme of working your way through the dimensional systems you have chosen to explore in your quest to define your unique purpose. Ascension is achieving higher and higher levels of spiritual Oneness with the Creator Father and First Source. This Unity of being is called Ascension because each soul becomes more refined and «moves» into a numerically higher frequency of the Father’s Love.

You ask the practical question of when is this happening. The answer is unique for each soul. Each soul must determine its own sequence of evolving and Ascending through its incarnations and spiritual manifestations. Earth’s sequence involves a period of cleaning and throwing off the toxic impairments that have been acquired over the eons through man’s blindness. Since man is linked to Earth, this involves man also throwing off his toxic limitations. This action is coordinated by man’s conscious decision to change. Such a significant pursuit is too important to be left entirely to man’s limited capacity to understand the ramifications of his actions. He must be guided and assisted in this process. Otherwise, it might not happen. This has been the situation on other worlds that do not have the blessing of Christ Michael Aton’s bestowal and continued partiality.

This almost was the case before enough of Earth’s inhabitants asked directly for assistance and understanding. Christ Michael concluded that Earth was worth saving with its inhabitants intact. This unique decision has led to the continued changes in game plan that have been the cause of much dissatisfaction and disillusionment. An untried scenario requires experimentation to determine what the best course of action will be before it begins. This untested scenario also involves finding a way to make Earth a viable environment for man’s continued spiritual evolution. The unimaginable depth of darkness caused by the rejection of Christ Michael Aton’s Universal precepts has forced an unprecedented approach to removing this toxicity.

This removal has also required man’s involvement in the process. Man’s conscious and unconscious decisions have led to the near-destruction of Earth’s capacities to sustain herself as an entity. His manifested ideas have created the state he finds himself living in. His ideas must create the resolution and reversal that will allow him to continue to evolve and Ascend with Earth. Each man is fully responsible for his ideas, and he makes choices to implement them. The environment that surrounds him is a manifestation of his spiritual consciousness.

Other entities can influence his decisions, or encourage a particular one over another, but each man is completely responsible for making his own choices. His choices are best when they seek to be most perfectly in alignment with the Universal ideas of Christ Michael Aton. This final option is not a matter of choice because all comes ultimately from the nature of Christ Michael Aton. To be in alignment meant finding Unity with him. The spiritual exploration of Earth was to examine being separate from Christ Michael. Those who have chosen this route were placed here to find out the implications and results. This experiment has come to an end in Christ Michael Aton’s vision of the workings of his Universe. He has chosen to move to a new level of exploration with Earth and its inhabitants as they continue the progress back to Unity with his spiritual nature.

In order to re-establish a concept of community acknowledging this awakened sense of purpose within Christ Michael Aton’s Universe, each individual must recognize the need for choosing actions that reflect this single purpose. The concept of living in a community is based on consensus and agreement in individual decisions. The Ho’oponopono method of joint decision-making is an example of individual alignment later determining group decisions based on agreed consensus. The crucial factor is conscious individual alignment with Universal ideas before determining the agreed group decision. When this happens first, agreement is clear.

I will speak briefly of the timeline of events you face.  Jupiter has begun its new role of bringing energy and light to your solar system. This is hidden at the moment, but it will become obvious. Earth will experience the aftereffects of this changeover. Earth will react with geophysical manifestations that can wreck havoc on a large scale. Much of Earth’s structure is misaligned, and the force of new and powerful energy coming first from the sun and ultimately from Jupiter will cause restructuring and unleashing of blocked energy circuits. This will manifest as earthquakes, wind, electrical disruptions, and magnetic shifts.

Man will experience this briefly before he is put into a stasis period for intensive repair. His systems will, in effect, pause to allow an overhaul of his physical system. As this happens, his spiritual self will become reconnected with aspects of his true nature. As this evolution takes place he will be progressing —Ascending, if you will. Ascending for man is not one event, but an infinitely long process of returning to his full connection with his Creator.

Many will reject this description as incompatible with their own notion of how their individual soul will evolve and Ascend. That is their choice based on their own understanding of their purpose and individual exploration. Some aspects of this scenario will touch all, however. Some recognition of this sequence happening in all will grow into an awareness of universal purpose and interconnection. This awareness will lead to a belief in man’s place in this Universe created by Christ Michael Aton. This will not be overnight. But it will happen because Christ Michael Aton has determined it will, and according to the sequence he chooses.

This is Esu Immanuel Kumara.

blue bulletChrist Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon
We Have Our Glorious New Sun
Through Candace Frieze
Thursday February 12, 2009

Taken from:

Jupiter Is a Baby Sun Now

Initiated Thursday January 29, 2009

bead, purple Christ Michael:

Oh MY, my dearly beloveds, we have a most bodacious glorious new sun! It has been quite a challenge for the team from Paradise who does these things. This was a very difficult situation, but one needed to Ascend the planet and the solar system into Eternal Life.

We could not have done this last year because the involution process went terribly bad and we had great risk of creating a black hole or a ball of matter so tightly compressed that the planet would have exploded into bits and pieces instead of flaring into a sun.

It is beautiful. I wish I could send a digital picture, but you shall see it soon enough, but mostly likely after stasis, which will still seem soon enough!  A digital pic. would not do it justice anyway. We are not sure of its ultimate size, the growth process will continue for a bit of time.

Candace will place a little info at the end on this as there is a website where you can observe evidence of its little puffs as it grows. Brilliant beautiful white high-energy sun! It of course is not a large sun, but enough to stimulate the necessary changes for a solar system to enter Light and Life.

This little sun will reenergize your larger sun. And the larger sun reenergizes the little sun, a back and forth process.  Your entire solar system is being towed gradually to a new location closer to Alcyone and also into an energy river at some point which will also sustain this solar system.

Right now the photon belt adds a great deal of energy and will add so to this new system over the time you are in it. This new little sun is gobbling up energy like a new baby does, and it is a new baby!  As it gobbles up the food it needs it grows bigger, as all babies do, until it reaches its adult size.

Now, we have this issue to discuss, of no big proton blast yet. Well, we initiated this sun on Thursday January 29th.  It took about six days for the process to bloom, which occurred on Candace’s time, late February 4th.  A bit late, like all premature babies who are not fully developed in some way.  I say premature simply because this little sun was made of really compacted matter typical of this dark solar system, and thus was not a fully mature baby as are normal gas planets being made into suns. This was not a full-term baby, and actually would never have been.

This has been a long and arduous process for all. I chose to not put out that we were having problems delivering our baby last year. And so I chose that for purposes of working with the dark ones, that we had announced early to allow more preparation. There is a reason for my «madness» in this and I ask your forgiveness simply because you do not sit where I sit.

If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a sun, this solar system would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of black hole of compressed matter that would eventually simply explode into a new creation. There are reasons this was not the desired outcome.

Now the folks that build solar systems are a special group of Descending Sons from Paradise which are more or less spoken of in the Urantia Book. This is not in the domain of the Creator Sons and their sons. This level of creation is beyond almost anyone that lives in the Central Universe, except for this group.

Now, because of the difficulties encountered, little of creation is as dark as it is here, dear ones. There were 3 possibilities in this covered above, but repeated here.  We could have an explosion of Jupiter into bits and pieces, an involution that would have produce a black hole that would have sucked the solar system into it over time, or a sun. WE HAVE OUR SUN. BE IN JOY.

Now, because this process did not go in the normal circumstances of a more mature baby, its evolution process into a sun did not go normally either.  It was more gradual and did not produce the big blast of protons that was expected. It did not scream the lusty new scream of a big newborn. It made lots of little fusses and whimpers, putting out little puffs of protons and other subatomic particles.

And it will continue for a time to send little puffs of them in your direction. You have avoided some difficulty, such as having your satellites go out and the like. But the pressures will continue to build and disturb the earth and her people. There is already plenty of effects now in growing winds and bad weather. Earthquakes will come forth, and there is a continuous measure of «static electricity» that has increased and will increase, making people miserable. And shortly the [new] sun will become obvious, in the later part of March in your morning skies.

However, it will also shortly be visible on SOHO pictures and this is the reason behind the new «bake out.» Dark side knows and yesterday some «graffiti artists» posted a couple of photo shopped LASCO C2 images. Really bad job, but I guess they wanted to show you something!  They have their plans for how to deal with this. See if it manifests or not. They can’t cover it forever and many are headed to their underground shelters built for purposes such as this. Apparently as near as we can make out, your new president does not know yet. He will likely be taken to shelter too, or left to the mess; we are not sure.

Of course we are still going into stasis, and we have some other ideas to explore since we didn’t have the expected blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their solar system. We are reconfiguring dates on this a bit, because I still desire for earth’s residents to realize something of the End Times is coming.

Your dark friends also have some ideas, as evidenced by the SOHO pics. and the sudden bake out.  Those images from yesterday are so very awful and they can’t remake the mess since Candace has announced them, and others are confused also who follow SOHO regularly. We shall see how they play. As always, the dark don’t create, they just mess up everything they do.

The satellite incident yesterday was no accident either. It may well be used to create confusion as part of this story. One of them was dead, the other not. I won’t give the details, it is known who did this to us. I do think we will go into stasis before Jupiter emerges as a new morning star apparent to all, because there are going to be lots of weather problems. You have this already in the fires in Australia and the winds in America and other places.

We still do not expect to be able to make any public statements, but if enough flee, perhaps we can do something, an opportunity will arise, unless there is satellite damage. And it could be the dark will do us a favor anyway by whatever game they might play and we can use that. They have to play something!  We will play with them as necessary. And the game will likely be secret without updates unless I want to give them some clues as part of the game.

So, dear ones, it is time to let Candace post this after she adds a bit to it. We are definitely on the red road to Ascension of the Solar System. Namaste, Christ Michael, Aton, The Big Cheese of Nebadon, with a big happy smile on his face!

The Big Cheese of Nebadon, Christ Michael

bead, purple Candace:

Ok, I have posted the links before for watching the back of the sun. The best one, which shows the changes is which is updated each day about 16 UTC. This page has just the current image, plus images of activity around North and South Pole. This Link has all the archived images since mid January.  This will «prove» the little puffs mentioned above.

Regards the SOHO discussion, I placed a piece yesterday about the issue of some false LASCO C2 images placed on SOHO yesterday. SOHO also has been taking a break starting February 6 [2009] that was to last about a week if I recall correctly and there have been no new EIT images there since then. However today, we are told there is a big bake out going on. The equipment picks up moisture and they have little heaters or something like that dry out the equipment and this is called a bake out. .

Now, in the Urantia Book, you can check out Paper #29, called the Universe Power Directors for beings that do this sort of thing and more. There’s a bunch in that list and I will let those interested go explore more at  I have not re read it at this time, and I don’t remember all of what is there. Also there are several papers dealing with the creation of our universe which mention and describe these beings. Paper #32 is quite interesting, titled the Evolution of Local Universes.  Paper #57, The Origin of Urantia, described first the nebula called Andronover, which is the parent nebula of our solar system, and one of several nebulas that became Nebadon. Here are the first paragraphs:


IN PRESENTING excerpts from the archives of Jerusem for the records of Urantia respecting its antecedents and early history, we are directed to reckon time in terms of current usage —the present leap-year calendar of 365 1/4 days to the year. As a rule, no attempt will be made to give exact years, though they are of record. We will use the nearest whole numbers as the better method of presenting these historic facts.

When referring to an event as of one or two millions of years ago, we intend to date such an occurrence back that number of years from the early decades of the twentieth century of the Christian era. We will thus depict these far-distant events as occurring in even periods of thousands, millions, and billions of years.


Urantia is of origin in your sun, and your sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was one time organized as a component part of the physical power and material matter of the local universe of Nebadon. And this great nebula itself took origin in the universal force-charge of space in the superuniverse of Orvonton, long, long ago.

At the time of the beginning of this recital, the Primary Master Force Organizers of Paradise had long been in full control of the space-energies which were later organized as the Andronover Nebula.

987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of materialization phenomena in a certain sector of the, then, easterly segment of Orvonton.

900,000,000,000 years ago the Uversa archives testify, there was recorded a permit issued by the Uversa Council of Equilibrium to the superuniverse government authorizing the dispatch of a force organizer and staff to the region.

Page 652

… previously designated by inspector number 811,307. The Orvonton authorities commissioned the original discoverer of this potential universe to execute the mandate of the Ancients of Days calling for the organization of a new material creation.

The recording of this permit signifies that the force organizer and staff had already departed from Uversa on the long journey to that easterly space sector where they were subsequently to engage in those protracted activities which would terminate in the emergence of a new physical creation in Orvonton.

875,000,000,000 years ago the enormous Andronover nebula number 876,926 was duly initiated. Only the presence of the force organizer and the liaison staff was required to inaugurate the energy whirl which eventually grew into this vast cyclone of space. Subsequent to the initiation of such nebular revolutions, the living force organizers simply withdraw at right angles to the plane of the revolutionary disk, and from that time forward, the inherent qualities of energy insure the progressive and orderly evolution of such a new physical system.

I bolded «duly initiated» above, since we have discussed that Jupiter needed to be, and was «initiated.»  While I was getting the little bit above from the UB online rather than typing it out, this is the Thought for the Day posted on the site:

Today’s "Thought to Ponder" from The Urantia Book:
The goal of eternity is ahead! The adventure of divinity attainment lies before you! The race for perfection is on! whosoever will may enter, and certain victory will crown the efforts of every human being who will run the race of faith and trust, depending every step of the way on the leading of the indwelling Adjuster and on the guidance of that good spirit of the Universe Son, which so freely has been poured out upon all flesh. [365:4]

And my…, what times we are in! We live today under the personal return presence of our Creator Son, and are witness to the newest «baby» of our solar system!  Be in Peace and Joy, Candace.

blue bulletChrist Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon
With Deep Gratitude on Valentine’s Day
Through Candace Frieze
Saturday February 14, 2009

Taken from:

bead, purple Christ Michael:

Dearly Beloveds, tonight I offer you my deeply felt Gratitude for all that you have endured with me over the past four years since Candace began to publicly serve. I know the journey has been long. I have personal experience on this plane with that of 2000 years ago. There was many a day that could get what you label depressing. A few responded at those times and most were not sure and so it goes still today.

All of you have had to deal with members of your circles that are not accepting, considering you anywhere from a nuisance, to being of Satan. Some of you have lost children and marriages to your life choice to serve the cause.

Some of you have become divided from others in your observance of this material or the choice to not believe it. Division of this sort, though personally distressing, is all about the Ascension and being now in 4D, the get-off-the-fence dimension. It was time to choose whom to serve in the big game, and you who have prevailed these last 4 years are the winners.

Because of your service then, and your ability to stay the course at all odds, you are the ones that shall build up the New Earth. You have stood tall, and you are trusted with great responsibility. I am personally and forever grateful.

Now that we have birthed the new baby, we can truly move forward. Light energy, the photon carries a great deal of information, much more than the election. As these new photons pervade earth, man shall finally rise up from his long slumber. This was so very important to this solar system and to man and animal alike. We much needed Jupiter to kick of the ball game. I am in great joy that those that build suns have been successful, as this was a challenging job for them.

I appreciate greatly those of you who have had the courage to wait this extra year, so we could do it right. Candace has read your kinds words to me and I thank you personally for expressing the joy that is Jupiter. Always there is joy in the birthing of a new being. And so it is now. I chose to use the «baby» story, as the thought of a baby always brings joy in ones.’

Now the real work begins, beloveds. We must nourish the baby. You must accept the new photons and spread them around. You do this by opening your crown chakra and mentally drawing them through and then sending them out around you. In passing them through you with love, you nourish the baby.  Do this often, everywhere you go. Spread the gifts of the new baby. Love everyone that comes into your presence and radiate the gifts of the Father’s love through his new son (Sun).

I am still awaiting the decisions of the dark ones before initiating the stasis. By this I mean, what game will they play?  You have been patient so long, let your patience go just a bit longer, and while you wait, do the exercise above. Nobody need know you are doing it, but add in a smile where you have opportunity. That is all for now. You are my Valentine’s, this Valentine’s Day and always.  Namaste, in great love of your efforts, Christ Michael.

blue bulletEsu Immanuel Kumara
Esu, How Do You Move a Giant Like Jupp?
Through Eve
Received 27th January, 2009, and Published June 18, 2009

Taken from:

bead, purple Eve:

This transmission took place due to the fact, that the VIPs state to «hold back» Jupiter behind the sun, to «slow him down», or to «let him out into the corona» (which was the case after the ignition) or «to move him back behind the sun» again in order to weaken his influence upon earth changes. We, the earthdwellers have such an odd imagination about planets having to follow a certain orbit in a fixed speed. Therefore the imagination of a GF juggling around a gas giant as Jupiter easily according to certain needs seems a bit unreal for us, not to say a bit ridiculous. So I asked this question to Esu.

bead, purple Esu:

See, all planets are being moved along their orbits by streams of universal energy. We as the lords and masters of the universe are of course masters of these energies. In universe there exists a special group of beings we call the «conductors of universal energy». They deal with the construction of universes and are the specialists of action, as soon as the need arises. By them we have the possibility to work on the streams of energy and, e.g., we can increase them to speed up a planet or also decrease them in order to slow down a planet –as was the case with Jupiter.

Stepping shortly into your comedian fantasy –it is absolutely not the case that we would capture Jupiter by a lariat rope and then tow him anywhere (grins). So, now, if Jupiter needs to remain behind the sun then he will not be staked in space, but his speed will be adapted to earth orbit speed, so that the sun will automatically remain between Jupiter and earth. And of course we know very well how Jupiter can be ignited. But to perform this kind of job there are specialists available. Down on your planet you need a special training and knowledge and permission to handle pyrotechnic material, and houses may not be blown by laymen. You need specialists as this is a tricky affair. With Jupiter it is the same. Ignition must happen carefully, so that any undesired escalation can be avoided.

And do not forget that CM is the Creator Son and sovereign overall which is dwelling and existing here. Some of the problems you folks have in perceiving him result from the fact that you might think that just because he «surrounds» or uses a body he might not have all his options at hand any more. CM is now clearing the mess on his side and he holds all of you in his heart very lovingly, while he arranges Jupiter to become a sun. I’m deeply empathic with all who don’t believe in this, as they will have a challenging time when some time they will ask themselves, why for heaven’s sake they have not been in the position to believe. Be embraced very dearly, also on behalf of CM –who has taken your lives and your safety very close to his heart. Eternally connected, Esu.

bead, purple Eve:

Remark by me: years ago I had a dream on some kind of «cosmic exam». I was located somewhere in universe and was ordered to get from A to B. I was naively starting to move without thinking, but was immediately pulled back by my guide as if I was a small child stepping onto a driveway. He gently hinted on the fact that there are things like energy highways in universe that could be really dangerous in case certain rules are not obeyed, stepping into them blindly.Eve

blue bulletJupiter Is Preparing the Unveiling! God, I Hope So This Time
By Christ Michael and Candace
Tuesday December 29, 2009, 21:10

Taken from:

bead, purple Christ Michael:

Hello Beloveds, my temper, as best my temper can be described, is growing very short and I know some of you are happy to hear that comment. Jupiter has been placed so that it will shortly be viewable. Understand, beloveds, to keep it behind the sun, it has to go faster than earth, so it has made nearly a 12 year cycle now, 9 years or so since last winter.  We have merely paused its progress and it will now appear naturally as earth makes her own rotation around the sun, and thus it will show first in the early mornings as you would normally expect it to do so after its normal period of being behind the sun.

It shouldn’t be too much longer and Candace thinks possibly she is seeing it on Stereo Behind. I haven’t personally looked, but may have a ground crew member take a look at it and advise me.  She can place a link and hopefully the NASA folks won’t blot it out, but so be it, because blotting it off an image will not stop it from showing up. I suggest you ones at NASA be about informing the leaders of this world of the event when you begin to perceive it yourselves.

To the BBB&Gs, you are being very naughty and your time draws nigh.  If any more serious activities occur, I could take the option of bringing stasis sooner, but my preference is to have Jupiter visible first, and let people began to notice more the quakes and the like that will result from the energy increasing.  Data on your Earth recordings from the satellites should be changing as the energy begins to reach Earth. We have begun letting the sun also "wake up."  And Candace, if she wishes, can supply the links and discussion to this.

Dark ones, those of you with souls, it is not going to be pretty for you if I must take the planet into stasis before the appearance of Jupiter, and I suggest you be finding your honesty before then because, as all the Earth’s traditions suggest, at the end of the cycle, the great Light in the East will appear.  And so it shall.  That is enough for now.  Namaste, Christ Michael.

bead, purple Candace:

First, "BBB & G’s:  our older term I created long ago. Big, Bad, Boys & Girls.

Ok, the link to Stereo:   Then click "Today’s Images" on the left.  Sometimes I can use just this 2nd link and sometimes it doesn’t work by itself. So find the Stereo Behind Cor 1 image on the left. It’s GREEN.  Now this is the link to the most recent image, as I am writing this.  and you don’t need to actually visit Stereo, just click on it. But if you want to check the progress each day, then use the first or second link.  I have pasted the pic in here, but depending on your computer, you may get the proverbial empty box with a red x in the corner. Even I may get it after I post this, but right now, as I post, it’s here for me!

Now, whether you see it here, or need to go the last link above, there is this sort of oval spot to the somewhat lower right.  It would be normal for Jupiter to appear on this side of Stereo Behind if it’s coming out. It may not appear for several more days or longer on SOHO Lasco 2 or 3, because of the difference in angles and where the telescopes are in their halo orbits. I am not sure when it will come out visually in the early mornings at all, could be a couple of weeks maybe?????  But it would come out before the sun rises, and then hopefully remain visible through the day, as a tiny bright spot in the sky.

Now here’s the link to the video and still from last March taken by Stereo Behind then, and if you missed this, Jupiter is being moved back behind the sun because it was really upsetting Earth, and more time was desired.  We covered this story back then, and I began at that time to cover the changes in tilt and rotation of Earth based on observing the sun.  My attention was gotten to this about the beginning of March or late February, when the sun set really early one evening.

NOTICE the piece talks about the SOLAR corona being tinted a bit to make it more viewable. The solar Corona is in green around the bright spot that is TINY SUN Jupiter. For those possibly new to this, or still in doubt, Starship Jupiter was out there ON time in February last winter, and NASA admits the real Jupiter was not viewable. But yet folks were taking pics! That is because Star ship Jupiter is showing a hologram and if you compare the pics now to those a couple of years before, there is substantial loss of detail with the hologram vs the real older pics of Jupiter.  is the link, I almost forgot it!

NOW PLEASE DO NOT GET EXCITED AND GO ANNOUNCING THIS PIC IS JUPITER, BECAUSE I AM NOT SURE, BUT SIZE WISE IT SEEMS TO MATCH, AS DOES ITS SHAPE FROM LAST MARCH.  SO I AM HOPEFUL, BUT I AM NOT IMMUNE TO ERROR. And it will likely disappear as it moves further out from this image, and it may not move further out much, depending on where Stereo Behind is, in its million-mile-diameter halo orbit. It might even appear to move backwards, for all I know, depending on the halo orbit. And I am not teaching about the halo orbits in this piece. I have done so here and there for months on end now.

Now another comment I just remembered. This year, if this was "real" Jupiter, it would be moving behind the sun, meaning earth is moving so that Jupiter appears behind the sun, in the about mid  February, I guess anyway, because memory says it was sometime in January last year. I just looked in January in my date book and I saw it was still on the horizon January 12. Past that I don’t know. Now we were seeing the Star Ship then, as Jupiter was kept behind the sun the year before with the failed attempt at ignition in late December 2007, into early 2008.

The ignition finally was successful in 2009 in late January, and that is posted someplace in a piece I did with CM then.  Each year, because the Jupiter orbit is close to 12 times the earth orbit, it is behind the sun about one month later, so thus my estimate above.

I checked on the next time Venus returns to the sky, and while I don’t remember the date, it will be at night, not the morning, in the western sky as usual when it returns at night. And Venus is a star ship too because it’s being terra formed right now. Many have taken pics the last couple of years or so, showing it moving around and putting on shows for people. Huge argument about that on GLP last winter!!!

Ok, I think this is enough for the time being.  If I have more on the progress later I will post it, but if it is allowed to show on SOHO, it should show before it does in the morning, if it is not blotted out. They are going to have trouble explaining that when it does. It is NOT the right time, as Star Ship Jupiter is still viewable at night and should be until about mid February, based on my own last year’s observations.


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