Blessed the Meek for They Have Inherited the Earth

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Blessed the Meek for They Have Inherited the Earth

Beloved Ascended MasterJesus Sananda

Channeled by Nancy TateTaken from: .

Published on this website on July 2, 2004.

Good morning, my friends, I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to this day of love and beauty. There is no other day but this one, and so it shall always be. This is a day when you go the mile and take the sunshine into your hearts and into your souls.

When you awoke this day did you do so with a smile for the new adventures that are about to open for you? Or did you possibly awake with a frown, for the disappointments of the day just past? This is a choice, my friends, and the choice you make right now needn’t have anything to do with the choice of the moment before. You can create this very moment brand new and shiny by changing your mind about yesterday.

Did you know that when I walked the sands of Galilee I did so with a frown oft’ times?  Yes, I too walked in my gloom and doom many a time. That was my journey through my humanness. There did come a time though when I would pick up my fallen face and allow the sunshine from my inner self light forth and cheer up my day. That took allowing my inner voice to be heard and honored. I allowed myself to stop and be quiet and one day, I heard that voice that said, «This is a brand new moment and it is all you have, so make the most of it.»

Well, I’ll tell you, my friends, that I didn’t always make the most of it, in my estimation at the time. Then one day, after hearing it still another time, I finally «heard» it with my heart, and not just my mind. I felt it resonate through my body, and I cried tears of joy, for I knew finally what that meant. I felt the freedom and the lightness of being that hearing those words gave me.

This happened to me, and I was human. I tell you this now so that you can relate to me in your humanness and know that even now I walk with you in your humanness. I also walk with you in your Spirit. Yes, we all walk together in our spirit, and it is grand. We walk through the wars; we walk through the loving times; we walk through the streets of sorrow; and we walk through the deserts in the moonlight. We all walk through this life in the same shoes, and it is a blessed life. I know, it doesn’t feel very blessed at times, however even the darkness is blessed, for it holds itself in accountability to the Light, and brings the vibration of earth and her people to a crescendo that will ring around the world and sound the trumpet call for all to hear.

Then, my friends, the frowns will all turn to smiles, and the song that is heard within the awakening heart will be the same song for all. It will be the song of freedom, and love, the song of justice and mercy, the song of unitedness in compassion. For the meek shall inherit the earth, and a whole new paradigm will ring through the ages and bring the final curtain on the daughters and sons of darkness. The Light will be in everyone’s heart and the step will be light and dancing.

I give you a thought for this day and this moment in time. It is simply to walk out in your day and give yourself a gift of love in anyway that comes flowing in. This is your gift to yourself, and in the giving you give it to the world. You give it to the men, women and children in Iraq; you give it to the ones in Mexico who have been gifted with the knowledge of the family from other worlds. You give it to the baby asleep on his mother’s knee. You give it to the grocer as she sells her goods to the neighbor down the street. I give to you my brotherhood and my family tie, for we are all one, and what we experience we share with each other. Love yourself today and for every today keep it strong and reaching out to the other you’s and the other me’s, and the other ones who all are us. Step lively and bring that rainbow of courage and conviction to the light that resides in your heart. Let it rest in the knowledge that you are all Holy.

I leave now for the moment, though I am always right here with you in everything that you do and feel. Blessed are the meek for they have inherited the earth and the time for love and compassion is right now and forever.

Thank you, Dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy


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