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Brother Veritus’ Community
Master Plan
December 30, 2007
Updated March, 2015

Project of an Island of Light, an Aquarian Age Community Honoring Heavenly Father Aton
This is Jer-USA-Lem, Heaven on Earth

Divine Plan — Peace — Freedom — Prosperity and Abundance (Material Needs No Longer Exist) — Beauty — Harmony — Happiness — Creative Participation — Goodwill — Sovereignty — Unity and Equality — Compassion — Service, All for the Community — Sharing and Cooperation — Loving Intention Infused in the Government and Business Models— Oneness of the Human Family

A Star-Seeded City, Seat of a Star-Seeded Race, the I AM Race Exercising Her Divine Birth Right

Project Created and Designed byLuis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

“And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” —Rev.21, Verse 2.  This refers to the flagship New Jerusalem of the Ashtar Command where Lord Ashtar lives.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. —Richard Buckminster Fuller

Imagination is more important than knowledge. —Albert Einstein

Personal Note: See The Message of the New Jer-USA-Lem in this website.  This was the first article published in Brother Veritus’ Website in 1997, the “seed” of the website, which in turn is the seed of this community.  Ten years later, at the end of 2007, this plan was written.  The basic idea was born when the Brother Veritus’ University plan was written at the end of November, but most of this text was written in two days and polished and edited in an extra day at the end of December, 2007.  I created it as I was writing it.  No planning, since once the geometry was established, it seeded the rest.  It is logical and makes sense, therefore, it has to be true.  I am not a planner, planning is boring and tedious and I don’t have much time for it.  As I said in a previous writing, this is the way I write, creating as I write.  The Path is made as you walk.

See also the complementary master plan Brother Veritus’ University. Travel in your imagination to this futuristic city readingJourney into the City of Light of BVC.  Published initially in this website on January 1st, 2008.

All specific illustrations of BVC plan made by the author.

Available in PDF formathere.

1. Introduction

The purpose of this master plan is to give a vivid description of the Brother Veritus’ Community —hereafter called BVC— and to delineate all the necessary characteristics and general details as requirements for the creation and planning of this community of Light.

The “how”, the “when” and the “with what” will be left up to the Cosmic and will be depending upon the development of events on planet Earth during her Ascension process and her geological changes.

This is a Fifth Dimensional city.  It is not visible from the 3D perspective, which, from this perspective, will show only an open un-constructed field.

2. Location

BVC will be located in the geographical area of the United States territory known as the Great Planes.  TheGreat Plains lie west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains.  The specific or exact location is not defined yet, nonetheless I give you a map estimate location as reference later on.  The chosen location won’t be affected by the Earth’s great geological changes to come.

3. Government

This community is a Kingdom of Light run by a King and his consort the Queen which is his Twin Flame.  Initially it won’t operate as a kingdom yet until it is built to some extent and organized.  In the meantime it will be run by a City Committee or City Council of Twelve, a Board of Directors formed by Ascended Masters.  The King will be appointed by this committee at a later time when the conditions are right, this will be addressed later in this document.

The City Committee of Twelve has twelve individuals, six men and six women, none of them are twin flames to each other.  They will run the city initially and once the King is appointed, they will continue working with the King as secretaries of states in different capacities.  To each one of them is symbolically assigned a city gate, a zodiacal sign, a universal law, a human personality trait and a city function.

As a creator of the community, I, Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website, am not interested in running the community in the future, only in creating it.  I may take initially a position of General Director of the Community and later as an advisor of the City Committee or Board of Directors.  After this I will go to do other businesses as approved by my Spirit Masters and the members of my Galactic Family.

This community is not a democracy but a constitutional Kingdom.  It runs under a hierarchical structure of government, the King on top and underneath him is the City Committee of Twelve and below them other posts.  The King MUST BE an Ascended Master with a proven historical record of great militant accomplishments and deeds done to save this planet from the grip of the Illuminati Dark Lords.  It also must show in his present and past lives an excellent teaching record and devotion, selflessness and deep love and compassion for the planet and her inhabitants and, most importantly, that want to take this job for a long time!  The King must follow the constitution of the city.

The government of the city serves primarily We, the People.  It is "for the people, by the people and with the people". The government follows the constitution of the city and this plan to serve all members of the community, not only minority elite of government officials and business people.  If in the future the government gradually transforms into an entity serving primarily a minority, and its constitution and this plan, or parts of it, are no longer applied, and if government officials disregard all or part of this plan, it is the right and duty of We, the People, to remove from power by constitutional and political means, and, if this have failed, by the use of arms, the corrupted politicians that run the government, that have thus failed. Erred members of the government must stand trials and be judged by the city’s Supreme Court.

4. Law

This community operates under Common Law for the judicial system and follows the Law of One.

The maximum authority is the King and he appoints twelve magistrates to the Supreme Court who rule over the cases taken to them by the city 144 judges.  The judges follow Common Law.

5. Education

The education of the community members is done in the Brother Veritus’ University located in the BVC city, see the master plan for this university in Brother Veritus’ University athttp://luisprada.com/Protected/brother_veritus_university_plan_en.htm

It is the goal of this community to be self-sufficient so it does not require the help of other communities since it has all the talents and education needed to accomplish any task and to be self-sustaining.

6. Religion

The religion of the community is universal and galactic and respectful of the individual conception of the God of the Heart of each member.  The moral standard and basis of behavior is the Golden Rule.  The religion of this community is truth because there is no religion higher than truth.

BVC Main Temple LogotypeThe community has a Temple run by the Faculty of Divine Studies of Brother Veritus’ University and available to all members of the community, and encourages also having in each home a home sanctum, a place of worship, meditation and inner retrospection.

The Temple of the Community, located at the center of the city in the university premises, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and run services on Sundays with magnificent rituals written and officiated by the Spiritual Ritualistic Hierarchy of the Temple.  The ritualistic team is composed of twelve members.  Young girls are instructed by the ritualistic team in the various rituals and serve as vestals of the temple.  All members of the community are encouraged to participate in these symbolic rituals that honor the God With-and-Without and Mother Gaia.

There is a mandatory Holy Hour that occurs once a week on Sunday at noon when all systems stop in the surface city and underground city for one hour except equipment that needs to run continuously for life support or security and in the hospitals during operations of patients.  In situations like these, the systems and personnel involved must continue running, but in any other case all systems stop during the Holy Hour, even computer internet is not accessible.  There is a special sound that will be broadcast to announce the start of Holy Hour.

The purpose of this hour is to offer a time for meditation and visualization and for sending good thoughts of love, peace, goodwill and healing to the planet and other communities and individuals in much need of healing in the emotional and physical level.  It is a time to thank God for all blessings received within this marvelous community of Light and a time to share our blessings with others, also to strengthen the mass consciousness grid of the community and of the planet.  It is actually a true blessing to live here and to enjoy the company of so many spiritually enlightened souls, so talented and loving, that is why we have an inner need and urge to thank God for this continuous gift.

The Temple will perform a special ritual during this hour for those who can attend this service.

7. Language

The official language of the BVC is English, although the university teaches in two languages, English and Spanish.  Also there are classes in Solara Maru, a galactic language used in Agharta.

8. Money

The community is intended to exchange goods using the barter system which can be done efficiently through internet.  All food and necessary or essential items like clothing are free.  It is in the best interest of the community to eliminate the use of money.

9. Plan Layout

The BVC city has the layout of a mandala and a star, two shapes that relate to the purpose of its existence and are symbolic of its soul consciousness. Although a city, in reality BVC is a cybernated complex of many small communities spread over a vast land in a very organized and predictable structure of a symbolic meaning for the soul. There are other geometries in the layout with special symbolic meaning.  The crossing points of the geometries serve as anchoring points for other internal geometries.  More on this later.

As the need for expansion requires the increase of the physical size of the community, it will add another twelve-pointed star at its perimeter (and so will also grow the inner city underneath which is like a mirror image, a supporting system we will cover next.)  The zones near the city limits will be used as agricultural areas, however, upon expansion these areas will be constructed but new external areas will be added for agricultural purposes.  The city geometry shown in Figure 1 is for the basic, original, seed city, any other expansion after that adds extra area beyond the seed city.

The top plan shown in Figure 1 is of the main streets, but as you zoom in you will see other fractal geometries, shown at a macro-level later in Figure 4, which follow the same 12-pointed star geometry at a smaller scale until you get street block of about 300 ft. (100 m.) or so.  Do not get misled by the macro scaled geometry of Figure 1, because this city is big.

As fully built the diameter of the seed city is 151 miles (243 Km.), or its radius is 76miles (122 Km.), which is the length of the twelve radial streets.  Its full grown seed area has approximately 18,000 sq. miles (47,000 sq. kilometers).  “Fully built” city means when the seed city is totally constructed.  See in reference note 2 the supporting calculations for the diameter.  The full city maximum diameter would be 10 times this diameter, which you might think not be feasible in some cases due to terrain limitations. Nonetheless the city could grow on rivers, lakes and sea with floating interconnected and interlocked structures in the same star geometrical pattern mentioned above using the body of water to add a different style of construction integrating the water into the landscape and architectural design to be able to build villages like Venice with canals and bridges and natural aquariums.  Or it can grow over mountains and hills, natural accidents of the terrain which can be taken advantage of again to build Mediterranean-looking villages overlooking the city down below.  The city crawls up the hills and down to the valleys.  Nothing can actually limit the expansion of the city with advanced technology.  This is very important to consider because the Earth is going to havegreat geological changes that will alter forever the current distribution of land and water.

I know the city size is really big for a new city of planet Earth and highly complex in architecture and infrastructure but it has to be that way to present challenges and opportunities to immortal Ascended Masters and students of the Light to develop talents and chisel skills, to have the chance to interact with each other and learn to live in cooperation and sharing for a very long time.  They will learn to coexist and blend personality traits, races and cultures, and to create a mass consciousness and Unity among themselves and the best to accomplish that is by having common goals and by doing something together.  If the city would be of only few blocks, they would build it in few years and after that they would have nothing else to do, what will they do then?  Play the harp… for eternity?

The BVC city is composed of actually two cities, one above the surface and one below the surface or an underground city in which are located all the transportation systems and infrastructure of the community.

Construction of the city starts at its core or heart chakra —downtown main plaza— and keeps expanding radially and symmetrically in all directions.  The geographical location of this central area is critical for the geometry to keep its consistency as construction expands the city limits.

9.1 The BVC Underground City, the Basic Infrastructure

9.1.1 Overall Description

The underground city is a composite of a complex network or grid of monorail bullet trains that run inside tubes and carry the passages to boarding stations located just below the junction points or intersections of the streets above.  Therefore these boarding stations are named as such, for instance, Monjoronson and Nada Circle, Christ Michael and St. Germain Circle, etc., see Figure 1 for a representation of the surface city.  It has many attractions that will be described later.

Figure 1. BVC Surface City Plan

9.1.2 The City that Never Sleeps

Like New York, New York, the BVC underground city NEVER sleeps, it runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it is bustling with activity of fun.  Well, it stops for only one hour during the Holy Hour.

9.1.3 Attractions

Alongside the station allies are located stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, hangout places, Moroccan bazaars, Mexican market places, etc.  The decorations and locales evocate and imitate places on planet Earth such as Spanish tabla’o and flamingo bars, Latin tropical dancing clubs, jazz and pop music bars, German and Russian bars, Chinese theaters, Mexican fiesta plazas, and so.  All of these resembling the Epcot Center’s world spots in Disneyworld.  (Epcot = ExperimentalPrototype for theCommunity oTomorrow).  You walk down those subterranean sidewalks and catch hints of enrapturing and intoxicating fragrances and you are surrounded by sounds and music probably in an unknown language, maybe a galactic language…  Every visit to these places is an intuitive-way adventure.

Drinks served have a small percentage of alcohol and are mostly non-alcoholic beverages.  Entertainment drugs are not allowed in this community.

No hard-core pornography is allowed in BVC.  Exposure of naked body is allowed in plays for adults but without the licentiousness or lecherous or obscene behavior.  No explicit sexual act in public is allowed, suggestion of it is allowed in theatrical plays.

There are here also Karaoke bars that compete in quality with the best of music and sound equipment, and singers who have to audition to qualify.  Good tuning and pitch, quality of voice and performance are requirements to qualify.  These Karaoke places are the practice grounds for future artists that later can be part of the great performances for the community at the Auditorium of the Brother Veritus’ University. The singers may go from bar to bar of the underground city singing different styles of music as are the themes of the bars for a greater exposure to a wider range of music styles.  Only the performers that passed the audition can see the Karaoke music list, select songs and have the sound and screens available since they are assigned rights through password in the Karaoke computer system.

Music students in general have the opportunity to practice their skills before real live audiences at the many bars of the underground city.  Only the performing musicians that passed the audition can have stage access to perform their instruments alone or in bands.  All good music is always welcome.

Actors and actresses of the university can practice in small theaters before live audiences in the many theaters of the underground city.

These areas are for the relaxed and take-it-easy time of the members of the community.  Also are great places for getting ethnic foods in restaurants or for getting ingredients for their cooking of their home cuisine.

The underground city shows and the many attractions of the city are advertised in the community entertainment section of the computer network.

I now want to mention one of the most exciting of all attractions I saved for last, especially for game lovers, theHolodeck halls.  There are many holodeck halls of different sizes and quality for entertainment in the underground city, you may go there and recreate a scene, a situation and play in it as in the movies of the Star Trek saga.  There are also non-fictional holodecks where you can go back in time and check scenes taken from the Akashic Records of Planet Earth, it is real history, no what is in the history books, you may go there and prepare yourself for a class presentation on history!  You may check there the top-secret projects (black ops.) of thesecret government of old Earth.

9.1.4 BVC Underground City Plan

See Figure 2. The underground city consists of three basic levels:  The level of the radial bullet trains, the level of the circuital bullet trains and the level of machinery.  These levels are connected by elevators and electrical staircases and stairways in general which are inside tubes.  Some areas are for authorized personnel only.  The access to trains is very safe, people move on moving floors inside tubes with clear indication signs and go to the proper platform where they wait for the train.  To go from one place to another or to do errands in the city you may need to take several trains.

The trains are bullet electromagnetic trains suspended on magnetic fields.  The local bullet trains are capable of 300 miles an hour maximum speed and the trains that leave the community and connect to other cities (intercity trains) are capable of maximum speeds of 3,000 miles per hour, they however do not reach this speed until they have left the city.  These out-of-city trains transport passengers and goods to other underground facilities of planet Earth or take passengers to the Inner Earth realm of Agharta, which is connected to the BVC underground city.

There are other forms of transportation in the city that will be covered later.

Figure 2. BVC Underground City Plan Underground Level for Radial Bullet Trains

There are three parallel monorails, two for the local trains that run in opposite directions, back and forth from the center of the city to the city limits, and the third for the train of the intercity transportation. The local trains bear the name of the street or boulevard that runs just above.  All radial bullet trains have doors on both sides.  The local radial trains open the doors facing the boarding platform that is located between the local parallel trains.  The intercity train has a separate boarding platform.

How you use the train.  For instance, if you are in the agricultural area at the north of the city and want to go to the university, you take Christ Michael train.  So you go to the door of the train station located on the surface at Christ Michael Boulevard, go downstairs and then go to the Christ Michael train stop and wait for the train.  So you look for the sign that reads “To City Hall”. Take that exit of the tube where you are walking in and go to the platform and wait for the train, you may see it go in the opposite direction and so you wait for this or the other parallel train, unless you are at the last stop.  When the electronic sign reads “To City Hall”, the train stops, the doors open and you board the train.  But if instead you need to go to a location outside the city, let’s say, in Canada, then you board the intercity train that runs parallel to the Christ Michael trains and which leaves the city, let’s say, every one hour or maybe every three hours.  In the waiting for this train, since it has a slow schedule, perhaps you may go and enjoy a show in a theater or a restaurant of the underground city.

Intercity trains may be built in a more distant future since they use a territory outside the city.  In the meantime you may use a space shuttle for these traveling needs. Underground Level for Circuital Bullet Trains

This level is located underneath the Radial Trains.  These trains run in opposite directions —there are two parallel rails— and have the names of the circuital streets above them.  Likewise as the radial trains, these trains have the same construction, with doors on both sides, and circulate at one and the other side of the boarding platform. Underground Level for Machinery, Free Energy Generators

This level contains all sort of machinery that consists of a complex network of pumps, free-energy electric generators and controls, city water pumping systems and pipes, city water filtering systems, irrigation stations for the agricultural areas, etc.

It has computer clean rooms with temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.  The main aminoacid-computer network of the city is located at this level.  They are in charge of communications (OLIN and SIN), security, environmental control of public buildings and dwelling areas, etc.

There is an exchange of technology among the Galactic Federation, the Agharta Realm of Light of Inner Earth and BVC.  All machinery runs on Free Energy of zero-point quantum vacuum.

It is the goal of the community to be self-sufficient in energy.  There will be no external wiring system such as aerial or subterranean electric power lines or communication lines in the streets, all energy is locally generated in the buildings or transmitted using power transmission systems with antennas.

Most home appliances will have a built-in free-energy power source not requiring to be connected to a wall socket using a power cord.  Free energy generators will be for heavy equipment that needs energy to run.

9.2. The BVC Surface City

9.2.1. City Architecture

The BVC surface city is laid out as a mandala of Light and a star symbol of Unity and it is based on sacred geometry.  There are twelve spokes that are main radial avenues coming out of the Central Plaza to the outskirts of the city.  They have many symbolic meanings based on number 12, one of them is that of the obvious twelve zodiacal signs.

The surface city is a beautiful city that emulates the Walt Disney’s attraction parks and somehow copies the genius and inspiration of Walt Disney and honors him.  The dwelling areas and their internal streets have themes in their design and construction; one street community may look like New Orleans downtown, another like an Irish village or a Spanish town with colonial construction or perhaps the small village in the Shire of the Hobbits.  Artists would love to live in the type of town village they would feel more attracted to and be encouraged to contribute with their talent to embellish it, all within the reasonable approval of the City Council (The City Committee of Twelve).

If you want to have a basic idea of how the BVC city might look like, go and visit Disneyworld or Disneyland and appreciate the beauty of these places, except that here, in BVC, everything is functional and real, a home is actually a home, not a prop, the castle is an actual castle.

Buildings located around the St. Germain’s Circle and in general near the center of the city (downtown) are tall to optimize the floor real estate, 5 stories and above, and of the same size for symmetry purposes.  These edifices are for governmental offices and for other businesses; they however can also have creative designs since this is a spiritual and artistic community, a city of Spiritual Masters, poets and artists, not resembling the least what we have on Earth so far.  Who seat in those governmental offices for the most part are actually Ascended Masters!

Beside public buildings, museums, libraries and business offices all other buildings and housing complexes of the surface city are for dwelling or habitation of the members of the community.

9.2.2. City Streets

The main radial avenues have an entrance gate or portal that is also a computer-control gate to access the city and is located at city limits at the city wall.  Each gate is named after a zodiacal sign.  As the city grows, these gates continue to serve as secondary control points but are replaced by the new gates that are built at the new city limits.

There are also other streets called circuital streets that run in circle around the city.

To honor the great masters of the present and past the streets are named after great masters of the Galactic Federation, the Ashtar Command and the Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth who have worked tirelessly throughout the ages to bring this planet to the Era of Life and Light and to help it Ascend to the Fifth Dimension.  There are alleys and corridors between buildings that will also be named after Ascended Masters.

The street that bears the name of a master will have real pictures of this master displayed at corners and intersections and on light post banners and flags and plaques on the walls with historical facts about the works and life of this master.  This master is the theme of this street, it also have statues and busts of the master at corners, etc.  You may see names such as Christ Michael, Esu Immanuel Sananda, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Ashtar Sheran, Lady Nada, Alice Bailey, Hilarion, St. Germain, Paul the Venetian, Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, JarEl, Lady Nebadonia, Lady Mary, and other advanced souls such as Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis, and hundreds more of this kind.  This will serve as education for the people and also as role model for them to follow in other worlds.

9.2.3 BVC Surface City Transportation System

The surface city uses the underground transportation system as the main public transportation form, although it has streets for traffic too.

The city streets are for low traffic and more intended for pedestrian use and touristic sightseeing. They are also for traffic of bicycles, flying scooters, flying sleds and flying platforms.  There are moving sidewalks (moving electric floors).  People are encouraged to take the public transportation of the BVC underground city.  Street traffic is for short runs.

The flying sleds and flying platforms are electromagnetic and use the electrogravitical principles. These stands are platforms for two, four or twelve people with front handrail, display support and comfortable seats.  They fly or levitate low, from one to four feet [31 to 122 cm] above the ground, and are stable, precise and collision-free.  You give the location where you want to go on the display panel and it takes you there. The flying scooter is portrayed in the movie “Back to the Future”.  These transportation devices as well as the bicycles are part of the public transportation that belongs to the community and is free to use.

Time Travel, Super Luminal Transport in Hyper Space, Jump-Room Teleportation and Quantum Teleportation.These technologies are a reality in the City of Light and in normal use for transportation of people and equipment but with some restrictions in their use.  I won’t elaborate on the details of how they are achieved and their use since this master plan is not the place for such complex technical information.  It is disinformation any article or comment that states that these esoteric technologies, that would seem to violate natural laws, only exist in the realm of science fiction and imagination, and that cannot be done.

All technologies have advantages, disadvantages and limitations, and are more appropriate in certain applications, that is why all forms of transportation are available in this city.

All public transportation (trains, inter-level elevators, electric side walks, electric stairs and the flying apparatuses) runs on free energy and are for the service of the community members at no cost.

9.2.4 BVC IFOport

IFO = Identified Flying Object.  The IFOport is part of the BVC city transportation system, however due to its importance and specialized nature is here covered separately.  It is an airport for space shuttles (flying saucers) and starships of a maximum size that will be defined in a separate, more detailed, document.  It does not have runways because it won’t be used for the old Earth airplanes of a turbine propulsion system that uses reaction forces but for spaceships based on magnetic lift.

This airport will have landing pads and mechanisms to haul the ships into hangars for storage and parking.

9.2.5. River of the Living Waters

See Figure 3. This circular river represents the Living Waters of Life without which there is no inner growth and no outer physical life manifestation.  It runs in a circle around the city, its water is filtered, pumped and kept running by heavy pumping stations located in the BVC underground city, Level 3, underneath the university campus.

The river is “born” in downtown plaza at its center and from there runs in the middle of Ashtar Boulevard, then it branches out to the left and right forming a circle, the boulevard part of the river is the radius of the river circle.  It does not run inside the university campus where it actually goes underground to meet the pumping stations.

Figure 3. River of the Living Waters and Agricultural Areas

This river provides water for the city for drinking, cleaning and sanitation.  It is also for irrigation of the agricultural areas located at the perimeter of the city. The source of water to be found later.

This river has pure clean water so good that you can actually drink it without filtering, however, in addition to above uses, it is also for pleasure and to add to the scene a aesthetically pleasing landscape.  People of the community go there to have a social bath, to swim and have a good time.  It has vegetation, palm trees and fish.  It has different levels of depths for beginners and experienced swimmers and for peoples of all ages.  Only the circle part of the river is for swimming.

This river is mentioned in Revelation 22, verse 1, see note 1. [Note of Luis Prada:  When I gave a name to this river and designed it, I was not aware of this biblical passage.  So the biblical text gave me a confirmation that I was on the right path.  And so happened with other facts mentioned in Revelation 21 and 22 that I read when the design and overall plan of the city was already completed.  Coincidence?]

9.2.6. The King’s Palace


Since the King is the heart of the city, his palace or castle is located in the central plaza.  It is built copying the best of the European palaces, a type of palace like Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle in Disneyworld, or Disneyland, with turrets, minarets and observation towers, adorned with beautiful tarps as were the castle decorations of the Disneyland’s 50th -year anniversary, see pictures.  [I personally went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, several times the years 2005 and 2006.]


It is a real functional palace with main halls and august rooms for meetings, dining rooms, kitchen, dormitory chambers, parking garages for space shuttles, etc.  It is old in design however very modern in technology, don’t get confused or misled by its appearance, it has landing pads for flying saucers on the terrace!

This palace will be built possibly later in time having reserved the lot for its future construction.  When the palace is complete then the King will be appointed.

9.2.7. BVC Security Systems

The BVC city has a sophisticated computer network capable of tracking and detecting communication interference and attack from air and surface/underground land.  The sky is protected by plasma shields and the city limit walls have the addition of invisible walls of plasma fields.

Any weapon is only used for defense if the city is under attack; no invasion of other territory for takeover is approved.  You never know when galactic Dark Forces may want to play their tricky games again, this time in the Fifth Dimension by finding dimensional-portal entryways or ripping open a hole in the space-time continuum.

There is a constant electronic surveillance and patrolling of the city, above and below surface, by security guards, not for intimidation or to infringe on personal privacy and liberty which is illegal and against the Constitution—but only for protection of the citizens.  Security guards are rendering a service of Light and are individuals of a compassionate nature and gifted with psychic and telepathic abilities that put to good use to detect improper behavior.

If any abnormal activity is reported it is isolated and the person or persons involved taken into custody for investigation.  Criminal behavior is treated at the Faculty of Psychiatry of the BV University.  The prison facility is for confinement and for education of inmates who will be released if their behavior is satisfactory.  If they do not show signs of rehabilitation, they will be ousted from the city.  It is hoped that at one point these facilities will be empty.

A negative individual or somebody with a depressive and/or aggressive personality will be detected and approached since these individuals affect the harmonious environments of the community and actually make people sick since most members are highly evolved and very sensitive in their psychic natures.  If someone is incorrigible, will be ostracized —banished, removed from the community.

9.2.8. BVC City Twelve Gates

As said before, the twelve main radial avenues have entry gates at the city limits for allowance of entrance into the city for security purposes.  These are the “great foundations” of the outside wall.  These gates are named after the twelve zodiacal signs and have an overlay of a crystal which is manufactured in the Faculty of Mineralogy of BV University.  These gates also have assigned the name of an archangel.  The crystals and the archangels are designated according to the assignment given by Apostle John at the Island ofPatmos in the Apocalypse, as mentioned in Rev. 21, verses 19 and 20, see note 1.  I prefer to spell an alternate name for the city as Jer-USA-Lem.

The physical dimensions of the BVC city or the first fractal city, or seed city, were given by John in Rev. 21, 16-17, see note 1.  Any growth of the city after that is a geometrical spin-off of the original seed city and already defined by geometrical laws.  See in Figure 4 a fractal representation of the of urban development plan.  The "great mountain" (Rev. 21, 10) is located in the Rocky Mountains where there is a good vantage point to observe the city to the East, see Figure 5.

Figure 4. Urban Development Plan

Figure 5. Location of BVC

10. BVC People

The people of this community are the most valuable asset of the city.  They run it and share their love, talents and expertise unselfishly.  They are Light workers on the Path to Ascension.

This is an artistic, technological, scientific and practical society of a spiritual nature oriented to the acquisition of wisdom by the practical application of knowledge.  Therefore, its leaders are artists, scientists, spiritual masters and visionaries who lead by example and through applied wisdom and knowledge.

No Room for Racism. Peoples of all colors, cultures and sexual orientations are welcome. Racism has no place in the City of Light and is a hate crime not approved by its citizens. This refers to racism among planetary human races and racism of planetary human races against extraterrestrial races.

No Room for Misandry and Misogyny. No to violence of man against woman or woman against man, and yes to human rights. Radical Feminism is a type of misandry and is confrontational. The Brother Veritus’ Community is not a feminist community, nor a patriarchal or matriarchal society, but an egalitarian society where both genders live in harmony with equal civil rights, with equality in all social and business activities, and respecting their natural differences.

Genital mutilation is prohibited in the City of Light. This refers to mutilation of the male and female genitalia. Male circumcision is considered genital mutilation.

In 50 to 100 years all the members of the community are Ascended Masters who have Ascended to the Fifth Dimension and have conquered physical death, have achieved immortality.

Over time these people will rejuvenate their adult bodies to an age of 35 to 40 years old and have healed their four lower bodies and corrected any DNA mutation.  They also have perfected their physical appearance, have increased their height and look very attractive and youthful, reflecting on the outside the beauty of the inside of their inner selves.

Every talent is useful for the community to put it to good use.  Many talents are needed to embark in this monumental task and journey.  Over time, when the city construction is advanced and very near completion, people will have to work less hours to support the community needs and will enjoy more free time to dedicate to spiritual learning and teaching and other communal endeavors and pleasure.  Androids will run most of the technology and computers will be so advanced that will be ensouled as people.

Some members of the community will travel to teach to other communities or Islands of Light of Gaia or travel intergalactically starting their galactic journey, but always remembering with nostalgia their home, the Brother Veritus’ Community who made them what they are and who will be here welcoming them back home.  O My Children of Light, come Home once in a while, we love you!

A lot of Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Masters of Love and Wisdom will be born in this community who will serve them well as their Home on planet Earth.  They will remember their galactic past in full consciousness and will grow to great heights of accomplishments, they will be masters of technology and art in the developing of computer technology and spacecraft, and will leave to the stars from whence they came once upon a time as their missions on Earth are accomplished.

Over time this community becomes old and the city plans are fully accomplished, then more artistic expressions and niceties will be added to the city to keep people busy and creative making it so spectacularly beautiful beyond a dream with walls so shiny and streets actually paved with gold!, as Beloved John saw it 2,000 years ago.

This city already exists in the future, I have seen it with my inner vision, I ask you to visualize it yourself to energize this dream and make it a reality.

Oh, when the Saints go marching in,
Oh when the Saints go marching in
I want to be one of their number,
When the Saints go marching Home.
[This is the City’s Theme Song in the jazzy and flamboyant style of Louis Armstronghttps://youtu.be/17nXsv7o64k ]

So in the future I will invite you, a Saint of Ascension, to march in the city and participate in this project.

11. Birth Rights in BVC

Every person who is born in the BVC has the following rights at no cost to the individual:

11.1. The right to have food for his physical sustenance.
11.2. The right to have free education.
11.3. The right to have a universal health care that includes access to all clinical and medical services available in the community health care system, and to medicines and operations (surgery).
11.4. The right to have a job.
11.5. The right to have a dwelling place where the person can live with dignity, a roof over his head.
11.6. The right to have access to clothing to dress himself or herself.
11.7. The right to decide his destiny as a Sovereign Integral without interference from the State as long as that chosen destiny does not interfere or hinders the chosen destiny of somebody else.
11.8. The human rights as established in the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights (Amendments), that is: 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Religion, Peaceful Assembly, and to Petition the Government; 2nd Amendment: Right for the People to Keep and Bear Arms as well as to maintain a militia; 3rd Amendment: Protection from Quartering of Troops; 4th Amendment: Protection from Unreasonable Search and Seizure: 5th Amendment: Due Process, Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, Private Property; 6th Amendment: Trial by Jury and other rights of the accused; 7th Amendment: Civil Trial by Jury; 8th Amendment: Prohibition of Excessive Bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment; 9th Amendment: Protection of Rights Not Specifically Enumerated in the Bill of Rights; 10th Amendment: Powers of States and People. Plus the 11th and following amendments.

12. Protection of the Ecosystem

This policy is to maintain respectful relations with all of Creation, which includes the protection of the environment by protecting the health of the water, land and air. When a new project or enterprise is proposed to the city for approval, it must have the environment and ecosystem into consideration and must address the issue of waste disposal. It is a crime punishable by law to desecrate and destroy the environment for profit and personal gain. All projects and business enterprises must not plunder the land and its resources.

The environment and the recycling, and proper disposal of wastes and process byproducts must be part of the business model, and it is a crime to contaminate the land with these wastes and byproducts of production.

The proper disposal of wastes and byproducts shall not be delegated to somebody else but shall be part of the process and be the responsibility of the business to accomplish such disposal in their own facilities and with their own equipment in accordance with city regulations, so no contaminant be dumped into the environment that harms the ecosystem. Recycling is always encouraged, and enforced when applicable.

13. Accountability of Business Leaders

Businesses, corporations, associations and community groups are not considered persons from the legal perspective, nor have people status and rights and privileges applicable to persons such as life, liberty and property. When a business infringes the law, it is the individuals who run the business, the business leaders, who are held responsible for the crime and who shall answer before the tribunal of justice, and receive the tribunal sentence, not the business association.

Business leaders and employees are responsible for the protection of the environment in all the enterprises they engage in.  The claim "I was only following orders" is not a valid excuse.  Members of the community must not blindly follow orders without analyzing circumstances and consequences.  Actions shall always follow Divine Plan regardless of the orders.

Material needs essential for life no longer exist in this city but enterprises may be created to produce goods and services for free trade and barter with others on the planet and off the planet.

14. Humane Treatment of Animals

All animals in the community shall be treated humanely. They may be trained but the training —as in behavior enforcement— must be done in accordance with a good practice of humane procedures that does not hurt physically or psychologically the animal nor break its natural disposition and conditioned genetic nature. Unnatural training of animals that recurs to violence and physical abuse and mistreatment is not acceptable and is strictly prohibited. Animals may be used in sports but it is not tolerated to force the animal in competition to achieve its maximum strength limit to compete and to incite in him anger and aggression for public entertainment. Some animals cannot be trained, all form of manmade training is unnatural to them, leave them alone.

Bullfighting and bull riding competition in rodeos is prohibited. Rodeos are allowed as long as they be performed without violence and killing, only to exhibit man, bovine and equestrian artistic talents as in horse dancing, exhibits and parades.

Bulls, horses, elephants, and other animals can be humanely trained to carry humans on their backs as long as the animal would have been properly trained and cared-for. Animals can be used in entertainment, only that the above rules must be followed.

Animals are treated for illnesses and injuries in the Faculty of Veterinary of the Brother Veritus’ University, where they also can receive training if requested, this faculty gives community classes in animal behavior and training. The faculty is also in charge of the wild animals of the community parks. Since what is correct and humane in animal training may be subject to interpretation in some cases and a matter of opinion, in the Faculty of Veterinary there are specialists in animal behavior and training who can judge and decide what is humane or not in any particular case and who have the legal authority to stop what they judge is unnatural and improper training. They hold the last decision.

15. Flag of the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community

This is the flag of the City of Light of the BVC. See details and meaning of the design in this webpage: BVC Flag and Specifications.

Figure 6. Flag of the City of Light of BVC


Note 1. Here now follows the Revelation text alluded above:

Rev. 21

[1] And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
[2] And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

[10] And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,
[11] Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;
[12] And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:
[13] On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.
[14] And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
[15] And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.
[16] And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.
[17] And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.
[18] And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.
[19] And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;
[20] The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.
[21] And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

Rev. 22

[1] And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
[2] In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
[3] And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him.

Note 2. The measure of a cubit:

How long is a cubit?
* Standard cubit:        Elbow to end of middle finger (20").
* Lower forearm cubit: Elbow to base of the hand    (12").
See alsohttp://applesaucekids.com/LinkPage/Cubit.html andhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubit

I will use the Egyptian royal cubit of 20.62″ (52.37 cm.), which is the intermediate value between 20.61″ to 20.63″.  The height of the wall is 144 cubits (Rev. 21, 17).  Therefore,
144 x 20.62″ = 2969.28″ = 2969.28″ x 1’ / 12″ = 247.44’ (81 m.).

The height of the wall is 247 ft (81 m.)

The measure of a furlong:

From:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furlong :
“The furlong was historically viewed as equivalent to theRoman stade (stadium), which in turn derived from theGreek system. For example theKing James Bible will use the term "furlong" in place of the Greek "stadion", whereas modern translations will translate into miles in the main text and relate the (often very symbolic) original numbers in footnotes.
“In the Roman system, there were 625 feet to the stade, eight stade to the mile, and three miles to theleague. A league was considered to be the distance a man could walk in one hour, and the mile consisted of 1000 passus (5 feet, or double-step).”

I will use a furlong = Roman stade =
625’ = 625’ / 3.048’ / m. = 202.922 m. = 0.2029 Km = 0.2029 Km. / 1.609 Km. /mil. = 0.126 miles

A furlong is 0.126 miles.  Therefore:
The length and the breadth of the city = 12,000 x 0.126 miles = 1,512 miles = 2,433 Km.

This dimension is obviously too big, it is the diameter of a circular starship, a mothership, the sister city in Heaven of which the earthly city is a scaled model and a mirror image, Heaven on Earth.  It is a cylinder, the BVC city is not a cylinder of the same proportion, although the combination of the inner and outer city would have a cylindrical overall volume.

I will use for the seed city’s diameter one tenth of that length which is 151.2 miles (243.3 Km.), or a radius is 76 miles (approx. 122 Km.), which is the length of the twelve radial streets.

Based on this dimension the area of the seed city is π. D2 / 4 = 3.1416 x 151.22 / 4 = 17,955 miles2.  Approximately 18,000 sq. miles.  Or, expressed in Km2 is, π.1222 = 46,760 sq. kilometers or approximately 47,000 sq. kilometers.  So,

Area of the Seed City = 18,000 square miles (47,000 square kilometers).

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