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Taurine Feast in Spain



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Taurine Feast In Spain:


Bullfighting Cartel

The Inhumane and Barbaric Slaughter of a Bull



By the Argentinean Animal Welfare Foundation


The commiseration with the animals is intimately bonded to the kindness of character, in a way that can be stated for sure, that he who is cruel with animals cannot be a good person.” —Schopenhauer


This is the big kept secret behind the bullfighting game that the Bullfighting International Cartel does not want you to know and that is finally and carefully exposed in this profusely illustrated article!  The rotten pot’s lid is taken off!


The days of this barbaric practice are numbered…  Do you hear, Bullfighting Cartel and its fanatics?  In the New Earth the killing of the bull won’t be tolerated!


Original Title:“Bullfighting: Killing for Fun” (“Corrida de Toros: Matar Por Diversión.”)  Published in this website on the 10th of March, 2004.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada.  See also the complimentary articleThe Killing and Torture of Animals.  My contribution to the article has been in the introduction and in the commentaries of the frames or tables where there are pictures.




Boycott this inhumane spectacle, do not attend bullfighting where the animal is sacrificed or treated inhumanely!  Do not sponsor another irresponsible cartel!





 by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website


Here is shown step by step all the carefully planned and executed sadistic barbarity behind this awful entertainment unworthy of civilized human beings.


As can be learned here, the torture has been designed so cleverly and with so much evil mastership and malicious intent —and for so long— that there are even created words in the Spanish language for every step, timed at the proper moment, and specialized tools —ignominious, stained with the blood of innocent animals— designed to be used at the exact stage to inflict the proper wound and to yield the exact result in this perverse farce, as Spanish people of the past crafted torture tools during the so-called “Holy” Inquisition.  Everything is purposely and carefully orchestrated!


After reading this report you are no longer innocent of what happens behind the scenes and you become guilty and accomplice with the Evil Bullfighting Cartel if you continue attending the bullfighting in Spain and in other countries where is allowed to kill the bull.  The whole bullfighting is not natural to the bull even if it is not sacrificed.  Just imagine for a moment if you were the bull, as the first Christians felt in the Roman arena before a mad crowd.


How ironic life sometimes is and how ignorant of Spiritual Law some people are!  Spain is a bastion of Catholicism.  Some of the bullfighting fans go to church on Sunday morning where they receive Holy Communion and pray, and then go to the bullring where they drink, yell and ask for more blood as savages.  These two actions are completely incompatible.  If you are spiritual then you honor life and are not cruel to animals.


Following these lines of thought, the “matador”, the killer, usually and traditionally has a little altar with the image of Virgin Mary, a typical worshipped Virgin is the Virgin of the Macarena in Spain.  The bullfighter prays to her and asks her for protection before entering the bullring.  Wait a minute!, let me get this straight: He is praying to Mother Mary, who is a goddess of compassion and Unconditional Love for all life so that the killer who has received a good night sleep go and kill an innocent animal who has not slept at all and has already been tortured  in the dark for 24 hours before the bullfighting, and so that the killer come out unharmed while the victim be killed by him.  This ignorance of what prayer is all about is the reason why in some cases the killer gets badly injured or killed after praying to Mother Mary.  She has nothing to do with this, do not involve her in this nasty business:  It is the silliness and misunderstanding of the killer which have caused the problem by him doing a negative prayer: Sending negative energy to the bull that came back on him, “what goes around, comes around.”  How many bulls he has to kill before learning this simple lesson of elemental spirituality!


The day will come when will never be used this torture tools nor be used these damn Spanish words that describe this dirty game.  The Indigo Children will do it!  We will remember this as a dark past of the Hispanic history.  In museums the bullfighting description, with illustrations and with its paraphernalia will be displayed so people learn not to do it again, as today the German concentration camps are kept for present and future generations to not repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.


Other irony is the fact that bullfighting is exalted in artistic expressions in art, song and poem and dressed with beautiful vivid colors, embroidered clothing of rich fabrics adorned with tinsel, with handsome young men parading on the arena at the sound of an orchestra which plays music specifically composed for the game, all following a ritualistic ceremony with beautiful girls on the bleachers wearing flowering hats and throwing flowers to the “matador” (the killer), all happy but the victim.  All this white wash covers a nasty, perverse and dark business underneath, as though the fantasy had been designed like this by some distorted minds to fool the public.  When this game be abolished from the planet the same arena, the same excitement, the same young people marching, the same fancy clothes, the same orchestra, the same poets composing beautiful songs, the same beautiful maidens will be there but the ritual will be different: it will be a Celebration of Love, Harmony and Union of all Creation and will be a Celebration of Life, not of Death!


Bullfighting has been promoted as a symbol of valor; quite on the contrary, it is a symbol of cowardice!


After reading this article some fans of bullfighting may still be in disagreement with the facts exposed here making themselves accomplices of this offence against animal life.  It is easy to continue with this bloody tradition when it is not one who faces the bull, but who plays with his life is somebody else, this is a worse cruel form of disregarding life: when it is even disregarded the bullfighter’s life!


Before the following images and the inside taurine information exposé, there is no rationalization that can justify this act of cruelty.


Let’s see who are the parties involved in the Tauromachy’s business and who is the Bullfighting Cartel:




Cattle Owners (The Cartel Business Core, the Cartel Pyramid Apex):  These are the owners of great extensions of land specialized in the raising and training of pedigree bull (“toros de casta”, caste bulls, fighting bulls), and who are the main source of bulls for the taurine business.  In general they also raise livestock for milk and meat.  These individuals are a super-minority elite of aristocratic families, landowners and family corporate owners, some affiliated with the Illuminati sect.  Typically they do not openly advertise themselves in the bullfighting business and prefer to remained publicly distant from the media and avoiding the spotlights.


These “Dones” the heart and soul of the Taurine Cartel are part of traditional families who, in most cases, have profited from the business for centuries.  These very greedy individuals have contacts and connections with the city business and buy and lobby politicians and finance their campaigns to protect their interests, as “special interest groups”, which they are.  Some small towns and cities economies gravitate around their big haciendas.  Their power is highly significant in city affairs and over government officials.  They are the so-called “untouchables”, the feudalists.


In all Hispanic countries, where mostly they operate, by combining all the lands they own and dedicating them from cattle raising into agriculture instead, for food, we could feed the entire Third World countries many times over at very affordable prices and still make substantial profit.  Because of cattle grazing, their extensions of land get depleted of basic nutrients and minerals and create environmental contamination of water and ozone layer depletion because of the gaseous carbonic sub-products of concentrated manure (CO, CO2).  These lands should be handed over to people, who, associated in agrarian communities, can work on them, “the land for those who work it”, in an Agrarian Social Reform.  These families have already profited from these lands so much and for so many centuries, it is time for “We the People” benefit from them now.


The meat from a bullfighted bull is poisonous to the human body because of its high content of acids generated by the anger and fear of the animal.  These acids are an excessive amount of phosphoric acid, uric acid and carbonic acid gases that the human body cannot assimilate.  In addition to that there is an etheric low-frequency energy between nucleus and electrons of the meat that the eyes and modern lab equipment cannot detect and that is not good to humans either.  When humans have negative emotions as anger, envy, etc., or extreme fear, the same poisonous acids are generated in their bodies.


“Plaza de Toros” (Bullring) Owners:  This is the same above Beast except that here it is camouflaged in the entertainment business with promotion, coordination, advertising and selling of tickets for the “corridas” (the bullfighting), and who operates and maintains the “plazas.”  They contract personnel to operate the business and also contract and promote the bullfighters.  They coordinate all the media promotion, etc.  The cattle owners are major players and owners of this business or in partnership with city government; in fact, the name of some of these plazas even proudly carry their family name as it is the case of the “Plaza de Santamaría”, in the heart of Bogotá City, Colombia.  Ironically, again, this last name carries the title of Mother Mary (Holy Mary = Santa María.) Was it done on purpose?  Why some people always try to associate this angelic being with this dirty business?  They cover a wolf with the skin of a sheep.


Corporate Media:  Newspapers and magazines, radio, TV and Internet websites.  These are the experts of the game who keep the public informed of the events and constantly promote the business and educate the people in the details of the “corrida.”  As it is known in the psychology of advertising, they speak with clear intention to the emotional side of their audiences.


Corporate Sponsors:  As in any other entertainment business they profit from the advertising of their business on billboards and on the bullring.  They are key elements since they help finance the business expenses.


Advertising Agencies, and General Commercial Business (food, clothing, art business that uses the taurine motifs, etc., and it is usually located in the plaza or near it).  This is not small business since amounts to many millions of dollars a year.


Personal Note: Any talent you received by the Creator God should be put to a good use for something positive and inspiring to society, then you may be blessed with even greater gifts.  That has been one of my mottoes in life.  I am also an artist myself, as can be seen if you visit my Art Gallery, but I will never use my art and talents —that I value high— no matter how much money is put on the table, for something of a negative nature that misguides people or benefit the few in detriment of the many.  Amen.

There is a common misconception among common people that to be successful in life one has to associate with powerful but bad people.  Well, that just isn’t true.  Bad people give you headaches and affect your quality of life.  You do not have to violate your principles in order to be successful, and you don’t have to work for the devil to survive.  If a bad person gives you bad time and forces you to do something against your inclinations and morals, you just plan to change jobs and at the best opportunity you’re gone to another place that may not be ideal, but it’s a new start and not with the last people that tried to violate your integrity.  These artists can do likewise and be just as successful.



The Bullfighters (“Matadores” or “Toreros”), the Celebrities of the Business:  These individuals profit of their celebrity status.  They are the ones facing the spotlights and cameras, as the famous athletes or music stars and constantly tour from arena to arena around the world.  The cattle owners strategically move to behind the scenes, as stated above.  The bullfighters are full of glamour and project an image of bravery.  On entering the arena they wears a funny black hat and the “dress of lights” (“traje de luces”) the lights do not go with their profession, they should wear the black dress and mask of the executioner. People gave the bullfighter, and it’s officially accepted, the horrendous name of “matador”, that is not but another synonym for “assassin.”


Historians, Writers, Poets and Some Taurine Webmasters:  These are the teachers who educate the public in the bullfighting ritual and its paraphernalia, and who write the history of the business by publishing colorful descriptive books (and/or websites) with lots of shiny photographs and illustrations.  They could profit from any other business because of their talent, except they found this interest more appealing to channel their writing skills.  For the most cases, they benefit from the sales of their books, and are not receiving a direct contribution from the Cartel.  They advertise the Cartel business for free.


Plastic Artists (Painters and Sculptors):  They constantly impact the public with images and sculptures of realistic fascination because of their artistic skills.  They live from their art as independent individuals doing free propaganda for the Cartel, except when commissioned for a public artwork.  They could be doing other things instead, but are attached to this art because of cultural beliefs and traditions that have brainwashed them and because of their belief that this art sells.  They strongly speak to the emotional side of the public.


Music Composers, Bands and Orchestras:  As the plastic arts, music speaks loudly to the emotional side of the public and helps perpetuate bullfighting.  These artists could compose and play music inspired in any other subject and profit from the sales of their work and not from bullfighting as they typically do as an alternative venue.  They do free propaganda for the Cartel.



The Public:  The public are the tourists and local fans who attend bullfighting events. Any of the above groups are tiny minorities compared to this group.  The public is the aim and blood of the business, it is the legs and feet of the gigantic monster and the base of the Cartel Pyramid, because it is the one who pays most of the business expenses and creates the huge profit for the Cartel —and for all its associated business named above— and who has kept the Cartel in business and as elite for so long.  The public looks dumb and as a herd of sheep —and so is regarded by the Cartel— until it gets educated, then it becomes a gigantic tidal wave that crumbles down all walls of oppression.  They are not dumb, they are simply not aware of what’s going on, because they are too busy working and do not have time to get informed or don’t like philosophy for the most part, or need an awakening of their feeling and compassion towards animals.  More on the public below.


How do you put an end to the bullfighting business?  You educate the public, same as you put an end to drug dealing or any negative societal trend.  You educate it to make it move in the opposite direction in which the Cartel has brainwashed it to go for centuries.  You apply their same techniques, but advertising the negative part of the business, as in this article, the Cartel advertises only the glamour and uses as venue the controlled mass media.  You, instead, use the voice of people, the Internet.  And you put on the Internet more websites teaching the public the dark side of the business than the number of Cartel’s current websites promoting their business.


The public is a mass with a gregarious consciousness.  It moves and shifts direction as a school of fish which in synchronicity moves for no apparent reason changing direction based on inner intuitive impulses transmitted into the group mass consciousness by individuals and sensed by the whole group.  As the public gets educated, it eventually reaches a point of critical mass as in the 100th Monkey Syndrome.  Once achieved critical mass the public shifts direction as a school of fish and the business suffers severely, because the legs and feet of the monsters crumble down and the pyramidal base is cracked open and busted.  On TV this phenomenon is observed quite often:  Suddenly a comedy program is not appealing to the public anymore within days or weeks of being a success.  It starts with some individuals who get bored of the program, it continues with more people until it reaches critical mass and then everybody switches channels for no apparent reason, the ratings go down and the program is removed from the air.  Same can happen with bullfighting.


Let me illustrate this point.  Pedro, a fan of bullfighting, reads this article and sends it to his email list.  He beliefs the information and decides never attend a bullfighting spectacle again.  Juan receives the email and does the same.  And so do other fans.  Internet readers, in the thousands, access this website and read this article (as is for sure based on our statistics when we post and track consciousness-shifting information).  They get outraged and post the information in other websites, on billboards, chat rooms or create their own website for this purpose.  More websites with this information start popping up in the Internet.  All these unconnected events keep happening as more people get informed.


The critical mass is achieved and after a while even individuals who have never read this information find themselves bored or upset or uncomfortable with the bloody scenes of the business and start “knowing” this since they intuitively, and without conscious awareness, tap into the planetary mass consciousness also known as Humanity’s collective consciousness,part of the Akashic Records who is alive and already coded with these concepts.  Those who used to attend taurine events find them no longer appealing to their taste and the attendance to the plazas continues dwindling. Unable to cope with the expenses, the “Dones” of the haciendas or ranches, the owners of plazas, the promoters, the advertisers (Groups 1 and 2 above) re-channel their energies and resources into a another profitable business, sport or entertainment and rationalize and justify the change for their own peace of mind and society keeps moving forward.  Note:  The major bullrings are immense and very expensive to operate and maintain —like the Roman Circus or Roman palaces—, they require a steady public that fills them a day to at least 60 percent of full capacity during taurine season to pay for the expenses of the year and to generate a reasonable profit.


An additional comment:  Once these ideas are downloaded from Above, posted in the Internet and imprinted in the minds of people, they grow as seeds and nobody can turn them down because they already belong to the planetary mass consciousness which nobody can erase, no matter the political or economic power they have, as has been the case of the ideas that thrust the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for Liberties.  They are now here for a more mature and responsible humanity who is now ready to receive them.  Even though in its time the old thinking had a purpose, now it is no longer the case and the old thinking needs to be transmuted and replaced with the new thinking.


My prediction is that bullfighting will end by the year 2012.  Critical mass may be achieved before then but for a gradual shift and accommodation the business may need to be run in a smaller scale for some time so the energies and resources of Groups 1 and 2 can be rechanneled to agricultural business or other positive businesses —as was indirectly suggested for Group 2 above— that more directly benefit the community and generate jobs lost with the ending of bullfighting.


[Update 2015: The Galactic Federation’s plan is behind schedule with respect to its initial plan, which is why bullfighting still runs but not for long because we have entered Correction Times when what is wrong in the planet will be righted and Dark Forces will be removed from the planet.]



 Animal Abuse In Spain

Unknown Author.  Subject: Boycott Spain!.  Taken from:

[Brother Veritus’ Website finds most of the following comments valid.  It does not endorse the call to boycott Spain or its national products.  However, this commentary is presented here as a wakeup call:  Bullfighting is not a sport, it is animal abuse.  It will be regarded as an entertainment of the past during the Aquarian Age.  Lightworkers should help spread the news of stopping bullfighting within Spain and abroad.  The economic forces and special interests of the bullfighting cartel were able to brainwash the Spanish population into believing it to be an acceptable form of entertainment, now it is our time to turn around this backward thinking.  Not just bulls but other animals are sacrificed at Spanish provincial public events such as ducks and chickens hanged down from strings and decapitated by men riding on running horses, and goats are thrown off windows for the amusement of a crowd with the blessing of local authorities.  You acquire karma with the animal group oversoul, such as the cattle, when involve yourself physical, mental or emotionally in these activities.  And now that you know this, your karma is even bigger.]

If you are an animal lover, please spread this message.  We must boycott everything that benefits Spain and the Spaniards: Spanish products, sightseeing in Spain, etc. Spain is a backward country where bullfighting, the most disgusting inhumane rape of bulls, is considered “a national sport.”  Bullfighting is nothing but animal abuse. It’s not a sport. Referring to bullfighting as a sport is just as ridiculous and insane as calling “lions-eating-Christians” entertainment.  The Spanish say “But it’s our tradition.” Yeah, the Spanish tradition, all right. The Spanish who tortured and killed thousands of innocent people in the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish who practiced slave trading long after the Brits and Americans banned it. Bullfighting is a Spanish tradition, just like slave trading and killing Jews and non-Catholics were Spanish traditions.

Tradition as it may be, it is an extremely cruel an uncivilized tradition. IT SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!! Watching a bull tortured and suffer a slow death is NOT a humane act.

If you are an animal lover, please join this boycott and make your voice heard. Print out the following message and send it to the Spanish Embassy!

(The following message is in Japanese.)

Perhaps you have heard that bullfighting is an art, but it is not ….  It is a Science… The science of TortureNothing in this brave feast is genuine, but pain.



He thinks he is valiant, but is not, he has not a strong character.


24 hours before entering the arena, the bull has been subjected to a penning in the dark so when released, the light and the shouting of the spectators terrify him and he tries to escape jumping over the barriers, which produces in the public the image that the bull is ferocious,but the natural condition of the bull is to flee, NOT to attack.


Also they cut his horns to protect the bullfighter.


They hanged sand bags on his neck for hours.


They banged on his testicles and kidneys.


They induced diarrhea by putting sulphates in the water he drank.  All of this with the aim of arriving at the bullring weak and in complete disorder.


They smeared grease in his eyes to difficult his vision,




In the legs they put a substance that produces burning and prevents him from being still, so the bullfighter does not tarnish his performance.



The Horses of the Horsebreakers (“Picadores“)


They  select horses that do not have a commercial value, because the animal dies in3 to 4 bullfights at the most, it is quite possible the animal suffers multiple rib breaks or disembowelments.It is placed a protective padding simulating it protects them, but in reality it is with the intention the public do not see the wounds of the horse which frequently present exposure of viscera.



The Job of “Picador”


If the bullfighter perceives that the bull charges with too much energy, he commands the “picador” to do his job:It consists of bleeding the bull to weaken him, sticking a lance in the back that destroys muscles (trapezium, rhomboid, thorny, and semi thorny, serrated and transverse of the neck)It injures blood vessels and nerves too.


This is done so the bullfighter can offer an artistic expression that is supposed this spectacle to have.


One sticking could destroy the bull, that is why it is done in three timesfor more enjoyment of the fans.”



The “Banderillas


The “banderillas” ensure that the hemorrhage continues, it is intended to place them just in the same place already damaged with the metal hooks.  The hook moves in the wound with each movement of the bull and with the touch of the “muleta”, the weight of the “banderillas” has precisely that function.


Some “banderillas” have a harpoon of 8 cms. (3 in),and it is called “of punishment”, which the bull is subjected to when he has been able to evade the picador’s lance.  The “banderillas” prolong the tearing and deepening of the internal wounds.  There is no limit to the number of banderilla sticks:as many as be needed to tear the bull’s tissues and skin.



Showing off “Bravado”


The loss of blood and the wounds in the dorsal spine impede the bull from rising its head in the normal way, and it is when the bullfighter can get closer.  With the bull near exhaustion, the bullfighter is not worried anymore of danger and can afford to retreat from the bull after a specially artistic pass, sticking out the chest and strutting to receive the public’s applause.


When the bull reaches this injurious state, the “matador” enters the bullring in a celebration of bravery and machismo, to face an exhausted, moribund and confused bull.



These fools are not really brave.  They are doing this farce of theatrical displays and bragging because they know the bull is terribly wounded and cannot attack them in self-defense.   ¿Would they do the same with a bull that has not been subjected to so tortuous a treatment?
The public believes the deception and rises them to the category of “heroes” and “celebrities”, when really they deserve to be in jail or in a mental asylum for their immense sadism and cruelty.  ¡They are assassin psychopaths, along with their cartel owners, organizers and promoters
who intentionally design and carry on this cruelty!  They perpetuate this sadism and misguide the new generations by making the distorted and bad look good and artistic, all in the name of money!
Once in a while a bullfighter is seriously injured and even pays with his own life for his foolishness.  Karma plays a role here because of their callous desecration, disregard and disrespect of life they have demonstrated to their own Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Truth of others.  In truth, ignorance of Divine Law makes us fools and braggarts!  And walking as peacocks!  These pictures clearly illustrate this point.


The Sword


The bull is pierced with a 80 cms. ( 31.5 in) long SWORD, that can destroy his liver, lungs, pleura, etc., depending on the place where it penetrates the animal’s body; in fact, when it destroys the great artery, the bull is dying with enormous blood vomits.


Atthetimeofkilling,ifthebullis lucky he dies of a single thrust (“estocada“),but not as it is thought of the heart “estocada” but instead the sword penetrates the lungs and diaphragm, sometimes a major artery, and from there it is shown the hemorrhage in the snout and mouth.Sometimes they die drowned in their own blood.




The Torture Continues


The bull, in a desperate intend to survive, resists to fall, and usually heads painfully towards the door from which he was forced to enter, seeking an escape exit to so much mistreatment and pain.  But then they stab him in the nape with the “DESCABELLO”, another long sword that ends in a blade of 10 cms. (4 in).  Despite of these terrible torments, the animal usually does not die immediately because of his strong force, but finally falls to the floor, because the sword has been destroying his internal organs.







Assassins!  Cowards!


… The Torture Continues …


They put the bull out of his miseries with the NAIL (“PUNTILLA”) of  10 cms. (4 in) with which they intend to section the spinal medulla, at the place of the atlas and axis vertebrae.  The bull is left paralyzed, even being unable to make movements with the respiratory muscles, so he dies of asphyxia, many times drowned with its own blood, that gushes out through the mouth and nose.



These assassins are busy at work


Assassins! Cowards!


The Dragging (“Arrastre“)




This multinational corporation, Pepsi Cola Corporation, irresponsibly sponsors this killing.
Pepsi Cola irresponsibly again has promoted Aspartame as a soft drinks sweetener, amply consumed in these events, after numerous reports and studies that showed its danger to health.
“The CDC [Center for Disease Control] also identified several specific subjects whose symptoms stopped and started as they stopped and started consuming aspartame. The FDA [Federal Drug Administration] discounted the report. The day the FDA released the CDC report, Pepsi Cola —having obtained an advance copy— announced its switch to aspartame with a worldwide media blitz.
“Former White House Chief of Staff [Donald] Rumsfeld [the Secretary of Defense of the Bush regime and former President of Searle, the company who discovered Aspartame] owed a debt of gratitude to former White House confidante and Rumsfeld friend Donald Kendal, Pepsi’s chairman. The Pepsi announcement and aggressive marketing (millions of gumballs, a red and white swirl, tough contracts) made NutraSweet known in every home [NutraSweet is another name for Aspartame].”
Read the whole report in NESARA Updates, scroll down to Dove Report for April 24, 2004.



Do not be indifferent to his pain.  Can you see the tear running down?



Do not be participant of these events, it is not humane to witness them, these traditions do not go with the 21st Century.




The commiseration with the animals is intimately bonded to the kindness of character, in a way that can be stated for sure, that he who is cruel with animals cannot be a good person.” —Schopenhauer



Only the psychopaths enjoy it, you are one of them, think, give up! This is a tradition that must not continue.


How Can You Help?


Do not attend bullfighting (“corridas de toros”)

Do not support politicians, artists and communicators associated with this barbarity

Do not buy products of companies that sponsor them

        But the most important

Teach your children the respect for all living beings


Disseminate these images, they will make the people who enjoy these masochist feasts to become aware of what they do.  Remember that each email you send will change the way of thinking of your fellow beings.



Help to Disseminate This Article

Regular readers of this website write from time to time asking how they can help this website.  They realize that just sitting and reading articles is not enough for their own spiritual growth, that they need to put into practice what they study to be catalysts of change by doing world service to create Heaven on Earth.  The best help is to disseminate its teachings. In that light this article presents an opportunity for world service by contributing to make a planetary mass consciousness change of outmoded ideas, traditions and beliefs that no longer are in tune with a New Humanity more responsible with itself, Nature and all her living beings.  This is what you can do:


Send the article to your friends, family members and email lists.

Publish the hyperlink in cyber bulletin boards and chat rooms.

Add a link in your website of this article.

Make fliers and distribute them in Animal Humane Societies, at bullfighting plazas, post them in city and public bulletin boards, university and schools public bulletin boards.  Distribute them in Peace rallies and give them to friends and family.  You may use below sample.  You may illustrate it using the pictures given here.

Find contact information in the Internet of bullfighting plazas and events, writers and artist specialized in taurine themes and send them your flyer if they only publish an address.  If they publish an email address, send them the email sample (copy and paste it in your email.)  It is in both language.  You do not need to read Spanish, just paste it there, remember that the Cartel is international and targeted to the Hispanic World.  Bombard them with emails.  Contact your local politicians and send them this information too if in your city you have a bullring.

Anytime you receive unsolicited email, reply to it with this information.


Flyer and Email Sample

(Español Abajo)

Boycott this inhumane spectacle, do not attend bullfighting where the animal is sacrificed or treated inhumanely!  Do not sponsor another irresponsible cartel!

This is the big kept secret behind the bullfighting game that the Bullfighting International Cartel does not want you to know and that is finally and carefully exposed in this profusely illustrated article!  The rotten pot’s lid is taken off!

Read this article:

—Have Reverence For Life—

We will end bullfighting because we will take its audience away who is the one that feeds it.

“The commiseration with the animals is intimately bonded to the kindness of character, in a way that can be stated for sure, that he who is cruel with animals cannot be a good person —Schopenhauer.




¡Sabotee este espectáculo inhumano, no asista a las corridas de toros en donde se sacrifica al animal o se le trata inhumanamente!  ¡No patrocine otro cartel irresponsable!

¡Éste es el gran secreto mantenido detrás del juego del toreo que el Cartel Internacional de la Tauromaquia no quiere que Ud. conozca y que está final y cuidadosamente expuesto en este artículo profusamente ilustrado!  ¡La olla podrida se destapa!

Lea este artículo:


—Ten Reverencia por la Vida—


Acabaremos el toreo porque le quitaremos su audiencia que es la que lo alimenta.


La conmiseración con los animales está íntimamente unida con la bondad de carácter, de tal manera que se puede afirmar de seguro, que quien es cruel con los animales no puede ser buena persona. —Schopenhauer


Be an active Lightworker.  Do not just talk about things, do them!

Practice and experience are better teachers!





Send the hyperlink of this webpage to your friends and acquaintances to divulge this information


—Have Reverence For Life—

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