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Prayersto Virgin Mary

Mandala Mother Mary
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O Divine Mother, Queen of Heaven and Queen of Angels, Energy of Shakti*, Keeper of Sacred Keys and Codes in Thy Divine Heart, I, Thy devotee, offers this humble Section of my Website in Thy Honor.  Please, help men balance their female energy as was balanced in the heart of Thy Divine Son, Jesus Sananda.  Please, help women find back their rightful place in the governance of this planet Gaia and be cherished and honored by their male counterpart.  In the Name of Thy Holy Son I pray.  Amen.
* Shakti is a Sanskrit word that means energy, power, force.  It stands for the spiritual female principle, the energy of the mother and the Goddess.

Original prayers in Spanish, unless otherwise noticed.  Translations by Luis Prada.


O Mother of Guadalupe
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Salve Regina
Sub Tuum Praesidium
Hail Mary of the Women
Hail Mary in Seven Languages

Prayer to Virgin of Lourdes
Beloved Divine Goddess
Blessed Be Thy Purity
Glorious Mother
Maitreya’s Homage to Lady Mary

Our Lady of Fatima

O Mother of Guadalupe
Original in Spanish, translation

With so much joy, O my Mother of Guadalupe!, I come to visit you at this place in which still resound your celestial promises of listening our requests and attending our needs.  I come on the first place to give you thanks for the favors that you have conceded both to myself and my own kin. Secondly, to implore your mercy of Mother and your favors of Queen.  Reach out for me to your divine Son for the pardon of my sins, blessings for my work and enterprises, a remedy to my illnesses and necessities and everything you esteem convenient for my family.  Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Priests of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart Monastery,www.poshusa.orgTranslation of Spanish version.

O Lady of Guadalupe!, Patroness of the Americas and hope for all mankind, come to our help in our necessities, tribulations and sufferings that surround us daily.  ThroughJuan Diego, you has adopted us as your children and thus we take refuge in you with full faith and trust, sure that you do not despise our requests.

Salve Regina
Original in Spanish, translation

God save you, Queen and Mother of mercy, life, sweetness and our hope. God save you. To You we call, the exiled children of Eve.  To You we sigh, wailing and crying in this valley of tears.  Come on!, then, Lady, our advocate, turn to us those your merciful eyes and, after this exile, show us Jesus, blessed fruit of you womb.  O merciful!, O pious!, O sweet Virgin Mary! (Partial Indulgence).

Sub Tuum Praesidium
Under Your Protection.  Original in Spanish, translation

Under your protection we gather, Holy Mother of God, do not despise the supplications that we direct to you in our necessities, but rather, free us of all peril, o glorious and blessed Virgin!(Partial Indulgence).

Hail Mary of the Women
Unknown Author, Original in Spanish, translation

Note:  This beautiful prayer is rhymed in some places, unfortunately the translation loses it in most cases.

Mother, I want to ask for all of us:

For those chosen to give life;for women of all species, creeds, races and nationalities.
For those whose life is wrapped in smiles and tears, sadness and happiness.
For those who suffer for the children they begot and lost.
For the ones that work all day long in their homes or any job.
I want to ask for the mothers that suffer for their sick and ailing children.
For the lacking girls,
for those still inside a womb.
For the little experienced adolescents.
For the old ones forgotten in an old people’s home, without family, without affection, without friends.
Also for the sick women that wait in any hospital their fatal hour.
For those rich women that, in spite of their fortune, live sunk in bitterness.
For the feminine mean souls, small and solitary.
For women that are warriors during their entire lives,
for the ones that do not have anything to give bread and education to their children.
For the inconsequent.
For the handicapped,
for the convicted ones,
for the ones that live cloistered.
For those that were forced to grow before time, thrown on the sown field or on a devastating bed.
For the ones that, begging on the streets, survive in spite of that torture.
For the mischievous, the excluded ones, the sexually suppressed.
For the domineering and the traitor.
For the ones that buried their dreams within themselves.
For those that I already knew.
For the solitaries and the ordinaries.
For those of the difficult life, that make of that an occupation.
For those that turn voluntary because they are solidary.
For the ones that live with companion, although sad and bitter.
For the ones that were abandoned and had to continue in loneliness, without a companion, a friend, a loving shoulder.
For the friends, for the sisters, for the enemies.
For the religious and for the ones that lost their faith.
For the ones that distance themselves from hope;
for the ones that cry out for revenge and with that they get lost in their futile adventure.
For the ones that run after Justice, that the good will of men assist them!
For the ones that fight for lost causes.
For the writers and doctors.
For the artists and teachers.
For the ruling ones and the less important ones.
For the ones forced to hide their face and amputate their pleasure.
I ask also for the ignorant ones.
For the pregnant ones.
For that woman sad inside her heart that lives with her soul submerged in loneliness.
For that one that searches for a true love to surrender herself in whole body.
And I ask for the one that lost the emotion, that one that has no longer peace within her heart.
And I pray, implore, for that one that loves and that, not being loved, lives a suffering life.
That one that lost her loved one, and that, because of it, her soul shut down.
For all the ones that drugs destroyed.  For so many that vice denigrated.
I beg for that one that was betrayed.
For several ones that are humiliated.
And for the ones that were contaminated.

Mother, I want to ask for all of us that are the smile and the voice, that have the most deep sentiment because were chosen as much as you to beget and, in spite of anything, to love…independently of how our children be, pretty or ugly, kind or rebel, perfect o deficient, sad or joyful.  Mother, help us to continue on this battle, on this daily war, this struggle without end.  Help us to be happy as always we wanted to be.  Give us courage to continue.  Give us health for, at least, to try.  Resignation to accept and strength to withstand our bitterness.  And in spite of all we continue to be synonyms of tenderness.  Forgive our errors and our insistent appealsForgive us also for our revolts, our tears and our defeats.  And do not let us ever, Mother, lose our faith.  And always when you can, ask for us to the Father.  And remember him that when he created Eve he did not leave with her any orientation map, any instruction manual, any signal pointing to the right way, any instruction on how to live, on how to, in spite of everything, overcome and, even so … we managed to learn.  Amen!

   Hail Mary in Seven Languages

Ave Maria


Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum:
Benedicta tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesu.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.


Ave Maria, cheia de graça, o Senhor é convosco,
E bendita sois vós entre as mulheres e
bendito é o fruto  de vosso ventre, Jesus.
Santa Maria, mãe de Deus, rogai por nós pecadores, 
agora e na hora de nossa morte.


Ave Maria piena di grazia, il Signore è con te.
Tu sei benedetta tra le donne e
benedetto è il frutto del tuo seno Gesù.
Santa Maria, Madre di Dio, prega per noi peccatori,
adesso e nell’ora della nostra morte.


Dios te salve María llena eres de Gracia, el Señor es contigo.
Bendita eres entre todas las mujeres
y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre Jesús.
Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros los pecadores
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte.


Je vous salue, Marie pleine de grâce, le Seigneur est avec toi.
Tu es bénie entre toutes les femmes et Jésus, 
le fruit de tes entrailles, est béni.
Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, prie pour nous, pauvres pécheurs, 
maintenant et à  l’heure de notre mort.


Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee;
Blessed art thou among women and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and
at the hour of our death.


Gegrüßet seist du, Maria, voll der Gnade, der Herr ist mit dir.
Du bist gebenedeit unter den Frauen,
und gebenedeit ist  die Frucht deines Leibes, Jesus.
Heilige Maria, Mutter Gottes, bitte  für uns Sünder jetz tund in der
Stunde unseres Todes.


Prayer to Virgin of Lourdes
Unknown Author, original in Spanish, translation

Most Blessed Virgin of Lourdes, who does not forsake nor despise anybody, look at me with pious eyes and reach from your Son forgiveness to my sins so that with devout affection I celebrate your holy and immaculate Conception, in your miraculous image of Lourdes and receive then the recompense of the blessing of He whom you are his Mother.  Amen.

Beloved Divine Goddess
Song, Unknown Author, original in Spanish, translation

Beloved Divine Goddess,
Most Sweet Dear Mother,
flood me with thine waters,     (Chorus)
liberate my spring of life.

May it flow free and serene
by the roads waiting for it,
may it ascend to heights
seeking Heaven on Earth.


Your beds are of silver and gold,
your waters are light of stars,
run on prairies and valleys
washing with love their slopes.


Blessed be thy voice that speaks,
instructs, guides and loves me.
Uncover to me thy secrets
that my being yearns to know them!


Your aroma elates and elevates me.
How sweet is your arrows’ flavor!
they penetrate my heart
that bleeds torrents of love.


I ask you not to move away,
may you be always with me.
How could I forget you

now that I have met you!

Beloved Divine Goddess,
Most Sweet Dear Mother,
flood me with thine waters,
liberate my spring of life.


Blessed Be Thy Purity
Author Unknown, original in Spanish, translation
Note:  This most beautiful prayer is rhymed, unfortunately the translation loses it and its melodic rhythm when keeping the same meaning.  I wish I could do a better job.  I prayed it in Spanish as an innocent child and when I do it again, it brings in me that child.

Blessed be Thy purity
And may it be eternal,
Since an entire God rejoices
In such a beauty so gracious.
To Thee, celestial princess,
Sacred Virgin Mary,
To Thee
I offer today
My soul
, life and heart.
Look at us with compassion,
Do not forsake us, Mother of mine,
Nor at day nor at night,
‘til we die in Thy love.


Glorious Mother

Juan Martín Figuerero Torrent
Original in Spanish, translation.  Original in consonant rhyme.

Blessed art Thee:
‘Oh, Glorious Mother!’,
In such Sublime Spouse
The Holy Spirit nested;
Finding the Father Grace:
"His Son with Thee He formed!"

 Overshadowing Thee,
‘Power and Love gave to Thee’,
For cradling the Messiah:
"Jesus Our Lord!"

 Eternal God of Old,
Who forever has been
Came down to earth, Incarnated:
"¡Taking in Thee the Flesh!"

 He has purified Thee,
By being inside of Thee;
Thus, his Heart is Thine:
"And his Truth, Thy Light!"

 Thou hast Suckled Him,
‘Pure Arch of God’;
And He to Thee, with His Word:
"First Disciple He made!"

 Pure and Transparent Crystal,
That better reflects God;
Make me look at Thee always,
"Faithful reflection of the Lord!"


Maitreya’s Homage to Lady Mary

Lord Maitreya
Mary Clarice McChrist. The Mother Matrix,www.mother-matrix.orgE-mail: 
(This is the original prayer)

Hail Mary, Full of Grace,
Holder of Grids and Codes of Universal Consciousness.
We bow to Thee, Mother of All People,
Gracious Protector and Goddess of the Sun/Son,
Blessed art Thou, Cosmic Mother.
Blessed be Thy Open Hearted Children.



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