A Cultivated Garden


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Ritualistic Horticulture
ACultivated Garden

Luis Prada
Editor andPublisher of"Brother Veritus‘ Website"

First published on July 26, 2003.  The original text was written in Spanish, translation by the author.


This article came about as a result of answering a question of a reader of the Hispanic section of my website who asked for orientation on how to be able to find pleasure in a garden when overwhelmed with its maintenance.  Since one of my favorite hobbies is the creation and maintenance of my garden, I decided to give him a complete answer and then to publish it here for the benefit of other readers of this website.

Some cannot carry out all these ideas since they lack an adequate terrain and space, but they can do it in a micro scale in their home or apartment.

Since the best teaching is given with our own example and not with words, the author has included at the end a series of photographs of his own garden to illustrate some points given here and to share ideas.  What is written here is born of the experience and not from the reading of texts about gardening.  The author does not consider himself an expert in horticulture nor in knowledge of plants but only an artist who delights himself in the color of nature.

The Pleiadians are expert masters in ritualistic horticulture.

With respect to a good garden the key is given to us by our friends the Pleiadians, who are masters in the creation of these pleasant and ritualistic ambiences.  They taught the Zetas and ancient terrestrial civilizations the art of the creation of outdoor places for the initiatory ritual. The Arcturians teach that any decoration should have two purposes: one aesthetic and another symbolic.

 Here is the key:

First, establish your automatic irrigation system, appropriate fences with cemented-base posts, retaining walls, borders for flower plants, aisles of pressurized and treated wood, acrylic cloth or plastic for blocking weeds, drainage with perforated piping and filter cloth, drainage channels, etc., which are the infrastructure.  Always use the best soil in the sowing.  Paint the wood of fences and structures of a color consistent along the design that integrates to the porch and deck.  Accent some details with intense colors such as red used sparely to attract attention to some detail, such as a statuette.

 Then focus in creating divisions, such as a gate or a portal in which the terrain is sectioned in places or abodes, in this way the Chi energy studied in the Feng Shui runs better throughout the garden.  The Chi is also improved with wind chimes.  The portals can be established with wood or plastic arches and climbing plants trimmed properly; with the bougainvillea, for instance, you can create a whole wall, combine for these bougainvilleas of two colors, red and purple, and make them climb on stakes.

 Play with symbols, for instance, a way with borders and decorative gravel with seven steps to arrive to a mystical symbol, will remind you always of the seven steps of initiation in the Path of Illumination, three trees forming an equilateral triangle will remind you of perfection, the perfect balance, use for this the same type of tree and of the same size.  Other powerful symbol is that of the goddess, such as the image of Virgin Mary or the Beloved Quan Yin, ALWAYS place this images at the East of the garden, use for this the symbology of The Empress, the Hebrew letter Daleth, Venus, of the Key 3 of the Major Arcana of Tarot.  Use sacred geometry in the designs when is appropriate and convenient.  Each time you see the place the symbol will trigger in you from your subconscious mind the hunger for knowledge and wisdom and how to quench it.  You do not have to explain unprepared visitors what the symbols mean, this is only to share with the students of the Path and for your personal edification.

 Create focal points, such as a mandala, a grotto to Virgin Mary, a gnome, an elemental, a bird bath, a water fall, and combination of these.  Use ornamental rock, tree bark between plants and creeping little plants, thus you improve the appearance of the place, prevent erosion and the water of irrigation and rain won’t spatter mud over the symbols or statuettes soiling their look.  Put gravel also at the base of the bird bath so the water when spattering on the ground does not soil or make a puddle.  For the waterfall you can use aa pump operated by a solar panel (in the future they will have a MEG offree energy.)  Place strategically one (or more) chair (s) of a park or a hanging chair or a hammock in an shaded area and with an interesting vista in which you can sit to meditate or just to relax.  Plant trees or tall plants that serve as a protection for plants of flowers and to the lawn, thus it will be required less irrigation and you will be able to have plants of more attractive flowers.  Plant fruit trees, and a walkway with meanders to get to them.  It is very good the uneven ground because it creates a more natural terrain.  Illumine the paths with solar panel lights, why not placing a verdigris lamp of solar energy, designed as for a park, hanging from an arcade?

 When these interesting points are formed, one delights in admiring them and they bring out to surface the Unconditional Love, the love for Natura and the sense of co-creation with Divinity, and thusly maintaining them with frequent irrigation does not seem noticed as a burden..  At the same time in these focal points sow seeds of drought-resistant flower plants, when you irrigate the main flowers, in plat pots or in the ground, these ones sprout, reproduce more often, because of the benefit of water and serve as background to main plants because of their tall and graceful shape and abundance in the bundle.

 Consider the weeds as the representative in the vegetal world of the Dark Forces or the Illuminati, give them not an inch of advantage, uproot them when you see them and treat them with chemical products.  The snails are a constant fight, do not let them advance, attack them up, because they want to live at any rate and they advance as a pest, do you want to maintain snails and other pests, or a good garden?  Make a decision.  They have their place in another environment, not in yours.

 When the garden already start having a pleasant shape, then comes afloat in one the motivation to maintain it and to enlarge it, it is this a process of inner feedback, one creates and from the creation there is a motivation to create another one, and so on.  Since we are God’s expressions, we create as He/She does.  The cultivated garden also spiritually inspires as much as, for example, the reading of the messages of Beloved Ascended MasterSaint Germain.  The garden will be a place to meditate while one walks and will help to connect with the spiritual world and the I AM Presence in us.  Remember the old principle of Ageless Wisdom:  "Nature unaided always fails."  Because entropy and a final inharmonious balance is created, look at the neglected and desolated land of a neighbor and compare it with the one you are creating, or a inhospitable jungle compared to the forest of an extraterrestrial Mothership.

In the extraterrestrial motherships there are miles of landscape of exquisite gardens, cascades and huge trees, a copy of the natural environments of various star systems, used for enjoyment, research, interchange and sowing in planets in evolution.  Being in the midst of a forest like this we cannot be sure if we are standing on a planet or a spaceship, except that if we continue walking in straight line finally we arrive to find a wall of the ship.  Some of these gardens are holographic.  They follow a simulated cycle of day and night.  And, of course, the Pleiadians excel in this art in their spaceships.

 I guarantee you that if you create a harmonious cultivated garden you will find an inner motivation to go out and maintain it, as I said before, because you admire it when you work on it and at the same time it will give you the opportunity to do physical natural exercise, not the artificial one through weight lifting or at the gym, you will breathe pure air, connect with nature in a practical way and also will expose yourself more to the sun that in this Awakening of Humanity comes loaded with cosmic transmuting radiations.  Perhaps you change energetically more and faster by receiving the sun and meditating with the plants than in the reading of information inside the home.

 To a garden like this will come assigned elementals, or spirits of nature, who will be in charge of its luxuriance and growth.  Each place, such as a fountain or a abode, will have its deva.   It also will attract birds and butterflies who will brighten it up with their songs and colors and you will see little frogs and lizards snooping by its corners.  It will be pollinated by flying insects as bees and flies and will have a natural balance of the insects with the spiders and the birds.  Never kill the spiders in the garden.  As the garden has become attractive and with foliage, you will find also that members of the family will make it their own in the same way and will start to "demand" and "command" you make changes and improvements because they will feel as motivated as you are.  Likewise, they will lend a hand of help or authorize investments in new projects and will offer themselves as volunteers in its maintenance.  Thus is the human nature when is motivated for something positive and by its results.


 Another important point is:  The plants are thinking and living beings, treat them with respect, visit them often and sprinkle them, and if you have an automatic irrigation system, even then, water them manually a little, trim them and remove from them the dry leaves even though once in a while, they need to feel your aura to feel gratitude.  Give them that pleasure.  Speak to them, or better, converse with them, it could be only telepathically, speak to them as to a mascot, because they are our lesser brethren, the Vegetal People.  When you are working in your backyard, play environmental music, specially classical or meditational music, the plants enjoy these vibrations responding with more lushness and coloring in their foliage.

I think you already have elements of what I named, integrate what you have at low cost and always improve them.  The merit of a cultivated garden is that it cultivates your spirit and thusly as your soul, your inner garden, is always in process of development and evolution, should be so too your external garden.  So Mote It Be!


Photographs of the Oriental Park of Maulévrier

Taken from:http://www.parc-oriental.com, LeParcOriental de Maulévrier,49360 Maulévrier, Main et Loira, France,
Telephone:  02 41 55 50 14, Telephone: 02 41 71 25 94





Photographs of the Author’s Garden

This series of photographs will be enlarged as other projects of the garden be carried out to fruition and as the plants grow to complete the final design.  As you can see, in general this garden is young and has a lot to grow to achieve the final expected result.  Visit this article later to see a photograph updating.

Photographs taken on July 26, 2003.


Border for flower plants, 1
(now hidden by the plants.)


Border for flower plants, 2


Walkway of pressurized and treated wood and retention wall.
There is a staircase at the far end


Growing fruit trees.
Here were used a retention wall with earth blockage between wooden boards, drainage, weed block and tree bark finish.  The walkway at the right, shown in a detail in the previous photograph, will facilitate the fruit gathering.


Bougainvilleas climbing up the stakes to form a vegetal wall.


The Portal
It represents an interdimensional portal to other reality.
This portal, located to the right-hand side of the house over a cobblestone walkway, is of fine and precision carpentry, fabricated by Wood Classics of Gardiner, New York, 1-800-385-0030, www.woodclassics.comIt is a 4 feet wide arched top trellis of 62 inches deepwith front planters.  It comes in multiple loose pieces with several manuals of instructions to assemble it.  In June of 2003 the author assembled and installed it without any help using clamps and ingenuity and above all, a lot of patience.  It takes perhaps double the time in assembling each section of what the manufacturer claims it would take, but the final result is worth the effort. Leveling is critical.  It is fabricated using teak wood, a tropical wood imported to the United States.  The wood without paint nor protected by lacquer will take a light gray color as it weathers, so that its color will approximate the one of the house.  It is a highly weather-resistant wood.  The bridge at the base is not part of the original portal, it was built by the author to hide the planter drainage and now it enhances the portal.  The planter drainage is also an improvement done by the author to the original design.
In the future the horizontal beams and the trellis will be covered by a violet-flowered bougainvillea that is growing at the right-hand side and the frontal arch will have caught on a climbing plant of white little flowers that is growing in the front planters.  It has solar-energy lamps hanging on the front arch posts and in the planters.
I have called it "Portal Saint Germain" in honor of the President of this Planet.  This dedication is engraved on a brass plate placed over the front arch.  From this walkway it is seen an spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay Area, California.


A path with border and decorative gravel with seven steps to arrive to a mystical symbol.
It will remind you of the seven steps of initiation in the Path to Illumination.  Notice the order and care of this path in contrast to its surroundings that represent the chaotic, dark and material world of the sleeping humanity.
Not all the steps can be seen from this view.)


Focal Point:  A grotto to Virgin Mary.
Side trees, not shown, will form later a canopy or cove over the statues.
For the representation of the energy of the Goddess follow the arcane symbology of Daleth, Key 3 of Tarot.  Notice here that the base of the Virgin is designed with a mandala with the white star of seven points engraved as a symbol of the Divinity.  The green is related to Venus and the light blue is the color associated with the Virgin Mary.  The accompanying angel to her left represents your guardian angel.  Establish a personal relationship with him, do not ignore him.


A mandala.
The white color of the star is symbolic of purity.  The seven-pointed star is symbol of Divinity, since it cannot be built by the human hand without error.  The green is the color of the Goddess and the light blue, of Mother Mary.

Mandala Mother Mary


Focal point A bird bath.


Focal point A bridge.
It represents the initial step (turning point) to awakening of consciousness, before starting the Spiritual Path to Greater Light, which is represented by the path of seven steps.  Here are left behind the world with its mental chaos and you are initiated in the Lesser Mysteries.


Focal point An elemental.
The portal, since its creation and with the addition of plants, received an assigned deva to take care of it. Here it is remembered his untiring work by the representation of two devas, which in an instant are absorbed in the reading of the Book of Natura.


Focal point A gate.


Focal point Typical ornament with plant Euphorbia.
There are several ornament of animals in this deck.


Ornamental gravel.


Resting chair with an interesting view for conversation or meditation.

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