A Call to Prayer


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A Call to Prayer

Patrick Henry Bellringer
[email protected]
April 25, 2004,

Published in this website on April 26, 2004.  Taken from: http://www.fourwinds10.com/phb/PHB-04-25-04-a-call-to-prayer.html .

Our planet is a very special planet in the Cosmos, and the people who live on her are a very special people.  Looking at all the war and destruction on our planet today, one would think that this is not so.  Let me explain.

We call our planet “Earth”.  The term “earth” is a generic term, but we use it because we have been led to believe that we are the only “Earth” and the only humans living in the entire universe.  That is so wrong!  The Cosmic name for our earth is Shan, so we are known as Earth Shan, the “planet of tears”.  We have earned that name because of the war and destruction we have allowed on our planet over eons of time.

Our Earth Shan is special because within our planet lies the “seed” energy from which all other planets that exist in the Milky Way Galaxy were born.  Can you believe that?  There are more than 178 billion life-supporting planets in our galaxy, and each one of them was created from the “seed” energy within our planet.  Each planet was created as a sentient (living, perceptive) being.

Our Earth Shan which we often call our Mother Gaia, is a very giving planet.  She was created, as a water planet, with great abundance in natural resources and living things.  Because of this abundance our planet was placed at a “crossroads” of the galaxy, and became known as a “supply” planet for other planets.  For eons of time star travelers have visited Earth Shan to get things they needed for their survival and the well-being of their home planets.  Earth Shan, our Mother Gaia,  has always given star travelers and earth dwellers everything they needed and requested of her.

Our planet is special in a third way.  Because Earth Shan was the “seed planet” for our galaxy, she agreed to be the planet through which all karma of the Milky Way Galaxy would leave the galaxy.  This would be a difficult task, but it would be accomplished by the “special” people who lived on Earth Shan.  So our planet became the “karma dumping ground” for our galaxy, and we became the people to move this karma on to Creator God for disposal.  You ask, “How is that possible?  Are we that special?”

Yes, we are that special!  Each one of us has the power of Creator God within us to transmit all karma dumped on us or created by us, and send it to the Light.  Each one of us has the prayer power within to defeat all the Darkness around us.  Each one of us is a returned Master!  Can you believe that?  Every child, every adult, every person living in squalor and despair, every soldier, every government official, every worker, every old and dying person, everyone living on Earth Shan today is a very special person.  Whether we know it or not, each one of us is a returned Master.

Each one of us has spiritual powers that are phenomenal!  Each one of us has the power within to change the course of history on Earth Shan, if we but use it.  It is quite obvious that we have failed in our task of removing much of the karma that has been “dumped” on us from our galaxy. We have allowed evil to prevail on our planet, because we have allowed it to prevail in our personal lives.  For ages the people of Earth Shan have been spiritually asleep, and the Darkside has prevailed.

Gradually, a few of our people have awakened to Truth and to their spiritual power, and have become Lightworkers.  They remembered the promise of the ages, that if they called for help from the Realms of Light to defeat the darkness, they would have it instantly.  Divine help has arrived and the Darkside is being conquered.  The people of Earth Shan are now waking from their spiritual sleep.  They are tired of war and are asking for peace.  They are tired of disease and are asking for healing.  They are tired of despair and are asking for happiness.  Many are awaking to their true potential as returned Masters.  Using their creative power of their God Spirit within, they are defeating the darkness around them, and changing the very course of history in our time.

Will you choose to join them?  Do you want peace in our time?  Do you want a better world?  As a returned Master, are you willing to help?  You have such great potential of which you are not aware.  You are a very special person living on a very special planet, which is destined for a magnificent future of peace and happiness. Do you want to be a part of it?  It is now your choice to make!  In the choosing you are deciding your future.  By choosing peace and happiness and supporting your decision with your prayer power, you help to make it happen.  By so doing you become a part of our coming Age of Peace.

By choosing to do nothing or to believe that you have no power, that you are not a returned Master and have no contract with Creator God to help bring peace, you choose fear.  In so doing you choose to remain in darkness and a world of karma.  In so doing you choose to leave Earth Shan and not to be a part of our coming Age of Peace.  Cosmic Law dictates that your choices will bring to you whatever it is that you deserve.

I beg of you, people of Earth Shan, to listen today to what I have to say.  Many of you have never prayed in your entire life, and feel that the realm of the Spirit is totally foreign to you.  You do not know how to pray or what to say.  You believe that you could never make any difference.  That is because you do not understand the power you have within.

Prayer power is our strongest weapon, and the only weapon that is invincible against the Darkside.  They shutter when we use it, for they have no defense against the Light.  Prayer is the only thing that shall save our planet.  This is an emergency, and I call upon all prayer warriors to come to the aid of our planet, Earth Shan!

I call upon all Lightworkers to come together today in the power of prayer!  We were born with wonderful gifts and have the power to change things for good.  We need to wake up, take our power back from the Darkside and take charge of our planet, now!  We can do it.  Everyone has a responsibility to help.  If we want a better world, all we need to do is to talk to Creator God, and ask for it.  We have the right to a peaceful world!  Let us make it so!

You who sit on the fence, how long will it be until you decide that you have had enough?  Things will not get better until we decide to make them better.  Creator God and the Forces of Light will do their part to make things better, but they will not do it all.  We must help.  So, get off the fence and try praying.  The simple prayer from even a single child can change the whole world.  God hears our prayers.  We have to understand how important our prayer power really is.  If we are doing the best that we can to have peace on earth, it shall be done.  Prayer is spiritual.  If you do not believe it works, it won’t work.  If you believe that prayer works, it will.  It is that simple.

You, who have lost your children, your husbands, your wives in war, weep over your loss.  Know that you are not alone.  Our prayers are with you, and we come to you with Love and compassion.  The Angels of Light are with you, and Creator God, who weeps over your loss is with you.  Millions are praying for you and for peace, now.  Know that war is obsolete and shall no longer be allowed.  Peace is the order of the day.  Pray for peace with forgiveness in your heart, and you shall have both.  Those, who make fun because they choose not to believe in the power of prayer, are writing their ticket out of here!  Those who do not want to be kind and loving and peaceful are not wanted and are not needed on Earth Shan any longer.

Everyone of us has the same spiritual potential given to us by Creator God at birth.  If we use our prayer power, we can change our world.  We can have peace in our time.  All it takes is a simple, sincere prayer, a request to Creator God from our heart.  Will you do that?  Will you ask Creator God for a better world, for a peaceful world, now?   Will you pray every morning or every evening or both to make this happen?   We can have a peaceful world, if enough of us truly want it!  Pray your own prayer, or if you wish, use the words of my prayer I offer here.

Dear Creator God, through my God Spirit within I ask you now for an end to all war on Earth Shan forever.  I plead with you for an end to all the violence, the killing and destruction.  I desire no more injury and suffering, no more disease and no more death.

My planet and her people have endured the Forces of Darkness long enough.  Through the power of my God Spirit within I now order all the dark forces to immediately leave Earth Shan forever.

I ask that all the Angelic Forces waiting to be our prayer warriors, come now and help us to bring peace to our planet, and I ask that all the help that Heaven allows be sent to our aid.  May all the sincere souls on Earth Shan be caused to connect their heart energy and their prayer power together in this common prayer for peace.

I desire to live on a peaceful planet.  I request Creator God that You would grant us peace, now!  I make this request through my Mighty I AM Presence, and I promise to do all in my power to assist to create this peaceful world.  So be it.  It is done.

We are special people with great spiritual power, living on a very special planet.  If we so choose, we can have peace, now!  Pray, believing and our prayers to Creator God shall be answered.  We shall have peace, now!

— The Bellringer Writings and NESARA information is at —http://www.fourwinds10.com
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