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Free Energy


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Free Energy

ReadInterview to Dr. Steeven Greer.

() There is really only ONE FORCE preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behavior of the human animals.
    In the last analysis, free energy technology is an outward manifestation of Divine Abundance. It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner toward each other. Where all members of the society have everything they need, and do not covet what their neighbor has. Where war and physical violence have become socially unacceptable behaviors, and people’s differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed.
    The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age. It is an epochal event in human history. Nobody can "take credit" for it. Nobody can "get rich" on it. Nobody can "rule the world" with it. It is, simply, a Gift from God. It forces us all to take responsibility for our own actions and for our own self-disciplined self-restraint when needed.
    The world as it is currently ordered cannot have free energy technology without being totally transformed by it into something else. This "civilization" has reached the pinnacle of its development, because it has birthed the seeds of its own transformation.
    Unspiritualized human animals cannot be trusted with free energy. They will only do what they have always done, which is to take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process.
    (…) Nevertheless, free energy technology is here. It is real, and it will change everything about the way we live, work, and relate to each other. In the last analysis, free energy technology makes obsolete both greed and the fear for survival.
    But like all exercises of spiritual faith, we must first manifest the generosity and trust in our own lives.
    The Source of Free Energy is inside of us. It is that excitement of expressing ourselves freely. It is our spiritually guided intuition expressing itself without distraction, intimidation, or manipulation. It is our open-heartedness.
    Ideally, the free energy technologies underpin a just society where everyone has enough food, clothing, shelter, self-worth, and the leisure time to contemplate the higher Spiritual meanings of Life.
    Do we not owe it to each other to face our fears and take action to create this future for our children’s children?
    Perhaps I am not the only one waiting for me to act on a greater Truth. (…)

—Dr. Peter Lindemann on Free Energy, read the whole article"The World of Free Energy", find it on the navigation bar.

“…In a few instances I can say that they [the flying saucers] are clearly overunity electromagnetical devices, things that produce more electrical energy out than in… ” —Dr. Eugene Mallove, Director of New Energy Research Labs, Aeronautical Engineer.

"We are whirling through endless space, with an inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere there is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly. Then, with the light obtained from the medium, with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the store forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides. The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expands our minds, strengthens our hopes and fills our hearts with supreme delight."  —Nikola Tesla, 1891


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