New Energy Disclosure Initiative

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New Energy Disclosure Initiative

The Disclosure Project
Under the Leadership of Dr. Steven Greer, MD


The Disclosure Project ( ) has announced that it will be pursuing a disclosure on the existence of new and alternate energy systems that have been deliberately and illegally suppressed.

Published for the first time in this website on January 3, 2004.© CSETI is an international and non-profit scientific research and education organization dedicated to the understanding of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) and Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

CSETI is especially interested in the ETI-Human relationship and in the peaceful furtherance of this relationship. A thorough review of existing data and documents concerning "UFO’s" indicates that the Earth has been visited by ETI and Extraterrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) for decades, if not centuries, and that this contact has intensified since 1947.

The existence and authentication of top secret documents confirming the retrieval of crashed ETs and their occupants, the numerous photographs and films showing ETS, the reports of thousands of credible civilian and military observers, and the presence of associated landing all provide compelling evidence for the ongoing contact between ETI and Humans.

In addition  to the investigation and analysis of credible ETI/ETS reports, CSETI is committed to the thoughtful long-term devel­opment of bilateral ETI-Human communication and exchange, and open public education on the subject. We regard this endeavor as the most important scientific, and educational project of the next thousand years and invite you to join us. CSETI is supported through the voluntary efforts and contributions of its friends around the world, and we welcome your involvement now!

 The Disclosure Project, in cooperation with Space Energy Access Systems Inc., has discovered that over the past 75 years a number of important breakthroughs in energy efficiency, alternate forms of energy generation and propulsion have been deliberately withheld from the public to prop up the oil, gas, coal, public utility and nuclear power industries.

These significant technological breakthroughs that have been suppressed range from modifications of the internal combustion engine to get significantly higher miles per gallon to new electromagnetic generating systems that extract energy from the so-called Quantum Vacuum.

Current intelligence gathered by The Disclosure Project and SEAS indicates that a shadowy operation connected to covert government and intelligence programs but run primarily by US and foreign corporate interests have resulted in this suppression. Actions taken to effect secrecy and to neutralize the public availability of these technologieswhich by now could have completely replaced the need for fossil fuelsinclude:

* Threats, intimidation and on occasion the murder of scientists and inventors originating these energy breakthroughs;

* Corporate acquisition of technologies with subsequent ‘black shelving’ —that is the deliberate suppression of the technology by owning the rights and then refusing to release the technology to the public;

* The illegal application of Section 181 and related sections of the Patent Law to force inventors to keep the technology secret or face substantial fines and jail time;

* The bogus and illegal use of other so-called national security provisions to intimidate inventors and suppress technologies;

* Sabotage of inventor labs, prototypes and facilities in order to cause the loss of the technology or to intimidate inventors and colleagues.

 It is clear that human society will continue to be harmed by the deliberate and illegal withholding of such technologies and that a thoroughly documented and sourced Disclosure of the matter is urgently needed. The widening gap between poor and rich nations, the worsening situation in the Middle East and elsewhere, the relentless decay in the environment, global warming, intractable world poverty and many other pressing problems facing humanity are directly related to the suppression of these energy breakthroughs.

 We call on all concerned citizens to assist us in identifying and securing the cooperation of the following:

* Scientists and Inventors of high credentialed credibility who have been the target or victim of such suppression;
* Corporate Whistleblowers who have observed or been part of the acquisition or suppression of such technologies;
* Government, military and intelligence whistleblowers who have witnessed or been part of such actions. These include current or past whistleblower witnesses from the Patent Office, Department of Defense, CIA, NASA, NRO, NSA, Executive Branch/White House, Congress or any other branch of the military and government;
* Non-US whistleblowers associated with foreign governments, particularly western Europe,
Great Britain, Russia/former USSR, and Japan;
* Foreign corporate or institutional whistleblowers;
* Whistleblowers associated with government labs or para-governmental institutes, universities and research centers.

 Any person who has or can acquire documentation, whether government or private/corporate of such suppression and acquisition of technologies and who can establish the authenticity of said documents.

 The Disclosure Project will coordinate an international release of such whistleblower testimony and documents once there is sufficient credible named sources and evidence to establish beyond any doubt the reality of the existence and suppression of such technological developments.

 Please help us identify such witnesses and evidence. It is time the world knew the truth about energy, oil and why humanity continues to be held down by our artificial addiction to oil and fossil fuels. The time for change is now.

Travel to Mars and Moon with Secret Technology
By James Gilliland
[ECETI News]
January 18, 2007

Taken from:, www.coasttocoastam.ocm

On Coast to Coast last night both Richard Hoagland and John Lear spoke about bases on the moon. It is clear NASA has been not telling us the truth for quite some time. The black projects have had technology to go back and forth not just from the Moon but from Mars since the 70’s. It has advanced beyond our solar system and into other systems as well.

This technology is fueless, unlimited, and would solve all of our transportation and energy needs cleanly and efficiently. The Global Warming and the greenhouse effect could be reduced rapidly, the enslavement through dependency and strangle hold on our evolution would end if those withholding this technology would release it.

The reason for not releasing it by the elite is it would create economic chaos and a great loss of jobs. The fact of the matter is it would create freedom and new jobs allowing the masses to have the time to contemplate who they are and why they are here. Time to contemplate and create a quantum leap in evolution and more freedom away from the daily grind to survive.

Keeping everyone enslaved through dependency and in survival is the key to control. To control people is to control the mind through the media and install many false programs like NASA and SETI as the authorities to keep the knowledge from the masses. In the days to come the authorities will be revealed not as conduits of knowledge but the suppressors of knowledge.
 James Gilliland,
, .


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