New Device for Telepathic Communication

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New Device for Telepathic Communication

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Nancy Tate.  Taken from the Wake Up Call, .

Published initially in this website on January 30, 2005.

January 17, 2005

My Dear Ones, I AM coming to you this morning through this one as I stand on the ship in the heavens. I have made a hasty return to the ship, for there is a matter that must be attended to. That is that there is a birth of sorts taking place here, and that birth will arise the new advent of communication between our people and yours.

I AM St Germain and I would like to announce the advent of a new intercommunication device that will open avenues of telepathy that will enable more people on earth to tune in to our frequencies. This device is attuned to the interactionary forces of frequency in which the majority of people on earth reside at the present time. In this intercommunication there is a fine-tuning that is accomplished in the communication and transmission of the thoughts that we have. We hold this device in a state of readiness at all times, and in so doing you on earth are able to tune in at any time and find the thoughts and words of our intent, and of yours.

When you have questions and wishes and you transmit them in our direction, the device intercepts them and in turn sends out the completeness of the total communication. I will explain; when someone issues a thought, a question, there is already the answer, for the idea is a complete sum of all parts. It is an idea that is incomplete to the one who sends forth the question. When this device picks up the question, it then completes the idea and transmits it out to the source of the question [that is] part of the idea. It is a unit that completes the oneness of the idea.

This is a technological device that we have installed in our ship for the purpose of bringing a new degree of communication to you. We have no need to utilize this device between ourselves, and indeed there will come a time very soon when you will not need it as well. Through the use of this device, you will be opening up cellular memory of when you were able to communicate telepathically as we do. At that time you will find this device obsolete, and we will render it back to the energy from which it came for rejuvenation from its potential into another creation.

I announce this now for there are more and more of you who are awakening to who you are and what your potential is. Many of you are admiring those who already communicate telepathically and those who channel. This is a direct representation of what it is that you know is your inherent ability on a soul level. This will enable you to find the knowledge, through the increase in your abilities, to awaken even more. It is like teaching a child to talk after he has been reborn in a new incarnation. His and his parent’s joy is evident, and it is representative that they know in their soul that they are a being of Light and that they are back together in another round of experience to further their growth toward this evolutionary process.

Once again, my dear ones, I invite you to utilize this new device. All you need do is to go forth with your intent to communicate with us, and trust that you are able. As soon as this device senses that you have opened a door that activates your own ability to communicate telepathically, then it will shift its line of communication from you and allow your own abilities to take over. It is a natural progression that will take place, as is in all the family of God and man.

I welcome you all to this new day, and to the wonderful arena of communication. You are in a position now to progress at a rate that will accelerate your awakening ten-fold. When you open your eyes and see us standing before you, it will be a wondrous and joyful homecoming for us all.

Thank you, Dear Master St Germain,
Love, Nancy Tate

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