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Contact Us/Contáctenos
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16 thoughts on “Contact Us/Contáctenos

    1. BVW used to be a cluttered website because of the lack of time on my part. I had to give as much content as was possible without spending my effort and available time in creating a pretty presentation and face for the information, but since 2008 I dedicated myself to improve the design and to create graphics that reflected the purpose and philosophy of the website, mimicking the commercial advertisement of cel phones and laptops, etc., an effort that is on going.

      Since about 6 months ago, we migrated BVW from html to php in WordPress, converting the website from static webpages, where the readers could not publish comments, into dynamic webpages as in a blog. This proved to be a success because now anybody can post opinions about the articles and contribute thus with something to enlighten others. More and more comments are published daily.

      BVW should be an effort of BVC and its readers, not just of the webmaster.

  1. Hello, Luis:

    I’ve recently have read about Lacerta speaking the truth about humanity and its history. Would you happen to have recordings of her on tape or would that be private that Lacerta wouldn’t want it let out. And one question, if I may, If we’re all indeed genetically engineered by the aliens and technically like robots working for being controlled for them, how come we have souls? Isn’t our souls more powerful than our own matter of body that it can withstand any negative impacts on it?

    Sorry for my grammar, Sir.

    1. I don´t have recordings of the interview.

      The body is the manifestation of the soul in the physical plane. If the body has been genetically manipulated by scrambling the 10 upper strings of DNA, then it becomes a tool that is not properly fit for the job intended. The soul can be manipulated by mind control through the media. The moment a human being incorporates in his mind and emotions as a fact a lie like the official version of 9/11, then the person falls prey of the lies and deception of the Holographic Prison and limits his ability to continue the spiritual evolution. The Matrix has many tentacles that script your life. We live in an illusion carefully constructed to keep us under the control of forces that do not follow Divine Plan, therefore are fallen and dark. QUESTION AUTHORITY!

  2. I see. I hope our future will be bright for all of us to live spiritually and share compassion, truly, as well. I’m glad what you do, Luis, waking thousands of people up sure makes a lot of difference.

  3. Hello, Luis,

    Recently I have found something on the Internet about this interview between two men. They state that the interview about Lacerta was actually through mediumship, and not a personal interview, rather it was more of a challenge. I’m not sure of this whole interview would be absolutely true, but I would like to know your thoughts on it, dear sir. This is the website:

    1. The article you’re referring to is a translation to English of a Spanish transcription of a channelling of the Grupo Elron to an entity by the name Ruanel. My opinion, and that is just an opinion that does not validate anything, is that a channelling cannot be used to validate the Lacerta interview nor to disprove it or qualify it as far as which points are true and which ones are not as a result of the ego of the channel.

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  5. I see. So I suppose the Lacerta interview is the absolute truth about the world’s history and mankind. The article that is about the Lacerta interview, would any of it be true tho? All the history that the two men discuss on and that the Lacerta interview was just an experiment on fellow humans?

    1. I think the Lacerta interview is valid but it represents the appreciation of a group of reptilians that evolved on our planet. It is not the complete history of the Earth’s human race nor it is the complete history of our planet and its evolution. Read the Urantia Book. All creation of time and space is an experiment.

  6. Amado Maestro, ya no sé nada de ti, espero estés muy bien, en la página tampoco veo nuevas canalizaciones ni comentarios de los cambios venideros. Saludos, Francisco.

    1. Sigo muy activo sin parar. Ahora hay un frente más, el muro de Facebook llamado Brother Veritus’ Website. Lea el foro de BVW.

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