Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws



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Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws

As Applied to the Aquarian Age or Heaven on Earth
And for the Liberation of Planet Earth


 By Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website


Published in this website on July 24, 2005.


I. Dedication


I present this discourse to the Glory of Creator God Aton Who Resides in the Isle of Paradise in the Central Universe of Havona, Who Laid Down These Principles to Fulfill the Evolutionary Plan, Which is Good.  May All Glory Be With Thee Forever and Ever, O Celestial Father!  So Mote It Be!



II. Introduction


This article is based on the hermetic principles covered in:

  • “The Kybalion” —the first seven principles

  • “The Physics of Love” by Dale Pond —the next three laws

  • Nuclear physics —the penultimate law, and,

  • Enochian Magick —the last and all-encompassing law.


The explanations of these principles and laws are mainly based on the author’s comprehension of them and from his personal perspective and studies and not necessarily from the referenced material.  I want to emphasized that I am not regurgitating for the reader what is in the cited books, I esteem higher his intelligence, this is an update of the information and an application of it to the need of enlightening the mass consciousness to pave the way to the Aquarian Age.


Some of these principles are the underlying spiritual laws in the teachings found in New Age literature and I considered they should be precisely studied to understand the underlying principles behind some channeled information.


There are endless so called laws and rules created by man in government and in human associations and interactions for good social behavior, none of which are covered here.  Instead we are presenting here only laws that are at the base of Creation and Nature.  Along the laws of Nature there are many other laws studied in esoteric teachings and in physics and chemistry, here were only selected well known fundamental laws of public domain and of a more general appeal.


The manifestation of these laws is discussed as they apply to physical matter and spiritual energy both locally and galactically and for the individual and cosmic evolution, and also we may add, these laws are studied in a holistic manner.  This is the approach science should take during the Aquarian Age, to analyze natural laws from their spiritual principle behind them and to see their correspondence to the cosmic plan.  During the Piscean Age the Dark Forces created a schism between science and religion or spirituality; this must and will be healed.


As you will see along this discourse there has been on planet Earth a constant interplay of opposite forces, Light versus Darkness, both using these cosmic principles and laws to achieve their purposes.


A clear understating and application of these principles will take you out of the contrived holographic prison, “The Matrix”, which is the planned scheme of the Illuminati Dark Forces and their Overlords.  You will see here why, if you keep reading.


The Dark Forces have experts that know spiritual hermetic laws since they penetrate good mystic and esoteric organizations such as the Masons and Rosicrucians, to study those laws and to make use of this occult science for their selfish purposes —to create “The Matrix”— although they make you believe they are atheist and materialistic in thinking and that all that esoteric “garbage” of the New Agers is but hocus-pocus, but among their peers they know better.  They gather intelligence of the plans and moves of the Forces of Light from channeled material and take certain channels very seriously.  Three fine examples of good channels that expose the Dark Forces and their plans of world domination are Candace Frieze, Sheldan Nidle and Mike Quinsey, among many others.  Their writings are extensively published in this website.


But before we start let’s talk about the most fundamental law of all, The Law of One.  The Law of One or The Law of Love is expressed or manifested in universal principles, twelve of which are studied here.  The Law of One, an all-encompassing Law, states:


“Everything That Is in the Universe is included in It.”


In other words, nothing can exist outside God, intending as God the Absolute or the Absolute Reality.  So the Material, Mental and Spiritual infinite planes are all within the energy of God as an Absolute Principle and so this is also true of the fallen Dark Forces, which originally were created for good, but went wrong by wrong choices.  The Master Universe, as described in the Book Urantia, and even beyond, is all within the Law of One.  The Law of One, or All That Is, can be used as another name for God or Aton, although more descriptively.


III. The Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws


The Twelve Principles and Laws of this discourse are as follows:

1.  The Principle of Mentalism
2.  The Principle of Correspondence
3.  The Principle of Vibration
4.  The Principle of Polarity
5.  The Principle of Rhythm
6.  The Principle of Cause and Effect
7.  The Principle of Gender
8.  The Law of Assimilation
9.  The Law of Individualization
10. The Law of Dominance
11. The Fundamental Forces and Tachyons
12. The Law of Identity


1.  The Principle of Mentalism


“The ALL is MIND, the Universe is Mental.” —The Kybalion


Isaac Newton (1643-1727)
Part of a portrait by Kneller in 1702.  The original is in the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Extraterrestrial spaceships defy the laws of gravity and inertia as they sweep across the sky, turn bright, split in several incandescent balls and reunite again and then disappear in the night sky.  Now, how could Isaac Newton have explained that?
Answer:  Well, I don’t know!


Matter and the manifested reality in general in multiple dimensions and worlds of expression, peoples and places of the Creator, are formed of spirit which is a mental energy, created from ideas from within the Creator’s mind.  The ALL, the material and immaterial reality and the Principle of Life, is all a Mental Construct.  All has spirit and mind, the Newtonian Laws have many inaccuracies since they do not consider consciousness.  Extraterrestrial spaceships defy the laws of gravity and inertia as they sweep across the sky, turn bright, split in several incandescent balls and reunite again and then disappear in the night sky.  Now, how could Isaac Newton have explained that?


Because all is within the mind of God, every phenomenon can be changed and replaced and each reality can be changed and transformed.  All is impermanent and thus the rules can be “bent” to create different ones and other realities.  This is a very powerful principle if well understood since it holds the key to the manifestation of new realities and the transformation of the existing ones into new ones with the power of the mental visualization, which is in itself a subprinciple of the Principle of Mentalism.  At a personal level you can change yourself for a better person if you apply this principle to yourself; man is as he thinks.


The power of creation with the mind, if used and made part of the collective unconscious, is able to transform the world.  Nothing and nobody can stand between the people and its creation, no wall so strong and so tall can.


The psychic phenomena and the so called magic or healing using the mind work since reality is really an idea that has been manifested with mental energy and as such, if having enough mental force, this mental energy can be metamorphed into something else.  From here we can understand why replicators in extraterrestrial spaceships work, why matter can be moved and transformed with a powerful mind or technology and why shape-shifting can be done.  At least for us now we can get the basic conceptual principle or the idea or the feasibility of it.


Similarly as positive energy can create positive things, negative energy, born out of fear and hate, can create a negative reality, one in which you can be controlled.  That is why the controlled mass media broadcast stories of fear, intimidation, terrorism, war and crime, and barely mention positive ones, so that the lower vibrations of hate and fear can create the reality of control and dominance of the Elite over the masses.  The more fear the masses have, the more Draconian laws can be passed and enforced, and the more liberties can be suppressed.


As you focus your visualization and prayers for a better world —your vision of the future— you attract the Hosts of Heaven of the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Hosts to come down and give humanity the help she needs to bring about a peaceful and benign society, to bring free-energy technology to clean up Mother Earth and advance society, and to get rid of the Illuminati that have held her back against their divine evolutionary plan.


The Dark Forces, or the Big Bad Boys and Girls who have ruled planet Earth for thousands of years, know of this principle of visualization and manifestation of new realities and the power of the mind to create those, so they intentionally have suppressed spiritual skills, the power of creativity and the believe in higher realities beyond the five-sense reality.


As long as We the People be immersed in a lower-vibration reality we are materialistic and consumption-prone, uncreative and behaving as a herd of sheep under the rulership of Dark Lords and powerless we are and go in a reality of lies created by the Dark Forces, and not one of our own choosing.  Next is slavery and New World Order, a fascist police state that controls the planet.  Lack of teachings based on creative thinking is obviously noticed in the established academia whose academic curricula are under the close watch and scrutiny of the Dark Controllers.


It’s time to take Newton down of his pedestal and with him the arrogant and materialistic members of the academia and scientific community who still deny that all is imbued with consciousness, that science should be holistic and should take into account the all-pervading spirit and that life is sacred.  Their time is running out!  The time has arrived for all of us to go back to ancient wisdom and away from the Anunnaki limiting belief system.


2.  The Principle of Correspondence


“As Above, so Below; As Below, so Above.” —The Kybalion


This principle affirms that there is a correspondence between all planes of existence.  In other words, the knowledge of one known plane can give us clues into the corresponding characteristics of another higher plane unknown to us but of which we only have intuitive knowledge and descriptive knowledge through revelatory sources.  Everything that is outward is also inward.


Let’s give you an example.  We have seen that there are hierarchical powers in many organizations in our world; this means power may operate similarly in a hierarchical manner too in a higher level of which we at present time cannot catch a glimpse of.  Another example is the fact that our trends and motives, our aspirations and ideals, must have a correspondence or a correlated quality in higher planes.


So we can state with property, based on this principle, that the higher Forces of Light have Love in their sacred hearts and love unity just as we have the ideal of oneness among people and love for each other.  We love justice and fairness and we have that potential of creating them in our reality, so above us must exist justice and fairness even to a grander scale.  Should our scale be the scale of a higher plane we were not in our present plane but were already part of that higher plane.  In fact, we move, slowly but continuously and always up, qualifying individually and collectively for a higher existence.


When we reach a higher dimension we start operating within the parameters and laws of that dimension and the next higher dimension then becomes our higher plane, to which we can apply again the Law of Correspondence.  Within the Aquarian Age we will Ascend to the fifth dimensional plane.


We can ingeniously even describe the basic characteristics of higher planes by projecting our ideals of society to those planes.  All planes are connected and related by this principle although in different octaves.  Similarly, people of a higher plane, such as of a seventh dimension reality for instance, can describe the life in a ninth dimension reality they are not qualified to live in yet by making an analogy of the corresponding attributes of that plane with respect to their equivalent ones of their 7D plane.  Then this knowledge, plus the knowledge of their own reality, is passed down to the 5D plane and later this will go down to the 3D plane as revelatory and channeled information not verifiable and only accepted as truth recognition —the inner intuition— or that ability that tells us if the information “rings truth” in it to us.  Something in the translation of the pass-down of teachings is lost since the qualities of the lower planes are unable to completely comprehend and express in mental imaging or oral form what lies ahead in the higher planes for lack of experience on these planes.


When in our evolutionary process we finally fully reach a next higher plane, that plane is not the same plane as the one that we had above us when we were in the lower plane, it has evolved since everything is moving and nothing is static.  This is also a conclusion based on the Principle of Correspondence, we see our world constantly changing, so above must constantly change.


There is a center place in the Grand Universe, what is the reference point, and it is supposed to not change, which is the Isle of Paradise.  However, applying this principle the Isle of Paradise should change too, although on a much lower rate with respect to, and imperceptible to, the change of the Superuniverses around it, and it may even have another bigger “static” Isle of Paradise of the Master Universe we do not know exists yet but we intuit it does following again this Principle of Correspondence and knowing that creation is infinite.  This final conclusion is better explained in the next principle.


Within the headquarters of the Illuminati there is a hierarchical pyramid of power which is a corresponding reflection of the pyramidal structure of power of their unseen or veiled Overlords of the fourth dimension, this again is obvious and can be concluded based on this Principle of Correspondence.


We make a side observation here that the dismantling of the Dark Overlords power base in the fourth dimension is already done by the Galactic Federation.  These draconian forces are already arrested and are facing universal justice in Galactic Courts of their planets of origin by the time this discourse is being written.  The planetary last cabals and bloodlines, minions of the Overlords, have lost their string masters and they themselves are being arrested too.


3.  The Principle of Vibration


“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” —The Kybalion


This principle states that all in the universe vibrates and it is this rate of vibration that makes the planes of existence —or of manifestation— distinguished from one another.  For instance, the mental plane differs from the material plane of 3D reality in the rate of vibration; likewise the pure energies of the electromagnetic spectrum have rates of vibration that make each of them different from the others.  Energy, such as heat and radiation, is expressed as a rate of vibration.  The spirit vibrations of the higher dimensions above the 3D are each one unique because of the vibrational range of each of them.


Within manifested reality matter vibrates although not apparent to naked eye since the vibration is at an atomic level.  The emotional planes also vibrate.


The rate of vibration is also called frequency and is expressed in cycles per second or Hertz.


We spoke above about vibratory range and it is that any plane does not have just one frequency but a range of frequencies, as such the fourth dimensional plane —or Astral plane— comprises several levels or planes, each one with its own frequency.  The lower planes are what we call hell and the higher ones are equivalent to what we call heaven.  Souls locate in the plane to which their frequency is the most compatible to.


We can transmute our frequency to a higher frequency by abiding in higher and lofty thoughts and by working in service and expressing love to others.  This will bring or draw to us people and entities of higher vibrations of spiritual Light.  On the contrary, by harboring negative thoughts and feelings we not just attract same lower vibrations but we lower our vibratory rate.


Dark Forces are aware of this Principle and have enticed humanity into junk entertainment and superficial pop culture, mental apathy, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse and bad habits such as smoking, eating fast food and processed food loaded with chemicals, chemical medicine, controlled religion, material thinking and material ambition, etc., so that their vibratory level is kept low and they can easily be controlled.  This is a weapon of manipulation and control, and is what is called “The Matrix.”


The Principle of Vibration is closely connected with the next principle.


4.  The Principle of Polarity


“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” —The Kybalion


This principle is also called the Principle of Duality and it is also expressed in the Principle of Attraction and Repulsion.


This principle states that everything has extremes or opposites of the same thing but expressed in various degrees between the pair of opposites.  Let’s take heat and cold for instance, they are the same thing named heat and the difference between these opposites is in the amount of heat present, and there is a gradual change from one extreme to the other in a way that you cannot demarcate where heat ends and cold begins, the same can be said of physical light and darkness, black and white, noise and quiet, sharp and dull, high and low, large and small, positive and negative, love and hate, and even of male and female, at least with respect to their characteristics of personality, etc.  Let’s take the opposites love and hate as an example, there is a middle point where like and dislike describe better the feeling and even a neutral zone where there is no feeling in one direction or the other.


Because this principle of polarity is true then it implies that all truths are really half-truths, in other words, they only express something in a degree, not in absolute terms, depending on the degree of advancement of the individual and on his capacity to grasp the concept.  What was true for primitive man such as survival aggressive behavior and competition is not true in a more advanced and refined society where free will, order and consideration for each other apply and supersede any war-like and selfish behavior.


All the degrees of behavioral patterns are true in due time as humankind progresses and evolves.  That is one reason the teachings of a past age not necessarily apply to modern times.  When the Earth was quite empty of human beings it was important to populate the Earth and one man should have multiple wives, today that is no longer the case and of course that truth of the past is no longer valid today.


In the mental aspect for the perfection of character and personality this principle can be applied for self-improvement, to change from a negative habit to a positive one, both habits carry the same intensive emotional energy but defer in degrees or graduations from one habit that is self-destructive to one that is refined and constructive in behavioral pattern.  This is what is called Mental Alchemy and it is done by will power.


Take the case of drug and alcohol abuse.  They are falsely replacing a need in the person or are numbing the senses and destroying the body to prevent the emotional pain to emerge.  By searching for the cause and analyzing it, you may find that maybe it is a lack of self-esteem from an abusive behavior of family members during childhood.  Once discovered, the polarity can be moved to increase self-esteem by finding hidden talents and developing them, then the degree of manifestation of the energy moves from destructive to constructive and the individual improves his life and personality.  As the personality improves so the rate of vibration of the individual increases.


The best symbol of this Principle of Polarity is the ancient yin-yang symbol.


This principle also is manifested at the atomic level where elementary particles attract or repel each other based on the magnetic polarity given by their electric charge.  It also applies in people who associate in accordance with their compatibility based on the degree of spiritual Light present in their bodies and manifested in their auric fields as magnetic energy.  The Ascended Masters and the Dark Forces both defer in the degree of spiritual advancement and one can move his or her vibratory level towards the other either by descending or falling into a lower vibration or by ascending into a higher vibration or into the Light.


The next principle is connected with the two poles of the Principle of Polarity.


5.  The Principle of Rhythm


“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” —The Kybalion


All is impermanent.  In everything there is a flow back and forth, a swing of energy, a rise and fall, a tide as an ebb and flow, a pendulum swing.  This movement happens between the pair of opposite poles of the previous principle.


Rhythms happen naturally in Nature with the seasons, the day and night, the cycles of the moon, the grow, decay and re-grow and life and death.


Following this principle we see the rise and fall of civilizations and the periodic mood swings of individuals.  By mastering this principle through Mental Alchemy we can neutralize the effects of this principle in us and remain poised between the extremes escaping its effects.


Nothing in life always stays high or even static, for once it went up, eventually it will go down.


The Dark Forces have taken advantage of this principle by intentionally and artificially creating conditions that have precipitated rhythmic flows in politics and economy in the countries always with the intention of selfishly benefiting from the results.  Thus the Dark Forces have planned and executed wars and rises and falls of the stock market and inflations and depressions by controlling the issue of money.  The masses, unable to react to these rhythms, have been swung in one direction or another losing at the end lives and/or property and goods at the hands of the Illuminati.


But the Dark Forces cannot stop this principle on themselves and finally by the Karmic action, the next principle, which is closely tied to the Principle of Rhythm, they have precipitated their own downfall and demise in most of the Milky Way Galaxy and now on planet Earth.  Eventually Karma catches up with the irresponsible who will have to face the consequences of his wrong doing.


6.  The Principle of Cause and Effect


“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for a Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” —The Kybalion


This is the Law of Karma, for every effect there is a cause and vice versa.  It is connected directly with the law of rebirth.


There is no chance, but what looks like chance is the effect of a hidden cause and it is just another manifestation of the Law of Cause and Effect.


This law applies in the physical world as action and reaction in physics and in the mental and spiritual world as the Law of Karma which deals with unfinished issues at the energetic level.


The Ascended Masters and the students in the Way to Ascension know of this law and situate themselves above the Karmic Wheel, in a higher plane of causation, avoiding falling into the trap of drama of incorrect human relationships where the ignorant masses easily fall into, the Game of Life.  They direct the game and are causers and not effects.


Reincarnation comes to fulfill the Law of Karma and to clear its energy so the lessons can be learned and the individual won’t repeat past mistakes and move on and, by doing so, continue the spiritual Ascensional spiral.  Eventually he or she will Ascend and be free of the Karmic Wheel and if returned to Earth will only be in service to humanity.


The Dark Forces of 4D, not their incarnated minions in 3D, have always known and used this law at the psychic level to precipitate the karma of the individual to stop him from doing the spiritual work and as a tool to stop the part of the Divine Plan that this person came to fulfill.  They also have worked very hard in psychically precipitating karma at the collective level as earth disasters in large populated areas.  This karma exists, they did not create it since they cannot, but they tested the individual or the collective by sending it faster than it should otherwise be.  Of course this is done through a negotiation with the Light, it is a test that is needed.


There is a dispensation for the inhabitants of planet Earth at this Ascensional process at the graduation of planet Earth into the fifth dimension.  Any karma not completed will be erased ONLY for those individuals who will ascend; those who will not will have to continue in another planet already prepared for them where they will have the chance to continue the game of duality and pay their karmic debt.


As you may see, God’s Laws can be changed but only by Divine Decree.  Nothing can stop God’s Will, not even His own preordained laws that He originally placed there for a specific purpose.  That is why the rebellious attitude of the Dark Cabal is a folly since it is outside Divine Plan.  Darkness is always on the loser’s side.


7.  The Principle of Gender


“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” —The Kybalion


The Principle of Gender states that everything has in itself the masculine and feminine principles, this applies not just to people —man and woman are complementary halves— but also at the atomic level to charges that are of a positive, or masculine, nature, and of a negative, or feminine, nature.  These atomic charges form the positive and negative poles responsible for magnetism.  This principle at the corpuscle level manifests as attraction and repulsion.


The Gender Principle is also present in higher planes of existence or spiritual planes, although at some point in the higher dimensions the individuals tend to be more androgynous, however, still carry both principles within and can manifest either one at will, if they so desire, to put on the flesh garments of a lower dimension.


The office of gender as energy at the mental level is to create or generate ideas and as energy at the physical level is to procreate for the continuation of the human race.


The Principle of Gender manifests as sex in the physical planes of 3D, 4D and 5D.  Beyond that the individuals tend to be more androgynous in nature.  However, in the mental plane it manifests at all levels, as stated before, in the creation of ideas for the manifestation of new things, new inventions, new  art, music, etc.  Mind is dual too, conscious and active, and subconscious and passive.


This principle also applies to the Angelic Hierarchy, although angels tend to manifest a more balanced quality, or tone of gender, as an undifferentiated sex orientation.


Earth humans clearly manifest one gender principle over the other distinguishing them as male or female with the associated physical, emotional and mental qualities that are complementary to each gender and the cause of attraction between sexes.


The disregard for moral restrains in sex is one of the causes of the fall in vibrations and one that is amply used by the Dark Forces as a tool for control with the sale of pornography through the media and the promotion of licentiousness as a consciousness distracter that makes the mind overly materialistic and vain, so that man will not focus on the higher realities.




The next three laws we will discuss are the breakdown of the Law of One.


8.  The Law of Assimilation


“Every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects in successive moments.” —The Physics of Love


This is the first aspect of the Law of One.  It is related to the centropic energy inside the particles looking for unbound and true liberation, which is the liberation of matter since matter is but condensed energy.  The particles try to individualize but the attractive forces force them to assimilate.


The Law of Assimilation states that gradually, that is, “in successive moments”, an individualized particle or object assimilates itself into another object forming that object’s body.


Let’s start analyzing this law from our physical body perspective.  Our physical bodies must overcome the particles and make them part of ourselves since the particles are independent and want to continue being independent or individualized.


The particles to be assimilated for our bodies are in the food we eat, which is formed of individualized particles.  The more individualized the particle is, as is the case of animal food, the more energy it takes to be assimilated and the shorter it remains in the body before it becomes individualized again, it has the tendency of rapid decay.  That is why it starts to get rotten in the intestine even before its wastes are discarded.  The most individualized objects are in the meat of carnivorous animals.


The cells of our bodies take on the qualities of ourselves and are ensouled by Devic spirits.  The particles of our bodies are then highly individualized and they form the bodies of our cells.  Each cell possesses a high level of intelligence.  As such when we die our bodies decay rapidly since the particles that form the body are highly independent and want to continue so and now it is easier since the spirit that assimilated them is gone.


The food in plant life is the best since it requires less energy to be assimilated because of its dormant quality at the spirit level, and it stays more as part of the our bodies, the opposite is true of the animal food as meat since it is formed of highly individualized particles that are more independent since they carry the qualities of higher beings in the evolutionary ladder, the herbivorous and carnivorous animals.


To prepare our bodies for the spiritual life it is better to have more of a vegetarian diet so we spend less energy in the assimilation of food and have then more energy available for Higher Work.


This law is greater in scope than just its pure application to our physical bodies.  It also applies to the spirit world.  As we grow spiritually into higher dimensions, or as the higher dimensions work to assimilate us back into our original home, we become the individualized particles to be assimilated by higher aspect of ourselves as the group consciousness —such as Ra, as in the Ra Material, or the Mahatma energy or the Vywamus energy.


The individualized personality wants to continue experiencing in duality and to be a free will individual, but there is a pressure and pull of the Spirit to convince the lower ego to cooperate and be assimilated by the Higher Self.


This connection to our Higher Selves is what is called the soul matrix.  To break ourselves from our star family and to connect us or assimilate us into a false soul matrix is the ultimate purpose of the Luciferian Rebellion and Illuminati plan at the galactic level in direct opposition to the Divine Plan.  This nefarious agenda has the intention to form an Evil Empire at the galactic level independent of, and opposed to, God’s Plan.  So the objective of the Dark Forces is to execute a plan or agenda of galactic proportions of which the Earth’s New World Order is just but a small portion.


The spiritual assimilation within the Divine Plan is the Ascension of the soul to get ever closer to the Godhead.  On the opposite, the assimilation of the Dark Forces is similar to the Cyborg assimilation of clones and enslaved individuals with their souls disconnected from their true galactic family and true soul matrix and connected instead into “The Matrix” or a reality based on lies and enforced by Draconian Laws.


The Law of Assimilation at the spiritual level is the call to Home, the evolutionary aspect of the Ascending Sons of God.


In a much larger scale it can also be said that all matter and spirit ultimately will assimilate into the Law of One from whence they all came.  This is the centropy of the universe and the final and true liberation, the in-breath of the Creator.


The next law is exactly the opposite of the Law of Assimilation.


9.  The Law of Individualization


“Every such individualized object tends to assimilate itself to itself in successive moments.” —The Physics of Love


This is the second aspect of the Law of One.  At a galactic scale it relates to matter coming into manifestation, which is the creation of matter.  It states that gradually, “in successive moments”, an individualized particle or object assimilates itself to itself.


Matter is possible through the law of attraction that concentrates energy into smaller and smaller particles forming bundles of vibrating energy.  Energy is trapped into form as matter.


At a cosmic level the concentration of matter in centers increases their internal energy and velocity forming larger and larger planet and creating solar systems for life to manifest later on.  This is the out-breath of the Creator.


At the personal soul level the energies of the body are densified and the individual enters into the lower vibrations as a Descending Son of God.  As more and more the soul plunges into matter and lowers its vibration the veils of the higher realms become thicker and the connection to, and remembrance of, the Godhead weakens.


The law of individualization manifests entropy, however, chaos is not totally possible because of the workings of the attractive forces to keep matter together.  These forces are either physical forces for matter or spiritual forces for soul, whatever the case may be.


With respect to the particles of food in the body, which was discussed already in the previous law, the individualized particles tend to keep themselves individualized by this law but the previous law, the Law of Assimilation, works in the opposite direction to keep the particles together forming the body.  Again, these are restrictive attractive forces working to prevent chaos in our bodies.


The Dark Forces make use of this law at the individual level by keeping the person bound to matter, materialistic, selfish, individualized and separate from others not seeing the connection of all Life and that All are One.


The Dark Forces encourage within society independent groups associated by religion, race, geography, political affiliation, personal interests, etc., and the people are weakened by division and unable to see the commonality among them and that their common goals and interests are the same and that they have more things in common that things that set them apart.  As such they can be controlled and manipulated easier by the members of the Elite that count as a very small minority.  A very small minority can control billions of peoples by applying this very simple idea as a clever artifice, the Law of Individualization.


10.  The Law of the Dominant


“Every such individualized object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls the above two tendencies.” —The Physics of Love


This is the third aspect of the Law of One.  It states that there is always a higher force that controls the two tendencies of assimilation (liberation) and individualization (coagulation or densification).


In the physical world at the atomic level the Law of the Dominant is expressed as the fundamental atomic forces that will be described in the next law.


In primitive societies, social groups and countries in general, there are dominant external and internal forces that lead and rule these groups.  The external dominant forces dictate and enforce laws to govern the human relationships and keep the groups together following laws of social order.  The internal dominant force is the Manu of the group or country, who is the spiritual force of the group.


At the individual level the internal dominant force is the spirit or soul that oversees the evolution of the soul personality and is the experiencer and the decision maker that decides the direction to follow and imbues matter with life and purpose.


At the planetary spiritual level we have the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, before was Sanat Kumara, and the Great White Brotherhood overseeing the planet as an internal dominant force.  At the cosmic level is the spirit of a Creator Son —or God Aton in the higher aspect— who oversees the evolution of a local system, constellation, minor sector, major sector, local universe, Superuniverse, etc., and ultimately the Central Universe of Havona.


The goal of the Dark Forces has been to take over the external and internal dominant forces of the countries and individuals for world domination.  They infiltrate organizations and create a secret-government network and pyramid of power within the government to exert a powerful influence over law-making and over government branches, agencies and politicians, so they can become the external dominant force of all individuals outside the Elite.


They influence individuals through psychology, brainwashing techniques and subliminal suggestions, mockery, intimidation, character assassination, denial, and, in some cases, psychic attacks, implants and microwave radiation and others, and use the controlled media to accomplish mind control and conditioning methods, with the end result that the lower ego and the reasoning mind become the individual’s internal dominant force, the role that, by divine decree, corresponds to the Higher Self.


Since the lower ego is limited in foresight, being tied only to the five-sense reality, and the reasoning mind can only work from material gathered from the physical world through the five senses, then the individual hushes the still small voice of the Higher Self which he cannot see or touch and regards it as a fantasy and thus becomes entrapped in the material world.


That inner voice is the direct connection to Creator God that is a direct line without the need of self-appointed Christian ministers and Catholic priests as mediators.  But the Dark Forces have cleverly unplugged it.  With the use of the Internet and spiritual websites like Brother Veritus’ Website ( we are teaching people to reconnect it.  These are just two examples; there are thousands of spiritual websites.


Thus, disconnected from his I AM Presence, the individual becomes easy prey of manipulation since the now dominant force, the lower ego, is easily lured by the set of false values of a materialistic society, such as “money is power and a status symbol” and by all the false idols that are presented to him in the daily news as heroes to be admired and as role models of success, such as the corporate CEOs and business millionaires, the Hollywood and media tycoons, the movie stars, etc., which, for the most part, are ambitious and self-serving.  The masses are also enticed to follow the “norm” that is dictated by the Illuminati Elite.


11.  The Fundamental Forces and Tachyons


“The Fundamental Forces consist of the Strong Force, the Electromagnetic Force, the Weak Force and Gravity.” —Nuclear Physics


The strong, electromagnetic, gravitational and weak forces are the dominant physical forces that govern the interaction of subatomic particles in the nucleus of an atom.  The description and details of these forces are beyond the scope of this article.


There are subatomic particles that are not bound to a nucleus and instead travel from higher dimensions in the cosmic rays at speeds higher than the speed of light.  These particles are called tachyons.  The electromagnetic and weak forces cannot stop tachyons, except the strong force.  Gluons in the atomic nucleus can stop tachyons.  Gluons are subatomic particles that glue quarks together in atomic nuclei.  The gluons trap matter at the subatomic level keeping matter densified in 3D.


There are tachyonization chambers on the planet that are able to change the quantum fields from which matter emerges and thus affecting the properties of gluons.  This tachyonization process is commercially done on products designed to be worn by people so they can get the benefits of the tachyon field.


As gluons are changed they attract tachyons.  Then tachyons tend to accumulate in the nucleus and radiate their field.  The tachyon field harmonizes other electromagnetic fields surrounding the person and also harmonizes the auric field of the individual and thus making spiritual Ascension easier since matter becomes more fluid, infused with spiritual Light.  However, the chemical composition of matter is not changed; the change is only done at the atomic level.


Tachyons are the components of the Spiritual Light as photons are the components of the physical light.


The Dark Forces had put planet Earth under quarantine by means of force fields surrounding the planet reducing the entrance of cosmic rays that carry tachyons.  This was done to prevent the change in vibrations that the bombarding of high frequency spiritual cosmic rays would produce in all matter of the planet, including, of course, the transformations of the human physical bodies at the subatomic level.  It was also done to isolate the planet from the Galactic Federation.  They know well that Earth passes cyclically through thephoton belt and that by the start of the new millennium it would enter again and stay inside the photon belt for a new period of nearly 2,000 years.  Thus their need to place the planetary shield to fit their dark purposes.


The increase of spiritual energy generated by people mainly Lightworkers and the constant bombardment of spiritual Light and cosmic radiations over Earth from specialized focalizing units of the Galactic Federation has destroyed the force field of the Dark Forces around the planet and created instead a magnificent planetary grid of Light.  Now spiritual Ascension can be sped up with the interaction of planetary matter, cosmic energies and tachyons.


The next final law stands by itself since it is an all-encompassing law.



12.  The Law of Identity


“There is a fundamental unity among all manifested things; the differences that we observe in the universe are due solely to time and space.” — Enochian Magick


Any two objects we choose to analyze are the same object, if we negate the differences due to time and space.  Since everything we observe came from the same spirit energy of God is basically the same, what makes it different is in the degrees of vibration, polarity and spiritual awareness. All things possess consciousness, only that they have different manifestation.


Let’s takes for instance a tree and a person, both are spiritual beings with a physical body that fully function to express life, but the tree lives a type of dormant, subconscious, elementary or simple life, and is partially unaware of the details of 3D existence and levels of manifestation of life and lacks free will, while man is aware of the reality around him, is endowed with more physical senses and a more functional body to use tools and create external technology, is able to move around, is aware of his individuality and catches a glimpse of higher reality.  These are differences of time and space of ways of existence.


Let us speculate further.  Applying the Principle of Correspondence of the Kybalion studied before, the tree people of a 3D reality must have a corresponding tree people of higher reality which have developed higher senses and more evolved bodies that displace themselves around and are fully aware of their Creator and his/her Laws of Creation.  This brings us even more to the conclusion that tree people and human people are the same, only expressing themselves differently in a different time and space.


Same as said above it can be said of mineral people such as rocks, metals and crystals, they are even more primitive and more dormant but they have a life and group awareness that is in full synchronicity with the Creator’s mind and as such are not individualized lacking free will.  Their bodies are fine for the evolvement of their spirit at a precise moment in time of their existence and their physical and spiritual evolution; the body of a tree is good for a tree as the body of a rock is good for a rock.


But there is a potential in the mineral people for higher development and higher awareness to the point of being able, in a far distant future, of expressing themselves as highly evolved beings in more evolved and functional bodies as we can intuit there exist such mineral people in perhaps some remotely distant corner of this or other galaxy if we just but follow the Principle of Correspondence in our reasoning.


And so we can continue making correspondences and comparisons to conclude that All came from the same source: The Law of One, All That Is, that was mentioned in the introduction of this discourse.  It is only that all of us are evolving beings in a different state of evolutionary existence that manifest differently through time and space and according to present needs.  This Law of Identity is deeply understood by indigenous people all around the planet and the naming of rock people and tree people is actually borrowed from them.


As has been discussed amply before, the objective of world domination of the Dark Forces can be achieved by fragmenting people into groups and compartmentalizing knowledge of Mother Nature, and knowledge in general, to prevent people from obtaining a holistic renaissance knowledge and understanding and to realize that all is connected and is the same in essence.  In this way they can control people and prevent them from realizing the unity and sacredness of life.


The individual spirit can reincarnate in other more advanced realms of the Earth for its spiritual progress.  Therefore, the spirit of the plant can enter later on in the animal life and then in the human, the physical evolution and the spiritual evolution run parallel but not necessarily bound to each other.


By not honoring life the Big Bad Boys and Girls in power, such as the Last Dark Cabal of the USA and its allies, can desecrate nature in the name of progress and for corporate profit and go to preemptive war, invade the territory of other nations, such as is the case in the Middle East, steal their resources, and senselessly kill people on both sides in the name of the American flag —or any other flag for that matter— and for the so called “liberation” of them from a tyrant and use “patriotism”, “war on terrorism” and non-existing WMD to justify their actions thus accomplishing their dark agenda —dominion of other nations, war-for-oil and stealing of natural resources— that serves only their own selfish interests.


IV. Final Conclusions


Notice that we started with the Law of One in the Introduction and finished with the Law of One again but expressed in more detail as the Law of Identity, as in the Ouroboros symbol, the end and the beginning meet, as it should be since extremes are the same in essence according to the Principle of Polarity.  If you study these principles carefully you will notice that any principle carries within itself the others as All is One.


Apply the knowledge you have gathered from this essay and use it in your life to get yourself out of the Holographic Prison.


To build a new galactic society we need to apply all esoteric knowledge we have garnered through the years of preparation and any good practical knowledge and talent we have to clean up the planet, to educate people and to improve their living conditions, to build infrastructure and better schools, to inspire people to create, and to use the abundance Heaven will provide for the Good of All.


We need to apply, practice what we learned, do things, not just talk about them, be pro-active, and this must be our first priority now.


Once we fix, improve and advance our systems we can create mysteries schools for esoteric knowledge and to teach true spirituality that has been distorted and suppressed by the Dark Forces inside established religion.  But now our priority is not esoterism, hear me, mystics, esoterists and New Age people, but the need to focus only on practical work, work, work, and practical applications such as free-energy and better non-polluting transportation systems.  Some of you are so enamored of ideas, symbols and kabala that are missing the point!  It is time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.  And stop sitting on the fence between Light and Darkness as observers.


Also some esoteric people still cannot accept the idea of Jesus and Christ Michael, the Master Creator Son of Nebadon, living in a spaceship.  You are still brainwashed by religious dogma that taught you that spiritual beings live in Heaven only, probably sitting on clouds and playing the harp with all the Elected Souls!  Too many bad harpists and no drummer!


The Aquarian Age will be built by us with the help of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light.  Working together we can accomplish much more than working independently, let us unite ourselves for this common goal fulfilling our messianic work we came here to do:  To make of this planet what it is supposed to be, the Magnificent Blue Jewel of the Galaxy!  So Mote It Be!


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