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he Artand Science of UnconditionalLove

The Art and Science of Unconditional Love by Brother Veritus

"I will conduct my experiments on themagnetic forces of the lodestone at the selfsame shrine where my fellow-scientist,St. Francis, performed his experiments on the magnetic forces oflove." 
[Roger Bacon upon entering the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor]

(Posted on 8/16/98)

Whya Science?

Science is defined as "a knowledge or a system of knowledgecovering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and testedthrough scientific method" (1), or by principles or procedures. There are practical sciences pursuedmostly outside academia or the corporate or scientific world. Some are crafts oroccupations such as carpentry. This, as well as other practical skills and trades, mayfall into an artistic category according to the degree of creativity and beauty displayed.Among others is, of course, healing. To succeed at it requires knowledge, development ofthe practitioner, experience and innate abilities. On the other hand, unconditional love,or the love attributed to the Godhead, falls into a different category: the feeling oremotional side, not the mental one. For this reason, it may not be seeing as a science,but it does meet the definition of one, if one looks at it closely.

The achievement of unconditional love requires knowingness whichis an awareness born out of practicing with devotion proven and tested spiritual methods,such as meditation, and by dwelling in lofty thoughts. These methods were and are beinggiven unto us by enlightened individuals ahead of us on the Path, similarly to the wayscientific knowledge is based on the work of previous scientists and researchers. Themystical methods and practices have pointed the Way to the student through the masters’viewpoint and from their personal mystical experiences. Even though individuals exhibittrue love among themselves in some cases, here it is important to clarify thatunconditional love is quite different from personal attachments mistakenly interpreted aslove and far from the all-encompassing unconditional love, or, shall we say, the love ofthe Heavenly Mother/Father for all of its creation.

As with any science, unconditional love requires not only mentaland spiritual practice and study but constant personal practice for the love of nature:the love for theskies, the seas, the gentle breeze on our heads and shoulders, the waves of tides, theblades of grass being swayed by the breeze, the colorful wild flowers renewed by the mistyfog of the mountain, the lovely rain that refreshes plants and ground, the creeping brook,the rocks and animals, the birds singing. It also requires the practice of love for allpeoples independent of the color of their skin, their race, religion, sexual preferences,viewpoints, legal status and so.

All divisions among men are man-made. Separation is lackof love. Most people claim toleration and kindness to members of a different race. Inpractice, only few can really see foreigners as themselves (2). But it is not until we see otherpeople as ourselves and mirror in them our own nature and emotions, and respect them as wewant them to respect us that we can truly "draw near to the heart of God"(3) and be ascended intodivine status. It is not enough to "think" or say we are good. It is only untilwe prove it to ourselves through our actions that we truly are good.

This divine love can be expressed mathematically and sensedelectro magnetically but humankind has not achieved yet this level of sophisticatedtechnology to make use of it in the building of devices sensitive to this magnetic force.Just as a computer software code is structured, the final expression of love is a toplevel command of a vast array of low level processes that take place at the spiritual,emotional, mental and physical bodies and through cellular memories that areinterconnected to multidimensional planetary and galactic grids. Whatever the case may be,that is the way it resides in the mind and heart of the Supreme Architect of the Universesince God geometrizes and abridges its vast creation into a simple formula. Everything canbe reduced to a number or a pattern. From this viewpoint, it is a true science yet to beexplored.

Whyan Art?

Love is an art in its creation and manifestation, any loverintuitively knows that. So the application of inner love to the world and materials aroundthe lover makes the application worthwhile. The more you love, the more you express lovefor the benefit of others, to help and heal. Believe me, there will never be enough lovein the world, since the world is always hungry for it. As an artist or writer, forinstance, you can never achieve true inspiration and expression if there is no love inyour heart.

Howto Achieve Unconditional Love

As humans we were conceived primarily in the Creator’s mind withmind and emotions. The mind, or mental body, is the link to our physical body. To connectourselves to the spiritual body or Âme force, it is required the use of the emotionalbody, astral body or psychic body, known in Martinist circles as fluidic force or plasticenvelop. It is the spiritual body that connects us with divinity and its unconditionallove. So we have to work on our emotional body and its emotional drives to catch a glimpseof the vaster realization of perfection that is constantly linked and in communion withthe soul or perfected spiritual body.

These emotional drives and washing tides of emotions that havecome to us during meditation or when tragedy struck us, need to be directed and focused bythe use of the mental body which is the onlooker, analyzer and guide in the process. Thereis a reason why reason exists. She bridges us through words and mental processes to thespiritual Truth that cannot be described but felt in the heart, its only abode and pointof radiance to the world.

The mind is the direct observer of the process but not theknower. Concentration of thought comes from the mind but love from the heart, and thefirst step to get to it and become knower is to make mental introspection and evaluationof our lives and actions through our minds. The mind makes up the first realizationthrough philosophical digressions, then the heart takes over. Otherwise, the stirred-upand uncommitted emotions, selfish and untamed, will show an uncontrollable and fancynature, full of contradictions, folly and excessive pride. Your external conditions mirroryour inner being. By healing yourself through balance and becoming aware of inner fearsand struggle, you help others (4). Know Thyself.

In this journey to unconditional love you need not mentallyacquire vast metaphysical or mundane knowledge and titles: just reason well enough todirect emotions and apply empathy towards others or feel others from within. This is thesimple beauty of it —and, for most people, its toughest difficulty, if one looks at itfrom the other side of the coin. Love with a spontaneous outpouring love. Be sincere toyourself, trust your feelings and overcome fears and the negative culture imposed to you bysocietal biases and prejudices. Be brave. Think and act rightfully. Return to theinnocence of a child which does not need to know "too much", or know good andevil in order to feel happiness.

If you are caught up in the sort-of-guilty and tedious mentalrepetition of "I need to love others, I need to love others" but cannot click onto it, less in abstract ideas of unconditional love or seeing unconditionallove in nature; if you need something to touch and to whom express and practice love withpositive feedback and reinforcement, someone that you know expresses unconditional lovefor sure, then you may just practice seeing it in the eyes of a lovely household pet suchas a cat or a dog, if you or a friend of yours have one. Since animals are closer tonature than humans, they may serve you as a bridge or link to her. See how the animalexpresses love through body language, with impulses to jump in your arms and be caressed,with his immersion in the moment, his unconditional love towards you. See that love inthose calm, vast eyes. God is manifesting his/her love to you through those eyes as youmay express it to others through yours.

It is via emotions that one can know God because God manifeststhrough life and one experiences life only by means of emotions which are the ultimatejudge and motivator of our actions. Feeling unconditional love and know God is but thesame thing because one leads into the other and only when one dwells in this love within,one can feel the God of our hearts, not as an abstract taught-from-without idea but as atrue realization. This direct knowledge, inexpressible through words even though we triedhere to describe it, can be represented symbolically in the tree of life by the son or sunin Sephiroth 6, Tiphereth, the Christed One. It is astate of being in which love manifests unconditionally and in which, at times, causes youto feel a rapture sublime, an altered state, a rapport, a direct feeling, a flash ofperception, a beauty that physical eyes cannot see but spiritual ones, a sense of becomingelated with joyful energy, an acceptance of All That Is for what it is, be itgood or not-so-good, a love that knows no bounds.

If you abide in this truth, then thisstate won’t be just a flash but a permanent one. Then you will see and feel the love ofand for nature and its beauty and will behold love and acceptance in others, even fromother cultures, and the love you send them in a whirling spiraling motion comes backmultiplied, bountifully returns —by the way, hate also follows the same law, it also attracts and comes around multiplied. Master Jesus once said: "Thou shall love theLord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." Andin so doing, and in loving thy neighbor as thyself (5),marvelous things will be bestowed upon you.

As a graceful appreciation for this teaching, let’s bow our headsand say a mental prayer for others in need and to heal our Mother Earth.


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