The Killing and Torture of Animals

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The Killing and Torture of Animals

Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

We reap what we sow

"The commiseration with the animals is intimately bonded to the kindness of character, in a way that can be stated for sure, that he who is cruel with animals cannot be a good person." —Schopenhauer.
"As long as there are slaughterhouses… there will be battlefields." —Leo Tolstoy

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Video "Earthlings"
This video of torture and killing of animals by humans for food, leather, fur, entertainment or "science" is totally disturbing and you should not watch it if you are a sensible person, EXCEPT if you are a meat eater, all meat eaters should watch this video, regardless of their degree of sensibility.  Also watch the video if you like to watch animals for entertainment such as in bullfighting, rodeo or the circus.  I personally think that most of the people that kill animals in slaughterhouses or torture them in show training places are of a robotoid and negative nature and will be uncreated during stasis, a least the most inhumane, cruel, insensible and disrespectful of animal life who display a sadist behavior, like the men and women you will see in this video.

Watch the video on YouTube

 Animals raised for food, fur, "scientific" experimentation or for entertainment, like in the circus, are cramped in cages or in animal houses.  This overcrowding makes them neurotic since they do not have a social order and hierarchy, they try to eat each other or inflict pain upon one another and the handlers abuse and inflict pain on the animals too.  The animal is afraid, angry and psychotic all of his life.  This behavior makes the adrenaline glands produce chemicals that are poisonous to the animal just like it happens to people in similar circumstances.  The animal may develop an illness as a consequence of this and also because of poor, insalubrious conditions, which further goes to poison his flesh.  The animal houses are concentration camps.

When the animal is sacrificed, he lives moments of pain and terror and is aware of the impending death and suffering as he not only feels them upon himself but hears the screaming and feels the terror of what other animals around him go through, which makes the animal create more chemicals that continue poisoning its flesh.  Death in most cases is slow through bleeding and by receiving repeated blows on the head and other forms of torture.

During his life, as well as during the moments of the killing, the animal creates psychic energies of frustration and anger that are also negative in nature.  These energies get stored in the meat and blood, more specifically, in the etheric body of the animal that is linked to the meat and blood, and they add to the physical poisons from the glands.  The combined result of this is a meat that is poisonous and it is loaded with negative energies.  The poison of the meat, formed of carbonic acids, affects the physical body of the meat eater.  The psychic energies in the meat affect his psychic abilities to fine tune to the higher forces of nature and the spiritual forces in the universe as in the case of meditation, alchemical transmutation and the development of upper senses.  That is, the psychic negative energies of the animal meat lower the frequency of the human that eats flesh.  It is a form of frequency control and DNA degradement just like the mind control of the CIA MK Ultra project.  That is why for those that are interested in the spiritual path the Masters recommend more of a vegetarian diet.

Men that work in the slaughterhouses, as you saw it in the video, are of a very low vibration, of low passions and low thoughts, they use profane language all the time, are insensible and cold, they are constantly bombarded by these negative energies emanated from the animals they kill and they themselves eat.  Besides, they breathe all the time blood in the air which affect their lungs and eventually breaks down their health.  Part of their insensibility is the fact that it is a business and any form of compassion towards animals slows the operation and affects directly the company’s profit.  It has a very practical and sad underlining.

You may transition to a closer form of a vegetarian diet by slowly stopping eating cow and veil meat, pork and lamb and start eating white meats, poultry and fish, with good fresh salad, beans, nuts and fruits, and over time getting rid of chicken.  Never eat dolphin, whale, shark or higher animals like these who are more aware of life, are more sensitive and aware of what is happening and as a consequence create even worse poisons in the meat.  You may eat shrimp or light fish until a more appropriate diet is established on this planet, or simply become vegetarian.  Bigger animals have a strong meat, more difficult to digest, and rots in the small intestine before reaching the big intestine, which poisons also the human body but in a different sense.

In the New Age galactic society we may use replicators that simulate animal meat for those that have a craving attachment for this type of food, and that will throw the cattle farming and other types of animal farming to the dusty bin of history.

By the way, cetacean (dolphins and whales) are not really animals, they are people like humans and actually more advanced, they suffer even more just as if a human is subjected to a torture or forced to live in a concentration camp.  So eating them from the Higher Law’s perspective is like cannibalism and killing them is a homicide same as killing a human.  You saw in the video, for instance, that the fishermen on purpose injure a dolphin so that the other delphinid members of his family come to rescue him, just as a human would do in similar circumstances, and thus they get caught in the net.

Before you ate meat but were not aware of this since for most people raised in the urban areas the slaughterhouses are hidden and out of touch, but now with the alternative media you have watched videos like this one that are not broadcast on the Illuminati corporate-controlled media, and you are no longer ignorant of these facts.  Corporate media is in collusion with commercial farming.

It is my hope, therefore, that you turn to a healthier diet and campaign to stop the abuse of animals in the bullfighting, rodeo, circus and in the corporate pseudo-science laboratories.  They are our lower brothers and sisters and we have a responsibility before the Cosmic for their caretaking.

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—Have Reverence For Life—

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