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Saint Germain’s Dwelling in the Higher Realms



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Saint Germain’s Dwelling in the Higher Realm

by Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain



Photograph of Saint Germain manifested in Geoffrey Ray King’s hands.


Channeled by Mike Quinsey, , on January 17, 2005.  Published in this website on January 17, 2005.




It is time that you gradually become acquainted with the other realms, and how these function. I am from the Light Realms, and what you would see there is created by pure thought. If I invited you to visit my home, to your eyes it would appear to be a solid physical dwelling. You would see glowing scintillating colors, and feel the «aliveness» of them as they pulsated around you. The perfection and beauty would take your breath away, as there is no comparison with anything you have seen on Earth.


It would also strike you that everything had the appearance of being in pristine condition. You also might be surprised to see that I have objects quite familiar to you, such as a table and chairs, soft furnishings and ornaments. If you went into my garden, you would again note that all was displayed in a perfect presentation, and a picture of absolute harmony and balance, and total peace. Birds and small animals would seem to come and go as they pleased, and have no fear of coming up close to you. And perhaps most astonishing: you would be aware that they communicated with you. As you walked around you would find a similar response from the flowers, bushes and trees. It would seem to you that they acknowledged your presence, and you would bless them and feel very much at one with all that you encountered.


Put your hands in the stream or little brook that runs through the garden, the pure clean water gently moving along will feel alive with energy. But it will bear no resemblance to your earthly waters, it is like liquid gold and as you remove your hands they will be perfectly dry. What you would not see, would be any sign of fencing, as in these realms all is respected by other life-forms, and such means are un-necessary. Indeed, you could not intrude or come into my presence unless I invited you to do so. So if I wish, I have my privacy and quiet moments knowing that I will not be disturbed.  Visitors to the higher realms never fail to note that there is no central source of light. Everything emanates its own light and it is strange to your eyes, but also extremely pleasing.


Dear Ones, I describe as best as is possible the creation of my dreams and you too shall create your own Garden of Eden. All is created by pure thought, and comes into being instantaneously. You are not aware of it, but in your sub-consciousness you already have a vision of your ideal home. When you day-dream you sometimes tap into it, and you lose yourself in your ideas of your perfect dwelling. You often say to yourselves, if I had the power I would do this, and I would have that, and when you ascend to the higher realms, your dreams will come true.


Although you have long forgotten it, you have already experienced the realms to which I refer. When you came down into the lower vibrations, you passed from the Godhead through the various dimensions. Remember that you are already Masters, and the opportunity offered by Ascension enables you to claim that Masterhood back. But this is the bottom of the ladder, and from thereon, you will make your way through the higher dimensions which seem to be never ending. As you progress you will come across great and wonderful Beings of Light, and in their magnificence they would seem as Gods. Life is so abundant everywhere, and eventually you will find a new mentor and plan your next mission.


I am St. Germain to you, and eons of time ago I pledged myself to Earth and this is why I have been with you so many times. Oh yes, it is true that amongst my many incarnations I was Merlin, that mystical figure who was the alchemist. And you will see that I am still handling metals in my role as the provider of precious metals for the new currency that is being introduced through NESARA.  You are asking: could I really change base metals into gold?  And the answer is yes, I did and I still can. Having such powers is a great responsibility, but when you have decided to carry out the Will of God you are no longer put self first. You are the servant to all of your Brothers and Sisters, and it is a wonderful feeling knowing that when you have come this far, you are part of the Great White Brotherhood.


Your time will come soon, and you will put the great cycle of duality behind you and enjoy the perfection of the higher realms. You will, once again take your rightful place amongst the Masters, and great work will be done as you continue your travels to wherever your fancy takes you. You will in no way feel restricted, far from it as the worlds open up to you and another adventure begins.


I shall leave you with your thoughts as you imagine yourselves already in the Higher Realms, speculating as to what you may have created for yourselves. Everything you have experienced will fade into the background, once you get the feel of what the future promises. The Golden Age is exactly that, placing you in perfection as co-creators with God. Remember that in the ultimate, there is only Love, and Love is the Creator. Think on it and draw that Love into your very being. Meantime I send you my Love to carry you forward and maintain your focus on your goal.


Thank you, St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey



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