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Brother Veritus’ University Plan



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Brother Veritus’ University (BVU)
Luis Prada, Director of Brother Veritus’ Community


This curricula has grown so much with multiple entries that barely resembles the initial prototype and it is a work in the making. See also the complementary master plan Brother Veritus’ Community. Published initially in this website on December 22, 2007.  Visit it often to check updates.

Update 10-19-09:  Added extra material at the end, not of the curricula but of the overall plan.

Magic is just science we don’t understand yet —Arthur C. Clarke



With so much love and longing to collaborate with Christ Michael, Governor of the Universe of Nebadon, and Esu Immanuel Sananda, the Planetary Prince of Urantia, in a combined effort to return Urantia to her former glory.



This book presents a paradigm shift in education that will prepare humanity to become a galactic society.  The present educational system, however good in many aspects, is also used as a mind control tool.  I invite you to read this book online for free, or order it in electronic format or on paper, whatever you prefer. The book has many illustrations that are not published in this webpage version.



The university is represented by its campus floor plan, its product by HU-Man 1. PURPOSE OF THIS PLAN


1.1 Within the Brother Veritus’ Community we present its first project consisting of a university of Light and Life oriented initially to serve the instructional needs of this community and projected in the future to serve the planet.


1.2 This is only a general sketch that will be broadened in more detail once the project details start and we have the teaching personnel of specialists in each branch of learning.


1.3 It covers a future university when all these faculties are in operation.  Initially it will have a more modest and specialized start and at the end will cover all the required knowledge for this planet.


1.4 It is necessary to create this general long-term plan from the beginning so that the school growing be focused and oriented, and be always compatible with a higher and general vision.


1.5 All education in the Brother Veritus’ Community is free to the student, it is imparted at no cost. No compensation of any kind is required.




2.1 To educate the human being, heir of the New Earth, and to prepare him for the creation of the external and internal technologies necessary to help create and sustain abundance and prosperity as a foundation for world peace and individual inner peace upon which to build and maintain a joyful Era of Light and Life.


2.2 To accomplish the above dream the focus is to impart a comprehensive knowledge and to develop the mind and creativity in a balanced manner with the heart, and not the arid memorization of information, as well as to stimulate in the student the concept that everything is a unified reality of All That Is and that all is connected and interlinked.  Therefore its teachings will be holistic and integrated and of practical application to prepare the individual in an integral way with generalized and specialized knowledge within the educational conception of the New Age for the Age of Aquarius.  This scheme of teachings differs from the concept of traditional education of high specialization and from the materialistic and mechanistic concept that has been imparted on this planet in the last 500 years.


As you see, memorization is not required since we can download in the human brain the information as needed, but we need instead to develop creative methods to use that information to expand the knowledge and apply it to improve and enhance the quality of living of the community.  So creativity is the key factor here, not memorization, and the tests or exams are focused on finding new or unique applications of what is taught in class. That way, classes are exciting instead of boring since are aimed to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.


2.3 Considering that the present educational systems are out-of-date, have been manipulated for centuries and used for mass control, and have given poor educational results by their own design and lack of student motivation —except that one of getting a diploma to qualify for a job— the educational structure will be changed focusing it on the new challenges that the future will bring and always based on the principles of truth and the wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants.


2.4 The Dark Forces that have supervised, censured and vetoed the academic curricula of this planet have omitted much knowledge such as the alternate healing or the free-energy technology because it affected directly the monetary interests and stability of the power elites.  Another good example is the economy based on compound interest (usury), fiat money and manipulation of the world stock market, any other economic system was suppressed with blood.  Not to mention the religious education and religion in general.  On the contrary, Brother Veritus’ University has the purpose of making known —and to expand and investigate further— this Illuminati-suppressed knowledge or left aside by the world academia mainstream.  This school also is part of the Correcting Time, to right the wrong on this planet.  Both this school and the Brother Veritus’ Community in general will be granted by the Galactic Federation special protection and security in their operation to achieve that end.


2.5 Its classes will be imparted primarily in two languages, English and Spanish, as far as possible, being English the official language, but other Earth languages are welcome.  In all classrooms the speaker will use a wireless microphone and his or her voice will be computer translated in real time in multiple languages and transcripted to text —using speech-to-text conversion software— for availability in the Internet from the data archives of the university.  This uses speech recognition software and translation software. The student chooses the language he wants to hear in his earphones which receive the wireless transmission.  The speaker may use a terrestrial or an extraterrestrial language, or telepathy which signal can also be captured wireless by the classroom computer via a mental pickup device.  Classes are video recorded and videos are edited for later availability worldwide.


2.6 Due to the practical and applied nature all subjects will require to be attended in a classroom, virtual classes through the internet are not offered.


2.7 Some of its teachings can perfectly be imported from the traditional academic teaching of the Era of Pisces, but for the most part it is new information with a new language that has not being formally and officially imparted on this planet.  It is a university sui generis in its teaching, its focus in giving it and in the preparation of the student.


2.8 As is Brother Veritus’ Website, this school is not for all people be them professors, researchers or students. Some are not qualified or prepared at the spiritual, mental or psychic level to teach or to be instructed in this university, for these people there will be other schools.  They exclude themselves by the principle that the like attracts the like in the realm of the mind.


2.9 Initially the educational institution will operate with teaching staff formed by professionals and researchers that fulfill the required credentials and who are already involved in spiritual studies; later, as there are graduates of the university, the vacant teaching and non-teaching positions will be filled by graduates of this university that are interested in the educational career.


2.10 This school always acts within the guidelines and delineations of the Divine Plan of Christ Michael for Urantia and of all his collaborators in the Higher Planetary and Galactic Hierarchies, Esu Immanuel Sananda, Monjoronson, Masters of the Teaching Mission, Ascended Masters, etc., therefore it also will cover in some subjects the updated teachings of these Beings.  It also has in mind the exoterrestrial technological exchange of the Galactic Federation in its university research laboratories.  The contribution of the Brotherhood of Light is always welcome.


2.11 The plan is still greater and more ambitious: In addition to undergraduate and graduate classes, to have preschool, elementary and secondary schools so that the parents would give us the kid and receive in return a doctor or specialist with an integral Renaissance and spiritual preparation.  However, local elementary and high schools will be available for convenience.


2.12 This school will be a world pioneer in the design of the free energy technology and the technologies OLIN and SIN, see this later in the curriculum section.  Also pioneer on alternate medicine.  It is hoped that this community become self-sufficient energetically not requiring at any moment of an external source of electrical power.  Likewise it is hoped that it can subsist with its own talent, engineering, handicraft and craftsmanship in general and production of food without having to have the need of help or bartering with other communities.  That is why the foundation of its school is so important.


2.13 Since the Brother Veritus’ Community was founded virtually —in cyberspace, with the teaching of its website— this community will gravitate around its university being its members professors, students or parents who also will benefit from extracurricular classes.  The university will be the nucleus that agglutinates its community of Light.


2.14 The Brother Veritus’ Community is formed and led by Lightworkers seeking personal and planetary Ascension, and the healing and formation of man to create the integral Man of full consciousness, HU-MAN.  Both sexes have equal opportunities in all activities and it is centered on Liberty and Sovereignty of the individual.  Therefore, anybody is free to stay or leave this school or community at any time if wishes to do so.


2.15 The university will be an intrinsic part of the government and functioning of Brother Veritus’ Community since it is in charge of the functioning, operation and maintenance of departments of the community.  So it is not just established for education but plays also a vital role in the survival, infrastructure and maintenance of the community where it resides.  In this way the students will have the opportunity to apply the principles and receive the best practical experience they need to exercise in their profession the knowledge they have acquired at school.  Community work is a requirement for graduation.  This prevents that the university would disengage from the practical application of the theory taught in the classroom because the university is directly responsible for the practical application of the theory.  Likewise the investment in laboratories of the university would directly pay back to the community as this one benefits from the results of the student practice.


2. 16. It is hoped that some of its graduates end up leaving the community after the earth changes and go to form other Aquarian communities of Light, carrying with them the torch of knowledge for this and thus helping to disseminate the teachings and Light throughout the planet.  Likewise it is expected that this community have spiritual, cultural and economic intercourse with other communities and islands of Light and mutually benefit from it for the growth of all.


2.17. It is not required a state license or registration to practice the career or profession of the graduates from this university. No professional exam for license to practice the profession is required by the state (government of the community). The diploma from BVU is enough proof that the professional graduated in this university has the necessary technical knowledge, skills, expertise or trade and real-world experience to work on his or her field. You may put it this way, if you prefer so: The diploma is the license or certification.




3.1 Initially it will be located in North America to later have extensions in South America and much later to other continents.




4.1 Initially it will have two pioneer edifices, one for the levels 1 and 2 and the other for level 3.  The buildings would be of a square foundation, of two stories as minimum, with a central porticoed patio in the middle of which there will be a fountain representing the “Prime Source.” Later on the university will expand as more faculties become available to finally populate with buildings its entire campus.


4.2 The buildings will be located in the center of a botanical garden with many shaded places for the study in fresh air, for rest between classes, the fraternal mingling and the appreciation of nature.  This garden will have laboratories of the Faculty of Agronomy and its experimental plants that will represent the diversity of the Earth ecosystem.  Likewise there will be birds and animals of different regions of the planet whose care will be in the hands of the Faculty of Veterinary.


4.3 In the Faculty of Divine Studies will be available a Temple for the use of all students and professors of the faculty, likewise for the members of the Brother Veritus’ Community.  This temple will have crystals, murals of impressive paintings, colors and designs, mystical symbols and ambience music of the best quality with aromatherapy and will be of a beautiful geometrical design.  In the center it will have a Shekinah where will always dwell the Eternal Light Vril that remained in the main Temple of Atlantis.


4.4 The Faculty of Music will have at its disposal, and be in-charged of, an auditorium for general functions and entertainment with continuous performances of theater and drama, musicals, concerts, conferences, movies, etc.  It will always have a great and constant demand.  It will have all sorts of multimedia and many screens, excellent sound and scenography, special effects, spot lights and a Karaoke system.  It will always have the lyrics available for the singer.


4.5 The Faculty of Cinematography will have a recording and television studio that will broadcast via satellite information and entertainment through the internet.  This studio will serve as a practice for the faculty students and of related faculties, and also will be available for the spiritual teaching mission with guest speakers such as Ascended Masters and Star Brothers and Sisters and other experts and scholars.


4.6 The school, as well as the Brother Veritus’ Community, will have available fields for future expansion as new faculties are created or enlarged the existing ones and also increased the student slots.  Also it will have a parking zone or  IFOport for flying saucers. [Note: IFO, Identified Flying Object].




5.1 There will be 3 levels of teaching.  It is required to pass the previous level to qualify for the next or it is given the option of challenging the system through a written examination to avoid taking any of the first two levels.


5.1.1 Level 1:
Basic or beginners’ level.  All subjects of the university are provided but at the level of general principles and without detail as if addressed to people with little or no knowledge of the spiritual reality and the new changes of the planet.  It does not issue a diploma.  Duration: 2 years.

5.1.2 Level 2:
Intermediate level.  To enter this level it is required to have completed Level 1.  This level is deeper as if addressed to people with knowledge of the spiritual reality and more into the subjects of the New Age.  Graduates with a diploma not at the specialized level.  Duration: 2 years.

º An alternative to Level 2 is the intermediate vocational career in a specialized field.  It gives a diploma.  Duration: 2 years.

5.1.3 Level 3:
Specialized level.  To enter this level it is required to have taken the two previous levels.  Dedicated to people who wish to specialize in some subjects for professional purposes. Level 3 graduates at the master’s degree level. Duration: 2 years.

5.1.4 Level 4:
Doctorate level.  It is offered also the PhD (specialization with the faculty in a specific area).  Duration of PhD: 1 year.


5.2 All the teachings are based on three pillars: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.




This is a temporary and generalized idea.  Some faculties do not have defined the curriculum yet at this moment.  This plan will be revisited several times for updates.  It is not intended to be the final and detailed curriculum of each faculty but only a synopsis to convey the idea of the type of interests the school is focused upon.


6.1 LEVEL 1

6.1.1 BODY, Level 1:

   Natural Medicine:
                      º Anatomy
                      º Physiology
                      º Herbology
                      º Nutrition and Dietetics
                      º Composition of Food
                      º Good Food for the Health
                      º Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, oligoelements, proteins, etc.
                      º Healing with hands and mind, principles of the psychic surgery
                       º Yoga
  Care and Maintenance of Our Planet:
                       º Ecology and everything related to the environment
                       º Biological Agriculture
                       º Sustainability
  Study of the indigenous cultures, their history, traditions and tongues or dialects

6.1.2 MIND, Level 1: English (primary), Spanish (secondary) and, as optional, a third (or more) language(s), terrestrial and extraterrestrial.
            Classes in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, see numeral
             º Grammar and Verb Conjugation
             º Diction
             º Pronunciation, Phonetics and Phonology
             º Literature
             º History of the languages Telepathy Mental Control Meditation Oblivion and Forgiveness Social Studies: Geography and History (History of our planet and ancient civilizations. Galactic History) Basic Mathematics. See numeral 6.3.6

6.1.3 SPIRIT, Level 1: Composition of Our Souls and Different Bodies Celestial Hierarchies Formation of the Cosmos Physical and Spiritual Evolution Planetary religious history

6.2 LEVEL 2

6.2.1 BODY, Level 2: Alternate Medicines:
               º Naturopathy
               º Herbology
               º Osteopathy
               º Iridology
               º Homeopathy
               º Acupuncture and Acupressure
               º Shiatsu or Digit Puncture
               º Magnetotherapy
               º Nutrition and Dietetics. Juices, Fasting and Colon Cleansing and Body Cleansing in General
               º Traditional Medicines, Traditional Surgery with Scalpel
               º Reflexology
               º Aromatherapy
               º Cromotherapy
               º Taoist Healing Arts
               º Vibrational Healing: Music Therapy (Therapy of Music and Dance) and Therapies of Sound
               º Hypnotherapy
               º Gem and Crystal Therapy
               º Reiki
               º Pranayana (The Art of Breathing)
               º Chakras and Auras
               º Ayurveda
               º Ear Candling for Auditory Canal Cleansing
               º Polarity Therapy
               º Breatherianism (to live from Pranic Breathing)
               º Sacro-craneal Therapy
               º Therapy with Tibetan Bowls
               º Massage and Chiropractics
               º Podiatry
               º Hands-on and Mind Healing, Psychic Surgery, Remote Healing Geobiology:
               º Power Places
               º Earth Meridians, Ley Lines
               º Cosmotelluric Energies
               º Ecology and Environment
               º Biological Agriculture
               º Alternate Energy Resources (Free Energy)
               º Sustainability
               º Radiesthesia Extraterrestrial and Cosmic and Intraterrestrial Studies.
               º UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrial Civilizations. How to operate the ships.
               º Interdimensional Journey, Interdimensional Portals
               º Administrative Systems of Our Galaxy and Our Universe
               º The Hollow Earth, Intraterrestrial Civilizations
               º History of the Economic and Banking Matrix, the Illuminati and the Dark Forces and Forces of Light

6.2.2 MIND, Level 2:    Yoga
     Mental Control
     Colors and Symbols
     Supernatural Powers, Psychism
   Sacred Geometry
   Mantras and Mudras
   Feng Shui
   Aura Vision
   Languages. See numeral
   Basic Mathematics. See numeral 6.3.6

6.2.3 SPIRIT, Level 2:

     Psychic Abilities, ESP
     Systems of Divination
     Connections to Angels
     Channeling Abilities
    The Teaching Mission and all its lessons, Spiritual Hierarchies, Formation of the Cosmos, the Book of Urantia, the Human of 5D (new chakras, DNA).
   Miscellaneous Courses: Dreams and Dreaming, A Course in Miracles, the Energy of Money, Creative Projects, Intuitive Abilities, Creative Writing, Attracting Your Mate.

6.3 LEVEL 3

Specialization Level

6.3.1 Faculty of Medicine

(Internal Medicine and Surgery)

     Alternate Medicines as described in Levels 1 and 2 but with much more detail, specialization and application, besides:
     Genetics: Studies of DNA, DNA Upgradement, Techniques of Reprogramming the DNA, the Human Genome, Cloning
     Application of High Frequency Energy Radiation (to create new DNA strings and for rejuvenation and Ascension)
     Healing at the Level of the Etheric Body
     Studies of the Emotional System and Causes of Illnesses
     Psychic Surgery (for those individuals endowed with this mental power and who wish to pursue this surgery specialization)
     Prosthesis, artificial substitutes of body parts. In conjunction with the faculties of Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Sciences Engineering
     Alien Races: Physiology and Anatomy, Illnesses
     Generation and modulation of stasis fields
   Department of Nursing

                          For the courses of study see the curriculum of an accredited traditional Faculty of Medicine of a university.

   Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

                          It is in charge of teaching the proper nutritional selection and balance.  It works with the Faculty of Agronomy.

6.3.2 Faculty of Psychology

Clinical Psychology  Affirmations and Reprogramming: Studies of Mental Control for the Positive Reprogramming of the Mind and to Quiet the Mind  Unlocking Creativity  Transformation of Personality  Hypnotherapy and Regressive Hypnosis  The Mental and Emotional Bodies.  Issues related to root causes  Handling Anger  Shadow Work: The acceptance of the Full Being, Facing the Darkness of Being  Trauma and Recovery  Studies of the Conscious, Objective or Rational Mind and the Unconscious or Subconscious Mind Ethics

Industrial Psychology
Works closely with the Faculty of Engineering of Computer Sciences and in general in any project in the campus that involves Man-Machine Interface. Man-Machine Interface Artificial Intelligence Machine Control Using the Mind

6.3.3 Faculty of Psychiatry

This faculty does not use chemical lobotomy nor psychiatric drugs.   Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind   Healing of Addiction, Vices and Obsessions such as Repetitive Compulsive Disorder   Healing of Criminality, Raping, Pedophilia and Sexual Aberrations in general such as sadomasochism   Healing of Sexual Dysfunctions caused by the mind   Healing of Depression and the Suicidal Tendencies   Healing of Madness, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Psychosis, Neurosis, Paranoia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Personality Disorders in general   Healing of Fears and Phobias of all types   Healing of Mental Traumas   Healing of Hyperactivity and Child Lack of Concentration Studies of the Universal Mind, the Cosmic Mind and the Planetary Mass Consciousness Tuning to the Higher Mind

6.3.4 Faculty of Parapsychology Telepathy
   Extrasensory Perception (ESP): Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing), Clairaudience, Clairsentience
   Supernatural Powers, Psychism, Levitation, etc.

6.3.5 Faculty of Divine Studies

BVC Main Temple LogotypeIn addition to imparting classes, this faculty will be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the Temple of the university that will also be open to all the Brother Veritus’ Community.  From this faculty will come the priests, priestesses and the Temple ritualistic hierarchy and it will prepare and train the vestal girls that will be in charge of tend the Eternal Sacred Fire of the Temple.  This faculty will also be in charge of preparing rituals and ceremonies.

It is a requirement that all faculty professors have taken courses in Mathematics, Astrophysics and the Urantia Book.  Mathematics refers to Algebra, Geometry and Sacred Geometry, Trigonometry, Integral and Differential Calculus, Topology and Theory of Numbers.  The reason for this is that God geometrizes, that is, God manifests Itself in the natural through Mathematics, so the best approach to understand the works of God is by geometrizing too through Mathematics and science.  If you cannot understand the symbology of Mathematics, can never really understand God, nor really teach about God.   Metaphysical Sciences   Esoterism: The Tree of Life, Symbology of the Tarot, the MerKaBa   Mysticism   Angelology   Descending and Ascending Sons, Studies of the Urantia Book   The Soul Matrix   Ethics   Unconditional Love   Channeling, Types of Channeling Creative Visualization Violet Flame Great Spiritual Masters, Gurus and Yogis Mystical Beginning of Christianity Studies of World Religions. Biblical Studies and Studies of Other Sacred Texts Native American Traditions, the Worshipping of Mother Earth Gods, Goddesses and Mythology Wizards, Magical Creatures and Adepts. The magic studied and practiced here must be real, not allowed the use of sly of hands, crafty tricks and contraptions, smoke and mirrors.
              Studies include walking through walls, levitation, teleportation of objects and people with the mind (appearance/disappearance), telekinesis, and more… into the paranormal phenomena Witchcraft (to study its nature, not to practice it.) Shamanism Awakening to True Self Individual and Planetary Ascension Galactic Cycles Moon Ceremonies, the Equinoxes and Solstices Temple Altars and Rituals Falun Gong Mantras and Mudras Courses in Mathematics and Astrophysics in the corresponding faculties Circuit of Mind, Circuit of Spirit and Circuit of Physical Gravity

6.3.6 Faculty of Mathematics:

It emphasizes the studies of the Electromagnetic Equations of Maxwell to develop the required Mathematics for the Free-Energy Technology. Works in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Traditional Basic and High-Level Mathematics:
                         º Arithmetic
                         º Geometry
                         º Sacred Geometry
                         º Fractal Geometry
                         º Differential Geometry
                         º Algebra and Linear Algebra
                         º Trigonometry
                         º Mathematical Logic
                         º Set Theory
                         º Integral and Differential Calculus
                         º Number Theory and Fermat’s Last Theorem
                         º Topology
                         º Statistics
                         º Probability Theory
                         º Control Theory
                         º Numerical Analysis
                         º Chaos Theory Maxwell Electromagnetic Equations Cryptography. Encryption/Decryption

6.3.7 Faculty of Biology and Biochemistry

The study of life and living organism of terrestrial (biology) and extraterrestrial (exobiology) origin. Great emphasis on studies and analysis of life from other planets of the solar system and other star systems. It works closely with the Faculty of Planetary and Interplanetary Studies with which it shares its scientific research data and findings because this faculty provides the research for that faculty or planetary and interplanetary institute. Also works with the faculties of Electrical Engineering, Engineering of Computer Sciences and Medicine.

     Molecular Biology. Biology at the molecular level
     Cell Biology. Physiological properties of cells including their behavior. Microscopy
     Ongoing research and improvement of the aminoacid computer technology
     Genetics. Science of genes and heredity. DNA and RNA Upgradement, in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine
     Anatomy. Organ system of cells
     Developmental Biology. Growth and development of organisms
     Physiology. Mechanical, physical and biochemical processes of living terrestrial and extraterrestrial organisms
     Ecology, Ecosystems and Biosphere, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial
   Biochemistry. Study of chemical reactions for life to function
   Geobiology. See numeral
   Creation of Life in laboratories. Organic Portals
   Zoology (terrestrial animal biology) and Exozoology (extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial animal biology). Structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits and distribution of
                         terrestrial, intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial animals, both living and extinct, and their interaction with their ecosystems. Exchange of animals with the intraterrestrial realm of Agharta.
  Fungi research, Toxicology and Mycotoxin research. Creation of endophyte library

6.3.8 Faculty of Sciences – Institute of Sciences

This faculty prepares professionals that will work with professionals of other disciplines in their related fields. It is more oriented to serious laboratory research, both theoretical and practical. Help other faculties in projects that require ground-breaking research and state-of-the-art technology. The best geniuses of the university are encouraged to participate in the projects of this faculty. It has think-tank groups that tackle the most complex problems and projects of the community. It has technology exchange with the Galactic Federation.   Genetics   Physics and Quantum Physics   Chemistry   Geology   Botany   Natural Sciences   New Technologies (holodeck, akashic records, replicators, time travel, space travel at super-luminal speed, warp technology, parallel universes,
              electrogravitics, matter/antimatter conversion and applications, crystals for spaceship travel, super-hard/super-light materials for spaceship structures)   Cybernetics   Robotics and Linguistics for Robots and AI Mathematics as Pure Science and as Applied Science. Solutions to Open Problems and creation of new ones. Cryptography Mind Studies. Healing of mental illnesses in cooperation with the Faculty of Psychiatry Etheric Surgery Sealing of space-time continuum ruptures or tears Navigational Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography: Mapping of the Grand Universe with space-time coordinates for deep-space navigation (local systems, constellations, local universes,
              minor sectors, major sectors, the seven superuniverses and the Central Universe) Astrophysics: Studies of solar plasma radiation, corona effects, star formation, black holes, worm holes, natural and artificial portals, planet development, life seeding by Life-Carriers,
              planetary system creation and maintenance (geophysics), galactic or cosmic cycles Exopolitics. Works in partnership with the Institute of Planetary and Interplanetary Studies, numeral 6.3.25 Exoanthropology, Exoarchaeology Design, development and manufacturing of weapons for the defense and protection of the city


6.3.9 Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The focus of this faculty is mainly to develop the Zero-Point Free-Energy Technology, Photonics (Lasers) and Robotics. It works closely with the faculties of Engineering of Computer Sciences, Space Engineering, Industrial Psychology, Biology and Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering.

     Electrical Power and Power Electronics, AC and DC Circuits
     Magnetic Motor (Perpetual Motion Machine)
     Analog and Digital Control Electronics
     Information Transmission, Wireless Technology
     Internet OLIN and SIN, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of Computer Sciences. Subspace transmission
     The Aminoacid Computer
     Man-Machine Interface (Artificial Intelligence, AI) through Telepathy. It works closely with the faculties of Computer Sciences, Space Engineering and Industrial Psychology
   Research of the Technologies introduced by Nikola Tesla for practical applications
   Study and application of exo-technologies such as:
                         º Replicators of food, utensils/tools and construction materials
                         º Electrogravitic transportation space vehicles (so called UFOs, spaceships, motherships)
                         º Levitating beam and dematerialization for transportation
                         º Generation of Artificial Interdimensional Portals for time travel and for space travel, and for traveling to parallel universes
   Study and Application of Keshe Knowledge, in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering:
                        º Plasma Generation
                        º Electromagnetism
                        º Propulsion of Space Ships By Means of Plasma
                        º Electrical Appliances with Plasma and Magnetic Energy
    Cybernetics of Droids. Synthetic biology (Synthezoids). Man-machine. Design and production of androids (artificial life forms), in collaboration with the Faculties of Engineering of Computer Sciences,
                           Biology and Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering
    Nanotechnology. Nanorobots
    Phase Shifting for cloaking and for traveling to other dimensions and parallel worlds. Phase modulation and demodulation
    Mental control technology as man-machine interface for spaceship piloting
    Generation of plasma shields for security and protection
    Development, design and application of Thorium Technology for the generation of electrical power in association with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering
    Holodeck Technology: Computer-generated holographic matter
    Akashic Record Technology: Equipment to access the Akashic Record
    Mathematics: Integral and Differential Calculus, Matrixes

6.3.10 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Designs, manufactures and maintains mainly free-energy machines of the electromagnetic type conjointly with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Space Engineering. It covers the following subjects:

     Mathematics (Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
     Basic physical sciences (Physics and Chemistry)
     Basic principles of Free-energy Machines
     Statics and Dynamics
     Strength of Materials
     Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion
     Fluid Mechanics
     Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   Computer Drafting

6.3.11 Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of community dwelling areas and infrastructures, roads, bridges, canals, dams and the underground city, in which the engineers practice the civil engineering principles, say, the community is their laboratory. It covers the following sub-disciplines:

     Architectural Engineering
     Environmental Engineering
     Structural Engineering
     Transportation Engineering
     Construction Surveying
     Construction Engineering

6.3.12 Faculty of Mineralogy

This subject of geology specializes in the study of the chemical and physical properties and the crystal structure of minerals. It also designs, creates and manufactures crystals and precious and semi-precious stones, and applies them to increase and harmonize the energy of the dwelling areas and public buildings, for healing and for spaceship propulsion systems for time-space travel.

   Researches the Extraction and Artificial Creation and Design of New Crystals for the Construction of Public Buildings and Dwellings, the Temple and the Meditation Halls of the Community.
                           In this effort it works closely with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.
   Creates and Designs Tachyon Chambers for the Crystal Treatment (before installation in situ). The application of these crystals is under the responsibility of other faculties such as Architecture and the
                           Faculty of Fine Arts with which it works closely in the design of crystals for their attractiveness and beauty.

6.3.13 Faculty of Engineering of Computer Sciences

It deals with computer algorithms and computer programming language, human-computer interaction and man-machine interface. Works closely with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It covers:

   Theory of computation, algorithms and data structures
   Programming methodology and languages
   Computer architecture
   Artificial Intelligence methodologies
   Development of software for the Creation of the OLIN and SIN Technologies for the internet. See
   Development of AI Software for androids. Creation of Machine Intelligence. All Machine Intelligence development and deployment must have the guidance and approval of the Faculty of Divine Studies
                          for ethics and conformance to Divine Plan.
   Aminoacid Computers, in collaboration with the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Biology and Biochemistry
   In charge of the maintenance of personal and community computers, and of community computer networks and servers

6.3.14 Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Researches new compound materials mainly for magnetic-lift spaceships, for construction and for daily-life artifacts.  Works in collaboration with the Faculty of Space Engineering and Transportation and with the Faculty of Mineralogy. Studies the generation of plasma by means of the Keshe Knowledge.

6.3.15 Faculty of Space and Transportation Engineering

Works closely with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering who designs the propulsion engines teamed with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.  It is also associated with the Faculty of Planetary and Interplanetary Studies. Design of Spaceships and Terrestrial Transportation that Use Electromagnetic Propulsion of Free Energy Electrogravitics and Magnetic Lift Studies of Astrophysics (Dimensional Portals, Wormholes, Black Holes, Inner Space and the Grand Universe.) Interdimensional Travel, Deep Space Travel Electromagnetic Propulsion Trains Spaceship propulsion using crystals Keshe Technology for spaceship propulsion Development, design, construction and maintenance of public transportation systems such as passenger trains, levitating platforms and automobiles, hoverboards, electric escalators, fork lift trucks, etc. Fabrication and storage of spare parts for all transportation equipment

6.3.16 Faculty of Agronomy

It is in-charged of developing methods of organic cultivation and plant development for food and healing.  Hydroponic Orchards.  It works with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and in general with the Faculty of Medicine.

6.3.17 Faculty of Veterinary and Exozoology

  In-charged of teaching anatomy, diseases and care of the animals of the community Maintains the community zoo and takes care of the animals which uses as an opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge of healing Exozoology. Study of animals of other planets, their anatomy, diseases and care. Classes are taken in the Faculty of Biology. See numeral

6.3.18 Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities Universal History of Urantia Planetary and Galactic History with Emphasis in the Fight for Power Between the Dark Forces and the Forces of Light, the Galactic Wars, the Illuminati (hybrids human-reptilian), the Anunnaki,
              the Reptilian Renegades, the Zetas Galactic Races Studies of World Religions and Galactic Religions Studies of Classical and Modern Philosophy Linguistics. Scientific study of languages: Form, meaning and context
             º English and English Literature
             º Spanish and Spanish Literature
             º Other terrestrial languages
             º Ancient tongues, Sumerian and Egyptian texts
             º Extraterrestrial languages
             º Language of the Realm of Agharta
             º Phonetics
             º Phonology
             º Semantics
             º Morphology
             º Syntax
             º Neurolinguistics
             º Psycholinguistics
             º Language Acquisition
             º Sociolinguistics
             º Discourse Analysis
             º Stylistics
             º Lexicography
             º Language Education
             º Semiotics
             º Literary Criticism
             º Translation
             º Speech-Language Pathology
             º Universal Literature and Galactic Literature
             º Computational Linguistics: Man-Machine Interface. Machine Translation. Artificial Intelligence. Speech Generation for Robotics. Works with the faculties of
                 Electrical Engineering and Engineering of Computer Sciences Sociology
              Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and of the state or government manipulation of society for the benefit of an elitist group of controllers. In addition to history and traditional sociology courses,
              this faculty covers mind control and manipulation.
              MK-Ultra is the technique of reiterated tortures to fragment the mind in multiple personalities that can accomplish different roles, one of which is to assassinate with only hearing a word, sound or music,
              or watching a movie, as a trigger. It is similar to the way an attacking dog is trained.
              The following set of courses is focused on mind control and mass manipulation in the Holographic Prison. It is studied to understand the dark codes of the Dark Forces, their modus operandi and
              techniques, and to ensure not to repeat them again on this planet Urantia:
             º Feminism as an Illuminati tool for male control. Feminism, a Destructive Social Movement:
                 The SCUM Manifesto (Valerie Solanas)
                 “Kill All Men”
                 “All Men Are Rapist”
                 Men’s Spreading
                 Centers for Gender Studies. “Safe” Places for Women
                 Rape Culture
                 Bogus Statistics as the Gender Gap (“women make less money than men for the same job”, pay-gap)
                 Man-Woman Myth: Men do not exist for the media, i.e., ten men died in a mine, reported as ten “persons” died in a mine
                 Triggering (trigger warnings), psycho-drama, Feminazis
             º Men’s Rights Violations
             º “Women and Children”, but… what about men?
             º Women Shelters, but… not for men?
             º Battered Women, but… what about Battered Men?
             º Pornography to trap the mind in the lower frequencies. It creates abnormal and unnatural addiction and obsession to sex for mind control enticed by the controlled media
                 through constant insinuations and provocations of a sexual nature. By making turbid the mind, it flips priorities and values in life turning off the critical mind, while the power
                 controllers work behind the scenes in design and implementation of nefarious schemes against the people. Disguised as pure entertainment business, besides highly
                 lucrative, it is a most veiled and cunning enslaving trap to block the mind by saturating it with illusory and fictitious porno images and mechanical, unrealistic and unnatural
                 human sexual behavior, and therefore preventing the achievement of higher thoughts and realms, creative imagination, human potential, and true spiritual life, the true keys to
                 human liberation. It is conspiracy of the power elites at its best since, like an entertainment drug, causes addiction and wreaks havoc to the mind. Since this type of
                 entertainment is emotionally charged and may be watched for many hours a week, sexual images are so deeply imprinted in the mind that recurrently keep coming back,
                 again and again, unsolicited, and are projected to passersby and in general to attractive people that resemble the porno actors, and whirl the head haunting the mind like
                 ghosts that attack every time the mind quiets, filling it with total mental garbage and useless chatter, thus preventing deep relaxation and meditation. The person attracts to
                 his auric field, by the Law of Attraction, dark entities or astral parasites that incite for more and more— and nastier— excitement of the same in a vicious, never-ending
                 entrapment cycle. The individual not just becomes a regular client to the porno industry, but also his mind falls under control of the Overlords of the Dark Forces. The perfect
                 tool for mind control since the person asks for it voluntarily and pays for it. Sexual aberrations are treated in the Faculty of Psychiatry, see numeral
             º Prison system for forced labor and slavery, and owned by private companies. Mostly for men

             º Cancer research for females (breast cancer) but not for men (prostate cancer)
             º Corrupt Judicial System
             º Police Brutality as a Repression and Racism Tool
             º Violation of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Dissent
             º Social Engineering through Controlled Media
             º Mind Control: MK Ultra, Monarch and Montauk Programs. Use of psychoactive drugs for mind control
             º War Machine: War Mentality for Depopulation.
             º Militarism. State propaganda for war
             º Tools of Repression as in a Nazi Regime
             º Secret Government Organization
             º New World Order
             º Patriotism, Sports and Religion for mass control
             º Black projects and their financing using illegal drug money
             º MILABs: Military abductions
             º State-sponsored Terrorism for private corporate benefit. The war-on-terror fallacy
             º False-flag Operations
             º The Seven Pillars of the Matrix
             º Super Soldiers. Mind-controlled assassins. Multiple-personality creation
             º Internet Censorship
             º Money as a tool for control: Fiat money, Federal Reserve notes scam. Private central banks
             º NASA, a military disinformation agency and UFO cover-up
             º UFO Cover-up Conspiracy
             º The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM)
             º The Last Dark Cabal Illuminati and Zionist

             º Homo Capensis controlling the International Monetary Fund and the Vatican

6.3.19 Faculty of Fine Arts Traditional Art:
             º Art History
             º Golden Proportion, Sacred Geometry, the Number Phi, φ
             º Plastic Arts (Traditional Sculpture and Painting)
             º Computer Visual Art Multimedia and Graphic Art:
             º Art History
             º Golden Proportion, Sacred Geometry, Number Phi, φ
             º Graphic Drawing and Design
             º Design, Construction and Maintenance of Websites Photography:
             º Photographic Composition
             º Technology and Operation of the Photograph Camera
             º Digital Photograph Retouch

6.3.20 Faculty of Cinematography and Film Arts

This faculty will have a recording studio with a television channel streaming online through the internet for worldwide teaching with information and entertainment that will serve as practice for the students of this faculty, for the Faculty of Fine Arts and for the Faculty of Music and Dance.  It will have special guests for conferences such as Ascended Masters and Star Brothers and Sisters. Cinematography
                  º Management and Production
                  º Film Techniques, Camera, Stage Preparation and Lighting
                  º Dressing and Makeup
                  º Script Writing. Creation of Inspiring Spiritual Rituals and Presentation of these ones on special occasions and stage plays with teachings of the spiritual principles.
                  º Movie and Video Editing. Adding captioning and dubbing with the main languages of the planet. Filming of the main conferences and ceremonies.
                  º 3D Virtual Image Creation and Character Animation Theater
                 º Theater History
                 º Acting Techniques for Movie and Television

6.3.21 Faculty of Communication Sciences

This faculty works closely with the Faculty of Cinematography and Film Arts where it has its practices of radio announcing and presentation of news and news reports.  It covers all the main events within the Brother Veritus’ Community and within the campus. Presentation of News in Front of Camera Creation of News Reels and News Reports Radio Announcement Journalism Department of Publications. It publishes transcriptions of conferences and channelings for the global spreading of teachings, as well as news of the Brother Veritus’ Community.
                   Digital and paper publications.

6.3.22 Faculty of Music and Dance

This faculty will have an auditorium for theatrical performances and entertainment performances in general that will be used for general functions such as graduations. Music:
                  º Music History
                  º Singing of Scales
                  º Singing, Vocal Techniques
                  º Music Theory/Composition
                  º Instrumental Performance Learning
                  º Coral Music
                  º Orchestral Music
                  º Musical Theater
                  º Tibetan Bowls and other Folkloric Instruments Dance:
                 º Dance History
                 º Types of Dance
                 º Ballet
                 º Dance Styles, Popular and Classic. Ballroom Dancing

6.3.23 Faculty of Architecture

It works with the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Also collaborates with the faculties of Mineralogy and Chemical Engineering in the design of crystals for construction and decoration, and with the Faculty of Fine Arts in their artistic conception.

     Sacred Geometry, Golden Proportion, the Number Phi, φ
     Architectural Designs Symbiotic with the Environment and Landscape.
     Recycling of Discarded Materials to Be Used as Construction Materials

6.3.24 Faculty of Economic and Entrepreneurial Sciences

   History of the Economy, the Creation of Money and the Illuminati Banking System of Fiat Money, the Matrix.  Compound Interest.
    Global Economies
    The Monetary Banking System Backed Up by the Gold Standard.  New Banking System
    Common and Canon Law
    The Economic World without the Use of Money
    Creation of Micro-enterprise
    Creation of the Communal and Multicommunal Corporation
    Competition versus Collaboration

6.3.25 Faculty or Institute of Planetary and Interplanetary Studies

     Archaeology. Ancient Civilizations
     Exo-biology. See numeral 6.3.7
     Full Consciousness Protocol and Etiquette
     Astrophysics, Design of the Cosmos, the Grand Universe
     Interdimensional Travel, Interdimensional Portals and Wormholes, Higher Dimensions
     History of the Planet, the Galaxy and the Universe
    Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Anthropology.  Creation of the Earth Races
    Ecology and the Environment
    Flora and Fauna
    Seed Planets
    Alternate Energy Resources. Renewable and non-renewable energies, and free energy.
    Native Indigenous Cultures of the Entire Planet
    Geobiology. See also numeral
                º Interaction between biosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere.
                º Astrobiology
                º Geomicrobiology
                º Geobiomorphology
                º Biogeophysics
                º Bioremediation
                º Power Places
                º Earth Meridians, Ley Lines (planetary energy lines)
                º Cosmotelluric Energies
                º Ecology and Environment
                º Biological Agriculture
                º Sustainability
                º Radiesthesia
               º Studies of the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies (structures) of the planet and their reactions to the thought forms of the living creatures and to the Cosmic Cycles.
               º Studies of vortices
               º Magnetic pole reversals and geophysical pole reversals. Causes (planetary infections due to negative thought forms generated by humanity).
               º Studies of cosmic rays affecting the planet and its living creatures (human psyche), crop cycles and weather patterns.
               º Tectonic plates
               º Rotational balance
               º Magnetic Grid
               º Creation of planets and solar systems
    Political Sciences and Social Sciences applied to planetary, interplanetary and galactic affairs. Studies of extraterrestrial races, their cultures and traditions.
    Diplomacy. Chancellery and Ambassadorship applied to the interactions with other planetary communities and with extraterrestrial cultures,
                and seeking an harmonious integration of planet Earth to the Galactic Federation of Light and to the galactic family in general. Conflict resolution. Interspecies contact and

 6.3.26 Faculty of Sports and Gymnastics Aerobic Sports and Gymnastics Olympic Gymnastics Martial Arts Weight Lifting and Body Building Traditional Sports

 6.3.27 Intermediate Careers   Reparation of Flying Automobiles and Transportation Means   Sheet Metal   Furniture and Construction Carpentry   Painting   Clock and Watch Fabrication and Repair   Jewelry   Shoe Manufacturing and Repair Shop   Clothing
               º Fabric Production
               º Dressmaking and Tailor’s Trading
               º Embroidery
               º Design of Dresses, Couture
               º Dry-cleaning   Interior Design Modeling Manufacturing Welding and Soldering Plumbing Glass and Ceramics Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electricity Computer Repairing, Interconnect Technologies, Internet and Intranet (OLIN and SIN) Cooking Gardening Locale Cleaning, janitorial work. Use of androids in these necessities Building Construction and Maintenance Agricultural Work
               º Cultivation of the Land
               º Hydroponic Orchards
               º Sowing
               º Produce Harvesting Business and Operation of the Micro-enterprise Based on Bartering



Updates and Complementary Information


The following text was written as an answer to a question in the English Forum of Brother Veritus’ Website.  I am posting it here because it adds extra information to the university plan not mentioned above.


Taken from:,889.msg1855.html#msg1855, Reply #3.


Monday October 19th, 2009


Forum Member: OK, so I’m new here, and I’m a bit confused about this Library and University. Can someone explain it to me?


Luis Prada: Most certainly!  And thank you for asking that question since it gives me the opportunity to answer it.


The university plan was written first and later the community plan, that was the priority.  When the university plan was written (, it showed immediately a void to me, and that was where the people of this university are going to live?  And where is this university going to be located at?  The university needed a home. So just following the first publication I wrote the BVC Plan (  I do not need to repeat details of both plans since you can read them on your own in the two hyperlinks I provided here.  Only give some extra information not mentioned clearly in the original plan.


By looking at the priorities I chose, you see that actually the city is a big university, the community is all formed by scholastic people, teachers and students. I would say better, eternal teachers and eternal students, the teachers of one area are also students of other areas, everybody at the end is a student.


The teachers, the people that actually are members of the academia in the role of teachers and run the classes, live in the campus in the area known as the government district, a central circular area of approximately 1,482 square miles, a 1/12th of that area, or 124 sq. miles, will be the corresponding assigned area for the university campus, which will be the location of all the residential buildings and single homes of the teaching and main administrative staff  which form the government of the university.  The government district is not just the home for officials and important members of the community but is also the place for government buildings, city parks and amenities of all sorts.  It is the place of all official ceremonies and celebrations in designated areas for such purposes.


Each district has the shape of a spear tip or a chiseled facet of a diamond, since the partitions are each a 1/12th of the total area of the city circle, the whole city is a mandala, like a flying saucer posed on the ground.  The government district, mentioned above, is the exception since it has a circular shape.  There are 13 districts, 12 of them are located in a circular array around the center of the mandala, and the 13th is the government district.  It is an analogy to the twelve apostles or disciples and the thirteenth is Esu Immanuel (Jesus), Lord Sananda, the Planetary Prince, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Brother Veritus’ Community, to whom is assigned the government district.  The King, the head of the community, is in charge of the government district as an acting role, but he may assign it to an Ascended Master such as St. Germain, the Avatar of the Aquarian Age.  In fact, the circumference of this central district is an avenue called the Saint Germain Circle.  And you know what the color assigned to that avenue is, on the floor, posts, decorations and so, don’t you?


The university campus is 1/12th of the total area of the city, a substantial size for a university campus, this shows how important education is for the BVC, it is the heart, soul and mind of the community.  The total area of this campus, as is the area of any of the 12 districts, is 1,492 sq. miles (1492, the year of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus).  Of course not all of this area will be built, it’s got lots of green zones with regional parks with trees and forests, preserving the natural habitat, natural terrain and rock formations and native ecosystem of these wild America’s central plains, also farm areas for crop experimentation, areas for animals, empty spaces for studying, faculty and residential buildings, and, in the government district, in the section of it corresponding to the university campus, there will be three main edifices: The Auditorium, the Main Library and the Main Temple, all three run by the university government.


The library is a state of the art facility with computer multimedia and also printed media.  This library also will have archived the Akashic Records of the planet and parts of the galaxy. It will work in partnership and information exchange with the Aghartan Library. It is supported by the computer system of the university and interconnected to the main computer system of the city using a futuristic internet mentioned in the university plan, go to that plan and read it (section 6.3.13).


The library will have cells where the readers can go in and see the Akashic Record of any part of history they are interested in, excellent for researchers since they do not need to use the present-day history text books which show only a front —the cover-up story— and not the underground real intent, motivation and history of how things were actually done, no more secrets.  In this city NO ORGANIZATION CAN WORK IN SECRET, NO ESOTERIC ORDERS CAN HOLD THEIR TEACHINGS FOR MEMBERS ONLY, everything is known and open to the public for study and scrutiny. All the government agenda is open to the members of the community. No more secrets, no more lies.  While at the library doing your research, you can also download into your brain information, no need of too much reading or taking notes, there will be stations for that purpose.


And the neat part for students and young people of all ages is that you can explore and visit any interesting place of the city using levitating platforms and hovering scooters.  Just imagine you with your girlfriend running wild sitting in a platform comfortable sofa while it flies over tall trees and into meadows of the regional parks, hovering over unknown territories, zooming in to explore brooks, natural mazes and caves.  Every day is an adventure and nobody is bored for sure!  And best, you get home on time for dinner and to do your homework, nobody gets lost.


Finally, and this is very important, this city is a tri-level city, the levels below the surface are also partitioned in the same way as is the surface and run by their corresponding districts.


I leave more details for a future time, this is good enough for now and to satisfy your curiosity.  The more curious a cat is, the more he learns.

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