Christ Michael: Update on the Coming Changes

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Christ Michael:  Update on the Coming Changes

Christ Michael and Candace Frieze
# 66,March 3, 2007

# 66 Update on the Coming Changes. Taken from: Michael’s message received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on March 7, 2007.

Christ Michael:

Hello Beloveds, I Am Aton, Christ Michael, and I am bringing you a small update regards the process coming to fruition.  We are in my final attending of the situation, meaning simply that I have given the final orders to progress to announcement and I have inserted active help into this process.

This was discussed a bit apparently on the forum, but this piece is now for general distribution, and is being placed on the front of Sometime ago we received of permission to interfere actively and this is because beloveds, your Earth is in mighty poor shape and the cleansing of all sorts must begin.

In the next few days, there will be the installation of the new President of the USA. We have hoped on this for several weeks now, getting the cooperation on the ground. The cooperation has been what you ones call wishy-washy. I have placed ones of my own into place, wearing the uniforms of the military and dressed as many otherwise on your plane.

You remember early in this project that you were told that 25,000 star folks were upon the ground. They have been and continue in that role, getting done the many items that must be attended to make this a global project. And thus, out of their work, they have succeeded in getting 106 global central banks to [do] the necessary accords required to start the financial changes that you will shortly see upon your television screens and for once, beloved, your tell-a-visions will tell a much better vision.

My players are in their places and began this further process of infiltration of your systems a few weeks ago. We must be about the Father’s business, now that the Father’s business has been decided upon. And that business, beloveds, is that planet Earth shall enter the New Ages with her people upon her, so that the peoples have a chance to remake this sorry little planet.

This is not going to be a comfortable procedure from some points of view. We have recently completed new studies and updating studies upon your place, and the pollution and related problems are quite huge. Nothing new to observant ones upon the ground, and not to our teams, but it has come to [a] point in which the cleansing must begun in earnest, beloveds. We cannot await any longer for your growing. The problems are massive.

For a time now I have been instructing Candace for her team on what is to come but we have not told the rest of the readership.  We have covered that the tell-a-vision will be conscripted for our use for about two weeks and this remains true. It could be more than two weeks. And during this, you will not have all those commercials; it shall be totally in our hands.

Now my crewmembers, who are in uniform and various other disguises, received of my orders late in your yesterday to stand into place for the final game in the current play. We had a major success during the week in getting much of the paperwork for the prosperity programs delivered, but this was never a requirement for public announcement. There were plans in the agenda that were, and most of these have taken place now. Some did not, and so we will take care of getting them done, in fact, have. The ground crew cooperation, meaning you living upon the Earth has not been the best. Despite our showing of ourselves and propping certain ones up, there is still much fear and much fence-sitting by some.

When we go into announcement, we are not taking over radio and other media, so plan in working with your loved ones that there will be media who are going to denounce what we are doing as a space invasion. Hopefully when the important two weeks of education are over, this will not be a major factor anymore in the minds of most on the planet.

The dark side has planned much disinformation through the church leaders who may rebel. It is decision time for all whether to Ascend or not, to participate and further harm the process. In all honesty, we must state that many will not come into knowing, not accept the new concepts, and this is their choice and represents where they are in their personal growing. There will be chaos, in other words, and this is not bad but merely provides that which will cause either growth or rejection of growth. We can’t project the numbers of those that will choose to grow their minds.

Now I want to give all of you some advice in that arena. Let it go!!! Do not start arguments and become forceful. Simply state to all those in your circles that these events are of God and that the visitors are working for God, and reinforce this is the Second Coming plan. Encourage those that will look, and walk from those that won’t. Be the way showers, not the way enforcers, might be a way to describe this.

Now, because the cleansing of the environment of the planet must commence rapidly and must not be impeded by either fear or actions on the ground, there is a special plan in place.  About a week or so, do not count the hours, beloved, after the end of the announcement period, as it is flexible, there will be the big show and tell event I have long said would happen. Thy skies shall be full of visitors and wondrous events and we will cover that this will happen during the educational period so as to prepare people for this.


Then as the event ends, which will occur during the nights of all on Earth so that we are visible, roughly 24 hours, the world is going to go to sleep. You will be put into “stasis”, sort of like hitting the pause button on your video players. Another term could be “suspended animation.”

You have been there before, this is not something to worry about. There are many who will assist the process and make sure no accidents happen. We did this for roughly a week back in 1994 when you entered the photon belt. Your sun entered first and this would have created some pretty awful problems for a world not prepared, so you slept through it and corrected your calendar a bit in the process.

When ye ones wake up, you will simply think it is the next day. There will be planes in the air as you go into stasis and these will remain in the sky and guarded carefully during the coming out of stasis so that no accidents occur. Many, who are out driving, will become very sleepy, most of you will, and pull off the road. And most of you will have a short period of confusion as you awaken. Those asleep during the night as stasis occurs and is recovered from will note no significant difference. Those awake and at work will feel sleepy going into stasis, and confused coming out of it. There will be many guardians to prevent accidents for those out on roads. Some may occur but this should not be a major problem.

The stasis period will be approximately three weeks this time. This will allow the star visitors to do a great deal of cleansing during this time. Of special importance will be the removal of the ozone layer. You do not need this layer, it is not important to life. Those that have been exposing that destruction to the ozone layer is somehow bad, are working to prevent its loss because they know that having it impedes the photons’ coming to Earth from the photon belt.  The reason behind the hole in the ozone is not due to aerosol spray cans. It is do primarily to an awakening Earth and it needs to be gone. The ozone layer began to build up rapidly as you entered your industrial age and is mostly the result of pollution. The “hole” in it allows pollution to leave. So in removing it, some of your pollutants that rise upwards will drift away. We will also be removing pollutants.

Now you are going to have some problems however with the removal of the ozone layer. The photon belt will then do its work that it is intended to do, cleanse the Earth. Its purpose is to remove those DNA patterns that are not in the best of interests. It makes all things new. Your animals for the most part will do well in it. Some will die, if they have DNA that is contaminated. Allow this, if it is your family pet, beloveds. The animal’s spirit does not die, only the body. Those being reborn over time will have a better DNA pattern. Corruption to DNA occurs for many reasons, the most common of which is the virus that changes the RNA and DNA codes.  The dark side enhanced this making many viruses to cause difficulties and placing them within you with organisms spread mainly via your water and food animals. These are also spread via you and your activities. The population of the planet is very out of balance, and the coming changes will restore balance.

There will be many more people leaving the plane as part of this. It would happen whether we were here or not. It is the natural cycle of life. All evolutionary planets circle within photon belts, beloved.  The lower grades of planets are in it less frequently, and the cleansing more pronounced. Higher planets are in it more and more the closer to their central suns and the cleansing less needed. In fact, the planets around your Central Sun of Alcyone are in it constantly, and thus are continuously renewed rather than at intervals.

The Earth changes will increase as the planet warms. And it will. As the ice continues to melt off the lands under it, the oceans will rise. There will be much flooding from this especially along the coasts. You are already having this, beloveds, for some time now. Weather will be more erratic. Life is going to change substantially.

There are some that put out that we have moved past the need for changes, but that was never the case.  Mankind was not capable of correcting the multiple errors of the DNA about the planet; the knowledge is not there at this time. What has occurred is that your planet is not going to experience a pole reversal and have most of life removed from the face of the Earth in that manner.

There will in general be no evacuation or rapture event. You have awakened enough to tend the planet and progress with the changes upon it, and that is the desired outcome for my wondrous seed planet. In these changes many of you have an opportunity for growth and learning beyond what you could learn anywhere else.

We will lift some people here and there dependent on the circumstances. Certain Lightworkers may be lifted if these are of great value and have not had the ability to remove themselves to safety before events. I am not loosing my seed planet, period, to a reversal or roll over of the planet. I desire rather than reseed the planet fully; to have you ones learn from the experience.

During the stasis we will be removing a few life forms that are not in service to the planet and her evolution. This includes certain reptiles, and where we can some disease agents. Most of these you will not miss these, but some death of animal forms may be somewhat apparent. These are simply life forms that are not suitable for the soul progression on a seed planet and not a major concern to you.

During the stasis the members of Candace’s and Sananda’s teams will spend their time at the Himalayas, and shall not be sleeping, in order that they may receive a very updated education and be about the team planning that is necessary for the goals of the planet.

Those of you who live near certain coastal areas and wish to stay with the planet find ways to get thyselves back from the coasts. In a number of months down the road, estimated around 6 months, there is going to be correction in the axis of the planet. Now I need to explain this a bit. Over the last years since 1988, you have been experiencing a gradual change in the tilt of the planet, but it has remained on its axis through the physical north and south poles.

The axis is going to change, and this is behind the work of ours and that of Soltec in suggesting with Candace that [the city of] Los Angeles will experience falling into the sea. When this correction occurs, it will cause a great deal of Earth change. The axis will relocate about 5 degrees. This is again an event of Nature and not of the sky gods trying to cause trouble!!!! This axis change will cause a good deal of trouble particularly around the Pacific Ring of fire. There will be other quakes and eruptions around the world but the major effect will be the Pacific Rim. MOVE, people. Get another job if need be, sell the house if you own one, but move away from the coasts, there will be massive tidal waves.

You are heading into, particularly the United States, problems with food production. I suggest stocking up of seeds and grains which keep and having them on hand. When the correction in the axis occurs, shipping will be hugely disrupted. It is time for all of you who read these messages to do some serious planning. You also have imminent quakes coming which will seal off some of the oil wells and reduce the availability in hydrocarbon energy. Your brothers in the sky, who are working on the ground almost two years now, are doing the Father’s business and getting new ways set into place. This has been difficult in the United States and you will be awaiting some technology here for this reason.

Russia and Europe are getting into the distribution of the simple magnetic motors that make electricity. You will have some alternatives, which have been given to make your current automobiles run in alternate methods. Some of this is in the works in the aware underground in the United States but not in manufacture there because there has been no funding allowed. You will be riding your bikes more and co-opting your transportation to work until you have alternatives to purchase and remake your cars. I suggest you begin sharing of autos a good deal more right now.

With the coastal changes to occur on the Pacific Rim, you will have fewer goods for some time. You will have less food grown in California. You have challenges to be met, beloveds. Stock up on the basics. If you have whole grains and dried beans, and some dried greens of sorts available in your vitamin stores, you will be quite fine. You will have food still, but it will take longer to come as your companies, which distribute food, make necessary changes.

During the two weeks we are giving much education on the matters of energy and coming changes. You will not be left unaware. But your major institutions that hold the power, the large corporations, are going to have to change their ways and begin to provide in a different manner. Begin now to think how you might make life a bit easier on yourself and your circles during this time. Your example and leadership will be most important to those around you.

The Earth is going to rock and roll, beloveds, and this can no longer be prevented. The solution is to grow and learn and do, exercise of thy minds. I suggest also the reading of my Phoenix Journals, which are not being read by many of you. The access to the two sites where they are [sic] placed them are not in high numbers, nor are the requests of the books in printed form increasing very much. Please go about using these, my WORD that was promised to you, and increase your education.

Please encourage, after the announcements, or during, that friends look at Journal #3 for an introduction to the fact that God is again with you on the planet. And teach also that you ones are of God to your circles, and that God is not in the sky.  I AM, but then again, I AM also in all things! And it is the ME that is in all things, and yourselves that is more important than the ME, the body I use called Hatonn in your skies.

For it is through YOU, whom I work, not from the sky in the ship called the Phoenix. I AM THAT I AM, and who might you be?  Namaste, Aton, Christ Michael, God, by whatever name.


Hi all, the websites to view the Phoenix Journals are and www.phoenixsourcedistributors. If you wish to purchase copies that are in print, you can call Phoenix source Distributors in the USA at 1-800-800-5565. There are 83 of the Journals available there for $6 each plus shipping. They are out of the banned Journals and these are available at 1-800-294-5250, which is Phoenix Source Canada. They have a website also, but I have not visited it. They have a full catalogue and have nearly all of the Journals that made it to print, but all is more costly there.

There were a number of taped radio interviews with Dharma as “channel” and other tapes, which the Canada organization also has. They also have the banned journals on audiotape.

To those totally new to the concept of the Phoenix Journals, these were given to planet starting in 1987. Over 200 Journals of knowledge were given through Dharma, from the Phoenix, by radio signal. These included great teaching and had regular political updates, and you would not believe the politics on planet Earth.

God promised long ago the Earth would have the WORD during the “end times” and these are the WORD. Most of the Journals are by Hatonn, with portions by Sananda Immanuel, St. Germain and others. Some of the Journals were banned, and about 100 never got published. There was great resistance to these. Hatonn, as you will discover from the works I have done, is Christ Michael, the Creator Son (God) of our particular universe, who visited jointly as Jesus with Sananda Immanuel about 2000 years ago. He has returned, in fact both of them did in 1954. Sananda Immanuel is the one who shall lead this Earth into her glory.

Beloveds, those of you coming now for the first time to my website, The Way, is not through any man or through any physical organization. The Way is through yourself. It is the search you make for higher knowledge, used in God-ness. Many will be unhappy, or are unhappy to be reading this, but it is the truth. You are a fragment of God’s thinking, a part of his mind, and you are on Earth to learn the use of that mind. The Holy Spirit, for Christians reading this, is but learning to the use the mind in holy ways. Christ said, you too shall do these things, and so you shall, once you begin to use your mind correctly.

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Sananda´s Update
Esu Says to Prepare for Changes to Begin

Channeled by Jess Anthony.  Taken from: .

June 22, 2007, 00:28
Journal 6-21-07

Jess: Esu, this is the Solstice with new energy coming to Earth. I ask for comments this evening that I can share with others. I ask for clarity and guidance in the next few days and weeks. Speak to us to direct our progress in this time of change.

Sananda: Jess, this is Esu. I speak to you this evening with words of comfort and assurance that your trials are almost over. You may tell your readers that we are at a position now to begin the initial stages that will result in the changes they seek. Some details are still to be resolved, but the decisions have been made and the time frame is in place, to use your terminology. We expect to begin the changes as soon as these last resolutions are completed.

We can’t tell you what these are, at this point, but we can say that the money you seek is ready to be distributed. This is contingent upon steps being taken to remove the existing banking system and to eliminate the un-Constitutional stipulations and restrictions that have been placed on fair commerce. This will be announced as part of the series of instructional broadcasts that will begin as soon as the period of stasis is completed.

You all have heard now about this event. It is designed to allow unhindered access to some of Earth’s most glaring problems. This will enable the Galactic Forces involved with this part of the planetary restructuring to focus on several threats that must be eliminated quickly and completely. This work is beyond the present capability of Earth’s inhabitants, but it must be accomplished before Earth can safely Ascend to a higher level of Universal involvement with her inhabitants in tow. This will involve removing the ozone layer to allow greater energy to come in from the sun, cleaning up some of the more toxic repositories in the oceans and in the land in certain places, and monitoring the level of tolerance Earth’s inhabitants  have for the increased energy.

As you have been told, the increased energy will have some effects that many will find hard to accept. A large number of the population will choose to leave Earth for various reasons. This is not a matter of arbitrary selection of a percentage of the inhabitants. This involves those people whose physical shell will not be able to tolerate the higher energy. This includes those people who have made conscious decisions in their lives to turn against the light. Their bodies are characterized by disease or by mental and emotional fixations that contradict the Universal Law. They have chosen not to accept help on a higher spiritual level and will be allowed to go elsewhere to continue as they wish to be. The sense of loss upon waking up from the stasis period will be mitigated to an extent by the surge of unobstructed positive energy that will be noticeable. The spiritual joy you will feel will give a new some of objectivity and awareness of the reason for these choices.

This act of intervention is immediately upon you. You have asked for definite schedules that are fixed in your frame of reference. This still is not possible. We look at the end result and weigh the options of getting there. The process and the method takes precedence over a schedule of fixed times. We do this because circumstances can cause an event to materialize more quickly than we had projected. This is why our dates are fluid. We always project a tentative point when something could happen, but we reserve the right to change this tentative date to accommodate unexpected interferences. You ask why we can’t anticipate this as all-knowing gods and masters. The simple reason is that the future is constantly being created; it is not fixed and you have a co-creational role to play in determining how your own future shapes up. You are here experiencing the lessons on Earth. We are learning from you, because this situation is unique and has never been experienced before. We observe and assist as you create.  There have been remarkable things that have been learned up to this point and the future you determine will be the result of your past experiences.

I say to you this evening that the time is now and that the fruits of your labors are ready to be harvested. Prepare for this to happen. Be ready for the next phase to begin.
Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia in Nebadon


Update on Progress Towards Stasis
By Christ Michael through Candace
July 21, 2007

Update on the Coming Changes.Taken from:  Christ Michael’s message received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on July 23, 2007.

Christ Michael:

Hello, my beloveds, in service this very special planet of Nebadon on which I am bestowing my personal attention. During the middle of this week I engaged a special conclave meeting aboard the Phoenix, the purpose of which was to gain additional support for the process of stasis, the Big Sleep. This was granted,but I am not to explain the details in this public message to the readers of AbundantHope.

Many of the attendants, either in person or via imagery (on-screen technology), were representatives of the Super Universe (Orvonton) government and we had also two representatives from the Central Universe of Havona. The conclave lasted approximately 36 hours.

I wish to discuss and hopefully have those who are in doubt, understand the immensity of this project. You are a vastly over-populated and under-educated planet, with huge problems. If this is to be successful, and I won’t have it otherwise, there must be full control of the international banking system, and full control over each and every government upon the planet. The chaos otherwise afterwards would cause a great deal more discomfort and death than the process itself. I intend that Earth citizens get a final and reasonably complete education of the spiritual process and the political wrong-doings on this planet appropriate to the nature of the peoples at this time.

If we do not have the control we need prior to the educational period, which still will last at least two weeks, or more, this educational process would be largely wasted. It is the purpose of the educational period to draw people into service and alignment with what has been labeled “the Divine Plan.”  I will not create something that will cause greater harm and destruction for we would thus “lose” the planet.

We do not have this control YET. I asked for assistance, and as I said above, it was granted. Please use your imaging of what would occur if this is not completed in a satisfactory manner.

Now, why don’t we have control “yet”?  Because of the great lack of cooperation on the Earth plane.  Entities continue to exploit and continue to promise, and then get off the wrong side of the fence. There has not been enough force put in place by the “good” politicians upon the planet to accomplish my goals. They remain in fear of their lives for the most part. We have taken many over the past year to underground areas around the world and provided education and have shown of ourselves and who we are and what the mission Plan is. We must have their free will cooperation and, sadly, the dark side has done plenty to leave them in distrust of the “sky visitors” in service to God.

Some of these have been “gifted” with a personal introduction and plea from the religious leaders of the various sects that will be returning in the flesh to assist the process. I am in awe of the work of Mohammed who has justly met with many personally now in the Islamic world and, believe it or not, Islam is going with the Plan. It is the Jewish and Christian hierarchy and the falsely-professed believers in such that are not in cooperation.

Russia, through Putin, is cooperating immensely well also but there remain some factions in that area that are continuing to disrupt. Africa is a total mess sadly right now with completing groups behaving in very bad tribal behavior but Africa is mounting several groups dedicated to service after the event.

In June of 2004 we began removing the hidden hand and the current situation is occurring because this former hierarchy no long exists and the minions are now competing heavily for dominion of all or portions of the planet. One of these groups now in focus in the alternate media is the Chinese Secret Society which you may read about on

These are NOT your friends, beloveds. Much of the Asian hierarchy, both “Illuminati” and the underground, wishes dominion. While it is correct for them to be quite upset of the idea of SARS and related diseases being thrust at them for depopulation purposes, their method is lacking. You have been conditioned with events like 911 to believe in terrorists taking over the world. Exactly what would happen if this particular group begins doing as threatened, and “popping” off the Illuminati who control the global banking industry? In particular the Rockefellers and Rothschilds?  Would not these very same folks, those remaining Illuminati, shut down the United States and Europe and officially start the New World Order?  They are hoping the CSS will make good its threat!

The CSS has NO viable plan for how they would run the world after these assassinations. We are working to keep them out of the way. Every single tribal organization around the world is vying for power now. And thusly we must either choose to let the planet go and reverse her poles, or we provide the massive intervention we have said we wish to do.

At the conclave we did discuss the possibility of lifting the true Sons of God in service to the planet who are registered with us on the computer system of the Ashtar Command aboard the New Jerusalem and letting those remaining have at it, but we decided while this would be fine for the truly dark, it would set back greatly the spiritual growth of those remaining under their control. How many people would we have evacuated under this idea? About 300 million is all. This number is of those who are sovereigns incarnate on this planet at this time.

The population of this planet is way over the limits, especially considering the lack of true spiritual knowledge, and technology. This is not new to you. We did discuss the idea of taking a number of people to the new planet we have discussed, but so many have so little survival skills that would otherwise be appropriate to send there, that this is not possible. There are skilled assistants at that place that can assist at most 1 million people right now.

All of the planets that entered the Lucifer Rebellion in Satania (pronounced sa ta nee a) are part of my Correcting Time. Earth (Urantia) is the worst off, due to its nature as a “maximum security” penal colony. It is also the planet of my final bestowal 2000 years ago, and thus has my greatest affection perhaps of any within my realm. That is why I have done what I consider the “right thing” in setting a new ground for those Creator Sons who are “younger” and less experienced than I. The “right thing” I did, was to choose to return personally, in a body, to this planet, the only Creator Son or Avonal Bestowal Son to date to do so, in all of time preceding this time now.

So in that above statement, please understand that I am NOT walking away from this, which I consider my most sacred duty, the release of this planet from imprisonment, and its restoral as the most important seed planet of Nebadon. And on top of that, as I have stated before, it is also at this time my magnificent training school for the future Ascending Sons who will create and rule the new creations in outer space and will also assist now, in my universe and the younger ones in existence, and build their learning by working in “jobs” formerly handled by the Descending Sons.

You see this now in my appointment of Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, as the resident, in life, visible, Planetary Prince of this planet. This is a new way of doing things, and I continue to appoint appropriate persons to other formerly Descendant Son positions through my Universe.

Now, considering the above statement about the Correcting time understand the commitment to all these planets is immense, requiring volunteers from various levels throughout not only Nebadon, but also other creations and realms to assist the process. Over the next few years, every Earth being alone on this planet that makes a heart-felt free will request, will be assigned a personal celestial guide. Those that don’t deem themselves capable of the mental “talk” with the guide will be given actual written help! Now consider the population of this planet alone, as the others are also offering this, and see how many celestial beings will be assigned to one-to-one contact with a living person. We are continuing to solicit volunteers for this mission as yet we are running “short”.

Regards who are here from other creations or levels consider the one we have chosen to feature in these works with Candace, the one often called “Mother Shekhmet.” She is a fine geneticist who will “head up” the process of uplifting the genetics upon this planet, so that it returns to the seed planet of my dreams. She is a graduate of universe #60012, a much older universe in Orvonton. And she is long ago a graduate of Paradise, having sat at the “right hand of the Father”, the process I demonstrated 2000 years ago in the story told of how I Ascended to the Father, in your bible.

For those of you who are the new readers to come, understand this is the “goal” of your education through the universes, which starts with my Universe, if you are from here, of course, then through the schools of the Super Universe, on through the schools of Havona, the Central Universe, until you have your day in the “sun” of the Father. It is your destiny to do this, should you CHOOSE the option of Eternal Life.

But it’s not the end of that destiny for then you go forward and continue the journey of your choice which could include becoming possibly a Creator Son yourself of a creation yet to come in the Outer Space regions. There will be the new creation of Seven MORE Super Universes, and it will be the Ascending Sons that will lead the way, rather than the Descending Sons. Instead of the Ascending Sons assisting the Descending Sons, it will be the other way around.

Earth is an important “playground” for those of you who have chosen these career goals and for that reason alone I will NOT evacuate the planet, either partially or fully, and thus destroy the wondrous opportunity, my greatest gift, that I can bestow on so many of you of this mighty opportunity for your growth.

I can’t tell when the stasis will begin, the date is not fluid anymore, it must be done soon. There is a final date. It could also happen suddenly if any of these competing groups get in the way. This happened right after the G8 meeting, I was almost forced to begin stasis before it was adequately prepared. A competing dominant group, the “leaders” of the USA, decided to take some actions into their own hands and attempted to install Cheney as the new war leader. I won’t disclose all the details.

This of course must occur before the Jupiter event, and we are working at this time to “encase” Jupiter in a “shield” to hopefully delay that event until the timing I have chosen, when the sun is between Earth and Jupiter. We must have some time to allow for evacuation where needed, if desired by residents of particularly the Pacific Rim. And that process can’t even be entertained if we do not have adequate control of the banks and the leaders of this world for there is in most countries around the Rim totally inadequate planning to handle people needing to temporarily or permanently move inland.

During the conclave we also created some more plans about star fleet assistance in these necessary evacuations and this should not yet be disclosed either until we publicly announce the forthcoming Jupiter event.

Some will not be happy that “God” is removing the ozone layer about the Earth and that this is going to cause many physical bodies to perish. However, if we were to leave that ozone in place, which is trapping pollution and not allowing the Photon Belt to fully do what it does, the death rate would be much higher and much faster because of both the increasing pollution (which will soon kill all animal life on the planet) and the massive chaos that accompanies always the many problems generated by mankind.

Some will not be happy that God is interfering in any manner, other than a rapture event. And that of course is because people do not understand what God is on this planet. Star fleet will be seen for a time by many as an invading force rather than as a salvation force. So Be It, but we hope our educational period will suffice for the majority of people on this planet. It will be very thorough in language most can understand and global.

It will be “soon,” on my timing, and not before. Again rest assured that I will not let this planet go on to the doom created by the Anti Christ. For it is my beloved creation.  Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Christ Michael, Aton, of Nebadon.


Esu Comments on Christ Michael’s Decision
July 22, 2007, 20:47

Taken from: .  Channeled by  Jess Anthony.

Journal 7-22-07
Jess: Esu, I ask for words from you for today. Speak to changes in the direction Christ Michael’s Plan is moving. Speak to the uncertainly and disbelief many have. Speak to specifics that we may expect to see and experience. I ask for general comments today as a follow up to Aton’s message.

Sananda: This past week has been a high water mark in the confusion we have been experiencing as many on Earth tell us they will do one thing and then choose to do another either through fear for themselves or for their own personal self-interest. The banking community is thoroughly compromised as it now stands and this self-serving attitude is tied implicitly with the governing officials who use the system for their own gain. The fracas you read about in connection with the Leo Wanta stalling is endemic of the nature of exploitation and double-dealing that has beleaguered this administration since it arranged to be chosen as the elected officials of this country.

This will come to an end and certain steps are being taken to ensure this. The current system is broken and a new one is being prepared with new administrators and a new approach to banking based on fair exchange and true value of currency. This will involve coordinators who are inviolable and above question. This will be coordinated by Christ Michael’s overseers, who will be beyond reproach.

The government charades all over the world will also be ended, and new officials will be installed as well. These officials will also swear they are above reproach and will be overseen by other officials coming from Christ Michael’s Galactic Forces. You and your officials will be doing the work, and you all will be guided in appropriate directions to allow you to maintain the standards and ideals Christ Michael has proposed for your Planet. Free choice remains an option, but the parameters to choose within are clearly defined to support the healing mission on Earth.

Earth is in desperate shape, both spiritually and physically. The unwillingness of the mass consciousness to embrace its revealed linkage with Christ Michael has allowed Earth’s population to slide dangerously close to extinction. Many of the inhabitants don’t recognize their kinship even when instructed on the truth of their situation, and many of the ones who are aware of their connection choose to sever it in favor of their own aggrandizement.

In physical terms, Earth is vastly overpopulated and in geographical peril. The existing resources will not support the numbers that have incarnated, and this ever-growing population is depleting the reserves that do remain. These ecological ravages have set Mother Earth on a schedule to right herself. Toxic places will be cleaned and allowed to restore themselves. Other places lying fallow will be resurrected and allowed to function again in their earlier capacity. This applies to Atlantis and Lemuria. The water trapped in the icecaps will also be returned to liquid state and this increase of millions of cubic gallons will form part of the new firmament. It also will raise the water level on the coasts over the course of a few years. The shifting in the geological plates that will be triggered by a new alignment of the polar axis will set off a series of major earthquakes all around the Pacific Rim. The predictions you have read will happen. The catastrophes that can occur with the ignition of Jupiter at the end of the year will further make previous disasters pale in comparison. These all must be acknowledged and anticipated, if not prepared for.

It is therefore of paramount concern that governments and the banking situation all over the world be synchronized and above question.  The schedule for all these catastrophic events to take place is within a matter of months.

To this end, Christ Michael has convened a council of advisors and administrators who have overseen similar situations on other worlds and in other universes. He has sought their input as the situation on Earth has reached a stalemate. Everything attempted for the last four years has been frustrated or counteracted by agents purporting to be allies. They have straddled the fence, so to speak, until the very last minute and then they have chosen to support their own selfish interests rather than enable change and resolution of the problems they have helped to develop. This method was selected by Christ Michael to allow you on Earth to have the chance to collaborate in making the changes that have been decreed by Heaven. You created the mess without awareness and it seemed more than fair to allow you to find a solution once you had realized the error.

This has not been the case in a sufficient number of situations to make the inroads that must be made to remake government and rethink the nature of financial dealings. The galactic timetable has been ticking on while Christ Michael has delayed the inevitable to allow just a few more to change their minds. He loves each of his creations equally and he does not judge anyone better than anyone else if they choose to follow the system he has created for them to follow. It hurts him when they choose not to follow his direction and opt to remove his inspiration from their lives.

It is important that you realize that Christ Michael has made a final decision on how he will deal with the changes that must be made. He has called in others to help with this latest Plan, and it will not be changed at this point. These steps will be carefully monitored, at first, and they will not be open to discussion in view of the dangers facing the Earth that must be dealt with.

This time of difficulty will be trying and disheartening to many. This will not be an immediate move into a golden Age of Light and Love. There are many steps that must be taken to reach that point. But the end result will be just that—a magnificent time of joy and prosperity on a New Earth with peace and love. This I promise to you as Planetary Prince. I will be with you through this all, and I will coordinate as much help as will be possible. This is not the Rapture, but it will lead to the Ascension in due course.

Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Earth.

Christ Michael Is Taking over the Planet
By Christ Michael through Candace
July 26, 2007

Update on the Coming Changes. Taken from:  Christ Michael’s message received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on July 30, 2007.

Christ Michael:

Beloveds, It is I, Aton/Christ Michael come to update you a bit more on the process going on at this time.  Esu had stated in his piece with Jess that these newly chosen leaders would guarantee their integrity. What is being required of all those chosen at this time, Earth citizens, in the banking industry, the media, and the government leadership roles, is that they sign an actual contract of service, and agree to be supervised by individual star fleet personal. If the contract is voided by lack of cooperation and any under-handed activity that does not suit the goals, they are to be removed from the planet immediately upon discovery of same.

Now this does not mean these ones will perform as robots to us, but rather it allows the discussion and creation process, as long as the discussion and what is deemed appropriate fit the higher vision, according to those who are supervisors. These supervisors not only supervise, they engage the entities in the genuine process of co-creation.

The signing process is going well and, in fact, is very much liked by the ones who are signing these contracts and they are finding “safety” in this. Only a few have backed away and thus have exposed themselves in that manner. It is expected this process will be fully finished this weekend.

In the meantime, we are selecting replacements for those that did not take of the opportunity offered. As has been mentioned before, in the case of no Earth citizen being available for various roles, star fleet personnel will take the positions. Star fleet personal, both supervisors and those filling direct positions, also have to sign a statement of agreement to serve my vision in this process.

The banking industry is getting the most supervision and has, considering the numbers required a high percentage of star fleet personnel in position, as it is absolutely required because of the nature of global trading in place to have this control and make for smooth transition.

Of course, at this time, it is not appropriate to name names. Even those who had been previously chosen for the USA are required the same signatures, and I will not at this time for safety, reveal who signed and who might not have signed. We did have a very interesting situation crop up during this process.

Now, it is circulating on the Internet that the earthquakes in Japan were caused by man, striking back at Japan in punishment over the Chinese Secret Society plans. This is not so, these were natural earthquakes. However, the nuclear power plants were struck around this time, and the story told that the earthquakes were the cause, and it is not so. We have control over the technology developed on Earth, and no earthquakes are being intentionally caused at this time. All of them are natural events. We do continue at times to release pressures to stave off some events until the planet is better prepared. We are trying in particular to prevent the occurrences that would lead at this time to LA going into the sea. But most likely it will go into the sea during the Jupiter event, for the deep ground structures are so unstable, that it can’t be prevented.

Although we must operate in some secrecy right now, after the stasis event, we will report all that is occurring in a full-open easy-to-understand manner, and the media will be sufficiently controlled to allow it to be truly a free press.  That does sound odd, doesn’t it?, control it to be free, but that is exactly what will happen. It is controlled reversely now.

To assist this process, citizens of Earth will have Internet contact with star fleet Mother Ships in service. Particular Mother Ships will establish websites in their service areas, and there will be email capabilities for the common citizen of planet Earth to interact. Of course, as safety permits and fear resolves, there will be many interactions on the ground with star fleet, via offices set up, and also via shuttlecraft visitations for the public. More will openly walk the planet. There will be massive flyovers during the second half of the educational project.

In addition to the 2-weeks coverage, much material is being prepared and has been prepared over the past year that will be shown to the public, and replace some of those particularly controlling- and dumbing-down shows that are watched now.

The success of this massive take over of the planet and, yes, we are taking over the planet in this, of course depends upon the citizens of planet Earth and the leaders who have stepped into place and those that will come. In the previous several years we were working on obtaining the free will cooperation and this did not occur, but was required under Universal Law to attempt this first. The only free will now at this time will be that which serves within established parameters.

What we are providing in those parameters is the allowance for your co-creation within them. We will not do all the work; we are providing the stability required for you to do this in cooperation with the Divine Plan.

Now I wish to speak a bit on the nature of service of AbundantHope to the larger picture. Some of the readers have missed out on the larger picture. AbundantHope directly serves the Planetary Prince, and thus also myself through this process of work with the Planetary Prince. Joined at the hip is what some might call this.

This has certainly been implied, as per the information given out of the joint sharing of the International Headquarters, which will be in Colorado. AbundantHope will, as its main goal, coordinate the mission process on the planet. There are so many talented people and organizations, but not a fixed set of goals. Many movements are rent asunder by division and fighting within the groups for supremacy. It will be the purpose to identify these movements, and also the need for that which doesn’t yet exist, and bring organization to the process.

The team members of AbundantHope as established to date will meet with some other prospective members during the stasis period, that have been selected as possible team members by Esu. Additional regions will be identified and covered, and this is a global plan. The opportunity will be given to any mission group seeing the Divine Plan to serve under the Planetary Prince in this manner, through association with AbundantHope.

Esu originally thought to have some members on his team, and Candace would have some members, but there was so much overlap, that the teams were merged together to form a more functional entity. All mission leaders and their team members throughout the globe will have the opportunity of being ordained in service to Christ Michael on this planet. There will be levels of ordination and a logo system set in place that mission groups may use to demonstrate that they are serving the global goals. And if some having been given ordination, fail that ordination, they will loose it. This is not a religious ordination, but a spiritual ordination.

There will be fun advertising techniques, such as bumper stickers, T-shirts, and the like for these teams to use and proudly wear in support to getting the planet into Light and Life. We have no firm idea of the time it will take, it’s up to you, in that sense, but we hope to initiate Light and Life within 25 years. We must first, no matter the other spiritual progress of the planet, have the energy technologies in place that will function in monopolarity. And there are also, thusly coming onto the planet, in fact already in place, many who will also supervise if needed, various industries on the planet that are necessary to keeping the order and growth coordinated. We do not develop the industries; those on Earth do using our ideas and their knowledge of market to get them into place.

I am asking Candace to include in this piece, the definitions of OLIN and SIN, from the WingMakers site, to draw attention to these communications ideas to come. OLIN comes first and is being developed at this time. SIN comes only when First Source and Center says the planet is ready, and this will be sometime after the initiation into Light and Life. For this does not happen until the planet is inhabited by at least 95% of the population that have obtained sovereignty of their souls and the appropriate technology is in place.

There are now coming to the planet several more Trinity Teacher Sons from the Central Universe to assist the teaching mission process. There are a few here already, but more are needed. It is under the Trinity Teacher Son process that all those who ask in good faith will get a personal celestial teacher as described in my last message with you.  It will take approximately 120 days for them to arrive and they are still being chosen. These ones will each take on a particular religion on the planet and provide assistance in reforming the knowledge that is so lacking in these groups. Thus some would for example, assist Mohammed with Islam. And so it goes.

Again, no public dates at this time for the stasis. It is hoped all will be in place fully sooner than the final date which has been determined to be in time enough to assist the changes prior to the Jupiter event. Education of the Jupiter event will be given well in advance, and there will be some assistance given from star fleet during the event, but you on the Earth must determine for the most part the plans of evacuation if desired in the first place, by the consent of those that would leave, and the consent of those that will assist in their gifts of service to those who would make the move. This will be more cumbersome for the United States in particular, because the people are spoiled rotten and not used to this type of chaos. Other countries on the Pacific Rim will fair better, except possibly Japan and the Philippines, who have such large populations, are land locked in that sense, and do not have friendly relations with the countries on the main land.

As the time approaches for the ignition of Jupiter, the exact date will be given publicly. There will be NO secret agenda forthcoming, either from us and those upon the Earth. The media will be very strictly monitored, and if information is blocked, we will interfere from the satellites. The global coverage during the educational period is easily done by taking over the communication satellites and we can do this more than once if necessary.

I have ordered, at the end of the conclave, for star fleet personal to greatly increase their visibility, within safety parameters around the globe, with a special increase within the borders of the United States prior to stasis, and your Internet news seem to be reporting this already. We are deciding on other little games around visibility, which may include rearranging star groups that maintain old patterns you expect in the sky at this time. You are not in your original positions at this time. Your entire solar system is being moved closer to Alcyone and your skies don’t match what was anymore, so many large ships have maintained the illusions. So we may re arrange them, but might wait until after announcement to play this interesting little game.

Of course our purpose and presence will be covered in the global announcement process. We are not taking over all media, only cabal television, so it is possible some media will be negative, on radio, print and such. However, satellite radio will be disconnected if this occurs. Also, we do not have in place personnel who can speak all languages, so there is going to be some translating going on, such as dubbing in either speech or text.

The news presented however will be identical for everyone on the planet. Portions of it will explain briefly what has gone on in various regions of the globe, for those audiences not of the western influence, and thus those under western influence will learn more about the histories of the “eastern” countries. But only a small amount of the teaching during the announcement process will be dedicated to this, as much more is being prepared for all countries to view locally later.

As I have said before, much spiritually-correct teaching about the nature of God and his assistants will be given, for at least one week of the process, and the Planetary Prince and AbundantHope introduced. The Truth and nothing but the Truth will be given throughout the process. I am taking my leave now, for this is sufficient at this time. Be in Peace, beloveds, and begin, if not already, the planning needed for the process. Of the most immediately nature is the planning around the Jupiter event and its repercussions.  Other mission ideas would need to wait until after the event. Heal first that which is in thy face!  Namaste, Aton of Nebadon.

Candace: Here’s the material I was asked to include on OLIN and SIN

OLIN Technology

[Taken from: ]

Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to communication. Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mind’s global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.

There will be many within the Hierarchy who will object vehemently to the notion of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the complaints and registered concerns. Your most powerful banks, computer manufacturers and software companies will merge to create this momentous technology, and the One-Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the standard operating system of all the world’s computer-based systems.

This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers and scientists. We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather embraced, and not because of the economic values but because of the way the OLIN technology will facilitate the development of a global culture.

As the OLIN technology evolves, it will increasingly become subject to individual control. In other words, individuals will become inextricably linked into the network’s entertainment and educational applications, which will become globalized. No longer will global media companies publish for a geographical market. They will produce content for a global audience and each individual will define what and how it desires to be entertained or educated.

The OLIN technology will "know" the preferences and interests of every individual linked to its network, and by the year 2016, it will be more ubiquitous than telephones in the late 20th century. Hence, the network will be controlled by individuals, and producers of content and services will be the "slave" or reactionary force of the individual. Thus, the individual will need to define their entertainment and educational desires carefully, or the OLIN technology will deliver content that is undesirable.

We know this sounds obvious and trite, but it is profoundly different than the way entertainment and education are delivered in your world of the pre-OLIN technology. The time capsules that the WingMakers have left behind will act as a template to those who operate outside of the limiting force of the genetic mind, and desire to create content for the OLIN technology even before it exists. The time capsules will show how to do this and demonstrate how to create multi-dimensional content that carries its viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.

This is how the genetic mind will fragment and become unable to exert a unified force upon the human instruments of Terra-Earth. When it is in this condition it will yield to the transformation/mastership model of existence and form a synthesis with it. It will transform itself, and the genetic mind will become the leader of transformation for entities upon Terra-Earth instead of its barrier force.

Sovereign Integral Network

[Taken from: ]

The Sovereign Integral Network (SIN) already exists, indeed, has always existed. However, there has not been a way for it to connect or interface with your technologies. Terra-Earth has created technologies that are largely mechanistic and electrical in nature, and it is just beginning to understand electromagnetic energy fields and holographic technology. Regrettably, when technologies are in their infantile stages of development, they are very often conformed to a military or economic control application. And this is the case with these emerging technologies.

SIN cannot interface with technologies bearing such an application. Not because it is impossible technologically, but because it is undesirable ethically. SIN is actually a sub-atomic network of light-encoded filaments that exist in all dimensions of the Multiverse. Think of SIN as an infinite number of threads of light issuing from Source Reality, and, like a web, connecting every life form at its entity level to all other entities and First Source. This is an organic network that is utilized by First Source to transmit knowledge to entities and to receive knowledge from entities.

SIN will eventually be interfaced with OLIN technology, but this will not happen for several hundred years. The interface is too far beyond both your technology and understanding of cosmology, and no planetary system can be fitted to interface with SIN until it is absolutely pure in its content and application. Only First Source makes this decision as to when a planetary system can become a node on SIN. This is the core purpose of WingMakers, to help Terra-Earth become a node on SIN before its opportunity to interface has past.

Each entity is a node of SIN, but so few realize this connection exists other than through what they read or hear. The connection is real and timeless, and occurs at the core, innermost aspect of the entity where beats the replica heart of First Source. This is the repository of First Source and exudes ITS Unique vibration like a radio tower sends its signals in all directions.

Even your physicists have found preliminary evidence of SIN in their research with their so-called super string theory. We assure you, however, that this network will eventually replace all other networks for the primary reason that it is the conduit into timelessness. And this is the destination that draws all humanoid species, initially, through a technological portal similar to your Internet, which eventually leads to a biomorphic portal consisting of the encoded light filaments leading to the non-worlds of Source Reality.

When a human species transforms its genetic mind to utilize the SovereignIntegral Network [N. of E.: become a group consciousness or monadic consciousness], this then becomes the "ship" upon which it [the human species] sails the seas of the Cosmos. And in this way, the species is allowed to become "Gods" of newly-created worlds in which it can re-enact the entire process of the Grand Experiment utilizing its knowledge base and wisdom that was achieved in the previous stage of its existence. On a grand scale, this process is cast in countless worlds across the Multiverse, and orchestrating all of this wondrous activity of Creation is Source Intelligence and SIN.

A note here about genetic mind. This is different than "mass consciousness" Genetic mind represents all accumulated experience of mankind to this point. Mass consciousness is a more current representation of the masses awareness. The genetic mind fragments, as more people become Sovereign Integrals.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by  ©2006-2007 AbundantHope – All rights reserved


Esu Gives a Pre-Stasis Update
August 1st, 2007

Taken from: by  Jess Anthony.

Journal 8-1-07
Jess: Esu, I ask for words from you this evening. I ask for commentary and guidance. I ask for a projection of what we should expect. Speak of China and speak of the banking system. Speak of the timing and speak of the stasis, if you will. Speak of the actions to remove the dark cabal. I ask for insight and assurance this evening.

Sananda: Yes, Jess, I will speak with you this evening. There are many incorrect assumptions and predictions that are floating around the internet and it is once again time to clarify and explain the purpose of why we are pursuing the course we are. It has been a shift from the projected one of several years—that is true. This has been primarily because of the inhabitants involved in the most egregious actions and their complete unwillingness to adapt their attitudes and policies and return to a connection with the ideas of Christ Michael Aton.

We have never intended to overtake the direction, the free intentions Earth’s population have charted. We have always known that the awareness of their link to Universal Law was latent within even the most hidden psyches. The link to the Creator Source remained a core element, even when they ignored it or denied its existence. We have delayed as long as we could despite the ongoing movement that has been set in place in the galaxy and in the solar system that surrounds Earth. These blueprints were inviolate and Earth was part of the scheme. The final time at which Earth must revert to its larger role approaches fast. We love each person equally and we rejoice each time another wakes up to his or her connection to the mass consciousness that pervades the spiritual persona of Earth.

Our hope for awakening was frustrated, however, when weighed against the time available within the galactic schedule. For this reason, Christ Michael decided to seek help through the Conclave he called with representatives from Havona and from other sections of Orvonton, the Grand Universe Earth’s Nebadon Universe is a small part of. These advisors each had their own experience with similar global Ascensions, although never has the darkness been so controlling in the history of Creation. This struggle has proved to be a unique laboratory for observation and experiment, and even Creator Source has learned from the results of its struggles against the dark that was quarantined on this planet.

The resolution of the conclave was that Galactic Forces should intervene even further than they had and, in effect, “take over” the planet to force the necessary behavior for a progression to the Ascension that has already been determined. The cosmic clock was ticking, as it were, and there was no more room for uncertain behavior.

This intervention should not be looked upon as a negative punishment, however, but as a stricter enforcement of the Universal Laws that had already been agreed to. It is very much like a parent cracking down on an unruly teenager and forcing him or her to follow the rules they have laid down previously. The teen has free choice still, but within a very narrow range of options that have been determined for the most practical way of moving the Earth’s inhabitants toward Ascension with Earth herself. The inhabitants most in danger of not following these Universal rules are the ones signing irrevocable contracts guaranteeing their behavior fits these predetermined laws. They have lost their ability to choose completely freely.

Why is this being set in place, you ask? This is being done in preparation for the stasis event you have discussed previously. The time of stasis will be a period of cleaning up Earth in more ways than one. Much of the toxicological abuses will be remedied and the ozone layer will be removed to allow greater intensities of cosmic energy to reach the Earth. This will raise the frequency of the spiritual embodiment and force any resistant energy streams to be broken up. This raising of energy will have the visible effect of forcing many inhabitants to leave their current physical bodies because they are too far removed in that state to be able to adapt to the intensity of the frequency coming in. The number of one million gone is not an unrealistic prediction.

In preparation for this to happen, we are allowing the banking system to collapse upon itself. There is no money left to fill in the gaps that have been created by unlawful business transactions. You see the descriptions posted. This is happening. The Chinese bankers and the Russians are not bailing out America’s gangsters who are making the ultimate financial decisions. This will collapse in on itself, and soon. I expect in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the money involved in the prosperity programs is being kept from its rightful owners. The deliveries are continually being interrupted or cancelled outright. Why don’t we intervene in this, you ask? It is again a problem you as a population have allowed to happen—albeit without much knowledge beforehand—and it is your responsibility to provide some sort of closure. We are not able to step in and make everything better by virtue of our presence. We are not the Gods of the Rapture. We are like you, only at a higher level of energy structure.

The solutions being projected to deal with the government/business nexus are problematic and dangerous, in many cases. The results will not provide the peace they promise. They will, in fact, only set up a more dangerous scenario that will cause even more anguish. It is foolish to presume the Chinese Secret Society will do more than create chaos with its bloody mission. There is no follow through plan and no way of preventing the under level of operatives from taking over from the leaders removed. The system is in place and it rolls on even without the figure heads.

The solution hinges on money, and the lack of it. Without the force of the immense wealth they have accumulated, the dark is essentially powerless to effect much confusion. Its control is removed and the leaders are suddenly malleable. The demise of the banking industry and the pressure being placed by more and more unshakeable evidence of wrong doing will be impossible to counter. This approach allows the people to be the actual movers, although again with pretty substantial help and guidance from galactic forces. The steps taken must be Constitutional regardless of the source of the power that actually cause them to be taken.

I say look to the weekend for developments. Much is stirring and much upset is inevitable. I won’t predict the day the stasis will begin. That is Christ Michael Aton’s decision. But I will say the pieces are in place, for the most part, and the transition team is ready to move into position. It will be soon, very soon.

This is Esu Immanuel Kumara, the Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia.


Esu Speaks On Future Events
August 9th, 2007

Taken from: by  Jess Anthony.

Jess: Esu, I ask for specific comments about where we stand and what is going to happen. I see reports of the banks collapsing. I see a purported interview with St. Germain speaking of the timeframe for the fall, including the Jupiter event. I see desperation in the government. I ask for clarity and guidance. I ask for your comments this evening.

Sananda: Jess, yes, I speak with Christ Consciousness. Many things are happening, only some of which you see in your media or read on your Internet. Let’s speak first of the banks. The reports are true. The large central banks are scrambling to find some money to appear to be able to cover their investments and accounts. They have spent unwisely and loosely with regard to their actual assets. This is happening all over the world.

The United States faction is the major contributor to this chaos in the banking world. The banking industry in this country has followed the lead of a few mega billionaires and has undercut the whole financial system of established economic relationships. They have spent money they have not had in their possession or on their books, and they have turned around and re-invested the profits acquired from these fraudulent transactions into more illegal investments. This has come to a screeching halt. The banks will find in the next couple of days that the crisis is real and that they have been participants in the largest financial swindle ever seen. No one will emerge victorious. The world’s banking system will collapse. That is the only way a new system with accurate bookkeeping and honest transactions can be installed in the place of the corrupt system currently in its death throes.

You ask of time lines. This banking crisis is beginning already, and it will hit its peak within the next week. That doesn’t mean the crisis must happen before we move into stasis. The scenario is set for the take over and it is practical to clean house before we move into a new system of operation that is accountable and based on actual holdings. We are looking very carefully beginning the stasis this weekend. It depends on the state of the fiscal collapse and on the government’s response to the incidents that will be forthcoming. The time for stasis could be delayed a few days more to allow the current knot to untangle even further. This will make the system even more workable. We will put supervisors in place who will not be swayed by greed or political maneuvering. They will be immoveable coordinators who are maintaining the integrity of the new banking system that will be implemented. These supervisors are from off-world, and they will be unswayable. This is not allowing Earth coordinators to continue overseeing these crucial economic systems as was intended. The qualified leaders on Earth have been so tainted by the access of easy money they must no longer be relied upon to handle the crucial transfer.

The government transition is ready to go. Congress has once again proved itself ineffectual, despite the mandate we helped hand it with the last elections[see a series of articles entitled "Messages on the US Elections’ Results" atNESARA Updates, Galactic Federation II, N. of E.]. They have once again ignored their constituencies and have sold out to the highest bidders still pulling their economic and biased political strings. They have lost their initial chance to make good on the voter’s wishes, and their political role at this point is little different than it was before the sweep. On occasions it does manage to pull itself into a position of resistance that has a beneficial effect, but generally it is lacking in initiative and any willingness to move in the direction it has been elected to pursue.

Shall we speak of the time line further? The stasis events will set the scene for the government sweep that is necessary and allow the banking system to be reborn. The time in suspension will also be used to clean up such major catastrophes as the mass of plastic containers floating in the ocean referred to as the size of Texas. The ecological disasters that are increasingly evident as a result of pollution and dumping of garbage and waste products into the landfills and the water supplies will also be tackled in some measure. Much of the manageable cleanup will be saved for you to do later, however.

This period of cleanup will be followed by at least two weeks of educational programming to explain what is happening on Earth. This will point out the reasons for the actions taken during the stasis period and will also serve as a forum to introduce new methods of government and new financial systems. The government in the United States will be based on its original Constitutional intentions, and the representative method of a true republic will be put into action. Local groups will select representative who, in turn, will present their electorate’s positions in a group forum much like the current Congress. The votes, however, must be exclusively representative of the people’s wishes that sent the representatives in the first place. Any decision outside the will of the people will be disavowed and the representative will be removed and sent home.

The geophysical catastrophes that are looming will begin to happen with increased frequency during the fall period before the Jupiter event is brought off in December when the planet is behind the sun and not directly in line with Earth. California and the Pacific Rim countries are most in danger of earthquake and flooding. The exact scenario is not known, but risks are high and should be considered in planning your future. Everyone must determine how they wish to deal with the throes Mother Earth will go through to break out of her current limited form. This will cause the water to be redistributed in places, cause parts of the sunken Earth landmass to be brought to the surface again, and make presently uninhabitable areas temperate and capable of being inhabited again. The time frame for this is again not certain, and the nature of the projected catastrophes is not certain, nor is the extent of disaster they will bring. It will be whatever the people of Earth determine will be in the best interests of the pursuits of their individual life streams. This may be unconscious in part, but these actions will always be determined by the individual’s Higher Self. Each person will choose the path it takes and will determine the extent of involvement with the transition period.

We have spoken of the Jupiter event in passing and this will be covered much more in depth as the time approaches nearer. However, the delay in action that has necessitated the decision of the Conclave has shortened the amount of time that will be available to prepare for this situation. It is crucial that the government be in place first, with a stable banking system that responds accurately on a global basis. Money and help will be shifted as needed throughout the countries most damaged. There will be no tolerance for anything less than compassion and a complete willingness to act as a global unit. This sounds harsh, but the times will require a controlled method of provided assistance world-wide. There will not be time for debate or unwillingness to act.

What will be the outcome of this, you ask? You will have a period of testing and struggle initially that will give way to an unimaginable period of peace and regeneration that will begin to take you to the already determined period of Light and universal love. This will not be an overnight rapture, but will be a global project that you will pursue to achieve this Ascension yourself. Ascension means taking yourself to a higher level. We can only show you the way. You must find the path there yourself. Part of that involves finding closure on aspects of your lifetimes you have started but not finished. There is no room for incompleteness or unsatisfied attempts of selfish endeavors for personal gratification at the expense of someone else’s wishes.

This will be a glorious time to reach. It will not be immediate, nor will it be easy for everyone. But it will be reached by those who choose to go there.

Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia.

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