Stasis 101, Part I

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Stasis 101
Part I
 By Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon
September 5, 2007

Sir Edward Burne-Jones painted The Sleeping Beauty

 Christ Michael received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on September 8th, 2007.  Taken from:

Stasis series: Stasis 101 Part I, Part II,Part III andPart IV. See the Introduction to Stasis in this website in the articleChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes.

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, I know this wait has been long for you, but understand that the stasis event prepares your way, it is my gift to the planet and it must be done right, and has been. All the various players that signed to work with us are in place. We had quite a surprise with the administration we had thought would serve within the United States, one important one chose to not sign a contract. And so another did.

I will not release yet publicly my final date, except to say it is within this month, but we shall be ahead of that date. During the past week, we have moved Starfleet volunteer personnel into the Federal Reserve Banking system. Your Ben Bernake did not sign to serve, but agreed to serve minus the signature and supervision and then folded on us to announce the ending of the Federal Reserve last Friday. He was supposed to have given an address to the nation from Wyoming that night, and instead made a hurried meeting lasting a short time that morning and left and did nothing he had agreed to do. He shall meet his appropriate fate for that in Monjoronson’s courts.

Everything is in place now and we are very close to starting the stasis event. I have given a description of that process to Henning, the Regional Director of main Europe for AbundantHope and Candace will place an appropriate portion of that piece herein.  (Candace: I have placed it at the end after Christ Michael has finished.)

Now I suggest putting away a bit of cash to last a few days, because the banks will be closed when the planet comes out of stasis, or shortly thereafter. Thus your plastic will not work. Have enough for your gasoline, food, etc. Announcement will begin as soon as possible after the planet is fully awake. This will take 24 hours, the awakening, but there should be little on the news, depending on the area awakened.

I remind you that many will leave the planet during stasis from two main causes. We are removing many dark who have been in the way, and that number is quite large and includes many famous and important known people so it can’t be hidden. Then the other group will be those who may be infirm for various reasons and the exposure of the photon energy, after the ozone layer is removed, will be toxic to them. The stasis itself will claim some who are ill.

As we have taught already, you will only perceive that stasis has occurred after you awaken from it. You must find your courage and be supportive to those who are in fear, and many will be in fear simply because they sense something has happened, and when the news begins to cover any events, before we are on the cable news system, it may not be pretty. There are quite a few news personnel who will also be in a retreat during stasis to continue the planning on their part for it is great.

They will return to their various areas, as soon as, where they are from, is awakened, to get a handle on what is going on. We do not have star fleet people directly on the mainstream media, but we do have many, who did agree to be supervised, enough to cover. The actual announcement, with the announcement team in place will start within 12 hours of the full awakening of the planet. And that part of the announcement comes from the Capricorn and Phoenix, we have two teams in place, because at first the process will run nearly around the clock so the many times zones can pick up on it. Those who speak languages other than English are in place and will begin translation of the material as presented so that other countries have benefit.  We have arranged for a few to repeat portions of the announcement during hours where languages other than English are common, and can be heard during waking hours in some of these countries. An example would be areas of China and Russia that are more or less opposite the United States. There is no perfect method to handle all the languages, countries, time zones etc, in a fully live event, so everyone will do their best.

You will see nothing but us on cable channels for quite some time. No commercials, no other shows. There will be no radio satellite signal because we do not want the various radio shows that operate on satellite signal to broadcast negative material. We have a number of committed people in major print media, so we hopefully won’t have much difficulty around that, as there are star fleet support personnel behind the scenes to assist the newspapers in reporting truth. There are many small radio stations difficult to control, and where we are involved in radio to a greater degree is in countries with people that don’t tend to have television readily available, and so we will control the radio in these places.

Now I will give you again a list of some of the projects we will accomplish during the stasis. In addition to what we will accomplish there will be several major other changes that will make life a little difficult on the planet and at this moment I won’t discuss those, it must remain secure.

1. Of course as previously stated we remove the ozone layer that is preventing the full benefit of the extra energy from the photon belt. There are certain systems on Earth that will not function safely, because of electrical mechanical effects, and these we will cover during the early period of announcement, but I won’t detail that, as above.

2. We will cleanse the atmosphere as possible, but we are not able to fully remove all pollutants. As above, there will be changes related to controlling the return of pollution to the atmosphere, and this will be covered also during announcement.

3. Many oil and gas wells, will close naturally, and we will close many selected others. There are two reasons for this. Electromagnet changes will cause some quaking and settling as the planet goes in and out of stasis. We will close others at risk for extensive quakes. As we have taught already, some of the major quake activity is related to depleting the oil on which the plates of Earth float. We also, as a third reason will close some in certain countries where it is not so depleted yet to conserve necessary reserves and also reduce the continual fighting for undeveloped resources. I will let you use your imaginations where some of that might occur.

4. We will cleanse the plastic from the oceans. Enough damage to your sea life that goes uncovered on the news.

5. We will not convert the landfills to anything or disrupt them. Candace has had letters on this, thinking that everything polluting will be gone. Many of you, including Candace, live on a landfill. You will be given technology for converting, meaning the concepts to develop for converting your landfills that are not lived on at this time, to fertilizer. There are a variety of methods available to do this, and you on Earth must develop much of that which you need including better processing of your waste, and you will figure out ways rather rapidly to use less oil and gas thus reducing your plastic waste. This technology has, like so many others, been given previously and refused.

6. We will remove a goodly number of the recalcitrant dark so they do not stand in your way as above.

7. We will remove the little devices from all the cell-phone towers that can be used to send fake “audio” messages to people as being a message from “god.”  This is very important because almost a year ago the dark planned a nasty revenge in which the many programmed ones, done through the underground of a variety of churches on the planet, were to receive nefarious messages to do nefarious things in great variety. The plan last fall was for many to begin a shooting spree in many public places particularly in the United States.

That would have brought instant manifestation by us, and enough said on that for the time being. Almost every well-known church on the planet uses some of its buildings to participate in mind control programs and people are recruited into this, mostly willingly, in their desire to serve God. Some know “god” will speak to them; others do not but will go into a variety of actions anyway from either the cell towers or on advice of “trusted” ministers. Such goes on in Iraq regularly at this time that stimulates this created civil strife.

8. Another cleansing of the darker astral realms. We do this frequently anyway, but this one will cover perhaps a slightly higher layer in this.

9. Star incarnates that have chosen to stay with the planet until the end of their natural life will be given some additional health benefits to enable them to better withstand the effects of the photon belt.

10. Certain star incarnates who have agreed to serve an extensive time in service to myself and the Planetary Prince will receive fuller healing to lengthen their lives.

11. There are certain star incarnates who at a higher level would prefer to leave now, they have completed their contracts and then some, with the many delays of the Second Coming process, that really started with the Phoenix Journal era. These will be allowed their wish during the period of stasis. Most of these will leave their bodies behind and return by incarnation from whence they came. Some will return to their Lightbodies that have been in storage from whence they came. All of this will be explained during the announcement period.

12. The overall vibration of the planet will be increased by both the removals and also by not returning the planet to its same vibratory rate that it was when it went into stasis.

13. There remains additional “stuff” that will be done, not to be covered here. Add cleansing to many of the waters also to this list.

Now regards the many prosperity programs and the humanitarian funds. We have made certain deliveries to high-ranking people within the prosperity programs and there are instructions with these deliveries.

No actual monies will be accessed until after the banks reopen several days after stasis is over. There can be no monies released until the central banks are closed around the world and the new treasury banks in the many countries are open. Existing banks under the central bank systems throughout the world will either be closed or merged into the various National Treasuries. Some of this merging will occur later in some of the smaller countries. We have to get moving.

Germain’s Humanitarian Funds will be released according to his own schedule. It is time for you, readers, to set aside your own funds in preparation for Jupiter. I can’t give a date on when any funds will filter down to individuals on the lists. It will take a bit of time. And the times of the rebate as part of NESARA that was discussed before will occur, but not within the estimated year but a bit later. Certain funds will be released to individuals who can use them properly to get the planet through the Jupiter event that will come about 2 months after stasis is over. Remember that Jupiter and Earth will continue to travel during stasis, so the prime date to initiate it, will be in very early December, rather than late December. Stasis will last between three and four weeks.

You will not be evacuated before Jupiter; you will solve the problems before hand and make preparations. This may sound cruel but it is not. This is a training planet and what is to come is a far better scenario than a pole reversal. You will be challenged and after the fact, you will be proud of your response and growth obtained from that challenge.

AbundantHope, as we have said, is directly our agency to accomplish the work needed by the large ground crew. We will provide some assistance, and knowledge as requested, but other than what we will do during stasis, as our gift, you must yourselves come forth and gift yourselves and others in the times to come.

This planet will not be at rest for some time to come. Although the greatest event to come, from our viewpoint at this time is the Jupiter event, there will continue to be many tests. You must remodel the energy systems; that takes the next priority. You will not be allowed to re-pollute this planet and I suggest those of you in the know right now, go buy yourselves some bicycles. Auto traffic will be greatly reduced by the closing of the oil wells that will occur, and no further development of the oil industry will happen.

Development dollars and mental creativity will go to getting a variety of new energies onto the planet. Closing of many wells in yet undeveloped areas will make developing other methods a priority. For once, every person on this planet will be faced with “real” spirituality and not the material basis of life right now. You will learn or remember that chasing the dollar your whole life is a shallow and distressing way to live. In fact, if you were a more mature society, you could be off the money by Jupiter, but we don’t see that happening. But imagine what you could accomplish without the restrictions of money, if only you will look at the idea. Jupiter will teach that idea. You will come together, money or not.

The known members of AbundantHope and ones that will join during and after stasis are the ground crew. This is mine and Esu’s chosen organization to represent us. We are “joined at the hip.”  It will be time for the New Age community to stop its squabbling and discover the unity concept still so missing upon this plane. It will be shortly time for all the religious organizations to stop their squabbling. It will shortly be time for all the peace and anti war organizations, the green organizations, and all the other “lighted” organizations to come together into Oneness and discover the power of Two or More In My Name. Namaste, Christ Michael.


OK, here is Henning’s work with Christ Michael, posted earlier today just to the AH team. I have removed that which is not to be public at this time.

Stasis 101, by Henning

Henning:  Beloveds, it was my personal interest that I asked CM to answer some questions about the upcoming stasis and things we will have to focus on immediately after the end of the event. Again, you won’t get a transcript of my conversation (held in German, as you know), instead here is a summary of my questions and the answers.

How is it accomplished?

CM: “Basically, the stasis is created by lowering —or better, halting— the vibration on the sub-atomic level. This applies to a specific range of creatures on Mother Earth. Every creature exists on a specific vibration level and signature. The energy field for the stasis influences only a specific frequency spectrum of living creatures. That’s why cells, micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans sleep —whereas entities existing below or above this spectrum continue to vibrate or live. In essence, it is the part of creation existing in 3-4D (roughly) which is sent to sleep. Imagine “The Sleeping Beauty” —this picture describes best what happens.

I tried to explain the whole thing in an easy-to-understand way, as you surely can imagine, things are a little bit more complex.

“The energy field for initiating stasis is created by a group of starships sending out a specific energy pattern. Earth’s surface area which is enclosed by this, is relatively small (less than 1 of 360 degrees), and only one half of Earth is covered simultaneously, starting in the Far East as I already told you. That’s why it basically takes 24 hours until the Earth is fully in stasis.

“The energy field is then cut off, and it is possible for star people and humans to come down to the surface to do the several tasks you already know of. After having accomplished the tasks, the creatures are awakened by another special energy field from the ships. This again takes 24 hours to complete.

“Notice that the stasis is active on Mother Earth’s surface only. It is not in the Inner Earth and of course not in your retreat area in the Himalayas.”

What about the WW news during the initiation of stasis?

CM: “We will make sure that the information flow from the areas where the stasis begins first (Far East) will be controlled to some extent. This is relatively easy as the ‘sleeping’ creatures cannot pass any information to other parts of the world. So the ‘controlling’ of information basically deals with masking the real reason for the lack of information to understandable reasons, i.e. defects in the communication infrastructure.”

How does life change after waking up?

CM: “First, understand that we will start the teaching activities shortly after the Earth [is] coming out of stasis. Our current plan is to start with that when the stasis is ended entirely.

These first hours after awakening from stasis are the most critical ones as people will realize the things happened with fear and shock. It is most important for you as the ground crew that you are rock-solid and in best control of your emotions during these first hours and days.

Remember that we will seal a significant amount of oil dwells during stasis, so that resources in this area will be restricted a good deal.

Which are the top priorities we as AH team must work on after stasis?

CM: “The top priority is preparation work for the ignition of Jupiter. It will be your main task to work as liaison people between us and the new leaders on Earth. We as a team have to ensure that people are prepared best for the ignition event.

Plenty of GF people and craft will be available to your disposal but you and all your helpers have to do the planning and negotiation with the GF folks. You will have several options to react, i.e., on reduced “Earth transport capacities” caused by restricted gas as you can organize GF craft and people for serving the Earth transportation needs until sustainable solutions are in place.

“Depending on the available capacities, relocation to public shelters is an option in several countries. In other areas it might be necessary to protect people’s homes. Massive evacuation by the GF is not appropriate!

“As you know, the ignition itself will cause a massive energy burst on several levels. Take into consideration that electric grids, data networks and wireless devices will not work at least for a couple of days. When the ignition begins, people must be in safe places and enough food and water stored for 2 weeks minimum.

“Furthermore, the houses where the people live must be protected sufficiently against the massive light and energy bursts. This can be accomplished by sealing off doors and windows. GF folks are able to offer other forms of protection, too. But it’s your job to get this known and plan accordingly.

“To summarize things, here is a list of the top-priority actions:

1. Assist people in moving away from the coasts
2. Take care for protection of people’s homes.

“We try our best to prepare for all this, and you all will be amazed to the amount of planning and preparation we already did – and you are currently not aware of. But it is a ‘big hairy job’. Indeed I AM sure that we altogether will make it.”
“Namaste, Aton/Christ Michael”

Namaste!  Atelo (Henning), Regional Director for Europe


I have received a good deal of mail around the USA western coast, with people asking questions such as when should they sell their house. I think it is already past that time. We will better define the expected areas of devastation from the Jupiter event, and any earthquakes that may or may not occur before that time. Once we give those suggested parameters, no one is going to buy your house in all likelihood. It is for you and your own conscience to place a home or business for sale or not in the meantime.  The event WILL take place in December.

We will cover the coming Jupiter event during the later part of the announcement period. For the best results to the people of Earth, Jupiter will be ignited during that safety period when it is behind the sun, because the sun offers a buffer effect. As reported recently, Jupiter has been specially “encapsulated in an appropriate energy field” right now, to very hopefully prevent its own self-ignition prior to the best time.

People, it is for YOU yourselves to determine your course. If you live in the LA area, the time to move is NOW, because that event, or something less than that event, could happen anytime now. LA will go into the ocean as we have covered, from north metro area, west to the San Andreas fault, and south to the Baja, about straight across from where the Colorado River exits into the Gulf of Mexico.  It could happen all at once, or in parts, but it will happen, and if it doesn’t prior to the Jupiter event, it most likely will at that time.

The estimated Tsunami from that occurrence could be as high as 1000 feet, and the resultant tsunami will hit much of the west coast of the USA and Mexico, and could likely travel across the entirely of the Pacific. Why risk it? You all know California is just waiting to happen. In addition to the San Andreas Fault system, there is another fault coming west to east off the coast northern California, and there is a plate north of that fault. Visit USGS and educate yourself.

The Jupiter event may well cause a number of volcanoes to go off, which could include Rainier. If Rainer doesn’t do it then, it will do it at some point. Indian legends talk of Mother/Father volcanoes, or something along that line [Rainier is the father volcano and St. Helen the female volcano, N. of E.]. St. Helen’s was predicted in Indian Lore, and so is Rainier. The folks in New Orleans for some reason thought it was a safe place, even though so much was below sea level, and they want to move back? ‘Gimme’ a break. Now those dikes and levies were blown by explosives, but still, this was merely waiting to happen anyway.

Although the hurricane season got off to a late start this year, there have been two back-to-back 5s.  What more evidence of the Earth changes going does the world need? Granted the controllers are trying to make emissions the cause of global warming, but they account for only a small percent of it.  Global warming and the warming of the entire solar system is due to the photon belt energy. And our scientists are simply not going to fix that one. However, do not negate the pollution for it is at extreme levels now, and will soon be very life threatening if our way of life continues. I don’t know about other areas of the planet, but here in my city, there is lots of top death on the trees indicative of pollution.

Have you noticed the greater number of people on oxygen? That is directly related to the pollutants entering the body from cigarettes, BAD air, fumes of all sorts, and the lowered-oxygen levels of the atmosphere. I think people at even moderate altitudes are showing higher hemoglobin in their blood to increase oxygen supply to the body tissues.

Every organ of our body is created at birth and during childhood in excess of what we need, and thus allows for damage and aging. But once an organ has crossed that fine line, the body craps out. I have seen this over and over in my health career. Livers do grandly, until the last moment. So do the kidneys, lungs, and heart. But go just a tad too far, and all bets are off, and the planet is no exception to that rule. We are not that far away “from all bets are off” regards the pollution alone, let alone our other massive problems.

For Jupiter, help your doubting Thomas friends and family realize what a gift to this planet and our civilization this whole thing called the Second Coming process is.

The planet has been lost before; NOT THIS TIME, however. There are now enough awakened ones, if we provide more awakening, to stand in place and get the salvation of the planet, and all her life forms done. NO MORE MAJOR POLE SHIFTS and POLE REVERSALS. The only pole shift will be minor ones, such as will occur during Jupiter, and the only changing of the polarity will be into the Hallowed Stage of Light and Life, MONOPOLARITY. As long we get our tuttis in gear, and quickly with this intervention, we will have finally won the long battle to return this planet to the lighted realms. SO BE IT. Take care, Candace.
PS. to the ones who wrote me the snail mail letter from Capitola, could you, please, send me your email address? I am short of a printer right now to answer by the same method. You can send it, to the address I have long used,[email protected] Thank you, beloved ones!

Stasis 101 Updates

Updates Through Jess Anthony

Christ Michael Comments on Current Progress into Stasis:
Taken from:

Journal 9-24-07
Jess: Christ Michael, I ask for you to clarify the situation for me and for other readers. A letter has been sent to you asking most respectfully where we are in terms of the end of September date posted in “Stasis 101.” I am aware of the flexibility necessary in arranging events on such a grand scale. I accept your explanations for unexpected events that prevent the projected plans from taking place as anticipated. The issue in this instance is a set time frame that people have organized their lives around. This has happened many times in the past, unfortunately, and people are not conditioned to accept these alterations from what they assumed to be respected voices. Speak to these issues if you will today.

Christ Michael: Yes, Jess, I will speak to you again today. These are serious questions in a time of uncertainty. The surface, public events bare little resemblance to the underlying machinations that are ongoing even as we speak this evening. The agreements we seek and must have before we can enter stasis have not yet been reached completely.

You ask me to explain this situation further for the readers. Stasis is an event that will occur as the beginning of our formal intervention. We have been guiding you on Earth up to this point through discussions and teachings and also with the assistance of numerous allies who are working on the surface in professions that directly impact the decisions that will produce the outcome that must be achieved. Make no mistake: the outcome will be achieved. This is the decree of Heaven and the Creator Source of All. My responsibility and guardianship oversees this taking place. I have created this Universe of Nebadon and Earth is my prize creation. I will not see this fail.

However, I also created the existence on Earth to explore the experience of duality and separation from me. This has been a more extraordinary lesson than anyone could have projected at the time. This is because there were no previous examples to look to and no hints of the outcomes that might be possible. I offered the opportunity for masters and angels to come to Earth and experience this new sense of separation. It was a risk, and I knew it was necessary to have inhabitants with skills and previous experience with shaping a planet in times of distress. This ability was locked inside of each of the people who incarnated. For a while they remembered this as part of their connection to the Universe. But with the coming of the dark, they were made to forget this link and become unthinking servants to others with an awareness of control and manipulation.

This led to the catastrophes of Lemuria and Atlantis, and survivors sank even further into their forgetfulness. Others with some remembrance of their positions as overlords created another world of elite and controlled. This recreation of the worst of Atlantis has continued up to the present day. My bestowal in the agency of Jesus Christ was the beginning of the shift in thinking that would lead to the awareness that is burgeoning out today.

I have been guiding you with my ministers and teachers for the whole of your existence. This has been a form of intervention from the beginning of your history. The intervention you seek now asks for more specific assistance in the face of greater threats than you have ever been aware of. We have listened to your requests and have granted you more.

The Conclave you have heard spoken of was a meeting I called with representatives from all over the Grand Universe and Havona. This was a meeting unlike any you have heard of. The representatives deal with the directions Universes as a whole take in Ascending and recreating themselves. They determine how universes are constructed and what reality they will embody as their components are developed. This is work on a greater scale than you are capable of imagining. Think how vast your own Universe of Nebadon is and imagine that to be an insignificant piece of an immense group of similar universes. The attendees at the meeting I called were the overseers of these vast assemblages of planets and stars. Spiritual beings on a high level of Light and connection with the energy of the Creator Source.

They all had opinions on what to do with Earth, this small piece of the Grand Universe of Universes. It was a long and contested discussion. The end result was that I was given the right to do what I wished with my Creation. The Plan is totally mine and the decisions I make are totally for the best interests of my jewel of Creation.

I have chosen to allow you still to work out your resolution as best you can —with our assistance— to the cycle of choices that were initiated after the demise of Atlantis. This has been thousands of years of your struggling and experiencing, with stages of awakening and periods of falling back into forgetfulness. We have always been guiding your explorations and always providing suggestions for you to discover as your own awarenesses. Your core connection to me has been constant even as you were oblivious to its presence. This is why you have always looked for something —a solution, a better way, a savior. This search has always taken a form.

Now you are here with an awareness that is ready to experience our full disclosure. This readiness is still threatened by those who wish this awakening not to occur.These are the controlling elite who manipulate your actions and your thinking to make you support them through your acceptance of laws and procedures that are not in your own individual best interest. This is being changed completely, with actions that are progressing carefully and delicately through mine fields that reach to all levels of your global society. The game plan in operation is enormously complicated and operating on several levels of reality at once. Your conscious perception is but one level of the activity that is ongoing. You sense the progress in all these levels, but your conscious awareness is still fixated on the conditioning information still being fed to you by the controlled media sources.

This disjunction of levels of perception is the source of your discomfort and frustration. You have a sense that good is pervading much of your awareness, but you reject that assurance in the face of measured and quantified proof that seems to fall short of your expectations.

The question of time is a tricky one. Time and space are constants that we accept as well,but the measurements you use are not those of the Universe of Orvonton that we are part of. Our measurements coincide with yours on occasions, and are not congruent on others. Our working plan is what we must make our decisions by, just as you are tied to your calendar measurements and your time segments. We have certain plans that we work under, and these projections are the dates that are given out in messages and so-called predictions. These dates are approximations to our time. They can’t be looked at as the determinants for galactic actions that are timed to another system. We say in all cases that a projected date is contingent on all factors being in place. This understanding is a truth that will not be changed. Any prediction that states a definite date is always conditional, even if the channeler or seer doesn’t include that fact.

What to say now of the “Stasis 101” date and the projection for the end of September? This is a proposed date in your time that coincides with the working plan we are operating from. Our working plan has a list of variables that must be in place before we can move on. The irony is that the variables are being achieved by allies on Earth working within the time frame they are familiar with. The date of 9/19 was a deadline by which agreements had to be reached. I would allow no further indecision on those questions. This time came and went and the agreements I sought were not achieved.  At that point I determined that I would offer no more deadlines. The decisions from then on were solely mine to make.

As a result, I have ordered the beginning preparations for the stasis event, and steps are being taken to move the participants into place. Certain of the variables still have to be in place, however, before it is feasible to begin the stasis. We must have complete control of the banking situation. We must have the leverage to obtain the support of the governments around the world. This has not yet all taken place, despite the fact that the end of September is approaching. That was the working plan we told Candace as she wrote the “Stasis 101” message. That is still the working plan we are operating from as the time passes. We are also working with free will choices and the projections of what we anticipate will happen are not absolutely certain.

I hope you understand where we are and what is happening at the moment. This is an immense undertaking that will be the beginnings of an extraordinary shift in consciousness and a progression in your Ascension that is unique in all of Creation.

This is my word to you today.
Christ Michael Aton, the Creator Son of Nebadon

St. Germain Speaks On GESARA and Stasis:
Taken from:

Journal 9-25-07
Jess:Violinio, I think it is time I asked for comments from you. There seems to be some disagreement as to who is your source and what you are saying. My messages from you have been full of comments on the NESARA program you set up and full of support for the changes Christ Michael is overseeing. I ask you this evening to state who your source is and what you are working with.

St. Germain: Jess, my boy, it has been a long time since we have talked. Yes, I have been busy and you have too, preparing for the changes that will be coming soon from Christ Michael and his workers. I will state categorically that I am working with his mission and that you are part of his ground crew.

I have other channellers who voice my words, that is true. My comments are geared more to specific issues dealing with Ascension and the literal changes that will be taking place in your communities as a result of Christ Michael’s decision to allow Earth to Ascend along with her inhabitants capable of withstanding the upliftment of energy. That was a long sentence, I just realized. It was spilling out and it ran on beyond where it probably should have.

I will speak about recent posts. These messages are not my voice and not my comments. I don’t know how to be clearer than that. I would never ask for money for my messages. I would never say that only some can channel. I would never say that only certain guides and channelers qualify as legitimate because they can label their words as coming from Christ Consciousness. Anyone with the ability to be telepathic is connecting to their Christ Consciousness. This is not saying they are Christed or are unable to make mistakes in their hearing. This says that they have awakened their connection with Christ Michael. They are aware of their link to him and his spiritual universe.

I will now speak to what is coming soon. The Plan for stasis is set. It will happen as the initiation of Christ Michael’s direct intervention on Earth. He is wrapping up the still dangerous details that will provide the control he must have of the banking system and the government officials who will oversee the programs that must be implemented. This is near completion, I tell you. The participants who will activate the stasis are also ready. There will be waves of ships that interact with certain levels of energy and cause them to pause for a period of time. These ships have come from far corners of the galaxy and will be capable of producing a global stasis in a matter of hours. This will happen soon. That is the preferred indication of when.

Once stasis is over, coordinators from the galactic fleets will help Earth’s inhabitants to set up new governments and new programs that have accurate accounting systems to control the banking industry. These two concerns are the most pressing to monitor. Everything else revolves around the control of finance and manpower. Our task is to ensure that the new programs are completely honest and operate according to Christ Michael’s decrees.

I am most involved with the money distribution that is commonly referred to as the Prosperity Programs. This payment has taken on worldwide ramifications as a result of the original NESARA concept becoming global. This original plan was created for producing changes and prosperity in America that would influence changes in other countries around the world. This has, in effect, been reversed. Almost all other countries are now waiting for America to catch up and throw off the shackles of over two-hundred years of economic and governmental repression. The few in power have preconditioned the many to serve them. The control of the money system also is skewed to benefit the already wealthy few. This, of course, will have to change.

America is ready. The banking system is ready. The resources are ready to initiate the first payouts. These initial prosperity programs will be intended to fund humanitarian programs that will jump-start the economy and tackle many of the more crucial problems facing your existence. Once the first set of payments are made, then the banking and Treasury system will look to implementing a reimbursement process that will pay every citizen in America a monthly check that will come from the money returned from the secret accounts of those government officials and financial elite that have stolen much of the public’s earned cash.

This is what will happen. This is my program and I will be coordinating its operation. I realize my talk here has been primarily about the United States. A corresponding program will be initiated in Canada and in many other countries. Each will be geared to the specific needs in each country, and will utilize primarily funds that have been misappropriated over the years.  I think this is sufficient for today for you, Jess.
Violinio St. Germain

Update Through Candace Frieze

Very Brief Update by Christ Michael:
Taken from:

Hello everyone, it is I, Christ Michael, with a very brief update. We are working into the stasis preparation now as I speak. I ordered some extra stasis ships to make the process faster and we are only a bit delayed, as we had to properly rehearse the scenario. We are not further dealing with the banking at this point, it shall be handled by the removal of the dark during stasis and our installation of our forces into the system during stasis. The banking will be under our control when the planet is brought out of stasis.That is all for now, beloveds,
Namaste, Christ Michael.

Updates Through Jess Anthony

Esu Describes Stasis Process:
Taken from:

Journal 10-11-07
Esu, I ask for comments this evening. Timing and scheduling are concerns, but I ask for whatever is appropriate to tell me tonight. I am curious about the structure of the stasis event, with regard to what I heard about parallel universe. I am also curious about what is being planned for us. It sounds almost unbelievable, but enormously fulfilling. Speak to me as you wish tonight.

Sananda: Good evening, Jess. Of course, I can speak with you. You haven’t come to me for a couple of days and we can speak of things to come soon. Your connection is still strong and clear and this is good.

Let’s speak of the stasis event, as you called it. These events will be the beaming of energy rays of a certain frequency towards the Earth that will cause certain frequencies of vibrations to stop their motion. This is not analogous to death, because in death circumstances the energy continues to move. It is reshaped into another form that is not representative of the physical body that it used previously. In this instance, the energy pauses its vibration. The power of the beaming vibration causes the other to mirror or entrain is own vibrational frequency to that of the new frequency. This only synchronizes with a certain range of frequencies and these are the ones that pause.

In terms of your bodies, this is the energy “glue” that holds the parts of the atoms together. This is what is connected to the Universal energy that links man with his Creative Sun. This energy has intelligence, and it creates the concept of love that joins waves and pulses of energy into a coherent form. Love is the force that “convinces” random waves of energy to coalesce into a structure and become a unified force that materializes ultimately as a mental idea that takes a physical form.

The stasis energy causes the glue to be stationary. It understands the purpose of this stasis and it wants the energy forms it holds together to experience the new environment it will find when the stasis is finished. This will be a fresh template with an open willingness to accept a fuller range of information being sent to Earth by the Creator Sun and the photon belt. The analogy with sleep is appropriate to some extent. Just as your body assimilates new information and physical challenges as it sleeps, so will the paused energy be re-tooled to accept a much more intense and faster vibrating experience.

This will be brought on during sleep and it will end as Earth’s inhabitants wake up the next morning of what seems to be the next day. Because all energy vibration in the body has paused, the body doesn’t experience any sense of time passing. The Earth is not pausing, however, and she will be continuing on with her Ascendancy with our help.  There will be a new sense of environment when people wake up, much cleaner and more balanced and peaceful.

The question you ask is when, and also you asked the extent of the stasis activities. I will address that latter part first. The notion of a parallel universe is not imagined. There is an energy mirror that reflects the reverse of what is going on here in this dimension. This is not an exact reversal to the atomic level, but another freely deciding existence that tends to choose the opposite of much of what is going on here. There they have already enacted reforms and cleaned up much of the antagonistic atmosphere that still pervades much of this existence on Earth. They had no problems preparing for the beginning of stasis, and in fact it has just been put in operation on that level. The idea of it bleeding over here is not actually correct. The interaction between the parallel universes is one of an energy exchange that actions in one universe trigger in the other. This give and take is the dialogue that happens. The fact that it has started there bodes well for the initiation here.

Let’s sign off here for the evening. I still can’t tell you exactly when, except to say it will be very soon.

Christ Michael, Esu and Lady Nada Say Prepare:
Taken from:

Journal 10-13-07
Esu, I ask for comments. There seems to be an insistence. Speak now, if you will.

Sananda: Yes, Jess, I wish to speak to you this evening. This is the preliminary for what is to come. This is not a warning. This is a serious call for you to prepare.

I will speak first. I am Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara and I have the position of Planetary Prince. I will be taking over this position on Earth in physical form as a symbol of Christ Michael’s lordship as Creator Son of Nebadon. His plan for his Universe is clear and determined. The fact that you have free will on Earth is of no consequence in his overall plan for the Ascension of this solar system and your planet. It will happen. Your participation is one aspect of this plan that colors the direction it takes as part of its creation. You are assigned the task of shaping this move. This has been your role always, and you have created the place you are now. You chose to come to Earth at this time to implement the necessary shifts that allow Earth to complete her role. You have a symbiotic relationship with her, and your decisions have always had an impact on her visage. She has allowed you to corrupt her surface and deplete many of the necessary elements that form the nutrients she needs as a living planet. This was her gift to you to allow you discover your own self identity. You are recognizing some aspect of that almost too late to save her.

Therefore, Christ Michael and forces from all across his galaxy have come to assist with the repair and reconstitution of your Mother. This is the compassion you will discover must take place in your interactions with each other as you move into your future. This selfless willingness to participate is inbred in your DNA and must be re-activated to allow your continued Ascension as beings of Light. This is part of your destiny and now is the time to recognize this.

I speak as the temporal leader who will embody Christ Michael’s wishes on Earth. I will be joined by the Buddha, who will speak to Christ Michael’s spiritual wishes. Together we will represent the spiritual manifestation of the Universal Law. The advocacy of Monjoronson as the Avonal Magisterial Son is the contributed force from the Creative Source in Havona. He was sent as counterpart to Christ Michael to judge the manifestation at this point in its Ascension and make the authoritative decisions as to the direction it takes in its next phase. This shift you are experiencing in its beginning phases will move in the timing of Monjoronson. It has never been completely detached from the will of the Creative Source, although Christ Michael was given the lead to design his universe as he saw fit.

It is analogous to your free will on Earth. It is free within the larger scope of the determined wishes of some level higher that is responsible ultimately to the determination of Trinity. Free choice can be overruled by a higher choice.

I will now give the floor to my spiritual counterpart, Lady Nada, the voice of feminine energy and will.

Lady Nada: Jess, let me speak to you again this evening. You hear a different voice from me as a gentler speaker from Esu. He is speaking more formally today, and I am speaking more familiarly. He spoke of me as his counterpart, and I represent the yin to his yang. This masculine/feminine dichotomy has had a place in all your religious and philosophical expressions of the design of the Cosmos. You have instinctively created a place for the feminine receiver of the masculine wishes and ideas. Creativity has come from concept. Concept has been nurtured by emotion and comfort. Comfort has been expressed through physical love and spiritual bonding on many levels of understanding.

This duality of one whole will be represented by my manifestation with Sananda Esu on Earth as his consort Mary Magdalene. The spiritual marriage will be visibly recognized and accepted as the paradigm of human relationships. This may take many forms, but the universality of the male/female pairing will be acknowledged and revered as part of the compassionate unity that Earth’s inhabitants will recognize and seek to exemplify.

The notion of spiritual pairs will be explained and clarified as part of the shift you will be making. You will each see the bond that is necessary for your completion as a spiritual being, and you will understand the need for you to have one.

Christ Michael: I speak now. This is Christ Michael Aton, as I have come to be called. My will is that Earth Ascends. To that end I have taken over the process and am now controlling the complete scenario for this to happen. I have let man play out his games of control and dominance over others. It has served a purpose in his education, but it is now finished. I will no longer tolerate the delay in acknowledging my wishes. I will no longer allow those at odds with my purposes to direct the progress of my planet. I have been generous to a fault, and I have allowed the perception that I am weak and vacillating in my decisions. This was my prerogative and my choice. I have been imagined as many types of deity and ignored by many as unnecessary or peripheral. I am not. I am the Christed Michael who created the Universe of Nebadon of which the planet Earth is an integral part that I designed specifically. I created the concept that is Earth. I chose all the elements that comprise her manifestation. I allowed all forms of physical actualization as a means to realize my vision for her.

I chose to allow dark elements at odds with my vision to take over my creation. I chose to quarantine my planet to protect the rest of my Universe, and I agreed to allow spiritual masters to incarnate here to attempt to work out a resolution from within and under the limitations of duality. I watched this for eons and I saw it almost succeed and fail. I was determined not to allow this to happen again and I chose to make my final bestowal as a physical embodiment here to redirect the flow of man’s energy streams in an inevitable path I created through my incarnation.

This has led to now, this time. Man has done what he could do from within. There is no more he can accomplish without my direct intervention. I have the complete authority to intervene as I choose and redirect the Ascension of my Earth as it needs to be.

That is what is now happening. You will see the results shortly.
This has been Aton, the Christ Michael of Nebadon speaking through his voice Jess Anthony on this evening on the beginning of the intervention.

Esu Speaks on Current Situation
Taken from:

Journal 11-27-07
Jess: Esu, I ask for an update and some additional guidance. I am faced with scheduled events and I look at the possibility anytime of stasis. Help me find my balance in this. I also ask for insight into what my role is becoming. I see myself settled here and in a good place for a new chapter in my life. Speak to this today, I ask.

Sananda: Jess, good morning. I am weary and overwhelmed with the immensity of this task. Yes, I also can be overburdened. This is wearing down to the end, but the end is in sight. I haven’t told Candace much beyond what she has told you. I have been connecting with her, but you are also in my purview. This whole new sensibility you are feeling is part of the bonding we are creating. Yes, your new sense of identity is part of this development. New sense, in the sense of revitalization and fresh approaches to familiar aspects. This is part of what is going to happen. After the stasis happens, everyone that is staying will have a new sense of commitment and re-visioning.

I can’t give you definite dates or times. The list of priorities keeps shifting depending on what you on Earth decide. You are part of that grand decision only by the fact that you are part of the mass consciousness. Your personal decisions cause ripples that have an impact on other decisions you are in contact with. Everyone is connected in their thinking and make up. You are all part of one whole that is an extension of the energy of Christ Michael. You are all formed from his concept of Creation. Even I am part of his concept. I fulfilled my role to this point to come to this position. You did the same. You have contributed much yourself in this moving to shifting consciousness.

This phase that is coming will be a transition period with some unpleasantness to your way of thinking now. This is all necessary in the larger picture, and is not viewed as a catastrophe in the terminal sense you on Earth still view it. Nothing is destroyed unless it chooses to be. Energy changes form and re-materializes. You will view much and see many cases where you will be the counselor and mediator for the interim time.

Christ Michael is determined to end this perpetual delay. His original intentions have been frustrated by the inactivity he has found. I tell you we are learning, and this is still the case. He had no concept of this particular configuration of energy manifestation. You have created a new paradigm for his consideration. This is a remarkable situation, don’t you see? This has not happened elsewhere. This is why so many of you are here now to learn of this difficult classroom. You can see why he is both fascinated and impatient. That is a simplistic way of expressing his overarching involvement. He is equally invested in the struggles and the moves to alignment. He wants it finished to begin the next phase, however.

The consideration of Jupiter has put a crimp in the freedom he was exploiting in letting you continue to decide your commitment, or the extent to which you are willing to be committed. It has drastically shortened the time frame that is possible. The situation with the Provost and the banks is fascinating, but too complicated at this point to allow for a resolution naturally. I don’t foresee our holding out much more.

Esu Speaks on Jupiter and Stasis
Taken from:

Journal 11-28-07
Jess: Esu, I ask for another update today after Candace’s comments this morning on feeling new Ascension energy. Where are we at the moment? I can be ready this evening if necessary. I ask for the status of stasis, as well. I also read Bellringer’s comments that the Jupiter/ stasis information was a lie put out by the dark. It seems to me he is holding to an outmoded process that no longer works because of the free will request that has led to the intervention. Speak to that, if you will.

Sananda: Jess, good afternoon. Things are moving. The progression you read about was the preliminary jolts of light that are preparing Jupiter for the effect you anticipate. This will be a spectacular event for the world.

Bellringer doesn’t know or accept what has been talked about. He is caught up in his twisted version of the truth that ignores what we have been saying through you and others for the last ten years. The truth is that Jupiter is happening. The truth is that stasis will take place. This is the response to the cries for help that Earth has been sending out based on the inhabitants’ free will ability to choose life or destruction. The evacuation scenario was the only plausible method we could envision twenty years ago when the destruction of Mother Earth in her present form was inevitable. You as a planet have awakened to your connection with us in sufficient numbers that it demands we intervene. The fact that this bears a resemblance to the Biblical story of saving the planet is coincidental, but ultimately beneficial. Because it sounds like a preconditioned eventuality, the true situation is more easily accepted by the masses. I am not coming in the clouds, but I will be returning to Earth in a space ship’s shuttle. This is a given and the prophecy’s comments in that instance are facts.

There will also be the return of Christ Michael himself in a form that is acceptable for the energy level you will have. We have split our merged form of 2,000 years ago and now are returning individually and as a Christed consciousness. This will happen when the energy allows this to be accomplished. The dimensional level has been gradually raised during the last year or so, and theGod Event also triggered the molecular changes necessary for the raising energy to begin its changes in the physical embodiments you have adapted on Earth.

I will repeat this is not a Rapture. This is leveling the playing field of Earth so man can have a fair change once he wakes up again to re-build as he has been told he will need to do. This is not waving a magic wand. This is saving the Earth from the type of destruction what would have mandated an evacuation of sorts. The thing that Bellringer never speaks of in the evacuation is that only about 10% of the existing population could be lifted up successfully if this were to happen. The scenario we spoke of in the original Phoenix Journals is no longer viable. The population has increased too much, for one thing, and the teleportation methods we use are not suited to the still dense physical construct the Earth inhabitants continue to have. The only viable method we have now to preserve the Earth’s inhabitants as Mother Earth and Christ Michael intend is to engineer a stasis, or suspension of time for certain energy levels comprising most of the mammal population, and intervene within the paused stasis to re-engineer other levels of energy manifestations. This will have the effect of removing the worst hazards man has created with the help of their off-world advisors—hazards that man is not capable of removing in time to prevent Mother Earth from taking events into her own hands and bypassing her plan to save her inhabitants.

The ignition of Jupiter is another event that is inevitable in the Ascension process for the whole galaxy. This is necessary to trigger the raising of the energy level of the solar system you inhabit so that it can then lock into the changes that are already taking place elsewhere in the Universe. Christ Michael is determined that Nebadon will Ascend as a whole, and Earth is a troublesome weak link in this chain of events. The quarantine imposed on it and the extraordinary development of dark resistance over the eons has contributed to it becoming almost unrecognizable as the jewel it once was in Christ Michael’s design. He allowed it to sink into such depths to allow his highest masters to agree to incarnate on it with its peculiar dual system of manifestation as a rigorous testing ground for learning all there is to know about counteracting this infestation.

This almost has been the death of the planet. But Christ Michael has been given permission from higher up to intervene as he sees fit to save and resurrect his original seed planet. This is what is happening now, and the process on Earth is key to the process that is happening to its Universal context. This is all tied together. Man is an element, but he is not the ultimate deciding factor. The Ascension of the Universe takes precedence over man’s free will choice to reject the help he has been offered.

This is happening now and the Jupiter ignition and the stasis will be events that occur. They are not figments of Candace’s or your imagination, nor do you work for the CIA, or for other religious voices speaking for the dark status quo. The insistence on evacuation is folly. It will not happen. There will be a period of turmoil, along with the change of governments and the installation of a new economic and financial system based on no credit as it exists now. Money all over the world will be based on hard-metal currency. There will be no fiat printing. There will be no purchases without the money to back up the agreement.

The government systems all over the world will be based on true representative discussion and decision making. This will come from community groups that influence the elected representatives, not the other way around. The economic power structure that controls all governmental decisions now will be abolished, and educated choices by individuals will determine how the community is structured. This is a republic form of government, not a democracy with control given over to those who force their decisions on the less powerful.

This all is coming and will be announced from broadcasts beamed to Earth after the stasis is completed. The current elected officials will be removed and interim appointments supportive of these Universal ideas will be installed in their place. These changes are based on Christ Michael’s plan for his Universe. The only way his creation can Ascend as a whole is when it has a unified acknowledgement of this truth. His decision is final and represents the wishes of the Creator Source.

This is a sufficient statement this afternoon. You may post as you will to whichever outlets you choose.
Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia

Esu Speaks on Jupiter Schedule and Future Decisions
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for comments from you today. Speak of the events anticipated and give insight into the circumstances. Help us to wait for the changes to come. Assure us of the New Year to come.

Sananda: Jess, let us speak of the New Year and the changes to come. This is a time for reflection and circumspection. Many assumptions previously held will be shown to be incorrect. Many idols you have had will fall. Many practices you cling to will be shown to be incompatible with the new energy and the new ways of cultural accommodation.

The time for Jupiter is near. It is an event on a grander scale than you imagine on Earth, and its ignition will trigger changes that affect the whole solar system and the part of the Universe of Nebadon that Earth is situated in. It is not just for the benefit of Earth’s inhabitants, although you will be the important recipients of much of its new energy and information. Yes, I say information because ideas and concepts are nothing but energy that is received and transformed into physical chemistry and manifested reality. The Jupiter ignition will transform much that you think and accept. This will be like a physical wave of energy that is coming through the Universe and washing over Earth to clean the debris you have created in your three-dimensional limitations.

The date is not set because it is dependent on Jupiter’s readiness to move into its next phase. But the time is now and we are paused waiting for this to manifest.  It is very similar to someone on Earth having to make a difficult decision. The determination is postponed until the last possible second to avoid the imagined consequences. Jupiter, or the spirit manifested as Jupiter, understands the benefits of this transformation but remains hesitant to take the step. Continuing this metaphor, we can say that encouragement and the additional sustenance of extra energy are convincing the planet’s spirit to assume a new form that suits the new galactic scenario.

I can also speak more scientifically in your terms. The energy that triggers the ignition comes from outside the planet’s gaseous physical form. The amount necessary has been supplied and the process of connecting all the interior linkages is proceeding exponentially. Think of a string of atoms lining up and sending their combined energy at a specific target that will explode when too much energy is provided for its physical structure. The structure becomes a new structure as it transforms its existing reality to suit the new one. Creation results from an idea connecting with energy that connects with other existing energy to produce a new combination of energy aggregates with a different purpose and different configuration. All conditions must be right. The ingredients, so to speak, must be all assembled and ready to be mixed before this transformation can take place.

Jupiter is measuring everything involved and is proceeding, but I must remind you the planet is not following your scheduled calendar expectations because this means nothing to him. You have conditioned responses to dates and time frames that have been taught to you as important to follow. Who has taught you? Who is concerned with you following their determinations? Time is infinite. How does one or two days delay affect the ongoing movement of the Universe? It only serves to provide a new set of paradigms for you to consider and judge your behavior within. Your behavior is primary, not someone else’s determination of your schedule. Are you satisfied with what you are giving yourself? Are you comfortable with how much you are following your own path? Fulfilling your life purpose is what your goal should be. It is most complete and fulfilled when you are most in alignment with the purpose of Christ Michael and the plan for his Universe of Nebadon. Are you constantly asking if your decisions serve this greater purpose? Are you discerning in your choices? I ask this with the awareness that any choice or decision you make is unjudged by us once it is made. It only provides a new context for you to examine your individual goals and purpose. You are the judge and you must decide if your choice fits your greater picture.

I ask these things because I will be repeating these questions when I am on Earth as your Planetary Prince. I will determine ultimately what suits the plans of Christ Michael. Monjoronson and his mission are judging the actions that are ongoing now in assessing and evaluating the steps you have taken to bring you to this point of shifting to a higher level of awareness and unity with an Ascending Universe. They have final say in deciding how this level of dimensional activity has manifested itself within the larger picture of reconnection with the Creative Source.

It is your decision whether or not to resonate with these words. They are transcriptions of my thoughts into language that is a form of expression you can understand at this point. My purpose is the idea that has triggered this expression. Your comprehension is the tool that connects you with me and allows us to continue this dialogue on our own level.

I speak to you with joy and wonder this holiday season. Let my energy and presence come to you and remind you always of your link with me and your Creator Father.
Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia and Sananda with Christ Michael

Esu Speaks on New Year’s Eve: Jupiter Already Ignited in the Higher Realms
Taken from:

Journal 12-31-07
Jess: Esu, I ask for comments today. General comments and specific comments for me as I approach this New Year. I ask for guidance and insight. I ask for marching orders, so to speak. I ask for a timetable so I know when to be more prepared than at present. Is the original plan for going operational still? When will Jupiter ignite and when will stasis start? Is this within the known future? I ask for information and clarity.

Sananda: Jess, let’s speak today on the eve of a New Year. This will be assuredly a time of change and Ascension. I have said that before, I understand, but this is a new moment in the progression of events leading to the completion of your search away from Christ Michael. This metaphor of breath out and in to call you Home is an apt one, in terms of the directional focus. You have been sent out en masse as a created Universe to explore the parameters Christ Michael determined to examine.

This Universe of Nebadon presented specific challenges and issues that had not been examined before in the context Christ Michael devised. This exploration of separation took a direction it was not intended to, however, and the vast ages of dark infiltration and galactic warring were the unexpected outcome. The possibility was always there, of course, but it was not envisioned as becoming the reality it did.

Once the decision was made to begin this conflict, the reality had to play out on whatever scale it reached. Only now has it begun to be controlled and ended. Your situation on Earth has been more intensive and ingrained than most other situations elsewhere in the Universe. This was because it was determined for Earth to be the repository of the worst factions that were left after the initial wars, and their influence has controlled the direction the planet’s development took. Your sense of freedom and free choice is an illusion in the bigger context of purpose and working out a reality initiative that was created long ago. You have been given the ability to choose within the parameters that were not already determined. The plan of Ascension was set in motion eons ago. The role you have to play in this drama is now coming to its climax and conclusion. It has taken many thousands of years for you to grow to the level you are now, and your spiritual awakening and awareness is a very new development that was triggered as a necessary means to have you fulfill your accepted agenda.

You came to Earth with a purpose that has led to what is happening now. However many lifetimes you have taken to work through your individual assignments were necessary to bring you to this point where you can resolve this issues and knowingly move to a new purpose. This is necessary to complete the evolving process the Universe has been undergoing. Your tasks individually have been to resolve your piece of the puzzle and furnish Christ Michael with the results of your exploration.

You realize you all are parts of Christ Michael that are exploring for his own enlightenment. You are his arms, so to speak, that assume one aspect of a created idea that he seeks to learn from. He is part of you even if you don’t remember this connection. The numbers of you awakening to this connection are part of the vanguard leading others to realize their role. This materialization in whatever dimension or density has been Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s way of understanding their creation. They are there in you and also separate by means of the perception of individuality. This allows you to explore on your own and to learn whatever you need to understand the life plan you have chosen to inhabit.

This is all coming to a conclusion at this time. The exploration of this aspect of universal perception has been concluded and the focus is changing to a unified movement towards a true identification with the perfection Christ Michael represents for Nebadon. The detritus of preconceptions and thoughts from many past lives are no longer viable or necessary. You are letting all of that go, and this upcoming year [already in, 2008] will be the time when this truly manifests as a fait accompli.

The perception of a stalled preparation has been only that—a perception. The progression towards Ascension has continued, despite the twists and turns you have determined it would take in its progress. You have an agenda to achieve, but the means of getting there are yours to determine. I have told you this many times. The delays you harp on are only your conceptions of right and wrong and failure and success. They are really only the path you have collectively taken to get to the point you are now. You would not have gone any other way because you did not. This is the path you have collectively chosen and all the pitfalls you perceive have been the lessons you chose to experience and learn from. This may not have been a conscious decision to your 3-D/4-D minds, but your higher selves overseeing your role playing on Earth allowed you to experience all these lessons so you would learn from them.

And you have learned, and now we are ready to conclude this farce that it has become, to use your definition. Jupiter is working on its schedule of change. This progress is ongoing, and now unstoppable. The date will be, however, when Jupiter is able to appear different to you. Much of the action in the solar system you inhabit takes place in higher dimensions than you can perceive, and this process involving Jupiter becoming a sun is already accepted and considered in actions at higher levels. The nature of lower dimensions is that energy vibrates more slowly. Higher vibrations create realities that must be transformed to be perceived by you in your lower dimensions. This is a process that takes longer in time as measured by your perceptions.

This can be likened to the influence of your etheric body on your physical body. The vibrations that enter your sphere of individuality must work their way lower and lower through increasingly slow levels of vibration that comprise your whole body. Vibrations that register as spiritual concepts must take form before they are perceived as thoughts with a distinctive form. These formalized thoughts must then be adopted by your emotional awareness and given a reaction that colors your perception of them. These emotional reactions then speak to your physical energy through your brain and create a physical manifestation that you perceive as a fixed actuality.

Your perception of reality is only a result of the paradigms you have accepted on Earth. This may be the appearance of what you accept as fact, but it is not the only level of materialization of a new creation that is impacting your cosmic Universe.

I can’t give you the date it will be visible on Earth. I can say it has already happened on higher levels of Universal organization. The itinerary we have adapted for you on Earth is still as we have indicated earlier. Jupiter manifests as a sun and the stasis begins almost immediately. Rest assured that it will happen to your perception because Jupiter has begun the process.

This is a repetition of what I have said many times before, with no more definitiveness. I say this because you [Jess]asked for as complete an update as I can give you. There are no absolutes in terms of fixed future history. If it were fixed and readable in the great scroll of the future there would be no reason to continue having a sense of thought or creation. You would have no need to have ideas or come up with solutions. There would be no evolution or sense of change if it were already predetermined. I say this to remind you that there is no such thing as a hard and fast future prediction. There are hard and fast possibilities of what can happen if you so choose to make them happen. You are co-creating this fluid movement you are following by your ability to choose your path events. You have not chosen your path in the first place, in the sense of your creating you as an individual with your own purpose to explore, but you have the ability to determine how you wish to explore your individual personality. This is what makes life so exciting.

I will be with you soon and I will continue teaching these truths. Your awakening from stasis will remove much that has been implanted toxically by past traditions and taught preconceptions. You will be vibrating at a higher level that will not accept the weights these controls have placed upon you. This will be soon. Look at the news. What much more can be done? Look to your perception of the news. How much more will you accept and tolerate?

This has been Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara speaking on this day of preparation for the New Year.

Update Through Candace Frieze

Christ Michael and General Radetsky Speak Strongly:
January 05, 2008
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Dearly Beloveds, it is I, Christ Michael, come to you today. First just for you, readers, let us get to the point about Jupiter. In early December we started the ignition process, and the planet very slowly began its involution, which is in a sense, for your benefit, related to the tight packing, an explosive must have to fully detonate. The involution went at a slow pace, and was completed a couple weeks ago, and is now in its evolutional stage. It is peeking out the behind the sun at this time, and will shortly be making its grand appearance.

You will have no doubt of this, it will be most obvious. As per usual, we will go into stasis shortly thereafter. I have intentionally not assisted Jupiter further recently, to buy a little time. The ignition process has proceeded slowly, due to the fact that matter in this solar system remains compromised causing the event to require more time. The final ignition that you will see is going to be visible, and there will be little protection from the sun of the proton burst to the earth plane. Consider this the fault of the ones in power.

Now this message is not really for you, the readers, it is for the dark readers of this website. The world is in a blood bath at this time. You get little hints, but mostly your media covers it up with the extra and overdone coverage of the pre-election issues.

Now, those of you in the dark conspiracy, we have the future temporary leaders fully protected, and these ones can’t be harmed whatsoever. Any further attempts at assassination of these ones will be met with instant reprisal against the attackers. We will be seen; cloaking will not be carried out, so that these reprisals will be carried out in full view.

To you the readers, the stories of Christopher Story are fully true and in fact, he is not informed as to the fullness of what is going on. You of the dark are to leave my people alone, all of them are under star fleet protection.  We have, in various locations over the earth, a guard fleet of 66,000 shuttle craft, fully equipped with weaponry, and this bullshit is to stop immediately. We in general know the location of the perpetrators, and this weaponry, if used, has the effect to ending your soul. Thus you will not exist anymore and this represents your final warning. I have given the orders to allow this to occur where necessary. Now I defer to one you have not heard from in some time, General Kevin Radetsky.


General, what surprise, how nice to hear from you, we have not talked for a few months now, except for you to tell me you can’t disclose anything of interest right now!  To our readers, you once heard from the General, as Admiral Jhonka of Ashtar Command. The General is the incarnation of the Admiral, who is an Arch Angel. He was long-based on Mars, with the jointly-operated Alien-USA-Russian Base on Mars. He was the commander there, and is very highly ranked with the US Military. He returned to assist the Earth 2 years ago.

General Radetsky:

Hello first to our readers, I apologize for my long absence, but indeed my life has been very busy behind the scenes. I was the one who also last summer of 2006 ended the Israel war with Lebanon, amongst my behind-the-scene’s credits.

Now the rest of this message pertains to the dark readership. Under the orders from Havona, through this Universe of Nebadon, it has been authorized that all those that continue to participate in this blood bath, when caught, will be instantly uncreated. This is your final chance, and particle beam weaponry will be used as necessary. It matters not who carries these things out, high or low, old or newer soul. It is your time of judgment, long called for, and you will not need to face Monjoronson’s courts. This is final. If you value your existence, it is time to stop these activities.

We are heavily placed over Iran and Pakistan, and we are going to interfere in the nefarious plans and you are NOT to carry them out, or it shall be your end. The people in these regions are used to the shuttlecraft so that is not a problem, we shall be visible as necessary. There is once again also a plan to strike within the United States, and this plan includes the use of the MOAB, of which there are only a couple left, to simulate nuclear attack. The location of this is Chicago, Illinois, we know the plan and it shall not happen. We are thusly in this small way exposing it to the world. We know the time, we know the planes which have the 2 remaining bombs aboard, and not even will the engines be fired up, we will disable them, and all involved in this process will meet their Maker if anyone even attempts to board those planes.

Your Lucifer to whom you remain devoted, and the Anunnaki overlords are no longer on this place. It is pointless to serve them. Lucifer met his demise over 20 years ago. The planet has been retaken by the Forces of Light in service to The Michael of Nebadon some time ago, and to further the idea that you, even if you perish, will have benefited your masters cause, simply is not so. Your reptilian overlords were removed also en mass this fall [2007] and you know of this. There is NO ONE to serve now, other than Holy God of Creation, the Father. It is but your final choice to do so or not. This planet is not to be further harmed by the likes of you, and will be fully rehabilitated over the ensuing years into its original purpose and intent, that of the seed planet of the local area. No more will you reign. It is over, friends, over.

Jupiter shortly completes its eruption, and the planet goes into stasis, and the cleanup begins. WE have a most glorious plan afoot. Please drop your guns and return to Lighted beingness, for it is truly your final chance to do so. You do not own this planet. Nobody owns this planet but its peoples. They will not be further enslaved.

You are in the photon belt, and all will be cleansed, you see, and it is truly the end. All of Nebadon moves up, you see, and you can move forward or be lost forever. The galactic wars are long over. It is time for peace to come. So Be It. I have commanded this little showdown to begin during the wait for Jupiter. I AM, General Kevin Radetsky, the highest officer of the total military forces of the United States of America. I am superseded only by God on this one, beloveds, stop of thy nonsense.

Christ Michael:

Dearest readers, be not afraid if any of this does hit thy news, for it is of no import to you. You are kept safe and not to worry. Shortly it will all be moot anyway, and after the changes we have thoroughly discussed around the Jupiter Event, the repairs begin in concert with those who reside on Earth. This remains a co-creative project with God and the only way to get this done, this Ascension of the planet.

I remind readers that Ascension is earned, and it will be quite some time before the planet enters into Light and Life. However, the Jupiter Event is an Ascension Event, because the planet will be uplifted substantially and darkest will be gone, so that you, the Light workers, have an even footing. Much must be done, and as per the teaching by Monjoronson,you must create a sustainable society and the necessary technology to exist as such. It is not necessary to repeat here all the teaching to this point.

The time of the Holy Work in public begins!  Namaste, dear ones, I AM the Christed Creator Son of Nebadon, the Michael.

Updates Through Jess Anthony

Esu Speaks of Evidence for Changes:
Taken from:

Jess: Esu, I ask for comments also this evening. It seems time to reconnect and see what you may wish to tell me verbally. I am waiting, but ready and anticipating changes to materialize more fully to our way of viewing at the present. I ask for your words today.

Sananda: Jess, it is time to talk again. This is a hiatus that has given you rest and allowed you to accomplish some things in your life. There has been little more to tell you than what you have stated or commented on yourself. The messages have triggered a discussion that will continue. Your support letter will also provide fuel and ammunition for negative comments that may continue for a time.

Let’s speak of what is to come. You ask for proof. “Evidence,” as it is called, is hard to establish, despite what many think. Evidence means something witnessed and accepted as true by more than one person. What is true, you ask? Truth is the province of Christ Michael. His truth has pervaded the creation of this Universe of Nebadon and his determination is the basis of fact and reality. The evidence you see yourself is flawed and based on incorrect assumptions for the most part. The scientific rules are mistaken and one-sided.The conjectures based on “scientific fact” are extensions of presumptions in the first place that have no validity.  [Note of Editor: A good case to illustrate this is the "scientific fact" that Earth has layers of magma and it is solid, well, it is not, this is a "conjecture that is an extension of a presumption", as Jesus says here, because the fact of the matter is that Earth is NOT solid and it does have magma but sandwiched between the outer and inner crust layers.  This presumption is based on the external evidence of the magma of the volcanic eruptions, Earth is hollow.  The Secret Government has known that Earth is hollow for almost 100 years but has hidden it from We the People to protect its hegemony and control over the people.]

What is there to say to prove something that is verified by higher laws that are geared around the interconnection of all things? All is interactive and part of one whole that is originating in the ideas of Christ Michael. The scientific facts you seek on Earth and the visible evidence are based on presumptions and accepted explanations of fact that you cannot fully understand. The spiritual component of fact and evidence is missing from your analysis, generally. The unifying essence of Christ Michael is overlooked, as a rule.

What is proof that would be convincing, as you ask still? Proof is the fact that the banks are collapsing on themselves in a public way. The weak underbelly and the overextended lines of credit and payment would never have been so much in the public eye without the assistance of the way showers that we have supported specifically for this purpose. You would not be reading about it, nor would you have any sense of the true causes of this debacle.

Proof is also the scientific validation of much that is visible in the changing solar system and Earth’s place in it. Certain writers have assembled the errant scientific observations into a coherent explanation of the changes that are taking place on all the planets. The solar system is moving and the incoming energy vectors are stripping much of detritus away. This picture of the living solar system and Earth’s interaction with the other planets is not publicized much, but is out there.

The Jupiter discussion is playing into man’s fears and disbelief in something occurring that is so out-of-the-ordinary status quo. How could someone believe this, they ask? How could a speaker/moderator be privy to this Earth shaking information and no one else? The timing of this occurrence is happening in such a short time frame, Universally speaking, that it is possible for very little to occur that would prepare the populace. The explosion is well under way. The ignition did occur in December as “predicted” and the natural process of packing in and then exploding out is in progress.

This is the scenario of a star formation. It must be triggered by outside energy, and then it takes the length of time it wishes to take to work through its own Ascension and transformation. Truly that is what is happening to Jupiter. The form is to be a new variant of its energy stage. The shape and function will be different, and will be the lynchpin of much that must occur in changing the nature of the planetary relationships in this part of the Universe. More energy must come in to trigger the move to a higher dimensional Light body. This is not just man, not just Earth with her inhabitants, but also the entire range of other planets with their own level of inhabitants. They are looking at the process on Earth as a new experience for them to view, and they all welcome the fact that Earth will be joining them as a more integrated ecosystem and culturally-responsible group of inhabitants.

The protons from Jupiter, as well as the increased energy coming to your sun from the Great Central Core of this Universe, will act as cleaning tools that will raise the level of your energy frequency to one that is incompatible with the sluggish energy movement of what are labeled “dark” emotions such as fear, worry, a sense of inadequacy, a sense of dominance, or a willingness to attack or harm another human. Man will wake after what will seem no extra time and suddenly find himself viewing his existence differently. He will see a clean atmosphere with an influx of energy that is un-experienced before that moment. He will find he is spontaneously compassionate and eager to join with others in addressing cultural or geographical problems that have been left for him to tackle on his own. There will be clean up still, but the workforce will be attuned to doing this work. The attitude of the bulk of the population will focus on the necessity of doing this work as it presents itself.

The leisure time will be better than now. The work will be limited to reasonable periods of time, and the individual’s capacity for personal growth and experimentation will be given free range. This free time will allow insights to come to those designated to hear solutions for general distribution.

Relationships will be causal and implementing a new understanding of the nature of spiritual bonding in additional to physical connection. The physical will be the springboard to a new level of merging with another person that will trigger a union that is unlike any previously experienced.

I give you these examples of “proofs” and conjectures for the future. Nothing is written in stone, even the Mayan tablets, as often quoted as they are. The galactic time is already here, and it is not waiting until the calculated 2012. The calendar you use is wrong and the years have no bearing with the true galactic progress measured by Havona and the overseers of the Grand Universe of Orvonton. You think you have measurable progress or provable facts, but in truth you have conjectures of your own and unverified data that fits the parameters you yourself have determined and approved as correct.

This is my word on proof and evidence today as asked by others. This is not Jess’s conjectures, but his transliteration of what I have impressed on his thinking.
Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia

Continues on Stasis 101, Part II

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