Stasis 101, Part IV

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Stasis 101
Part IV
By Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon,and Esu Sananda, Planetary Prince

Sir Edward Burne-Jones painted The Sleeping Beauty

Christ Michael and Sananda received telepathically by Candace Frieze and Jess Anthony.  Published in this website on January 24th, 2009.

Stasis series: Stasis 101 Part I, Part II,Part III andPart IV. See the Introduction to Stasis in this website in the articleChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes.

Stasis 101 Updates

Update Through Candace Frieze
Christ Michael Answers Some Questions about Stasis:
January Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22, 2009
Taken from:


We started this yesterday. It was intended to be a bit longer, but he had something come up and made it brief. I had stupid computer problems, gremlins last night and it took me a search to find it, even though I had saved it in the file I keep channelings in.  Finally I had it in hand and a whole paragraph was totally messed, and so we reconstructed that today and he added some more material, which I have added as a PS.

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, It is I, Christ Michael. This will be a brief courtesy update as we have suddenly become engaged in a serious issue that is not of concern to this project but something else. I had promised a somewhat longer message with Candace, perhaps a bit later.

I can say that the recent downing of the aircraft in the Hudson was our terminating a false flag attack, but while certain investigating is going on by earth authorities, I will not reveal details. We did tractor beam the craft into the river and get assistance to it by sending code to the operators of the surrounding riverboats. I simply advise you to observe the varying games at this point in the news and learn from that.

Candace has been getting questions about stasis and what to expect after a long period. A large question is about whether bodies will be removed or not. In many cases yes, and in others, nature will do what nature does. The people of earth need to realize immediately that this was not a rapture as missing bodies would cause some to believe it was rapture. Where guides are available to assess individual situations people will not wake up to sharing their beds with a skeleton either. We will not be cutting the weeds and the like and of course what happens to food and the like, it will be whatever is left over two years time. People will not awaken to neatly trimmed lawns.

Star Children

In regards to questions about the children:  Star children who are staying but losing both parents will awaken in a special area set aside for this purpose. Now in comment to that statement, understand star kids and all reincarnating «children» are not children, dear ones, and some of these will return in cloned bodies, or even possibly their «real» Light Bodies.  The only «children» on your plane are the few that are animals moving up and which live in your simple indigenous races, or the robotoid children.  There are very few true «new souls» out of the evolutionary process, having a first life as a child on your plane.  You have millions of animals on your other side awaiting the beginning of their incarnations in the human-type body, and actually some of these may well start into the purposes and the like, who are in many cases more advanced spiritually than you who have arms and legs.

In general children of robotoids will likely not survive at all. They tend to not receive Thought Adjusters as children. Most of the robotoids who receive adjusters do so in adulthood at some point. Children of parents that do have Thought Adjusters but are not remaining, will find themselves in nurseries on the other side or on the mansion worlds if they do not survive physically. If they do survive physically, they will also be cared for until they can be placed in adoptive homes.

This will be amongst your first priorities, this and providing for the living animals that are abandoned. In general, children who have received a Thought Adjuster in this life and are not ready for Ascension, and most would not be, will find themselves on the mansion worlds, if they made the 3rd circle or, again, in nurseries on your other side, or nurseries the other side of worlds in which their parents may be moving.

I remind you, every ensouled person, whether in a child’s body or not, has made their decision as to whether they wish to continue their journey here or not, and all ensouled people have angelic guardians who oversee this process.

New Planet

We do also have the new planet, and individuals and whole families, who have chosen this option, will go in body to this planet.  They will be awakened in intervals, as we do not want too many en mass. Those going to the new planet in body from the areas around the Pacific Rim will go first to that planet.  You already have 200,000 living people from this planet now on that world.  No criminals are allowed on this new planet.  Neither will robotoids be going to that planet because it is being started only by somewhat more advanced souls who have the durability to begin a new journey.  At the end of stasis there will be perhaps 2-3 million people there.

Leave the children in our hands and not to worry. Do not forget we will be on the television and radio immediately as the planet is coming out of stasis to provide the necessary education. All has been provided for that which is necessary. Communications, heat, lighting will be functioning. There will be adequate food in storage and will be delivered promptly to stores. In some areas we will «drop» «manna» and other necessary supplies until the people can resume. YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND WITHOUT PREPARATION AND CARE UNTIL YOU CAN FUNCTION AGAIN. BUT FUNCTION YOU WILL QUICKLY AND DON’T FORGET THAT AT LEAST 100,000 PEOPLE WILL BE RETURNING TO PROVIDE LOCAL DIRECTION ABOUT THE GLOBE.

At Any Time

When now, you ask?????  Any time, dear ones, anytime. I will not give the details of possibilities, these have been suggested before and Candace placed some commentary recently. I will not alert the dark who read here in advance of the exact timing and conditions. If there is emergency, we will go directly to stasis. Otherwise, you will «know» as you watch each of the coming days. Simply live your lives normally, as you wait Patiently.  Namaste, Aton.

PS, Added January 22, 2009: Now another commentary on Jupiter. It is not matching your profiles and computer programs. It was not last year, and it has not for a period of time now. Your scientists manipulate the data to keep people in not knowing. Some have also asked the question about the moon, when you were in stasis during the entry into the photon belt many years ago.  Most of you should know by now that your moon is artificial, created elsewhere and towed to this world. Consider that we could tow the moon so it matches the expected cycles. Whether we did or not, I will leave you to ponder that. We can also tow Jupiter or retard its progress to buy time. Besides the length of your year changing, there are many other possibilities to consider in the broad game.

You will find in your Urantia Book that long ago another system came close to your sun and drew off pieces of it that became some of your planets. Solar systems are built, dear ones, they are not necessarily «natural.»  Another system was towed close to your sun to cause chunks of it to separate.  And you have planets which are not from your sun also within it.  Venus is one example. It was a wandering dead chunk of an old sun that was called the destroyer when it visited your world periodically.  It was placed in orbit, as part of stabilizing this system, so it did not destroy again, and it is suitable to begin terraforming, and that has started.

You must have a balanced solar system for Light and Life. This includes the outer gas planets becoming suns, and this helps keep the balance of energies. You are being towed into a different location, which you will also benefit from an eternal energy stream. In sense it will be sort of like being forever in a photon belt, but without the full cleansing force of a photon belt that you have experienced in previous cycles.

Are some of you old enough to notice the stars are not where they used to be? Lots of natives, indigenous peoples have noticed. In fact many of your stars are not stars, they are placemats of ships so your sky doesn’t change too much at this time.  You can’t tell from your backyard telescopes what is a ship and what is a star.  If it changes color and/or twinkles a lot, it is likely a ship, dear ones, look skyward. Most of you have no idea what is in your sky at night, except for perhaps the famous Big Dipper.  And your 7 sisters are ships for the time being too. You will remain circling Alcyone, but those real sisters have moved considerably at the present time from your view point.

We can and have retarded Jupiter’s location. It buys time. We could just as well move it forwards, had I decided on stasis earlier last year. You ones on the planet who consider yourselves «modern» rarely even know what is in your skies.  Candace has been watching Jupiter now for a few years, and she is correct that it was still in her view recently, and that last year it failed to show «on time» in the eastern morning sky.  I will leave you guessing why!


I am not interested in adding much teaching to this. If they retarded Jupiter last year, (which was not suggested to me, but would explain why it took so long to show back up again last winter, then unless they moved it forwards, it is still running behind, isn’t it?  So it was not in at its closest to us on the expected date this summer either. Oh well, fun to watch and ponder.

Regards the comment above about making the 3rd circle, this is covered someplace in the Urantia Book. There are 7 circles, but I really haven’t a clue what is involved to obtain each one. However, one has to obtain the 3rd circle (7th circle being the least spiritual), except during end of cycle resurrections, to be able to go to the mansion worlds upon death. People «sleep», i.e., reincarnate without past life memories until they make the required amount of spiritual progress.

Update Through Jess Anthony
Esu Speaks on Upcoming Stasis
Friday August 7, 2009
Taken from:


Esu, I have some specific questions and ask for additional guidance as I go forward. Speak on stasis, including the explanation of what it is and outlining the latest thinking on how it will be used. I ask for process and how it will be used. Speak of how long this may continue and what is planned to Earth during the time it’s in effect. Speak of any information that will be useful to know in terms of focusing our responsibility. Help me to see the best path through the seeming chaos that is described.


Jess, it is time to speak of these concerns and explain the current thinking regarding their use and imposition. Stasis is a device that occurs whenever a planet that is inhabited must undergo some sort of upheaval—be it galactic or geophysical. This allows the planet’s system to stop and reorganize itself to adapt to the next level of vibrational intensity its surroundings demand. This presumes the evolution of its surroundings link to the evolutional process the planet itself is undergoing. The planet’s evolution does or does not take its ecosystem into account. If it is beyond any sort of salvaging, then its environment and life forms are removed and the system is begun again at a new level of universal interaction. The problems and imbalances are not continued, even in adapted form.

The system with Earth is unique. Christ Michael wishes to maintain the remnants of the existence that has become established in accordance with his own vision, in order for it to evolve into the higher frequency the planet itself is moving into. In order for this to take place, the planet has to be adapted to suit the evolvement of the inhabitants that are staying, and vice versa. This involves changing the inhabitants and the existing ecosystem to accommodate the new frequencies. This change is most easily accomplished by a period of stasis on the planet. Existence as it is presently will pause and be reacclimated to a new vibration in a higher dimensional status.  Man is nothing but a series of vibrational interactions that appear to be chemical in nature. Change his vibrational pattern and he will morph into a new vibrational sequence. This is the same process as entraining two frequencies vibrating at different speeds. The higher and faster one prevails and the two merge into one frequency, become two strings of the one.

Man’s vibrational pattern will change and adapt to the new frequency for Earth. This requires a strong and resilient physical body and a mental awareness that doesn’t challenge spiritual perception or experiential discoveries. Only a percentage of the Earth’s current population will be able to adapt. This requires a physical body that is connected to spiritual awareness. Spiritual insight automatically shapes the physical and mental bodies that function on this Earthly plane. Only lately has man’s understanding of this relationship been nourished enough to allow comprehension. Now is the time for man to move ahead into his next evolutionary phase. This evolutionary status will involve a symbiosis with the evolution of the Earth. Man will interact with his environment on a much more conscious level and will realize the importance of spiritual dialogue with his surroundings.

I will speak of the timeline as it is proposed at present. We are looking to the appearance of Jupiter as a new sun to provide sufficient shock and disruption to established scientific and religious belief systems to enable enough awareness of a difference to trigger a conscious desire or action. We don’t expect much will happen as a result of any Earthly action or crisis. People are too passive and ineffectual to galvanize much rethinking because of just another political or environmental crisis.

We expect to move into stasis mode very soon after Jupiter finally is allowed to reveal itself. The process of starting this mode has been tremendously streamlined since the earlier descriptions that have come through. The length of time it will take should be two hours or less, still moving around the global time zones as described previously. Enough ships are available to beam working energy to Earth to interact with existing vibrational motion and cause it to pause. This is not going to sleep—this is putting existence on hold. Nothing is planned to age, because time will seem to stop.

Time, you realize, is only a perception on Earth to systematize the relationship between two people or two incidents.


Let’s continue with the description. The plan involves sending a beam of energy to Earth that is of such a frequency that it causes the basic speed of energy transfer to pause in its movement. When energy is not moving there is no sequence of interactions that characterize life on your planet. This is different from what you regard as death. That involves the spirit leaving the physical shell and reuniting with its group soul assemblage. The physical shell continues to interact with its environment and energy exchange is still going on. Stasis stops this energy movement for a period of time. There is no aging, as a result, and time seems to be halted in your perception. With time stopped, there is no perception, in fact, because observations or evaluations are based on measurements of your physical context.

Our perception of time is different and our physical embodiment is not dependant on the attributes you require. We are able to interact with your energy grid work on many levels of complexity and redirect those pathways that are out of balance with a higher frequency of energy movement unaffected by your perceptions. We are able to retool your design, as it were, and produce a more efficient structure that is more integrated with the ascending universal manifestation.

Those of you who intend to stay and work after the stasis period will be redesigned and refashioned to accommodate the changes that Earth will be going through. The symbiosis with your environment will need to be much more exact. It will require a more intuitive understanding of community needs and an accepted awareness of the necessity of considering your fellow inhabitants in the context of your community.

Many will choose not to stay to work with Earth’s Ascension. Cleaning your environment involves supporting a population that is suited to the available resources necessary for balance and harmony. A maximum number of about a tenth of your current population is appropriate for the landmass that will be most beneficial for the planet’s Ascension. Parts of the current geography will be removed and new land will emerge from the existing oceans. This was part of the surface that was flooded when Lemuria and Atlantis submerged. This will happen when the Earth shifts its axis tilt. The water will cover different portions of the existing landmass. There will also be earthquakes to remove built up tectonic stress, and these too will change the shape of the current landforms.

These events will occur during the stasis period because they are connected with a larger system of energy exchange that does not depend on interaction with the ecosystem developed around Earth’s inhabitants. The inhabitants are an extension of their surroundings, but they do not cause the surroundings to change to the extent that will be necessary to refashion Earth. These changes are linked to geophysical shifts and redirected energy from the sun and solar system.  The energy changes coming to Earth affect the magnetosphere’s operation and alter the system of planetary rotation. These changes are necessary to re-circuit the grid pattern the Earth is operating in. This restructuring will provide the new environment for Earth’s inhabitants.

I cannot say at this point how long this will take. The length of time by your measurement will occur after the stasis is completed. I suspect your perception of the length of time it takes will be different from what you presume now. You will not see it as it occurs and you will be surprised when you awake from it.

The plan is not to physically remove all of Earth’s inhabitants and take you to ships or inner Earth cities. Most of those staying will remain here and be transformed like the Earth. Many will choose to leave or will not be spiritually able to adapt to the higher dimensional frequency that will be necessary for Earth’s evolution. This change must be viewed as a necessary step in Ascension. No soul is destroyed unless he or she chooses that option; when someone ends existence on Earth that soul move into another form in its progression. The inevitable grief you will experience here must be tempered by awareness and a realization of the larger picture of a soul’s evolution.

There will be a large group of inhabitants that will be assembled in retreat centers to continue their education. These are members of the group that have been called Lightworkers, meaning those who have had awareness of the true nature of what is happening on Earth and have held out some form of insight to others. This group of teachers and workers will make up the large body of facilitators who have chosen to help others accommodate their new forms to the new environment. These will be leaders, artists, educators, healers, and workers who have committed themselves to building a sustainable society. They have special talents suited to the tasks that lie ahead and have incarnated at this time to take on those roles. They will be brought out of stasis at the time that is necessary for their training to begin.

I think this is sufficient to say at this time. Look for the signs that will be appearing in the skies. This will be happening in sequence from now on. Much of the harvest is being stored, and events will happen when you least expect them. The sun will move and Jupiter will appear as it actually is. Then you will know that stasis is ready to begin.

Esu, Planetary Prince in Physical form.

Update Through Candace Frieze
Sun’s Off, the Long Missing Update!
Thursday September 10, 2009, 20:41
Taken from:


OK, first things, first. There has been a conclave going aboard the Phoenix for several days. Really "big wigs" in personal attendance from Orvonton.  I was asked to attend part of it 3 nights ago.  The purpose of my attendance was much around interviewing me and also asking questions around AbundantHope. Also there were records of posting from my work on GLP [], mine and some of the responses and the like. Lots of chatting. This was honor. I was aboard for 5 hours. Esu came around the next morning full of hugs for me, thought I did well, on such short notice.  There seemed to be about 30 folks there. I didn’t count them, I was in quite a state of surprise much of the time.

And I have been wagged out ever since, but today is better.  I had no idea I was going, except Christ Michael contacted about 2 hours before and said to prepare, so I did, meaning taking a shower, and going to bed to prepare for the «beam me up, Scotty» process. All I knew before I went is I would be gone longer than previous times and I was not to set the alarm to get up the next morning, because I was going to be wagged.

Well, I woke up anyway about the same time I get up, watched the sun and hurried back to bed. Being in these high energies with wispy beings and then coming back has all the discomfort of being in a trash compactor. Ah… this is a dense place… I do go to meetings mostly on the Capricorn regularly, but this was very different.  I have no information to give regards timing, except there isn’t going to be any more assistance to prop up the magnetosphere, except any near the end to prevent too rapid an event, as it still has to be controlled. So far, I think there should be a "proton" shoot by now, but I haven’t seen one yet.


OK, now to the sun.  For starters, in two short days it’s going to be 6 full months since I began to watch it regularly. We were probably already at equinox, according to some that know more.  Well, we are nowhere close to equinox again. The sun is moving south very slowly, and I estimate, in the east in the morning, about 15 degrees until it is back where it was when I started to watch it.  And as I have watched, when there weren’t clouds, it seems about the same in the west towards set too.

However, today, when I was out getting a rare sungazing near set for a few minutes before it dropped behind a cloud, it seemed to me rather suddenly, that is was closer to where I began watching it back then, than to the east and this seems fairly sudden, as compared to a week or two ago.  I don’t get to observe this everyday because usually it starts clouding up around noon to mid afternoon.  So I felt today like there was about 10 degrees to go on the west, which would indicate a tilt change. I need to go out right now and look at the sky and check the dipper. OK, will check it later, only one star in the handle viewable and Dubhe.  However, one of the stars in the little dipper is off some from where it should be with Polaris. A little south. Can’t translate this though into the tilt issue tonight.

I believe solstice in June started as early as June 3, and definitely by a few days later, as the sun moved back and forth a bit for a number of days.  So we really should be at equinox about now, on the 10th, and we simply are not.  I remember exactly where the sun was at rise and set when I started. So I am very sure on this.  Now today, with set, I had to estimate where the sun was coming down, but I still felt it was more south than it is in the east, but maybe this is also normal, but it has seemed to me that the earth returns each day at set back to about the same place as it started in the morning.

Tonight I am having some vertigo and I feel like the earth is moving as I write this, making it a bit difficult to watch the sky, because when I look back down, my head spins and I have to be careful.

OK, now the other thing that is bothering me specifically is that for some 7 days the sun came up at the same time every day. And it has done that a couple times in the last 3 weeks, but not for 7 days!  More like 3 or so.  It should be coming up later each day, usually a minute.

On August 30, it came up at 6:30, August 31, 6:26, I missed September 1, clouds, and then on September 2,  it was 6:37 (yes 11 minutes later), and stayed that way for 7 days and now the last 3 days, one minute later each day.  Yum, eating a piece of freshly-made zucchini bread, just out of the oven. I let a zucchini get a little big. I just picked it today, the bread is good… made with freshly ground whole wheat flour.  I don’t grind the flour, but I get from a shop that always has it freshly ground and refrigerated.

I won’t go over all the rest in detail. But the times fluctuate at all my markers. I have added some back in I used to watch, before the sun went too far north for them to work.  The fluctuations vary from 5 to 10 minutes, in either direction, can be early or late. Today, it’s been pretty steady, no major fluctuations during the day, or compared to yesterday.  Wait, on the bedroom wall near dinner time, it was about 10 minutes early.  This happens somewhere pretty much every day.  High noon was even off by 7 minutes one day from the previous and the shadow cast at that time by the top rail of front step rail, moves back and forth most days, instead of steadily getting longer, as the sun is lower in the sky.

I friend from France wrote me a few days ago, to report a significant sudden problem with vertigo, but the time she experienced it, I was still asleep, but I was queasy for a time after I got up. Ok, going to do see if some clouds past, so I can assess something in the sky. And to get another little bit of that bread!  Well, the big dipper looks about the same as lately. It was really off badly a few weeks ago, but straightened out some, but is not like it has been in previous summers. I have watched it for many years in the summer.

OK, enough. If I forgot something, I will add it later. I need to walk off my second serving of bread before I go to bed.  Take care, Me.

Update Through Jess Anthony
Esu Comments on the Conclave and Earth Changes
Saturday September 12, 2009
Taken from:


Jess: Esu, I would like to have some additional insight and explanation. Will you speak about the crystal activation notion? It seems it might have been a necessary action to help realign Earth’s energy frequency. Is such a grid sequence at play? I also ask about the conclave and who was participating. I am fascinated by Candace’s description. Where do we stand in terms of collapse and stasis? It seems close but uncertain. How are events on Earth playing into the changing energy? They seem to be breaking up too.


Jess, it’s good to talk to you again. Yes, much is happening. Much has been decided and determined. The conclave was a discussion of where things stand in terms of where the universe stands in relation to Orvonton. The concept that Christ Michael is exploring is unique, and the hierarchy of larger galactic groups and orders is carefully observing the outcome of his experiment. It is working surprising well in their estimation. They were cognizant of the potential of his idea, but they are fascinated to see it working itself out in terms of physicality and Ascending evolution. The notion of duality and antagonism becoming balanced and unified is new and exciting to see.

This has happened because the spirits that have incarnated on Earth over the centuries have played a collaborative role in shaping this transformation. It is still not completed, but the shift towards greater Light and Unity has begun in the lives of those that will continue to complete this transformation. Others will be leaving this planetary scenario, their roles completed here. They served as obstacles and problems to be overcome. Their pathway called for that role and they provided that force of resistance that others needed to overcome in their pathways.

Earth is a living progression, just as each of you are working out your own pathway for personal growth. The changes that must come are outcomes of the choices Earth has made previously to allow her inhabitants to explore their systems of interaction. Their choices involved her physical nature, and she has allowed herself to be damaged for an object lesson to others. It is now time for Earth to begin to heal. The lessons learned through damage and destruction by manmade forces are at an end. The slate is about to be wiped clean, as it were.

I can speak more about the conclave. The participants, as Candace indicated, were «bigwigs» from Orvonton and the surrounding major universe systems that interact with the direction Earth and its solar system is pursuing. The great universe of Orvonton is interrelated in all its vast components, and all must be considered whenever a major shift or change is initiated. This involves consultants and coordinators who speak on the potential for growth and interaction the changes suggest.

Many representatives from the governing Council of Orvonton were there, including Lord Siraya, whom you have spoken to on several occasions. His input was in terms of rethinking that which will occur as a result of the shift in feelings and sensations that will come with a raised frequency of energy activation. Man’s perceptions and awareness will be reoriented, and this will affect the way he interacts with each other and with his plane of existence on Earth. This energy shift will have an impact much beyond the perimeters of your limited solar system. Universes within universes will readjust and Orvonton will change over the course of time, as you consider it. Evolution is continual and Ascension is a part of it.

I’ll speak briefly about the crystal activation you spoke of. There is not such a formal plan at work as envisioned by some messengers and Lightworkers. The concept is good and useful in terms of energy activation through the crystal deposits that are strewn through Earth, but the time frame involved with the collapse of the magnetosphere and the upcoming stasis period precludes any projected schedule of future activations. The sequence is perfectly workable if the time is available to carry it out, but I fear it will not be followed through as anticipated. This is not to say that the crystal deposits won’t be activated in the stasis period. They are prime agents for the energy vortexes that are necessary to enliven the Earth’s energy circuits.

The 9-9-9 ceremonies were good as a focus of spiritual attention and additional awareness of the need to connect with Earth’s resources in a symbiotic way. Man’s attention was drawn to this interconnection through such festivals. This is good.

The conclave did decide to let the Earth’s magnetosphere follow its own process of collapse without much artificial propping up. It seems time now for this to happen. Time wise, this is still geared to the seasonal cycle of the US. This is not to slight the other parts of the globe, but to provide the most workable cushion for the Lightworkers to fall back when the country’s governmental and financial structure fall apart. And they will. This seems almost on the verge of happening. This again is an example of a projected potential, rather than an actual prediction. No one can say what events will transpire in trying to reach a closure of the events put in motion earlier. Signs seem full of potential, however.

My suggestion to you is to continue with what you are doing in your work and in your preparation. I don’t see the need for many more messages to be transcribed. We will give a specific update through Candace when there is the need for one, in terms of general awareness of what is to occur. You should remain balanced and aware of changes occurring. Try to be non-judgmental; only observe what is presented and release any anger or fear that the observation man occasion in your thinking.


Update Through Candace Frieze
We Have Thrown In the Rag. The Earth Is Crying
By Christ Michael and Candace
Sunday November 1, 2009, 12:07
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, Christ Michael here to speak a bit after a rather long absence it would seem. First, let’s cover just a bit on what I have been doing.  I recently posted through Daniel Raphael that I have turned over more day-to-day management to Machiventa and Monjoronson. There are some other planets that are part of the rebellion requiring a bit of my personal attention right now in this body that I am using.

One planet is particularly having troubles, and this is in Orion. We are currently removing the last of the Reptilians also from that place, as we did on your world a couple years ago or so.  I am doing much there similarly to here.  This world I am often visiting for a few days at a time is not quite as troublesome as your world, but longer away from Light and Life.  It is not in a solar system yet facing Ascension, but in time, it will also come in the Galactic Ecliptic and experience what your world is now experiencing for 3 years.  It has yet to rotate directly in line.  Your world actually entered a little earlier because we are towing you to a new energy stream, meaning the solar system is being towed, not just planet Earth.

And regards the «towing», Candace collects a lot of what she calls «crap» on GLP over this, as if we have little tow trucks or something.  We have only to tow «Planet X» and the whole solar system comes with it.  Every solar system has a «planet X», and it is through these bodies that whole solar systems travel around their central stars. Your central star is Alcyone.  And in time, in your new energy stream, you will be much closer to Alcyone, and thus not in the long dark period you have been in previously, of 11,000 years at a time. You will be «in the light» all of the time based on both, the energy stream and the effects of your 3 suns as Saturn will also be ignited in due time.

Regards being in that Milky Way galactic ecliptic, you should be noticing some of the rather rapid effects regards your Ascension syndromes and that of your animals. Most of you who are around animals should be noticing they are getting smarter too. The god particles remodel everything!!!! There will be a great surge in evolution upon your plane.


Now, let’s get into the not so nice stuff. Despite the now 3 years of work by the particles coming through to you, your dark ones just aren’t getting a hint yet and it doesn’t appear they will at all. We did hope some would awaken a bit, with their Reptilian and Anunnaki controllers out of the way, but sadly, the difficulties remain huge.

Now Candace knew about OITC quite some time ago, but for safety reasons we did not provide her directly with the name of the organization.  OITC, as suggested before, IS GESARA. I hope all of you have visited the website, and viewed the excellent videos if you are not yet convinced [Note of Editor: The OITC website is: ].  If you are on dial up, find a computer, perhaps go to a library, where you can view them.

The results of going public with OITC, putting up the website and the like, have been dismal. There is no money for guns, so the thugs are not interested. It is far worse than that actually. I don’t know yet today what for sure has gone so wrong on this world. Usually confining thugs together gets results and an upliftment in the DNA, but this time it wasn’t successful.  The angels that fell into the rebellion have done all right, but the other galactic thugs didn’t learn.

Out of concern for Earth’s peoples in general, we have prevented a large array of 911-type attacks. Russia has been most helpful in this endeavor since they have so many cosmospheres and have come into alignment with the Divine Plan. That allows for easier following of the rules of intervention on a planet. These rules however on this one, MY planet, are different.


We are going directly into stasis fairly soon. We do not believe bringing out Jupiter will be of any help but, nevertheless, we may or may not. It is placed as far out as possible in the [sun’s] corona from time to time and even has been exposed for short periods. It continues to upset the balance on Earth more than we would like. We wish to have that very slow reversal [of the magnetic poles], so going into stasis first will bring that completely under our control. We have continued to keep a quiet sun for this reason.

Your scientists think that these few new suns spots are of the next cycle, but they do not understand that the Sun is also going to be completely monopolar and it will not thusly experience cycles. This is a slow transition into that state for the sun.

We are placing ships so folks can see them at rise and set. This is not very effective either because so many never even notice sunrise and sunset which in normal societies are a time of wonderment and prayer each day. You have lost all of any holy cycles and the knowledge contained therein.

I would suggest that all of you during the remainder of time, sungaze each day where you have opportunity, and MAKE that opportunity. It will help prepare you. You merely stand outside preferably or indoors if very cold or at work, and stare at the sun when it is low in the sky. If it is too high, you will know, you won’t be able to stare at it. This will raise up your energy levels a bit and help in remodeling your brains.

I was going to give more information, more for the dark ones, but it seems completely futile to waste my breath, so to speak. I do breathe in this body, by the way.  I will only say that in ignoring the OITC, you ones completely blew it. There is unlimited help to this world through that organization, except for warfare.

Casper and Bellringer

Casper and Bellringer, your story is NEVER going to happen. I have my people in control, and that plan is NOT God’s plan and never was. Those monies, which were traded, could have been, but again, you lied and misused your trust. Some of the thugs actually stole legitimate funds started by private individuals and companies.

Casper, I do know who you are and your purpose. These monies you keep writing about, are Bush et all funds, and illicit funds at that. The metals that sort of backed them, will be fully returned from where they sit, as they are NOT yours to continue to worsen the conditions of this world.  The IMF and similar organizations and banks will be dismantled during the stasis, and the precious metals returned and placed in safe keeping. That Gold in the hands of the IMF, even though being «sold» is not for sale, and will be recovered physically for use after the return.

I suppose you all want the date of stasis. No bananas on that, dear ones. Candace will still go first, for her team, and they will be notified, but the rest, you will just find yourselves when it happens wherever you should be. To put out any date [for stasis], the dark ones would attempt something more than they have attempted, and will also be off to «safe keeping», or so they think, before it happens.


The magnetosphere is truly ready to flop. Flop it does, the vortexes will collapse on each other. We will be going into stasis BEFORE this happens, again, so that we can control this, which is probably why we will likely not bring out Jupiter. We will continue with showing ourselves at night, rise, and set, until stasis. Your world, as above, is so out of sync and the rumors of what makes up the appearance of God at the time of cleansing is all over the place, and we are sorry, but Jesus still isn’t going to gallop across the sky on a White Horse to gather the saints, er, Christians.

There are many at this time leaving for the mansion worlds, and you have excess deaths. There are also, as Esu mentioned in his last piece, the beginning of people becoming ill from the released custom-illness, and more than the Ukraine are in great fear right now. The news just doesn’t reach the United States, and you have in increase in this in the United States and it’s being labeled swine flu, and it is not. You do have some better health care there, so it’s less noticeable.

China faced a severe time during the «bird flu» days. This was a direct attack on them and they did place several areas under extreme quarantine and even removed several small towns of people entirely from the face of the Earth to stop the spread. We did intervene with some help in that scenario.

As to the swine flu vaccine, we have been going into the labs and disabling the virus that is contained therein. This is only to keep what little peace remains on the planet in its final days. Many have petitioned to not allow the planet to go into complete chaos and prayers were answered. But this cannot continue, beloveds, because of the pollution to the planet. We cleanse some places as we can, and we leave some of it, to be seen, so you would all learn, but you did not.


We will be studying for a long time just why the people of this planet did not learn over the eons. We will also be studying for some time just why the star seeds did not awaken in greater numbers. In fact, the star seeds have been some of the problem. They have become incredibly blind. Their Higher Selves, to use that word, have been unsuccessful in finding opportunity to download monads into the bodies being used. This is a perplexing condition.

The «Higher Self’ knows but the lower self of the incarnation has been most resistant to hearing «from Above.»  Yea, ones are not fully incarnate into the body, your energies are too high, and the communications go through the «silver cord» so to speak, and the silver cord develops «shorts» and the message is not received. Usually the Ascension process of the DNA makes the communications more accessible, but this did not happen for many. (Candace: And I wonder how many did not listen to what was being sent?)

I am back here to stay until the planet is in stasis, the issues with the other planet and my need to be there are resolved at this time. I needed to personally attend the issues with the reptilians there. Beloveds, the reptilian form has not been successful. These ones are still very cold blooded. Those who did develop worthy souls will continue on in other forms but basically the reptilian form is being gradually removed from existence. They develop on climatically hostile planets, and that hostility seems to be difficult to overcome. Some of you who read here are preparing for various difficult jobs ahead, and thus I am giving this little detail. Such is the nature of overseeing the Creation and all that develops from it.

Lay Back and Do Not Argue

I will ask many of you to lay back. Do not continue to attempt to educate those around you in these last days. I think Candace can even stop if she wishes on GLP, because as the energies «churn» more, the dark are getting very nasty. And the dark includes family members who are not awakened for some of you. It is not necessary for you all be faced with the increasing intolerance and insults. Just be quiet and look the other way.

It can be deadly to upset some people in these times. Just do the yes, sir or ma’am, when faced with ridiculous requests and surround yourselves in your protective Light. Mormon underwear will NOT do that job!  Talk about people who do not think, thinking that underwear will keep you safe.  That is a sad example of how good teachings are taken down on this planet. That church is the worst for the corruption of teachings given it long ago.

Do NOT frequent bars and the like right now.  Those who get drunk are going to act out even more and, as fear spreads from the rumors of illness and the like, people are going to drink more, use drugs more, and become more dangerous. Do not intervene if you see any sort of disagreements in public and even at home, if there is danger. Walk away. Your lives may be at stake.

Now, I have something to share with you.  This has been a very long and very difficult process for myself. My universe became infested. Some of this infestation was from other universes; some of it developed in front of mine own eyes. I have mentioned before, we must get a handle on this strange, not-seen-before darkness, that has infested the Lighted creations. It is very intelligent. Your movie on Artificial Intelligence touched on this. Some of it is artificial. Some comes from machines learning to think, which have no sense of right or wrong, no God sense and then not being handled properly by those that control machines.  Races also have stolen DNA and in the laboratory downgraded it to make slaves who also have no God sense of right and wrong.

Creation is old. These problems however did not exist in the first 6 Superuniverses. It is in Orvonton they manifested. And this must be solved.  I am a very «open» Creator Son to finding ways to deal with this. It was my purpose in fact before I came to Nebadon. I have long studied this, and we planned ways, actually to attract some of this to Nebadon, and concentrate it, and get rid of it.  And many of you who read this material are volunteers unto that service. This must be stopped.

The Prodigal Son

It is not easy for me emotionally, myself. I do not enjoy having to uncreate something. All universes do face problems of this nature however, there are some life forms that develop that are not satisfactory. But what was a most difficult situation, was mine own angels that «went south» to use your human phraseology.  These are my personal creations and it is not easy to walk from family.  Do not your own selves face difficulties with children who seem to not turn out so well?  Thus the story of the prodigal son, conveyed by me. I have let my ones to go out and err, in hopes they would come home with new wisdom, and that worked fairly well with the angels of mine and Nebadonia’s Creation.

Some failed. Lucifer failed and, when welcomed back, that was his failure, he would not undergo any further rehabilitation to relearn and chose his uncreation, and that was heartbreaking. He was not the evil Satanist suggested on your planet, but awfully misguided, and he did let his ego get the best of him. He did want to be his own God, and you still see remnants of this in the New Age teachings.  You are to come into alignment with the Creation if you wish to climb that big ladder ahead. He made many management errors. So we let him have Earth, my seed planet, for a time, along with the thugs, and he did realize eventually that he had bitten off more than he could chew and that he could not be «god» of Satania in the manner he had hoped.

We still have a great deal of work ahead. I have shed many tears myself, yes, the spirit form of mine, while it doesn’t shed literal tears, nevertheless I have cried. And so has Mother Nebadonia. This was not an easy journey. The plan of placing the thugs together was not altogether successful. These warring groups just don’t seem to get the message and they have been repeatedly «welcomed home» or rather the offer made, and it doesn’t take. This is my universe, and I am going to have to do some more un-creating. We are all learning from this, and I know we will be nipping the problems in the bud much sooner.

We so have to develop ways yet to foresee these sooner. We have to not allow quite so much freedom of will in developing young worlds. Often these worlds have been given, as yours was recently, technology they are not ready for by others, so tough new guidelines are going up regarding the evolutionary and lower «heaven» worlds.

The higher councils of Orvonton have seen the Light, so to speak, and know there must be some toughness, otherwise, much will be swallowed up into black holes. Black holes are not understood by your scientists. They are the garbage dumps. There are too many.  This is an enigma too. What does happen to them, in time, is they become suns again, the matter, as it is compressed gets quite hot, and thus explodes. Nothing is ever lost, but we sometimes also get suns where we don’t want them yet!

This is because black holes are the densest matter can become, and they aren’t «moveable.»  No «tug boats» designed yet that work.  We sometimes have to move some formations out of the way instead. When these explode, huge amounts of matter are released for re use. They do not «suck» in additional matter as some of your scientists suggest.  But they are imploded matter where a Creation went wrong and the like attracts like rule functions.  (Candace: this reminds me of material in the banned Phoenix Journals about the heat compression produces.)

In summary, we are going into stasis at my command. I have been back and forth dealing with this other issue that was necessary but I must also be here personally for the initiation of stasis. We have thrown in the rag. The Earth is crying some more and the pollution continues to worsen, and the lives of other classes of beings on this world are to be taken into consideration, as this is a seed planet and it is going back to its purpose. The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the magnetic reversal, more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over.  Understand, I said DNA forms, NOT souls, which include that soul/spirit in plants and animals. Soul on Earth will mature in healed forms.  Namaste, Christ Michael.


The discussion on the Ukraine above came after I asked about it. It’s being covered on GLP and at least. I haven’t seen much otherwise.  Here’s a couple of the maybe better discussions on GLP.  In this one, somebody posted a section of Esu’s last piece with me that I had completely forgotten about, asking if the Ukraine issue could be related to his prediction.

I am back conversing with WB.  We had some lost material folks. My special address on a Verizon account that I was using exclusively for that project was canceled and anything lost that I had saved there. TPTB have been messing with the email since we started. Some of it is not arriving after being sent. WB doesn’t get mine and I don’t get his at times. My sent file was erased entirely once, after I activated it, so I reactivated it, and then after getting home from vacation, I was getting pages saying the server was having troubles, and then finally, a notice the account was canceled.

OITC is taking some crap too out of our thugs. I am not allowed to elaborate at this point on that. Please, be submitting some more questions to me, by going to our Contact Us Section. I did reopen one of my addresses for questions.  Please use it! Some of you live in countries other than the US of A, and you could be asking relevant questions about activities where you live and anything else that comes to mind.

I have collected some questions unrelated to WB and will post one or pieces answering them, as there are others that might benefit. I simply haven’t taken that up again since I got back. I did need some more time off after I got home, haven’t yet returned to «full time.»  I experienced yet another attack by microwaves in one of the airports I was in, requiring emergency intervention after I got to my host’s home by AA Rafael and his team. I was put in shape enough to enjoy the vacation with large amounts of steroid to keep down the swelling, and keep up my energy but when I got home, I  really wagged out for awhile and still have a little belly pain. So have some patience with me.  I am currently having a period of being down in the dumps, I have perhaps been «murdered» once too many times. There have been at least 5 attempts this year alone on me. Two of them in October. I am tired. (And crying a bit myself too.)

Update Through Rubens and Kibo
By Christ Michael

Taken from:

Christ Michael:

With Rubens.  Sunday February 28, 2010, 13:52

Good afternoon, dear. Rubens: Good afternoon, dear commander Hatonn and Father. (Interruption). I apologize for the interruption. Shall we continue? CM: Yes, I am and ready to dictate. Rubens: I am ready.

We are going to deal with the many natural activities occurring on Urantia. It seems that many are getting the beginning of the message that a lot more is taking place than what is seen on the surface. I am carefully monitoring those activities to avoid too much death at once but, we are still allowing for much to take place as they must due to the unbelievable stubbornness of the many to stick to the old ways.

We ask all of you to remain centered and see what is coming as a blessing in disguise, especially considering that many were asking for the "let it rip" scenario. Now, as you can see, there were very valid reasons to delay this process as long as possible since once started, and it has, there is no letting off. What must happen is happening. Try to bring some emotional comfort to your loved ones, if you can.

We are going to allow Jupiter to appear in your sky finally and once it does, we will enter into stasis shortly thereafter due to the intensified activities that will result as a matter of fact. Those who did not believe will have a great deal of difficulty to accept the new realities but, so be it. You, my ground crew, will finally be able to say "I told you so", although I imagine many will refrain from doing so due to the enormity of suffering that will occur.

We are at point where, as S333 mentioned, nothing will ever be the same again and much will take place that will show plainly that it is just impossible to go back; it is imperative that the people of Earth start reaching from deep within to analyze the consequences of their old ways and make ado if they want to atone and contribute to a sustainable future of the planet. Having said that, there a still going to be a lot of departures and destruction. As a Father, it pains me to contemplate what is about to happen but, you had plenty of time to make amend and did not.

Rubens, my son, I am proud of you since you regained some of your foresight and balance. You need to keep focusing on your inner nature and that alone will be your guide for the future.  That will be all and I wish all of you much courage and specially remember that you need not to fear but remain focused on me, your Father and Protector.  So be it, chelas. Hatonn out.

Rubens: Thank you, Father.
End of Transmission: 14:15

With Kibo. Tuesday March 2, 2010, 21:16

CM here, how are you? [Kibo: Hard to say…excited and hesitant at the same time I guess.  Want this to be it and still, it’s a big deal.  But it has to come this time, doesn’t it?]

There is, as stated before, little to wait on.  We have offered this last opportunity for the dark to come across to our side of the tracks.  All is ready.  Presentations are being made as we speak.

The seven days could turn out to be more.  We will judge the reaction of the peoples and the remaining dark and act accordingly.  There will be nothing to fear and we fully expect most business to stop as people come to learn the truth of their situation.  We shall encourage necessary services to continue and for criminal activity to stop, as well as curtail any military action.  Interest in these things should fall away as the truth of what is and what is coming is revealed.

There are those that will turn to you and others at AbundantHope support for personal answers.  It will help them to know someone that they consider an insider.  They will, at that point, be much more inclined to believe.  There will be times when we will suggest to some that you are the ones to call to allay their fears.  This will be by design so wonder not that these things have happened.  Some of you have possible candidates for team members that have been less than open minded.  It will be hard for them to remain so when there are two suns in the sky and announcements being made on every channel!

I am urging you to share this communication.  You have been reluctant to do so in the past, feeling that it would serve no purpose in an already crowded field.  I assure you that this is not so.  This is a time for Divine expression through all open frequencies that serve the Light and Love of The One.  Stop feeling unworthy and share yourself in a deeper form than you have.  No one is here at AH by accident.  All is by design.  All of you have special gifts to share and now is the time to share them.  We encourage all of you to hold greater faith in yourselves as expressions of My Self and of Source.  Your unique personalities, the gifts you bring to the table are wanted and needed.  This is the time for all of you to be strong; to stand together in Light and show your love.

Your doubt is not a matter of disbelief, but a matter of wanting to see this event with your own eyes; to finally have proof.  As Thomas needed to feel the wounds instead of just seeing them, and yet, was he not one of the chosen disciples?  So it is with you.

Through all of the delays and disappointments, you have stayed to support My Plan, My agenda, My hope and dream for all of you, and I thank you for your faith in the face of all opposition.  You are My dear children who have heard the call and answered in faith.  I cannot love one above another but I can say ‘Thank You’ to those that strive so hard to see me as I AM and serve The Will of The One as best they can.

So I give of myself to you and share with you these words of support to you, My beloved friends.  The only promise that I can make to you is that we will all see this through, together.  Your beautiful Gaia will see her day and her Light will shine throughout my Universe of Nebadon.

This is just the beginning of many wonderful and marvelous things as Nebadon continues to evolve to be settled in Light and Life.  An awesome and amazing journey which we shall all take together and even afterwards shall there be infinite and eternal life and service in The One.  I AM The Big-headed Cheese of Nebadon in sunglasses.

[Kibo: I don’t want to call you big-headed, it seems wrong] (Candace: He does have a big head, literally! And it’s bald! ) CM: It’s okay… a private joke.  Keep it in, please. [Sigh – I won’t get in trouble?] Why?  Overly sensitive people will understand… let’s stop now before you take the fun out of it. [Kibo: Okay, okay, thanks, Boss.  Love ya!]  I love you too, little one…. until next time.

Venus is the New Planet
By Christ Michael through Candace
Saturday Oct 30, 2010 – 11:59:00 PM
Taken from:

Friday October 29, 2010

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, pay little to no notice to the wild games today around the supposed items found from Yemen.  Our thugs are just at their game again and it will not happen.  The items are of let’s just say «CIA» implants for the purpose of engaging the world in another terror scheme.  Nobody from Yemen is behind this.   There are teams from my side involved in ending this and your TVs should be shortly either singing another tune, or suddenly dropping the topic.  This is planned of course around creating a reason to attack Iran, even though the story is placed to come from Yemen.

We had some long meetings of this, there are some who consider the attack on Iran should be allowed so the attackers learn a very difficult and painful lesson, but Gaia is exhausted from all of this, and doesn’t wish to see that on her surface and I concur of course.

But some of ye ones in the world, particularly in America, meaning the US of A on the American continent, will be looking at some karma for not learning what is right in God’s world, and that’s enough said at this time.  STILL these people are buying into this story today!  Still they have not learned to observe the games and do something about it. So be it.

Now, about the Axis Shift.  The Gulf of Mexico is intervening in this.  The shifting is not necessarily causing this, it is simply pressures building again after a temporary period of relative stability.  The problem is most of the Gulf sea floor is rising, which we have not chosen to cover before, and not just the areas close to shore where the fault system or more readily said, the fracture system is.  We truly have a mess there now, and this accumulating ground swelling is advancing up underneath the whole of the southern Mississippi basin and marching somewhat westward as evidenced by the quakes in Arkansas.

The recent images Candace posted to the net about the oil approaching the western side of the Mississippi delta is OIL and not an algae bloom. The nature of the currents under the Gulf are swirling that oil around  in the manner of a funnel cloud,  and that is further eroding the Sea floor there and moving large amounts of sunken and unseen surface oils towards the shoreline.

Yesterday we attempted to move the axis a bit more, because the situation in the Gulf seemed to have temporarily quieted. But shortly after we applied the necessary energies, the swirling increased and we stopped and went into a session of meetings which have just concluded.  We did succeed in a small amount of axis shift since the last report of 0.9 degrees, it’s about 1.05 now.

It appears we are going to have to go into the mini stasis and finish the axis shift during that time.  We have many craft down observing the Gulf situation.  I haven’t decided yet whether to wait a short time more or just go into the mini stasis and get it over with.  Now, just because we are «vacuuming up» the oil and methane coming forth does not prevent any of the quakes or resultant tsunamis.

Because of the wide area of swelling in fact it will be worse and the massive quaking resulting will do quite enough to initiate some of the other fracture zones around this world, just as much as the fault line we sealed off after the Gulf of Mexico situation made itself clear.  (Candace:  This last spring or so, we covered that there was a large unknown fault line west of the Tonga Trench, which was later sealed, as the GOM blowout had not happened at that time.)

We could have gone in after the dark ones began their schemes and interfered, yes, with some of their plans, but they and those that support the oil business must learn some tough lessons so we did not interfere, nor did we «seal» anything in the gulf floor. Sealing was not the solution there anyway, there is so much oil now making its way up and it’s not just about the blowout that occurred, that area is weak and the earth changes to date are moving forward anyway in that area.

We are ready to institute, as we have covered before, the mini stasis the minute the GOM starts to fully erupt.  We will of course be down working immediately even if the people are not fully in stasis, and we worry not about that one.  The mini stasis may last up to a week at this point because we have a lot of cleaning to do.  All life will be in stasis, as the plants will not do well either with the massive methane coming up.

There will be really widespread destruction.  Now, depending on the widespread destruction we may choose to simply keep the planet in stasis and do without any announcements at all.  There is a big «depends» going on here.  Some of the expected plate movements may also release massive amounts of methane and other chemicals of various sorts in other parts of the world.   There are 3 undersea volcanoes we are watching and also there is a couple more on the surface that is ready to erupt.  The Iceland volcanoes are showing increased underground movement, as well at the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Helena and Rainier at this time.  There is a volcano that erupted also today in Kamchatka, Russia.

Now, there are people we wish to evacuate as the planet is going into the mini stasis, or even possibly a bit before.   We will evacuate also everyone around the Gulf of Mexico that is staying with the planet or needs their body otherwise, before or as the mini stasis starts.  We do not want everyone in the mini stasis. What I am saying here, is that some of you and your families, or people you know, are going to be lifted if they are going to the new planet in body.  So IF we do have an interlude between mini stasis, and the big stasis, these ones are already going to be gone and please don’t assume they were dark side that were removed.

There are about 1 million people who will be populating the new planet, in addition to those already there.  Not all 1 million of these ones will be taken immediately to the new planet, but they will live aboard the evacuation craft and then be placed on the new planet as it is ready to accept them. They will know however they are going there as soon as this can be explained to them following the lift off. There are also some others going to other planets and these will be lifted also, but their numbers are less than those going to the new world being prepared.

Now, many of you have been curious about the new planet.  It is Venus, dear ones.  And I threw some hints of this in the Phoenix Journals.  We still keep it out of sight and it’s in a somewhat different orbit, well let me just spill the beans here, it’s time.  It is in approximately the same orbit as Earth, beloveds, we just keep it on the other side of the sun and this is sometimes the cause of those Nibiru stories you hear.

We have said before that the Venus you all see is star ship Venus. Just as Jupiter’s revolution is kept so it stays out of view with the sun in the middle, so it is with Venus.  Actually you have not witnessed the real Venus in a long time, as terraforming is not an instant process.  And the planet was too close to the sun for its full terraforming.

Now, Earth and Venus will continue to share the orbit for a long time.  At some point in the future the orbits will be separated somewhat, as Earth will actually need to be a bit further from the sun.  Mercury is being rotated out gradually more to the former orbit of Venus, as there will be terraforming started there eventually also.  There is a small inner planet that I believe we have mentioned before and your scientists know of it, that will be gradually moved into Mercury’s orbit.

All the orbits of the planets through Mars will be adjusted over time.  It is totally possible for life bearing planets to share the same orbit or nearly so.   If you have read any of the UB about the architectural spheres, you know this occurs there. Of course these ones don’t have suns like you do, in the evolutionary systems, but nevertheless, planets can follow each other in the same or close orbit.  It’s easily done. In fact, in systems with several planets with life on them, it has to be that way, so they have the same energies.  Mars, let’s just keep spilling beans here, will also be in approximately the same orbit with Earth and Venus.  They can be staggered a bit according to the needs of the planet and its size. But they will not be as widely separated as the current orbits are.

There will be periods of stasis in the more distant future, both for continued remodeling of Earth, but also the solar system, because life has to be protected when we tug another planet into the same orbit also.  These periods of stasis around the tugging of planets will be much shorter however than the upcoming stasis of 4 or more years.

Candace is now asking WHEN was Venus moved into Earth’s orbit?  Well, beloveds, since around the time of the deluge.  You have always since then been watching a star ship showing a hologram.

We are remodeling this entire solar system into an eternal system, and as man becomes more human than he currently is, he will need some more living room since poor little planet Earth cannot by herself handle all these people.  So now Candace is asking, alright, how many planets will orbit with Earth?  Just three for the foreseeable future, but time will tell.  (Candace: I am remembering a bunch of general knowledge right now, and I know that people can also develop technologies to HEAT their orbs and thus the distance from a sun becomes less a factor.)

Another reason I am talking here about the removal of those who need to remain in form, before the mini stasis or with the beginning of the mini stasis, is not all of you who read at AH have chosen to stay here.  Some of you, readers here, will find yourselves definitely aboard ship rather soon now, and don’t pack, we have everything you need.

Those that can be dematerialized will be, others have to step into the beam, so if a lot of small craft show up, board ship. If you wish identification first, just ask, but if you have a sky full of craft, you can assume this is what is going on.  If you accidentally board ship and you are staying with the planet, have no worry.  Because actually some folks staying with the planet are going to be removed too, which brings me to this final topic of the night.

All of you staying with the planet after stasis will be removed, all one billion of you in fact.  But we are taking the ones going to other places first, and then the other of the billion will be brought to ship at intervals during the long stasis, and they must awaken on ship due to the conditions on the planet.  Everyone who is staying is going to get a personal education during stasis before they return.  When we wake the planet from the big stasis, these ones will not be thus waking up wherever they dropped off and of course, those who live where the damage will be huge can’t return to their homes anyway.

The survivors will already KNOW what happened and that THEY are the winners.  This will help insure our progress.  Those of the nearly 100,000 will be removed much sooner, as soon as we have everything stable and are ready. Initially fleet will be very busy.  Those that are likely to become regional directors and other higher levels will obviously be removed much earlier.

Surprise!!!!!  We made that decision some time ago actually, but chose to not cover it before today.  The 1 billion survivors will return to the planet quite consciously and many actually will for a time probably be housed in the underground areas first. The surface housing remaining may not be in good shape. This means that those of you «attending» stasis, as we have put it before, that will be on the AH team in some capacity, will actually be doing some planning WITH the survivors near the later part of stasis.

Most of the one billion, will likely be removed from the «sleep» of stasis to ship in the last year or so, but some will be awakened earlier possibly who have some leadership potential.

Candace’s smiling, SHE JUST realized she knows this, enjoy opening up a LOT of your packies, beloved.   And you other ones on the AH team to date, you will be opening a lot of yours too!  And also many of you that read here but do not for sure know your roles yet.


Well, I am happy about this because one of my worries has been over the reactions people will have at that time. I have often attempted to role play and imagine I am one of them waking to the dramatic changes that will be present.  I was suspecting Venus but couldn’t get a «straight» answer on that one, because none of us are allowed that at this time.

Now one of the questions I couldn’t get answered either, but I see it is probably in one of my packies, is that during the magnetic reversal, while the planet is still and straight up and down, all that is NOT of God ceases to exist.  This was covered nicely with Thoth and Leonette some time ago. You can search her section for it.  So my beloved Michael, how about the answer, you know what I have been asking here, and I suspect I know the answer, but how about YOU giving it for our readers?  There are many UNgodly ones who must be removed, and we have said I think, they will just pass?????

Christ Michael:

Now, beloveds, those that must remain in body will all be removed at some point before the reversal.  I know it says somewhat differently above, but let me explain in greater detail.  Many will stay in the state of stasis however, until it’s time to awaken them on ship.

During the magnetic pole reversal those life forms not of God will cease to exist, as both the quiet of the Earth from revolution plus the incoming solar rays cleanse the planet.  Remember during the reversal the magnetosphere will also be «down.»  And to that end, those animals and plants that are to remain will be put into a very special vibratory state of stasis, in which they are «untouchable» and unharmed.  But we are removing physically all surviving humans who need their current bodies to craft.  The non survivors such as the robots and all other life forms simply perish and they will be in a different vibratory rate, one not of God, and I won’t explain those details, some of YOU KNOW THIS already in your hearts,  but they also do not suffer in the process.

Everything OF God, has a higher vibratory rate.  The animals and plants that are destructive to the planet will all be gone during that phase.  While some will worry about the x rays, gamma rays and the like, it is more the vast amount of photons coming in during the reversal that remove that which is not of God. Photons ARE of God.  God IS Light in that instance.

Now, IF we have the mini stasis followed with some announcements, we are removing the darkened ones of this world, as we have said, in human format by simply removing them. Some are going to other prison worlds or the void planet.  We pick them up in levitation beams, during the mini stasis.  Their bodies do not survive that process. They are too dark.   It’s that simple, and they are known, each one.  Their souls are picked up however, and taken where they are going, which most time will be as cavemen of a beginning civilization. They will be incarnating by birth, except those that go to the void or prison planet.  These ones are provided a morontial form that does not reproduce for their lessons there.

This routine is typical of a world under the end times of the current cycle, the judgment, as it were.  There is always a magnetic pole reversal, and those not of God simply cease to exist and it matters not if they are «man,» insect, plant or other animal.  The stasis is always used before the reversal so there is NO suffering. The malformed «spirits» associated with these not of God, simply disassociate.

We have given that the lower forms including man have minds in which the information is stored on electrons.  During the magnetic reversal, these simply disperse, as there is NO soul that binds them. They become part of all the other electrons of the planet.  And of course the body form used just dies and decomposes.   You will be losing a lot of plant and animal forms during the reversal.  There is always evolutionary life that develops that is less than it should be and overly parasitic on others forms of life.  The magnetic reversal removes negative viruses and bacteria too.

Now, we have covered before, I think usually Esu on this one, that man carries a lot of contaminated DNA.  Now, the ones returning, who carry ANY of this DNA, because there is some terrible contamination here brought on primarily by the black operatives over time, will not be able to reproduce.  Thus you will not immediately face any issues of overpopulation.

There will walk the planet certain ones, not unlike the original Adam and Eve, except more of them, who will reproduce. And those of you returning in NEW forms may be able to reproduce.  There are some people returning who have DNA that is alright, but with the increasing marriages between races, not so many of them.  We HAVE to cleanse the negative characteristics from man’s games in the laboratories over time.

We also have to cleanse the «machine mind» that has developed and in fact was imprisoned here also.  It is this mind that had caused the Galactic Wars and that is another story and we have hinted at it before, but do not need to openly cover that at this time.

We have mentioned that many star seeds have come in with improved DNA and IF they married people of their kind and not within the contaminated DNA, these children will reproduce of these ones.  And many of your young star seeds haven’t married yet, and so these ones, if they pair with another with clean DNA, they will be able to bear children.  That has been part of the solution going on for a number of years, and why so many star children are coming in at this time.  Sort of a different method but yet similar in some ways to the Adam and Eve missions when successful.

There will be NO defective DNA passed onto other humans after stasis. NONE.  This will absolutely guarantee the uplifting of man alone, but he will also need our help because of his contaminated mind.  These souls remember, that are returning still have up to 49% uncleared karma.  But these ones will NOT pass that uncleared karma unto any future children.  Many of you who have incarnated here over time, have purposely incarnated within certain family lines to clear that very karma stored in the DNA. There is LOTS of «WAR» Karma still in man’s genetics.

Now I see Candace is tiring. I want this up this evening, and she can add modifications or teaching later if she desires and if the mini or permanent stasis does not intervene in that time.  She will summarize this a bit perhaps for clarity if she wishes.  Be in Peace.


I am not going to summarize tonight, just get it up after making sure I don’t have something stupid in it, from typos or poorly constructed sentences and missing words.  I may add more tomorrow, you are free to write me mail if you have my address, or through the contact form if you don’t understand and perhaps I can then add something.

There Will Be No Mini Stasis, It’s All Getting Done Now
By Christ Michael, General Radetsky, Esu, S333 and Our Faithful Media Guy, and AA Michael Who Was Late to the Meeting, through Candace
(Also at the end is a short update with CM through Steve from the forum)
Tuesday Dec 21, 2010 – 5:03:30 PM
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Hello, dear ones, we are all gathered around Candace at this time and we will all speak but this is CM to start off the brief show.  We are making HUGE progress, beloveds, do not be impatient, you are going too much like the show that is coming. We ARE able to now skip mini stasis unless the Gulf should blow big time.  There will likely be some major quakes during the LONG announcement period, but that’s OK.

We have removed many. We made major removals for education and sadly and as expected, I guess, many didn’t wish to switch direction. We had some that did, and are back on your place, but most couldn’t change of their programming even with all the wondrous evidence and some personal appearances by the several of us.  We are hoping to take the announcement period now to a few weeks of time. This is my gift to these, my younger sons and daughters who have had so little chance to understand because of the heavy control.  This is partly my gift also to Candace, who wanted all of them to have what they do not know, because they cannot make a valid decision without being informed and she is right.  So there will be a lot of information.

(Candace: this is true and I have shed some rather large tears at times over that which people believe is true about God and is not and they lack motivation from the bad teaching alone. I am often literally appalled at what I encounter on other forums, and with those I encounter personally in my area. Even the star seeds are lacking and that is another discussion all together. I think we should try this experiment and see how it works, there is certainly nothing to lose for the attempt.)

We have a huge show planned of wondrous materials of truth, which will cover, of course, how the dark side took over, the wars your soldiers fought not knowing they were serving corporate interests and not their country. We hope too, Candace is smiling, to convince people that Esu will not ride his white horse across the sky to pick up his favorites.

Initially the announcements will cover the political and money scenarios and then we carefully move into full disclosure of our purpose. As part of this, there will be live TV crews aboard even on my own craft and several others to provide a real picture of us.

Eventually if time allows, in addition to nightly displays, we will offer rides to and from the craft that people can handle the energies of.  Physical people must have physical ships, but we will also effort to give a real idea of the Light Ship that traverses the higher heavens, i.e., the architectural worlds of Nebadon and Orvonton.

As Candace did report to those of you on the forum, we were over Denver for actually 8 days in a row. We are only there now and then at this moment. The importance of that area is related to our direct takeover of the underground some several years ago now and it will serve our needs after the long stasis until we have set up our properties on the surface in the Denver area.  As some of you know, the International headquarters are to be based there. Now I leave you to «The General».

General Radetsky:

Hello one and all. Some of you who have followed this for a long time now know of me.  For those that don’t, I am Admiral Jhonka, an Arch Angel from another universe who has lent my expertise to this world.  I am incarnate as General Radetsky on your plane.  Amongst my duties as an American General of very high rank and obscured from the main public, has been the co-ordination and oversight of the joint Alien-US-Russian base on Mars. I have also provided a great deal of service to this 2nd Coming project in recent years.

My crew is in charge of the return of the American soldiers to their homes, preferably before Christmas.  About 80% of those serving overseas in the combat regions wished to join with us, and the rest chose to stay where they are. We will also be returning soldiers in other countries over the announcement period.  This will be a joyous event as it does signify the end of the wars and the beginning of peace on Earth.  We have prevented the mess in the Korean scenario that you have been hearing about. NO MORE WAR, people, as those that continue to learn war are not candidates for this world. I now give the podium over to the Media Person.

Media Person:

Media Person (and dear friend) who must remain unidentified at this time: Well, dear ones, there are those of us who are in service despite the appearances we must maintain. I too am an Arch Angel incarnate and you will know of me before much longer because I am chairing the initial media announcements and will appear often through the whole period.  There are several of us and you will be most surprised.  Many media people though, had to be replaced for this project, they would not come into service and we don’t want them anyway as there would be that behind the scenes corruption where possible. The committed dark stay committed to the end, sadly so, but that is the nature of man on these evolutionary planets.

We have long been preparing, well long in earth years, about 3 years, the upcoming presentations.  We are going to cover EVERYTHING over those weeks and soap operas are not on the menu.  We will have the news, and we will have us, and that is basically the programming that will be available. We are happy to say that «V» will be canceled.  Those media who were replaced are needed throughout the world to maintain the normalcy.  And so it goes.  I now yield to S333.


Well, beloveds, I am saying a bit more about myself than has been previously given.  Like CM and Esu, I am embodied at this time. I am from Orvonton, and my specialty is resolving financial problems on these lower worlds.  You should maybe have guessed at that from my previous works presented here on AbundantHope.  I am using a semi material body as I must walk this plane.  I have actually been here in this form for 26 years now and I have been working with Candace on another project of which you will probably be informed about in some way shortly, but I leave that issue to the parties concerned.

The new system is designed and ready and we are removing the old from it, such as a lot of banking folks.  The economic money system will be kept reasonably stable during the announcement period and it is the work of my team that has kept the destruction of this world monetarily at bay.  I actually live under the Himalayas at the big city and base operated by Nebadon on this planet.  It is Nebadon’s headquarters. Some of you will be visiting there at some point.  This is enough for this brief update and I step down to let Esu finish the piece.  Namaste, dear ones.


Well, dear ones, while I am to end the piece, I temporarily step aside for AA Michael who has come aboard a bit late and just made Candace aware of his presence.

Arch Angel Michael:

Well, well, there must always be the late comer to the party. And so here I am.  The biggest reason, dear ones, for this extended grace and mercy to the ones of this planet is simply in part the «harvest» has not been as large as needed, and in this regard I do not speak of the fallen angels and thugs who were sent to learn here.  That one has been alright, not as much as we wish but more than expected as the statement goes.  This other Harvest is that of the earth souls growing up here in this seed planet. We really do need to increase this and thus this final effort to do so.  Seed planets provide the new souls to journey through other planets as they mature.

We are hopeful this experiment, and an experiment it is, will greatly enhance that.  And we hope also that there will be a great reclamation of the robotoids also, who have not deserved what they have received.  We do have special plans for them. Even with announcements they will not get thought adjustors, their thinking is not good, but we are going to provide them another opportunity to better develop their thinking on a mix of other planets and aboard craft. There are a lot of them.

They are not good at problem solving and making cave men of them does not work. This again is an experiment as there are so many on your plane, and we shall see if we can stimulate their minds in other ways, such as the use of computers to teach problem-solving thinking.  They do not have the long experiential journey that normal souls on a seed planet have. Normal seed souls start out as the plants initially are moved up through various animal forms thereafter and know survival from that experience.

The robot has little going for him and especially on a world like this.  The few that do get an adjustor do so under medium conditions. They are overwhelmed by both responsibility in industry management and also overwhelmed when they are raised in abject poverty. Neither causes healthy organic mind growth. These ones are essentially living machines.  We will attempt to help them grow gently into thinking during the remainder of their normal life spans and see how it works.

Now, I must scurry back to my business at hand, and release the podium to Esu.


Alright, dear ones. Let me start with this topic of the underground under Denver. This was to be the NWO headquarters, as both Italy and Britain are not going to do well during the changes.  The Denver Metro area, all of Colorado in fact, was experiencing rapid growth in real estate there for this reason.  Many of these jobs coming were IN the massive underground built up over many years.  It runs from near Pueblo in the south, up to north of Ft. Collins, under the mountains.  Denver International Airport is a major entry hub into this large complex.  Candace in fact lives nearly over some tunnels running west from there and knows well the «Taos hum» produced by the nuclear tunneling machines during the construction of that airport.

Mine and AH International Headquarters will be in this region.  We have already made some important purchases of facilities but these may be damaged by some of the earth changes and at any rate will not be complete at the end of stasis.  So we will be using a lot of this underground as needed for a period of time. I actually have «offices» underground there at this time and we have brought at lot of the detainees through there.

There are extensive tunnel systems from this area to other major underground bases the dark were so kind to construct for us throughout North America.  Yes, they got carrots for it, big time, so they would build it for these times.  We have always hoped not to have to fully evacuate the planet, and even if we did, these areas will remain useful with little harm for our use. China and Russia actually built large underground bunkers for their population, but the western countries have built only for the continuation of the «elite» or so we tricked them to believe.

These underground areas all over the globe that you have read about ARE part of our plans for this world. It is after all the Bestowal Planet of Christ Michael and it will be a marvelous Jewel all the while also being restored as a seed planet of a higher mind, as another seed planet has been developed for providing the experience for new souls. Always there is one or more seed planets per major section of this universe.

Your earth animals, as part of being in the Milky Way Ecliptic, will be making their own sudden growth also over the next 1000 years and many will stand up and walk. Your beloved pets are FUTURE humans, dear ones, and your younger brothers. Treat them with the respect they deserve for that. They are not just soulless «animals.»

They too are on a journey upward. Many will even receive thought adjusters. Some already have, and the classes for these ones on your other side are growing.  Candace herself has two former family members (cats) in attendance there after their passing from this plane who received thought adjusters, well, because they learned to think and solve problems, which is of God mind, so the adjusters came.  Many more animals will be moved into human forms over time.

Now, we will in time build a large International Headquarters on the surface and we have purchased land for that reason, about 10,000 acres as they are known in the United States.  We will be developing a large university system there that will have global fingers to all the Regions, under our Regional Directors.  We expect between 50 and 75 regions, depending on the earth changes and surviving populations.  Each with a Regional Director. As some of you know there are several chosen already and named. We have more named but for protection have not announced them and still more to be determined during the long stasis.

Man is likely on many portions of the planet to remain under ground on the awakening. We have said they will be awakened early and this will be possible because they will be placed generally underground, but some may need to be housed on craft. All will have an experience with living or visiting craft however that are returning after the stasis.

Besides the slow and careful magnetic pole reversal during stasis there will also be several axis shifts because we must be about remodeling the surface. Man is going to get quite an experience, as there will be more stasis periods during which he may return underground for periods of time for more changes, but these will be less dramatic than during this stasis.  During some of them, maybe stasis won’t be needed, but man may be moved down again for his safety if major earth changes are expected.

This is ALL experimental, dear ones. This whole project has never been done anywhere before, ANYWHERE. And the creation is quite large. I do not just mean nowhere in Nebadon, or nowhere in Orvonton. I mean NO WHERE at all.  And those of you in training here for those advancing management jobs, over planets, solar systems, system headquarters, constellation headquarters of the local universes and on up to even Creator Sons, of those distant creations forming, are going to get an awfully lot of experience during these next few thousand years of bringing this planet into its full glory as a bestowal planet always is.

Well, this is truly enough for tonight. Find your patience, we are almost there. Some of you will have some special opportunities during the announcement period as you walk this planet. You know of us and you will make grand «middle men» at this time to help people over their fear.  Some of you have volunteered for example to be in those live movies and to help people take short trips aboard craft as they find their courage. There are other opportunities also where you can step in during those several weeks.

I offer my greatest of gratitude for your service and for sticking this out to the end.  You have learned much from it and can share that with others, especially helping to understand we just don’t wave magic wands.  You must surely understand that rather personally now!  Be in Peace.  I AM Esu.


Understand here, we are no longer «losing» a week to a mini stasis, the removal of the dark and MANY other events are occurring NOW and in previous weeks that would have been done during the mini stasis.  While I cannot cite specific examples, I am aware very personally of some of what has taken place. We must still protect the ones here.

I also know more of what is planned during the announcement period. It is still the goal to turn this planet upside down and inside out starting at least before December 31.  I have NO problem with this extended announcement period, for what it should produce, we hope, will be of a state of glory for many and a much better understanding that will enable a very improved state of being for many.

We are planning a top-notch job. And we could possibly even delay, depending on Momma Gaia’s body, the big stasis for a short time, while people get some real experience they need that will help them wherever they are to go.  Creator Sons are always concerned with upliftment and providing as many as possible that will accept it the opportunity of eternal life. We can get through some of the earth changes for the experience of such. And there is a plan to lift people off in these areas, and it would be nice if it could be a conscious lift off.

While planets get overpopulated at times, the creation does not and there is always room for more.  The Creator Son and his courts do not judge people when there is an issue on uncreation of their souls. They are Creators.  Thus the courts of the Superuniverse have this role when it is necessary.  We would hope as time marches on in the whole of the creation that we would reach a point where NO souls were lost.

Eternal life is a choice but many truly don’t want it, which is sad.  And it’s not understood on this planet at all.  The new ager thinks he will be floating in space in bliss somehow, or going to such as AA Michael’s new golden galaxy, and the religionists think they will be in heaven partying with friends in the company of Jesus, or Mohammed or whoever.  They don’t realize just how long eternity is. We must change this image somehow and preferably in these coming weeks. Folks don’t even KNOW where «heaven» is or what it is and they need to know this.

OK, Steve from the forum, who has produced a previous update, was given another by CM earlier today.  Here it is.

Christ Michael (Through Steve):

OK, a quick update for the ground crew. As has been mentioned by Candace, we are now expecting to be able to dispense with the mini-stasis completely.

The announcement period will be several weeks long, and there may still be briefings on ship at times throughout that period, though the energies are now high enough that some of you should be almost completely in your "higher selves" and capable of functioning without this if necessary. We are expecting to be very visible both on TV and on the ground during this time, and will intervene where it is necessary and safe to do so where there are earth changes, disruption to civil infrastructure or other problems.

In many ways you should consider this period a "head start" on the work that will be needed after stasis, with both ground crew and fleet personnel integrating themselves into and working with existing communities on the ground, communities that will function as "missions" to spread understanding and reassurance in the face of the life-altering events that are about to unfold. The high level of the energies now arriving on the planet should help people’s acceptance to a certain extent, but you will still need to call upon all your inner resources in order to assist those around you to process monumental changes as their world-view is turned, as promised, upside-down and inside out!

Christ Michael
The Glorious Time Ahead

Christ Michael channeled through Candace Frieze on Friday July 29, 2011.  Message taken from

Dearly beloveds, my, it has been a while now since Candace and I did a work together. It is time to update a bit in a more serious manner.

We have just come out of a series of meetings, and are ready to go ahead with a plan that removes the dark. Candace knows the plan, it has not changed since its inception, but we are still not covering it. All I will state is it comes before the lengthy stasis, and it will remove the dark ones from this planet, so we can engage in a teaching period of several weeks to a few months, depending on the conditions of the earth changes and simply the acceptance of the people who are here after this removal.

The removal will be extensive and it includes not only your dark puppets, but also many other dark types, such as those that deal in gambling, the sex trade and other obnoxious activities. The numbers will be quite large. It may thus include people you may know. Also, many of the ones scheduled to move to other planets that are not going forth with Earth will be removed during this event. The teaching period to follow will benefit those moving laterally to other worlds, returning to the mansion worlds and the like who have made progress but are not part of the Ascension group. Some folks will not benefit, such as the robotoids, so they will move during this event. Also leaving will be many Light workers who are released to go Home who are not participating in the Ascension process. They have completed their assignments.

Now the teaching period will include contact activities. We will be giving many people the opportunity to voluntarily begin their next in body journey and thus to board craft to their destinations. These are ones such as those going to Venus, for example, and some even get to go to the underground areas of Mars, but that number is not huge.

There are many worlds taking "refugees" from Earth and they will receive them also on their craft. There will be a great deal of teaching beforehand so that people are truly comfortable with moving on. We have in place an email system in fact, and people can be in contact via that route. There will be rides to and from craft, so that ones get comfortable, with many scheduled landings that will be made public.

Esu will be on television, as well as Candace and many others during the teaching period. It is global and in all languages. (Candace: PLEASE do NOT write and ask if you are to be involved in the public teaching, because I don’t know who is!)

Now, this coming event is going to be shocking to some, in fact, to many, and thus now is the time to put on your best faces. There will be some portion of the events before the removal that are going to frighten people. I will not be explaining this beforehand, but I will rely on all of you to stand up as needed. Now remember what I said, the teaching period is after the events. And man and woman of this planet will be in mourning when it, this period, starts because of the many removals and the shocks of it all. It will be glaringly obvious, a dramatic reduction. There is no point keeping folks here who will NOT benefit from the teaching period. Now, the major portion of this moving will be done during a short stasis period, otherwise it would seem very harsh. During the short stasis period we will be put some other preparations into place so it’s all ready to go before the teaching period.

The ones that came last December, OUR lookalikes, 5000+, are in place, many already seen and people accustomed to them. There must be folks people trust and this includes some in government, of course. But some major dark leaders will not be here even as lookalikes, for therein it would appear a lie as to who is good or bad, so there will be others standing in that people still remain familiar with.

Besides Esu during the teaching period, all those former masters who have walked this plane will be teaching their own and all countries and cultures will be introduced to them, but the bulk of their teachings after the introductory periods will be with their kind.

Mohammed, Krishna, Maitreya, Confucius, Lao-Tse, will be present as examples. There will also be some REAL leaders who are of the Light, but I will inform Americans, Obama will not be one of them. We did of course have "Our Obama" who was shown last fall but these various ones with the massive head scars and people noticing more and more the differences, this cannot stand. Plus the truth process will not stand with Obama and others guilty of great treason.

The teaching period will include, of course, teaching around God. But also, the TRUTH which will be individualized for each country, as to the treacheries. You will be well pleased. And for the time being, that is enough.

I cannot, of course, give a date. "Soon" will have to do, this must be a surprise and some of the events during this period will resemble to some degree what folks have been taught to expect. Jesus however will not be riding a white horse across the sky! (Candace: Me laughing on that, it’s just one of my favorites as to what people can accept as truth).

Now, some of you are wondering about watching to the East. IF POSSIBLE we will bring Jupiter into full view, but, beloveds, we have to be careful with this, again, it depends as its energy is so strong. If it is too much, we have an alternate idea that will satisfy something to the East, but it will have to be at night, we can’t get starships to shine IN the day enough to be seen. So this is a play by ear as you ones use the term.

Now, again, you should have a stock of what you need, pretty much no matter where you live and for those heavily affected by the banking issues, you must have small cash on hand because it remains quite likely there will be a financial shutdown and banking holidays. This is a very tenuous situation and I am not updating about the risk of banks, social security checks and the like. Be prepared for a period of time.

We are hopeful there will also be arrests and many other events during the next days to a few weeks. Be prepared to assist those around you by standing in YOUR TRUTH.

Now, during the teaching period, with so many folks having left the planet, there is going to be a lot of temporary provisions. Many will be unemployed. There is a carefully laid plan to help people make their bills, the planet will mostly be on welfare for those weeks, and there is ample storage of food. Many of your corporate leadership will be leaving during the cleansing. There will also be some significant Earth changes, and thus shipping and the like is not going to go well for distribution of goods.

There will be only minimal distribution of goods, only what people actually need. Toilet paper is included on that list (He smiles). But it is fine for yourselves to stock on what you WANT or NEED. (Candace: You might spend less time in line that way!) I suggest where you are able to make sure you have your supplements and medicines you think you need. The shelves are not going to be very full.

Now, during that short stasis, many of you will sleep also. We will have only the barebones ones we need on board to prepare for the teaching process. If you are IN an area that might be effected by Earth changes, that will occur, you and those who are to survive with you, will be removed to safety, but you may still sleep until the wake up.

If you and others ARE removed from certain areas, there will be fleet counselors and others to assist during the wakeup. You will obviously be aware you are not in the same place and you will be expected to rapidly come around and assist the process, assuring those around you. This process is going to get people’s attention and I assure you, no matter all the material on the web about evil aliens, these ones, still in the billions who are "left behind" after the cleansing of the dark will be very happy once oriented about the assistance of fleet personnel.

Oh, in addition during the teaching period, once TV and radio are on and we have gotten the folks settled down, there are also filmed tours of craft that will be shown, and when people do begin to tour craft they will be allowed to take cameras and the like aboard. We plan to have Youtube running nicely. The Internet will work reasonably well.

The teaching will include the long stasis and the need to move, and, again, many will get opportunity to board craft to move when they are comfortable. There will likely be more quakes and the like which may hasten some decision-making.

This, my beloveds, is meant to be a glorious time for those who are "left behind."

Christ Michael
Aton Speaks of What To Look For

Christ Michael channeled by Jess Anthony on Tuesday August 9, 2011.  Message taken from:

Jess: It’s difficult not to be impatient, although I don’t know what will come. I ask for balance and acceptance for what I will be doing. I once again ask for guidance. I feel I could do more, but I constantly fall back into my comfortable routine.  Speak to me this evening whoever is most available.

CM: Jess, this is Christ Michael Aton. I speak to you this evening because my words are most final for what is happening. I am making the final decision, and my perspective is what determines the readiness of my creation.

The time is almost here. I have said that to you many times, so you don’t believe this recent avowal. But the time is approaching by your measurements, and events will lead to a point where no alternatives exist that can be pursued.

I will tell you where to look. The banking circle is losing its control. The fluctuations in stock show that. The printing of more paper money is pointless, and the effect it has on financial uncertainties is only short-lived. It is no resolution of the situation. What is going to happen is the world will lose confidence in America’s ability to counter its debt. The financial resources your country claims are non-existent. There is no way any amount of debt can be repaid. Other countries are in the same situation, but America is the world’s leader in financial exchanges, and these transactions are being called into question. This endangers transactions in all other countries.  The fact that China controls the flow of currency is beside the point in terms of visible trade manipulation. The American actions will continue until they can no longer.

Esu told you that the collapse could come before the quake situation escalates into major disruptions. I could also be given a death blow as a result of a break down in services and economic networking due to a severe upheaval. The potential for catastrophic damage could make the fragile financial infrastructure unsustainable. As the stress continues to build, the financial house of cards is beginning to fall.

I can’t predict which will go first. The decisions are with Gaia and with the few men and women still controlling financial manipulations. They wish for another war situation, but that possibility has been so weakened that what once was a major source of revenue has now become worthless. They have few alternatives left, and a public show of stock fluctuations is one of the last graspable charades they can use to seem in control. They hope that public reaction will allow them to earn some additional revenue.

The most dangerous spots are the ones you have been watching on the Pacific Rim. However, the possibility still does exist for movement in other areas. The New Madrid zone is risky, particularly since it is connected at a deep level to the Gulf of Mexico, which continues to have stress even though no one talks about it anymore. There is also the potential for a major upheaval in the Canary Islands that could send an enormous tsunami to the East Coast. The stresses on Japan and the California and Oregon coast line still seem the most dangerous, however.

I hope you realize that we are monitoring each area constantly, and are ready to spring into action if something happens in any spot. All the imbalances are attached in ways that are related to the tectonic plate movements. A release of pressure in one area causes additional movement in another. These quakes will be unlike anything you have experienced before; the amount of movement the plates have to undergo to find a new balance in light of the increased vibrational frequency that is being introduced is unlike anything previous. Earth is shifting its polar axis and reversing its polar charges to operate more in alignment with the new level of energy vibration. This means the water placement has to shift and new land masses will be moved into position as continents.

Man has long built on the coasts, and this shift of Earth’s alignment will have a devastating effect on existing population centers. Many inhabitants will leave and much established landscape and infrastructure of architecture and civilized communities will be destroyed. This is inevitable given the reshaping that must take place for Gaia to continue her Ascension.

Lightworkers, as they are called, will be the vanguards of stability and empowerment. Your role is to work with the situation as it is and bring closure as best you can. This call to action is still abstract, however, given the uncertainty of what events will occur. The impatience you feel is a result of not having a clear mandate.  We can’t predict what will happen, so you have to find a way to be ready and focused for a range of possible scenarios.

I guarantee that this state of chaos won’t continue long. We are planning to introduce what you have called a mini stasis to remove the most active antagonists to Earth’s Ascension. However, we feel that it is more beneficial to let Earth’s inhabitants experience the loss of the traditional society that supports them but also holds them back. The period of chaos and upheaval will make a profound impression, but it will not continue any longer than I feel it has served its purpose as an object lesson.

Once the mini stasis is finished -and I expect it will only be a few days- then those inhabitants we have determined are best suited to working with rebuilding a life on Urantia will be awakened again and  introduced to the beginnings of a new thinking through a series of educational broadcasts and examples.  This will continue for a period of time as a core of Lightworkers starts outlining what has to happen in the future.

When the lessons have introduced a rethinking of man’s purpose and his relationship to his universe, we will then enter into a longer period of stasis proper that will allow our workers to instigate the major changes that have to happen on Earth. This will involve another sorting of Lightworkers, and it will allow Gaia to proceed into the most radical stages of transformation without man’s interference. This will take longer. When these changes have happened, and the planet’s environment is safe for its inhabitants to return to, we will then bring Urantia out of its stasis period. Man and his planet will be transformed to the new energy level.

This New Era will only be the beginning of the move to what ultimately will be a higher dimension. Man will have to work to that, but he will be assisted in the process with a new environment and a higher frequency mental capacity. He will have a concept of unity and connection with his fellow inhabitants and his galactic family that previously was hidden from him. This awareness will shape his new sense of purpose and dedication to his personal evolution.

This is sufficient for this evening. Post as you will.  Aton.

Adama of Telos
At the End of All Things

Adama, High Priest of Telos, channeled by Eve on Saturday, November 26, 2011. Message taken from:

Eve: It was already at the end of November when I "heard" about evacuation of the complete Agharta network.  Of course I then felt the need to check in with Adama to see what he would comment on this. This piece is the resultI did it on a Saturday. On the following Monday Candace asked me if maybe Adama would like to comment. I just had typed this piece, so I sent it to Candace via Skype and we first published it in the messianic forum of AH. Candace updated it with a picture from Nexus-magazine, which showed one of the large evacuation crafts near Saturn.

I want to comment here, too, that none of these giant ships can really come near to earth, as this would seriously affect gravitation and cause great disturbance. These ships are of incredible size, and if we assume the Agharta-population (including all cities of inner earth etc., like Telos e.g.) was about 1,5 million people one of these ships can take all. They are designed especially for purposes like this. So they are parked in the solar system, far enough from any planet and there are smaller shuttles for transfer. Now, Candace asked for publishing of this piece as the right time has come.

So with the fact of Inner Earth evacuation you may imagine how imminent the big earth changes, pole reversal etc., really are. Don’t worry, dear ones, we will be cared for!  Very much by heart, Eve.

Eve (E): Adama? Are you there?
Adama (A): Oh, Eve! Yes, I’m here! Not quite where I used to be, but that does not hinder our conversation!
E: Daddy, I heard about evacuation of the inner earth, Agharta… I suppose, Telos is void, too?
A: Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already… we are now aboard of one of the big evacuation ships…. there is a special one for the Inner Earth folks. The ones among us who are going to be part of the surface project will move to the New Jerusalem later to work with the surface people and, of course, we will be present at the Phoenix and the Capricorn. No problem at all, you know.

E: How about your pets and plants/crops?
A: They have been put into stasis already, as we cannot maintain the normal routines without manpower. Most likely they will remain undamaged. The stasis frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health. The good thing is that stasis can be held upright for indefinite time, without any damage or problem. After the voiding of Telos, the whole area was put into stasis, and likewise the other places of Inner Earth and the Hollow Earth.

E: My goodness, Adama, what an adventure!
A: Yup, Eve, you can well say it that way. Most of the people living here have not travelled much, and it’s quite an experience to have a while aboard ship. But we arrange ourselves quite comfortably, we took our most dear things with us, and the kids are enthusiastic, as they are going to become aware witnesses of what is going to happen with the planet. Our part of the ship —where we dwell— is not isolated… we are facing a colorful gathering of all sorts of folks from Inner Earth, which is pretty interesting… to hear all the stories and viewpoints!

E: Now, Daddy, how about the emotional landscape?
A: Oh, Eve, yes… there is, of course, mourning about the sudden change of plans in the way they are now. We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion… reuniting of family due to an encouraging development —which has simply not happened. Every day passing on the surface has just encouraged the dark ones to go on, all the peaceful interaction of the Light people has not moved anything with the thugs. It has well moved encouragement of Mother Planet, and our hearts… but the New World Order was steadily triggered furthermore, the programming was solid as solid can be, it was just like trying to stop a forest fire by the moisture of a kiss. The crew, the Second Coming team, has been very frustrated from time to time… of course, how else could it be… Meanwhile Christ Michael/Esu and even the Eternal Father have reached the insight that without Divine Intervention there would be no chance ever to rescue the planet. So the wave will be allowed to turn things upside down, and it’s going to be that powerful that there is not even more a guarantee for safety regarding the Inner Earth Folks. Of course, also regarding the imminent pole reversal… See, Eve, we have endured here for millennia just to finally be pulled under the «wheels» at the very end.

Everybody understands the necessity of evacuation, everybody was and is constructive. Everybody is behaving disciplined. So, our reuniting is probably going to take place in space, beloved, and you may already tap into the idea of a glimpse of glory you are going to have…. when the big moment is finally there.

I’m often with Esu and Christ Michael, of course, due to my active role in all of this. Might be that the wave reaches the Earth still before Christmas, so this is literally the «end of all things» as you know it. Remembering all we have ever been talking about, it’s a little bit strange to find everything is now going a different way, but if we are really used to something, then it’s the issue of sudden change, of paradigms fluctuating from now to then. I’d say, the love in our hearts has been the only factor of steadiness.

The decision for evacuation was made in the Planetary Council, after enfolding the likeliness of happenings and the risk included. Otherwise than your surface governments, we care for our people and do everything to keep them safe and in good health. And we of course have the outlook to return after everything is settled well again. Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement here! Our thoughts are on excursion all day long… they are with you, folks, and with the celestial teams, and our hearts are somehow goose-bumping a little bit while watching a great scenario unfolding. I bow my head in awe in front of our Creator Son and Esu, who are working so relentlessly under full power, just with small breaks to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the planet. When they’d now look into the mirror, asking «have we really, really, tried everything possible?» Then there would just be one answer: «YES, yes, and YES again».

This is the end of all things in this planetary era, transition is coming in neither way mysteriously or magically, but as a real deal of matter, and here we go again: Mankind was addressed to take efforts to change things, they did not, and so the Universe is now going to change this on behalf of mankind… the whole thing is signed and it’s coming along, in a mighty way. Equal if mankind is prepared to open the doors or not, all doors will be crashed open by the cosmic influence and there will be no single place spared! I sense, Eve, that you are very calm on your inner plane…. I hope this is a good sign?

E: Well, Daddy, generally speaking, I’m fried, like most of us. Even the news about evacuation of the Inner Earth did not bring my adrenaline up much. I sensed as you mention, it’s the end of all things, our last days in the old paradigm, and equal how it will turn for me personally, I just wish things to change, I’m in faith… which puts me in some kind of emotional nowhere-land… even if my incarnation was to end suddenly, I’m in peace with the situation.
A: Are you sure, sweetie, that your peace is not just a symptom of exhaustion?
E: Maybe, might be. But that does not change much, you know. I have just made a balance sheet of my life. I’m just somehow arranging myself with the circumstances.
A: Let me just take you in my arms to hold you tight for a while… we are going to sail again —the wind will fill your sails. I invite you to join me energetically for some minutes.
E: OK, thanks!

Eve: You can see the pictures of the evacuation craft here:
This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

Christ Michael
Urgent Message from Christ Michael

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Thursday December 22, 2011. Message taken from:

This is your sovereign Creator Son, Aton, coming to you in sort of an emergency basis. Write down what I have to say for it is important. We are about to enter stasis, yes, I do understand that you are skeptical and would prefer not to take this message. It is not up to you to decide whether or not this is true and I would rather that you show more of an understanding towards the matter.

There is an urgency regarding the plans of the controllers of your planet to send the entire populace into disarray and confusion while condemning many to a certain cruel and undeserved death. That certainly will not happen under my watch and frankly we had already made provision for that sort of thing. As we have stated previously, although the clock is ticking towards the denouement of this theatrical piece prepared for you, we had our own plans to counter the misdirected actions of the PTB.

It is with regret and joy at the same time that I am officially announcing the end of this era and the beginning of a new one that stasis means to so many of you. This is not to be taken lightly and I am asking you to post this to the forum and the rest will be taken care of.

Why did I choose you? Because it is within the plans that I already had in place among other things. Dear one, do not be dismay for you should rejoice despite the immense fatigue of the soul that you go through as so many others can relate to.

There is nothing else to say and I ask all of you to go within and we shall meet soon. Your sovereign, Aton.

Esu’s Comments on Stasis

Esu channeled by Jess Anthony on Saturday December 24, 2011. Message taken from:

Jess: Esu, comments?

Esu: Jess, let’s talk. Now is the time. We have begun the preparations to start stasis, but it is not ready to activate yet. That moment has not been determined precisely, but everything is in position and can move into action when required. There is a rest mode before the action starts in earnest.

We can speak about the logistics because I know you are curious. Perhaps others are too. The ships are moving into place to cover an arc of 180 degrees. This allows the ships to move in parallel and work their way around the complete circle of the Earth. The width of the beam they will use is about a degree of longitude. This focus is not a problem because they can change positions quickly. It only takes a few minutes to trigger a stasis condition in one place. As was said in other situations, the frequency of the beamed energy causes the vibration that activates the cell to be transformed into a frequency that matches the one being beamed. This new frequency is not compatible with the range of frequencies that make up the structure of your physical existence currently. Once this frequency changes, your individual energy frequency moves into a place that has no interaction with where it came from.

This disconnect from current-existence frequencies creates the illusion of you being paused. Once you are paused, so to speak, we can maneuver your energy with our range of energy frequencies. We can move you around easily and quickly, if we need to. Energy is fast moving, as you know. We can disassemble and reassemble you with no difficulties.

The notion that you will be beamed up to the ship is more an energy exchange than physical lifting, as you probably imagine it to be. Remember your physical body here is just energy at a specific range of frequencies. You have the belief that it is solid, but it actually is just energy moving. Energy carries information archives and these are used to create your individual definition of identity. You have a template that you build to experience various interactions with other energy patterns. This appears as if you are physically in contact with another person.

We can control the frequencies of your energy packets, so your perception of yourself is the result of what you agree to work within. You also have input into the ongoing shape of your embodiment, and the experiences you undertake influence the body you imagine you inhabit. Your surroundings are determined by you and your perceptions of what you think you should experience. Your reality is what you determine it to be, based on an unlimited number of paths you can take. In the larger sense, reality is all of those options. Once you make a choice, the other options remain options, although you have not followed that path. In your individual situation, no other options exist once you have made a choice. The range of options exists for your next choice, however.

The timeframe is difficult to describe. Once a segment of the globe goes into stasis, time stops at that point. Midnight, for instance, is always midnight because there is no later time to measure it against. In that way, stasis can be imposed in a way that seems almost instantaneous. The explanation doesn’t seem logical, I realize, but remember that "time" is an artificial measurement you have constructed to gauge your existence linearly.

Jess: Esu, let’s go back to the timing. How long will it take in terms of our time measurements? We were told it would be 24 hours, starting in the Far East. Is this still valid?

Esu: The time frame is different now. We have more precisely focused beams that can move more quickly than what we told you earlier. We expect to move through the transition in a matter of your minutes. That doesn’t seem possible, you argue. We can stop your time even before it registers on your perception. The passage of time is flexible and is dependent on the energy involved with the frequency.

I don’t have much more to say. This transition will be very quick when it happens. You won’t know it is happening until you wake up. We promise you that. There is no way to prepare for it beyond being accepting and at rest.

Once you wake up, you will find many things have changed. You will be changed, as well, and many of your global problems will be alleviated. There is no way that man alone could tackle some of the critical issues that are facing the planet. We don’t want these to reach the point they could. It would be very difficult to resolve the crises that would then result.

This stasis is an intervention of sorts to allow Gaia to prepare for the configuration that is necessary. As part of that, many of the toxic situations will be removed by us. This will entail physical changes and destruction of much that man has constructed. That is unavoidable because many of the templates used cannot be acclimated to a higher energy frequency. Stable structures in the third dimension are not so reliable in the fourth or higher. We have to set everything up properly for your true Ascension.

I say "we" but man is also a part of this restructuring. Just as the initial creation was coordinated by those with understanding of human DNA and the physical structures that would be needed to activate this range of energy, so can this re-configuring be started by galactic brothers with the intention of allowing man to continue with what has been started. There should be no feeling of condescension in acknowledging that knowledge and expertise is specialized in different areas. Experts coordinate and lead others to follow in sure pathways. Education and experience are constant, and new information is always being discovered.

I would read other posts and messages and plan accordingly. Adequate information has been provided and Christ Michael Aton’s intentions are clear. A galactic timetable is working, and the process for stasis could begin at any moment. There is not more that I can tell you now. You will know when the time is called. Esu.

Christ Michael
The Three Days of Darkness

Christ Michael channeled by Candace Frieze on Wednesday May 23, 2012. Message taken from:

Dearly beloveds, a few days ago you saw a brief message about the days of approaching darkness. This was planned long ago and the usual method of ridding a planet of the dark living beings. The time has come, and although we did not cover this long ago, it is used with mini-stasis so that ones do not have to witness the removals. It is so very simple, we just eclipse the sun with a large craft. This was done 2000 years go on the day of the cross to remind people of that great travesty, but only for a few hours.

This will run 3 days plus the mini-stasis in the middle. The populace will only be aware of the 3 days. Many of you may be aboard craft during that time to be briefed. We will commence the teaching period shortly thereafter.

We have arranged the electricity will not function, so consider that in your preparations. The day times will not be as dark as night, just mid twilight to be expected, there is some light released around the eclipsed area.

This is long prophesied and we have come to this point after all attempts otherwise have gone without comprehension. Everyone on the planet will of course notice! This is divine in nature and not OF nature so they will know, in whatever beliefs they have of "god", that this is of God. The timing will occur on my direction based on multiple conditions including the WAVE.

‘Tis a shame you, dark ones, that it comes to this, and many of you are already judged by the courts and will be facing your removal and in many cases your extermination. WE always win, dear dark brothers, and you have lost your game.

Candace: This does NOT cause earth changes or other serious issues. I would think maybe a little weather effects. It is NOT the time of the magic Ascension either, don’t read something into that. Many folks are "hearing" this now, I have seen a lot of posting on forums about it. I covered it for my GLP readers here:

Just plan on what you need in the absence of heat and light. Candles and batteries will work. Your gas stoves will work, but you will have to light the burner. Put gas in the car, but I don’t know if you would want to be out amongst people in fear. Obviously there will be an issue with shopping since there will be no electricity. I assume you won’t be going to work. If you are on pumped water, maybe you should store some. Stand tall.

Planetary Evacuation… The Plan Changed

Message of Candace Frieze published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015, but written on Thursday August 13, 2015. Message taken from:

During the event in Korea, which I knew beforehand but still had 3DD stuck in my own head. I taught of the coming evacuation at my lecture.

The reversal will be started FIRST very slowly and then, as people become aware, the first to know will probably be those with GPS on their cars. The evacuation of the planet will occur. This will be allotted several hours, at least four in, I assume, day and night depending on where people live.

There will be NO 3DD, it is not relevant after evacuation. Once the planet is evacuated it will be put in stasis and they will pick up anybody else that was supposed to evacuate and did not. Then the reversal, axis shift, and all that, will occur. We will be off this world estimated 2 to 6 months, depending. Those returning to the planet will receive education as necessary during that time period and everyone going elsewhere will be transported away. We may live underground, or partly so, after the return, some may return underground to provide some assistance during the preparation for return.

~Mark [Webmaster]: The date on this article is strictly added as a way to keep this message on the top of the list of articles and should not be construed as a final date, it can come sooner or later than this date.

Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada and Mantustia
Planetary Evacuation. The Plan Changed, Explanation

Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia, channeled through Leonette, message published in AbundantHope with date Wednesday September 30, 2015. Message taken from:


Leonette: I have been asked to script a message.

Present are: Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia. There are other Celestial Beings in the background but I am aware of the six (6) just mentioned at the moment and I am supposing that if those in the background are to issue a statement then they will come forward accordingly. However, the six (6) mentioned appear to be the ones that summoned this advisory.

Christ Michael [CM] opens

CM: We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead. This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance in the days to come.

As you have been told, there are nefarious plans afoot to lead your world into an abyss of no return. From our perspective, this abyss of no return is the result of desperate efforts of those whose purpose is to hold onto ‘the reins of power’ of which they have no intention of relinquishing, this, despite the many overtures of salvation that were made to them over these many years.

The planet is sick and her aura is infested and infected, which has aggravated her suffering. Such infestation and infection is caused by the many thought forms which have emanated from the planet’s creature inhabitants. Such thought forms are derived from, but not limited to, energies associated with fear, pain, hurt, anger, hatred, greed, disrespect and the like.

We opted to approach the situation utilizing some ‘pillars’ of diplomacy which would have allowed for each and every one to be given opportunities to redeem themselves, thereby making opportune their own advancements towards individual and collective re-alignment within the Sacred Cycles of Divine denouement. Now, this has become nigh impossible given the treacherous conditions in which the all-accommodating planet has found herself. Said differently, it just means that the planet has reached exhaustion and is unable to sustain the weight of the ‘dross’ that is inflicted upon her physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Yes, she is very physical, just like you! Like a physical body that has become diseased, there comes a time when drastic steps must be taken to save the life of the physical body. Failure to so do would result in loss and in this particular case, where Gaia’s well-being is concerned, loss is not an option.

It is with this situation paramount in our consideration that the Celestial Council which has oversight over what happens in this planet’s trajectory, decided to give full support to the re-habilitation of the planet and those life forms upon her, which are in alignment with the Sacred Thrust of the Divine Cycles.

What this means is that we, as the Celestial Council with oversight in this situation, will no longer allow the continuation of conditions that create debilitating circumstances for the planet. We have taken this position even though previously we allowed such, in collaboration with the planet, who, given her nurturing tendencies, sustained much injury to her collective bodies in the hope that her many life forms, which emanated from her own essence, would have been given opportunities to realize their fullest human and spiritual potentials.

As such, we have withdrawn support from this collaboration and we are focused on rehabilitating the planet and those life forms that would continue along with her towards her noble destiny.

In this regard, there are Hosts, both on planet and off planet, who are on standby and who have ensured that everything is at a ‘ready-go’. I assure you that should the planet signal that she is ready, at this very moment, we are in place to support ‘what needs to be done’ to free her from her ‘shackles’ and to take the necessary support action to ensure sustainability of the various life forms that are to accompany the planet on her Ascending journey.

I also assure you that we KNOW what we are doing, for this is not the first time that this has been done. Even many of you have participated in such events before but due to the veiled circumstances in your current lives, you have forgotten about such experiences. Yet in spite of the ‘veils’ that cover your knowingness, you would know exactly what must be done, when ‘that time’ is upon you.

I will now hand you over to Soltec, who is in charge of geophysical matters as it pertains to what will happen.

Soltec speaks

Soltec: Greetings! Thank you for availing yourself to take this message. I will seek to explain, from a geophysical standpoint what is happening now and what is expected to occur.

The planet is currently ‘stuttering’ in its revolution. While historically this has occurred many times before, it is the nature, frequency and volatility of the ‘stuttering’ that indicates a major aberration in the rhythm of the revolution.

A ‘stuttering’ in this case refers to a ‘spasm’, a jerking movement, which announces the arrival of a change in a pattern. If the frequency and volatility of the ‘stutterings’ are extremely profound then there is reasonable evidence to determine that the planet is going into ‘arrest’ or ‘stoppage’.

There are energetic vortices that spin left-right at the planet’s north polar center and right-left at the south polar center. These energetic vortices form a nexus or a joint at the center or the ‘belly’ of the planet. Consider this ‘belly’ as the emotional center of the planet.

As mentioned before by Christ Michael, the various creature energetic forms, both in thoughts and in deeds are impacting the planet, physically and emotionally. In the case of the emotional impacts such energy forms are ‘felt’ in the emotional center of the planet’s body. The emotional center conveys these frequencies throughout the energetic vortices via the nexus or joint that meets in the center of the planet’s ‘belly’.

Every time something major occurs within the ambit of thought or deed, that is of a negative persuasion of non-Light bearing amplitude, the planet’s emotional center ‘rocks’ or ‘jolts’ as a consequence. This jolt is ‘amped’ up through the energetic vortices and spirals outwards reverberating throughout the ‘auric membranes’ that surround the planet.

You, as sentient beings connected to the planet physically, mentally and emotionally, experience these ‘jolts’. Such manifested ‘jolts’ on the planet, run the gamut from weather anomalies to environmental disasters to tectonic shifting to mass animal deaths to aberrant human behavior, which in turn ‘feeds’ the energetic thought forms that further impact the emotional center of the planet’s body in a seemingly never-ending circle of cause and effect.

Added to this situation is the fact that there is an ‘inflow’ of energy waves from the far reaches of space that is destined at this time to bring heightened awareness to the ‘principles’ of matter which are making the choice to elevate its consciousness in alignment with the Divinity of Source. I refer to ‘principles’ of matter to describe physicality at the sub-atomic level, which means that everything down to its infinitesimal presentation in physical existence will be impacted by these sequences of Divine waves.

Therefore these waves are also impacting the planetary physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as ALL life forms upon her. Overarching all of this, is the ‘playing out’ of the Cosmic Cycles. These Grand Cycles are universal revolutions within revolutions consistent with the upward spiraling of ALL universal worlds towards realignment and realization of Light and Life.

This planet has reached the end of its cyclic revolution in a series of revolutions that had the planet and her life forms experience ‘highs and lows’ in its ‘thousands of thousands’ of years as an occupied and life bearing planet. It is time for the planet to move to another stage of her development consistent with her own wishes and consistent with her Divine attainment.

Those who are slated to accompany her in this journey will be allowed and will be facilitated in this endeavor. Given what I have encapsulated above, I will address what is anticipated to come.

We monitor the ‘readings’ taken from the planet, her inhabitants, her energetic vortices, the incoming sequential wave energies, the impacts of the Grand Cycles and the energetic forms that add to this ‘mix’ to determine projections that give us a fair idea of the timing and the magnitude when stoppage or arrest of the planetary revolutions will occur.

At this time we will say that timing is ‘imminent’ and is fully dependent on the planet’s decision to come to full stop or if something occurs that threatens the life force of the planet before she stops. In that case we will intervene to save her life. This is very much likened to a mother in labor, where one has to wait until the baby is delivered yet if something should manifest that puts the life of the mother and/or the baby in peril, then an intervention becomes necessary. This is the very same ideal.

The magnitude of the event will not go unnoticed. Already people who are ‘ensouled’ are aware that ‘things seem off’. They base these facts on what is happening around them. Some of this may or may not be tied to religious programming and the such, but they sense that something is wrong. They are noticing the intensity of the Sun’s rays. They are recognizing that human behaviors are descending into such deviance and polarized temperaments that leave much worry and uncertainty in the minds of the observers. They are noticing the seeming natural disasters. They are concerned about environmental issues that are affecting sustainability of life. They know something is amiss. They are becoming aware that their world is in the grip of forces that do not have concerns relative to the wider populations and the planet at heart. They are beginning to see through the double-speak of the many ‘tools’ which are used to contain the various populations in inertia.

They may not speak about such to all and sundry because ‘bread and butter’ issues occupy their thinking most of the time, but soon enough that is about to change.

The lengths of the days and consequently the lengths of the nights will become curiously longer. This will begin to affect plant life, animal life (inclusive of human) and mineral life. Food production will be altered because crop cycles will be affected. The cycles that affect the water tides such as in oceans and rivers will be disrupted. This will cause ebbs and flows that will wreak further devastation. Tectonic plates will shift and creak in attempts to stabilize land masses which they support. Planetary weather systems will fluctuate wildly and extremely. Planetary temperatures will be exacerbated and what is now considered ‘record-breaking’ will intensify. Electronic and digital multiplex systems will be erratic and non-reliable. Some will become non-functional altogether. Your satellite systems will not be able to triangulate programs for purposes of decoding signals and the like. Your communication systems will be sporadic at best.

The human psyche will be affected and many will become very volatile. In a relatively short period, as the planet slows down to a stop, this will manifest and NONE will be spared these effects and by extension be oblivious to the fact that something is drastically wrong. In fact, MANY will welcome relief!

As part of a scientific team, with responsibility for the well-being of the planetary body, my role is to ensure that the integrity of the ‘material planetary body’ survives the tumult of these events. As the planet halts its rotation it will become necessary to intervene along certain planetary lines or causeways to stabilize ‘pressure areas’. My geophysical specialist team and I may have to harness certain ‘surgical procedures’ to prevent areas of erosion that may wreak undue imbalances to the corporeal planetary system. We will have to coordinate efforts with other teams for purposes of allowing for intervention by specialists with responsibility for other areas that make up the composition of the planet’s mental and emotional structures.

Given the bits of information posited above, I end my summary for now. It is my hope that the provided information will help many of you to realize the ‘signs’ and the reasons for such when the time is upon you. Armed with such information it is expected that you would be best suited to help rather than hinder the process as it unfolds. It is also expected that you would be able to take care of yourself and those ones around you who are amenable to your advice and guidance. Remember the emphasis is on amenable. If they are not giving you ‘an ear’ and are downright hostile to what you are trying to convey, then you have an obligation to allow them their own right to be in their own judgment. You are not to choose for them.

The planet has a date with her destiny and those who are to accompany her are to so do, whether they are aware or not. I am to ensure that the planet meets her destiny in the best possible shape so that those who are to accompany her will have the optimum conditions in which to participate in a manner consistent with the highest ideals. Salud!

Christ Michael: I now ask Monjoronson to address you

Monjoronson: We meet again in such auspicious times for I am come in the name of Justice to pronounce on the many steps that have been taken to heal this situation. It is a fallacy to believe that the Adjudication Team has only recently started its mandate to bring justice to facilitate clearing of anomalous deeds that were committed against the planet and both her material and non-material inhabitants. We have been at this since the Luciferian Rebellion but it is within recent times that the adjudication process has been allowed to ‘filter down’ to the ‘lower’ vestiges that resulted from that rebellion.

This dispensation or allowance was facilitated by the grace of Christ Michael, who, in considering the myriad of reasons for the default of the many personalities who also have manifestations of physical embodiment in these realms, allowed for ‘time’ to be given so that all could have opportunity to come into Divine alignment, once again.

This opportunity was taken by few, some noted ones, yes, but still too few. In any event, Christ Michael’s ‘time allowance’ has run out so to speak and we now have to take matters into our hands with relative ‘immediate dispatch’. I also wish to emphasize that I do not ‘uncreate’ personalities. The responsibility for uncreation is in the realm of ‘The Ancient of Days’, who is attended to by those with vested powers and responsibilities for ‘dissipating’ energies, nullifying discordant frequencies and re-integrating the ‘sanitized’ elements back into the ‘whole’.

My role, in this particular situation, is to investigate and come to conclusive judgment over the affairs of MEN and to recommend appropriate action, which is then escalated to the relevant authorities empowered to mete out such recommendations.

In order to come to conclusive judgment, it requires empirical knowledge of matters that span levels of dimensions and in the planet’s case, time.

With the planet approaching this stage, which is a milestone in its Ascent to glory, there comes a need to ‘fast track’ the ‘sorting’ of the inhabitants, in accordance with vibration and destination. To simplify this meaning, let me say that each will go in accordance with their own suitability. During the course of my investigations I have been able to compile much information to determine the suitability of each, to determine the type of rehabilitation that is necessary and to recommend appropriate action to be taken in the case of those who have deliberately chosen a path that is the antithesis of the God life itself.

Co-creators that you are, you do have say in the determination of your destiny, however with the exception of those who are ‘uncreated’, your determining of your destiny will be an ongoing process, wherever you find yourselves, for those who chose not to come into alignment with Cosmic Laws, at this time.

Further, as the planet stops its rotation and hangs in balance as it tries to ‘right itself’, ALL of the mis-aligned thought forms that have permeated its essence will no longer be able to attach itself. The force of ‘revolving mass’ carries with it a momentum, which makes it easy for ‘attachments’ to move in accordance with that momentum. When the ‘revolving mass’ in this case the planet, stops and hangs, momentum also stops and with it the force that carried the momentum ceases to exist for the time. As a result inertia results in the ‘loosening’ of attachments, in this case such acrid thought forms. Once these thought forms can no longer ‘cling’ to the base components of the planet’s energy fields, then they detach and will be collectively harnessed to be dealt with by ‘fields of energy’ under the direction of ‘the Ancient of Days’.

Expect that when these thought forms detach, whatever physical manifestations that they supported would become completely incoherent and utterly incomprehensive. Hence the reason why there would be widespread breakdown in material and human constructs.

It is imperative for me to remind you at this time, that the laws that govern the pre-disposition of Souls, require that you allow for each to make his or her own choice in these matters. For in your present circumstances of ‘not-knowing’, you cannot possibly determine what is best for yourself much more for another. Understand that everything that is being accommodated is conversant with your own Higher Selves for it is at that level that you truly comprehend the reasons for all that is ‘brought to bear’ relative to these events.

My role is to ensure that the ‘slate is wiped clean’ and once the planet’s revolution swings into force again, that the momentum that this engenders will carry with it thought forms that are based on noble ideals.

Be at Peace and know that ALL is in good hands and ALL is balanced in accordance with the Highest Cosmic Ideals. I am Monjoronson!

Esu comes forward

Esu: Beloveds, it is I, Esu, most of you call me Sananda, well there are many ‘Sanandas’ and at this time we will avail ourselves to you! For you see, Sananda is a ‘Title of bearing’ that denotes a ‘Christed Being’ and there are many ‘Christed Beings’ that came to you over many eons to help you to ‘re-member’ the truth of who you are while you were immersed under this darkness which prevailed upon your awareness, for so very long. A ‘Christed Being’ is not a Christian as you know it, although the religion of Christianity took its ‘titular name’ from ‘Christ’ which is a Roman acronym.

A ‘Christed Being’ is one who is in masterly service to others under the principles and guidance of Christ Michael of Nebadon. These Christed principles have been made manifest in many Beings of like persuasion who walked the Earth amongst many different races, amongst many different civilizations, amongst many different religious and philosophical denominations, with the expressed purpose to ‘show’ a way consistent with Divine patterns and ways of Being.

I have always been with you but at this time I am making you aware that my presence along with the many other Sanandas, who have inspired so many around this planet from your recorded history, are here to put ourselves at your disposal in this time of monumental change.

For indeed, not only are there present Sanandas from your recorded history but there are also 21st century Sanandas, who are going to be taking up the mantle in the near time to come. Some of you Sanandas are hereto reading this and lucky for you, you are being given a proverbial ‘heads-up’, relative to the roles upon which you are due to embark.

I am in joy at this! For though the time to come is perilous for those who choose to remain in obscurity about everything that is happening around them, for those of ‘Christed’ orientation, it will be the everything that you have longed for during your many sojourns on and off the planet.

Your purpose will finally come into perspective and you will realize that all the challenges that you faced that have led you to NOW were worth it. You have finally earned your ‘stripes’ and now you are being called into service as the planet prepares to heave through very tumultuous events that lie ahead.

Further I will advise you that nothing is given that cannot be borne. I emphasize the point that you have earned your ‘stripes’ and if ever you feel that you cannot rise to the challenge, call on me or any of your religious icons, angels, guides, heavenly hosts to give you a ‘lift’ to move forward. I only make this point as a suggestion to let you know that ‘we have your back’.

The time is short and while the period of challenges will not be long, it will seem like never-ending to those of you who have to face the dramatic uncertainty that will result from initial responses to events as they unfold. There is a plan afoot to deal with all eventualities. Some have been highlighted before my message, some will be hinted about after my message. Not all will be ventilated here and now.

We have already started to make our presence known to you in ways that are non-alarming. We suggest to you in your waking moments and we brief you in your dream time. Some of you remember facets of dreams which we allow so that you find yourself pondering during your wakeful moments. We arrange synchronistic moments that will cause you to come into contact with information that will enlighten you about what is happening. Your willingness to ‘pay attention’ is what would determine the difference between your ability to be prepared as opposed to being confused and ill-equipped to handle situations that may crop up in your experiences. In any event we stand with you as you face what is to come, happy in the knowledge that a ‘qualitative leap’ in the journey of the planet and her inhabitants is about to begin.

Blessed are those who rise to the fore in recognition of their service to their Fellowman.
Blessed are you for casting your doubts aside, putting your chores on hold and taking this message for and on behalf of those of us in attendance.
Blessed is Gaia for allowing the many to be given the opportunity to grow and learn.
Blessed are the many who are about to embark on a course of events that will shape their paths to their ultimate destinies.

I am that I am, Esu Sananda.

Christ Michael brings forward Lady Nada

(Leonette: This is my first time taking a message from Lady Nada).

CM: Lady Nada, together with Esu, is closely aligned in service to the planet. She is a member of the inner circle on matters dealing with the planet and her populations. So great is her love for the planet that she has ‘postponed’ her own Ascent in order to service the needs of the planet. It is in this regard that she has tied her own Ascent to that of the planet. It is in this regard that she is an intrinsic part of this process for tied to the fate of what is to occur is her own forward movement. In any event she is already a ‘Paradise Citizen’ who has embarked on another journey, this time, with the planet and her population.

Lady Nada: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address whatever concerns that may be paramount in the minds of the many who will be reading these messages.

The planet is a sentient Being, a nurturing sentient Being who has made a decision to take the responsibility of ‘be-coming’ to the next level. It is in this regard that my role has ‘quickened’ to facilitate this ‘birthing’ into Higher Consciousness of this sentient Be-ing, who in spite of her many discomforts sought to give ample opportunity to those life forms who made her physicality their home, to grow into Divine awareness. She has had to endure much, too much and in the fullness of time it has become apparent that to continue in this vein meant that her survival would be brought into question.

There are elements who do not share concerns for her well-being as they have lost control over their ability to exact further productive elements from her body. These ones have now degenerated into a downward spiral and have become so skewed in their thought forms that they can no longer be tolerated by the planet’s emotional system. To this end, the planet has decided to end this ‘warped’ situation and reject these anomalous elements that have compromised her core. We, as part of the Celestial effort are on standby to proceed with the following:

Remove from harm’s way all our serving members on the ground of operations.
Safe keep all important spiritual artifacts that will provide service to those who will be returning to continue with the planet.
Preserve the critical passageways or portals that flow along the planetary energy lines.
Prepare comfortable ‘housing’ for those who will leave the planet and those who are expected to occupy safe areas within the planet’s body.
Ensure that family units are re-united or facilitated in accordance with pre-arranged destinations.
Ensure that animal populations inclusive of various pets are sorted and assigned accordingly.
Ensure that plant life that may face destruction are seeded for re-planting when conditions on the planet are conducive.
Ensure that medical needs are identified and make arrangements for such needs to be addressed.
Identify various groups in accordance with their primary roles and facilitate preparation for these roles to be fulfilled.
Schedule shuttle services to facilitate transport to and from the planet.
Identify planetary safe areas for purposes of logistics and for preparing intervention services where needed.
Co-ordinate team efforts to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

This is a primary list which you can appreciate would contain several sub-sections to each aspect outlined. There are various teams involved which also include the Galactic commands with each having their own responsibilities.

We have identified fears or concerns as they relate to Extra-Terrestrial activity. These have been programmed into the consciousness of the masses by those whose time is about to be cut short by the planet. Be not in dismay about this. There will be those of the masses who would come willingly as many would become ‘activated’ by this course of events. For those who are so steeped in fear that their thinking consciousness becomes paralyzed, they would be put to sleep and taken out of harm’s way, if it is their destiny to not perish with the tumultuous events on the planet. They will then be sorted accordingly and either re-united with their loved ones and assigned to wherever they are supposed to go which will be in accordance with their own ‘Higher Knowing’. For those who are to face adjudication they will be taken either in physical or non-physical form to the Courts of Nebadon.

This is as much as I can tell you at this point. We will have further updates as time advances. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do this communication and it is my hope, that in some way, your concerns have been addressed.

I look forward to embracing all of you when we come together again. To all my beloveds, I AM Nada.

The Ancient of Days makes His Presence known

Mantustia: I AM MANTUSTIA, the last time I rendered a message through you was an occasion that differed in so many ways from now.

Indeed, you did not expect that I would ‘pay a visit’ so soon yet I have found it necessary, if only for purposes of signaling to you that events are quite serious and to suggest that it is time to ‘gather one’s thoughts’ with respect to ‘bonding’ with one’s inner guide, post-haste.

I have, from time immemorial, been a part of knowing and understanding the cyclic nature of this universe and all the celestial bodies contained therein. I know what is to occur, so therefore I do not make light my words when I advise that one should be in tune with one’s inner guidance. This has been the message all along, for so many years, yet so few have paid heed.

Thankfully though, those of you who have paid attention would be best positioned to provide assistance to those who need it. Do so wisely! As stated before, it is not your role to coerce anyone, but it will be your role to lead by example, to show courage in spite of your own internal misgivings, to trust in the process and everything that has led you to your proverbial ‘here and now’. It is everything that you have ‘trained for’. It is one of the many situations in which you will distinguish yourself.

You are about to know what your true purpose was in being born unto the planet! May you stand tall in your glory! I AM MANTUSTIA.

Christ Michael

CM: Leonette, we have come to end of this script for now. Thank you for your patience for it was indeed a ‘long day’. You have done well to keep focused through the many twists and turns of personal events that occurred during your day. I will not keep you much longer except to state that as events build in momentum signaling the inevitability of the end of this stage, My Beloved Gabriel, as Administrative Head of Nebadon, will pronounce on events as he sees fit. Salud! I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.


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