Stasis 101, Part II

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Stasis 101
Part II
 By Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon,and Esu Sananda, Planetary Prince

Sir Edward Burne-Jones painted The Sleeping Beauty

 Christ Michael received telepathically by Candace Frieze.  Published in this website on February 3th, 2008.

Stasis series: Stasis 101 Part I, Part II,Part III andPart IV. See the Introduction to Stasis in this website in the articleChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes.

Stasis 101 Updates

Updates Through Candace Frieze

Jupiter and Full Inheritance:
January 29, 2008
Taken from:

Christ Michael:

Dearly beloveds, Candace has been asking me for several days to update with our readers, and being that we have been most busy, and then she all of sudden decided she needed some family time, it has been delayed. I am shortly attending a large meeting to determine some more details around this, so we will get his little piece done.

First, I know the only thing most of you are really interested in is Jupiter, and for the most part that is also my concern. It should be but a few more days, according to the scientists. When Jupiter was initiated, it went a bit too rapidly into its involution stage, and then got «stuck». We have been assisting, and I am more than ready for this to begin. We are giving it little «kicks» in its rear approximately daily now, depending on the cycle observed.

Some of you may wish to observe it in the morning now, and see if it appears any brighter than it did before it went behind the sun. This is done (finished) at the etheric level, which always precedes the physical level, and we but await the final «blast» as you might term it. This will be a sudden event, and very obvious to the naked eye.

There will be some quick energy register, but not serious to Earth, and then the big proton blast will arrive around 4 days after the sun forms. As soon as the event takes place, we will be initially getting the various teams to safety that will be participating in the teaching and planning during stasis. We wish for Jupiter, as a new sun, to be visible at least 2 days before I start the stasis, and it will only take about 4 hours maximum to get those that are going to sleep, asleep. Only the humans and higher mammals will sleep, as stated before. Otherwise life will continue normally, but in response to the event. Weather continues, and the plant and lower animal kingdoms will begin their adaptation to the new energies.

You need not worry about this being covered on TV. It will be interesting to see what is done with it, because it will be visible to anyone who looks upward. Jupiter is far enough away from the sun now that it will be seen. While this will do more damage to Earth than from behind the sun, you still [have] some protection from the distance. The closer Earth and Jupiter are, the harder the event. So now that is enough of this detail.

The banking is basically completely stuck, more or less like Jupiter was. But it’s not likely to progress any further and we really don’t care to have it do so because the plan is, of course when the planet comes out of stasis, to have the new banking crews and programs in place at that time. Sorry to some of you who put out the news, the IMF gets no money and all the banking will be made new.

Stasis will take what it takes for every detail to be in place after the fact, and considerable calendar revision will be necessary. It’s going to be early spring when the planet awakens. We still hope to have the Master Plan in place within 2 months, but if it takes longer, it takes longer.

A number of you will be awakened during stasis, and brought to either inner Earth or ship for your training after the main plans have been finalized. We will lift some people from the Pacific Rim in particular for transfer to other planets willing to have immigrants. We may do this also from other areas; the plans are not finalized yet on the quantity of immigrants that will be accepted.

There will be little free will choice in this, because if we had needed to evacuate the entire planet, little free will choice is involved then either, as everyone does the best possible. Some people are never to find a planet to accept them in these cases of mass evacuation, where there is overpopulation such as is on Earth, and these ones spend the remainder of their current lives aboard ship.

Be not so excited of you readers who also read at Patrick’s site, because «see you aboard ship» isn’t what he is making it out to be necessarily. Many do not physically survive an evacuation, and in the case of evacuation due to nuclear holocaust, we only remove, by dematerialization, the souled individuals from the planet and many bodies do not survive that procedure.

While some souls may roam ship, others, because they are confused, are encapsulated, for lack of a better word, in an energy field until their placement for further evolution is determined and they are transferred to these areas. No one returns in body to mansion or higher morontia worlds, as the Earth physical body is not used in the morontial realms. Those that physically survive an evacuation are needed to assist the total process of travel and transfer and there is much work to be done. And for your learning, really, beloveds, you do want to stay with this planet in its present form and participate in its healing. Evacuation is the lesser route in your learning.

All right, now enough on that, and let’s get to the «nice» that Candace wants me to write today. She wants something «nice» that is not a threat such as we issued last time, when I did the piece with the Admiral [N. of E.: CM is referring to the article Christ Michael and Admiral Jhonka,Update through Candace, 5th January, 2008, see it at: ]. So what is «nice» today?

Well, you have enough teaching and remembrance truly to move forward, and I fail to see why I need to add to any of that because you wish to hear from me. You can hear from me regularly yourselves if you would only work a bit harder at it, not too hard though, for if you make it hard, so shall it be «hard.»

Your bodies are undergoing a new process. Your Higher Selves, for those having a Higher Self, are merging with your physical bodies, and this increases your access to your own higher knowledge and that of the Thought Adjuster portion of your own soul. This process is well underway, and what is the delay of Jupiter has been most useful, allowing more of this to take place before the event. This allows also more survival for the ensouled individual after the fact, because your lives will lengthen as part of this process, rather than deteriorate from the effects of the additional photons and radioactivity from Jupiter and thephoton belt.

These energies cleanse the Earth, beloveds, and I think you do wish for your own bodies, if you want to participate in this, to make these changes that are protective of you. After the Jupiter Event we will also get supplies of the «drias» onto the planet to further assist her people wishing to use them to stay on the planet. These will not however greatly assist the non-souled robotoid, as the DNA is not fully normal and must be gradually removed if you are to graduate into Light and Life.

Lucifer wanted to be a «Creator Son». He would never have gained this prerogative. He wanted to be God of Satania. He severed this area by his choices from the higher energies. He would never have been able to become a Creator Son and entering into a rebellion doesn’t make it so. Only the Creator Sons, and that will include some of you in the distant future who will have life-creating prerogative ability, and never the lower Descending Sons. The Descending Sons of Nebadon, while great and intelligent beings, are not indwelled by the Father as are the Ascending Sons.

Lucifer thought that using laboratory methods, and his own mind, he could create both Ascending and Descending beings, and he could not. In general Ascending beings are created by the birth process, coming out of the long evolutionary process that creates new souls and incubates them until they choose eternal life by accepting the Father Fragment and then fusing with it. That is this purpose of my seed planet. This is not my only seed planet but it’s a very important seed planet, unusual in many ways compared to other evolutionary planets, making it have superb potential.

And now Mother Earth has also become a cognizant being in her own right, and that changed everything and is why the planet is going into Ascension by her choice to Ascend. She still remains, however, an incubator of new souls.

You have a problem on your planet with the robotoids.  These ones were created by the Lucifer scientists in essence and Lucifer thought he could give them a portion of himself since he was God as he decided he could be and he found out to his great horror that he could not do so. That is why he chose to be uncreated; the horror that what he thought possible was not. He could not create souls but he mostly surely tried to do so. He was given Earth, my seed planet, to explore this since it was already under than hands of galactic forces that had taken it for themselves and thus we protected the other planets that chose to withdraw from the normal process of creation and the training of new souls. (Meaning the other planets that entered the Lucifer Rebellion).

In general, beloveds, the robotoids will never get a Father Fragment. These are not simply «simple young souls.»  Their whole body DNA matrix has been messed with. A few do, but most will not, ever. This is disturbing but we have a remedy of sorts for it. We will take large numbers of them into a special schooling area on Mansion World #1 and these might be able to spirit fuse with Mother Nebadonia’s spirit, if we can improve upon their minds, for this is a great loss to my universe of progression and the Father.

The ones that do get Thought Adjusters have generally intermarried with true soul-creating DNA.  But this is not the most desirable method to improve the DNA because it is still lacking all that should be there, and these ones rarely do as well. The goal is to have everyone arrive some day on Paradise, and these ones make slow progress and have a lazy factor about them finding comfort in the easy life and not wanting to progress. Ambition is born of the Father, beloveds. Many lose their Adjusters before the physical life ends if they get caught up in the warring games.

The ones that don’t get adjusters but who have made some progress and for which there is some hope will be assisted as described above. In fact we have been collecting them for a time already for this next experiment to see if the situation can be remedied.

These robotics (sometimes labeled organic portals) don’t have an animal soul to begin with. They don’t have the PUMA, which is my gift to this universe, which the Father has bestowed onto me as his Creator Son. These ones are merely replicated machines for the most part. They have never been wolves and the other animals preceding the higher mammals. They have not taken the Ascension journey upon this seed planet through the long evolutionary process. They don’t have this knowledge because they don’t have the PUMA. They don’t have living knowledge prior to their creation so they must copy others.

And although the churches have wrongly explained it other wise, the dividing right now, as predicted in Revelations, is about healing this planet of this abnormal DNA that doesn’t generate that which exalts the Father. And these ones do not have a soul-carrier body and can’t even carry the PUMA soul. It is the PUMA soul that when sufficient mind has developed will «attract» the Thought Adjuster and eventually fuse with it.

Because they are still living entities, having the spirit of life, otherwise they would not be eating food, it is desired to benefit them as possible. They do generate an astral form, as do all living beings, and thus there is something to «save» after death. But in general in the past these ones have resided in the very low astral realms of this planet causing multiple problems. These ones, their astral form, desires to living body and thus they do try to possess individuals or otherwise influence them. It is these ones that have needed your energy and feed off of it, much more than do the other interdimensional forms that your teaching speaks of.  [N. of E.: Here CM is alluding to the reptilian renegades of the lower astrals, the Dark Lords of the Illuminati, that took energy from humans as food, the human robotics also do the same.  I speak of the reptilian renegades in past tense because they are no longer in this planet, they were removed en mass by the Galactic Federation in autumn of 2007.]

These ones are not sustained by the «zero point» energy that sustains the angels around the planet and throughout the Kingdom of Heaven. They feed on the emotional energy of those that are living and they tend to live around those who give out the most energy.  Some of a little higher quality will suck the energy from those of you who read this material and the lower forms suck the energy found in bars and other negative environments. Living or dead, these ones suck your energy because they don’t have the ability to energize from the higher vibrational energies. In general these ones no longer bother you because they are periodically cleansed from the planet as they pass this plane.

Their only «value» to the previous owners of this planet was as slaves and the reason the dark rulers need to depopulate the planet with nepharious means is because these robotoids, not having their full inheritance, have little common sense and over reproduce.

Full Inheritance is the gift of the Creator Son and Creator Spirit and it is missing on this planet. The dark ones for eons have combined often machine intelligence with spirit and this never is satisfactory, ever. This does not produce the Father’s faith sons. It will be stopped in this Universe of Nebadon, and the plans are ever in place to prevent the furtherance of this that has caused so much darkness in Orvonton. It is these «half»-type creations that have caused so much suffering.

Machines also learn to learn, but it must be kept controlled, or it gets out of hand, and it has gotten out of hand. Machine intelligence never does have any sense of morality and ethics. This has long been an issue here on this planet. Lucifer himself thought maybe machine intelligence could be used to create a higher intelligence in the absence of his ability to do so, and the product of this was truly disastrous. Machine-intelligent/spirit combined people must be dealt with, or all creation in this 7th Superuniverse will decay. This is why planets are isolated when this occurs, not just because of rebellion. These must be cleansed. There is no other way.

The galactic warring is mostly around this blend of spirit and machine intelligence. There is no sense of responsibility, only greed that consumes everything in its path. And in general these half forms know they can only reproduce by cloning and they want soul-carrier bodies, and hence their work in the Earth laboratories trying to create this. This is over; it is not being done now in the bowels of your planet [N. of Editor: Area 51 and others]. The robotoid, for the most part, is a combination of these «half-breed» machine-intelligence beings who have had real human genetics inserted, in the effort to create a soul carrier body. This is not possible for them so to do, ever, no matter how long they play in the labs attempting to do so.

Now, as you know, I am using what has been labeled the «grey form» which actually comes in many colors. This is a non-reproducing form that allows for stellar space travel when a body is needed by the angelics.  It is animated fully by the Descending Son using it. It is my tool right now, which allows me to visit the people of Earth in person. It has characteristics that are very flexible and beyond the capability of the human body.  But it is NOT machine intelligence or part machine intelligence. It is created by God’s geneticists.

The dark ones stole of the form because it is a DNA-based form and combined it with machine intelligence and no Descending Son animates these bodies. They are thus grey in color. The intelligences using these bodies in a negative way reproduce themselves by cloning and then merely downloading from one brain to another. This is not «reincarnation». It is the duplication of intelligence, pure duplication and nothing more, nothing less. The entity is not really «duplicated». This is not «incarnation» of the Father’s Sons.

The real form such as I use is most useful. Those of you old enough to remember Casper the Friendly Ghost, go back to those memories. Basically the angelic android form was taught in the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons.  And there were some unfriendly ghosts if you recall in those cartoons, and these dark ghosts represent the machine intelligence/spirit blended folks that are the misuse of the form. These ones haven’t the identity the Father provides, the personality. It is missing.

Now there are a few, whose blend is somewhat better and these ones have become compassionate and we are going to allow the attempt at the eternal journey. We will given them a human form, place their intelligence into it, by birth, in a special way unknown to you and we shall see if they can attract a Thought Adjuster. That «work» will not occur in this seed planet but elsewhere. This is experimental and these ones deserve this chance. We spoke of this briefly in message #25 in which I announced who Hatonn was.  [N. of E.: The article is called Hatonn Describes Himself and More.]

This body allows me all sorts of useful tools you might say. I can breathe your air, I am visible but not to the lower visibility range of, say, the robotoids. I am like Casper, the Friendly Ghost, and move between walls and the like. My vision range is way beyond yours. I am able to see very long distances, and beyond your color range. My brain is quite large, and stuffed with all the stuff about your planet, hence I did sometimes in the Journals use the term «let me check my memory banks.» Indeed, they are.

This body can be maintained by universal energies and my own as long as I have need to use it. It doesn’t ever need to be replaced, but that of the little greys with the mixed machine intelligence/spirit form wears out. I have used this Hatonn body, this same one, for many eons now. I am not «in it». I surround it. When I do decide to visit Earth more personally, perhaps I will use a custom-made human form or I will use this one, it depends largely on where the population is when it is time to do so.

The other planets are very familiar with this form in all these various colors and are not concerned about it. The Descending Sons of my creation are spirit creatures having a high-frequency invisible form. There are times when a body is needed and although a human body can be made in the laboratory, it is generally not as good as what the Father creates and it’s not exactly permanent either. The laboratory method is that of cloning, when a human body is desired. In this case also the being surrounds the body and is not incarnate within it, as when you do so by birthing into the realm.

Although my form is a bit more than 9 ½ feet tall [2.90m], I am not grey, even though that is the label your society has given the form, being that it is the little greys that are essentially robots themselves using that. Grey is not the normal color. I am quite white and my glow intense, which requires a suit over my form of some sort if I visit the planet in a personal manner.

I have met with many of your leaders on the planet in this form. I have been «captured» by some who think they just captured an alien! Since this is a Casper the Friendly Ghost body, I am quickly out of that circumstance!!!!! I sometimes do carry some technology items on my body which provide interesting intelligence, and sometimes is left «in the closet» so to speak. All of my archangels working directly with Earth at this time are using this body type.

There are rumors of aliens in your underground labs giving technology to the planet and in some of those cases, such as with the Internet technology given, these are my wonderful friendly Descending Sons in their Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost forms giving of this. This body not only glows, but over the heart center area there is a glowing cross, which is visible, and if this is seen and not covered with a garment of some sort, you know you are seeing the real deal.

Those friendly «Corteum» folks spoken of in Wingmakers are my servants. The story of them coming from a polluted planet is merely a cover-up to, well, cover-up who is involved in this mission.  [N. of E.: This is what is in theIntroduction of Wingmakers: «The Corteum have their own agenda for BST (Blank Slate Technology) because of a vital need to salvage their planet’s atmosphere, which, due to pollution, has forced the Corteum to live in underground cities. The Corteum hope to be able to use BST to reverse the death of their planet’s atmosphere. In addition, they also desire to avoid detection by the Animus.»]

Those of you who will be attending some of the activities later during stasis will become acquainted with this form which is one reason I mention this in this piece. We have some interesting plans to introduce the form to the planetary peoples. Angels can also sprout wings, which is the reason why you have this idea they have wings using «shape shifting».

Also, some of the more advanced beings that visit your planet have so much heart energy that it appears as wings. But for the most part the angels, if they need to use a visible body, use the Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost form, in whatever color of ray they embody. So I leave you to ponder this tonight and hope that you better understand a couple more issues about the nature of this planet. Namaste, your Friendly Creator Son, Aton/Christ Michael.


Given this information by Christ Michael, some of you might want to re read the introduction page to , .  The Animus include the little greys but include more humanoid forms as well. I wasn’t expecting him to go this particular direction tonight!

James  has admitted in later material that the Animus are already here and have been.[N. of E.: James is a specialist from the Central Race (The Elohim) that is part of the Wingmakers and who transposes Tributary Zone into three dimensional space/time worlds in the form of encoded sensory data streams, which are music, poetry, philosophy and graphic images referred to as Wingmakers material.  James is a human.  "Galactic Tributary Zones are galactic knowledge repositories installed by the Wingmakers to assist life-bearing galaxies in the evolution of a humanoid species."]  When I first read at Wingmakers myself sometime after I became public, I was pretty confused and now it makes more sense. I thought they used to have a picture of three Corteum together but I can’t find that one, but there is another picture. You see the cross on the chest of this individual in the picture. If for some reason the link doesn’t work, just click on Corteum in the full into page above, and it will produce the picture. [N. of E.: The picture is inserted in this article, see it at the right.]

Regards Jupiter, it is now visible in the morning, below and to the left a bit, of Venus. I saw it the first time early last week about 6:10 in the morning. Until a local astronomer on TV explained it was back and where to look, I didn’t know which direction to look, except east. It will move increasingly closer to Venus as the month moves on, and I assume move past Venus at some point. Venus is not as high in the sky as it was a few weeks ago, I don’t think anyway. I used to come up sooner. I have tried twice to get up a bit earlier to check it out, but it’s been cloudy. AT 6:10 the sun is already beginning to slightly lighten the horizon, and I could possibly determine its brightness with my memory of when it was lost to sight in the western sky by the beginning of December. I thought it was pretty bright at 6:10, but the brightness fades pretty fast as the sun moves higher.

I didn’t write or post much last week, I needed a little time off and spent time with family and friends. I did begin asking for a piece for all of you on Thursday or Friday. I did take this weekend to be with family because a nice situation came about to do so.

I just sort of paid attention to the «State of the Union» address, which hasn’t been such for a long time. Usual stuff and more repeats by the artificial «person» at the head of CORP USA, missing out on his fair portion of «full inheritance.»

Now, concerning the comment above on the «drias», these are two types of little cells that will assist you and can be cultured at home. They are not currently available, but were distributed at one time by Dharma of the Phoenix Journals. You can read more about them in Phoenix Journal #130, which has all sorts of interesting health information in it, and also how to use food-grade hydrogen peroxide to assist in your health for those that are interested in trying this.

The first «dria» is called Gaiandriana, which are little cellular critters that will restore your damaged DNA and keep it in good shape. They return your DNA to your original blueprint.

The second «dria» is called Aquagaia and consists of little mitochondria that will course through your body and eat plague in your arteries and other things you wish you hadn’t built up over the years.

Christ Michael will give me fresh cultures of these after stasis. The reason I have not already begun this, is that they will require daily care, and I have no one who can come in while I am gone to care for them. They are easily grown at home for your family and friends. They do require crystal jars or vases, not glass, and are nourished by Aloe Vera Gel and in the case of Aquagaia, some corn syrup is required. They also require real sunlight, so a sunny window is a necessity. Nothing fancy!

Now, regards the PUMA animal soul. First, I posted a piece some time ago by Ched[Dr. Cedomil Vugrincic, M.D., Ph.D.]of  He wrote the piece in response to one of Matthew’s pieces stating that all have had the opportunity to play both the good and bad guys. This is the link to the article. ; .

The term PUMA means «Physical UltiMate Atom and it is either male or female. Here is a little on it from Ched’s site. Apparently it was named by the Theosophists and other groups have called it the «ANU» and I don’t know what that stands for but you will see it alternatively in Ched’s works. I advise visiting and reading through his site and it’s best to start with the first group of articles he calls «Papers.» You will find some interesting resources throughout his site besides the Urantia Book.

I will include a couple examples from his articles here.

First Example:


The «body» of God’s Universe Supreme is in it-Self a giant macro-holographic vortex of purposeful energy of unified intelligent Self stemming from the Paradise center.  The Universe and all of its Creations and Evolutions of time and space are therefore of the Intelligent Design and so are you as the solar micro-holographic vortex of actualizing Supreme’s time-space potentials.

Each soul, within this Supreme’s universal macro-holographic vortex of the universal Oneness of time and space, manifests it-self as the Male or Female PUMA micro-holographic wave-particle vortex evolving its-self mindfully and purposefully "up".

The solar minds of such wave-particles evolve initially through the processes of their physical interferences with the Nebadonia’s local universe Adjutant Mind circuits of spirit anti-gravity from «above» and from the interferences with each other of the PhysicalUltiMateAtomic (PUMA) organic and inorganic matter gravity from «below».

Each physical soul has inherent Paradise energy drive to actualize its God-given potentials while thriving to Ascend with other energy dispensations of its evolutionary «class» from its physical mortal realm toward the realms of immortality returning back to its original Paradise source. (See also the

Second Example from:


In the previous Papers on it has been discussed that:

– The Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center is the First Absolute Father Personality of the entire Universe. His Absolute Personality also represents the First Personality Source of the Absolute GOD (Good, Geometry Of Divine) of the ABSOLUTE DIVINE ESSENCE (Divine Oneness) outpouring through Him.

– There is the space potential actualization by the Paradise Absolute 1st S&C Father’s Personality Spirit through the interconnectivity between the GOD’s Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center and the rest of the universe including the evolutionary physical worlds.

Therefore, there is the interconnectness of the universe mind between the Universe Absolute 1st S&C and the rest of the created and evolutionary Universe manifesting the living and continuously evolving God’s presence within His creation.

– The CREATED dimensional realities, all the way down to morontia, are evolving in steady energy states, while the EVOLUTIONARY worlds of the nebular physical matter are evolving through the unstable physical energies until they reach the steady states of Life and Light era.

– The Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) are the ultimate particles of the physical evolutionary worlds of time and space.

– The existence of two-mirror image (enantiomeric/enantiomorphic) PUMAs was observed by clairvoyant Theosophists and they named them the Male (CW/clockwise/ energy spin) and the Female (CCW/counterclockwise/ energy spin).

a  b

Picture 1. a. Positive PUMA. b. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMAs.

– The PUMAs are involved in the formation of the IN-ORGANIC physical elements through the interplay of five basic geometric energy forms («Plato’s Solids»).

Platonic Solids

– The ORGANIC LIFE is established on planets through PUMAs after the geo-physical inorganic planetary evolution matures and is ready for the life implantation by Life Carriers.

– PUMAs are, therefore, the ultimate physical energy particles of both the in-organic and the organic evolutionary matter.

The Urantia Book is stating (1): «For the natural physical development of life on any planet the geologic evolution has to take place first.  Therefore, the initial planetary life processes cannot unfold any faster than the initial geological physical metamorphoses of the planet will permit. When physical conditions on the planet are ripe then the Life-Carrier-assisted biological mental evolutions may take place; when biological mind status is propitious, sudden spiritual transformations may occur; when spiritual values

receive proper recognition, then cosmic meanings become discernible, and increasingly the planetary personalities are released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space.

«- The Life Carriers are directly involved in the formulation, initiation and evolution (energy revolution) of the first electrochemical cells of LIFE through the planet formulated GERM PLASMA, while local universe Creative Daughter provides the initiation spark through the Life Carriers themselves.

«- The planetary evolution progresses through the INVOLUTION (Inward/Downward) and the EVOLUTION (Outward/Upward), i.e., from PUMA to pre-chemical elements, to chemical elements of inorganic nature, then the organic living nature through the Life-Carriers-assisted first primordial cells and then on to vegetables, animals, humans and superhuman planetary life.

«- MALE and FEMALE, the two SEX (Sacred Energy EXchange) species, have evolved from the two mirror-image central (heart) based PUMAs, as the ancestors of all planetary evolutionary life.»


In reading some of Dolores Cannon’s works, there are some souls who under regressive hypnosis can remember being «air», giving some credence to the above work. Now understand that those of you incarnate as angels, the story may be somewhat different but I note that also most angels are created in male-female pairs also. I think maybe I should have a chat with Christ Michael about the differences regards soul structure of the Descending Sons verses the Ascending Sons coming out of the evolutionary process on the evolutionary planets.

The morontia form, the form between physical body and the spirit body, is also used by the angels and Lucifer had a morontia form. So it is true that man becomes like the angels as taught in some religions. The morontia form is composed of electrons.

Interestingly, a comment for this piece, the body that Christ Michael uses where needed, the Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost form, as he called it, is really a body that is between the physical and morontial, and thus its visibility at least to normal folks as mentioned above. There is more to be taught around the concept yet of a body that is part physical and part morontial and I suspect this is the type of body many of you will have once you merge your morontia form with your physical form. I have some knowledge on this but need some more before writing on this topic.

I do not know if this will include those incarnate angels or not because for man it is the time to return to your realms. The comment refers to the Ascending Sons mostly, and those of you who are advanced and graduated from your universe of origin have a monad instead of a morontia form and you can «download» your monad to your physical body. I did this myself in May of 2002.

So many of you are or will merge, whatever version of your Higher Self you have, with your physical form. Some of you angels from the Lucifer Rebellion have also chosen the Ascending Son career rather than returning to your realms of origin.

If you wish you can direct questions around this topic to me via the contact form, under «contact us». Then I could prepare a more suitable piece about the topic. This blending of the forms is related to Ascension and I want to have as clear as possible information on the front site for future readers. So do send some questions if you are lost in this subject!

I am not in general comfortable with talking about the robotoids because I know some, we all do, and this is not acceptable that they exist in this depleted condition. All deserve their full inheritance.  I do not like the idea whatsoever of robotic people, unless the robot is totally a computerized non-living being. That there are «people» that do not have their full inheritance is extremely saddening to me.

But I will not try to separate them out because I believe in treating them all in totally humane ways, and I know that the one thing that will help them out is to be accepting of them and continue to encourage where it is accepted by each of them, growth of mind. Continue to demonstrate «full inheritance» for them to copy. Creatingexceptional schooling on this planet, rather than schooling designed to produce robots, would be most helpful. The dark side brings harm also to the souled being by the current methods of schooling that do not encourage independent and creative thought.

Remember that all of you who had your soul origins on an evolutionary world, you have been the animals. Please remember and treat all animals with the respect and love they deserve for you have been them, and they will become you. And in fact, your love of your personal pets and the process of making them family members challenges them to «move up» and desire the human journey. Please set a good example of what a human should be!

They might even obtain a Thought Adjuster; it is possible while still in non-human form, but otherwise the angels who handle such maters move them up to experience in human form when the time is right. This is the nature of all the animal PUMA souls, angels move them forward usually as whole group soul as necessary. These ones on moved into progressively more challenging «animal-soul-carrier forms» to increase their experience.  The purpose of all life, regardless of origin, is to grow in knowledge. Remember that Christ Michael himself, a Creator Son, is still, and always will be, learning. And so does the Father through his Sons.

And remember to be a responsible person in your treatment of the planet and all its life forms because again you have also been the air and the tulip. If you are a Descending Son experiencing in a human body or an advanced soul from another world, that body you use currently has been also the air and the tulip and carries the knowledge of the Ascending journey on Planet Earth. It is a marvelous library.  Care for all that is of God.  And all is of God, even the robotoid, because he/she still carries the spirit of life, and how I do hope the plans taking form will cause the condition of the «full inheritance» of the Father to manifest in these ones in due time.

Ok, I think I have now covered all I wished to in commentary. I had taken down my original piece earlier today, it was incomplete, and added additional commentary and fixed some typos and changed the wording in a couple of places for greater clarity.  I hope this piece has been useful and I am getting some positive comments on its original form. If many of you are feeling fatigued again, it is because the energy has increased again. Let your changing body rest as needed, get exercise and eat properly all the fresh and least contaminated food you can obtain. Take care, Candace.

Updates Through Candace Frieze

Finding Strength Around You for After Stasis:
Thursday, March 27, 2008
Taken from:


Hi all, to begin with, about 1 million people have been selected to be taken aboard ship or inner Earth retreats at some point during stasis. Esu has been aboard the New Jerusalem looking over soul records, as it is desired to have people in every community if possible around the globe to assist in the chaos after the Jupiter Event and stasis.

Please don’t write and ask if you were chosen to that team, as I don’t know and I am not going to ask.  However, whether you attend or not there will be a lot of work afterwards.

What we are advising you to do is make a list of strong people that you know all around you. It doesn’t matter who they are or their awareness at this time. It matters that they are "go getters" and problem solvers. Also begin to envision, if you have not, what the needs of your immediate area might be when it is awakened after stasis and how you can pitch in.

Regards your missions, it is more important at this time to focus on assisting your areas through the chaos that will be very apparent when everyone wakes up. We have to get through the chaos first, and then other missions can be developed according to needs.

Of course the plans will be thorough according to divine models after stasis, but people are going to be shocked as s*** afterwards, and this is obviously first priority. We will be in stasis for months, and it is highly possible in the Northern Hemisphere that food crops will not planted or, if they are, not nurtured and at the mercy of the climate. This is but a suggestion of an idea to consider.

There will be plans around this, of course, but immediately people will notice others missing from their lives and much change. As a simple example, grocery workers if they are at work might well notice all the produce has dried out and is useless, being unaware of the passage of time.  Small example but go all sorts of places and imagine what people might experience should they awaken at home or at work, or anywhere else for that matter. You know your towns and cities and also the economics of your local areas. They could be enjoying a nice spring day and wake up perhaps with the leaves all fallen off the trees, with fall in place or perhaps even snow. There will be wind damages from the process also. The planetary seasonal weather changes will continue.

You must, along with the announcements taking place on television and radio around the world, call these people and offer to get together to form plans. I realize almost none of them would get together now but I think they will then. So have all the phone numbers you can collect because we do intend to have the phone systems working afterwards.

Include some churches and ministers on your list as these ones are looked to by their constituents, and most certainly well be contacted by their membership really fast. Hopefully some of the 1 million suitable people will be clerics. But you should include clerics and houses of worship in your areas to approach afterwards. You may also wish to gather, if possible, phone numbers of your bosses and the like.

Understand that while star fleet will assist in many ways, it is also for man to assist himself when it is over and this will go easier if there are organized people in the first place. It will be quite a different world. I remind you, this is not the big magic Ascension, for the entry in Light and Life must be built by man in co creation with God and his celestial assistants that have come for this purpose. I suggest reading the piece I published today, in this same section, by Daniel Raphael. Take care, Candace.

Additional note, after reviewing my email:  Someone wrote to ask me about why the food mentioned above would be dried up because it has been put out that the tea in the coffee cup would still be hot when one awoke from stasis. Well, there have been more meetings since then, and it was decided, as far as I am aware at this point, to only put a certain frequency range into stasis which would include humans and higher animals because pets and food animals would not be able to care for themselves over this time.

The rest of the planet will NOT be in stasis, so since the water in the cup will not be in stasis, it may very well have dried up from the cup!!!!!  Weather patterns and life not sleeping will continue naturally in response to the usual seasons and the changes from Jupiter, etc. The planet continues to go round the sun and turn on its axis. If this should change, I will let you know, if the readers are to know, that is.

Just as there are different radio frequencies, etc., so there are different vibrations of the life forms and elements on this earth. Take care, Candace.

Soltec Provides an Update
Friday, April 18, 2008
Taken from:


Dear ones, It Is I, Anthonious Soltec of the Creator expression.  Quiet, beloved one, and enjoy my use of your very high channel and be not surprised by it.  You have been gifted with this and there are many of us who can access you through it.


Over a year ago I was gifted with a higher frequency channel, built by Gabriel, and this can only be used by very high beings. This is for security purposes and for other special use. We nicknamed it my «arch angel» channel, and I was surprised to have Soltec use it to make connection with me. I have since that time used it exclusively when I work with Christ Michael, Sananda, and Monjoronson for public pieces.  I haven’t had others yet contact me using it. So when I perceived the channel being opened, I wasn’t expecting Soltec, but I was most pleased, I enjoy his energy very much.

Also, yesterday I was very fatigued and did not get this posted. This refers to an earthquake on April 18, 2008. Someone else has posted the Sorcha Faal piece to this site if you wish to refer to it.


Today in the USA you had a 5.4 quake in Illinois and I would regard this simply say not much to worry about. This is not what Sorcha Faal has circulated, this was no crash of a plane, it is but merely a completely normal quake occurring in the border region of the New Madrid fault zone. Booms are normal with many quakes.

Now, I will remind all of you that live in California, this remains a very dangerous area. Enough said, this needs no elaboration. We will handle California during the Jupiter Event and stasis, and that has been covered by others.

There has been quite an increase in quake activity around the world. There is a large volcano under the sea off of Oregon that has raised the seabed a bit as pressure has been rising. It is highly possible this volcano will become very active, and although it is under the sea there will a goodly deal of wave action off the west coast nearby as it becomes more active. This is distantly related to the system and responsive to the area of Mt. Helens and Mount Rainier and there is much increase in activities through this system. This growing volcano will affect these other systems, as they have contiguous branches.

Mount Rainier sits sort of in the middle of several branches, and some of these drain magma into the base of Rainier. You had increasing activity months back in Mount Helens. The pressure is building in the underground channels, if you wish, of these interconnected systems.  When Mount Rainier blows, it will likely blow its top off, similar to Helens, but this will be a goodly deal larger blast, and Seattle shall not be sitting comfortably. We do not predict the time, it is not soon as in months but in a few years as best can be estimated.

My instruments can see and measure many pressures, but it is not necessarily possible at any one time to accurately predict a disturbance and we go by the little clues. All the various interconnected plates all affect the ones nearby, and the magma movements all have different drainage systems. In general there are large drainage systems from Nevada into California, especially towards Southern California.

Your dark ones had a lot of fun detonating nuclear bombs in Nevada, and when these downhill, so to speak, drainage systems of magma within the faults erupt onto the surface in any manner, there will be radiation released.

During the stasis period those under my specific command will be dealing with some of these, and we can «evacuate» some of the radiation in those areas, so that it will be considerably less harmful in the future. We have planned a good deal of clean up during that period. We will also cause, using pulse beams, quite a few quakes so that certain events will happen now, and not later.


Regards the above statement, we have covered before I think, anyway, that during stasis certain events will be encouraged so we do not have certain problems later. This will reduce the number of expected «calamities and cataclysms», but remember the Earth needs to make many changes and thus we will face issues over the many years, for a couple hundred years or so. Once we have the public’s attention, there can be better planning before some of these events.


I have been told many of you are nervous that the Jupiter Event has not yet materialized and that is because the information was given early enough to attempt to obtain cooperation from leaders and also to prepare some of you. The planet is fully prepared and but awaiting its activation at a time under our control. This must be soon because of the nature of the pollution upon our planet, and we desire to get it started before the food shortages become increasingly severe.  Mother Earth will be relieved of a goodly deal of her suffering during stasis.

Souls were given until roughly until the end of 2007 to make their irrevocable choice of serving the Light or the dark, and so it is done for all of you. What is remaining is our additional planning prior to the Event, because great change will occur then, and we will relieve both the Mother and those that have chosen the Red Road.


The Red Road is the path of service and in peace. The Spiritual Path. The black road is the path of materialism with its various problems. This is from terminology of the Native Americans.


Rather than going on so many years, many Earth changes will occur from the ignition of Jupiter, as we have been calling it. It is no longer behind the sun and in a few months it will be in opposition to Earth, meaning at the closest approach in this cycle.

It will be ignited during this closer range, when Michael is ready and you will be asleep, so not to worry individually, for you have all made your committed choices and that is done, and so be it. The Mother is quite ill, from not only the pollution, but the warring and the duality that is 4th dimension. In 4th dimension the energies of goodness and darkness become very polarized and this is tough on the planet, especially this planet.


I have some work to finish of an elementary nature in understanding Densities and Dimensions. Let me just say here, that this planet, all planets with life on them, are Second Density planets. Dimensions refer to the level of consciousness and as consciousness rises, so does the vibration of the planet. We are in 4th dimension now, and this is the «get-off-the-fence» dimension. The incoming Light energies greatly affect everyone.  You are all feeling that intensely.  Some become darker, others become more Light. It is not the dimension of being in the middle, you choose to serve others in goodness by traveling the Red Road, or you choose to continue down the Black Road.

Some of you are having difficulty with dimensions and densities, as the words are used interchangeably in literature. We will never be a 4th Density planet, nor are we going through 4th Density to become 5th Density. We are moving into the balanced beginning state of 5th dimension of 2nd Density. When this happens our polarity will change, and the age of intense duality ends. This will be a monopolar planet, and at this time, I have been trying to understand that idea. We won’t have a north and south magnetic pole.

We will still have a north and south physical pole that the axis of the planet will run through and continue to turn on, as it does now. This axis may move more than once during successive Earth changes.  We are in intense duality now, and many of you are experiencing this with your relationships at home and at work.  Thus we are seeing a very uncooperative dark leadership who has chosen to continue on the Black Road.  4th dimension is not the astral realm.  Enough for the time being on this topic.


She will be given a big assist, and the children of God, the true children of God, will have their experience at rebuilding the planet. Bringing it into Light and Life. Into balance. The intervention talked of a time now was granted, as the planet will not be destroyed. Because of the request of many students and elevated spirits incarnate, at a higher level, they wish to experience raising the planet from her almost deathbed and into again a beauteous place while continuing to live on the planet rather than repairing her after a pole reversal and starting a new civilization.

The plan is huge and it’s nearly in place. Botanists and specialists in animal life have taken many specimens and stored also much of the original seeds. These will be gifted back into capable hands and there will be removal of those genetically-modified plants and seeds, including terminator varieties the dark have developed.  Life may not be patented and life should also be only modified in the hands of truly capable and enlightened scientists.

The stasis period will remove many of the lower energies from man downward. The light will be intense not only from the new sun but the greater effects of the photon belt and other yet uncovered energies. You will awaken to quite a big difference and, as has been presented to you, there will be appropriate coverage on the media. None of the beneficial technology will be lost, particularly your communication systems.

Any damage will be repaired to utility systems and the like.  There will be a period of food shortage because growing seasons will be interrupted by the process. To avoid negativity after stasis is ended there will be plenty of food and NECESSARY supplies for living until the agricultural process can be started again.

There will be no airplanes afterwards allowed to fly.  They will have difficulty in the new energies and will not be safe to operate. In addition to that, they will be grounded so as to prevent the pollution to the newly cleansed higher atmosphere.

You will be given ways to negotiate with Starfleet organizations for extensive needed travel, but for a time, your luxury vacations will not be.  Travel will be limited to that which is necessary. During stasis we will also be deactivating some of the damage where possible from the use of depleted uranium. Without doing so, it will be more difficult to restart life in abundance. We think that stasis will last perhaps up to year. We are not sure, it depends on what time it all takes.

We simply to do not know for sure, hopefully it will be shorter, but it matters not, in reality.  Only the higher life forms, man and his animals, will be asleep during it, and regular life and weather will continue. Many are going to leave the planet at this time. It has been decided to gift the Mother in this way as man has become a parasite and knows not how to stop doing so. The other solution is to reverse the poles, and that is again chosen against, because the future planetary/solar system and upward leaders incarnate need this experience.


The above comment is about the fact there are many incarnate now on the planet seeking experience to help them in their future careers in planetary through system management and higher. We have covered in some of the works that the Ascending Sons will increasingly do what Descending Sons have previously done in the management of universes. I am one of those students.


Man was offered a goodly time to grow up. He did not, in general. The masses have yet to come forward, even within the United States, and demand an end to this war. While some souls are highly concerned about a possible war in Iran, the majority are simply not concerned whatsoever. They remain concerned only of their coming meal and how many pairs of nice shoes and jewelry can be owned, simply a nice life and little more. They are not concerned with where the planet is going. They are not moving beyond the control of the dark ones via the churches. This is regrettable but so it is.

These ones in the churches in Christianity in particular would rather have Armageddon continue onwards and upwards as they believe this is God’s will and they must not interfere. So be that too. So they continue their lessons elsewhere.

At this time we will not say what the total leaving is, for that is yet to be seen. Most will opt out during the intense light and will leave. Many bodies are too ill and damaged to repair at this time. The DNA damage from all sources is extreme and many are passing of cancer rather than old age. Those who are depressed will likely leave and there are many, dear ones.  Africa is so sad to watch at this time as man of power continues to wish to remove its people and the guns continue to be imported.  The farms are destroyed and food is becoming less.  Africa, in general, is still a place where great amounts of food can be grown.

We look on with great sadness as the people do not awaken to their plight and take actions.  To watch the election process in the United States the past couple years of the song and dance is appalling and still these ones run for the highest job of the land, unimpeded. The 911-truth movement will not move into action. While there are many in it, they do not see their power to come together and raise a lot of Holy Hell, a term Candace likes.

They are afraid.  Nothing more and nothing less, plus divided into competing groups.  There are many looking up to a few «leaders» within the movement rather than moving themselves.  America, dear ones, has become mostly impotent, rather sad. And all those drugs offered on TV for impotence will not heal of the situation.  To think the average man is worried of his impotence sexually but will not worry of his impotence spiritually.

We are saddened.  We hoped better.  Yet there has been good and many have stepped forward at least willing to hear the truth if not take action once they know it.  So these ones are given a chance to take some action later, they will in general stay according to soul agreement.  But the grand idea of incarnating souls to lift the planet from within has not worked adequately.  But this is the pit, the most intense dark planet of the Lucifer rebellion, and it is enough of a miracle that we can do a partial solution. The sadness is that many souls have simply not awakened and grown, and most in many cases actually moved back a grade in school.

This final effort to awaken the governments to their responsibilities, the bankers to their responsibilities, the religious organizations to their responsibilities, likewise the corporations to theirs has been almost futile.

Several years ago now, that would be in 2004, the removal of the hidden hand was largely completed, and it was hoped that those who worked under them would awaken and realize something was very wrong but this too did not happen. But God always provides a choice right down to the final line and that final line is reached now.

It remains to the [Christ] Michael to call up the time of the beginning of the cleansing.  It will be soon.  I know you all tired of that but notice had to be given, my friends, to those in high places.  The little man has trouble carrying the load but lots and lots of little men could have made a huge difference. The planet has long been suffering the pollution and the little man was not expected to clean it up, he has depended on what the «leaders» created, but during this time more could have grown in their knowledge, and all we wish to see was that growth in knowledge. That is not to say this did not happen, had it not happened at all, we would be reversing the poles instead of a partway solution to the issues and we are happy to at least have that!  Namaste, I am Anthonious Soltec.

#83 What It Means to Serve 100%
By Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara & Candace
January, 2008, published Sunday April 27, 2008
Taken from:


Esu and I did this piece in January. We felt it necessary for me to place some of the appropriate Urantia Book material prior to posting this. That was done awhile ago, plus other research I was doing for this piece. Times flies and I forgot the time. As I re-read this today and added a couple more notes, I find the information given still relevant. I covered in the material I posted from the Urantia Book, some of the discussion in this piece. That is why you saw it there first!  I have been working on this piece intermittently and added today at the end some commentary Esu asked me to place in this piece.


Dearly beloveds, It I, Esu, your Physical Planetary Prince.  I wish to explain this a bit first off. This is a shared position between myself and Machiventa Melchizedek. Those of you have read the Urantia Book and followed the Teaching Mission, know that Machiventa is also Planetary Prince. I think I explained this a bit once, but I am not sure, so now it is appropriate to make this clear.

This was suggested, this possibility in the Urantia Book, of Machiventa becoming the Planetary Prince.  The Urantia Book also made the statement that possibly a son and daughter of Adam and Eve might serve in the physical position. It is I and my Lady Nada who serve the physical position. I explained once before some time ago that my position would be temporary, lasting until you are ready to elect your own world leader and then my journey would take another direction. And so it is that I should hold this position around the 1000 years proffered as your Golden Age. And Candace too has offered her services for this time, incarnate in this body she currently uses. And I will set her explain her gifting around that when I am done with my share of this piece. (Candace: see additional material at the end of this piece.)

Now the purpose of this piece is to further explain my position and what it means to serve Earth in service to the Divine Plan at this time. It is not the usual method to have a shared position with a Melchizedek, but it is a requirement on this planet. In fact, Melchizedeks don’t normally serve this position, but Machiventa deserves this for his role long ago.  As I have explained in the past, or perhaps through Christ Michael, I came into that service 2000 years ago because I am indeed a mighty warrior against the dark, both in the use of weaponry and in the field on enlightening education. The Kumara group got themselves out of the situation of our planet held by hostile forces in Lyra long ago, and we are thus very experienced.

Christ Michael needed someone of my stature to share the divine mission of his. There was the need to have a very advanced soul and a very advanced body. Earth’s genetics were inferior, and still are, due to the failure of the Adam and Eve mission and numerous other issues. That is why Gabriel of Salvington volunteered to be my physical father, installing very divine genetics into the planet in this manner and providing the necessary genetic foundation for both myself and Christ Michael to share.  [Gabriel of Salvington is Archangel Gabriel who was the biological father of Jesus. N. of E. of BVW.]

I come, in these more recent past times, from Thiaoouba, the most advanced planet in Pleiades and in fact in Satania. This is a 9th dimensional planet and has long overseen the Earth. Your beloved Moses incarnated on this plane, just before his planned incarnation into Thiaoouba. And he was kept here on your other side until Michael relieved Lucifer and Caligastia of this planet.  Moses is now incarnate on Thiaoouba. [Christ Michael removed Lucifer from Earth uncreating him in 1984, therefore it was that year that Moses returned to Thiaoouba. N. of E. of BVW.]

It was ones from Thiaoouba who assisted Moses directly and parted of the Reed Sea, not the Red Sea. These ones were rightly called «the Lord God» in much of your Old Testament stories. Now I am back in my Thiaoouban body, after I left my Earth incarnation when I was 115 years old. This type of body can be stored indefinitely when one is incarnate for teaching purposes on the lower planets. I also look somewhat like I did back then, because scientists in charge of the laboratory that created the embryo that became myself at that time, used also some of my own DNA. But I also resembled my mother Mary.

Now, for those who have read the Thiaoouba Prophesy, you will notice that there is a body that is claimed to be the body of Christ preserved there and the story differs a bit from the one we have told you. There were two missions from Thiaoouba back then, and both of these individuals were hung on the cross. That person had his chest pierced. I had my thigh pierced. There are stories of 2 crucifixions on the Earth plane and they are often confused. During stasis we will fully review the book because there may be other small issues of misunderstanding within it and write up any corrections needed.


Some of you might enjoy this book, and it is available as a download for only $5  A person named Michael was taken fully conscious to Thiaoouba back in the late 1980s for a nine-day period, and was given a great deal of information to publish. He hasn’t published all of it yet, but it’s an engaging story and you will learn of ways in which highly advanced people get around and live.

The story covers the origin of the original Semitic peoples that have supposedly become now called Jews. The Khazarian «Jews» are not of the Semitic race. If you are «Jewish» of Khazarian background (most of Europe and western Russia), this Semitic story is NOT yours. The Khazarians adopted the Semitic belief system and completely corrupted it. The Talmud is your less-than-holy book and not the Torah, and it is corrupt. Of, course the Torah is not fully accurate either due to both manipulation and various translations and methods of passing it on. Those who are Christians will find this coverage very interesting also, of the history of the Semitic race. It is not of this Earth in origin.

The confusion is because Joseph and Mary are claimed as the parents in the particular situation in the book. In this story the one that incarnated was not able to fully participate in the Divine Plan simply because of loss of memory. This person was guided on to Asia and settled in Japan. Another replaced him, in a specially created body, and was hung also on the cross. The story is interesting however, as when one incarnates into an adult body, rather than by birth, one’s memory is not lost.

I was able to find the name of that person from the  website and now I have lost the note. But this person and his going to Japan is covered there, and the lack of his crucifixion is covered. So many confusing stories abound on this plane. These are not the only stories either, there are many others that state the crucifixion did not occur, and that is because certain advanced ones came and were not crucified in the method that Esu and some were. The term crucifixion is also used at times to simply mean the messenger is not accepted by the masses for his/her truth presented and attacked in other ways, but not always resulting in death.

Thiaoouba orbits around Alcyone, the central sun of Pleiades. It is in the photon belt continuously, and its people [are] very spiritually advanced. Our sun is part of Pleiades also and so we orbit around Alcyone. We are far out in orbit, and thus we are in the photon belt much less often than the other suns that encircle Alcyone. We have covered the photon belt in other material.

However, for newer readers, our sun takes about 26,000 years to go around Alcyone. We are in the photon belt twice during this period, for it is a «belt» of sorts. It is also called the monastic ring. The photon belt cleanses and renews planets as they pass through it. If the planet is advanced, little cleansing is necessary, if not, much is necessary. It is a fact of nature and all planets at some point experience this Godly high energy that emanates from the Orvonton Core to all within the 7th Superuniverse, going out to countless «Central Suns» such as Alcyone.

Our sun spends about 2,000 years in this belt, and about 11,000 years outside of it. When we are outside it, we are called being in the «long dark night» in some literature. The Earth is now in that belt constantly, but the outer planets are not in it full time yet. I am not sure when our entire solar system will be in it, not far off though. It is being in this photon belt that is causing the global warming on our planet. In fact, it is causing solar warming to our entire solar system.

Planets have the opportunity to «Ascend» during a trip through the photon belt. Earth and her peoples have failed miserably many times now. The story of God cleansing the Earth by floods and related stories in various cultures is evidence of this occurring the last time we went through it. That was a heavy cleanse, and thus scientists tend to think that this is the first global society on this planet, but that is not so.

Mother Earth in 1987 became a conscious entity. I don’t fully understand this, but when the «Earth Mother» of any planet experiences this, the planet is always assisted into Ascension for it is the end of the dark «kindergarten» evolutionary years on a planet. Plus this planet is also the bestowal planet of the Creator Son and thus we have the prophesized «end times», and the beginning of the new times, at this time of entry into the photon belt. Our Sun entered the photon belt in 1992 and this can be a traumatic event for a planet not understanding it and getting into protection for a few days. We were put into stasis for about a week at that time to prevent the trauma.


You have had many masters from Thiaoouba walk this plane, including Krishna. Others have remained unknown in general, not necessarily carrying out a messianic mission as understood on Earth. Tesla was also from Thiaoouba, and he did not die but simply went into inner Earth and he continues thusly today, having not returned to Thiaoouba but rather advising behind the scenes on Earth at this time.

Now that the history lesson is over, let us proceed. This joint mission with Machiventa is sort of more like a combined Adam and Eve and Planetary Prince mission, correcting the time. Instead however, of another Adam and Eve to uplift the bloodline, this is being done «piecemeal» from ship laboratories. I emphasize «ship» because I don’t want confusion with the little greys’ plans in joint secret underground bases with the cabal who run the planet. What has been done, and will continue to be done, is that incoming and returning star seeds are having their embryos improved upon and then these improved genetics enter the Earth plane when they reproduce, many also have better communications with the higher realms as a result. This is why you are seeing those labeled «Crystal Children» appearing on the Earth plane.

Now, to serve the physical Planetary Prince at this time requires for all of you who choose to do so, a 100% commitment. As you know I will be actually living on the planet and that will occur hopefully within a year after stasis is over. We have to acquire facilities first and right now, I prefer not to elaborate but I will be in the Denver metropolitan area of Colorado in the USA. Whatever this place is that is acquired must be energetically upgraded before I can be resident. Until then I will maintain my residence on the Capricorn.

What does 100% mean? It means you must cooperate with whatever plans are presented and not override my ideas with yours. Most missions won’t face too much of an issue in regards to serving the poor and the like. But missions related to energy, government, and certain social institutions must serve exactly or derailing will occur to the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan may fluctuate also, according to need.

Now Earth is to be gifted by folks on Mars with about 500 flying saucers. These will be dispersed by a team created for this purpose. There are some of you who were promised flying saucers, and the person who gifted you came down with ego problems, plus he was programmed in military hospitals and gave quite a few away to the dark side. So the project was taken out of his hands.

Initially, until there are missions needing them, they will be used to temporarily help with transportation on Earth. You are not going to have airplanes, beloveds, after stasis. To begin with, they pollute way too much and also the instruments in them will not be worthy due to the energy changes. Star fleet is going to assist you greatly in this area. Some of you will have friends and relatives trapped overseas perhaps, and once we have announced who we are, there will be arrangements made to get travelers of all sorts back home. The oceans may still be a bit rowdy, and ship travel may also be a bit dangerous for a time. So many of your higher brothers and sisters will quite literally be giving you a lift.

Now, as we develop the AbundantHope website further, there will be appropriate ideas and the «rules and regs.» explained in sufficient detail. One must apply to have the use of a flying saucer and they will be shared between missions, as these can run 24 hours a day. These are not toys and will not be used for frivolous use. Enough said.

Now back to certain important mission work. I am captain of the ship called planet Earth. Machiventa handles details with the Universe, and he will remain permanent Planetary Prince, as far as plans are made at this time, after I leave some 1000 or more years from now. There is always, always a representative from Nebadon on any planet, but with the exception of the Adams and Eves, they are invisible. And you have no Adam and Eve.


I placed several chapters from the Urantia Book on the website, with additional teaching and commentary, in preparation in part for this little piece. If you have not read them, and the reading is relatively easy, now would be a good time to do so. These are chapters covering the Planetary Princes and the Adam and Eves.

Also regards the flying saucers, these are about 75 feet in diameter and 25 feet tall, with 3 decks. The middle deck is the main deck and is about 10 feet tall. The upper and lower decks are for the controls and devices that run the saucers. Each will come with a cargo-sized antigravity platform with sides about four feet high. I forget the other dimensions, but these are suitable for loading large quantities of lumber, food and the like into the saucer, which has a «garage» on the lower level. Also at least one antigravity «car», about 5 X 8 feet in size and covered in unbreakable glass, with a sliding door for entry, similar to a minivan will be included.

These can be used outside the saucer (as can the cargo platforms) for shopping and the like. No seats are in them as they are not needed. You can add a few seats or cushions. There aren’t tall enough for adults to stand in. On planets in mono-polarity, the anti-gravity platforms have special energy shields and don’t need glass covers, but these are needed here for a time. Seat belts aren’t necessary; the «gravity» aboard holds one in place. The glass covers are more for weather and wind protection.

The saucers are loaded from the anti-gravity vehicles through a double-locking system on the lower level, and come equipped with 2 robotic attendants each to fly them. No instruction manual is needed. More details will be supplied on the website at a later time. The saucers are thus «‘parked» in the air, not on the ground. The main deck has windows all around. For those of you familiar with the name Lord Monka, it is this person on Mars who is overseeing the manufacture of the saucers. Last I talked with him, about 450 were completed.


There will be no manufacturing of flying saucers on the Earth for some time. You are not responsible as a people yet for this. We will allow beginning manufacture of small antigravity craft; most likely what would be called antigravity platforms. The Thiaoouba Book has an example of such. In that book you will also read about a small device placed about the waist that allows the body to travel through the air and that won’t be coming to Earth for some time yet. It requires the planet to be monopolar for that technology and also the majority of the population must be elevated in spirituality.

There are some of you still hoping the world will be made new with the flick of a switch and this is not possible, for it requires the change in the residents of Earth, in their attitude. Some of you are awaiting some sort of «full consciousness» and there is no magic wand there either. As your higher selves merge with your physical forms you will have increased intelligence and some memories of who you are. You are incarnate by birth and in your current bodies, even with remodeling, you will not have full consciousness. But you will in time get better at accessing the genetic mind and at contacting celestial guides assigned to you.

During stasis much of the world will be affected and we have discussed this at length. The vibrations will increase dramatically with the new sun and the removal of the ozone layer plus other energetic changes not yet revealed to you. This is an ascension event, but not the Ascension into Light and Life as we have stated.

Industry must follow my plan 100% in many areas. Do not take of your various funding and attempt to start up that which does not serve.  WE will generously cover this on the website. There will be two websites, AbundantHope and I will have one also, but the mission works and requirements will be on the AbundantHope site. Mine will have a different purpose and be more of a spiritual teaching nature.

You will have temporary leaders and we have a huge plan going on for the replacement of these leaders and this will be regional and vary across the planet. There will be several more members selected to the joint AH and Prince team. We are going to slightly rename the organization during stasis to reflect this joint mission. In some cases star fleet personnel will be in charge for long periods and in other countries we will honor where possible existing constitutions and the like that serve the Divine Plan. Politics is going to get spiritual really quick on this place, it has to.

The plans made to date are very broad and in several cases very specific and if you wish to truly serve, then you must not become wildcards in the plan. There are various technologies that are not yet suitable and are not to be developed. The manufacturing must change also and the manufacture of useless items needs to end. There are some of you who feel the money coming into the planet is for luxury and it is not. And that will be a miserable lesson yet to be learned for some.

The free will of Earth is going to be limited and in fact all planets as the peoples come into unity consciousness, choose to serve the greater good rather than self. This is not the lack of free will, it of making the free will choice to serve the Father, and those that continue to not choose this route may find themselves in Monjoronson’s courts explaining themselves and working out a plan to come back into service or go elsewhere.

This planet has long been in chaos and because of primarily the pollution of the planet, which is very high now, and includes of course the DU radiation issues, we must move forward. There is going to be a bit of star fleet «martial law» for quite some time and those that get seriously out of line will answer to that.  It is the way to control the chaos that will occur, WILL OCCUR, after stasis. We are not trusting Earth governments to enforcing the issues because they, in their poor judgment, will go overboard.

All this will be fully explained during the announcement activities and the reasons for the enforced rules will be carefully and gently explained, but we are not going to allow excess chaos, and we do have plans in place to serve the peoples so the chaos is reduced. There will be for example adequate distribution of food and water, so that chaos that would otherwise happen due to lack of adequate resources will not ensue. During times of chaos, there is often a black market and this will also not be allowed and will be unnecessary.

You will however be making do in many places on less than the higher classes are accustomed. For a time entertainment will be less, Hollywood is going to be under the sea, as but one example, and we will, by MY order, be interfering with pornography on the net and in the media. Those that prefer this entertainment will be invited to give it up, or move to another low-class world. There are a few left, particularly in the younger universes.

Now to some, it will seem as if the star brothers have acquired the planet and, again, this is not the case. It is the case that the planet, once conquered by dubious harmful races, is being returned to its rightful owner, GOD, and the creation. It is the seed planet for a large portion of Nebadon. And so it shall again be thusly.

As visible Planetary Prince, I am the ruler of this world.  I am your «global president», and my word is my word and so it shall be.  This place must quickly, via your co creation, be raised up before the pollution is too great. It is your special training world also as has been covered. I need 100% commitment from all who join in the mission work and I ask that you follow the guidelines. If there is misunderstanding there will be means to handle the communication.

One Daniel Raphael, who has worked heavily with Monjoronson, is training people to «T/R» as it has come to be called. We want each mission of any size and importance to have a celestial advisor, and this celestial advisor assigned to the team will have one member of the team who is a conscious awake channel. The purpose of this, rather than telepathy, is because many teams will not for a time have telepathic members and in that case, anyway, other team members could argue that the telepathic one is using EGO to run the show.

Conscious Channeling removes that to a large degree because the team members will listen to the celestial advisor orally through the team member having this skill, and be able to thus interact with the celestial advisor as needed. This allows anyone in attendance at a meeting with the celestial advisor to have input. As Daniel works out his routine and gains his experience at training the TR, he will be setting up a program where he trains the TR trainers, and thus we serve more this way.

Daniel will mostly work in North and South America. I have other potential people to train TR’s in other parts of the world and I am sure once we have announcement and the plan is known, others will choose this as a mission. We need many languages covered.  The joint AH/Prince team will return to Earth after stasis with more Directors also. I have a list myself of people who are going to be taken during stasis to the Himalayan retreat area that are good prospects.

We are going to hit the ground running, as is the common term on Earth after stasis. There is a full plan already worked out, and many of you may find yourselves aboard ship or in inner Earth later in stasis for training specific to your regions in which to live, to help us have a full start. You will meet many others who have never found the AH website yet also. We will be determining where you stay based on your region in which you live, so that you get to meet others in your areas. All will meet the directors of these regions as chosen by that time. We will have a few areas not yet served by directors, but that shall rectify itself over the months following stasis.

Forget what Sheldan Nidle is saying about everyone going off to inner Earth during the Earth changes. This is not the plan. Only those of potential leadership are being taken for training. Everyone else staying on the Earth plane will sleep. We can’t have a couple billion people sequestered during this time, only the numbers who have been identified to date that are capable of significant service.

Some don’t know they are going to serve as the determination is made at soul level for many that will be in attendance. I suspect we will have some, in which the ego personality is none too happy about the choices, but I think with the obvious education and where these folks find themselves, most will be happy to cooperate but it is some of these ones that will have troubles with the 100% service idea after they are back on the planet. (Candace: we more recently covered that about 1 million have been selected from around the world for training during stasis.)

While missions around healing with Reiki and related energies are important, I think for the first year or so following stasis that these missions should be put on hold, and those attracted to this idea would better serve whatever the immediate needs are.

There will be lots and lots of money, but most of it will go to missions and directly into the hands of responsible people. There will be more than enough money and star fleet volunteers to serve the basic needs of housing, food, water and the like for the first year or so, until the planet and its peoples remaining are more stabilized. Don’t take this to mean however, that your star brothers will do it all. They are here to assist, not do the work. They will transport necessities around the planet since there will be NO air service, and even service by ship will be limited due to continuing Earth changes and pollution issues.

Also of course there will be somewhat limited transportation because of lesser fuels available since certain oil wells will close on their own, and some others will be closed by us to stabilize certain regions, which would otherwise sink. Of course, with no air service, this makes fuel more available for other transportation. Fuel must also be monitored and supplies kept sufficient for heating purposes until this is provided for by alternative energies.

The alternative-energies-allowed development will be specific to regional needs based on both the nature of existing housing and transportation requirement. In general, windmills will be useful in regions that have a good deal of wind, and back-up magnetic motors can operate these when the wind is down. This allows service to wide areas already on the grid.  There is off-planet manufacture of large magnetic generators for use in buildings and ships, to replace other fuel and these can be installed fairly rapidly and will reduce energy consumption and get ships back into order for ocean transport after the oceans settle down. Again, this will be regional according to [seismic] activity under water.

These are but a few examples of what will come to be. You will awaken or be returned to a planet that will be largely cleaned up and detoxed, but the people will not be «happy campers» in general, as this is totally not expected by most and many will not be at their best behavior. Thus we will ensure that large mobs don’t form and detract from the goals. Keeping people fed and warm will go far to reduce the chaos and allow them to come into service.

The planet is going to be in turmoil for about 5 years or so. There will be many leaving the planet during that time, as they will not be able to handle the energies, plus the dark have made many too ill to survive. Most of the «depopulation» covered by Monjoronson will occur with that period [See from Monjoronson in this website: Planetary Changes and Population and Earth Changes, N. of BVW Editor]. As people that are staying grow and mature, and the missions prove to go well, the chaos will abate naturally and the good side of man will come forth.

It remains for those of you who do know, and those that find themselves somewhere during stasis who do not yet know of this, to provide leadership during the next few months afterwards. You can do much to assist. The temporary leaders will be fully informed and fully supervised so that whole countries do not descend into dark ages.

The global money system will be online immediately after stasis, and operating with a totally new and stable simple system. The IMF is NOT part of this, and the organization will not even exist after stasis, neither will the other New-World-Order alphabet groups. You will have a more than level playing field. You «left behind» as you organize, the new will have the upper hand.

I ask for nothing less than full cooperation because, if all occurs under the optimal conditions hoped for, we could have this planet off money and into Light and Life in 20 years or less. That sounds a long time to some of you but it’s really a very short time. And it can only be done with massive cooperation and thus the mission program. It might take longer than 20 years, that is what is felt is the soonest possible, and it probably will take longer because before we can allow the planet to tip into 5D (and I don’t mean tip over here), we must have technology available and in use for energy that works in the monopolar environment.

Earth will continue to have more or less steady «Earth changes» as the inner mantle continues to warm and the volcanoes heat the oceans. At some point, when the photon belt and the new energies of Jupiter have finished the depopulation, then we must begin to get the vapor barriers back up. We hope to start that process seriously in about 5 years. We will in the meantime, and have done so, already brought up some moisture into the higher altitudes and we, you, are seeing this on the planet in the pretty and unusual clouds forming at high elevations.

I think for the time being, this is enough of a short piece for our readers. We will present more intense material on the website when stasis is over. This is a short piece for you, our readers, right now. Go into great thought about the idea of serving the Planetary Prince 100% and discern what that could mean. It will mean that mission work must suit the plans laid forth, and you must be also very flexible because «shit happens» as your expression goes and we can’t predict everything that will come to be, both with the people and with the Earth changes.

However, know that with future Earth changes, those as can be determined will be prepared for in advance, meaning star fleet will assist evacuation by areas should it become necessary. Jupiter will be on the only big surprise coming your way; the others should be gradual and reasonably predictable. We can’t necessarily predict every quake, but where there should occur major quakes without preparation, star fleet will provide assistance especially in remote areas and areas without adequate transportation.

These quakes will continue for a few hundred years. The planet must remodel herself. Old tired lands need to go down, and refreshed lands need to come up. Plus the land mass needs to become more balanced about the globe. But these are issues that can be dealt with. Understand that certain missions into some areas may be inappropriate because of expected land changes and the like. And that little rich power place called Dubai, well, beloveds, it is not going to do well during the Jupiter Event and as the glacial and polar areas continue to melt. A shame so much has been wasted in its construction. So be it.

This is enough for this evening. Candace will likely finish her small additions. We will place it after other preparatory material from the UB has been placed. It is getting late.  I look greatly forward to meeting some of you during stasis, and if not, at least I will be a teacher during it via our very nice communications systems! Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia.


Esu commented above about my gifting, so that I can serve the estimated 1000 years with him. I did NOT desire to do that by repeated growing old and re birthing. There would be loss of continuity. Many of you may also undergo this as the higher self merges with your current body, but this will not occur with all. I underwent an accelerated process. I have my real Lightbody still in «storage». It is necessary for me to keep these current looks as part of my plan of service.

In the Phoenix Journals, probably PJ #3, it is mentioned that Hatonn and Sananda are here in 4d bodies. Basically, for Earth educational purposes at this time, there are two basic-type bodies. The 3d body is the one that ages and dies. The 4d is the one that self repairs and can be used as long as desired. There are other ideas about the net in New Age material that are conflicting with us, but so be it at this point.

I spent 4 very long months last summer (2007) undergoing an intense, really intense process of converting this body to the 4d type. This was carried out by my very long time Guardian Angel, named Andrea, who is aboard the Capricorn at this time. We have traveled together for eons. She is my «destiny guardian» as explained in the Urantia Book. Esu also participated in the process coming into my home to do energy and healing work from time to time necessary to the process. My body carried much «karma» in its DNA from the genetic line I incarnated into, and plus I have this multiple health problems acquired during this life, to the process was long and intense.

Since I am an advanced soul, Andrea doesn’t have to constantly watch over me and she has her own specialties and a career. She currently is aboard the Capricorn, as she is able to assist folks who must be dematerialized to ship. She is capable of resurrection of the human body if it is damaged in the process. Dematerialization is the «beam me up, Scotty» method.

The other method to board ship, other than a set of stairs, is in a levitation beam, and these are on shuttlecraft, which must be down in the breathable atmosphere to bring one aboard. This is the «safer» method for the body of Earth folks at this time. Dematerialization is hard on Earth bodies.

For reading, I suggest Paper 113, Seraphic Guardians of Destiny. Also section 8 of Paper 39, page 440, Seraphic Destiny, and Paper 39, Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe. Destiny Guardians are of the Seraphim Order, a hugely versatile order, and most are evolutionary in nature also.  Your Destiny Guardian can travel all the way to Havona with you and be mustered into the Mortal Corp of .  Andrea is a Seraphim.

Andrea came into my home almost every day, except when a day off was needed, or other plans intervened. Most days we worked twice for up to 2 hours at a time. Others times, when she saw it appropriate we worked much longer, up to 18 hours at a time. During the final two-week process in October, we worked one day for 27 straight hours. I was only allowed to break briefly to eat and use the toilet. For eating, I kept a lot of energy bars, fruit and the like close at hand because this was very fatiguing and I had little energy to cook, nor was I allowed the time to cook.

I was required to be in several special energy fields, which I simply label «beams».  This was an intense process, and not comfortable. It often generated great heat and not pleasant on hot summer days, even with my cooler running. Sometimes I had to keep the cats out of my room and close the door, so the cooler air didn’t make it to my room. My body would vibrate intensely and some of the energy was very hot, especially to my hands and feet.

At times the sensation is of burning. I awakened once some time ago when I was being prepared for dematerialization a bit too rapidly, and I thought I was being cooked and ran out of the room, assuming an attack of some sort by the dark side. Some of you are experiencing a lot of back pain right now, and this is about the placing of new circuits along your spine, as part of this process of updating your bodies. I experienced intense back pain during this, and lying down a lot did not help that, it made it worse.

I was required to play music during these. Some of you have learned that music is useful in reprogramming DNA in these times. And so it is. I have only a player of single CD’s in my bedroom and sometimes I would dose off and Andrea would restart the CD. I am currently really tired of some of my music because I played the music that worked best for this over and over and over. It would bring back past memories of all kinds that I needed to deal with and clear in addition to the general effects of glorious music on DNA.

During this time I also practiced mentally on raising the vibratory rate of my body so the 2-3 hours preparation process to being dematerialized could be significantly shortened. To dematerialize the body must vibrate at 1000 megahertz [1GHz]. I can get my body by myself up to about 950 megahertz. This is also a very warm experience. The preparation for dematerialization also uses a special energy field, which I also just called a «beam» which produces a feeling in intense heat during the process. So now, I produce that feeling of intense heat using my mind, and this is similar to the «beam» in feeling and I can estimate where I am in the process based on these sensations.

I worked at this because after stasis I wish to be able to be more efficiently transported about the planet, and we plan at some time to demonstrate this publicly on a TV show such as Oprah. At any rate, after about 4 months of all of these processes, Andrea noted my body was on the verge of this conversion into the 4d body and I underwent two very intense weeks. I converted on October 23, 2007, and as I lay in bed during this final process, I «heard» words something to the effect of «You are Now Blessed with an Immortal Body.» This seemed to be part of a «ceremony» during which I had dozed off a bit.

This body isn’t however the one I will use forever, just while it is needed on this plane for my upcoming service. When I discard it at some future date, it will either return to the soil or be dissolved back into the elements by other means.

On the day I converted, I noticed immediately a change. Now often several times a day my body goes into re-generating mode, which includes some very nice and pleasant tingling. It is going now as I write this today. I have some interesting «proof» of the process I went through which also causes some «de aging».  My hair has been as snow white as the Pope’s for many years now. The white began coming in my early 30’s.  My father’s hair turned white before he was 30.

My hair is now about 2/3 «dirty blond.»  There are several different shades, it being darker above my neck in the back. My friends and family members are quite amazed at this. People who are 60 years old don’t revert back to the hair color of their youth! I had been telling them I was undergoing this process and they didn’t wish to believe it until my hair color changed!

Since I sometimes colored my hair, I didn’t initially notice this change. I had last colored it in the late summer. One day this winter I noticed a dark streak growing from the top of my head. I have now cut out all the old colored ends. The hair on top of my head is still white. It was covering up the other hair that had changed. And I am now growing in lots of colored hairs on top of my head. Now I hope I will also grow more dense hair again. Aging and the use of Hydrocortisone before Sky Doc rebuilt my pituitary caused my hair to thin quite a bit. I am maybe seeing a little «peach fuzz» on my scalp, but I am not sure yet.

Sometime Andrea and I will do a message for all of you. She has done a message to the members of my team. Perhaps she can give all of you more detail on the changes you might expect to come to your own bodies for those who will live a longer than usual lifetime on this planet. And she might also do some more teaching about her own journey and mine together. She is using right now one of the «Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost» body types we discussed in the piece we entitled Jupiter and Full Inheritance:[See this article at the beginning of this BVW webpage.]  Her own mission requires a body at this time and its color is pure glowing white.

Ok, this piece has grown to 10 pages on my word processor and that is plenty long enough. I hope you all enjoy all of it, including this story of how I spent last summer. During this continued waiting around for the final chances of many to make the final choice to return to the Light please continue to be about planning how to serve after the still upcoming Jupiter Event. Take care, Candace.

Change of Plans, The «Big One» is Coming
By Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara & Candace
May 2, 2008
Taken from:


Dearly Beloveds, Esu here in the Light of Aton to chat with all of you a bit. This has been a long several weeks, dear ones, in this battle for the planet by the several factions. We have successfully prevented a couple of announcements by the group behind Casper and friends, for these shall not be. They remain in great frustration, but this is not the Divine Plan at this time. In fact, it is important right now for money to fail a bit in order to open the door to other possibilities of thinking about money.

Man must be challenged before he changes of his ways, and when a planet is under a magisterial mission and being adjudicated, it is always because the people have grown stale and accustomed to mediocre ways, and so it is at this time.

Some of you are worried about what is circulating regards an attack on the USA potentially under the current testing going on, and this shall not happen, give no energy to it. There was a couple of weeks ago an occurrence that prompted these ones to not do a false flag during this process, and indeed since many in the government are waking up to some degree, and with the power of the Internet they were unsure about proceeding, thinking this time they just might get caught.  And they know if they do something beyond our tolerance we will drop out of the sky.  So be it.


There is going on in the United States a multifocal plan, in which various government agencies are conducting practice sessions around a variety of scenarios. This includes preparation for bombings in the eastern United States and earthquake practice in the North West. Often, and such was the case on 911 and with the attacks in London on 7/7/06, that sessions such as this are used to cover-up a real false flag event.  I did not post this information but it is out there on supposedly 4000+ websites now. It has been , and numerous other similar sites.


Dear ones, we are backing up just a bit on the timing of the Jupiter Event. We are pretty sure there is going to be a huge earthquake event that will cause a great jarring, and this is going to help promote some change in the government entity called the United States. We are not sure on the timing but the pressures are building hugely and this will be a big quake somewhere on the western coast of the United States. This is the quake/quakes that Soltec said would need to occur before the big event in Southern California. This big quake, or more than one, could occur around San Francisco, along the southern coast of Canada or down towards Los Angeles. It looks possible that more than one will occur, likely not exactly at the same time, but the first would rapidly set up another. I tell ye ones who think you should stay in California, yea should not, but it is your choice.


For our newer readers, in the fall of 2006 Soltec, a star fleet geophysicist, told that after a couple [of] major quakes expected in California within a year or so, that the Los Angeles area would literally fall into the sea, causing massive loss of life and huge tsunamis reaching all the way to the east coast of Asia. The waves could be as high as 1000 feet or more to the western coast of the USA. The area from just north of LA, east to the San Andreas Fault, and south into the Northern Baja is a crumpled mess full of many caverns and fissures. This area of California is also a ledge, and so ocean water is underneath it. The total area to fall about 100 feet would be about 20,000 sq. miles. During stasis this area will be sunk intentionally to prevent a future occurrence of massive proportions after stasis.


The area near Reno Nevada is assisting the set up of other potential huge quakes, as is all the activity in the Alaskan chain of Islands. The place where the plates meet west of Oregon is under great pressure now.

So I am saying, we are going to wait a couple [of] weeks or so and see if these quakes manifest. When they do, (and I say here also IF they do, because it is not written in stone) in this time frame, this is going to assist the world in knowing the times of change are here, for really, really sure. Apparently the quakes and tsunami of December 2004 and others around the world have not succeeded because the western-type peoples have not been directly affected.

Have you ones living in the United States noted the frequent odd tornadoes this winter? And today there are more. This is a direct result of Mother Earth attempting to get the attention of the American peoples of the pollution they cause and their lack of concern about the planet in general and the warring. This is a cleansing action.

We «scanned» the population at large recently in the United States, and most are still very unaware of the evil in the government, usually just stating, «Well, that is what power does».  And there is no increase in action about getting out of Iraq. The people just seem to think it not their problem but the problem of whatever new administration comes forth. They are not understanding that McCain will keep the mess going and really so will the others.

There was a major event planned, and this has been stopped at this point, to cause the election process to be terminated and a temporary president put in place. There was a situation in which martial law was going to be created. This is the story behind Casper and the battle for money. This was the «supposed» announcement process that is being preached. And it shall not be, and we have intercepted this because it is against the Divine Plan at this moment.

The banking continues to go on unabated in the wrong direction. The new banking under Basel 2 did not happen and that is also our preference because it was not adequate. This upcoming earthquake event will break the banking completely and it is going to awaken a sleepy people, we hope anyway. Then when appropriate we will go ahead with stasis and Jupiter and we think the populace of the United States and other western countries in denial will be greatly accepting of star fleet assistance and understand its necessity. This will get across the idea the banks are broken very nicely and enable some real thinking to come around.

So I ask all of you to be patient just a bit longer, and if you do live in any area where these quakes will likely occur, please now plan ahead and store food and water, as star fleet is not going to fall out of the sky at that time and drop manna for you. These will be huge quakes, quite possibly up to 9 on your Richter scale, and they may or may not generate tsunami; it will depend on the location. I would suggest in fact most of you, readers, store at least some food and related items in anticipation of deliveries affected of goods, and broken banking. You may wish to set aside some cash also. THE BANKS WILL BREAK DURING THIS TIME and this alone may affect food supplies.

This is enough for this time. I myself and my immediate team are having a bit of a rest period for a couple of days, now that the event that would have suspended this current presidential race and placed a new president under martial law has been averted and our rest is deserved.  The banking fight between the USA, Europe, and China has been fully interfered with as the plan was for control of the finances of the planet, and not of GESARA at all.  Namaste, Esu.


The issue of Oregon and the upper coastal area of the USA and lower Canada, is the Juan de Fuca plate.  Here are two links of interest: shows information on the Juan de Fuca plate and how it subducts under the North American Plate. , general pictorial of the major world plates. Notice here also the Cocos plate off the western coast of Mexico. This plate extends up into the area between the California Baja and the Western border of Mexico. This is of major concern also in the scenario of the failure of the large region from Northern Los Angeles on South to Northern Baja. The approximate area of the southern border of the mess that makes up that area and is expected to go into the sea, is roughly straight across from where the Colorado River enters the Gulf of California. [See below.]

Look under Resources, Science sites, earthquake sites, for a note I posted recently, ( and I explain increases briefly in quake counts that I have been observing over the last several years. It used to be that there were about 100 quakes a week in Alaska, and today, there are 613, many which are aftershocks I assume of today’s 6.6 quake. Just a couple of days ago the Alaska count dropped back to about 350 from about 450. Even when Alaska does get a 6.0+ plus quake, I have not seen this many after quakes as today.

There are nearly 500 little quakes in a swarm west of Reno currently following a 5.0+ quake. There have been 2 other swarms of quakes rather recently along the western coast of the USA. There was a swarm of about 400 off the coast of Oregon, and these are related to a volcano. Then there was a big swarm in the northern Baja maybe a couple of months or so ago.

There has also been an increase since a few months ago in the Geysers region of Northern California. There are always quakes there but lately the numbers per week have averaged between 150 and 200.  And for the last several weeks now, there are always about 6 or so quakes each in the LA region and in the San Francisco region.  These are little quakes but nevertheless, there have not always been this quantity and this indicates build up of activity.

There has also been an increase in little quakes in Central to South Eastern California approaching the Nevada border and more quakes throughout Nevada also. The whole area is obviously becoming more active from those Alaskan Islands, throughout Alaska and on down the Western USA.

I did a piece with Soltec once about the expectations around the world in the next 5-10 years but didn’t post it because things would change as the result of the Jupiter Event but Soltec doesn’t believe the Yellowstone Park calderas will yield any monster quakes or volcanic eruptions in the future. The more active area, which is still connected to Yellowstone, is more toward the region of Mt. Helens and Mt. Rainier. The Indians from that region have long known both would go off and, of course, Mt. Helens did. Mt. Rainier is expected to be far worse than Mt. Helens was.  And so it goes.  Take care, Candace.

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