Hatonn Describes Himself and More


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Hatonn Describes Himself and More
Hatonn, aka Christ Michael

Excerpt taken from:http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/14-spiritual/C-specific-channelings/05-hatonn/2005/14C5-03-06-05-candace-frieze-hatonn-describes-himself-and-more.html.

Hatonn through Candace Frieze, message given on March 2, 2005 .  Hatonn’s message is transcribed in its entirety.  It was extracted from Candace Frieze’s article.
Hatonn commands the
Phoenix starship that brought Sananda back to earth in 1954. He is a major author of the Phoenix Journals.  Hatonn is the Creator Son of Nebadon, Christ Michael.

Published in this website on March 22, 2005.

Hi, to everyone. Lovely day from my perspective. I am aboard ship this morning, specifically the Phoenix.

Now, what I wanted to speak about is my existence as opposed to Sananda’s. There are many ways of being! I am a Descending Son. You might call me an Archangel of sorts. Candace figured that is what I might be from reading the Phoenix Journals.

When I say that I am Aton in my higher self, it means than I am Aton, indeed. Aton is a very advanced over-soul, I guess, you might describe Him. Aton donates fragments of Himself to many of the human race. Aton has an effect this way on the DNA, also, of the human type. This is somewhat difficult to understand, I know.

I am experiencing as Hatonn in a body called "large grey", by some. You have read in the Phoenix Journals that I don’t have a hair on my head, and I am 9 feet tall. This is a special body type I am using for this mission, as I need an actual body for it. It is a visible body to those whom I choose to see it. On ship, all see myself, and many of you will, also.

This body in not reproducing, sort of android in type by your understanding. It was custom-made by universal scientists who have this knowledge. I need to walk, also, for this project! Otherwise, I have what I will describe as an Angelic form. There are many large Greys associated with project Earth. All would be angelic, also. This is a body type used by the Descending Sons for these types of missions.

I do eat some, but most of my energy needs are met from what many call pranic energy. I do eat highly nutritious fruits and vegetables, and I, too, can enjoy a cookie, but usually do not eat of them, except to taste when offered.

Sananda, in his mission 2000 years ago, came to teach those of my fragments experiencing on Earth. He, also, came to challenge the controllers that owned the planet. The Christ that experienced with him in this double incarnation challenged Lucifer and the fallen ones from Heaven.

That is the story in your Bible, recounting that Satan offered to Him this world, and He chose not to take of it. Why would the Christ, the Creator Son of this Universe give up that job, so to speak, to descend into Earth? Pretty comical from my point of view. However, this was the official beginning of your salvation, the taking back of the planet into the universal heavenly realms.

Now, a bit on the small Greys. They are androids, but not of Descending Son or Angelic nature. They were created for special needs, such as long periods in space, and do not have an emotional body. This is what those that made a deal with your government to abduct for the DNA are trying to obtain for themselves, for they are actually quite in admiration of you.

They think they are ugly and love the look of the human-type body. How they have gone about obtaining their desires is in violation of your freewill. They desire to partake of the ascending journey, to have the God Light within, and this will be granted to them, if they but change their ways. They are intelligent, and desire not to be robots for the use of others.

There are many Greys, I would like to point out, that do not desire to steal your DNA to reconstruct themselves, and know that they must earn the privilege to become Ascending Sons. They love you and have given much to your society in the background. They do not violate your freewill.

There are many caring and responsible Reptilians, also, on the Ascending journey, that left planets of origin long ago to free themselves of oppression. They often settled on other worlds and meddled successfully in other societies. All species have some beings that choose the misuse of power. This is the nature of freewill. Not all those in power that we are removing are Reptilian! Many are of human format.

Every planet is different in regards to its conditions for life, and the Reptilian body type survives on very warm planets. They do not develop bodily temperature control because of the warmth. There are more factors involved with evolution. I but give this one example. There are planets that have no atmosphere at all, that life can be evolved on, and while that life is very different, the advanced forms still enter into the Ascending journey and have the Light of God within.

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant (Ohio)
Last update: April 10, 2002

The Davis-Besse plant is a single unit reactor located east of Toledo in Oak Harbor, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie. The site covers 954 acres of which 733 acres is leased to the U.S. government for a National Wildlife Refuge. The site is licensed for dry storage of spent nuclear fuel and had 3 casks as of March 2000.
Davis-Besse made news in March 2002 when it was discovered that acid had eaten through all but 3/16 of an inch of a 6 1/2 inch thick reactor pressure vessel. A thin steel liner was all that prevented the reactor’s "highly radioactive and pressurized internal environment from blasting into the reactor containment building damaging safety equipment and possibly setting into motion a core melt accident," according to the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), a watchdog group.
The discovery followed a safety inspection that was delayed past a December 31, 2001 deadline "in order to accommodate the industry rather than force an early shutdown to conduct inspections on deteriorating equipment," said NIRS.

About the Davis-Besse reactor:
U.S. Department of Energy)

Operator: FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (51.4%), Toledo Edison Company (48.6%)
Reactor Supplier: Babcock & Wilcox
Capacity: 873 net MWe
Reactor Type: Pressurized water reactor
Date of Operation: April 1977
License Expiration date: April 22, 2017
Electricity Produced in 2000: 6.7 billion kWh

 Slammer worm crashed Ohio nuke plant network
By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus Aug 19 2003 2:45PM

Excerpt from http://www.securityfocus.com/news/6767

The Slammer worm penetrated a private computer network at Ohio’s Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in January and disabled a safety monitoring system for nearly five hours, despite a belief by plant personnel that the network was protected by a firewall, SecurityFocus has learned.
The breach did not pose a safety hazard. The troubled plant had been offline since February, 2002, when workers discovered a 6-by-5-inch hole in the plant’s reactor head. Moreover, the monitoring system, called a Safety Parameter Display System, had a redundant analog backup that was unaffected by the worm. But at least one expert says the case illustrates a growing cybersecurity problem in the nuclear power industry, where interconnection between plant and corporate networks is becoming more common, and is permitted by federal safety regulations.

So, I must now shortly get back to the work of the day. Your BBB&G’s are planning to release bio weapons against you, this one known as a remodeled version of the Spanish flu, the one that killed so many early in the century. It has been made more deadly in nature. They have moved top military to Ft. Leonard Wood for this purpose, and we must interfere, also, with this plan.

This is why we recently put so many onto the ground. It is needed. We must still not fall out of the sky at this time, as it will make your movies like the "War of the World " films come true. We want our presence to be some very fun "show and tell", if at all possible.

That is why we warn you that there may be some events here and there, where we will be seen. Actually, this has happened many times, especially last fall. The BBB&G’s intended to blow up a nuclear generating plant in Ohio, and we were, indeed, seen at that time, and it was widely reported. Still the news would not carry that event. We are still seen in that area and around other nuclear facilities, as we guard them constantly.  [Hatonn refers here to Davis-Besse nuclear power plant, see excerpt in side bar.  Editor’s Note.]

Not all those placed on the ground are human body-type. They are going to be surprised to see some Reptilian warriors, and will think them to be of their kind and in support. Not so! What a surprise they will have. Have a wonderful laugh at this vision in your heads!

We are getting most tired of their games. They seem never ending. We have been in actual battle in the California area in the skies recently, and some saw this as blinding flashes of light.

Now, I really must go, as I have much to do. I just wanted to add comments to these messages, because it is appropriate to do so in light of the questions. I love all of you so very much, and I, too, await the coming days in great anticipation of being among you.

All the many star people, both the Descending Son types and the Ascending Son types want to mingle with you. Understand that in the Universe, all of us mingle freely according to our jobs and missions. There are different dimensions, yes, but both types of Sons are found in all dimensions, and in general, all mingle and work with one another. There is not the separation in Heaven that is commonly believed.

So, take care in your day, go about it with joy. Send your love and peace into the world until we meet in a more pleasant way! Salu, Hatonn.


From the article Jupiter and Full Inheritance, January 29, 2008, published in Stasis 101, Part II, Hatonn (Christ Michael) speaks more about himself.  Only that part was extracted for this update.  You may read the article in its entirety in that webpage.


Now, as you know, I am using what has been labeled the «grey form» which actually comes in many colors. This is a non-reproducing form that allows for stellar space travel when a body is needed by the angelics.  It is animated fully by the Descending Son using it. It is my tool right now, which allows me to visit the people of Earth in person. It has characteristics that are very flexible and beyond the capability of the human body.  But it is NOT machine intelligence or part machine intelligence. It is created by God’s geneticists.

The dark ones stole of the form because it is a DNA-based form and combined it with machine intelligence and no Descending Son animates these bodies. They are thus grey in color. The intelligences using these bodies in a negative way reproduce themselves by cloning and then merely downloading from one brain to another. This is not «reincarnation». It is the duplication of intelligence, pure duplication and nothing more, nothing less. The entity is not really «duplicated». This is not «incarnation» of the Father’s Sons.

The real form such as I use is most useful. Those of you old enough to remember Casper the Friendly Ghost, go back to those memories. Basically the angelic android form was taught in the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons.  And there were some unfriendly ghosts if you recall in those cartoons, and these dark ghosts represent the machine intelligence/spirit blended folks that are the misuse of the form. These ones haven’t the identity the Father provides, the personality. It is missing.


This body allows me all sorts of useful tools you might say. I can breathe your air, I am visible but not to the lower visibility range of, say, the robotoids. I am like Casper, the Friendly Ghost, and move between walls and the like. My vision range is way beyond yours. I am able to see very long distances, and beyond your color range. My brain is quite large, and stuffed with all the stuff about your planet, hence I did sometimes in the Journals use the term «let me check my memory banks.» Indeed, they are.

This body can be maintained by universal energies and my own as long as I have need to use it. It doesn’t ever need to be replaced, but that of the little greys with the mixed machine intelligence/spirit form wears out. I have used this Hatonn body, this same one, for many eons now. I am not «in it». I surround it. When I do decide to visit Earth more personally, perhaps I will use a custom-made human form or I will use this one, it depends largely on where the population is when it is time to do so.

The other planets are very familiar with this form in all these various colors and are not concerned about it. The Descending Sons of my creation are spirit creatures having a high-frequency invisible form. There are times when a body is needed and although a human body can be made in the laboratory, it is generally not as good as what the Father creates and it’s not exactly permanent either. The laboratory method is that of cloning, when a human body is desired. In this case also the being surrounds the body and is not incarnate within it, as when you do so by birthing into the realm.

Although my form is a bit more than 9 ½ feet tall [2.90m], I am not grey, even though that is the label your society has given the form, being that it is the little greys that are essentially robots themselves using that. Grey is not the normal color. I am quite white and my glow intense, which requires a suit over my form of some sort if I visit the planet in a personal manner.

I have met with many of your leaders on the planet in this form. I have been «captured» by some who think they just captured an alien! Since this is a Casper the Friendly Ghost body, I am quickly out of that circumstance!!!!! I sometimes do carry some technology items on my body which provide interesting intelligence, and sometimes is left «in the closet» so to speak. All of my archangels working directly with Earth at this time are using this body type.

There are rumors of aliens in your underground labs giving technology to the planet and in some of those cases, such as with the Internet technology given, these are my wonderful friendly Descending Sons in their Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost forms giving of this. This body not only glows, but over the heart center area there is a glowing cross, which is visible, and if this is seen and not covered with a garment of some sort, you know you are seeing the real deal.



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