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Star Nations

“First Contact”




Sometime very soon (the time is given as 10 am on the first Saturday after the announcement of NESARA), and subject to the cancellation of existing military orders to fire on so-called ‘UFOs’, the first public landing of aliens on planet Earth will take place in America and Canada.


This first landing will last just thirty minutes. There will be fly-pasts over other cities to ensure that everyone can see for themselves that aliens come in peace and friendship.


The purpose of the first visit is threefold:

  • to give assurance that aliens come in peace and friendship

  • to introduce the media to the existence of other races in the cosmos, and to give them an opportunity to ask questions so that they can report the event in the press, radio and TV; and,

  • to announce that the primary reason for the presence of alien visitors is to help mankind clean up pollution on planet Earth, which has now reached a critical level.


Starships are too large to land on the surface of the planet, so ‘shuttles’ are used. This shuttle will have about 45 occupants and comes from the mothership Capricorn, which has been assigned by the Galactic Federation to North America (other starships cover other areas worldwide) and there are 66 such shuttles on board used for earth contact purposes. Most are about 100 feet in diameter and 28 feet high [31 meters in diameter and 8.5 meters high].


As this is an historic event a marker will be placed to designate that this is where the First Official Landing took place. Later, funds might be sought to build a cairn or some other monument to remind us that this is where aliens first officially stepped foot on Planet Earth, both in USA and Canada.


During landing no person should come within 100 feet of the craft [31 meters], which will descend vertically. After landing this minimum can be reduced to 50 feet [15 meters], but as this first landing is designed specifically for the media, police assistance will be required to ensure that the public are kept at a safe distance.


Communication with the occupants is carried out entirely by telepathy so two telepaths will be present to translate messages from, and enquiries to, the visitors. In locations where no telepaths are available, there will be fly-pasts only.



Excerpt from the book “No More Secrets, No More Lies”, by Patricia Cori, Chapter 18, “Contact”.


Alien contact is going to be an event of such magnitude in human affairs that the collective will be shaken from its reptilian trance in time to look up from the blood that has been plated as its food … to the whirring and stir of what moves overhead.



The Councils of many alien nations have convened and are moving in, despite the barriers being fortified in earth space. The governments simply cannot prevent you from receiving open contact with representatives of pioneering extraterrestrial civilizations, no matter how they intensify the smoke screen.


Contact is imminent


You know it is —you realize that the secret government cannot keep the evidence from you any longer. You know that the sightings are proliferating everywhere around the world and that even the mainstream media, however silenced to truth, can no longer avoid the unavoidable. People everywhere on Earth have begun to take notice of new lights in the heavens —lights that dance, lights that move about, lights that illuminate the undeniable fact that humankind’s isolation is coming to a most exciting end.


Despite the Power’s desperate efforts (for desperate they are indeed) to conceal all they know of the alien life that thrives beyond and within your parameters, there is simply no way to prevent your discovery of the hidden domains. Contact is soon to be made with the people of Planet Earth —in your lifetimes. You are all going to experience this, no matter where you stand on the question of human evolution and the coming earth changes.


The Power knows this, for they have been given a deadline in which to announce the news of alien presence in your realm, after which those who intend to stand before you will. That deadline, Dear Ones, has just about expired … and yet they remain silent.


It is quite apparent that they do not intend to honor that commitment, because they will then have to come clean on the alien secret. Their vulnerability will seep through their disguises, exposing their scaly underbellies and they will lose their grip the moment the society —all six billion individual units— understands that the reality they have imposed has been shattered.


The vibrations of the entire human race will raise the nets and your slavery will be over.



See “Vision 2012: Islands of Light and the Waves of Ascension” by Ishtar Antares.



Reasons for Government Secrecy


Dr. Greer states that the secrecy was sustained not because it was feared that people would panic if they found that there is life in outer space.  The reasons for the secrecy has more to do with keeping the multi-trillion dollar oil-gas-coal, internal-combustion-engine, and transportation systems in their status quo and in the geo-political state.  This is the real reason for the secrecy not only around UFO’s but also around the breakthroughs in new energy technologies since the 40’s and 50’s involving electro-gravitic and anti-gravity propulsion systems.


  “The Sons of Light array themselves at my bidding: they go forth in the world and make it beautiful: They are a goodly company indeed, but not the Goodly Company that findeth me through suffering.  The Sons of Light are of the Host; they are a creation of the Father for a purpose; men call them angels.”
  “They (Sons of Light) are endowed with infallible powers in Matter, in that Matter obeyeth them; Matter is their servant: they have dominion over it.  They know neither time nor space but transfer themselves from planet to planet in twinkling of an eye.  They come and go upon the Father’s business; great is their joy therein; they are pure in heart and beauteous of mien.  They seek to do the Father’s will, and in that they seek, they do find life wondrous.”
Master Jesus speaking, Golden Script, Chapter “The Harvesters”, 209: 1-3 and 6-9.

As it stands, there is some seventy percent of the public that already accepts that there is intelligent life out there, and over fifty percent of the public believe that the government is keeping secrets about UFO’s and that they are hiding something.  So, sustaining the secrecy has nothing to do with protecting the people from panic.


ET Intelligence and New Technologies

According to Greer, there is an inter-dimensional component regarding extraterrestrial contact that considers the spiritual levels of consciousness —and it relates to these technologies since they interface with mind and thought.  On the other hand, there are significant and rather serious three dimensional energy propulsion technologies that can serve humanity right now that are being suppressed.  And this will have to change.


These are technologies which would enable humanity to be freed from its addiction to oil.  However, this would drastically change the geo-political structure and would also change the central financial systems that presently exist in the world today and de-centralize it almost to a village level.


For this reason Dr. Greer and his group have recently formed an operation known as Space Energy Access Systems (SEAS), to promote these critical technologies to replace fossil fuels and bring it out to the public in the coming months and years.  Although, again, this is a risky operation since many people have been imprisoned or murdered for such efforts.  Greer feels that he and his organization have enough high profile and enough powerful people who want to see this whole situation turned around to give their efforts the protection they need to proceed.


The more people know the truth about these issues and get involved the more change we will see.


Excerpt from “Taking Our Place Among the Stars”, an interview to Dr. Steven Greer by Paula Peterson.  Steven Greer, MD, is director and founder of The Disclosure Project, CSETI Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and the newly formed SEAS  Space Energy Access Systems.  He is also the maker of the widely acclaimed and impressive Disclosure Video.
First published on 2/28/03.




Thousand of spiritually hungry people have come to realize that the facts unearthed by science have not thus far been adequate to satisfy the needs of humanity, and many today are searching for something.  Orthodox theology has failed also to satisfy their deep longings, and orthodox science presents only cold, bare materialism to them.  There are, of course, many scientists and theologians who are sincere and honest, working tirelessly to be of help on this planet.  But, at the same time,  we must remember that all scientists are not “men of science,” and all theologians are not “men of God.”
Dr. George Hunt Williamson, from the Book: “Other Tongues, Other Flesh”, Chapter 1.



… There are certain ideas in ufology that are commonly avoided by most researchers. These neglected areas have to do with the contactees themselves. It is ironic that ufology spends so much brain power on analyzing photos, arguing over data, and writing reports. Meanwhile, the one person truly touched by the encounter (the observer) is either ignored, discredited, or subjected to intense scrutiny. This observer, unbeknownst to the ufologist, may embody some of the most astounding discoveries in human consciousness ever made! It is these observers/contactees who are forever changed. It is these contactees who, by their singular footprints into the jungle of the unknown, may be forging a path that humanity may someday be required to follow.


We are entering an age now where we no longer need to be victims of extraterrestrial contact for it to enter our reality and be validated by the masses. This coming age requires us to be participants of contact. This is a phenomenon that will enter the life of every human at some point in the future. It cannot be denied. It cannot be ignored. And it certainly cannot be put off forever. The day will come when we must accept and acknowledge our own evolution by entering species adulthood and becoming responsible galactic neighbors. The only way we can transcend the stigma of being “victims” of ET contact is by willingly initiating it.


Contact with newly discovered races and tribes has been part of our Earth’s history and a significant part of our own societal evolution. So it is that contact with extraterrestrial species is part of a planet’s global evolution. By willingly engaging the extraterrestrials in open contact, we as a planetary species send out a beacon to the universe proclaiming our rite of passage —our coming of age into a galactic community of which we have always been a part but are now beginning to consciously recognize.


Humanity is witnessing its own birth. The labor pains felt today represent the achievements of tomorrow. The ET contact experience is not the cause of this transformation; it is a symptom of it. Yet during this profound transformation we need guidance as we grope around in the dark. We’ve reached a point now where the guidance cannot come from a source outside of ourselves. Because of this, we must explore our inner landscape —the places where we hide experiences that don’t conform to our rigid view of reality. It is here amongst the archetypes, repressed memories, and inner fears where we will find our answers about ourselves and how we fit within the universal landscape.


Quantum physics has been exploring the idea that the observer and the observed are part of the same one thing. We do not exist within a random, unconnected universe, but within a rich tapestry where all pieces are interwoven together. The ETs, their ships, the contactees, and even the ufologists are all part of a grand dance… In the following pages we will all learn some new steps to this dance together. But remember one thing: The music never stops, and the dance is eternal.


Excerpt from the preface to the book “Preparing for Contact:  A Metamorphosis of Consciousness” by Lyssa Royal.


Martian Cry: YANKEE GO HOME!
“The Martian Protest”, The Unpublished Photograph of Mars


“The resurrection we are called to is our resurrection. Once Jesus stood in front of Lazarus’ tomb, and commanded, ‘Lazarus, come out.’ And we are told that Lazarus came out.

“That is similar to what is happening right now. Surrounding this planet, there is a gathering which is inviting the human species into a new dimension. They are saying, ‘Lazarus come out, come out of your subjective tomb and out of your corruption. Come out of your doubt of God and out of your doubt of Love. In the midst of Infinity and Eternity, We command you.’

“Now, in this moment, we must come out and ask for help. When we can ask for help, we get it.”

—Adam Trombly, one of the top scientists in the world in the development and creation of Zero Point Energy technology.  An interview by Celeste Adams, January 21, 2002,



Hello!  Zeta here.  Who are you?




4 thoughts on “Star Nations

  1. Maybe about 9 yrs ago or more, you answered an email from me asking about the ship Olympia. My name I used was either Joy or Misha McKorn. My email is not the same, and it is now

    4 yrs ago I found out through my writings I do that I had 8 “blended” off planet hybrid children, 5 of them coming to Earth to Sedona, Arizona. I am not sure if you live in the USA or not. What country are you in, please? Are you aware of the children coming to Earth from the ships to help Ascension??

    1. Yes, to overcome galactic rules of non-interference in a planetary society galactic civilizations, who want to help speed up planetary Ascension and help people under the governance of the Dark Forces free themselves, can insert into society through reincarnation or through walk-in, soul replacement. They also use cloning and hybridization, that is, the creation of a hybrid individual made of ET and earth human DNA, who can easily insert into society since they look alike.

      Once the Dark Forces of Deep State are judged and removed from the planet these hybrid children may come to this planet and teach a new way of life and spiritual laws of Divine Plan. Likewise, indigo children and masters of love may start their mission.

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