Night Training

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Night Training

Lord Ashtar Sheran
Saturday June 26, 2004

Channeled through Ariana. Message of Ashtar Command Cloverleaf.  To subscribe to these messages send a blank email Published in this website on July 11, 2004.

It does not matter where in the galaxy, in this local universe or in another universe, your designated ship may be, you still go there in your night training! There is no worry with regard to time and space. When your subtle bodies are designated to go to the ship, they go to the ship. You go very often to the mother ship in your subtle bodies and you do not remember the occurrences whatsoever.

From time to time you have a feeling of being in or around a space ship and others also do. What occurs is that your conscious mind is actually sleeping in your bed when your subtle bodies go off to the space ship, and in actual fact, they operate quite separate from your conscious mind, and you are therefore not aware of what occurred. It is likened, in a way, to hypnotism, with a few differences.

Now, as you do your night travel, much occurs that in actual fact will be consciously recalled at a later date when the time is right for you to know this information. The ship calls and you do the night travel. Many do this during these times, almost on a nightly basis. You can call this your night training, as you have been doing, for it is so. There is much that is given to you in these nightly sessions. Again, it is kept from your conscious mind. Understand, it is in your subconscious mind.

You are being reinforced in these trainings as to what you are learning upon the Earth and it is rather as if you are learning that which you will bring forth through your computer, and so there is nothing very new or very strange that you might remember, yet it is much easier for you to do your telepathy when you have had training on a subject in your bodies.

You can say that part of the night is spent in study, which you bring forth the following day or morning in a manner which others can learn from. This is, of course, occurring with StarSeed, and they are bringing forth information in other ways, possibly through their relationships, their normal conversations, or healings. Many different people learn many different things…….

Now he night training which you take may only be a matter, in your Earth time, of a few minutes to half an hour, more or less. However, that time, which is no-time on the ships, is well used and plenty lengthy. There is time enough for you to have your lessons up there. Rarely do you spend the whole evening, in your time, at this task. [one night I was there, and before coming back to my body, I was told that I had spent a whole week there, but it had only been one night. They said that one of our days equals 3 of their weeks, more or less]

Of course, besides doing these lessons in the etheric worlds, you are also gaining much knowledge of the way of our being in these worlds, and this knowledge will be very helpful in the future. Also understand there are times in your meditation when you do the same training.

Therefore, if and when the time comes when you do not spend the whole evening in slumber, but you return to the more etheric idea of receiving your rest through meditation instead of sleep, then your night training will be actually done during the meditation. This is something to strive for, as it is not necessary that your body go through so many hours of slumber. This is, understand, a conscious choice on your part. To need eight hours of sleep is a matter that has been programmed into the minds of mankind.

Now, more about the night training…. This training is done within Mother Ship existence. STARSEED of all awareness do come for this training, including the little ones, the old ones, and the unaware ones. It is a matter of subtle energy, of which they are not aware.

At this time, much information is being given to the subconscious mind of many individuals upon the Earth. This information, which is rather programmed, will come into much value as inner strength and inner fortitude if it occurs that the individual involved is put in any kind of danger. Therefore, it is not only to receive information that these trainings are done, but to provide much inner strength also.

Those, who are of awareness, are able to receive more recall of this training if you work upon affirmations, which will tell your subconscious mind that you are ready to know more of the knowledge which is coming into this vast reservoir. Affirmations could be something like this:


That which is totally veiled to you now, will begin to emerge as fleeting thoughts and ideas. If you work with these new ideas and unusual thoughts, you will begin to understand more of your etheric lessons.




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