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The Restoration of the Other Side of the Veil



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The Restoration of the Other Side
of the Veil

Lord Buddha and Candace Frieze



First published in this website on July 24, 2006.  Lord Buddha’s message received telepathically on July 14, 2006, through Candace Frieze. Message #58.  Original title of the message: «As Above, So Below.»  Taken from:  See also Buddha Speaks.





Hello everyone that reads the AbundantHope material. I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos. I am that one that sits above the Rainbow Masters, and I run the schools you attend during your sleep time. Now, I will begin to discuss the topic of this paper which Candace has labeled, As Above, So Below.


The topic is your Other Side, which has had a great deal of influence upon the lives that have been lived upon this planet. This is an abnormal creation that resulted from the Lucifer Rebellion. Lucifer and his cohorts chose to make of themselves the Gods, and interrupted the normal progression of evolution upon the planet. Lucifer confined all to this planet. That would include myself, Moses, and the 144,000 that came before the liberation provided by Christ Michael 2000 years ago.


Planets normally have an Other Side, composed of teachers, and where people live and study between incarnations, if they have arisen high enough in their soul development to live there. Otherwise, they reincarnate continuously from the astral realms, without much teaching or placement. And it is these very degraded lower-astral realms that are in cleansing on this planet. The entities of these realms are the ones that do haunting, and hang around bars and other areas of lower living and entertainment. Normal planets do not have this degree of lower astral realms at all because they don’t have this quantity of entities of such low and vulgar status to occupy so much space. And they have better between-life teaching.


It was Lucifer that created the «karma» system you currently have on the planet and that is not exactly natural either. Karma is for the purpose of learning cause and effect. Lucifer thought he could speed evolution by having each person experience the opposite in a life time or future lifetime of any experience, both sides of the coin so to speak. And in doing so, he created a system that perpetuates the maladaptive behavior on the Earth plane.


As simple examples of this: if a person is raped, that person becomes a rapist. If the person is murdered, that person becomes a murderer. If a person commits a murder, or several, then that person is supposed to be murdered an equal number of times and that requires more murderers. Get my point?


He created the perfect system to keep this planet in an antichrist status; as above, so below, and it was rotten to the core. He destroyed free will; the very free will he proposed should exist for himself, in his job of system head of Satania. This was supplemented by the false teachings in religion. The very person who did not believe in the existence of the Father of Paradise, made himself the Father of Earth, and imprisoned its peoples, and taught the mistaken idea of sky god Father that exists on the Earth plane in abundance today. And he had abundant help in creating all of that from others who chose to partake in his project.


We have been correcting this scenario over the last 2000 years. Karma is not necessarily an eye for and eye at all. Some folks took great offense to my statement in Conversations with God, through Neale Donald Walsch, that Hitler went to heaven. There is not hell fire as taught, as you all well know. The closest concept to hell fire is eternally living in the lower astral realms of Earth. Which many have, they did not rise up at all, sometimes after thousands of life times, and thus the lower realms grew in abundance also. Not exactly the abundance of God. And to Hitler, what happened to him? He was placed in confinement and has faced the courts of Monjoronson. He will face uncreation shortly. There was no remorse. With remorse, he could have created a plan whereby he corrected his wrongs by right doing.


There have come to the planet many great beings to teach and reform the Other Side. That a being must endure being raped, and then have to turn around and rape is a terrible degradation that can cause a being to find themselves in those astral realms of evil. Due to like attracts like, while a being is incarnate to be a murderer, child molester, rapist, etc, creates a situation where that being, already being down in vibrations from experiencing an act against his soul and person, and then having to do that to another, sets the being up for further influence from the negative realms. Few have been strong enough to resist this.


It is these harmed ones, and make no mistake, they were harmed, that are having negative memories totally or selectively removed prior to their transfer to the New Planet. Everyone gets a New Earth, don’t you see! You get to build a New Earth on this planet, and so do they, on theirs.  But the most negative of these beings, who have sunk too low to ever come out of it, just above a 0 (zero) vibration, theses ones will be uncreated.


It is in these negative astral realms, which has its own organization that the likes of the Bushes and the other negative folks plan out their upcoming lives of hell and havoc, and the using of others to their benefit. These ones may also face uncreation or the void planet.


So in rejuvenating the Other Side, those involved began offering schooling to those in the lower realms, providing libraries, classrooms, and some better entertainment. Those whom had anything left, began to attend them, and these were held back from incarnation for a time to provide enough growth so that hopefully they would not back slide. Others totally did not partake of the opportunity and it was hoped to attract them in life, and it did work for some and when they made transition they found themselves in kindergarten in the schools of Light.


With the coming of Christ Michael 2000 years ago, this process of Lucifer’s was ended and souls liberated from it. It took a few hundred years to effect significant change but, beloveds, all of this no longer applies. There is information still in the world stating that it does but it does not. No longer, since probably around 1000 BC has any entity been required to become a rapist to «understand» the other half of the coin.


Free will has been largely restored on your Other Side, and those of you who read New Age material, and think your life is rotten because of your karma, because you are experiencing the other side of the coin, think again. It is not so. You are sovereign beings at any stage in your development. You can make a life plan and have some instructions placed within your spirit bodies to remind you of your journey because of the veil of the human body but the karma rules as created by Lucifer went out the window long ago.


That you make expect some repercussions from malevolent behavior remains true and it is still all about the universal law, evident in everything in creation, that like attracts like. If you are malevolent, you will attract malevolence. If you do have something sad happen, from the living on the planet, such as you are raped, for example, that is the working of a malevolent being, period, and you unfortunately were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is not your punishment from a past time.


Candace has an interesting story about her last incarnation and a friend’s reaction to it. I would like her to tell the story so I will pause here while she does so.




In my last incarnation I was a Jew, female, in Germany. I was in the music and entertainment industry with my sister at the time. At the age of 22, married to my soul mate and the proud mother of a toddler, I found myself and my family plus my brother and sister and parents, on a train bound for Dachau. That was in 1942. We all did perish there and that is possibly a story for The Miracle That Is Me, a book I have begun writing about my experiences.


Now I have a friend, of some duration now, who does believe in reincarnation and follows Edgar Casey. She did not like that story and it interfered for some time with our relationship. I felt she looked down on me for it.  She informed me point blank, very angrily and aggressively one day that I got what I deserved at the time for daring to be a Jew, and I think she made the assumption I had always been one. She also seemed to think that was the cause behind my health problems of this life, continued punishment for being a Jew and other possibly horrendous offenses. She would not consider the idea that she might have been a «Jew» in a previous life.


She seemed to me supportive of Hitler at the time believing if I understood correctly that he was the anointed one of God to get rid of those pesky Jews. Yet she believed that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and that God gave them Israel. Talk about the double talk and beliefs we have on the Earth right now! This is a perfect example.


She did have a great deal of misunderstanding about Karma and often made the assumption she was on the right track simply because she was healthy in this life. But this life of hers had a variety of tragic incidents and multiple marriages and I didn’t get the idea that she considered any of that negative karma.


It took until after I was heavily involved with Sananda, more than two years ago, and as she learned some more that she came to understand that I incarnated here to assist earth, partake of the experience of these times and to study the effects of organized religion and tribal customs on the planet. And believe me, the planet is still tribal, right down to religious groups and clans.


I have been a Jew (meaning amongst the Khazars of Eastern Europe, not the Semitic Jews that arrived from another planet); a Roman Catholic as a free black (female) in New Orleans, before and during the Civil War; an African tribesman (male) captured into slavery; an American Indian (male); and a Buddhist (male) in Tibet.


I was a Muslim, and learned a bit of voo doo too in the African incarnation. As an American Plains Indian, I learned their spirituality, which is the one that I remember as the most natural and Godly. Buddhism in Tibet was confining, but a good choice for my first incarnation here, as I incarnated into a quiet and settled region.


In this life I was born into the Episcopal faith and never did like it. I remember being particularly un-attracted to the Apostolic Creed, it reminded me of the Catholic incarnation possibly. But then again, I found it a falsehood in the Trinity statement within it. When I was of age, I was sent to confirmation classes and lasted through 1-½ sessions, before I walked out.


In this life, I have made a study of various Christian religions but I haven’t had any personal experience with Islam or Buddhism, except for a bit as the Japanese practice it during a time when I associated with some friends from Japan. I never was able on questioning to understand if they consider Buddha a prophet, wise man or a God.




Well, Candace’s comment about her Japanese friends, the Japanese, like many others, have mixed Buddhism with traditional belief systems and made a huge mess in the process. I never started a religion; others did that in my name. We could use some messiahs to work with Buddhists too since I am not returning incarnate to this plane.


But let’s return now to this topic of the Other Side. When the rest of the low astral realms are removed, during the Second Coming Event, life will feel lighter and these ones will not be around to haunt those of the living. No longer will «Satan» whisper from these realms into people’s minds, causing them to do things like drown 5 little children.


The realms of the Other Side will be entirely of the Light, but at the bottom we will still have some in kindergarten for a time, which would include the lovely animals preparing for their first incarnations into human bodies. And these will be born into better circumstances than currently exist. It is a time yet, before this starts, the continuing of the natural evolutionary process of Urantia.


People in these lighted realms now does each make his/her own choices, with consultation of course, about the upcoming life and what is needed to be learned. No longer will becoming a rapist or a murderer be a requirement of experience.


The lighted realms are more and more reflecting that which will come into Earth in the future and make the statement «As Above, So Below» a beautiful statement. Thank you kindly for your time to read this little paper! And in doing so, stop bashing your misfortunes as punishment for a perceived crime.


The best way to experience of a crime committed is to later on fix what you did in a positive way. If you have raped, becoming a teacher and assisting people, maybe in a prison or counseling with a group to give up rape, or heal from it, might be an example of a positive way to deal with your negative creations. In that you make amends for hurting others a much better lesson, I would think! Namaste, I AM Lord Buddha.




I have some actual memory of sitting in consultation planning out my current life. The memory is about the choosing of my mother. I was desiring to get right back here and begin again, after my death in 1942. Many of my family members were in a bit of recovery from their horrid experiences and I was all excited that I did pretty well with Dachau and Hitler. I was proud of how I did on review of it all.


Many were coming back in rapidly after the war, and to aid my early return, I decided it was OK to incarnate with this woman I chose to be my mother. I was warned that this would be probably an unsafe incarnation. But I liked my Grandmother to be, I knew her from times past, and my father seemed safe enough to me. So I went ahead with it, and came in telepathic in part for my safety and in part for use in the coming times. So in three short years, in 1945, I entered this world once again.


My grandmother did stand up for me, but my experience with mother was more difficult than I anticipated, and she and my father divorced adding to the problems. I have sometimes wished I had listened to the advice given but then again, having been there and done that, I much better understand child abuse. And thank goodness I don’t have to come back and abuse a child in like manner to balance both sides of the coin! Such an experience would require me to sexually assault a child and thus perpetuate the problem. I would not incarnate under those circumstances. What a horrible thought to contemplate.


Regards the current circumstances, this new war, Christ Michael wishes to delay comment for a time. But I am allowed to describe an observation I made in my sky last night. I watched, after being advised to come outside after dark, a number of single flashes in the sky, lots of them of varying intensity, continuous at times in small areas.  I also observed something not a plane, a single light moving through the sky, down low, going about the speed of a commercial jet taking off I would estimate. This is related to a battle and I can’t say more, sorry!



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