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The Light in Your Heart





 Luis Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website


“The Light in your heart will not be extinguished … as long as you keep your mind steady in the Light.” —Adama, High Priest from Telos




There are seductions in the world that come to those with spiritual insight gained out of an initial sincere interest on the Spiritual Path.  After probation by the Dark Forces some may fail the Light and unknowingly follow mainly the dark side of their followers, friends and less-evolved family members.  This applies to both leaders and regular students of the Path since we are all called out to play a vital role of leadership.  The role involves a constant focus on the Light of the Path as Wayshowers to offer guidance and leadership by example to followers and students.  But the temptations, too great to ignore, may seduce them and later obsess them into power and control over their followers, chelas, avid readers of their books, personal acquaintances, or over their organizations.  The limelight and glamour of their position in life and the admiration of others may blind them.


 The problem stems from a lack of focus or inconsistency in keeping the mind focused on the Mind of God when carrying out a normal life, when taking decisions or when meeting life’s testing challenges.  An open mind, a decision-making based on what’s best for humanity and what’s in accordance with the true purpose in life, should always be the guiding Light of the Mind.  In this way the mind acts as a lighthouse guiding the distressed soul in search for Truth through a sea of disappointments, failures, chaos, and survival struggle of the so-called ‘normal’ life.  But when a spiritual leader of an organization, for example, starts paying more attentions to adulations, vain sense of accomplishment and pride, gossiping, etc., the task requires now a double energy spending:  to accomplish the challenging task at hand that must be done and to handle mundane affairs of human politics and trifle, some of which can better be handled or ward off by other members of the organization better suited for this.


 The Challenge of the Spiritual Leader or Guru


 Spiritual leaders are individuals who have contributed to society by lecturing and/or writing books on spiritual topics and/or by leading organizations such as organized religions or mystical/spiritual orders, brotherhoods or fraternities that teach, distribute and sell traditional religious teachings or Arcane, Occultist, Esoteric, Astrological and New Age teachings.  Some bear the title of minister, reverend, rabbi, priest, bishop, master, guru, director, president, etc., or no title at all if they are independent thinkers.


 Following is the description of a composite individual or group of individuals —as is the case of a board of directors— that has gone in a downward spiral.  Fortunately most spiritual leading figures partially fit the description or not fit it at all.  Very few have had these defects and more and have led followers astray even to their own demise.  Some spiritual leaders did not mean or chose to be so.  They do not run any organization nor are interested in doing so.  They are simply writers or lecturers that by their teachings and success are being placed in a position of leadership, so what is exposed here also applies to them.  (For convenience of speaking I refer here to a masculine figure, but obviously these concepts equally apply to both genders.)


 The result of the change in direction or orientation from the Light is reflected in the leader as lack of insight into the spiritual principles and lack of new “fresh” inspired ideas and teachings.  He recurs instead to a repetition of old worn out concepts he has presented previously and to mental plays.  Have the Masters left him on his own?  Since the conscious mind has incrementally lost its focus on the Light, then this condition manifests karmically as a step-by-step extinction of the Light in the heart chakra, or that mystical insight that has ascended him to a leading position in the first place.  The light of the teachings is supposed to be still his main focus and that of his organization if he represents one, but, Oh! Those ideas are harder and harder to get now.


 He becomes more mental, cunning and creative in a world of his own making, not necessarily real.  He argues more and invites polemic and rhetoric by an imposing attitude.  He views and speaks of the world affairs as the interplay of forces much in the same way controlled media portrays them, an “official” and comfortable position free of controversy for himself or for the organization he represents and considers his own.  He does not challenge the “system”; which is not in his best interest.  He avoids controversial subjects not accepted by the main stream of society.  There are two sides to every story, he is not telling you the other side too.


 He finds OK to adorn himself in a new image and keeps a distance from his people who were and still are the blood and flesh that made him what he is.  The leader seats on the laurels of the past when he was young and bold with fiery heart.  He is not easily approachable anymore, has “grown”, and by his attitude asks for a red carpet to walk on.  He expresses himself with affected mannerism, ostentatious rings may adorn his hands and a residence worthy of his “stature” waits for him at the end of a busy day.  The glamour and betrayal of Truth keeps piling up.  You got the picture.


 A leader should not look at the projections of the followers onto him since they are colored by their own limited understanding and thus project an erroneous image of the teachings; some of these workers who, by the way, are very diligent and avid volunteers, have not reached a level of spiritual evolvement to lead.  Their projections on the leader reflect their own internal demons and biases that conflict their minds.  If the spiritual leader would have focused on his inner Light and the teachings of Jesus and the Ascended Masters and their exemplary life, with devotion, humbleness and a desire of purification, then his lower mind would have been so rightly focused on the Light of the Higher Mind and being occupied by this worthy guidance would not have lost focus nor got busy on mundane superfluous stuff.  Unfortunately the leader has sidetracked his mind or moved it backwards to see instead the flickering light in the heart of some of his followers, which is unsteady and weak.  This has scattered his energies making him lose discipline, focus and will.


 The question is now:  Who’s following whom?  Is this a vicious circle?  A dog chasing its own tail, being the leader its head and the followers its tail?  Was our gone-astray leader (or leaders) spiritually prepared for this task?  The answer is no, he wasn’t.  He was a spiritual dabbler with certain charisma and talent able to convince and seduce followers, and he happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Were the followers prepared?  Some were, they followed the teachings, which were not given to them for the most part by their digressing leader (or leaders) but taken from sacred books, from the works of the Masters, from the works of inspired lecturers and writers, and/or from channeling Ascended Masters by creditable and sincere channels.  Some worthy followers have left on time an organization like this one; others stick to it to try to make it work.

Light in the Sacred Heart of Jesus

 A true spiritual leader should live an exemplary life, should only listen first to his I AM Presence or Master Within —the Light in the Heart.  He should lead with understanding, compassion, humbleness, in an approachable way, always desirous to bring spiritual teachings in the most understandable way, explaining the symbology with examples of daily life, in plain English, not explaining it with other symbology or using cryptic language or puzzles he is the only authority worthy of interpreting, as he considers himself to be, or giving you the impression that only advanced souls are really qualified to understand.  Similarly it is the approach of the government with the income tax jargon, made it so complicated that you need experts to decipher what those incomprehensible words really mean.


 He should delegate tasks and give opportunities, and trust others when their energies so encourage him, and until proven otherwise.  And if some members bring darkness, he should identify the misbehavior with a discriminating mind, then bless these digressing individuals and firmly set them on their way out of the organization to guard it from the havocs of the Dark Forces (1).


 He should know the trickery and devious ways of the Dark Forces and how to counteract them.  The more Light he and his organization receive the more from time to time come the attacks and tests from these forces.  The Dark Brothers of the lower astral planes next to the physical use dark spots in leading individuals within the organization to telepathically use them to stir conflict and negativity against the followers of the Light, to block the publication of the teachings or their worldwide distribution —free or for-sale— using modern media such as the Internet, and to take the leader (s) and members away from the organization so the weaker spiritual specimens are weeded out from the Path.  Even they attempt to drive forces from within and without to take the whole organization down, to test its metals.  That is the Dark Forces indirect service to the Light.


 The challenge of the leader or leaders is to remain grounded within the to-dos of the day, the administration and the projects under way and at the same time to keep the higher channels open for inspiration and guidance, for inspired writings, which is the true purpose of their work and their existence.  This is the mark of true spiritual leaders.  Identify them by their prolific and unique writings and teachings —which will continue to inspire new generations long after they are gone— and by their personal life.


 The Challenge of the Spiritual Student or Chela


 The spiritual student is anybody, leader or not, of all professions and walks of life who is delving into the spiritual teachings mainly referred to here as teachings beyond organized religion even though some spiritual students belong also to organized religion.  The purpose of this pursue is to acquire spiritual knowledge and to evolve spiritually.  Some students are more advanced than others and search for spiritual illumination and Alchemy of the mind and body and work consciously for the transformation and Awakening of humanity at this time in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, to manifest on Earth the Divine Plan the Masters Know and Serve for the next millennia.  Some of these students hold positions of spiritual leadership since we are all leaders and students when comes to the Path.  Whatever their position in life maybe and their position of leadership in the world and how they conduct themselves when doing external business is not the subject of this discourse.


 The student should hold the mind steady in the Light of his own understanding and experiential lessons and follow the mentorship of an experienced guide and the teachings of the Masters for validation and faster advancement.  It is quite obvious that it would take more time to find truth only on your own rather than by using the promptings of other advanced individuals and organizations on the Path who are showing the Way.  That is why a conscious study of the teachings further advances the individual, plus equip him or her with mystical terminology so needed to exactly communicate ideas and technologies.  Nobody should be so conceited as to consider himself self-sufficient and without the need for advice or for teachings from others.  This attitude is not commensurate with what the Masters have done for themselves to reach their present level and status.


 The challenge of the student is to follow two Lights:  that of his own Master Within or I AM Presence or Higher self (as you may like to call it) and the light from the spiritual leader, master or guru and organizations that are pointing the Way.  The same feedback process exists here as was presented above, the student may follow adulation and false judgment and start following the projection of others upon himself that will lead him to mundane pursuits of a materialistic nature.  This is a typical behavior of some beginners who look for thrills and instant gratifications, lacking the patience and tolerance required to polish personality traits and to acquire a vast and never-ending knowledge, also lacking the perseverance to remove from themselves cultural programming and to live a life of detachment.


 Here the Dark Forces find an ample field of operation as they set themselves out to work from the start of somebody’s Spiritual Path.  They mainly use family members to influence the student to return to conventional “accepted” rational thinking, old beliefs, inherit tendencies and established religion, stirring his already present fear of organizations of satanic or harmful nature, of black magic, etc.  By urging him to return to the so-called normal life he will digress from his mission, the Plan the Divine Heavenly Father has in store for him.  The media and organized religion from time to time bring stories of deceitful and harmful organizations uncovered and brought to justice.  The Dark Forces then exploit the fears awakened by the media on this unknown and unfamiliar territory of occult spirituality.  These Forces project fears of symbols, ritualistic ceremonies and their paraphernalia as is sometimes used in some esoteric Orders of Divine Influence, equating them to satanic rituals, mixing esoteric sacred symbols with satanic and distorted ones which, to the ignorant and inexperienced eye, look alike.  Using media suggestions the Dark Forces point instead out to accepted exoteric symbols and rituals of established religion.  To confound the mind is the goal. See the article “The Illuminati Stole Sacred Symbology” at: .


 This devious, persuasive and crafted work they do by means of telepathic influences and obsessions, through temporal possessions on the etheric field of people and by exerting mental control on individuals, using suggestions that what the student is about to embark or is already in is but a similar organization just as deceitful and perverse as the ones portrayed by the media.  They also use so-called “informative” TV programs about psychics and unknown phenomena (which in most cases is misinformation set up by design) to ridicule anything of a mysterious and inexplicable psychic nature as if it were illusions and deceitful plays of New Age mongers and psychics-for-profit or just plain devil’s inspiration.  All this with the goal again to return the student to old thinking patterns and to make him ignore the promptings of the heart to explore higher spirituality and the liberation from the bondage of mental manipulation, control, and the ignorance about the Higher Mansions.

Light in the Sacred Mind of Jesus


 The Dark Forces also look for trends of a materialistic or desirous nature in the student embarked in the Spiritual Path of Enlightenment, for flaws in his personality such as attachments to people, negative human emotions that have not been tamed, likes and dislikes, to make him consciously aware of them and feel unworthy, imperfect and ordinary and as a result of that to cause him to fail by taking wrong decisions resulting in a deviation from the Path.  They use the dark side of family, acquaintances, friends, and coworkers to criticize weaknesses and flaws in his personality with scoff and lack of compassion, to lower his self-esteem and make him feel unworthy and unfit.


Later on some of these harsh statements are not even admitted or remembered being said by the perpetrators when brought back to light to be reviewed by the student, or they are just weakly justified when confronted as if were originally said in a state of amnesia, you know now why.  The student of higher Truth should not take it too hard on these people who uttered them:  they are ignorant of his mission and who truly he is on the spiritual level, but not the Dark Brothers though, who, on the contrary, can see the light in his auric field and know his inner drives and that he is called for a great mission to serve the Divine Father/Mother God.  These entities then try to handicap his personality by creating in him an inferiority complex in an attempt to render him useless for the Plan.


I should make a concept clarification here:  Some unkind words said to people come from conscious and unconscious actions of the lower ego of the individual who proffered them as a result of anger accumulated from present and past incarnations triggered by the other person’s actions, as in “pressing somebody else’s buttons”.  To express it in a simplified way, they do not come from any external dark forces, but internal ones.  No excuse can be found to justify unkindness against a human being, since any thought coming from within or without can be analyzed in the mind for its worthiness and not uttered to prevent hurting others emotionally.


 If the student remains steadfast in the Light in his mind, ignoring these attacks by discriminating the powers behind —the true perpetrators—, their sinister motives and plans and continues unveiling the Light in his Heart —developing Unconditional Love— then he can identify false leaders and teachers, false organizations and their false teachings, false books full of lies and black magic, media misinformation, and discern what’s best for him, not because somebody told him but because he has created a discriminated mind in the Light and follows the Light in his heart.  He develops a mental and internal Force that is his guiding Light like the lighthouse mentioned above to take him through strife and tests.  He ascends through these tests and proves himself worthy before the Masters.  The Dark Forces continue to attack him but their psychic attacks are lesser and weaker as he grows in the Light of his Heart and the Love and service for his fellow members and those around him that may need his service.  He may become a spiritual leader in his own right and always a humble student of the Path.


 Surely, “the Light in your heart will not be extinguished… as long as you keep your mind steady in the Light”, as Master Adama from Telos once telepathically told me. 




1. Dark Robes Dark Brothers, by Hilarion (channeling by Maurice B. Cooke), 1981. Marcus Books, PO Box 327, Queensville, Ontario, Canada.


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