The Need of Existence of the Dark Forces

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The Need of Existence of the Dark Forces

by Luis Prada
Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website
Thursday October 10, 2013

Published in this website on Thursday October 10, 2013.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.  The Spanish version is also available in this website.


Who Is the Brotherhood of Darkness

The Brotherhood of Darkness, also known as Dark Brotherhood, Dark Forces, Dark Brothers or Lords of Darkness, group galactic and planetary individuals who have separated themselves by rebellion from Divine Plan of Ascension and evolutionary control of eternal life established by the Eternal Father of Havona in the Central Universe, the God of the Universe.

They live in consciousness of separation —a state of misalignment and disconnection of the sacredness of life and of its abundance— and service-to-self and do not have energy of Light since they have rejected it but they need it for their subsistence, so they take it parasitically from others.  By choice they have disconnected themselves from the Soul Matrix and network of life, and have closed their consciousness of the heart.

The evolutionary plan and process of Ascension is ruled by evolutionary laws established from immemorial times and follows circuits of gravitational and electromagnetic, mental and spiritual attraction, and evolutionary current towards the nucleus of the Central Universe where the Universal Creator resides. Loyalty to these laws is key to eternal life and spiritual evolution.

There is a universal hierarchy of control and development assigned to such plan.  Within this plan, in an indirect and reactive form, Dark Forces operate in contraposition, forming the duality and opposition to this plan and Central Power, pursuing personal interests of self-gratification and egocentrism, and trying to conquest for their ranks —and test their resolution— the Ascending mortal children of the Paradisiacal Creator Sons of the local universes with experiential worlds of time and space.

How the Brotherhood of Darkness Manipulates People

In order to achieve this objective, the Dark Forces analyze the actions, behavior and personality of all persons and identify those materialistic individuals given to darkness and evil, to the involutionistic negativity, reactionary and distant from God, but also the materialistic individuals weak in character and lacking genuine resolution, spiritual commitment and faith, and who admire and follow false idols created by the controlled media.  As a result, all these ones —who are easily manipulated, programmed and influenced— they seduce by various dark methods.  It should be pointed out that the majority of humanity does not exhibit a definite polarity but accepts one or other in accordance with the circumstances, that is, sometimes operates with the Light, others with darkness, and some others in a neutral zone in accordance to what is convenient to their personal interests.

It is precisely at these persons in which the Brotherhood of Darkness mainly focuses on to manipulate: To exploit their vulnerable and weak points, their addictions, mental conditionings, vanity, retrograde anchorages, discords, fears and morbid emotions. The Brotherhood makes them fall in error and in problems and thus maintaining them slaves and prisoners of a karmic cycle of the 3rd D reality, of materialism, and following the dark agenda that this brotherhood wishes to create on this planet and dark planets controlled by it.  Some of these individuals are the political and social leaders of all the countries, and bloodlines of the European and Asian royalty, who group themselves in secret conspiratorial societies, since by controlling them the planetary society can be controlled for their benefit.  The Brotherhood also controls programmed clones in public offices.

The Brotherhood of Darkness has analyzed and studied the human psyche by eons of time and has manipulated it for its benefit since it knows it very well.  When breaking the chains that have been imposed on us by our own choice, passivity, permissiveness, ignorance and the closing of the circuits that join us to Higher Life, another panorama is opened to us to study and explore, the one of the Light —the opposite polarity— and Ascension to other reality, that is, to follow Divine Plan of Eternal Life and to escape the Holographic Prison, the distorted reality of lies of The Matrix created by the Dark Forces.

Why Creator God Does Not Destroy the Dark Brotherhood. Game Rules

Notwithstanding the aforegoing, Creator Father has not wanted to destroy the Dark Forces —or otherwise they would not exist by millions of years ago— for they are necessary in the universal evolutionary scheme.  Their individuals, who have self-separated from the eternal life plan, are not uncreated by their negative actions provided follow some game rules of negative polarity agreed upon within their free will and following a cosmic pact of balancing of forces.  In very general terms these are: Do not create evil directly but by psychic and telepathic means induced through suggestion and to make evident the choice of creating evil acts, not to attack directly but show the affront and suggest and emphasize dark plans of action to compensate the offense or grievance expecting the individual decide by his own free will the final action either using good judgment and goodness or utilizing evil.

In other words: 1. Exploit and take advantage of the already existing darkness in the individual, and his character weakness and incapacity of good judgment; 2. Precipitate the karma created by the individual; 3. Test the individual when he exhibits dubious behavior before the Light to make him fall, and be able to seduce him to their ranks so that he loses his opportunity for Ascension.  Each person that thus has lost his Ascensional opportunity at the end of a galactic cycle has meant a triumph for the Dark Brotherhood.

The Dark Forces produce crisis that generates transformation both individual and planetary.

Who Are Uncreated Within the Dark Brotherhood. Time of Judgment, Correction Time

Those dark ones (members, minions and clones) who pull themselves out of these rules turning into protagonists, as was the case of Lucifer, generate so much karma upon themselves to the point of being judged by an Avonal Son of the Central Universe and be uncreated by Divine Decree, are obliterated of creation —no personality, no recognition of existence— so if they refuse to follow eternal life and compensate their karma.

Presently, as this article is written, the Avonal Son assigned to planet Earth for this Magisterial Mission of soul judgment is Monjoronson.  This uncreation—part of evolutionary rectification— occurs for the souls who have failed their eternal growth each time a main galactic evolutionary cycle comes to its conclusion and a great planetary change is produced, or, to say it in some way, the system resets for a new program or next level of evolution to begin.

Models of Operation of the Dark Brotherhood

There are two models by which the Dark Brothers or Lords of Darkness operate —or on which they are allowed to operate— directly or through their minions in the worlds: One, in the form of open invasion with the armed takeover to conquest planets or peoples within planets, and, another, in a subtle manner, clandestine —in the shadow, covered— by infiltration in society, primarily in governments by means of mental and psychic manipulation of individuals at all levels.

This wayconditions are created for them to be able to invade and betray citizens and governments in a conspiratorial covered way by deactivating, undermining and restricting beneficial institutions and laws for the human rights and constitutional liberties of The People, which have already been devised and boosted by great thinkers and agents of social change and materialized and put to work by the founders of the nation for the social welfare and to supply the necessities of goods and services of the masses.  Only that this time the dark ones transform them for their autocratic power benefit, involutionary and reactionary, by domain over others, enslavement, social parasitism and sensual material pleasure in favor of the 1% of the population where is found the ruling class, the corporative and banking leaders and other false idols of society.

The constitutional laws, governments and institutions and the social systems for the common good such as education, health, and public programs and services, as well as the teachings for the spirit and inner development imparted in initiatic and metaphysical organizations, even the selfsame religions manipulated by the dark ones, were created by progressive and visionary individuals, many of which were members of the Light, not by the Dark Forces, however, these latter ones parasite in these existing social establishments and beneficial organizations to control them from within by means of subversion, usurpation and treason.  They take their symbols but distort them and use them then as their cryptic medium of identification.

For instance, they did not create the ancestral Egyptian symbol of the All Seeing Eye in the apex of the pyramid; however, they took it and use it as their Illuminati symbol in logotypes of their corporations and governmental agencies.  Thus they have done with other symbols and esoteric teaching.

Theirsecret codes of insurrection are many, some of which have been applied on planet Earth, such as:

Money creation, manipulation and speculation.
War machine in programmed wars, false-flag operations, terrorism, fear, invasion and conquest. Drive the war mind.
Social engineering applied in religious, political and cultural brain washing, also known as mind control.
Distorted educational system.
Control of information and news, cryptic subliminal messages, consciousness distractions.
Institutionalized feminism and misandry. All entertainment shows in movies, digital games of violence and war, and on TV, and all TV programs in general, including TV commercials, must follow feminism and misandry agenda. Humiliation of man to weaken his will power to fight the system and to make him more controllable. Male human is a disposable item, female human is not.  In commercials, for instance, the formula is to portray or stereotype men regularly as immature and clumsy slobs who do not know the product, and women as clean, well-dressed, assertive, mature and informed persons who know and present the new product.
Destruction of family values and destruction of the family.
Religious manipulation and distortion of spiritual teachings.
Human rights violations.
Poverty and control of abundance and resources.
Unjust laws that bestow privileges to the Power Elite and violations to the political constitution.
Materialism and consumerism.
Illicit sex, gambling and pornography.
To exalt egocentrism and selfishness.  Survival of the fittest.
Pharmaceutical and medical cartel.
Genetically-modified organisms.
Commercial production and processing of food using pesticides and chemicals harmful to humans.
Engineered pandemics and diseases.
Pollution of drinking water with fluoride and chemicals.
Trashing the environment for the benefit of corporations of the Power Elite.  And,
Pushing always forward the dark force of Anti-Love or Anti-Christin opposition to the Christ Consciousness as the guideline or script behind the dark agenda.

Each time we focus on matters of egocentrism, selfishness, and are trapped in above codes of insurrection, anger and fear, by pure cosmic natural law we connect ourselves to the dark forces because they manage those energies, they are their field or network of action.  Likewise, each time we entertain altruistic thoughts we connect ourselves to the energies of the Forces of Light, since that is their field of action.

Stealing Art, Culture and Private Data from The People

Likewise they take over creativity of people in art and culture by means of corporations of data capture, email, digital information and search engines in internet such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and many more, dedicated to gathering personal information for governmental security agencies, invasion of privacy, and to steal creative and artistic work and intellectual property in general.

That is, they act as computer parasites and viruses throughout the internet for their private collection of information in “The Cloud”, in their internet servers, for commercial advertising purposes and nefarious ends of the New World Order. People are the product of these corporations and their clients are other corporations and the government.

In addition to these obnoxious activities,for government and corporations these cyber corporations also help police the Internet for copyright violations and destroy websites that are viewed by them as competition.  They use super computer crawlers who act as real people posting comments in blogs and YouTube to social engineer people to favor their commercial interests and dark agenda.

Above unpopular attitudes irritate Internet users and open the door to welcoming open-source code, software which eventually will replace them.

Decadent Attitude of Minions of the Dark Brotherhood

Really both operating models drafted above are used on the planet for the benefit of the Dark Brotherhood and its elitist ruling classes in power, its minions, who were established for their service and prepared by this brotherhood for this function. That is, the human minions —politicians and leaders of the planet— mirror in their private lives, their public and business decisions, and in their war mentality the same decadent attitude that the Dark Forces have before the sacredness of life, the planetary ecology and the higher spiritual values, and they benefit of the same privileges for their unconditional service to these dark rulers in the shadows, behind the scenes, the true controllers and overlords.

Example of Necessity of the Dark Brotherhood

On another side, in the evolution of worlds of great spiritual achievement they may arrive to —or there is a possibility of arriving at— a point of having so much beauty, comfort, happiness, harmony, that people in those worlds of Light start entering a condition of laziness, apathy and indifference, perhaps disincentive, demotivation and boredom since all the social structures are rigid and restrictive, and the citizens start turning ultra-sensitive, refined and intolerant to the minimum disharmony.  The benefits are taken for granted and the habit tires. Let’s illustrate with an example this condition and the role played out in this scenario by the Brotherhood of Darkness.

Suppose that in a planet the perfection is such that its inhabitants already entertain themselves in petty things, and these petty things turn extremely important for them since all the important issues were solved a long time ago. Such people have come to overcome physical death and diseases, and the technology has progressed to such point that robots and computer systems are in charge of most repetitive tasks that keep people busy in worlds of lesser evolution.

These evolved individuals come to be very delicate in their feelings, sophisticated in taste, and, we would say in our terms, "fussy".  They stagnate therefore and start losing focus.  It is then when somehow comes a ship of the Dark Brotherhood that has been allowed to penetrate in this space-time continuum or interdimensional fabric by some wormhole —interdimensional stellar portal or time tunnel. This scooter ship roves universes of time and space seeking for new horizons and resources to explore and exploit and thus to enlarge its operating range.  It cannot detect though in its radar planets of higher vibration.

When it enters in this beautiful realm, it wants to possess it, dominate its inhabitants, slave them and take over their resources. As a natural reaction of self-defense they must protect themselves and fight to resist the attack. They must use the best of their creativity, ingenuity, wisdom and experience to remove the dark invaders from above them knowing well that other ships of the Dark Brotherhood are coming behind as support.

It’s then when in this planet, which was entering in lethargy and stagnancy as we said, and its creativity was atrophying, its inhabitants now have to create, design, and work harmoniously against the enemy in matters of vital importance of defense and communitarian interest to face the new unexpected challenge that is affecting their civilization as far as survival as a planet and as a race.  Thus, finally, after fighting, they overcome this ordeal and free themselves from danger.

After the traumatic experience, they review their values, what was wrong in their society that precipitated or attracted this karma on themselves by the Law of Attraction, and they mend, grow spiritually reconstructing their destroyed edifications, improving their planet, their technology and, at the end, making a positive advancement so they learn to be more tolerant to each other and to avoid the mistakes of the past that had let them involutioning, and, finally, have created for themselves a better world and future.

That is why the Dark Brotherhood is necessary in the Cosmic Plan since it serves as a catalyst for change to avoid social stagnation and as a filter to select individuals most vibrational apt for the next Ascensional step.  At the end Light always overcomes darkness, but darkness indirectly assists the plan of the Light.

Luciferian Rebellion and Galactic Renegades

On planet Earth a similar situation came to be and the Dark Forces represented by the Luciferian Rebellion, by the Anunnaki, the renegade reptilians and zetas took over the planet transforming it into a prison planet, of suffering, that was then used by the Light to spiritually transform those individuals fallen during the galactic wars. Now the time of reigning of the Dark Empire has come to its end, the planet is going to be transformed and redeemed from the involutionary mud mire, and the Dark Forces, that never were able to redeem themselves and abide by the Galactic Codex of conduct, are and will be removed from it since it will enter to its next evolutionary step with its Ascension to the 5th dimension.  Some members of the Dark Brotherhood turn to the Light in this final purification and correction time.

The reticent Dark Brotherhood portion who survives the battles with the Light is not destroyed—although some of its members and minions are uncreated as mentioned above—when it is moved away of a planet, it simply withdraws to its base of operations in the involutionary sector of the universe where it dwells and from there continues planning to explore places and possibilities and finding new opportunities where it can continue its parasitic work of catalyst of change and karmic agent.  In this way, it puts into practice its galactic dark agenda based on secret codes of insurrection against the codes of Light of the Father of Havona in the Central Universe.  It always goes searching for new allies and objectives to expand its radius of action with the takeover of more sectors of the universe.

Recovery of Liberated Planets and Government Take Back by The People

The citizens of the liberated planets, freed by the Forces of Light of the Galactic Federation —the evolutionary star travelers of the Ascensional worlds of evolution— recover back their governmental legal and constitutional systems based on Natural Law and the Galactic Codex.  They remove unconstitutional and illegal laws in favor of corporate interests and boosted by the former ruling and leading cabal of the Dark Empire—already removed from the planet— and push forward abundance, welfare, prosperity and peace for their citizens.

Their consciousness moves from fear and separation into Love, Service and Unity, and their inner beauty is recognized and expressed.  They reconnect to the energy of love and disconnect of the old energy of separation.  They find calm in the inner peace and silence and not in ephemeral external elements of consumerism and materialism that before filled their life and they looked for to satisfy their need of happiness that only is full with the connection to Divine Source. This teaching was suppressed and mocked by the former fallen leading cabal in power. It was not taught by their old organized, controlled religion based on old obsolete paradigms of limited thoughts about spirituality and creation.

With their awakening people start leaving behind duality, experimenting inner balance, multidimensionality and Full Consciousness that give them wisdom to reorganize their society in a new galactic orientation.  There is empowerment in the individuals that gives them security, faith and inner power to demand liberty.  This is the Christ Consciousness, a cosmic state that connects them with Divinity, life everywhere and the planetary grid.  Thus, they hear the Inner Voice, vibrate in love and connect with Mother Earth of their respective liberated planets.  An inner individual transformation is triggered then that changes the planetary consciousness and affects also the mass consciousness of the other planets who were likewise under the rulership and oppression of the Evil Empire, now fallen.  Take into account that all in the universe is interrelated and belongs to a unified All.

New and good rulers are appointed based on their humanitarian efforts and contributions and their talent, so creating a new society based on respect for life and the human being, the impersonal service and fraternal universal love.  A society integral for a Sovereign Integral, integrated in peace, fraternal unity and synchronicity to the Ascensional worlds of the Super Universes.

God Does Not Create Nor Invent Evil

It should be noted finally that the Universal Father, or God or God/Goddess or Source, if you prefer to call Him so, did not create the Dark Forces as part of the Divine Plan neither has created suffering, evil and error that these forces constantly manipulate and stir in the human being and in which they parasitically sink in for their material and energetic delight because they are vampires of energy too.  These forces are formed by individuals who out of their own free will have opted in to defy the Creator and follow an involutionary route of rational nature, technocratic, of materialistic and mechanistic science lacking connection to the Spirit and opposed to the spiritual universal laws established by the Eternal Father since the creation of the universes and which rule their evolution.

All the Glory and Praise Be to the Eternal Father of Havona.  No mouth is worthy of mentioning His Holy Name.  Amen.

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