The Parable of the Cliff

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The Parable of the Cliff


Message for April, 2004, from Kirael, transmitted through Rev. Fred Sterling,

Published in this website on April 18, 2004.


Good evening, everyone. In the world plane oftentimes, one is not totally clear about what one’s journey is exactly. And the less clarity one has, the bigger the journey seems to be. So I would offer something that is called a metaphor.

If you were looking at a small hill and you wanted to climb it, it would not be a problem for anyone reading this just to walk up that hill. And if the hill was a little bit bigger the next day, it still wouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re going to climb something called Mount Everest, it is not like climbing up a small hill. It takes a whole lot of planning. It takes the knowingness of what you really want to do and then having the tenacity to be able to do it.

For you see, very seldom do you hear of someone who says, "I am going to climb Mount Everest by myself." The reason that doesn’t happen is because it is such a beautiful challenge. When the Creator created this beautiful living entity called Gaia, it did not send one particle of itself here to do the whole understanding of this journey. It would have been too overwhelming for one soul to do that. So, to climb Gaia, if you will, the Creator sent a grand portion of its own energy to incarnate onto this beautiful plane called Mother Earth.

So here you have, my friends, the parable of the small mountain easy enough to climb. You just walk up the side of it and when you get to the top, you recognize the beauty of it. Then one day off in the distance, you see an extremely high peak, and you decide that you want to climb that as well. Well, a short ways up, when you hit your first plateau and you’re standing there all by yourself, you look around and think, "Whoa, what have I gotten myself into?" You stretch your head far back to look toward the top and you still can’t see it, so you start to think, "Maybe this isn’t such a good thing." And then you pace back and forth on that plateau until you come to the greater clarity that this has probably not been the greatest thought you’ve ever had.

Then you begin to surround yourself with people, who also would like to reach the peak of this mountain, and you become what we consider to be an evolutionary journey, and on that journey many of you participate. So up the mountain you go, and the first time you come to another plateau, some are breathing heavy; some are not winded at all and they just want to rush on. Yet those that are breathing heavily, they need time. They need time to collect themselves and breathe. They need time to refresh.

The one that is full of energy and wants to climb up the mountain, he sits very disgruntled at the very base of the next plateau. He sits there disgruntled when he could be absolutely enjoying what he has so far, nurturing those who maybe haven’t got the energy that he has. And, finally, when everybody is of the same movement and ready to go again, what we call a "collective consciousness" moves up the mountain again, plateau after plateau. Eventually you reach the very peak of that mountain. You stand where so few have stood and you look back down at where you’ve come from. And it’s almost impossible to remember what is like down there when you stand in all of this beauty. For when you left the bottom, the air was filled with smut and all sorts of grand obstacles of the Earth plane; yet standing on top of the mountain, it is crisp and clear. When you left the base, it was hot and you were sweaty and uncomfortable in your bodies; yet at the top you stand in that crisp clarity again.

So you sit there thinking, "Wow, this is so absolutely wonderful," and if you sit there long enough, my friends, you will start to think, "There must be more." If you look off into the distance, you will see a mountain three times the size of the one you are sitting on. And off you go on the next adventure.

This is a metaphor of life, my friends. It is the way that you awaken yourselves to the knowing that there is no end to the journey here on this Earth plane. When the Creator formed this beautiful energy you call Gaia, It created all of the beautiful trees and the animal worlds and all of the things that would be necessary. And then It created itself in the I AM so that It could experience its creation.

And here you are this day reading this little article, trying to understand why is it—every now and then—you just don’t have the energy to climb the mountain. Why is it—every now and then—when you look at someone who is passing you by, going up the mountain, you think, "The poor fool… he is only going to get to the top and realize there is just another mountain"? Or how about when you pass somebody else and you say, "Oh, this poor energy pattern doesn’t have the courage to walk on."

What is being said about you by both of these people? The one that passed you, he feels sorry like you did for the other. The one sitting, waiting, he feels sorry for you like you did the other. So what is the answer, my friend?

The answer is the knowing that all through your journey you are going to come to plateaus in life, and how you deal with those plateaus is the truth of how you will deal with this life journey. For when you are on the climb, one hand over the other, one foot stepping up the side of the mountain, you are not thinking about anything but the climb. But when you hit that plateau and you have time to think, using your mind consciousness begins to change everything.

And there are those, my friends, who look at this as the huge wall of life. When they look up at the sheer cliff face, they think there cannot be any way up the side of this. Yet, as they look up, there stands someone on top of it. How frustrating that must be. You look at the sheer cliff thinking there is no way up that thing, and then you see them up there. What are you to do?

Well, my friends, the answers must come with the questions or they are not worth having. If you have a question that cannot be answered, then it does not exist. All questions must have another side to them.

So as you stand at the base of the sheer cliff looking up, you start to ask yourself, "If he got there or if she got there, then it must be I can as well. If that person has a great relationship or that person has lots of money, then I can as well. "But I am looking at the sheer cliff, Master Kirael," you say. "What am I to do?"

Well, the first thing I would have you do is step back away from the very sheerness of that cliff and start using all of the principles that you have learned by doing the journey. First of all, learn to face the fact that this cliff represents your life. Learn to face the fact that in truth someone has found a way up there, that in trust you have to believe you will find it as well, if you but don’t give up. And the passion… the passion to climb that mountain has to be so intense in you—the passion to have that relationship, the passion to have that money, the passion for the clearness—it must be so filled within you.

Then, of course, you look and the first thing you know is that you don’t have any clarity because it’s a sheer face. But if you were to have the clarity, if you were to stride just one step up the side of the mountain, you would notice there is a foothold. And, lo and behold, you put your foot in that hold and you run your hand up the side of that sheer cliff and there is something for your hand to get a hold of. And you’re thinking, "I didn’t see that when I was standing around trying to figure out what to do. I only saw that when I got the clarity that I must do something."

And so there must be a communication between you and the Unseen Forces of Light. And the communication, once open, will never close. You may turn a deaf ear to it now and then, but it will never close.

So there you are, one foot in the foothold, one hand in the handhold, and you are starting up the sheer face of this cliff. You know that what you want to do is complete something—anything—because you know those people are at the top of this mountain, those you saw as you looked up there.

So what is the completion? The completion is to fit your toe in the next foothold and reach your hand up the side of that sheer cliff and find the next handhold. Because you’ve started, the holds must be there, and so you continue to complete that part of the journey.

At some point, my friends, if you are really to get the top of this mountain, you must open your forces in prayer to the Unseen Light. You must pray that every time you make a move with your hand or your foot you find what you are looking for.

When you have the time to stop, you can have the time to worry about what will be next. You can have the time to worry about how it will feel if you fall off this cliff. You can have the time to worry, "What if I don’t make it?" Or you can calm yourself in a form of meditation and you can ask the beautiful question, "How did I get to this place?" And the answer shall come, "Because I had the courage."

And then you send out a message to your higher self or even the higher selves of others—you program the sleepstate energies that you would use normally—to the people on top of the cliff. You pray to those people—yes, you do—and you say, "Guide me through your thoughts," and all of a sudden, you see the people looking over the edge of the cliff, and they say, "Go to the right a wee bit." And you say, "How did they know that?"

And so between you and them a grand mastermind is formed and you find yourself scaling up the side of that cliff. And every time you start to think that the next foothold is not going to be there, it’s as though it disappears. Yet every time you have the faith that the foothold is there, every time you choose not give up the journey, you stick your toe in and there it is. (Every one of you, my friends, has had this experience.)

Now, let’s talk for one moment about the great Alps, where you could not climb the face of that sheer face of cliff by yourself, where you would have to form a gathering. And that, my friends, is called humanity. There’s not a being on this plane that isn’t climbing their own mountain, that hasn’t seen the proverbial sheer cliff staring them in the face.

And I am going to tell you something, lads and lasses. You stand next to that person or shout down from your perch, "It’s just a wall. Don’t be silly, just climb it." Remember the day you stood down there. Don’t you ever forget the day that you stood at the base of that cliff. Don’t you ever forget the day you looked up at those insurmountable odds. You didn’t need someone telling you how easy it was. You needed someone telling you, "You know, I had to use a lot of prayer. And I know that prayer doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now, but about halfway up that mountainside, you’re going to learn to get real close with your Creator and your Guides because you’re going to look down and see how far you’ve come. You are going to look up and see how far you got to go. And you’re damn well not going to want to be there alone."

And so you are going to reach out, and if there are no humans available, you are going to reach out to the closest thing that you can find, and that’s your higher self, and you are going to make a pact with that higher self. And I hope that when you reach the top, you won’t have forgotten the pact because, you see, you will reach the top. You will not fall down. If it is the sheerest cliff in the world and it is your light and your determination to climb it, you will climb it. The only way you’ll fall off is if you know you’re going to. And if you know you are going to fall off, stand on the bottom and wait until you get your courage up because once you start, you cannot turn back.

It’s the way of light itself. Life is ever-evolving. It is ever-expanding. There is no light that turns back inside of itself. It continues to search for something to light upon. And you are the same. You are light particles of the God Creator. You can only move forward. You can sit on that shelf as long as you want, but eventually you will lose faith in life itself, or you will simply return to the Creator Source.

My friends, there is a wall in everyone’s life. There is that sheer face of a cliff that one day each of you will face. And when you do, do it all. Start with your own truth. Be true to yourself. Be true that you have lost a little bit of your footing. Be true in the knowing that you’ve got to stick your toe in a little stronger. And trust that if you do that, up you’re going to go. Because, my friends, there is no wall that cannot be scaled.

Do you know how long people looked up at Mount Everest and said, "You can’t climb that. No human being could ever climb up there."? How many times has somebody told you what you can’t do. You can’t have a perfect relationship. You can’t have a perfect job. You’ve got to have troubles in your job. Why don’t you call them the plateaus of your job and understand that they are there because you’re standing on them? The moment you won’t stand on them, they can’t be there anymore.

There is a beauty in this metaphor. There is a beauty that says you cannot be defeated by an inanimate ledge or inanimate sheer cliff because you are the Creator’s lights and light can never be stopped. You shine a light at that mountain and it may hit that cliff and sit there for a moment, but keep pouring the light on and it will go right around the mountain and keep right on shining until it engulfs the whole of the mountain.

Light cannot be stopped. You cannot be stopped and you, my friends, are made of that same light. You are the Creator’s force of particles that can climb up any mountain. Just remember when you get to the top: know in your heart that you are just going to see another mountain. And you say, "Oh, but Master Kirael, that might be depressing." Not really, my friends. Because what is there in life but climbing one mountain after another?

If the metaphor was a relationship—say you just got married—would you not want to keep climbing that mountain and making that the most beautiful relationship you possibly could? If you just found your way in your financial world, do you want to sit on the plateau or do you want to keep it going just to show what a grand experience it can be?

The next mountain you look at might be the great lotto in the sky and then you’re off climbing again. And you may think you’re just going to get all of the balls to line up for you and you’re going to win billions and billions of dollars, right? Well, very few do. Most people have to walk the mountain, do the journey.

And as far as I am concerned, those who get the billions of dollars will find a couple of things happening quickly in their reality. One, for the most part, they lose it. Second, they change completely their whole attitude and spend most of their days on the plateau protecting their money, making sure their relatives and friends don’t take it all away from them. And the third and the worst is they just pass out of this dimension, and all of that money is gone because you can’t use that where you are going.

I am not saying you shouldn’t play the lotto, my friends. I am saying I’d much rather see all of you take the journey. If you need more money, make more money. If you want more money, get more money. Don’t look for the proverbial gift horse. (Not that it’s not there; it is every now and then and you can have it if you want it. And if that’s your mountain, climb it. But even at that, my friends, it is still the mountain.)

I tell you this: When you learn that one, when you are very, very sure you know that one, you get another toehold.

And so here is my closing statement. I have climbed. I have climbed many mountains, my friends. I have climbed mountains of universal magnitude. I never tire of climbing. And when it came to the reality that I was going to be part of your journey, part of this human journey, I was so elated because it was my chance to heal as I have never been able to heal before. Not just you, my friends, but my own violet light would be filled by your particles of love, day in and day out, until I could amass the love and the light to help the universe. And in that, Gaia gives me a kiss each and every morning of your life, and says, "Thank you, Master Kirael. Climb aboard." And we do. God bless.

Good evening.

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