The Illuminati Stole Sacred Symbology


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The Illuminati Stole Sacred Symbology

 Dove of Oneness

Excerpt from the Dove Report of February 25, 2004

Published in this website on February 26, 2004.  See NESARA information at: .  NESARA Yes!  NESARA Now!

While I’m on the subject of the Illuminati, it’s important that misconceptions about the Illuminati be put to rest. If you study the history of the Illuminati, you will discover that they have been around for some centuries and that they have TAKEN and BORROWED many ideas, concepts, and symbols from various religions and cultures and appropriated these ideas into their dark Illuminati rituals. The fact that the Illuminati may “borrow” a symbol from another culture does NOT mean that the symbol itself is Illuminati. It simply means the Illuminati took a symbol and are using that symbol in their own unique Illuminati dark ways.

For example, the concept of “master numbers” having special meaning has been understood in many cultures for thousands of years. Master numbers are “11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, etc.”  The Illuminati a few hundred years ago decided to use master numbers in their plans. However, the concept of master numbers was something the Illuminati did NOT invent —they borrowed this concept from previous cultures. The Illuminati have many ways of recruiting and networking their Illuminati members. One way is for children of Illuminati to join various clubs and groups. Per one source, in 1832 William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft formed Chapter 322 of the secretive Illuminati Skull and Bones Society at Yale University.

There is NO ownership by the Illuminati of any numbers, including “322”.  The Illuminati have also adopted the number “13” as their favorite number and have a Council of Thirteen who heads the entire Illuminati worldwide organization. But 13 is actually the number of full moons in a 365-day calendar year and is obviously NOT something the Illuminati invented or discovered.

I’m discussing these things today to clarify that the Illuminati DO NOT OWN any numbers or symbols —the Illuminati have stolen all their ideas from other cultures due to the Illuminati’s superstitious beliefs and psychological self-programming that they somehow get power from using these numbers or symbols. They don’t get power from using these things, but they psyche themselves into believing they do.

The reason that the NESARA announcement time period begins on (3/22/2004) is because this is the SOONEST date that could be included in the NESARA announcement petition approved by World Court last Friday.

NESARA is the death knell of the Illuminati. It’s rather fitting that the NESARA announcement time period is now TAKING BACK the number “322” FROM the Illuminati and making that number stand for vast actions bringing love and light to the world’s people.

The “dove” is also a symbol the Illuminati have stolen and used in their dark rituals BUT the DOVE has been the symbol of the HOLY SPIRIT for THOUSANDS of years and still is a symbol of the Holy Spirit today! The Dove as a symbol for the Holy Spirit is thousands of years older than the few hundred years the Illuminati have existed. Many great beings of Light, including Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, have included the Dove as the bringer of Light, good news, and peace in their messages.

I personally am very happy to TAKE BACK the symbol of the Dove in the service of Divine Love, Light, Peace, and Truth in my constant actions supporting NESARA. I chose the Dove as my pen name as part of my deep dedication to world peace and bringing forth the Golden Age of peace, prosperity, higher wisdom, and love for all people on Earth.

I caution those of you who have some awareness of the Illuminati to avoid jumping to erroneous conclusions due to lack of knowledge. The Illuminati DO NOT own any numbers or symbols. Never assume that the Illuminati are involved simply because there is some kind of connection to  a number or symbol they use. This kind of thinking is superstitious silliness and lacks intelligent analysis. Before you think you know something, DO the RESEARCH on the history and background of the Illuminati and you will find they STOLE their ideas from numerous ancient and benevolent cultures.  Following NESARA’s announcement, many of these symbols and ideas will be cleansed of connection with the Illuminati.

NESARA’s announcement is the death knell of the Illuminati and begins the dissolution of the Illuminati’s power bases and control of the world.

What a great day it will be when we see NESARA’s announcement and know that we are entering the Golden Age of peace, prosperity, higher wisdom, and love for all people on Earth! NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

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