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Buddha Speaks
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
July 14, 2005

Lord Buddha and Candace Frieze

Lord Buddha through Candace Frieze, AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.comPublished in this website on October 28, 2005.


Hi Everyone, Lord Buddha began to give me this information on July 14. A way through the channeling, I began to ask quite a few questions, and argue with Buddha, as he doesn’t believe we have done enough to help keep the Beast from coming upon us. We had quite a few personal discussions, much about what happened to the movements in the late 60’s and 70’s, and why we aren’t protesting adequately at this time.

I had my fair share of excuses for all of us, besides myself.  Let’s see, lack of knowledge about just how big and bad the BBB&G’s are, how those of us baby boomers back then got scared.  Then we did what most people do, we got married and had kids. And with the having of kids, we turned away from active protest, because we had to work to feed the kids, and we had to make sure we came home at night and weren’t rotting in local jail, the results of protests.

Buddha refused to buy a single one of my protests and stories to him. I whined about the having to have both parents work, to pay the bills to the Matrix. I whined about the fact that the press got taken over and we didn’t have the truth of the games played behind our back. I whined about the fact that the CIA, et al. our organizations anyway, and caused them to disband or whatever. The Matrix was already established it seemed, and we were caught up in it.  Yada, Yada, yada, basically was his response.

I had to look at my own life as an example. I knew we were messing up the world when I was a little kid, before we had TV.  My main source of information was National Geographic Magazine. I sat by the hours reading them at my Grandmother’s house.  She had every issue since they had begun to be published.  It was my look at the world.  I lived in a small town, population around 2000 people.

In my grade school years we practiced hiding under our desks during drills to prepare us for an atomic attack, like that would help. Anyone with even a little sense, which our teachers apparently did not have on this issue, would realize that the body will fry in the heat, and if not, radiation will do the rest. I lived in a bit of fear on this place, in those years.  I know that some of you felt this also.

During my high school years, I took care of my mother’s babies she had when I was in high school.  She was an alcoholic.  I had two smaller brothers also. In the meantime, I was concerned about the environment, and in this interest I found no family support. I graduated in 1965, went on to college. I participated in variety of protests, and similar activities.

That lasted less than a year, and I went home. I wasn’t real brave with the protests, I didn’t have the courage to face jail time.  Last life for me, ended in Dachau, the concentration camp, for protesting, besides being a Jew.  I had some hidden memories at that time.

I went on to nursing school for a time, had lots of family problems, result of drunken abusive mother, so I ran away and got married, as I was pregnant. Three weeks after I got married, I miscarried. I should have left the marriage at that time. No more pregnancies for a while, so what did I do? Well, I most certainly did not protest actively. I worried about not being able to get pregnant again.

My husband dropped out of college, and to avoid the draft, (sound familiar anyone?) enlisted in the Army. I did protest at work and socially over the years, but it seemed this made no difference, in fact, it caused me a lot of personal trouble. Finally the babies did come after infertility problems, and any thought of serious protesting went right down the tube.

But I continued to protest in many little ways, often creating "visionary" ideas, which in reality were not so much visionary, but rather common sense. Life got harder and harder. My husband could not handle not being in college after his military obligation was finished, and he acquired several degrees, and I worked lots of part time jobs.

No time to protest, as protesting at work meant the job went down the tubes, and the kids need a roof over their heads.  Yada, Yada Yada, Buddha reminded me, I made my choices. And I did, not always the best choices. And I pointed out to him, so did the rest of us. We live only 70 years or so, and often a lot less. We spend 20 years growing up, we have our families, and our jobs to exist, playing the Matrix game either intentionally, or going along with it, because we see no another way. Then we grow old and die in the Matrix that is medical care. When were we supposed to change the world? But you know, deep in my heart I know I could have done better, and think many of you could have too.  Now to Buddha.


Hello to one and all, I AM Lord Buddha and this is my first time working with Candace. I approached her around a week ago, just prior to the London bombings for a message. I had a little trouble connecting telepathically with her, I think because she was not expecting me to do so, having her "telephone" set to those with whom she is familiar. So during a rest period I sent a "sign" into her third eye indicating I wished to speak with her. I did get her attention with this maneuver.

Sananda had informed me how telepathic she is, and my message indicated that Sananda wished her to connect with me.


Regards the "sign" above, I have experienced this method of getting my attention a variety of times. The sign is always a long white rectangle, with bold black letters in it. It usually has the name of the person wanting to contact me. In the above instance I saw both the names Buddha and Sananda on it.


I AM your Planetary Logos, meaning the main spiritual representative to this world. I am thus, Lord of this World.  This job means that I am in charge of the various schools that you attend during the night in the etheric realms. I am heavily involved with the Second Coming event in this manner, your teaching at night.

I am not returning in the same manner that the other Masters are. I will not be working directly in the Earth Plane. I will remain on the Other Side, as coordinator of the spiritual teaching schools. I assumed this position 20 years ago.  The Seven Rays, held by the Masters involved, have at their helm the Maha Chohan, and then I stand above that.

Sananda is not under my realm, in that he is working directly with the Universal Government with Christ Michael, and as has been said already, he will be your Planetary Prince, which is a position with the Universal Government.  Although I am head [of] the Spiritual Hierarchy, I do not directly represent the Universal Government.


I chose not to cover myself the Rainbow Masters. They are well covered, by themselves, in Phoenix Journal #7, atwww.fourwinds10.com . I highly recommend that you read this Journal, it is quite worthy of your time. Pay attention to the Epilogue by Aton (Christ Michael), those of you who still complain that God is not doing enough.

Included amongst the Rainbow Masters is the Lady Nada, who holds the 6th Ray. She is Sananda’s twin flame. She was Mary Magdalene. She and Sananda indeed had a child, a girl named SaRa. Mary Magdalene went to France after the crucifixion, and arrived on shore, baby in her arms.

As we have said, Sananda went on to India after the crucifixion. There he married another woman and they had five children. He died a conscious death at over a hundred years old. This was by plan and he and Mary Magdalene kept in touch via starship.  You won’t find this story in the Urantia, because, if you read the Da Vinci Code, you have the idea that it was necessary to protect those that carried the Holy Genetics.


I was the Buddha who came to Earth about 2500 years ago. I am of course an Ascended Master. My teachings that I brought at that time were less messed with in some ways than those of Sananda and Mohammed. However, there was much confusion with other religions and belief systems at the time, and there was quite a bit of intermingling. Those belief systems at that time included Hinduism, and that of Lord Krishna.

Buddhism was a very clear and simple teaching of living rightly.  The concept of Nirvana was simply the connection with the higher mind, which many of you now search for.  I taught little of God, in the sense of what the concept has become, because there is not a bossy God, other than those that taught it to be so, the Anunnaki and others that invaded the Earth plane and made gods of themselves.

I desired for that reason not to give the idea of God, but rather, the idea of finding Nirvana, and the sublime peace that occurs when the Universal Mind is found. Finding Universal Mind however, is the result of the DNA re-hooking itself, so that this can be accessed. I showed that could be done, and gave teaching of it, but as men then were much like men today, many chose to believe in the superficial gods in existence, and the concept of Nirvana was totally lost for the most part. But the simple rules of right living I gave spread far and wide, and made for much improvement in that area of the world.

Today’s Buddhism is a far cry from Buddhism back then, with many BBB&G’s corrupting it over the ages also. However, my ideas of peace mostly persisted and Buddhism is rarely used as a reason for warfare. But many practicing it today still are very unsure of what they are looking for.

The books that are available are long and complicated, and seek to find Buddha, and be like Buddha, and what would Buddha do and believe in the moment. Instead, one needs to look into Self, the Light within, and that is what I taught and still most followers continue to follow and look to others. I suppose in some ways this is because the universal truths have not been presented accurately on Earth or rather corrupted with layers upon layers of nonsense.

"… one needs to look into Self, the Light within, and that is what I taught and still most followers continue to follow and look to others.  I suppose in some ways this is because the universal truths have not been presented accurately on Earth or rather corrupted with layers upon layers of nonsense."

I like pragmatic people, who do not get involved in the layers of nonsense. So very much time is wasted by the extensive following of whatever one follows. And I am going to comment, as we all are to those of you in New Age that you also have been mightily manipulated into false practices and beliefs.

Buddhism has been made very New Age and complex in these modern days and thus difficult to understand. Many dissatisfied with Christianity are following Buddhism. The clue here is the word "following."  Your I AM does not need to follow, it needs more to Be. However, don’t go overboard with this concept either, as many are just being, and not doing. Some are happy with this, easy to just be, and others are miserable because they are trying too terribly hard to just be, and inside chomping at the bit, to do, and stop being.

The concept of Being does not mean happily existing and doing nothing, and being satisfied with that concept. Being actually is meant to be a term of activity, and not a term of rest. Every religion for the most part on Earth is encouraging people to leave it all to God, and just get by and exist. And you are existing yourselves right into the slavery that the BBB&G’s have been intending to put upon you. They want you to just be satisfied with this very lowly existence, and have put out this teaching into many religions.

Although Buddhism is a spiritual concept, it has been made also into a religion.  Its peace has been used to encourage passiveness, and this was never the intent. The intent was to find the Higher Self that is Nirvana also.  In finding the Higher Self, one finds God, which is All That Is, and understands the life force that moves in everything.  Buddhism did come to much more respect animals and the forces of the world, but most still don’t get the concept of Higher Self.  There is some greater concept of All is One.

The teachings around Karma were greatly misunderstood, and I did not teach much about this, except that Karma is simply the learning of cause and effect. Getting off the wheel of Karma is actually not that difficult, except on this world, because there is not the teachings of true responsibility. Responsibility is personal. It is a choice. There is way too much acceptance that there are forces beyond one’s control, and thus you don’t rise up to it.

The Hidden Hand concept, many know it is there, they sense the power plays in the world, but little is done to change it. And in not working to change it, you experience it further, you create and support the reality of the Hidden Hand. Now granted the Hidden hand, through its minions, will attempt to punish you for resisting. This happened a great deal in the 60’s in the United States. But had you somehow kept it up, and in huge numbers you would be in a better place now.


It was at this point, I interrupted Buddha’s channeling and we began to argue.  In addition to the protest issues, I have been working with questions on Karma, and problems caused by our Other Side, which will be continued with in a second Buddha message. What follows next, he gave me a couple days ago.  In terms of terrible weapons, I recently received an email describing a new weapon for crowd control (i.e., protesters) that Israel has in its possession. It uses sound waves, which cause great disorientation, and nausea and vomiting. It is touted as being a great way to control people without killing them. Perhaps this is what we saw on the news, in the statement that the police that removed the protesters were unarmed. Maybe they were armed a different way.


At this time, it has become greatly more difficult to resist, most are aware to some degree the terrible weapons that can be used against you. Most of you also fear death way too much, because even if you are aware of reincarnation it is not the norm of the knowledge of this Earth, out in the open, and you still feel that maybe you won’t be in Heaven, so pervasive is the Heaven teaching.

Heaven is a choice, to be lived in right now, and you can live in Heaven during a protest, you can live in Heaven while in jail, you can live in Heaven 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what you are engaged in doing. I did not teach a day for prayer, I taught that everyday is for prayer, that every minute is a holy minute, and that by the acceptance of this idea, you will in time find Nirvana.

Living the Holy Life, has become on this Earth, something that seems impossible to obtain, but yet it is so very simple an idea. It is about approaching every minute for the joy and learning to be had, no matter your occupation, or the condition under which you reside. Notice the "learning to be had" comment.  When you stay at home, and hide, and don’t enter into protests, knowing that it is needed, what is the learning from that?  What is the challenge to stay behind and hide?  Where is the courage in that?



“Two or More in My Name” is such a powerful concept, and yet when it comes to the courage to make a real difference, it is so little used.  Instead, many come together in a church of some sort, pay their pastor money to do little, except build new churches dedicated to Jesus, and your power fizzles right out, The Pastor steals of it.  You sit in your religious building on the day of your choosing in the particular faith, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and nowadays, usually Wednesday evening, and you give the power of your God within to someone else.

The most important circumstance I have watched in the United States in recent years is the use of religion, mostly Christianity in this case, to bring support to George Bush and his very evil machine. This requires the support of clerics who have given their power over to the devil, to the Beast, and most of them know this.  Some do so with great intent, others because they have been told what they will do and they do so in fear but still they do it.

What might happen if those that do it in fear came together “Two or More in My Name”, in numbers, and told their congregations what was going on in Christianity? Some of these clerics have huge memberships, and not everyone playing the Follow Me game is so dull that they would not respond to this.

The reason Christianity is growing more than any other faith in America at this time, is because you do have somewhat better education and circumstances, have to spend less time than others in your work, and you have time left over to wonder what is going on, in the game of life. There is genuine seeking going on, and people often do love the words of the Bible, the good words that were left in it, and they fall prey.

Many do not find their answers in a particular church, so they try another and another. Some try on Buddhism, some try on Islam, and many just quit. Others, and this is the majority situation, stay on the final church they go to. By that time, they have been so brainwashed, they can’t leave, even though they have not truly found their answers.

They have succumbed to the Beast.  And many pastors are eager when they find they have a new member, who has tried church after church, and is tired of this traveling. This new member has become submissive. That’s the submission to Christ, or for some, submission to Islam.

Submission to God is the most dangerous teaching upon the Earth.  The will of God is for you to become Gods or, if this sounds a bit much, like God, All Knowing.  God does not plan your life for you, He does not will you to do his personal biddings such as carry on wars in his name, build churches in his name, harm others in his name.

"Submission to God is the most dangerous teaching upon the Earth.  The will of God is for you to become Gods or, if this sounds a bit much, like God, All Knowing.  God does not plan your life for you, He does not will you to do his personal biddings such as carry on wars in his name, build churches in his name, harm others in his name."

Oops, did I goof, putting "build churches in his name," in the middle of war and harm?  No, I most surely did not goof.  For there is great harm being done by the endless money to the building projects, which must be obtained by getting people to church on Sunday, or Saturday, or Friday, and asking for the money. In return the person gets a really useless lecture, maybe a little brunch afterwards, sings some music that sounds pretty but does great harm in the words.

He gets told for his gift of money, that he knows Jesus, or Allah, or Jehovah and Yahweh, and has a ticket to Heaven. But money isn’t the only item at issue, he gets told for his coming and following the rules and belief systems that this requires his submissiveness, and so the person does so.

Church is not the only place of the teaching of submissiveness. If you don’t care for Church, you still get a lot of submissiveness in your education, your government rules, your societal controls of all sorts, and you swallow this right up. If you choose to be a Buddhist you still get this in the passivity taught.

You don’t need to gather up weapons to fight off the Beast. You need to stop supporting the Beast. But, again, most don’t even recognize the Beast. The Beast controls very well through money, and you pay your money, either in tithing to your religious organization, or in the tithing to the government called personal income tax.  Many of you do both.

How many of you right now are assisting in paying for Iraq in the high prices of your gasoline? Yes, I know, you need to submit to your job. What would happen, if for a week, the majority of the population said no, and didn’t buy gasoline and didn’t show up for work? Would that make a difference? I think so. I think the price of gas would come down rather rapidly.

But again, the Beast controls through ignorance. Many actually support theIraq war, and happily pay for the gas.  Many actually in the USA support the Iraq war on the grounds they need gasoline to work, and it is OK to rape another country for its resources.  For the slightly cheaper gas to be had.  CHEAPER?  Oops, the price went up, Iraq didn’t work the way it was supposed too.

Now, you are getting a one time bailout, because the Beast has gotten too powerful, and has terrible weapons of destruction. There are again concentration camps built and, my friends, these are not just in the USA, they have been built also in Europe, South America, India, Russia, Japan (yes, peaceful Japan), China, Canada, and the list goes on. And, Christians, and Muslims, and Buddhists, and the common Jews, hear my words. THEY ARE FOR YOU!

All of you who consider yourselves God’s chosen people, well, the Beast doesn’t like God, and his people.  Will you march into his camps as happened in World War 2?  Camps were not just in Germany and Poland, my friends, they were in Russia, and China also. There is much about that war you do not know.

What is about to happen, without our interference and help, is the greatest catastrophe in this Universe, this last holdout of the Universe BBB&G’s. Not to worry so much in this statement, because while you await NESARA, in the past year, much has been done to remove the greater Beast, and NESARA and the Second Coming, and the Star people will remove the rest of the greater Beast not yet gone.

But there is still the lesser Beast, those who are dark because of lack of knowledge, and hungry, and deprived.  And if you do not take advantage of this interception, these will become the greater Beast. AND THE EARTH SHALL STILL DIE.

You must come out of submission, your must take your Godhood upon yourself, and stop waiting for God to do it all. You are God, this is the single most important teaching for the Earth at this time.  YOUARE GOD, YOU ARE GOD, YOU ARE GOD.  Yes, you have the Creator Son here, He is God, but you are his body, you must do the work.

This is a time of great challenge for the more educated souls, for the star people here, incarnate. You have to come out of submission to the Father, and become the Father in action. You read in Urantia about the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster makes you the Father. GET THAT! IT MAKES YOU THE FATHER!  STOP LOOKING TO FATHER/MOTHER GOD, if you are New Age persuasion. Start being the Father Fragments, Father God in action. BE THE FATHER.

You have the opportunity now to fulfill your dreams, to fulfill the waiting. You are getting some assistance, some backup, some money. Now is the time to come out of limitation, out of submission and into Godhood.

But to go back to what I was talking about earlier, you could have done much already, if not so asleep at the wheel. The power of “Two Or More In My Name.”  Massive marches, long before Iraq, should have occurred. Getting away from church and organizing in other ways, should have been your goal. The 60’s and early 70’s slipped away, and you slept.

Look back at what Martin Luther King did. Yes, they killed him. But who else stepped up to the plate? Yes, there was Kent State, and for a while some college students tried in rebellion, and then you slept. We watched you go off to church, and then you really slept. We watched some go into New Age, and you too slept.

In the 90’s, we tried to awaken you again, and we did awaken some, but not enough. It seems it took 911 to start a real awakening. We could have stopped that, you know, but had we done so, you would have continued to sleep. We, the many of us Masters, and your star visitors, have prevented any more real 911’s, while your are waking up.


Regards the awakening in the 90’s, included in that was Buddha’s work with Neale Donald Walsch, in the Conversation with God books, and the Phoenix Journals. In addition there were many more materials that began to flood the market. Regards the Conversation with God books, the latest one, called "What God Wants" is short and exceptional. In it, Neale has done all of the writing, and Buddha says he is mighty proud of Neale, and his work.


Now you are somewhat more awake, but still not enough. Many are still not going to awaken with the Second Coming, but it should help. Many will still want God up there to fix the world, and see the star people maybe as God. You have a way of making anybody above yourselves in experience into Gods to solve your problems. YEARE THE GODS.

And before the Beast so entrenched itself though deceit, through your allowance, with your support, you could have booted him out. You paid the taxes, and thanked the Beast for supporting you. You paid the tithing and thanked the Beast for someone to pray too. You stood in school, and did what you were told, even when you were big enough to not go to the ´Principal’s office. You allowed the Beast the control because you looked the other way.

This is the long story of Earth, and it is time to change the story. In the Bible it tells of a 1000 years of peace, and then the devil will be loosed, even from the bottomless pit yet.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR 1000 YEARS OF PEACE,AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE DEVIL.  DO NOT LOOSE THE DEVIL EVER AGAIN.



I have more work to do on this particular message, and it will not fit into the email to continue on, so I will take up where I left off in the next message. I am making some changes in how I manage this project in the waiting for NESARA and the Second Coming. Many of you are requesting more messages. Yet I have so much email that takes my time.

I too am longing for change and to get on with the next phase. We have been at this for almost 7 months now. I long to write for the website. I want to move on. So I have come up with a compromise that works for me. I still want you to write, but I will not answer as much of the mail, which is horribly pilled up.  Rather, I will write more messages, and answer questions through the messages since I know that if one person writes, there are others with a similar question that do not. I will finish with Buddha, and I may still ask Maitreya for something that you might know his journey better.  I also, when allowed to do so, will release a message that I have mentioned recently from a person of prominence that left this plane.

I am tiring a little also in finding and running down Masters to work with, although it has been a joy to introduce them to you.  Sananda has moved on with his personal projects that are important in these days of waiting, projects that would already be up and running had the Second Coming not been delayed.

So, you will have to put up with me. It is time for me to step into my own shoes.  I AM an Ascended Master from my planet of origin, Myrua of Alcyone. I AM a Christed being.  My organization, AbundantHope is working with the Office of the Christ. It is a Second Coming organization.  By writing more messages, and answering less email, I can thus write for the organization through these future messages and I can reach more people than I can answering one letter at a time. So, you may expect the continuation of the work with Buddha in a few days, rather than a week. Please do ask questions that you would like to see answered on website that have not been adequately addressed in these messages.

NESARA is very close now to announcement, the nitty gritty details have been addressed and coordinated. I have recently received questions from people hearing on forums that there will be an assassination attempt on Sananda and his group during the Second Coming event. Not so, even though the BBB&G’s would love to attempt this.  There is quite adequate "protection" and this will not occur.

The forums continue to be "invaded" by the dark, planting ideas to cause fear and separation.  I have a marvelous suggestion for those of you in the forums, instead of debating on whether I am legit or not (full of BS on one of them), why not go read some Phoenix Journals, and get an education, and then talk to each other about what is read.

I see lots and lots of empty talk on these, which is why I don’t participate in them, and also why I rarely visit them unless I receive email asking questions.  I then check out the posts to get a better understanding of the question asked in the first place. I can put my own time to better use, by not spending time looking at the forums. I did participate in a forum a couple years ago, and I considered that a disaster, but did learn a good deal about forums in the process. I see a great deal of waste of mind and typing on them. They could be much improved, if the posters were to educate themselves a bit better, and have a more in-depth discussion of the issues.  Take care, Candace.


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