The Magisterial Mission

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The Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson and Candace Frieze

First published in this website on July 15, 2006.  Monjoronson’s message received telepathically through Candace Frieze.

Part One

July 6th, 2006



Beloveds, It is I, Monjoronson. We had some requests some time ago, for me to do a more claritive piece about myself, and the Magisterial Mission to Urantia. I will begin with a bit more of myself first.

As I announced last fall, September of 2005, I have been down stepping my body energy in preparation to walk the Earth. The process is nearly complete. I can do what your science fiction calls shape shifting, so that I will resemble one of you. I will be somewhat tall, by your standards, about 8 feet in the American measurement system. I will have brown hair, with light blue, very liquid eyes, and be male.

Most will be able to see my form. It will be 4D in general, to conform with that of your Michael, and of Sananda Immanuel. I will be able to be on TV, and due to the nature of television, anyone will be able to see my form, under that circumstance. I will glow quite a bit, in any format. I will dress when before the public, in acceptable clothing of the planet. You might well see me in your jeans and T-shirts, or dressed according to Islamic tradition, depending on where I am and what I do.

I will not reside at this time in an Earth dwelling. I will arrive from a ship appropriate to my use. At some time in the future, I may be able to dwell on the planet. And perhaps that might be in the Intentional Community to be built inColorado, conjunct with the headquarters of the Planetary Prince, whom you have been informed, will be Sananda Immanuel, an Ascending Son of great advancement. This is unusual in most universes, but in Nebadon, the Michael likes to make use of his outstanding Ascending Sons in the local administrations. Some of you might one day in your future hold such a position in Nebadon.

Your Michael chose to have an extreme, by previous universal standards, the choice of free will. It has played out interestingly. While it did encourage those of evil intent to become more so, and without the usual standards of retribution for such behavior, in the long run he, and I as I look into the progress of Nebadon, find that it has made some very outstanding Ascending Sons. As you have been told it is the Ascending Sons who will administer and create in the developing Universes outside of the standard creation, called the Grand Universe. Nebadon was chosen by the Michael as his personal contribution and training field for this process.

You have faced all of your substantial trials in your various Ascension journeys, and you are powerful. It is time to climb out of the Earthly limitations you have found yourself under, and grow into that which you know you are capable. This is your playground, play well, and assist the Magisterial Mission in the fullness of your capabilities.

Candace has created, as a major mission structure of AbundantHope, the idea of Many Messiahs. You who follow her, know of this purpose and the story behind it, that of a person asking to become a Granny Messiah, and who would encourage others to step into the Messianic idea. And you are all very capable of creating a Messianic Mission that will assist the growing up of the planet.

The Michael created The Correcting Time for Urantia. It means exactly as the name implies. Urantia is far behind schedule, and has been a prison planet for the wayward dark brothers about the Universe of Nebadon, and in fact a couple other Universes who have been plagued by the dark brotherhood who went more than a bit over board. In addition to seriously taking the dark role, they created life forms absent of God input, and these never do learn. They do exactly as programmed, they do not think. They are often portrayed as the dark robotic fighters in your Star War type films, and indeed this is the case.

There is a different group, of these creations, that actually did come around and reject their overlords, and these did come to your planet to take it over for their own. Taking over planets for personal use and destruction is a major No No, and most of these will have their just reward, which would be un-creation. Some were better, however, and gave of their knowledge and experience in a positive way, and thus get to begin the Ascending Journey, a gift of tremendous Grace.

Now, the Correcting Time has many parts to it. Many are here to rapidly lift up this planet, so that she does not perish. Urantia, your planetary Mother, did get a bit depressed during her long gift of serving as a prison planet. You will all come to realize that entities exist in many ways and a planetary Mother is an entity of greatness.

And Urantia, her correct name, was and is a very advanced entity of this type, which is why she undertook the chore of being a prison planet, a great gift of love and devotion. This is why she will be rewarded with Ascension and it will occur whether her people wish to attend the event or not. If not, she will be re-peopled with those from the higher planetary realms, those in Light and Life, who will also rehabilitate what life is left.

We don’t see the «not» occurring because there are now about 200 million advanced star souls incarnate on the planet, from infancy to old age at this time. Anyone reading this would most likely be of this group, but some of you are also grownup souls from Earth. Some of you are former rather dark souls who have changed your direction and you are valuable because you know the dark tools from experience and in changing your focus to the Light, you have great knowledge and power. It matters not that which is your source and origin, it only matters what you do now.


For new readers, or those who haven’t read all the messages, Urantia, the name of our planet, is the name in universal records. It is pronounced «Youran-teea», with all the syllables about the same in intensity. It is not only the name of the planet, but also the name of the Mother Spirit of our planet. She is the Mother of all life forms on the planet. She is often called Gaia by many. Gaia communicates telepathically, as do all entities and I have conversed with her. Perhaps one day, I’ll do a message with her.

The ancients did recognize this fact and recognized also the concept of Father Sun. The Sun provides basically the matter of the planet. Most planets have their beginnings as chunks of their sun, which break away and then the cold of space cools and condenses these hot chunks. They enlarge over a long time from asteroids hitting them, which bring more matter to the planet. The interior core remains a hot nuclear reactor, providing heat to the planet, which is greater than the suns contribution. This is why we had a long history of volcanic activity and still have volcanoes and magma. We have a «sun» inside the planet.


AbundantHope is not only a Second Coming organization, but is also part of the Magisterial Teaching Mission. Some of you need to participate by being part of the many areas where teaching is sorely needed. The dark have greatly degraded the teaching on the planet, because they know that ignorance produces people who do not solve problems well for lack of knowledge.  They have kept many of Urantia’s peoples in a tribal situation. Here you have had the visit 2000 years ago of your Michael and the planet got more tribal rather than growing in unity.

So you have your chores ahead and they will be intense. Consider this a blessing because of the experience you will have. This is quite most likely the most important school planet not only in Nebadon but also out of several other Universes in terms of challenges and the growth that comes from such. You may will make some mistakes, and if you so, learn and redevelop. Much on Earth is rather uncharted territory at this moment as to the coming chaos and issues ahead. We simply do not fully know what all will happen and this is why the Magisterial Mission so needs your conscious help.

Jump right on in, please. There is not a single area where help is not needed, from social reform, the arts, the education, the politics, the warring, the racial problems, the language barriers, the absurd religious teaching, environmental issues, business activities and on and on.  Pick something and work at it and build coalitions with people of similar mind so that the changes will be successful and the planet ascend as we desire, and she desires, with her children aboard. Those of you from the stars, essentially agreed to adopt the planet for a time and make it your home. And bring the Light.

Dear New Age Folks, bringing the Light means getting to the doing, the solving of the problems, and the colors of home, clothes, et all, atmosphere of restaurants and the like, have not a great deal of importance at this critical time. The above issues do. By all means maintain a pleasant atmosphere, as you work but don’t make the color of paint the priority for a time because getting people fed and educated and getting the atmosphere repaired take prime consideration at this date.

Now a bit more back unto myself and who I AM.  I AM a Son of Paradise of the order of Avonals. Our job is Magisterial Missions and Bestowal Missions.  The Bestowal Mission is similar to what Christ Michael did 2000 years ago. A Universe Creator Son makes only one Bestowal Mission to a planetary realm of his choosing. We Avonals do the rest, to the other planets, and our missions are the same.

I have been a Bestowal Son. This was in a different Universe. Bestowal Sons, other than the Creator Son, are always Magisterial Sons first on that particular planet and then do a Bestowal Mission. Bestowal Missions always are by birth into the realm. Magisterial missions are incarnated missions but not by birth. I will be visible as an adult male. I must make a brief clarification; the major usually first public Magisterial Mission is an incarnation walking the planet publicly. Other missions may not be an incarnation.


A brief comment for the benefit of future readers coming from religious backgrounds. We do indeed have reincarnation. This is the soul, using a body for experience and learning. Planets evolve their life forms by the method of reincarnation. Spirit enters matter to learn and move to higher forms as learning is made. Actually, in the beginning spirit advances its own DNA step by step, until man forms on a planet. Man forms eventually as Monjoronson shortly will relate to in this piece.

The form on this planet is one of many in the various Universes. Then the existing creatures on the planet that survived the long evolutionary process serve as a template for more spirits to make the journey in knowledge. And each group continues to evolve higher and higher in knowledge. This is evolution and how it works. Planets are seeded with life; it takes too long for life to start on its own.

You are asked to learn respect for plants and animals, because you have been them, in your distant past, and they will become as you, in their future journeys. I had a cat who became human spiritually and has started the journey of human experience. Think on that before you next come home angry and kick your dog or cat. These animals are advanced spirits who come to you to be exposed to the human experience, to cause them to grow and desire to become human. Set a fine example of what it means to be «Higher UniversalMAN", HUMAN.

There are currently about 200 million people from other planets incarnate on Earth at this time for the purpose of uplifting the planet. Many began coming around the time of Buddha to jumpstart this Correcting Time on the planet. More and more have come as needed. I am one of those. This is my 6th life on Urantia.


I will take a moment here, in case some have not read this to this point, to say that, in the ENTIRE history of Creation, a Creator Son has never returned incarnate to his planet of Bestowal. This Second Coming, thisreturn of the Michael of Nebadon, is the first occurrence of this and Creation always was. It is eternal, there was not a beginning. By your terms in years, since Bestowal Missions began, you would be talking trillions of years, uncountable trillions! Consider this a blessing and a miracle beyond description.

Michael will walk the planet, not by birth that was not suitable at this time, but incarnate in a special body, nevertheless. And for him to return in this short a time, prior to the planet entering the photon belt, is also indescribable. Except that this Michael is an exceptional one, and he takes to personally involving himself in the strife of his Universe. He is setting an extremely rare example, as he said in a piece with Candace, of coming out of the Creator Son Box. All of you climb out of your comfort zones and boxes. If Creator Christ Michael can do so, certainly can you. This is a time unprecedented and folks from many Universes, including back to Universe One, Terantiabula (TerAnTeeABULA), are here to watch you all do your thing. Do it well.


On the above comment on the Photon belt, we are in it totally now, but remember that Christ Michael returned back in 1954 with Sananda Immanuel. He does walk the Earth plane behind the scenes at times, meeting personally with some folks. Also, regards the use of The Michael, and this Michael, all the Creators Sons are Michaels. Our Creator Michael is Christ Michael.


I have been a Bestowal Son following a Magisterial Mission in this Superuniverse of Orvonton. I have done many a Magisterial Mission; planets often have several. These last from about 5,000 to 25,000 years of whichever planet I have been on. When not on a mission, I am involved in various other activities. These include assisting Creator Sons in any of several ways. Christ Michael chose me personally. I have done some mission work in Nebadon plus, you might say, I have a fine resume. He felt I was the Avonal for this job. I understand, «see» in other words, his personal idea.

I came to Urantia around 1,200 AD to begin setting up the mission. It was then that we began to search for folks, like Mozart, to upgrade the planet. And they came, and you called that the Reformation and the Renaissance. The planet was so incredibly dark. It made good progress considering with all these enlightened souls, many from Pleiades and many from elsewhere. Some from the Central Universe came, both Descending and Ascending Sons. But at the turn of the 20th century, the dark got stronger, they got very serious realizing that the advent of the Creator Son which had been kept as secret as possible would occur prior to the movement into the Photon Belt. They panicked, so to speak. And the planet grew again very dark with World War One and Two on the way in the plans.

I began the work on The Urantia Book. I wrote none of it, as I said, but I made it possible. It took only about 1-½ years to get it all down, but almost 20 to get it published. The resistance was huge. Edgar Casey, a fine old soul of Atlantis, incarnated to supply some prophecy. Actually he was the vehicle, he left and another came through him while he was in trance. I was that one who came through Edgar Cayce.

Surprised at that!  Read Edgar and you will know me better. I do have the ability to instantly read the Akashic Record of individuals, and so I did during many of those readings. It is totally me, who is in all of them, be it prophecy or the simple reading of a person’s records. So this Teaching Mission has been going on for some time now as you view time. And it will continue. Now the Teaching Mission is part of the Magisterial Mission which will become public as soon as feasible after The Second Coming Event.

After The Urantia Book was published, there began the teaching mission groups, actual transmissions from many given at informal gatherings of peoples. These are These are for the most part oral, or spoken transmissions through incarnates who took on this task. It was helpful, much happened, but yet not enough, against the dark side.

Candace got the opportunity to do a spoken transmission to one of ours recently from me. It came as a surprise upon her. I won’t give the name of the person to protect his identity but he has been wonderful in his service to the planet and I thanked him personally through Candace for his outstanding works. I think this man was sitting in a place of no longer being sure of what was to come and needing some encouragement.

Candace was mighty surprised to have me show up over lunch, and surprised to learn she can do oral work better than she thought she might be able to do. She expected to hear me, and then tell what I said, a choppy expectation, and it suddenly just flowed through her and she found delight. The man found himself in grateful tears and rejuvenated.

The Michael made his official return in 1954, and the Second Coming could have been public and more works started long ago, specifically with the help of President Kennedy, who was murdered on the day he planned to announce the presence of your star visitors.

So everything became more covert. We can’t have the murders of our most trusted people. You must be vigilant, because we don’t need martyrs, we need live people. Some have worked too hard, and subjected themselves to prison and death in some cases, so hard had they worked. They need not have carried the projects so far, in most cases.

The dark side built up the image of dark negative ETs, and there were a few, the old Anunnaki, the Greys, and a few nasty independent reptilians. Do not fear all reptilians, many are of the Light, and doing great work as teachers and warriors. You have heard of one, Lord Monka on Mars. He is actively involved in the manufacture of antigravity vehicles, and small saucers for your works, for those who have great transportation needs. In fact, most of the negative ET story was fabricated so that you would reject the help coming to the planet. Your dark side upon the planet carried out much of the grisly stuff published and not your star visitors.

You will meet many peoples in the next few years, who do not resemble you in body type. In the Urantia Book we speak of man and humans upon the evolutionary planets, but that does not mean necessarily your body type. But your body type is a great type and on planets advanced in Light and Life it is common because it works well.

You have met Shekhmet through Candace and many others. She has been involved with Earth for about 10,000 years now. She is a lioness type. Cats are very intelligent and often win the evolutionary race on planets becoming upright. On occasion the dog does. On some planets, where areas are well separated by waters, several types may win the evolutionary battle, and on those planets, they may well battle each other for dominance. And in some cases, all share in the progress, in others, one wins over the others. In a few sad cases, they have terminated all of themselves. Shekhmet and her soul mate, known as Alcyone, Horus or Heru, and other names on the Earth plane, wrote several chapters of the Urantia Book.


 The chapters (called papers) written by Shekhmet are 22, 28 and 30. Chapter 22 describes the Might Messengers and in it Shekhmet mentions her soul mate, but not by name. Alcyone (Heru) wrote 32, 34, 40, 42 and 52.


You will in time be told who some of the other authors are. And Candace may well work with some of them too, depending on the needs, time and interest of others. There are many of you who, as the result of your works on Earth and against the dark, who may will find yourself also the tried and tested winners of rebellion and call yourselves Mighty Messengers upon your graduation from Havona. You are many of you on the fast track to that goal by your works on this planet.

These are fully Trinitized Sons of God and it is you, the future Mighty Messengers, that will find yourself developing those Universes to come. By your survival of the many horrors that have occurred in the Galactic Wars of Orvonton and your learning to deal with darkness so shall you recognize and deal with it, should it raise its ugly head against you. You have no idea of the benefit of your Earth experiences to your future careers. Approach your messianic works with that in mind!!!!!!!!

How will I walk the Earth, beyond the above statements? I will not marry as per your idea but I do have a consort, you might say, of long duration in my many missions. Some of you, if you have read the TM archives or been to some of the gatherings may have heard her words. Right now, I will decline the name. A God would have a consort? Indeed.

Pairing is the nature of Creation. Will she materialize, as I am doing, yes, she will, and is. She is of a different creation than the Avonals. Will we have children? No. We are rather different in that regard and it would not be appropriate, but we shall be seen together as appropriate to our joint works. We have worked as a male-female team before and that is one reason I am here for this particular teaching mission because of the misuse of the female energy on this planet. We will show another way.

Please read up on the Magisterial Mission in The Urantia Book. This mission is much as described there, but as per usual with the peoples of this planet there are differences and you are not yet even close to where other planets are when the Magisterial Son comes from Paradise. And the Magisterial Mission normally comes prior to the Bestowal Mission, but the Michael of Nebadon saw to do things differently with this, his beloved planet.

He chose an incarnation into some pretty bad circumstances, which is why he came with his future Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel, a mighty warrior indeed in Nebadon. The Kumaras took to the salvation of this planet long ago, an awesome chore that is now coming to fruition. Immanuel Esu well deserves this try at Planetary Prince, and we expect it to go well, in his most capable hands. As such, he is in reality God of Urantia, when he steps into those shoes with the Second Coming Event. You will have your prophesied 1000 years of peace, this mighty warrior will see to it. You will grow in protected status as you are now.

Many of you have been incorrectly schooled in the idea of this sudden Ascension into 5D. This «sudden» Ascension would only occur if the planet changed her poles abruptly and threw you off. In actuality this would force an evacuation of God’s peoples upon the planet and then she would go into uni- or monopolar status abruptly. The pole change taught of is not the reversal or flipping of the poles but the change over into monopolarity rather than the dual polarity you experience now.


The North Pole (and I would assume South also) is moving rapidly right now, and this is partially responsible for weather changes. Also responsible for weather changes that have occurred since 1988 is that the planet does not tilt away from the sun, as much as it used too, causing the warmer winters.


This means you will not have a North or South Pole. You will have one Pole. Your magnets will change. They won’t work. Energy use changes. On normal planets this is a steady uphill change. And so we intend on this Planet. With assistance, however, this change is going more rapidly, The Correcting Time again at work. When any planet ascends, meaning its mass consciousness has reached what we are teaching as 5.0-vibration, the planet enters into the hallowed stage of Light and Life.

It is no longer in duality, and becomes Eternal.  It can light itself in time but not at the beginning of this stage. Your Michael has informed you recently the planet is at 4.52 at this time. Some of this is outside influence, you might say, to create this. Now every member of the planet is not at this point. It represents an average. To have the planet at 4.52, under the conditions of this warring [it] required some help, and you were gifted with this, it forces the dying out of the dark assisting the battle for you and for Urantia. It means you are not going to roll over and be thrown off. This is rock-hard physics, my friends. It is nature, and nature’s laws can’t be broken.

Watch the clones age.  Also, as a down side, for some of you, you will see your older friends and relatives who are not up to 4.5 will also leave the planet a bit faster.  But in the doing of this, it stabilizes the planet against the current deprecating activities during this somewhat extended wait.

Are you not amazed, or maybe amused might be the word, at the current story being played out with Korea? The dark brothers remaining still think they can have the planet and live on it too after they destroy its life. They never learn. This will not come to pass because of The Michael’s works in uplifting the vibration. They die, period, very shortly and are no longer around. They are getting cancer and heart disease before their eyes.

Now understand that if a relative is sick suddenly, this may or may not be the cause of the approaching demise. Some are leaving the planet by choice at this time and others have become sadly infected with all manner of problems. Love them and let them go in peace for it is their journey and not yours. Allow people their free will, and their journey, and you aid the spiritual growth of all parties involved.

When will the planet reach 5.0? I haven’t a clue; all is situational. Will you see a sudden change? No. There is no Ascension or rapture massively into the clouds of the inhabitants. This has been the tragic teaching to New Age. All is gradual. You must be about changing out your energy technologies to the various types, often labeled Zero Point energies, as these function in the new unipolarity and will function fine while the planet is still bipolar. Lost in the concept of how magnets would work in a monopolar world? Fine, because if you recall some teaching given, like attracts like, not the other way around.


I suggest the reading of the banned Phoenix Journals, the Pleiadian Connection Series #30 through #37. These can be found Right now, I have better success when I download them from PhoenixSourceDistributors.  For those new to the Journals, these were given over a period of more than 12 years. The authors were Christ Michael, Sananda, Germain and others. The banned Journals are very important having much cosmic science and spiritual material in them. We misunderstand gravity and magnets hugely on this planet. But there are scientists who have been given the correct information and bringing us the new energy systems.


But I know you still want an estimate of the time involved so I will say between 10 and 200 years. Is that close enough? 10 is unlikely, as is 200 years, so let’s guess at maybe 25, if you all get organized and do the work. I don’t think it is possible to get everything on zero-point type energy technically because manufacture and, in some cases, with antigravity vehicles of certain types also require mind use in the construction. I am not sure that will be well established, the creating, or manifesting of matter using mind, in that short a period of time. Gives you something to strive for though, does it not? Sorry, you get no instant fix. Remember, what is going on Urantia is new and undone in this manner. It is quite in reality, one minute at a time.

We have The Correcting Time as mentioned.  If you have read The Urantia Book, you know there is also something called a Trinity Teacher Son mission. Will, beloveds, you have it all, all at once. The Trinity Teacher Sons are here too. Read the Urantia Book about them. They will not be public, their mission for a time, because as you will read, you are nowhere near ready to know more about them.

And they will be here for well after your inauguration into Light and Life, when you do hit 5.0, because even when you do and the planet becomes monopolar, you will still have a lot of problems needing solving in your various social structures. All of you have many guides working with you in both my Magisterial Mission and the Trinity Teacher Son Mission.

Only a very few on the planet are truly ready for the spiritual teachings of the Trinity Teacher Sons. Usually these Sons depart when the Planet is inaugurated into Light and Life, but they shall be staying continuing to Correct the Time. The reason the planet will not be ready for them to leave is because of the spiritual situation. And the reason because the training will be incomplete at 5.0 is because 5.0 is an average, a blend of highly advanced souls with those less so, lots of them will still be less so. This is an unusual situation for a planet, to inaugurate into Light and Life with such a large portion of its people still rather retarded in their growth.

In a way this Second Coming of a Creator Son is a bit like what the original Bestowals would be, except, still you are not ready. The planet has become more tribal in the intervening years while all the time various members of our groups, in various realms, are getting your technology more up-to-date.

You are being gifted flying saucers in a limited number, yet to be determined by need, to assist the rapidity of the process. These will come with robots which will fly them. These are not living automatons, they are engineered, computerized robots, much like Data of Star Trek but quite a bit more cooperative. So not to worry about the issues of the care and maintenance of them nor the operation. Get out those old Star Trek films, hopefully they are on DVD, they taught much, albeit not quite enough special effects at the time, but they are the best of the teaching about other places and dimensions before the dark mongers had fun with the warring to create fear of the whole Second Coming idea.

The antigravity platforms that will accompany them are in fact sort of little cars which you can use for local shopping and meetings and to load and board the saucers. Also, a larger platform will be provided for loading of industrial and building materials. On more advanced planets the platforms are not covered and you have the advantage of force shields for weather. But Earth is not there yet, so these will have the super strong, unbreakable glass as your shield. They have built-in gravity and computers and you won’t fall off nor need safety belts.


he suggested readings from The Urantia Book that cover the Magisterial Mission idea are Paper #20, The Paradise Sons of God, and Paper #52, The Planetary Mortal Epochs. In these, particularly #52, you will get a good general idea of the development of planetary peoples, socially and spiritually. And you will get a good idea of where we aren’t and where we need to go. You will better understand The Correcting Time. You can read The Urantia Book online for free

I also suggest Paper #55, Spheres of Light and Life, which should provide a nice summary also of where we need to go and what life is like on these advancing cosmic planets. Many of you may be visitors from planets in Light and Life, and this would behind your personal distresses with this planet. I am from a planet long into Light and Life myself and, boy, do I get my periods of homesickness!

For those who are not understanding some of this material in this piece with Monjoronson need to read or re-read the previous works. Please do not write me for clarification because I do not have the time to re-teach everything. You are responsible yourselves for your own reading and study.

The Urantia Book does not cover reincarnation, in fact, denies it. The purpose of that was to assist in getting the dark side to allow publication and to protect the peoples from other planets who incarnate here. The dark side goes after those, when they are discovered, and that is the reason for all the burnings at the stake that took place in dark times and which still occurs in various ways now. But re incarnation appears through out it, in other terms, such «as your evolving soul.»

As you read the book, you will find other parts which also seem to not be true or are not presented, and again, it is about protection and other issues. I was asked recently why the visiting Pleiadians are not covered, and that is for the reasons of the secrecy required at the time. Now proceed to Part Two of this message, given on July 7, 2006.

Part Two

July 7th, 2006



Hello, once again, this lovely day as we start Part Two of this work. Candace «bombed out» yesterday as she uses this term. My energy is intense and I keep it at some distance as we work so she can work a longer period.

OK, I will talk a bit more of myself and the Avonal Paradise Sons. I find it interesting, that some folks are more than a bit surprised that the High Sons of God of any type seem casual. You on the planet [who] incarnate from higher places forget your lofty origins because of the sad state of affairs upon the planet. Beloveds, we are loveable, we are casual, we are soft, we joke, we laugh, we do all of that. You do the same because you are divine yourselves.  Intelligence is divine, will is divine, and it is time to stop putting God on a high shelf somewhere. All is God, a most important teaching at this time on this little lost planet.

Most of the residents on Urantia are going to be in a state of shock about God and the Sons who have come to uplift. And as we continue to teach many are not going for some time, and maybe never, to accept this process before them as the Second Coming because of the lack of rapture, the mistaken ideas of God and, for New Agers, the concept that somehow the Ascension is a sudden event. Many of you will make your Ascensions, the fusion with your Adjuster, if that is your status, at night during a visit to the Mansion Worlds and return to your body and build your Light Body, the blending of your spirit semi-physical morontia form with your physical form. And the building of your Light Body is a slow process, not an instant one.

There is the idea also that all of incarnates will suddenly remember everything of your previous existences in conscious everyday format. NO, because you could not function with all that knowledge activated.  But you will be taught methods of accessing that information from your personal records when you are in the mood to do so.  Many are doing this during meditation and at night as they face off their «karma» and heal themselves of their old wounds.

What is the most important idea to conceptualize here is that this is the most important life you lead, the current life always is, and it matters little the details of all your others that are done with. What matters the most is your day-to-day living in the Eternal Now, a term New Agers love. This simply means you are always who you are, the sum total of your experience, and you will heal selves by looking at your day-to-day challenges because your daily reactions are the sum total of your experiences in this life and the past.

So where you find difficulty, assess it, and find another way or solution if called for, forgive your mistakes, which are not «sins.»  They are simply mistakes and if you study that which you don’t like, then the experience was not a mistake but that which provided you valuable experience and thus learning. Even the High Sons of God, such as myself, are always and forever on the learning journey.  As we gain experience, our own decisions become better, but we still face new and different situations and sometimes we goof too. Perfection is not about never making a mistake, that is the bad New Age teaching placed there by the dark side to get you to reject us because if we do something that is seen as «human» and in error, then we must be frauds and that is just not the case, loved ones.

We have made mistakes on the Earth plane, it is a most difficult place and the dark brothers were rounded up over time in the galactic and local universe warring and sent to your beloved Urantia, for their final learning experience. They could not get off the place, so they were «stuck» with themselves. And it has not been a pretty sight to watch that process.

We made our mistakes and our misjudgments because the concentration of darkness was beyond our experiences also. The darkness upon this planet is very strong as you even see now when the dark did not stand down on April 3 of 2005. The Big Bad Boys and Girls are very tough. Admire them, in this sense, because you need to develop your own toughness in the Light.  But part of their toughness is because they just don’t choose to learn their lessons but you can be tough from learning yours.

But know the end is in sight because Sananda Immanuel and Christ Michael personally saw to the removal of the Hidden Hand starting in June of 2004, and the current dark brothers are erring right and left without the puppet masters. As I said, I suggest laughing at all this North Korean game at hand, as an example. It shows some pretty stupid BBB&G’s floundering around. I would suggest doing that laughing in the presence of those you wish to teach! That will help dispel the terror fear they are still so desperately trying to sell to you.


I recently viewed Alex Jones new film, Terror Storm, at the 911/NWO conference in LA. It is an excellent summary piece of the build up of this false terror scenario before us, and also of the variety of reactions of people towards all of this. I highly recommend it as a teaching tool to your friends with heads still in the sand.


Now, a bit about my creation. In Urantia you will read that the Avonals are the «children» of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, true, but not really relevant to this piece. But I had my personal creation I would estimate in Earth time about 3 million years ago. How are the Avonals trained, from the bottom up, just as you. Our training does start in Havona, but then we go out and take little jobs in the local Universes and work our way up in experience until we can do the Magisterial works of our order.

I have totally had this experience within Orvonton. My first little jobs were about working in the area of judgment and being what you all might call a «Gofer» in your slang terms. I do enjoy the slang that has come upon this planet; it is beautifully expressive. Imagine a High Son, a Gofer! Yes, that is the way we all learn, including my friends, the Creator Sons. We all have Gofer experience. Otherwise we would not get to where we stand. No different as you, except we don’t have the incarnation experience in matter as we are those that run the universes of time and space and make them work.

Candace just took a little break and noticed Mr. Bush The Clone on TV talking about North Korea and commenting he is worried about little children and concentration camps inNorth Korea, a great cover-up for all the little children ignored and harmed in America and the concentration camps right in your own country. And sadly some, in fact many, will fall back in love with Mr. Bush from this dog-and-pony show. And find themselves elsewhere in due time for it.

So with that little comment I shall proceed into talking a bit more on the judicial portion of a Magisterial Mission. There is always a judgment process in the termination of one age and the beginning of another. This is a continuation of the process started by the bestowal of the Michael upon your place. The processes on this planet are complex and, as you know, out of balance with the more usual methods.

In the Correcting Time, as you have seen, you have a compilation of processes going on rather than a sequential action. Many processes going on together. And despite what currently looks like a mess before your eyes, the mess is necessary to the process. Chaos causes growth in every being involved, including myself. Free will is the principle of God, hopefully all will choose the love route but some do not. And some don’t just because they don’t know any better at the time. All part of the evolutionary process. No matter, you can’t have free will and not have chaos and the need to solve the problems.

What a boring existence it would be, if there was not will. In fact, there would be no existence, without it. Free will involves creation and there would be no creation without duality. Even the worlds in Light and Life, while monopolar, still have challenges and learning. It is just that they have ascended into Universal Consciousness and now deal with Universal issues and management. Everyday life is easy and comfortable for the spirituality and technology to match.

Chasing Money for power is no longer an idea, but these worlds begin to babysit, you might say, those in progress beneath them. All worlds in Light and Life have the ability to travel space, in varying degrees, and with that comes much responsibility and learning. Back to those old Star Trek films, what teaching (by way of the Magisterial Mission) came through them! And Candace just mentioned, «Bewitched» also, a foundational awakening series for her. Samantha and her Mother, they were interesting, weren’t they? For those of you old enough to remember the series or watch reruns.

I am blessed that Michael liked my resume and, just as you, I am undergoing the greatest learning I have experienced in my 3 million or so years. As so is everyone on my staff. And in this learning I will also function again in a greater capacity in future difficult magisterial missions which I suspect will be a «piece of cake» after this one!  Got to love the language here once again.

By concentrating the dark into one prison area, we all have quite a challenge, [all] who are on the planet in our various job descriptions at this time. Remember, that includes all of you coming into the AbundantHope works at this time. And whether you chose participation directly with the organization or not, you are still going to walk in your shoes, walk the talk, I believe is your expression.  And it is very time to do that if you are not yet doing so, or improving it if you are.

The Avonal Son, with his primary parentage of Son and Spirit, is considered the «Word of God.» Much of that is in the judgment of the realms. The judgment process on this occasion as mentioned before started with the visit of the Creator Son 2000 years ago. I am the chief judge at this time for most of the citizens of the planet and some of it is true judgment, as you know it legally on the planet. My staff runs courts under my jurisdiction.

However, much of this judgment is for most citizens of the planet, a case of sorting, a natural physical law case, in which a being cannot live on a planet or realm higher than his evolvement, and those that can’t cut the mustard of the New Earth simply do not survive and move on to where they do belong. As you have been repeatedly told in various sources, there is a new planet that has been readied in a different Universe for these ones. This is a younger universe than Nebadon, less advanced. All of Nebadon is moving upwards at this time, and there is no suitable planet for certain of these ones within Nebadon. Another universe needs the experience of working with these recalcitrant types.

I won’t name that universe at this time but it is «nearby» Nebadon. So this is primarily a «sorting» by natural law of nature. Some really bad BBB&G’s will face their demise or be put on another prison planet. Even the new planet is a prison planet in the sense that the peoples who are peopling it, don’t have space travel so they are pretty stuck with each other.

On planets with space travel capabilities, those that are mistreated often pack their bags and leave if they find they can’t resolve issues in their place. Also, these planets, should they experience over population, may journey to find a similar planet of vibration and settle upon it. And you have in your history on this planet peoples who have come from elsewhere and colonized themselves here. There are strict rules in place for how evolving primitive peoples are to be treated, meaning for the most part they must choose an area in which primitive man does not reside.

They are not to enslave the developing creatures and we have considerably changed the rules now in Orvonton, that if this occurs, these people will face some very severe consequences, which can include what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah long ago. That was a den of thieves in the very lowest of degradation. Now they can be this way with themselves, but once they expand and entrap others, the Universe may request permission to destroy them. And this permission can include the use of beam weaponry that destroys soul matrix. This is used under the utmost caution.

Your biblical story is true to a large degree on that place. Lot and his family were amongst the few that were given advice to leave that place. But it was not a destructive angry «God» that carried out the punishment; it was by order of official bearing from Nebadon. The Urantia Book states that it was a wholly natural event, it was in a sense, the carrying out of natural law, using «natural» weapons. It came out of the judicial process of the higher courts of Nebadon, and with the approval of the Superuniverse Courts. It was a nasty place indeed.

So I lead up the current judgment of the realm, the Magisterial Mission job at hand in these times. It is not only for the people incarnate, but also angels and others in your Other Side. We are also awakening the sleeping survivors which have not been sleeping in the sense of sleep. These are the ones who continue their incarnation journeys without memory. They have received their Adjusters at some point, but are not fused with them, so they continue their incarnation journey unaware of this. They are survivors because they came out of a group soul box in some manner demonstrating the use of mind and will together, and earned an Adjuster for that, but before they can fuse they have to undertake a long journey of learning, which in a backward planet like this one consumes a great deal of time.

How are we awakening them? Through the teaching primarily. And they are then sorted. And in this there is renewed contact with the Mansion World schools which take an active part now in the night preparations of these ones. They have not in general made the best of progress because of the planet’s higher beings participating in the rebellion against God, mostly Descending Sons. And then in addition, there was the capture of the planet by negative space beings, the Anunnaki and Anchara.

In the overcoming of the widespread rebellion not only in the higher realms but of space creatures, which abused heavily, changes have been made in just how and when a planet may enter a space age. It must grow up first. This has not been an issue in times past but became so in Orvonton eons ago as dark side brothers created artificial life forms with no God connection whatsoever.

And these, of course, are and will continue to be uncreated. Such as the Animus now uncreated by particle beam weaponry. They had no soul matrix but they did have intelligence and life plasma and this was destroyed. There is no reincarnation possible by these ones, their place is found no more.

Now the stories of being written into the Book of Life involves in reality the fusion with the Thought Adjuster, your God Fragment. This guarantees the Eternal Journey; you have a registered «ID» so to speak. Some are going to loose that, that fell from goodness and did not recover it. Their memories are destroyed, but the spirit of life not, so they start anew.

Essentially the Adjuster stores the memory. There is more than the Adjuster to Soul Matrix, it has several parts, but the memory systems, banks, if you will, will be lost to them and they shall not know who they are. Essentially these ones are starting over and that is the case with many going to the new planet. This has been spoken of.  In some, the memory erasing will be less than complete, to allow the retention of that which is of God, and merely the sad memories removed. Others get it all washed out. It is situational.

And some as you have heard get a trip to the void planet, there is only one in Nebadon, and I will leave the description of that place in the capable hands of Maitreya, The Coming Buddha, who earned his way out of that place. It is a place of rehabilitation and the memories are not removed. For some, in a way, Urantia has been a void planet in a sense, but the void planet has a different polarity. As part of this, there is no reproduction, nor death, nor time upon it.

The sorting to the new planet has been mostly occurring upon the death of the body of the individual. Some have gone in body to prepare the place. This is not a full evolutionary planet. It has been seeded for the purpose of the transfer. It is smaller than Urantia in size. There are folks from other places who have peopled it a bit and this planet is not starting out with its inhabitants in the cave man stage as you would visualize it but neither does it have machine age technology either. It has had horses and other animals placed upon it some time ago so that they have had time to adjust. It is for the maturation of the souls going there and not for the creation of new souls such as was the purpose of Urantia. And that will remain its purpose in terms of the life forms here. It can ascend into Light and Life.

Shekhmet has undertaken the restoral of the DNA progression upon Urantia repairing the «holes» in the progression which have been lost from the battles and other unfortunate occurrences. This planet was once at a higher vibration than now but never at 5.0. It fell down to essentially around 1.0, a very tragic circumstance.  And of course this had much to do with both the various rebellions over control by enslaving forces and the creation of making this the jail planet for the galactic dark brothers who did overdo very much the concept of free will in the negative manner.

Now, since I have nearly finished my down stepping, I will be a physical person of this realm. As such, I also require a Thought Adjuster, just as the Michael did 2000 years ago, and currently has for this incarnation mission of his. He has informed you he has the same one. My adjuster is an advanced experienced adjuster who gives its services for Magisterial Missions. This Adjuster is what enables me, while incarnate, to commune with Havona and the Paradise Isle entities necessary to the Magisterial Incarnated Mission which is to be shortly announced.

Without this, I would be at a handicap, in a way similarly to you in your dense bodies you occupy at this time. I have had the comfort of this Adjuster for all incarnate missions including the Bestowal Mission. He and I are old friends, and it is the Adjuster that supplies the memories of my past experiences of being incarnate while I am again incarnate, and as above enables my constant contact with Paradise. But in many ways, I will truly resemble you of the realm now but, of course, this body will actually, it is 4D and you are now a 4D realm. In the likeness of the beings of the realm, you.

Now another topic, that of moving into Light and Life. When you are in Light and Life, you become more responsible for your own affairs and the higher personages from the higher realms become gradually less involved in your growth because you have learned to run your own show for the most part. You are a fully Galactic Planet, and take on Universal chores as you become skilled to do so. The Teacher Sons leave. You communicate with assorted «space commands and centers» according to your growth. You are Christ Conscious; you have become a higher people, your interest expanded to ideas beyond your planet.

Time dissolves in a sense because you have moved out of the duality of the planets beneath you. You still measure «time» for a long time because of course you continue to make an annual trip around your sun. But mentally you extend time, living better in the Now, knowing that all of what you are as an individual and a planetary society are the sum total of all you have through.

Your spiritual skills continue to increase. Spiritual skills include driving your own car with responsibility and you have learned how to function well in group responsibility, the Two or More in My Name concept. And AbundantHope will encourage that concept as you have seen somewhat to date in designing your missions and bringing appropriate people into them who share in your mission and can make it happen together. If you bring in individuals that prove to not see the mission and cooperation needed, you will show them the door. New Agers: you must move beyond what all of us are calling the «Candle thing.»  Spirituality is taking charge for your soul growth, which is about leaning and solving problems in a conscious paying attention way. [Editor’s Note: Here Monjoronson is referring to those people of the New Age who feel more interested and comfortable in a personal spirituality expressed in external form, easy and safe, by the colors of the surroundings, crystals and jewelry, meditational music, lighting of candles and turning on of lights to create environments, in dressing differently and somehow strange and in believing that with only meditating on the Merkaba or visualizing the world problems can be solved and the Dark Forces can be removed from power . This is not totally erroneous, in reality is part of the New Age, but they should also get committed and involved in the active, participative, communitarian and messianic work and in the public denouncing of the Illuminati.  The best websites on NESARA, conspiracy and UFOs are NOT created by this kind of New Agers, say, by people of the New Age with this type of mentality.  They should also accept that the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation are working daily in the removal from power of the Dark Cabal and in producing the worldwide economic, banking and political changes.  St. Germain not only teaches the Violet Flame, he also actively works in the new banking system and in the implementation of NESARA and coordinates political and military operations with the Galactic Federation against the evil Illuminati empire.]

The Christ Conscious individual knows he is an «I AM», and every moment of his current life is conscious of his driving-his-car, always in a statement, of I AM THAT I AM. He/She has learned the meditation that allows higher universal contact and depends on it and lives gradually more time in that meditative state. This individual is approaching fusion with the Adjuster.

You make your own little universe around you in your creation. Your projects are your own little universe in a sense in this way. You invite people who can assist you into your universe and encourage them to be about the building of their own little universe. That is what is meant by being creators. You are your own Gods, who are choosing now to share in the process for the larger good with others rather than being separate Gods. Candace knew this; that is behind AbundantHope. I am merely backing her up in this statement.

It is the truth, my friends. Encourage all around you to come into their Godhood, which is truly their Goodness and building that with others together. We do not do this for you. It is your job to create in life. It is my job again also since I will shortly be fully «in life» with you. I am the Creator of this Magisterial Mission. I have many co-creators of varying talents associated with me, many incarnate such as you and many Angelics and ascending sons not incarnate. It is no different, except that mine is a planetary process with a particular job description.

God does business too, my friends, runs a corporation of sorts but of course way above the degenerative corporations such as the failed Enron on your plane. The dark always fail.  Always.  It is only the timing. And they rise and make yet another failure because they lack in creativity. They just repeat their mistakes over and over and over until they come back into the Light. The Light makes errors in judgment and when they see that the error produced the incorrect result, they change the program rather than repeating the same useless thing over and over expecting a different result each time.

The dark uses the same methods in creating their failed corporations over and over and over, ad nauseum, and still they do it.  Ken Lay was murdered via beam weaponry in his sleep. He was actually not fully dark but not as Light as he could be. He was beginning to talk; he knew a bit too much. Some of what was behind the talking was to cover his own rear and some was behind that maybe he should do the right thing. And that was the reason behind his murder, that desire to just maybe do the right thing for a change of pace.  My what a realization. So perhaps Ken will now find himself in a bit better place for that.

So what are your tasks during The Magisterial Mission?  These would include learning true representative government, which means your representatives actually represent who you are spiritually.  The dog-and-pony show, Democratic and Republican parties, needs to go away, and quickly. You need to totally revamp the voting system into something representative too. And equal vote for everyone is not representative because those who are immature should not hold the same power as someone who is.

This Mr. Bush, as you observed if aware, got a good deal of «Christian» vote by his claiming to be a Christian and over the issues of the likes of stem cells. It is wrong to use stem cells from embryos. They don’t match the genetics of the recipient and it is wrong to create embryos for anything other than the creation of a human being. And the Christian groups that he parlayed this to, do know this but they don’t know that this was but a tool.

Your scientists who are Godly are practicing now the use of the own-body’s stem cells that do match and are for the purpose of healing. It is these natural cells you possess that allow your constant healing from injuries. And it is fine to extract them and build new tissues to assist healing, replace amputated limbs and the like. That is the Godly use of stem cells. But these ones manipulated in the churches have been told by dark pastors, either by intent or lack of knowledge, that Mr. Bush is a representative of God on Earth. Some are now starting to see.

The advantage of this delayed wait is that ones are waking up and seeing the dog-and-pony shows before them. And these ones will be more supportive of the Second Coming Event and subsequent processes because they have seen, awakened to the charades. It will require less «proof» for these ones. Many are preparing fine films that will show the progress of the dark in enslaving, let me rephrase that, attempting to enslave the planet. We are ahead of the game for this. And the planet is not so environmentally dead yet, to require an evacuation. Otherwise, I would not be materializing for this mission, to walk amongst you and with you.

I just thought of something I can relay about myself. As you know, there are different life forms that win the battle on a planet. On the planet that I did both the Magisterial Mission and the following Bestowal Mission the forms were not the form on this planet. I was a «dog» person in format on that planet. Now the word Human, is Higher Universal Man. And it doesn’t imply the body type you use here. In fact the body type here is not totally evolutionary as you have been informed that your DNA was messed with.  Plus you have had peoples of various forms from other planets including the type you use and others who have colonized or crashed here. And no, those missions were not in the Sirian system that does have «dog» Gods.

The other mission part of the Magisterial Mission is cultural augmentation. This you have seen since Mozart and others arrived and in the arrival of your films, cameras and other higher technologies. The telephone would be included in this but most planets have some of these well before the Magisterial Mission and had the dark not taken up residence in Rome and proclaimed the Pope God’s representative on Earth (Anu’s representative in reality), you would have had the benefit of these technologies, probably starting around 1000 AD.

One more short statement and maybe it is time to let Candace finish her part in this, and get it up. Some of you morn still that we are not quite here. I would like to point out that I said you might enter Light and Life in 10 to 200 years both of which are extremes in my vision. But the Trinity Teacher Sons normally work a planet for 1000 years before Light and Life is established. The Trinity Teachers are the final High Sons from Paradise to work a planet. Now, as you do read in Urantia, and please do read Candace’s suggested material, you are not still ready in many ways for even a Magisterial Mission which usually precedes the Bestowal Mission and then comes the Trinity Teacher Son Mission. You are very out of step and worsened in many ways the past 100 years.

So the point is, beloveds, the Correcting Time is working grandly. You should not need a 1000 year Trinity Teacher Son mission before you step into Light and Life. Have we all together now, made already an incredibly huge difference by our respective participations in The Correcting Time?  Be not worried over a little more time.  It is nothing.  No, it’s something because more problems get solved and you become ahead of schedule some more. Those of you unhappy at the delays because of suffering, karma is karma, it has to be played out. And many of the suffering could make a difference if they would unite better.

After reading the social material in Urantia, in the suggested reading, and other places you must realize the long evolutionary journey and how it operates. We can’t change the «what is» of nature and time and yet in this Correcting Time we really have made some changes of great importance. Look back on your current lives, no matter your age and see the huge changes occurring. The Correcting Time is working.

Salu, Namaste, I AM Monjoronson and I look forward to my public appearance.


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