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"The Face of Mars"


Kadar Monka channeled through Jean Peterson.  Taken from:

From Mike Quinsey:  This article was originally channelled by Jean Peterson some 20 years ago [around 1984]. The content is timeless, and Monka is known to have sent messages to us for quite some time. Commencing the 7th December 1955, he was one amongst many who during a period of over 20 years, gave information to The Solar Cross Foundation. It was disbanded in 1959, and then reformed in 1969 both actions at the request of the Solar Tribunal of Saturn. Monka was elected the leader of the Tribunal in 1962, becoming the representative for Earth, and taking the name of Kadar-Monka.

Published in this website on April 24, 2004.

Precluding the civilisation of Earth, we of the planet Mars established a monotheistic attunement of the Creative Source you name God and many tonal incantations of the vibration known as the Creator God.

We lived, we ate, we slept, and we ran. We walked and talked a galactic tongue, some of which is remembered, still in the Celtic tones of Earth language. The beings of Mars at that time came and went within the galaxy in which Earth resides at present time. Nevertheless, the people of Mars were of a higher frequency within an energy body you call a Light Body. We travelled in spacecraft on the ley lines of the magnetic fields of planets and stars within your present system of twelve planets.

Many of you who read this communiqué will touch a chord of resonance when you think of planet Mars and its beginnings, as souls lived there before Earth became inhabited. As evolution marched on ever grandly into eternity, the peoples of Mars, being of a higher frequency than the planet you see from Earth, grew, evolved, planned, lived and created with the power given by the Creator to form a balanced civilisation. Much was accomplished in those cycles of evolution as to exploration of the twelve planets of your local solar system. Scientific ‘away teams’ volunteered to explore beyond the boundaries of our home planet. As Earth evolved into an inhabited planet, it was and is one of those with whom we kept ‘in touch’ so to speak. We evolved into communicating with Earth people through telepathy as well as Earth language tones.

I, Monka, call Mars my home planet. I am honoured to represent Earth on the Saturnian Council which ‘governs’ or acts as council to the twelve planets which compose your local system. In a sense, the planet I call home and the one which you perceive from Earth’s vantage point, occupy the same ‘space/time continuum.’ However, due to the limitations of Earth’s scientist’s instruments and the physical eyes and senses designed by the Creator to perceive third density, you do not know my planet called Mars. Instead Earthlings perceive the shell of a ‘burnt out’ planet from which Martians evolved into a higher vibration within/beyond your system.

You have heard the ‘rumours’ of parallel dimensions. Peoples of Earth presently are evolving mankind and the planet Earth into higher vibrational energy patterns which will project you into the higher dimension or parallel dimension in which we dwell. Welcome home, my brethren, for we long have awaited your entry into our places of residence within the cosmos.

Earth’s scientific space exploration team known as NASA, through photography, discovered a ‘face on Mars’ when the Viking Orbiter sailed around the planet you perceive as Mars. You ask, how can this be? As the frequency of the peoples and the planet Mars grandly into a parallel dimension of higher vibration, certain ‘artefacts’ in your terms, remained in the dimension in which they were created. The ‘face on Mars’ could be perceived as the structure of ‘antiquity’ left on the face of Mars much as you have the edifices such as the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the Yucatan in Mexico. Other structures in pyramid shapes exist about the face on Mars in the ‘city’ wherein the ‘face’ stood proudly. Structures also exist beneath the surface of the Martian shell. Some of these forms man may perceive with his third density senses and capabilities.

So then, Man may view presently ‘artefacts’ of the Mars of third density and also telepathically and clairvoyantly link with the Beings of Mars, such as myself, who reside on a ‘parallel’ planet. If you will, both the Mars observed from Earth and the parallel dimension in which I live is one and the same, but simply differing frequencies. A parallel understanding would be that you know the Egyptian time, which produced Earth’s pyramid artefacts, exists simultaneously with your modern twentieth century era – one only needs to know the ’timesheet code’ for the differing frequencies to experience either.

Of what elements then is the face composed? The Beings of Mars used the elements which resided upon the planet at the time the structure was erected, in a time of ‘long ago’ in your perspective of linear time. The base element of ‘soil (surface)’ water (liquid), fire (or heat/energy), and atmosphere were combined into such a way, that a monistic edifice was erected at the gateway to the capital, where the Beings who were chosen to assist in carrying out the people’s wishes through leadership, were established at that time. Those people’s were not of the mind to ‘rule’ such as Earth governmental and dictatorship situations, but rather they lead the populace through unification of the people’s wishes for their civilisation’s evolution at that time.

During the period the ‘change point’ occurred, where the peoples and planet evolved into a parallel/higher dimension, the edifice which was representative of the Creative Source and stood at the ‘gateway’ into our planet, disintegrated somewhat and fell to the valley floor. And that is the ‘face’ NASA photography superimposed upon ‘film’ and which you now view. So the edifice was not representative of Man or the Beings who resided upon mars at that time, but instead represented that which you call God or Creator. So the ‘face’ has changed somewhat through ‘time’ by Man’s thoughtforms sent to the planet Mars, to a density he can perceive. The ‘face’ on Mars now looks to Man as if it is a representation of the face of Man. And from some work of film capability of which Man knows, the face could represent the animal kingdom by looking simian or a likeness of an ape of Earth. So then Man’s thoughtforms have superimposed his likeness upon an edifice which once represented the Creative Source given by the Beings who resided on the planet Mars at the time of its formation.

Earth is presently within the throes of evolving into the greater consciousness, and shortly will occupy a higher frequency or parallel dimension ‘beyond’ third density. Maldek, the planet which disintegrated in times past through its misuse of a similar energy you know as nuclear energy, resides in a parallel dimension whole and evolving, as do the higher frequencies of the other ten planets to ‘spring forward’ into higher vibration.

 Let the ‘face’ on Mars be an inspiration to those of you who diligently ‘spring forward’ into greater consciousness. Leave third density and join us in a parallel dimension in which exists creative freedom to explore beingness in wholeness, linked with Creative Source.

Welcome home, my friends. We await you,



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