Excerpts of the Book of Heru


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Excerpts of the Book of Heru
The Return of the Light
Part I
A book by Karen Kirschbaum and Elora Gabriel

From the website www.returnoflight.com .  Alcyone, a Pleiadian Creator God, was known in Egypt as Heru and his name was changed to Horus by the Greek from the Egyptian word Hor, which translates as face.  He was represented as a falcon or a falcon-headed man.  On popular Egyptian beliefs he was the son of Isis and Osiris.  The Greek worshipped this deity as Apollo and was correctly associated with the sun in Egypt and Greece since He dwells in the Central Sun.  His twin flame is Mother Sekhmet or Shekhmet, an Egyptian Goddess.

Published in this website on March 4, 2006.

Excerpts from Introductions

 Introduction to Heru

[Heru:] Greetings, dear reader.  It is my wish that you would take deeply into your heart the messages put forth in this book.

We are now at the tipping point of the history of this planet and also the tipping point of so many larger cycles and systems.  I would have you know it is no accident that you are here on this planet at this time and it is no accident that you are reading these words.

This is the time of miracles. This is the time that has been foretold by many prophets.  And yet, we have a little ways still to go where it would appear that the forces of dark have the upper hand.  I say "appear", for there is a revolution afoot the likes of which is beyond comprehension because the foundation of this revolution starts outside this Creation —it starts with Prime Creator Itself and it is the reclamation and restoration of this entire Creation.

Can you say something about who you are as a being?
I, Heru, am one of the Creator Gods.  We are a group of beings that Prime Creator created prior to this Creation and so we are older than this universe.  When Prime Creator said, "Let there be Light," we were the instruments through which that was manifested.  We are the weavers of this magical substance that Prime Creator pours forth endlessly.  And we weave and we shape that sacred substance into forms, into elements, into worlds, into universes, into souls.  We are the beings who create the soul inside the sun and we create the sun.  All substance that we create with is of Prime Creator.  I personally, along with others, was involved in the creation of this universe, the creation of this planet and the creation of many of the souls who inhabit this planet.  So I am father, uncle and great uncle to many of you. And I would like to reclaim my own —to lift up, embrace and heal my children.

Why have you chosen to give these teachings at this time?
First, I would like to say that, as one of the Creator Gods who was involved in the creation of this world and this universe, I am a responsible party in its reclamation. Even though I have not been very active on this planet for several thousand years, it is my intent to bring forward a perspective on this Creation that does not currently exist on this planet; and in so doing, become reactivated in all aspects of the reclamation. As I do so, even all of the sweet Eye-of-Horus charms that exist throughout this world are being activated by my presence. So I am truly returning to this planet, not just in dry text but in actual presence.

What would you like this book to accomplish?
Hope, joy, self healing and the beginning of the accolades that will be heaped upon all of those that held to the Light. I want the unvarnished truth to be revealed so that full true healing can take place. This is not about putting band-aids on a tumor, but it is about restoration of true health.
It is my wish to draw people to this material and have it be available as a teaching for many.

Is there an urgency to get this material out quickly?
Yes, there is.  For with the advent of the Light Warriors and the turning of the tide, there will be people still laboring under beliefs that were fostered by the dark —religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, and self image beliefs.  As these are ripped away, they will need to have a foundation for understanding what is left. Therefore both the teachings contained within this book, as well as the meditation techniques I offer, will give people a way to not despair, to not shatter, to not cling to falsehoods that would drag them down.

You have spoken often of the corrupting nature of darkness.  How do we and the readers of this book know that you are uncorrupted?  How can we know that what you are speaking is the truth and that you are fully trustworthy?
That is a most important question.  And perhaps there is truly no way to know outside of what resonates within your heart.  It is my hope, my intent, and my dedication, to make this as pure a teaching as possible. Perhaps it is not possible in this world to have any teaching that is a hundred percent pure.  But I know that I have done the best that I could. And those working with me—Elora, Karen, Marjorie and Shakura, have all made great efforts to ensure that their integrity is intact at all times.  Can I guarantee this?  I cannot.  Can I hope?  Yes.  Do I think that this will resonate in the depths of the purest part of the souls of the people who read it?  I believe it will.

In this book, you speak of the invasion of the dark and the rescue that is upon us. Why has none of this information been available in any form until now?
Until the recent advent of the Omniversal Energy, the dark was able to block access to the cellular memory within each individual.  In doing so, access to the entire story was successfully suppressed.

Heru, what would you wish to convey to humanity at this time?
Beloved humans, I would have you know that many of you have come into this universe with missions of Light and healing and hope. Because of the degraded nature of where this planet and this whole sector are, most of these plans have not been fulfilled.  Therefore there is a deep frustration, anguish, pent up creativity, and so on, that is very heart wrenching to witness on my part.  I know that for each of you to have had your highest dreams of service subverted and perverted and stopped has to be painful beyond words. And first, I want to say that the most important thing that all of you have done collectively and individually is to hold enough Light, enough truth, and enough integrity so that this world and this universe are salvageable and will be restored.  That is a service above and beyond any of your individual dreams of service and this is the most important thing that you have done.

Though some of you may at this point be heartsick, weary, soul-fatigued and damaged, you have been successful.  You are the Great Heroes.  There is no medal or commendation that could honor you enough. Please take this deep within your heart: that each and every one of you who has held onto even a speck of Light, even a particle of integrity, have been victorious.  The promise of restoration and restitution is at hand and the time that you will actually be able to see this is very near.

Some of what you will read in this book is a frank and unveiled look at the past of humankind on this planet. It may be somewhat disturbing to you to read this, but I want you to know that the only reason this stark truth is being allowed to come forward at this time is because of the certainty and the nearness of the dissolving of all that is dark. It is truly very close to us now and even upon us. And as part of the healing, it is necessary for us to take a good strong look at where we have come from and how close we have come to annihilation.  Much of this was withheld until now for the purpose of not driving people into despair by the extent to which the dark energy had corrupted this Creation.  But now that we are at the turning of the tide, we can express to you simultaneously both the harsh danger we have all been in and the rescue that is at hand.

For you, dear reader, as you take into your heart the entirety of this picture it will trigger very deep emotions for many, as it has for the people involved in bringing this book forward.  For there has been much damage and hardship and loss for so many of you.  This will touch upon the very deepest buried memories that you carry within you —in your personal records, in your cellular DNA, in your bones.  And it is stored in the very stones of this Earth.  As you walk upon her battered soil, you cannot help but pick up the anguish that is everywhere around you, including the many battlegrounds —some of them physical, some etheric— that were never healed.

As these emotions surface, what I would recommend to you first and foremost is not to despair.  For the great Light has returned.  And it will help you to feel that Light within you, to feel it supporting you.  Secondly, to practice self forgiveness, for many have done acts that would never be in their true nature to do.  Self forgiveness is one of the first steps in healing.

I would have you understand that in order for the healing to take place, it is necessary to some degree for each of you to look directly at how the dark has impacted your life, how it has distorted who you are. This is not to jump into a quagmire and spend twenty-five years in therapy working through these realizations. What is being asked is for you to take a brief, concise, self-evaluating look at who you are in the moment and who you would be in an unfallen Creation.  You have that blueprint within you, within every cell and every atom of your body.  And you have the capacity to call that up and see it.

It is important to look at the past because in order to release what is there, it is necessary for it to first come into conscious awareness.  I would add that it is not necessary to relive every single cut and scrape and broken arm throughout the millennia.  What is needed for each of you is to look at your current lives and the imbalances in them —the big stories, the big heartaches, the big frustrations— and to understand that they fit into the overall pattern that you have carried with you for many thousands or millions of years.

Again, hold up your current imbalanced state and compare it with who you would be in an unfallen world —that original blueprint that is so perfect, that is so beautiful, that is such an elegant and eloquent expression of Prime Creator.  Your heritage, your lineage, and your destination all pertain to that perfection.  That is who you are.  Embrace it.  And as you embrace it, what you need to process and look at the imbalances will naturally well up from within you as you are ready to heal them.  Imagine if you would that there are two blueprints we are looking at, the perfected one and the distorted one.  And as you pull your distorted blueprint into alignment with the perfected one, piece by piece, issue by issue, and atom by atom, you will naturally process, in an ordered pattern, what needs to be done.  Let me add to this that much help is here for you and that you may call upon it freely.

Why is it necessary for us to know that we had come close to annihilation?
First, because it is the truth and, secondly, because it will give you a true understanding of the whole picture.  Embedded in many beliefs and philosophies on this world is the concept that darkness is an illusion —that this is all maya and a play of the Gods, that this is the Creator Gods having sport.  And that illusion will persist unless a person truly understands the magnitude of this horrific invasion.  As a result of living in a fallen world, each one of you will have, to some extent, compromised pieces of truth, pieces of the Light and pieces of yourself.  Therefore, to hold onto that false belief is to still leave room for the dark to act within you.  And this is part of the necessary identification of the dark in order for it to be eradicated.

Can you speak about the relevance of your three meditations to the rest of this material and why they might be especially useful through this time?
These meditations are tools.  They are not a path or a dogma or a religion to follow.  They are merely offered to you as an assist at this time, to draw to you sufficient energy to proceed through these changes, and to give you many creative opportunities to process and manifest what will bring you back into alignment.  The third technique is the heart of these meditations and it may be used in an infinite variety of ways as needed.  It can be simply a place of refuge and peace, nurturing and healing, or it can be used to manifest deep and powerful healings and transformations.  It can also serve as a room within which to dialogue with many of the helpers who are here at this time.

Heru, would you like to conclude this introduction with anything further for our readers?
Beloved reader, I call you forth to stand in front of myself and in front of Prime Creator; to hold forth your genuine heart and receive within it my blessing, my love, my acknowledgement of your tribulations and your ultimate triumph. I add that the same is extended from Prime Creator. I fill your heart with a golden transforming love that is the promise of full redemption, and I ask that you receive this and let it grow.

[Elora:] We will conclude this introduction with a few words from Durga/Sekhmet.

Sekhmet, is there anything that you wish to convey to humanity at this time?
Yes. I would like to convey the absolute and complete joy in my heart for the advent and the return of the Light and the reclamation of all beings large and small in this universe. And I would also extend my hand to any who read this that I make myself available for help and protection. For this next little while may be somewhat trying, and sometimes a comforting hand in a dark corridor can make all the difference. I extend my hand to all.

I also bring to you the message of hope beyond hope. It is certainty; it is really beyond words to convey to you the incredible magnitude of the change that is at hand and very near. For those of you who are reading this: ask for help in any time of doubt and despair, to be given a vision of how close indeed we are to the point at which humans on this Earth will be able to perceive that in reality the great change is happening. And this great change is the blessed return of all Light.

The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity
Revelations from the Creator God Heru

«It is time for the truth to be known. It is time because the hour of our redemption has finally arrived.»

So begin the urgent teachings of the Creator God Heru, who speaks to us of «a revolution the likes of which is beyond comprehension —the reclamation of this entire Creation.  This is the time of miracles … the beginning of hope, joy and healing.»

Along with the promise of liberation, Heru reveals the disturbing reality alluded to in our legends of the Fall. «This stark, unvarnished truth can now be revealed because the power of the forces of dark is rapidly crumbling.  Now that we are at the turning of the tide, we can express to you both the harsh danger we have all been in, and the certainty and nearness of the rescue at hand.»

Here, seen through the eyes of a mighty cosmic being, is a vision of reality never before offered to humanity.

Ground-breaking, profound, and deeply compassionate, The Return of Light takes us on an uncompromising journey: from memories of primordial paradise, through a descent into loss and terror, and finally to the utter certainty of restoration and redemption. What awaits us all is beyond our wildest dreams.

HERU is a Creator God who was intimately involved in the creation of this universe, planet and many of the souls currently inhabiting Earth. He is remembered in our world asHorus, Egypt’s Lord of Light as well as the Greek God Apollo.

Heru 9/18/2005

[Heru:] Greetings and my blessings to you, wonderful people of this planet Earth.  This is a most remarkable time that you are living in, for it is the time of the return of all Light. It is the time of the redemption of all of this part of Creation that has fallen into darkness. I, Heru, am one of the beings to make that so. I am the gate opener from outside this fallen sector, who will open wide the giant gates that will allow, streaming into this fallen desolate world, the Light of Creator, the many Hosts of Heaven, and the pure energy to correct the fallen programming that has kept all of you enslaved for so many millions of years. I am more than just the herald of this good news. I am part and parcel of this good news.  And with me come the redemption and the salvation of any who will open their hearts to this good news. With me come multitudes beyond counting of beings capable of helping the most fragmented and lost souls, the most desperate of situations and the most devastated of environments.  So rejoice in your hearts that this day has finally come.

Call upon me, call upon beloved Creator, call upon any of the Angelic Hosts with whom you are familiar, and also remember to call upon those who are new to this sector who have prepared many eons for this day. Help is here, and not one of you shall be lost.  Please let this message penetrate into your heart and open the way for you to receive the blessings of this help.  Cast aside the despair that keeps you locked in the chains of darkness, for it is a tool that the dark uses to enslave you. Rise up and reclaim your birthright as humans. For that birthright is that each and every one of you was created out of perfection and was created to be perfect. And sitting deep within you, covered with layers of soot, distortion and sludge, lies your perfect self.

We, the host who have come, have come to help you reclaim that lost perfection that is within you.  I want to say that you have only to stand up to receive it, but I know that many of you have been injured and incapacitated to the point where even that is an impossibility.  But let at least the spirit within your heart stand up, stand forth, ask for this blessing and receive it.  And then you shall know that the words I am saying are true.  By the fact of your own redemption you will know that this is real. That I am come, that Prime Creator is come, and that the multitude of hosts and angels and Light Warriors and God Warriors have come to fill this entire Creation with their presence until there are no dark corners left.  And so until I meet any of you who call upon me, I extend my love, my blessings, and my help to you.

The Epic of Creation


Please tell us about the nature of Prime Creator; about who and what Creator is, from your own knowledge and experience.
My eyes may see what yours do not, and that is the direct vision of the wondrous nature of our beloved Creator. This is a being without beginning or end, formless and yet formed at the same time, wondrous to look upon, brighter than all of the suns put together. And not only the brightness but the purity of that Light is incredible to behold. Out of Creator streams limitless Light, streams infinite energy, streams the very space upon which matter hangs. That space is the thought projection of Prime Creator; and so Creator, being infinite, has created infinite space.

Within that infinite space, Prime Creator has made many Creations, of which this system of universes is but one. And within the space of this Creation are hung, like the petals of a jeweled lotus, universe after universe after universe, suspended in this infinite space and hung with sustaining lines of energy. Then within each universe, as you know, many are the worlds and galaxies.

So varied is this Creation that I would compare it to one of your deliciously beautiful floribunda roses, where the bushes cascade blossom after blossom after blossom, each one so exquisite in its patterning and its fragrance and its individuality.

Creator has imbued, within every atom and every universe, its own consciousness, its own connectedness to itself. It is almost a holographic mirror that you could look into. You could look into any part of this Creation and know that Creator is there —present, seeing you look, looking through your eyes, looking at Creation, and mirroring back and forth— and offering you this kaleidoscopic experience that is never ending.

Why did Creator desire to make this Creation?
To have a worthy dance partner; one that could receive fully the boundless love that Creator has and one that was —as much as is possible— able to reflect all of the facets and gifts that Prime Creator has.

What is the overriding theme or intention of this Creation?
Beauty, harmony, rhythm, creativity, expansiveness, joy. When you look in this world at the great beauty and diversity of nature, and you look at the nature of a fractal, and how incredibly gorgeous it is as it expands in its complexity, you will get a small taste of what Creator is trying to express.

What was the Creator’s intention for all beings, large and small, who should live within this Creation?
The highest wish of Prime Creator is that each individual life form or aspect of Creation would blossom fully outward in its expression to the pinnacle of its individual essence. And simultaneously, that it would have the awareness to look back at Source to know who it is and where it came from. The intention is to have a simultaneous full expression of individuation and full encompassing of union with the Creator at the same time.  Creation is designed so that anyone from a tiny insect to a galaxy would have that ability.

Please discuss the communication and oneness between all beings in the unfallen Creation. For example, if I’m in one universe, and I want to communicate with someone in another universe, can I do that easily?
Yes. It is a matter of thinking and it is done. [So there is no sense of separation.] There is not. [The whole Creation is a living organism, and all the cells can communicate with each other?] Yes, and also there is the ability to be in more than one place at one time. This is described in quantum physics. It is basically a matter of focusing on where you would desire to be, and you would be there.

Please discuss the connection and communion with God that is present for all beings in the Light universes.
There is no concept of there not being communication, of there not being constant contact. It is just in the air that everyone breathes. It is everywhere. It is the medium that everyone and everything lives in.

Is there pain in the Light universes?
There is very little, and what there is would be the result of a connection between one of the Light universes and one of the fallen universes.

What is nature like in the unfallen universes?
If any of our readers have visited areas of pristine wilderness and observed the beauty and the magnificence there, it would be a magnitude of perhaps a hundred times more perfect.  Imagine, if you would, one of those great breaking waves upon the Hawaiian shore, those that the surfers ride; and you see the beauty of the dynamic that creates such perfection of water falling upon itself. Then imagine that wave a hundred times more perfect.  I can’t put words to it; I can only tell you that even with the forms here that are beautiful, it is better than that by so much.

Please talk about the relationship between humans and nature in the Light universes.
In terms of the relationship with nature, there is no concept of exploitation, ownership, or stewardship, as is taught in some of your scriptures.  For to walk upon the earth is to walk upon the body of God.  To swim in the water is to swim through the body of God.  And to breathe, and to eat, and to drink, are to ingest the Creator within the vehicle of the created, and there is no separation.  Again, there is that complete individuation of the human combined with a total connectedness to God and nature.  They are not seen as separate.

Is there technology and mechanization in the Light universes?
You would not be able to separate nature from technology.  They are seamlessly wedded in harmony.

* * * * * * *


[Editor’s Note:  See also the article The Fall in this website.]

Heru, if Prime Creator made and designed this Creation to be one of joy, harmony and perfection, what happened?
Approximately 1.3 billion years ago in your time, there was an invasion which occurred in a universe near this one —an invasion of darkness.  What we will call darkness, for the purpose of these discussions, is a non-souled, non-living substance, antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation.  It is not known where it comes from, or who or what designed it.  It has the tendency to permeate anything that it touches, though some beings have been able to resist it, at least in maintaining the purity of their spirit.

The universes had never experienced conflict prior to this event and therefore the membranes around them were only designed as containment of form and not as a protective barrier.  I would liken this invasion to the effect of the bite of a poisonous spider or snake on the human body. The original universe which was affected then sickened and essentially died in a very short period of time, almost immediately.  Of the beings living in it, those who could do so fled into the neighboring universes, unknowingly bringing contamination with them.  It was at that time that a small assemblage of beings was sent to help.  This group was not the one to which the Light workers on Earth belong; this was prior to that time. The structure of the one dead universe was collapsed and melted back into the All, with great sadness and solemn ceremony.

Those who had escaped seemed at that point largely unscathed. But from that time forward, the surrounding universes began to experience some disharmony. And this began to grow and magnify and spread rapidly, as there is much commerce between universes.  This spread continued and did not seem overly alarming, just concerning.  When this reached some several thousand universes, it was decided that a concerted effort would be made to deal with the situation.  Therefore a large group of beings assembled and that is most generally the group that the readers here belong to —the group which we call the Light workers.  They arrived, each of them with their specialty and their mission and began to do their work.

If you were to examine the state of those affected universes at that time, as compared to the present, they would look far more Light and harmonious than your current universe does.  It was as though everything was perhaps one degree off where it should be.  It was small, it was subtle, it was not dramatic.  There was not a great deal of suffering, there were no wars, there was just a level of disharmony, a small amount of disease, and a sense that everything was slightly off.  Things were no longer perfect.  Meanwhile the insidious nature of this poison, or this darkness, was that it penetrated deeper into the infected beings and deeper into the systems in these universes.  The worst part about this poison is that, unbeknownst to the host, it would usurp its free will in a very subtle way and begin to redirect its life.

Did the contamination then spread from the highest dimensions down?
Yes. As I stated earlier, when the original invaded universe died and was melted down, those highest beings out of that universe are the ones who escaped. Therefore this contamination happened from the highest orders, and actually spread downward through the dimensions. In the fallen universes, darkness exists through the eleventh dimension.

If this Creation was made without any form of negativity, then was it unable to defend itself against darkness? Why didn’t the Creator act to drive darkness out of the Creation?
This Creation is a creation of Love and Light, of beauty, of vast amounts of diversity. And as I said earlier, it is an expression of something beyond words, that indescribable place which the Creator expressed from. In this expression there was no thought of destructive or negative forces. These were not even conceived of as being a possibility. Therefore this Creation was created without weapons, without defenses.  You will see in the universes which are not fallen, for example, that the whole concept of predation is much different.

When this Creation was attacked, although the Prime Creator was aware of it instantly, the Creator was not able to comprehend the danger and was not able immediately to come up with a good solution. Therefore it spread. Really, the amount of time that darkness has been here is a very short one in terms of the time of the Creator. To use an analogy, it is as if this Creation were a human who was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The initial bite did not seem that bad, and nothing was done immediately. But as with a brown recluse spider, the toxins spread from cell to cell bringing death, rot, and decay with it, until the flesh around the original bite began to die. It is at that point that the body would begin to marshal its defenses. However, as with the brown recluse spider, the natural defenses would perhaps not be enough. And in fact, as stated before, this Creation had no defenses whatsoever.

Therefore it has taken some planning and engineering in order to create weapons that were never before conceived of, to create defenses that were never before conceived of. For you see, the angels and Creator Gods, and all of the beings who are on the front line of this fight, have had to cobble together defenses and weapons out of whatever they can pick up. They have been picking up their shovels and broomsticks and trying to fight a highly sophisticated invader when they have no prior knowledge of defensive strategy. And that is why, in many cases, it appears that the dark side wins the battles. But the shift is happening. The Creator has come up with a strategy. The weapons are in place; the armies of Light have been created and the tide has turned. And in a short swift time, the war will be won.

* * * * * * *


[Elora]: We have seen how our Creation was invaded by an alien darkness against which it had no defenses. Heru has explained that angels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, and other beings who were created in Light have had to stand against darkness in order to prevent the fallen universes from collapsing entirely. None of the beings in this Creation were made to be warriors.  When it was finally seen that the dark invaders were both soulless and unredeemable, our Creator formed an entirely new Creation.  From this Creation were born the beings whom we call Light Warriors.  Light Warriors are created for one purpose only —to eradicate darkness in all its manifestations.  They traveled to our universe hidden and cloaked in the Omniversal Energy. On August 12, 2004, Heru told us that the uncloaking had begun.

Heru stated that the Light Warriors were beginning to uncloak themselves all over our universe and throughout the fallen quadrant of our Creation. «They are beyond count,» he said, «and they are more than sufficient to do the job.» He stated that it would take about two years (from the summer of 2004) to win the battle for Earth. This time frame corresponds with statements made by other channels, although none that I know of have spoken of the existence of the Light Warriors. When we asked why it would take that long, he replied that it takes time for humans to change.

Heru, do you have any doubts that the Light Warriors will be successful?
No. You have seen accurately the nature of these beings, that they are made of a diamond—hard matter. There is nothing in this Creation that is as hard and as sharp as that. They are indestructible and invincible, with an unquenchable thirst to find and destroy every last speck of darkness. That is their nature, it is what they are made for, and they are relentless.

* * * * * * *


9/9/04 Heru, are the Light Warriors now working to free the Great Central Sun of this universe?
Yes. When this happens, the Light Warriors will begin to go after the individual suns, and the sun of this solar system [the Solar Logos] will be then worked upon.

Is the Great Central Sun the presence of God in each universe?
You could call it that. Within each person there is that connection, and through that connection the divine spark of the Creator. That format follows on the macrocosm as well as the microcosm. On the microcosm, within each cell or atom of a human there is also that spark and connection; and within each galaxy and universe there is that spark and connection. On the macrocosm, the Great Central Suns plays that role. Now that the Central Sun is free, that alone will change a lot in this universe.

[Elora:] As the days passed, I continued to watch the Great Central Sun of our universe. As the clouds of dust and debris cleared away, I was able to see that it had the form of a huge white lotus. The bud appeared to be closed, but very gradually began to open. In the early stages of this process, only a faint beam of pure white Light was emitted from the nearly closed petals. Many celestial beings could be seen working with this Sun, which is definitely an ensouled being. First I saw the Seraphim singing to this being, using pure tones of sound to heal and awaken it. After a few days they were replaced by the five members of Godinj, who also used what we might call «sound therapy». At all times thousands of other higher dimensional beings were gathered around, encircling this dramatic scene of restoration. Many appeared to be praying, and all watched with reverence and often with tears of joy. On September 14, 2004, we had occasion to speak to Kuthumi, one of the Ascended Masters. I asked Kuthumi for his perspective on the events occurring with the Great Central Sun of the universe, remarking that it appeared to me like a lotus unfolding. He replied:

[Kuthumi:] This Sun has been in chains for many million and millions of years, and as such was never fully able to express its Light and its glory. And yes, it is much like a flower unfolding, endlessly unfolding. What you are witnessing is the beginning of a beautiful process of infinite petals unfolding; and each petal that unfolds emits waves of Love and Light that stretch to the end of the universe. The lack of this Light has had a deleterious effect on every aspect of life in this universe. And so this will be truly a dawning of a Golden Age. [The being which ensouls the Central Sun —it is expressing itself through the form of the lotus? It’s as though the lotus is its body?] Yes. It is a most magnificent being; and there is an actual mechanism of creative energy that is expressed as this unfoldment takes place. It is lovely to behold.

[Elora:] About another week passed before the Great Central Sun became fully open. It appeared as a magnificent, radiantly white lotus with a multitude of petals. And then suddenly the lotus appeared to become activated. Great, effulgent rays of golden-white Light poured from every petal, and filled the universe with its glory. I could see angels standing near the Sun in ecstasy, bathing themselves in the Light. I wish I could say that this Light penetrated everywhere. Alas, from what I could observe, not much of it reached the lower dimensions, or planets like ours which are imprisoned behind very dense frequency fences.  Still, much of our universe is now filled with Light where darkness reigned, and the Light of the Creator is seen here once more.

I would like to add several notes to this chapter as this book goes to press. First, as of early November of 2004, work began on the Solar Logos of our sun. Our sunlight should become energetically cleaner and clearer as time goes on. We are also told that some large sections of our universe are substantially cleaned up. The best news of all is that, on the first of December [2004], the Light Warriors arrived in large numbers to begin their work on Earth. They are, at the time of this writing, beginning to dismantle the frequency fences behind which we have been imprisoned. We would caution our readers not to expect immediate miracles, as Heru has stated that things may actually appear somewhat worse during the next year or two. However, we believe that the greater influx of higher energies into our planet will be a tremendous aid and support for all those who hold to Light.

* * * * * * *


Heru, please define the term «cosmic progenitor».
Cosmic progenitors are a specialized group of Creator Gods who are capable of creating souls. [Is it a rare ability to be able to create souls? Are there relatively very few Creator Gods who can do this?] That is correct. I would say in general that in each universe there would be perhaps two dozen or so of the Creator Gods who would have that ability. And there would be several hundred of the Creator Gods in each universe. The Creator Gods were created by Prime Creator in another Creation, the most recent one before this one.

When you use the term "soul", what exactly do you mean?
It is certain that not all entities are souls, for many are just thought forms or some other such flotsam and jetsam. A soul is a very sacred part of Prime Creator. When they are ready to create a soul, the Creator Gods will go to Prime Creator and in essence request an egg.  In this egg are all of the divine structures and patterns that are contained within Prime Creator, just as when a mother produces a human egg, her DNA is within that. The Creator Gods are the only ones who are able to make this request and hold it.  It is through their love, and sometimes then the love of the cosmic parents, that this egg is then fertilized and activated so that it may come forth with a life of its own and become that mighty tree that we have spoken of in our various analogies.

What are these «eggs» like?
I see these forms actually as not looking so much like eggs, rather as very crystalline in structure. Interestingly, just as a woman would have no control over the genetic makeup of the particular egg that she would release, we in a sense have no control over which of those diamond crystalline forms we draw out from Source. So to us it is a beautiful surprise with each new soul that we create. The crystalline structures have a uniqueness to them that is new and unexpected for us each time. And these crystalline forms, through intent and love and prayer, can be created into individual souls, or you can give birth to entire universes in this way. To do an entire universe, though, would generally take more than two of the Creator Gods. It would take a circle of beings to pull forth one of these structures forth and create a universe with it.

In esoteric writings, it is said that the monad is the first individuated manifestation beyond Source. When the cosmic progenitors create a soul, then, is it actually the monad that they create?
Yes. And they may create monads as singular or twin monads.

Please define the term «twin flame».
Twin flames are born when the Creator Gods and the cosmic parents decide to create a being as twins. In human bodies, there are sometimes twins who are fraternal and sometimes twins who are identical and who are from the same egg. This would be the case with twin souls. They would be created by splitting the original form of an egg. This is done with intent; it is done with great love and reverence and it is done to magnify the power of Creation. As I revealed to Karen recently, the mechanism of the power generation that happens between twin souls is one of the most powerful generators in all of Creation.

Please discuss the power generating aspect of twin flames.
That back and forth motion, the separation and the return—that is the power. The depths of the soul’s longing to return to its twin—that is the fuel.  When the merging takes place a magnificent burst of energy is created which illuminates and inspires all of Creation.  That joy, the beauty of that merging, are shared on a subatomic level with the entire Creation. The specific incidents and experiences are not shared, but there is a qualitative sum of the sharing between the twin souls, almost like a sum of that merging. The depth, the breadth, and the power of that synthesis reaches all of Creation.

Do twin flames actually spend more time apart than together?
Time—well, you know time.  Perhaps.  And you must understand that the pain of the separation of twin flames only exists in the fallen universes.  In the unfallen universes this process is not painful.  It is actually very joyful, like a dance where the partners will be close to each other, holding each other, and then swing out, feeling the momentum of that exhilarating swing, and then that momentum swings them back together again.  That back and forth swing is an exquisite mechanism.

Does this coming together and moving apart happen eternally, or is there a point where they are united and don’t part any more? Do even you and Durga/Sekhmet part at times?
Yes, we do. It is an eternal process. The dance goes on. [In the periods of separation, is there a coming together with other partners?] Yes. And also you must understand that there is a part of the twin flame construct, almost like a hara line, that is never separated.

In what sense are twin souls identical? They appear to be similar but different.
Yes, and the difference is the different path that each has taken and the different choices that have been made in gathering life experiences. However, each time there is that merging, all of those experiences will become the experiences of both souls. There is a separation where experiences are gathered, and a reunion where experiences are shared and merged; and again a separation where experiences are gathered; and so on back and forth.

You have stated before that some beings have twin flames and others do not. Please explain how and why this occurs.
The how is very simple. Returning to the analogy of human birth, some souls are created as single souls and some are created as twins. The percentages are different, however. I would say roughly 60% of souls are created as twins. There is a small group, perhaps 6% of souls, who are actually created as a group soul, wherein you would have multiple souls that would actually be identical twins.[Like a woman who has sextuplets.] Yes. It is less common, but it does happen.

As for why, it is simply a choice. The path of the singular soul is no less great than the path of the twin soul. There are dynamics and mechanisms, paths of awakening and enLightenment, which happen with a singular soul and do not happen with the twin soul. Perhaps you could say the dynamic of separation and return for the singular soul would be played out not with a twin, but with Prime Creator, or with the Creator Gods or the cosmic progenitors. It is an equally beautiful path, just a different path.

For those who have twin souls, does the union with the twin soul replace union with Prime Creator?
It is almost as if through that mechanism, that is the union with Prime Creator, that is how it is expressed. God is known through that union.

For a human who is in third dimensional incarnation, what is the importance of knowing and being connected to the twin flame?
It is a life changing occurrence, a very deeply life changing occurrence. Generally, twin souls will decide prior to a life whether to have contact or not. Once conscious contact is made, either on the inner or the third dimensional plane, there really is no going back. For there is nothing that will create an amnesia which will allow a person to forget the feeling of contact with their twin.

* * * * * * *


In terms of our lifetime, how can we contribute to this healing? Is that part of our task?
Much of what humanity has labeled tests and lessons from God or from higher levels, are in fact not something that was created by Prime Creator but are the result of living in a fallen universe. Many of the trials and tribulations in each person’s history have nothing to do with evolution, and have only to do with being imprisoned in this gloomy place. For even though you yourself do not have shackles around your ankles, and you do not live in a prison with walls, this whole planet has been imprisoned and this universe has been imprisoned.

Therefore I would have you redefine your evolution and your self worth in that manner. I would also have you rejoice in the fact that the one and only test, if you would call it that, has been your commitment and adherence to the principles of Light. It is miraculous in each and every being that has held to the Light; it is a miracle to rejoice at. As far as jobs go, that really was the only job that mattered. Each of you came to this universe with a task in mind to do, but could not complete that task due to the nature of the dark. Therefore, remaining in your soul is that longing to do service. That was what brought you here, and that is what has been frustrated in not being fulfilled. But the greatest work that you did was to hold enough Light so that this planet could be saved and to hold enough so that this universe can be saved.

Now that the Light Warriors have been released, by and large that work is complete. Therefore I would have you protect yourself, remain in a safe place, and await with joy the coming influx of the multitude of beings from the other universes who have awaited all these eons to be able to help in healing. They will be here within your lifetime. And they will bring you to the better part of a whole place, so that when you drop your body and your twin soul drops his body and you are reunited, it will be a union of harmony and Light.

Can you say more about the need to redefine ourselves?
As we have said, there is an assumption of duality on this planet, perhaps epitomized by the concept of original sin and karma. What you must realize is that in an unfallen universe karma does not exist. If you were to imagine yourself as a being in the third dimension, living your life in an unfallen universe, who would you be? Who would you be without the duality, without karma? And that is, in a word, magnificence. That is who you are. Therefore as the frequency fences, all of them—planetary, galactic, and so on—are brought down, many of your connections and memories with an identity that has nothing to do with darkness will return to you. If there is any effort to be made, it is in the willingness to accept this falling away and this revelation of Light, and all the joy that that brings.

* * * * * * *


Heru, since our discussions of darkness and its prevalence in our universe, I have been wondering about some of the ways that humans have tried to come to terms with the presence of negativity or darkness. I would like your responses on them.
Yes, this is a very important subject.

Some metaphysicians would say that the challenge and purpose of this Creation was to meet the darkness. Is there any truth to this?
(With passion:) This Creation is an expression of love, an expression of beauty, an expression of harmony. Its purpose has nothing to do with darkness.

A very common rationalization is that everything is Love and Light. This point of view claims that darkness is an illusion.
It would be nice if that were the case but it is not, clearly. There are dark forces at work. If this so-called «illusory» darkness were built into the fabric of Creation, in any way, shape, or form, what would that mean? It would mean that the Creator or the Gods who created this universe had done a terrible job. For life on this planet is full of misery. And if that were the intent of the Creator of this place, I would say that person should be fired.

One more rationalization that people use about darkness is to say that this has all been like a huge play, and everyone is playing roles. From this perspective, it is said that the villains have done a good job playing the bad guys, and the heroes have done a good job playing the good guys. When it’s all over, everyone will drop their masks, have a good laugh and go home. Can you comment on this?
What a subtle rationalization!  Would that it were true!  And yet, it is good that it is not true. For if this were truly how this universe and how this Creation were designed to operate, what a miserable Creation it would be.  It would be saying that the Creator created a Creation of conflict and that is simply not true. It would justify Hiroshima. It would justify all of the suffering of the Civil War. It would justify the concentration camps and the starvation of the millions and millions in Africa. It would justify the plagues of the Middle Ages, the genocide of the American Indians; all of that. No. None of it is justified and this Creation was not created for that purpose.

It truly is an either/or scenario. Either this Creation was designed to be an expression of love, Light, creativity and harmony; or it was created to be an expression of conflict and war. There really is no middle ground there.

Another statement which tries to explain darkness regards what is called the Divine Plan. It is said that there is a Divine Plan and that nothing occurs outside this plan. Therefore, if this is true, everything must occur within that plan and purpose and everything is perfect because it happens for a reason.
That is written into your blueprint because at the time your blueprint was created it was true. However since that time circumstances have changed. Yet still that belief is hardwired into every atom and every molecule of life. It is more than a belief really and it is very strong in everybody. [This is very illuminating.] It explains a lot, doesn’t it?

It is also said that, as individuated beings, our mandate was to experience—to experience everything.  Since «everything» includes darkness and separation from God, we therefore chose to experience those things too.
This is similar to the belief that everything is in divine order, in that the mandate or impetus to experience is also hardwired into all of life.  However, not hardwired into all life is separation from God.  That is not hardwired and that has been created by the invasion.  A soul comes into this universe, which is dark. And written into their blueprint is the desire to experience everything. When the experience is contaminated, that desire does not abate.  In other words, the soul still wants to experience everything. What it experiences is darkness and separation; yet there is not the ability to turn off the desire for experience.  So in a sense a being starts indiscriminately vacuuming up everything.

I have observed the fact that people who claim to be enlightened say that everything is one, there is really no evil or darkness, everything is perfect, everything happens for a reason and is within the Divine Plan, and so on. It would appear that these people are deluded in this regard, yet it also seems that they are more awakened and enlightened than someone like myself. How can you explain this?
That is a good question. What these people have done is that they have activated their original blueprint. Therefore they are sitting within their original blueprint, and have generated enough of a force field that the contamination which is present in this fallen universe is not affecting their consciousness.  For them, to a greater or lesser extent, they have created that reality.  And it is powerful to do so; it is admirable that they are able to do so.  They are able to draw to themselves what they need.  To the extent that their sphere of influence carries, they are able to create a space around them where that reality is manifest.  For some people that sphere basically ends about as far as their hands could reach [gesturing with his hands outstretched]. For some that would have greater power, it would extend into a community or such.

Is it possible for a person to live a life of non-duality in a fallen Universe and yet still recognize or acknowledge the reality of darkness?
It is rare, but it has been done. [Most people either go into a non-dual state, and can no longer see darkness even when it’s existing all around them; or remain in a dual state, in which case they can see darkness.] Yes.

For the Light beings such as ourselves who came here to help, has there been any progress or growth over these many millions of years?
I have to say that, yes, there is always growth—there is always growth in understanding, wisdom, compassion, and so on. And for all of you, yes, there has been growth, but it is not what it would have been had you not been in a fallen universe.

Have we fallen behind the evolution of the rest of Creation?
In a manner of speaking, yes. It is not really seen what will happen once all of the lives within the fallen universes are restored to wholeness—all the beings, life systems, and life forms. There are abundant theories on what will happen, but no one truly knows. There is a predominant theory, however, that once the restoration of wholeness comes to each being, and the restoration of harmony, full potential, and full power is attained —that even though an individual would have been stunted from being in a fallen universe, something new, something never before seen, will be there.

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