Two or More in My Name

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Two or More in My Name
Christ Michael and Candace Frieze

Christ Michael through Candace Frieze.  Message posted in the forum ( January 9, 2006.  Christ Michael as CommanderHatonn commands the Phoenix starship that brought Sananda back to earth in 1954. He is a major author of the Phoenix Journals. Published in this website on January 14, 2006.

Christ Michael:

My Dearest Ones, who have endured the long wait, praise be unto you for doing so. The time is finally at hand, the extra "support" from Mars is having its impact. Over the weekend certain individuals also received subpoenas and other critical information that is telling them exactly what is going to occur, with or without their cooperation.

And, yes, my friends who are asking on the forum, the base of Mars has indeed been there for 50 years now. The little rovers are but a deception. And speaking of those rovers, just because the television told you how they arrived, when they were sent, and the ensuing problems with them, could this just have been a vision upon the tell-a-vision? I digressed, back to the real purpose of this message.

Now, it has been said by Sananda, and I will simply add support to that, that there are many around you who now are going to need your knowledge and your support through the next few weeks, which will include increasing landings and media coverage. You must continue to abate their fears, and tell them this is the Second Coming Process before their eyes. Also tell them, the rapture, is the excitement and joy, not the process of going anywhere without their clothes into the clouds.

Tell them the Christ of our Universe is indeed present, and will personally walk the Earth, and indeed I will. Not in the next weeks, but after the Earth is acclimated to the idea. I will be on the television, and I assure you, not in the sense of the tell-a-vision. I will visit openly major leaders around the world, the transparency must now begin.

During our little blackout activities, which should be announced openly if the plans of this week take place as desired, there will be for all, a bright and shining star, oops!, starship in the East. Actually there will be more than one, because the ships participating, including my own, will be down very low, and thus we must use several so that all may see one. I will be back in my old general area, of the 40th horizontal parallel.

The ship in that area currently is not the Phoenix, and it is in a slightly different placement to cause confusion and questioning to those that watch the Phoenix. Congratulations, John, for noticing this and asking about it. Candace just loves to call that temporary ship, the "placemat." But she knows indeed the ship is much more than a placemat, just a silly term for the one standing in place while I took the Phoenix to Mars.

And, yes, on the forum I must digress some more, someone posted a comment about the dress attire required for my presence on Mars. I am rather informal, sweat pants work fine for me. The heavy decorum of Earth military is not so noticeable elsewhere in the Universe. But indeed most showed up in rather ornate military dress. Candace did not tell me of this post, as I said, I have someone who reads the various sites on the ground, and sends me, often laughing themselves, assorted information.

A chuckle did occur over the dress code comments. I may be Creator Son, but I do not require groveling, nor do I require that people wear heavy and uncomfortable uniforms. Shortly after my arrival and first meeting, I made it clear I did not care if they showed up in their pajamas. Getting rid of the formal clothing changes the atmosphere of the meetings considerably and facilitates much better communication beyond that which the stuffed shirt variety causes.

Now back to the Second Coming process (see, I do not do pre-canned messages). Those expecting rapture to elsewhere will need much support. The Second Coming is a process that actually started shortly after I left that incarnation 2000 years ago. As I have said, I returned to the Central Universe, to prepare a plan. The process actually started when I told those around me, before my leaving, that I would return.

The process continued through the Renaissance, that was part of the game plan. Had Anu and buddies not caused burning at the stake and other nefarious activities, we would be will ahead of the game. But so is the continuing story of Earth. As has been told somewhere in some of these messages, I believe anyway, Earth was offered a bail out quite some time ago, and it was rejected, by the members of Earth. So we began the process of working within. And so this lead to my choice to made Urantia my 7th bestowal experience.

This occurred long before Atlantis fell, early when the Earths’ peoples had become more cognizant of negative interference.  I have an interesting little tidbit. Some of you may have read Tesla in the Journals. Tesla did not die, he ascended in body, and has been in various hiding points that are used by the White Brotherhood around the planet, continuing in his work. His death was merely faked as it was time for him to end his work on the Earth plane, he would have been "deaded" for it soon enough.

Your way showing skills are in great need now, we did this project to build support and knowledge. There is going to be a bit of gnashing of teeth, by people expecting a different version of the Second Coming Process. Even those not totally raised in organized religion, or who rejected it later, are still not in the knowing, and are affected by organized religion, because organized religion is a major force of darkness upon the earth, that shows people how to accept The Matrix willingly. The follow Jesus stuff is not The Way.

You must tell them the way is that of goodness and peace. The way, is that they are to be responsible children of God, adult children, acting in the joy and question stage of early childhood, not of babies worshipping a daddy god. In church on Sundays the music of worship, while pretty to listen to, has very manipulative words and I watch people who look skyward for sky god when God is to be found within.

You must tell them they are a fragment of the Father of all creation and, as such, they drive their own car. God gives unto all mind which, other than life, is the greatest gift of God. For without mind there would be no growth, no constant learning, no ascension, no evolutionary process that produced their souls in the first place.  Evolution can’t occur without mind.

You must tell them when they tell their little stories of "truth" that this was a fairy tale inserted into religion by the BBB&G’s, the Antichrist. They have been misled. It is time to tell the truth, and not compromise anymore with those around you because, in the doing of that, you serve The Beast, the allowing of the subterfuge, the participating in it. You allow them to continue in these silly beliefs by not challenging them. Please, make them uncomfortable, their very growth depends upon it, their Ascension with Earth depends on them taking control over their mind, and using it.

The rapture idea is something that even a child would question, as long as the child has not had Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny ingrained into them since birth. Children do question this, and when they ask, they often get told it is magic or whatever. There is not magic, that is the illusion of Earth. Yes, I can walk through walls, and do so rather regularly. But this is not magic, it is a combination of my body type, and my knowledge of Science, which I assure you is complete, otherwise I would not have graduated from Creator Son school, and come to Nebadon. I will teach more about the Sons from Paradise in the future, and give you all a better autobiography.

Miracles are not miracles by the one doing them, they are merely using the laws of physics, which are immutable, and work exactly as expected when used with correct understanding. In hopefully a reasonably short time science and religion will meld into sacred science upon this plane and not be considered two separate issues.

Science, is merely the accurate understanding of Creation, and when approached from this manner, then the sacred understanding comes into play. God is thus seen, in the Creation. Look at what you do understand though poorly taught in your schools. Look at the building block that the atom is. The atom contains unto itself the knowledge of God, and is wise.

The parts of the atom are small, there is huge space between the nucleus and electrons, and the electrons journey around in ways that science is only touching on now. There is communication between the protons, neutrons, and electrons. And the great big empty space between them is where the spirit of life finds its home. It is not empty. So therefore everything is more spirit than matter and matter itself a total illusion.

Everything that exists is illusion, we all made it up together, 700,000 universes and counting, many new Nebulas awaiting your skills. You will become the Creator Gods that develop these Nebula’s into future Universes. Those of you who are in complexity about what seems to be such negativity on the Earth plane and would at times wish to leave, in the staying and building the New Earth you will acquire great skills and you came here to do this, that you might journey on to greater grandeur in those new universes forming.

There are no new Creator Sons coming from the Paradise Isle, you shall be them. This physical realm called Earth has been a mighty school for you, and when you thus graduate, you will aspire to many great things. So get over thy discomfort, and get on with thy grand journey ahead! You will open doors upon doors, in the healing of Urantia, my blessed seed planet.

Candace and I are working off and on based on my schedule and hers, new writings about my beloved Urantia. Urantia was a most wondrous evolutionary planet, and the perfect place to develop a laboratory for developing new life forms. And now,Shekhmet, who has been presented to you, a master geneticist from an early universe in Orvonton, a graduated Ascending Son, Glorified in God, will bring into use her skills, in restoring MY seed planet of Urantia. Many life forms in the ascension journey of evolution have been lost, and must be replaced, so the journey of spirit through matter moves on as it should without road blocks.

The Second Coming is a process, not just a stationary event. You continue that process, helping to bring to life the concept of NESARA to the world. As you create your messianic visions, which should include also the works within your family and other communities, you must absolutely require that all who participate, do real thinking and problem solving, rather than simply following your instructions. Those that would ascend with the planet have to come into thinking, and letting go of the idea that others, or God must do it for them.

The "Two or More in My Name", means two or more "I AM’s," not "I Follow’s," getting the work done. You are not to allow those to whom you offer help, to sit around and just accept it. You must involve them in the solutions. They must truly think. If Candace’s cat, Spicy Girl, could get a Thought Adjuster, don’t you think those that are in human bodies might be able to also? That is a huge goal. Roughly half the population of Earth are new souls so to speak.

This is a first human life, and many have not, or will not attract the Father Fragment. They must do something of "will" to do so. Decision time! Solving problems time! The BBB&G’s took My Name In Vain, by downgrading the DNA to make people into worker bees for them. MY Name, is about growing in knowledge, and the use of that knowledge.

It is about coming out of boxes. Life ascends from smaller boxes into larger boxes, and for an animal soul to move up to a higher animal form for its learning, it must must come out of its existing DNA box. Candace’s cat came out of the cat DNA box and earned herself not only a move up to a human body to begin experiencing in but also a Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Father of The Paradise Isle. Now the Thought Adjuster is on loan until fusion time and thus Spicy Girl must take the necessary Journey to fusion. But she is in mansion world number one for her schooling now, the real journey has begun.

Those ascending with Earth who are not Father fused will and are doing this at nighttime now. Many are being taken to the mansion worlds as they sleep for fusion in etheric body and being returned to the physical body to start the Ascension Journey in greatness as full Sons of God by fusion rather than by faith. The Lightbody as we are doing things on Earth will not begin forming until fusion has occurred. The Lightbody is the tool of the Ascending Sons of reality who moved past faith into something more. There will be no Second Death for these ones, these who chose the eternal journey. Many of you are fused and your Lightbodies are indeed forming.

We want the 50% of population who are robotics, (new souls mentioned above) not meaning clones but of low DNA quality, to come into problem solving. That these exist in these numbers is because of the work of the Antichrist and unnatural to God. You will encounter them everywhere and they are robotics because they copy and follow, thus are like robots. These folks, are not the natural and normal result in evolution, but they are here, and they need your help. They need the Thought Adjuster, otherwise they return to human animal group soul or face the Second Death because they can’t even begin to understand the karma associated with their deeds when the antichrist uses them as war fodder.

This is taking the Lord’s Name In Vain, big time. God never intended robots of this type. It is wholly unnatural. But we are increasing our schools to service them during the night, we will increase them greatly during the day. You can start by being the way showers, by showing what a Son of God really is, and what that means. And maybe, just maybe, in fact quite likely, a Thought Adjuster will come their way. We are doing things from this side, to enable that process.

I will not have the loss to the knowledge of the Father in loosing these ones. Many can’t continue in the Earth school, they are not ready, but they can thusly go to the mansion worlds and start the real journey. Show them the way. The Thought Adjuster, and the fusion with it makes all of the Father. This is the single most important concept to understand, in the journey of the way. The Thought Adjuster enables the search to the Father’s knowledge. It stores the learning that is lost when the brain dies with body death.

You will also encounter many simply younger souls, who did attract the Thought Adjuster, but are yet not fused with it. That this might happen is possible. Even if not, they still march on in their training. The new pristine planet is not a place of punishment. Pristine means it has not yet been marred by negative energy. It is in beauteous balance. A place to start in freshness. Many will continue their journey to experience fusion on that place.

The journey through the seven mansion worlds, the seven heavens in some [written] material, is a long one, but it has become longer than necessary for some. In going to this lovely new planet the journey might be shortened. Show the Way, in pride, in service to others. And you serve others, by causing them to awaken, and take charge of their journey. Do feed where necessary, and clothe where necessary, but involve the peoples of the planet in co creating the solutions, so they might further evolve their souls.

Sit around with all in any community you participate in and create a challenge to them. Point out The Matrix controls, the untruths, and you yourself learn what they are so you can point them out.  Many of you have submitted to Matrix, accepted it yourself in many areas. There is now a Matrix forum and you need to go there and contemplate The Matrix.

Patrick Bellringer did post an article recently that does detail much of what needs correcting to bring heaven to Earth. But it does not detail that much of this is Matrix, and you are the system busters here to make the changes.  This is not the job of the sky god.  And do not succumb to that very poor New Age teaching going around that says, if you bring solution into the Earth plane, that this is Ego.  It is not.  This is but another "rapture" type teaching given unto New Age to cause you all to sit around and not co-create with God. Candace, if you would know her better now, through the website, is one the most egoless people upon this plane. She is totally in service to others.

She created AbundantHope, and rather than going into begging prayer mode, she contacted me quite personally, or so she hoped at the time, offering a game plan, a solution plan, and thus we accepted it, and AbundantHope has become also our work. Co create with God, develop the solutions. Do not wait around for God to assign the task. I will not do so, for it is up to you, to co create with Me, and not to "follow" me. May we continue the journey together, and not apart,  "Two Or More In My Name."  Namaste, I AM The Christ, who you have been waiting for and of whom you are a part.


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