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Mother Shekhmet Speaks

Mother Shekhmet and Candace Frieze

Mother Shekhmet (also known as Mother Sekhmet) through Candace Frieze, AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.comMessage sent on August 9, 2005.  Published in this website on August 10, 2005.

Thursday August 4, 2005


Hi everyone, Mother Shekhmet gave me this message on August 4, 2005. I will present this first and then I have an issue to cover. Also, I have received a most interesting channeling from an individual that recently left this plane, a person of great prominence. I can’t present the material until this person authorizes it after the NESARA announcement.

Also, since the announcement studio was seriously damaged in a recent skirmish, a new site has been established that the BBB&G’s will not be able to interfere with. The new announcement studio and the announcement will come from the Capricorn providing impeccable security!  Now to Mother Shekhmet.


Good morning, Dear Ones of Earth, I AM who is called by you Mother Shekhmet. I am not sure where the term Mother came for me, it is an Earth creation. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I am female, and I am, amongst other of my job descriptions, a master geneticist.

It is said currently on Earth that I was here before the Gods were here. That is not exactly a true statement, as God was always there. But I am quite an old soul. I am an Ascending Son, meaning my origin is from the evolutionary process rather than the Godhead as the Descending Sons, the Angelics if you will, have their origin.

I had my origin in one of the early universes of Orvonton, the Superuniverse to which Nebadon belongs. It has been told in these messages, that there are 100,000 universes in a Superuniverse. This information is also in the Urantia Book.  Nebadon is the 11,121st universe in Orvonton. This makes Nebadon a somewhat middle-aged Universe in Orvonton, but a younger Universe in the scheme of things. It is Universe number 611,121 of the 700,000, all of which are now in existence. Number 700,000 is a very young Universe, rather recently coming into being.

In Urantia, you have read, that the big goal of your journey would be to stand at the right hand of the Father, meaning you have graduated all of the schools possible to attend, through your local Universe, then your Superuniverse, then the Central Universe of Havona. With that graduation you get to stand for a bit of time in the Presence of the Father of All on Paradise. I have completed that journey and I can thus attest to the truth of the ultimate journey.

However, It does not end there, and you don’t live on Paradise forever, you take those hard earned skills, and go about your work. It is never possible, it would seem to know it all. My universe of origin is called Rabanadon and it is universe number 600,012, the 12th Universe in Orvonton, and that does indeed make me a rather old soul, but there are many much much older than myself, having their origin in the very first universe. You will read in Urantia that the first graduate of the Ascension Journey is called Grandfanda.


I have pronounced the word Urantia as Ur ran sha. Mother pronounces it Ur ran tee a. I also see various spellings of Mother on the net [Editor’s Note: In other web pages of this website the name has been Mother Sekhmet]. I am spelling it here, as Shekhmet, as she pronounces it starting with a "She" sound. The kh letters are sort of combined together as I hear her say her name. Rather guttural and hard for me to make the sound.


In the sense of my long history, I suppose you might say, I was there before the Gods were, if you took that to mean I was around before most the Creator Sons took over their respective universes in Orvonton as they formed. Universes form sequentially. There forms first a circular Nebula, and when it is in perfection, it is sort of "set off," by those of the knowledge to do so, and begins to form suns, going through the process of becoming a spiral nebula, and continuing on in the sun forming process until you have a universe that can be "moved into."


When you observe a spiral nebula through a telescope you are looking at a universe in the making. And do you know where the matter in a universe comes from? In simple terms, from your thoughts. Thoughts are pure energy, there is no resistance to their travels from your minds. They continue on out through the expanse of space and circular nebulae are formed. There is a lot of thinking going on in all of Creation. There is a bit more to this simple story, but for the time being, this is quite enough to ponder upon.

Now, a question to be answered from the mail, how am I involved in Nebadon at this time?, and also, what was going on back in Egypt when I was known there?  I came into working in Nebadon by my choice to do so. Part of what I have done here is contribute to the genetics of Nebadon since I am a geneticist. My skills as a geneticist are quite a bit beyond what a geneticist on Earth does at this time, and well beyond what the little Greys have be doing with the DNA of Earth, which is stealing it with the permission of the United States government.

However, their stealing of the DNA has been from around the world and not just the United States.  They have been trying to create a soul container for themselves, as they are robotics, and desire to be human and this does not work. Mixing their roboticDNA with human DNA does not make them human, it makes a cross breed with problems not unlike what was done in Atlantis in the creation of the "Things" of legend.

Those they create will have a bit of difficulty knowing what they are.  In a sense, this is worse than Atlantis and the mixing of human DNA with animal DNA.  The Greys are not animals, not part of the ascending journey.  Those they have created are neither human, by human here we mean Sons of God, or the potential of that but they are merely a more advanced robotic type, a "prettier" body, but still robotic in nature.

They did not accomplish what they wished, they merely changed their looks.  In this they will incarnate themselves into different bodies, but they do not take the Ascending Journey, as the body is not human. They have merely created a human-appearing body and remain unable to have a Father fragment come to them.  They must incarnate into one of God’s bodies, by permission, for this event to occur.  It will not occur by stealth of the genetics.

All have their lessons to learn, even the Greys.  They are intelligent and they did rebel from the slavery from which they were created.  In this, had they taken a better route, they would have been granted the eternal journey.  And some were granted this recently.


Remember in some prior messages, it was discussed, I believe in #25, where Hatonn says he is Christ Michael, that some of the Greys, by their more human compassionate behavior, will earn the right to start the Ascending Journey by birth into the human form in our New World. [Editor’s Note:  SeeHatonn Describes Himself and More in this website.]


I would now like to explain further the human form. There are several human forms, not just the one on Earth. There is the Reptilian form, the Feline form (mine), the Insect form, an Octopus form, and quite a few other forms.  "Human" (HigherUniversal Man) comes out of the natural process of evolution on a planet.

All planets are seeded by God’s scientists with life, and in Urantia these are called "Life Carriers." I am not a life carrier, these are Descending Sons, and created by the Creator Sons of the local universes.  I am more like a consultant which is a word that does not fully describe what I do, but you have no words that are adequate so this will have to suffice at this time.

The different human forms that develop are what happen as a result of the evolutionary process on each planet.  The Octopus form becomes the human form on water worlds as the Octopus, by having its 8 appendages, gains the most intelligence. It is possible in one’s journey, and this does occur, to change forms, meaning the human soul can incarnate into a variety of forms.

The souls coming from water planets almost always have to take a portion of their journey on other worlds in bodies which are more "human."  In fact, the human form, as on this planet, is a final form in the schools for many.  It is ideal, other than having been diminished by those in control of the planet to the 2 strands of DNA.

But many of us, myself included, keep our "mammalian" forms in our journeys, and donate of our DNA to various planets to create the ascending pattern of learning.  It is most sad to see some living forms disappearing on the planet, as links are lost in the natural process of learning.  You journey through a variety of forms in your early evolution.  You have been informed of this in a previous message I believe. (Candace: the Animal Message.)

You have read that I am a Paschet, a lioness, and that is true.  There are also horse-type forms, bear-type forms, dinoid, and others. It is said that I am a great warrior of the Light. Actually we do have a misunderstanding here. I work for the Light, all do eventually, or there is no ascension. But I am not a warrior who fights with weapons. There are those that do in the defense of universes from marauders who have not yet learned to be in Service to Others.


As to my roles in Egypt I was simply active in that area working as we all do to uplift and teach and I was made, as usually happens on Earth, into a Goddess. All on the eternal journey are in varying stages of Godhood. That I am well beyond many in my journey is true, but I am not a Goddess, as in the Father/Mother Goddess stories prevalent on Earth.

I am not the creator on many universes, as is being told by some right now. The Creator Sons are in charge of the Universes, and their creation. It is being told at this time that I can uncreate those I have created in my position of Mother Goddess and this is most certainly not true. I am not creating a pot of soup of uncreated beings. Any Uncreation of souls comes at the behest usually of the Superuniverse, but once a Creator Son completes his education and experience he has that capability.

Certainly Christ Michael of Nebadon does have this capability now, but it is very rarely used. And it comes by the choice of the individual involved. Lucifer did recently make this choice, he chose not to take the rehabilitation offered, and it appears this is because he felt great failure.  He really did think, by going into rebellion, he had a better way, he did have an ego problem thinking he had full rights of God in the running of the system of Satania. And in time, had he not taken the route of rebellion, he would have been the Sovereign of Satania, an earned position.


A brief definition of Satania is needed here, if you are not a Urantia reader. The government of our Universe of Nebadon is organized similarly as in theUnited States and some other countries. We have cities, counties, states, in increasing responsibility. In our Universe, up to 1,000 life-bearing planets are grouped into what is called a "System."

The System that Earth belongs to is called Satania, and there are more than 600 planets so far in our system. Each system has a system head. Lucifer used to be our System head. Satania’s new system head goes by the name of Lanaforge. Also, the name of Satan has nothing to do with the name Satania. Satan worked under Lucifer, and went into the Lucifer Rebellion. 37 planets in our system also entered into the Rebellion.

System Heads are Descending Sons, usually, except that Christ Michael told me there is one Ascending Son who is a System Head somewhere in this Universe of Nebadon. Systems, 100 of them, make a Constellation. There are 100 Constellations in a universe. Note here that a Constellation of government is not the same as the names of constellations we look at in our sky at night. There is the potential of about 10 million planets bearing life in our Universe of Nebadon. There are currently about 3.4 million registered as life-bearing planets. Urantia states that in the totality of the 7 Superuniverses there is the potential of 7 trillion life-bearing planets, and at this time there are about 5.6 trillion registered.

Our planet, Urantia, Earth, Shan, Terra, whatever term you like, is #606 in Satania.  Satania has 619 planets, with around 200 more evolving into inhabited worlds.  Inhabited means that intelligent life having developed "will" is present.

A Planetary Prince is the representative and ruler from the Universal government to a planet. Usually these are Descending Sons, also. Ours was named Caligastia, but he was "fired," as he brought this planet into the Rebellion.  Sananda Immanuel, an Ascending Son as we have mentioned before, will assume this position, with the Second Coming event.  Ascending Sons basically have no limits to the heights to which they can Ascend.


What do I really look like in time you shall see as I will lower my vibrations enough to walk the Earth also when she has yet more Light. I can’t lower my vibrations to the current levels of Light on the Earth, but I see the time coming in which I will be able to do so.

There is something that needs to be very much cleared up by myself.  There is one who at this time claims that he trance-channels myself, and there is one who claims to have seen this person transform into myself in a recent Internet posting. This is most definitely a lie. This transformation as described implies I am incarnate in this person, and can shape-shift into myself from this humans body. This is appalling, this little game being played out.  If this person does shape-shift into a lion form, he might be a 4D entity with that skill, but it is not I he is shape-shifting into. He is not a 5D entity or higher, as a 5D entity would not use a shape-shifting skill to deceive others.

This couple, involved in the above scheme, are selling channelings in my name to others. I would never channel to help an individual gain in wealth.  Further more, I do not do channelings of this sort for free either. I do not give personal advice through channels to others, nor read their Akashic records for them, period. It is not my way. There are those that can read the records, and those that also pretend to do so. I am very involved in activities of much greater importance in the ascension of Earth and I do not spend my time in the above manner.  I do not do trance channelings at all, there is no Earth body that I could come into for this purpose, my energy is too high. Telepathy is the only choice at this time as a channeling method.

This entity described above has made quite a number of supposed channelings from me.  In the doing of this, he growls, in supposed imitation of my voice. A little "wakeup call" is needed here. Guess what, I do not growl. Lions on Earth do growl, that is the nature of their vocal cords. I occupy a very high Light Body and only for this mission to Earth.  I am totally spirit in nature, as is everyone, past their graduations for the schools of the local Universe. We do however always have DNA but this is quite different from the DNA through which spirit in its journey of learning in matter uses.

I am using the Paschet lioness form in this Light Body but growling is not done at this stage. And as I said above, in time you shall see of this form I use at this time. I have been using this form since the olden days of Egypt, and I was seen by some, therefore, the statues that were made in my name.  I will not be speaking with human-type vocal cords when I am visible, I will continue the use of telepathy with those who have the capability.

This statement should further enlighten our readers, who have listened to the one who claims to bring my messages to the world.  And when I am seen, it will not be by all, but by those whose vision is capable of seeing what you like to call spirit. Those seeing "spirit" see Light Bodies and other forms of existence such as angelic forms. Light Bodies are forms used by Ascending Sons and there are many levels, for lack of a better word, in Light Bodies.

I do have a soul mate, most of the Ascending Sons do have someone they have completed their journey with, and that would be the one referred to as Father Alcyone. This is no relation to the central Pleiadian sun by that name, other than maybe the idea was borrowed in the naming of that sun. Candace early on in trying to figure my identity, with the teachings currently being falsely given, thought that maybe somehow myself and my soul mate, Father Alcyone, might be Father/Mother Gods, Goddesses of the Pleiadian system.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the use of the terms, Father/Mother God. In Nebadon, Father God is Christ Michael, and Mother God would be his companion in the creation process of this Universe. She is known by many names, the most of important of which would be the Holy Spirit.

Candace says that in one of the messages with Sananda that he said that Father is the Father of All and personality.  The Son is spirit, and the Spirit is mind. This is a loose concept, suitable for our discussion here. The Creator Sons bring to their universes the essence of the Father and Son, and the Mother Spirit brings Mind, and also a great deal of ministry. Thus the Trinity is accomplished in this way, brought to the universes in this manner. The Son, as taught by Christianity is not Jesus, or Sananda, but the Creator Son of God of Nebadon, Christ Michael.  He is not God’s only son either, there are 700,000 Creator Sons, in addition to all the other many types of Sons such as all of us Ascending Sons.

Those of the "fallen angels" are Descending Sons, and most of you incarnate are now on the Ascension Journey having made this choice.  Some of you may return to your duties as Descending Sons having had this experience incarnate in flesh and use the skills and lessons learned in your future positions in Nebadon.

Those taking the Ascension Journey have received the Father-of-All fragment called the Thought Adjuster in the Urantia Book. You have made this choice as you gave up your rights as Descending Sons, and most now take the Ascension Journey as a human or Ascending Son. This is not something bad, it is something quite good, and you chose this as you did not want to be part of the Universal Descending Sons.

This is why you entered into the Lucifer Rebellion. You wanted the experience of total free will, which Descending Sons in general do not experience, they are in service to the Universe and creation.

Many angels to better understand their jobs as Descending Sons in the ministry to the Ascending Sons from the evolutionary process take a journey in flesh, and when they graduate this journey return to the Universal Worlds of management with a much better understanding of life. So you return to being a Descending Son in this situation. So on Earth, there are both situations amongst the Angels who are incarnate.

There is the teaching in Earth that you must return to God. This is not so, all is God, there is no need to return. We, Ascending Sons from the evolutionary process, never left God, we were always of God, we are God in his experience, and experiencing ourselves as a fragment of God. The term "Supreme Being" is actually all of us Ascending Sons put together, the experiencing arm of God. We have not fallen from Grace and must return. We are always continuing in our individual journeys of becoming all that we can be.

Possibly that teaching of the return has to do with the Angels that left the System of Satania in the rebellion of Lucifer. Maybe it refers to the choice of becoming more Godly. But no one returns to God, you can’t leave God. You can make ungodly choices, meaning service-to-self choices that infringe on the rights of others, or hurt self, but as God, you can’t leave God, there is nothing to return to. God is life and I notice that none reading this have left life.

There is the cleaning up of thy acts, and to graduate from the various schools in the journey, you must fulfill the graduation requirements. To Ascend with the New Earth you must choose to be of it, and in the choosing, you must become of the Service-to-Others orientation, by commitment, and not as a do it when it pleases you situation.  This is what is required to enter 5D.  Many of you are already 5D and some even higher, in the choices that you make where you are in your growth, even though you use a 3D body.  This is what is available at this time.  You will change in the ascension process to a 5D type body.

Now before I go I would like to say that my name is not Mother Shekhmet, it is Shekhmet. I am not sure where the Mother part came from, other than I was loved, and I have no objection to its use. But I am not a Creator Goddess in the way that has been described by some on Earth. All Ascending Sons are creators in that we think and we create ideas.

And some of us in our learning chose to hasten the learning by having more than one lifetime at a time. We become great teachers and one day we will found future Universes that come into being, as the original creation of 7 Superuniverses has occurred, in the formation of 700,000 nebulae.

There are many new Nebulae awaiting our skills, and no more Creator Sons coming from the Central Universe of Havona. But I am not yet a Creator Person who has created many Universes.  Maybe someday I will hold the position of Creator of a Universe.  Maybe not, maybe I will carry another job in the newer Universes yet to come.  I have no idea yet where my own Journey will go next. Namaste, I AM Shekhmet.


I first met Mother Shekhmet, in February. Not long after these messages were first published at Four Winds, on February 12, I was invited to participate on one of the conference calls, advertised on The Tree of the Golden Light. This I did, one Thursday evening. I was asked if I might channel Sananda and I said possibly but did not commit. I worked a bit with Sananda during the day, with a friend, getting used to the idea of speaking rather than typing the message. I had not been before a live audience of importance for some time.

There is no difference in the method between typing and speaking. I do not trance channel. Nor is my typing of the automatic writing method. I am purely telepathic and these channelings, as I have mentioned before, are basically the taking of dictation.

At any rate on that evening I was not yet totally comfortable with the situation and declined to channel Sananda and also Ashtar who was present with me. I had some sort of odd gut feeling I was paying attention to, and I was uncomfortable with this gut feeling. I told everyone that I was simply shy.  I had expected in the preparation for this call that participants would ask questions, and I thought I might let Sananda answer some making this a "live" channeling.

This question period did not materialize. I was told to break into the call should change my mind. We muted the call if we were not talking to prevent extraneous sounds. After discussing further with Sananda and Ashtar I decided to break into the call but every attempt to do so was futile. I had carefully written down the simple instructions of how to do this. I got the feeling that this was purposeful, but maybe not. I tried to again break in near the end of the 2 hour period, this time the channeling time reduced to a pleasant good night idea. Still I was unable to break in.

Then to my surprise there was to be a channeling from Mother Shekhmet. To my horror the voice was slow, and very growling in nature. I had assumed that this would be a telepathic channeling such as I would have done. Instead, what I heard was a very bad attempt to fake a trance channeling in which the being comes into the body and uses that person’s vocal cords.  I assumed prior to then that the A’s were channels for Mother S.  I now assumed that Mr. A still was but was putting on quite a show in the pretending to trance.

A couple days later I had a meeting with Germain, Sananda, my soul mate Tom, who is my guide on the Other Side for this life, and Mother S.  Five of us, and I mentioned that in a message soon after, to demonstrate that telepathy works well in group conversation.  Mother had been invited by the others for our meeting.  She had been unaware that material was being given in her name and denied knowing who Mr. A was, even when I gave her his real name.

There has been, since we announced that the star people were on the ground in significant numbers, some assigned to follow assorted website material, relieving me of that job, and looking for mis-teachings, and codes given in some.  The above material by Mother S. is in response to that which was provided to her by star people reading material and not myself.  In fact Mother Shekhmet refused to give this channeling unless she came to her own defense. I have put off working with her until this time to avoid chaos.

But my little story above has become necessary for me to tell, it eats at me. In my coming job I am going to have to confront deceit, there will be much of it exposed in organized religion. Many clerics in the effort to control their congregations are going to reject the Second Coming, and encourage their followers down the wrong road. I and the people who will be part of my organization, have a big job ahead of us.  I can no longer let that which is intentionally deceitful stand unopposed. We have a great problem in this Earth from people who look the other way for whatever reason.

I loved the Tree, like many of you prior to that night. After that, in my confusion, and distress over what I had heard, I then began to wonder about the magic windshields and many other stories. I will not go into further details at this time, only to say that much untruth was uncovered, and not by myself necessarily, and the A’s and Nancy and others received letters from Christ Michael and Sananda, in confrontation.  In the case of Nancy she received supportive letters of encouragement about the place she had found herself. There were no threats offered in these letters. Yet, not long after this, the recipients of these letters let it be known that I had made death threats against them. At least, that is what I received in my email. Maybe the email letters were stories, but they seemed to be the truth. But I still receive mail informing me that Nancy and Bob are running and hiding from dark entities chasing them. There are no dark entities associated with the Second Coming project chasing them.

Out of my works with Sananda and Christ Michael are coming stories of horror, and the intentional division of readers into the Nancy camp and the Candace camp, by some, particularly in the forums. I get some pretty nasty mail.  There is again the AHN material, and the fake Sananda channelings to confuse that occurred last spring. I do get mostly supportive mail, with much love in it, and many a letter that "makes my day."  I find much needed "like mind."

At this time I am no longer going to spend my time in answer to the very negative mail and the demands of proof.  In the end, folks, this will all come out in the wash.  We will have the Second Coming, in that I have no doubt.

As people are being rallied to join and follow one camp or the other, I am, and I state this very firmly, not interesting in having "followers."  This project, the announcement of the glorious Second Coming event, sought to provide education, much of the material presented [is] in response to reader request. This project sought, and still seeks, to encourage readers to become involved in the healing of Earth creating messianic missions.

These missions can be as simple and rewarding, as uplifting the people in your assorted communities, such as the neighborhoods where you live, your families, your places of work, and your places of recreation, as examples of community. We have mentioned that many of you should keep your present work, and work for needed change where you are already located with the skills you already have.  Others will leave their current situations and create other opportunities of help, of Service-to-Others. Those choosing to ascend with Earth must develop the intent of Service-to-Others.  [Read in this website the article The Work of the New Messiahs, N. of E.].

I am looking to encourage creative people who will now have the opportunity to come out of The Matrix, and create the lives of their dreams.  Sons of God are creators, they co-create with God, simple as that. Do that, please, instead of participating in the "follow me" game being played out.

You are entitled to read and study what you wish to study in your journey and you are allowed to reject that which does not serve you. And this is the way you should approach your personally chosen journey, which belongs to none but yourself. I bear allegiance to my Universe and to all of life.  But I do not follow any belief system and that includes New Age. I do my own thing, and so should all of you.  Enough is Enough of the division game that many are playing right now.  I Am That I Am, as all of you should be. Take care, Candace.


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