Monjoronson: Planetary Changes

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Monjoronson:  Planetary Changes
With an Introduction by Christ Michael

By Monjoronson
July 29, 2006

Taken from:  Published in this website on August 22, 2006.

#3 of 3 Planetary Changes/Christ Michael & Monjoronson on the Topic of Earth Changes and Population Control. This one has both Christ Michael and Monjoronson in it. This is a California Group in this one. These are not telepathic, these are oral transmissions through transmission receivers before a live audience. Questions are asked. These transmissions are archived at This is #4047.
Center for Christ Consciousness,
Oakland,CA, USA.  Session with Michael & Monjoronson

NOTE:  This was a special meeting convened to discuss the anticipated changes that were highlighted in a recent transmission from Monjoronson.  Six of us gathered this date to discuss and to receive information.  It is this TR’s impression that the changes spoke about by Monjoronson are necessary for the earth to cleanse herself for greater planetary healing as Michael has assured us that this world will survive.


Opening Prayer:  Mother and Father, we come before you today as your children and your harbingers of truth and a new way living on the planet.  You know all of the confusion we have in our minds, bodies and hearts.  We ask for your energy to come into us to stabilize us and help us understand and to provide us with higher information that will help us dealing with these very tumultuous transitional times on Urantia.  Thank you.

MICHAEL (Christ Michael):

My children, greetings to you.  This is Michael.  We welcome you here today as those of you have pledged themselves to work in the fields.  You are the laborers.  Let your hearts be Light with the joy of what this means, for truly you are called into holy service in the reclamation of your planet from the wages of sin and error that have long resided here.  You know that the work is large and the laborers are still few.  But they are growing and as more individuals awaken to the spiritual energy within their hearts and minds, they will more fully able to participate with you.  It is you, by and large, by your efforts of maintaining focus of becoming anchored in my being that you will draw these individuals who are ready to awaken to you.

I know the thoughts that you have in your minds of this idea of planetary decimation and I am here to reassure you that this planet will not be decimated.  Do you not realize that this is the world wherein I enacted my human evolutionary life?  Do you not appreciate how much I love this world and regard it with a tender affection?  This world is in the throes of a major, as you would say, scrubbing out by your Mother who is infusing this planet with our Father’s love.  Truly, my children, the more you can be in your hearts and send this love everywhere there is strife, where there is turmoil, where there is poverty and isolation can you be agents of change, positive change, stabilizing change, and ministers of my peace and salvation to your starving brothers and sisters.  Think not that this world will become a virtual paradise without a struggle.  There will be struggles for many years to come.  But how uprooting will they be emotionally to you?  Here again I say to you, you have a choice.

The evolutionary mind is undergoing a major change now.  You are moving more from the isolated circuits of self-centeredness into the realm of group consciousness in which there is more harmonious and unifying energy.  This group consciousness is an evolutionary unfoldment as you grow your planetary Supreme Being.  I would ask you to spend some time in the stillness asking for your mind to be more in the aligning momentum, the gravitational directional force of your planetary supreme mind.   This will help further stabilize your thinking and calm the emotional turmoil that occurs when the circuits of truth and love intersect with the old habits of fear and doubt in your mind.  You need to be very emotionally stable now at this time in your planetary development.  I wish to underscore the significance of this and encourage you to spend time in aligning your mind within the planetary supreme and the energies therein that you have participated in building.  Do you all understand this, my children?  (Yes.)

The other point that I wish to underscore today is to recognize that there is this energy of joyfulness that your Mother and I wish to infuse within your body to help you make this transition more easily.   The overriding fear that swells up within the mind at times is nothing to be afraid of, if I could be so pun-ful!  The emotion of fear has been a long part of your evolutionary nature.  But truly it was designed to yield to faith and to yield to the growing awareness of the joy of being aligned in me and in the Father’s will.  Allow your body to open to this idea of being so imbued with faith that the fear you feel will be insignificant and will serve as a stimulus for more faith to grow.

Today, I wish to infuse you with more faith within you to open the circuits in the lower energy centers where your fears are still so highly concentrated.  Is this something that you all wish, my children?  (Yes.)

Then sit back and open yourself.  Tell your body that it is no longer appropriate for it to hold on to these old patterns of fear and bring your attention down to your lower chakras, primarily into the root.  Sit back and ask, instruct, invite, whatever words you wish to use for your body to open and to receive the endowments that your Mother and I wish to seed into you at this time. (Pause).

Breathe into any tension you feel.  Let your body become soft, relaxed, easy.  Feel how much you wish to be a conduit of my essence to hold my presence within you so large that you are virtually walking in this auric field of peace.  This auric field has the capacity to intersect with others to create a stabilizing effect in others should your field become so enlarged that you can actually bring another person into alignment by your very presence.  This is what I achieved as your brother Jesus, and I now invite you to think about developing this ability so that you are walking embodiments of love for your brothers and sisters.  You do this by opening yourself up to my faith in your lower centers that have been so imbued with fear, so used to being fed with the energies of the Luciferic theme and ideas.  (Pause).

As you drink this in, ask for me as your elder brother Jesus to accompany you on this journey.  I will show you how I achieved this heightened state of awareness, of self-forgetfulness so that my consciousness was more focused on feeling the presence of another and was that open conduit of our Father’s love into that individual.  Self-forgetfulness entails you being grounded in the moment, the present time, recognizing that everything you need is given to you so that your awareness can go to another person and their needs.  Know that when you focus on another person you open your conduit for more love to come into you to flow through you, to anchor into you so that you have more to share with another person.  You use the love you receive as much as you can and then you share with others. The more you can stay focused on being in the willingness to be attentive to another person’s consciousness, you will get the love you need to share with them and it will be fulfilling to both of you. In due time your focus will begin to expand so that you can be in the consciousness of another person and another person together, and the group can grow and you can have an effect upon a larger group as well.  I am presenting these ideas to you today as seeds that will grow within you, and more faith you receive the more your circuits are filled with faith.  (Pause).

I know your hearts, my children, I know your desires.  Now it is time for you to learn more of my desires for you, my will for you.  My will for you during this time of transition is to be at peace and to be joyful at what is transpiring on Urantia to be filled with vigor and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand, for you are the ones who are building Heaven on Earth.  We are bringing this energy of Light to grow a new reality, a new civilization, a new world, a new culture.  You need me more than you ever have and I give everything of myself to you, my children.  Feel me, anchor yourself in me; tell your body to open for it is your will that your Father become enlarged. (Pause).

I will withdraw for the moment and I will ask you to allow the energies to continue to move through you as you continue your discussion, and you will have the added benefit of being able to speak to celestial friends and helpers with your questions that arise from your discussion.  Be in my peace, my beloved children.

(The group went into discussion and then the TR was prompted to deliver this message.)


Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters.  You certainly have had a lively discussion and cross-fertilization of ideas.  All of this is good.  I wished to speak to you this afternoon because there is a tweaking as it were of the information that was imparted several weeks ago that I wish to convey through this transmitter.  As you know, your world is undergoing massive changes.  But one of the biggest changes that is occurring now is change in consciousness:  how information flows into the human mind and acts a conduit by which higher information is imparted and revealed into your culture.

What you are seeing now is an admixture of the ideas that have existed on the planet for many years coming through the filter of the racial consciousness, the religious consciousness, the scientific consciousness.  All of this is good; this is all scaffolding, this is all part of the evolutionary progression to a higher ideal.  Now what you are witnessing is this conduit trying to be cleared so that more truth, more Light, more love can be conveyed through the human system of consciousness, the mind circuits, and for the most part the way in which you are receiving information and chewing on it as it were and then disseminating it to others is changing as well.  And I am not necessarily referring to your scientific advancements such as the Internet.  I am referring more to the way in which you are being woven together in a higher collective body of conscious thought that is all part of the evolving Supreme Being.

For those of you who were in attendance at the conference last weekend in Santa Barbara, you received a taste of what it is like to be woven together as one body.  Did you not see how your groups interacted with one another when you’re having your discussions about Light & Life?  So what is happening now is affecting you personally.  The information coming into your mind is going through this filter, as it were, of the consciousness of the planet that has been raised to a heightened sense of alertness.  You would do well to ask your mind to become a purified conduit of truth and ask to see the streams of thought that are now being filtered through the planet juxtaposed against the position your Divine Parents hold for this world.  You will be able to see a clearer picture of what is happening on this world, those areas of shadow that have long existed in secret, in the dark, will be able to emerge in your mind.  Then you will be given higher information about the ideal and how to move from where you are at this point into a higher reality.  Do you all understand what I am referring?  Do you need to ask questions?

Student:  Is the shadow that evil, and can we see the truth about it?

MONJORONSON:  The shadow represents the consciousness that is out of alignment with the Father’s will that grew up from this culture of the rebellion that has existed on the planet for eons of time.  Does this help?  (Yes, thank you.)

Student:  Monjoronson, I heard those words but I must say I am not clear of what you are getting at, if you would be so kind to restate or encapsulate what that message is.

MONJORONSON:  I will be happy to.  Imagine that there is a river before you and this river has water that is agitated, it is flowing freely but there is a lot of bubbles and white water turbulence moving through it and also you see this color of water that is murky or clouded.  It is as if the water is polluted, and yet there is this back stream that is emerging now of the clear and purified water.  There is an enormous upswell of it that wants to wash through the river of pollution and make it clear and clean.

What I am suggesting in this illustration is this: the consciousness of culture right now that you are [is] in the midst of the polluted water, and that there is this swell of the Father’s love which is truth, goodness, Light that now wishes to wash through your mindal circuits.  You have access to this, my brethren, use it.  Ask to become purified vessels of Michael’s love and truth, for the more you ask for this, the more you desire this, the more energy you attract into your bodies so that this will wash your circuits clean and give you higher information with which to use to tackle the challenges of your transition time on Urantia.

Cross-fertilization works best when the water within the mind of humans is clear and clean.  You understand your plants are affected when they are watered with polluted waters, full of chemicals and that which is unhealthy, and so you can understand our dilemma in working with you, humans: so much of your mind is still polluted.  But yet we are doing as much as we can to fertilize your mind with these seeds so that when more love comes into your mind it has healthy soil in which to raise these ideas into your consciousness so that they can bear good fruit in your external reality.  Does this help?

Student:  Yes, thank you.  It helps a lot.

Student:  Monjoronson, can I ask you about some of these statements that are rather new to me that seem to be somewhat predictions of catastrophe.  What I’m wondering is what was your motivation and exactly how literal are we to take these transmissions?  I got a sense from Mother and Michael that there is no fatalism, no absolute determinism happening here.  These are not literal predictions, much is still in our own hands.  These are not inevitabilities.  So I am in a quandary as to exactly what the meaning of seeming predictions is.

MONJORONSON:  We can project what we think may happen to this world based on current conditions, but I would underscore the use the of the word “meaning,” “How do I interpret what this means?” you ask.  This is what I was referring to in the earlier part of my discourse.  I am suggesting now that your minds become so purified with Michael’s truth that a higher meaning that is consistent with the Father’s perspective can emerge in your mind.  When you try to derive meaning in the mindal environment of pollution, your meaning will be out of balance.  It will not be the highest meaning that is in alignment with the divine will.  So what we are dealing with here primarily is how you interpret these messages.  The messages of themselves are, from what we have predicted and what we can project, are factual.  The meaning, the interpretation, to which you attach your emotional identity and your mental awareness is largely up to you.  How polluted is your mind that will use this information and to attach a specific meaning/value to it?  What I am proposing here today is for you to ascend your thinking into the higher realms of your superconscious mind to ask for truth to permeate your perceived awareness so that you can obtain and ascertain a higher meaning.  Does this help?

Student:  Partly, Monjoronson.  It really helps in understanding entirely to Mother Nebadonia and Michael’s answer to these questions.  The human race now, the suffering is incalculable, the amount of imbalance of resources and levels of greed to do, individuals…a large part of the human race is now perishing day by day.  I was thinking more specifically about specific statements about 1/3 to 2/3 of the human race is going to perish.  That seemed to be a rather straightforward statement that I have had some difficulty in how it could be interpreted other than a literal prediction.

MONJORONSON:  It does not say where the population decimation will occur; it does not speak as to how this will come about nor the timeframe in which this will occur.  These are some of the things that you must look at and obtain more objectivity.  The way in which you obtain objectivity is by ascending your consciousness into the higher realms of your mind where truth can be perceived.  You have such little powers of extrapolation when you are in this polluted environment of evolutionary consciousness.  You must ascend to the higher level of seeing this from your Parents’ perspective so that your Father Fragment is able to begin to weave more of the truth ideas into your mind that will feed you with what you need to understand and know and learn.  Use your minds more wisely, my brethren.  You have been given marvelous tools but they have been polluted as you would say.  Now you do not have to accept that.  Raise the frequency of your desire, your thinking into these higher realms and you will be comforted and given a higher picture, a better picture, than what you can conceive of now.

Student:  May I ask a question?  It just seems to me from a purely emotional level rather unfair.  I don’t mean any disrespect, I’m just telling you what it feels like to have a transcript like that put out there and you can’t help but know what is going to arise in people.  I just wonder what the whole point of it was.  If we are supposed to rise above the murky waters then why give something so specific.

MONJORONSON:  Have you not all been well educated about the poisonous effects of fear?  Have you not all been encouraged to turn to Michael and share with him your concerns and fears so that he may give something to you of a higher awareness and understanding?  Have you not all been well prompted in your stillness to release your fears?

Student:  The answer is yes.  But please understand that when the transmission comes from a personality of your level, how that is going to affect us?

MONJORONSON:  We do understand how this affects you.  We understand more than you can appreciate, my sister.  But you must take responsibility for your feelings.  And have you not been educated that you have choices?  (Yes)  And have you not been trained to be the anchors of Light and peace on your planet to your brothers and sisters?  You have been given hours and hours of lessons and transcripts that have been lovingly put forth by your brothers and sisters to help you understand these things and to raise them to a higher consciousness.  Now we are asking you to be the laborers in the field to do the work that is necessary to be the peace-bringers, to be the Light-bearers.

Student:  I understand that and have no problem with that, and I accept that.  The point I’m trying to make is that, yes, all these other transmissions were so educative to us and so uplifting that the contrast to this particular one that came through was just so great… like… whoa… it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit into context.  That’s my big question… why?

MONJORONSON:  You have been given the capacity to make choices and in this context I would suggest that you look at the breadth of emotional responses that you have and to use this as a tool to see just how stable your emotional being is when you receive information like this.  I am not suggesting that the tone in which this information was received was the highest caliber for we know that it did engender much fear within the humans that received it, but we do also wish to underscore and emphasize with you to take responsibility for your emotions, take responsibility for your thoughts and direct them in the manner to which you have been educated and trained.  Do you understand and appreciate this, my sister?  (Yes, thank you.)

Student:  Monjoronson, I’d like to move into a bit of interpretation of the meaning of the transmission and I’d like to offer something and ask you to comment on it, if you will.  From one point of view I’m very able to receive this and am actually happy to hear the scenario for the following reason:  if there had been a minor apocalypse, however we might define it, would give a premise for the powerful global elites to seize upon to increase their control of the planet and to expand their rationale for removing our rights, for extending the military, weaponry into every area of life including space, more centralization of economic and local power.  So until this time I had a pessimistic view that for quite a long time these elites will control the planet on the premise of great danger of pollution, economic, terrorism.  But what I found most encouraging, ironically in this, was in the supposed decimation that this will break the power base of the Luciferic elites down entirely and flatten all their political powers and certainly economic powers, which are based on Luciferic notions, such as we see in the bombing going on in Lebanon.  I want to ask if you would comment on that, is it a kind of adjudication of the function that you carry out is to bring the whole planet to its knees so that a new world can be built?  From that macro point of view this will break down the backbone of the Luciferic control of the planet?

MONJORONSON:  We do not share the same perspective as you humans in bringing the planet to its knees as you say.  We are here to help the planet ascend, to bring the planet back into the family, to bring the planet back into the universe circuits that were severed at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion.  What is transpiring on the planet now is a massive outpouring of rehabilitation.  The rehabilitation is something that some planetary factions are fighting against and doing their best to keep it at bay as it were.  But there is this massive groundswell of love and forgiveness mercy as you have come to know it that is rising, that will soon engulf these power bases and create a wave that will flood this world where men and women and children will feel this upswelling within them.  How it will all come about, how you all will react to it… these are the things we are waiting to see.  We can project some scenarios but because this is a co-creative undertaking with you as the caretakers of this world, we will must wait, but we implore you, we encourage you to be the spiritual anchors so that more of this love has the capacity to go deep, deep into the earth to stabilize the earth during this time and to stabilize your brothers and sisters at this time so that the currents of pollution that still must rise up from the shadows will not be so overwhelming to the individuals who are caught in the raging floods that may overtake some parts of the world and I am using this term metaphorically, not literally.

Student:  Thank you for that very helpful reply.  A mythic mindset would say that a die-off of a billion people represents divine vengeance visiting upon us in a personal way by a wrathful deity.  A more enlightened mindset as we have been taught in the Urantia Book and its teachings is that this is a scientific unfolding of consequences for human action on the planet.  And so, your coaching and urging of us to become more objective in a higher consciousness about what is happening is simply to become more empirical about it as well as expanding our spiritual consciousness and scientific sensibility that this sort of consequence of human action on the planet is a natural occurrence.  One must stabilize oneself to accept this as one accepts any unfortunate consequence.  What would be your comment on that interpretation?

MONJORONSON:  I would say that that is an accurate assessment with one slight embellishment from my part.  That is: when you begin to ascend your consciousness into the awareness of our Mother’s and Father’s vantage points, you are given the added benefit of seeing the love and feeling the love and knowing the love behind this.  This is similar to the parent allowing the young child to have a temper tantrum for a while and to see and to experience their negative behavior and consequence so they can learn.  It does not have to be like this, but sometimes in the planetary evolution it must be so because the ingrained mentality does not want to yield to divine ways and divine will.

Student:  We’re going to have a temper tantrum!

MONJORONSON:  Well, you already have had a tantrum and it has been going on for quite some time!  And now your Parents are stepping in and infusing you with love and saying, “OK, are you ready to come out of the big time-out or do you still need some time to reflect upon your actions?”

Student:  I want to finish, if I may.  Thank you for the boldness of giving us this information.  I’m asking one more question and that is regarding Captain Armando’s statement that part of the mercy plan is to give some dual-minded adults the option to not go through these changes in the physical state but to exit in the various ways we discussed earlier.  Do you have any comment upon that?

MONJORONSON:  Provisions are being made for certain individuals of higher spiritual receptivity to choose whether they wish to participate in the Correcting Time in morontia form or material form.  This is accurate; however, it will be very difficult to know who are these individuals, and I would encourage you to only look to yourself to make your choice.

Student:  I’d like to ask more about this particular choice.  For those who are ready to make this choice and have children, I was under the impression that the choice would be whether to stay here in morontia form or be translated to the mansion world.  If the choice is to be translated to the mansion worlds, can the children be also brought?  That is my confusion because a child can obviously not have the capacity to make this choice now.

MONJORONSON:  There are certain circumstances that are being allowed for families to remain together.  You only have to ask your Parents what it is that you would like to have.  Some people are more conscious of this choosing and others are not.  They may not have the benefit of receiving the response they would like to have.  What I mean by this to say directly: if you wish your children to remain with you in material or morontia form, you only have to ask Michael and Nebadonia.  Some people will lose their families, some people will have families with them, some will suffer greatly and some will be comforted that their families have gone on.  It is a matter of your own perception where you are in your particular spiritual growth.  But you who have come to appreciate the mercy of your Parents and trust them know that you can go to them and present your requests.  You have only to ask.

Student:  Will age be a factor in this decision to stay?

MONJORONSON:  Again, it is a personal choice.  Some people who are in the their later years, as you have come to term it, may wish to stay and they will be given help so they can stay in a way that will allow them to still be productive.  I do not wish to encourage this line of thinking because it engages the intellect too much, and I am here to promote and foster your faith.  Go within.  Have this discussion with your Parents.  Be specific.  Be direct.  Ascend your consciousness to this higher level.  Then when you receive the information or the feeling of security that you need, you can carry this with you around you as a blanket of security and share this with others.  You can come up to another person with this blanket of security and wrap this around them in your mind’s eye with your heart open.  Do not be so enamored by your intellects that you forget to remain in your heart of faith.  This is the most important place for you to be, my brethren, for this is where you will receive the information that you so earnestly and sincerely seek.  Do you understand?  (Yes).

Student:  I’m right on the cusp here of being very secure in what Mother Nebadonia and Michael have transmitted through me as to how to interpret these statements of yours.  I believe I am trying to come from my heart and it is in these contradictory feelings that my love and trust in you, because of this trust in you, I trust you are not just saying “BOO” to see if we can handle it!  This is my very first impression when I heard of these announcements and it was to give you every benefit of a doubt and see the necessity in a way to test us and alert us to what is happening to us and the power we have to change it as co-creators of it, but it seems that this is what you are saying and I can accept this too even from a being such as yourself.  Even Mother and Michael have said they do not require or call for a blind belief in what they say, which is why I’ve noticed over the years they do not pronounce any kind of dogma.  It’s always like:  “my children, we suggest or we invite you to consider.”  I’m trying now to express the seeming contradiction of these very direct statements and you’re saying that we obviously have to be responsible for our own interpretation when it is our very trust in you and your knowledge of us and our language that causes some consternation!  I must admit that I actually began to mistrust my own immediate reactions to these statements and for that I will definitely be responsible and learn.

MONJORONSON:  But herein, my brother, lies the seeming paradox of your human condition at this point: you want to trust, but you have a place within you of distrust that has grown from a culture of betrayal that you have been steeped in for centuries of time.  And you have these very tender delicate emotional bodies that do much to keep you in a state of confusion because your overall systems have not been well integrated with spirit.  So what you experience when you read these words for the first time is a very profound sense of disconnect and disbelief.

In my earlier message, and I encourage you to review this transcript when it becomes available, is to get into that higher realm of your mind so that your emotions can be stabilized through a grounding of peace that comes from the growing faith currents moving through your body given to you by your Parents.  Your ability to fully appreciate and respond to the directness of this message is conditioned by your emotional stability, and I am encouraging you all now to look at this with more objectivity, to be gentle with yourself, but to know wherein you need to go to receive what you need to further your capacity to handle the changes that are enfolding this world.  Do you understand, my brother?

Student:  Not fully, but you have given me much to think about. As you know I just try to stay present with you and simply absorb all your love and consideration, to stay in my heart and trust that the understanding will come.  I do have wonderful company in that regard.

MONJORONSON:  You are being stretched, my brethren, you are all being stretched.  And just as sometimes when you use muscles that have not been exercised in a while, there is this period of uncomfortability and stiffness so your mind and emotions are a little stiff and sore.  We understand this.  This is why we encourage you always, always, always, to turn to us, turn to your Paradise Father.  You have so much spiritual support and this is what you need now at this time.  The time is right for the awakening.  Will muscles be stretched even further?  Yes.  This is why we encourage you to get used to the soreness and stiffness and to accept it, for it is all part of the growth process.  These growing pains will end, but it will be very helpful for you to just accept them in faith and know that more is being added to you even as we speak now.  (Thank you.)

Student:  We’re going to be 8 ft. tall!

MONJORONSON:  You can be as tall as you want, spiritually speaking!

Student: I would just like to close in saying that we are honored to work with you and be part of bringing the Father’s will to this planet.  Yes, we are being stretched beyond anything we could possibly imagine.  But it is being done with love and so be it!  We welcome you here, we look forward to this liaison of working with you, a Paradise Son, here on our world.  What a joy it is.  We thank you for you and your efforts in coming here in courage to do what you are now doing.  I imagine you are also being stretched!

MONJORONSON:  I am being stimulated by your good company and by all of the faith efforts that I see you making each day.  You do not yet realize how beautiful your souls are and the joy that I receive in seeing you make these adjustments in your thinking and to make your choices of faith.  For truly it has been said that Michael’s plan will not fail and it is because of the efforts of men and women such as yourselves who are willing to step out of the polluted river so to speak of human consciousness and step into the purity of your Father and to grow in him and to bring this planet back into the family of which it is such a welcomed and important part.  This is the shrine of Nebadon as you know.  Now feel it in your hearts and make this world Michael’s jewel!  Good afternoon, my brethren.  Live in our Father’s peace.

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