Two Streams of Future Probabilities

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Two Streams of Future Probabilities

Kiara Windrider

August 1999.  Taken from: also – “Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension” on  Published in this website on July 10, 2004.


I am Windrider, time traveler. I return to your time to share a message. When I lived in your time I often wondered what it would be like to be visited by someone from the future, who had perspectives and answers to some rather perplexing questions I then had, and perhaps some solutions to some very pressing problems we faced together in human culture and planet Earth. I wondered then what such a being would look like and what they would say. I am Windrider. I am an Ascended Master and a time traveler, although from my perspective it is not so much a traveling as a folding through dimensions, which is part of ascension consciousness, as I will explain shortly.

Perhaps my very existence among you as a traveler from your future may be reassuring, for yes you have survived as a species, and yes, there is more to existence than your daily rhythmic boredom.

Many have achieved ascension mastery in my time. I return "back" into your time for a specific purpose. You are approaching a great "shift of the ages", and there are two main streams of probability that stretch out before you as a species. My purpose is to speak with you about these two streams, and perhaps provide some perspectives.


First, I would like to offer you some perspectives on the nature of time. Time is a function of frequency. Just as you can have several tones occupying the same space in a musical chord, so the universe is a multidimensional construction, each dimension characterized by a certain frequency, or density. Your experience of time varies according to your experience of density. In the 3rd dimensional frequency you are currently experiencing prior to the Shift, time is linear, with a distinct past and a distinct future overlapping in a "now-time" called the "present". The present is a minuscule moment in 3-D reality. In the higher frequencies of density your sense of now-time is greatly expanded, collapsing the partitions between past and future and allowing you a much greater experience of "presence".

Shamans, mystics, prophets, and meditators through the ages have learned to collapse these partitions and travel to other dimensions, only to return again to what you call the "real" world. Some, like the aborigines of Australia, were fluid enough that they knew how to live between the worlds, what they called "dreamtime", as their primary reality. In traveling between the worlds all these early travelers were able to intuit visions of future events as well as access the past through "Akashic" libraries.

Very few, however, in all of Earth’s history, have been able to dissociate enough from a 3-D timeline to actually participate in or change future or past events. There are reasons for this, some of them having to do with collective consciousness in a free will universe. The very act of participation in a specified time frame allows for a change within that timestream. As we enter into the past, which is your present, we actually create parallel timelines that intersect with your current timelines, seeding new possibilities for your collective consciousness to choose from.

There are many time travelers in your domain at this time, often through a process of merging with a past identity, some actually incarnate in time-translated bodies. Were it not for our intervention at pivotal times, your planet would be extinct today. Have you wondered why some of the more cataclysmic prophecies of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and various ancient scriptures have not come to pass?

Are we not then interfering with your collective free will and karmic choices? Do I not risk altering your own timestream and in doing so negating collective free will? Please understand that many of us time travelers are future aspects of your own selves, responding to a call you yourselves have made. You might call us aspects of your higher selves, which would be an accurate statement, since we do exist in a higher frequency dimension from your perspective. It is also true that the collective consciousness of Earth at this time has called for higher assistance, and we are part of the response to that call as well.

A third reason that we are able to time travel into your world at this time is the opening of certain time portals through some of your government experimentations such as the "Philadelphia Experiment". The original reasons for such experiments were somewhat questionable, but the fact is that in breaching these time portals, the veils into the 4th dimension have thinned, which not only allows visitation from other worlds and dimensions to your planet, but also brings your entire planet to the brink of a 4th dimensional shift!


I mentioned earlier that there were several reasons why participatory time travel hasn’t been possible before. Another reason that your highest mystics and scientists have had limited success in this venture is the nature of your 3-D locus itself. For in order to travel independently in time you need to have at least a 5th dimensional locus. You need to be grounded in a simultaneous perspective that is vast enough that your now-moment can embrace, eons of linear time in an infinite variety of parallel dimensions. A very few Ascended Masters in your history have achieved this, but not very many. This, my friends, is what you are emerging into as a species.

The cusp of the 21st century is an exciting time for you to be living in. I do not wish to repeat here what the more intuitive ones among you have already attuned to, so I will simply say that yes, you are at the threshold of an awesome collective event, a "birthing" if you will, a "shift of the ages", a Zero Point long foretold and long awaited not only by shamans and prophets on Earth but throughout the infinite galaxies. For reasons that will become clear to you, what is taking place on Earth now is creating a ripple effect through all Creation. A whole new cycle of evolution is beginning through all the God-universes, and this little planet called Earth has a key role to play in it, which incidentally, is why you have such a wide gallery of spectators observing you at this time. It has to do with the fact that some of the highest beings in Creation are currently incarnate on Earth, along with the most diverse array of life-forms and origins ever assembled, all incarnate in physical density in a great experiment of unification.

Those of you who have had experiences of unity-consciousness will know that it is no great effort to experience Oneness with the All on the higher dimensions, while it is here on 3-D Earth with its infinite diversity and polarity consciousness where that becomes a test of courage and commitment. With so much of your Earth’s longing for spirituality based on the need to escape the pain and suffering of being human at this time, it may surprise you to learn that you are the cutting edge of God-consciousness right now in this physical density. If Earth can experience unity-in-diversity on a physicalized (3rd or 4th) dimension, it greatly expands the activity of the Heart of God as the entire Universe begins a cycle of Inbreath back to the Mind of God.


For yes, there are cycles within cycles within cycles enfolded in your planetary birthing. Not only are you nearing the end of a millennium but you are also at the end of a 2160 year Piscean Age. The Aquarian Age you enter into is not just the beginning of another Age but the beginning of an entire 25,920-year cycle marked by the precession of the equinoxes. This Precessional Year also reflects the orbit of your solar system around Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades. Twice during the Precessional Year, including at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, you enter the influence of a high-vibrational stream of unified light known as the "photon belt", emanating from the Galactic Sun, which synchronizes your entire galaxy to the Mind of God.

Translation: Años de Oscuridad = Years of Darkness; 10.800 Años = 10,800 years; 2.160 Años, Era de Luz = 2,160 Years, Light Era; Nuestro Sistema Solar = Our Solar System; 22Diciembre 2012, Ingreso Definitivo = December 22, 2012, Final Entrance.

Your Galactic Sun is likewise completing its own spiral through the galaxies nearing the moment described in the Hindu Scriptures as the "Inbreath of God". Everything in the current cycle of Creation up to this point has been an expression of the "Outbreath of God". Now is the moment of return, when all things in all dimensions in all universes fold back to a higher octave of Unity. It is like the speedometer in one of your automobiles synchronizing to 99999 before turning over to Zero Point.

Zero Point refers to a convergence taking place on Earth that ties together all these great cycles with all the dimensions in Creation in the journey back to Oneness. The cusp of a millennium links with the cusp of an Age links with the cusp of a Precessional Year links with the cusp of a Galactic Cycle links with the cusp of the Creator’s Breath.

What does this mean? Because of the unique nature of this particular Zero Point, Earth stands at the threshold of a cosmic moment of birth in which Creator and Creation become one. In other words, the veils between the dimensions are about to disappear for a moment of time, or rather a moment out of time, long enough for Creator consciousness to slip into the hearts and minds of all beings embodied on Earth, and by reflection, the entire inhabited universes. In this moment of timelessness, it is as if all Creation holds its breath with the Creator, and is then forever after infused with the Spirit of God.

The frequency of oscillation of any life-form has to do with its connectedness with Spirit. In that moment of Infusion, the frequency of all beings on the planet will be raised in one extraordinary jolt of awakening. And since time and dimension also have to do with frequency, you will be suddenly catapulted into the 4th dimension as a collective event. While the collective transition to the 5th dimension will yet take a while, some of you may find yourself going past the 4th into the 5th or even 6th dimensional frequencies, activating the Ascension process. Thus it is that I, Windrider, having found myself in 6-D after the Shift, chose to dissolve my 4th dimensional body into the unified Light, and found myself practicing the ability to translate through all times and dimensions of the Creator Universes.


With that background, I wish to now speak with you about the two streams of probability that currently stretch out before you.

The Great Shift I have talked about is inevitable. It is a certainty in all the probable timelines of your future. What actually happens at this Zero Point, or Cosmic Birth, is still undetermined, however, and depends entirely on the collective consciousness latent in that moment.

My existence among you and that of other masters from your future reflects the fact that a proportion of humanity has successfully navigated through the Shift. It does not reflect what that proportion is. That keeps ever changing, and our wish is that this include the greatest number of beings possible.

These are the two probability scenarios that exist at this time. One is that at the moment of Zero Point that all beings on this planet are translated into the 4th dimension. This is the best case scenario. The other is that there will be a split between the worlds, that those who are willing and prepared to move into 4-D will do so, and those who are not will remain behind in 3-D to play out their karma on a parallel Earth, which could likely result in cataclysmic destruction.

The third alternative probability and worst case scenario, that your entire planet would be destroyed in a great cataclysm, no longer exists. This did seem a likely possibility up until a decade or two ago in your time, and on behalf of all the ascended masters I congratulate you on the shift of consciousness you have already undergone so as to avert this! There is a great Light being carried on the Earth right now. This is why we believe it is possible to shift out further from the second scenario of partial translation into 4-D to the best case scenario of a full translation of planet Earth. This is also why the advent of Zero Point has been postponed to the extent possible in order to give all humanity the opportunity to make the Shift together.

Many of your ancient prophecies speak to the second stream of probability because that seemed to be the most hopeful scenario envisioned at that time. Jesus spoke of the "rapture", of two men working in the fields, one of whom would be taken, the other left behind. Christian, Muslim and Hebrew scriptures are replete with images of a "day of judgment", when the "righteous" would be rewarded and the "unrighteous" punished.

There are also metaphors in this age that reflect the first scenario. The story of "the hundredth monkey", which is an apt description of biological as well as spiritual evolution, is one example. Always it is true that when there is a sufficient number of beings envisioning and practicing a new paradigm, the "law of grace" is then invoked, and the rest of the monkeys, or humanity, as the case may be, are brought into entrainment.


What needs to happen for mass consciousness to shift from the second to the first stream of probability? The second scenario is based on "karma", the first scenario on "grace". You need to understand that the "law of grace" is a higher octave of the "law of karma". And you need to understand and fully embrace your personal as well as collective shadows.

When the master Jesus spoke of forgiving your enemy he spoke not of condoning their actions but of recognizing that you and he both were shadow and light together, and that forgiveness provided you both an opportunity to practice a divine alchemy, unifying both shadow and light in the experience of Oneness. "Love your neighbor as yourself", he said, for indeed you are the same.

The test for awakened humanity is this. Can you extend the hand offorgiveness and love in this expanded sense to your brothers and sisters in ignorance and darkness, a forgiveness that arises from compassion, a forgiveness that embraces your neighbor, yourself, the dark lords, the power mongers, the satanic forces, the military mind, the secret governments, or whatever your own version of the "enemy" happens to be?

When you do so, this activates the Law of Grace, and brings to an end a polarized conflict that opens the door to a full planetary awakening. More than that it provides an opportunity to resolve and heal a long drawn out intergalactic war, and bring much suffering to an end. It assures that in the "Inbreath of God" to come that none get left behind. This is the best case scenario, and one that I have traveled back into your time to seed once again.

It begins with belief, followed by desire. Know that it is possible to experience a graceful pain-free unified birthing into the Fourth Dimension and beyond. Know also that you are capable of being the agents of God in this great alchemy. You have already proved this in averting the third probability of cataclysmic destruction. I depart now, and I impart you with love and grace. Know that you have great assistance in this profound opportunity ahead. Call on the Ascended Masters and the Brotherhoods of Light, the Angelic Hierarchies and the Elohim, call on the avatars and saints throughout the ages, call on theStar Nations and the Intergalactic Councils of Light, call on your Higher Selves and the Christ, call on the Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Universal Logos, call on the Great Spirit that many call God. You are not alone, and we are not separate!

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