Jupiter Is NOT Waiting Until Late December


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Jupiter Is NOT Waiting Until Late December
 By Christ Michael and Candace Frieze

Published in this website on November 12th, 2007.

See alsoChrist Michael Update on the Coming Changes and Stasis 101.

Continue to Wait in Grace By Candace
Nov 7, 2007, 10:04
Taken from:http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_853.shtml

Hi everyone, obviously we are getting closer to the timeline of Jupiter et all. I just want all of you to rest on this and just live in the now each day. There are some plans being reformulated, and it is hoped that there will soon be some public coverage of the big ones getting arrested by the Provost Marshall, as covered in the recent Wanta Gate material. This is very real and it would be useful for this to work.

All of you that will stay with the planet are being heavily worked on. I suggest reading a bit of the new Sheldan Nidle report that discusses that topic a bit. You are Ascending your current bodies and this is NOT a comfortable process, and waiting a bit in grace would help you get through these processes.

I guess I could explain a bit more on Ascending the body. For practical purposes, there are two physical body types, the dense 3D body that ages and dies and the lighter 4D body that regenerates, rather than aging. This is what you are forming, and it takes a goodly deal of time and for some, karma clearing. Some of you are Ascended Masters and may have 4D bodies in storage on your planets of origin. It may be that it is NOT appropriate at this time for those bodies to be brought here, and it is better to continue your earth citizenship looking as you look now so, in this case, you must Ascend the current body from 3D to 4D.

Those who have not Ascended and will make their Ascension on this planet are also forming a 4D type body. Take care of it, get off the cigarettes, booze and crappy foods, all of which are NOT good for the regenerating type body and that includes meat of all types. You can partake of quality organic dairy and eggs during this time in limited amounts, especially dairy because it may be too high in phosphate for your kidneys as I covered in the pieces I did with Raphael.

Advanced humans do not eat meat, period, unless for short times if nothing else is available. Time to give it up. You never did need meat. Meat contains substances that assist the aging of your body. If you want a regenerating ageless body, give it up. It is your choice. I have been completely off meat for 5 years now. It was making me ill, with all the hormones and chemicals in it. You will find yourself feeling better if you give it up because of the estrogens in it alone, besides the added phosphates now.

I will look for a section from Esu’s work with Sister Thedra on that and maybe add it to this piece. To eat the flesh of the animal is below the higher human, it is for the cave man and the hunter gatherer. It has no place in a society that has advanced so that it doesn’t need to use animals in this manner.

Take care, Candace
PS. OK, here’s the quote from Sananda (Esu) from material he gave to Sister Thedra:

"Eat not the flesh of the carcass (animal)" "It is given unto me to know the Law, and I say unto them, they shall not partake of the carcass for it is not for them. It is given unto man to be of another order, yet he hast become carnivorous and he hast become as the beast, for he hast fallen. He hast become as the beast, yea lower than the beast."

Jupiter is NOT Waiting until Late December By Christ Michael and Candace
Thursday November 8th, 2007
Taken from:http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_856.shtml

I everyone, I know that all of you are wondering just what is going on. My team and I were notified a few days ago of impending events and have been in heavy communication since then. Christ Michael is addressing you today, with the expected changes. I will post his message first, and then add some of my own commentary.

Christ Michael: Hello beloveds, this is Christ Michael (Aton), and it has come to point where I must satisfy your curiosity as to what is going on. First, I have been removing the ozone layer and you may be noticing the sky brightening. (Candace: they just on local TV suggested people wear sunglasses for the sunrise, saying it will be very bright!)

This is causing your Ascension symptoms to increase greatly. Take care of body right now, especially taking in adequate nutrition and changing your otherwise bad habits.

Now, for the real meat of this brief piece this morning: Beloveds, the increasing energies through the sun are affecting Jupiter heavily, and we can no long maintain the encapsulation. Thus it is very apparent it will not wait until late December when it is behind the sun for us to ignite it. We have no control over this now, and to try to maintain control could very well cause Jupiter to implode, rather than explode, and we would then have a situation that is detrimental to the Ascension not only of Earth but the entire solar system. We need it to become a sun.

This is necessarily causing a re-working of our plans. Thus we are delaying stasis awaiting for the outworking of the arrest of the President of the USA and his cohorts. I would advise reading of the latest Wantagate material which Candace has kept up to date on her website. I am not going to rewrite it for you.

I can’t give you any exact date for Jupiter becoming a sun. But it is fairly soon. We will await the outworking of the banking scenario and I have decided to allow the public to briefly witness the Jupiter Event, as there is a need for this by the religions. We will then at that point go into stasis. Now this is a temporary plan and it might change. Consider this a heads up for some of you depending on where you live. If you wish to evacuate, it is now time to do so.

The event will be more catastrophic than were it to get behind the sun. I would have liked to do things differently but Earth’s hierarchy has continued to resist these changes and therefore we do the best we can under the circumstances.

I think most of you remember one named Jhonka. He is very busy providing now the support behind the Provost Marshal in bringing this government to its knees. This is going to happen and it sets things in place in a more preferred way, that will serve the people of the planet better after stasis.

There will be likely no formal announcement period until after stasis. What you see will simply be the real news as it unfolds, and CNN is setting up now the planning for this which you may have noticed.

It matters not to you, but stasis will be quite a bit longer, because we must clean up the resulting messes of the Jupiter eruption. We will do this and stasis is estimated now at being 6-8 weeks long. Because it will be the coldest part of winter when stasis is finished, we will fix damaged electrical systems, cable damage and the like, so that the survivors, you, will have heat upon awakening, and communications. We will do much more than that, we are making a new to-do-list but there will be substantial support from your star brotherhood during and after the event. Do not be in fear of this, it is but nature’s outworking. There are many of you in the areas mostaffected who will be rescued, those of you who desire to take the Ascension journey with Earth.There will be a couple weeks or more before the tidal waves begin, and we will lift all those who have chosen Ascension with Earth out of harm’s way, but I still suggest some of you start a move inland if possible.

We have chosen a certain «bandwidth», if you will, of whom the stasis will affect.  It in general will affect people and the higher animals, particularly mammals. Thus, during this prolonged stasis, your animal friends will also sleep, protecting them. It is important that livestock survive this, that are tended by human hands also. There will be food assistance given, amongst the gifts of your higher brothers, so do not worry, when stasis ends. There will be many gifts and assistance.

If you watch your skies at night, you might glimpse your higher brothers at work down in the atmosphere now. Most of the shuttlecraft leave a trail of «sparks» after them when in the atmosphere. You have probably seen them before, but people tend to call these falling stars, but because of gravity if the sparks don’t «fall» it is a craft, beloveds. Candace is reporting sightings daily, both at bedtime when she gets up during the night and early morning. She sleeps little right now because of her personal work and involvement in this. (Candace: I sleep sort of enough, just not all of it at night).

I, as always, since this became a public project, ask that when you awaken from stasis, that you hold yourselves together and be the rocks of support that your circles require. The world will change quite a bit. We will have public communications in order at that time, as we will not awaken the sleeping until all is in place for the support needed. Depending also on the numbers assisted in survival, those wishing to Ascend, we will provide also for you on ship, until after stasis, and then return you when provisions can be made for housing, if that is required if you lived where destruction occurred and you can’t return.

I am at this point going to let Candace add suggestions, as she feels needed to this piece. She is very busy, and will not answer mail, but may look at some of it in order to answer questions publicly, in the little time she has left before she leaves for her role. The AH team, and many others responsible unto this, will still be in underground areas about the planet, so they may return to the surface when all is done to take their respective roles. These include, of course, certain media members and the leaders of governments that are chosen to continue on.

I will leave now, and let her finish the piece. Beloveds, again, be not in fear, but in acceptance of this, for this is a far better outcome than if the people of Earth were left totally untended, for great starvation and the resultant problems would be what would happen, and that is not going to happen. You will be lovingly assisted after the event. Namaste, I am Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon. This is my beloved seed planet, and she will enter unto her glory. Blessed are you, ones, to see the miraculous days ahead.

Candace:  Ok, I took this earlier this morning, and it is taking some time for me to collect my thoughts and get this up.

My first comment is that we did say previously that they were attempting to hold Jupiter until it was opposite the sun and then assist its ignition at that time rather than risking it later. That is simply not working. I have written in previous work that the outer gaseous planets often do become suns and this is an expanding process, it is one of the ways the Creation grows. If Jupiter does the opposite, that would be a contracting process. It would eventually take down this solar system.

Creation expands and it is not right to interfere with expansion. Your own personal continuing Ascension is about your personal expansion and as long you desire to exist, your very existence will at some point demand your expansion (continuing Ascension.) There were 10 billion laggards incarcerated on this planet with the hopes of stimulating their expansion, and it has been moderately successful.  However, many chose to not partake in their expansion and have continued their contraction, which when they reach a certain point causes their own souls to implode in a sense, or their intentional un-creation or imprisonment in a void world.

To prevent Jupiter’s expansion is to violate nature. And to violate nature and expansion was the goal of the dark whom wished to interfere in this seed planet and the plans of creation. Eventually, this area would become a black hole consuming the light. There is enough of this already out there.

Jupiter is going to happen, we just hoped for a more controlled situation but then again, it might not have been the best idea in the long run. Notice that Christ Michael says this will be a depopulating experience and that seems not a nice scenario, but if you have followed Monjoronson’s works also, you know this needs to happen. We have placed as far as I know, all of his series on this topic and the need to form a sustainable society on my website.

The world is seriously in trouble regarding resources, and it was going to be difficult to provide for all the displaced people. These events are normally allowed to happen, and sometimes the higher brothers assist and sometimes the best thing to do is not to assist, other than if the event is quite large, evacuate as can be done. The purpose of the Ashtar Command is evacuation, and that is the purpose the Command is here in these times. There will be assistance, a lot of it, but not an evacuation of the planet, it’s not necessary to do that with the Jupiter Event.

Much help has been given to Earth. Its poles were ready to reverse with WW2, and ships came and have kept the planet stabilized, so that we could grow some more. And grow we did, to excess, because of people’s inability to look to the future and keep their numbers within reason. Of course the religious propaganda has assisted this process, with Catholics and Mormons in particular, insisting that people must reproduce, it being a sin not to do so. It is in the bible that God said go forth and populate the planet, but God never said, go forth and make so many of you that you will suffer starvation and deprivation, and yet that is what man has done. And today’s evangelical churches are not helping this with the preaching of abundance going on. There is NO way that the entirety of Earth’s 7 billion people can at this time, experience the so called abundance of the USA, Europe, and Canada. We have harmed the planet and not developed technologies given the past 150 or so years.

Monjoronson warned starting about 1-½ years ago, that there would be a cataclysm and this is the first one.  [N. of Editor:  See https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/monjoronson_population_and_earth_changes.htm  and https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/monjoronson_planetary_changes.htm  ].  Others may be smaller and less severe, but the planet is going to change. It is expected that the Jupiter Event will cause at least a 10% depopulation. My dear readers, as hard as it sounds, this is the better way. People will be asleep as they pass this plane and will not suffer. We will not deal with how to support all those who come inland, and otherwise are evacuated, with diminishing resources. Religions expound on dramatic end-time events, and these are coming, with or without assistance, because we are in the Photon Belt. This is NATURE taking care of itself.

Mankind will respond, I think, well with the announcements and intercessions afterwards. As Christ Michael says above, there will be a great deal of assistance and support during and after the event. I think those that remain will be inspired, I hope to come into great assistance and growth. Now the 10% figure above is about those expected to be lost during this cataclysm. It doesn’t include the intentional removal of the dark ones, and those that will not survive the stasis because their souls don’t come into alignment with the higher energies hitting the planet at this time.

The ozone layer is obviously being removed. I ask all of you who have had sunny weather to ponder that. I heard from a friend a couple days ago, who has had his friends commenting on the brightness, and how the stars are more visible. If you have had overcast weather you may not notice. Another friend this morning commented on how when he is in his car, he is lowering his visor more, because of the glare. I tried to look at the sun a couple days ago and flat could not hardly at all but it seems whiter, and my little glimpse left me with big long-lasting strong «after visuals» that one gets when looking at light bulbs and the sun.  I know a better word for that but I can’t remember it this morning.  [The name for it I know is «after image».  Editor of BV.] (And added comment here, while making a couple corrections: I just returned from walking outside and I was squinting constantly. I have had this occur before when brightness has increased and my eyes adapt in a few days).

Many of you are experiencing a huge increase in Ascension symptoms. There is discussion on forums about this. Many of you are experiencing hot hands and feet, vibrating off and on, especially during the night. I usually start vibrating around 3-4 each morning, and the intensity of this is increasing plus with my disturbed sleep right now I notice this more. It started at midnight last night and I did not sleep well. Usually I notice this more around my torso area, but last night it was mainly in my legs, and was very strong. I finally got up at 5 and started my day.

I suggested in a little piece yesterday, I think, that you are forming your 4D bodies. Go read that post. The 3D body is the one that ages and dies, the 4D body is the one that regenerates. That is what is meant by the Ascended Body in New Age. Some of you think your body will Ascend to somewhere else and that is not true. It changes into a 4D body as you link up your «junk» DNA. This body can be used as long as you wish and take care of it. It can last thousands of years by your choices made for your journeys. You give it up when you wish to leave the physical realms and work in the non-physical realms or desire an incarnation elsewhere. The 4D body gets less physical as you spiritually grow.

So you are forming a 4D body if you are going to stay with the planet as she Ascends. I will cover more on this topic later, this is enough for this piece and it deserves a full piece on this idea. I am only touching on it now so that those of you experiencing these symptoms know what is going on. Those of you who are older will often experience more symptoms than those of you who are young, and it depends also if you brought some improved DNA into your incarnation already. However, listen to your body and give it what it needs.

You will continue to experience Ascension to your body as you sleep during stasis and your assorted angels and guides will be busy with you. So, I ask you to worry little about your personal outcomes during this stasis period. What will be is what will be and according to your souls desires at this time. If you are to stay, you will be rescued during the stasis and lifted to ships if you live on the coasts or elsewhere that comes into harm’s way. Be NOT in FEAR. You are individually cared for by your guides and angels and your soul wishes are known and will be honored.

If you live in a safe area, you will remain on the planet to awaken with everyone else. So as you awaken, remember to be the way showers that you are!  There will be full coverage on the media as cables, etc., will be fixed, if damaged, so communications can be adequate. Also damaged electricity and gas lines will be repaired so you awaken with heat and the like. Your animals will sleep with you and thus you will awaken also with your beloved animal family members.

Remember that some will be passing during stasis for all the reasons we have given prior to this piece.  Please do not write me asking questions that have already been covered before. Go back and read those pieces. I have been given search links from my friend James (and a big thank you!) that will produce several pages of articles, including the translations of pieces about stasis. I tried them, and they worked for me. 


Now we are probably not going to give a public alert, it’s not known the exact day this will occur and it would cause a huge fear reaction. However, since you have a little heads up here, just in case, I suggest you go and get some foods not requiring refrigeration or cooking, just in case your utilities don’t work exactly right when you awaken. Some candles also, and batteries maybe? You be the judge. Although star fleet is really going to help out here, assume possibly there will be some imperfection and plan for it, OK?!!

There is not likely to be any public notice because the timing can’t be guaranteed and there are not enough resources available to handle much preparation anyway in this short time remaining. It is NOT desired to push a panic button. People all the time, everywhere, have to live with the idea of such as earthquakes anyway. And grids go out for various reasons. It’s just life. This is most a bigger event of what occurs all the time anyway. (On reading this on AHS, I realize I have duplicated the idea of no public notice. I am not correcting it, won’t hurt to read it twice, this was a difficult message to do today.)

Poor Mexico is suffering from severe flooding, you can’t give notice to that, except when it rains big, people should suspect flooding and maybe get out the way sooner than they do but often there is not time to prepare. There is not notice when a planet reverses its polarity either, except that scientists in the know may realize it coming, but governments, in this case if they know, usually choose to only protect the elite and there is no way to prepare huge populations for such events. Earth and all evolutionary planets, particularly the «lower planets,» experience upheavals at intervals. Earth as mentioned above, was going to experience a pole reversal as the wars were ending and ships came and interceded while we had a chance to grow up.

The world still sleeps, beloveds. The USA population alone has done nothing about 911, our horrid politics here, no complaints about the chemtrails, nothing of consequence about Iraq, the pollution et all. Well, some are trying hard, but they get ignored, we all preach to the choir on the Internet.  All of you experience friends, relatives and co-workers who think you are a loony toon if you suggest anything about what you know in these times. As to Christ Michael’s comments above, CNN is beginning I think to do what it should be doing. Lou Dobbs is really raising a bit of good healthy hell right now.

Most planets going into Light and Life experience the upheavals of cleansing only varying according to the awareness of the peoples. God put out the information, it’s in the «holy books» but still people don’t awaken. It’s not just about the elites. It’s about everyone. Granted, we have problems also because of our «robotics» who don’t carry a long period of education from incarnation, they are new souls. But 50% of the populations of Earth are incarnated beings. And still we sleep. We have now 200 million star seed incarnates. Of course a lot of them are youngsters, but look at those youngsters and the stir they are making!  But we marvel when they are placed in the limelight, and continue to sleep. That’s just WHAT IS, and so be it right now.

The Jupiter Event really starts things off, in the right direction, with the assistance to be provided. Bless it, its expansion, and it will awaken the Earth peoples in a very big way. And these ones, many of them will grow (expand) and my, what a ride it will be! Exponential growth. The Planetary Prince will walk the Earth before long. Star fleet can finally assist in a big way.  We will get those missions going. People are going to mission anyway, I assume the churches will get into gear. There are always those that perform the best under stress and stand up.

The dark Illuminati will be out of here, replacements in their stead and we will finally have a real chance to grow up. We will get the new energies in place, there will be prosperity from that alone for awhile changing the ways we use energy. People are resourceful and they grow when it is needed. We are to be Blessed in a large way. Carry that idea to your circles as you awaken as the new news coverage comes on line!  AbundantHope and its team stands ready to begin greater service and you are all part of this who have followed these messages. Show the Hope! It is truly there in abundance. Namaste (from the God within me to the God within you). Take care,

CEO of AbundantHope leading a team of Christed Individuals in these coming times, in service to Christ Michael of Nebadon and his Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.

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