Messages from the Celestials, II

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Messages from the Celestials, II

Multiple channels.  Published initially in this website on July 19, 2006. See also Messages from the Celestials, I, and Messages from the Celestials, III.

19th July, 2006, 11:03AM
Message from Athena Through Lauren
Taken from:

«Beloved sister of the Light, I am with you»
L: Athena?
A: It is I.
L: Good morning, thank you for being with me today.
A: It is my pleasure and duty to serve you.
L: Do you have a message for me?

A: I wish to impart some details of your current reality. It could be said that there is much to be feared in your current dimension. I wish to dissuade this projection with truth. What lies before your troubled world is the beginning of a new and restructured society. It is in this process that you are all being urged to step into your Light fully as inhabitants of your precious earth. It is in this way that you are aligned with Source as co-creators of this universe. What we are here to do is to assure you of the end result but the workings of it is entirely up to you.

Many a time we have persuaded your leaders in a direction that they were not likely to choose on their own. Things are no different now as we are still planting seeds in the minds of those who control you.  These seeds will undoubtedly sprout but it will take the watering and Light of society to enable these seedlings to push through the surface. Already you are seeing the turbulence of a fearful regime who knows nothing but the ways of destruction and fear to stay in power with greed in their hearts. We say to you and to all that this is a reality no longer, for the Light in the hearts of so many is causing the growth of new life within each member of your dark cabal. As you all radiate forward fearlessly, they are forced into a situation where they have no place to run and hide. Many, many are aware now of their so-called hidden agendas and it is because of you that they will be forced to unleash from the power that holds them in a superior position.

My words to you this day are ones of hope and admonition. What I offer you is a glimpse into your awakened reality and the pathway that will alleviate much of the strife. Bear with me as I attempt to contemplate with you how this may arise. Due to the structure of your current paradigm there are many things that will be altered and reformed when the dust has settled. It will be a time of rejoicing and hard work for all. This newly awakened society will be the one that carries the earth to her destination in the galactic society. We of the Ashtar Command are welcoming all of you who have roots in the star systems beyond. In a short amount of time, things will seem very different to even the laymen. It will be inescapable that your world has just undertaken a massive shift in consciousness. New and never-before-heard-of realities will emerge. The geographical aspects of your world will change and new civilizations will congregate on your earth. What we will attempt to do will be advantageous in your pursuits for a better life. You will know times of great joy and you will come to understand the workings of the higher ways again.

In these last days to your end we wish to assist you with some tips that will prove to be useful in your endeavors. The first thing that we wish to address will be the ways in which you will deal with the rising of a new reality. This time at hand is one of high running emotion. It will be a massive cleansing for many and a working out of karma for even more.

Our suggestion to you is to stay centered and at peace through these changes. We have said to you before that chaos will ensue, but you must make the connection to your present circumstances. We see the pain and the fear and the suffering of many who are unsure and confused about life in these end times.

You who have the awareness can choose differently.  This is by far, the most advantageous tool that you will utilize in these days ahead. Stay the course, know that the end is in sight and this will assist you to allay your fears. Beings of the Light and higher ways are with you always. Call out to them when you feel yourself slipping and they will lift you up.  That is why they are there, but you must call to them.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light are ensuring your safety constantly. You have nothing to fear. We assure you that you will feel this safety within the realms of higher consciousness, so stay there as often as possible. The longer you can reside in the higher vibrations, the more hope and safety you will feel.

Come to us and we will nurture you. Be of good cheer and know that this is the end. Many do not have the privilege of knowing this truth, share your visions of hope with them. Help them to change their reality and know that each of you possesses the ability to transform in an instant.

Another poignant topic of concern is that of nuclear invasion. Please be at peace with this concept, it is not a possible outcome. We assure you again, that you have nothing to fear. Our work as a collaborative team of highly evolved extra terrestrials ensures your safety in this regard. Creator has decreed that victory shall prevail. With this in mind, know that regardless of your status at this time, things will come to pass. Change can happen in an instant. We wish to add that you are likely to experience change in this way. There is such a force of Light and momentum behind your intention that it can catapult your new reality in a mere moment of your time.

Next we wish to touch upon the topic of trust. Trust is keynote at this critical time. You are faced with much adversity, however, trust will be the tool that you use the most to alleviate discord. Trusting in the outcome is what will bring it to you and trusting in a higher power will do the same. The larger your ability to trust, the deeper your peace. Take this information and regard it highly for it is the most valuable resource for your evolution. You are mighty beings with many dimensional layers of deeply imbedded wisdom. In the depth of this wisdom lies your faith. Go deeply and access it for your well being. This faith will keep you centered and it is always an indication of your Godself. The most courageous and enlightened souls know the key to power is trusting regardless of outward appearances. This is the portal to transcendence.

The last thing that we wish to discuss is the workings of your system of governance. The government system that is in place is obviously faltering. To many this will seem like a fearful event, however those with awareness know otherwise. We ask of you to share your knowledge with those who may see the fall of your government as a vulnerability to invasion. This is an old world fear that must be transmuted from times past. Many may be concerned that the fall of a structured society, albeit a harmful one, is a sign of doom. You will all be called upon to spread the Light of truth in your circles and beyond. This will be a time of gathering your knowledge and realizing your full potential as new leaders. You will harness the energy of the Lighted ways and utilize this on earth to ground the new and higher energy as clear channels of divinity.

What we estimate is that each of you will have a role in teaching in some way, whether it be teaching your family or friends, or filling amphitheaters, each person you ignite with the flame of truth will blaze into the ethers and spread like wild fire. This is the time to brush up on your memory bank of stored knowledge. Many of you have been learning and unconsciously studying such divine material for exactly this reason. None of the information that you retrieve can be wasted. It will all apply in some way shape or form at some point in your life, otherwise you would not have been drawn to it. Take this opportunity to show others your true worth as beacons of Light. It is in this way that you will shine forth for all to see as you share the ways of hope, love, laughter and joy. These are so desperately needed on your planet at this time as there has been no reason for many to even smile.

Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps so you can empower others to do the same. Your story will be a valued one in the times to come as you have hard earned the right to share. We will be the whispers in your ear helping you to help those in need. I am Athena of the Ashtar Command and I come to you this day with much to look forward to. Be at peace with all that surrounds you at this time and know that just beyond the storm clouds is a glorious rainbow that awaits each of you. Farewell.

L: Thanks, Athena.

25th July, 2006
Taken from:

Happy Galactic New Year!  Lauren
I wish to announce there will be a change in the government in theUnited States of America, and the beginning of the NESARA Program, this week.

This is one of the steps of the plan from the July 22 meeting of the Cosmic Council, and is being implemented NOW. We are going to stop the Middle East war Galactic style, in the manner described by Anne Bellringer. It will take a few weeks to wind down; the instigators will face the Light or face eternity, and we can all continue the creation of the New Age in larger steps.
That’s all for now.


Rae: I said to Lillyean,"I wonder how much egg we can wipe off our faces with both hands, come the weekend."  St Germain laughed and said, "You guys should have more faith in yourselves." And later, he pantomimed jumping up and down and waving both arms and said, "Yes, it’s true!!!" Perhaps forward to some more telepaths for verification?
He came through just now, chuckled, and said "Chicken!" Well, yes, after all these years of waiting and hoping. At least, I very honestly report what I see and hear, even if I have personal doubts.

Statement by Christ Michael, after the meeting of the Cosmic Council the morning of 22 July 06.  Through Rae and Lillyean:

Middle East, we will have two levels of involvement: dealing with the attacks and destruction on the ground, which will be overseen by Admiral Jhonka; and interactions with the instigators themselves. The latter is under the guidance of Monjoronson. Deactivation of clones and removal of people ("deaths") may be seen but not reported. Public trials may be bypassed in favor of summary judgments on the spot. These people have be warned and warned again and again for years, and Monjoronson and his associates have the power and authority to act.

I will emphasize that this war is going to be over very soon. The longer it continues, the more the participants will find themselves in publicly embarrassing positions of criminal responsibility. Examples are the intentional violations of all rules of war in the Geneva Conventions, such as the use of poison gas and napalm on the citizens, depleted uranium in munitions, and purposeful targeting of hospitals, churches, power plants and airports. This was and is being done by the U.S. government in Iraq and is being done by the U.S. government in Lebanon. This is not war between combatants, this is gleeful killing for the sake of wanton destruction.

All concerned – you, The People, we who are caretakers and guardians of physical and spiritual evolution, and those who are above us in the hierarchy of Heaven have had enough. Despite what you will see and hear in your bought-and-paid-for media, real or made up from file footage, this is the last war by the cabal. It will be small and short.

By Christ Michael, aka Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, aka Aton, aka Creator Son of Nebadon; Commander in Chief, Earth Transition Project; Pleiades Sector Flight Command; Intergalactic Federation Fleet, Ashtar Command; Earth representative to the Cosmic Council, and the Intergalactic Federation Council of Earth Transition. I am speaking for myself and for all participants in the meeting.

Rae and Lillyean

CELESTIAL MEETING: The Time Has Come.The last week of July 2006.
Taken from:

After Sananda’s message to me on 21st July, he invited Lillyean and me to come to the meeting therein mentioned, under his sponsorship, and act as observers and recorders for those who might be interested in the proceedings on the earth plane. This is my recall of that event over the next few days.

After my body was asleep I went to the vibrational location. There were about thirty-five beings there for the meeting, plus dozens of other entities (cherubim?) acting partly as observers, but mostly as part of the glowing ambience in which the meeting took place. Those beings I recognized by earth-plane names included Sananda and Lady Nada, Mother Mary, St. Germain (with two assistants), Admiral Jhonka (with three assistants), Christ Michael, acting either as Creator Son of Nebadon or Commander-in-Chief of Earth Transition Forces as required. Mother Sekhmet and Lord Alcyone and three others of similar stature were there. There were a number of others that I knew I was familiar with, but didn’t have earth-plane names for.

Last, and perhaps most important, were three representatives/emissaries from Creator God. They were a very bright transparent golden-white in their Lightbodies and shaded into deep ultraviolet. It seemed that what were high frequencies to us were very-limiting low frequencies to them. They radiated a hugeness of spiritual space, a calmness and universality that was extremely expanding for us in their presence.

Lillyean’s and my presence were acknowledged by all; we were made to feel a part of the group, though we were certainly not vital to the meeting as were the others.

The meeting started with a prayer/invocation, more a tuning in and aligning with Creator Source. Next was a brief message from one of the Emissaries stating the purpose of the gathering which was to get reports from the planetary viewpoint as to what was happening relative to the overall plan, and suggest and work out actions in the context of Creator Source’s even more overall plan.

There was an address by Christ Michael welcoming all and giving an overview of his plan and speaking of his desire for all to be co-creators in the great adventure now occurring (Ascension of the planet and its occupants). Sananda then gave a brief address, bemoaning his people – partly general irresponsible foolishness in letting conditions get to such a state, and partly the insane blind stubbornness of those using their power and position to destroy the material and spiritual handiwork of the Creators.

One of the Emissaries (a different one from the first speaker) agreed, and said (paraphrased) time’s up for these folks, they are holding up evolutionary growth, not only for Gaia and her inhabitants, but for systemic, galactic and Nebadon development. He said he is in full cognizance of historical wrong turns and conflicts now being continued here between incarnated groups persisting in their long-time directions (he was speaking of trials and errors, and wars upon wars on planet’s long past), but those lines of actions Will Be Completed Now. (My emphasis; he did not emphasize, but merely made a statement from a very senior position.)

Next were fairly detailed presentations by Admiral Jhonka and his associates, speaking of the status of the various cabal-inspired conflicts throughout the world, not just in Iraq and Israel. He told of the cabal’s immediate future plans and suggested courses of action to forestall them.

Gaia herself was there in the form of a created Lightbody through which to speak and listen in the assemblage. She was eloquent and passionate about the damage to her planetary body and the unhappiness of the beings she was carrying. She admired the vast increase in the Light among mankind and thanked the Emissaries and their instrument, the Galactic Federation, for their response to her cry for help, to her body and to mankind and other kind. She mentioned her desire to "put on her Ascension clothes"’ says it causes her physical pain to hold back. The Light of many caring beings on and off planet helps a lot. She would like the destructive negative thought-forms removed, says if she does it herself in ways available to planet-kind (quakes, floods, storms, fires, volcanic eruptions) many of her creatures would be removed as well, which she wants with her; mankind and the other kingdoms of nature.

Then followed discussion, largely among the Emissaries, Christ Michael as Creator, Mother Sekhmet and Lord Alcyone and other similar. They outlined the Creator God’s overall plan and how it is going; Christ Michael outlined his overall plan in more detail and its progression and showed how Earth’s present condition is fitting into it.  Towards the end of the talking, Sananda, St. Germain, Admiral Jhonka, and Christ Michael assembled their plans with occasional input from others and final blessings from the Emissaries.

It was decided to radically increase Divine Intervention with the conflicting parties, visible and hidden. This will include the use of Galactic technology to decrease the effectiveness of battles or render weapons non-functional or non-existent; use of transport devices to remove important people from harm’s way, or shift attackers to another location miles distant; and uncloaked ships hovering nearby doing nothing but being present. Federation soldiers will appear on the ground, both in local uniforms and their own. Command meetings will have an extra member, involved in arguing. Recalcitrant leaders may suddenly find themselves in a conference room on board a starship, with several beings much taller than they sitting there frowning at them.

There will be more face-to-face discussion with the perpetrators of the conflict, partly on the futility of continuing against a predetermined peaceful outcome, and partly on the personal paths of the individuals involved, including whether or not there will BE any more personal paths for them.

For Gaia, an increase in energetic help in specific areas to help her deal with remaining stresses in her planetary body. Certain vessels used in geo-planetary work were moved to new positions to begin operating.

The basic plan is to immediately implement the steps of the changeover, starting with the change of government and the change in the economic system. All procedures and personnel are in place, many of the operations are quietly going forward, though mostly not seen till the final moments.

There was a bit more, but I cannot (and in some cases should not) recall it. This is the substance of the meeting.

The gathering ended with a prayer/invocation/retuning as at the beginning. We all glowed at each other and departed.

All errors, omissions or general fuzziness are entirely mine as an observer. I was describing beings and occurrences taking place far above the level of objectification in language, and I did my best to describe in language what I perceived and understood.
For me, wearing my earth plane "Rae Ramsey suit", this was a most amazing experience. I certainly cannot operate at this level every day, or even every year, but it CAN be done.
And I directly experienced that those personages and beings that I and other telepaths communicate with and that we read about, DO exist, and their love, wisdom, and glory are wonderful to behold.

Rae Ramsey

26th July, 2006
Taken from:
Sananda On the Coming Events.  Through Lauren.

Today we wish to discuss with you the events pending in your dimension. We have arrived at the pinnacle and are about to cascade down the mountain side into the valley of destruction and despair. We, the hierarchy, are about to intervene on behalf of all Lightworkers everywhere. This has been decreed by the high councils and it is in their jurisdiction to see this through. Within moments of your time, life will become a confusing place to be on Earth. The wool has been pulled over your eyes for so long that the truth will seem unrecognizable and foreign. This shock wave that will permeate your earth will be the beginning of the entrance of a new domain. It is in the coming of these changes that many anticipate a predictable outcome. What we wish to say to you is expect nothing and be open to everything. In this way you will not be dismayed at any changes that have been made to better suit you. We always have the highest good of all in mind and we take great care to see this through.

In the next moments of your reality, you will see and be exposed to things that will be disheartening. In best cases, the truth of your present regime and world leaders will come in the form of shock. For many of you, this will be only the beginning of the truth as there will be so much to unveil. Know that as events unravel, it is in the best interest of all to pace the information in a timely fashion. We are doing our best to ensure the laws of your current government system are followed. This will assist in keeping some semblance of normalcy for those who are unprepared.

We have been granted permission to intervene and this means in any way that we deem necessary. We still are urging your leaders to step down in peace and allow for this transition to be a relatively smooth one. We are giving each of them a final turn at choosing the Light. It is by far in their best interest to do so, however we find they still resist. Freewill enables them to choose a path even if it leads to their demise. We honor this choice in all and allow for the workings of karma and spiritual law to shape the experiences of those who choose not the Light. Be wary of those who claim to be of the Light yet are determined to see the outworking of your present governing body to its end. These souls shall be exposed in the Light of illuminating all.

What lies before you now will determine your path to the source of All That Is. It will be a formidable course that each of you will embark upon yet it will be filled with joy and love. It will be the time that you have all prepared for and will be the moment in the history of your planet when all come together under one God. We are so eager to join with you in the new galactic society you are preparing to create and you will be amazed at the most wondrous tasks that each of you will be asked to perform. No more will life seem mundane and out of sync with your inner desires. Now you will face each day with a smile and be blessed with the work of your inner callings. Each of you is so integral to the whole, we cannot overemphasize that. Each of you holds an aspect of Creator that came here to be actualized. It is in this way that you will be creating the New Earth. Each of you holds an energetic imprint that is valuable to the functioning of the whole. Your specific DNA was encoded for this particular time on Earth and will be utilized to its fullest potential. Now more than ever is the time to realize this and to move forward in with great ease.

You all will be the beneficiaries of abundance and there will be enough to go around for the entire world. This was no accident. It was many, many long years of secrecy and hard work to ensure this opportunity would one day arise. Now it is here, my bothers and sisters, and now you all stand on the edge of true freedom. Freedom by any other name is not freedom. This term has been used widely, especially in your country, and we shall see to it that this word has new meaning for all. Freedom by the standards of an enlightened society is one where each individual has the ability to express who they are in truth without retribution. Freedom for one means freedom for all, otherwise there is no true freedom. Take no substitutes.

In the coming days you are to be thrown from your current understanding of reality. People of this country will rebuke the truth. It will be a hard pill to swallow but it will be in the facing of this harsh truth that most will be relieved of much suffering. In the end there will be a new foundation on which you will all build upon. In the meantime there will be those who lose there footing temporarily. See to these people that they too have the support that was once given you. Be the pillars of Light that you all came in earnest to be. Represent the NewWorld, that of unconditional compassion. In these times you will have the most profound opportunities to relate to your fellow man. Do not sit idly by and allow for others to suffer alone. Reach out and feel the connection as the web of peace and unity becomes you. This time of great need will also be the most spiritually fulfilling time in the history of Earth. The outpouring of love will unify and bind brothers and sisters of all races, creed and gender. It will be a time that you heart explodes with joy and it will be a time that you use this power of love to rise up and become your true potential.

Mankind is gregarious by nature and you will find this to be very true soon. Together you will lift each other higher and together you will fall, but in this togetherness you will have it all. I am but one master who is here to see this through, but know that we all work in unity. This is how it will be in the coming times. Depending on one another is something you are not akin to, however in the moments ahead you will come to depend greatly on thy neighbor. Take this as truth for it will be a valuable resource in times of upheaval. Your dependence upon one another will once again become known. It is in this way that you will truly understand the beneficial aspects of creator that each of you hold and how the puzzle fits so snugly together. You will also come to realize how harmony lacks without the contribution of each individual. For this reason, you will all become valuable to one another once again. As you fortify your relationships you change the energetic imprint of your society to one of advancement with a foundation of mutual love and respect. This is only one of the many benefits of the changes to come.

Stay with me a bit more as I try to surmise how each of you will be affected by the great shift. Each of you holds a specific and noble power that will be unlocked in the ensuing days. It will become obvious to you what your draw is and how to tend to it. You will be brought into alignment with many aspects of yourselves and will utilize each aspect for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth. This is why you have contracted to be here; this is why you have braved through the storm, and been weathered beyond your limits. For this reason alone you will be uplifted to a place of peace throughout the drama of change and it will be a celebration of joy for those in the know. We are looking forward to bestowing upon each of you your rewards for endurance and faith in the Light. It will be in these end times that we will see to it that you are compensated for all of your strife. We have many ways of assisting you and we are prepared to change your lives for the better so that you may better serve each other and your world. The more you have, the more you can give and that is the law of spirit.

See to it that each of you has all your needs met before you venture out to assist another. Selfless service does not mean lack. Quite the contrary, actually. It is natural to be selfless when you are filled with love. Where there is Light and love there is no lack,so be true to yourselves here. Many of you hold the belief that to be fruitful servers of the divine means to go without. This old paradigm concept will not serve you in the New World. You must understand the laws of energy to utilize their benefits. The law states that what you think you are, therefore you mustn’t think of yourself in lack. Thinking of lack will attract it, so stay in the thoughts of pure abundance knowing that the supply is endless and the more you give the more you receive. Never fear for your survival again, those days are behind you now. Only in believing this will you truly be free.

Friends, we stand before you now awaiting the moments that we have together sought after for so long that it hardly seems plausible that it has arrived. To this, I would add that those who have been diligent supporters of the Light are headed for a most fantastic journey. It is in these words that we express to you our deepest love and gratitude for all you have endured on this long road to peace. It is because of the workers of Light that we have made it to the finish line, and it is because of the countless selfless acts of so many that we stand before you now ready to take the next steps on your evolutionary (path).

Take some time to be grateful for yourselves and celebrate the amount of sacrifice you have offered to the unseen changes. Take note of the amount of courage you have displayed by refusing, even when in doubt, to be swayed completely from your path of service. We are in awe of the nobility and stamina of the human race and we applaud you all in your divine service to your fellow man and Earth. Thank you, from all of us here to all of you there, for your complete and total dedication to the Light. You are the reason that we celebrate for without you none of this would have been possible. Let us begin the parade and hold our flags high for the first time since this country was founded shall you be proud to be an American.

I AM Sananda Immanuel, great times are at the fore. Let the Celebrations begin!

10th August, 2006
Taken from:
Sananda, Nebadonia and Aton Through

This was commentary I heard this afternoon from Sananda Immanuel, Nebadonia and Aton.

Journal 8-10-06

Jess:  Sananda, I ask for guidance today. I see the end of the energy period approaching tomorrow. I ask for clarity and understanding of where I am and what I should best do. I see things happening on a vast scale and I try to be neutral and send energy for lighting the way. Speak to me this afternoon and take me to another level of your connection.

Jess, joy is yours this day.  Yours from on high.  Joy from yourself. You have connected with us and we are here to support our ventures. That sounds formal but we are seriously supporting everything you decide to do for your work and for yourself. We are speaking to you today as a collective of voices that will strengthen your steps and encourage your direction.

First me, Sananda Immanuel, although I told you that you could call me just "Immanuel." That is my name —all the others are titles or surnames that have become attached to me through the years because of my work and my presence. I am Immanuel and you are Azreal. We have single names that evoke the majesty of our surroundings and our work together and apart. This is not an incidental thing, you realize. You also have a role you are playing in this changeover, and you are preparing to resume your influence and your speaking voice again. The words you have been transcribing for me and others are just suggestions that others can follow as you have followed them yourself. They are our commentaries and our guidance and instruction.

We see these becoming an archive you can draw upon as well as provide a tool you can use for others to help them find their way in this thicket of chaos that will be enveloping you soon. I say words to evoke and warn of the chaos. You are perfectly settled to ward off the thrusts of those who don’t understand, and are in a place to instruct others in the ways of their new, awakened direction. This you have been doing superficially but we see you becoming more direct and more authoritative with your commentary. This will be your own commentary and you will be able to bolster your comments with comments from us as a means of support. People will not doubt the validity of what you are hearing.

The announcement [of change] is due to take place soon—in a day or two. Do not be fixed on the date, however. All is contingent on various factors that involve the officials controlling your government. How they can continue to hold on is beyond me!

Jess:  Why can you not remove them and get on with the work?

This is a more difficult question to answer than it seems on the surface. We are physically able—yes—but we intend to involve you collectively with the process of removal. It is a more positive step if an agreement of minds supports it. There is an agreement of sorts, but it is possible to tip the scale tremendously in favor if the right leverage can be applied to public opinion. What will that take, you ask? It will take the public awareness on a broad scale of the misdeeds that have taken place. How can that happen, you ask? It must be information that is so impossible to cover up that it must be told by even the most bought and paid for sources. We think we have the leverage, and we are priming the situation for this to happen. We won’t tell you to avoid showing our hand prematurely. It could involve the money—which is a startling development—or it could involve the 9/11 scenario—which also is having a sea change in public opinion. The positioning is in place and the actors for the roles are well rehearsed to carry this out, whichever route it takes.

You still wonder why we can’t take over. I can see that in your mind. We will not abrogate the "contracted agreement" you made with Christ Michael, as you call him, to effect this change yourself. You are powerful emissaries in your own right, although you don’t recognize your power at all, really. You think you are oppressed from eons of teaching other than your true status. You are oppressed because you think you are. The only way to become free is to tell yourself you are. This is simple, in actuality. You must acknowledge your inner connection with Christ Michael and with each other and see your role as part of the mechanism that is creating the future for your Universe. Stand back and look at yourself objectively, and you can see the limits and blocks you have placed upon yourself for no reason. Let them go. Send them to the Creator for transmutation and he/she will give you joy and the release of your thoughts.

This part you can send to the others who read your words and posts. This will give them a method to see themselves more clearly and realize their powerful place in this change that is taking place. Everyone must assess their place and their role in the future that is coming. This will be a time of joy and renewed commitment to yourself and your truest goals and dreams.

Namaste for today. Sananda Immanuel. Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Jess: Are there others who wish to speak?

Nebadonia:Jess, this is Nebadonia, the consort of Christ Michael, as you call him, the Michael and Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon. I was the spiritual counterpart who made the creation possible. I am his twin pairing that caused and allowed all this creation to take place. I am the source of comfort and nurturing. I am the voice you hear that tells you, you are connected to the Universe and to each other. I am the way you feel things are right to do. I create the pathway for you to decipher and know your true individual path. I will lead you to yourself and help you see the glorious place you have in this most beautiful creation of Nebadon.

I speak to you today to emphasize the dual voice you hear from us. I am the other part of the intent and purpose. You have your own twin voice that will speak to you soon. You will find the dual pairing that is the present expression of your existence.

I will speak to you again but today I wanted to connect with you and strengthen your conviction for the future pathway.

Nebadonia, consort of Michael of Nebadon.

Jess: Michael, do you wish to speak?

Christ Michael:

Yes, I come today to affirm what Nebadonia says and to underscore the prescience of Sananda Immanuel’s words. They will come to pass with your attitude and conviction to solving your problems. This is a time still for renewal and divestiture of old habits and characteristics. This is a time to open yourself fully to the energy that is coming in and to allow your soul to expand with the new influx of life and connection to our love.
This is all for today. Namaste from me as well, Aton, the Christed Michael of Nebadon.

17th September, 2006
Taken from:
Creator SpeaksThrough Lauren Gorgo

9/17/06 10:36am
"We are plenty and we are abound. We call you forth to speak with the One"
L: Thank you.
"My child of blue, it is I, the Father, the Creator."
L: Thank you for being with me.
"Blessings on you. I have come with legions. We abound you this day in honor. We come in droves to encircle you in this transformative time. I have bestowed upon you the power to create. I have lessened your plight. I have traveled through the universes of time to beckon you, for you are Masters of Servitude. Your time of deliverance is at the fore."
L: Creator, what does it mean to be a Master of Servitude?
"To be a servant to the Legions of Heaven, an initiate of great challenge and strife in search of a better way, for the greater good. This is the way of mastership, the way of God. I am before you now in great admiration for your work upon the earth plane. I am like a proud father who watches their child blossom in all their glory. Take these words as truth, my young one, for you are all to witness your might. You have traveled far and wide in search of this attainment. You have been dragged through the trenches and stood shoulder to shoulder with the greats. You have been in many situations of greater and greater learning so that you may one day attain the level of mastery that is now before you. What we proclaim is your victory.

"Behold the Ides laid bare before your very eyes, heralding the fall of an authoritarian rulership. In the wishes for the rising of humanity, the dictatorship crumble. Before you lies the most bare witness to the power of creative thought. Before you lies the answer to many of prayers. Beloved one, in my glory you shall see the Light again. The cracks have begun to let the luminescence swirl about and the light of day shall burn brighter for those prepared to look to the truth. In the truth lies the portal to your destiny as a race. In the truth lie the cosmic pieces of the incomplete puzzle. Never before has humanity been in such a position of advantage. Never before has the Light of the world dominated the dark in numbers. Now, before you, lies the greatest accomplishment of man, the ability to harness and hold the truth. All the divine essences of life are in great numbers now to employ wondrous transformations to truth. The many legions employed by your efforts is astounding. The witness to such a grandiose event is bewildering, and the love from the cosmos reverberates into eternity for human kind.

"This is the time of great change. This is the time of exceedingly high doses of truth. This is the time of awakening for many souls prepared to lead the earth to her destiny. The harvest season is upon you to reap what you have sown in earnest. Behold greatness by allowing it to become you. I Am the Father, the One, Creator of all. Your destiny has arrived. Peace be with you all in times of great change."
L: Thank you.  (I began to close my channels when the lights flashed…)
"We have more information to share"
L: Who is speaking, please?

"We come from the Legions of Heaven. We wish to proclaim the arrival of a New Earth. We wish to beckon all who desire to walk forward at this time. We wish for the consciousness of man to be lifted to greater heights this day. We may assist in many ways to the outcome. We are in the realm closest to earth looking for prepared initiates ready to be delivered. Upon the wings of angels you will fly to unprecedented heights. We only ask that you allow us to enter and prepare for a blissful eternity. We see your Lights and we radiate with joy. You will know that we have entered you when you feel the joy of eternity light the candle in your heart. We abound you and await the call of your spirits for a ride to the Heavens and back. We know you intimately and we see your fears. Give them over to us and we shall bathe them in Light. We have been given the role of deliverance and it is our glory and honor to serve you all. May the Light of Heaven surround you in this glorious time of transformation and freedom. May peace be the pillars of your New Earth and love, your foundation. Thank you for hearing our call."
L: Thank you.

22th September, 2006
Taken from:
Latest Message from SpiritThrough Lyle

Hello again everyone, because of the increased apparent turmoil in the world at this time, I have again asked Spirit if It had anything It would like to tell the world at this time. The following is what I believe is that message, and although it is not the only valid discourse on these subjects, we hope it is of some value to you.

"Yes, again there is some things we would like to say at this time. And they have to do with what is going on in the world at this time you see.

"If one is looking at the news, one would think that your world is devolving back into the `dark ages’ almost, with wars and threats of wars, atrocities, and inhumanities making the headlines almost everyday now.  What we’d like to say at this time is that this is a sham, it’s an illusion and a distraction. A `smoke screen’ has been created by some on your world to `overshadow’ and disguise what’s really going on underneath all of this.

"And that is that the process of ascension is accelerating more and more each day now, and these persons know this. They’re not dumb and blind. They can see what’s going on. They can see that there are changes going on in front of their eyes. And this is what’s causing the turmoil, the anguish, the fear, and their feelings that they must do something `right away’ or it will be chaos for them.  That’s what’s really going on now at this time.

"The other things, as we said, are designed to `cover this up’, to distract people’s attention away from the changes that they feel within themselves and that they see around them.

"Nobody’s talking about those things, you don’t read about those things in your newspapers or see it on your television news. But they’re going on nevertheless, people are changing, your world is changing.

"Soon there will be chaos on your world, seemingly, as this process accelerates more and more now. Those individuals that don’t want people to know, are planning to disrupt normal activities and normal living `patterns’ to an even greater extent in the very near future, you see.  But all of this will be in vain. It will be prove to be useless activity because the `Great Changes’ will overcome these other activities.  It is like a `great storm’ with heavy and thick clouds, obscuring all light. Even though people are told there is light above the clouds, they say `well maybe, but we can’t see it. You tell us there is light there but we can’t see it. So until we can see it, we have to believe that the clouds are all there is. There is no sunlight, there is no light.’

"But eventually the heat of the sun disperses the clouds and they evaporate, gradually at first but more and more as the day progresses until finally and at last, the light pours through the clouds and the people say, `there was light there after all. Now we know, we can see it, we know for sure now that there was light there all the time, but we just didn’t realize it.’

"Well, even though the clouds are thick on your world at this time, and they’re due to get thicker from these activities, know that there is light above and it will shine through. The chaotic conditions will not work in the end. It will be seen as only a subterfuge, a temporary ploy to delay the inevitable as long as possible.  So have patience, dear people, until very soon now that light will shine, and it will disperse the clouds. The chaos will come to an end.  There will be no more wars, no more killing of fellow human beings, you see.  No more tears, no more `hurt’.  Instead, hope for the future and eventually a long awaited `>Paradise’ for your beautiful planet.  Finally."
All the best to all. Lyle.

24th September, 2006
Taken from:
A Message from Aton Through Lauren Gorgo

9/24/06 2:21pm
«My love abounds you with joy and blessings of gratitude this day. I am the Father. I am Aton.»
L: Hello Aton, thank you for being with me today.
A: I have come to assist you this day. I have come to answer your requests for joy and love. I am at the level of joy and peace that you speak of and I share it with you this day»
L: Thank you very much.

A: Indeed many are undergoing an intense thrust of transforming frequency waves. It will pass soon. The intensity of this recent push is guiding your higher selves to the destination of the stars. It is quite a challenge to release the many lower vibrations from a human form, this should not be underestimated. However, know that as intense as this experience can become, the replaced feelings of absolute wholeness will be greater. Your overall existence will be enhanced to the point of complete union. You will have the strength and might of a lion and your heart will explode with love for all. You will not have remembrance of the suffering as it is not in alignment with your highest good. The highest good for all requires that no memories of suffering remain. You can ascertain the digitally encoded memory from your neuro-transmitters per say, but not on a level in which you will feel the pain and suffering of the past.

To this I would add that you are in the final stage of your journey home. You have been called upon as a reminder that the end is near. How soon, you ask? The journey of an initiate is one of conscious understanding of all aspects of suffering. It is in realizing the illusion of all hardship that one is set free. What then remains for you? What stone has been left unturned? The moment of release is tied in with the completion of the last soul contract. What that contract is, is up to you to realize through transmuting your fears. What is holding you back from freedom? What is keeping you from your highest ideals? These questions must be answered to pass through to the infinite realm of abundance.

Your stories are ones that will be shared. Your story is an important aspect of your journey. It is in the sharing of these details that you enable others to see the err of their ways. In all your accomplishments there are aspects of others intertwined. You carry the seed of each soul on a lighted path. You light the fuse to the ticking bomb inside all that will implode in the perfect timing of each initiate’s path. Your road to greatness will be well worn in the times to come, but it will be up to you to lead all who follow down the path that you have founded. Those who follow will know greatness too. Some will temporarily fall by the wayside, some will lose momentum, but ultimately all will find themselves at the Father’s door.

Many are at the end of a journey that some are only beginning. This is an advantage for those who will have the comfort of your truth. The proof, if you will, that they too can achieve godliness. What proof did you have? The proof was in your heart. The proof that you needed was awakened in time to awaken others. Your awareness is what led you back home, others will need to gain that awareness from you. In all your days you have realized that the disconnection between you and the Father is illusory. Others will not have realized that until they are taught. You have stumbled as they will. You have fallen as they will. But in picking yourself up others will be empowered with inspiration. It is quite a journey for all initiates, but the comfort of proof will be of great assistance.

In the coming days there will be much afoot. There will be many areas of life that will need cleansing and restructuring. This compartmentalized society must become unified. It will take the work of many to employ such great efforts, but there will be less opposition and strife. In knowing this, many will become complacent. Many more will become motivated. In separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, those with the motivation will become the inspiration to energize all others. It would become chaotic if all were motivated at once. Society would crumble and the now events would become entangled with the past and future events to be told. Therefore it is insisted upon that those who are awakening now be the first to put forth the impetus for a new world. Those who are duly prepared will be stepping out first and those who need preparation will follow until they too can lead. It is in the becoming of a master that each of you takes on the responsibility of teaching others to do the same. This is the idea behind an advanced civilization, one of self empowerment and picking each other up until all stand on their own.

This idea is a foreign one to your leaders. They are becoming so compartmentalized in their self destructive agendas that they see little growth in the human race outside of their empire. This lack of awareness will see them fall as they will be caught off guard by the aforementioned impetus off the new leaders. These new leaders are teaching each other the power of choice and actualization of that choice. It is in the fear of an enlightened society that your leaders push on to maintain control and fight a losing battle. It will be for the leaders of this world to wave their white flags in surrender to the Brotherhood. We have a stance to make that will ensure those efforts of the Great Brotherhood are seen through. We are beckoning all who will lead the new society to hear the call. The call is a mighty one and it is fortified with the Hierarchy and legions of Heaven. We see to it that all are readied and in position for a brand-new reality. All is in readiness now and the time for great change is apparent to many. Those who have a mission to serve as forerunners are preparing to launch. The lift-off is one that will find you in complete preparedness for your grand roles. Many are joining with you now to ensure that this transition is smooth and successful. No one who is launching into a new perception is doing so alone. It is with great assistance that each of you are tended to.

Never in the history of Earth has something of this magnitude been attained. The level of conscious awareness that is coming to your world is beyond measure. Those who have a part in awakening others will have known the trials and tribulations to the path of initiation quite intimately by now. It will be in the recognizing of that path that each of you is afforded the opportunity to move up in vibration. Now more than ever you are all needed to break through the barrier and assist mankind. In doing so, you can exponentially affect the cosmic radiation surrounding the planet at this time. The clarity by which you are capable of transmitting this harmonic frequency is beyond your understanding at this point. It is a clear wave of energy transmission that each of you carries to enable the activation of specific codes in the earth’s grid. Without your awareness the Light hath no shine. It is therefore intended that each of you awaken to your full potential in truth. It will be a process of individuation, yet a unified one. All who pass through the portal of transcendence lead the way for victory.

Take heed, Lighted ones. Your path has led you to the arrival of a New Age. Your oneness is an example for all who will follow. It will be a time of joy as you embark upon your new roles and missions of the stars and there are many who are delighted to work with you. It is a special moment in your life that awaits you. It is a divine happening of great magnitude that you have employed. Thank you for your service to humanity, undoubtedly you will all be greatly rewarded. Blessings and Adonai. Aton, the Father.
L: Thank you, Aton.

29th September 2006
Taken from:
From the Legions of Heaven Through Lauren

9/29/06 2:15pm
Who will speak to me this day?
«There are many of us who wish to speak with you this day.»
L: Who will be the spokesperson?
«I step forth, beloved sister. I am Athena.»
L: Good afternoon, Athena, nice to be with you again. Do you have a message for me?
A: Indeed, from the legions of Heaven I employ a message of forthcoming delight. The lighted realms abound and wish to advocate this transmission. I will speak as the voice of all present. Together we combine our energy to the highest level frequencies, is this comfortable for you?
L: wow…it’s a bit intense, but ok. I feel a little lightheaded, but the clarity is worth it, I can endure.
A: Excellent, we will monitor your vitals. We are many this day in accordance with events lined up in your realm on earth. We are embarking upon a special journey to employ the combined efforts of the Command and the Lighted Beings of Nebadon in a mission of great cosmic intervention. What this means is the moment of your arrival is afoot and unmistakably you will know this to be true in a very short period of time.
L: I apologize, Athena, do you mean me specifically or the collective?

A: I speak to all of like vibration at this time. This is the call to join forces with Heaven. Many of you have experienced delays in the forward movement of life as you know it. This is indeed due to the shifting and realigning of frequencies better suited to support you. These energies have been shifting from discordant to harmonious for many years. Now, the shift is completed. For those of you who are preparing to journey forward into the Light of the Great Central Sun, hear this…the time has arrived. The upliftment of man shall begin with the rising of those souls stepping out into their new dominion. What has been prophesized as the Great Shift of Ages is now, and the coming of the Christ has arrived. The great shift begins in the consciousness of man and extends outward unto the realms of multi-dimensional creation. It is the rising of man that will put an end to the discordant energies and give way for the new Light that is now upon thy earth. Each of you has been prepped for your roles as Light showers, each of you has gained the awareness of a master. The coming times have arrived and the new world shall avail itself.

Beings of Light, the time for greatness is available now to each of you. The choices you make will determine the best possible outcome to your destiny, choose wisely. Be astute and firm with your decisions and praytell. Never before has there been such a grand opportunity to fulfill your dreams for a better world, now is choosing time. In choosing your destiny you only need follow your heart’s calling. Those of you who toggle between worlds must decide. Those who have filtered through their fears will know that everything is now possible. It is in this choosing that your decision be heard by the great universal laws. It is in reuniting with your latent abilities that you finalize your truth. Stand guard for all those temptations to be averted, now is the time to say yes to what is and no to what was.

The battlegrounds will become forests and the trees will become shade and the shade will become the shadows of a land that once was. No longer is it required to sit in the shadows of yesterday for the combined efforts of few have released enough Light for all. Heaven is truly upon you and the swords of truth have cut through the illusion of man. Rise to the occasion by saying yes and divinity will bestow upon you. Let the fears and illusions of a reality no longer pass you by. The new day has dawned and the fight for dominance has ceased. Destiny is yours and the lighted beings are behind you in the victory that you have attained.

The legions of Heaven unite in a grand effort to restore your earth and her people. We come in droves to implement the new ways of living, prepared to lift you up and bring you in alignment with the infinite supply of Heaven. We send our mighty forces to lead you and our ground troops to support you in an effort to give you back your sovereignty. Each of you now must take the reins and march forward in faith, knowing your victory has been won. It would be impossible to employ a different outcome for the law has been written and the results are clear, you are to be lifted again.

My brothers and sisters, hear our words… the lion has left its cage. It is the Age of Enlightenment and all aboard will sail together to the dawn of a new cycle. Stand up and be counted, for those who rise in the final days shall fall nevermore. It is indeed true that what goes around, comes around, and the law of attraction sees this through. Those who seek power and greed shall see their demise, and those who seek love shall see suffering no more. We have joined together this day to mark the beginning of a New Earth. May the celebrations begin in Light of all your accomplishments to save humanity and earth, you are the mighty saviors. From the Legions of Heaven: The Galactic Federation of Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Lighted beings of Nebadon, we bid you farewell. We are in great anticipation of the days ahead. May the Light of Heaven shine upon one and all with eternal blessings.
L: Thank you.

23th September, 2006
Taken from:
To My Earth Brothers and Sisters
Posted by: "Richard Boylan PhD"drboylan@…  richardboylanphdllc
Sat Sep 23, 20069:35 am (PST)

Friends and Star Kids,  The following is a direct message to you from a member of Star Nations High Council who most recently served as a Watcher (observer-reporter) on Earth to Star Nations. His sage advice derives from bitter experience watching his own planet fail its Transition, and he wants us to make it through our Transition now happening on Earth.  – Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata:
Light Warriors, it has been a small amount of time since I have spoken with you. It is my heart’s desire that each of you is met in health and wellness of heart, mind, and body. If in any of these you lack, know the love of the Star Nations is with you in fullness.

My heart wishes to speak with you on a tender subject. I will speak with the holding of the Eagle’s Feather on this as was done while I served your Home Earth as a Watcher.

In the days before the time of my service with Star Nations, the world I called home was unfound. By the time the Star Nations located our small Planet, the movement towards a collapsing sun had already begun. While we were taught many things and given instruction and advisement, our people were unable to make our transition. The transition would not have prevented the natural process of the one of two Sun Beings. But the transition would have allowed our species to move forward inside the Grand Dream of Source to further service and into our next level of Being. It is known to you that the transition failed.

The reasons for this failure are many. And the lessons of the failure have been with me in the form of lessons carried to many other worlds in service.

As I continue to observe my own brothers and sisters who call themselves Humans, I am aware of patterns which require me to share words of warning. While few might hear my words, and with some fewer the words might go further than the ears, it is my obligation to share them.

Your species are beginning to awaken to the understanding that your own transition is upon you at this time. You have started to look around and you are identifying those who are your own kind who have not acted in the interest of your whole species. Your first instinct is to bring them to a swift justice. This is fair and understandable. My words on this will be to use also the Law of Love with these items. For those who are repentant, allow forgiveness to come in totality. The one who has sinned and is truly sorry for the crimes committed will be the strongest to stand next for the rights of others. This is not to say they should not work to set right their actions. In truth, those who are in their hearts repentant will be those who will insist on making corrections as they are able.

Next, I will share that a serious error with my species was with the division of those attempting to serve and bring us through the transition. But each group had its own leader, and each leader had an idea. Some groups would talk with other groups. Some groups would not talk with any group. I will tell you that each group help a part of the whole answer. But without the groups able to share and learn the truth of this, there was no chance of our species being able to move forward as a WHOLE through our transition.  Humans are now at this same point.

Do not allow the Ego inside your Beingness to override the Wisdom and Light of your Spirit. You are all together one species in all truth. Even with the need of the Star Nations to set aside for our service to you those who are Ego from those in Awareness, you are one flesh and one blood. The transition will be or will not be for all Humans.

Learn to better work with those who are attempting to serve all. You now understand in your hearts the clarity between those who serve their own Ego and those who walk in the Awareness of Source. Use this as your benchmark for communication. Learn to listen outside the labels set upon you by the requirement of Human language. When one says to you "Last night a Gray visited me and showed me love." Do not judge with your heart "They are wrong because it was Zeta and not Gray." At this time of Human transition, there is no energy extra to spend on small matters such as a simple word or phrase. However, if one says "Last night a Zeta came to me and it hurt me." You will know what is wrong. You can then use your understanding to rightly work for your transition and say "I know Zeta. or you can say "I know one who was taught by Zeta, and Zeta do not do what you have said. The truth of this is that Ego Humans are working pretending to be Zeta and will hurt other Humans for their own agenda." Are you able to see the difference here?

Again, work in love and compassion with all others in all communications. Do not divide yourselves further apart. You must come together through understanding of your situation at hand. After you have moved into your Fifth World, that will be your time for establishment of universal Human protocol if that is still desired.

Finally, I ask of you to hold compassion for the leaders of your Light Groups. Do not be so ready to take offense if a thing is said which hurts your Ego for a short time. Please understand that this was also a point of failure for my own people. Your leaders are the same as you in many ways. They are brave to put their energy on the front line of these great battles. They are the first to take direct hits from the Ego Humans who hide their own leaders behind armies of weaker Humans who are used in slavery.

If you desire to serve your leaders, offer your own energy to shield them from your heart. They will not ask for this because they are not as the Ego Humans. But this is a thing you can do with your own freedom of will and the energy Source has given you. Your leaders are strong and they have been taught how to use gifted energy in the right manner for this transition.

When your leaders are weary from the battle, give to them the fullness of understanding and compassion. If a word is spoken by a leader who is in battle and that word is taken as being harsh against you, you must be wise to understand the entire situation. If someone is pulling a child from a burning building and you stop to ask them what time it is, do you expect them to look at their watch with a smile and answer you?

Humans have the skills and the wisdom to make it through this time. Do not allow the Ego to take from you the future you are creating. It is seen with each report to the Council by Zeta that your success is closer and more obtainable. This is not said with simple words. Understand that I speak to you as a Watcher who was shown a Planet Earth that was to fail. And now I am shown a species called Human who now have their future again in their own hands. Do not throw away your chance for any comfort of ego.

In service to Star Nations,
Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata
 through channel Wendi Powers

Message of Ashtar Through Mark Stearn
Friday November 3, 2006
Taken from:
Ashtar: Collective Awakening to the Truth of the World

My dear friends,

The dawn that you have so long anticipated is arriving. The last structures are falling away. What is arriving in its place is the infinite Light of the ascendant. The stream cannot be denied. I am currently operating from a new field of operations and can see the world drama playing out. The dream is being penetrated by the collective intents of Light-servers. You are creating a worldwide situation of panic within certain souls that wish to perpetuate the old world dream. It has taken direct intervention from us, your friends, to turn the tide of the world dream. We are already among you now. We walk side by side with you as you move through the day. It is a simple shift of consciousness and you will know that we are forever by your side. We have awaken the vortexes deep underground and these are sprouting up new consciousness streams all over the world. The veil is wearing thin. It is being bombarded with thought forms of hope by beautiful hearts all over the globe. We currently fill your skies. As I have said the veil is wearing thin and the time is fast approaching when you will be visually aware of us.

Our presence really can be denied no longer. What is being witnessed now is the collective awakening to the truth of the world. There is tide among tide of change underway. Its momentum is constant and it is unstoppable. As I have said the veil is being taken down by the love sprouting up through the planet’s heart vortexes. There is a new unified field of consciousness that was put in place yesterday by many awakened hearts. This new field is piercing the dream of the world. The entire show is opening up. Currently surrounding your earth are legions of the destroyer force angels that are present to wrap up the world dream even as we speak. The intent behind unleashing the truth of the Light is creating pressure. The world illusion is coming apart at the seams. It is not before time. We admire and acknowledge your tremendous capacity for moving with the tide of incredible change you have all been experiencing since the global awareness of Ascension was activated. As a matter of interest, I thought it might interest you to know that the Ascension process was initially awakened in the early part of the last century by Maitreya Buddha from the Himalayas.

It has been carefully guided ever since by certain planetary guardians of consciousness. The new world is now being put in place by awakened hearts that are master craftsman of this task of forming a new world out of the bones of the old. You are in zero-point at this stage, beloved friends, and from our perspective you weather the task so very well. The structures in place are being crippled by the awakening Light in each heart that embraces the truth. It is pouring in from every corner of the globe and is being passed out to enliven humanity. No doubt you have all been experiencing the sensation of ‘strangeness’ in the air over the past three to four days. This has been the growing awareness of humanity. The world dream has in a sense come to a stop in its momentum and it is being taken apart by awakened hearts. Awakening is naturally being stirred in all corners of the world. What will begin to transpire in the next four to six days is the [New] World Order will come apart at the seams. All will begin to align with the greater heart of the Great Central Sun and consciousness will shift forever. The consciousness shifting will be like a great tidal wave of anticipation followed by an acute zero-point awareness. It is then that you will all notice that you are in a fresh new world. Very little will seem to have changed at first but the heart awareness of humanity will have changed forever.

How you perform your lives will be like starting the earth game afresh. New ways of living in awareness of the Great Central Sun will graciously engage your heart awareness and it is then you will notice the unity that begins to suddenly be the order of the day. The veil will lift like a shroud in this time and there will be much mist as the veil finally clears and returns home. Then we are among you, dear friends. You will be aware of us in all ways. The formation of the new world is up to each heart that freely embraces the truth. There is no order other than the guidance of the Great Central Sun that will awaken you like a flower blossoming into the infinite Light of the sun. What can I say, dear hearts. You already know all this! This has happened countless times before in countless dimensions and realities. You know what is ahead and are surely awakening every step of the way. The growing Light of the ascendant is currently putting all that is false to rest. It will soon be a time of rest for all hearts that labored long and hard to put together the new world. The global expansion of consciousness has always been a collective effort and we forever take our hats off to you. I will keep you all updated regularly over the coming times. Until next time.  Your humble friend,

Message of Sananda Through Lauren Gorgo
Friday November 3, 2006
Taken from:


11/3/06 11am
Lauren: Sananda, are those, your lovely lights?
Sananda:  Indeed, beloved.  My wishes for this grand Trine have been decreed by heaven.
L: ?
S:  Allow the words to flow uninterrupted and you will see to the meaning of this discourse.
L: I apologize, please continue.
S: The grand Trine that I refer to is planetary in nature, yet the affects of it are far reaching.  All beneficiaries in this Trine have great things in store.  I delight in seeing the transformation of humanity during these times of alignment and wish to convey that those who are moving forward at this time are benefiting the most from this sacred Trine.  I wish to add that though you are not yet in a position to completely transform, you will be altered considerably.  The energy of harmony and balance will be bestowed upon the human electromagnetic field.  This means a coming together of like energies in the body, soul and the mind.   I am particularly delighted to see the ramifications of this stellar force in your lives.  How you proceed from that moment forth will depend greatly on your state of conscious awareness.  Know that though there is always learning and teaching in life, you have come to an end of a learning cycle and will be preparing for the roles as teachers.  This means that you will be linked directly to the vast and unlimited knowledge of the higher realms.  In this state of comprehension, you will surprise yourself with the miracles you will perform.

I wish to include that the shifting that has been taking place is part of a collective cleansing and part of a new arrival of energies for the new world.  This means that though there will be unlimited potential for growth and evolvement, there will also be the fading of secular societies.  The societies that are beginning to fall are those based on greed, power and destruction.  It is of great concern that the world affairs have the least impact on the emotional state of human beings at this time.  You, who will be transported into the higher ways of thinking full time, will undoubtedly be of great importance to the world.  Know that in these times of shifting, those who remain in a state of resistance to these energies will feel great burdens.  It will be for those human angels to re-direct the focus of these individuals into a state of harmonious wellness.  It will be a challenge to stay in a state of balance without proper thought, therefore it is of utmost importance that the teachings of right thinking be instituted among man.

Furthermore, it is intended that those of the Light with way shower roles take the initiative now to step forward in their truth and actualize their intent.  It is imperative that those who waver decide. Know that the energies that are given to you now are ones of extreme malleability, yet they require conscious attention and discipline.  The responsibility of a Light worker is great in that the flow of thought must be pure for manifestation of a pure Earth.  I am delighted at the upcoming possibilities of change from this grand Trine on an individual and global level and these changes begin with you, the lighted ones. Many of you are in a state of quandary wondering what roles are your true ones.  My dearly beloveds, that is simple.  It is the one choice that makes you light up in joy.  Answer your heart when it calls to you, you are needed now.

In conclusion, I would say that the time of thought-based action is nearly complete and soon to replace it is the action of love.  You will all be coming forward to assist in these changes and you each have a very special part to play.  Now is the time for action, my brothers and sisters, right action, the action of love.  Blessings.

Message from the Celestial Hierarchy for the Newly Unfolding Earth Through Mark Stearn
Tuesday November 7, 2006
Celestial Hierarchy
Taken from:

Greetings, Blessed Hearts,

It pleases us to be among your sovereign hearts. We feel closer to you now than at any other time in the Earth game. We are shifting among you aligning your consciousness with the highest emanations of our beloved Great Central Sun. Our teaching to you at this time is to rest freely in the eye of this magnanimous vibration knowing it is you. You are reshaping your world through your growing consciousness. We are venerating your planet at this time through engaging the diamond heart of your planet. Our major base of operations at this time and for some time to come is your beloved Uluru that is the heart chakra for the planet and a major grounding for our initiative as we freely move among you now. As was already shared in a previous message your Ascended Masters now move through your human affairs planting seeds that act as vortexes for your release from limited awareness.

Your world stage is floundering. Our base of operations is secretly working to topple the entire stage from the inside out. We have constructed a fool-proof plan that is all about engaging the media awareness and showing them that we are among you. This is the card that will topple the entire card castle that has been so wittingly put in place over the time that you have engaged the third dimension. Your natural mineral deposits are now set for release. We have been working tirelessly on your behalf on a plan for the natural freeing up of the deposits that you will use to construct your fleets as well as your new cities once the time is right. The chemical composition of the deposits is being altered as we speak to provide malleability and lightness in nature. The veil of duality is thinning and will continue to do so. This will provide the necessaries for us to make it more known that we walk your world.

Mother-Earth had to reach a specific base frequency before we could freely engage your world. You are now officially anchored in the zero-point that provides the stability for direct intervention from the spiritual realms. We have longed for this time. Your planetary process is reaching its fruition. Initiatives from your many Light-workers is shifting our plans as the overall Divine Plan is being altered in its nature all the time due to the shifting contracts of so many dedicated hearts. Our time among you will be short before the planet reaches the higher dimensions. Once firmly established in the higher dimensions the Earth will begin to flower in its nature. At this point you will vibrate freely as the energy beings that you are at your core. The New Earth that is still waiting patiently in the higher fifth vibrations will gracefully meet your experience in a flurry of excitement, deep base movement of our Great Central Sun and the infinite dancing Lights of the Heavens.

This final activation process is closer than you can possibly imagine. The nature of your world is constantly giving itself over to the limitless depths of home now. This is shifting the nature of your world forever. The very working frequency of planet Earth now rests firmly in the nature of home.

Now to address the monetary systems that are now being transferred over at this time to a new way of functioning. All is actually happening behind the scenes, it is simply that you will experience the outcome once the official announcements come. All banks on Earth are being engaged by us, your friends, into transferring over their vast funds to the treasury. At a specific time in your near future the treasury will be officially overseen by us the Celestial Hosts. How the funds are to be distributed is to be fully decided once the changeover has finally occurred. Know that there is to be an equal distributing of the vast resources of this planet. This will be to put the Divine Plan fully into action on your beloved Earth.

The movement in the ethers is at an all time high.  Us [We, sic], the Celestial Hierarchy, are now moving the full capacity of our forces into direct alignment with the will of Earth. This is an unprecedented move by the Great Central Sun in accelerating your grand merging process with home. The base vibration of the Earth will shoot skywards once the complete force of our operations is in full swing. We are arriving by the multitudes through your planet’s sacred keeper spots. We are forming a base of operations in every corner of your globe, in each country. You will begin to collectively experience our heightened vibration the more the Earth graduates into the vibrations of the fifth dimension. It is all in hand now. Free will on planet Earth is now very subject to the will of the Divine Plan. Physical Earth is now beginning to rest in the Ethers. This is quite a coming home, Dear Hearts! This is how you are gaining your natural composure as the infinite aspects of home on a voyage far from your origins.

Earth time is short, Dear Hearts. Your world leaders are acquiescing to Divine Will and the collective will of the movement behind your Ascension process. You are engaged in an unstoppable momentum that leads to the stars and far beyond. The engaging of the star nations with Earth has been happening now for approximately well over ten earth years. You have been kept in the dark on all of the proceedings. The official engaging of our beloved brethren will be key in opening your world to the vast neighborhood that you now freely inhabit. You are already energetically anchored for an unprecedented physical First Contact with the fullness of the space neighborhood. Your heightening vibration is the very key that leads to home and sets you unconditionally free. As we have already said, time is now short. You are paving the way, Dear Hearts, where you are at now could not have been achieved without the dedication of your fully sovereign hearts. We forever salute you in your unending embracing of all that is in creation.  Adonai.
We are your friends!

Wednesday November 8, 2006
Celestial Hierarchy

Taken from:

Greetings dearest friends and noble hearts,

Elora Gabriel: Doesn’t time fly when you are so engaged in working with the heart! We have a message of hope we are sure will enlighten and uplift your collective awareness and blossoming diamond hearts. So much to report, it is certainly now a case of what is not happening? Your growing awareness is firmly anchoring in the societal streams and filtering well into the ethers.Your many way-showers have performed well in their duties. We now movefreely among you from the realms of celestial communion with All That Is. Weare forever with your hearts as you pierce the momentary separation withyour own Source. Our collective presence is magnifying among you now. Manyinherent vibrations of truth are aligning your planet’s newly growingdiamond body with the stars. There is great intervention on your behalf fromthe realms of destiny. Destiny is playing a part in many parts of yourworld. As your consciousness deepens you are more than aware of thecollective agreements that have forged your collective destiny so to speak.Your guardians and gatekeepers are allowing unlimited resource through now,dear ones. It is all happening.

Ashtar: Fellow hearts, I applaud you all. You are performing so divinely and accurately in your collective agreements. Sananda and I along with Elora Gabriel are performing a dance of merriment from our perspective. Your truth is now striking. We are witnessing so many warriors working together toshape the betterment of your world. The bird’s eye view is stupendous. Wefeel you would approve of our many bases of operations from the fourth andfifth dimensions of your earth. These wondrous new locations are providingthe very road-map from which we can more accurately predict the stream thathumanity is moving in. It is most positive overall. Awakening has caughthold of your entire planet and we are delighted to report that there is nogoing back now. The diamond body of your Mother Gaia is piercing theseparation like no other vibration currently at work. The societal streamsare now thickening with the awakening stream at work. The gateway of Uluruis now performing the contract of fully aligning your hearts with the basevibration of our beloved home. This is bringing every contract that smellsof separation to the fore. You are more than adept at addressing yourinternal emanations, dear hearts.

Our fleet now moves freely through your cities. Many folk are getting stunning impressions of our collective presence. For now it is impression which we feel serves appropriately. All Light-servers are now engagingcontracts that take the Light Body of one and all and facilitate anunprecedented merging with the Galactic Soul and Heart. Mother Gaia is beingbathed in many new streams from vibrations that freely serve your interests. This is bolstering your collective awakening. The societal streams are meeting the full interest of the divine home and we are currently laying out an energetic model of Divine Will that most appropriately serves yourcollective affairs.  You are beginning to come into the holy relationship ona planetary level. As we have said there really is no return once thecollective has embraced the Eternal Heart. It is a pulse and a rhythm fromlong ago that beats through the separation and aligns every thought formconceivable with the fully unified flow of creation. Creation is embracingyour hearts, it always has done, it is embracing your daily affairs. Ourintervention has been a long time coming from a human perspective. Yourreward is close at hand, dear servants of an unbounded and unimaginablecontract of divine service. Until we speak again.

Sananda: Could I possibly say it any better than our beloved brother has just put it? Fireworks are the order of the day for each remaining moment of our creation. Our dance cannot and will not be contained. It brings a tearto our eye to witness your planet from the ethers. Your Lights cannot becontained. The separation is being dissolved so gracefully that it is nowmoving into the minds and hearts that create the rhythm of your world. Earthcurrently inhabits the final vibration of the fifth dimension on herglorious return to full consciousness. It has been most challenging of latefor the separation has been like a stabbing pain in her unbounded heart.Your beloved planet directly experiences the plight humanity has created foritself. The intervention from us that began Earth days ago is an unlimitedcontract of gratitude from us and home to set right all that is in ourcapability as we all return to our core vibrations. Mother Earth’s celestialbody was officially anchored yesterday the 7th of November. There was atremendous alignment with the Great Central Sun and a great heaving was feltby us in the ethers. This alignment was anchored by your hearts and ourgratitude cannot be contained.

Finally I would like to say that there is a celebration being held at Uluru at present for all of you who would like engage with your hearts. All work and no play makes Light-service a tough day!  We couldn’t resist there. You will be pleased to know that your Earth is in the official and final phase of her passage to her glorious Light Body and new reality. Theshifting now that is experienced is very final. Physicality is movingskyward at this time and your connection with the ethers is at an all-timehigh. This has never before transpired in the history of Earth. Even in thetimes of Atlantis the planet experienced extraordinary levels of connectionand awareness. You are going beyond what was ever conceived possible now. Itis all to do with your developing Light-vehicles. You create the paradigmitself with each shift in your infinite awareness. The streams of creationare united in completing the celestial dance for this portion of creation.Your connection with the ethers has never been so strong. Movement on adivine level now fully embraces your planet. You are beginning to court fullawareness of all that you are.

The third dimension is thinning as the fourth and fifth dimensions fully anchor in your collective experience. The Divine Will is now meeting the affairs of the world head-on and all is giving way. The centre of the planet is now a glorious crystal of all colors conceivable. It is carefullymaintained by keeper vibrations that also act as guardians for the newlygrowing world. Your world has reached a point of no-return as Ashtar has soeloquently put it. You are very like the Mayans who merged their physicalvehicles with the realms of spirit so many centuries ago. It will appear tomany other physical systems that monitor your progress that you havedisappeared from this portion of creation. You now move to the collectivebeating drum and its emanation is immediately recognizable as the truthbeing vibrated is reaching a crescendo. A deep awareness of home is nowsettling into your hearts.  All is moving exactly according to Divine Contract. The Earth is now officially wrapped up in how it has been designed to transpire. From this point on it is about embracing the higher vibrations of creation and fully becoming and emanating the truth that you have been guided here to give expression to. You all do it so well!

That is all for now, dearest hearts. Until we speak again!
We are your friends.

Saturday November 11, 2006
Message from Ashtar
Taken from:

Dear hearts, our excitement cannot be contained. You are moving the planet to new shores. What is being created is a harmonization with the active affairs of the universe. So many dimensional alignments of will are taking place. Your planet is opening up as a result. Our First Contact with you is simply a case of us consciously revealing ourselves to you. We are already here! So many more alignments and openings are now due to take place. This will harmonize the universal and planetary energies with the spheres of higher dimensional creation. This is the fullness of heaven moving consciously into your vehicles. Over the next day [pass Saturday 11-11] planet Earth will open up consciously as a vehicle for higher alignment for so many other systems that are evolving along with you. More to come! Your friend,

Message from Monka Kar-dar of the Saturnian Council of the Ashtar Galactic Command Through Commander Aleon
SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ November 2006 Issue
November, 2006
Taken from:

Greetings from the Ashtar Galactic Command. I am Monka Kar-dar of the Saturnian Spiritual Councils speaking in your time and space today about a number of areas yet to be discussed. I would like to start with an understanding of your cosmic family and your human face upon the planet you reside on.


Many humans have similar faces all around the planet. This is important to realize at this time, for the faces that look exactly the same are from your cosmic spiritual family from many planetary worlds who have come to Earth for many reasons. Those who meet others with the same face in their travels will find also that their personalities are very close. The reason for this is simple: Humans of this nature come from the same star family before volunteering to live on Earth within this time and space. Not all have yet awakened to who they are but some have.

A human face tells a lot about a person on your world. If you take the time and look at one another within silence, you will feel a great sense of oneness with that person. Your NASA talks about the "Face on Mars," yet there are encodings within your human makeup that will express who you truly are when you awaken from this current time and space. The face shows the emotions of the human being’s innermost feelings, and this is affected by and affects others in one’s path. The cosmic spiritual being that you are and the faces upon this orb are like a book yet to be expressed outwardly to one of the same face.

There are planetary worlds beyond this dimension where people naturally look the same in their makeup. Many are beautiful people with wonderful understanding, and their faces glow with a radiance of great love toward all they interact with. This will be the case within the human facial expression as well. The "Face on Mars" and the many faces of human expression are one in God’s eyes of creation, my brothers and sisters.


Let me speak on another area, since we of the Ashtar Galactic Command have much to share today within your time and space. Your world has many events now taking place and your people are becoming aware every day of the illusions of those who control this time and space within your planetary system.

Many events will come to pass and the Ashtar Galactic Command has been with all of you from the first time you decided to volunteer to come to this beautiful place. The planetary shift of consciousness cannot be stopped by anyone or anything upon your world. This is your time within humanity to feel and see the truth of your being and the truth of the cosmos beyond your own experience at this time.

There are many predictions now arising from those upon your planetary world. The one area the Ashtar Galactic Command can speak from is the foundation of love. This is key in order for each of you to not get caught in the trap of wars on your planet and other events within what are now called Earth Changes.

You are still alive now, and events have been passing constantly all around the world. The wars upon your world will eventually cease to exist, as many will see that all they have done is to take a life form and destroy it. There will be a time soon when all of humanity will realize that you cannot exist with fear of another in your souls. You currently on your planet have enough food to feed all on Earth but you do not, and instead you create conflict and fear.

I ask you to let go now of your hate, fear and want of power within your very being, if this applies to you. Your Earth-based religions are fighting one another, and the ego is completely in charge of the conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Those on your world who use their religions and God to create conflict do not understand God’s Divine Plan or Love. These ones prefer to translate God’s words to create disharmony and they teach their children this as well. This can change with the Lightworkers and souls who have come at this time to live in those countries.

When many accepted their missions on behalf of the Command, they had to forget and in time remember why they had come to this orb. Now many have awakened and can use their cosmic spiritual understandings to help those who ask within these nations. I hope you will each take an opportunity to create understanding where there is conflict. That’s why you have come. For living in the human form, you can see and experience all the emotions and feelings within limitation, and grow from this into the true being of spiritual Light that you are.

How does your mind feel now? As it rapidly changes into a new level of understanding, you are realizing and feeling so much around you, within you and beyond you. The very Christ is touching your hearts and souls within the human life you now lead.

This is a time to feel everything around your being. As your senses now come alive, so does your yearning for connection with your star families. They are not far from your very heart. The galactic soul-to-soul connection that you have will one day bring you back to your family that you have so missed while on missions to planet Earth (Shan).

As your seasons are now changing, so will consciousness change. Everything is happening in your time and space as it should, and you will see great things in this life that you live. Don’t wait to live your life, my brothers and sisters. Get up, breathe the air and exhale back to God and Christ the very breath of life that you are in oneness with creation. Do this with your children and other family members who are open to this. Remember, you are the wayshowers of a new reality that is to come.

As I sit here with Aleon, within his human form, I bring great love to all of you around the planet. I would like all to stop what you are doing at this time. Close your eyes now and feel within your being my presence from the Ashtar Galactic Command and the presence of those from Mars and other planetary worlds who are with me at this time. For I am totally aligned with Aleon and the Mother Earth within your time and space of our Earth transmission.

You are great souls of love in truth. As I speak with you, understand that I and the Ashtar Galactic Command will always love you within your hearts and ours. May you walk and create now in your time and space the harmony you desire for yourself and others within the community of life you call Earth (planet Shan). Blessings in the Light of the most radiant one. I am Monka Kar-dar of the Saturnian Council ending this transmission to the people of planet Earth Shan. Until we meet again.

Message from Ashtar, Sananda and George Van Tassel Through Mark Stearn
Thrusday November 16, 2006
Taken from:

Mark Stearn: Personal note: I realize I now find myself in a position of faith. I have many readers writing to me requesting specifics on the activities of our friends. I have written simply what I have been given. I experience a certain frustration at times that these promises given to us by our friends are not more universally felt. The writings of other channels I have read of late do carry resonating threads of what is now occurring. Thanks the stars we are all reporting similar occurrences of the Light Forces. I will continue to spread the message of our friends for I have an inbuilt desire to share consciousness and home with us all. Thank-you, Mark.

Ashtar:  Beloved Fellow Commanders and Lighted Hearts.  I greet you all. Adonai! I have a special friend with me today who wishes to share with you regarding the actions of your military.  George Van Tassel, our original voice from the Earth realms, is present to advocate the actions of our star kin on behalf of your advent into the realms of sovereignty and freedom.

George Van Tassel: The spreading of the chemtrails is to swiftly come to a halt. We are appearing to your military at this time. We are informing them that there will be premature global appearances if their actions continue. We have appeared to some of the craft that were spreading the chemtrails. Once this was reported there was a swift decision to maintain secrecy. The fog that is lifting, dear friends, is so thin and continues to evaporate. Your ability to see us is still enshrouded in the mists of a certain perpetuated veil. This veil is swiftly being taken down by certain way-showers that continue to spread the Light throughout the world. The world systems are going to come to a swift halt around the advent of Christmas if this initiative is to continue. The desire for freedom is so strong now that it is carrying all in its sway. This Christmas is to see unprecedented action on behalf of the Forces of Light.  The redeeming of the true nature of planet Earth is taking place. Underway right now is a vast new Light Force that has been created to free you all from limited awareness through clearing the many clouds of perpetuated illusion that have been boosted by the Illuminati’s collective voice. Your advent into the Light has well begun. You are piercing duality faster than has ever before been achieved on planet Earth.

Ashtar: Our appearances among you will begin mid December and onwards. This timeframe has been universally accepted. We will begin to clear all the veils existing on the Earth beginning from this point as a preparation period. Once these veils are clear you will clearly witness us in your skies. There will be unlimited media coverage and then we will be among you. Our many planetary voices will officially step forward and acknowledge our collective presence. The control systems of this world are no longer standing up. As Mark has heard recently Critical Mass has indeed been achieved on this world. This is what has allowed us unlimited intervention into your global affairs. There is still a global plan in place to warp the vibration of the mass consciousness. This is extremely obvious to our kin that walk the Earth and all Light-servers who have always been sensitive to energy. We are currently installing Light connectors all throughout your underground that are designed to undermine the effects of the global activity on behalf of your controllers.

Consciousness is pushing on and upwards. You are piercing all duality through your growing Light that is constantly bringing your new earth to the fore. The New planet is moving swiftly into the world arena. This brings many spannings of consciousness and draws the entire mass consciousness weave together into a beautiful weave of galactic colors and hues. We wish to amass our ground crew to prepare for the operations of Contact with the greater space neighborhood. This will involve working together with one another to prepare the world for news of our arrival. I will now pass you over to our brother Sananda who wishes to offer some tidings for the coming Christmas season.

Sananda: Greetings fellow wayshowers. I proudly acknowledge your global efforts. Your collective voice is swiftly creating new patterns in the world consciousness through your endeavors. Your approaching Christmas season is a multi-layered feast of many activities from our bases of operations and of course yours. By the end of December there will be clear awareness of a vast new change in the working of the world order. January will quickly see the changes instituted. The shifting of the veil and the transmutation of your mass consciousness is key to ending the current world malady. We are ready to walk among you and assist you in transmuting your world affairs and to put in place the new paradigm style of living and functioning together as one united voice. Never before has the Earth witnessed your growing state of awareness. The mass consciousness field is being turned on its head through your growing strength to maintain your collective intents and there is growing pressure on your global arena to acquiesce to the affairs of the Divine Plan. It is now all occurring. We leave you for now and look forward to witnessing the miracles you are now so swiftly putting in place and into direct action. Adonai! I salute you all in the growing Light of the Redeeming Source.

We are your friends

Tuesday November 28, 2006
Taken from:

Ashtar: Greetings victorious hearts, today we witnessed one of the greatest achievements in the Earth’s shifting. The new paradigm is filtering into your Earth consciously at an extended rate. We are all celebration in the etheric realms. Your victory is assured. Moving through your Earth now is the harmonic frequency of totality. It is bringing yet again another refinement of your internal natures that are constantly pushing to the surface now. Each day now that passes you are processing a decade worth of vibrational alignment with Home. We have accelerated our plans mainly due to refinements of your Earth’s nature. We are assured of your imminent victory. You are whether you know it or not consciously acquiescing to the totality of the Divine Plan and rest assured all is in fine motion as we speak. Mother Earth’s structures are softening as she begins to experience higher alignments with her celestial body. It is a time of great passing. The letting go is monumentous. The Divine Plan assures a swift changeover in conscious awareness that will have you breathing the air of new earth at a conscious level by the new year.

You have proved yourselves. All is now in readiness to step to the next level of vibrational alignment with the Great Central Sun. Source excludes no heart. All souls are moving in perfect motion with the unfolding sway of home. The energy appears in a panic at a conscious level and this is because the refinement is throwing up much consciousness rubble that is being sorted by the angelic realms. Mother Earth is throwing off all her cloaks now. It appears chaotic but there is an inner order where all is moving appropriately. A Divine Order now guides your affairs. All of the inner is moving to the outer. You are quite literally being turned inside out. Many of you have requested an increase in the capacity of the Divine Plan. This is now occurring. Home and the will of all is unfolding. It has always been thus.

Mark: I will ask Ashtar some questions now.  [M: Mark, A: Ashtar.]  When will the new paradigm be anchored firmly on our Earth and what state are we currently in? When will the show truly begin to settle down into a new conscious state of affairs?
A: An interesting question indeed. You are currently moving through the bottle neck of bottle necks. This is the point of no return that we alluded to in many of our earlier messages. Once you have come through this frantic period you will have moved into an unalterable peace for the peace of Home will have fully descended on this world.
M: When will this be in terms of linear time?
A: Approximately an Earth month from now you will have fully altered the vibrational pattern of this world. After this the entire stream of your conscious experience is to begin accelerating into the etheric realms. The etheric realms are anchoring consciously in your experience.
M: When will there be a direct change in the world order?
A: Your world stages are shifting as we speak. Our announcements about [First] Contact and the vast treasury flux are currently underway. Approximately by January the entire world stage will begin to cave in to be replaced by a field of pure conscious awareness. All will simply know what is to occur next.
M: Can you give us an idea of what this is to be?
A: Brother, you ask such striking questions.  M: (Smiles.)
A: We see many of you beginning to form conscious living situations that are deeply steeped in nature. Many settlements will begin to evolve. This is the movement of pure consciousness emanating all throughout the Earth.
M: Brother, I’ve always perceived that our process is energetic in nature, so many speak that Earth life will progress without much change even after Contact. Maybe this is just my perception but there still appears to be struggles even after Contact. Maybe again it is just perception.
A: As you know, dear brother, you are energetic in your perceptual pattern. You approach your conscious living experience from a consciousness-expanding essence, so naturally you see the picture in terms of the harmonic shifts. We do tell you that Contact brings an unveiling of spirit consciously moving among you. The consciousness will accelerate and will peak shortly after we make ourselves known.
M: Brother, I am aware that Contact and dates is a cagey subject due to the constantly shifting nature of the universe but can you give us any clearer picture as to our approaching point of Contact?
A: I have anticipated this question. I receive this request quite a bit. I am more than aware of the anticipation in your heart. In earth terms it is a matter of weeks now if the energetic alignments continue the way they are. You are moving into an infallible energetic pattern and all is acquiescing to this order.
M: Brother you mentioned that consciousness will peak shortly after you have formally made yourselves known, will this peak be planetary Ascension?
A: (With much mirth.) Indeed.
M: The inevitable question. When will Ascension be? Can you give us an idea?
A: This is quite a cracker of a proposal in consciousness and we perceive it as such. It WILL be shortly after Contact has been made. Really it is based on the consciousness shifting that occurs in the timing around Contact. We can tell you that the consciousness raise occurring during Contact will be so tremendous that it will lift the roof off your creation. The harmonic patterns currently being laid down are foundational in shifting your perceptions around First Contact. Really at the end of the day it is us unveiling. We are all around you simply in the higher vibration.
M: Can you tell us a bit about the role of Earth’s crystal cities?
A: They are monumental in the shifting of the Earth’s consciousness. They are way-showers for the unfolding of the new paradigm. They direct consciousness even in the new world. They are the foremost patterns of growth on this planet. They are doorways to the full expansive of creation. We could never say enough about the impact of their vibrational patterns on your evolving contracts and consciousness.
M: What will Contact be like, brother? I still a little cagey about it myself even though I anticipate it with much excitement and relief in my heart.
A: Really it is quite smooth and beautiful. You will know in your hearts that we move among you. It will begin with reported sightings. These will increase and gradually there will be full advent of our presence among you. At this point your consciousness will be accelerating astronomically and you will be aware of being clearly at the point of no return. This is the advent of the complete harmonic realignment of all your world’s patterns and the grounding of all internal patterns you each carry about the new paradigm. The governments are giving up at this stage for they know that our approaching point of Contact is now imminent. It’s quite humorous really to watch the floundering occurring. We are not out to bite! (Much laughter.)

Message from Sananda
Tuesday  December 12, 2006
Taken from:

There is soon to come some dramatic changes in your government. Then there will be a new administration and, hopefully, the new president will soon make the changes to the orders to the Air Force to try to shoot down any UFOs. Then our shuttles will be able to have the long-planned flyovers and the few landings to show the world that we come in peace and are true aliens to your world (at least some of us). There are many activities that we plan to accomplish when we can land and be among you. Most important is that we shall help some of those who can and do call on us for our help.

As we have often stated, we come to help, however, we will not help anyone develop new weapons. There is to be a world of peace established and it will begin with our coming among you in North America. Then there will be other alien ships and peoples who are assigned to other parts of the world. There will be further landings and further help by we aliens, in many parts of the world. There will be peace. Our coming can be noted as being the beginnings of peace in the world. We shall use our best efforts to help those of you who are devoted to peaceful pursuits.

We do not see any further problems that will prevent our peaceful arrival and flyovers. We shall have a shuttle land for a brief time, as you have been told.

Message from Home Through Mark Stearn
Wednesday December 13, 2006
Taken from:

Greetings from Home! We embrace you in the Eternal Heart. You, our anchors, our way-showers are currently proving all that is possible in the highest schemes of creation. You are in the midst of a huge galactic realignment with the Source you know as Home.

Activations are occurring in your Light bodies that are anchoring our galactic alignment with the vibration you know as Home. This is actualising Home on planet Earth. As these streams become stronger on your world and continue to anchor on this world you will feel the call of the New Earth for it will be her arriving at a conscious level in your awareness. Now is a time of courting the highest emanations of all of Creation. Never has there been a time of such huge prophetic movements throughout the planet. Enormous surface change is being stimulated at this time.

The socio-political scene is shifting into a finer nature or weave of the massive galactic unfolding that is now reaching your hearts. Your dolphins and whales are anchoring the higher emanations of the source and they are calling on you to partake in the bounteous vibration of the Source that is your every waking breath. We salute you. You are way-showers for each aspect of Creation that are merging worlds in their wake. We watch Earth at this time, such a tapestry of dimensions shifting and moving constantly to witness. You are in a time of shifting out of all that has gone before into the new realms where you are the co creators. We salute you, we are with you in all things. Home.


Message from Monka Kar-dar of the Saturnian Council of the Ashtar Galactic Command Through Commander Aleon
Friday December 15, 2006
Newswire Taken from:

Greetings to all of the People of Planet Shan. I am Monka Kar Dar with you and will be overseeing a transmission from those of the Spiritual Council seated beside me at this time.

You are now going to hear many things of those coming to Earth from the other Planetary Worlds beyond your time and space.

The continued influx of new Galactic energy towards Earth will continue to increase in waves.  These waves of energy will directly affect your life in all aspects of how you live as time goes on.  Your Sun is a key player within your Ascension now and will interconnect its energy with that of your Planet Earth (Shan).  This will be done in a number of ways.  The visible rays from the Solar Flares will now affect the Mother Earth on an inner level within the Planet’s core or center.  This is like your center of your being within you, the Earth also has its center of being, the soul of the Planet’s body is at the center.  Understand that Planets are life forms as well as those living on them.

Everything is interconnected, not disconnected.  This is the core of God’s creation throughout the vast Multi-verse.  Many of you realize this already and many more will consciously awakened now everyday to this reality.

Your NASA and others in the levels of looking at Space cannot understand what is happening now with your Sun and within the Galaxy you call your home.

The effects of Spiritual change can be seen from the very Space around you and above you.  The foundations of cosmic changes are now coming into full completion has the days and months come and go.

Your 2007 is a year that will change the direction of Mankind and all that reside on your Planet.

This will also be a year of resolving World affairs upon your World.  You will see that there are again two major players in this: those who wish to continue on a path of self-destruction and those that are here to bring about the final understandings between all the People of your World to know the truth which will set all Consciousness free from limitations of the old ways.  You will, according to your cosmic family connection, see those that you are currently in alignment with.  This is natural for all of you.

As time goes on many cosmic families will reunite and interconnect with one another into one major force of Light within this Solar System and Galaxy.  The timing is Divinely planned always in these matters of great transformation.

Mankind will affect the changes within their Planet and this will activate other changes [on] how you have viewed your World and others within your Universe.  Man has his own perception of various ET civilizations and so does your media.

For many of your Earth years you have been kept in the dark about many things related to your creation and life elsewhere.  When you look at the news around your Planet there is a lot going on, is there not?  Leaders of nations talking how to resolve conflicts, i.e., wars and other matters that affect all of you.  The leaders are realizing that they cannot continue down the path they have, it does not work anymore.  It’s the old energy and ways of doing things.

Many other events will be seen in 2007 depending where you are.  The Ashtar Galactic Command and our vessels of spiritual Light are coming from around the known Universe in the Higher dimensions now.  We will not be the ones putting on a show for Mankind, that is not our way.  Our way is through the frequency of Love, the very foundation of who you and we are.  We do not want people to get fixated on dates and times that Space people are coming.  The important matter is that the People of Earth (Shan) have your Spiritual House in order.

For the Ashtar Galactic Command we are looking forward to being reunited with all of the ground crew of the Ashtar Galactic Command and the People of Planet Earth (Shan).  This will be a reality for each and every soul.  So relax when you hear that Ships are coming and this is it.  Your Spiritual discernment is key now again because [of] so many predictions of landings and beings coming to Earth now and in your 2007 and beyond.

Have you truly realized and finished your mission work on this Planet or are you just beginning?  These are key questions to ponder within your Soul.

For some of you living on this Planet you cannot wait to go to your Home Worlds and leave the Earth that you now reside on, this is also a natural feeling for those who have awakened and have seen your home worlds in your dream state and for some in your awakened reality.

This is for many on your Planet a time to reflect and also a time to create new realities and let go of the old ones that do not fit anymore.

If you wish to connect with us within the Ashtar Galactic Command you can by finding a quite space and place for yourselves.  Always ask the Christ to assist you in a clear connection with us, this is the frequency we are in.  So you, in creating a space and place to connect with us beyond the astral levels.  We do not reside in the astral but the Great Central Sun and within the great frequency of Divine Love, that’s where you will find us.

This ends this telepathic transmission from the Ashtar Galactic Command and our Vessels of Christ Light above.  I am Monka Kar Dar of the Saturnian Spiritual Council overseeing this transmission to the People of Earth from our Spiritual Council Crew seated with me at this time and we all love you and will be with you always when you need us.

Blessings in The Light of the Most Radiant One Always, Ashtar Galactic Command.

Message from Sananda
Tuesday  December 19, 2006
Taken from:

You will have an end to war, although how quickly the current forces can be withdrawn is open to some debate. There will be a great prosperity come about, especially in theU.S. and Canada, and this prosperity will spread throughout the world. There will be many new developments, both politically and economically that will, in general, benefit most of the citizens of the world. There will gradually come about a world of peace. War will be vigorously abandoned as a means of solving problems.

There will be great religious freedom and well as political freedom. However, it will take a few years for some of the "bad guys" to give up their control of their countries and restore some kind of a democratic government to their countries. The U.S. will again become a leader throughout the world in how a democratic government and people can properly administer and enjoy a freedom for all, or most of, its citizens.


Messages Through Spirit Eagle

Message from Morat and Moratuse
Tuesday December 12, 2006
Taken from:

I am Morat. Moratuse is with me.  We are Warriors of the Light.  We have been in observation of your Planet wide negotiations with the Nations of Stars.   We have decided to monitor the so-called "average people" in your everyday surroundings.  We find you a diverse and fascinating group of souls.   You have a very strong Will to survive despite the enslavement you are subjected to throughout your lives.

Those of you who are waking up to this enslavement are moving mountains.  ( A good visual, that!)  You are bringing about the changes on your Planet with ever greater Will and Determination despite what your Controllers tell you!  The people on the Planet are reaching a point of Critical Mass, a juncture in which ALL SOULS WILL AWAKEN TO THEIR OWN DIVINITY!   It is a joy to watch!

Moratuse speaks:  If you must listen to the news bear in mind just who writes the scripts!  Remember that you are only allowed to hear what those who control want you to hear.  If you can observe and know that the story being presented is being skewed to keep you under control and NOT THINKING FOR YOURSELF,then by all means observe the Machiavellian scripts being presented for your Disinformation! 

Know that before too long you will see our great Armada in your skies.  You will dance in joy and relief!   In fact, dust off your dancing slippers for you will dance amongst the Stars!   We are most honored to participate in the negotiations, planning and execution of the worldwide changes that are even now happening!   Good Night from Us to You!  The Goddess Enfolds You!

Message from Don-a-tel
Wednesday  December 27. Taken from:

For all of the ships at sea, for all of the beings in the sea, for all of the ships in the sky, for all of the beings in the sky, for all of the vehicles on the land, for all of the beings on and in the Earth Mother, Rejoice for your prayerful intentions have been answered!   They are materializing as we on the Golden Star speak!   What a short time ago was in the future for you is now in the present.   Look up!  Look Within!  And Know!

What YOU ARE DOING is changing the Galaxy!   YouARE remembering just WHO YOU ARE!   I am Don-a-tel.  I am a Communicator, (Telepath, Empath and Transmissions Overseer).   Do not doubt your hearts!   Do not doubt your intuitions!  There is Nothing that is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!  You, like us, are children of the Light. Go forth into that Light in the Knowingness of your Being, that you carry forth the End to this game of duality.  It is within Your grasp NOW!  

Bring your Joy-filled hearts into the next days in confidence of your Worthiness and Intentions.   Let your Humanity shine forth!   Bring your Compassion for all to FEEL in these next days.   Each step on the road of harmony enhances the Plan for Earth to transmute all into The Light!  

You have an expression that it is "Darkest before the Dawn".  You are in That place: just before the Dawn of a New World.  Await the Dawn  with gratefulness, love, and compassion for All.  We will meet again.  We will sing songs of joy and tenderness.  We will dance in the streets together and together we will bring the Light of Truth and Joy to all on the Earth Mother!   We will be together in camaraderie and joy!  Blessings to All in Peace and Love.

Continues on Messages from the Celestials, III

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