ET Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies


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Extraterrestrial Technologies
and Viable Counter Strategies
ByAnna Hayes (Ashayana Deane)
©Copyright 1998

Taken from: in this website on October 23, 2006.
Editor’s Note:  Meaning of Acronyms used in this text: EMP = Electro Magnetic Pulse; EMPT = Electro Magnetic Pulse Transmission.

Note of Editor: This article was written during near the peak of the Illuminati world dominance when they were actively pursuing the New World Order and were affecting the Partici Grid through electromagnetic pulse transmissions for DNA deactivation.  It is then published in this website more as reference material and to teach about the Keylontic science since part of what is described here no longer applies.  Thanks to the work of millions of Lightworkers and star people who, not affected by the Frequency Fence, were able to increase the vibratory rate of the mass consciousness of the planet and through prayers, meditations, Light work and telepathy invited the Celestial Forces and asked them to intervene.  Then the Superuniverse of Orvonton throughAdmiral Jhonka on behalf of Ashtar Sheran of the Ashtar Command and theUniverse of Nebadon through Christ Michael and Sananda gave ultimatums to the Illuminatiand authorized the Galactic Federation to intervene on planetary affairs. Darkness (Anunnaki and Luciferian Rebellion) lost the war against the Forces of Light for control of the planet. As a result of this intervention the Galactic Federation then deactivated all EMPTs around the globe and took over all underground military bases. Since then the Illuminati do not have a place to hide from divine justice and are and will continue being—judged by the Galactic Courts of Monjoronson in his magisterial mission. In fact —as this article is published here—a great good number of top key Illuminati have already faced trials —or are facing them— and leaving the planet and their families. —Luis Prada, Editor of Brother Veritus’ Website

In this article I hope to provide the reader with a brief overview of the mechanics behind ET technologies such as the Frequency Fence and the Holographic Insert. These technologies are part of an unbalanced agenda presently being orchestrated by Intruder ETs in order to infiltrate our society before the year 2012, when such an infiltration will no longer be possible.
The term unbalanced means that these beings are not in alignment with the Law of One.
I can empathize with those who refuse to believe in an intrusive ET presence; this is a frightening concept that is easier to deny than accept. Sometimes I’d like to "hide my head in the sand" and pretend away what I have learned.
It is not easy or fun for me to share information on unbalanced ET agendas or covert government involvements. Honestly, it scares the heck out of me to be in the position of having such information. The potentials of the aforementioned technologies are frightening and it is even more intimidating to realize that hidden Intruder forces apparently plan to use these technologies against us. However, our safety is in knowing, for we have the ability to stop such intrusive plans if we know what they are and what we can do about them.
Ignorance may be bliss but it leaves us wide open for manipulation. Personally, I’d rather face a problem than ignore it until the "mole hill becomes a mountain". When a problem is faced decisions regarding effective action can be made. We have a problem. Humanity is being faced with covert Intruder ET manipulation. If we see the problem we can take effective action toward a solution.

The Invisible PARTICI – Our Key to Understanding

A Frequency Fence is an electromagnetic pulse technology developed through the science of Keylonta.

Keylontic science is based upon principles of energy dynamics that may seem quite "alien" to our traditional scientific community. The theory behind Keylontic science emerges from in-depth study of small particle mechanics, and the primary difference between our scientific theory and the ETs’ Keylontic science is that they are dealing with particles smaller than what Earth scientists have yet to discover.

As demonstrated through the ETs’ superior abilities to move through time and space and direct the density of matter at will, it is obvious that their comprehension of the intrinsic laws of nature far exceeds our present understanding. The ETs’ theory of universal mechanics is built upon a model of energy relationships that we have yet to discover and this model is the foundation upon which ET Keylontic science (and its resulting technologies) is built. One primary difference between our scientific assumptions and ET theory can be summed up in one word, the PARTICI (sounds like "party guy").

The reality of the Partici is completely hidden from our view at this time while the ETs have an in-depth operational knowledge of the Partici. Partici can be defined as"energy units that emanate as tonal impulse from a central, universal source, which group by like polarization to form micro-strands or fibers of pre-matter substance that form the templates upon which all pre-matter, matter and antimatter forms are built." There are two types of Partici, the PARTIKA and the PARTICUM.

The Partika are tonal emanations projected from the central source as an expansion pulse and form the base electrical transmissions upon which the universe is perpetually fed energy in the form of electrical impulse.

The Particum is also a tonal impulse from source but it carries a contraction pulse through which energy from the Partika is drawn back into source at about one half the speed that it is being projected outward by the Partika.

The Particum sets the base contraction pulse upon which all effects of magnetism are structured. The Partika and Particum actually represent phases of expansion and contraction of the Partici and it is this dynamic of energy pulsation that sustains and continually recreates the structure of a Perpetual Motion Universe.

To simplify the concept of the Partici, view them as units of vibrating energy that emit inaudible sound tones and when grouped together they form "chains of sound" through which electrical impulse can flow. Partici strands operate organically in a way similar to fiber optics, allowing electrically coded data to circulate from a central source into a multitude of different "outlets" or forms, which are themselves composed of Partici. These forms, composed of Partici strands, form the basic energetic blueprint or template upon which all matter structures are built. The Partici are the basic building blocks of matter, and the operational intelligence behind and within all forms.

The complex templates they form are called Partici Grids, and every structure in the universe, from the smallest to the largest, holds within its form a primal Partici Grid. Partici Grids are smaller than our smallest known particles and literally exist as minute structures within those particles.

Partici Grids cannot be seen by our most powerful means of magnification; photons would seem large by comparison. If we were able to see Partici strands they would appear as a grid or template of vibrating, pulsating, concentrated light (similar to a laser beam) that is organized into a wide variety of fixed, interrelated geometric patterns. The Partici Grids pulsate in a rhythm of expansion and contraction which would give them the appearance of "flashing off and on" as they circulate electrical impulse to and from the central source.

The ET Keylontic technologies such as the Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts are based on manipulation of the Partici Grids, and those in possession of this technology have great power at their disposal for they can manipulate the very foundations upon which matter, biology and perception are constructed.

Mechanics of the Frequency Fence

The Frequency Fence is a bio-neurologically induced form of "mind control" that is set into operation through manipulation of the Partici Grids within human DNA and the Grids permeating the Earth’s crust. This is one form of Keylontic technology.

Keylonta can be simply defined as the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes and the base codes of matter. These "codes" are precisely the geometrically formed Partici Grids which direct all operations of subatomic and molecular mechanics.

The ET Keylontic technologies such as the Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts are based on manipulation of the Partici Grids, and those in possession of this technology have great power at their disposal for they can manipulate the very foundations upon which matter, biology and perception are constructed.

The Frequency Fence works in this manner. From underground and underwater bases (already in place) the Intruders can send specific electromagnetic pulse transmissions (digital data programs) into the Partici Grid which runs through the Earth’s crust. These EMPTs can be directed to specific locations and can be transmitted directly into the Partici Grid of the human body via the feet contacting the ground and through the Partici Grids of naturally occurring elements contained within the body.

First a "base-pulse" would be sent out via the Earth’s crust. Through repetition of this EM pulse the body’s natural resistance to foreign EMPs would be weakened allowing for more foreign EMPs to enter the electromagnetic fields of the body’s Partici Grid. This would create a subtle genetic mutation that would override the body’s natural immunity to Partici manipulation.

Once the base pulse is operational, the body and the DNA are "opened" to receive alternate EMP programs which can then alter the operating genetic code and all body systems and perceptions that receive their "electrical instructions" from the DNA. The next set of contrived EMPT programs would be sent through the Earth’s crust Partici Grid to specific geographical locations, the locations upon which our electrical plants, transformers and generators are built.

Through this method of transmission new EMPTs could be sent out following the pathways of our known electrical grid, creating a "phantom" EMP that would follow transmissions from the known electrical grid into any device drawing power from that grid. Any electrical device drawing power from that grid could thus become a tool for the transmission of complex EMP programs sent out by the Intruders. The body would absorb these new programs via the Partici Grid in the DNA giving the Intruders direct electrical access to the human neurological structure.

The Phantom Pulses are created in a way that would serve to block some of the body’s operational neuro-passageways which organically process electrical impulse through the body and brain to create the five-sensory picture we call three- dimensional reality.

What we call three-dimensional "physical" perception is the result of consciousness interacting with the biochemical-electrical processes of the body, through which the mind/body organism synthesizes bands of frequency into specific sensual holograms which gives us the experience of five-sensory perception within a three-dimensional world.

The Phantom EMP programs are geared to artificially control this natural perceptual process by blocking out the body’s ability to synthesize all but a select few frequency bands. This creates a biologically induced "perceptual harness" literally cutting off from human perceptual range activity taking place outside of the selected frequency bands. Once the Frequency Fence is in place, sensory illusions or holograms can be projected into the harnessed frequency bands.

The Holographic Insert

A Holographic Insert is a technology which also uses Keylontic science and manipulation of the Partici Grids, and it cannot be orchestrated on a mass level without a Frequency Fence. The Holographic Insert employs the Partici Grids within the molecular structure of elements within the air as well as the Grids within the Earth’s crust.

Once the Frequency Fence is in operation and human perception is biologically confined to specific bands of frequency, more contrived EMPTs can be digitally projected into the Earth’s atmosphere within the harnessed frequency bands and anyone who is biologically "tuned" to those frequencies (via the Partici Grids in the DNA) will experience as three- dimensional physical reality the illusion created by the Holographic Insert.

It can best be compared to finding yourself within a "virtual reality" program, but you would not realize that you had entered. The sci-fi technology called the "Holo-deck" demonstrated in our TV series Star Trek: Next Generation can give you some idea what walking through a Holographic Insert would be like, except it would not be a localized illusion confined to mechanical chambers but rather a nine- dimensional, five-sensory illusion generated directly through the natural environment.

Unlike the Holodeck of Star Trek the Frequency Fence and the Holographic Insert are not science fiction–they represent state-of-the-art technology now in the possession of Intruder ET visitors who want to "mess with us." The Intruders hope to activate this technology on Earth in 2006, which leaves us very little time to come up with a counter strategy. Fortunately we do have the ability to avert this intrusion.

Averting the Frequency Fence

If we had a working knowledge of Keylonta and understood the mechanics of the Partici Grids, we would not have been vulnerable to this sort of manipulation in the first place, for we would know how to monitor, control and protect our own energetic fields.

The solution to this dilemma is learning to control our personal and planetary Partici Grids, at least to some degree. Fortunately, the human body and aspects of higher awareness (the soul or "Superconscious Mind") hold an operable understanding of Keylontic science, so it is more a process of bringing that innate wisdom to a conscious level than learning something new and seemingly "alien." We all have access to knowledge of the Partici Grid through our genetic imprint and if we choose to tap that knowledge we can easily derail the Intruders’ Frequency Fence agenda before it is put into operation.

It is easier to prevent the activation of the Fence than it is to disengage it once it is operational. Presently we do not have the technology to create instruments that could block a Frequency Fence (though such mechanical apparatus does exist) but we do possess the most powerful protective "weapon" of all —the human mind/body/spirit organism. We simply need to learn to use it properly.

Because we do not yet understand the true nature of ourselves, we do not realize the hidden potentials that live within us, and one of those hidden potentials is precisely the solution to the Frequency Fence problem. The potential of the human mind being able to directly affect the operation of the Partici Grids of the body and the Earth will be our saving grace.

This hidden potential gives logical validation to the concept of "mind over matter" when it is realized that the electrical impulses of the mind can be used to directly interact with the electrical circuitry of the Partici Grids. But it is one thing to know this potential exists and quite another to call this potential into practical use. It takes knowledge, practice and time to develop the skill of consciously directing the Partici Grids, and mastery of the Grids within the human body is the first step.

At this stage we do have the dormant ability to affect the body’s Partici Grid enough to create a natural immunity to the EMPTs that the Intruders plan to use on us. The solution to the Frequency Fence problem is simple: The Fence is constructed in a way that the vibrational oscillation speed of the Partici Grids of the mean (average) of the global population is measured. That measurement is then used to calculate the specific frequency bands and sub-frequency bands that would be used to transmit the contrived and Phantom EMPs. That measurement is also used to isolate the precise frequency bands into which human perception would be harnessed, and all of the Intruders’ EMP programs are created to operate within those set boundaries of frequency.

It has taken them over 50 years of experimentation to perfect the precise EMP sequences to manipulate our Partici Grids on a mass level. They do not have enough time left to create new EMP programs if that original measurement of population Partici Grid speed changes.

If we can simply shift the speed of vibrational oscillation of the Partici Grids within a "critical mass" of Earth’s population, it will shift the speed of the Partici Grids of the population mean, which will render useless the complex EMP programs the Intruders have devised. In simple terms we can "move their target out of range of their transmissions" by accelerating the speed of Partici Grid oscillation within the bodies of a number of people.

If we can make this acceleration within the personal Partici Grids of only 8% of the global population, that "critical mass" of people will be reached, the Frequency Fence will be disarmed, and the Intruders will fail at their agenda.

After 2012, due to changes in the Earth crust, Partici Grid, the Intruders will not be able to use that grid for their transmission of EMP programs. The 2006 plan is their only opportunity to get us under their control to infiltrate our culture. If they cannot execute the Frequency Fence in 2006, they will leave permanently.

Accelerating the Personal and Planetary Partici Grids

There are numerous ways the Partici Grids can be affected even if you don’t have the Keylontic theory to clarify why these methods work. Here I will offer a list of twelve suggestions that will help to accelerate the personal and planetary Partici Grids in order to avert the Frequency Fence activation of 2006. I consider the following suggestions as "Twelve Steps to Freedom" and whether they are practiced in whole or in part they will help you to help yourself and the planet simultaneously. The more people using these suggestions the faster we will be able to reach the 8% "critical mass" needed to shift the mass Partici Grid out of range of Intruder EMP transmissions.

The Twelve Steps to Freedom

1. Reach for a personal relationship with your concept of a "Higher Power." In spiritual terms this can be God, the soul or the higher self. In scientific terms this can be the "Creative Mind," the Intuitive self, the Superconscious Mind, the "Super Ego," the muse within or whatever you want to label that higher aspect of human identity and awareness. The labels don’t matter. What matters is that you seek to find that level of awareness within yourself and use it for guidance, wisdom and strength. It is through this connection that you can access the knowledge of the Partici Grids and how to develop your hidden potentials. Such a relationship also automatically begins to accelerate numerous levels of the body’s Partici Grid allowing for further acceleration.

2. Refuse to accept "victim consciousness" or ideologies that promote a sense of personal dis-empowerment, worthlessness, subjugation of personal power to outside authority figures, punishment or harsh judgment of self or others and avoid theologies that endorse separatism, elitism and "us vs. them" mentalities or who use fear and guilt as subtle means of control. All of these tactics are covertly promoted by Intruder forces because they keep us divided, powerless, confused and afraid to trust our personal power. These ideas directly affect the speed of the body’s Partici Grid, slowing its rate of oscillation. Explore instead ideologies that promote personal empowerment through peaceful relationship with the self, Higher Power and all other life forms and which teach you to use personal power responsibly for the good of self, others and the planet simultaneously. Investigate the true meaning of "Unity Consciousness," explore perspectives that endorse cooperation and "prosperity consciousness" rather than competition and "scarcity consciousness" and integrate these ideas into your daily life. This will dramatically increase the speed of your Partici Grid.

3. Take the time to examine your personal beliefs about reality. Realize that "thoughts are things," literally. Thought patterns are also composed of Partici which form electromagnetic Partici-strand patterns (that we can’t yet see) and these patterns directly interact with and affect the speed of the body’s Partici Grid. Rigid, dogmatic, fearful, closed-minded beliefs become literal electromagnetic blockages to electrical impulse when they are translated into the body’s Partici Grid. Learn to examine, control and direct your beliefs rather than accepting without question the beliefs of others, the experts, the media, the government, the teachers, your friends, family and clergy. Examine the beliefs you have accepted as fact and determine whether there is real proof for that fact or if the idea is rather an assumption being presented as fact. (For example, there is no proof that ET visitors do NOT exist, yet many people assume this is true simply because they have not seen them.) Teach yourself to become an independent thinker and to use your "Higher Power" and intuitive self as tools for assessment and decision making. Become your own "shepherd" rather than a"sheep" or at least choose your "shepherds" wisely. Through reviewing your beliefs you can become empowered to change those that stand in your way of learning new ideas that could potentially help you. You are not your beliefs, they are ideas you choose to entertain, either consciously or subconsciously. Become conscious of these choices and you will find a great wealth of personal power and protection from manipulation.

4. Learn more about the body’s Partici Grid and methods to accelerate its frequency. There is much information available today regarding the intuitive senses and the subtle energy dynamics of the body. Ideologies involving knowledge of the "chakra system" and related electromagnetic energy fields can give effective tools for understanding and affecting the Partici Grid of the body. The "chakra system" of energy centers within and around the body is not the same thing as the Partici Grid. The Grid is beneath and within these subtle energy systems, and both structures are too small to see under present means of magnification. By learning to work with the chakra system you will find more ways to influence the Partici Grid as well as methods to improve general health, happiness and strengthen the connection to Higher Power. Much of the data on chakras is presented in texts with a strong spiritual or metaphysical slant which often deters those with a more scientific leaning. Realize that you can gain good information about the basic structure and operation of the chakra system from such texts and you don’t have to fully accept any spiritual interpretations with which you are not comfortable. Don’t "throw the baby out with the bath water!" Just explore the reality of the subtle energy systems and how it can be used to enhance your understanding and control over your personal bioelectrical systems. Exploring intuitive development methods will also help you in your study of the chakra system and will automatically begin to expand and accelerate your Partici Grid.

5. Strengthen your mind and exercise your "mental muscles." Learn about and use "mind technologies," such as meditation, affirmation, visualization, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, dream programming and projection of consciousness. All of these activities will help you to strengthen your mind and begin calling your dormant potentials into use. They will help you to connect with your Higher Power and give you powerful tools to use in consciously directing the body’s Partici Grid. You can learn a lot about yourself and how to direct the Partici strands of your thought patterns for effective results. Developing skill in these activities will automatically create a biological immunity to EMPTs of the Frequency Fence and will raise the speed of the Partici Grid beyond such manipulation.

6 Strengthen your body. The condition of the physical body directly affects the operation of the Partici Grid (and visa versa). By taking better care of the body you accelerate the speed of the Partici Grid. A diet with less chemical additives, red meats, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners is better for the body, but it is not necessary to go to extremes as even small changes are beneficial. Explore alternative approaches to eating such as vegetarian or macro-biotic health diets, food combining, herbal and vitamin supplements, organic and cruelty free-foods. Avoid irradiated and over-processed foods if possible. Investigate other perspectives on food consumption [rather] than stress healthful eating, rather than only weight control, and try some for yourself to see if it makes you feel better. Light fasting also helps the body release toxins and accelerates the speed of the Partici Grid (but if you’re under medical care, consult with your health professional before making changes). You can also develop your intuitive senses and learn to sense the speed of the Partici Grids within foods so you can tell if it holds a usable amount of electrical energy or if Grid speed is too slow to sustain the body properly. Fresh foods have the greatest amount of energy stored in their Partici Grids and this dissipates through processing and over time after it has been harvested. Learn to think of food as Partici Grids that you are entering into your own Partici Grid. This may give you a new perspective on desirable consumption habits.

The body is also strengthened by conscious breathing and controlled breath exercises. There are many good "stress reduction" techniques that teach you to direct the breath for short periods of time which helps the body and blood receive more oxygen. Oxygenation improves the overall function of the body systems and directly accelerates the speed of the Partici Grid, as well as helping to reduce stress.

Moderate exercise, yoga, free movement and dance also help the body to balance the electricity within the Partici Grid and drinking fresh, clean water assists the flow of electrical impulse through the Grid. These are just some suggestions as to how the body can be strengthened to accelerate the Partici Grid. When making changes you should allow the body time to adjust and change a little at a time.

7. Heal your emotions. Emotion is not just an intangible perceptual experience we have when we "feel something." When we "feel" our emotions we are experiencing certain parts of our Partici Grid as it is translated through the sense facilities of the body. Emotions are directly affected by our thoughts as the Partici patterns from our thoughts directly interact with the Partici of the emotions. The "emotional body" exists as a complex network of Partici patterns that are intertwined with the Partici Grid of the body, and "unresolved emotional issues" literally become trapped within the body’s Partici Grid as slower moving electromagnetic Partici strands. Repressing emotion only compounds the problem as these slower moving strands build up and begin to slow the [vibratory] rate of the body’s entire Partici Grid. So it is important to be willing to face and heal your emotions. Contemporary theories on "healing the emotional body" are very helpful as they emphasize releasing trapped emotive patterns and bringing emotions into harmony with the mind rather than suppressing emotional symptoms through chemical means. Emotions become unbalanced for a variety of reasons and these imbalances first appear within the Partici Grid. These distortions in the Grid then in turn affect the operation of chemicals, hormones and the neurological structure of the body manifesting in various psychological and personality disturbances.

But the original problem occurs first in the Partici Grid and if healing is approached with the intention of correcting the Grid rather than suppressing symptoms more lasting results can be obtained. In the future Keylontic science will reveal great advances in this type of healing but for now we can simply face our emotional issues and work with various traditional and contemporary healing approaches to resolve emotional difficulties. Working with your Higher Power, personal spirituality, beliefs and "mind technologies," can be very helpful tools for emotional healing. Past, present and future life hypnotic regression can also be quite helpful. Emotional release and healing is one of the fastest ways to accelerate the speed of the body’s Partici Grid.

8. Learn more about holistic approaches to health for these contemporary ideologies promote a view of healing that understands the intrinsic connection between body/mind/spirit. The Partici Grid directly links these three aspects of the human being and holistic health emphasizes healing on all levels rather than suppression of symptoms in a specific area. Holistic health also promotes development of the body’s natural healing abilities, encourages people to take more responsibility for their own health, to become more assertive in the doctor/patient relationship and to focus on wellness and preventative maintenance. Holistic health practices from aromatherapy, acupressure, Reiki, herbology, crystallogy, toning, reflexology, and therapeutic touch to more conventional forms such as chiropractic and vitamin therapy can do wonders for raising the speed of the Partici Grid, as well as improving general health and happiness.

9. Explore perspectives that address the issue of cellular transmutation. Many people have never heard of this concept but it is generally understood by those involved with "New Age" spirituality and related philosophies. You do not have to accept the New Age belief systems in order to learn more about the Partici strands in the DNA and how they operate. Cellular transmutation is a spiritualized science that understands the direct link between human consciousness and the structure and operation of the DNA. It is usually understood in such philosophies that our human ancestors originally had twelve rather than 2 strands of DNA which gave them "Godlike" abilities and awareness compared to our own, and that the "10 missing strands" are still contained within our present cellular code in the form of tiny sub-particles our scientists call "junk DNA." The "junk DNA" actually represents pieces of Partici formations that once operated as our twelve strand DNA structure. As humans become more aware of their ability to affect the Partici Grids of the body, the option of "reassembling and plugging in" the Partici of the junk DNA becomes an option in accelerating the evolutionary process and greatly increasing the speed of the body’s Partici Grid. The reality of this art/science is that the higher-dimensional aspects of human identity (the soul or Superconscious Mind) and the lower dimensional aspects of the "subconscious mind" are being brought into human conscious awareness, and it is through reactivation of the junk DNA (and the Partici Grids behind and within it) that the body is able to expand its genetic code so that these expanded aspects of identity can be electrically translated into conscious human perception. It can be compared to creating "new channels" within the neurological structure (by assembling the pieces of the junk DNA) through which faster moving electrical impulses from the higher identity and slower moving impulses from the subconscious identity can be put "on line" with the bio-chemical- electrical processes of the body that give us five-sensory perception and the experience of three-dimensional matter. Once the genetic code is expanded, our awareness, perception and abilities will expand accordingly. Most data on Cellular Transmutation is presently available through "New Age" philosophies and advanced "channeled" material. Cellular Transmutation occurs through the dynamics of Keylontic science. This knowledge has been hidden within the secret mystical schools of our religious traditions for aeons, and kept out of public domain by the power elite within those traditions. Keylontic science and knowledge of the Partici Grids is entering the public domain for the first time in over 10,000 years. I recommend exploring the potentials this information has to offer even if the concept seems radical to you. Again, you don’t have to accept the whole philosophy of the New Age to learn about the science of cellular transmutation, and this knowledge will give you the power to work with the Partici Grids directly.

10. Join or form groups to explore the subjects listed in steps #1-9, and begin to use this knowledge to assist yourself, others and the Earth and its natural environment. Methods of prayer, meditation, visualization, sacred ceremony and mind/energy dynamics are often used by such groups frequently without the knowledge of Keylontic science and the Partici Grids. Though the scientific theory behind their activities may not be apparent, their practices directly affect the Earth’s Partici Grid and raise the speed of its vibrational oscillation. The power of the individual is amplified by the Partici Grid of the group exponentially so it is worth participating in such activities even if you don’t fully accept the belief systems in which the activity takes place. In any group, avoid excessive dogma and those who do not support free thinking and individual expression, and reserve the right to personal interpretation. Such group energy work will directly affect the Earth’s Partici Grid helping to raise it out of the range of Intruder manipulation.

11. Seriously re-evaluate your personal ideas about the issue of ET visitation and support those who are petitioning for the government to release data on UFO/ETactivity. Realize that much information regarding these subjects has been purposely withheld from the public for reasons of "national security". This knowledge now circulates within "unofficial" networks of people, some who have been closely involved with aspects of the military, others who have had direct UFO/ET encounters or abductions. If you seek them out and listen to their stories with an open mind, you will realize the great amount of data that supports the premise of active ET visitation. Yet the governments of our world "debunk" these stories, discredit and harass witnesses whenever possible to keep this information from seriously entering the public awareness. We have been fed a form of propaganda in which ET visitation is either vehemently denied or made to appear as humorous fiction. This is not fiction. There is more evidence to support the visitation theory than there is to validate the debunking propaganda. The Intruder agenda depends upon them being able to control public perspective regarding their presence and government secrecy puts all of us in danger, for we are left totally uninformed and unprepared for an encounter with ET visitors. We are denied knowledge and knowledge is power in the face of an Intruder presence. Consider for a moment that your personal beliefs negating the possibility of ET visitation have been inadvertently colored by this propaganda and seek to become more informed. Even within the government and military only those with the highest security clearances have access to UFO data. So you can just imagine what might be withheld from the public.

12. In the U.S., peacefully form groups to petition the White House to appoint an independent agency to investigate the CIA and other "secret" divisions of government that oversee issues of UFO activity. Evidence suggests that a small faction of individuals within top security positions in such organizations have knowledge of ET contact that began around WWII. Information from various sources strongly suggests that a covert faction was created in the early 1950s under President Eisenhower to oversee and try to control dealings with an ET presence that made itself known to U.S. government just before the end of WWII. The private organization began with twelve men appointed by the President which was nicknamed "the Majestic 12" or MJ-12. There is a strong possibility that this group did exist and continues under new leadership today, possibly without the President’s knowledge and that this covert organization within the government is at least partially responsible for withholding information and debunking UFO witness accounts. If enough Americans became aware of the possibility of this covert government faction we could petition for mandates to seriously investigate the government organizations allegedly involved, for if these activities are taking place without the President’s knowledge, our democratic process is being compromised.

The HAARP (High-frequencyActive Auroral Research Project)
—Deactivated by the Galactic Federation on March, 2006—
This is the High Frequency Antenna Array Ionospheric Research Observatory located in Gakona, Alaska, designed by the Secret Government for mind control and planetary weather control using transmissions of electromagnetic pulses (Keylontic technology). All Earth underground military bases were taken by the Galactic Federation on 2005.  The Russian HAARP was also deactivated by the Galactic Federation.
There are 180 72-feet-tall metal towers built on 33 acres in a field located in Alaska, in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Monument area, a combined 24-million acre wilderness area, now designated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations on 24 October, 1979.


What Is HAARP?
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NASA UFO Footage of HAARP Shooting a UFO,  1/2
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NASA UFO Footage of HAARP Shooting a UFO,  2/2
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