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Message of Admiral Jhonka
of the Ashtar Command
Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka (General Kevin Radetsky)

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Message posted in the forum on February 19, 2006 (http://www.abundanthope.net/mb1a/forum/showthread.php?t=1044&highlight=jhonka)Published in this website on February 20, 2006.


This is a work of Christ Michael given through Jhonka, a high ranking citizen of the USA.  So was decided for strategic reasons.


Hello, my friends, I am new to Candace’s readers. I am an Admiral in the Ashtar Command and I am here to give a message today which is actually more meant for certain of the BBB&G’s readers of the website than the regular readers.

First on April 3, 2005, came the order "Stand Down and Stand Aside" given by Sananda in representation of Christ Michael, Creator Son of the local Universe of Nebadon.  It was ignored by most.  Now the order has been escalated and comes from the Super Universe of Orvonton through the Ashtar Command, now the terms are more severe as can be seen in this article.
"The System" (The Matrix) Is Falling!
Peace and Prosperity for All!

To our BBB&G readers of AbundantHope, this is for you today. As you know the work is nearly done in getting the Second Coming mission announced and much of NESARA implemented in the United States. You are not to go looking for me because I am not very available to you, I am very secure.

This notice serves as a stand down order unto those still within the United States Military who are resistant to the changes. You are hereby relieved of your command and your arrest warrants for various charges of treason are prepared and awaiting the delivery to you. All is in completely legal order under the real United States constitution. You are not citizens of the United States of America because by amendment 13 to the real constitution of the country you have vacated your citizenship rights for representing a foreign corporation.

Comandante Ashtar SheránYou are under arrest under international jurisdiction for this reason. Now, those of you who do not stand down within the next 36 hours from the time this notice is placed at AbundantHope will not only be arrested, you will not receive justice in the universal court system of Nebadon. You will be given your hasty trial and the only choice you face is un-creation in these circumstances. This is by order of Ashtar of the intergalactic Federation of Light, this order comes through the Galactic Hierarchy of Orvonton, from those that have a higher jurisdiction in this arena than does Christ Michael.

You enter your stand down to the proper authorities in your chain of command. You know who these are at this time. If you enter your stand down, which means your resignation, and agreement to cause no further trouble, you will face the true mercy of Orvonton and be allowed to continue your journey which will be under different circumstances, the void planet for your rehabilitation. You will no longer have a home here upon the Earth. Be in preparation of your families on this issue.

You will prepare them that you are leaving the planet entirely and they shall not see of you again for some time because the residence on the void planet tends to be lengthy one. In the case of your un-creation, they will not be seeing you again. If you love your families, you will prepare them for your departure. For failure to stand down during all the negotiations since the early part of this year 2006, is the cause of this action. We are bigger than you and you have no protection.

You have been given this option before and have chosen to not believe in its possibility. But the papers are now drawn, posted legally as necessary, and there is not a lawyer upon this planet than can change the outcome. Your destiny is certain and your only choice is un-creation or a new residence on the void planet for rehabilitation. Again, you must make this decision prior to you receiving the arrest papers.  A short 36 hours from the posting of this public notice. There are people reading this who will inform you of the conditions and this publication.

You will shortly be served your arrest papers, and you cannot not accept them, as they will be delivered by other means than standard courier. Keeping the door unanswered will not be effective.  There are those reading here at AbundantHope that get some of their marching assignments in this manner, and thus they will have them when the site is live tonight.

Now, I direct my attention to certain ones in Congress. There are also some of you who are ordered to stand down and resign your positions, and you know who you are. In particular this is for you, Senator Clinton, Senator Kerry and Senator Hatch . Yea are the lizard types and the American public will shortly have had enough of you when the truth is told. Prepare also your families for your departure to other places, you have the same choices as the military who have held this up.

To the members of the Supreme Court, several of you have resigned as you were asked, and the two newest members placed by Bush, however have not. You are asked to stand down also and there are arrest warrants awaiting you also under the same conditions as everyone else in this message. You have been charged with high treason against the United States of America.

Most of the other members of the Senate and Congress have made their decisions to resign. We believe that the ones not mentioned in this paper above, will make that decision shortly. There are more arrest warrants which will be public shortly, to prepare the American people for the coming changes. And Tom Delay, my man, you are in a real hot water, you know, and this will not be further covered up.

There are several high up in media also, who are not agreeable to the changes. Those who own Fox and NBC are given this warning. You also have arrest warrants facing you for obstruction and treason to the American people.  These in the fairly near future will also be made public. Your choices will be un-creation, the void planet, or prison in America according the laws for treason to your country.  Think well on that topic and also prepare your families.

To those being requested politely to stand down, I am aware you chose to not stand down last April to the Universe of Nebadon orders. However, the planet Earth has been returned to the control of the higher realms now, is a full member of the Galactic Federation of Light at this time and comes under Galactic Law. You have no recourse.

Now, as has been made public though AbundantHope, the Mr. Bush that appears to be the president to the public at this time, is a clone. The real Mr. Bush defected last summer [2005], and under protection has spilled his guts, and identified many and their crimes. He was under control of his father in seeking the presidency, and had finally had enough and approached one of great power to relieve him of this pressure. In the so doing, he has cleared much of his karma, and will be giving an admission to the public about who is responsible for the stolen presidency. He has agreed to stand public trial in the coming months and take his lumps. The public will be given that he has resigned, since it was not his office in the first place. He will not have charges placed against him, for what the clones have done in his name. His clone will simply be deactivated at the appropriate time.

Mr. Cheney was taken into custody last summer by legal arrest and his clone is before the public. Mr. Cheney remains uncooperative. At this point, the American public will see an arrest of Mr. Cheney the clone, and of course assume it is Mr. Cheney. Perhaps shortly Mr. Cheney is going to reconsider and actually resign his office. If that occurs the people will see a resignation and the filing of papers of treason and numerous other crimes by Mr. Cheney.

The older Bush, the former President, will also be receiving arrest warrants. We have not at this time determined when the public will be made aware of this. The military on our side in this has been very busy the past two days delivering warrants.  It is usually his clone you also so see, he takes little risk of being in front of the public. The one recent time he took this risk was at the funeral of Coretta Scott King because of the obvious security present for that event. So that day, you watched “the real deal.”

To the readers of AbundantHope, understand that this must be done from the inside, as is being done. Certain military and others from Mars have provided great assistance in getting this done. It has been mostly a numbers game, and now the numbers are in the right proportion to effect the change. As I have been told, you were told that there were American military on Mars who were returned to Earth to provide this assistance. There were 300 people returned of varying ranks and capabilities, so thus it is Americans getting the work done and not a foreign power.

I, myself, am also an American in addition to my ranking with Ashtar Command. I will not further identify myself at this time but you will know that identity publicly when appropriate to do so.

I am taking a bit of time to thank all of the Congress people, both representatives and Senators, who have seen the vision. Many of you have been participating heavily behind the scenes around the issues of NESARA for some time now. You now stand in greater power, as we move into the process of removing the higher power structure. I will not give names at this time to protect identity.

To those who were more reluctant, but chose to go along because you saw no other way for yourself, I believe as everything unfolds, you will understand the vision. You should be going before your peoples and giving them an apology for your behavior and you should not choose to run again since you are dropping out without true support of what is ahead, in this total Second Coming process.

We have had many in the media make a firm and joyous commitment to NESARA, re-education of the public and to the sacred honor which is implied in their choice of profession. A mighty education plan of the American public over the next couple of months has been envisioned, and much of it already prepared and waiting to be put before the public eye.

The Bourse, in which much of the world will not being using the dollar is going into effect, country by country. This will finish the Federal Reserve system. All of the oil-producing countries with the exception of Saudi Arabia, who still sits under NWO control, is going over to the Euro. This process ends many a game played in the financial arena that is connected to oil production. Iran has gone to this which is exactly why the foreign USA Corp. is wanting to attack them. There is not the real issue of they’re having any ability at this time to make nuclear weapons. This is a contrived story for the American public.

Interestingly, yesterday in the news there was material suggested to be from Saddam, found somehow and being translated. This remains a game of Karl Rove, and Karl, you will also be facing treason charges and exactly the same scenario of un-creation or the void planet. Make your choice now before delivery of your papers also.

Several Cabinet members have resigned also, and those that did not, you will receive similar marching orders. Your time is up. All of you who have knowingly participated in this grand New World Order scheme, and you all knew to some degree, face also arrests for treason. Again, no lawyers can get you off the hook, the warrants are “tight.” You cannot claim defense under the laws of the foreign corporation, you also gave up your citizenship to the United States, and come under international jurisdiction.

You cannot claim either that because the United States chose not to be part of the International Court of Justice that you are immune because the real United States made no such choice. The private corporation is subject to that entity, because it invaded and stole the entire government system put in place by the founding fathers of the United States of America. This same condition exists for others mentioned in this paper. You have no protection legally from prosecution. Most of your lawyers serve this fake government also and thus are not citizens of the United States and cannot represent you legally in this case, as they must be citizens of the United States to represent United States interests. Your corporation has been disbanded and uncreated by legal means.

Now to update the timelines for AbundantHope readers. We will not give an exact date, but this will officially start off with Mr. Bush’s resignation. There are other events prior to this to continue to prepare the American people just a bit more, and these include some papers and indictments of some importance to the Bush administration. I will not say which ones in this piece.  The taking down of the Federal Reserve could occur before or after the resignation of the President, this is predicated on the Bourse and its timing.

This will be seen as a natural event, the result of the dollar losing tremendous value in the world markets. The Federal Reserve will also find itself in bankruptcy proceedings, and the new story will be that because of the bankruptcy, the coinage of money has been returned to the Federal Government under the US Treasury.

The story to the public will be that the credit cards will be zeroed out because of this bankruptcy and the illegality of the organization to begin with. All the original considerations in NESARA will be covered around debt reduction in the United States of America. The public will be taught and informed of the procedures for this by the media at the prescribed time. This could occur before or after the President’s resignation. The timing on these events is fluid.

The Rainbow money can begin to be released with the downfall of the Federal Reserve, and the bills exchanged equally with Federal Reserve notes as the new currency becomes available. There will be no rush and no need to turn in the expiring notes in your possession. Just spend them as usual, and you will see change coming back in the new money as it becomes available. Banks will simply begin using it instead of Federal Reserve notes as they have supply. Those with money in banking accounts, the money remains as credits and debits to your accounts, the usual situation, and a non-issue during this changeover.

We are not releasing other details at this time. Worry not on the prosperity funds and the delivery of them, this will and is being handled by those involved. With the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve, this changes everything legally and barriers are removed. Not all banking changes will be instantaneous. There will not be a NESARA announcement, a one shot announcement. The details of NESARA will be put before the public and called NESARA a bit later. When you see either the Federal Reserve coming down or the resignation of Mr. Bush, you will know the show is on the road. We have plans in preparation, they are just not to be released at this time.

I think this is enough for today, I have fulfilled my commission in this regard. Namaste, I AM Admiral Jhonka of the Ashtar Command.


Please do not copy this piece to other websites until such time as you find it posted on the main site of AH. Also, do not send me questions about this, it was written primarily for a target audience.  Any emails on it will not be answered. Take care, Candace.

Who Is the Admiral Jhonka
Update by Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Commandthrough Candace Frieze, 6th March, 2006
— —— ——— ——————————— ——— —— —

Hello one and all, Admiral Jhonka here to give a brief update today.

First, I would like to tell you a bit more about myself. I mentioned in the previous message that I was also an American citizen, and so I AM. I am a 5-star General in the US Army, and my rank is well beyond that of other 5-Star Generals. I have a very high security clearance. I am the major person that returned with Christ Michael from his visit to Mars to assist getting this done. I am known as General Radetsky in this incarnation.  I am indeed Admiral Jhonka of Ashtar Command also, Jhonka, being my "real" name.  Actually I am Emmanuel Jhonka, yes, more than one uses that name, Emmanuel.  I am actually an angelic having an important incarnation for the Light at this time. I AM a Light Warrior by my creation.  I am also from another Universe, not Nebadon, but came to assist the removal of the dark from Nebadon.  In this life, I am 60 years old. I have been the head officer on Mars for 20 years now.

Christ Michael and I "cooked up" the current game plan when he was here in late December, and early January. Our message, which I presented on February 19th, was written by Christ Michael and myself.  We chose to have the camouflage of my using my Galactic identification for that message.

The message was successful.  Not only did many specifically targeted choose rehabilitation but it spread pretty well in various high places, not only in the United States but in other countries.  It was taken seriously by many, who in fear decided on a different journey, returning to the Light. So we had many committing to the concepts of NESARA and the Second Coming that were not mentioned in the message.  We saw that it also got to specific religious leaders who have been the enemy and some of them decided that to come around was better than the risk of un-creation or the void planet.

Many will start their rehabilitation while they remain in body on the earth plane and will not probably have to go to the void planet. Many as they finish this incarnation will have the opportunity of going to the new planet as their karma will not allow them to stay on the Ascending Earth.  But at that place, many will go without their karma starting again as new. So, who of important politically and militarily came over that were mentioned in that. Hillary did not. Her overtures right now publicly are to keep her support base and for no other reason. The other two mentioned did make a significant change. The two media owners did not and you continue to see their influence for a time.  They have been served their arrest papers, and are trying desperately the lawyer route, which will not be successful for them.  As to the President’s round table, as we like to call his chosen folks, some did, some did not, and we chose not to name them at this time. I will not also, tell which military came across and which did not, nor will I tell which of others mentioned made the best choices.

I am the highest ranking Military person in the United States, and I do control who gets fired, and who will serve in the higher ranks of all the military branches in the United States. I was given this position recently. Now, where are we going? With the additional folks now choosing to serve, we have granted them some privileges in the planning. By Christ Michael’s continuing orders, this will be done from the inside, so as to not be seen as an invasion by folks from other worlds.  It is not an invasion, it is a salvation.  By continuing to work within, in this manner, with the support of those in front of the people, the Illuminati are not able to claim an invasion. If this is tried anywhere, it will fail.  We are continuing to find ways to prevent this tactic, and certain arrests have been made and important people detained so that this does not occur. There have been many detentions of people who will cause harm if they have their way.

We have formed many important agreements now, as to how the activities will proceed. As suggested in the last message, you will see either the resignation of the real Mr. Bush or the Federal Reserve falling, it is not determined which will be first. We are highly pushing right now, the media to cover the Bourse first, prior to the fall of the Federal Reserve and explain it to the American people. That explanation is being worked out, as most people have very little understanding of economics, the control of the dollar in the oil business world wide.

A film is being prepared for this explanation and will be finished quite soon. Now the President Tempore’ remains Al Gore and the negotiations of who will be who in the temporary government are now settled, and this includes also numerous legal details, that Mr. Gore will complete early in his temporary term to allow further manifestation of all that NESARA promised.

There will still be official NESARA announcements given not too long after the Federal Reserve falls and Mr. Gore is installed. We have redone the package that was originally worked on, as details of how it will be done did change, especially with the knowledge of the 13th amendment to the original constitution being proven to have been ratified, and the knowledge that Mr. Clinton did not sign NESARA.

There have been other details also to work out legally such as the fact that the Southern states as they have long claimed did not come back into the union and have been since the beginning of the civil war, another country. This involved some legal work to figure out this situation and there is something planned, which can’t be stated openly just yet, around this situation.  In many ways, this was a blessing in disguise actually.  Also, other states were rather forced into the United States, especially Hawaii, and so we have done some work in this area also.

Some of you have been distressed I have been told by many with this what seems like a long wait.  But in fact, the wait has been totally beneficial, in that all this new information and understandings have created a much more solid plan.  There would have been great disruption to have had NESARA done as it had been planned before.  There was an attempt to announce it, as your Dove described it 2 years ago, but it was doomed from the start.  Military were sent to guard the banks and new currency but without truly adequate protection.  There was a dark plan, as they always do have another plan, to cause such huge disruption, that the country would have fallen totally apart.  Believe me, please, when I say that the wait has saved time in the long run.

I have been involved with Christ Michael and the Second Coming activities for some time, often coordinating activities between Earth military and the Ashtar Command. I think today, it is time to come out of the disguise as I will continue to be useful in this venture of the Second Coming for some time.  I will be a public figure before much longer in my military ranking. Namaste, I AM Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Command, and also General Radetsky, Highest ranking officer in the American military.

Christ Michael, Sananda and Admiral Jhonka
Update through Jess,15th March, 2006
— —— ——— ——————————— ——— —— —

Journal 3-15-06.  From: http://www.abundanthope.net/mb1a/forum/showthread.php?t=114

I heard this afternoon what I asked about the report this morning on Bush’s arrest. I was hesitant to post unless I heard something else on the news. Sananda just told Lauren this could be it and then told me to post the message.
It is the Ides of March. Are the rumors true? Has the world been tipped? I ask for confirmation and focus. I ask for clarity and guidance. I ask for whoever is best authorized to speak to me. What wonderful times these are now.
Jess, this is Admiral Jhonka. I am here with Christ Michael and Sananda. We all can speak to you. Do you wish us to continue?
Of course.

Christ Michael first:

This is a joyous day, in spite of the ominous rumblings that will continue to be heard as man adjusts to what has happened. The energy you have supplied is enough to topple the mighty from their seats. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. For I am with you. This reference from the beautiful beloved Psalm of David was penned by Sananda.  He gave voice to much, if not most, of the divine bard’s best phrases.  He was the words that gave expression to my teachings and understood how to explain it to you in a way that would remain with you always.

I am with you all and always. You are a part of me and I do dwell in you. This upwelling of emotion will be the couch where my laws and precepts can most easily and comfortably rest and reside. This time of change is a current of my love that is overpowering and all-covering. You are all caught up in its current and carried to your new status as parts of my new kingdom. A kingdom run by common cause and concern for all. You are the keepers of this new kingdom. You are the caretakers of my precepts, and my laws you now understand fully. You are the leaders and the teachers of the new ways of thinking that will come to be. This will be revealed to you in stages and you will be prepared for everything that you learn to perceive.

My blessings on you today, this day of change.

Sananda speaks next:

Jess, my child and brother, this is a wonderful day of rejoicing and realization that the world is part of a vast mechanism that is carefully thought out and protected. It is all Christ Michael’s love, which is an outpouring and manifestation of the Creator of All, the supreme Father and Prime Source of the Holy Trinity you speak of as the core of the Paradise Isles.  Creator God the Father, Creator God the Son, and Creator God the Spirit that connects the thought with the manifestation. It is all one piece and you are all part of this wonderful manifestation that is the Universe of Nebadon and the beautiful orb called Earth.  This was/is the laboratory you all came to explore the duality of separation and unknowing.  You have triumphed magnificently and this is a testament that will be known throughout the Universe of Universes forever to come.  This is a magnificent and wonderful creation you have begun with your own god-like abilities. Now you must nurture them and learn to wield them properly to the glory of the God you are a part of. This is enough for now. Let Admiral Jhonka speak.

Admiral Jhonka:

Jess, my dear comrade and Lightworkers. You have done your part to enable the events of today to unfold as they have. Soon you will hear the stories of the disgrace and removal of the sitting President.  Soon the stories of the lies and deceptions he has led will come out and be boldly and courageously spoken of again.  You will know that the truth is there and that we now see the world for what it is.  The immensity of the uprooting will shock and amaze you who keep somewhat to yourself in this world of unseemly terror and manipulation.

Let’s speak of specifics.  The President and the Vice President have been arrested publicly —that is, their clones have been arrested— and they will be forced to publicly resign their positions.  Congress has acquiesced and is in the same position we spoke of through Candace. They are an illegal assembly that must be re-elected and reappointed to serve according to the Constitution you signed to begin the governance of your country.  The legitimate Thirteenth Amendment forbade them from holding office or title in foreign countries and it effectively bans anyone from serving in Congress who has been elected to the British-run Bar Association. This technicality is a source of great relief in cleaning house in the Congressional and Administrative branches. All who are no longer citizens will have to swear their allegiance to this country and abide by the legal system it will develop to run its affairs. This will be based on compassion and intelligent decision-making. You will learn to operate in this fashion. This is part of your legacy as citizens on Earth now. You chose to come here to set this in motion, and now it is here for you to take over the reins and drive the team of horses.

The flyovers you anticipate will be a show of power and glory that the world has not seen before. This will occur everywhere as soon as the transition in this country is established in due course. This show of amazing technology beyond anything your wildest dreams could have imagined will shake some to their roots and bring a wonderful sense of completion and understanding to others. This is the prelude to the actual First Contact, as you call it, in which fellow humans from the other galaxies will meet with you publicly and peacefully. This will follow close upon the flyovers.

The Second Coming you speak of will celebrate the return in physical form of Sananda and Christ Michael as a joint aspect of the Creator Father. Two as one in the separate form of distinct individuals. This is a trait you will learn about yourself. This will begin your training in the ways you will need to know to Ascend fully in your own bodies. All these things will be discussed and explained at length and in proper time and fashion.

This is my summation today. Rejoice in the changes that have been made and are continuing to be made.  Namaste today.
Admiral Jhonka, the Major General Radetsky.

Christ Michael and Admiral Jhonka
Update through Candace, 5th January, 2008
— —— ——— ——————————— ——— —— —

Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_1095.shtml.  This message was also published in Stasis 101.

Christ Michael:

Dearly Beloveds, it is I, Christ Michael, come to you today. First just for you, readers, let us get to the point about Jupiter. In early December we started the ignition process, and the planet very slowly began its involution, which is in a sense, for your benefit, related to the tight packing, an explosive must have to fully detonate. The involution went at a slow pace, and was completed a couple weeks ago, and is now in its evolutional stage. It is peeking out the behind the sun at this time, and will shortly be making its grand appearance.

You will have no doubt of this, it will be most obvious. As per usual, we will go into stasis shortly thereafter. I have intentionally not assisted Jupiter further recently, to buy a little time. The ignition process has proceeded slowly, due to the fact that matter in this solar system remains compromised causing the event to require more time. The final ignition that you will see is going to be visible, and there will be little protection from the sun of the proton burst to the earth plane. Consider this the fault of the ones in power.

Now this message is not really for you, the readers, it is for the dark readers of this website. The world is in a blood bath at this time. You get little hints, but mostly your media covers it up with the extra and overdone coverage of the pre-election issues.

Now, those of you in the dark conspiracy, we have the future temporary leaders fully protected, and these ones can’t be harmed whatsoever. Any further attempts at assassination of these ones will be met with instant reprisal against the attackers. We will be seen; cloaking will not be carried out, so that these reprisals will be carried out in full view.

To you the readers, the stories of Christopher Story are fully true and in fact, he is not informed as to the fullness of what is going on. You of the dark are to leave my people alone, all of them are under star fleet protection.  We have, in various locations over the earth, a guard fleet of 66,000 shuttle craft, fully equipped with weaponry, and this bullshit is to stop immediately. We in general know the location of the perpetrators, and this weaponry, if used, has the effect to ending your soul. Thus you will not exist anymore and this represents your final warning. I have given the orders to allow this to occur where necessary. Now I defer to one you have not heard from in some time, General Kevin Radetsky.


General, what surprise, how nice to hear from you, we have not talked for a few months now, except for you to tell me you can’t disclose anything of interest right now!  To our readers, you once heard from the General, as Admiral Jhonka of Ashtar Command. The General is the incarnation of the Admiral, who is an Arch Angel. He was long-based on Mars, with the jointly-operated Alien-USA-Russian Base on Mars. He was the commander there, and is very highly ranked with the US Military. He returned to assist the Earth 2 years ago.

General Radetsky (Admiral Jhonka):

Hello first to our readers, I apologize for my long absence, but indeed my life has been very busy behind the scenes. I was the one who also last summer of 2006 ended the Israel war with Lebanon, amongst my behind-the-scene’s credits.

Now the rest of this message pertains to the dark readership. Under the orders from Havona, through this Universe of Nebadon, it has been authorized that all those that continue to participate in this blood bath, when caught, will be instantly uncreated. This is your final chance, and particle beam weaponry will be used as necessary. It matters not who carries these things out, high or low, old or newer soul. It is your time of judgment, long called for, and you will not need to face Monjoronson’s courts. This is final. If you value your existence, it is time to stop these activities.

We are heavily placed over Iran and Pakistan, and we are going to interfere in the nefarious plans and you are NOT to carry them out, or it shall be your end. The people in these regions are used to the shuttlecraft so that is not a problem, we shall be visible as necessary. There is once again also a plan to strike within the United States, and this plan includes the use of the MOAB, of which there are only a couple left, to simulate nuclear attack. The location of this is Chicago, Illinois, we know the plan and it shall not happen. We are thusly in this small way exposing it to the world. We know the time, we know the planes which have the 2 remaining bombs aboard, and not even will the engines be fired up, we will disable them, and all involved in this process will meet their Maker if anyone even attempts to board those planes.

Your Lucifer to whom you remain devoted, and the Anunnaki overlords are no longer on this place. It is pointless to serve them. Lucifer met his demise over 20 years ago. The planet has been retaken by the Forces of Light in service to The Michael of Nebadon some time ago, and to further the idea that you, even if you perish, will have benefited your masters cause, simply is not so. Your reptilian overlords were removed also en mass this fall [2007] and you know of this. There is NO ONE to serve now, other than Holy God of Creation, the Father. It is but your final choice to do so or not. This planet is not to be further harmed by the likes of you, and will be fully rehabilitated over the ensuing years into its original purpose and intent, that of the seed planet of the local area. No more will you reign. It is over, friends, over.

Jupiter shortly completes its eruption, and the planet goes into stasis, and the cleanup begins. WE have a most glorious plan afoot. Please drop your guns and return to Lighted beingness, for it is truly your final chance to do so. You do not own this planet. Nobody owns this planet but its peoples. They will not be further enslaved.

You are in the photon belt, and all will be cleansed, you see, and it is truly the end. All of Nebadon moves up, you see, and you can move forward or be lost forever. The galactic wars are long over. It is time for peace to come. So Be It. I have commanded this little showdown to begin during the wait for Jupiter. I AM, General Kevin Radetsky, the highest officer of the total military forces of the United States of America. I am superseded only by God on this one, beloveds, stop of thy nonsense.

Christ Michael:

Dearest readers, be not afraid if any of this does hit thy news, for it is of no import to you. You are kept safe and not to worry. Shortly it will all be moot anyway, and after the changes we have thoroughly discussed around the Jupiter Event, the repairs begin in concert with those who reside on Earth. This remains a co-creative project with God and the only way to get this done, this Ascension of the planet.

I remind readers that Ascension is earned, and it will be quite some time before the planet enters into Light and Life. However, the Jupiter Event is an Ascension Event, because the planet will be uplifted substantially and darkest will be gone, so that you, the Light workers, have an even footing. Much must be done, and as per the teaching by Monjoronson,you must create a sustainable society and the necessary technology to exist as such. It is not necessary to repeat here all the teaching to this point.

The time of the Holy Work in public begins!  Namaste, dear ones, I AM the Christed Creator Son of Nebadon, the Michael.

Christ Michael:Space-Gate, the Veil Removed
Message received through Dharma
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Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_296.shtmlForward to “Space-Gate, the Veil Removed”, Phoenix Journal #3.  Christ Michael, the Creator Son of Nebadon, is also called Aton and by his pseudonymGyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.

Christ Michael:

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me “Hatonn.” Let there be no misunderstanding of WHO I AM! I come in this portion as a fourth dimensional Project Commander in charge of Earth Transition. As this is most thoroughly explained in other recordings from myself and others, I shall not cover it in this document.

This document contains truth which can be validated. It comes forth in dictated format from myself to one of my transreceivers (recorder). There is nothing of “channeling” about it —it is via actual radio-type short wave directly from my source into a receiver terminal. No hocus pocus nor mystical hoopla. This recorder does exactly that, records. She is not privy to the information resources nor is she given to “interpretation” other than as any other reader would personally interpret.

We of the lighted brotherhoods of the Cosmic and Galactic participants are ready to make our presence upon your place. We travel and act in the direct service and under Command of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda. Sananda is aboard my Command Craft from whence He will direct all evacuation and transition activities as regards the period you ones call the End Prophecies and Armageddon.

He has organized placement for His peoples and will oversee all operations as regards His people. All Intergalactic Fleets are under His command, and for purposes of evacuation, those details are in most capable hands of one called, simply, Commander Ashtar.

There will be more and more frequent contact with ones of human format by ones of our commands. You will ask any energy form contacting you, to identify. Demand that if the energy is not of the “Light” of the Divine Source to remove itself. DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY/AND ALL ENERGY FRAGMENTS WHO APPEAR TO YOU, FOR MORE AND MORE OF THE DARK ENERGY FORMS ARE MAKING CONTACT.


This document is for the purpose of awakening you to the horrendous lie that has been perpetrated against you ones. I am giving it to insure protection of those human ones who dared bring it into the open, and yet risk their lives having done so. I dedicate it to the ones who dared and have been mocked, ridiculed, and persecuted for having dared to give you help to “save” yourselves from the lies. I go on record to my adversaries herewith and place them on formal notice:YE SHALL NOT HARM ONE HAIR OF MY WORKERS. YOU SHALL REAP BITTERNESS IF YOU BRING PHYSICAL HARM UNTO THEM.

Now, I shall tell you who I am in my Higher Command. I AM ATON. Perhaps you might wish to look up that label for it might prove to be quite important to you. I shall see to it that these instructions are carried forth, so I suggest there be no toying with this as some game of sorts to be discounted at your next little seminar of the flying saucer clubs and crystal worshipers. Your time of playing at star readings, Ouija boards and Tarot, to seek your fortunes, is over.

Earth is going to march right through evolution, transition, tribulation, new “birthing” and new “berthing” just as written. You need to psychic reader to tell how it will be. You can hide your head in your sand bucket; it will change nothing.

There are detailed and magnificent plans in operation to cause the transition to be quite survivable and workable for those of you who so choose to work with us, and not in the enemy camp. The Evil Forces shall be met and stopped, but it will be a most unpleasant confrontation.

The Master Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda is returned and awaits the appointed time. If you want information I suggest heartily that you contact Phoenix Source Distributors for any and all information. We will be printing it in numerous volumes as fast as our scribes can receive. I dedicate this work to all who have taken a stand for Truth.

And of course, my infinite love and appreciation to Dharma, who works hours each and every day in our service. This is but a tiny portion of her works.  I so honor my small circle who are in the building of physical foundations and yet also see to it that these words are carried forth in truth and dispersement. Also to those who give such unselfish support in so many other ways, without whose help we could not proceed. Blessings be yours, little ones, as ye are cherished beyond thy ability to comprehend.

I request this book be brought to the public with all haste for the physical protection of some of thy brothers rests heavily upon its promptness.


Christ Michael:Curt Message from Aton
Message received through Candace, Thursday October 9th, 2008
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Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_2166.shtml.

Christ Michael:

To the Dark Brotherhood:

Admiral Jhonka is in control. For you, Bastards from Hell, stop what you are planning at this moment, right now stop it!  We are prepared to fully expose ourselves if you carry this one step further. We have weaponry to end this. Enough Said.  Aton of Nebadon.

It’s Showdown Time (Finally, I hope!)
By Esu, Christ Michael and General Radetsky, with Candace
Message Received Through Candace, Sunday July 26th, 2009, 20:17
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Taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_3398.shtml.


Hello, beloveds, sorry for the long wait, we have been most busy.  This will be a 3 part message from Me, Christ Michael and General Radetsky.

Now, you all have probably heard of strange things going on [in] the solar system, a large “impact” spot on Jupiter, a white spot on Venus, and other possibilities. This is all on the holograms, and NOTHING for you to be concerned about but it has purpose to us.  We are preparing all of you for the possible/probable showing of the real Jupiter, and the populace will be most confused with the stories that may be presented by the media.

Jupiter has been seen peaking out in the edge of the corona here and there all summer and you have a rash of photos on the internet with some thinking it’s that mysterious Planet X/Nibiru finally showing up. It is not.


And I may have one of them! I saw a little round spot about 2:00 one day, on camera, not my eyes, that persisted, where camera junk does not persist. I took two pics a day apart, and then it was gone the day after that.


Now, several weeks ago, I asked for all of you that read here to send your opinions forward on whether or not we should go ahead in a strong manner, the “let it rip” scenario. And that is basically the chosen script in this play. We have been preparing earth for Jupiter’s coming-out party with the CME’s. Plus we are also conditioning change in the plates as we have stated to reduce the stresses.

Jupiter is now carefully out in the corona all of the time and we will still tug and play a bit and watch the results, so I can’t give you a final date of the unveiling yet. But to ye, dark ones, we suggest you be getting some sort of your “shit together” on this.

This will cause some religious upheaval, political upheaval, and upheaval of the planet herself. It will provide a reasonable measure of let it rip.”  We have in part been waiting the timing also for when Jupiter is visible at bedtime, and it is now rising generally for many a little before 10 pm. It would be thus good to have it coming up at around 9:30 so that it is seen by 10 pm more easily.

There exists in most religions the idea of a bright light coming in the east, and this can have various causes. In the current scenario, it will be Jupiter. A comment, this is an “Ascended” sun of sorts and is brilliantly white, being helium dominated like the main sun is now. We do expect that the unveiling will bring about tilt and rotation issues that will become much more noticeable than it was in late February and March. Calmness will be the rule, beloveds, with those around you. Now the other reason for a great white light in the east is mass evacuation and of course that is not now the game plan.

The bringing out of Jupiter will be most uncomfortable on the planet, and will very much increase the issues with the magnetosphere. There will continue to be CME’s, as this is the only way to get your scientists’ attention. They do not understand the cause of these since the sun is so inactive still. You have now the same sunspot, 1024, that was last viewable about a month ago, and we have kept it active for viewing again to fulfill the prophesy in the crop circles that some saw. We haven’t decided whether to enhance it further or not at this point. It’s a day-to-day-basis thing.


Some interpreted something to imply a sunspot will travel completely around the sun and show up again in about 33 days. One person, I won’t name in this report, reported that 1024 was the returning sunspot on Crop Circle Connector as there had been another before that had spit x-ray flares for awhile some weeks before. I myself didn’t think that was the same spot at all, as I checked Stereo Behind and 1024 was completely new, showing up in its baby stages about June 28th or 29th. It appeared suddenly rather than slowly rotating into view.


There is another CME that has been formed, and we await its arrival on your shores. These can’t be totally predicted to you on the arrival date because space conditions vary constantly. We have been waiting in our planning because of this current coronal hole/small ejection scenario that is now ending. This has seemed longer than the normal coronal hole resolution and so it has, there were little sputterings that also arrived in the same time frame. We initiated a small CME that sputtered out essentially as it arrived. This next one will be obvious. Space conditions are better.

Now I expect all of you, once Jupiter is brought out for show and tell, that you of course explain what has been going on, but please NOT before. How and when it shows depends on everything that it depends on, multiple variables as always. We will tow it further out of the corona to test the results, and some of you are going to see hints on your cameras in a few days or so, and you might have fun looking for a small bulge that can come and go. Once we are ready, and we will not give notice, it will be towed out rapidly and seem suddenly there. And starship Jupiter will be “laid to rest” from its duties.

We will not give the purpose just yet of that strange white spot of Star Ship Venus. But there is a reason.

Now, some of your scientists are a bit worried about other things being sensed and actually looked at. There is a brown dwarf. It orbits your sun in a large oval, not circular orbit. It balances the energies of this solar system. It’s not really a brown dwarf, but that is what your scientists call it. It is NOT Planet X either. But currently at this time, it is closer in its orbit to the sun and is about to max out on that closeness. It does exert minor forces, but nothing of major consequence will happen, so put aside any and all stories your elite put out on the thing. It does not have a tail that will roll over your planet. We expect the Zeta stuff to increase, we shall see what they play. But you relax, as this thing that counterbalances in your solar system is no big deal to you at this time.

All right, I pass the torch on to Christ Michael, Namaste, Esu.

Christ Michael:

Yes, indeed, dear readers, we have been most busy. We continue to interfere in the money games, the swine flu games, and the rest of it. We continue to prevent a full scale attack on Iran and we continue to not allow the release of the stolen funds. They can’t be released! They are effectively gone as we have posted before, and the special precious metals that will back the new system are kept safe guarded. Candace can give you a link if interested.


http://www.unoitc.org/index.html .  This organization is directly tied to Nebadon, and has been around since the mid 1800’s as part of the game plan. It is owned and under the control of a single person, and, boy, that guy, Benjamin Fulford, nearly threatened him recently. This organization has the real and genuinely higher vibration precious metals stored in many places that WILL fund the planet after stasis.

Christ Michael:

It continues that when the magnetic field goes down we go into stasis and it goes down when it does and it continues to weaken, and we stabilize it as needed for the time being as the plans continue in their final development. As we have reported, those Ascending forward in any way are more than we expected, but not as good as we hoped. But so it goes, and there are many that will face the consequences of obliteration of their being by those of the Superuniverse [Orvonton], who are the ultimate determining courts of this action, as these ones may not further infest the Creation.

Yes, you do have in fact 3 Obamas, and not a one of them is the original. Voters elected a soulless duplicate and there are two look-a-likes. The soulless duplicate was created before we closed the cloning labs and clones are kept living longer than before, but you see this one aging pretty fast. The gray haired version is the duplicate. The others are synthetics, which means men close to looking-like-Obama were given selected genes from the duplicate to cause certain changes genetically and also underwent mind control and other conditioning and plastic surgeries.

The American people of course know none of this still, but at some point the story will be told. The original is no more. Michelle was also changed out and the children are the same but mind controlled to not notice the difference.

Regards the arrests in New Jersey, these were some who had some input into 911, but Sorcha [Faal] and the others are planting stories to focus the attention away to Israel and off of the real culprits, although there was certainly influence from Israel through those having dual citizenship. We continue to be abhorred but not surprised at the Christian Zionist support for Israel, and these ones that can’t think any too well about the nature of God. But so be it, and for those ensouled ones participating in the hoax, they have their reward coming, as the Rulers of the Creation are just.

Now a message to the dark ones.It is time to vacate, dark brothers. It is also time to begin telling the truth. We shall see how you ones play with this Jupiter Story we are setting in place. We have our plans and some of you suspect what they are in this final showdown before stasis begins. We wish you to vacate. We have some stand-ins, not clones, waiting to begin the spilling of the truth. You can leave. We will let you leave in fact. You can go to some of your hidey holes you have made. Freely and easily. You have sealed your fate regardless. Some have gotten quite nervous, like the resigning Sarah Palin. This is not a lighted soul and she is freaked out. Time for the rest of you to exit “graciously” in the same manner. HINT, HINT, HINT. Enough of this lecture, I leave more on that topic to General Radetsky.

Now, when we are in stasis, as we have suggested before, every living thing on the planet goes into the pausing of energies. This protects them from the incoming radiation. The whole of the reversal will take a few weeks, on our time frame, and of course, no one will be aware of that. The planet is going to be rotated very slowly in the opposite direction. Even the slowdown is going to be slow, to decrease the destruction and there will be more and more anomalies of all sorts from this, primarily in movement of the sun through the sky, many storms of strange nature and the like.

The weather and quakes will continue to increase and this will be noticed by all, as the MSM can’t hide the weather. People will have notice, dear ones, this is how it’s done. The changes. When the sun rises or sets a half hour off or more, this will be noticed by many and the word spread. There will be many sudden storms. Candace’s area received one of these on the 21st, and it was partly because of the CME that made it so very strong. And this one was minor compared to what will happen.


And I discovered several days after this evening storm, which took place at bedtime, how severe it had been, on GLP [Good Like Productions]! Somebody from Denver posted a thread and pics. I had not apparently watched any local news afterwards. I didn’t have a destruction, just a lovely but very intense storm with incredible (and fun) constant lightening from all directions, some thunder, and 2 inches of rain. There were a lot of fallen trees, damaged windows and the like in the western part of the city.

Christ Michael:

Now time wise, it depends. We want the crops mature, so they can be harvested [before stasis]. But this is not a priority. It goes as it goes. You can expect that hole on Jupiter to enlarge. The media is covering it. There will be other strange wonders in the heavens like auroras further south, which have been occurring, but they may be seen all the way to the equator and you folks in the southern portions may see some emanating also from the Southern pole. There will be more and more showings of our craft, but many will not realize they are craft.  If you are around anybody noticing, make sure they know these are craft. Go out and familiarize yourself with your current night sky, so you yourself know what belongs there or not. Venus will be behaving strangely in the mornings also, which will only get noticed by early birds at this point.

You might wish to pay some attention to the Big Dipper, because we are considering some changes in it too. We may turn the lights off and on, on the ships. No stars in the sky should get the attention of some! Most are ships, dear ones. We have considered turning them off for a couple of days at a time, and turning them back on again. Hopefully your news channels will have very busy lines. We have some other games to play too, but I will refrain from describing them, but some of you should notice. This concludes my portion and Candace will take a bit of a break, she always needs this, and then General Radetsky will take up. Be in peace, and enjoy the upcoming shows. I AM THAT I AM, the Big Cheese of Nebadon.

General Radetsky:

Hello, dear ones, long time since I have posted! It’s been an exciting several months. We have worked up quite a plan for these ending weeks before stasis. First, you notice above that Christ Michael has asked the dark ones to vacate. Most already know of this and are considering how they will bow out. We have replacements and no clues at all on who they may be to protect some of them on the planet. Ooops. Some on the planet, yes, but many NOT on the planet to step in, dear ones, as and if they are needed.

The dark ones are none too crazy about being here when the perceived earth changes and other shows manifest. They know not what to do before the public. And now, before I forget, a warning to our dark brothers who did NOT step down when asked in 2005. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO DO ANYTHING IMPLYING INVASION BY US. WE ARE NOT INVADERS AND WE ARE SAVING YOUR LITTLE ASSES AT THIS POINT, FOR A TIME ANYWAY. DEPENDING ON YOUR ACTIONS, THIS COULD AFFECT YOUR PLACEMENT OR YOUR UNCREATION. BE MINDFUL OF THAT. The end is not yet here in that regard, all can move forward still until the time of stasis. When stasis commences, it is all over, brothers, so make those choices now.

We will be giving some coverage of some of the awful things done these past few years, including 911. There await ones to tell at least simply the story, because before stasis, the people have a right to consciously know. The individual reactions of ensouled ones that have been lied too will be recorded so their placement may be more accurate. This is because of the mind control, that some have not been able to rise above. There have been energies used that lower brain waves, but these have been all removed and hopefully some are going to wake up. We need the sleeping star seeds to wake up!

Now, if you ones even attempt to make this Christed EVENT into an invasion, the minute any word or intelligence surfaces that such a plan is imminent, OFF GO the satellites, buddies. And we can take out any number of other methods of media also. There are ones well placed to carry this out, it shall not even hit the print. It does you ones NO GOOD to serve your DEAD Lucifer. He was uncreated. Do not listen to your pope either as he is still serving “Lucifer.” It is time to listen to the Living God.



We intend to have some announcements and media coverage of the upcoming earth changes that will be continuously manifesting. We will be in charge of certain media coverage of same, and we will not be tolerating any inappropriate media coverage. Those in high places in the media have also been informed of the coming circumstances. If yea ones in higher media places do not play ball, you will be counted in the group never-to-again-see-life. So make your choices well. You will have to of course like all in sin and error be required to experience a proper rehabilitation. It’s your choice, brothers, it’s your choice.

You see, your General is an arch angel incarnate. I am a very old and seasoned being and I am fully in contact with my ‘Higher Self.’ I have skills which you can only dream of, even beyond those arch angels of Nebadon, because I am from an older universe and have been there and done that, and there is nothing you can pull on me. I have seen it all.

We mean business. The time is finally at hand. We gave you many chances the last few years to do better and you failed. You seemed to think you could out maneuver us, and that is never possible. We have only delayed the inevitable for soul growth of all concerned, including the Mother Gaia. She is now fully ready to participate in this final showdown herself. She wishes you gone and she desires her own Ascension which requires her, like all who Ascend, to throw off the fleas, so to speak.

In that regard she is no different of any soul who makes the great journey upwards. She is fully conscious, she is a being who is going to preserve her form for the use of those coming here to grow after the cleanse. Her form is the planet. So be it, I think this is adequate. We are not revealing all the possibilities or time frames at this moment, but I suggest you all pay some real attention, the time is short. I AM Arch Angel Immanuel Jhonka, playing the role of General Radetsky.


For those newer ones to AbundantHope, the General has done some other works with me, the first being in January, or possibly early February 2006. I had the forum closed for cleaning for a few weeks, and we reopened with a piece by him. He has posted under both names. The General was based on Mars at the time, and returned to further assist the process on the ground. Yes, Mars, newbies, we have had a base there with the Russians and good Aliens for more than 50 years.

I have had some long and enjoyable discussions with Kevin (his personal name). Turns out he visited my home town to ski with his family during my teenage years. I hope I ran into him on the slopes, but I doubt it. He is a few years older than me at this time. OK, this needs posting, so I won’t chatter on. Take care, Candace

Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of the Ashtar Command
(General Kevin Radetsky)
The General Will Speak. A Warning to the Dark

General Radetsky channeled by Hazel on Monday November 30, 2013. Message taken from: http://abundanthope.net/pages/hazel/3-Pieces-Thru-Hazel.shtml

Crimes against humanity are noted in the Book of Life, all are lodged. The karmic cycle for many is to continue. We will sequester those who amplify their heinous acts, mobilized to create warfare incalculable. As they ready themselves to execute, we are prepared for combat.

The Master Plan is in execution and noticeable events will begin to be drawn to the attention of those who can see. You are required to open your eyes for we will begin to show you how ample the defeat is that will begin to surface. Verily I say, the doom of darkness is to be. Rank and file we shall enter unperturbed. It is to be.

Close no more your eyes lest you miss the grand elevation. Resist not the Forces of Light which are the cavalcade entering your domain. Astute energies will parade in silence and then in a minute second all will change.

We are more determined now than ever to address the disease which claims your world. Be ready. Your Earth is under attack and it is not from the cosmic fire which shall purge. The attack is an inside job and be sure of that. They will plan to make it seem otherwise but we shall avert them.

This is all for now. Let vigilance be your armor. Radetsky.




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