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Message from Gaia

Mother Earth Gaia

Unknown channel.  Taken from: , March 9, 2005.

Published in this website on March 17, 2005.

Dear ONES, I am Gaia.

I am joyous to communicate with you, the People of my Body. I wish to speak with you today, to inform you that there has been a connection made from MY heart to YOUR heart, to the heart of the Sun, to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Our entire Galaxy is preparing for Ascension into the higher dimensions. Earth is one of the "challenge points," because we are one of the few planets that still has "life" in the first through third dimensions. It is the shift from third and fourth into fifth dimension which is such a shock to the third dimensional inhabitants.

This shift is especially difficult as many of my people no longer feel bonded to their planet. Do you remember how we bonded in Oneness when you were Priests and Priestesses in my Temples? In your "modern day" you seldom worship me, or even believe that I AM ALIVE. However, if you have received this message, you have likely remembered that I, planet Earth, am a Being. Those of you, who are aware of this, are now able to partner with me in returning our world to the fifth dimension.


Those who have awakened to your Unity with ALL Life, know I, Earth, am ALIVE. You are the "Clock-setters" who returned to my body for this incarnation from your true SELVES on Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, or another higher dimensional reality. For this incarnation, you are members of the Planetary Ascension Team who have come here to assist in the Ascension of my planet and my inhabitants. These higher dimensional aspects of SELF are still active, and guiding you from your Home World. As a Clock-setter, you were one of the first who came here to initiate third dimensional time. Your first incarnation was when earth, in fact the entire galaxy, was fourth dimensional. The Clock-setters were the ones who initiated the filters of manifestation to create a vibratory rate low enough to accumulate matter. In other words, you decelerated the vibratory rate enough for "time" to become locked into the photons of my consciousness.

You may wonder what I mean by that statement, so allow me to explain. Our fifth dimensional resonant energy is so high that the spin of light photons does not allow polarization. Light and dark, male and female are, actually, exactly the same. As the vibration lowers, so does the spin. As the spin lowers in frequency, there is a start of one cycle and an end to another cycle. Therefore, there is "time," as there is a beginning and an end. Between this "beginning" and "end" is a time-period.

To further explain, a cycle is one complete rotation of a light molecule. In the fifth dimension, the spin is so rapid that it is continuous, with no beginning and no end. In the fourth dimension the spin is slowed enough to create polarization. However, the fourth dimensional rate of spin is wavering and unstable. Therefore, the forms which are a result of this divergent spin are extremely mutable and prone to change. In the third dimension, time and form are very stable because the spin is incredibly slow in relation to the higher planes. The rate of spin of light photons for the physical world is so slow that matter is able to adhere to it. As this happens, the spin becomes even slower; more matter, slower still, even more matter, even slower. A NEW EXPERIENCE.  We, the consciousness of Gaia, desired the third dimensional experience of form/space and movement/time.

We had already experienced our fifth dimensional character as a Star, our fourth dimensional reality as the Kingdom of Faerie, and our ethereal world as Lemuria. At the time of Atlantis, our vibration was of the lower fourth dimension, but it quickly fell to the third dimension during Atlantis’ demise. We, manifested components of Gaia’s consciousness, wished to have a different perception, so we decided to allow ourselves to be lowered into the third dimension in order to gather new experiences. In this way, we could expand our consciousness into the lower, as well as the higher dimensions. We, the Beings that are Gaia, are unique in that we decided to create life on our third dimensional planet, even though many other physical planets did not make that choice.

The Clock-setters, many of whom are now incarnated as members of the Planetary Ascension Team, also lived in the final days of the Mayan Civilization. Just before the last evacuation of the Mayan Founders to their Home Worlds, these Mayan Elders calibrated Earth’s "clock" to enter into the Photon Belt at this time. It is the entry into the higher frequency Light of the Photon Belt that will activate the planetary Ascension in 2012.


As I said earlier, Earth has been a challenging point, a corner stone, for the Ascension of the Galaxy, as we have third dimensional life here. Therefore, our frequency is lower than much of our Galaxy. Also, we of the Planet Earth have taken on a great trial in that we are the planet of emotion. Emotion is what lowers our vibration into rage and terror, but it also raises it into bliss and Unconditional Love. You, the brave Souls who have incarnated on my body, Earth, know that it is quite difficult to remember your fifth dimensional Lightbody after you’ve experienced many lives of third dimensional emotion. It is also complicated to raise your vibration, because life in the third dimension creates an addiction to the reward of physical, sensate pleasures.

This addiction is amplified by your need for comfort due to the many fears and sorrows of physical life. Furthermore, the social pressure to excel in the eyes of others creates a need for outside reward and the social status of possessions. As a result, in order to raise your vibration, you will need to release your sensate addictions and your desire for possessions and rewards. The third dimensional world has been based on hard work and reward.

This process has been very addictive, as a myth has been created over many incarnations that you must put energy-out to receive energy-back. This perspective leads to the belief that you must work hard and struggle in order to create a home, a job, a child. However, from the fifth dimensional perspective, work is not necessary for creation. Manifestation is done instantly with ease and Unconditional Love.

The tenet of the third dimension is that you must DO in order to obtain or create. On the other hand, in the higher dimensions, the tenet is that you must BE in order to create. Third dimensional creativity is active and receptive, whereas fifth dimensional creativity is passive and expressive. Expression of SELF is the only concept of possession in the dimensions above the fourth, as you create by BEING still and allowing your Essence to flow through you.

Fifth dimensional consciousness, and beyond, is innately constant, focused and joyful. You will not need to try or learn. All you need do is be still and remember; remember Unconditional Love and Boundless Joy. Yes, I understand how difficult that can be while holding your Essence in a third dimensional vehicle. However, this remembrance will serve to accelerate the spin of the photons in your body, and trigger your download of the Higher Light.


Since we are now entering the Photon Belt, we are all downloading its Higher Frequency Light. It is the download and integration of the increased density of higher frequency photons within the Belt that will gradually raise the resonate frequency of our Solar System and our planet. I call upon my people, the Keepers of the Land, to act as step-down transformers. When my people bring this Higher Light into, and through, their physical bodies, they can then download the Light into my land. It is also important for your physical health to ground this Light. We are a team.

I will assist you as a grounding force so that your earth vessel can take on greater Light, and you shall share that Light with my land. In this manner we shall ascend together. The cetaceans, the Keepers of the Waters, are the third component of our Ascension Team. When you download this Higher Light, the protons (yang/male-charged energy) will accept this higher vibration of Light. The protons will then pass that Light into the electrons (yin/feminine-charged energy). The electrons will then step-down the frequency rate of the Light, which is actually prana, so that it may more easily be absorbed into your corporeal body. Gradually, as your corporeal form integrates this higher frequency, it will begin to change. The male-charged protons are of the First Ray of the God Force, whereas the female-charged electrons are of the Second Ray of the Goddess Force. When the Goddess accepts the LIGHT passed into her from Her Divine Mate, she can then manifest their Divine Child, humanity, through Her energy field.

The Divine Child is the core of your true SELF that was implanted in your physical vehicle at the time of your birth. This Divine Child waits patiently inside your being to assist you in your transformation into Lightbody. The process of this renovation of your physical form, including your physical brain and heart, must be slow and gradual so that the matter of the physical form is not damaged.Impatience must be addressed within this process.

The flow of this Higher Light serves to facilitate the download of your Higher Soul/SELF into your earth vessel. Once downloaded, your grounded Spirit Essence, Soul/SELF, must completely bond with your physical form or the increased frequency will harm, or even fatally damage, your earth vessel. Because of this, your body may reject the download of your Soul/SELF as a means to protect itself. Then your Soul must retreat to the higher dimensions until your physical body is prepared for this experience.


The manner in which you can prepare your body is to expand your consciousness. Then, your Soul/SELF can enter, and intermingle with, your enlightened mind to assist you in removing third dimensional core beliefs and addictions that lower your vibration. Within your brain is the vortex to your mind. This area is called the Sacred Triangle. The Sacred Triangle is the third ventricle of your brain, which is surrounded by your choroids plexus, your pituitary gland and your pineal gland. The vortex through which this greater Light enters your body is your pineal gland, and the knowledge of this Light shines from within onto your pituitary gland.

Together these two glands, along with the Sacred Triangle, create your Third Eye. You will activate this area of your brain when you allow yourself to conceive of, and acknowledge, that you are a component of my SELF, Gaia. At that point, your consciousness will expand beyond Planetary Consciousness and embrace Galactic Consciousness. Once you have regained your Galactic Consciousness, you are able to remember your Soul/SELF’s life-forms on other galaxies and dimensions.

These higher dimensional fragments of your total SELF will then be able to assist you in downloading more of the higher frequency Light into your physical vehicle. Once the Light has entered your Crown Chakra/pineal gland, it baths your cerebral spinal fluid within your third ventricle, and permeates your physical brain and spinal cord. In this manner, the frequency of your cerebral spinal fluid actually rises. All the nerves within your brain and spinal cord are submerged in this fluid, and are hence also exposed to, and able to perceive, the Higher Light. It is the perception of the Light that further expands your consciousness to the point that your resonant vibratory frequency increases, while your physical density decreases.


The process of consciousness expansion begins with your brainwaves and then extends to your perceptions. The Reticular Activating System, or Reticular Formation, is a filter in your brain that chooses which stimuli will be forwarded to your conscious awareness and which stimuli will be stored in your unconscious brain. In other words, the Reticular Formation chooses which stimuli will be stored in the 10-15% of the brain to which your five physical senses have access, and which stimuli will be stored in the unused part of your brain.

Meditation allows your higher dimensional/inner senses to interface with your physical outer senses.  In this manner, your inner senses piggy-back onto your third dimensional five senses, so that your inner perceptions can be consciously perceived. It is important for you to remember that the higher dimensional realities have always existed, but once you forgot them, they were not included in your possible reality.

The concept of higher worlds was, therefore, impossible. The more your belief in what is possible/what is real is expanded, the more of your unused brain you will be able to consciously access. In other words, the more you open your mind, the more you open your brain. Furthermore, as the Sacred Triangle is activated, the higher frequency Light can impinge upon the thalamus, the center of third dimensional perception, to allow you to consciously perceive the higher dimensional realities.

Stimuli received by the thalamus are then passed through the filter of the Reticular Activating System. When much of the higher dimensions are perceived by the thalamus, the R. A. S. will atomically filter more and more of these stimuli into the conscious mind. Hence, you will begin to consciously access and use a greater percentage of your brain. Back in the Sacred Triangle, the pituitary gland prepares the body for the challenges of a greatly expanded reality, while the pineal gland gradually allows higher and higher frequencies of Light to enter your physical form. The choroids plexus, at the roof of the third ventricle’s Sacred Triangle, is then signaled to begin the measured transformation of your cerebral spinal fluid. The cerebral spinal fluid can then continually re-calibrate your nerves by bathing them in the liquid of a slowly accelerating vibratory rate. Your entire nervous system is then prepared for acceleration and amplification of synaptic ability.


Your nervous system is your Light Matrix. First this matrix is transformed, and then the matter that has adhered to it will be transformed. This Light Matrix is made of your nerves and meridians. Just as your bones are the skeleton of your physical body, your nervous and meridian system is the skeleton of your fifth dimensional Lightbody. The physical mass of bone, organs, muscle, adipose tissue and other matter that makes up your physical body will slowly be transformed, or released, as it is consistently innervated by your higher frequency nervous system. Once your Crown Chakra receives the higher frequency Light and your Third Eye is activated, your High Heart opens to receive, and transmit, Unconditional Love.

The Higher Light is then instantly attracted to your awakening High Heart, which in turn, sends on that Light to your physical heart. In this manner, the higher frequency Light enters your blood stream to be distributed throughout your corporeal body. Through the pathways of your nervous system, and cardiovascular system the Higher Light enters your glands, organs, muscles and adipose tissue. It is common during this process of transformation to take on added adipose tissue for better insulation. Just as a cord to an iron is thin, while a cord to an oven is thick, your body needs more insulation during the download of the Higher Light. Once this Light is in the integration process, the extra insulation can be released. Some of you are not inclined to ever take on extra padding, and will, therefore, have different symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety and floating anger.


The reason why your body will likely respond in either of the above ways is because it goes into Flight/Fight mode and releases added adrenalin into your system. Your body goes into Fight/Flight whenever it is encountering an unknown process, as the unknown is the greatest catalyst for fear in humans. Once you KNOW that you are not sick or dying, and are instead transforming and returning to your higher SELF, the fear dissipates and your body no longer calls for adrenalin. Your body is also afraid because this transformation has been experienced as death in most of your other incarnations.

However, since I, Gaia, am also moving through this transition, you shall be able to maintain a physical body as long as your earth vessel resonates to the same frequency of our New Earth. In other words, you will not translate/die into the higher dimensions because the entire planet is altering its vibration with you. Hence, there will be no death, or loss, as your Ascension into the higher dimensions shall be accompanied by the entire planet.

Because of this fact, I call for all of my Light Workers to hold back the completion of their personal transitions. I ask this because your expanded consciousness is needed to merge with the Planetary Consciousness to create a critical mass of Higher Light Consciousness. This critical mass will assist as many of my planetary inhabitants as possible to ascend. Those who choose NOT to make the shift will die, but they will not know it. They will be transitioned to a special fourth dimensional Earth that shall appear exactly like the third dimensional earth that they have always known.

This temporary earth will slowly degrade as the illusions of the third dimensional earth diminish. Each person shall then have an opportunity to create more situations that will allow them time to wake up into their true multi-dimensional SELF.


All of my first and second dimensional creatures shall go with me because they are in complete unity with my consciousness. Hence, they shall remain attached to me as I make the transition. These creatures neither seek to possess nor to gain power over others. Therefore, they have no need to clutch onto a reality that is becoming extinct. In fact, many of the extinct plants and animals have actually preceded humanity into the New Earth.

If you humans could learn from the first and second dimensional components of yourself, it would be easier for you to assist me, and yourselves, in the transformation of our biological matter, cellular structure, and DNA. I wish to remind you that you have access to all of my multi-dimensional kingdoms through your human form. You can learn, communicate with, and understand each inner dimension of yourself by experiencing it in your outer world. For example, my First Dimensional Kingdom of crystals, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, wind, sky, etc., can be communicated with by enjoying and appreciating the great beauty of my Nature.

My Second Dimensional Kingdom of plants, trees, insects, fish, and many members of the animal kingdom can also be merged with through hearing, appreciating and surrendering to the Call of Nature.

My Third Dimensional Kingdom of humans and more evolved animals can be communicated with through thought, emotion, reasoning, creativity, and symbolic or verbal language.

My Fourth Dimensional Kingdom is the realm of dreams, meditation, magic, creative bliss, dancing, singing, playing, listening to music, having fun, excitement and creativity, elemental worlds, fairies, communicating via empathy and telepathy as well as other higher senses.

And, ultimately, my Fifth Dimensional World can be communicated with through surrender, calm, peace, centeredness, Unconditional Love, and multidimensional merging with higher dimensional life forms, as well as other aspects of your SELF.  PATIENCE, I remind you again to be patient, for time, as you know it, is ending.

You have prepared for this moment in many, many lives. You were among the ones who first reduced the spin of Light. Hence, you are among the first to amplify it. However, remember that there is no time, as time is particular to the third dimension. As the dimensions shift, so does time. Therefore, there is no need to be impatient. All is proceeding to a clock which is beyond your third dimensional conception. Allow the process to continue and maintain the balance of Inner Peace as often as you can.

Call to me, Gaia, and I shall assist you. Remember, my Ones, you do not create your Lightbody, you reveal it. You thrust aside the illusions of separation and limitation and decide to stop playing the 3D game. Then slowly, layer, by layer, you will feel a release of tension, a diminishing of an anxiety and an abundance of Lightness, as you remember more and more of your multidimensional SELF.


I also wish to remind you to Unconditionally Love your physical body. Whether you are currently incarnated in a male or female body today, I ask you, once again, to remember your lives in which you served me as Priestesses. When you were a Priestess serving the Goddess, the female body was a sacred temple. Your shape and form was not determined by those outside of you, nor by a patriarchal world intent on diminishing women.

The Goddess has always worn many forms and finds all of them beautiful. Some of Her trees are tall and thin, while others are short and broad. However, all are meant to serve the purpose that is consistent with their shape. Each of my Priestesses has an innate shape that best serves her purpose. Priestesses do not have to capture men. Therefore, they needn’t be driven to love their body only when it is considered beautiful by men.

Your society has trained many women that they are without worth if they do not look like the few. This prejudice towards my Priestesses has also been suffered by me. Some of my land and creatures have been deemed not worthy and have been destroyed, abandoned or polluted. I love all that which carries form within my consciousness, as much as I love the Spirit which ignites that form into LIFE.

As the Goddess Energy returns to my planet, it will merge in the Mystical Marriage of Male and Female. Then women will FEEL their Inner Male and men will FEEL their Inner Female. The merging of the God and Goddess Energy within your physical earth vessels will activate your Inner Divine Child, who will mature into your Divine Adult. Know that the form that your SELF wears, your current earth vessel, is the Physical Temple of your Spirit. Unconditionally Love your Temple as you Unconditionally Love your Spirit SELF. And, Dear Priests, I ask you to see the Life within form, and to love it. I ask those of you now incarnated in a male form to also remember the female Essence that lives within YOU.

In that manner, you can honor the return of the Goddess without feeling that you are somehow compromising yourself. As Priests and Priestesses alike return to Lightbody.  The Mystical Marriage of male and female will merge your gender polarities into the ONENESS of the higher worlds. Good day, for now, Dear Priests and Priestesses of my body. I send you Unconditional Love for whichever body you wear.—Gaia

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