Message of Facundo Cabral

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 Message of Facundo Cabral

"Love until you become the beloved, even more, until you become love itself." – Facundo Cabral

Original text in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.

Facundo Cabral,Argentine, one of the most important Latin-American composers and singers offolk music.

From my mother I learned that never is too late, that always ispossible to start again, right now you may say stop to habits that destroy you,to the things that shackle you, to the credit card, to the newsreels that poisonyou since the morning, to the ones that want to lead your life in the wrong way.

Right now you may say stop to the fear that you inherited, because life is hereand right now.  That nobody distracts you from yourself, you must beattentive because still you did not enjoyed the biggest happiness, neithersuffered the greatest pain.

Empty your cup each night so God may fill it with new water in the New day. Livefrom instant to instant, because that’s life.  It took me 57 years toarrive here, how not to enjoy and respect this moment?

You win and you lose, you go up and down, you are born and die.  And ifhistory is so simple, why do you worry so much?

Do not feel yourself apart and forgotten, we are all the salt of theearth.  In tranquility there is health, with plenty, within oneself. Forgive, accept, recognize, and love yourself.  Remember you have to livewith yourself for all eternity, clean the past to not repeat it anymore, to notabandon as your father did, to not get discouraged as your mother did, to nottreating yourself as they did it; but do not blame them, because nobody canteach what does not know, forgive them and you will free yourself of thosechains.

If you are aware of present, past will not distract you, then you will be alwaysa new one.  You have the power to be free in this same moment, the power isalways in the present because all life is in each instant, but do not say I CANNOT not even as a joke, because the unconscious has no sense of humor, it takesit seriously, and will remember you of it every time you try!  If you wantto recover your health, ABANDON the judgment, the resentment, and the guilt,responsible of our diseases.

FORGIVE everybody and yourself, there is no greater liberation than forgiveness;there is nothing else like living without enemies. Nothing worst for the head,and therefore for the body, than fear, guiltiness, resentment and judgment(tiresome and vain task), that makes you judge and accomplice of that what youdislike.

Blaming others is not accepting the responsibility of our life, it isdistracting yourself from it.

Good and evil live within you, feed more the good so that it becomes theVICTORIOUS each time that you have to confront.  What we call problems Arelessons, that’s why nothing that happens is in vain.

DO NOT MOAN, remember that you were born naked, then those pants and that shirtthat you’re wearing, are already gain.  Take care of the present, becausein it you will live the rest of your life.

Free yourself of anxiety, think of what will be, will be, and will happennaturally.

«Love until you become the beloved, even more, untilyou become love itself.»

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