Message to the Jews

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Message to the Jews


This live channeling was given on October 27th, 2005, in Tel Aviv, Part I

Kryon channeled through Lee CarrollTaken from .

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the original publisher of Kryon material.  This channeling has been added to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechanneling process over the actual transcribed channeling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelings.

Published in this website on December 3, 2005.

Kryon’s full message to the Jews was spread over three days, given both in Tele Aviv and Jerusalem. In the re-channeling process for print, some of the concepts brought forth in the future days messages, were brought into the existing channeling for clarity. In addition, all these channelings were given live in a "back and forth" translation process from English to Hebrew. This kind of translation creates many short sentences in English, and to facilitate better reading, these have been put together and made to flow easier. It may seem shorter than some of the other Kryon channelings, but that’s due to the fact that you are only seeing half of the channel! The other half is in Hebrew.

If you wish to hear the original message, with the Hebrew translation, you can hear it from this website.  Click on the hyperlink.  The download is free, this file cannot be sold.  Files in format MP3,  Channeling of Kryon inTel Aviv, October 27, 2005, Part 1 —39.9MB, Part 2 —38.3MB.  Both parts are about 1 hour in length.  Be patient, it takes some minutes to download each part.

Old Jewish Man by RembrantGreetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic energy*. Since the last time you heard my voice, I have not left this room [speaking of the mini-channeling that morning]. Humans often have an interesting perspective of what happens on the other side of the veil. You say that participating in spiritual things is like throwing some kind of switch. When you get spiritual enough and you throw that switch, on will come profound things. Then later, you feel the switch is turned off and you become a simple Human again. But you don’t understand the real process. There is no such thing as a simple Human! We see all Humanity as grand beyond anything in the Universe. Yet you still do not understand that you carry the seeds of God within you. Instead, you still feel you must “throw the switch.”

When you’re not here, you are indeed with me as a sister or brother. This is what you are blind to as you are sitting here. All you see is one life, your own, and sometimes it’s a difficult one. You don’t remember who you used to be and you don’t remember the journeys that you’ve had before. But your DNA knows it, for indeed, it is responsible for some of the attributes of "who you really are."

Many years ago we told you that there’s something specific about the Jews. We told you that they have what we then called "pure karmic attributes of humanity." Difficult to explain, but they carry the core of the seed of humanity. If you are one that would believe that indeed you come around many times [reincarnation], and have many lifetimes that you cannot remember, the difference between the Jews and other Human Beings is that you have agreed to come many times in-a-row to be Jewish. Therefore, within your DNA is carried multiple lifetimes of this attribute of being Jewish, perhaps even thousands of years of it! When you decide not to come back into that family, then the "rules" are that you never return. Sometimes this shapes your attitudes and sometimes it shapes even more than that. This is different than those who come and go and have a much greater variety of selection within many karmic groups. You have mostly had only one.

Some of you are without hope because of this. It rings strong in your DNA. You have the same challenges every time, and often they are about struggle, life and death, and even the horror of those who would actively seek to destroy you. You say, "We have never been able to do what we came for!" And I want to tell you that you would be right, except things have changed. That is why Kryon is here.

My full arrival on the planet has to do with you. Let me give you the lineage of Kryon. But as I do so, I want you to understand it is the lineage of the history of a new consciousness on the planet. I am a messenger, and no more. A messenger that has arrived for one reason only, to give advice and help facilitate a changing earth. But within this change is a great change for the Jews.

My message arrived in 1987. It did not manifest itself to my partner’s channeling until 1989. My message responded to what you call the Harmonic Convergence. Some have even given it another name – the 11:11. For those of you who feel the energy of humanity, you know what happened then. Difficult to explain, it is, but at some level all humanity was given a choice at that time. Think of it this way: The higher selves of all Human Beings came together and were polled, voted, if you wish, on what to do next. And none of you remember that day, for it was done at a higher level than you were aware of. But it was your choice, and most of you hearing this were actually here.

The question was this, “Does humanity stay with the original plan of being finished with its work, or does it proceed and do something else?” I’ll explain that in a moment. The vote from the spiritual parts of humanity was overwhelming. The planet had enough energy at a high vibration to accomplish a shift, a great change. And so it was that I arrived, the grid changed, and Gaia herself went into a different attribute to allow for what you had decided.

Now I want to remind you of some of the things that took place then. Almost immediately, politically, the world changed. One year later, one of the greatest political forces on the planet collapsed. The consciousness of what you called the Soviet Union was doomed. And it’s important that you understand why, and I will get to that in a moment. Look at these things, for even within the doubter, there is so much proof of this shift within what you can see around you. A new consciousness was your choice, and it is already upon you.

In 1989, when the channeling began, we gave you information about the energy of Kryon. We told you that the energy of Kryon had arrived to give you messages about the new energy on the planet. Therefore, my arrival is all due to what you had decided to do with the planet! And if you will look at my first messages, you will see the messages about the Jews. I even made a statement, "As go the Jews, goes the Earth." That’s never been truer than now! It has to be this way, for you are the seed and the core of a great process. You are the bookends of the entire Human process. Your lineage brought the planet the core energy of mastery, and now I’m telling you that the new energy places the task of completion upon you. Peace on earth will start right here!

We told you that the energy of Kryon was an 11. In the language of my partner [English], the numerological aspects of that alphabet spell an 11 in the name Kryon. We also told you of another energy of Kryon, the 9. If you would look at what these numbers mean, the 9 means completion. And we like to say that the 11 means appropriate illumination and action. Now, that’s not my energy. That’s the energy of my message. What is completion and completion of what? It’s the completion of an old energy that you are finished with. Hard for you to believe, but you hold this potential in your own land. It’s all about the Jews, and always has been. Did you understand that the "end of days" would begin here? Well, the beginning of days will also begin here.

We told you interesting things back in 1989. We said that the magnetics of the earth would have to shift in order for this to work. Many asked, "What does magnetics have to do with spirituality?" And you still don’t understand. Your DNA is the source of your Human mastery power. Your DNA is the source of your enlightenment and your spiritual awakening. That’s why the layers are given the names of God in Hebrew! Don’t you find it interesting that I chose an American channel to give you information about how grand the Hebrew is? For you wouldn’t have believed it otherwise, and we know that. It had to come from another source in another culture that looks at you, and is honored to do so.

Magnetics changes your DNA. Even your science now acknowledges this. The magnetic grid of the earth had to move greatly in order to create an atmosphere for technological and inter-dimensional DNA change. Your magnetic grid had to shift so that you could have the ability to sense the spiritual changes in your DNA. Indeed, the magnetic grid moved, as we said it would, because it was you who made it so. And you can go to the scientific records, if you wish, and review for yourselves how it has moved in the last 12 years.

I know what you’re thinking. "Why so slow, Kryon?" You are an impatient lot, aren’t you? Oh, read your history. God moves very slowly, but there is a reason. Human consciousness does not change overnight. Sometimes it takes generations to forget what has happened. It is not the first time you’ve experienced this. Kryon has always been here, but only now do you receive these messages because of the shift that you have created. Sometimes generations must pass before you can forget whom you’re supposed to hate. Sometimes generations have to pass before you forget that you used to be a slave. We speak of a new Promised Land called Peace On Earth, but what a difficult journey it will be. And because of the past, you say, "Impossible. It cannot be done."

Many of you will be the ones who get to see the beginning, and might have to return to see the fruits. Sometimes it takes a generation or two. Those who walked in the desert for 40 years had accomplished the impossible, freedom from slavery. But in all their grandness, they then had to pass on the reward to those who came later, and only the offspring got to see the land of promise. Do you understand? If you wish to give your offspring and the Earth your greatest gift, then you will have to first acknowledge that it is here to give. Can it be that you are in the same situation yet again? Indeed! Then begin the process of the creation of freedom for yourselves and those around you. It’s in your lap.

We told you that the weather would shift on the planet. Have you seen that yet?  Indeed, it is here!  "And why should that be?" you might ask.  I’ll give you more information on that in a moment, but it has to do with your affect on Gaia, the energy of the planet. Indeed, the planet is vibrating faster because you are vibrating faster. We gave you all manner of information 16 years ago and some of it wasn’t pleasant. But it was the truth. We told you to expect severe weather, even earthquakes. Many of you don’t remember one of the statements we made, that perhaps up to one percent of the planet might perish before this is over. And, of course, so many of you said, "Well, that is obviously going to be a war." No, it isn’t. You didn’t understand about earth shift.

We also told you that this planet has increased its vibration even faster than we had expected, as such is the way of Humanity to surprise us all. This increase has actually tempered the message we gave you 16 years ago, and now much of what we told you might have to happen need not. More and more Humans want to create peace. This consciousness shift has revised the number of those who might have to perish. And that should tell you who’s in charge, shouldn’t it? It’s you! As you shift the vibration of this planet, all the prophecies of the past will fall on the floor. You create a new future every day.

Still some would say, "Then, what was the appropriateness of the hurricane Katrina? It was ferocious, so much damage and death. How could something like that be of God?" So I will say to you yet again, that for spiritual answers, you must get out of 4D in order to understand. Put on the hat of the prophet. Place yourself in the shoes of Elijah (Eliahu), think with his wisdom and overview, and look at this from another perspective. If you do the numerology in English on the word Katrina, it is an 11. What does that tell you? Appropriate illuminated action[Editor’s Note:  Use the key of the table given above.]

"Kryon, it doesn’t make sense that there would be destruction and death as part of a spiritual theme." Really? Put on the hat of the prophet and look at your own history. Sometimes it’s a Human agreement to go through these things in order to change the planet for the betterment of the whole group. Surely your group can see this? Did you ever think that perhaps what your karmic group has gone through was a core issue of the planet? And that perhaps your sacrifices have actually changed the way Humanity thinks and acts? Think about it!

The greatest earthquake to occur on the planet since you have been alive happened recently. It happened under the ocean. It was so great that it even affected the spin of the earth. Was that a spiritual event? Yes, it was. And it created a tsunami, which was responsible for the loss of almost one-quarter of a million lives, and all the sorrow that went with it. And regarding that, I’m going to ask you the impossible just for moment. Oh, just for a moment.


I want you to greet these Human Beings, all of the children too, for you see, inter-dimensionally, they’re still here. If you understand the cycle of life, you understand they’re still here. They transitioned quickly and they knew in their DNA that they had a contract for this potential death when they came to this planet. I was with them in what I call the wind of birth, the place and time when they came back to Earth. On the other side of the veil, all of the potentials are seen in advance of what you might experience. God does not know the future of your planet. The future is predicated on your own actions, but the potentials are there for all to see. You know, therefore, before you arrive, what might be in store for you. This is one of the greatest reasons we love you the way we do, for all of you "see" these potentials as grand, and look forward to helping the planet. On my side of the veil, you don’t see death the way you do on yours. It’s a cycle, a transition, and an appropriate way of creating energy. That’s exactly what happened.

At the wind of birth we spoke to those who lost their lives in the tsunami. Before they were even born, we spoke to them and said, "Are you really ready to go through this?" And there was excitement as they said, "Send us down there! Because what we’re about to do, potentially, is going to change the planet Earth." Dear ones in this audience, put on the hat of your prophet and listen, for when these precious souls came back after their transition, there were many smiling faces and much joy! The first question they asked was,"Did we accomplish what we went to do?" And the answer was yes.

But you might say, "Well, what could that possibly do for the Earth?" Perhaps the teaching my partner gave you today will help you to understand this more? [Lee taught about perception] On that day of the tsunami, and the following week, there was more compassion generated on this planet than for any other event since you’ve been alive. Hopefully you have learned about Human DNA, and how powerful it is over the elements. What happened that day changed the actual dirt of the earth. For that Human emotion called compassion went right into Gaia! And that, dear Human Beings, will affect the consciousness of the children that are going to be born from now on. It’s all part of a grand plan called "The New Jerusalem." Did you know that? Did you ever think that perhaps some of these things are actually linked to you and your task here?

Let us speak of prophecy. I want to ask you to look around you. None of the old prophecy has come to pass. All of you were supposed to be gone by now under the old prophecy. Many religions spoke of this prophecy and it went like this. The year 2000 would bring about a world war. You can find this in writings of the prophets all over the planet. What was going to happen was clear. There would be trouble in Israel, and there was, remember? But in the old energy plan, the old prophecy, there would be an immediate honoring of treaties between the Warsaw Pact and NATO. And this required the Soviet Union to be a lead player. But in 1987, the Harmonic Convergence changed that and one year later in 1988, the Soviet Union was gone! Did you ever put this together?

Therefore, the war and the interchange that would have resulted because of the trouble here never took place. Did you understand and realize in prophecy that the year 2000 was going to be the end? This plan came from Humans and was foretold for centuries. But in 1987, humanity changed it all. Therefore, a completely new scenario developed.

In the year 2000 I came here (Tel Aviv) with my partner to channel. And some of you might have been here that time. You might have heard the words of my partner as he repeated a phrase I had given to him. I told him nothing significant would happen on the planet until the draw to zero. This was not given in channel, but rather given to him in on-stage dialogue. This was on purpose, since it was potentially frightening information, and it was only for you to hear and not for the whole planet to see. At that time, he had no idea what that meant. He was asked many times, "What does draw to zero mean? It sounds like war." And he did not know until 2001, in September, when the draw to zero became Ground Zero in Manhattan.

And that’s when the world was brought to the realization of what the Jews have always known. They got to see the impact of spiritual rage, something we told you to look for within the scheme of the new energy [Kryon Book 8].

My partner took me to what you call the United Nations and I spoke there. And I asked them to see if they could find any prophecy at all about what you call the 9/11 event. There should be, don’t you think? This event will affect two full generations of humanity. What the most powerful nation on the planet does with that event will affect two generations. And you think that was an accident, with numbers like 9 and 11? Appropriate illuminated action of completion. It gets everyone involved, doesn’t it? "And why should everyone be involved?" you might ask. It’s not about war. It’s about involving all humanity in the understanding and realization of what must be changed.

"Oh, Kryon, it looks so ugly. It looks so ugly. Everywhere we look on the Earth it seems like things are getting worse and not better." And that’s very relative for a Jew, is it not? For you have seen all of it. My dear brothers and sisters, you’ve seen all of it. When you turn a light on in a dark place, it reveals all of the dark things that are there. You’re looking at a renovation of humanity. Now, everyone can take a hard look at what is really there when the light is turned on. We’ll call it the “Years of Revelation.” Things that were not known by all, are now revealed. We’ve told you before that conspiracies will be broken. There can be no secrets kept, and you will see many in high places fall. The way corporations and governments are run will change. And you’ve seen this even in the last few years. When did you ever think that you would see the energy of integrity prevail over conspiracy? It’s happening everywhere. That, my dear Human, is a new consciousness. It’s slow, but it’s happening.

Let me tell you about Gaia. Gaia is an entity you call the Planet Earth. Think of the energy of the entire Earth as having a personality, perhaps even an angelic form? How many of you, when you walk on the dirt of the earth, feel the energy of Gaia? Do you honor what you would call Mother Nature? Did you know that Gaia knows about the Jews? Did you know that Gaia is waiting for your action? I’ll tell you something else. You’re not going to be able to do it alone. And this is where, as my partner says, this story gets good.

There are millions all over the planet who cast their eyes upon this land, and they are not necessarily pro-Israel. Instead, they’re pro-peace. And that is meaningful for all of you. You won’t have to do this alone, for your support group is willing and ready to send the Light to illuminate those areas where you need to work in the light. But here is where it has to begin!

The greatest irony of the ages is that the spark of difficulty in the year 2000 was supposed to create what has been called the end of civilization. Instead, we are saying that the spark that will come from this area is going to cause peace on earth. Oh, there are many that say that there is so little hope, and such frustration!“Who are you that you can change the potential of the Earth?” You ask this as though you were simply the victims in some kind of odd game. Is that your attitude, is that your consciousness? Is that why you came here? Have you been so callused in what you’ve experienced that you go from day to day just saying, "I hope it doesn’t happen to me. I’ll just move forward and keep my eyes down." Oh, Israel, we need you to change that! And you’ll know it’s being changed because we can see some potentials of your future here, grand potentials that speak of heroes of earth.

A Potential for Israel

Let me give you a real potential, a potential picture that you can’t imagine. We see a new leader here. This is a potential that sits here ready to be fulfilled. A new leader here, that will give you, for the first time, a majority party. Something you don’t know anything about, since you’ve never had this! That leader has the potential of eventually being called The Hero of Israel. This new majority will be called many things, and experience much resistance to it. It will go against a great number of fundamental traditions, but many will call it the Party of Peace.

Let me tell you what will result. It will create the lines of demarcation on many borders through wisdom and understanding and cooperation. These borders will stay and remain borders, not an armistice, or a temporary unstable "fix." It will be a final border of a land called Israel. And history will show that those on the other side will welcome it! For its their border too, and they need it!


Go ahead, ask the mothers of those of you and those on the other side what they really want. Ask the mothers, the growing force on this planet, and they will tell you they want peace! They don’t want your destruction. They want their children to play in safety, without the threat of those who argue with them within their own lands. It may take generations for them to look at you without hate, but they will agree about peace. That’s what you have in common.

When the borders are established and there is consensus, it will disengage so much hate all over the Earth. It’s all about Israel! The spiritual rage that is rampant all over this planet has its seeds here, and when you disengage this situation, it will take the wind out of the sails of this hatred. Slowly, but it will happen this way.

Is it true that the world will revolve peace-wise around what happens here? Could it really be that you are the catalyst for it all? What do you think the third temple is all about? It’s the New Jerusalem, and it’s a concept, not a place. That is the theme of all of the days of my partner here in this place.

Number one, what happens here makes a difference for all. Number two, you are not alone in your endeavor. And number three, the pure lineage of this planet which is called the Jews, is where it must begin. We’ll say this again: metaphorically, the third temple is being built and we’ll say it again, that the name of this process is The New Jerusalem. And we’ll say it again that this name means peace on earth.

As go the Jews, goes the rest of the planet. And that is a profound message when I sit in front of Jews. Blessed are you who have come to this place. Blessed are you who have come through the wind of birth deciding yet again to come back and make a difference. Blessed is this place called Israel. Against all odds, this is where the seeds of peace are. And yet you say, "When? Could it be tomorrow, please?"

God is slow and you, of all humanity, will know that. You hold the Light for the planet. Let me ask you this. If it isn’t in your lifetime, can you still hold the Light of hope and promise?  Well, we say this. If you can say that, then it will be in this lifetime.

Until tomorrow, and so it is.


*Kryon of ‘magnetic service’ is not translatable easily into Hebrew. Kryon knows this, so every time there is a channeling in Israel, this new greeting is given.


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