Earth Changes Are Coming

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ThroughSheldan Nidle
Earth Changes Are Coming

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO. See also The Coming Cataclysms by Candace Frieze.

Project Evacuation

November 4th, 2003. 9Mamat, 1 Xul, 12 Manik.

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for a series of monumental changes. The driving forces behind these changes are the continuing hyperactivity of your Sun and Mother Earth’s ever-rising frequency. They are creating a situation that makes it increasingly urgent for her crust to relieve itself of a rising crescendo of global stress. These circumstances have increased volcanic activity radically and caused the number of major earthquakes to soar. Mother Earth is anxious to enlarge to her original dimensions, that is, the equator must expand by another 800 miles (approximately 1300 kilometers). It is also essential that the two ‘lost’ continents of Atlantis and Lemuria rise from the ocean’s bottom and that the now-frozen continent of Antarctica return to its natural, ‘ice-free’ state. These conditions can be fully achieved only when the two layers of Mother Earth’s firmament are repositioned in her atmosphere. Only when your global society is fully evacuated from Mother Earth’s surface will these ‘Earth changes’ be complete.

Waiting in Line for Liftoff

This brings us back to how we will evacuate your society. Those of you whose return to full consciousness will end your need to remain Earth-bound will be teleported to the ships of your home-world. Then, at a specified time, you will be permitted to go there. The rest of you, who have chosen to remain here, will be ‘beamed’ to your new subterranean homes. Remember, dear Ones, that this realm is, in fact, a divine cocoon in which you may complete your transformation. In the meantime, Mother Earth, with the help of Lady Assyria and other groups of assigned Elohim, will drastically alter the very shape, size and appearance of your planet. Once they have finished, Mother Earth’s atmosphere will be less radiated and more oxygenated. Your planet’s ratio of oceans to land will be nearly equal. Her endless deserts and massive glaciers will have vanished, and a stronger electromagnetic field will be present. In this way, a new Earth will be created, far different from the one you know now.

Many of you ask about the timing of these transformational events. Most of them will unfold, dear Ones, after you have been evacuated. Until then, the Elohim and Galactic Federation scientists will undertake to relieve the pressures to which Mother Earth is being subjected. First, we are monitoring the more intense regions on your globe where so-called ‘super volcanoes’ exist. Because full-force eruptions by these volcanoes could be catastrophic to your populations, we are endeavoring to relieve the pressure in their craters as required. Second, we are monitoring tectonic plate movements and the subsequent expansion of your ocean floors. A similar phenomenon is occurring on many of your continents. Mother Earth is expanding and preparing the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise. Her Elohim, also, are altering many ‘land bridges’ that connect these continents to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Although your scientists view these complex operations as haphazard, in reality, they do possess a definite rhythm and irrefutable logic.

As you grow in awareness, you perceive the connections between your society, this planet’s eco-system and Mother Earth. You also accept that Mother Earth is a living Being (an electro-gravitic life form). Finally, you discern that electro-magnetic and electro-gravitic life forms possess a special relationship. This connection goes far beyond the so-called ‘Gaia hypothesis’. Instead, it simply expands your present biological concepts and enables you to see Creation in a new scientific and spiritual light. This revolution in thought is vital to assist you in reaching a better understanding of who you are and why you are here on Mother Earth. Concurrent with these changes are a growing belief in Spirit and a realization that you are not alone in this boundless Universe. All sectors of the Universe teem with life. Even this galaxy contains an enormous diversity of sentient life forms. These growing convictions mark the start of your perseverant journey toward full consciousness. Wonderfully, your new post-WWII technology coincided with our expanded arrival above your shores.


Clearly, you have reached the dawn of a new reality. Often, in these times, your secret rulers will panic and discover ways to control these changes. The present cabal’s illegal attempt to assume control is a case in point. The difference is that, this time, their actions, ultimately, will fail. Although they may seem to be in full control, beneath the surface, they are beginning to panic. Those who wish to work together in building a new reality are holding back this cabal’s resources. Although this operation has taken longer than we had desired, we wish to state that its exalted goals are being met! A new global coalition is making it more difficult for this last cabal to continue. [Editor’s Note:  SeeNESARA.]  Resources have been gathered that will allow this new reality to manifest. This final push is currently in progress. Events are advancing rapidly. The magic movement toward transformation is unfolding at this very moment.

Keep always in mind, dear Hearts, that you need never lose touch with your intentions. Heaven has scheduled a sacred timetable that is unfolding, now, before you. Its outcome will be your abundant success. Every aspect of Heaven continually blesses you. Every decree of Lord Surea assures you your inevitable victory, abundance and perpetual prosperity. These positive, powerful actions are serving to alter this reality into that which has been promised you. A great, spiritual force has descended into this world and will bring an end to your present torment. It comes to allow you to begin to heal your body; to expand your consciousness; to transform your world. Every moment, Spirit is working to manifest your victory. That victory is destined to end your isolation and reunite you with your true families.

Spirit is working in many ways. She is busily aiding our Earth allies to make the proper decisions. She is supervising the way we in the Galactic Federation of Light handle the daily crises caused by your last cabal. She is doing what she must to make your victory manifest. Each day, moreover, she is changing the positioning of the many members of our fleet that are closest to Earth. These undertakings enable us to see First Contact in new perspectives. Spiritual responsibility is extremely profound and unrelenting. Spirit is determined to see you succeed, to transform your reality and, most of all, you. These very powerful decrees and meaningful actions are helping us to learn more about how Heaven unfolds physicality. Heaven, in turn, shows us every day how we can be much better instruments for positive change. We look forward eagerly to the ever-nearing time when we shall meet and celebrate your victory!

We wish to reiterate to you that the events of this moment are guiding you toward your inevitable victory. That success, already, is assured. Years ago, we polled you and, every time since, the results have only been more positive. You long for contact with the spiritual realms, and with us. You yearn to move forward in cementing a new galactic- focused reality. You wish to achieve your super-potential and become fully conscious Beings of Light. These ardent desires impress us. We know your longings and realize, as well, that Heaven, ultimately, is the final arbiter. Our position is to intervene as directly as we are permitted, and at the levels Heaven commands. We have mentioned all of this many times before. We repeat it only to assure you that what is unfolding, now, is part of the process initiated by Heaven, which Heaven now decrees ripe for a rapid denouement.

Today, we have discussed many events that will occur soon. They are unfolding right now. The most dramatic of them are either poised to happen, or could occur as you read this. Above all, remain intensely focused and utterly committed to your inevitable victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the continual Supply and perpetual Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

January 4th, 2005. 6 Ix, 2 Chen, 13 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come again, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Recently, your global society suffered a great tragedy in Southeast and East Asia. This calamity was caused by the need to relieve the pressure of two large tectonic plates pushing up against one another. In a message a couple of weeks ago, we informed you that Mother Earth needs to move into the next stage of her return to full consciousness. This coming stage presages a vast increase in seismic and volcanic activity. Mother Earth accomplishes these movements in a manner that causes minimal loss of life. If the entirety of these two plates had moved, the loss of life would have been in the tens of millions! Again we caution you about the need to understand these immense processes in the broadest of perspectives. Mother Earth is preparing herself for your new reality. This means that, eventually, the Earth as you know her will alter enormously. Her electromagnetic fields and even their polarity will change. Likewise, her appearance and the processes by which she maintains herself and her highly diverse ecosystem will alter.

These transformations go hand in hand with the various mutations now happening to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In addition, many subtle alterations, followed by more radical ones, are ready to take place in your global society. In this way, your own inner and outer changes are being mirrored by Mother Earth and by your global society. While the world around you may appear unchanged, many incredible events are in fact being prepared to come forth. As noted in other messages, the financial and fiscal changes are ready to be rolled out. However, the political reforms, which accompany the monetary and banking ones, cannot be manifested until our Earth allies finish the last remaining steps in this highly detailed procedure. This operation is one we are watching very closely. Because of the secrecy required for its success, very little can be told to you at this time. Nevertheless, this project is close to completion. Despite the fact that its exact timing is secret, know that this grand event moves ever closer. In fact, it may possibly occur shortly after you read this message.

Our prime mission is First Contact. This complex project took on a number of extra assignments since its inception nearly 15 years ago. At present, we are working closely with many governments on your planet that wish to transform how your world operates. We have also reached formal agreements with a plethora of influential groups that have access to great wealth, power, and other resources needed to change the very face of your global society. Our initial belief, in the early 1990s, was that this sort of preliminary liaison operation was to be accomplished in only a few years. But our heavenly directors, Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters, proposed a much longer time scale. Their decrees proved to be entirely appropriate, and we have faithfully followed their directives to the letter. At present, they are orchestrating a most complex series of events that are happening on many levels at once. When done, these events can swiftly thrust you into a new reality in which global harmony and cooperation replace the current dangers of conflict and fear.

As this New Year [2005] slowly manifests, we ask you to be patient and to be willing to accept that such profound changes can often take longer than expected. Like you, we have watched the forces behind these changes initially stumble, regroup, and try again for success. This diligence is to be rewarded by Heaven with victory. However, these proceedings have at times seemed most troublesome to us. To date, these forces for the Light have accomplished great things. Each step of the way has afforded them the wisdom they need to achieve success. Along the way, many powerful individuals and groups joined them, many of whom were at first opposed to their high-minded objectives. Over the past half decade, the self-serving power plays of the dark cabal alienated many, resulting in a motley group of bedfellows. This group, which we call our Earth allies, has in the past two years received the support of a number of governments throughout your world.

This powerful group of allies is currently being aided by many major international organizations that cannot as yet be formally named. Through their joint efforts, many legal actions needed to bring this new reality about have been accomplished. These emerging programs deeply frighten the inner circle of this last dark cabal. Because of these legal agreements, the new reality will quickly fall into place once this last cabal is driven from power. This has also allowed those in command the time to be meticulous in positioning the groups designated to finish this task. As secrecy is of the essence, we cannot divulge more at this time. However, let it be known that the last few steps are in place. The vital key is, as ever, the timing of the kick-off for activating and completing the final steps of this project. This decision is fully the responsibility of those in charge of the project.

First Contact has grown in scope as it matured over the last 15 years. It became the means to transform your world and introduce new ways of doing things. These new ways include a vast shift in your power structure and an enormous redistribution of your society’s wealth. Next comes your huge leap in consciousness, preparing you for planetary citizenship. This is swiftly followed by another leap, to galactic citizenship. These are the reasons why we persist in this mission and why it has taken so long, in your timeframe, to accomplish. Normally, First Contact is a straightforward procedure carried out by experts, namely, the highly trained personnel of our Science and Exploration (S&E) teams. This mission is unique and constitutes a prototype for future First Contact missions. We are excited that it is finally approaching the last stages.

As formal First Contact approaches, we are helping your Spiritual Hierarchy to prepare you for your final march into full consciousness. This will transpire after formal contact with us and will include, with our guidance, a massive undertaking on your part to clean up Mother Earth’s air, water, and land. This requires the use of current technologies and an unprecedented degree of global cooperation. The dedicated cooperation of our Earth allies is therefore of paramount importance to this upcoming effort. Finally, you will be introduced to the Aghartan Ruling Council and a strange new world called Inner Earth. This coming union of the peoples of Inner Earth and you, the surface dwellers, will signal your readiness for your final metamorphosis into fully conscious galactic humans! This last step will be swift and will be achieved in a matter of weeks.

Consider the time ahead as a flash of speed down the homestretch. Many surprises lie before you. You will discover much about yourselves that you could not in any sense grasp before now. These last steps are to be both an adventure and a fascinating exploration of self. This "self" is both the individual and the collective aspects of who you truly are! The moment has come to bring together and integrate the myriad parts that are you. It is a journey that we feel you will greatly enjoy. Much will be revealed that will be vital to your work as fully conscious citizens of this galaxy and indeed of all physical Creation. It is this knowledge and the wisdom derived from it that will lead to your destined grand position in physical Creation. It is this potential that led Heaven to start this First Contact mission in the first place. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we discussed what is happening on your world. We ask you to stay focused and be committed to act appropriately in support of your community and us in the final stage of this glorious First Contact mission. The moment for our mass meeting draws closer by the day! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

September 6th, 2005. 4 Cauac, 2 Zip, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again, dear Hearts! Your world is preparing herself for vast changes to her surface. This radical surface reconstruction will reduce your planet to a diameter of 7800 miles (12552kilometers) at the equator and just less than 7500 miles (12070kilometers) at the 70th degree of longitude. This process will make her more ball-like in shape and permit Mother Earth to again lock in the 24 major tectonic plates that comprise her surface area. In addition, the mantle that lies below the surface crust will thin out slightly, causing a series of massive upwellings of magma in the precise locations to enable the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise once more. Finally, the rotation of your planet is to be increased so that one Earth solar day will be exactly 24 hours long. With the accelerating rotation and the mounting energy production from the core, the Earth’s electromagnetic field can return to its former high levels. As the planet reaches her natural level of health, her high-energy environment can sustain an even vaster and more complex ecosystem.

Besides these transformations, the Earth’s two firmaments are to be reinstated and the oxygen levels of the lower atmosphere increased to 33 to 36 percent. This Earth is quite different from the one that you now reside on. A number of extinct floras and faunas will reappear. These plants and creatures are to be reborn so that they can fill in many of the niches presently unoccupied. With the guidance of Earth, Heaven intends to reforest the continents of your globe. The rise of the two firmaments will reduce the big differences in climate; the sweltering heat of the deserts and the frigidity of the Arctic and Antarctic will cease. In their stead, a semi-tropical climate will predominate across the globe. The tropical and temperate forests will merge, and the vast plains will shrink. Moreover, the cycles of drought and flood will disappear, and the oceans will become slightly warmer toward the poles and cooler toward the equator. The giant ice floes that break off from the polar ice sheets will be gone, as will the glaciers that spawned them.

The configuration of many continents will change, and the submerged land bridges are to be restored to their former glory. For example, in North America the Rockies will subside and will be replaced by a great inland sea. This will change the river system, and the Missouri and the Colorado Rivers will flow into it. The Mississippi will lessen in size due to a number of new and smaller river systems that will replace much of its former magnificence. Newly restored Atlantis is to include many land bridges that will unite her with Europe via Spain, Portugal, and France; with North America via the Yucatan and Florida; and with South America via Venezuela and Colombia. The rise of Atlantis will swallow up the many islands of the Caribbean and those in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa and Southern Europe. The changes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are to be almost as dramatic: Lemuria will absorb the plethora of large and small islands to the north of Australia, and those stretching from Asia almost to North America.

Lemuria will once again be a paradise, noted for her high mountains, enormous valleys, and cliffs plunging into the ocean. Many exotic plants and animals will populate this land. Her former capital, Hamakulia, is to be one of only a few settlements to be built there. Her purpose will be to regulate the twelve major nodes that form the Earth Crystal. The prime node, located on Mount Haleakala, will be less then 200 miles (322kilometers) from the capital. With the exception of these special settlements, the human population will live in beautiful crystal cities situated in inner Earth. The forest of Lemuria will contain an ancient redwood that grows nearly 800 feet (243 meters) tall, interspersed with many presently extinct ferns, shrubs, and other similar plants. These lush forests will be broken up by large mountain meadows. This landscape will seem quite unusual to you as it has not really been seen on your world for tens of millennia.

In the northern and southern polar regions, the collapse of the great ice sheets will provide an opportunity for a new and more varied ecosystem to emerge. The northern-most sections of Europe, Asia, and North America will blossom with great temperate forests. The demise of the tundra will let loose an explosion of life. New river systems will form and the cold desolation of the north will be replaced by flowering meadows, a huge migration of wildlife, and lushness never before dreamed of!  Mother Earth is to flower from pole to pole and will be known as one of the most physically beautiful planets in the galaxy!  This wondrous realm is to be the place where your responsibilities are to be the greatest.  The amount and variety of animal and plant life and the majesty of her high mountain chains, her vast meadows and oceans make this world a great natural treasure.  Indeed, the huge diversity of life throughout this solar system ensures its uniqueness.

Another major change in Mother Earth’s planetary system concerns the present Moon. This satellite of Earth was put into orbit nearly 27,000 years ago.  The Moon was originally an artificial battle planetoid built a million years ago by the former Draconian Empire, and later modified by the Orionites as part of a massive attack that laid waste to much of your solar system.  When the Galactic Federation returned around 900,000 years ago, this Moon was badly damaged and left adrift in an orbit between Mars and Earth. Now the time has come to replace this artificial realm with the two natural satellites that once orbited your world. These are to be placed on opposite sides of Mother Earth, about 240,000 miles out. When the time for this arrives, the Moon will be towed out into interstellar space and destroyed.

Like the Earth, Mars and Venus will once again become fully-fledged water worlds. Since Venus is only a tad smaller than Earth, she will closely resemble your prime home world. However, she will lack the vibrancy and energy of her sister. Nevertheless, the resemblance will be startling. Mars is much smaller and currently lacks the two moons that she once possessed.  As with Venus and Earth, these moons are to be recreated by the planetary Elohim.  When completed, these moons, with dense atmospheres, plentiful water, and beautiful mountains, can again teem with life.  As you can see, the inner solar system is to be quite transformed from her current appearance.  The outer solar system begins with the largest water planet, which we call Bellona.  This world was once about 29,000 miles (46,990 kilometers) across, and its remains now form the Asteroid Belt. [Editor’s Note:  This planet is known as Maldek or Traya Maldek].

The new solar system is to be a veritable jewel. And its crowning glory is your home, Mother Earth.  The remarkable energies produced by her core give birth to especially magnificent and exotic physical beauty in both her inner and outer realms.  Inner Earth is to take on a splendor unlike anything in this galaxy.  Your planetary refuge will be suffused by an intense loveliness and an energy that makes your soul sing with joy!  Here you can at last delight in the creation of rituals and procedures for sustaining your home.  But first, a great deal of physical transformation, involving massive earthquakes and volcanic upheavals, must take place in order for this new realm to be born.  So, during this time you will be relocated to either inner Earth or to a number of Motherships stationed in or near your solar system.  Indeed, your adventures are just beginning!

Today, we have given you more details of the way Mother Earth and her three sister worlds are to be changed. These transformations are to coincide with the huge physical and spiritual changes that you, too, are to go through. We ask you to remain patient and prepared for the great victory that is ready to manifest before you!  We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones!  Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 18th, 2005. 7 Imix, 4 Tzec, 1 Caban. From:

Greetings, Dear Hearts! We come with more to tell you about your ever-changing reality. The process for governmental changes that we have described to you continues to move forward. Right now, the final steps in this highly detailed and involved procedure is nearly over. The remaining pieces of the puzzle are assembled and await these final and most crucial legal maneuvers. The various teams needed for this transition has been selected, properly trained, and now daily anticipate their call to action. We, likewise, have used this remaining time to assure our Earth allies, put our requisite personnel on stand-by, and position our ships for the preliminary First Contact scenario. All is ready for the last element to click into place. Concurrently, Mother Earth is completing the stabilizing of her present surface features. As stated in many prior messages, a series of immense geological changes is slated to begin in the very near future. One of our major tasks is to help coordinate this procedure for Heaven and to supervise, when so directed, the mass evacuation of the surface population to inner Earth.

The massive interaction between the Galactic Federation and the heavenly hosts of Mother Earth has yielded an enormous amount of data about your home world and your solar system. One of the present misconceptions of your science is how the Sun interacts with your many sister worlds. This exchange is, in effect, more spiritual in nature than physical. Each moment, your Sun sends Mother Earth a series of energy messages. These determine the nature of the solar system’s electromagnetic web that keeps each component healthy and in contact with each other. These messages help Mother Earth, in turn, to align her own planetary electromagnetic web and the frequencies of her electrogravitational fields that hold everything together. This gravitational energy exists as multidimensional packets of energy, some of which can be measured by your science. However, most are as yet undetectable. These presently invisible energy packets determine weather changes, earth movements, and ocean currents. In fact, these conscious interactions are quite similar to the way your body communicates with itself.

In past messages, we described the many changes currently occurring in your solar system. We mention them again to emphasize how the macrocosm of this reality is intricately related to the microcosm of your immediate reality. All in nature, including you, is connected. This is mirrored even in the tiniest fragment of the atom. Your physical and spiritual transformation is reflected throughout your reality, which is made up of all of the individuated consciousnesses that she contains. These are put together according to spiritual rules enacted eons ago by you and your heavenly counterparts. The guiding conceptions of this reality establish the rate of change and, specifically, the greatly increased present rate. Consider the horrors of war and climatic devastation as merely signs that a turn to the Light is in effect. They are confusing paradoxes on the road to this most desirable destination, troubling way stations that are actually heralds of exciting changes just around the bend.

Your world is destined for great things. We return to this point repeatedly; this constant reiteration is to drum into you the full significance of the changes now underway. Your reality is at a divine crossroads. She is moving through the last vestiges of an old, familiar world and approaching the bridge to a new land, a heavenly wonderland that is strange and yet filled with riches and joys that many of you were forced to give up in childhood. This destination is not pie-in-the-sky! Heaven is showing you the way there, and we are designated as gatekeeper and teachers. This is necessary because First Contact will present you with a strange, new worldview. Many of you have a few mental images, but to actually experience these new perceptions at first hand is quite another matter. With this in view, the divine plan has moved you to where you are now. The rest of the journey will continue to accelerate the old and bring in the new in a most unusual and fascinating way.

Change in a limited consciousness realm is effected differently than in a fully conscious one. This is why such an improbable assortment of on-planet agents was selected. This plan has progressed on an innumerable number of levels over the past eight centuries. The purpose was to move the dark into a position where the requisite change became inevitable. The emergence of democracy was forged in many stages. Freedom and sovereignty similarly were tailored from the dark cloth available. Heaven’s goal was the reality that is now surreptitiously forming around you. Each component was achieved via a carefully orchestrated struggle with the dark. Each had to appear to be merely another option in the games it played. Gradually the plan manifested, and the Earth minions were imperceptibly maneuvered into situations that are to result in your many unalienable rights. Now the final elements are coming into view, and with them, your victory becomes truly inevitable!

This plan was conceived with an enormous number of possible scenarios. Heaven therefore views the current international scene as comprising innumerable possible plot lines, each with myriad possibilities. Each one links up with another that assures your victory. Heaven watches and constantly adjusts as necessary. The desired result will be achieved at the very moment called for in the divine plan. Therefore do not fret about what you see happening around you. Heaven wishes you to understand these events in the light of an old adage of the Roman Empire: " All roads lead to Rome". Likewise, all that you presently see before you, regardless of how ominous it appears, can and will lead to a glorious, new, Light-filled world! Dear Ones, we repeat: Your victory is indeed inevitable!

As you look about you at present conditions, what we have said takes on meaning. Every blatant act of defiance thrown at the Light by the dark has consequences. The rules created in response to the plans of the Light have forged ways to defeat the dark. These rules hold sway during the present times. Hence, the dark is setting in motion forces that will inevitably "hoist them on their own petard" (to paraphrase another old adage). Events now underway will bring down this last dark cabal in a legal and forthright manner. This was no small challenge; it required a veritable mountain of formerly ignored evidence and the commitment of a "braveheart" willing to pursue these essential matters. These requisites are to hand, and actions are in progress that are to transform your world.

In the coming times, many astounding things are set to happen. These happenings and the events surrounding them are merely the first steps on the road to your new reality. Throughout all this, your commitment and support of these events are vital. We call upon you to observe, analyze, and then act appropriately. Your world will change. Things that now seem set in concrete will eventually disappear. Recognize that it is you and your fellows that are the true foot soldiers in this "quiet revolution". This revolution of your Weltanschauung, right political action, and the divine intervention are intended for your benefit. These magnificent energies are to restore your freedoms and ensure your unalienable sovereignty. Moreover, they will end your long quarantine from your space family. It is abundantly obvious that the time for our joint celebration is very near!

Today, we discussed the events of the day and asked you to look at them in a new light. Surrounding you, events of stupendous proportions are readying themselves. These events will mark the end of "the dark old ways" and signal the transition to a new one. Further, they will set the stage for First Contact. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 8th, 2005. 2 Ik, 5 Xul, 1 Caban. Excerpt.  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark CabalArticle taken from: .


Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for her new look.  The great changes to come are only starting to appear.  As the Earth moves into position, many large earthquakes and similar events will happen. Remember, the Himalayas are to return to the way they were before the fall of Lemuria.  The vast central plains of Asia will flow naturally into the broad savannas of northern India.  Many of the islands of the Pacific Ocean will coalesce into the reborn continent of Lemuria. Atlantis will rise, and the cordilleras of the Americas will transform as well.  This new planet is being born in small episodes that will increase in severity as time goes on. It is for this reason that your coming work needs to address the issues of your fragile planet.  Together you can create a most beautiful and lush environment for Mother Earth’s marvelous diversity of life!


Tuesday January 10th, 2006. 13 Chicchan, 8 Chen, 1 CabanExcerpt.  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II.Article taken from:


While all this is happening and preparing the way for First Contact, Mother Earth is likewise revving up for change. Altering her surface means that the 24 tectonic plates must be stabilized and relocked into position as she synchronously expands to her former size. (The onslaught of limited consciousness caused a gradual shrinkage.)  Also, her atmosphere needs to thicken and be infused with oxygen. Mother Earth undertook this renewal in earnest in the early 1970s. The initial result was a big increase in the number and intensity of earthquakes. In turn, the stepped-up seismic activity caused a surge in volcanism. By the 1980s, the Earth began a minute expansion of her girth. This pressure produced growing rifts in her surface and a "locking" of some of her tectonic plates.

At the turn of the present millennium, this process accelerated enormously. Mother Earth had reached a point where her tectonic plates were increasingly "sticking." Also, the appearance of sudden fissures in her surface was becoming more common. In the Americas and in Africa, the means to re-form the ancient oceans of a more conscious world were manifesting. The gases and other effluents emitted by this activity were also helping to thicken the atmosphere. The comparatively low rate of these episodes mirrored the changes happening to each of you. Mother Earth is warning you of the need to push on more rapidly with your changes, and to do so in a manner that aids her transformation as well. In this regard, we are monitoring both Mother Earth and you, while also readying ourselves for the joy of a massive First Contact with you!


Tuesday January 17th, 2006. 7 Eb, 15 Chen, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II


As the time for a truly momentous event draws nigh, we closely monitor your world and watch out for situations that can greatly endanger your global society. We stress to our Earth allies that the Earth is determined to change her configuration and is preparing her surface for massive "remodeling." The huge chain of mountains that runs from northern Canada to the wilds of Patagonia, the Himalayas, and the Alps are due for major recasting. In fact, all the larger mountain ranges of your world are now at risk. This, taken together with the melting of your polar ice caps, signals that the great cycle of change is underway all across the planet. The global warming created by humanity’s negativity aids this cycle. This growing danger is a selling point for speeding up the arrival of our fleets upon your shores.


Tuesday April 11th, 2006. 13 Cib, 19 Mac, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II


Meanwhile, on other fronts, our fleet is busy watching the awakening of Mother Earth’s surface. After a period of relative quiescence, Mother Earth is entering a more active phase. The rapid melting of the planet’s glaciers and polar ice caps is bringing an unusual spring season to the Northern Hemisphere; the copious precipitation and unseasonable cold is the precursor to a warming-up of this hemisphere. The heat of summer in the Southern Hemisphere is equally undergoing unusual weather phenomena in its autumn season, indicating a cold, rainy winter. Also, the amount of deep-ocean volcanism is on the rise, which means that the major ocean currents will be shifting earlier than usual. Our scientists are somewhat concerned as this portends a heightened intensity of hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes. Most worrisome are the major hurricanes spawned near the equator in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

The changing weather is closely tied to the altering of your atmosphere, in particular, the ionized layers of your upper atmosphere. These layers are circulating in a slightly revised pattern. This shifting is affecting radio and TV signals and changing the degree of UV radiation in the lower atmosphere which, in turn, increases instability and in part accounts for the bizarre weather mentioned above. All in all, the peculiar wobble in the cycle of Mother Earth created a fertile setting for these odd conditions to persist. To sum up, your planet is passing through a period of activity that presages a vast magnetic shift. This shift allows your world to prepare to change her surface appearance. Thus, it is essential for those projects mentioned at the start of this report to transpire as swiftly as possible. To ensure this outcome, we have instructed our diplomatic corps to impart crucial insights to key Earth allies involved in these affairs.

As your Earth readies herself for change, our fleet has zeroed in on the places likely to be most affected. Accordingly, our First Contact command board has advised our science scout fleet to watch these spots carefully and prepare a warning system whereby we can evaluate to what extent we can either alleviate or prevent difficulties from happening. This is now in effect. In this regard, we have asked your Ascended Masters to assess our findings to determine if what we intend to do is indeed appropriate. Mother Earth dearly wishes to complete the next phase of her preparations swiftly and urges us to move forward with the entire First Contact scenario. We are pleased that our Earth allies are intent on completing their remaining tasks rapidly. The delays hitherto caused by the dark would appear unable now to stop them. We are therefore reinforcing our positions and setting up the means for intervening successfully in your affairs.


Tuesday May 23th, 2006. 3 Etznab, 1 Pax, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II


This realm ofinner Earth, although in the main a continuation of the surface world, has some really amazing topography. It has mountains taller than Everest and oceans wider than the Pacific. There are rivers reminiscent of the Nile,Mississippi and Yangtze as well as others that combine the features of these in unique ways. To navigate these immense waterways is to undergo a grand adventure. You see, animals and plants long considered extinct flourish here. The peoples of inner Earth have turned these myriad environments into especially cared-for habitats, and touring these places is something they would like you all to enjoy. It can demonstrate to you how the transformed exterior of the planet can also be lovingly nurtured. Mother Earth is an incubator for a huge variety of animals and plants. This multiplicity of ecosystems forms a unity that constitutes the very essence of Mother Earth.

As just noted, Mother Earth is a living entity supporting a vast regime of eco-systems. When the two layers of firmament once more surround the planet, the many environments of your world can begin to change. The deserts transform into broad savannas and the jungles into dense forests in which both temperate and more traditional tropical varieties of trees and shrubs flourish. The previous temperate and sub-tropical habitats will start to merge. Over time, the former tropics will become part of this renewed flora. The ice caps of the Arctic will melt, turning that land into a place of exquisite vistas where sweeping grasslands give way to forests and the sea. Once Mother Earth is enveloped by her newly raised firmaments, these can act much as the former Arctic and Antarctic to regulate the temperature of her outer surface, thus greatly balancing the current extremes of pole and equator.

The end of the current climate extremes changes everything for Mother Earth’s ecosystems. Many new species can appear as these unique habitats take hold. The changing of the Mediterranean back into a river and the Sahara into a large inland sea can radically alter the appearance of Europe and North Africa on future maps. The topography of East Africa is to be affected by another large inland sea. These bodies of water together with immense climate change portend a new ecosystem for the whole of Africa. The mountains of Central Europe are to collapse into wide lowland forests, which link up with the great forests of Northern Europe to create even more novel types of flora and fauna. Our scientists are carefully anticipating all this as we prepare for the final steps before First Contact.

These changes in Mother Earth’s surface means she is shortly to look quite different. The magnitude of these changes also means that you will have to be evacuated from the surface before long. Hence, one of our projects involves this massive relocation of the surface populace to the inner Earth sanctums. Here, you can peacefully finish your own transformation into fully conscious Beings while Mother Earth prepares herself for you. These monumental changes are to be mirrored throughout the solar system. Until these adjustments are done, the only safe places for you are either aboard a Mothership or in especially prepared places in inner Earth. As it now stands, the sequence of First Contact is: The series of public announcements; First Contact proper; the mass evacuation tied to the Earth changes; and finally, your transformation into fully conscious Beings.


Tuesday May 30th, 2006. 10 Chicchan, 8 Pax, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III


The prime disaster-in-the-making is, of course, global warming. Three main factors contribute to this phenomenon: First is the ravaging effect of industrialization; in the past two decades, this blight has spread massively into the developing world, especially the highly populated nations of China and India. These latter are now caught up in a spiral of surging industrial production and attendant rising pollution. This is on top of the enormous damage already inflicted over two hundred years by the nations of Europe and North America. Second is the natural process of transformation of Mother Earth as she, like you, changes back into a fully conscious Being. As this happens, processes come into play that cause her ice caps to melt, her atmosphere to heat up, and her flora and fauna to undergo great changes. The third factor is the hyperactivity of the Sun. Here, colossal outpourings of coronal discharges into the solar system affect Mother Earth’s upper atmosphere and provide conditions for big changes.

Unchecked global pollution is growing rapidly. Its importance in this mix lies in the fact that it acts as the catalyst for and speeds up the effects of the other two factors. Remember, Dear Ones, you reside in a holistic reality: The reality affects you, and you affect your reality. It is true that this is a time of grand change; however, your unconscious efforts of the last two hundred years greatly influence the immensity of the changes that you now see around you. This growth in responsibility gave birth first to the emotional and then the scientific desire to care for the "living spaceship" that supports you. Currently, you are facing urgent challenges. First, how to effectively respond to the grave requirements of a swiftly eroding environment. Second, how to quickly deploy technologies capable of either alleviating or preferably reversing the present hazardous planetary conditions. This involves another immediate need: the question of how to govern yourselves.

The manifest inability of most of your governments to serve their citizenry points to the necessity to rethink the premise of governmental responsibility toward its constituents. The rise of the influence of giant multinational corporations and the vast increase in the costs of political campaigning has skewed the fundamental relationship between the people and their elected officials. A case in point is the issue of global warming: Despite a number of international agreements and dedicated grassroots activism, the problem of how to control the emissions of "greenhouse gases" and many other pollutants is not even close to a viable solution. The present momentum of a global economy dominated by multinationals can lead only to inevitable catastrophe. This is why a new economic direction is an essential first step and why the program to be put into effect by our Earth allies is so vital to everyone.


Tuesday June 6th, 2006. 4 Eb, 15 Pax, 1 Caban.Article taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen at The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III

other members of the fleet, involved in the care of Mother Earth, report that she badly needs some important pressure adjustments to many of her tectonic plates. Hence, you can expect some major seabed earthquakes in the next few weeks. All this indicates that the present reality is barely remaining in place. A new reality and the energy momentum to manifest it are growing stronger each day. These rising pressures on all fronts show us that you are indeed very close to this reality’s end-game scenario. With the demise of the old, a new world filled with the joy of First Contact can at last appear!

While your old reality recedes, the solar system pursues her own renovations. Realities, as we have mentioned many times, are interlocked or clustered together. This is the case with this solar system, in which the Sun and your sister planets are tied together by a number of vital common interests. As Mother Earth changes, so does the rest of the solar system. Long ago this system was pristine; the 12 daughter planets sailed in harmonious, near-perfect orbits, around the Sun. The forces and energies acting upon them were carefully allotted. Then the great galactic wars swept in and, with a series of severe skirmishes, changed your solar system into a scarred remnant of her former self. It is this that led to this system’s devolution into a limited-consciousness reality. Among the changes were elliptical orbits, the eventual disappearance of her innermost world, and the sudden demise of her outermost water world. These events caused the turning down of Mother Earth’s energies and resulted in the crippled planet that you presently reside on as guests.

An important point for you to grasp is your status as guests. You are not true members of this planetary ecosystem; rather, you are extraterrestrials drawn from 50 star-nations dotted throughout this galactic neighborhood. As such, you each have a special responsibility to take care of and protect this beautiful water world. Mother Earth has done much to ensure your survival in this most dangerous limited-consciousness environment. All she asks in turn is that you now make amends for your destructive actions against her. This need is one that you are more than capable of fulfilling. Our part is to aid you by providing, once we arrive in great numbers, the technology and logistics to carry out what is immediately essential. Bear in mind that your deeds of the past 500 years have accelerated massive planet-wide extinctions. Further, your misuse of your industrial and petroleum-based inventions have brought great plagues upon you and your fragile environment. These developments helped to further speed up the rate of extinctions over the past 100 years.

The decreasing number of successful species on your world is mirrored by a biosphere that is rapidly transforming. The polar icecaps are melting and the climate is warming up. Your world is becoming more inhospitable to human survival. This you have brought upon yourselves. This dilemma came about for a purpose: to show you that you need to either change, or die. These are harsh words to utter, and they are intended to draw your attention to events that are compelling you urgently to see just how different your approach needs to be. The old ways are no longer viable or relevant. New, drastic solutions are imperative. The anguish of your world’s citizenry is just the tip of an iceberg of iniquity and is triggering an increasingly vocal cry for change. It is this that is finally driving our Earth allies to finish up what they started decades ago…


Tuesday June 13th, 2006. 11Cauac, 2 Kayab, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III


While this transpires, Mother Earth is rumbling. She wants to transform into her fully conscious Self. Nonetheless, she knows that the full sweep of these changes can only be carried out once you have been moved into designated sanctuaries. So, she remains content with much smaller movements of her surface area. Even these have recently caused degrees of discomfort among your population. Expect more in the coming days and months as many minor adjustments are made. Mother Earth remains in a very fragile condition and sustaining her in this state is becoming more and more difficult. Despite this, our science teams and the planetary Elohim are committed to maintaining the current homeostasis for as long as necessary. This means that what is being done by our Earth allies must conclude very shortly, and it is the intention of our liaisons to see to it that this does indeed happen. Assisting them are our fleet personnel who have been on assignment among you for over a decade. These two elements are dedicated to your success and your coming great victory!


Tuesday June 20th, 2006. 5 Cimi, 9 Kayab, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III


Mother Earth, likewise, is in the final stages of her own transformation. This is being mirrored by her sister planets and her grand Mother, the Sun. Mother Earth needs to finish preparing her continents and ocean basins for these changes. In past messages, we outlined the immensity of these changes not only to her surface regions but also to her core. This core acts like a heart, which beats with a steady rhythm that sets the march of electrical and magnetic currents. These currents carry information vital for sustaining her lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere; in short, the various elements that make up Mother Earth. These physical aspects are complimented by her spiritual essence. This grand Spirit whirls around the sun like an enormous vortex and interweaves with the other planetary Spirits that constitute this solar system. This glorious collage is quite stunning, and we enjoy watching it from our ships’ quarters during our leisure time.


Tuesday July4th, 2006. 6 Ahau, 3 Kumku, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III


While these preparations proceed, Mother Earth is making major corrections to her surface area. Do remember that Mother Earth is a deeply caring parent to her ecosystem. Continual "reasonable" adjustments are necessary, and yet she fully comprehends the level beyond which changes would be catastrophic to human civilization. Hence, the larger movements, while still quite deadly, are to be restricted to a particular region. What puzzles Mother Earth is the massive stupidity of this last dark cabal: It persists with policies aimed at extinguishing all life on the planet while also wishing to reside here. The Anunnaki and their dark off-world allies are patently no longer available to rescue this cabal, and yet it insists on these self-destructive policies! Our Earth allies are aware of this and understand fully the importance of the First Contact fleet to their magnificent plans. So, we stand ready when needed to guide and assist their vital undertaking.

Tuesday July11th, 2006. 13 Manik, 10 Kumku, 1 CabanArticle taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II


Concerning the Earth changes, expect these at times to be regionally quite intense. But be assured that Mother Earth has decided to hold back on changes of a global reach since your own transformation is not very far off. These smaller changes include a prelude to the final migration of one of her poles to the Earth’s core. Many prognosticators have confused the evidence of this operation with a pole shift. Again, be assured these effects are merely part of the preparations for her complete transformation. This most dramatic of moves is to be saved for the moment when you are in a safe refuge and finishing off your final step into full consciousness. Until then, Mother Earth is to concentrate on those things that resolve the pressure on her tectonic plates and that build up the Pacific andAtlantic Ocean basins for the return of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The raising of Atlantis and Lemuria is to balance the land-water ratio of Mother Earth. As a fully conscious planet, she is noted for her symmetry as well as for her exquisite beauty. Her particular blending of land and water results in a stunning surface configuration. The deserts will go; inland seas will increase, which together with forests, lakes, and grasslands will produce a full palette of colors that she will weave into a glorious tapestry. The planet that is to emerge after the changes will be quite different. Yet, she will retain the overall shape of the continents you are used to. In addition, a two-layered firmament will give her a glow much like that of a halo when viewed from near interplanetary space. Soon, an Earth that is both familiar and excitingly novel will become your lovely new home!


Tuesday January 16th, 2007. 7 Cib, 14 Chen, 2 Ik. Article taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III


… Your world is caught between two storm systems: On the one hand is the issue of global warming, caused by your thoughtless despoiling of Mother Earth’s land, air, and water. On the other are the effects of the general shift of your solar system toward a new, fully conscious reality. At its present level of understanding, your science cannot fathom the relationship between these two factors. As all is connected, ignoring one leads to a blighted comprehension of the other. In effect, the appearance of pollution on a grand scale is a sign to a living solar system that change is literally "in the air."

When a limited consciousness society begins the process of industrialization, it usually does so with no thought for the environment. Within mere decades, the resulting deterioration in the biosphere triggers subtle changes in the planet’s demeanor. This alerts the other planets and the Sun that a period of big change lies ahead. A symbiotic relationship then ensues between the growing levels of pollution and some astonishing alterations in your solar system. By means of the living web of consciousness, all living organisms respond to a changing ecosystem. The Sun thus began a series of adjustments that recently became continuous hyperactivity, and this huge outpouring of solar energy, in turn, caused a hyper-reaction among the various planets. A natural concomitant to all this was the mass extinction of myriad plants and animals on Earth. And so, Earth’s global warming was setting up the process for the transformation of the entire solar system.

The planet is exhibiting the sudden changes associated with the cusp between major geological ages. In fact, this is not far from the truth. Huge changes in surface configuration are to take place during your leave of absence to complete your metamorphosis. Before then, your clean up of your home world will signal that the great shift is to happen. This symbiotic relationship between industrial pollution and the huge shift in your reality has been mirrored on other worlds in this and other galaxies. Our scientists are both happy and sad to see it occurring here once again. A while back, it was our desire to complete this shift in a much gentler manner. But the nature of the dark and the extent of its power over you eventually caused us to accede to the present divine tactics. And now, the long-awaited events are ready to manifest.


Tuesday April 24th, 2007. 1 Ix, 12 Kank’in, 2 Ik. Article taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV


On other fronts, we monitor Mother Earth and assist her by seeing that the mounting pressures between tectonic plates are properly relieved. This procedure has greatly increased the number of six-plus-magnitude Earthquakes measured by your world’s seismologists. We are equally active in your planet’s upper atmosphere: Here, we are "balancing" the stability of a number of layers that affect the amount of radiation leaking into your planet’s surface area. This work is maintaining a degree of stability for your world as you move quickly to the brink of First Contact. To us, First Contact is the grand watershed that begins your actual transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This divine moment is something that the dark dearly wishes to delay, and it is our divine purpose to see that this magnificent moment goes off as planned. Hence, we are involved in a number of contingency plans which unabashedly ensure your success!

Tuesday November 6th, 2007. 2 Oc, 3 Xul, 3 Manik. Article taken from:  Here it is only published the part referring to earth changes.  The full article can be seen atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV


These two developments dovetail with the Earth watch we are engaged in. Mother Earth is also speeding up the preliminaries for rearranging her surface features. Various tectonic plates are slipping at a much more rapid rate. The more critically unstable plates, like the Pacific and the Asian, are having their plate subduction rate corrected. In this way, Mother Earth is adjusting her tectonic plates so that they will be able to lock together at a moment’s notice. This increases the number of earthquakes where this operation intersects with land, and so a number of quakes are happening in areas where they are relatively commonplace. These shakings–due to a lowering of the Earth’s magnetic field–climate changes, and subtle shifts in deep ocean currents are to continue in some degree of heightened intensity until the present period of instability is fully alleviated. Then, once First Contact has happened, Mother Earth can finish the wholesale surface reconfiguration she has in mind.


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