The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II

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The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Published by permission from PAO.
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Tuesday May 2th, 2006. 8 Caban, 0 Moan, 1 Caban.
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return for another discussion with you. Around your world, much is happening, both good and not so good. Many important agreements, global in scale, have been secretly reached. These pacts reaffirm the majority view of your secret cabals to permit a great change to occur on your world. This alteration of the present status quo is unprecedented. Never, since before the catastrophic fall of Atlantis, have the dark forces agreed to thus relinquish their 13 millennia control of your world. The Earth is approaching a point in her history where the shadowy pall of evil that still grips her can at last be transformed into Light! This potential existed before, but not until this moment was a force as considerable as this, and long claimed by the dark, able to wrest itself successfully from its former masters. This change opens the door to possibilities most of you cannot yet fully imagine! Not only is the dark ready to retreat from your world, but it has also agreed to retire from a number of "local" sectors of physicality. This is important not only to you but to all of physicality.

Besides these wonderful developments, we secured positions to limit the power of your planet’s last dark cabal. Don’t forget that there are still vast sums of money, many hiding-places, and those who covertly support this dark cabal on your world. It is therefore essential to work within the operational confines of our Earth allies. This process is much slower than we desire. However, your world is still gripped by the fear, want, and mistrust so effectively laid down by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. These factors, so prevalent in your global population, prevent us from showing ourselves as openly as we would like. First Contact became an operation limited by what your major governments would allow. So far, a massive cover-up continues to belie our purpose. Changing this distortion to reflect the truth of our objectives is vital to speeding up the process of First Contact. There are also many religious and cultural reasons for your secret leaders to keep on with this insanity. These secret cabals believe that once these last points of control are done away with a great chaos can result.

The recent pacts we mentioned above address these issues. It is critically important that our presence and that of our heavenly supervisors be treated with the proper levels of decorum and dignity. To this end, we asked for these indispensable agreements. Your move into an abundant and free reality needs to come about with a minimum of discord. Those who control these elements in your societies must agree on a general plan of action. What has just been accomplished lays down the steps and strategies for this to happen. There is now a procedure to establish the post-First-Contact world. Also, there is a means for the proclamations to be made by governmental, religious, and cultural leaders alike. This more broad-based operation can ensure that the transition to a new reality transpires swiftly once we are formally announced. This pleases us and sets the stage for those events currently close to happening on your world. Energies are being manifested to allow for the grand governmental changes your society now desperately requires.

In the meantime, our First Contact fleet continues to monitor closely both Mother Earth and yourselves. Personnel familiar with what is occurring are quite happy with the results. These significant breakthroughs signal how precarious the agenda of your last dark cabal has become. But these dark ones are not finished yet!  Among them are the last generations accustomed to being absolute controllers of your world. At present, much circumscribes them; yet still they retain much room for maneuver. This process of change is a road that alternates between smooth patches and potholes. Even before the start of the 19th century, this cabal’s forbearers had set up huge trust funds whose sole purpose was to provide for the skullduggery needed to maintain global control. These funds are constantly moved around and kept top secret. Limiting their use is a continual problem for our Earth allies, and thus we have long asked to be allowed to restrict their use.

This need was addressed in the last series of signed agreements. It is our intention to help our Earth allies keep track of the illegal use of these funds to buy governments, instigate disorder, and in general create conditions that support the cabal’s continuance as reigning power brokers on your planet. Many financial venues are used to disburse these monies. And because banks and other financial institutions are rarely used as the prime disbursers, a special system of appointed couriers and other secret operatives are employed. Banks are simply places where these resources are safely held until they are needed. Then a diversified and covert set-up is used to distribute funds to those places most conducive to achieving the dark agenda. Normally, these movements are hard to track, but our technology can do this easily.

The question now becomes, what do the various elements that comprise our Earth allies do with this information? One of their challenges is that this group expanded so fast in the past few years that it is at present unwieldy. Lines of communication between groups are unclear, and this leaves the dark cabal with even more maneuvering room. Our liaisons are now working to alleviate this shortfall. The improvement achieved so far is most encouraging, but there is still much to be fixed. This increase in cooperation makes this problem more pliable and permits us to solve this in the very near future. Until then, there are potential points for future breakdowns that can prove costly to our main objective. Even so, we are confidant that what has been done so far will not unravel and that our victory draws ever closer with each succeeding day.

The main point for you never to lose sight of is that First Contact is inevitable and not far off. Despite the hurdles mentioned in this message, a great deal of positive progress has been made. The awareness among our Earth allies that First Contact is near has increased exponentially. The mounting dangers to your world posed by the trickery of the last dark cabal are quite worrisome, as it seems that this group persists in its desire to torch the planet should they ever lose control. Our intention is to counter this insane goal and to convince this group of the futility of such an agenda. The cornerstone of this undertaking is the divine ban on nuclear deployment. The deranged apocalyptic strategy of this dark group is thus voided! It is essential to confine this last dark cabal so that its overthrow by our Earth allies remains a forgone conclusion.

Observing this last dark group and its myriad machinations is most educational. Their determination is legendary among us. We have countless stories to tell you once First Contact is completed! Until then, we intend to ensure that your world survives the present troubles intact. We are adamant that First Contact is to happen in the very short term. The growing resolve of our Earth allies encourages us to believe that our meeting with you is just around the corner. The lengthy process that has brought us to this point has removed most obstacles. The rest is solvable and simply requires that we remain in a position to act when necessary. With this in mind, we have set up a plan to swiftly dispatch the tasks that remain. We are forever grateful for your big-hearted patience and your continuing assistance in these matters. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we reviewed what is occurring on your world and our part in these developments. From the fullness of our hearts we thank you for your ongoing support and ask that you continue to be upbeat and ready to do what is needed for our mutual success. Know absolutely that victory is inevitable and close! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!) 

Tuesday May 16th, 2006. 9 Cimi, 14 Moan, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin!  We come to you once again, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you! As your world continues to grow in consciousness, your planetary populace becomes less subject to manipulation by your dark cabal. Further, there is mounting discontent with the miserable conditions that most of you still have to endure. Another factor is the rising power of our Earth allies. This motley mix has served up a setting for a great change in the very near future. We see this grand transformation as now being ready to manifest in your reality. This we base on three main factors: First is the dangerous monetary situation on your world; the reign of the current US dollar is nearly over, which means a new monetary system is critically needed. Second, the present, untenable petroleum-based economy of the planet is creating a new desire to find practical alternatives, and quickly. Third, the exponentially increasing world debt needs to be forgiven before a series of potentially explosive civil wars throughout your so-called Third World becomes inevitable. This is the dire situation facing your many ruling cabals.

The solutions to these dilemmas lie in heeding the requirements for change. This change can no longer be merely cosmetic; it needs to be a massive realigning of the financial, economic, and political elements that form your society. Those in charge realize this and have formally and covertly accepted our assistance. Yet despite this, there remains an immense hodgepodge of powerful individuals and groups deeply obsessed with a variety of different solutions. However, these are by and large very practical and reasonable members of society, and we have therefore been able to use our "good offices" and our technology to formulate a widely approved series of solutions. One of the more important addresses the monetary quandary. Ultimately, this involves a new global banking agreement, which in turn requires a new primary currency or, alternatively, a balanced spread of currencies. In any event, this new monetary giant needs to become the foundation of a system based upon true value. Your present fiat system has run its course and has fully displayed its countless, inherent weaknesses.

The prerequisite of a new, true-value monetary and banking system depends upon finding a new energy source to drive the global economic engine. This means that your fossil-fuel-based economy is viewed as a dinosaur "gasping its last" by these practical ones. All this is weighed carefully against the powerful positions still held by your last dark cabal. Hence, progress has been slow but nevertheless steady. As the powerful U.S. regime, still controlled by this dark cabal, begins to implode upon itself, the prospect for a coherent plan of campaign comes into focus. Bear in mind that our role in these matters is to work in tandem with our Earth allies to make this quiet revolution a reality. The dark cabal still maintains the primary power positions in the present system and is holding on for dear life. Their current stranglehold cannot last much longer. Like the mounting chaos in your various global systems, their internal chaos also grows and is soon to affect their complete collapse. This inevitability inspires and motivates our earthly coalitions!

The political component is of course inextricably tied in to this equation. This last dark cabal holds your reality in a fierce headlock. Here also, the foundation upon which they stand is crumbling like a brick wall in a powerful earthquake. The many difficulties they faced during the last Gregorian year are only multiplying in this one. We are buoyed up by what is happening throughout your globe. The political system you have long known is everywhere becoming more and more insufferable, and so regime changes are more likely to occur. This can further destabilize the present system and demonstrate the overall need for fundamental change. The depth and scope of these changes, not to mention the time factor, points clearly toward the need for some type of external assistance. Our intent is to help you create the requisite conditions that can then lead rapidly toward our formal acceptance and the moment for First Contact. We feel this moment is getting very near.

This growing chaos is more than countered by the increase in the consciousness levels of your global population. In every country, children who possess a higher level of consciousness are being born. Their addition daily raises the consciousness quotient of your reality. This further weakens the ability of this last cabal to compensate for the innate liabilities of their goals. All this means that you are advancing at an accelerated pace toward your victory. Look upon this period in your history as the golden moments when the dark’s influence on you began rapidly to wane. It is a time of great promise as the forces of chaos move to obstruct the dark from its dire goals. This approaching defeat breathes life into the new programs mentioned above. These agreements, which ensure you an abundant and a safer world, can now start to emerge from behind the curtains where they have been kept.

Before they can be released from obscurity, certain things must first take place. Our liaisons and diplomatic personnel are working around the clock with our Earth allies to this end. As you know, as soon as this U.S. regime falls, a window of opportunity is thus created, and the demise of the current monetary and economic systems can be swiftly announced. A moment of transition will open up which can move your world beyond the current brinkmanship into a space where she can prepare herself for something new. This something new is an innovative precious-metal-backed currency system, an end to fractional banking, and a global debt-forgiveness holiday! This is to be followed by a great sharing of abundance and the restoration of common law throughout the globe.

These events contain the final steps leading to First Contact. They include the implementation of new ecological pacts that end the tyranny of fossil-fuel dependence and begin an age of alternatives. This contains the formal introduction of free energy devices and their derived transportation systems. Our arrival can spur this move to energy alternatives, but more importantly, will begin the necessary union between the inner-Earth people and the surface dwellers. This union can initiate you to much needed technology and serve as the start of a new galactic society for the peoples of Mother Earth. At this time, the facts about Earth’s true history can be made known together with an amazing education system enabling the assimilation of huge amounts of new information. Most importantly, these new abilities can enable a joyous return to full consciousness.

Our purpose has been, throughout, to move you toward your divine destiny. This is why, in our messages to you, we constantly harp on about the need to "consider the big picture", be positive, and learn to move beyond your understandable frustrations. We know such advice can be challenging for those living in the anguished throes of a world wresting itself from the clutches of the dark. Nevertheless, you need to know that these necessary transformations you are going through are to result in your destined triumph. Our part, at first, is to help you indirectly and, at the appropriate moment, to join in directly. This arrangement compels us to help where our special talents can do the most good. Due to the current conditions on your world, this has mostly meant working in a covert manner with those most able to unseat the rooted power of your last dark cabal.

Today, we discussed what is occurring on your world. We wish to re-emphasize to you the power inherent in your calm, continuing focus on your victory. This concentration has helped us greatly, and we remain ever grateful for your mindful assistance. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!) 

Tuesday May 23th, 2006. 3 Etznab, 1 Pax, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you, Dear Hearts, at this most auspicious time in your history. Invisibly surrounding you is our enormous fleet representing the fifty human star-nations whose members are your ancestors. This fleet watches over their Earth-bound relatives with tender hearts and a great inner joy. Events on your world have reached a point where some truly historic developments can start to manifest. Our liaison officers and fleet emissaries update us daily on the matters still to be wrapped up before we prepare for imminent Contact. The last milestones of this preparatory phase are rapidly approaching. We are also working with your planetary Elohim to prepare Mother Earth for her great transformation. This period in our mission excites us. The next actions by our Earth allies can bring all of us to a point we have longed for! Hence, it is necessary for us to tell you this much and, for now, to leave the exact details to history. Accordingly, we desire to inform you now about what we are doing to get ready for First Contact and the events that are swiftly to follow.

First Contact initially requires the global announcements of our existence from your major governments. With one stroke, more than fifty decades of cover-ups and preposterous lies are to end and be replaced with the momentous truth that you are not alone. The simultaneous revelation of our benevolence brings to an abrupt close decades of fear and distrust. With this, we can begin to appear in your skies and show ourselves to you. The huge variety of shape, design, and size of our craft will amaze you! The next move is to begin an education project about us. These worldwide broadcasts can prepare you for the big moment: our massive landing on your shores. Accompanying the landings will be your many Ascended Masters. Together we come to transform, liberate, and inform you. Our technologies can rapidly reverse your growing global pollution and raise your living standards. Food, shelter, clothing, and especially water are things that most of you in Europe and North America may take for granted. Our capabilities can bring these essentials to everyone residing on Mother Earth.

As pollution is diminished and abundance becomes the norm, you can begin to learn how much your former overlords, the Anunnaki, manipulated your culture and your beliefs. These twisted half-truths need to be replaced with a full retelling of your true history. Then you can look anew at your different cultures and find out how this grand diversity can become one of your many strengths. Out of this you can forge the beginnings of global cooperation and world harmony. With attendant due diligence, this process need not take long. Also, the new focus of your governments can produce a recasting of the political, financial, and economic systems that currently rule your world. The goal is to move quickly toward setting up a society that is a true predecessor to your galactic one. To aid you, the peoples of inner Earth wish to come and offer guidelines for creating such a society. They are also most keen to introduce you to the part of your planet your former rulers denied you access to.

This realm ofinner Earth, although in the main a continuation of the surface world, has some really amazing topography. It has mountains taller than Everest and oceans wider than the Pacific. There are rivers reminiscent of the Nile,Mississippi and Yangtze as well as others that combine the features of these in unique ways. To navigate these immense waterways is to undergo a grand adventure. You see, animals and plants long considered extinct flourish here. The peoples of inner Earth have turned these myriad environments into especially cared-for habitats, and touring these places is something they would like you all to enjoy. It can demonstrate to you how the transformed exterior of the planet can also be lovingly nurtured. Mother Earth is an incubator for a huge variety of animals and plants. This multiplicity of ecosystems forms a unity that constitutes the very essence of Mother Earth.

As just noted, Mother Earth is a living entity supporting a vast regime of eco-systems. When the two layers of firmament once more surround the planet, the many environments of your world can begin to change. The deserts transform into broad savannas and the jungles into dense forests in which both temperate and more traditional tropical varieties of trees and shrubs flourish. The previous temperate and sub-tropical habitats will start to merge. Over time, the former tropics will become part of this renewed flora. The ice caps of the Arctic will melt, turning that land into a place of exquisite vistas where sweeping grasslands give way to forests and the sea. Once Mother Earth is enveloped by her newly raised firmaments, these can act much as the former Arctic and Antarctic to regulate the temperature of her outer surface, thus greatly balancing the current extremes of pole and equator.

The end of the current climate extremes changes everything for Mother Earth’s ecosystems. Many new species can appear as these unique habitats take hold. The changing of the Mediterranean back into a river and the Sahara into a large inland sea can radically alter the appearance of Europe and North Africa on future maps. The topography of East Africa is to be affected by another large inland sea. These bodies of water together with immense climate change portend a new ecosystem for the whole of Africa. The mountains of Central Europe are to collapse into wide lowland forests, which link up with the great forests of Northern Europe to create even more novel types of flora and fauna. Our scientists are carefully anticipating all this as we prepare for the final steps before First Contact.

These changes in Mother Earth’s surface means she is shortly to look quite different. The magnitude of these changes also means that you will have to be evacuated from the surface before long. Hence, one of our projects involves this massive relocation of the surface populace to the inner Earth sanctums. Here, you can peacefully finish your own transformation into fully conscious Beings while Mother Earth prepares herself for you. These monumental changes are to be mirrored throughout the solar system. Until these adjustments are done, the only safe places for you are either aboard a Mothership or in especially prepared places in inner Earth. As it now stands, the sequence of First Contact is: The series of public announcements; First Contact proper; the mass evacuation tied to the Earth changes; and finally, your transformation into fully conscious Beings.

What lies ahead for you is very close to happening. Our personnel are highly dedicated to making First Contact come off as planned. To this end, we monitor your world assiduously. Because of this diligence, the operation is reaching a point in our timetable for some very important actions. Currently, our various liaisons and key fleet diplomats are preparing the ground for this. We look forward to completing First Contact and gaining a most auspicious group as a new member of the Galactic Federation. We are also most interested to see you lay the foundation of your new star-nation. Remember to remain centered in joy during the times ahead as these will prove to be both exciting but also at times a little challenging. Always bear in mind that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we reviewed what is close to happening on your world. Never forget to look upon all this as a cosmic drama that is nearing it predestined finale. Soon you are to begin a new one filled with joy, compassion, and deep inner wisdom guided strongly by the Divine. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 30th, 2006. 10 Chicchan, 8 Pax, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you, Dear Hearts, with more to explain to you. Around you the last aspects of the dark are finally losing their grip upon you. This is because of what is being accomplished by our Earth allies. Many times before our joint efforts looked set to overwhelm the dark, but each time the numerous moles within the ranks of our Earth allies alerted this last dark cabal to the impending danger. This time, we are at last invited to participate fully in this party and can enjoy a most deserved celebration. As we await this momentous moment in your history, we can assure you that the results of what is about to happen are to be most successful. Currently, our fleet liaison officers are supervising the swift winding up of those tasks remaining at our end. But the bulk of this undertaking is done, and some truly grand times lie ahead! Very shortly, we expect some major decisions to be proclaimed by a number of new governments. These unprecedented declarations are to set the stage for our arrival on your shores!

As you are all too aware, getting your world to this point has been quite a challenge. Your global society was infested with layers upon layers of dark agents originally put in place by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. These shadowy gangs were ruthless in maintaining control and enflaming the myriad schisms that have kept you "divided and conquered" for so long. The pivotal element was to clean out these seemingly endless layers of infestation one by one. Any momentary lapse of attention was pounced upon by the dark who literally seeped through the cracks caused by carelessness or betrayal. These little setbacks warded off this growing momentum for change for over three decades. Now, at long last, the moment of victory is at hand. When the last few pieces are in place, we duly expect the many changes we have all been longing for to begin manifesting. These changes are designed to rapidly stabilize your world and encourage global harmony. Our concern is to stop the dark’s recently established plans for global economic collapse.  Once we neutralize this treachery, your world can move away from a multitude of disasters.

The prime disaster-in-the-making is, of course, global warming. Three main factors contribute to this phenomenon: First is the ravaging effect of industrialization; in the past two decades, this blight has spread massively into the developing world, especially the highly populated nations of China and India. These latter are now caught up in a spiral of surging industrial production and attendant rising pollution. This is on top of the enormous damage already inflicted over two hundred years by the nations of Europe and North America. Second is the natural process of transformation of Mother Earth as she, like you, changes back into a fully conscious Being. As this happens, processes come into play that cause her ice caps to melt, her atmosphere to heat up, and her flora and fauna to undergo great changes. The third factor is the hyperactivity of the Sun. Here, colossal outpourings of coronal discharges into the solar system affect Mother Earth’s upper atmosphere and provide conditions for big changes.

Unchecked global pollution is growing rapidly. Its importance in this mix lies in the fact that it acts as the catalyst for and speeds up the effects of the other two factors. Remember, Dear Ones, you reside in a holistic reality: The reality affects you, and you affect your reality. It is true that this is a time of grand change; however, your unconscious efforts of the last two hundred years greatly influence the immensity of the changes that you now see around you. This growth in responsibility gave birth first to the emotional and then the scientific desire to care for the "living spaceship" that supports you. Currently, you are facing urgent challenges. First, how to effectively respond to the grave requirements of a swiftly eroding environment. Second, how to quickly deploy technologies capable of either alleviating or preferably reversing the present hazardous planetary conditions. This involves another immediate need: the question of how to govern yourselves.

The manifest inability of most of your governments to serve their citizenry points to the necessity to rethink the premise of governmental responsibility toward its constituents. The rise of the influence of giant multinational corporations and the vast increase in the costs of political campaigning has skewed the fundamental relationship between the people and their elected officials. A case in point is the issue of global warming: Despite a number of international agreements and dedicated grassroots activism, the problem of how to control the emissions of "greenhouse gases" and many other pollutants is not even close to a viable solution. The present momentum of a global economy dominated by multinationals can lead only to inevitable catastrophe. This is why a new economic direction is an essential first step and why the program to be put into effect by our Earth allies is so vital to everyone.

Prosperity unleashed without a purpose solves nothing. Therefore, a constituent of the upcoming prosperity programs will be a series of objectives whose focus is to quickly transmute the factors that imprison you. Freedom is a state of mind, and it confers an active responsibility to self and others. Debt forgiveness also involves goals that induce social responsibility. The ills of the past need to be remedied in a manner that forever prevents their reoccurrence. All these prerequisites shape the new economic system that is to be instigated once the present American regime is driven from office. These crying needs are bringing the impending solutions into play. Our liaisons and diplomatic personnel are very excited at the prospect of the imminent downfall of the last stronghold of the dark.

As you forge ahead with a new reality, its many building blocks will become visible. Each block will represent an aspect that makes the whole possible. We see First Contact in this light. But much still needs to be done before we can move out from under the cloak put around us by this dark cabal. Once the UFO cover-up is put to flight, we will naturally be seen in our true colors as your benevolent space family. Completing this First Contact mission with the peoples of Mother Earth allows us to assist you openly in resolving your environmental problems. However, the nature of our technology requires a reality that is beyond the dark realm that has smothered you for so long. Thus, with our help, each upward step of your new reality permits yet another, each one accelerating your progress toward your ultimate goal, your return to full consciousness.

Your transformation to date has introduced you to various bits of the whole process. Taken in isolation your experiences can be discouraging. It is thus so important for you to maintain the perspective of the big picture to avoid being sucked down into the minutiae of daily life. The bigger picture can help you comprehend how the chaos around you is sweeping toward only one possible outcome: your inevitable and destined victory. As it is difficult for a limited conscious Being to see beyond the daily malarkey, it helps to look upon your world as a "comedy of errors." Try to laugh at this vaudeville and be easy on yourself during your periods of exasperation. Look to the divine purpose of these end times: the birth of a golden new reality! Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we touched on some of the many elements coming together to produce your new reality. We know this cosmic drama can seem quite bewildering. We ask you to call upon your deep inner resources to find ways to maintain your "cool" and above all, your sanity. And know that you are not in this alone! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday June 6th, 2006. 4 Eb, 15 Pax, 1 Caban.
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Greetings, Dear Ones! We return for yet another go-round with you. Many of the things we talked about in the last few messages continue to percolate. The dark cabal knows that its time in power is nearing an end. Yet, some matters still need attention. We dearly hope that the work of our Galactic Federation liaisons and related members of our diplomatic corps can soon reach completion. Until this happens, we remain fully focused on these issues. In addition, other members of the fleet, involved in the care of Mother Earth, report that she badly needs some important pressure adjustments to many of her tectonic plates. Hence, you can expect some major seabed earthquakes in the next few weeks. All this indicates that the present reality is barely remaining in place. A new reality and the energy momentum to manifest it are growing stronger each day. These rising pressures on all fronts show us that you are indeed very close to this reality’s end-game scenario. With the demise of the old, a new world filled with the joy of First Contact can at last appear!

While your old reality recedes, the solar system pursues her own renovations. Realities, as we have mentioned many times, are interlocked or clustered together. This is the case with this solar system, in which the Sun and your sister planets are tied together by a number of vital common interests. As Mother Earth changes, so does the rest of the solar system. Long ago this system was pristine; the 12 daughter planets sailed in harmonious, near-perfect orbits, around the Sun. The forces and energies acting upon them were carefully allotted. Then the great galactic wars swept in and, with a series of severe skirmishes, changed your solar system into a scarred remnant of her former self. It is this that led to this system’s devolution into a limited-consciousness reality. Among the changes were elliptical orbits, the eventual disappearance of her innermost world, and the sudden demise of her outermost water world. These events caused the turning down of Mother Earth’s energies and resulted in the crippled planet that you presently reside on as guests.

An important point for you to grasp is your status as guests. You are not true members of this planetary ecosystem; rather, you are extraterrestrials drawn from 50 star-nations dotted throughout this galactic neighborhood. As such, you each have a special responsibility to take care of and protect this beautiful water world. Mother Earth has done much to ensure your survival in this most dangerous limited-consciousness environment. All she asks in turn is that you now make amends for your destructive actions against her. This need is one that you are more than capable of fulfilling. Our part is to aid you by providing, once we arrive in great numbers, the technology and logistics to carry out what is immediately essential. Bear in mind that your deeds of the past 500 years have accelerated massive planet-wide extinctions. Further, your misuse of your industrial and petroleum-based inventions have brought great plagues upon you and your fragile environment. These developments helped to further speed up the rate of extinctions over the past 100 years.

The decreasing number of successful species on your world is mirrored by a biosphere that is rapidly transforming. The polar icecaps are melting and the climate is warming up. Your world is becoming more inhospitable to human survival. This you have brought upon yourselves. This dilemma came about for a purpose: to show you that you need to either change, or die. These are harsh words to utter, and they are intended to draw your attention to events that are compelling you urgently to see just how different your approach needs to be. The old ways are no longer viable or relevant. New, drastic solutions are imperative. The anguish of your world’s citizenry is just the tip of an iceberg of iniquity and is triggering an increasingly vocal cry for change. It is this that is finally driving our Earth allies to finish up what they started decades ago. Here, you really need to ‘stay the course" and keep the pressure on. The blending of your efforts with the abilities of our Earth allies can assuredly bring you the changes you yearn for.

Our First Contact fleet is bound at present by a pledge to our Earth allies to aid them in the swift completion of their remaining tasks. The most vital are crucial regime changes, and these are by far the hardest. Embedded in various governments are individuals who are working diligently to muster the resources to carry out the near impossible. This operation makes for a most sensational plotline, but know it is getting done. Soon the actions to oust these regimes can become concrete history. Until then, realize that many men and women are daily risking their jobs and lives to bring about this victory. Before these coups d’etat hit the headlines, your ongoing focus on your objectives is greatly needed. We repeat: keep the pressure up. Show these regimes you are determined to have their dismissal. Most of all be forbearing and know Heaven is always with you!

The changes within you are likewise accelerating. The integration of your physical and spiritual elements is creating greater sensitivities and this brings an increase in headaches, back problems, and rising levels of fatigue. As your new head chakras begin to make themselves known, headaches can be more severe at times. Keep in mind that a vast new information system is being restored to you which brings you back into contact with the spiritual realms. Also, several new chakra points are opening along your spine. This changes the way your nervous system works while inadvertently affecting your lower back. Muscle spasms and occasional twinges of pain may result. We ask you to evaluate these accordingly. Remember that so much needs to be transformed and much of this can cause either discomfort or some degree of temporary disability.

Many of you are also experiencing problems in your upper chest region. The integration of your new thymus chakra was delayed; as this procedure can somewhat affect your body’s present immune system. Our Galactic Federation medical teams are currently monitoring this process closely, and a number of procedures are being followed to see that this new chakra comes in as easily as possible. However, be warned that a more powerful thymus can initially affect you by producing a temporary increase in fatigue. If this happens, we recommend that you take time out to have a nap. Having integrated, your body can then reward you with increased energies to complete your tasks. In many senses, your bodies have the growing pains of young children as you grow back into fully conscious Beings.

The status of this First Contact mission is quite robust. We watch a deep evolution taking place in you and in our Earth allies. This operation evolved enormously over the past decade and a half, and our fleet likewise altered its focus many times. You could say we matured much like you have. Our learning curve became steeper and our knowledge of your world gave us much wisdom. For this we are ever grateful. Observing your triumphs and seeing your reactions to the half-baked excuses of the dark were indeed worth the journey. We stand at the very brink of Contact. And yet, if you are honest with yourselves, you can imagine how these last few steps could easily become the hardest. So, be kind to yourselves and do not be caught up in games of retribution or shame as the last dark act plays out. Never forget, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we discussed what is now happening on your world. We are forever thankful for your energies, your support, and your unswerving assistance in these matters. Soon, we shall arrive on your shores. Be together, and use your great abilities to support what is now so close to happening. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday June 13th, 2006. 11Cauac, 2 Kayab, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin! We arrive, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you! The move toward First Contact continues. On many fronts around your world events are moving forward to their climactic denouements. Numerous requisite agreements about world finance are clandestinely being enacted by collegiums of concerned central bankers. These actions make it necessary for the world’s governments to hammer out a new Breton Woods-like agreement. This crisis is yet another key indication that the time has come to evict the current American regime from power. Consequently, we have strongly urged those directly involved in this action to complete with due haste what remains outstanding. Our diplomatic liaisons report this critical move is very close. Other related actions, which involve the changing of several willful regimes, are likewise close to completion. The progress on these two fronts —the financial and the governmental— indicates that the many abundance programs are indeed approaching the magic moment for unimpeded distribution.

As the clash between the last dark cabal and our Earth allies plays out, we can comprehend that your global society is not yet ready for the great shock that it is shortly to receive. To remedy this, we began, months ago, a program designed to alleviate many of your global society’s lingering fears. Security and sufficient financial opportunities for advancement haunt the core of your world economy. These worries create energies that are being manipulated by your dark cabal. Our operation is providing many needed resources to counter these fears. The amount of money covertly hoarded by your dark cabal is truly staggering! Using the offices of our Earth allies, we set up a system to summarily confiscate and redistribute these vast sums. In addition, we have gathered together a sufficient quantity of objects of value to ensure that a true ‘hard currency" monetary system can be quickly manifested worldwide when so needed. We mention this to demonstrate that your new reality is very close and indeed quite inevitable.

While this transpires, Mother Earth is rumbling. She wants to transform into her fully conscious Self. Nonetheless, she knows that the full sweep of these changes can only be carried out once you have been moved into designated sanctuaries. So, she remains content with much smaller movements of her surface area. Even these have recently caused degrees of discomfort among your population. Expect more in the coming days and months as many minor adjustments are made. Mother Earth remains in a very fragile condition and sustaining her in this state is becoming more and more difficult. Despite this, our science teams and the planetary Elohim are committed to maintaining the current homeostasis for as long as necessary. This means that what is being done by our Earth allies must conclude very shortly, and it is the intention of our liaisons to see to it that this does indeed happen. Assisting them are our fleet personnel who have been on assignment among you for over a decade. These two elements are dedicated to your success and your coming great victory!

Our fleet personnel are predicting that First Contact is very near! All the diverse elements needed are starting to fall into place. Mother Earth’s delicate condition further emphasizes this fact. We look around your planet and can see only how beneficial First Contact will be. The 13-millennia rule of the dark has reached its zenith, and it is this that causes the distress that racks your globe. Those individuals and groups who are committed to change have worked diligently and are just beginning to witness the fruits of their labor. The cry for such change is seen in the faces of your poor and downtrodden. Their desperate hope for relief has only increased in the past ten years. Everywhere, governments in Asia, Europe,Africa,Oceania, and the Americas feel silent but effective protestations for change. This great silent scream is bringing varied groups together and amplifying the power of your global "quiet revolution." This quiet revolution is reaching a point where it is ready to manifest before you.

Above all, we understand that this revolution is about a great shift in consciousness. Your long sojourn through the realms of limited consciousness is nearing an end. Our scientists desire to inform you that individual Soul fields strengthened enormously during the past year. As we approach the start of a new galactic year, we wish to report that your collective Soul fields are merging into a most beautiful kaleidoscope of ever-changing patterns and forms. Their beauty is something to behold! We see this in our viewing devices and observe it within our mind’s eye. This exquisite beauty signals the magnificence of the coming transformations of your world and, of course, you. You are a great people on the verge of actually manifesting your limitless potential. This fact fills us with joy and proves to us that your grand potential is shortly to be realized. We are most grateful to Heaven that we have been given a part in these proceedings.

Consciousness is the most beautiful of pearls! As you become able to possess her higher forms, you come to perceive Creation in new and quite wondrous ways. These new perceptions permit you to conceive of Creation as a complete and holistic entity. The crass divisions of physicality fall away, and you can finally view physicality as a whole and determine the extent of her connection to the infinite realms of Spirit. It is this connection that is so important to you. Some 13 millennia ago you were severed from this marvelous connection; it was taken from you by the dark, and now this gift is being graciously returned to you! In the interim, you became great connoisseurs of the dark’s impious ways. This wisdom is needed for your next task. Soon, you are to be full members of this grand galactic union —in fact, some of its most important ambassadors.

In this capacity, you are to do some really outstanding things to bring physical Creation together. Your manifesting powers, when combined with the special status and beauty of Mother Earth, are to complete many intergalactic agreements that currently are in early formative stages. The peoples of inner Earth eagerly anticipate their reunion with you.  Many conference centers abandoned during the destruction of Lemuria and then Atlantis need to be rebuilt on your planet’s nodal points. These great edifices are to be the sites of momentous forums where your inherent skills can contribute great works not only for this Galactic Federation, but also for the whole of physicality. You are, as we have said before, to be the creators of a grand union of the Light throughout physicality.

This destiny is no small thing to ponder. It predicts your future potential and coming magnificence. It demonstrates how beautifully you have weathered the storm whipped up long ago by the dark. The coming time shows only the merest beginnings of what you are to become and be truly capable of doing. Remember, you are all great children of the Light who have come to this marvelous yet dangerous reality to learn, grow, and ultimately to transform it. This you are already doing! Be not afraid of what is happening to you. Accept who you are and be ready to become great Beings of the Light! The final series of metamorphoses is now beginning. Soon, both your living residence, Mother Earth, and you are to complete your transformation into something quite splendid! Then the time for reunion with true family and assuming the mantle of your destiny can at last begin!

Today, we discussed the happenings on your world from our perspective. We ask you to remain patient and focused firmly upon your victory. Sincerely know just how close everything divinely is.  The word of the Creator proclaims your Victory and prepares you for your works!  We now take our leave.  Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!) 

Tuesday June 20th, 2006. 5 Cimi, 9 Kayab, 1 Caban.
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Friends, with some interesting things to discuss with you. As your world approaches the brink of its transformation, it is important to look carefully at how these changes are happening. Your world is presently being squeezed by a great need to revise the international role of the American dollar. Many financial markets are busy going through the many corrections needed to produce a new global system. At the same time, equally sharp adjustments are being made in the precious metals commodity markets. These are more signs that the financial agreements now being finalized in secret are nearly ready to make a formal appearance. The last few steps involve the implementing of pacts signed during the galactic year of 6 Caban (latter part of 1997) until late 1 Caban (early 2006). These agreements were initially summarized in the treaty of 1998 between our Earth allies and the First Contact team of the Galactic Federation. As these are activated, be aware that this takes us into the time of final resolution.

By final resolution we mean the moment in which this present American regime is toppled and worldwide regime changes quickly follow. This is very close to happening. Some minor fine-tunings are still required, but despite this we can report that every passing day brings us all closer to the actual moment of truth. Therefore, remain focused on our mutual goals. Many individuals in strong positions of power are working all out to tie up loose ends. Be advised that the deliveries of the various programs are not to be announced ahead of time. Any such premature disclosures are merely misinformation. Secrecy and security demand that this aspect be accomplished with the utmost discretion. Such programs are real, and hence are to be treated appropriately by those directly involved. This necessity for non-disclosure has kept us from revealing as much as we would dearly like. The disruptive ways of the dark require us to operate with stringent security protocols. Thus we use words such as "soon" or "very close" in our reports to you. We ask for your continued forbearance in this matter.

As your world approaches the moment of her great shift, your own physical, mental, and emotional transformations continue apace. Here we desire to caution you that these changes now primarily concern your brain and your nervous system. Hence, it is essential for you to baby yourself as much as possible. Do not get too distraught when your memory lets you down, or when mild discomfort suddenly escalates into a bit of a distraction. Your stamina, too, will be like a roller coaster, with days when you may be fatigued in the extreme! The cause is the setting in of your new chakras and the moving and shrinking of the old ones. This process can at times be disorienting which is why we are urging you to be most gentle with yourself. This gentleness supports the huge degree of change that you are undergoing. Focus on pacing yourselves, and make allowances for what is happening to you. This can only help you to cope successfully with what is occurring. Remember you are finishing a long and difficult journey back to full consciousness.

Mother Earth, likewise, is in the final stages of her own transformation. This is being mirrored by her sister planets and her grand Mother, the Sun. Mother Earth needs to finish preparing her continents and ocean basins for these changes. In past messages, we outlined the immensity of these changes not only to her surface regions but also to her core. This core acts like a heart, which beats with a steady rhythm that sets the march of electrical and magnetic currents. These currents carry information vital for sustaining her lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere; in short, the various elements that make up Mother Earth. These physical aspects are complimented by her spiritual essence. This grand Spirit whirls around the sun like an enormous vortex and interweaves with the other planetary Spirits that constitute this solar system. This glorious collage is quite stunning, and we enjoy watching it from our ships’ quarters during our leisure time.

This ongoing movement toward full consciousness is actually very subtle. Most of you probably would not notice it without this information from others and ourselves about what is truly happening to you. Similarly, the events occurring on your world seem to be the business-as-usual of the vast entanglement instituted by your dark and powerful cabals. Yet, these secret rulers have reached an agreement to cooperate in bringing First Contact to your world. This about-face was only agreed to after a long series of conferences with the Ascended Masters and their former overlords, the Anunnaki. However, one powerful, dark cabal held out, and what you now see is the final struggle between this one and the other groups that desire to assist our efforts. This last group is global in strength and headed by a series of interlocking directorates based in North America. This group spawned "associates" who are to blame for much of the unrest in vital areas worldwide.

This struggle to finish off the last cabal consumed us during the first part of this decade. Currently, we are close to defeating these very difficult dark forces. What makes this so hard is the way the final denouement of this drama is to be played out. We are enormously superior in both technology and surveillance capability, yet are limited by the protocols for how First Contact is to happen. We desire that you be able to overcome your fear and xenophobia. The mass media and the cultural underpinnings of your societies are apprehensive of any off-world arrival. It is important to keep in mind that you are very sensitive to such an overthrow of your beliefs. The solution is to wait discreetly for the right moment and then swiftly enact the most suitable First Contact scenario for the given circumstances.

Moving you from an electromagnetic energy system to one based upon interdimensional spiritual Light requires a greatly expanded mindset. This mindset would take you beyond the fairy tales that presently serve as your perceptual base. You need to move into a daily dialogue with Spirit that is currently unprecedented in your experience. The capability you are to acquire is a holistic consciousness. This consciousness lives in a physicality that is interdimensional and filled with experiential proof of Spirit. This Spirit can guide and teach you to use a grand boundless wisdom. In this realm, you are nothing like what you are now. The difference is so total as to be mind-boggling to most of you! Yet, this is your destiny. The point of First Contact is to get you from where you are now, to the place we have ever so briefly just described to you.

Full consciousness is the magnificent goal we intend to realize here. This makes us both cautious yet determined to follow our truths. These requirements led us to an ongoing educative process with you. The point, here, is that this education is critical to our bringing the former dark forces of this galaxy into the galactic fold. Hence, our new galactic allies watch your struggles closely. They continue to see parallels with their own operation to come into the Light and to gain a proper Light Body. Thus, their ships gladly form the outer rim of our First Contact ship deployment. These new members of our Federation are most welcome to observe our procedures and obtain precedents from your own struggles to transform the darkness that has so long enshrouded your world. Remember, Dear Hearts, that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we touched on what is occurring around you. As always, we ask you to remain patient and focused on your inevitable victory. The next part of this journey promises to give you a most deserved reward. Until that time, know that we are with you and that you are never alone! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday June 27th, 2006. 12 Ben, 16 Kayab, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you! As your world continues her steady march toward a new reality, we observe gladly the wondrous events taking place before us. Even as we speak, truly remarkable things are occurring in your financial realms. To comprehend the significance of this, you need to bear in mind that the present American regime has greatly restricted the movement of funds on your world. With this, the last cabal intends, first, to obtain the maximum amount of service fees for their "friends;" and second, to obstruct the disbursement of the abundance programs that forms the maneuver that leads to their legal removal. As a result, our Earth allies’ plan to accomplish these deliveries has become most ingenious. Obviously, all we can tell you at this point is that these funds are very close to being administered. Further, our Earth allies have been able to put the new banking system into quasi-operation, meaning that a very few of the new rules and procedures are now in effect.

While your world, taken as a whole, appears the same, a great many carefully chosen activities are readying your globe for some truly amazing changes. Here, we can inform you that a number of potential policy decisions by the present American regime have been thwarted in the past few months. This limits their options and permits a big shift in this government to go forward as planned. But make no mistake; this rogue tiger is still quite dangerous. Our policy is to help our allies contain this cabal’s ambitions and set up the means for their coming removal from office. Yet, this divine action is only the beginning of what is required. This regime has encouraged its many political cronies to severely cripple America, which presents the next leadership with an immense restoration program. Here, we intend to help as much as the new leadership allows. One of the first items on the agenda is to restore the original Constitution and pave the way for regaining much of the respect that America has lost. Then comes the disclosure of desperately needed hidden technology followed by the completion of First Contact!

An effective way to regain your lost prestige is to unveil to the world the huge array of esoteric inventions stockpiled by your government’s secret projects. Over the last century, amazing advances that far outstrip your "public" sciences have been acquired, back-engineered, and simply stolen by a slew of "black" agencies. These super-secret programs can swiftly solve your present energy and pollution predicaments. Included in this inventory are the means to produce clean, healing waters and eliminate much of the disease that now runs rampant on your globe. These programs furnished vast libraries of information that can help you in unraveling your true past. Once your populace is apprised of these truths, an acceptance of our existence becomes easier, and the long history we share can begin to be uncovered. This data can also prepare skeptics and disbelievers for the coming teachings of the Ascended Masters. Our purpose is to be both the harbingers of your new reality and also the ones who guide and teach you as you move into the final stages of becoming fully conscious Beings of Light.

Another point is of course the changes coming to Mother Earth. She dearly loves you and intends to carry out her changes as slowly as possible. Even so, we told you in previous messages that this transformation does have a timetable. Thus it is vital that the necessary changes assigned to humanity be done, and done in the very, very near future. Your global crises need to be remedied immediately. When viewed logically, it becomes apparent that these hitherto insurmountable problems arise in the main from a misuse of power. This abuse by your covert leaders has created a global society on the brink of extinction! And you have little time left to prevent this, which means action must be swift. First Contact may be close, but this is not a rescue mission; rather, it is part of a divine movement to return you to who you truly are. You have responsibilities: One of these is to support those working hard to bring in the changes. Another is to prepare your society for First Contact.

First Contact is the last and most important event that is to transform your reality. Since it is what we hold dear, we are deeply involved in manifesting it as quickly as divinely possible. As noted in our opening, everywhere we look, your rapidly-changing society is moving away from discord and division, and toward peace and community.  Indigenous and local movements are springing up everywhere bringing people together. On a local level, they unite communities into common causes aimed at preserving the environment or ending disputes that foment aggression between tribes and communities. These grass-roots unions serve as prototypes for uniting the nations of your "global village." To quote one of your maxims: "Think globally, but act locally." This is actually now becoming reality.

This worldwide movement for peace and the grass-roots coming-together is most heartening to us. Much else needs to happen before your global society can accomplish its lofty goals. But try to see where these humble yet potent actions are leading: "Rome wasn’t built in a day" is another of your sayings. Each seemingly small, local contribution is a "brick" that is needed to raise the Rome of your new reality. We who see all from a global vantage point know that each effort is helping. Hence, we ask you to do your part. Help to awaken and prepare your communities for the realities of First Contact. Create groups that can share with joyful anticipation the truth about what is really happening on the planet and plan what you can do to make First Contact manifest more rapidly.

The grass-roots community actions combined with the large-scale, global work of our Earth allies are generating an increasingly integrated movement for change. We are very proud of your many varied endeavors. One of these, the Internet, has been instrumental in keeping you informed of the truth about global happenings, and this indirectly aids those working toward global change. The core changes include the redistribution of wealth, the new banking system for creating financial wealth, and the plans to bring about much-needed regime changes. See how both the macro- and microelements of your society are working in tandem to raise consciousness and forge a new reality. Seeing this happen is inspiring for us. We cannot over-stress to you how it is that this dual movement lets you carry out your intention to forge a new and abundant reality!

A rise in consciousness is a by-product of a society’s progress through the various stages of industrialization. Ultimately, this progress leads to a number of distinct electrical ages. In the latter part of this growth, inventions mirror the level of consciousness. This awareness of the Divine increases until the planetary society starts to question its core perceptions of reality. An explosion of ideas and possibilities ensues, and out of this potential comes the basis for the next stage of growth, and then the next, until the individual is awash with change on every level. This then forges a link with Spirit. This comprises the final quest, guiding you to the glory and wonder of full consciousness. In your case, full consciousness is the home from which you fell. And therefore are you blessed with a divine dispensation to rapidly transition through the remaining stages. So, now comes First Contact and with it, a most well-deserved divine destiny!

Today we brought you up-to-date on what is close to happening on your world. Be ever aware that Heaven guides you Lovingly and gracefully toward full consciousness. Our part is to complete with First Contact what Heaven and you have already begun. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July4th, 2006. 6 Ahau, 3 Kumku, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return to you yet again with more to discuss. As you know, we have reached the last month of this galactic year. Many surprising events are on the horizon ready to jump at a moment’s notice into your hearts. There is also the deep need of Mother Earth and this entire solar system to transform into their fully conscious selves, all of which will result in a huge change in the reality you presently occupy. This shift takes many forms, and in our messages we have tried to give you a glimpse of them. It is important to constantly keep the bigger picture in mind and see events in this greater Light. Then, what may seem to be sporadic or glacial progress can take on a different aspect. With a fine-tuned eye and a discerning mind, the underlying changes swiftly come into focus, and the machinations of the dark and the covert counter-moves of the Light can be seen. At present, the final adjustments that seal your victory are taking place despite all the surveillance efforts of the dark.

These final battles are the most intense yet. Little by little, our Earth allies have repositioned themselves. In the beginning, their conflict with the last dark cabal was more direct: A new Breton Woods-type financial agreement was to be suddenly sprung on this cabal when it least expected it. But this strategy was corrupted by the dubious positions adopted by many major international banks. The next scheme was to take this agreement and break it down into smaller pieces. The battle between major governments over oil and water rights has helped to make this strategy much more successful. As we speak, a number of these nations are working out important aspects of what was initially stipulated in the agreements of 1998. This makes it possible for the abundance programs and accompanying provisions to finally see the light of day. In a nutshell, the current worldwide struggles have hatched a secret diplomacy that can permit your destined victory to manifest conclusively before you.

How the last pieces of this plan are to come together is something we cannot yet divulge. What we can tell you is that this triumph is not far off. We ask you to remember the big picture: A many-tentacled monster that has controlled your world for nearly 13 millennia is losing its stranglehold, and a well-positioned and effective minority is working assiduously to forge a workable alternative system. This has been in the works for just over 30 years. Prior to this, the two groups were held in balance by the definitive guidance of your overlords, the Anunnaki. Then, in the last few decades the tide turned in favor of the Light. The decisive moment was the Anunnaki’s departure. Suddenly the playing field became more level, and our Earth allies have done much since then to achieve their goals. A momentum was built up in 1998 and then temporarily dashed in the first years of this decade. Thereafter, a new momentum was begun and really started to take shape at the end of the last galactic year. It has now reached the point where some public events can start to manifest.

While these preparations proceed, Mother Earth is making major corrections to her surface area. Do remember that Mother Earth is a deeply caring parent to her ecosystem. Continual "reasonable" adjustments are necessary, and yet she fully comprehends the level beyond which changes would be catastrophic to human civilization. Hence, the larger movements, while still quite deadly, are to be restricted to a particular region. What puzzles Mother Earth is the massive stupidity of this last dark cabal: It persists with policies aimed at extinguishing all life on the planet while also wishing to reside here. The Anunnaki and their dark off-world allies are patently no longer available to rescue this cabal, and yet it insists on these self-destructive policies! Our Earth allies are aware of this and understand fully the importance of the First Contact fleet to their magnificent plans. So, we stand ready when needed to guide and assist their vital undertaking.

The ruinous policies of this last cabal for unbridled power and total control of your destiny are not to happen. The transitioning of the Anunnaki to the Light put an end to that forever! However, what they left behind them was a titanic face-off between the various factions of their former Earth-bound ruling elite. Possessing immense wealth and power, these groups battled for supremacy. And it was out of this struggle that the foundation for your new reality emerged. We have observed this drama from the start, and we now see taking shape what we wish to emphasize in this message: The philanthropic plans of our Earth allies are indeed succeeding. A long war of attrition is circumscribing the power of this dark cabal. New monetary instruments incorporating the key points of the 1998 agreements are presently taking effect. These are backed by the vast sums needed to bring the rest of the new monetary system into full legal force.

This is a good start; but true-value monetary systems and universal debt-forgiveness are not the whole answer: A global financial abundance must transform your world’s "poverty consciousness." Coupled with this are deeply ingrained survival fears. These erroneous thought forms were embedded in you by the strategies of the Anunnaki. Now the time has come for these fears and the belief systems they spawned to evaporate in the Light of your new reality. What is now required is a populace fully conversant in the lofty principles of liberty and personal sovereignty, and one that is determined to defend them against usurpers. The need to be fearless in these vital matters cannot be overstated. It is this that can unravel your society’s conflicted attitudes to money. Only then can a true democracy begin to flourish!

The time prior to First Contact is to be used to end the many versions of slavery imposed upon your world by the Anunnaki and their minions. As we mentioned before, the present legal set-up is tied to imperial Roman law. This legacy, such as statute law and other illegal corruptions of common law, needs to be changed. The ideals of the American Declaration of Independence are to be freed from the entanglements of rampant systemic corruption. Only in a world of truly free men and women can these goals bestowed upon you by the Divine be realized. Thus, First Contact is a catalyst for change. The continual taunts of the Illuminoids as they try to seize more power and control are to be squelched underfoot by the irrepressible march of an abundance-fed, true democracy! This "house-cleaning" can then at last reveal the seeds of the foundation of your own galactic society. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

What we are talking about is a movement for beneficial change that is shifting your global society. It is vital for you to comprehend that this shift is happening despite the dark policies pursued by this last cabal. Never forget the sacrifices made to ensure the downfall of this dark cabal. This operation is a divine one. Imperial Rome grew out of the growing power of a few ruling patrician families. This distortion eventually led to the demise of the RomanRepublic. Similar conditions presently exist in America. This rising corporate power needs to be transformed, and our Earth allies are fully aware of this peril. Universal abundance and other related improvements can swiftly remedy your current predicaments. And these happy developments are just a prelude for events that can lead to the successful conclusion of this First Contact mission.

Today, we continued our discussion about how to effectively evaluate what is happening globally. As these events play out, we ask you to stay positive and focused upon your success. Bear in mind that, although things have taken some time to sort themselves out, great events are finally ready to manifest. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July11th, 2006. 13 Manik, 10 Kumku, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We come today with more things to discuss with you. The efforts of our Earth allies are continuing to bear fruit and the final preparations needed to achieve their objectives are moving forward as planned. We expect shortly to see some much-needed changes to your world. The present system, in place since just before the end of WWII, has been breaking apart at an accelerating rate over the course of the last three years. Holding this system in place increasingly taxes those told to enforce ever-stricter rules and regulations. Slowly and secretly a new system has begun to show its head, yet the moment for its full disclosure has not quite arrived. This is due in part to the nature of the old system and in part to the way the still-powerful American regime operates. Nevertheless, the days of the old system are numbered. Too many elements within it have unofficially jumped ship to the much longed for new financial and monetary system. Thus, our Earth allies are nearly ready to bring this new way into the light of a new day!

The remaining key elements are a number of central banks seemingly aligned with the American Federal Reserve Bank but in truth pledged to a new and much broader-based currency exchange system. These shifting alliances have brought pressure upon the supposedly American-controlled IMF to prepare a whole set of secretly kept, new policies on debt forgiveness, inter-central bank and inter-governmental loans, and a number of ongoing charitable projects. These are pure dynamite to the present "Breton Woods" agreements that set up this present system in late 1945. Recently promulgated charters designed to both modify and drastically alter it are in place and awaiting a special global conference to formally announce this and give it legal force. All this has been sniffed out in the past year by American intelligence, and their concerted efforts to gut it have failed. All that remains is the proper moment to leak it to the world. This event depends on the intra-governmental effort to oust the present American regime, and this, in turn, is indirectly tied to the global release of the vast abundance program.

While this progresses, a number of regional disputes have gained new impetus. Accordingly, our Galactic Federation diplomatic and liaison teams have been working tirelessly to alleviate these intensifying situations. A result of their efforts is a special crisis team put together by our Earth allies, which possesses the will and means to produce positive results. Hence, many things are happening behind the scenes that are designed to keep your global society’s many flashpoints from spiraling out of control. It is necessary to maintain a certain level of international civility in order to manifest what is in the works. The illegal American regime is bent on fostering policies that encourage instability. Our Earth allies’ crisis team and Galactic Federation diplomatic personnel are effectively defusing these incendiary policy objectives. Our purpose is to move your society forward to its desired shift in consciousness. This is being aided by the work of Heaven, which encourages the rapid move of everyone toward full consciousness.

The new monetary system that is in the works is to be a regionally powered one. A number of major currencies are to obtain equal status. Once the abundance program is in full effect, the present system is to be drastically modified. Naturally, much of the new system is still under wraps; it is believed a rapid transition can only happen if the full breadth of this four-stage procedure continues in its current covert mode; hence, our present minimal disclosure. However, we can tell you that the overall concept is to move your society away from want and as swiftly as possible toward a full-out abundance. This undertaking, in the latter stages, is to include the deployment of our advanced technologies in order to free your global society from its almost total reliance upon energy resources extracted from Mother Earth. This technology uses the infinite energies of Creation to provide you with food, water, clothing, and housing.

As you can see, this program is closely tied in to the preservation of Mother Earth’s ecosystem. Your rise in consciousness has permitted Mother Earth to start her own shift into full consciousness. This shift is regulated by your own changes. This mutual transformation is what has allowed us even to contemplate the completion of ourFirst Contact mission with you, which is why we meticulously watch what happens every day on your world. You need to understand that there are specific developments and events that are to take place in a precise, Heaven-directed order. This divine program colors our approach to First Contact. Bear in mind that we are preparing an entire planetary society for a huge leap into a full-blown galactic reality! You can see that this necessitates a unique set of circumstances and that orchestrating them is often not easy. In fact, at times it appears that we must formulate the impossible in order for the then-possible to occur!

As your world moves steadily toward a new reality, the chaos created by those with another goal in mind breeds yet more chaos. This anarchy can push you off-center and bring you into contact with those fears and horrors driven into your subconscious by the core perceptions of the present reality. If and when these surface, we ask you to look them straight in the eye and accept, love, and transform them into a more positive and supportive aspect of your being. But know that this procedure can at times be rather unnerving. A core factor here is to remember that you are to transform yourselves as well as your society. This also implies mutual help. Never forget that you are part of a grand collective of consciousness! This collective consists of yourselves, your fellows, and those marvelous helpmates supplied for you by Heaven and the Galactic Federation.

Concerning the Earth changes, expect these at times to be regionally quite intense. But be assured that Mother Earth has decided to hold back on changes of a global reach since your own transformation is not very far off. These smaller changes include a prelude to the final migration of one of her poles to the Earth’s core. Many prognosticators have confused the evidence of this operation with a pole shift. Again, be assured these effects are merely part of the preparations for her complete transformation. This most dramatic of moves is to be saved for the moment when you are in a safe refuge and finishing off your final step into full consciousness. Until then, Mother Earth is to concentrate on those things that resolve the pressure on her tectonic plates and that build up the Pacific andAtlantic Ocean basins for the return of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The raising of Atlantis and Lemuria is to balance the land-water ratio of Mother Earth. As a fully conscious planet, she is noted for her symmetry as well as for her exquisite beauty. Her particular blending of land and water results in a stunning surface configuration. The deserts will go; inland seas will increase, which together with forests, lakes, and grasslands will produce a full palette of colors that she will weave into a glorious tapestry. The planet that is to emerge after the changes will be quite different. Yet, she will retain the overall shape of the continents you are used to. In addition, a two-layered firmament will give her a glow much like that of a halo when viewed from near interplanetary space. Soon, an Earth that is both familiar and excitingly novel will become your lovely new home!

Today, we updated you on what is presently happening on your world. We ask you to stay focused upon your victory!  Many things are coming together to forge a new reality. Your part is to relax and prepare to receive your well-deserved bounty! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July18th, 2006. 7 Ix, 17 Kumku, 1 Caban
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Selamat Jarin! We return with great things to tell you! Around your world an unstoppable momentum for reform is blooming even as the forces of chaos rack the planet with death and destruction. This seeming contradiction is intrinsic to the massive shift that is turning your population away from the old ways and toward the new. From your viewpoint this process of change lacks drama. It is very subtle to start, almost imperceptible, and you need to look beyond the violence to see the whole picture. It moves forward in slow, meaningful steps, building momentum, until wham! Change bursts upon you, seemingly out of nowhere, and there is no going back. That is what is happening here. Furthermore, the forces working for a new reality fully understand how the dark’s cronies operate: subterfuge and deceit are the normal modus operandi of the dark, often spilling over into overt violence, which is easily ignited in regions of high volatility. While these tragic acts fill the headlines, dark stratagems behind the scenes are moving to stop the momentum for change; but this time, the usual trickery is not working as planned!

Remember that your reality is transforming at a rapid rate, and the panic among the dark is palpable and growing. Their absurd and disconcerting lashing-out is evidence of their inner turmoil. Around them, a still-invisible noose is quickly tightening, and yet their response is to pursue their original agendas as before. Stoking fear, hatred, and division has always worked wonders in the past to advance their cause but conditions today are very different. Our Earth allies anticipated the dark’s covert moves under cover of the surface violence and are presently neutralizing these dastardly deeds! This counterattack is the start of a plan to release your abundance and drive the present American regime from power. Our role is to assist in this final push as so directed by Heaven. The fall of this last dark cabal is a vital element in the prime scenario to complete this First Contact mission. Accordingly, we have dedicated as much time and personnel as needed.

As we mentioned before, this First Contact mission is a much more complex process than originally envisioned. In the beginning we believed that the simple use of our technology coupled with the return of your Ascended Masters was more then sufficient for this purpose. But very quickly, our early experience with your planet showed otherwise. We learned the need to work closely with our Earth-bound supporters and to use this magnificent resource to advance the cause of First Contact. What is now taking shape is proof of the wisdom of this approach. We greatly appreciate the resolute actions undertaken by our Earth allies and you. It was critical for you to anchor the energies of our joint intentions for this new reality and for the essential reunion with the peoples of Mother Earth. These celebrations draw closer with each day. The many things happening on your world have produced an energy grid that supports an ever-growing flux of new intentions, which are powerfully manifesting the conditions for completing this First Contact mission.

When we look at your world, we see a dichotomy between the Light and the dark. Thirty years ago, this division was most conspicuous. Today, that gap is rapidly closing as the work of Heaven and our Earth allies nears its culmination. This is why we can confidently say that what is secretly happening can unleash your abundance and effect the unseating of the present American regime. A crucial contribution has been the way that those dedicated to freedom and the Constitution have reacted to the corporate-directed policies of the American administration. It is the courage and diligence of these true patriots that can finally bring peace to your troubled world. Once the pressure is off the dollar and a new economic system declared, a new monetary system based on hard metals and real worth is to be formally introduced. This is to inaugurate the open manifestation of your new reality. Global abundance transforms your reality and is a factor in putting to flight many of your deepest fears.

Present conventional wisdom suggests that a true-worth system can cause a massive global deflation as national currency systems realign to the newly set standards. This deflation is to be prevented from instigating an economic downturn by means of enormous amounts of prosperity that wait to be unleashed upon the world. And it is this abundance that greatly worries the present American regime. As part of its control matrix this regime has prepared a series of draconian rules designed to impede and inspect the flow of funds through one of the planet’s primary financial hubs: the major cities of America. They hope to use these devices to prevent these funds from financing a regime change or, indeed, beneficial change of any kind. To their dismay, these efforts have failed to curtail the onward progress of those working for change.

This final secret struggle for control of the American government is crucial in many ways. America is one of the prime keys to reforming the present global monetary system. This system has been in effect since the close of WWII. Most of the global financial community comprehends how unstable the world financial system has become. This is due in part to massive inflation and extensive misuse of financial instruments put into place by the agreements signed in the mid-1940s at Breton Woods. The time has come for a thorough correction. It is the intention of our Earth allies to use these comprehensive readjustments to properly address the need for sweeping international debt forgiveness. These acts can permit your planet to finally move toward true personal and national sovereignty.

Overall, the dark cabal is using its strong power base to guarantee a means for its self-preservation. In today’s context this could only be temporary at best. This aim has caused much grief to many and has led to some very sticky situations for certain elements allied with this cabal. We reiterate, once again, that the relentless headway being made is nearing the moment when a sudden regime change is to hugely alter the power structure of your globe. Too many sections of the world’s financial system are on the verge of rebellion; the seams of this 60-year old system are at breaking-point. With the pressure for its demise mounting, the ability of this regime to defend itself dwindles by the day. This alone signals its collapse.

At the start of our discussion today we noted that global conditions seemed to indicate only increased chaos. We then explained that, on the contrary, the underlying activities point to a swiftly approaching metamorphosis of your world. In short, the present power structure is at loggerheads with your divinely prescribed future and is thus doomed. Our Earth allies have worked tirelessly at solving the serious obstacles that until recently blocked their way. Now that this minefield is cleared, their way forward is much easier. Despite the challenges ahead the prevailing belief is that these can be surmounted swiftly. From our vantage point, we see that their current actions can stem the tide of the dark’s agenda for confusion and thus permit our allies to finish paving the way to First Contact.

Today we talked about recent developments on your world and put them into the context of what is planned for your future. It strongly indicates that First Contact is getting very near. We ask you, as always, to remain focused and ready to act when called upon. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday August 15th, 2006. 9 Ix, 0 Uo, 2 Ix
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, after a brief respite. Around you, the dark continues to weave its tapestry of mounting global chaos. Behind the smoke and mayhem, our Earth allies are working steadily to complete their covert undertaking to free you from the grip of this last dark cabal. This process is designed to restore to you the unalienable rights freely conferred upon you by the Creator. Despite their concerted efforts over the ages to permanently enslave you, a few final steps still remain before the dark succeeds in its odious objective. Inspired by Heaven, our Earth allies and we are forging ahead to foil these unconscionable goals and restore to you your God-given freedom and sovereignty. Deep within you, the Light is daily altering your RNA/DNA. Also, the micro-sized mini-tubules that comprise your nervous system are developing new receptors. These, when combined with the reworking and activation of your "minor" chakras, are quickly forming the foundation for your great shift into full consciousness. Furthermore, your brain is starting to develop the beginnings of a multidimensional scalar antenna. All this is making the complex goal of the dark ever harder for them to accomplish.

This physical movement toward full consciousness is decreed by Heaven. Even the dark on your world understands what is occurring here on Earth. A process has been endorsed whose sole purpose is to restore you to your true godly selves. Nothing happening around you can prevent this from taking place. Not even the myriad acts of cruelty perpetrated by this dark cabal can in any way prevent your return to full consciousness! Each day, you are closer to Heaven’s decree being manifested. Do not let the events blaring at you from the media sway you one jot from this grand divine Truth! The recent attempts by the dark to delay us are swiftly becoming a sideshow that cannot stop us from achieving your freedom and sovereignty. Stealthy operations are now underway to complete our dual objectives: first, to oust the present illegal American regime from power; and second, to distribute the abundance programs. Shortly, these two things will manifest before you. It is important for you to comprehend how this is being done. Essentially, our Earth allies are using the dark’s own weapons of deception against them. The element of surprise is vital to our allies’ success as the dark relies heavily on its monitoring of the forces of the Light.

Our forces have witnessed the dark trying every possible means to interfere with your movement toward full consciousness. These actions include psychic networks to manipulate your RNA/DNA; chemical aerosols delivered into the atmosphere designed to physically attack your changing body; and microwave energy to daily irradiate your cells and nervous system. While causing some fatalities and serious illnesses, these strenuous efforts have fallen far short of their objectives. Even the programming of negative thoughts through their global mind control network has been unable to stop the transformations now happening within everyone. These preventive attempts of the dark also involved setting up a massive global catastrophe, which we likewise thwarted. These outrageous operations included a project to attract a large "killer" asteroid and two attempts to cause the sudden eruption of what your geologists call "super volcanoes." At the time, these dark ones thought they still had an escape scenario that we had not yet blocked. This fantasy we soon put to rest, and the dark quickly ceased to pursue these insane schemes!

Your journey out of limited consciousness is not an easy one! Your reality is changing in veritable leaps and bounds. Our personnel monitor you very closely every day. Our medical teams assist you and keep meticulous records of your physical activities. Our specially trained healers and various other specialists make sure that each of you is being prepared in accordance with your life contract and the experiences you agreed to on a Soul level. These records bear witness to how swiftly you are transforming. We emphasize these facts here in order to make a most crucial point: You are moving inexorably toward full consciousness. Despite the best efforts of the dark, this movement is ongoing and is close to reaching its last few stages. This also means the moment of First Contact draws ever nearer. We are encouraged by all we see happening on your world. Even the senseless violence is merely a sign to us that the old ways of the dark are breaking down. Your global populace wants peace and desires that the present mindset of "an eye for an eye" be ended. This change in outlook is another sign of what we are talking about.

Your world is filled with individuals and groups working for peace, and that wish for reconciliation among those who seek violent retribution for the "wrongs" committed by their supposed "enemies." Humanity is approaching a point where the weight of public opinion and the actions of the masses in support of peace are able to prevent violence and eventually even avert wars! Common sense is on the rise, globally! The dark fully understands this; and therefore, the recent spate of calamities needs to be viewed from this wider perspective. As we constantly repeat, your society is transforming into a well-connected global community. This community, however, is still in the birthing stage. The institutions that should be reflecting this new momentum are still learning how to operate in this very different environment. The initial examples are coming from individuals and groups in the private, or non-governmental, sectors. These courageous ones comprehend how the world is changing and daily devise the most effective methods to communicate this worldwide.

The intention to truly address the roots of violence, local and regional, is strengthening in every corner of the globe and is proof positive of the deep changes now underway. Nevertheless, this process must result in some overt successes in some degree in order to mature into a formidable driving force. Of primary importance is the requirement to remove from power those most directly responsible for social disruption. Thereupon, the new American regime must emphatically demonstrate to the world that a wholly new chapter has begun, starting with a public declaration of an about-face in foreign policy. The proof of this will be found in the falling levels of global violence. The various Acts that incorporate this new regime’s mandate state that a policy of world peace must be pursued, and that reconciliation in all troubled regions is actively encouraged.

The degree of abundance that accompanies the new mandate is intended by our Earth allies to end world debt and secure world peace. Another major intent of this spread of abundance is the ending of sectarian violence by means of the good offices of local personages and groups. Another involves the termination of the global network of "black markets" for arms trafficking. Presently, this is a near impossibility due to the huge revenue this provides for certain major nations, weapons manufacturing corporations, and large-scale arms dealers. This network is run by and constitutes a big source of income for the dark. Once the plans of our Earth allies are implemented, it can be fully dismantled. The dark’s creation and control of global violence is another device to keep you in fear and manipulate you into believing their dark concepts of what is real and what is possible. It is these beliefs that have long discouraged you from taking collective action against them.

This present period is about demonstrating the folly of the dark’s manner of operations and shedding light on the growing movement for world peace. The true desire of your world’s peoples is for peace, prosperity, and education. Everywhere around your planet we hear about the need to end old limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that encourage local peace and provide prosperity and education for all. Limitation in all forms is well past its "sell-by date" on your world, and it is now only the greed and power mongering of a secret elite that have kept you back. Our Earth allies, as well as ourselves, are dedicated to transforming this sorry situation and returning to you your unalienable rights along with much-needed prosperity and debt-forgiveness. These programs can prepare you to take on the responsibilities for rehabilitating your global environment and, finally, for welcoming us as we complete First Contact!

Today, we discussed what is occurring on your world and ask that you view it as part of the dark’s greater plan to spread chaos and maintain its positions of power. Putting it in context allows you not to become too worried or frustrated by the pictures the media paints for you. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday August 22th, 2006. 3 Muluc, 7 Uo, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come to you again with more to say about what is happening on your world. As we noted previously, every passing moment brings you closer to your time of true freedom from the tyranny of the dark. It is this approaching time that will also signal our arrival on your beautiful shores! First Contact is rapidly becoming part of a process in consciousness that is delivering you from the cruel bondage that is limited consciousness. In effect, this coming event can be seen as a sort of second exodus. Except that in this case it is a removal from the separations caused by your lowered degree of consciousness. In returning to full consciousness, you are regaining spiritual talents lost some 13 millennia ago. We are simply part of this enormous spiritual operation. Lord Surea assures us that First Contact is to mark the end of a transition period that has lasted nearly 165 years Gregorian. During this period, the dark mostly succeeded in its goals. However, enough was left undone for our Earth allies to succeed in their task of deposing the incredible power base so diligently constructed by the dark.

Now, we await the conclusion of an operation that began in earnest some three decades ago. This procedure has expanded enormously since then. In the beginning, it was just part of a covert struggle between the Light and the dark. In the last 15 years, it has taken on several new twists. Among these is, of course, our arrival in this solar system. Our various liaison teams report that a series of important events is very close to happening. Our Earth allies have worked very hard to complete a number of things that are essential to our mutual success. Accordingly, we feel that it is time to alert you to these facts. Our intent is for these crucial matters to happen as we were informed. Nevertheless, it is vital that you maintain your focus and continue onward in your daily endeavors. Know that these upcoming events can quickly change your world. Prepare for them not with a sense of overwhelming anticipation but with a firm commitment to support them and go forth with your daily routine. Know that too great an anticipation can set the stage for frustration. Instead go forward ready to do what may be needed.

As the coming events manifest, be ever ready to do what you are instructed. Those in charge of these operations have compiled directives based on the expected counter strategies of the dark. Remember that these "last days" of this present regime can be very dangerous times. Hence, it is extremely important that you do as you are asked. Freedom and sovereignty are to be given to you. Doing this requires that a series of properly done sequences be followed. Failure to do these exactly can jeopardize your status. It is very vital that you do these things as ordered. Likewise, ignore the many rumors that can arise. The intent of our Earth allies is to oust this present American regime from power. Once this is accomplished, the potential for your entrapment can quickly drop to nil. Nonetheless, in the brief interim before this happens, it is very important for you to abide by what you are instructed to do. These important directions are to be given you in written form. Follow them step-by-step and be diligent in your carrying-out of these well-constructed procedures.

Our task in these matters is to watch carefully and prepare our Earth allies for their next steps. The care taken by them caused the many delays that occurred in the past few years. Bear in mind that these upcoming events are ones that cannot be easily ignored by anyone. They are the things of history and as such, are intended to reshape the present course of your world. It is not easy to change the scope and direction of an entire global society. The alterations proposed by our Earth allies are ones that are able to achieve such a feat. Hence, these proposals are more than just prosperity programs or even some much-needed regime changes. At their core, they are to transform this globe and give it a new and quite different consciousness set. This is thus a great, divine task that, when fully realized, sets the stage for our formal arrival. We are well aware of the effect of these events and greatly look forward to their intended immediate manifestation.

First Contact is an undertaking that, as we have noted many times before, changes in both its scope and premise. In fact, it is an ongoing work of consciousness. The operation is constantly evolving. Even the liaison mission seems to have taken on a life of its own. Each day, we discover new things that raise our level of knowledge about limited consciousness. Our learning curve has become much steeper over the past decade. Observing you and directly interacting with you, as individuals have been most fascinating for us. Since most of you are unaware of whom we are, your reactions are genuine and permit us to learn much about you. We find you to be exceptional, and quite good at surviving in a very dark world. We look forward to seeing you as you get nearer to full consciousness and especially after our formal arrival. Your potential for quickly adapting to your new and more Light-filled milieu is indeed to be quite remarkable.

As First Contact evolves, we have seen the need to bring increasing numbers of you into more direct contact with us. Accordingly, we intend to give you an experience of our fleet. Once First Contact is an accomplished fact, we wish to give you all a visit to our motherships and a chance to ride in our scout ships. You are a people that require joyful experiences. Providing this for you is rapidly becoming our prime task. In addition, as also noted previously, we are to supply you with a lot of much-needed technology. This includes the means to transform farming into true Earth stewardship and ways to permit everyone to possess food, shelter, clothing, and sufficient clean drinking water. Finally, we can help to solve your energy and pollution problems. All this is just the start of renewing our relationship with you. After all, you are part of our family!

The things planned for you include a great teaching by both the Ascended Masters and the great Seraphim of Heaven. This is to be done in conjunction with your final steps toward full consciousness. The present moments in your history are just the final ones before a most wonderful surprise, namely, the events we have been discussing in this message. It is often difficult for a people to understand the full extent of such an amazing degree of change before the actual "miracle" arrives. This we have seen many times before in your unrecorded history. The present time is when a really extraordinary series of events is to happen. This time requires much focus and a commitment on your part to your inevitable victory. It is also a time for you to come together in a positive way to help your community and groom humanity for the wonders that are near!

As you can see, we expect much to happen. When these events finally unfold, leave your ego behind! It is vital that you see yourself in divine service. This means that you act in a way that is conducive to the success of your community as well as yourself. Instructions that can help you are to be given out by your fellows and, at first, indirectly by us. We intend, as we said earlier in this message, to monitor these events closely as they unfold. The timing of each one is to occur as directed by the Divine Plan. It is therefore imprudent to overly anticipate the things we have just told you about. Be patient and, above all, wise. That is, be able to intuitively act upon these things in a loving and positive manner. What lies ahead is inevitable. Be ready and, most of all, be able to act in a responsible manner. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we further discussed the events of the day. We ask you to be prudent, diligent, and to remain positive. Regardless of what occurs, your part is to be focused upon the prize and to use your influence in the most positive ways possible. Remember at all times that you are a most magnificent Spirit engaged in making Earth a better place for all! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday September 5th, 2006. 4 Akbal, 1 Zip, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again, Dear Hearts! Many things positive are happening on your world. Our task today is to relay them to you and, by so doing, to inform you about what is truly occurring. To start, there is the matter of altering your global banking system. At present, this system is a dinosaur that has not greatly changed since its creation in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This horror has enabled the major central banks of Europe and American to strangle most of the world in a web of debt that grows more deadly by the day! This system needs to permit massive debt forgiveness and to be reformed into a world institution that actively promotes individual and national abundance. To this end, three main reforms were instigated. First, a badly needed redoing of the Dumbarton Oaks financial agreements was begun. This covert process included more than six major meetings in the last nine years leading to a series of concords on how to end the present inequities of discount banking. Tied to this was a study of how to better direct the workings of the nine major central banks.

The second of the three tasks involves the dismantling of the major central bank on your world: the US Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). This is not a true central bank but rather an aggregate of major private banking interests in the US,Europe, and the UK, and it became the institution at the very core of the post WWII financial system. The FRB’s power grew with each passing decade until the turn of the millennium was reached. At this point, the new financial realities along with the near collapse of the Fed’s monetary policies made it quite clear that this private central bank had to be morphed into a true central bank with a new set of priorities. Hence, the concept of a bank run from the US Treasury Department was proposed. This new bank has now been secretly "built" by various parties both within and without the American government. To overthrow the FRB is to force an immediate rethinking of Dumbarton Oaks. Indeed, the entire currency trading and international loan industry are based upon the edicts stipulated in the Dumbarton Oaks agreements!

The third prong of these major reforms is global debt forgiveness. This provision is essential in order to both justify and legitimize the first two components mentioned above, namely, the new, friendlier international banking system and the transformation of the FRB into a central Treasury Bank. Debt forgiveness permits the old oligarchy to let go of its former power by first recognizing its inherent illegality and second, by returning this world to a relatively level-playing field. In this new dispensation, massive global abundance could become a reality, and the exigencies of common law again become standard. Consequently, the new national state envisioned in the above reforms will become commonplace. The importance of a system of national and global debt forgiveness therefore cannot be overstated. The present system, as noted above, is empowered by debt. So, in order to dissolve its grip a comprehensive debt forgiveness procedure is to be instituted. At the apex of this pyramid are the prosperity programs. These are the first thrust of a means to make a new world.

The abundance programs derive from two principle sources. The first is the St. Germaine World Trust. This was the "sword of Damocles" created by St. Germaine as part of the process leading to the present fractional banking system. St. Germaine gave the old oligarchy a powerful weapon that was tied to a time bomb designed to activate at a predetermined date. Prosperity for the Light workers was to be a tool to reallocate wealth and ensure that the control of the powerful elite cabals become fatally eroded. In this time of changing fortunes, a new, fairer reality was to emerge. The various factions at the core of our Earth allies also knew of the cabals’ fierce desire to evade this potential time bomb. They came together initially to forge a second series of programs to ensure that some form of prosperity be unleashed. Their intent was that these other prosperity programs act as a catalyst for revealing the divine purposes of St. Germaine.

Wealth, in your limited consciousness realm, is the very source of power. Accordingly, the Ascended Masters saw how important it was to give the global cabals a sort of time-release poison pill. Between the 14th and 17th centuries, the cabals swallowed a number of such instruments. Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, and El Morya preceded St. Germaine in putting forth concepts that promised much wealth and that, indirectly, were designed to aid the true Light workers in gaining ascendancy at a prescribed future date. St. Germaine then took these first proposals and improved upon them. Nevertheless, the ultimate puzzle was how to ensure that this carefully thought-out scheme be divinely completed when the proper moment arrived. Our Earth allies were determined to see that this did indeed happen as scheduled. This led to a series of abundance programs initially masked as grandiose "give-away" programs with some very strange intentions.

The purpose of these programs expanded in the 1990s just as a number of legal cases dealing with the legitimacy of the FRB and its many financial relatives reached final settlement. These positive decrees linked to the work of our First Contact personnel started to create relationships that eventually forged the conditions that drew us all together in the late 1990s. We then saw that our victory needed a coalition sharing one commonly held view, namely, this present global system stood in the way of our victory. To win this fiscal war, the prime requisite was our joint ability to unite and learn swiftly how to trust one another. It is this acquired trust that allowed us to overcome some considerable obstacles. Bear in mind that you are swamped in a barrage of misinformation and that the timing of our actions cannot be announced. Just know that this moment is indeed close.

The question now is simply: how close is close? This, my Friends, we cannot divulge for obvious reasons of security. Our only option is stealth as the last dark cabal has pulled out every illegal stop to stay in power. The way of the Light is to lull the dark into a feeling of self-confidence. The rumor mill designed to confound and frustrate the curious and needy grinds on. Yet, do not lose heart from these misdirections; we are working carefully and with great diligence. These operations are closely guarded and securely carried out. Hence, we need to use the words "near" and "soon" to give you an assurance that we do not stop and that we are progressing as planned. Our Earth allies, equally, are dedicated to our mutual victories. Thus we ask you, as always, to remain patient and prepare for any action that may be required.

First Contact ends a period that saw this dark cabal rise to a level of near total dominance. At the core of this process was a UFO cover-up that worked as a front to disguise the dark’s many programs for creating advanced technologies and developing various cunning techniques for mind control. All this was geared to their sinister resolve to undermine your ongoing collective growth in consciousness. As this growth in consciousness is divinely ordained, you can see that it cannot be prevented or even delayed beyond the parameters set forth by the Divine Plan. This fact inspires us to move forward each day and to remain confident. Our inevitable triumph must never have lost sight of in the mental miasmas that constitute the causal nature of this reality. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we went over some of the things nearly ready to happen on your world. We ask you to use this information to maintain your focus and to prepare yourselves to celebrate your victory. Above all, accept that the time for regaining your freedom and personal sovereignty has arrived. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Thursday September 14th, 200613 Eb, 10 Zip, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say! As always, events are moving forward at their own unique pace. This operation has been marked from the beginning by sudden, accelerated steps quickly countered by many forced steps backward. This uneven pace can be frustrating to the uninitiated. At present, we are at a stage where progress is being made on numerous fronts. When considering this incredible project, it is necessary to comprehend its vast international scope. As noted in previous messages, the intent is no less than to transform the global financial and banking system. Our Earth allies are saddled with literally well over a hundred countries and a plethora of banks, loan institutions, and similar financial organizations. A great deal of important, personal conferencing; protected, confidential memo-ing; and secured video-conferencing goes on daily between thousands of individuals involved in this procedure. The outcome of all this is a steady rate of progress toward your predestined victory. Let us look at some of the obstacles that have so far been cleared.

The most consequential one to date was achieved in the first two years of this decade. In order to challenge the "Dumbarton Oaks" agreement, it was first necessary to get some of the major central banks of Europe and Asia to decide to work toward creating a new global financial network. This goal was reached when Europe and a few major Asian banks joined together to form a secret task force to forge such a document. This working group swiftly grew in scope and in numbers in the last two years. Your world’s financial instability increases by the day, and this factor greatly accelerates the need to produce a new financial prototype. With this new model in mind, our Earth allies were able to make many political alliances. These, in turn, have made it possible for the IMF to declare the prosperity program allied with this monetary shift to be true humanitarian projects. By late 2005, the new financial plan had acquired a large degree of legitimacy, which was further bolstered by a number of conferences convened to address ways to dismiss the humungous third world debt. Everywhere, progress was being made and being made swiftly.

The political agreements are the next most significant of these diverse objectives. Bear in mind that the last cabal has long used its great clout to maintain a position of power. The Bush regime is simply another extension of the age-old strategy. Despite its recent illegitimacy, the present American regime holds an imposing vise on the world’s movement of funds. This led a group of sovereign, wealthy Americans to start covert programs to oust this sorry regime from power. Several groups in the government seeking the same outcome quickly joined them. These two groups, in the past year, enlisted a third: a military coalition of senior officers who wish for a rapid transformation of present US global objectives. This faction has many "friends" inside government and even within the exalted halls of the wealthy and influential where US foreign policy is really made! These elements have found many willing and ready to forcibly eject this unconstitutional regime. Nevertheless, this dedicated group of patriots required a friendly foreign element to achieve its goal. This was secured in the document we know as the 1998 agreement.

This foreign element is to be found in a group that has long been part of the European power structure. These lesser "royals," children of the ultra-wealthy and members of powerful political families, have a common goal: to overturn the present global system and replace it with a more equitable one. They form the very core of our Earth allies and in the past year have begun to liaise with their American "cousins." The upshot is a set of new relationships geared to ensuring the success of the rapidly maturing American movement to oust the present US regime. Added to this are a series of agreements that have drawn in the World Court and numbers of other major international organizations. These highly secret negotiations are still ongoing and are one of the major points still delaying implementation of what we are discussing with you. At all times, keep in mind that this momentum for change is like a very complex chess game: Every move has a reason and every stratagem can be altered by the next series of moves.

This movement is fully aware of the political and financial matrix that currently exists. This matrix reaches out everywhere to dominate the many and allow control by a select few. But it is now rapidly approaching its limits. Global warming, economic disharmony, and widespread militarily invoked instability cannot go on much longer. Your planet is reaching a point where the ecosystem needs to redress these imbalances. As you know, Mother Earth wishes your much-needed shift to be as smooth as possible. She has warned us that a more manageable planetary surface is essential to her. Her cry has prompted us to inform you of this and to tell you that this request has heightened the urgency among our Earth allies to complete their objectives. At present a number of situations are making it possible for this great global shift to take off.

Major events on your world tend to happen suddenly and to come "out of the blue" for most. Such is to be the case here. Yet, you do not abruptly change the course of the world without a comprehensive and meticulously thought-out plan. Remember also that a massive consciousness shift is underway. This shift creates an environment that both senses and wishes for an end to the current inequities and a substitution by a fair and balanced system. And this is indeed next on the agenda. The energy of this discontent is ready to manifest its desires and provide the means to accelerate this process once it starts. Thus your world in many ways resemblesFrance just before the revolution.

The difference here is that this turn of government is to be a bloodless, quiet revolution. The legal precedent for what is to happen in the US and the world has already been covertly set by these major legal organizations that we touched on above. The need for this circumspection lies in the fact that the remaining dark cabal can only be removed by means of great stealth. Despite these strictures, the work progresses and is close to completion. What has been accomplished to date is monumental and the last parts of this intricate undertaking are in their closing stages. The present final fling for the dark, the powerful, and the greedy on your planet is quickly coming to an end.

This movement toward freedom is inextricably tied to the ending of the UFO cover-up and the actual landings of our personnel on your shores. Over the past few centuries the dark developed its means to override Heaven’s edicts concerning you. It wanted to permanently enslave you and prevent Heaven’s plan for your revival. Now its goal is to be dashed due to the marvelous abilities and wise strategies of Heaven and the wonder that is First Contact. We look forward to the time ahead. However, we fully understand the eccentricities of the dark. Nevertheless, we confidently expect the time for some truly remarkable announcements to be not far off. What is currently required is simply a source of satisfied patience. That is, a foreknowing of what is to happen and a willingness to let it happen as divinely planned.

Today, we continued our discussion of what is surreptitiously "going down" on your world. We ask you to stay informed and to be discerning of all that goes on. Rumor, innuendo, misdirection and misinformation abound. So, be prudent, discriminating, and above all, listen to your intuitive inner self. She is the key to unlocking any puzzlement that may unexpectedly come your way. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday September 19th, 20062 Ix, 15 Zip, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more things to discuss with you! In our past few messages, we dealt with some of the financial and political ramifications of the program put together by our Earth allies. We talked about the ultimate importance to you of personal sovereignty and how the ending of global statute or military law is to set you free from the ominous designs of the dark. Let us look at this now in greater depth to understand more about sovereignty. All humans are born free with certain unalienable rights given to them by a gracious and Loving Creator. Among these are the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This phrase given to the writers of the American Declaration of Independence by St. Germaine is not a mere grouping of ideals. Rather, it is the distillation of a greater discourse given by Lord Surea to the Councils of Heaven that deal with the spiritual evolution of humanity on this most luscious gem that you call Mother Earth. Never forget that freedom is the very core of your sovereignty. Freedom defines you and provides the means to sustain you in physicality.

Sovereignty is a direct by-product of freedom. When you are truly free, you are fully responsible for yourself and for your community. This goes hand in hand with your spiritual or consciousness growth. Divine service is to fulfill your community and to creatively use your ability to solve the various problems that daily surround you. You truly understand how connected you are to your fellows. This connection breaths forth a great desire to forge a Loving and sustainable environment for your community. This invites actions that enhance not only your efforts but also those put forth by the spiritual collective that is your community. Sovereignty is the divine and lawful means for carrying out these positive actions. Accordingly, sovereignty has possessed a special lawful status from the very beginning of Human community as initially expressed in Hybornea and later in Lemuria and the first stages of Atlantis. This status gives each Being an equality with each other. Sovereignty is the special foundation that your good works can be built upon. It is the means by which your full creative talents can easily manifest.

Statute Law is a cruel deception put forth by the Anunnaki and their earthly minions to deceive the populace. Since your right to be free and sovereign is God-given and thus unalienable, it cannot ever be diverted from you. Yet, the rulers of this world created an illegal substitute: the sovereign state, i.e., an imaginary entity falsely given these same rights and then placed above you. In this devised condition, the state became your superior. In actual fact, a state only exists with the free consent of the governed who do so only in order to form a more perfect union dedicated to the sovereignty and well-being of the consenting. This Truth is the bane of the dark. Each of you is innately sovereign and thus, outside of the purview of the dark’s statute, or "King’s law." This reality is what the dark desires to obscure. The powerful know how flimsy is their rule if the masses realize this and then pursue its ramifications to the fullest. Accordingly, they have masterfully orchestrated a series of illegal coups designed to make you believe their falsehoods and trick you into thinking that any alternative can only lead to chaos and disorder.

Natural or common law is an outgrowth of freedom and sovereignty. It is based upon common sense and the unalienable rights given to each of us. In this context, the Right to the pursuit of Happiness is analogous to the realizing of the inner joy known to a Galactic Human. This joy comes from being able to display your creative potential and employ it to solve your own and your community’s problems. This drive toward happiness, once fully instituted, can bring together a community and simultaneously give you a wonderful sense of purpose and accomplishment. This can then build into something that encourages such activity and can expand as the definition of community exponentially grows. This process can positively remake the environment that a community lives in. This new set of perceptions, when combined with the coming new abundance, can wonderfully renew the way societies function on your world. It is this possibility that is most feared by the dark and its last earthly minions.

Our Earth allies comprehend what we are currently discussing with you. The Light has in hand a procedure whose design is to recast your world completely. As noted in many past messages to you, this task is one that requires stealth and extensive knowledge of how the dark produced the world you now live in. Your world is being seized from you by a powerful few who, by deception and ruthless guile, have made you believe a number of colossal lies. Currently, the mess perpetrated by these lies is being amended by a series of stratagems whose purpose is to oust the dark by using its natural weaknesses against it. This ruse, however, takes time. The goal is to transform the dark’s distortions into something wonderful: the original intentions of the Light, namely, the return to "natural law" and to true fiscal realities. A welcome bonus is to be the completion of First Contact!

First Contact is, above all, a massive leap in your perception of yourselves and the vast Creation that you live in. This leap in mass perception transforms your current beliefs about who you are and where you evolved. It corrects the "whoppers" daily drummed into you about the origins of life; the meanings contemporary clergy give to the messages of the ancient prophets and seers that form the basis of current religions; and most of all, about why you are here on planet Earth. First Contact is thus a historic, socio-religious experience of unprecedented proportions. Heaven knows this and has appropriately permitted the Earth’s Ascended Masters to participate fully in the planning and final carrying-out of this First Contact mission. As we frequently remind you, this operation has huge implications for you and is not taken lightly by us.

The legal means and resources we mentioned are equally vital. Remember that this mission is to return you to a point last experienced by your ancestors nearly 15 millennia ago. This state of universal full consciousness was reduced step by step until the demise of the perpetrators’ homeland (Atlantis) some 13 millennia ago. Since that time, you have been mired in the fictions and obfuscations of the Anunnaki and their earthly minions. The present time is when the power grab of their impious progeny is to be morphed into your victory. It is vital that you look at what is happening as a movement toward a new reality. This new reality is abundant, free, sovereign, and galactic in its perception of itself. Its inhabitants have progressed beyond the limitations of your contemporary society and taken on the responsibility for being a fully involved member of this galaxy.

This divine action by Heaven is hastening toward a triumphant conclusion. There are many fronts to this complex operation. It goes way beyond being a mere financial, legal, and political transformation. It is a consciousness shift of awe-inspiring spiritual implications. You are involved in a vast movement to break out of your present limitations and bring this planet back into alignment with its divine destiny. So far, many amazing achievements have been performed in your favor by a massive legion of men and women who are unknown to most of you. These individuals are dedicated to this mission and are aware of your present predicaments. They are performing their duties as fast as the current conditions set by the dark permit. The coming victory therefore has no publicly set timeline. What it does have is a sudden impact that everyone will feel when it is ready to be sprung!

Today, we have taken the time to pull back a little from the details and look more carefully at the bigger picture. Here, we see how tremendous are the implications of what is getting ready to take place. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Continues atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III

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