Inner Earth Does Exist

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Inner Earth Does Exist!

From The Planetary Activation Organization ([email protected]).  Published by permission from PAO.

Inner Earth

Tuesday February 7, 2006.2 Ben, 16 Yax, 1 Caban.
From: .

Selamat Jarin! We come yet again to inform you about many things! As we move inexorably toward the revelation that is First Contact, we intend to turn our attention briefly toward your inner neighbors. Inner Earth is a concept that has inspired numerous myths, legends, and fantastic stories. The first point to be made is that inner Earth does indeed exist! Your geological science has long claimed that Mother Earth is a solid spheroid, composed solely of a dense middle section called the "mantle" and a highly electromagnetic central core. You live on the Earth’s exterior "crust" that surrounds the mantle. Today, we come to tell you that Mother Earth’s configuration is quite different. Like all celestial objects such as planets or stars, the Earth is hollow. This fact is suppressed by those who secretly rule you, because the truth of this has a knock-on affect that can upset other core misperceptions used to manipulate you. Truth is a powerful "open sesame." When wisely used, it can reveal vast new vistas of knowledge and encourage you to apply your inner wisdom to your current circumstances.

Inner Earth consists of two main features: The first is Mother Earth’s inner crust, which is a continuation of the external surface crust. The two Polar Regions each have a large entrance or hole, somewhat like a cored apple, and the crust wraps itself down and around the mantle into the hollow interior. The outer and inner crusts have very similar topography: Both comprise oceans, continents, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. It is merely that the inner crust faces the Earth’s core. This core glows and is surrounded by a cloudy veil. The light given off is more diffuse that the light of the Sun, so the daylight in inner Earth is softer and gentler than on the Earth’s external surface. The second main feature of inner Earth is the so-called cavern worlds. These are immense hollows within the mantle, some of which are natural features created by Mother Earth, while others were made using the advanced technology of inner Earth’s major society, theland of Agharta. This land is the last living remnant of Earth’s second Galactic Federation colony, Lemuria.

Lemuria, in her original form, was a surface society with a subterranean component. The primary capital city was situated on the large island that sank beneath the waves of the Pacific some 25,000 years ago. A secondary capital city was located in inner Earth. It was to this city that the government of Lemuria moved after the cataclysm. The new ruler of the surface, the Empire of Atlantis, ordered the major tunnel entrances to be sealed. It was only during the final days of Atlantis that the Lemurians broke these seals and thus saved many surface dwellers from certain death. These people formed a society that subsequently returned for a time to the surface and became the Rama Empire situated in Southern Asia. Then the Great Flood of 8,000 BC ended this attempt to save humanity from the dark ways of the Anunnaki. Despite this setback, Lemuria persisted in her role of protecting the surface world from these havoc-wreaking rapscallions. It was her galactic emissaries that maintained membership for this solar system in the Galactic Federation.

After the Great Flood and the demise of the Rama Empire, the Lemurians regrouped and named their newly combined society Agharta. The capital Shamballah was relocated to a cavern located far beneath the city of Lhasa in modern Tibet. Many tunnels connect Shamballah to the surface in the Himalayas. These were used by holy men who came to spread their great energy and divine wisdom to the outside world. In this area, an extraordinary place was kept for special occasions, where holy men and their chosen disciples met in order to maintain Mother Earth’s sacred energy grids. This work, together with numerous rituals performed daily throughout inner Earth, is largely responsible for keeping alive the divine energy that is Lemuria’s main legacy to the surface peoples of Mother Earth. Lemuria, and later on Agharta, have continuously held the Light for your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

Agharta is a world much like yours. Inner Earth contains a thriving ecosystem in which can be found creatures no longer existing on the surface. This exotic menagerie is carefully supervised. Close to the various cities of inner Earth are special areas where Aghartans care for and, when necessary, heal the many creatures of this varied ecology. Aghartans reside in a network of crystal cities spread throughout inner Earth. These vary in size from roughly 10,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants, although most range from around 100,000 to 200,000 people. These cities more closely resemble mini-settlements that together form the whole society. The underlying unit is the "podlet." Podlets sharing a similar life purpose group together to form "clans." Clans are the primary building blocks of galactic society.

Over time, fully conscious humans developed a format for harmonious living called galactic society, of which Agharta is a prime example. In her case, a system of 12 clans forms the core of this society’s operation, and these are organized according to task, e.g. administration, engineering, healing sciences, etc. Each clan breaks down into podlets that contain a maximum of 64 individuals. It is common for podlets from one clan to associate freely with those from the other 11 clans. These larger groupings form mini-communities that each possesses the resources for creatively solving any problem that arises. These mini-communities, in turn, blend to form the neighborhoods of a city. Thus, each city is a beehive of individuals who come together to share and contribute to their neighborhood, their city, and their world.

The ruling council of Agharta is composed of the 12 clan heads elected to this post for their past meritorious service to clan and society. From this council is chosen an individual considered to be the wisest and most deserving of the titular honor of King or Queen of Agharta. This person is in charge of the vast army of emissaries and liaisons sent to the surface world and to the appropriate councils of the Galactic Federation. Their responsibility is to see that your transformation back into physical Angels goes according to the divine plan. Their work on your behalf helped us to refocus this First Contact mission and indirectly resulted in "Decra Zau," or Operation Spirit. Moreover, the King and his council have set the agenda for the amazing period that is to follow the actual mass landings on your world.

Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his or her daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city self-sufficient. The farming, building, and manufacturing industries of the surface world are rendered obsolete by this Light technology. For example, each individual can change the appearance and interior design of her residence on a whim. This technology also transports a person from one point to another almost instantaneously. This means that the world becomes a community as accessible to you as your immediate neighborhood. Thus, Aghartans’ thinking is not constrained by the limiting conditions that their surface neighbors live under. The freedom conferred by this Light technology has released wonderfully creative talents that are put to full use by their society. Happily, the Aghartans are now using these skills to reunite Agharta with their surface brethren.

Today, we touched on the enticing world that lies far beneath your feet. This land of inner Earth is quite similar to the one you live in and just as dearly loved. The people of this land, the Aghartans, salute you and look forward to the day when these two worlds of Mother Earth can once again become one! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


Tuesday February 14, 2006. 9 Ahau, 3 Zac, 1 Caban.
De: .

Greetings, Dear Hearts!  We return with more information to discuss with you! Besides the wonderful individuals who inhabit the land of Agharta, there are the higher-dimensional Beings found on Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. These Beings do not actually "live" in these third-dimensional realms but on the seventh- or eighth-dimensional representation of these worlds.  Most of these Beings are part of a greater galactic Council of Beings who have relinquished their physical bodies for ethereal ones. This special galactic council is part of the various Ascended Master Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods found throughout this galaxy. Their role is to guide the physical and conscious "essence" of the particular world assigned to them by Heaven. It is their prime intent to make themselves fully known to you once First Contact is accomplished. The Ascended Master Councils of your solar system are quite numerous and have been working diligently to prepare this solar system for your return to full consciousness.

As you can see, the sentient Beings of this realm, and especially those associated with you, are quite plentiful. All of them share a deep desire to help you in your task of restoring this solar system to its former glories. This sacred mission was given to you when your ancestors embarked from their former home worlds to found Lemuria some 900,000 years ago. Lemuria eventually split up into the surface world you live in and the subterranean realm that you largely do not know. The point here is that life is not only physical but also ethereal in form.  Most of the Beings in this ethereal world do not openly associate with the lower, denser physical realms. Rather, they work only with the higher aspects of physicality.  Here, there exists a more conscious exchange between planets, stars, and galaxies than is found in the realities of this third dimension. In effect, the ethereal Beings guiding your other planets are unique. Each council expresses its desire to guide you in the forging of a true star-nation for your solar system. This promised cooperation is yet another sign of how truly exceptional your reality is!

The various councils of sentient Beings in your galaxy decided eons ago that physical life in this third-dimensional realm was to have certain characteristics. These agreements produced the huge diversity of life that you see around you. Mother Earth, as we have often mentioned before, is part of a greater chain of similar life forms found from time to time throughout this solar system. We would also remind you that the evolution of sentient life follows a prescribed path laid down by the Divine Plan.  In procuring the means to produce this solar system, the sacred, heavenly Councils of this galaxy gave the first sentient Beings of your world a special set of instructions. The mantle governing these sacred edicts eventually passed, some eight million years ago, to the cetacean nation. These edicts included the provisions for creating humanity on the distant worlds of Vega.  This process led you later to journey to the beautiful world you call Earth.  Mother Earth came to this solar system specifically to fulfill her special destiny and, in so doing, enables you to accomplish your own promised destiny.

This spiritual connection between Mother Earth and you is no accident. Mother Earth is the most sacred planet in this galaxy. Your destiny is likewise very special. The galactic councils that forged these realms expected conditions and situations would conspire to lead humanity to Earth. Further, it was long forecast by Heaven’s representatives that the group of humans settling Mother Earth were to undergo a very special training in both the joys of the Light and the tribulations that epitomize the dark. This you have done, and done well! Heaven now decrees your liberation and sets forth a path to return you to your natural state of consciousness. All around you, your planet is showing signs of the immensity of this transformation. The things you are presently enduring are the final hurdles of a long and arduous journey. All you have suffered is to be recounted by us at the time of our landing. Then we can explain the full magnificence of what lies ahead. To recap, the current period is but the final step of this journey.

As the spiritual realms filter through the nearly infinite parts of physicality, they come to your special physical realm. We emphasized in this message the natural connections between Heaven and physicality. We explained how special is the relationship between the various sister worlds of this solar system and Mother Earth; your solar system feels greatly blessed that she came here. Hence, the spiritual physical Beings that guide these worlds have pledged to aid you in forming a new star-nation. This star-nation has been most unusual from the start. She comprises not only Mother Earth but also a rare group of humans and their cetacean brethren. This combination has the potential to manifest the destiny conferred upon you by the Divine Plan. Accordingly, Lord Surea sent forth edicts to help you accomplish this destiny. Our presence here merely allows you to develop, in freedom, a reality that reflects your true nature.

This concept of a sacred destiny set forth by the Divine Plan lies at the heart of all that is happening here. We cannot emphasize this enough. Every moment of every day Heaven is changing the very basis of the physicality that is your world. We have talked in the past about the transformations occurring on your world and on others. We have described how worried are the various elements that form your last cabal. Having seen the evidence in its most holistic form, this cabal understands that it is literally fighting for its existence. Most of their avenues to continued mischief have been blocked off. The few that remain are the result of the ingenuity of their most gifted adherents. But now, these dark Beings, once responsible for many wicked schemes, are no longer at their disposal. This increases their panic, but also raises the possibility for our rapid success!

Your reality is transforming. All who thoroughly research the physical changes happening to your world know this for a fact. Another emerging fact is that Beings from other worlds have been visiting you for eons. Finally, the concept that you are much more than mere physical Beings with a single "flash-in-the-pan" life is also gaining ground. As these truths sink in, it becomes apparent that a Divine Plan is behind it all. The essential quest for your world must be to discover how these factors combine to produce a whole, and this is where we come in. As part of First Contact, our work also includes helping you to get over the many fears ingrained into you since childhood. First Contact is about teaching you how Creation operates and preparing you to fully accept your new responsibilities. This is something we cannot emphasize enough.

The purpose of today’s message is to help you comprehend that the realm of inner Earth and the many higher physical and spiritual realms that surround you are connected to each other and to this realm. The fears that many of you still harbor are founded upon a feeling of being alone. Every so often, it is good to remind you that this is not so. Moreover, it is equally important to remind you of the Love that flows freely between us all. This Creation is a universe of Love and Light. We are all related through this Love and this Light to which our lives bear witness, and by the living Soul that vivifies us all. It is this sacred connection that has brought us together and made possible the means to forge our mutual lives. We exist in the great Light given to us by the Creator. It is this same force that drives us to complete First Contact and celebrate this great joy with you!

Today we expanded upon the story of Inner Earth that we began in our last message. The Galactic Federation of Light works very closely with a whole series of Beings who occupy niches in the vast totality that is the physical. In addition, we operate only within the guidance and edicts given to us by Heaven and Lord Surea. Bless in the highest the Love of Heaven and the sacred edicts that brought us to your beautiful shores! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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