The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III

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Through Sheldan Nidle
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO.
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Tuesday September 26th, 2006 Kan, 2 Tzotz, 2 Ik
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We come again with more to discuss with you! Presently your world is caught in the final moves of a grand chess game between the forces of Light and dark. What is to be remembered about this time is the length of this chess match and how the Light finally outsmarted the dark. It will be seen that the key to all this was the overdrawn position accepted by the dark. Everywhere, holes kept popping up in their defense strategies. Eventually, these growing gaps led to their downfall. When you look upon the true history of this world, you can see how the dark was compelled to allow its entourage to become more internationally diverse. The dark’s intention was to forge a series of interlocking groups whose purpose was to manipulate and secretly control international banking and commerce. These groups were to report to a ruling directorate based initially inEurope and later also in North America. This directorate became very powerful. In the late 1990s, threats to its power started to appear first in Asia and then in Eastern Europe. These puny challenges were the beginnings of a broader power struggle.

By the start of this decade, these challenges to the dark’s dominance were strengthening. This did not go unheeded by the dark cabal’s ruling directorate. Its response to these provocations was to stage a massive event known as 9/11. It was specifically engineered to lead to a state of global martial law and the formal declaration of a New World Order. Most of the conditions necessary for this state were complete by the Gregorian year of 2002. However, the final objectives of this goal were not quite achieved. Instead, the forces of Light had managed to keep a number of their strongholds intact and began to create new alliances with former members of the dark’s various international banking and commerce cartels. These coalitions were to increase both in number and in membership over the next few years. What was forming can be likened to a volcano before an eruption: a dome in the floor of the crater can temporarily contain an upsurge of magma, but in the end it blows. Until that point, all seems normal and quiet to a casual observer.

This underlying explosive potential characterizes the present state of your world. Our liaison and diplomatic missions watch this phenomenon grow. Vast amounts of money, resources, and plans have moved across your globe in the last few years. Most of these moves make up the thrust and parry of an enormous conflict that alternatively helps or hinders the goals of the dark. These moves are part of a Divine Plan to provide you all with some much-needed lessons in humility and patience. The lengthy duration of these final proceedings is a test and an evaluation of the growth of those elements that can hasten your destined enlightenment. Thus, it is fitting at this time to look out upon the predicaments of your world while focusing on the vision of a new Earth. Our Earth allies are working as diligently as possible to achieve a great victory. This victory is not merely about prosperity; it is about creating a world suitable for the completion of the destined grand transformation of humanity. This world will have unraveled the UFO cover-up and returned to humanity its unalienable freedom and its God-given sovereignty!

Because of the unique nature of what is happening, the timing of essential events can take longer than scheduled. Hence, rumors abound, and things fail to transpire as "supposedly" planned. It is important not to lose hope or be blown off course by the news of the day. Much is happening beneath the radar of the daily news. The dramatics in the halls of power are never presented for public consumption and undergo a careful whitewash of obfuscation. Instead, a slosh of half-truths and invention makes up your daily newscasts. To top it all, those who manipulate you in the first place are presented in a favorable Light. It is time to cut through such pap and help you to better understand what is truly going on around you. Remember that the dark is not just another amorphous bogeyman; it comprises a labyrinthine power structure manned by many dedicated adherents and highly capable sycophants. Defeating its hold on your reality is no easy matter. Happily, there exist those who are equally dedicated to its demise.

The various programs designed to produce a new reality are in place. The final legal and governmental mechanisms are currently finishing their last revisions. Changing your global society to the extent required is complex. The learning curve mentioned above must also be factored in. As you know, a divine timetable unknown to the general public is in effect, and when all aspects are taken into consideration, they point to an assured triumph for the Light. Lord Surea and the entirety of Heaven comprehend the immensity of what is to transpire. Enlightenment usually happens to a prepared few; in this instance, it is to occur en mass to an entire world. This leap in reality requires a proper foundation that can lead to sudden manifestation. This is now taking place. As your consciousness grows, the field of positive potential around you likewise expands, while negative potential simultaneously contracts. This is natural Law. Thus you can see that the time for great change is near.

These changes will transform your entire world at a stroke. The intricacy and global scope of these changes are responsible for the perceived "delays." It is vital that you comprehend the significance of what is about to happen: namely, a concentrated broad shot against the powers that be, followed swiftly by actions that greatly consolidate and expand upon the initial effects. The success of these actions depends upon a meticulously prepared first step. This first overt step opens up the chess game and leads to a swift checkmate. This requires that all the pieces and moves are in place and prepared covertly ahead of time for success to be assured. These foundational steps cannot be hurried and our evaluation personnel tell us that these are currently proceeding on schedule. Your divine bestowal is now receiving its finishing touches and will be made public only when ready.

The question of timing has become quite important during the course of this operation. Despite our wish to carry out this mission as swiftly as possible, we came to understand that a natural learning curve is an integral part of the procedure. We were required to give up some of our insistence on speed and let the matter move at its own pace. This new mode of operation yielded many dividends for us, one of which was the more effective integrating of our requirements with those of our Earth allies. This has resulted in a greater friendliness toward us as well as more willingness to endorse joint operations involving us in various special committees. All this points to a public declaration to end the UFO cover-up and exposes the special group in charge of this cover-up. This will also greatly affect the directorate that controls the last dark cabal.

As you can see, the process of transforming your reality has been a learning curve for all concerned. We, too, have learned much about your world and discovered how a limited-consciousness realm can be changed back into full consciousness. The divine beauty of this process cannot be overestimated. Your world is changing in stops and starts but nonetheless remains staunchly on track. This steadfastness is due to the Loving guidance of Heaven. All of Heaven blesses you and intends your victory. Lord Surea has solemnly decreed that this world be set free of the dark’s harsh yoke and be returned to its former glory. This is what is now underway on your world. It is to be done in right divine time, with all necessary lessons learned, and with all the wisdoms you need to carry out your destiny firmly in place.

Today we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to be fully focused on the positive actions needed and to do your part in making this victory a reality. Never lose sight of the fact that, despite the present potential strength of the dark, your victory is divinely assured. Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 3th, 20066 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 2 Ik
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Selamat Bakir! (Welcome!) We return, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As you know, much is secretly afoot on your world. Everywhere, this clandestine conflict has reached a point close to overt manifestation. This impending break-through is impelling the dark to create situations designed to prevent this from happening, or at least delay it. This soap opera is taking longer to reach its destined denouement than we would wish, but it is proceeding well at its own special pace. And it is in light of these circumstances that we ask for your patience in these matters. These present events are part and parcel of the great consciousness shift planned so long ago by Heaven. This is why this operation is bound to succeed. What we do not yet know is its exact outcome. These details have been left up to you, according to the various life contracts that you brought into this physical plane at birth. It is these vast interlocking possibilities that are to determine the precise timings of these events. Yet know that they are assured and that our role is simply to intervene beneficially in these matters when so divinely permitted.

While this cat-and-mouse game flows toward its conclusion, Mother Earth moves inexorably toward her own destination in time. As you know, the solar system is in the midst of huge changes, the most consequential of which is, of course, the shift in solar system consciousness. This movement to full consciousness is to transform the present "solarscape." To begin with, the return of Earth to a two-moon system is critical. Many astronomers are noticing anomalous changes in the Moon’s surface features. These are the beginnings of a procedure to restore the Moon to its former glory and prepare him for his reinstatement as one of the primary moons of Bellona, the outermost of the Sun’s four water planets. This huge water world is to re-form once again and take over the various orbits of the mini-worlds that presently make up the Asteroid Belt. In addition, the orbits of Neptune and Uranus need to be adjusted. Many of the smaller moons of those worlds are detritus left over from the massive explosion that blew Bellona to smithereens some 900,000 years ago. The resultant shock waves left these outer planets in chaos.

Pluto is another example of the disruptions that plague the outer planets. This frozen world is actually a former moon of Neptune, wrenched free by the explosion which suddenly formed the great Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is important here to understand the extent of the sudden wholesale disruption to the solar system’s life-giving fields as a result of this colossal artificial event perpetrated by the galactic wars of that period. These distortions are now being redressed by Galactic Federation of Light planetary engineers working closely with the Elohim. Returning your solar system to its state of balance of 900,000 years ago is pivotal to enabling the entire process of change to go forth as required by the divine plan. Thus, the oddities presently puzzling your astronomers are part of the undertaking to return your reality to its former points of balance. This "balance" is an intrinsic component in linking your reality to ours. It makes possible your destined role as an integral aspect of the vast multiple-star system of Sirius. Ultimately, it is this wondrous future that has brought us to your shores!

This grand reunion with us on both the physical and spiritual planes sits at the very core of what you are now going through. You have to remember that we Sirians occupy a very special place in your hidden history. It is we, along with the assigned legions of Heaven, who have carefully observed the dire workings of the Anunnaki and their celestial "friends." These evil personages are ending their nearly 13-millennia dominance of your world. Their ravaging of your societies and their plundering of Mother Earth’s resources are to be remedied by the Light. All that is currently taking place on your planet is part of this return to the balanced state of your former reality. First Contact, and all that that entails, is also all part of this divine procedure. Humanity is to take these last steps toward balance by dint of its own weight and wisdom and finish off what Heaven has so brilliantly begun. It is this responsibility we are to be caretakers of. We very much look forward to these next steps of our divine mission!

This changing-of-the-guard, so to speak, brought our Earth allies into existence long ago. The occupants of these much-heralded positions are working all out to resolve those issues that are pivotal to the overall objectives. We ask you again to remain patient. It is no simple task to redirect the ways of global governance and to reestablish a fair financial system so closely interwoven into the affairs of many different nations. We applaud what has been achieved at great personal cost to life, limb and to many private fortunes. This great work is close to success. Again, we ask you to listen to your inner knowing and to ignore the rumors constantly paraded before you as facts. The last part of this hitherto secret drive is to happen abruptly and without advanced public notice. Awareness of this one fact alone can bolster your intuitive knowing and help you to see through the gobs of disinformation that can so easily swamp your inner voice.

The path of Truth is not easily trod in your world. The mainstream media and the underground realm of the Internet are strewn with stories that are either propaganda and half-truths garbed as fact, or well-researched, well-intentioned articles trying to make sense of a world in chaos. The trick is to learn to trust your inner voice. It is there to help you discover what is valid as you sift through this incredible barrage of conflicting information. As you probably know from personal experience, this quiet voice is easily drowned out. The strident ways of your world tend to take center stage for most of you, and it is difficult but nonetheless essential to withdraw from the maelstrom so that you can again hear what your voice is trying to tell you. This attention also strengthens it, so that it can confidently guide you to what is real and helps you identify what is not.

Until this ability is strong, we caution you to be wary about what you hear. Truth is rarely easy to spot. Amongst the continuous bombardment of falsehoods and obfuscating "spin," the most outrageous fibs can take on a degree of veracity. Thus your task of discernment is not a black and white affair. Many select pieces of information must be judiciously coiled together into yarn, which is then, in turn, woven into a whole tapestry. This usable database can then be used as a criterion for sorting out your bewildering environment. It is small wonder that so many are "turned off" and feel unable to figure out what is truly happening. This is of course deliberate on the part of the dark. It is one of its most successful strategies for controlling a society and keeping you apathetic, confused by the news of the day, and thus, "in the dark." Your civic duty is not to succumb to this ploy and to begin to separate the grains of truth from the chafe of misinformation.

As your ability for discernment grows, you can "read between the lines" of these messages and the truth of these missives will become clear. Once this light of discovery goes off in your head, you become confident and knowledgeable enough to pass these truths on to others in a clear, easily assimilated and comprehensive manner. Your air of confidence will allow you to be a natural teacher of your experience in developing your intuition and collating information gathered in this way. At this point, you are a bright Light that is no longer easily manipulated by the dark. Your task is then to find others of like mind and to form networks that, as they multiply and spread, are to become the basis for change and the bedrock of our mission once First Contact begins.

Today we have looked again at what is happening on your world.  We ask you to understand that, despite the complexity and challenges, all is transpiring as planned. The important thing for you is to look within, and use your growing awareness to rediscover your inner voice. This is essential to becoming a meaningful contributor to the cause of change and to building your new reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 10th, 200613 Etznab, 16 Tzotz, 2 Ik
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Selamat Bakir! We come before you again, Dear Hearts!  Much is happening as certain destined events continue to percolate and move closer each day to overt manifestation! While it is easy for us to predict such things, it is much harder for casual observers to persuade themselves of what to us is obvious. Surrounding you is a reality that works very hard at preserving itself. The doubletalk spouted every day by your major leaders is indicative of just how shaky the true situation really is. The world economy is hovering precariously between a colossal global depression and the throes of a tyranny of unprecedented proportions. Both of these prospects have been postponed by the good works of Heaven and the brave actions of those men and women who put body and soul on the line to back up these "Heaven-sent" initiatives. This graciousness, to us, is a sign of what lies ahead. Although it is often simpler in your society to go along with the prevailing perception of gloom rather than embracing a vision of glorious renewal, now is the time to let go of negative habits of thought and reach out for the light of reason.

The objective faculty of reason clearly indicates that at a vast transformation is replacing the deepest underpinnings of your society with a much-enhanced foundation. Its influence can be seen in the rising moral tide that is sweeping across your planet. These rising expectations are silently moving mountains, leading the world closer to solutions for conflict, starvation, depravity, and the plethora of deadly sins that constitutes the legacy of the old ways. Above all, this rising morality is increasing personal and collective awareness, thus assisting more and more individuals and groups to come forward and demand change. Yet, this is merely a public manifestation of a more profound surge toward a new paradigm. Bear in mind that drastic change usually starts slowly, beginning on a local level. The global information networks powering such change are a phenomenon of recent history. These information-driven networks are propelling critical pathways for change, linking every corner of the globe. This type of change is greatly accelerating a method that, in the past, would have taken centuries to complete.

This method, in fact, is an imitation of what has worked before in other places: Small loan banks for the poor and indigent have arisen in most parts of the third world. Small cooperatives that aid the disadvantaged have likewise sprung up globally and are linking up with like-minded organizations in the developed world. In effect, a new economy is forming, based on principles of green power and true people-power. This people-centric approach is demonstrating to communities in the developed world a humane alternative to the mainstream blueprint for organizing an economy and its attendant components. Again, this is barely ever mentioned in your media. Another overlooked initiative is the move to make global corporations more accountable and to create more "green" and hospitable working conditions where they operate. Across the planet, challenges to the "norm" are breaking out. Many futurists consider this gentle transformation process to be the growing wave of the near future. These changes are accelerating, and shrinking the time period within which most futurists expect them to become commonplace.

This more ecologically acceptable and humane approach to organizing society is affecting the political environment as well. The inability of government to represent its citizens is provoking protests and elective movements that are alarming the old guard. Politics is being moved toward supporting new concepts that are more conducive to the people-centric model touched on above. In fact, this model, in a more detailed form, is the basis for the program set up by our Earth allies. The new reality requires a transition during which these programs are bought to the fore, and the disadvantaged and needy can prosper and soar. The present American regime and its phony ally "the war against terrorism" has attempted to slow down this new global momentum. On one level they have succeeded: by staunching the flow of many former financial resources; on another, they failed: by being unable to head off the "small is beautiful" economic concept that is revivifying the third and developed worlds.

What you see happening now is the last stand of the old order and its wealthy cronies, and the latter are desperate. They sense just how deeply entrenched the elements for a new global paradigm have become. Their response, predictably, is to fall back on a tried-and-true diversionary tactic of the old paradigm: war! This option was put into effect after their global intelligence systems had successfully captured control of worldwide, shadowy, terrorist networks after a decades-long campaign. Thereupon, a heinous attack on a major symbol of the developed world was devised and carried out with near clockwork precision and blamed on the new bogeyman. But this plan was limited by a factor that was covertly supporting the new paradigm: us! The resulting state of affairs, which at first seemed so promising to the old guard, is now rapidly eroding only five years after its cock-sure inception. This is why we remain confident that the overt events we all long for are close.

First Contact plays a supporting, albeit vital, role in this overall operation. The natural process of change unfolding on your planet is part of the great consciousness shift that you are all undergoing. This massive transformation requires a fundamental change in how your society works, and is to happen relatively swiftly. This is a divine reordering, and it specifies a series of preset priorities, one of which is the aforementioned change-from-the-bottom-up. These micro-reforms are more than they at first appear to be; they are activating the intent at the very base of global economic society. Once set up, these changes become the bedrock upon which a more sweeping and deep-rooted revolution can be practically based. A happy concomitant of this divine prerequisite is that, because of their localized scale, these first steps are mostly ignored by the powerful.

As these novel approaches seep into the developed world, they birth movements in local communities across Europe,Asia, and the Americas. These, in turn, are starting to affect their counterpart political systems. The presently small-to-medium-sized movements are only just the start of a veritable surge in exploring new financial, economic, and political concepts. What is to jumpstart these new concepts is the quiet revolution of our Earth allies. We cite these grassroots’ stirrings for a purpose; you need to know the true dynamic potential of your local and global societies. It is this factor, lying just below the surface and hence largely ignored, that is so vital to your future. Everywhere, major differences are being made in the lives of Earth’s often forgotten citizens. These stirrings are readying your world to accept the changes to be brought by First Contact.

First Contact is thus a major part of what is currently happening on many levels on your planet. It is impossible to prevent the inevitable from occurring. All that can happen is a series of strategic delays. Yet, these delays can also be used to gauge change, and that is what is happening here. In fact, the tyrannical reaction of the old guard to your changing world has been a blessing in so far as this has forced the endemic corruption and mismanagement of their mode of governance to surface. It makes it very clear that change is now certain. It also explains our present modus operandi to let things play out as divinely planned. The moment when these diverse components gel and dramatically "flip" your world is getting close. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we have furthered our discussion of the trends that are making rapid change on your world inevitably. The grassroots’ mobilization we touched on is only one of many factors preparing your world for a quiet revolution and First Contact. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 17th, 20067 Chicchan, 3 Tzec, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We send you greetings of Love and Light! The time is fast approaching for a great change to your reality. Everywhere the secret workings of our Earth allies are starting to coalesce. The different programs on banking and financial reform, global debt forgiveness, and enormous political change are reaching the point where they begin to intersect. This most welcome moment means that a series of profound events are nearing manifestation. Having these things in sight means that you need to prepare for the actual carrying-out of these events. It also indicates the need on your part to begin to envision the short-term implications for your reality. First on the agenda is the distribution of the various abundance programs to their recipients. Scattered across the globe, most of the selected beneficiaries of a vast wealth are largely unprepared for the huge responsibilities that are about to be thrust upon them. This wealth is not a gift: It is accompanied by a set of instructions to help them assist their communities by improving the health, wealth, and general overall happiness of its constituents.

Then there is the far-reaching matter of debt forgiveness and currency reform. Since the end of WWII, international and personal debt has skyrocketed. The result is that many nations created in the last sixty years are now deeply in debt to a number of international organizations and multinational corporations. Equally dysfunctional is the soaring personal debt especially in developed nations. This growing mountain of debt threatens international stability and increases the potential for global chaos and, ultimately, war. This ubiquitous condition of debt requires a drastic solution. The key to this lies in the very nature of the current banking and financial system, which is founded upon the "discounting," or rapid multiplication, of money. This money is not tied to any real value of wealth, but to the calculations of the bankers themselves. This produces a constant inflationary spiral that restricts true market value and prevents the type of economic growth your increasing populations need in order to become truly prosperous. Thus, the current system of global finance and its accompanying indebtedness needs redressing.

Debt forgiveness is to be tied to a program to end the inflationary nature of the present global currency system. Currencies are to be based upon true value as determined initially by a great increase in the world’s supply of gold and silver. Extensive monetary deflation is then expected to follow. The dire effects of this are to be mitigated by the huge prosperity given to a select few whose instructions will specify the redistribution of most of this gifted wealth to the general public. Likewise, debt forgiveness for the many third world nations will be conditional on the immediate improvement of the lot of the given nation’s citizenry. The purpose is to forge a temporary bridge between the present reality and the future conditions in which money is no longer a true indicator of value. Creativity and ideas, and one’s ability to express them, are to become the index of one’s worth. Your innate ability to work in harmony with each other and to contribute to the general welfare is to become predominant. This modus operandi needs to be developed in order to prepare yourselves for living in a galactic society.

Next comes the removal of the dark cabal’s stranglehold on your world. The depth and extent of the political and governmental reform required is truly colossal. Chaos and strife rule every part of your globe. Using the US government as a base, the dark cabal has reached into every corner with its special brand of fear and hatred while also amping these up to unprecedented levels. Another anxiety is the apparent purposeful lack of will to in any way alleviate global discord. Overt endemic corruption adds to the proliferation of difficulties that seems to have overtaken the world in recent years. It is clearly essential to start with the ousting of the rogue US regime and to reset the American government from the top down. The true American Constitution is to be restored and America set firmly back on its common law roots. This means that the corruption and power mongering of the present US system is to be purged. In its place is to arise a new nation dedicated to the values that gave birth to it some 230 years ago.

This renewed world, released from the multiplicity of forces that produces her constant strife and misery, can rapidly move toward the Light. This upturn leads naturally to First Contact and a return to full consciousness. It also promises the restoration of your former happier relationship with Mother Earth. These vital restorations are most important to us, for they signal that your world has moved out of her limitations and has joyfully taken on her new responsibilities. This journey of yours is just reaching this watershed. And this is why we have chosen to inform you today of the events now nearing completion. As ever, it is vital that you look at the larger picture in which it is clear that this change is now at a point where it is unstoppable. Nevertheless, a crucial component is you: Remember that you are part of a vast collective that has come to Mother Earth to experience both the dilemmas posed by the dark and the present period of transition.

Moreover, you came expressly to return this beautiful realm to the purview of the Light. It is this grand act alone that most of this galaxy currently wants to be a direct participant in; yet only a comparative few were chosen. You are the special spiritual Beings selected for this divine task by Heaven. Never lose sight of this awesome fact. Earth is now the special showcase of this galaxy. Talented individuals from many sentient species who occupy places of honor throughout the length and breadth of this galaxy are carefully watching your every move. A large star fleet, largely hidden from most of you, is your vast rooting party. We all want you to succeed, and to achieve a well-earned victory! To this end, we have detailed swelling numbers of observers to watch you up close and to report on your progress. Their reports continue to be most positive.

The same positive reports can likewise be given of our Earth allies. Their heroism and resolute due diligence to this great task cannot be overstated. Working with them has been both educational and eye opening. Your ways of doing things helped us to better accommodate the various necessities for making the former Anchara Alliance a full partner in the Galactic Federation of Light. Because of your input, we were able to set up and swiftly integrate 10 new Galactic Federation Councils into the Galactic Federation. These star nations are now watching you and gaining the strength to keep their new course gleaned from your efforts to throw off your ever-weakening dark masters. As you can see, much of this part of physicality and all of Heaven are behind you! We ask you to let go of your fear and frustration and to trust in what is so close to happening.

Your world is transforming in many as-yet-unseen ways. This amazing series of transformations to your global society is just below the surface. This movement has changed much in the last six years. We can remember how distraught its members were at the apparent setback of 9/11. We worked in practical and supportive ways to revitalize them and set them off once again on their journey to remake your world. Now, this operation has reached beyond its pre-9/11 pinnacle, and we stand again on the very brink of triumph! The remainder of this path is quite short; nevertheless, it must be trod with vigilance and with right due order. Know that much is happening and that what is to occur is close to surfacing. For this reason, and despite the fact that the exact timing of these events must be secret to keep it out of the ears of the dark, it is important for you to remain prepared.

Today, we talked about developments on your world. We intend for you to be as informed as is possible in the circumstances. It is crucial for you to remain ready on a day-by-day basis with a plan of action. Remember that it is Together that We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 24th, 20061 Eb, 10 Tzec, 2 Ik
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Selamat Bakir! (Welcome!) We return, Dear Hearts, with more to say about the global goings-on. As you know, our Earth allies continue to work assiduously toward a most successful conclusion. Their final projects include a number of events whose purpose is to ensure that the abundance "goodies" and all that comes with them accomplish their intended goals. As you also know, these disbursements experienced some delays but these are now in the latter stages of being resolved. What is imperative is the trouncing from power of the current US regime. In its stead, a proper procedure to restore the American Constitution and re-establish common law is to be put in place. This transitional governance will have a very full schedule and is to last around eight months in order to make sure that a new and fairly elected government has the tools to maintain the myriad reforms that are to be announced during this time. This means that a new set of rules is to be implemented in the months following the regime change. Also, a comprehensive review of all personnel now involved in the present US political and legal systems is to be carried out.

These reviewing procedures along with the restored American constitutional system are to be the crux of a process that is to actively engage the American citizenry. The present crisis in American governance is due in large part to the abandonment of those participatory principles that long were the hallmark of early American governance. The prevalence of town-hall-style meetings on important issues dwindled in the face of the post-industrialized society developed over the last century. Now the moment has come to reinstate these traditions and to guarantee that the doctrines behind them again become a living, central component of American democracy. Those involved in the present countercoup firmly support this view. America is a great vision whose vitality is being drained by the pillaging of a powerful elite acting hand-in-glove with their multinational cohorts. The transitional regime’s first task is to end this iniquity and explain that the sudden new direction is a restoration of the original tenets of American democracy, which were so eloquently articulated in The American Declaration of Independence.

The direct involvement of the people in the operation of government first requires the successful spread of economic prosperity. Banishing the present survival-mode lifestyle will allow everyone the opportunity to call for and attend meetings to debate issues of concern. These assemblies will also fully explain, explore, and adjudicate any and all potential ordinances of local and national implication. An understanding of the true big picture will at all times be kept in mind. Participatory democracy is essential to the development of the greater good while simultaneously ensuring the protection of each person’s unalienable rights. In this way, the citizenry are an ever-vigilant watchdog committee, monitoring all components of government to make sure that those they elect enact their true interests into law. Also, a more direct interaction between legislatures and constituents is to be ordained initially by the interim regime. To quote one of your axioms: The cost of effective democracy is eternal vigilance by the citizenry.

This increased degree of participation is a prelude to understanding the basic principles of galactic society, which is founded upon local actions positively affecting the larger whole. This ongoing interaction between the local and the larger whole of society is pivotal to the success of galactic society. The challenge here is to act locally and think globally. A galactic society fully recognizes the interdependence of its parts and, more to the point, the way in which this fundamental linkage creates a motivation to solve any problem it encounters quickly and effectively. This "life pulse" of society gets its strength from the desire of the people to be involved in the governance of their society. In fact, a legislature of the whole and of the many parts is always in session. In this way, the sovereignty and the inherent rights of each citizen are carefully respected. These rights are nurtured by an enculturation process each goes through from child- to adulthood. The same process can flower in a prosperity-based, highly participatory democracy.

You will be surprised to see how quickly it becomes second nature for all to want to solve any and all problems that come up. Working together produces a knowing of the way different cultures are linked together by common interest. It is this desire to sustain one another while working for the common good that is one of the basic principles of democracy. "Unity from diversity" is the first stage in learning about and sharing each other’s common bonds, the most obvious of which is that you are all residents of a fragile living entity called Mother Earth. It is your respect for her ecosystem and your sincere intent to work together in harmony toward the common good that enables her to sustain you. Looking about you now, this vision may seem an absurdly optimistic view of any likely future, but as you begin to work together, nurtured by an abundant realm geared to a genuine drive for global cooperation, the sky will be no limit for you!

One of the aims of First Contact is to assist you in harnessing these potentials for the greater good. However, spreading global abundance without the immediate removal from power of those who seek to perpetuate the old dark ways would indeed be fruitless! Our desire and that of our Earth allies is to carry out the vital steps that will deliver you from the burdensome yoke of the old guard, and to do this rapidly. It is speed that will put you into a new reality in which the posturing of tin-pot dictators and the psychotic schemes of the power-grabbers are relegated to the history books. Then at last you will experience leaders who are truly "on the same page" as the electorate. We look forward to guiding you toward this vision and helping you set up new doctrines for your world’s leaders. The time comes to put an end to mayhem and to begin legitimate spiritual reform!

Your world has suffered for nearly 13 millennia under the harsh rule of the dark ones. These miscreants poisoned your minds with the fear and dread needed to usurp your natural powers of creation. In this distorted reality, you bought into a self-image of limitation and forgot about your unbounded natures given to you by the Creator. Now your task is to reverse this nonsense and, through spiritual growth, to reclaim your heritage and transform your world. The present differences in culture and belief systems are facets of an underlying oneness that unites you all. Our role is to help you perceive this and to act as a catalyst for the birth of your new reality. Seen in this context, First Contact becomes a step in a dance that is to swirl you onwards and upwards into new concepts and visions of yourself and your place in the universe.

This transformation is taking place on many levels at once. The most gripping aspect for you so far seems to be the pending legal ouster of the present US regime. But for us it is the accelerating shift in your spiritual awareness. The most significant developments in history go unnoticed at the start; then over time they gather the momentum needed to reveal their importance. We see this syndrome in operation on your world today. Most of you regard the surface events in your reality as valid hints of what is to come. We, however, take the ebb and flow of consciousness shifts to be the true watersheds of any age. Today, on your world, a consciousness shift of vast proportions is happening. This one fact alone guarantees that a blessed and wholly new world is inevitable and, moreover, that it is just around the corner. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we again reviewed the events of your day. We ask you to bear in mind that they are mere window-dressings for change. A deep transformation is upon you, which is to bring in a glorious new reality, and we ask you to stand firm within this viewpoint. As you do this, you will see and know in your innermost Being that a new day is dawning around you. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday October 31th, 20068 Cauac, 18 Tzec, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to say about the goings-on around you. Your world continues to reverberate to the final, fateful moves of a weighty, 13-millennia-long chess game. At this point, both sides are only a few moves away from checkmate. The strategy of the Light is to lure the dark into a sense of false security and then pounce! At the moment of "mate," a series of mortal blows will be applied to the last cabal, and shortly thereafter the dark is to be rendered harmless by the Light for the "duration" of this eternity. Concurrent with this drama is the approaching manifestation of some significant developments, the prime one being the matter of establishing a new global banking system. Before WWI, Switzerland was the accepted center for the European banking community because of its long-standing and universally recognized neutrality. Further, the gold-based Swiss Franc was the benchmark for all manner of commodity, currency, and multiplied-based debenture exchanges.

This predominant position needs to be re-established. A new central location for a true-value currency system is to be decided upon and put into operation. This new center will serve as the exchange and control point for the new value-based global currency system. At the same location, various multinational corporations are to be re-chartered and made responsible for the environments and societies they affect. The place most favored for this role, once again, is Switzerland. In the past few years, a succession of moves was put into effect to prepare the world’s economy for some drastic yet vital changes, and then to carry them out swiftly. The condition of the world in which you live requires that the startling decrees, once announced, be manifested rapidly and according to a sequence that guarantees their enactment. The three main goals are: debt forgiveness, personal and national; universal prosperity; and a new financial and economic system. Each of these components is interdependent; the success of one relies on the achievement of the other two.

Because of these requisites, a covert repositioning of the world’s major corporations is underway. Furthermore, a series of clandestine moves changed in critical ways the role of the little-known International Bank of Settlements. This bank is presently reworking the relationships between itself and the planet’s true central banks. This led to a number of secret accords concerning the future of international true-value currency banking. A string of conferences was held to set up a program for re-establishing precious-metals-based currencies immediately upon the annulment of fiat-currency debt. The decisions taken were adjudicated in camera and the resultant documents now form the basis of the actions currently underway. The aim of this enterprise is to ensure that a new currency system be enacted on schedule and that a practical abundance program, tied to comprehensive debt forgiveness, be simultaneously rolled out. This massively complex and intertwined undertaking, prepared in strictest secrecy, has inevitably encountered some resistance which resulted in delays to its unveiling in the public arena.

Be assured that all is indeed occurring as planned. In fact, the dark has unwittingly given the go-ahead to some of these changes as a result of misleading information from our Earth allies; bear in mind, Dear Ones, that fighting fire with fire (i.e., using deception) is occasionally necessary to overcome a most powerful foe, one which has ruthlessly maintained a situation that could quite easily have been alleviated almost a decade ago. This duplicity compelled our Earth allies and us to seek out another path to our goal. Be that as it may, the prime consideration here is to comprehend that this end battle of words and deeds is to deposit you on the brink of your return to full consciousness. In the meantime, the intention is to force a fait accompli upon the dark, which will leave it with no choice, but to recognize their "Waterloo" and reluctantly hand over the baton to us. Most of the joint spadework for this moment of checkmate is done, and all that remains is the carrying-out of the predetermined divine timetable.

Concerning the above-mentioned spadework, large centers in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and America have been set up to coordinate a huge global data stream collected by their agents and by a special diplomatic liaison group provided for them by the Galactic Federation. These centers are also intended to function as decoys whose purpose is to confuse the dark, especially its major governmental unit: the illegal US regime. We tell you this because we want you to know how industriously the Earth allies are working to procure this victory. Once the corporate manpower and equipment is safely moved into place in Swiss territory, Switzerland is to be proclaimed sovereign, neutral, and inviolable. When this is internationally accepted, Switzerland is to request that a new United Nations headquarters be established there.

The Charter of the new UN is to include a section itemizing the social and ecological responsibilities of all nations and all multinational corporations. The highly specific wording of this edict has been hammered out behind closed doors over the past six years. In anticipation of the moment of open proclamation, personnel and equipment have been moving surreptitiously to Swiss territory. These worldwide announcements will set the stage for the huge transition of your world into a temporary realm that permits you to perform your rites of planetary guardianship. These include making large inroads into alleviating the global pollution crisis and helping the most endangered locales and biospheres to not only survive but to truly prosper. This activity lies at the core of ending the horrendous destitution and strife that characterize too much of your world’s reality.

When your world passes into this transitional phase, it marks the start of our formal recognition, which in turn leads to the actual mass landings and open First Contact. Our mission is to shepherd you through this time and prepare you for your final period of metamorphosis in the friendly realms of inner Earth. Here you can grow, unfettered by the energies of the topside world, into the magnificent Beings that you truly are. It is these Beings who are destined to help unfold the Divine Pan in this galaxy. Remember that we come to provide you with the means to complete these last stages swiftly, safely, and joyfully! The newly remodeled Earth and upgraded solar system are to be the home of your new star nation. This star nation is prophesied by the sages of this galaxy to be the bringer of permanent peace between the Light and the dark. It is to be the birthplace of the great Light that is you and which is to be known throughout all of physicality!

This wondrous destiny is behind all that is happening on your world. Never lose sight of the fact that a momentous battle between the last dark cabal and the forces of Light is indeed coming to its fated conclusion. Your victory is preordained; it is only the timing that has not yet been revealed to you. In this, we are of one voice when we ask you to focus on the truth of the bigger picture surrounding you. In this message, we gave you a few more glimpses of the extensive, as-yet-hidden activities going on out there because we want you to get a bit of a handle on some of the changes being prepared. It is all too easy to be aware only of the time factor involved and hence become discouraged. Also, the turmoil of this time can pull you in and fill you with illusory anxiety. This is why we stress to you, time and again, to "retune your dial" away from the mayhem out there to the clear inner knowing of your divine destiny. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we added more details of what is actually happening around you. As always, we ask you to go with your intuitive judgment, to celebrate the many good things happening within you and around you, and to look beyond the breakdown of the old order and the seemingly endless delays. A divine time of festivity and rejoicing is fast approaching! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 7th, 20062 Cimi, 4 Xul, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Bakir! We come before you once again, Dear Hearts! This world continues its apparently unstoppable momentum toward disaster. Yet we know that this surface appearance belies what is covertly happening on other levels across the globe. In Europe, Asia, and above all America, a new day is preparing to dawn, which is to deeply affect the welfare of the poor, the oppressed, and the downtrodden. Nowhere is this to be more exemplified than in Africa. For decades this land has been witness to the most severe calamities caused by both humanity and nature, and it is here that our Earth allies amassed humanitarian programs designed to reinstate an unending prosperity which is to realize the vast potential of this amazing continent. Africa is heir to a proud history and home to many distinctive cultures whose promise has been smothered for centuries. Now, Africa is to become a shining example of how deep distress can be magnificently and rapidly turned around. In like manner, total reform of your world’s economic, political and social systems is to sweep across the whole of your beloved Earth.

Such profound reform is predicated on an equally in-depth transformation of your global banking and financial systems, starting with a redistribution of this planet’s monetary resources and its conversion to a true-value currency system. To be effective, this operation requires that a massive increase in your world’s supply of gold and silver be substantiated. Simultaneously, the inflation of the recent past must be annulled, accompanied by a major adjustment of the global pricing system to pre-inflation levels. All this is to be effected in a manner that minimizes the disruption that such drastic adjustments would normally justify. For once, these changes are not being used for personal gain; they are being resorted to as a means to swiftly level the world’s economic and monetary playing fields. Once this is done, these revaluations set the stage for equally massive political reform and worldwide debt forgiveness. This unprecedented global prosperity can then release you to focus on redressing your dire pollution debacle and on integrating a plethora of exciting new technologies.

Your present transformation toward the Light greatly worries the dark. This consternation lies at the root of the schemes over the past six decades to counter, stall, and misdirect your growth toward the Light. This is why you live in a world that ignores the truth about all aspects of your transformation; instead, attention is focused on a series of bogus wars: e.g., the cold war and, recently, the war against terrorism. In each case, the "need" to go to war was contrived.  Each coldly planned deception was designed to swamp you in fear and perpetuate a sense of imminent doom. The powers that be on your world are master manipulators. For millennia, they used every tool at their disposal to trick you and thereby keep you under their thumb. Today’s rampant chaos, which seems to be leading yet again to unavoidable global conflagration, is basically the same old parlor trick to keep you in fear. Use your intuition as you watch their empty words and posturing. Our intention in these messages is to assist you in developing your discernment so that you can see clearly what is truly happening on your world.

As the consciousness grids that construct this reality shift upwards, the ability of any one group to manipulate a divinely prescribed outcome weakens significantly. This fact is not lost on the dark, but still these rapscallions work unflaggingly to delay the inevitable. As you know, this obstinacy makes the Earth allies’ work more difficult to manifest. Yet, despite continuous obstacles and danger, the allies are now at the point of finishing off the final details of their immensely complex undertaking. Each component relies upon a rare degree of cooperation from all the others, making this group of individuals uniquely praiseworthy in the history of your planet. Mother Earth is most encouraged and, as a result, has agreed to continue her struggle to maintain her present degree of balance. However, her valiant pledge puts a great deal of pressure on our Earth allies to complete their goals as planned. To this end our liaison personnel are applying their expertise in group harmony to the smooth interaction of these myriad interlocking groups.

At this point in the proceedings, we know it is hard for you to take on trust the truly monumental complexity of this task. This First Contact mission is far more than just a routine assignment to open up another star nation to membership in the Galactic Federation of Light. The process of spiritual and physical transformation on Mother Earth is becoming a bellwether for other such shifts and as such is a most welcome learning curve. This mission is providing us with experience and data that we need at this particular juncture in our history. It is not merely that your contribution has helped us to integrate the former Anchara Alliance into our ranks; or that your fears and impatience have helped us to better comprehend the effects and physical constructs of this part of physicality. What is most important here is that the goings-on in this reality have prepared, in a most positive manner, for the unfolding of this aspect of the Divine Plan.

This readiness of your realm to receive a glorious future is paramount. The coming abundance, as we often emphasize, is a relatively minor part of a much more consequential series of events. Plans are afoot to not only transform your planetary society but to permit you to completely reinvent yourselves. This is nothing short of extraordinary! Just think about it: a section of your ruling elite, in accordance with the Ascended Masters and Heaven, decides to break rank and put their resources into vanquishing their remaining all-powerful cohorts. Such was their resolve to rid the world of these unrepentant ones that they were, despite the odds, unsquashable. This odyssey became high adventure with our arrival on the scene. Now, we are nearing the happy point where you are to be included in the exploits in which many surprises and an exciting conclusion are about to be revealed!

This weaving of the Light into physicality is a most absorbing assignment. Those of us who manage various parts of physicality comprehend what an ambitious undertaking it is. You who are enmeshed in the depths of limited consciousness have in many ways a most perplexing realm to grapple with. From an early age, you are tossed into situations that can seem unfathomable. You do your best to survive in a world where the blind leads the blind, without even a semblance of a workable operation’s manual to guide you. The gumption you daily display evokes our admiration. We want you to know that the sometimes grueling changes you are coping with are laying the foundation for an exhilarating future. And in the short term, the changes that will sweep in with First Contact are to bring a more gracious and blessed reality for all of Earth’s humanity.

From our standpoint, this First Contact mission is intrinsic to realizing a great dream of galactic humanity. Long ago, the ancient ancestors of humanity prophesied the seed world of this galaxy would be discovered. Here, a very special branch of the human family was one day to reside. Bearing this in mind, your inner Earth family and we observed your progress and aided you in your journey when necessary. Each bump in your history yielded advances in your march back to full consciousness. Now you are taking the last steps of this trek. The remnants of your collective shadow side are being mirrored in the global rise in chaos. Rejoice in all of this, for it is just the final divine challenge for you. As we tell you time and again, you are destined to pass through this and fulfill divine prophecy. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to look at it all as a triumphal march. You are a participant and aware in many ways of what is taking place while also being mostly lost in the amnesia that still blinds you to who you truly are. The time ahead promises to reveal all this to you. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 14th, 20069 Ben, 11 Xul, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Ones, with new things to say about your world!  About you swirl myriad currents in chaotic fashion. This huge rendering of Light into matter is rapidly transforming your world, including the fundamental grids and interlinked nodal points which, for 13 millennia, have been responsible for this present aspect of physicality. Prior to that, this reality was filled with special energy that poured into her from every part of the spiritual Universe. Suddenly, this energy was ruptured by a catastrophe that took down the dominant Empire of Atlantis and set this reality upon a course that put it under the full control of the dark. However, this so-called fall was in reality part of a divine journey to teach you about the devious ways of the dark. The cataclysm reduced the human population to barely 15 million. These Beings were utterly childlike in their outlook and very primitive in their technology. They knew little or nothing of why they were here and retained no knowledge of their true origins.

On top of this, they suffered from a devastating disconnect from their former laboratory-based support groups which had so wonderfully cared for them. This overwhelming "casting out into the wilderness" was utterly confusing and left them vulnerable to the wiles of passing malefactors. Starving and unable to protect themselves from the elements, humanity initially appeared doomed. At this ripe moment, the Anunnaki swooped in and presented themselves as saviors, teaching humans how to build shelters and hunt for and cultivate food. Predictably this wisdom was not given freely; the cost was nothing less than the worship of the Anunnaki as their gods and goddesses. The rituals included ceremonial chants, which praised them as the creators of all humanity and the makers of physicality. These lies had the effect, in a few humans, of jarring the general amnesia and led to an open break from this one-sided agreement. The ensuing punishments taught humanity some harsh lessons. And yet, inadvertently, the new "divine rulers" set in motion a spark that was later to bring a memory of former times.

This spark was to be felt time and again as the Anunnaki vented their wrath by destroying one human society after another. These times are chronicled in the worldwide myths and legends that make up the basis of the religions of your indigenous peoples. Even the ancient tales of the European nations, which attempted to eradicate these myths in the last few centuries, are filled with similar notions. It is this "lost" history that holds a major key to the transformations now happening on your world. The stories of the destruction of Atlantis and the untimely demise of Lemuria are apt parables of what you see being played out in your modern world. Through its myriad guises, the dark has long sought complete global domination. They pledge to secure the peace or ensure freedom or prosperity in exchange for your compliance with their latest devilry. As you know full well, freedom and prosperity derive from full individual sovereignty but this runs counter to the philosophy of the dark. Slavery is their ultimate goal and thus your history is one long catalogue of the unending struggle between unilateral control and individual rights.

This battle accelerates today, as the powerful try, none too subtly, to influence the powerless. Yet, despite the dark’s many stratagems, the sheer multiplicity of Mother Earth’s cultures, religions and languages have curbed the expected rapidity of their success. Further, the number of those who oppose them grows daily. This defiance angers them and goads them into actions that, to us, are signs that they believe their window for success is closing rapidly. As in ancient Atlantis, they underestimated the response to their evil deeds. In fact, their global plan is currently undergoing something of a metamorphosis. The results of the recent American elections were a ruse to make the unwary believe that some degree of meaningful change was in the making. Nothing is further from the truth! The dark does not intend to lessen its stranglehold without a fight. So, like their Atlantean counterparts, they are headed for catastrophe!

This coming disaster is presaged by the many hidden faux pas that the dark cabal in America has already committed. These include leaving the most important monetary policy decisions to their European counterparts and basing their global security requirements upon the recommendations of supposed Asian and European allies. In doing so, gaping holes have appeared in their armor and this permits our Earth allies to finish off some crucial details pertaining to your joint victory. Like the Atlanteans, the hubris of the dark knows no bounds. Unbeknown to them, the new monetary and fiscal structures are now in place and awaiting the final command to come on line. And now the dark, like their Atlantean brethren who launched the ill-fated moon, have also signaled their imminent destruction. In this case, this newly launched "moon" is a specially encrypted set of programs designed to release and deliver the much-needed prosperity provisions.

Your society is to swiftly morph into one quite similar in most respects to that of Lemuria. This was a galactic society based upon the divine principles of freedom and individual sovereignty. In this milieu, each person’s unalienable rights can flourish. By honoring these rights and the enormous potential of her inhabitants, galactic societies function as environments where every problem has a solution and all are empowered to create and manifest their true inner joys. In the case of the Atlanteans, the nefarious galactic empires they daily encountered warped these life-giving concepts until a new paradigm was born in them, a paradigm that reflected the beliefs of the dark-inclined empires. Thereupon, the Atlanteans decided to find out how a limited-conscious human society would react to having this new dark paradigm imposed on them.

It is these corrupted notions that produced the scheme to destroy Lemuria and the resulting morass that present Earth humanity has inherited. Your salvation is to return to the principles and lifestyle of Lemuria. She must be bought out of the cobwebs of mythology and her ethos duly studied; she is a pivotal part of your untold history and, thus, impacts your future. The past involves not just the connivances of the dark but also the proud example set by the Lemurians and their wondrous offspring, you! The Lemurian survivors who decided to remain on the surface and not move to new inner Earth homes were the subjects of the Atlantean experiments that produced present Earth humans. Thus, you are all descendants of Lemuria and carry within you the legacy of past lost glories.

As Lemuria prepares to resurface from the depths of the Pacific, you need to look closely at what transpired in the wake of the destruction of Atlantis. As the new humans left their homes in Asia,Africa, and Europe, they journeyed across the Indian, Atlantic, and PacificOceans to found new societies that were tutored by the Anunnaki. Despite this lengthy brainwashing, the legacy of Lemuria has welled up and acts as a great Light to lead you back to your source. The lost continent of Lemuria thus becomes a parable for the Light and a reassurance that you are indeed destined to establish a new Lemuria. This new Lemuria is to become the start of your new star nation. The events we address in our messages are part of this magnificent operation and First Contact simply a step in your return to who you truly are! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we looked at the events of the coming day from a different angle. We call upon you to constantly bear the bigger picture in mind and, in so doing, to more clearly comprehend how this divine process for change operates. Use your intuition to grasp the full implications of this First Contact mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 21st, 20063 Ahau, 18 Xul, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return with more about the reality that surrounds you! Each day the Forces of Light come closer to manifesting a new reality. As we continually affirm, this reality is to be something truly wonderful. The final bricks of this new global edifice are being laid as we speak, and we therefore ask for your patience a little while longer. As you can imagine, this moment requires the strictest secrecy and certain details must be withheld until the fait accompli is a done deal. Until then, we are allowed to address only what has already happened. To begin with, the stranglehold of the last cabal had to be breached; this was done by successfully disguising a number of massive financial transactions as something they were not. This ploy permitted the erection of a temporary Trojan horse that has allowed a huge amount of money to flow into the coffers of our Earth allies. This money forms the basis for wiping out the debt of the poor nations of Africa,Asia, and the Americas that was incurred from illegal loans made to them by the so-called developed world.

Another interesting development is the amount of recent positive movement among the European banking community. This is being encouraged by a series of secret rulings by the World Court and other major international legal institutions. This shift toward a new, more moral sense of law is due to the courageous maneuverings of key members of the major secret ruling families of Europe. These precedents promise that the laws to be promulgated after the removal of the dark cabal are to be an ethical about-face! This crying need for a more responsible and truly moral legal framework is coupled to a set of covert agreements between some of our Earth allies in Europe and various political and economic factions. The point here is to emphasize that crucial alliances are being formed which ensure that a sweeping reform of present European political, social, and economic structures be ready to roll. This reform is linked to the necessary removal of the present US regime, which in turn is hooked into a number of situations that are developing in Asia.

Asia is quickly becoming a major theater of operations for our Earth allies. Here, the resources as well as the necessary secrecy for the last steps of this global procedure can be worked out and then applied. Asia has a long history of intrigue, and this has required an extra amount of security surrounding any dealings there. Our Earth allies are currently supplying the necessary expertise. To assist them, we have given these secret operatives a lot of much-needed information about this region. This data, when added to their own, has allowed them to put up the necessary smoke screens to keep key individuals and groups from harm. All this permits a series of international operations to move toward conclusion. The primary ones are various financial projects which include the many prosperity programs. These are now being protected and guarded by the legal and intelligence groups referred to above. Their due diligence is also helping several intra-governmental groups to plan the removal of the rogue US regime.

While these vital momentums proceed, a number of regimes, still controlled by remnants of the dark cabal, are busy recreating the elements that led to your "cold war." The intention is to lock your world once again into a series of potential catastrophes that can permit the dark to assure itself that their infrastructure for controlling and manipulating your reality remains intact. The key elements are fear, chaos and the threat of war. Added to these are contrived medical emergencies like AIDS and the spread of famine. These abysmal conditions are the dark’s bread and butter. It is these artificially-created scourges, amongst others, that can be rooted out by the capabilities of your new reality.  Poverty, war, injustice and pestilence are the four horsemen of the dark. Eliminating them [the four Apocalypse horsemen] removes the power that the dark needs in order to maintain this reality. It is these that feed your inner fear, which in turn is the final measure of the dark’s power over you.

As this last bit of chaos and fear engulfs you, you need to see what is occurring as part of a larger struggle. The dark is desperate. All his tricks, which used to work so well in the past, are becoming ineffectual. Moreover, the drives working toward his downfall and transformation are flourishing. Suddenly the dark must re-evaluate matters that he had staunchly denied until now. The time is rapidly approaching when those who seek his downfall can achieve victory. This troubles him, and yet his haughtiness keeps him from properly assessing this threat. In fact, his arrogance is being used to great advantage by the Light: To the dark, all seems unchanged but beneath the surface he is rapidly loosing the upper hand in a huge struggle. This hidden struggle is now global in scope and despite an enormous handicap is also now receiving the financial, social, and political resources needed for a final victory!

These advances we are describing to you have allowed us to accelerate some of the requirements for First Contact.  First Contact, as we have often noted, creates a definitive watershed for humanity. On one side are your former xenophobic selves; on the other, your new galactic selves. This enormous shift in consciousness is a reality revolution all by itself. Think of it! Your perceptions of yourselves as being unique and alone in the universe pass away in an instant. All of a sudden, the mysteries of this galaxy become comprehensible. With this, a vast revolution within your religious and scientific realms swiftly follows, triggering an urge to explore your realm with new eyes. An explosion of ideas that dwarfs the European Renaissance will sweep through your planet in the blink of an eye. And you are moving at the speed of consciousness into a new world of Light!

Then, you are to be introduced to a literal "starburst" of new technologies to free you from the necessity to exploit Mother Earth for your survival needs. These will give you the capabilities to restore to Mother Earth what you had previously taken from her. These natural resources, such as metals, ores, gemstones, and petroleum, are part of what she needs to maintain herself. Now you have graduated from exploiter to preserver. You become her gentle and wise steward. In this capacity, you can assist her ecosystem, comprising both inner and outer Earth. This transition of yours endows you with a new perception of Creation and a new wisdom of the way physicality operates, preparing you rapidly to assume an even higher role, that of Physical Angel. You are merging into the ranks of the Ascended Masters and reconnecting with your Soul families.

Seen in this light, First Contact becomes more than an exercise in galactic diplomacy. It becomes one of the main instruments needed for your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.  As one of the primary catalysts for this enormous reality shift, we realize how important our role is becoming. First Contact draws closer with each day. Tremendous events are very near to manifesting. A great deal of work and a great deal of detailed planning has gone into this. The current nature of your world requires that a large degree of secrecy be drawn over what is still left to do. What excites us is how all of this is happening. We respect those who have given so much to ensure that you can live in a wholly new reality. However, the greatest appreciation goes to each of you who maintain the Light without the reassurance of knowing fully what is going on around you.

Today we continued our discussion of the progress in your reality.  At this time we can do little more than ask for your continued patience.  Your dedicated focus and your unfaltering acceptance of the Light’s divine agenda are wondrous to behold! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 28th, 200610 Manik, 5 Yaxk’in, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We humbly gather before you again, Dear Souls! We arrive with a great Love to kindly offer you knowledge of what is transpiring among the mindful multitudes of Light vibrations that forge your blessed reality. Harken unto this, Dear Traveler! This realm of yours is now primed for a great revolution in both mind and, most of all, Soul. For millennia, your realm was dominated by a dark energy that twisted your divine connection to your spiritual essence. Presently, this is being remedied by a massive reconstruction instituted by Heaven. As you are being rapidly reconnected, a rising level of awareness lessens the former immense power of the dark. This effect is being accompanied by a series of global procedures designed to make permanent a new, abundant, and more highly conscious reality. All of this is presently underway and preparing to manifest before you. The entire divine undertaking is under the direct supervision of Heaven and her sacred followers residing in the temporal Maya called physicality. We come today to discuss this with you and to bring you Peace and divine good news!

In past messages, we touched on the complex, detailed procedures required to bring all this to fruition. These secret projects are aided by the immense energy shifts happening to you on a physical, mental, emotional and, of course, spiritual level. This operation is planned to manifest when your own inner revolution reaches a critical mass and is timed by Heaven to be accomplished when the outer revolution is very near to completion. Here, we are required to state the dual meaning of our use of the word "completion." First is the completion implied by the first-stage transformation of your present global economic, social, and political systems, which are to move you into a period of abundance, massive technological advances, and global intra-governmental cooperation. This is to be tied into the final playing-out of limited consciousness. The second meaning and highest level of completion involves First Contact, accepting who you truly are, and starting you toward building your own galactic society. Completion thus comes in two linked stages: a finishing-off of this reality, and then its alteration into something new.

Saying all this is one thing; doing it is truly something else! Heaven fully comprehends this saying and has from the start worked diligently with your life contracts to create the desired results. This meant bringing forth those individuals needed to achieve this change; properly educating them in what was technically feasible; and, finally, putting them in a position to carry out their assigned destiny. Persons so chosen became what we call "our Earth allies." At present, they are busy completing a number of tasks whose results can be used to forge a new political, economic, and social order for your global society. This movement is being helped by a newly developing science that is going beyond the age-old belief in logical positivism. Consequently, a new paradigm founded on an acceptance of the power of Spirit and upon the power of the mind is merging with a new ethic, one based on a strict adherence to global and personal responsibilities. These responsibilities have made it necessary to redefine government and the way it relates to the individual. Added to this is a need to institute a global abundance.

This growing mechanism for change is incorporated into a forever-evolving dynamic. Doing this permits the process to adapt itself to any changes in the global web. This communion of people and events results in a moving mass of energy. The crucial point is to move all of this forward toward the prescribed divine goals. This ongoing project contains a nearly infinite set of human variables whose definitions of themselves are inherently changing, and so a great deal of mindful divine intercession is often necessary. This is effected in two main ways: either by way of vivid dreams and conscious inner suggestions to key individuals, or by the use of specific tasks carried out by Galactic Federation liaison teams assigned to this aspect of your consciousness evolution. These teams, along with their divine counterparts, work diligently to keep this entire operation on an even keel. This results in progress that can and will, ultimately, succeed!

This requirement by Heaven to work this massive reality in a specific manner puts a huge amount of stress on the carrying-out of this particular First Contact mission. First Contact is normally a swift procedure, done according to accepted criteria. Like the model presented above, this mission required us to evolve and break free from our previous limits. This demands of us a quite novel approach. We have relished this challenge and learned much about your world as well as our own. Physicality is a strange illusion that possesses many odd twists and turns. It is where Spirit goes to learn new wisdom and express herself in infinite ways. Your reality is just such an example. Our interaction teaches both of us about our potential and, indeed, we are raised up by what we come to know of each other. This divine interaction promises much for our society and yours.

The present concerns of First Contact involve certain necessary governmental as well as economic transformations. These are linked to a number of strategies we have incorporated into the evolving First Contact scenario. During the past decade, vital relationships were forged with many local peoples in the Americas,Africa,Asia, and the Pacific islands. These contacts proved to us that the next step requires the evisceration of the present global UFO cover-up, followed by a massiveContact. Anything less would be open to the standard reactions, which range from an implied fear of invasion to proclaimed assumptions of less-than-benevolent, unknown agendas. Only an enlightening appeasement of these innate fears can give rise to a beneficial and smoothly carried-out First Contact.

First Contact continues to be a situation requiring a number of preconditions. Among these is a groundswell of official approval. Until then, the powers that be on your world can use their control of your major media outlets to limit the possibility that First Contact actually happens. This sorry situation is the main roadblock to finishing up this undertaking. Accordingly, we utilized our best diplomatic and liaison teams to establish timelines and scenarios for us. This work produced the database that we employ to assess the most effective way to complete First Contact. Be aware that all major governments know about our fleet and its galactic mission. Those scientists researching this field who deny our existence are simply expressing official positions given them by their superiors. Soon this farce can at last be put to rest.

We are very grateful that this First Contact mission is reaching a potential moment for completion. Our Earth allies have worked very hard to get all of us to this point. However, some things remain outstanding and we intend that these be done as planned. Around you are a vast sea of ships and a multitude of Earth-based individuals and groups. All of these are in addition to the powerful work of Heaven, which follows the nuances of the Divine Plan and the sacred decrees of Lord Surea. These sacred instruments are leading you to a glorious destiny, which is to transform your present reality into a new, fully conscious one. It is these gathering momentums that make First Contact inevitable! Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious!

Today, we continued our messages about your transforming reality. As always, we ask you to stay focused on your inevitable victory and to be ready to assist your communities when so required. Very soon, we shall all celebrate the coming of a new reality to your realm. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 5th, 20064 Ix, 12 Yaxk’in, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Bakir! We return with more to discuss with you. Much is afoot which guarantees that you are approaching the moment when the longed-for abundance promised you by the Divine can finally be delivered to your door! The rising chaos surrounding theUS regime is indicative of big shifts in the balance of power taking place behind closed doors. Our Earth allies fully anticipated this last minute, desperate scurrying about. The last cabal is seeing some of its most cherished plans for staying in power being dashed. Its members are meeting in secret around the globe trying to come up with some way to escape their increasing obvious fate. Soon, the final pincer movements are to start. Recognizing this, many senior members of this dark cadre are covertly negotiating with us to intervene on their behalf with the Earth allies. They wish at this eleventh hour to "cut a deal" giving them immunity in exchange for handing over the reigns of power which they have stubbornly held on to well past the agreed date.

The incoming power structure contains programs that promise great relief for the multitudes. These include essential regime changes, which are needed to complete First Contact, and abundance and debt-relief procedures designed to swiftly end the wealth monopoly of your secret and once-powerful rulers. These provisions have taken time to establish and now they are near completion. Thus, we call for your patience and ask you to remain within the peaceful and joyous Spirit that traditionally characterizes this time of the year. Many things are happening in many places that promise much for each of you. Draw on your spiritual wealth and exhibit the non-judgment of the great Masters that you honor. Use the example of their wisdom to rise above anger and undue negative thoughts. This moment in your history brings a divinely directed transformation in your reality and has been long in coming. Now, inevitably, it has arrived. This time calls for your due diligence and inherent optimism in order to fall into place as so blessedly envisioned by the Creator.

Remember that this reality shift is a collective procedure that requires everyone to remain confident and able to visualize your magnificent rewards. For our part, we contribute by planning for your richly deserved victory and by preparing our craft and personnel for what is needed to move you from your present world to your abundant new one. This means that our responsibilities do not end with a formal First Contact; this is only the beginning. Much technology is to be transferred and an enormous education project is to get underway. You, as a people, need to be moved to a point where your expanding consciousness can truly blossom. You also need an objective new way of looking at this marvelous living universe that we all live in. All this, as well as preparing you for full consciousness, is a full schedule for our First Contact counselors. The post-contact environment is to introduce you to a plethora of sentient life forms who all share this beautiful galaxy with you. Also, one of the events we intend to sponsor is a guided media tour of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The solar systems of this galaxy run the gamut from ones quite similar to your own to ones that are different in number and size of planets, and types of sun at their core. The sheer beauty of the multicolored dust clouds, nebulas, and star clusters that make up this galaxy adds to this diversity. Everywhere, the glories of conscious creation are evident. One of the things that every exploration fleet enjoys is making detailed studies of these magnificent celestial phenomena, and we wish very much to share this with you so that you can see at first hand how exquisite all of this is. Preparing you to become full galactic citizens means that you need a complete run-down on the composition of this galaxy and the sentient Beings who are your neighbors. So, once the initial formalities of First Contact are over, you are to become acquainted with the many Beings who are ready to receive you in Love and to help you dispel any reservations concerning them that you may have.

As your consciousness grows, it becomes quite natural for you to realize that you are not alone in this galaxy, and that you are being visited and watched over by Beings who have the capability to travel freely throughout the cosmos. You will quickly perceive the evidence of this all around you and, as your awareness as a species expands, you will feel comfortable, if not excited, at being chosen for First Contact. Over a decade ago, we began this mission knowing that this unstoppable growth in your consciousness was reaching a critical mass. This is why we endured the discrediting of our motives by your ruling caciques. We understood that your awakening was soon to put a spoke in their well-laid but malignant plans for your formal imprisonment. Freedom is your destiny and Personal Sovereignty your infallible prize. And no one can keep you from your decreed inheritance!

Knowing this, we began to encourage a movement among you to fully actualize this grand heritage. The result is the content of this series of messages, each one designed to move you closer to accepting the inevitability of your destiny. This destiny has taken not only many millennia to get to this point, but also a great deal of courage and dogged tenacity to manifest. Fully manifested, it will be your divine gift from Lord Surea. Bless eternally the wonders of this awesome dispensation! Heaven turns her grand powers of grace and Love upon you and gives you all a sacred victory over the dark. The first proclamations of this victory, now so close to happening, are to be prosperity, debt annulment, and peace. These will be followed by our formal recognition and our mass arrival on your shores.

The accelerating collapse of your present world structure is happening for a reason: Your world needs to shift. Those who seek personal wealth over global abundance and power at the expense of the common good have unduly held back your society’s natural progress. These secret rulers have run their course and now a new paradigm is imperative. This is why your world is swamped in chaos and your global ecosystems rent by skyrocketing extinctions. On one level your world is dying as she prepares to morph into something wholly different. This transformation is to be boosted by the event of First Contact which brings to a stunning end your too-long quarantine from your spiritual and space families. Thereupon, all efforts can focus on your return to full consciousness. This divine sequence of events is your true destiny.

In this message, we focused our attention on certain facts for a reason. We wish you to see what is happening not only as a series of divinely decreed events but also as a result of what you willed into being. Change happens for a number of reasons, the foremost being that it is the collective Will of a reality’s inhabitants. You "willed" us here as necessary agents of intercession and your collective intent coalesced into the vision that is now unfolding. The impending events are thus your joint responsibility. However, this responsibility does not end with you; it involves us —your galactic family. First Contact is a natural response to what you have put forth. It reflects our respect for your decisions and, like a true family, we come to support you, to embrace you, and to help you through the final stages of your divine metamorphosis.

Today, we honed in on yet another aspect of your ongoing reality and consciousness shift. This shift is to be honored by our First Contact with you. We salute you for your patience, your Love, and above all, for your belief in your victory. All of this promises a most magnificent future for all of you. Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious! Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 12th, 200611 Imix, 19 Yaxk’in, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Greetings! We return with many things to discuss with you! As you know, our Earth allies are busy finishing up final details. These include mainly outstanding paperwork but also a few last matters that require their full attention. It seems that your reality can transform only after huge amounts of piddling details are properly dealt with! Therefore, bear with us, keep your wits about you, and focus on envisioning your impending victory. The dark cabal understands how to stave off its looming defeat, and yet both sides of this face-off know what the inevitable outcome will be. It is important to remember that an immense amount of work has gone into manifesting an end product that is to release you from the wretched slavery that the dark fully intended to impose on you. Now they are being forced to recognize that a new course, which guarantees your freedom, sovereignty, and abundance, is shortly to be unleashed by us. This new reality requires you to be prepared for things that are very unfamiliar to you. And yet they come to you from Heaven.

"The System" Is Falling!  Peace and Prosperity for All!

Our recent activities in support of this cause have been in the main to observe and advise when necessary. The rapport developing between our Earth allies and us is most encouraging and has allowed the uneasiness that marked our initial encounters to fully evaporate. This new era of cooperation permits us to plan a program that includes our participation in the policies that are to be carried out once the present US regime is removed. What we now know is that First Contact is to be a simple yet dramatic moment. Global official announcements are to swiftly end a decades-old cover-up and provide you with a framework that will allow you to accept our pre-First-Contact broadcasts. Thereafter, the initial flyovers of your major cities and other preliminary events can be carried out without misinformed speculation about who and what we are. This is essential for alleviating any potential negativity during our actual mass-landing maneuvers. We intend to carry out this massive proceeding as smoothly and perfectly as divinely possible.  The magnitude and extent of these worldwide landings requires the full cooperation of your major governments. In the beginning, we believed our use of advanced technology to affect a First Contact with the people of this planet made governmental cooperation unnecessary. Since then, we discovered just how important to you, from a mass psychological viewpoint, governmental approval actually is. Your former overloads, the Anunnaki, wielded theploy of governmental authority to great effect. Today, you are deeply in thrall to this control devise. Government is meant to be a divine instrument reflecting the collective will. Safeguarding your sacred unalienable sovereignty and your divine rights confers upon any government its legitimacy, not the other way around! Usurping powers not originally given to them, government took upon itself the role of nurturing the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of you, The People. Out of this back-to-front arrangement arose the UFO cover-up of the late 1940s. Both our Earth allies and we are equally set on putting an end to this silliness and to restoring the proper structure and purpose of your global governments.

Anunnaki Elements of mass control used by the Illuminati:
Discord and War
"The System" Is Falling!  Peace and Prosperity for All!

Completing First Contact is both a simple and a complex task. The unique aspects of this mission taught us much about you as a people and about the very nature of limited consciousness. Your abrupt separation from your spiritual selves left you susceptible to wide varieties of manipulation. This process of management was first applied by the Anunnaki who then, over millennia, taught it to their on-planet chosen ones. This Earth-bound group learnt quickly how to use their Masters’ methods to take control of the many societies set up by the Anunnaki around the world. Discord and war were two essential components of this format for control, as the Anunnaki had learnt the hard way during the first post-Atlantean civilizations that a too-prolonged period of harmony created rebellion against their rule. So now our task is to help you release this divisive programming and return you to your naturally peace-loving natures.  The challenge here is the multiple religions and philosophies that the Anunnaki use to manipulate you. In their hands, these became instruments that fostered regional hatred and stoked perpetual wars and strife. This toxic situation persists today. Now, however, rising consciousness is allowing many to perceive the obvious insanity of this. Among these are our Earth allies. Besides this, they are also aware of the secret histories buried long ago by the Anunnaki. What survived was a series of revealing and enlightening documents available exclusively to the elite and their faithful allies. The children of this power elite who read these texts and learned the rituals associated with them began to hunger for a new world where these could be made public. This knowledge ends all speculation about Creation and your true origins. These texts also enumerate your true inherent powers and fully describe who you really are.  It is this knowledge that we intend to make public. Hidden away in many places of power is the incontrovertible proof of your true identity. These texts fully explain your extraterrestrial origin and tell the saga of how your divine ancestors reached and populated Mother Earth. They further detail your past histories and your glorious destiny. The dark ones dread the power of these revelations and buried this knowledge deep, under stringent lock and key. One of the signs of full acceptance into the higher levels of the dark’s secret hierarchy is the revealing of this arcana. Rumors of these texts and their unique subject matter were circulated by the dark to make their initiates feel special, thus reinforcing loyalty to their depraved crusade. Once you are informed of these basics, you can more readily accept what we need to tell you.

The ring of truth can help you to accept things that now may seem preposterous to you. Your planet is a living entity whom your present global society has continuously raped. Technology and its destructive applications have been used to bring this globe to a point of near extinction. Our Earth allies are aware of this. They are also aware of the huge varieties of secret technology that can quickly bring this unconscionable plunder to an end. They also understand how we fit into this bigger picture. The prime consideration is the interconnectivity of all life everywhere. It is essential that you graduate to a new series of perceptions about yourselves and the universe you share with us, your spiritual and space families. This acceptance paves the way for the completion of your return to full consciousness and the fulfillment of your divine heritage.

Thus, First Contact becomes a great watershed in your consciousness history. Your world is preparing to leap into the new reality we try to prepare you for in our messages. She is now primed for a new vision, one which puts to flight the outworn notions fed to you by the Anunnaki and their minions. This new vision can only take root in you once the old ways are swept aside by the unveiling of the truths long kept hidden from you. This is a core ingredient of our mission. Recounting your true history, backed up by the proof provided by those ancient documents, is to birth a wholly new system of understanding that can become the underpinnings of a new global society. Then, healing Mother Earth and spreading abundance to all can at last set Earth’s humanity free!

Today, we pursued our discussion of your true history and the way it ties into what is now covertly happening in global terms. You are nearing the point where many things can now take place which are to free you and allow a new reality to take hold. Indeed, this is both the best and the worst of times! Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 19th, 20065 Lamat, 6 Mol, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We come again, Dear Ones! Much is happening on your world that is positive! Secretly, the Great War between the dark ones and our Earth allies is reaching a critical stage. The final rounds of this struggle are being played out even as we speak. Many millennia ago, as the Anunnaki started to enforce their strict covenant with their Earth-bound minions, a bright Light of hope descended from the Heavens and deposited itself in the reaches of the former continent of Lemuria. Here in the Pacific, legends and myths grew of humanity’s deliverance in a far-off future time. These were duly transmitted around the globe and, behold, the time for this deliverance now beckons. We arrive with this message to inform you of this and to educate you about what is covertly happening upon your blessed orb. For far too long you have scratched out a living, barely knowing why this was your fate. Now this is to end and your reality transformed by a massive abundance and the beginning of new governance across your world. The way was set by a divine intervention by the holy ones of Heaven!

According to the decrees of Lord Surea, the time came in this present era to bring forth a new way. Part of this sacred way is to be a shower of wealth upon your world. This wealth is to end suffering and despair and bring happiness and fulfillment to all. To do this, a great holy force was unleashed whose purpose is to transform this reality. Applying this sacred edict, our Earth allies began a formal program many decades ago to free you from the dark yoke imposed by the Anunnaki and their many minions. This resolved into a financial and monetary war centered on the ways the dark multiplies its wealth. The idea was to expose these practices to more open scrutiny while simultaneously using these methods to disempower them. Steadily these maneuvers gained momentum as the dark moved more of its wealth from the Americas into the Far East. These transfers were initially carried out in hopes that they would expand the dark’s inner circle of power. Preventing a possible coup from inside America or even Europe was seen as vital by the Anunnaki and their minions’ power councils.

Following the end of WWII, a new financial and monetary system was put into place. Upon this rock was laid the present post-war world. Those who opposed this unjust system worked hard to forge an alternative. This was founded upon the resurgence of Europe and the restoration of a modern traditional distribution of regional power around the planet. In the past two decades, this alternative began to manifest. Then, the post-war system started in the 1940s needed to be reviewed. This opening was the moment that those desiring drastic change had long awaited. A new system was to be discussed and then implemented by those in power. This process began in the early 1990s but was soon waylaid by the Anunnaki’s change of direction. The ensuing struggle between the varying factions was aided by a series of legal maneuvers that laid bare the gross illegitimacy of the entireUS government. The great rock upon which the entire post-war world is based was rapidly crumbling. Chaos was everywhere. The world was in need of a wholly new reality.

Meantime, the Light was calmly moving forward with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual makeover. Mother Earth, likewise, was in the midst of her own transformation. Added to this were our arrival and our First Contact mission. Amid this upheaval, your reality churns on, pretending that nothing is amiss. And nothing could be further from the Truth! Everywhere, the chaos and despair brought on by the inadequacies of this post-war structure are glaringly evident. This brings us to the monumental financial war presently being waged. This secret war has brought many aspects of the financial world to a near standstill, creating a multitude of difficulties, which are passed off as fallout from the global "war on terror." In fact, these problems are produced by the increasing panic of the dark and their power-hungry cohorts. They see their grip slipping inexorably away from them and there appears to be nothing that can be done to stop it.

The dark’s trepidation is the first sign of a strategy that is just beginning to bear fruit; namely, the loosening of their stranglehold on the planet’s financial transactions. This involves terminating and returning to the US Treasury the power of the Federal Reserve. Concurrent with this is the removal of the presentUS regime and the upending of many likeminded allies. This is being done by releasing the first ripples of the abundance funds followed by the means to topple the Federal Reserve along with its string of cronies in the banking world. This provides a legal opening to bring down the present US regime and install a vastly different financial reality. In this new environment, it becomes possible to scrutinize and then re-charter the world’s major corporations and to produce a new economic system. It is high time that you were able to realize fully your "pursuit of happiness."

This rapidly approaching world is built around two intrinsic concepts:
— First, the need to end your struggle for survival, which can permit you all to pursue your inner Joy!
— Second, to return you to your natural responsibilities as guardians of Mother Earth and of the integrity of your society and governments.

This future holds great promise as well as great responsibilities. Our role in fulfilling First Contact is to be your advisers, confidants and teachers. We welcome this opportunity and intend to help you better comprehend what is expected of you by Heaven. Mother Earth plans to accelerate her changes once you reach the point of your own destined metamorphoses. The post-First-Contact world is something you can now barely imagine: a world where strife and want simply vanish! And yet even this is merely the beginning of what lies ahead for you.

Ahead of you is the entire length and breadth of physical Creation. Remember, you are special. And it is for this reason that you need to seriously prepare yourselves for this coming world. You must be ready to handle successfully and to safeguard huge sums of money. Those so chosen have the daunting responsibility of distributing this abundance among their fellows and putting it to work for the greater good. Setting up a new system to monitor government is also your responsibility. Do not take this lightly! Much is expected of you. This includes the now desperate need to redress the damage you have perpetrated upon Mother Earth and to incorporate new technologies to rehabilitate endangered ecosystems. Above all, you need to ensure that everyone benefits fully from the prosperity handed to you by Heaven.

This new world is the steppingstone to your readmission into the vastness of the universe. You and your prodigy are to traverse this great expanse and use your wisdom to assist in the unfolding of Creation. This sacred task is something that we have just begun as well, and we look forward to adding your wisdom to ours. As you carry out this divine mission, you are to explore the incredible power and beauty of the galaxies of this universe, which are like a living tapestry magnificently woven by the Creator. You are to understand how the science of consciousness truly operates, and finally to comprehend that these wonders and the energy that produces them are found within you, and indeed within every conscious aspect of the Creator’s grand plan! Remember, Dear Ones, Together We are indeed Victorious!

Today we added another chapter to your understanding. We sincerely ask you to prepare yourselves for the grand changes that are ready to manifest. This requires an inner serenity and a firm centeredness, which we have described to you in many past messages. Be in your Joy, and be ready to accept the great responsibilities that are shortly to be handed to you. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 26th, 200613 Cib, 14 Mol, 2 Ik
Article taken from:

Selamat Bakir! We come before you once again with more to discuss. The process to bring you your promised prosperity progresses well. Our Earth allies are fully engaged in procedures that must be completed according to guidelines set forth in special documents. These papers guarantee that, once these tasks are completed, your freedom is duly assured. Hence, it is vital that all goes as planned. The dark cabal is at its wit’s end and knows that its demise is close at hand. Our part is to remain as the overall guide and adviser on these matters. A number of pivotal legal and political issues are presently being handled, but as these are of a highly sensitive nature, we can say no more at present. However, we can report that a great financial crisis hangs over your world if these matters are not properly directed to their most desirable conclusion. The urgency of these endeavors has somewhat delayed the deliveries long promised you; nevertheless, it is essential that you be centered and ready to go forward with your own plans once these remaining conditions are amply remedied.

Our own operations concerning First Contact are likewise going forward as planned. It is necessary to garner the support of your major governments in order to ensure that all goes smoothly. Our arrival is to be massive and of global proportions. We wish to have assurances that any possible governmental or military difficulties have been quite resolved. This requirement can avoid unnecessary embarrassment and provides the means for spreading our message as quickly and directly as possible. At the same time, we are keeping our back-up options open and viable. Your world needs to transition from the present dark- and limited-consciousness reality to a new one. This shift is presupposed by Heaven and hence, we have the required dispensations to intervene if necessary. Our desire is to affect the primary scenario agreed to by all responsible parties. We mention the dispensation to intervene merely to assure you of our dedication to the completing of this First Contact mission with you as soon as divinely possible.

We look upon the efforts of our Earth allies as part of a means to free you from the fears and wants of limited consciousness. All societies pass through a transitional phase that can actually be quite perilous. Our duty is to move you safely through this period and allow the playing out of whatever lessons need to be imparted. This is what we are currently doing. And it has necessitated our permitting various things to occur that we would rather have kept from you. Yet, you needed these particular events to be registered on your consciousness for future reference. This done, we are now preparing to usher you into the next stage of your rising awareness. Each stage permits a greater number of people to awaken from their amnesia and become aware of what is truly happening on this world. This progressive education project is preparing your population for what lies ahead. After all, you are nearly at a point where many massive revelations concerning your most deeply-held perceptions are to be proclaimed. These declarations are to end the many lies and innuendos that have long held you in check.

The raising of consciousness is a difficult task for the unwary: It requires moving beyond many beliefs held with deep conviction and supposedly historically based. This can be painful and often leads to conflict. To minimize these pitfalls we have enlisted your Ascended Masters to be mediators in possible conflict situations. Their mission is to smooth over these rough patches and permit your populace to grow toward the Truth which has been long hidden or twisted by your former overlords, the Anunnaki. We expect this situation to flower once the proclamations concerning your true history are made after the formal First Contact begins. Remember that such a shift in consciousness normally takes place over a much longer period than this. The reason for this foreshortened time span is that the dark overstayed their welcome and must now be dealt with more rapidly. This requirement makes this First Contact unique and promises an equally unique conclusion.

Because of these circumstances, we studied a variety of mission options and their respective outcomes. This exercise permitted us to choose the ones most conducive to your success and to guide you toward them. Around a hundred years ago you began to move toward the petrochemical solution to your energy needs. On most worlds, the dangers of this path are discovered and acted upon before a global disaster threatens that world’s existence. In your case, not only did this understanding elude you, but also you actively discouraged reasonable alternatives and allowed your corporate cabals to run roughshod over you. Now, a danger point is fast approaching. Mother Earth does not welcome this and we have had to directly intervene. As a result of what is to occur, you are to be moved away from this looming cataclysm. Your penchant for disaster is to be reversed by the events surrounding First Contact.

An expansion in consciousness often requires qualified supervision and can quickly become quite intricate. As mentioned above, one of the challenges is allowing distasteful events to occur as part of the learning process. Each stage has its bumps and aberrations. Moreover, large sections of the global population remain "asleep," and it is your task as an overseer to awaken them in the right divine order. This volatile mix of operations means that the flow of the procedure can become quite turbulent. This adds to the confusion as well as the joy of those who must adjust the flow. Our Galactic Federation counselors and psychic physicians are finding these "jobs" quite interesting. Many of you are indulging in errors of belief that are illogical and often absurd and need to receive intimations on how to adjust them.

The mass psychological profile we are compiling on you is quite riveting to us. We are learning so much about how limited-consciousness humans react to the call of change and to the situations thrown up by that change. Our studies help us comprehend the limitations blocking your mental and emotional abilities and how this potential is affected by your environment. The data we compiled was of considerable use in assisting the many former star nations of the Anchara Alliance to adapt to the new rules and conditions that come with membership in the Galactic Federation. These studies also made it possible to formulate a new methodology to evaluate each of you. This maximizes our ability to be of assistance to you during your upcoming mental, emotional, and physical metamorphoses.

First Contact is an ongoing operation that is approaching its point of completion. Throughout this time, we have continuously learned about you and your reality. As the moment for our meeting draws near, we want you to know how much we appreciate what you are going though. Those who study you at close quarters by living among you are especially impressed: Just think of what you daily have to tolerate in order to simply live on your world! The variety of obstacles and challenges that you encounter are a true test of your resourcefulness and your ability to adapt creatively to stumbling blocks. This struggle toward full consciousness does not have much longer to go. The time for celebrating the transformation of your reality will be a time of rejoicing for all of us. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we have gone over what is happening on your world. The struggles you daily face is coming to an end. Soon you can welcome our arrival and the start of a new phase of your existence. This new reality is to be filled with prosperity and is to be a time to prepare to become galactic citizens! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

World Debt Annulment to Be Applied to Over 168 Nations and to Each Individual

Tuesday January 2th, 20077 Akbal, 1 Chen, 2 Ik
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return at this auspicious time with more to discuss with you. Each day our Earth allies draw closer to their goal and the last few remaining obstacles are now being overcome. This struggle with the dark has demonstrated just how diabolical and untrustworthy this last cabal can be. Completing the final tasks has proved in many ways to be one of the more difficult things that our Earth allies have done. We constantly remind them that this last big push is removing nearly 13 millennia of darkness and thus cannot be expected to be easy. Now, their steadfastness and faith are destined to pay immense dividends for themselves as well as for each and every one of you. We applaud them in the knowledge that this inevitable victory is indeed near. Our fleet personnel daily watch the growth of the panic that grips the dark’s cohorts; they fully realize the implications of their approaching defeat and have hugely increased the number of last-ditch obstructions. But they know full well that these can only slightly delay the inevitable. Your future is to be a brilliant one and it is unstoppable.

The goal of this struggle is to wind up as well as to transform your present reality. This goes far beyond fiscal and economic aspects; it involves your graduation into freedom and personal sovereignty. This fact alone changes the way your reality is constructed. Once you are fully recognized as free and possessing innate sovereignty, the present global reality is immediately invalidated. The premise of the dark has always been that you are mere chattel, a form of goods and services that the "powers that be" can trade about as they see fit. This sort of nonsense doesn’t "wash" with one who is sovereign. Such a one is free from any such encumbrances and entitled to be treated as an equal among equals. This means that the vast secret resources of your ruling elite would have to be shared with you, including the governance of this reality. This prospect is anathema to the dark cabal, which has instituted as many draconian restrictions on the global movement of money and wealth as possible (wealth being the foundation of worldly power).

Fully appreciating this premise, our Earth allies proceeded to focus on the logistics of the abundance programs and the creation of a new international financial and banking system. This system now has full legitimacy conferred by the major international legal organizations of your world. This then led to the necessary procedural approval of the world’s leading financial institutions. Naturally this double whammy provoked the dark ones to turn on the screws as tightly as possible. Yet, despite their best efforts, this attempt to stall the inevitable is a complete bust. Slowly but surely the ways of the Light are gaining the ascendancy. World debt annulment is to apply to over 168 nations and to each individual. The tyranny of the dark’s fractional banking system is to be terminated and the outrageous "profits" appropriated by these banks redistributed among its multitude of victims. And this is just the beginning. Corporations, currently operating as special partnerships lacking the quality of "fictionalized individuals," are to be re-chartered, and Common Law is once again the predominant rule of the land.

This make over of your reality ends the supreme authority usurped by your secret rulers. Their forced abdication brings all of you into a position of immense responsibility. You are now to be wealthy and debt-free, but you still need to change the way you look at money and, above all, how you view yourself. The end of the rule of the secret elite brings much into question. For example, how you regard and care for one another. A true ecumenical blueprint needs to be put into effect worldwide. People and nations need to learn to respect each other and share the resources of this world. This test, among many, is why First Contact is to be slightly delayed. Heaven wants to see how you treat one another and how you use your innate talents to solve your numerous collective problems. Heaven also wishes to see how you initially react to our formally announced existence. First Contact requires that you openly express your sincere desire for us to come forth.

Regardless of how these tests pan out, First Contact remains a high priority on Heaven’s agenda. Our coming is part of the divine plan’s program for guiding you back into full consciousness. After the various dark regimes on your world are removed, it is necessary to introduce technologies and teachers who can quickly move you along. Your populace is saturated in ignorance promoted by the long period of amnesia that arose from your fall into limited consciousness. As you expand your awareness, you reach stages where you need a degree of formal hands-on guidance. This form of counseling comes most effectively from those who best understand you and where you are going spiritually. Heaven graciously charged us with this mission at the start of our First Contact operation. We have trained for this and await our formal entry into your reality at the point of time selected for us by Heaven.

First Contact is to us a most special moment. Long ago, the Atlanteans lost their way and separated you from who you really are. This soul experiment sent you on a terrible journey that is now coming to a conclusion. Our part was to monitor you, help where necessary, and intervene when you were ready to return to your former natural glory. It is this last part that we have continually emphasized in these messages. Our arrival, along with the re-emergence of your sister society of Inner Earth, is the means for completing this most challenging of journeys. Our point is this: We have long intended to celebrate this denouement with you, and so we welcome what is now happening on your world. The ending of this long dark episode cannot come too soon. Our fleet remains poised to intervene and begin your glorious new day!

Your coming moments are to be filled with possibilities, which are to end in success. Our Earth allies can and will succeed. Their ongoing operations are near completion and so it is essential for you to remain focused on your success. All that now truly remains is the magical moment when it all actually happens. Concentrate not so much on the timing of this moment as on its success, for it will happen in its own divine time. And yet, it is important to "feel" that it is already happening. The secret to creation is to live the event; it then manifests, because the spiritual path for the event has been set forth, in faith, by each of you. The Ascended Masters have oft expounded on this technique to those who would listen. Here, we too would like to remind you once again that our arrival is a given; all that is needed is for you to spiritually grease the way!

The new reality, which lies on the other side of your current dilemmas, is a golden one. It is a time when you come together again to form a collective oneness founded on mutual freedom and personal sovereignty. It is to be a world wholly dissimilar to this present one. This brings us to a familiar theme we harp on for a reason: You need to be very clear about the necessity for a hugely different set of prime perceptions to be introduced and employed as the governing principles of your realm. This involves each of you in considerable soul searching. Novel concepts and unfamiliar ways and attitudes need to swiftly become normal for you, and this must be accomplished alongside the upcoming integration of a vast abundance and proclaimed freedom and sovereignty for all. We know you can do this and emerge triumphant! By the time of our arrival, you can set some astonishing and creative new precedents. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we focused on some salient aspects of the upcoming changes. We ask, as always, that you remain centered and prepared for your victory. We, too, are ready for the grand celebration that marks our arrival. Soon, all of this can divinely fall into place, and the veil that still separates us finally be lifted. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones, know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 9th, 200713 Muluc, 17 Chen, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come again, Dear Hearts, with more heartening things to tell you! The operation to transform your world gathers pace. The final stages of this clandestine undertaking involve a series of essential negotiations which are bringing a long overdue resolution to your dying reality. This last bit of putting-everything-into-place is destined to lead to the disbursement of the prosperity funds, the affirming of global debt forgiveness, and major regime changes in America,Europe,Africa,Australia and Asia. The result is to be a new world, one that formally declares its commitment to world peace, universal prosperity and global cooperation. In this new environment, programs for transforming the present dangers of global warming, pollution and disease can be started on a massive scale. Also, an essential education drive concerning the great consciousness shift can be fully explained and expounded upon by experts in this field. This clarification of the planet’s spiritual status quo in conjunction with a series of peace conferences is central to bringing the world’s myriad conflicts to a timely conclusion.

This new world is swiftly taking shape. Most of the negotiations and in-depth logistical discussions on forging this new reality are over. The new reality puts America on an even footing with Europe and the leading countries of Asia. This group is to possess the initial hard currencies to be used for trading goods and services throughout the globe. Below them come the remaining nation states. Next, the major regional unions in Asia,Africa,Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific are to become more closely linked to the United Nations. The result is a multi-tiered system designed to encourage cooperation, peace, and cultural reciprocity. Each nation has a firm responsibility to provide its citizens with prosperity, food, shelter, clothing, health care, and a sustainable, pollution-free environment. But above all, each nation is charged with protecting the freedom and personal sovereignty of each citizen. In turn, each citizen is obligated to seek the highest level of education concerning these rights and to honor a life-long commitment to be effective watchdogs for these God-given rights.

The United Nations and a number of major organizations dealing with the world’s financial community are to be restructured to enable them to carry out new missions. The UN is to be given the teeth necessary for transforming this globe into a truly peaceful community of nations. The critical key to this is the Security Council, the Secretariat, and the various independent agencies called for in the UN Charter. The UN is to become a moderator and a prototypical model for change, which means that a drastic redesigning is required. As yet, we cannot reveal details of this, as this overhaul is to be announced after the global regime changes are firmly in place. What we can say here is that the UN is to offload a vast baggage of personnel that has hindered its mission and is to streamline how it carries out its new mandate. This new world is to be very different from the one you know, and its operation and even appearance will seem strange at first. Nonetheless, this unprecedented comity of nations will produce the policies that foster global peace and global prosperity.

Another prime issue is environmental sustainability and the protection and enhancement of Mother Earth’s multiple ecosystems. As these projects are a global endeavor, the new system of nation states is a vital ingredient. The pollution created byChina and India is as dire as that of the Americas. Formal global policies need to be applied at once, and many long-suppressedfree-energy technologies put into massive production and swiftly put to use. These simple measures can clean up lakes and waterways and bring back life to the arid regions of the planet. These withheld technologies can also restore the oceans to health and alleviate the disaster-in-the-making created by global warming. In this way, you can at last honor and show your love for Mother Earth, the beautiful and fragile living entity that is your home.

Mother Earth is currently in a slow transition mode. She knows she must restrain the changes that she longs to begin. Her ecosystems are under grave threat from the rising industrialization of the third world and from the failure of America to rein in its main polluters in the energy and transportation sectors. This contributes to the growing crisis on land and in the planetary atmosphere. The looming specter of global extinctions has reached the oceans, warning of the possibility that the original source of life on Earth could become barren. Draconian measures of global reach are urgent and compulsory here, as the life energy of the oceans is a necessary component for maintaining life on land. Indeed, all ecospheres are interdependent and intermeshed, forming a greater whole, which sustains Mother Earth and permits her to evolve.

Mother Earth evolves her many environments by bringing forth new life, new species and new energy according to a rhythm of cycles. She is a living entity who works tirelessly to provide for her children. Each of her eco-environments supports its sister environment, and your role is to monitor these relationships and help them along. Sadly, you have unthinkingly laid waste to much of her surface and air. Now, however, your blossoming wisdom and rising consciousness have kicked in to make you aware of this and to give you the means to redress your previous activities. The next step is to jumpstart the policies agreed upon by our Earth allies as soon as the cabal-backed regimes are evicted from power.

This First Contact mission is a natural response to the changes you are accomplishing on your planet. The subject matters we outline in our messages are either already realized or at least well underway. As a result of this, we can now dovetail our contributions with your own plans and help to expand them. We see ourselves as partners with you in this time of change rather than teachers. We want to walk by your side as you awaken to your divine potential. It is our wish that you take this awesome inheritance and fully realize it. Furthermore, the sacred orb that you call your home is a most special soul, and we are entrusted with the honor of helping you prepare her for her next leap in consciousness. And so we come bearing the means to wrap up this odyssey and start off with you on another more joyous one which is to take you to the very centers of Creation!

From our off-world perspective, we watch with great anticipation the swiftly mounting momentum on your world that heralds the imminent arrival of the great shift. Each day moves it closer to the brink. Each of you is progressing well toward the state of full consciousness. Some fine, albeit inconspicuous, examples of this are being demonstrated by our Earth allies’ resolute progress toward their objectives. Meanwhile, the intransigence of your last dark cabal continues. And as we watch this final match pan out, it is clear that the work of the Divine is to teach, guide and gather wisdom for its diverse offspring. We ponder over the mighty struggle taking place on your world and rejoice at the now-obvious turnaround that is to bring Earth humans such an auspicious victory! The ring of destiny is slipping from the grasp of the dark cabal to yours, my Friends, as surely and swiftly as dawn follows night.

Today, we expanded upon the events of the day. We ask you to be focused and confident in the knowledge that your victory is both inevitable and close at hand. It behooves each of you to prepare thoughtfully for your prosperity and for our arrival. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 16th, 20077 Cib, 14 Chen, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you, Dear Hearts, with more interesting things to tell you! The great battle of words and deeds between the Light and the last dark cabal is reaching the final stage. For decades, the legions of the Light have covertly contested the dark for dominion of this reality. Now, the winner of this monumental power struggle is evident: On a number of fronts –legal, political, and financial– the dark is in retreat and facing the fact that its Waterloo is upon it. The US administration is unable to plug the innumerable leaks in the dam of its power structure, indicating the dark’s self-made, imminent collapse. No one person or group can forever stave off history, and this period in history is preordained: It is the time when the Light is divinely scheduled to resume her supremacy over your reality. Likewise, you are close to the moment when you are, once more, to take up the mantle of divine guardianship of Mother Earth and this solar system. Your inner-Earth family eagerly awaits your inauguration to your rightful standing.

The coming times will see an end to the chaos that presently engulfs you. Around the globe, the traditional forms of governance are under great stress, as are the outworn economic and financial structures. This widespread dysfunction testifies to the profound changes that are imminent. Stealthily, a New Age of universal abundance is sneaking up to surround you. It becomes more obvious by the day that your present world is an increasingly unacceptable reflection of who you are becoming, and thus a massive transformation is mandatory. To this end, our Earth allies chose life paths that incorporated these great changes as their deepest desires. They understand the immense consequence of their collective task and how crucial their success is to your divine future. They have taken incredible risks to ensure that this grand future was indeed manifested as planned by Heaven. This mission was then much reinforced by our mass arrival in your solar system. In short, the dark ones are facing a final reckoning which is forcing them to relinquish their control over you.

The end of the rule of the dark is to be formally celebrated by our public arrival on your shores, and this time is getting near. We know that the final spasms of this struggle with the dark seem unduly drawn out, and this is both discouraging and frustrating for you. We truly understand your point of view and our many covert visitors, undercover in your various societies for decades, daily report back to us on your difficulties. Some of you are in more distressing situations than others, but in all cases, it is hard to live on such a divided and troubled world. All of you must witness the machinations of the powerful which daily act to compound your hardships. Our ambassadors and liaison personnel want you to know of their concern for you and of their assiduous efforts on your behalf. Also, our medical teams wish you to know that your transformation is progressing most satisfactorily, as is Mother Earth’s. All in all, a game plan for rapid change is beginning to make itself known. The times, Dear Ones, "they are a-changing."

First Contact arrangements are coming along well. The many negotiations with our Earth allies and sundry governments are now completed. These talks laid the foundations for your transitional world in which a number of amazing things are to happen. We touched upon some of these in the last few messages, so now let us add some more details. Your world is caught between two storm systems: On the one hand is the issue of global warming, caused by your thoughtless despoiling of Mother Earth’s land, air, and water. On the other are the effects of the general shift of your solar system toward a new, fully conscious reality. At its present level of understanding, your science cannot fathom the relationship between these two factors. As all is connected, ignoring one leads to a blighted comprehension of the other. In effect, the appearance of pollution on a grand scale is a sign to a living solar system that change is literally "in the air."

When a limited consciousness society begins the process of industrialization, it usually does so with no thought for the environment. Within mere decades, the resulting deterioration in the biosphere triggers subtle changes in the planet’s demeanor. This alerts the other planets and the Sun that a period of big change lies ahead. A symbiotic relationship then ensues between the growing levels of pollution and some astonishing alterations in your solar system. By means of the living web of consciousness, all living organisms respond to a changing ecosystem. The Sun thus began a series of adjustments that recently became continuous hyperactivity, and this huge outpouring of solar energy, in turn, caused a hyper-reaction among the various planets. A natural concomitant to all this was the mass extinction of myriad plants and animals on Earth. And so, Earth’s global warming was setting up the process for the transformation of the entire solar system.

The planet is exhibiting the sudden changes associated with the cusp between major geological ages. In fact, this is not far from the truth. Huge changes in surface configuration are to take place during your leave of absence to complete your metamorphosis. Before then, your clean up of your home world will signal that the great shift is to happen. This symbiotic relationship between industrial pollution and the huge shift in your reality has been mirrored on other worlds in this and other galaxies. Our scientists are both happy and sad to see it occurring here once again. A while back, it was our desire to complete this shift in a much gentler manner. But the nature of the dark and the extent of its power over you eventually caused us to accede to the present divine tactics. And now, the long-awaited events are ready to manifest.

This year is to be a momentous one! Many wonderful things are taking shape that promises a quick end to the dark and its villainous last cabal. Your role is to embrace this change and do whatever is needed to push it to completion. Our role is to assist by employing our abilities to accelerate much-needed change. Remember, big change happens abruptly; this could mean anywhere from a matter of days to a few years. But regardless of how things pan out, it is crucial for you to remain focused and not to give in to impatience. Much is happening in Europe,Asia, and the Americas that promises a speedy resolution of these matters. In any event, know that change accompanied by a great shift is on your horizon. Our fleet keeps careful tabs on all aspects of this mission and, with the advice of Heaven and Lord Surea, acts in a steadfast and appropriate manner.

As we have said repeatedly, First Contact is a complex business and, in your case, is unique in many respects. It is not often that we deem such a protracted operation to be acceptable, and our forbearance was largely due to the behest of Heaven. You are a special group and, thus, special measures were in order. Now you are ready to "pop," and a new reality is soon to be your lot! Then, finally, the many mysteries about life and Heaven that you long to unravel are to be made known. Moreover, a whole heap of facts that have not even occurred to you are to be imparted to you. A large quantity of galactic humanity, far beyond your widest sci-fi tales, are about to become your friends, colleagues, and above all, family! We greatly look forward to the moment when we can finally meet you and celebrate our grand reunion.

Today, we further discussed the events of the day. We ask you, as always, to remain patient. We ask you, as well, to prepare yourselves for what is likely to be imminent. Great changes are afoot! Be ready to respond in an appropriate and mature manner to what is preparing to happen. We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 23th, 20071 Akbal, 1 Yax, 2 Ik
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Greetings! We arrive, Dear Hearts, with more to say about what is happening in your reality! Relentlessly, our Earth allies are forging ahead, overcoming the obstacles thrown up by Earth’s last dark cabal. Across the planet, drastic transformation is taking place and change is everywhere in the air. Yet, somehow, these changes seem to you to be elusive. But if you dig beneath surface appearances, you would quickly discover evidence of just how close this divinely prescribed change is to happening. All of this is under the aegis of the Divine, and hence, certain things must be met to guarantee all goes according to plan. Two central requirements are the release of America from its present bondage and the disbursement of the abundance programs, the latter to be accomplished without noticeable hitches. Meticulous attention to the details of the plan is paramount and must be taken seriously. We fully understand your ongoing anxiety and want to inform you that these uncertain and seemingly interminable times are indeed to pass!

Each day our fleet receives notices that confirm that your prosperity is truly close. A vast dark conspiracy is working hard and long to foil these programs, and yet all its Machiavellian stratagems are coming to naught. Our Earth allies are equipped with a series of their own strategies that they implement according to fluctuating requirements. The effectiveness of this game plan is creating a gnashing of teeth in the inner councils of the dark. We intend, for the time being, to keep up our backroom support of our Earth allies and to slide into a more dynamic role in the very near future. Our purpose remains First Contact. First Contact can only happen once the dark’s stranglehold over your world’s mainstream media and associated governments is largely dismantled. To ascertain the degree of control we need to overcome, we recently carried out a few experiments: In the past months, we placed our craft for brief periods out in plain sight in various places around the planet such as China,America, and Brazil. These tests confirmed our suspicions: A means to unravel the UFO cover-up is still essential.

Our many diplomatic and liaison teams are moving our Earth allies closer to victory. We are still convinced their overthrow of the current American regime and its many global allies is a necessary first step to preparing you for First Contact. To most of you, the prospect of actual Contact with us is somewhat shocking. A lot of education on our part is needed to clear up the foolish stereotypes deeply imprinted upon you. On the bright side, deep within you lie positive memories of your space family. These need to be brought to the fore. Before this can happen, the negative impressions left by your xenophobic religions and the confusion created by myopic sciences are to be publicly challenged by us. We intend to set the story straight regarding your true origins and the philosophies guiding us. Many of you will at first be skeptical, even doubtful about our motives; nonetheless, we believe your common sense will sort out the wheat from the chaff and see you through the deluge of denunciations the dark’s many champions are throwing at you! Moreover, the Light has a truly divine trump card up its sleeve: the Earth’s many and renowned Ascended Masters.

The prime goal of this mission is, first, your growth in consciousness and, second, your acceptance of the fact you are one of many sentient human societies in this vast galaxy. Moreover, you are merely one of many types of sentient being that inhabit a very well populated and most stunningly beautiful galaxy. As you begin your travels among the stars, you will soon realize how wondrous is the Divine’s physical creation. The swift expansion of your mind will demand a corresponding connection on all levels with your fellow galactic citizens. Rejoining your space family is a desire that lies deep in your soul and is a natural part of exploring this galaxy. While you moved through your recent divine experiences in limited consciousness, Mother Earth’s role was to protect and nourish you. Now the time arrives for you to reward her and to prepare for the next phase of your collective journey. Now you are to leave this earthly womb and link up with us, your space family, and this includes the reunion with the peoples of inner Earth.

Your reunion with inner Earth is important to your next stage of development. As you shrug off the orthodoxy shaping you, you need an intermediary, which can assist you to accept the new. This is where your fellows in inner Earth come in. They can provide the open and loving "space" you need during the next step of your move into higher consciousness. The heart energy from inner Earth permits a recognition, a memory, from deep within you of the new Truths and their implications. You can begin to explore the worlds of consciousness and learn how the Divine functions in this realm called physicality. To perceive the awe and beauty of Creation often requires a special mindset, and your next step will move you rapidly toward things you presently can barely imagine. What is happening now is a means to get you there. First Contact is, above all, a marvelous device used by the Divine to "supply the provisions" for the next part of your journey.

We realize that our presence here may confuse some of you. Some 13 millennia ago you were abruptly plunged into a savage environment that propelled you to come up with a new frame of reference in order to survive. Thus was born your present bleak and fearful mentality that seems to suit the daily survival requirements for life here on Mother Earth. This dire survival mode has prevailed here since the fall of Atlantis. Since then, many scenarios were set in motion by Heaven and these began the great consciousness shift that you are now going through. One of these scenarios is our arrival here. However, the amount of expansion that this mission has undergone since its inception over a decade ago is astounding. This ongoing elaboration of our mission is due in part to our interaction with you and in part to our own discoveries.

The Universe can be unpredictable, and your First Contact is a good case in point. As a people, you are important to your planet and to this galaxy and our part is to watch over you and prepare for our divine intervention in your affairs. As noted earlier, this moment is not far off. Your global society is reaching a point of decision whether to continue as before, or to break away onto a wholly new path. Our surveys of your inner thoughts and desires show us that you truly wish for a departure from what is tried and known. This also implies that you are getting ready for what we have to offer. Even so, the present circumstances contain a very small window of opportunity for you to execute this new path. Hence, our arrival is critical to your success.

Knowing this, we stepped up all contingency plans and informed our fleet that our main job is to ensure that you succeed in what you truly wish to do. This means there are many alternative ways to use our technology to nudge your world into acceptance of First Contact. We dearly wish to follow the path of least resistance, but if this is not possible, we are prepared to intervene in a much more dramatic fashion. We say this to let you know that we are determined to complete this mission as soon as possible. We have often had to make adjustments to carry out this operation in the simplest manner possible. This is how we got to this present game plan, and we continue to reserve the right to further modify or abandon the current scenario. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is playing out on your world. We intend that all that is now ready to happen can happen and happen now! Yet we have also advised you that it continues to be a work in flux. Thus it is vital that you remain focused and ready to act on our behalf when this magic moment suddenly materializes before you! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 30th, 20078 Oc, 8 Yax, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We welcome you, Dear Hearts, to another message about the shifting reality that surrounds you. At present, our Earth allies are finishing the necessary final security checks before their long-awaited fiscal, governmental, and political changes can be formally unveiled. These programs will transform the myriad regulations that daily affect your quality of life. The foremost of these are the monetary and fiscal alterations to the American dollar. Currently, as you know, the value of the dollar is falling rapidly. The actions of the presentUS regime are adversely affecting the concept and creation of a new global monetary system and this makes it imperative to put this administration out of its misery as soon as possible. For example, the present policies of both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are swiftly eroding what little confidence is left in the dollar as a leading global currency. The quickly dwindling respect for the dollar is likely to entail a variety of possible events that could precipitate a disastrous free-fall situation.

The decline of the dollar in the past few years reflects the US regime’s foreign policies which are responsible for making America one of the most hated governments on the planet. This massive loss of respect for America and what she stands for is something the next US regime needs to address. But first, this next regime will need to recognize the amount of damage done and adopt policies that focus on repairing America‘s tarnished image. Our Earth allies see America as a shining beacon of freedom and democracy that was sold down the river by the foreign policy goals of this administration. Reversing this imperialism and restoring America to her more traditional role is paramount. Then America and her global partners can bring into being the new world envisioned by our Earth allies, a world with a flourishing and abundant economy that swiftly puts into effect multiple programs to transform the poverty, hatred, and ignorance that held your global populace in the thrall of this limited reality for the past 13 millennia. In a setting of freedom and prosperity, First Contact can take place quite smoothly and quickly.

The programs to go into immediate effect not only end global privation by means of comprehensive national and personal debt annulment, but also set the stage for an unprecedented degree of support for all formally indebted nations in the areas of education, pollution abatement, and job creation. All the peoples of the world must feel prosperous, supported and validated as nations and individuals. The increasingly competitive and divisive social engineering of the last decades has wreaked havoc on communities in general, and this is just now being seriously challenged by a conscious need for connectedness, a by-product of the electronic communication age you live in. Everybody needs to feel appreciated and to know that they contribute meaningfully to their world. A sense of belonging also lies at the root of healthy local community, and this in turn provides the cornerstone of a healthy global community. It is your society’s all-pervasive alienation that our Earth allies next intend to address once the regime changes and prosperity programs are accomplished.

The first gains from this reversal of direction in human affairs are to be a burgeoning of mutual acceptance and appreciation for one another. Social alienation and its attendant fear and distrust of "enemies" or "oppressors" will be put to flight. Local communities are to become self-sufficient and self-regulating, and able to solve any internal problems. Only then can these capabilities truly function at national and global levels. The result will be a cohesive foundation upon which the distance-bridging effects of the World Wide Web can really go to work. This escalation of coming together globally is to receive a further boost with the technology we will bring which is to take things to the next level; namely, telepathic communication. This enables you to commune with each other without verbal barriers and feel his or her emotional, mental, and spiritual essence. Think of how this redefines your knowing of your self, your fellows, and your world! This explosion of connectedness is merely a foretaste of the joys of full consciousness.

Your present "un-civilization" is to be morphed into one that radiates harmony and joy, and sees a mushrooming of opportunity and exploration in all areas. Human civilization is being returned to the heights seen in Lemuria, and this is where First Contact comes in, as this is to be our first goal. At present, only the peoples of inner Earth enjoy this state of Being. The preparatory steps are well underway (albeit covertly) by the spiritual forces of Mother Earth. She is being assisted in this by the heartfelt desires of the inner-Earth peoples and the magnificent projects of our Earth allies. Your contribution is to be aware of these divine momentums and to use your own energies to promote this growing awareness in your lives. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation for what you are doing. It is quite a challenge to act on faith for such a duration as this has turned out to be. Your only confirmation of this process has been these messages and the things you glean from the confusion of the Internet and a few trusted sources. But be assured that wonderful events are ready to happen and that this night is about to end.

In this lifetime, you are to reap the rewards of your labors in the fields of consciousness. However, your world has reached a point where it can no longer stave off the vast systemic collapse that has been brewing for the past 250 years. Your social and economic systems and the environment have arrived at a breaking point. Either widespread populous uprisings or a massive intervention by your spiritual and space family is now unavoidable in order to avert disaster. The Divine Plan for this branch of humanity is to fully reopen your connection to your True Self (your I Am Presence), not to be obliterated in a cataclysm. This is the goal behind Heaven’s and our present undertakings on this planet, and this operation is in its last stages. You are to be restored to your true status and to learn conclusively that you are not alone!

A by-the-book First Contact mission was never an option in your case. Your circumstances are unique and continue to set precedents each day. This means that how First Contact finally goes down remains fluid. Meanwhile, the amount of energy expended by the last cabal to keep our presence under wraps astounds us! It is clear to anyone beginning to delve into the subject of Contact that we are real, and that visitations to your lower atmosphere are a common occurrence. And yet, no subject is treated with such derision and ambiguity by your officialdom as our obviously benign presence. Silly explanations are put forth for sightings that are too widespread to be ignored and the result is that our presence is shrouded in mystery and improbability.

The transformation of your reality is unstoppable and is proclaimed by the Divine to manifest overtly in your very near future. Remember that all is connected: In this instance, the mounting chaos being stoked around your planet is a direct response on the part of the dark cabal to the many covert operations that are to set you free, once and for all, and return you to your former selves. The moment of full public disclosure of many things approaches swiftly, and among them is reunion with your spiritual and space families, an indispensable step toward your return to full consciousness. In short, your lives are about to take flight!

Today, we expanded further upon the events and objectives behind what our Earth allies and we are involved in. A new reality and First Contact are fast approaching. We are very happy that this long earthly nightmare is at last coming to an abrupt end. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 6th, 20072 Caban, 15 Yax, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We return, Dear Hearts, with more to tell you about First Contact. This First Contact mission with you has changed considerably from its initial conception. But the prime objectives remain unchanged; namely, your reunion with your spiritual and space families and the restoration of you and your world to full consciousness. To this end, formal interaction both with your governments and with the Earth allies has been underway for over a decade. During this time, we developed a clearer understanding of how your world operates and what is required to bring it into alignment with the Divine Plan. In recent months, the Earth allies’ projects to complete deliveries of the Prosperity Programs and redress the present injustices of your international banking and financial systems have run into a few snags. However, these last-minute hitches are now being expedited and some form of compensation for these many grievances now seems imminent. In short, we look forward to a sequence of long-awaited actions that will be followed swiftly by a series of unprecedented and startling announcements.

Our vast fleet and its personnel, sitting above you and twinkling brightly in your night skies, are here to back up this process. We greatly anticipate the conclusion of these covert struggles and the formal announcement of our presence among you. To hasten this moment, we set a number of conditions tied to a master timetable. The moment arrives for your hardscrabble lives to change to ones of prosperity and joy! Those who have long oppressed you now realize that their dark machinations are doomed to failure and, to drive this point home to them, we have engaged in a number of daytime aerial operations to show ourselves to the public. This also shows that we intend to keep to the schedule laid down at the start of this galactic year. Currently, a huge project that is to reorganize the way transnational conglomerates are to be dealt with is coming to completion. This includes banking and financial corporations. Corporation law, as set up in the last 200 years, is to be overturned and replaced by socially and environmentally responsible guidelines. The resulting new enterprises will be anchors for the new global economy.

We have talked about all this before and today we want to give you a little more detail. The very first step is the distribution of the Prosperity Programs. This is tied in with a succession of major covert actions to remove the present American regime from power. Concurrent with this will be the changes in your global currency system; comprehensive worldwide debt annulment; a series of international accords on the environment and global warming; many regime changes around the world; the removal of centralized control of your mainstream media, and, of course, your return to a state of personal sovereignty. These are the first steps in preparing you for our arrival and are designed to fall into place like cascading dominoes. It has taken our Earth allies literally decades to set this up, with the last five years being by far the most intensive and productive. Now, an enormous line-up of programs is ready to roll and only awaits public disclosure. But the really fun part will be the many long-suppressed technologies that are to be introduced to you.

These beneficial changes will shake up your present world and open you to accepting things, which could at first be shocking to an uninformed populace. Before our presence is made public, certain issues need to be ministered to: specifically, the "conventional wisdom" ruling the public’s homocentric views, and the nature of the technologies to be released that can be seen to fly in the face of the reality that underpins your world. If the ground is not prepared before these matters are launched into the public arena, popular reaction is likely to be many forms of distress, and of course, chagrin on the part of your society’s scientists. This can prejudice the public’s gut feelings against many important issues. So, we cannot appear too publicly until these concerns are resolved. Just think, for one minute, what world-shattering issues are being discussed, and what an immense adaptation is being asked for! A period of time is needed in order to digest all this. Furthermore, it is not only the effect of our arrival that concerns us, but the nature of our message about the Divine Plan for humanity. This, too, will stun the core beliefs of your global populace. If this medicine is to cure rather than kill, it must be administered in manageable doses.

We intend to oversee a rapid yet orderly transition of your reality. Change is often abrupt and, therefore, stressful. In the past, revolutions and wars were required to effect much less transformation than this. It is our desire to do this with a minimum of disquiet. To this end, we contracted with our Earth allies for a sequence of revelations over a period of about a year. Once we arrive, Heaven intends your progress to be swift indeed! Using the precedents and programs already embarked upon before our arrival, we aim to rehabilitate your environment and prime you for your great metamorphosis. Our personnel are here to initiate, guide, and lead you; you must become ready to complete your transformation in the havens of inner Earth or on board ship. Then, your amazing destiny awaits you!

Thus you can see how the final stages of First Contact revolve around myriad exciting changes to your global society. Our path of first choice is designed around the smoothest way to reach our mission goals, and this is now on the very brink of beginning. We dearly want this wake-up call to be as gentle as possible. And yet we know that core concepts of religion, philosophy, and science cannot all be revolutionized overnight. These central pillars of your reality must be morphed within a context that makes sense to you. Ironically, the fact your natural evolution was delayed by the dark now stands you in good stead: on inner levels you are very ready for these changes. Yet ironically, your globally held "truths" also go deep. All this, we’ve taken into account.

We regard what we are doing as a sacred task entrusted to us by Heaven. Hence, we approach our responsibilities for First Contact with solemnity and with a firm intention to complete this mission in right Divine Time. What is happening around you, both covertly and to some degree in the headlines, is the final rout of the dark from off your world by those aligned with the Light. You are witnessing the closing moves of a truly unique, global game of chess. It is important for you to know that the Divine Plan arranged for this showdown to be won by our Earth allies, and therefore this will very shortly be so. In this context, we ask you to be ready to support them in doing what is necessary to prepare your world for what lies ahead. In turn, we too are ready to do our part to complete First Contact.

A sequence of divine actions is ready to roll. These will catapult you into a new reality where the menace and perils of the present just evaporate. We are to discreetly supervise the first waves of these changes and present ourselves to you once you are ready to truly welcome us with open arms. Until then, we intend to observe and to weigh our options carefully. Remember that a divine schedule is in effect, and one of our tasks is to see that all comes off as divinely planned. We are committed to delivering you into a glorious New Era in your original state of full consciousness. We Love you all and do not intend that you shall suffer one minute beyond this Divine Timeframe. We are ready to celebrate with you and walk beside you as you fulfill your wondrous destiny!

Today, we continued our discussion about the goings-on on your world.  We want you to be assured of our total commitment to you.  We are ready, at a moment’s notice, to intervene directly, if necessary, on your behalf and compel the dark to accept the inevitable. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 13th, 20079Kan, 2 Zac, 2 Ik
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return with another message about developments on Mother Earth. The covert struggle between the Light and the dark continues to grip your global society. It is also in its final stages. These include maneuvers on the part of the Light that are destined to triumph over the last dark cabal. These ones are still dedicated to staving off the inevitable. Their ominous stratagems may have succeeded so far, but what they fail to acknowledge is that each apparent victory toward their goals moves them instead closer to their undoing. They had intended to leave behind them a world infiltrated by small-armed groups, perpetually at each other’s throats. One of our current tasks is to monitor this phenomenon and keep track of their whereabouts and their present and future plans. A few decades ago, the Anunnaki and their earthly minions started to focus these fledgling cells toward an open-ended campaign of broader-based terrorist attacks around the planet to justify their master plan for global domination.

This orchestrated sectarian violence and terrorist activity was well underway by the late 1970s. It is these groups that were employed by the present US regime to create the climate of terror that now mesmerizes your world. Using this fog of chaos to its advantage, this administration forged a virtual stranglehold on the movement of funds around the world. This policy was bolstered by the willing cooperation of a number of global financial institutions. Taken together, these strategies somewhat delayed the more optimistic timetables of our Earth allies. In recent months, however, clever countering tactics have moved our allies close to a tipping-point in their plans, and we now anticipate a triumphant resolution to this drawn-out, covert confrontation. Recently beefed-up checkmate maneuvers are now being brought to bear by those financial bodies backing the reforms of our Earth allies. Once these pincer movements have removed the US regime, a series of public announcements will take place.

These revelations herald the Earth allies’ plans for global transformation, starting with the termination of the principal international conflicts. This will bring a level of peace to your globe that prepares the way for the mass introduction of your spiritual and space families. The current deadlock in the behind-the-scenes face-off is on the verge of crumbling, and history will view it as a mere bump on the path to your freedom and global prosperity. Never lose sight of the fact that Heaven is deeply committed to your victory, and that forces are afoot in this world that guarantee a complete transformation of this present dark reality. Your world is under a divine decree and a great field of Light enfolds this globe. Nothing can resist this Light in the end, and the dark ones realize their sinister goals are quite doomed. What keeps them going is the tunnel vision of denial and arrogance. By brushing aside all facts that failed to support their delusions, they were able, for a decade, to avert the incoming reality. Now, mounting public censure of their policies forces them to believe their goals are no longer attainable.

Indeed, the closing moves of this global chess game are marked by the dark’s unmistakably diminishing "wriggle-room." The effectiveness of the Light forces’ campaign to unseat the dark from power is mow clearly visible, and a number of groups and individuals are in position and fully ready to deliver the finishing blows. This incorporates a carefully drawn-up, legal procedure for uprooting the dark’s tentacles from all its present power structures, thus ensuring that their 13-millennia-long reign is indeed over for good. Then the Earth allies’ programs for putting right deep global distress can go into full swing. At the top of the list are: the restoration of the American government to its constitutional roots; the global distribution of an untold wealth confiscated by the dark; and the wiping-out of personal and national debt worldwide. These are merely openers. Deep-rooted conflicts need to be equitably resolved and an international commitment forged that is dedicated to a state of permanent global harmony. The fall of the Berlin wall will seem like "small potatoes" indeed compared to what is coming!

Nevertheless, configuring this new global reality requires a humongous amount of detailed planning and labor, well beyond the ability of the average person to imagine. In some respects, the preparations resemble the way a field general and his staff plan a campaign: Every possible variable must be considered and many back-up scenarios developed. The diligence demanded of such an undertaking requires nothing less than a grand passion. This, coupled with an unflagging tenacity, was compulsory for each step of the way. These last few months, especially, have taught our Earth allies much about this and delivered up the wisdom needed to see them triumph. We are proud of what they have done and we know this well-earned victory is very close. Continue to be confident and supportive of what is now happening. The forces of Light are close to supplying your prosperity and setting in motion the next series of events.

This next series of events is predicated on the formal ouster of the American regime. Over the last six years, this unlawful government pulled off a series of quite monstrous deeds and stratagems aimed at supplying incredible wealth and power to a chosen few. As is becoming apparent, these plots did not come off as planned, and now your world faces a range of possible catastrophes on many fronts. Happily, the means to quickly remedy some of these perils is at hand: a number of diplomatic initiatives, currently well underway, are to bear fruit once this rogue US regime is dispatched. On the domestic front, the degeneration of the past six years, resulting from this administration’s policies, can be quickly turned around by returning the country to Constitutional and Common Law, by debt annulment, and by the distribution of the prosperity programs.

One way out of the current US governmental shambles is the temporary suspension of the adulterated political apparatus. After an eight- or nine-month interregnum, the return to a fairer political system would begin to transform the fiscal campaign abuses. This would allow for a broader-based, multi-party system, which, combined with a decentralized mass media, permits frank and open debate of all the issues, including those thrown up by the changes. The intention here is to give a means for all to have their views presented and voted upon in an actively democratic forum; then a re-empowered legislature can carry out what an informed public decided. The present fiscal shackles and unlawful "legal" ideas are to be torn away. In their stead, a series of steps intended to invite widespread participatory democracy can be put before the American people.

This idea of an abundant and sovereign world democracy is a vital step toward setting up your new galactic society. This next period in your history is about reversing the coming ecological and societal calamities and forging an interim, introductory blueprint for a Mother Earth-based galactic society. In the end, your society will be known by its honoring of its unique cultural diversity. During the past 13 millennia, the dark used the means of dire want, hatred, and a chain of fears to sway your history in line with their vision of a despotic One World Order. But the Divine Plan decreed otherwise. This branch of humanity is to come together to show how Love, sovereignty, and divine abundance can heal the wounds of the vilest past. Even your present ingrained xenophobia will blossom into rejoicing at the prospect of reunion with your spiritual and space families.

Today we focused our attention on the events bringing you your abundance. Universal prosperity is an essential ingredient in allowing you to re-experience your God-given rights and sovereignty. All this is now very close to materializing in your lives. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 20th, 20073 Batz, 9 Zac, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come again bringing more information about your world and the current status of First Contact. Our Earth allies are on the very brink of being able to put into effect their plans for global transformation. A series of coordinated maneuvers in the past few weeks have finally got the last dark cabal on the run, which is making possible the long-promised deliveries of the prosperity programs to their most anxious recipients. This aspect of the grand plan is only able to happen because those working for the ouster of the present US administration are very close to achieving this objective. Likewise, the announcements of global debt annulment and the range of new international banking laws are ready to roll at a moment’s notice. All this is kept under wraps by a mainstream media focusing instead on America‘s steadily worsening Iraqi affray. For us, the vital hardcore news is the covert end game between the old guard of Illuminati rulers and those intending to reshape your world’s present collapsing reality.

The significance behind this "chess game" is that your world is to be completely transfigured, which is why your rulers are intent on keeping your attention directed toward the war in the Middle East. This dastardly "production" is being used as a smokescreen to disguise the all-out confrontation raging between the dark cabal and their rivals, our Earth allies. During the course of this conflict, a great deal of masquerading by both sides was undertaken to achieve their goals. These strategies allowed our Earth allies to develop a broad game plan, which is at last bringing this hapless cabal to its knees. But inevitably, a few minor points remain outstanding. These are now being resolved and we expect some major developments to happen shortly. We retain our role of official watchdog and intelligence advisor to our Earth allies on a spectrum of matters, ranging from the reformation of the global banking system to the most effective way to conduct the removal of many recalcitrant regimes around the world. We have also been permitted to draw up a detailed program for rectifying your multitude of global environmental crises.

Reforming a planetary society with the complexity of yours in no easy matter. Our Earth allies have gone through some difficult initiations since the Anunnaki, your former overlords, came over to the side of the Light in the mid-1990s. Today, the allies constitute a hodgepodge of individuals and groups that were at first very much at odds with each other. Later on, in the early years of this century, they increasingly joined forces until they now work surprisingly well together. They have forged an exhaustively detailed plan for bringing about a wholly new world, and 90 per cent of these plans are already agreed upon; the remaining 10 per cent is dependent upon the uprooting of the American regime. Over the past five years, this illicit regime squeezed the global money flow until it is now very difficult to conduct business internationally. This angered many who formerly approved of the self-serving ways of the dark cabal and led to a spate of new rules and regulations being drafted and put into place for quick enactment.

What is happening now is the final maneuvering-into-position by a secret global coalition intent on legally expulsing the present US regime. As you can image, this is a complex undertaking that began in the post-WWII era. The growing arrogance of various corporate and allied wealthy individuals forged an interwoven global complex whose goal was to dismantle the legal constructs that hold this democratic republic together. This was clearly perceived by early members of the secret coalition who had long worked in government and saw at first hand what was going on around them. This strengthening power grab by a rich and corporate America reached its first pinnacle in the 1960s, reaching new heights in the 1980s and 1990s. By this time, a number of ongoing court cases brought by this pro-democratic coalition were challenging what had become a dictatorial oligarchy intent on creating a corporate-based, non-democratic American Empire. The epitome of this is the present US regime.

The dark cabal set up the present US administration to complete a process begun in the closing days of WWII. But a growing body of patriotic and disgruntled government employees and assorted allies clearly understood what was covertly being done to hijack the AmericanRepublic. The focus of this underground group was on legally remedying these abuses and returning the fiscal resources pilfered by the dark. They also saw that both political parties were becoming puppets for the Empire-building programs of the dark. The opposing sides finally engaged in an all-out clash in the late 1990s, a highlight of which was the stolen election of 2000. With this contemptible act, it became clear that the needed reforms were not going to be enacted by the now-degenerated US political system. Equally clear was the need for creating an effective alternative to this system and putting it into power. The upshot is the present bunch of policies advocated by our Earth allies.

This means that the imminent economic, political, and governmental changes are the counter-measures to a vast covert coup that has successfully hijacked the US government and converted it into the chief agent for clamping your entire global society in a vice of slavery. This was to have been extant by the late 1990s had it not been for the Anunnaki’s changing sides. We emphasize this repeatedly to establish a central point: The reverberating changes in this galaxy’s politics are being mirrored by events happening locally on your world. This is why our original First Contact mission took on new meaning and scope, and why Heaven drastically revised the early-1990’s timetable. First Contact morphed from the more usual swift paradigm shift into a more involved and gradual process, in which your spiritual awakening was externally represented in the remaking of your political, cultural, and economic environments.

The recasting of your reality includes a gently increasing exposure to our benign presence. This variegated operation has already provided a substantial escalation in sightings over the past five years and, to a lesser extent, in the increase of interaction between our crews and yourselves. Our intent is to make you aware that we are here, and that we are set on completing this First Contact mission in as reasonable a timeframe as is divinely given us. Bear in mind that this mutual First-Contact learning-curve applies to you as much as it does to us; you, too, have much to learn about our reality and how we live, work, and play. From this perspective, you can see that a lot must be fitted into a rapidly decreasing amount of time. These time constraints put considerable pressure upon our Earth allies to get their part done, and then let us do the rest.

Our part in all this is to set up our crews with the most efficacious approach for carrying out the mass landing procedure. All indices so far point to doing it in one fell swoop. From experience, we have discovered that a piecemeal approach simply doesn’t work on your planet. Recent experimental attempts in various isolated areas with the less inculcated peoples still stirred up over-stimulation and considerable resistance. Based on this, we now intend to stick with an intervention en mass at the divinely appointed time. This will also ensure that all goes as planned. But prior to this, you will need a series of awareness-raising broadcasts in order to remove, to the extent that we require, the deep-seated xenophobia ingrained in you since childhood. Happily, the time for all this is drawing nigh!

Today, we continued our discussion about the coming great changes and how these relate to the First Contact mission. We feel it is important that you grasp what a monumental operation this is turning out to be. But whatever the challenges, we can and will succeed in this divinely prescribed mission. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 27th, 200710 Etznab, 16Zac, 2 Ik
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Selamat Bakir! We return, Dear Ones, with more things to discuss with you! The final struggle between the last dark cabal and our Earth-ally stalwarts grinds on. It has reached a definitive point in which the conflict has been reduced to a legal and procedural duel. The dark cabal is using its remaining positions of power as leverage points in an effort to forestall the inevitable. Countless last-minute decrees and a whole slew of procedural continuances have kept our Earth allies’ goals just out of reach. This includes ongoing contrivances, which keep you from receiving your promised deliveries. But these things are almost over. A diverse team of specialized and distinguished lawyers and jurists are currently disposing of the last legal hold-ups. Concurrently, those working to remove the present rogue US regime are implementing a secret operation long in the planning. The dark’s objective to engulf your global society in chaos has arrived at a point which threatens your world’s long-term survival.

This realization has mobilized many nation states, which until now sat on the sidelines, to enter the fray on our side. This further seals the fate of the dark cabal and creates an unprecedented watershed in your history. Your power elite are polarized into two camps: One side intends to maintain the status quo or, in the event of defeat, to lay waste to the planet by way of revenge; the other, to bring in a new power-sharing agreement whereby the people of the planet are fully included in that process. These two positions have "hardened" over the last six months. As the number of nations moving to oppose the dark escalates, the disarray within the dark cabal soars. Its members are scrambling to somehow turn around what has become a fast-rising groundswell of discontent of global proportions. We maintain our role, as Heaven suggests, as monitors and intelligence analysts and advisors to the Light. Keeping all parties fully informed is paramount, as your world swiftly morphs into a living preamble for First Contact.

This coming period in your history will be characterized by a general distancing from the power structure that has kept your world embroiled in contrived divisions, hatreds and strife. Harmony, understanding, and a vast financial abundance will rise up to take their place. Already a growing momentum to institutionalize global peace is beginning to affect the way the world works. Encouraged by this, those who champion beneficial change are forging ahead with governmental and fiscal mechanisms which have the potential for becoming unified bedrock for your nascent global society. As we survey these trends, we try to spot those developments that might grow into features of your unique galactic society. For example, the new fiscal system, with its debt annulment and global prosperity, sets the stage for muscular environmental and political concords. In fact, your rising levels of consciousness are to awaken within you a passion for rehabilitating Mother Earth and her destitute humanity, which paves the way for our open arrival on your beautiful shores.

First Contact draws closer with each passing day. These latest glitches are only temporary, and what you are witnessing are the deathbed twitches of the dark. The Forces of the Light now have the wind at their backs and this is whipping up the dark ones’ worst fears. Bordering on full-blown panic, they issue decrees intended to staunch the tide of rebellion, but all this does is to inflate the chaos, which severely distorts the public’s perception of what is truly happening. At every turn, the denizens of the shadows confront the rays of a New Dawn telling them that their time is up. And yet still they writhe and plot and are unable to accept what stares them in the face. Above all, they reel at the prospect of First Contact. At a stroke, our arrival shatters the mental-emotional control grid that they constructed to keep you in ignorance and bondage, and opens windows to reveal not only a wholly new Creation, but also the truth about who and what you are.

The initial purpose of Heaven’s mission to restore you to full consciousness is to introduce you to the wonders of this Multidimensional Universe. We never tire of gazing in awe at the beauty of this magnificent experiment of the Divine Creator. To watch stars, planets, and galaxies being created is awe-inspiring! The huge palette of colors and hues, many of them beyond your ken, is breathtaking. Of most absorbing interest is to discover the infinite forms, shapes, and sizes that life takes on, and one of our great joys is exploring this endlessly enthralling panorama. These things we speak of cannot begin to be put into words and can only truly start to reveal themselves once full consciousness is regained. The work of the Creator is something we long to share with you, and once you have been restored to your True Selves, you and the Creator are to combine to produce something exquisite.

The present phase of First Contact is to ensure that the coming events swiftly materialize. Thereupon, the shackles and cover-ups of the past will be dismantled, unmasking a plethora of truths, which will lead naturally to the announcements that will pave the way for First Contact. The implications of this event far outstrip anything that has happened in five millennia of your recorded history. At last, we can come to you, not in "deep cover" as prophets and messengers, but as open representatives of your space family. The sacred Orders of your Ascended Masters, likewise, will come as ambassadors of your spiritual families. Together, we come to complete your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. This is the Being that is to found your new and unique galactic society.

Deep within, each one of you can feel just how close the impending changes are! However, an effective First Contact requires a certain preparedness, and in this, it must be pointed out your beliefs and level of technology have been artificially held back and are a bit behind what they should be for a normal First Contact. The important point, here, is the divine purpose that lies behind these proceedings. We have been detailed by Heaven to assist in a singular task; namely, to prepare for First Contact a world benumbed and traumatized by millennia of brainwashing by the dark. In the teeth of dogged obstruction by your last cabal, we first evaluated how to intercede in your global affairs. Then we drew up plans to complete a full-fledged Contact scenario covering all contingencies. The last step, now underway, is the actual carrying out of a mass First Contact. This phase is progressing well and we expect our Earth allies to complete their last tasks as planned, thus allowing us to complete our part of the schedule on time.

This timetable requires of us three distinct roles: first, as covert advisers to our Earth allies, thus also assuring ourselves that you are ready for our formal appearance. Second, as active players who come forward and [third], after a series of formal announcements, execute the mass-landing scenario. Finally, we are to assist you in your long overdue obligations to redress the damage done to Mother Earth. We also need to explain what full consciousness and galactic society are, and to run you through a number of preliminaries that will show you what comes next: You are to partially experience some aspects of the next step in your consciousness development. Then we will show you the places where your final metamorphosis can take place and where the miracle that is you can be manifested in its fullest divine measure!

Today we continued with our discussion of what is happening on your world. We reviewed what our tasks are and how we intend to carry them out. You are on the verge of a divine miracle that is to return you to full consciousness and permit you to actualize those lifetime goals chosen by Heaven and you before your birth. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Continues atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV

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