The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, V

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The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, V

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO.
Series: The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV , The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, Vand The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI.

Tuesday January 1st, 20086 Cimi, 19 Mol, 3 Manik
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The Omega Point: The Point When You Shift Your Reality

Selamat Jarin! We welcome in the Gregorian New Year of 2008 with blessings to you from all of us for a most prosperous and fulfilling year! The Forces of Light have worked most diligently to arrive at the point where the carefully laid plans of our Earth allies can at last be achieved. Accomplishing this means that the rest of the pre-First-Contact agenda can be rolled out. We are taking what Heaven has proclaimed and, with great care, are carrying it out. We take these sacred edicts seriously and know how important these decrees are.  Our prime task is to see that this First Contact operation goes off as Heaven so intends. The large First Contact Armada is here only at Heaven’s request and, as such, these sacred Beings are truly our supreme commanders. Each moment of your day, they send great healing energies to your reality, and this continuous blessing is changing your world. It is important that an ever-increasing amount of healing energy envelop you, even as the dark continues playing the jangling chords of its dying refrain.

The events of the last Gregorian year’s end are further proof of the growing desperation of the dark’s last cabal. These powerful and prosperous families and their well-appointed cohorts know full well how close they truly are to their fated demise. Yet, despite the many signs of their inevitable doom, these ones remain as arrogant and haughty as ever! Their stubborn and undaunted demeanor as they stare down defeat was expected by us, and by our various allies and the many observers from nearby galaxies. In spite of this we fully expect to see the blessed events decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea manifesting shortly. The time has arrived, at last, for the Light to cleanse this reality of its dominant dark overtones. Yet we are still bound by a series of sacred pledges to follow what is so permitted by Heaven. A special scenario still overlays the strategies given to this fleet by the former members of the now-deceased Anchara Alliance. These two plans are coming together beautifully and we see these things manifesting in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Mother Earth and this solar system are raising their organic, or base, harmonics. This affects you, and you become able to garner slight glimpses of the even greater wonder that is this galaxy and, indeed, all of physical Creation. When you finally reach Full Consciousness the utter immensity and glory of the Creator’s divine workings can be seen. Imagine the glorious colors and special places that can then come into view. The ancients on your world saw this and were daily awestruck by this beauty. The number of stars in the night sky is to increase at least a thousand fold. You will be able to see this as well as the pristine beauty of Mother Earth when you emerge from your future home in inner Earth. One of our joys is to watch this process happen. As the veil separating your reality is lifted, quick glimpses of this beauty are revealed to those fortunate, or divinely chosen, individuals. Even your science has noticed this and has made surreptitious notes about this phenomenon. These increasing signs are a further indication that your reality is shifting.

Shifting a reality’s level of consciousness is a complex process. Your Higher Selves collectively agreed to come to every member of this reality and begin to awaken him or her, but at first there was an uneven degree of acceptance. Heaven has met this response with a plan that helps you to better understand the complex yet integral way in which the workings of "nature" are revealed. Also, more and more "older" souls are being born. These Beings come to help their elders better adjust to the needs of a changing reality. This combination of older souls and the huge amount of new data is only just the beginning! Then comes the increasing evidence that the Creator has a great many Beings of different shapes, sizes, and origins who desire to mentor you through those remaining difficulties that seem to somehow overwhelm you and that got you temporarily "stuck" in this evolutionary process. This is the point you are currently at.

Our mission here includes a rarely used procedure: that of carrying out our initial mentoring indirectly by use of special avatars (selected individuals of note or merit on your planet) and by those selected from our on-planet observers who are to lend you a much needed hand. Such an operation is normally not allowed. The customary procedure is to ascertain that a planet had reached a certain level of overall conscious, cultural, and political development before we give such mentoring. Usually, even the more indirect form of contact is proof that First Contact is either underway or close to happening. Our current procedures are an indication of just how near First Contact is. Those involved in advising your governments, warning major multinational corporations about certain policies, and those working to limit the damage of any threat to this shift are all being closely monitored and kept safe from harm by our fleet personnel. This shift is happening in spite of the dark cabal’s many schemes.

This more indirect interaction with our Earth allies and with those whom we deem ready for us helped to keep this march toward First Contact on course. Your dark cabal and the general perceptions inculcated into you at a very early age made an important part of this project more difficult. Nevertheless we are well-equipped to overcome whatever challenges are placed before us. The present situations are actually not that difficult. We only mention them now to assure you that what the Divine has pledged to you will indeed happen. All is occurring on a divine schedule that is, as we see it, on an accelerated path of success. The calamities, murders, and terror-filled bombings are the dark’s way of taking your attention away from the truly important thing: the rapid rate at which you are approaching the omega point when you shift your reality.

This overall progress toward First Contact makes us extremely happy. We see how this operation is affecting your society and preparing you for the great shift in consciousness. The Galactic Federation’s part is simply to assist you by means of a mentoring process that begins with our medical teams; is furthered by those persons mentioned above; and is greatly aided by your own input and collective support. All of us together make an invincible team. Each day the dark sees its grip upon you become weaker. This shrinking of their power base affects them enormously. It is not easy for them to admit that beneath the bluster there is a growing fear of failure. Your world is moving toward the Light just as Mother Earth’s children are moving toward peace, freedom, and prosperity.

We ask that you look at this wonderful blue planet anew. See this world not as a society in peril, nor as an environment that is losing its ability to sustain itself. Instead, see this as a world in transition. You have come to use your passion and your talents to change the direction of the path of doom and return Mother Earth and her peoples to life. This time is an exciting one, filled with incredible possibilities, and your participation is much longed for and indeed expected. You are all special Beings of Light who have come to wake up your fellow citizens and show them the way to a richer and more vivid awareness of the Sacred and of the amazing beauty that is physicality. The time that is left before First Contact grows shorter by the day. We glory in the graciousness of the growing Love within each of you. The time of First Contact is unquestionably about to be upon you!

Today, we continued our discussion about what is happening on your planet and how it all relates to First Contact. You are nearing the final portion of your journey back to Full Consciousness. You are also finishing up your long, interrupted trek back to the stars and to your true families. The celebrations are about to begin! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday January 15th, 20087 Ahau, 13 Chen, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We come before you with more to discuss. Our Earth allies continue diligently in their work to manifest your prosperity programs. In the meantime, those in charge of transforming your governments are equally focused, and the governmental changes are now in place. This resulted in a little skirmish, proving that this path cannot now so easily be diverted. It is quite a challenge to forge a new banking system and vastly reorder the distribution of wealth on your world. Nonetheless, it is being done. Our Earth allies are following a course that is bringing the dark and its many allies to their knees. The combined urgency of the many global physical crises is a ploy by the Light to force reforms upon a very obstinate dark cabal. These various strategies are really working, and although the concerted efforts of the dark have somewhat slowed down proceedings, nothing can now prevent the inevitable victory of the Light.

This process of change is something that the Sacred has decreed for this reality. The reaction of the dark was fully expected. Heaven is well aware that transforming the ways of this world would, in normal circumstances, take time and has therefore bombarded your realm with divine blessings and special dispensations which permit a degree of intervention here that would not usually be allowed. The momentum for change is being greatly assisted by all the new souls who have been born into this realm in the past thirty years. These Beings were selected to be the sacred foundation for the promised new reality, and so, concurrent with these births Mother Earth’s grids of healing and grace were duly raised in frequency. Likewise, the planet’s entire base frequency was raised toward the magic number 13. As your reality and you shift upward, increasing numbers join the ranks of the awakening. This exposition of new souls and circumstances constituted Heaven’s plan for preparing this realm for a great shift toward the Light. In support of this plan, the amount of Light beamed upon you was much augmented.

These facts have put the wind up the dark ones and they recognize that their nearly 13 millennia rule is almost ended. They fought to retain their strangleholds on your world and schemed to their utmost to confuse the Light and hold back the awakening of the peoples they were so used to controlling. Our task is to confound these masters of deception and allow those on the side of the Light to take back their powers. Each step we took was met with arrogance, conceit, and undue aggressiveness by the dark. We learned a lot from these encounters and have turned their dark modus operandi back on them. A result of this ploy is the defection of many of the dark’s cohorts, and a grand coalition has formed on our side boosting the ranks of those sectors involved in building a new and fair banking system. This implies the rapid approach of Saint Germaine’s promised torrent of prosperity. These are some of the things in the mix of the endgame now playing out between the Light and the last dark cabal. This promises to finish soon, once the final legal issues are decided and acted upon.

The endgame also involves the thorough uprooting of many recalcitrant and illegal governments and replacing them with legal, transitional caretaker regimes. As you can perhaps glimpse, this component of the endgame constitutes quite a "sticky wicket" in itself! In short, we are weeding out the taproots of a power structure that was planted long before the arrival of your industrial revolution. Back then, a great deal of wealth and power was reallocated from the dark’s royal Earth minions to the much more diverse illuminoids. This new dark elite enabled those in power to change the financial and governmental world by creating the corporation and its funding ally: fractional banking. These new elements permitted a more complex power structure to exert its hold upon the world, and the result was a "golden age" of colonialism and a new model for running the modern world. This new model is now in deep crisis and an opportunity is now open for real change.

This "real change" now taking shape behind the scenes has little to do with the Illuminoids’ vision of the future. The dark’s original plans were to collapse the global system at the turn of the millennium in order to steal the St. Germaine World Trust as part of the final steps to enslave humanity permanently. These plans were of course sidetracked by the Anunnaki’s sudden change of heart. The result of their departure was a new quick-fix agenda sponsored by the now last dark cabal led by the British and American factions. A European-Asian group, wishing to honor the departing Anunnaki’s exhortations to join the Light, then set itself against the dark cabal. Many such splinter groups, over time, became part of the core faction, which signed the 1998 agreements. And it is this group that has so notably swelled in the last decade. Thus we now approach this final struggle with a great deal of confidence in a victorious outcome.

What we are dealing with now is the putting into operation of those elements agreed to in 1998. The illegal aggressive actions of the dark ones were only partially successful: The effects of the Light left them short of their goals, and their weaknesses began to show, especially in the last two years. On top of that, various setbacks have put them in their present predicament, and this near-checkmate situation would appear to be the proverbial straw that is breaking their camel’s back. They are angered at this stalemate and also know that their days are numbered. Something dramatic is desperately needed, but this solution to the deadlock seems beyond their reach. And yet they still cast round pigheadedly, intent on finding an outrageous way out. It is our task to make sure that this "outrageous way out" does not occur.

This final cat and mouse game is all that remains now. It is clear that the dark faces its abyss of self-destruction. However, what comes next is based on things we cannot as yet divulge. Let us just say that something wonderful is about to happen. The dire plans of the dark are to be thwarted. A mighty shift in world direction is to be suddenly announced and those deliveries are to be made. The Light has not come this far in the game to settle for anything less! Your world is actually shifting manifestly each day toward the Light as we speak, and the dark’s grand schemes are no longer realizable. This erstwhile nightmare of theirs is fading away before the rays of a divine New Day, and we therefore assure you again that those things long promised you are about to come to fruition.

This lull before the divine storm is a waiting period to be savored; it is a space to be used to plan how you want to spend the period of transition before First Contact. We encourage you to envision this change, its potential, and ways that you might contribute to this most significant moment in your history. For our part, we intend to use this time to observe your actions and to prepare for First Contact. From all viewpoints, First Contact is a massive watershed in the saga of Mother Earth. We mean to carry out this event exactly as planned by the Creator. Then we are to become your mentors, as well as serving as the divine emissaries who welcome you back to the joys of Full Consciousness. Moreover, we are to introduce you to the galaxy as full members of the Galactic Federation. Magnificent things are on your horizon. Recall them to mind whenever you become frustrated with it all.

Today, we have given you more information about what is happening on your world. Be of good cheer, and know that Creation Loves you, is behind you, and wants you to do all of this with a firm conviction and a realization of just what wonderful and grand Beings you truly are! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 19th, 20083Men, 8 Zac, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As your world’s reality shifts, many things are changing to fit what needs to happen. Consciousness is actually an environment in which you live your lives. As you change, so this reality envelope needs to reflect this change; thus, each step you take is complemented by an equal shift in your reality. This is how Mother Earth adjusts to you. Everywhere, these changes are done in a proper and subtle manner. We observe this daily in our Earth-monitoring duties and from the prognostications of our numerous medical teams. The tight correlation between these adjustments demonstrates just how closely your reality mimics your state of consciousness. It is our job to monitor this activity and to assure ourselves that these divine changes are keeping to schedule. So far, your shifts and those of your reality remain in near-perfect sync, and you are on for the next series of changes that are to bring you to the very brink of First Contact. This means that our work with you requires a more complex set of interactions.

To get this underway we have stepped up the training of a whole new series of medical teams. The Arcturians and their Andromedan neighbors are busy cooperating on new ways to finish the orientation programs prior to sending these new teams into the field. A great many of you are awakening for the first time, some even for the second time, and looking seriously at what is really going on around you. Happily, the new consciousness grids set up in the last three years by the crystal children are supporting this earnest quest. Their arrival on your world has given us a plethora of new allies. Our teams have set up an array of interlocking networks with them, which support the new demands of our medical teams, helping them stabilize further the various adjustments that Heaven has asked us to oversee. These adjustments are very important and may be affecting you in various ways: You may be experiencing great fatigue, general bodily soreness, or some type of deep or throbbing headache.

These symptoms relate to the many extra layers of your future "MerKaBa" being activated at this time. As you start to integrate these vast changes, you may at times get a sense of not "being" in this world; or you feel a connection to some other reality that pops swiftly, for an instant, into your head. These virtual mirages are glimpses of a world that you do not yet knowthe world of Full Consciousness. In this temporary state you can sometimes sense things that have not yet happened, or you barely fleetingly notice people or other odd things around you. This is merely your med-team made briefly visible, or maybe some event from your past or early life. These are side effects of what is going on within you. The sphere of your conscious world is in fact quite enormous; if you could see it, you would see that it cuts across a huge swath of your past, present, and future, including past and future lives. There is no real sequence to it. Where you are in this nearly infinite realm depends on choices you make.

As you shift, you do so within a continuum that is created by your occupation of this reality. This group-connect affects the boundaries of your daily reality. Everywhere you are part of someone else’s life script as they are of yours; you are never really alone. This sloshing-together forges your reality, and this incessant motion and each one of you are constantly monitored by Heaven, whose various hierarchies, divine councils, and personal Angels are responsible for the divine ordering of the multitude of Life Streams that interact to produce this physical reality. Our role is to assist Heaven and to ensure that the correct orderings happen as planned. In this case, it involves programming the events that lead up to First Contact. Once you get to that point, the nature of our job is redefined: At that time it shifts from an indirect to a very direct interaction with you allowing us to become your mentors and teachers in the many protocols of Full Consciousness.

It is this more direct role that we long for!  The present situation puts us very much at arm’s length from you. We are the people in the shadow, the ghosts in your dreams. This is far from an optimal use of our capabilities!  We wish to interact with you and teach you about your great shift. The present phase of this operation called First Contact is actually a gentle nudging and coaxing process: We advise our Earth allies; we do what Heaven desires. But mainly we wait gladly for the right moment to make ourselves more directly known to you. We have set up various groups around this globe that we daily interact with via a sort of telepathic channeling and by use of communication implants in selected individuals. These interactions are merely the preliminaries to the full onset of direct Contact with you. It is the direct Contact mode that is the more normal means by which we interact with a First Contact candidate.

The special conditions surrounding this First Contact mission have allowed us to concoct a whole series of new First-Contact protocols. This is why the primary scenarios for First Contact have been reordered many times during the last decade and a half. The unusual circumstances surrounding your reality likewise mean that we have to come up with new ways of carrying out this mission. The process of redefining and adapting basic principles is most enlightening for us. You have taught us much during this time and reminded us why this type of First Contact was not attempted before. The difficulties became challenges that our creative problem-solving methods tackled successfully. Now when we look at your society, we understand its growth and the way this affects your many cultures, your global society, your economies and your governments.

Our constant re-evaluation of your world allows us to see how it has expanded in consciousness. At the same time the great chaos unleashed upon you by your last dark cabal grows commensurately. Both aspects are part of this shift we talk about. Consciousness often intensifies as it transforms a reality grid, and this is quite evident in your case. This shifting-process is the cause of some of the increased dissonance now circling your globe; but it is now at a point where it is beginning to warp the chaos and transmute it into a condition more useful and more to our liking. All this paves the way for the many things preparing to materialize which will enormously transform your reality. Your world stands at the very crux of change; energies are in play, which promise that the moments we have all waited for are indeed close.

To us, your world is a laboratory of change. We watch your reality remake itself as you move forward in your own transformations. This is why we are here. We are excited about so improbable a scenario-taking place before us. Each day brings us closer to the activity we are best at: First Contact! We revel in the plans and procedures required to transform you. Our personnel assigned to daily life on your world also are excited by what you are accomplishing. Your world is beginning the low rumblings that intimate the glorious thunder that she is capable of. This time of a massive consciousness shift is absolutely amazing to observe. We know we are very close to meeting all of you; speaking of which, know that we are planning the most all-out celebrations that any of you can imagine!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. The divine energies ever-more-powerfully colliding with your world are here for one purpose: to integrate you with the Divine and transform your present limited-state of consciousness into one that ends your separation from Heaven and from your space families. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 1st, 20086 Caban, 10 Mac, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return to talk about some interesting things with you. In last week’s message we touched upon how we are taking a more direct role in preparing your society for First Contact. For example, it has been agreed with our Earth allies that some of our personnel be given new tasks. They are to be involved in helping those who are charged with clearing your society of the many obstacles that have so far prevented you from ousting the dark cabal’s "elected" sycophants from office. This operation is now reaching a point where a number of actions long promised to us can finally take place. In addition, the several tasks, which prepare the way for the disbursement of the prosperity programs, are likewise going forward. The most important of these undertakings is clearing what amounts to a veritable "minefield" laid by the cabal to protect the status quo. This operation is also almost finished. In short we are close to ridding your governments of the many cronies of the cabal whose policies enable this dark clique to continue to ride roughshod over your laws and reap outrageous profits.

The dark ones now see that their number is up and are changing their tactics accordingly. Surviving the coming calamity is now one of their most pressing objectives. Their plan is to intensify their search for the key members of the Earth allies while putting on a happy face in public. A global confrontation of fierce passion on both sides is mounting by the day. This intense struggle is now claiming many lives; and yet the dark cabal is not winning. Its procedures are restricting many financial operations and making it more difficult for courier services to carry out their duties. As a result our Earth allies are being forced to use their "new" powers to secure the nodes that make up your world’s financial and banking operations. All this contributes to the demise of the dark cabal. Ironically, its efforts to survive are creating the very means of its destruction. We do not see this struggle lasting much longer. The power of the dark may appear to be on the rise, but in fact the reverse is true.

In the meantime, the First Contact fleet remains at the ready to assist when and where needed. Recently our personnel negotiated a number of agreements which allow our Earth allies to gain positions of authority in the evolving new financial system. Through our good offices, the enormous amount of gold and silver required to back the new currency system has been "created" or acquired for our Earth allies. The special relationship between our Earth allies and us is bringing the cabal’s machinations under the scrutiny of some hitherto removed, yet powerful, spiritual Beings. Until now, these mortal Beings remained aloof from the power mongering of the dark, letting the (then-dark) Anunnaki perpetrate their millennia-long dominion. Now these groups are proving to be a most powerful ally for change. These Beings are sabotaging most of the dark’s power games by helping our Earth allies to intercept the many secret money transfers that feed the huge and steady cash flow used by the cabal. In consequence this cash flow is starting to dry up.

Due to this financial attrition, the cabal is using its power base to intercept certain funds which it uses to allow the US Federal Reserve and other key banks to stay afloat in support of the US Dollar and its acquired position in the post-WWII financial system. This system is dying along with the Federal Reserve Dollar. A new US Dollar, attuned to the new currency system, is ready to be born when the Federal Reserve Dollar is put to rest. Hence the US political system is in turmoil as secretly the key leaders of the US regime know full well what is going on and cast around for ways to resolve this perilous conundrum. The current Democratic Party’s presidential debacle is one of the smokescreens commanding public attention while these key leaders work to keep this terminally-corrupt system in power. However, deep in their guts they know how close the "quiet revolution" is to manifesting. This troubles them as they fully appreciate how angry the American electorate can be when many hidden truths are revealed to them.

Behind the façade of lies and deceit lies a system whose tentacles of power and influence reach far and wide. Secret discussion are underway to figure out a way for this failing system to somehow miraculously regenerate itself. But these discussions by the powerful and the policy-makers have as yet reached no definite conclusions. Our eavesdropping reveals nothing to us of any substance. Plans of all sorts are mooted in these top-secret assemblies but the "insiders" are still at a loss. The same quandary grips their global counterparts. The present political system is dying because those in power lack the moxie to do something bold or different. The effects of this reluctance are compounded by the Orwellian measures many governments have put into force as these draconian policies are likewise failing. Seeing the dark besieged on all sides greatly encourages our Earth allies.

This subtle power shift comes at a price. The dark is giving ground grudgingly, and every advance has cost some lives or someone’s personal fortune. Our Earth allies are more than willing to pay this price. At present, the cabal is trying to disguise its political problems by staging an economic meltdown, which it cannot control and herein lies the solution we seek. The details of this operation may not yet be divulged to you; just know that the power illicitly grabbed by the dark will not be theirs much longer. A project is underway that is to end this sorry farce. New governments are to come into being globally and these will establish a general policy of delegating responsibilities to the community. This is just one of the aims of our Earth allies.

The need for a new paradigm for your mushrooming scientific research is becoming equally vital. Science has reached a point where too many of its discoveries defy the current scientific paradigm. The policy of presenting new understanding through the lens of the old matrix is generating new theorems and hypotheses that border on the ridiculous. The new research needs a new paradigm. Those engaged in the super-secret, esoteric projects know full well the truth of these statements; they have been working for some decades on captured ET craft and "flying-saucer" technology given to them under the aegis of old contracts made between major Earth governments and dark ET races. The open unveiling of this hidden knowledge is long overdue. Similarly, your political systems cry out for radical reappraisal. In so many areas, the answers lie in the awakening changes of perception of your growing "quiet revolution." As this New Dawn sweeps across your world, the stage is set for our arrival.

Cooperating as a team with the Galactic Federation is something our Earth allies now finally accept. The next moments in your history are to be rife with real institutional change as this constitutes an essential part of the great consciousness shift. Your world is deeply hurting and passionate about what is happening. Many are moving from violence to a more reasoned way to solve the pain, but others are still caught in the cycle of violence and see no way out. Thus frustrated, they lash out in a seemingly incomprehensible way. And yet out of the ever-spreading turmoil will come a way to curtail the most dire of these scenarios. At the end of this most circuitous path lies First Contact. Here we are waiting quietly to introduce you to new truths and to your new reality!

Today we reviewed what is happening on your world. Be patient and filled with the gracious Light that Heaven daily gives you. Use your heart knowing to realize just how close you are to your well-deserved victory! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 8th, 200813 Kan, 17 Mac, 3 Manik
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Greetings! We arrive with more to discuss with you! At present the "situation" on your planet progresses as planned. As our involvement with our Earth allies increases we become much more aware of how invisible forces on your world are limiting the options of your last dark cabal. Everywhere, Heaven’s subtle efforts are yielding a brighter and brighter Light. This blessed Light causes the space-time continuum, your reality’s very essence, to reshape it. It takes more than new grids or a reconfigured set of energy fields to truly forge a new reality. Most of all, it takes the Will of Heaven and your collective core conceptions. Thus Heaven is doing this reordering in a special way. The first part is your consciousness shift. The second is the sending of special heavenly emissaries to move everything swiftly through these changes. The mighty Seraphim of Lord Surea come from Aeon to see that this is done and done quickly. Further, the countless Heavenly Orders accompanying them assist this most sacred project.

This operation is being done at greater and greater energy levels. The heavenly Light attracts the denser energies of your reality and, in so doing, alters them. These new patterns affect the rest of your reality and put into place a higher potential for change. These changing parts then push you to move in new directions toward the Light. The present struggle going on between Light and dark is ultimately to favor the Light. This special process is further helped along by what is presently happening on your world. The crucial point is to realize that even the darkest events now happening are destined to be positively resolved by this ongoing intervention by the Light. Many on your world see this and are working to add their own positive energies to Heaven’s great Light. These actions are setting the stage for innumerable events that are very close to occurring. Our role in these proceedings is to act as a positive agent for change. Hence, we are drawn into a more inclusive role with our Earth allies. This role is, ultimately, to do what is necessary to bring the best possible pre-First-Contact environment into being. Our favorite arrangement for First Contact is the one we have long described to you.

Bringing off the "quiet revolution" envisioned by us is a most complex matter. Right now, the economic and monetary pieces are in place and ready to manifest but are still being held up by the dark’s positions of power. The dark made it a point to hold on tight to the present US administration and its cock-eyed domestic and global policies. These policies are strangling your world and need to be ended as fast as possible. To do this, we have begun to take charge of those who are given the responsibility to legally and effectively put these charlatans out of business. We have come up against many in the US military as well as many in civilian garb who desire this change but are befuddled by what needs to be done. We have encouraged them to act and have given them our help where so required. The result is a sequence of quiet steps that has started to move all of this in the right direction. Our intent is to see that what has been long promised to you by Heaven comes to pass and does so in a manner most conducive to First Contact.

Accomplishing First Contact remains our primary goal. All that we are here for is tied into this one massive act of contact. Heaven dispatched us here to help you in your final series of consciousness changes. During our sojourn here we became more aware of just how much help you need in order to meet the timeframes set by the Divine Plan. This realization alters how this First Contact happens. Our preference is to come into a realm that has had a change of heart at the top levels and desires to make our introduction into this world as easy as possible. However, a number of other potential scenarios exist. We are willing to move from our preferred scenario into another one at a moment’s notice. Our Earth allies understand this and have been so informed from the beginning. We closely monitor your suffering and your difficulties. It is only the wishes of Heaven that keep us from a more direct intervention on your behalf. Believe us; we are staying on our present course only because of the divine commands that we are given.

We can best describe your world as being like a huge boulder balanced on the edge of a precipice; any undue force can generate the degree of unbalancing needed to send it over the edge. It is this potential that we are working with. It amazes us that your dark cabal is willing to sacrifice your world in order to maintain its control. We see the present policies of the US government in this light. What our Earth allies have done so far would normally have put an end to this madness. But this regime’s continuing resiliency has caused us to question the efficacy of the strategies that our Earth allies have in place. Therefore, we have given them a new set of directives. We designed these to be the proper cures for the present impasse. Our intent is to push the dark out of its current positions and bring into power a suitable caretaker regime which can carry out those things that will be a suitable prequel to First Contact.

First Contact needs to be viewed as a seminal event in your history. It is the moment when you move into an acceptance that you are part of a vast galaxy of sentient Beings of all sizes, colors, and shapes. The number of species represented is indeed immense! Comprehending this and then calmly adding this to your knowledge needs to be as easy for you as discovering the lands and peoples of the West. There is no need to panic. The technology revolution that propelled you to this point hinted at such possibilities. Now it is time to come to grips with the fact that such things are real. This same creative mindset ran through the Roman Empire and led the Emperor Constantine to accept Christianity. Letting in new thoughts to forge new conceptions are essential to the consciousness growth of humanity. To fear the new is preposterous!

An open, childlike acceptance of the new is important. It leads you to answers that help you to grow consciously and spiritually. The degree of fear and uncertainty in you is, to us, most amazing. But then, you have lived lives built upon the false pabulum fed to you, first, by your off-world masters, the Anunnaki; and thereafter, by their dark on-planet minions. All this made you into Beings who were easily controlled. The next step is to divest you of this nonsense and seek what feels intuitively true. Our desire, and that of Heaven, is to help you in this quest. You are in fact free and sovereign Beings who operate under the decrees set forth by the Creator. Our mission is to bring you closer to these truths by helping you in your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light. In this capacity, you can become one with your true life mission and fulfill it divinely!

What we are saying is that a series of great new beliefs lies ahead of you. You need to be open and accept what is to be revealed to you, but only after you have intuitively checked it out for yourselves. This means you must go beyond the imposed dictatorship of the mind and learn to accept and use your intuitive heart logic. This inner heart logic is the way your True, or Higher, Self communicates with you. The key is not to shut it out but to allow its wisdom to percolate within you. Learn to follow its wisdom and apply it as you see the need to. This is a start to what we are talking about. Too often your mind and its unexamined dogmas lead you around like a dog on a leash. Learn to be more open and able to appraise things with your heart logic. One of these is to look at us with a new openness. Then you can see that we are here to be the catalyst for your return to Full Consciousness.

Today we talked about what is happening in your world and our growing role in it. It is our intent to do all that is necessary to hasten First Contact. Each day we learn more about what this fully implies. Our fleet is dedicated to completing this mission and celebrating our mutual joy with you! Use your heart knowing to realize just how close you are to your well-deserved victory! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 15th, 20087 Batz, 4 Kank’in, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We come with more interesting subjects to discuss with you! Around your globe a great energy and consciousness shift is underway. This great divine shift is all about moving you into a new and more fulfilling reality. This reality is bringing with it a First Contact and all that that entails, and is being formed in several stages. The first is the integration of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This massive operation is nearing its epic conclusion and is to be completed under our careful guidance. Another aspect is the births over the past four decades of what can be called the indigo children; and those being born today are known as the crystal children. These wonderful starseeds are here to assist your global society and First Contact by stabilizing the changes that you are going through and by preparing the life-supporting Earth grids for First Contact. These processes are important to the Divine Plan, and so a veritable flood of such children has populated Mother Earth since the turn of the millennium.

Along with the influx of these marvelous souls Heaven has brought a great number of sacred Orders of special High Seraphim and great councils of the Light, who arrived with Blessings and sacred dispensations conferred by the Divine Plan of Lord Surea. Taken together these holy acts are a means for you to progress with your complex integrations, which form the prelude to Full Consciousness. Never forget that the ultimate goal is Full Consciousness. This special reality is where you become who you truly are. Lord Surea has specified this precious, divine gift for you. And so it is inevitable! All that remains is to take you across the chaos now growing on your world and into the safety of your spiritual and space families. Our Earth allies are being guided by us to make those things possible which manifest such events. The various forces on your world seeking to prevent this makeover are merely powerful remnants of the dark that once ruled your planet with impunity. Currently, their delaying stratagems are failing to pass muster and are soon to be dispatched into the deplorable dustbin of your history.

This situation is advancing rapidly toward a positive resolution. The Forces of the Light on your world are working out a complex strategy that is leading the dark to its doom. This operation has already secured a new banking system and forged a hard currency backed by gold and other precious commodities. Further, worldwide debt forgiveness is in place. What remains is the legal removal from power of the present US regime. This action is nearly ready to happen and the final series of activities pertaining to this matter is underway. As all this goes forward we carefully monitor all activity, as it is imperative that these affairs be conducted in such a way as to ensure a correct transition back to a true constitutional regime. Many digressive events happened during the last two centuries, which moved your globe away from the progress being made toward recognition of your personal sovereignty and your sacred right to liberty and prosperity. Ending the illegal US governmental corporation and its dark philosophy is central to restoring the path to global liberty and personal sovereignty.

The worldwide movement toward peace and sovereignty is championed by us and by the many wonderful souls who have recently incarnated on your world. Whether or not you are aware of this, be understanding of these gentle souls as they use their abilities to manifest a divine new realm. Your societies are lacking in the degree of compassion needed to carry out the tasks that lie ahead of you. Hence, the Divine brought these blessed souls here to create the conditions needed for your success. The global rise in consciousness is accelerating and setting the stage for a new and more conscious reality. Your attention to the plight of the many unfortunate ones in Africa, Asia, and across the globe is most encouraging. What the crystal children and their divine allies are manifesting is the Heavenly Light energies that are transforming your global mindset and enveloping you in a field that is empowering you to recall your former magnificence.

The dominant movement on your world is not hurtling you toward extinction or a variety of terminal catastrophes; rather, it heralds a most positive future! Your planet is at the point where you are to decide which fork in the road to take. Once taken, there is no easy way back. Therefore, Heaven has provided the means to make the right choice. The great awakening you are undergoing is another marker that points you in the right direction. It is in this context that the First Contact fleet has been appointed by Heaven to complete this task and take you in the direction of your magnificent, divine future. Never before has Heaven permitted so many indicators to help a planetary population make a crucial decision. Further, you are not alone. Do not allow the conditions of your world to discourage you. The present is full of signs that can lead you away from a chaos that seems to be overwhelming. Look beyond it. Feel the future promise welling up around you. Be strong and hold the vision!

The present predicaments are a horrible illusion, which new collective perceptions can easily resolve. To the uninitiated, this may sound like a strange thing to say, but the truth is that the abilities of your collective intent working in unison with your Higher Selves are infinite. It is these abilities that your former dark masters temporarily took away. Now is the time to take back these abilities and produce the world that we have been describing to you. Our role is that of a catalyst that allows you to dream again, and to manifest inspiring, powerful, and fulfilling visions. Your world is waiting for you to do this. Even Heaven has given you the time necessary to take up this quest. The lengthy undertaking that has grown out of this First Contact mission is likewise validated by your exceptional capabilities. We repeat: Once you come together as One People, your possibilities are limitless!

This grand future awaits you. All of Heaven and physicality wish you well!  The path you took led you through a great darkness, which divested you of your confidence and your ability to change your reality. This lack of belief-in-self is not easily removed if you continue to buy into your frailty and into limits to your abilities. We have watched you deprecate these inner abilities of yours; you have done this for so long that you now lack all memory of who you are, and are held in thrall to what is outside of you. Now, your rising awareness is calling this into question, and a need has been awakened in you to reclaim your forgotten heritage. We understand and applaud this. The work of Heaven is moving you toward this divine prophecy. The time for First Contact draws near!

First Contact is a process comprising many parts. We are in a mutual learning curve with you. Everything in this process is about maturing your awareness of this reality and how you can collectively transform it into something wonderful. There are myriad potentials that need to be manifested. There are many paths that need exploring. Above all, you require the wisdom to choose the grander and more divine path to Full Consciousness. This is yet another choice that beckons. Your changing reality is brimming with crucial choices. These choices can be made by the greater collective that is physical humanity. This includes us. Thus your decisions are not just yours alone. From a wider perspective we are part of these most important choices. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we have gone over a number of issues that are part of your long road back to Full Consciousness. This path is one that you do not travel alone. Heaven and we are with you. Our joint destination is your divine success! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 29th, 2008Chicchan, 18 Kank’in, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We come again to discuss First Contact and the recent developments that require ongoing adjustments to our plans. First Contact is a massive undertaking that expands in directions that we usually do not concern ourselves with. Right now, a significant portion of our personnel is engaged in areas which, until now, lay outside of our purview. These teams are addressing those conditions, which lay the foundation for our current pre-First-Contact scenario. We are involved not only in carrying out these projects but also in the long and detailed planning stages as well. This has necessitated the reconfiguration of many liaison teams that consult on a daily basis with our Earth allies. As the complexity of our mission increases we draw more upon the expertise of our new allies, the formerly dark Anunnaki. These allies know a lot about how the last dark cabal thinks and operates. Because of this advice we have been able to anticipate many sudden changes in tactics made by this cabal. But our primary focus remains the speeding-up of those strategies that can overcome any roadblocks set up by this cabal.

We give the operation to expedite the First Contact scenario top priority. The present difficulties are the result of our willingness to let the cooperation between our liaison teams and our Earth allies set the stage for First Contact. Working within this framework has produced the delays just mentioned. Our intent is to remove these logjams and move the whole operation to the next level. Once more, this procedure is taking more time than originally allotted to it. Heaven has said that our Earth allies need a period for their various new political alliances to mature and strengthen. Our perception is that these new alliances are merely the result of circumstances that evolved in certain directions as a result of the vast coalition that is the dark cabal deteriorating under the constant pounding from our Earth allies. Such marriages of convenience tend to be fragile and are unlikely to become more stable than they are at present. We feel that it is important to get on with it and leave any possible benefits, or otherwise, to fall where they may.

Information flowing in from our medical teams and from our close observation of your world in general strongly indicates the need to move forward. A great disaster is being orchestrated by the dark. This villainous activity must be derailed, and quickly; and time lapses mean that we must then rework many of the elements of this hugely complex undertaking. The main thrust of this task is to ensure that the entirety of the cabal is captured and firmly dealt with. Important as this is, it is even more pressing that those holding the reins of power be toppled, and that safeguards be put in place to prevent any backsliding on the part of the new groups replacing them. Clearly our role here is as divine overseers, who have the technical and intuitive capabilities to sort out the "wheat" from the "chaff." This responsibility is one that we intend to take on. The minor episodes that have at times endangered previous stages of this mission must not be allowed to happen again. To this end we put into motion, with the aid of our Earth allies, a number of new policies geared to manifesting the latter stages of our scenario.

Transforming your global chaos into divine order is essential to moving to the next step. Accordingly, our governing council, the First Contact Governing Board, has issued new commands to our fleet. This has resulted in numerous "incidents" in which we have boldly and defiantly occupied your night skies across the length and breadth of this globe. It is time to make a stronger impression and to serve notice that we deeply desire to complete these preliminary stages. These acts proclaim to your dark cabalists that a new, more intense stage in our interactions with them has begun. In short, this First Contact mission needs to reach out and assert itself more. We are here not merely to observe this planet but to carry out a First Contact that transforms her realities forever! In this new reality we have responsibilities that include moving you into Full Consciousness and honoring our special relationship with Mother Earth. There is also your reunion with your Inner Earth families and your membership in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Your reunion with Inner Earth (Agharta) forms a significant component of the overall plan. In fact, the majority of our on-planet researchers are from Agharta. They work in tandem with our personnel and have helped them adapt more quickly to what are to us some very strange social customs. This time amongst you has yielded constant data and some deep friendships, and we look forward to "revealing" ourselves when First Contact happens. We have learnt so much about you and about how our Inner Earth allies Love you and look forward to their long-awaited reunion with you. We have watched closely as our Earth allies and special liaison personnel from Agharta work together. Each group is joyously anticipating the coming grand reunion. The activities currently underway promise that this time is not very far away.

Making all of this happen is the major focus of each day. Myriad interactions are dedicated to ensuring that what we talk about does indeed transpire. Our governing board has had a number of long sessions with our heavenly supervisors and one of the items on the agenda was to get a list of criteria from them regarding the new First Contact policies that we outlined briefly to you. It is essential to our cause that the present difficulties be shifted to our advantage. Further, we need to implement policies that move us closer to First Contact. In accordance with this we have made it clear to your dark cabalists that their continued impudence is no longer to be so easily tolerated. And so we intend to demonstrate to them that their time as the prime movers on your world is coming to an end.

The time that lies ahead will see the many dark-created calamities alleviated. New rulers are to be put in place whose main objectives are to spread democracy and abolish political practices that lead to corruption and the growing supremacy of special corporate interests. Governance is to come into being that is legally obligated to its varied electorate and able to listen carefully to your needs and opinions. These governments are to release long-sequestered technology and use it to solve your growing energy and pollution crises. These temporary regimes will demonstrate that laws can be established which are indeed logical and fair in the judging of its citizens. The use of fear mongering on the part of government will cease, as will the misapplication of outright ignorance on the part of a nation’s rulers. Opportunities to learn about all aspects of a government’s responsibilities will become available to all.

Our unwavering objective is to bring First Contact into physical reality. Although this mission has taken many twists and turns to date, we wish to assure you that progress is being made on very many fronts. These actions will enable a mass First Contact that can permit us to go on to our prime objective: our role of mentoring you through the final stages prior to your becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. The focus now is to get you there as swiftly as possible. Hence we have undertaken what we firmly believe to be the most effective actions in the given circumstances. A new thrust, marked by a firmer stance, is now taking aim at your prosperity deliveries and the legal removal of the dark cabal. The time has come to move and move swiftly toward First Contact.

Today we supplied you with updated information about our efforts to finish off the preliminaries to First Contact. The time has come to begin ending the global turmoil and transform the conditions of your lives into something more tolerable for you. We are very aware that this relief cannot come a moment too soon! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 6th, 2008Chicchan, 2 Eb, 5 Moan, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you! Right now, the final roundup of the cabal’s hired hands, soldiers, and assassins is being completed, and our Earth allies’ security forces are subduing the last few truly dark conspirators. All of this is being carried out with our blessing and our full support. These operations are among the last prerequisites before deliveries of your prosperity can be formally begun. In addition, the legal precedents that ensure the removal of the illegal US regime are being achieved. Each day a major amount of progress is made to justify our confidence in the Light’s success. This permits us to move up some of our late-summer flyover schedules to the immediate coming months. We are assured that some long-awaited procedures are at last truly near. The process of slow forward movement has now reached a point where some momentous breakthroughs are becoming possible. Concurrent with these developments is Heaven’s strong desire to further accelerate your march toward Full Consciousness.

Heaven wants to get your many new chakra systems on line as soon as possible. So they have decided to step up the activation and integration of over 200 minor nodes and start to tie them in to your emerging 13-chakra-system of Full Consciousness. This process can cause some discomfort, so your many body guardians and guardian angels are busy working on you at a rate that your body can accommodate. Remember that an amazingly complex awakening and integration procedure is underway. You may, from time to time, experience sharp twinges of discomfort in your neck, back, or upper legs. You may also get strange feelings in your arms and especially your hands, fingers, and wrists. These are some now-dormant nodal points being re-activated. As these come on line, the brain needs to open up new neural pathways to house these changes, and so your brain may occasionally ache and your eyes may give the illusion of burning. This is simply the rerouting operation that is heavily affecting both the visual and cerebral cortex.

The rewiring of your nervous system is acting as a green light for advancing the manifestation of your many now-dormant chakras. This heightened level of bodily changes is causing the mutation of your DNA to quicken. The relationship between your "junk" DNA and your active cellular DNA is being stimulated and strengthened, causing more and more of your DNA material to re-integrate with each other. New capabilities for you to experience are close to moving from a latent to an active state. This means that beneath your skin a new body is taking form. This is a compelling reason for you to awaken to possibilities that most of your population has been told to reject. Indeed, it is prompting many of you to question these conventional perceptions and to search for a new paradigm that can coherently explain what is happening to you. A special morphogenetic field, maintained by your crystal children, Heaven, and us, is supporting your search for a new paradigm. The old teachings can no longer account for what is now happening; you are indeed shifting into a new reality.

This new reality is about Love, wealth, and wholeness; and fear, hate, and separation belong to the rapidly crumbling old order. Your new reality is taking shape as Light and dark battle for this realm. The Divine has decreed that this reality now belongs to the Light. To guarantee this decree, Light summoned us and proclaimed this First Contact mission. Our tasks in this undertaking have steadily increased, until we now stand on the verge of assisting you to make the most profound transformations in your recorded history! Never before in your written history have you —the downtrodden— been able to revolt in such a way as to change the dominant paradigm by which you live out your lives. Now, forces with the resources to drive this mighty shift have come to your aid, both on this Earth and from this galaxy. Together we can complete this great mission and join with Heaven in forging a most wondrous reality: a reality in which your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light can be achieved. Then comes the realization of your grand divine destiny!

The present situation is moving along now at a sustained rate. As it does so, it is able to accelerate its inner momentum and this is reflected in an ever-increasing external velocity. This growing pressure forces the dark to regroup again and again, but these blocking tactics only slightly thwart the momentum of the Light. Now, the inevitability of the Light’s momentum holds sway over the dark, whose latest stratagems are failing to gain any new advantages. The slippery slope of defeat is racing up on them, leading to panic and to ever-more draconian measures. The dark’s delaying tactics last for shorter and shorter periods, and we ask them daily to "lay down arms" and resign their positions. Their lack of trust in us maintains them in their delusion that they can still win. In this they are mistaken. Their defeat is the only outcome.

As all this plays out it is important to realize that the sum total of the dark’s delaying strategy amounts to merely a short waiting-period for us. It is rather like being in an airport lounge, waiting to board a plane, which is to take you on the holiday of a lifetime. You can see the plane and the boarding staff are present. You expect the wait, and sometimes this waiting period takes longer than you want, but your pleasurable excitement makes up for your impatience as you focus on the adventure that lies ahead. And so it is for all of us in our current waiting situation: You, our Earth allies, and we know the outcome, and together we can help each other pass the time and sooth our frustrations. We all know that the moment when they announce our flight is coming and that our adventures will then be well worth the wait, and more. So let us focus on our goal and envision the joyous adventure that is in sight.

Meanwhile, our task is to maintain the high ground that our Earth allies have gained. As we said, winning is now just a matter of time. Those who have long enjoyed the wealth and privileges of the upper echelons of the dark minions do not easily surrender. Further, the task now facing your collective consciousness is to realize that a great transformation is underway. The hard part for many is to accept that you are the chosen victors. The present economic, political, and social systems are collapsing. Their viability is at an end. This fact has just not sunk in yet. With each new crack the truth of this sinks in deeper and the dark has a harder time glossing over the reality of a systemic collapse that it cannot control. Once panic overwhelms the dark, victory is yours!

This overwhelming state of panic is quite close. Our Earth allies are tidying up a number of loose ends and we are reassessing First Contact, which is our true passion. We love who you are and especially what you are to become.  Your vast potential requires that this be swiftly manifested. Our plan is to use your time with us to the max.  Much needs to be taught to each of you before your final metamorphosis, and our personnel are eager to begin. Each day we discover something new about you that makes us even more intent to start our interaction with you. Heaven assures us that a divine timetable is in hand and that we are close to this greatly anticipated moment and our coming mutual celebrations!

Today, we continued our discussions about the developments of the day. We informed you that the extensive rewiring of your physical body is about to be greatly speeded up, while at the same time the dark is being readied to be divinely pushed aside by the Light. All this means that the moment of First Contact draws ever closer! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 13th, 20089 Cauac, 12 Moan, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our conversations with you. As we noted in our last message much progress is being made since we took on our expanded responsibilities. Everywhere we see our Earth allies moving forward with added vigor and renewed passion for the tasks at hand, the most pressing being the legal due process removal of the illegal US regime. Those who run this travesty are using every means possible to remain financially afloat. This includes unilaterally seizing any sizeable financial transaction that they can lay their hands on. This scurrilous behavior has heightened the resolve of our allies to be rid of them. The cabal’s answer has been to further squeeze the monetary stability of the dollar and this is having a big effect. The dollar and its creator, the US Federal Reserve, are near bankruptcy, and the old monetary system set in place by the Bretton Woods Agreements is rapidly crumbling. This disintegration fuels the global mortgage crisis and indirectly feeds the massive speculator’s market in all commodities, but chiefly oil.

This mess is leading to stressed economies and food shortages all over the world. The resolution to all this begins with ridding the world of the US regime; its supercilious and unreal positions on many matters are quickly pushing your world toward ruin. To accomplish this removal we have cleared the way for a number of long-delayed, legal preliminaries to be achieved. With this done many groups within the government and their civilian friends can create the means for the necessary forced resignations from high office. In the same vein action is being taken which prepares the way to replace this government with a true de jure one. This caretaker regime will be in power for no more than nine months, during which time the true constitution will be revealed and the judicial system changed from Admiralty to Common Law. Many beneficial programs agreed to among the Earth allies will then be put into effect. These include global debt forgiveness, the resolution of the energy crisis, and the means to cleanse Mother Earth of the massive pollution dumped upon her by humanity.

These programs revolve around the delivery of what you know as the prosperity programs. Difficulties in this regard are still extant. Peeling away the onion-layers of dark conspirators continues, and we are determined to finish up this job quickly and assist our Earth allies in dismantling this dark infestation within the current US regime. It has literally spread itself throughout the government like scummy, disease-ridden floodwater. Our job is to mop up and disinfect the mess. Then we can rebuild, and do away with all that is beyond redemption. The resulting infrastructure can then be turned over to a fairly elected, new administration. Our role is to use our abilities to assist, advise, and nurture the policies of the temporary caretaker regime and, thereafter, the newly elected administration. We shall do this in a way that empowers our Earth allies while still reserving the right to be more assertive when necessary. In this we are presented with a very short window of time. This window is stipulated by Heaven and decreed by the Divine Plan.

This time crunch requires an agenda of determined action and this we have put into play. Each one of these thrusts is to propel you out of the many dilemmas you now face. We fully understand the nature of the endgame now playing out across the world: Two major groups are striving to see where the new reality puts them. Our role is to sort this out according to the decrees of Heaven; in other words, to ensure that the Light and her allies on your world triumph. This duty gives us a special license, which we fully intend to honor. What we have described is only the barest outline of what is really going on. This is unavoidable at this time. As you know this operation exists on many levels. First Contact, as it pertains to the Earth plane, involves a spiritual as well as a physical cleansing. This means that a lot of what is going on is largely invisible to you. Nevertheless, the transformation of your reality requires that a wholly new foundation be set up to support what will rapidly become the new norm.

Creating the proper environment for massive change within the given timeframe is our priority, which is why we have refocused our energies into a more direct degree of involvement, as mentioned in our last message. Several liaison groups with vast experience in the diplomatic, cultural, and social nuances of your planet are now in place on the surface and embedded in many critical locations. Their function is to move your world in the direction it badly needs to go. Our responsibility is to get results, which solve the disagreements presently slowing up progress. This new policy is intended to give you the edge needed to break through the logjams thrown up by the dark cabal. These developments and their positive knock-on effects in other areas can only hasten the advent of First Contact. Completing this mission successfully is why we are here in the first place. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

While we move toward First Contact Heaven is continuing to prepare you for being fully conscious. The major activity during the immediate period is the activation process along your spine and back. This can make your upper-back muscles and shoulders feel a bit sore. This reaction might linger for days or, in rare cases, up to a month. The changes in your chakra system include the relocation of many of the older, more complex functions to different chakras. When the new ones begin to manifest, this soreness can occur near the location of the new chakras. A good way to quicken this process is to see a healer and/or body worker. Their expertise can help to ease your discomfort and allow you to go through this transformation with a minimum of pain.

Mother Earth is going through much the same changes as you. The difference is that she is reorganizing the majority of the major nodes that exist on her surface. Currently these are largely inactive and are re-energizing now for the first time in many millennia. As you are aware, this process of reactivation has led to a rash of volcanism and quakes on land and seabed. These formerly inactive nodes are beginning to recharge the interconnected regions around them, and this surge of energy destabilizes the neighboring fault lines and the normal magma circuits just below the Earth’s surface. This new electromagnetic flow can increase the pressure in old magma pathways and begin to forge new ones. It can also cause more movement in the fault zones nearest to the newly activated node.

In the solar system the electrogravitic field of the Sun, which holds the solar system together, is also changing and is a portent of the vast transformation that your new reality is to undergo. It is the reason why all sorts of oddities are increasingly to be seen throughout the solar system: The strange behavior of the great colored spots on Jupiter and the puzzling data collected by your scientists concerning Saturn’s rings point to the fact that the solar system is preparing for something. This "something" is the addition to the system of former planets long destroyed and the relocation of various moons to their original sister worlds. Our scientists are quite involved in these preparations. We are watching your new reality being birthed and are seeing how it is affected by what is happening within you. Something wonderful and divine is getting ready to be born!

Today we talked about our desire to make full use of the permission granted to us by Heaven to move you to the next stage on your path to Full Consciousness. This also moves us closer to the event of First Contact and all that that implies! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 20th, 20083 Cimi, 19 Moan, 3 Manik
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Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to discuss. The coming events are designed by us to transition you effortlessly into First Contact and beyond. The purpose is to let the darksiders slip into oblivion, using their own greed and implacable arrogance as the prime instruments of their demise. These agencies of destruction are operating in full-throttle mode. We are advising our Earth allies to proceed undaunted and to allow us to clear the way for their victory. This plan of campaign is resulting in many highly pleasing advantages even as we speak. What we are doing, quite simply, is pushing the inevitable outcome of the Divine Plan forward at a quicker pace. This is being done with the full approval of Heaven. The aim is to bring this reality to the point of transition and then allow the natural factors, which can then come on line, to pull you successfully over the obstacles that currently block you from the finish line. This helps us as well because it brings us closer to the time for carrying out First Contact. We just want to get on with it and put the time immediately before us to better use than simply maintaining our present holding pattern.

Our recently expanded operation allows our on-planet personnel a more active role: They can intercede on our behalf in a number of key positions in both government and private sectors. This allows us to increase the means by which we gather intelligence and to promote our positions in the highly complex milieu that is your global society. This is pushing you forward and over the barriers that have so far stymied you. The dark cabal knows, down to the smallest detail, how this reality of yours is ordered. But now this intimate understanding is yielding a swiftly diminishing advantage. As the new reality seeps through the widening cracks and crevices of the old one, we are growing stronger due to the changes that this process generates. The dark ones sense this, but their mounting panic in no way inclines them to change their stripes. Indeed, their panic mode merely speeds up the pace of their various, unscrupulous plots. We are satisfied with these developments and intend to push the dark ones aside as soon as divinely possible.

The difference between what we desire to manifest and what Heaven wishes can often be something of a "sticky wicket" for us. Nevertheless, the process of coming to mutual "understandings" is truly blessed. Yet we still prefer to finish this aspect of our journey together sooner rather than later. The individuals who run the various darkside establishments are focused on surviving the current difficulties; they are doing quite unmentionable things to stay ahead of our Earth allies. Their constant, outrageous behavior is the reason why we were finally permitted to step in. Although this is much more acceptable to us, it does come with some divinely orchestrated rules. These rules allow us deeper into your affairs but still compel us to be somewhat discreet in how we go about this. We have expanded our oversight of your world’s various space programs and deepened our infiltration of the groups that control your governments and critical private organizations. This allows us to verify and double-check our growing intelligence work and to move into areas previously unavailable to us.

We are more deeply involved with our Earth allies than ever. Many of our Earth-based teams form part of the groups that are rooting out the cabalists who use dark magic to create horrible spells, which keep the current dire situation going. This secret rooting-out activity is in addition to our open presence within the decision-making bodies of our Earth allies. We have brought our ships into position to help the various missions of those working hard to oust the US regime from power. As you can see, we are determined to go as far as we can within the allowances set by Heaven. Our mission is now to manifest the conditions that allow your prosperity to be delivered and a new American governance to come into effect. Thus the final push is on! The dark cabal realizes more than ever the extent of our commitment to you. We will not stop until our successful mass landings have taken place.

While this is happening Mother Earth has likewise stepped up the pace of her physical transformation, and so the number of weather anomalies has dramatically risen. The growing instability in your atmosphere is partly produced by many diabolical experiments being secretly carried out by government-sponsored projects. These projects are compelling us to intervene on the side of Mother Earth in order to limit the effects of these actions. She has been equally affected by projects, which attempt to use her natural changes as a future weapon. All this is being closely monitored and we intervene physically whenever these operations get out of hand. Mother Earth is beginning to seal many of her tectonic plate seams from the bottom up and this can boosts the probability of major earthquakes. It also increases the possibility for a whole range of unforeseeable things to happen.

A number of earthquakes and volcanic episodes have already been intensified by the secret projects mentioned above. We have therefore moved in to shut down some of these operations. We have also asked the Earth’s councils of Elohim to direct us in the most effective way to oversee her current transformational processes, and we have been given a series of steps that we are presently implementing. Your sacred, living home has as much right as you to transform herself. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to discover and put forth a means for both her transformation and yours to be done simultaneously. As a heavenly-appointed referee we use our full capabilities to ensure that what is divinely planned comes to pass without a hitch. This is just another aspect of this First Contact mission.

This First Contact mission has never had a dull moment! Our scientists have learnt much about how your society works, and we have done much in concert with Heaven to move you to where you are now. Now the final chapters are being written to complete this lengthy volume on limited consciousness. Admittedly the activities that are advancing you toward your much-anticipated liberation are very largely happening in secret. Equally, most of what we are doing must also remain hidden for now; but we fully intend to make a full disclosure to you right after the mass landings are completed. We greatly look forward to our first direct interactions with you. These encounters are just the start of a most wondrous relationship with you. All these current preparations are to throw open the gates for your return to being fully conscious citizens of this galaxy.

Your role is to continue to draw on your resources of patience and benevolence, and to feel the wonder of what is happening. Our Earth allies are close to announcing many marvelous things. The rule of the dark on your world is near its end, which means that our formal meeting is getting closer each day. The operations, which we cannot as yet tell you about, are speeding ever more quickly through their final stages, and are getting to the point where we can all rejoice and celebrate the fruits of our labors. And what a grand and bountiful harvest it will be! All that is left to do is truly workable. We thank you for looking beyond your many and growing frustrations; your ongoing, heartfelt support means much to us and has contributed mightily to our joint endeavors. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of those activities that are bringing your long journey through darkness to an end. You are very close to the announcements that formally mark the beginning of a new period in your history. We welcome these events and are more than ready to carry out our First Contact with you! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 27th, 200810 Ben, 6 Pax, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return, full of information about what is to happen around you. As we speak, many incredible events are ready to manifest. The most important of these are those specified by a series of legal documents, known to you as NESARA. This legislation involves mainly America; however, its broad implications affect the world at large. These documents delineate the means for changing the current US administration and replacing it with a caretaker regime dedicated to restoring the organic Constitution and those rights specified in the Bill of Rights. In addition, these documents declare peace and change the current direction of US foreign policy. Finally, these documents forgive bank-created debt and establish a new and more secure banking and currency system. This last aspect has been expanded by our Earth allies to include the entire globe. The present banking and currency system is to be scrapped and replaced by one that better serves a world free of debt and the inflationary cycles imposed by the present banking and currency system.

All this is in place and awaiting the formality of the announcements, which declare its legality and implementation. In fact, implementation has already been partially begun through a series of banking edicts dispatched by the Federal Reserve governors to their district banks over the past two years. Also, the fledgling Treasury Banks are in the process right now of absorbing these banks and need only the final set of announcements to complete the procedure. The same is occurring throughout the world, as various strategic and overt operations are setting up the depositories for the gold necessary to back the new currency system. Further, secret conferences in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Americas are outlining a system for annulling the vast national debts of nearly 200 countries. In a world swimming in an ocean of debt and endemic corruption, safeguards must be introduced which secure both debt-forgiveness and the expansion of democracy and the republican way of life. A crucial concomitant to this is the promotion of universal harmony and cooperation.

These developments have been going on covertly since the end of World War II. Since way back the illuminoids were split into many factions and were kept together only by the outside influence of the Anunnaki. This constant control ensured that this planetary ruling stratum operated seemingly as a unit. But behind the façade a great deal of conflict was brewing. These minions of the Anunnaki, like their distant predecessors, were essentially divided into two main camps:
– The first were ideologically aligned with their masters and regarded humanity as a means to an end.
– The second were more open to the ideas of the Aghartans with their belief in freedom and the principles of galactic society. This second group knew about the desires of St. Germaine and the intent behind his World Trust, set up in the early 18th century. This group worked secretly with another group organized by the Sirians and their allies, which, in the 1990s, was to become the core of what we call our Earth allies. Arrayed against them was a very powerful consortium that was gaining strength during the latter years of the Cold War.

The present time is set to see the results of all these secret conferences and movements of money and resources, coupled now with the will to actually put it all into effect. Bear in mind that the Ascended Masters long ago started what is now happening. Our Earth allies could not have come together this way without the brilliant groundwork, which enables them to surmount the myriad obstacles in their way. You are watching a huge and complex jigsaw puzzle form. This shape is now being permitted and championed by this First Contact fleet. We are putting the final pieces into play and thereby challenging the dark cabal, which does not want this to happen. For a while Heaven somewhat tied our hands by limiting what we could do. This was done to permit our Earth allies and us to learn more about each other and to form a tighter bond. Now these limits are dispelling, allowing the present intensified, joint focus upon the remaining obstacles.

This boost to the allies’ confidence has brought them one step away from victory. Here, they pause as they wait for the darkside to crumble and sink into the swamp of its tunnel vision. This gives many darkside fence-sitters the opportunity to join the other side, which further proves to our Earth allies that their victory is close. What remains is to climb the last and steepest hill, and here the allies face a test of faith. Sometimes it appears to them that victory is a mirage in a desert and that the shimmering oasis they see on the horizon is always just out of reach no matter how far they travel; and this is the reason for the recent slowdown in the progress of the endgame. Yet this illusion of theirs can be pierced. Our task is to show our Earth allies that the oasis is real and that a certain set of actions can get them there. Showing them these precise steps is what we are presently doing.

This brings us to you, both the disheartened and the unwavering among you. We know full well that being patient and supportive of a movement that you so dearly want to see succeed quickly is not easy. Frustration is understandable as you anxiously watch these wicked ones run your economic potential into the ground! It truly takes prodigious amounts of fortitude to hold steady when every fiber of your being longs for a swift end to the insanity. We could not be more with you on this. But we can also see clearly what is happening and how close your scary world is to morphing into something better. Time, as always, is the key factor. Some powerful dark cabalists remain in the way and are making demands that require our full attention. Once we resolve this impediment and some other dark concoctions, the way should finally be clear.

Completing this stage of First Contact remains our prime intention and our true joy. Once done, the dark ones can no longer pose a threat and our mass landing can proceed unhindered. In this world you are prosperous and the difficulties you face today have morphed into great joys. Whenever your present challenges threaten to overwhelm you, remember that you are not alone. Heaven and we are enveloping you with blessings and are working hard to transform the distressing state of your world into something much better. Remember, too, that a divine timetable is in effect, which decrees that the reign of this reality is at an end. It is ready to be transformed into the realm that you long ago promised yourselves for these end times. This is the same realm in which we are all to reunite in one glorious, righteous celebration!

Right now a series of overlapping events is bringing your reality to a crossroads. The old is about to be altered and miracles never before believed possible are to be performed. All this is the sign of divine decree; but a global, rising insanity is the immediate precursor to this. The way that your world "does business" is facing extinction and your realm is quickly readying to flip into something new and exciting! We are charting this "something new," first as neutral observers and lately as active participants in this amazing process. Again we ask that you draw on your resources of big-heartedness and know totally that your prize is almost upon you. We know this is not easy since we feel your challenges through the eyes of our on-planet personnel. We know the hardships that make up your lives. Nevertheless, be in no doubt that this huge infringement on your lives is the final madness, which the dark can never again inflict on you!

Today we continued our discussion about what is happening around you. Our Earth allies and we are in the midst of the final actions, which are to topple the dark and enable the rest of the First-Contact scenario to proceed. Remember that you are watching the lead-in to the most stupendous events in your history unfold before you. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July 8th, 200813 Men, 8 Kumku, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We return! We are here with a report on what is happening on your world. First of all, many of you are in the last stages of awakening in this very limited-conscious reality, and hence you are experiencing a period of apparent listlessness. Look upon this time as the moment before a wave of new knowledge changes everything. At present, you are prone to tiredness and feel unable to work as hard or be as focused as you are used to. This is the result of the energy of this special time. Welcome it, and know that it is the preparation for a great deal of upcoming activity planned for you by the Infinite. The Earth is likewise readying herself for her part in the coming hyperactivity. We caution you to be ready for these things, which include not only the many changes long-promised you but also those things that signal the formal start of our First-Contact operations. Then, indeed, your life becomes especially hectic as we requisition your help during the transition to a Post-Contact reality!

We repeat: The promised changes are moving swiftly forward. All indications are that your world is close to a series of announcements that herald the end of your known reality. Our Earth allies are busy putting the final touches to some major events, which are to be preceded by a schedule of astounding public announcements. These can transform your world from its present state of rising global turmoil to one where peace and prosperity can begin to take root. You will witness the dissolution of the looming specter of global economic collapse and watch the advent of a new world reality grounded in a redistribution of wealth, complete with the sudden appearance of a vast amount of gold that is to anchor your new global monetary system. This system is to be presided over by a worldwide banking structure that changes forever the enormous excesses of the present banking and monetary networks. A new, more conscious world is to take full liability for and address the sins long perpetrated by humanity against Mother Earth. This means an end to your present age of oil and an introduction to a whole slew of new technologies.

This promising new world is what Heaven is diligently working toward. Every one of you is in the midst of some degree of change. For some, it is the beginning of a broad-based awakening process; for many more, it is learning what this awakening means and how best to start a new life style more attuned to their bodies, more honoring of their deepest longings, and more responsive to their need to cultivate the consciousness growing within them. This inner desire to adjust to a new consciousness is being mirrored by the huge changes to your physical body and to the energy fields that surround it. These subtle changes are resulting in aches and soreness, and strange physical effects and anomalies. In effect, Heaven is birthing a new body for you. It is this transformed physical vehicle that is to embody the new, fully conscious you! First Contact is the final step in this operation. Mother Earth is aiding this process by lowering her magnetics and setting up the proper environment for the birth of the new You!

These changes are part of a greater whole that is transforming the very nature of your solar system. Your scientists are baffled by what is happening to Mother Earth, the Sun, and your many planets. The amount of energy pouring in from the throne of the Creator is truly immense! It includes streams of information that are setting the stage for the changes now becoming observable and for those yet to come. This inundation of energy is making it more and more impossible for those who control your old paradigm to defend themselves against this ever-increasing onslaught. Thus, change is starting to gain the upper hand on your world, and the crying need for a drastically revised construct is becoming glaringly obvious. Responding to this, many students, researchers, and other professionals are coming up with ways to implement these needed changes. All this is a welcome sign of readiness for the huge amount of change now preparing to burst forth on the world scene.

The changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, and to the world’s economic systems are only the start. The unveiling of startling new technologies is to give huge impetus to the paradigm shift now underway. We anticipated this and fully expect these technologies to prepare your populace to accept what we in the Galactic Federation will demonstrate as part of the final First-Contact operation. This sudden leap in your technological capabilities fulfills one of the requirements for your being considered candidates for First Contact. It is to be accompanied by a series of global discussions about how to upgrade your democracies to more user-friendly models. These will serve as stopgaps until we introduce you to the concept of galactic society and the institutions that govern it. Said proposals will be fully outlined and discussed with you in our first Post-Contact forums.

One of the goals of what our Earth allies are doing is expunging your 13-millennia-long status as mere chattel to the rulers chosen by the Anunnaki. Further, the dark cabalists had not expected this operation to progress so swiftly; it is quickly overturning their power bases and allowing the seizure of the institutions that maintain their wealth. On top of this comes a groundswell determined to put an end to the global cover-up which disparages even the fact of our existence. All around the planet, the directives that form the backbone of this cover-up are giving way. Little by little, nations are not only releasing evidence of "sightings," proving that something is indeed out there, but are encouraging the notion that these beings are benevolent. We welcome this! It is another sign that the conditions for First Contact are manifesting and that all this is not far off.

This growing recognition of our existence is an authentic phenomenon that pleases us no end! It proves that even the most unrelenting of cover-ups can succumb to the Light! Many sensible people now study the abundant evidence and come to the logical conclusion that we are indeed real and, moreover, have been visiting your world for a very long time. Once they get beyond the government misinformation files, they see a clear pattern pointing toward a future First Contact. In the same vein, open-minded geneticists have begun to see that humans actually have an off-world origin. This throws into stark relief the inventions and inane assumptions of anthropology and reveals the vast, interlinking deception of much of modern science. The old picture is becoming puerile as new information comes in to replace it, and this is another indication that First Contact is now most timely.

This is a time for you to rethink your perceptions of reality. A great amount of change is happening on many levels. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself and your community for big change. The unwillingness of your political and even your economic systems to address the basic needs of its citizens must now be converted. Our Earth allies’ programs for change are a giant step in this direction, and any other necessary changes can be made during the final steps to Full Consciousness. In this stage of growth the sheer folly of what presently surrounds you can more easily be seen, and you are ready to begin conceiving your unique vision of galactic society and forging a most welcome new star nation. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussions about how the changes now close to manifestation are to affect you. They will bring you to the brink of Full Consciousness. The rest will follow when we carry out our First-Contact mass landings. Soon we can come together, celebrate, and freely discuss everything and anything. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July 15th, 20087 Ik, 15 Kumku, 3 Manik
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Greetings! We return with some interesting subjects to discuss with you! Over the past few weeks a number of things occurred which severely limited the scope of the cabal’s dark endeavors. This gave our Earth allies the opportunity to begin fine-tuning the working set-up of the new banking system and developing the more detailed regulations governing the efficiency of your new global banking network. When combined with the coming-on-line of the true-value basket of global currencies, this will successfully end the fiat-based economies that grew up in the post WW II era. This changeover establishes fair practices regarding the way commercial and savings banks operate, thus securing an environment that is much more stable and less given to the enormous excesses characteristic of the post WW II world. An important part of this is the prosperity programs which are ready to roll and which kick-start the sorely needed redistribution of the world’s wealth. This can transform your society’s economic models, wiping out the unjust biases that have ever kept the majority in poverty and debt, and unable to find any redress to their plight.

In this new realm the poor are to be given financial remedies along with the education and guidance needed to end poverty and restore to each human the dignity that lack of wealth and unwieldy cultural traditions have wrested from them. This is not a massive rescue project but rather a means to humanize your society’s treatment of its members. We need you to perceive yourselves in a new light and to define your lives not according to what is "handed to you by fate" but by externalizing your innate, creative joy. Once your "survival mode" is banished, a lot of re-education will be required; old, ingrained perceptions must be upgraded and the immediate and long-term implications of your new realities openly examined. The immense amount of money you are getting has the primary purpose of moving you out of your restricted mindset into an unlimited confidence about who you are and what kind of society you can create. This is the first issue to be focused on. In order to build a lasting foundation, you must first set the intention with as much detail as possible. Then Heaven intends to help you in every way to make it a reality.

Another factor in this transformation is the releasing and implementation of a huge range of suppressed inventions. The de facto reigning-in of your natural, unlimited potential has surrounded you with seemingly insurmountable global problems. Once you are set free, the Earth allies and the Galactic Federation can change how your society functions, thus unleashing a whirlwind of possibilities. Just think of the potential contribution of all your presently undereducated and suppressed individuals. Indeed, many in your society use their great ingenuity to directly or indirectly assist the dark. Imagine this energy being redirected into constructive rather than destructive projects. With such vast creativity and energy suddenly made available, far-sighted and thoughtful visions will be essential. The scope of all this goes far beyond the multitude of healing centers that will pop up like mushrooms after a rain storm. Your new wealth can be channeled into utopian projects that allow many to acquire the education they long for and explore, unhindered, the newly opening avenues of discovery.

Money and wealth need to be spread to the point where they become universal. Your society currently reflects the myriad restrictions spoon-fed to you from birth. Yet, you are moving toward Full Consciousness. A founding principle of such consciousness is the freedom for each to achieve his potential and bring forth his life’s purpose. Humanity is deeply locked into the concept of haves and have-nots, which is an illusion dinned into you by your former masters, the Anunnaki. Its purpose was to give them access to your creativity while making you believe in the concept of "less than." Limits exist only in the mind, and when intentions are thus twisted, a world such as the one you see around you develops naturally from that. In fact you swallowed an illusion and thus made it real. Now the time has come to cast out this nonsense and return to a reality that accurately reflects the natural creativity and abundance of your true selves.

This turnabout in planetary conditions can become the precursor to the galactic society that all humans in the Galactic Federation live in. The special-ness and wonder of this environment cannot be understated. Here, we live in a world that encourages us from birth to be who we really are; we are supported by an educational system that nurtures us and encourages us to explore and express our true selves, to the point where we have great confidence in ourselves and our abilities. This self-confidence bubbles over into a need to help our fellows, and it is this purpose that drives our society to creatively solve any problems that come up. As you can imagine such difficulties are resolved quickly and serve as a testimony to the ability of our society to remain fluid and able to adapt gracefully to any challenges. Moving you toward this model is something that our Earth allies and we are fully agreed upon.

This puts your abundance in a new light. It is more than being able to gratify each passing whim. It is about setting up a network of individual providers sharing what they have with each other and with you. Each receiver of wealth has the means to distribute it to others. We are to suggest that a special network of wealth-givers be set up, which can be enlarged as needed. Wealth is, above all, a powerful tool for change. This tool expands upon the goals of debt forgiveness by giving a secondary channel for spreading wealth to all. Bear in mind the prime purpose of this abundance is to move you into a milieu that constantly supports your growth into Beings who can envision and realize their true potential. Supporting this process are a plethora of esoteric devices that are to reorganize your current understanding of your physical and spiritual reality.

The first step is to open up your mind to new possibilities, which, in turn, can lead to more direct and meaningful communication with your True Self. This allows you to question your society’s foundational tenets. We intend you to come together and form natural networks that move you closer to the environment we enjoy. The upcoming interregnum can provide the setting in which we can all begin to share and learn from each other. This "other" includes ourselves, who are both above you in space and below you in the realms of inner Earth. Then there are the Earth allies who also wish to get to know you better, once the many cultural and social restrictions, and the current dangers of your society begin to be removed.

This coming world is close to happening. Our efforts are helping our Earth allies to get your society to the point of manifestation. The key is to use your collective potential to make intentions with us each month. Something we can suggest is to use the full-moon/new-moon cycle to create positive intentions and release them into your reality. Your collective energies are an important part of this endeavor, which we consider to have three components: First is you and your fellows. Each of you needs to pick times when you can gather together and boost the energy of what we are collectively doing. The second and third components are of course our Earth allies and us, respectively. Together, we are a powerful force that is further bolstered by the blessings of Heaven. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we discussed what is happening on Mother Earth. The actions of our Earth allies, assisted by your powerful energies, are ready to oust the dark cabalists and move you to a new reality. Here, all that we have long talked about can happen and set the stage for First Contact. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday July 22th, 20081 Muluc, 2 Vayeb, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to add about what is going on around you. Everywhere, the portents point the way to your new reality. This place of abundance and harmony is drawing closer as the dark cabal searches madly for a possible solution to its ever-growing plethora of predicaments. Yet, with all this, a kind of stalemate has shown up, which is giving the dark cabalists a glimmer of hope. These circumstances contain within them certain remedies that our Earth allies are currently applying in different ways throughout your world. This is beginning to wear away the causes of the stalemate, allowing our Earth allies to prepare the final elements for an all-out assault on these dark ones. Before this can happen a number of critically needed personnel are moving into position within the US regime. Their task is to perform the actual physical ouster of this regime, using the legal remedies given to them by various courts and other legal procedures. Whatever happens, the removal from office of this illegal US entity and its cohorts is essential for what is planned next.

It is important for you to understand that what the old, corrupt order produced was an onion like, multilayered conspiracy. It inculcated into your society an ethos of wealth and power, with its concomitant prerequisite of ambition and greed, producing a never-ending stream of willing new candidates to do the cabalists bidding. This process needed to be transformed. To do this Heaven came up with a very complex operation: first, to begin a process to make humanity more conscious, that is, more aware of the consequences of its actions. Next, to assist those who were to become our Earth allies to meet and help each other. Together, these factors began to set a new course for humanity. The third element is First Contact. This is essential in order to counter the madness of the dark cabalists, when necessary, and in general to provide a means to complete this reality shift if the first two elements fail to forge the amount of change needed to complete the transformation of your global society.

This need for a radical redesign of your consciousness and of your society is the primary reason for what Heaven and the Divine Plan are now doing. Your world is straddling the divide between an overwhelming catastrophe and an amazing future paradise. And now, Heaven has stacked the cards overwhelmingly in favor of the approaching paradise, or, as we refer to it, your new reality. This new reality has all of its multiple elements now at the point of manifestation. What is holding it up is the need to create your Will to do so: Too many of you are still enamored with the thought of great wealth and power as exercised in the old paradigm. But the principles of the old paradigm are changing, making it less and less possible to wield such power. In its stead a new way of governing is beginning to emerge. This model of cooperation and consensus is being studied more thoroughly in universities and think tanks around the globe. In essence, a form of society similar to galactic society with its fluid group management mode is rearing its head in a variety of slightly different forms.

These new ideas are being field-tested in many parts of the third world, such as sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and even India. These experiments are allowing the older tribal forms to reappear in a reformed mode. Those living in the traditional village way have taken this new approach and run with it, producing new and more successful variations of the old. A more specific example is the use of "ho’oponopono" in Hawaii, which is a traditional method of solving personal and village conflicts and thereby effecting harmonious solutions to problems. This procedure lies at the very heart of galactic society. In short, a new paradigm is emerging from the old village formulas and quickly becoming the basis for forging new societal structures. It is these grass-roots developments that, when combined with the Earth allies’ imperatives for new economic and financial systems, are making possible the creation of Heaven’s new reality!

These ongoing activities are the basis of our review of what is going on below us. We know how your society is structured and the amount of defacement it daily inflicts upon Mother Earth and upon you. It is not a pretty sight! Yet within you are a hope and a growing realization that a vast change is now imperative. Our Earth allies are doing their part and you are doing yours. Our part is to interact with all and thereby permit this much-needed change to move forward in a meaningful manner. Above all, we are here to act as the final resort. This is why we constantly reiterate that radical and significant change on your world is inevitable. Even if it does take a more direct path, such as the need for a sudden First Contact, we are ready to do so. Our intention is that this more direct form of involvement is still not necessary. Nevertheless, let us state once more that we are prepared to act thusly if so required!

Presently, the movement to replace the illuminati overlords is moving forward at the right divine speed. If this slows to a pace that Heaven disapproves of we are prepared to act accordingly. You are precious to Heaven! This statement is a blessing indeed! It is because of your importance that we authorized this First Contact mission and that we watch over you carefully. You need to grow in consciousness and to construct a grand coalition that can defeat the dark cabal. To assist you we have provided supplies and other resources to our Earth allies, who in effect are a part of you all. What remains is to see what you do in the remaining time allotted to us by Heaven. Then we are to re-evaluate and set up the appropriate scenario for First Contact.

This overseer role is something that we take on with all enthusiasm. Your daily struggles need not go on much longer. We monitor you and carefully watch what our Earth allies are doing. Meanwhile, we also plan and prioritize our First Contact options. We prefer that the prime scenario agreed to with our Earth allies come to pass. But, as we stated above, we are fully prepared to switch to another option if the present conditions change. Our inner fleet circling your world is ready to act instantly. An alternate series of announcements has been prepared, which are to explain any new scenario to you. Once these are broadcast we are to land swiftly, using any requisite technology to ensure this mission’s success. On the ground, the same procedures mentioned to you in past messages are then to apply.

Progressing this First Contact mission beyond its present status is vital. We have set up a number of key objectives for our Earth allies to meet, and they are also advised of the specific timetable in operation. These things are all part of what we are doing to further the necessary physical changes that are a part of our mission. The other aspect is the great consciousness shift that you are undergoing, and this shift is to be further accelerated. Thus our medical teams have begun to undertake monitoring procedures that allow us to make sure that you are adjusting well to what is being done to you by Heaven’s divine messengers. In effect, we are the moderators for your changes and the means that ensure that First Contact happens and happens as planned. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our talk about the conditions that are to be a precursor to First Contact. What occurs next determines what we do next. In any event, be assured that we are fully locked into a First Contact with you. Very shortly we intend to carry out a massive First-Contact landing! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday July 29th, 20084 Eb, 0 Pop, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come with more things to discuss with you! Right now, events are occurring on your world that promise a resolution to the stalemate alluded to in our last message. While this goes ahead we are preparing to assist our Earth allies in a number of ways. First, we are complementing the forces they assigned to the removal of the current US regime. Second, we are providing the resources needed to allow our Earth allies to put a new hard-backed currency system into effect on your world. Finally, we are expanding our liaison and diplomatic personnel so as to be ready to furnish the necessary services for a more harmonious reality on your world. As you can see, many things are primed to manifest and become known as soon as the deliveries of your many prosperity funds are realized. The importance of this step prompted us to send out a special detail of ships to watch this program unfold. So far no major problems are being encountered, and all that continues to plague this much-maligned operation is the same old boring interference.

In addition to these developments we are observing a big rise in the number of seismic movements and earthquakes on Mother Earth’s surface. Your planet is going through many changes as the north and south polar magnetic fields literally run over each other. This massive movement, coupled with the south polar field’s inward migration toward the Earth’s Central Sun, has caused a great deal of destabilization in some major tectonic plates. The resultant increase in earthquakes in some of the Earth’s most active fault zones is only an overture to what could shortly be possible. Likewise, this process has caused some of your planet’s major volcanoes to erupt, or go into a mode that strongly hints at a possible future major eruption. This increasing activity is mirrored by the slight rising and settling of the Earth’s surface that occurs when these fields run over each other. We have been watching this phenomenon and have recalibrated many parts of your planet in order to keep this from getting out of hand. To date, our work is conforming to our expectations.

Let us return to the operation that is the prelude to your new reality. Presently your world is in a transition period. Two things are happening: First and foremost is the big squeeze being put on the dark cabal. This has resulted in a countering operation that has greatly impeded the movement of capital throughout your world. This capital war has thrown the great illuminoid families into a panic as large sums of their immense fortunes were seized by our Earth allies and turned over to the many prosperity programs. Further, many additional layers of security procedures are being added to the protocols for transferring these prosperity funds from one central bank to another. This undermines the illegal US Federal Reserve and its many allied banks and is gaining momentum by the day. This operation is preparing your world for a post-US Federal Reserve reality. The pressure is compelling many US nationally chartered banks to rethink their long-standing relationship to the US Federal Reserve Bank and opt for being part of the soon-to-be-announced US Treasury Bank.

The second is the push to completely reorder the present global banking system. The attack on the Federal Reserve and her dominant fiat currency is part of a complex process to recast the financial way of your world. The ultimate goal of the capital war is to move away from the excesses of fiat currencies (inflation, currency manipulation, and money-laundering of vast, unaccounted-for sums) toward a new system of universal abundance, currency stabilization underpinned by true value, and an end to secret manipulation and money laundering. Money is the primary power resource of your societies and its movement has been used to fund wars, revolutions, and other means of creating chaos both local and global. Our Earth allies intend to transform this into a transitional realm marked by increasing harmony among nations and an end to the greed and envy that are prerequisites for the degree of chaos now prevalent. This new reality is the preferred prologue to First Contact.

The movement toward a new reality is progressing as planned. New realities are forming everywhere around your world, despite all the odds. The old, dark cabalists managed to set up many things that are only now beginning to come undone. This realm of yours longs for peace and for a new blueprint for harmonizing diplomatic relations. The old order, in which the superpowers call the shots, has worn thin indeed. A determination is rising to find a creative and cooperative modus vivendi, and this can only happened once the reasons for international rivalries are dispatched. To this end our Earth allies proposed a new charter for the UN, armed with the fundamentals that will be central to your world’s new reality; including, an end to national aggression and the instigation of socially responsible, ‘green’ multi-national companies in full partnership with the people of Mother Earth and the prosperity that surrounds them.

These items are to kick off a series of programs that will be reinforced by the introduction of Earth’s long-suppressed technologies as well as some of our own. We see what is about to happen as a formal partnership between our Earth allies, the peoples of Mother Earth, and our First Contact fleets. This open partnership ends the UFO cover-up and replaces it with our formal presence on your world. We are fully prepared for the many consequences of our sudden appearance and have worked with our Earth allies to set up a means to reveal the truths about your religious philosophies, your true history, and your ET origins. Most of your world’s population may be greatly shocked by this massive infusion of new facts, so we created a new paradigm that the majority of your scientists have been grudgingly heeding for the past half-decade.

This new paradigm points the way to a spiritual science and opens up the search for what consciousness really is. It is this opening to consciousness that will impel the swift emergence of a new science of consciousness, which is to be the next rapid step in the evolution of your science. The philosophy of consciousness can be a catalyst for rethinking your religious ‘myths’ and, with it, a means for a more complete scenario that can be used to unite humanity, both materially and spiritually. Ultimately it is the spiritual, Love-oriented concepts that are the vital key to what we intend to introduce in the post-Contact world. This broad-based prelude to our arrival can greatly prepare you for the frank conversations we are to have together on many important topics. To use an apt cliché: The Truth will set you free!

This progress on all fronts toward First Contact is most encouraging. The fact is dawning on the major governments of your world that this First Contact is inevitable and not very far off. Likewise, it is only the most die-hard members of the dark cabal who are still fully intent upon a dark victory for themselves or, alternatively, a Pyrrhic victory for the Earth allies. But, as you know, this is not to be the case. Too much of your world is now realizing that the Divine Plan is to come to pass, and the only issue remaining is the exact timing for it all to materialize. This is where we come in as we are the final catalyst. First Contact, specifically when and where it is to take place, is the definitive arbiter of this timeline. Heaven delegated this duty to us when the mission became official, and we intend to carry it out to the ‘divine’ letter!

Today, we continued our discussion about the progress toward your new reality. We would repeat a most important point: The key determining factor is First Contact. Until that moment we watch, we prepare, and, when so advised, we arrive! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, Dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 5th, 20081 Ik, 10 Pop, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. Currently our Earth allies are drawing closer to the tipping-point where their objectives can at last be realized. We have waited long for this special moment, and recent statements made to us by the cabalists seem to indicate that the time for their surrender is fast approaching. As their fortunes dwindle and their capacity to stop the incoming reality diminishes, these dark ones are forced to conclude that their end is near. Nevertheless, be assured that regardless of the indications coming from that quarter our guard never lets up for an instant. This mission is much too vital to accept anything less than a sure and successful conclusion. We intend to secure a formal surrender along with full proof that this part of your history is over. Only then can our Earth allies manifest the grand program of changes that will be addressed in our global messages. These unprecedented policies in effect take your present global economy of scarcity and place it firmly on a strong foundation of prosperity. Prosperity is to be the hallmark of the interim between your present and your future world.

The objective is to move your world away from its present dysfunction to a point where your society respects universal sovereignty and is able to supply you with the help you need to accomplish your basic life purpose. These are the fundamentals you need to feel secure and able to move forward on your journey to Full Consciousness. The crucial factor is to increase your conscious awareness of the process of change and to allow you to make your creative contributions to the global mix. It is this that permits your society to make the amount of rapid progress required. Our Earth allies are aware of how this whole consciousness-raising operation works. We need to free your minds of old perceptions and allow new ones to take root as the prosperity starts to engulf you. Then you can truly see that a new reality is supplanting the old, providing new opportunities for growth, new friendships, and most of all, success. We then need to progress this concept of success from a monetary one to an experience of joy in all things, which then radiates outward into your new world.

Joy is the key that unlocks the door that Heaven is showing you. It is a feeling, akin to rapture, which has been studied by your psychologists and actually found to be the highest state of being. Getting you to this state smoothly and naturally is behind many of the policies jointly agreed upon by our Earth allies, Heaven, and us. These programs move you out of scarcity and limited perceptions into the realization that you are an unlimited Being whose purpose is to fulfill your life contract with the Divine. Once you experience this state, petty jealousies and other dysfunctional modes of being fall away and nothing then prevents full cooperation between you and your fellows. You are all One! Loving each other as you love yourself is another core perception that your rising consciousness manifests. Together, we are transforming this reality and all of you as we speak. Each of the programs we mention contributes to the quickening within you of this feeling of joy, leaving behind your present realm of frustration and sadness.

This reality has run its course and prolonging its death rattle benefits no one. Its huge amount of pain and sorrow cries out for healing and transformation. Thus, Heaven is reaching the sacred point where the Divine Plan decrees such a change. In accordance with this we are putting more pressure on our Earth allies to finish their remaining tasks, and further personnel, who have gleaned experience in banking, securities, and financial sectors while on on-planet assignments, are being added to our joint work teams. Their expertise is greatly helping our liaison teams to expedite the completion of a number of critical tasks. The focus is on removing those elements delaying change and quickly bringing about the first domino: the prosperity deliveries and the US regime removal. Heaven desires the removal of these roadblocks and the path to First Contact cleared of any possible further obstacles.

With this in mind we are taking it upon ourselves to meet more often with our Earth allies. Here, we check on progress and determine what aspects of our joint operations need tweaking or even a new approach. The joint intention is to creatively solve any problems and to come up with the best and quickest strategies for success. So far these more frequent meetings are accelerating the previously agreed-upon timetables. Heaven sanctions what we are doing. In addition we have deepened our surveillance of the dark’s skullduggery and have uncovered a number of clandestine activities by the cabalists to destabilize Mother Earth. This scorched-earth policy has been contained. A series of intense meetings with those cabalists in charge of these attacks has resulted in assurances from them that these transgressions are to cease. Naturally we remain wary.

As you know, Mother Earth needs to release pressure from time to time, and by studying solar activity you can discern these periods. There is a set of natural magnetic resonance patterns that exists between the Sun and her children. We discovered this early on in our observations of this solar system just prior to the arrival here of the First Contact fleet. Thereafter, we kept up our study of these basic 36 resonance patterns. It is interesting to us that your government’s deep dark research projects did not catch on to this until late 2006, and since then they have used solar, astronomic, and geological probes to confirm what we now both know. Then they attempted to create a number of ‘natural’ disasters, which we restrained. They have received many strong warnings from us to cease immediately from perpetrating the aggressive misuse of these cycles.

Everything we are doing is geared toward and deeply committed to ensuring that the objectives of this mission are met successfully. Our covert assignments bring us into contact with you on a daily basis, and this is necessary to permit us to interact with you and determine what you need or want. This particular First Contact mission requires constant innovation on our part and unique methods of evaluating what we discover. In order to accomplish the goal of this mission —raising your society’s consciousness— we have had to do things that overturn what you consider to be the norm. This means that some unique and unprecedented tasks have been put before us. Thus, this First Contact with you has become truly special, and we deeply Love the challenges that you have given us.

The final challenge is to carry out the reforms your world so desperately needs and then, at the appropriate moment, to arrive on your shores. The complexities of the myriad elements of this equation are truly astonishing to look at! Once the mass landings are over we want to have long conversations with you about how you experienced the event. We intend to compile a log of the whole process, and your contributions are essential to the record; indeed, any chronicle of this period would be badly lopsided without your extensive input. We also need you to continue your contributions during and after your return to Full Consciousness as your comments promise to be the most enlightening of all.

Today, we carried on with our discussion of your First Contact with us. We wish you to know that our commitment to you is boundless. And we are determined to complete this mission within the timetable given to us by the Divine! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 12th, 2008. 8 Muluc, 17 Pop, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones, with more to discuss with you. As you know, a great struggle between the dark and the Light is reaching its final denouement. Our Earth allies, with our assistance, are completing a number of operations that, when done, are to end the long reign of the dark on your world. This sacred moment has not yet arrived. Everywhere, the end game of the cabalists is evident. They believe that the ever-deepening chaos enshrouding your world will lead to the return of their dominance, but this is not to be. The work of our Earth allies is limiting the success of their dark objectives and threatening to defeat them at their dire game. In the long run our countermeasures will overwhelm the dark, allowing the Earth allies to greatly speed up their efforts to forge the new reality you all deserve. This project of ours is becoming truly immense in scope: We are being compelled, because of the dark’s new exertions, to commit more and more expert personnel to this task, and this means we also discover much more about you and how your journey to Full Consciousness is progressing.

Your progress toward your final changes is going well. Heaven is working diligently to bring in your new 13-chakra system and activate the myriad minor energy centers that support your fully conscious body. Further, the element that makes you physically you your genetic make-upis also undergoing a vast change. This ‘odd stuff’, which many geneticists initially labeled ‘junk DNA’, is starting to interact with your present active double helix. This opened up new possibilities for change and even allowed many geneticists to suggest you are Beings whose origins are extraterrestrial. This postulate is gaining adherents in the world of genetic research and makes up another factor adding to the rise of a new scientific paradigm. Too many anomalous facts are seriously challenging the basic foundations of your present reality. These scientific discrepancies go hand in hand with the activities of the Divine on your planet, and these pressures for change are increasing in both scope and complexity. The world you know is imploding upon itself as the sheer volume of evidence for a new paradigm mushrooms!

This alteration of your world and your physical selves is rewriting the way you perceive yourselves and the world you live in. Your reality is expanding and is increasingly able to manifest what was once thought to be impossible. For example, the prosperity funds went from being mere possibilities to actual programs ready to manifest huge amounts of money to each investor. Now these funds are being protected by special security groups whose prime responsibility is to ensure that the long-promised deliveries occur when commanded by Heaven and our Earth allies. On this day an amazing event is to happen: a transfer of wealth around the planet that is at once unexpected and immense in scope. These now-wealthy investors are to include many Light Workers who formerly lacked the monetary and organizational resources to ‘make a difference’ to the make-up of your world. After the deliveries and the transfer of governmental power to our Earth allies a new world does indeed manifest! It is this new world that can end the UFO cover-up and permit a most orderly, global First Contact operation to take place.

This First Contact, as frequently noted, has become a work in progress. Our original concept did not include the amount of assistance we are offering to our Earth allies. We joined forces, urging them on and helping them to overcome the endless maneuvers of the dark cabal, which previously threatened their ranks. Our Earth allies are now a more united group whose purpose is to remove this cabal from power and instigate a more prosperous and freer global environment. This new environment can spur creativity and birth a newfound sense of connectivity. Indeed, this growing sense of oneness lies at the core of what First Contact represents. We are here to induct your future star nation into the Galactic Federation of Light. For this to come about, you need to progress beyond your present irrational schisms into a clear realization that you are all citizens of your world and, moreover, a future member of this solar system’s star nation. Thus the gift of Full Consciousness becomes essential for this divine vision to manifest as planned.

This divine gift is laid out in explicit detail in the Divine Plan. And it is this that led to our departing from standard-First-Contact protocols and sending our great fleet to your shores. In recent months this fleet saw the return of a number of special ships whose passengers are the precursors of the Nine. These priest- and priestess-ships are to manifest at the right time and send down the blessings of AEON upon you. This special ritual marks the time when the sacred mantle of the great holy realms returns in full force to you. Such a gift signals your return to Full Consciousness! We are proud of who you are, my children! In your Spirit lies a great Soul given you by the Creator and by many holy legions that have come here and bless you with grace, Love, and courage! Your indomitability and ability to survive all that the dark throws at you arises from this. Now your amnesia is to be lifted, and with this a clarity of colossal proportions.

This clarity will allow you to see the working relationship between physicality and Heaven. You can see what your true-life purpose for this lifetime is. You can determine the best way for the energies of this galaxy’s star nations to intertwine. All this knowledge is yours, and once your full self is revealed these marvelous concepts contained within your new reality can appear. Until this time you may occasionally get brief glimpses of what lies ahead. These may come to you as strange dreams or something sensed just above you. They may affect your mind’s eye, bringing you a tantalizing flash of this future activity, as your collective mind prepares you for this on subliminal levels. These encouraging glimpses reinforce the paradigm shifts we referred to above. The time for change has come! The magnitude of change is immense!

In order to move you from your limiting reality to the new, unlimited one, Heaven created a protective field for Mother Earth and this entire galaxy. This field was forged by Light, Love, and by the energies that you freely possess. These energies make it impossible for any other scenario to exist. Hence, we know you are at a time when First Contact is to occur. We are confident that the need for a rapid deployment of our forces in response to some dark-induced craziness is unlikely. Until the mass landing date, we will need to intercede only when necessary to prevent nuclear disaster or stop events from getting out of hand. By this we mean an event that swiftly escalate into something serious. To this end, a group working with our Earth allies does so when needed to negotiate or suggest to both sides a way to solve any potentially grave situation.

As you can see, there is a definite method to our First Contact operations. We know that a sudden shift in our mass-landing schedule could become possible and have thus drawn up a series of options covering all possibilities. Our fleet is apprised of each option and can switch, suddenly, from one scenario to another. This has been rehearsed many times since our arrival here in the early 1990s. The primary scenario, now in effect and described to you many times, depends on the success of our Earth allies in getting the major governments to resign; permitting caretaker regimes to temporarily take over; and setting up proper and constitutional government in North America. It is these governments which can make our benevolence and us known to the peoples of your world. We feel this to be a proper prelude to the actual event of First Contact with you.

Today, we continued our discussion about First Contact. We want you to know that a definite series of procedures is in effect which heralds the events of First Contact. We are working with our Earth allies to complete the final prerequisites for the various announcements and the prosperity deliveries. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 19th, 2008. 2 Cib, 4 Uo, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more for you to know! Over the past few weeks a grand struggle has continued. This conflict involves the final few elements that can effectively transfer power from the dark cabal to our Earth allies. Until then, the dark remains in charge of this fading reality. Our Earth allies comprehend and accept this. Thus, what remains to be done takes on great urgency. Many new possibilities have been negotiated and put into place. Now these final and most daring maneuvers need to be executed by our Earth allies. We stand with them and encourage them to implement these strategies that can bring down the present lofty power of the cabalists. To prepare for these moves we have informed selected governments of what is now required of them. These ‘warnings’ are yielding the intended results, and many governments are preparing for the worst while nonetheless hoping for a way out. Upon completing these last steps our Earth allies can at last grasp the breakthroughs they have so long pursued. The deliveries and announcements can then follow!

The environment that follows these events substantiates our intentions for you. The cabal’s Machiavellian tactics are almost at an end; yet, to the casual observer, nothing seems to have changed. However, much, both overt and hidden, has indeed happened. The special order of the Illuminati is starting to break down as critical power shifts move the source of Illuminati control from one group to another. The current global economic, political, and military crises are examples of this. There is also a covert struggle going on over a new monetary and financial system, which, as you know, lies at the heart of the Earth allies’ mission. A broad-based, international alliance has formed, which is helping our Earth allies to edge forward against the last cabal. This confrontation between Light and dark is heightened by the more overt one going on between those various groups still in bed with the last cabal, and such open warfare stokes even further the world’s already high levels of chaos. It is this escalating confusion that acts as a smokescreen for what the dark plans to do next.

The cabalists want to crush our Earth allies and force us to abandon the First Contact mission. This objective is a pipe dream! The momentum of the Divine Plan in this realm forever negates any possibility of these dark dreams coming to fruition! The new reality being birthed radiates Light and abundance, and, above all, heralds Full Consciousness. A long era of manipulated limited consciousness is being replaced by an environment in which humanity manifests its potential and creates a realm of joy and fulfillment. This is the opposite of what the Illuminoids want. These life-affirming elements are being set up as a result of Heaven’s massive shifting of the consciousness of your world. It is a divine operation that is making First Contact possible. Our present role is to dispatch the last obstacles to First Contact in a manner pre-approved by Heaven. Then, at the right moment we are to come and formally introduce ourselves to you. This is what we are now in the midst of. We intend to complete our agenda, end the ‘UFO’ cover-up, and proceed swiftly with First Contact.

It is essential that you as a people move beyond the millennia-long xenophobia that is so openly encouraged in your religious philosophies and ‘recorded’ history. You have long had close associations with so-called extraterrestrials, or ETs. These interactions include your former overloads, the Anunnaki, various groups from the dark Anchara Alliance, and a Sirian-based coalition from the Galactic Federation. These groups played a significant role in the development of your present civilization. Indeed, the mythologies of ancient Greece, Rome, India, and China, as well as those of the peoples of the Americas and Oceania, are full of stories that confirm this fact. Celestial intervention is the norm, and the present time is not as anomalous as your governments would have you believe. Acknowledgement in some countries of UFO cases long sequestered by your governments is a sign that this decades-long cover-up cannot last much longer.

As these things become known, our more frequent appearance in your day and night skies can lead only to the logical fact that you are not alone. Our next step is to offer more dramatic proof that we are here, that we are benevolent, and that we are ready to carry out a First Contact. Let us state at this point that we are breaking no so-called ‘law of non-interference’. This notion is born of a fear-filled mindset that wishes to invalidate our presence. In fact, it is the evaluation and decisions of local spiritual hierarchies that allow or disallow contact from other planets or star nations. If you look at your earth history you can see thousands of instances of such visits here; and all of them had valid reasons, and all of them contributed to where you are today. However, it is the specialness of Mother Earth and the decrees of the Divine Plan that bring us here now. It is divine dispensation and, ultimately, heart logic that are the reasons for our presence.

First Contact is simply a natural development. A preliminary step is the aforementioned consultation with your local Spiritual Hierarchy. In normal circumstances, we ascertain what is in the highest spiritual interests of the planet or star nation being considered. This forms the pivot of any First Contact preliminaries. In your case, our presence here is the result of a special dispensation from Lord Surea. Indeed, our continuing observations of your scientific, political, and cultural arenas reveal that you still have much progress to make to meet our nominal preconditions for First Contact. Further, without this special dispensation and the focused intercession of Heaven the present level of contact would not be where it is today. Heaven knows that you are a most special case, and we are therefore detailed to intervene extensively in your affairs. The dark knows this, and wishes it were otherwise!

Much of what we are doing on this mission is unprecedented. In effect, our role has become that of a restricted, benevolent overlord of your world. Only if necessary can we intervene directly and at a moment’s notice. In the main we work with our Earth allies according to the allowances of Heaven. However, your despair and frustration have lingered on for far too long! Covertly, actions are being taken to remedy this. During all this your dark ones continue to keep up a ‘space going’ technology, one that can easily solve your major energy and environment-destroying difficulties. Keeping you in the dark about these technologies is, to us, totally insane! Another oddity is the manipulation of currencies to accumulate wealth. These crazy games have all gone on well past the time for them to be changed. It would have been much better if the dark ones had become the Bearers of a new reality as a way to end this era of darkness.

The dark knows that ‘the jig is up’! Heaven has begun to involve you in a new game: It is called Full Consciousness and brings an end to all limitation. The dark needs to stand aside and graciously renounce the old game that is in any case being discontinued by the decrees of Heaven. Shortly the dark’s envoys will abandon this lost cause and be compelled to acknowledge the purpose of the game for what it is: a temporary odyssey through darkness to gain experience. Now the Light returns, and the experiences gathered up into a great wisdom to be used as needed by all of you. You came to participate in this drama of the dark and play the various roles. Rejoice, and celebrate the reunion with your spiritual and space kin!

Today, more has been revealed. You are in the last days of your present reality, a reality that is in the throes of a heavenly transformation. The time comes for the special ships of ritual to change this reality thus permitting us to land and complete what Heaven so magnificently began! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday August 26th, 2008. 8 Akbal, 11 Uo, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come today with more interesting things to discuss with you! Everywhere, your world is in the middle of a great consciousness shift. This shift is propelling our Earth allies forward and making them confidant that their long-sought victory is near. Further bolstering their feeling of victory is the desperate way in which the dark cabal is tightening its hold on power, which is, of course, a panic reaction on their part. The cabalists can see the irreparable cracks starting to appear in their armor. This worries them and has caused them to seek reassurance from their American, European, and Asian counterparts. Despite being mollified, these dark ones remain leery of what is occurring on a small scale in the local and regional markets of the third world. Here, a movement for peace, freedom, and democracy is growing at grassroots level. Likewise, a similar movement has appeared locally in Europe and America. This alternative to their power is not going away. Despite numerous obstacles it continues to strengthen, with hopes of becoming a rival to the dark in the very near future.

These localized movements are global in nature. The Internet brings them together and permits them to communicate in great detail what each of them is doing. These information-sharing missives have attracted the attention of our Earth allies who see these crusades as a source of support when the great changes in the economic and banking systems are formally announced. In the environment of the great changes these small-scale projects can grow, creating networks that can encourage what this new economic system was designed to promote. After all, the point of all this is to allow your global society to move from scarcity and want to prosperity and abundance. Our Earth allies wish to forge a new reality that functions as the final preparatory stage for First Contact. Just as we have reworked and reworked our main scenario for contact, so, too, have our Earth allies. All of us have had to adjust time and again to the many gear-changes of this project. Our role has been to use our knowledge to advise and help our Earth allies make the best changes when such moments arrive.

First Contact seems to have taken on a number of distinct stages. At first it was a matter of just following standard protocol when Heaven so decreed. This stage passed when the coming of the photon belt was mitigated by the simultaneous arrival of an energy package from the nova 1987a, as your scientists called it. This put you in the present protective bubble that you now occupy. This is to fade in the next 18 months as the photon belt leaves your area of the Milky Way Galaxy[N. of E. of BVW: It should say "1987a Nova energy package" instead of "photon belt", since the solar system will be inside the photon belt for 2,160 years.  The photon belt is not going away from the Milky Way, it is the temporary energy package burst out by the nova that will be going away]. In its stead will be a new reality. A space-time quantum will form in its wake, which is to be the catalyst for the transformation of your entire solar system. You see, this universe it quite unlike what your cosmologists picture it to be. Rather, it is a living holographic image composed of endless Love and the infinite Light emanating from the Creator. It is under the directives, or divine decrees, of the Divine Plan. It is what generates matter, and it forges itself into the immense miracles that are physicality. When you realize this you can see why only a spiritual science matters, the rest is mere educated speculation.

When you traverse this galaxy you observe phenomena that are beyond belief! We give many of the most beautiful objects names which seem to correspond to what they are. We look forward to seeing what your experiences will be and what you will name them. The divine forces acting in physicality arise from electro-holograms forged by the Divine. As you begin to learn about this you can see how interdimensional energies constantly interact according to the Divine Plan. You discover how rotation creates vortexes; then you perceive that these vortexes come together based on the energy of mutual attraction shaped by these attractors. Gravity is another force formed out of these attractions and becomes something beyond the relativity theories of your Einstein or the mechanistic formulae of your Newton. It takes on the essential electrical and holographic nature of physicality. We replicate these phenomena in our propulsion systems and in the teleporters found aboard our ships.

What your science is starting to discover is that most of the anomalies that are punching holes in their respective areas of science are guides to a science of consciousness. This is leading to a paradigm that takes the nature of consciousness into account. In effect, your science is back in the time of Newton, figuratively speaking. Too much in too many fields of science no longer makes sense, and a total rethink is becoming mandatory. As we watch this we are happy to see the openness of many of your young investigators. They are proving that an ‘unseen hand’ is in effect and needs to be qualified in a whole new way. You need to look beyond the religiously inspired ‘Big Bang’ theory, the confused world of subatomic physics, and even the mumbo-jumbo realm that is genetics. Out of this confusion are arising the preliminaries for a new science that is much like our own. Our science goes beyond your present knowledge and is predicated on a true concept of consciousness.

Consciousness is what you truly are: an interconnected living Soul, forged from the Love of the Creator. In addition, there is a special heavenly node. This living energy is directly formed from the very essence of Heaven. She is a director and is referred to in your literature by many names. Let us use the term your ‘I Am Presence.’ This special Being is you in the grand network of ‘interconnectiveness’ that is this divine universe. Both of these living wonders, your Soul and your ‘I Am Presence,’ come together to create who you are. As you grow in awareness of the Divine you come to see elementary truths that allow you to easily dissipate the illusions of this present reality of yours and glimpse the ways of the Divine. These brief ‘aha’ moments are merely a preview of what lies ahead. This is why many of you say that the ‘spiritual veil’ is growing thin.

This new science of consciousness is maturing as many begin to produce works stating that this approach is a way to reconstitute the foundations of science so that the anomalies, now so prevalent, can be explained. This also opens up a way to integrate your new alternate philosophies of consciousness, thus creating a new range of beliefs more closely approximating what we have known from childhood. In this way we can more easily merge our knowledge with your own. The truth of what you truly are has been mercilessly kept from you, but now your grand search for the truth is busting open their less-than-divine egg! Once this most unwieldy Humpty Dumpty falls, nothing the dark does can restore it, and then the rest can unfold before you! It is truly time to manifest a new reality!

When you, as a collective, outgrow the beliefs that define you, a wellspring of thought of unbelievable power surges up and begins a process of catharsis that eventually produces an imperative. Such a demand ended the ‘cold war’ on your world and, in ours, produced the divine dispensation that led to our present galactic peace. The intentions of the Divine are all-inclusive and, when touched, can produce what you call miracles. What is needed is to learn to quiet your inner consciousness and intertwine with the divine energy that is making you. In less than a nanosecond you are infused with this energy. Within it is a way to discover the truth of who you are. We call it ‘Ja Ta Khan a’ (Sirian for Creator’s Soul essence). In it is found all that needs to be known.

Today, we looked at what is happening to your world and to yourselves. Remember that in your grand union with who you are lie the secrets of all things. Using it, you can transform your world and revise the misplaced xenophobia used by the dark to deny our existence. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday September 2nd, 2008. 3 Oc, 18 Uo, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return to you once again! Much has been done and a few things still remain to be done. We need to state that your world is on the very brink of a momentous change. This line-up of changes promises the start of a new reality that we have discussed with you for some time now. As a recent Earth saying goes, "The impossible takes a little longer." This ‘little longer’ is now at an end. The great struggle between Light and dark has raged across your globe for decades. The crescendo began some eight years ago when the dark unleashed its blitzkrieg of simultaneous catastrophes, which did indeed give it a brief respite. Now, the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction, and our Earth allies are verging on their carefully planned triumph. We sit above you, observing and acting on their behalf when necessary. Together, our Earth allies and our diversified forces are watching the dark take its last grabs at power. We look forward gleefully to being able to greet you directly and to set in motion the last stage of this First Contact operation.

First Contact is now in its final stages. Around you, your world still appears to be in the iron grip of the dark ones. Proof of their control seems to be everywhere; but in fact the dark is using ‘appearances’ to keep you in line, while behind the scenes it is losing to those who have created the global coalition that we call our Earth allies. This group of organizations, powerful individuals, and powerful government personnel is working daily to ferret out those who wish to undermine or actually sabotage their valiant efforts. Because of these brave souls’ diligence a new banking system has been put in place and a way to restore true democratic governance to your world is ready to go. We continue to be proud of their efforts and to watch all this closely since it has a broad bearing on the carrying-out of the Galactic Federation’s First Contact mission. Accordingly, we issued orders to have our entire on-planet personnel cooperate fully with our Earth allies. This phase produced dividends greater than first imagined. We delight in the fact that a great miracle is about to manifest before you!

The same degree of change is occurring in your solar system. Your solar system is a monument to the many galactic battles that have happened here. Many planets are in disarray because of these past conflicts. Our fleet is working with your Elohim to prepare for the great changes that are to come. These operations involve redrawing your inner water planets and resetting the protective fields of the larger outer planets. So far, we have reset the Martian, Mercurial, and Venusian realities. They are to manifest when Mother Earth returns to her Full Consciousness. As these fields and holographic inserts are put into place we are reminded of the vast change that happened in this galaxy when Anchara and the Light shifted us from a state of endless galactic wars to the current realm in which peace reigns. We are most grateful for this, and we see what is occurring here as another step in this process. As all this transpires, the unending beauty of this galaxy can again be freely seen and appreciated. We look forward to showing you your magnificent galaxy!

All of this is, of course, just the beginning. There is a vast, nearly endless spiritual realm that you have little knowledge of. It is this lack of information that makes you so gullible to the dark. What lies around you and in you is both invisible and inexperienced by you. Heaven is in joy that what she is doing will soon end your long period of unbroken amnesia. You are blessed by Heaven, and therefore the great shift that she is creating is inevitable. Your varieties of bodily aches are a sign of what is happening to you. Their intensity is to increase as many important new chakras and meridians in your body are activated and connected to each other. This process now involves the upper nervous system and the ganglia of the brain, which means that you may experience headaches and increased sleeplessness. Some discomfort in the heart and lungs can occur, as well as soreness in the throat and tongue. Increased fatigue is likely as these symptoms intensify.

Your home world is undergoing a similar amount of change. In past messages we told you about the tectonic plates locking up, which increases the frequency of earthquakes and volcanism. The entire ‘surface system’ of Mother Earth is preparing for the huge, violent reconfigurations that are to swiftly transform the outer appearance of the planet. The number of anomalies being observed by your geologists increases by the day. Your world is working to set up the new firmaments, raise and lower mountain ranges, lift up continents, and reshape and increase the number of seas and oceans. We are grateful that all of this is happening in a gradual way. Mother Earth desires to see you achieve your decreed return to Full Consciousness. This solar system and you are destined to return together to Full Consciousness and to become a viable, favored participant in the sacred unfolding of the Divine Plan in physicality.

As this preparation progresses, the dark’s last cabal remains resolute in its opposition to the Light. It is all part of a game to maintain the viability of this reality. The cabalists know that ending this game brings on their downfall. Hence, they are deeply convinced that staying active is the only hope left to them. Along with this goes an undaunted arrogance. Even the frequent visits from their former masters, the Anunnaki, and from the Ascended Masters cannot get them to relinquish this belief. Thus, it seems that only the Earth allies’ upcoming out-maneuvering tactics can bring a definitive end to this period in your history. Until then we wait for the inevitable: the dark’s fall from power. When this occurs, the deliveries will have happened and the announcements can then take place.

Our fleet continues to rotate. At present, we have limited the inner ring around Earth to the ships of human star nations. Our Moon base has taken on additional responsibilities for coordinating First Contact. We are preparing for our meeting with you and are keen to carry out those sacred ceremonies which are to precede our arrival. Several of our priest and priestess ships have already gone to Agartha to begin the first stage of these ceremonies. These rituals have been successful and the Agarthans have accompanied these ships to some sacred surface areas to start the next round of ceremonies. All is going well! We fully expect to finish this up in the next galactic month. Our spiritual advisors tell us that the blessings are making it possible to contemplate the actual time for full Contact!

The energies for completing this First Contact are quite positive and this present period of distress and instability is almost at an end. The dark ones realize this, yet refuse to surrender. Continuing this silly game is all they are prepared to do. We are in constant contact with them and the results of these meetings remain consistent: They intend to somehow muddle through and carry on with business as usual despite an inner knowing of the ridiculousness of this attitude. Outwardly they keep up the bluster and refuse to even consider what we tell them. This proves to us that their positions of great power do indeed warp their concept of reality. The consequences of their downfall are too much for them to think about and so the stonewalling of the past few years goes on. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion with you about First Contact. The time for us to meet draws near. We look forward pleasurably to this historic moment. It is due time for this current reality to be transformed and for your new reality to manifest. As always, we are your space and spiritual families, and are dedicated to bringing you to Full Consciousness. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 9th, 2008. 10 Caban, 5 Zip, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come before you again bringing more interesting things to discuss with you! At present, we are watching as our Earth allies complete many essential operations. These steps are to give them the opportunity to restrict the various intrigues intended by the dark cabal to prevent the success of the Earth allies. The most frequently used of these ploys is the exploitation of a particular weak spot in those groups whose main responsibility is to carry out the prosperity deliveries throughout your globe. These difficulties are attracting our attention and we are therefore providing special ‘resources’ that can be used to surmount the most devious of these roadblocks. It is our intention to have our Earth allies reach the stage where the present illegal governments of your planet can be legally ousted from power. It is becoming increasingly clear that we can no longer tolerate the present chaotic situations on your world. Our many meetings concerning this matter have given rise to a potential scenario that we are currently discussing with Heaven.

The plan is simply to give our Earth allies a very considerable advantage here, thus permitting them to finish off the, by now, thoroughly flawed delivery process. It is this stumbling block which is delaying the other elements of this highly complex operation. Until now we have primarily observed, and done the little allowed by Heaven. Now, there is a definite requirement for us to do something a bit more dramatic. Despite the advantages garnered by our Earth allies and with our somewhat limited assistance, the dark, through a number of key and very powerful individuals, still manages to prevail. This situation needs to be resolved forthwith and we are ready to implement a variety of solutions once we gain divine approval. Our personnel understand why this is occurring and intend to ‘take care of business’ shortly. The dark dreads a higher level of involvement on our part. Their mischief making can easily be put a stop to with some well-placed pressure by our on-planet personnel. This form of pressure, however, can only be applied within the new general guidelines from our divine, heavenly masters.

What we are preparing is a series of devices that can end, legally, the prevailing impasse. Thereafter, it is essential that the proper and legally empowered individuals be able to limit severely the type of actions presently allowed. Then the transfer of power can be made, as agreed to by our Earth allies and our diplomatic liaison teams. We have the technology to easily upset the dark’s seemingly invincible ‘applecart’ and have almost had to use it on occasion in the past. Now the present situation warrants a more forceful solution. The requirement to have our Earth allies as the main agent of change creates situations that permit the dark to carry on its underhand methods of enforcing its self-perpetuation. We watch as these treacherous characters sabotage all efforts to remove them from power. The threat they fear most is the redressing of the inequality of wealth on your world, which they have reinforced and exploited for many millennia. Once this weapon is removed from their armory, they can be easily banished and reduced to a status similar to yours.

Knowing this, we have long urged our Earth allies to implement a means to seize this great wealth and redistribute it. On your world, money in such immense quantities is the reason for great power, and the dark uses all its ancillary abilities to preserve and protect this wealth. It also thinks up scandalous, flagrantly illegal ways to steal wealth from each other. These ones could accurately be described as an immense global nest of vipers! Their modus operandi can be used against them to procure their downfall, and we intend to do just that. On many occasions we have suggested to our Earth allies that they use these methods to get their many extensive changes to global banking and finance approved. These have worked as planned. Now it is necessary to do this on a much larger scale, using a somewhat altered method of approach. This requires the aforementioned new guidelines, and once they are approved we intend to use the new tactics against the dark immediately.

This world of yours is a very strange and illogical place. This collective was given to the Anunnaki long ago and it has served its purpose. Now a more Light-bearing reality is needed in order for you to transform back into your fully conscious selves, as preordained. This process is progressing unevenly at present, and it is this unevenness that is feeding into the dark’s various stratagems. We need to integrate the shifting process and allow the great leaps in your abilities that are to follow the removal of the dark governments on your world. The interim regimes will pave the way for a very different realm from the one you now know. It is these governmental caretakers who are to make the dramatic announcements which will permit First Contact to go off as planned. With these broadcasts in hand we can then proceed with our mass-landing scenario and finish up the job that these governments and their citizens started.

Mother Earth very much wishes you to have the opportunity to honor your home world before our mass arrival. She knows that we have contingency plans that can preempt the current strategy for legally ousting the many illegal regimes which daily bow to the dark’s every whim. But it is also our wish that the most appropriate scenario be allowed to play out. Nevertheless, we have the pre-approval of Heaven to intervene in a number of different ways, the least likely being a direct intervention that permits us to preemptively neutralize the large amount of advanced weaponry in the dark’s arsenal. This would then include our making suitable announcements and landing en masse on your beautiful shores. Our primary concern is transforming the oppression used by the dark to control and manipulate your world.

Your freedom and the opportunity for you to use your innate sovereignty are important to us. These states of being can prepare you for the environment of a post-Contact world. Such is the environment we ourselves live in, enhanced, moreover, by the absence of wealth and power. We wake up each day with the knowledge that we can accomplish whatever we intend. We are highly supportive of one another and know the basic truths of our life and how to achieve our major life goals. Most of you are broken in spirit or feel limited in what you can posses by way of resources. ‘Getting on’ in your society is ruled by subtle and secret codes or social ‘deals’, which can help you, get what you think you want. Often this runs counter to your true-life purpose.

We want you to discover what is true and real in your lives and what is not before we land. You need to learn about ‘true purpose’ and how to apply it, and the way it differs from the false desires that your dark environment smoothers you in. This learning can take place if present situations lead the First Contact team in that direction. We say this to reassure you that one way or another we are coming, and the world you now know is going away. The precise timing cannot be divulged ahead of time. All we can say is that our arrival is very close. Until this momentous moment we are committed to doing all that is possible to move your world from its present mounting chaos to a more stable state. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we discussed what is happening on your world and touched on some of our permitted options. All told, we wish you to know once again of our unfailing commitment to First Contact and that we cannot back away from it. We are now so close, and joyously wait for the magical time when we can all meet! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 16th, 2008. 4 Kan, 12 Zip, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you once again! Around you a vast secret war is being fought, mostly with ideas rather than guns. Oh, there are the odd proverbial shoot-outs that end violently, but for the most part this battle is about bringing a new reality to fruition. Thus, as expected, those who defend the old ways are not giving up easily. There are many tactics that this dark cabal employs, the most frequent one being the old ploy of using moles and deliberate misdirection to fool our Earth allies. So far these simple tricks have succeeded. Nevertheless, in recent weeks our side has stepped up the unwelcome consequences of these actions. The pawns of the dark need a swift education in the fallout they can face. These things are helping. What is also assisting our Earth allies is the knowledge of how the dark deploys the illegal ‘swag’ it absconds with. Our liaisons are quick to reveal where the money went and how to grab it back again. These games delay deliveries and give the dark time to keep its global tyranny going and to find a possible way out of its overwhelming dilemma: us!

As these final sequences work their way to a successful conclusion for the Light, we are left to step up our liaison and strategy sessions with those who are given the hardest task, namely, to push a series of dark-oriented regimes from power as the heart of the dark’s operations is found here. The vast conspiracies of the dark were forged into their present state by the collusions and out-and-out double-dealing that happened near the end of World War II. From this developed a plan that was cunningly put into place and became what is called the Military-Industrial Complex. At its core were those who had pledged to subvert the idea of America by mixing it with the tyranny and downright evil of the German Nazi regime. Under this growing cabal’s command was launched the UFO cover-up and a whole series of nefarious plans to overturn the heavenly edicts previously agreed to by the cabal’s overlords, the Anunnaki. These dark plots were almost successful. On the very eve of these plans coming to fruition came the Peace of Anchara and the sudden flip-flop of the Anunnaki.

At a stroke the cabal lost its supreme commanders and was thrown into a quandary about whether to abandon its plans or to formulate a new way to ensure victory. What resulted was a shake-up which forged a new array of alliances that eventually produced success in the United States election of 2000. Even though this victory was achieved by illegal means, the cabal was now in possession of the US government and began plotting a number of events that it hoped would lead them back to where they were in early 1995. The subsequent years produced some auspicious victories, but also resulted in the situations in which the dark now finds itself. Its many vile acts permitted our Earth allies to grow greatly in stature and to have a number of important agreements manifested. These led to an international debt forgiveness process and a way of ensuring a new global banking and financial system. Armed with these accords our Earth allies developed a powerful means to push the dark cabal into the dustbin of history.

As all this works itself out, we are increasing our on-the-ground presence with our Earth allies. Our liaisons traveling with the special forces of our Earth allies are fully focused on transforming the present difficulties into a strategy for success. Our diplomatic personnel are closely monitoring this operation. A wide-ranging and complex plan is now well underway designed to finish off the cabal’s most vital remaining resource: a number of powerful and friendly governments. Until now this has been a tough nut to crack. Even the many legal strategies and court victories failed to dislodge these haughty and arrogant ones. What was needed was a series of critical advantages that would make their ouster swift and clean. Producing a new coalition overcame this impediment and even now is ensuring the approach of victory! We cannot, of course, divulge any details, just know that a number of remarkable events are on your horizon.

Another component of First Contact involves Mother Earth. Things are happening that are a direct result of the pollution and mismanagement of your living home. Our task is to help Mother Earth’s ecosystem to survive until the present carelessness of human society is finally transformed. This consists of a broad range of environmental and climate-change interventions. These need to be subtle, yet overt enough to alert the dark ones to what we are doing. We need them to know that what they are plotting is indeed failing. At the same time we do not want to overly alarm the world’s population by making it apparent that a superior force is ‘messing’ with their world. Our environmental science departments are working this very subtle program superbly. The Earth is presently in a most stable condition, all things considered. The next step is for the strategy of our Earth allies to succeed as divinely planned by Heaven.

Inner Earth is our primary on-planet residence. Here, we can send out our liaison personnel on their planet-surface missions, debrief them when necessary, and meet directly with our Earth allies. We occupy a number of inner-Earth crystal cities. The Aghartans are devoted to ensuring that all our requirements are met. It is also here that our scientists can develop additional data to investigate more clearly what Mother Earth truly requires. All told, inner Earth has been most helpful in securing our mutual victory. The Aghartans have contributed a great deal of expert personnel as well. Many of our special on-site liaisons are from inner Earth, and the Aghartans deeply desire the reunion of the inner and outer worlds of Mother Earth. This is a vital step toward manifesting a truly united Earth and can serve as the very foundation of your new star system.

These contributions by the Aghartans sparked numerous new intrusions into their inner-Earth sanctuary by many branches of the secret government. Operating from the bottom levels of their chain of underground bases, their special forces tried to penetrate inner Earth and force the Aghartans to refocus their priorities. These ongoing forays have failed, showing the dark cabal just how serious and committed the Aghartans are. We mention this to indicate the degree of panic in the cabal’s mindset. While the cabal is still in charge of the surface world’s financial system, the time is getting close for this dominance to be toppled and then transformed. Our Earth allies are most grateful to their ‘cousins’ in Agharta. Without them the victory that is shortly to be announced could not have happened!

We are most grateful for the blessed help we have received from all the sentient inhabitants of Mother Earth. You have shown us that this world is indeed worthy of First Contact. Most of us who have been in command positions for over a decade have learned much here. The same learning curve applies to those who have succeeded many of our fellows who were here with us at the start of this venture. We have watched your world grow in consciousness as the work of Heaven moved forward. Each day we see more of you begin your search for truth and find with joy that your journey is not being made alone. Out of this emerged organizations, websites, and general observations that have populated many a chat site. All of this signals that you are more than ready for change and indeed longingly await our arrival. We do not intend to disappoint!

Today we continued our discussion about how First Contact is going. We are ready to meet you and dearly wish to stage that celebration we have long alluded to. The time is ripe for Contact and we are divinely ready to do it. We only await certain conditions and the green light from Heaven. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday September 30rd, 2008. 5 Etznab, 6 Tzotz, 4 Eb
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Greetings! We arrive with much to say! Everywhere on your world the concluding struggle between your last dark cabal and our Earth allies goes on. This conflict is reaching a point where a denouement must happen. We have begun to see both sides taking risks they would normally not take. The credit crunch forced upon the dark cabal by a failure to adopt the Basel II agreements led in the past week to a proposed US government-sponsored "cash bailout" rated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This is a temporary measure at best. It does not address the grand alliance of nations, major financial investors in effect, and there is an urgent need to manifest the rest of our Earth allies’ new financial system. All of this is continuing to put a great deal of pressure upon the dark cabal and its Anglo-American base. The process of squeezing the old "Fed" dollar and draining the pro-"cabalist" US regime of its credit resources has not much longer to go. Many of the places to put these funds are denied to them, and the ongoing threat of sudden seizures remains.

This secret war is reaching serious proportions as brief skirmishes pop up from time to time. This warfare is leading our Earth allies into positions that, in the end, make their triumph inevitable. We watch closely and know just how serious this struggle has become. This global clash has many fronts: Primarily this matter is about power and the one element that is the lifeblood of power: money. Behind this are two different philosophies. The first, ours, advocates an end to the yawning gap between rich and poor and the reform of those instruments that have put most nations and people either in near-poverty conditions or on the verge of fiscal disaster. Debt forgiveness and redistributing trillions of dollars to your world permit it to change its focus and move away from the trumped-up wars and the ongoing chaos of a world struggling to survive. Remove all this, and new possibilities open up. Suddenly, the difficulties of the post-World War II era can be addressed in numerous new, creative ways. This is the objective of your "quiet revolution."

The way of the dark cabal is to hoard untold wealth and create a false sense of limited money supply. This is then further stressed by the use of usury, fractional banking, and, above all, constant multigenerational inflation. These devices are used to manipulate national economies and force policies upon their people that are detrimental to them and very profitable for the minions of the Anunnaki and their friends and families. This process has been going on for millennia and is now at a point where its continued application has become increasingly problematical. Yet, those operating this grievous system are unwilling to give it up and this obstinacy has consequences: The system is drying up as the means to keep it going starts to evaporate. Normally the perpetrators of the old system would have a few decades in which to maneuver. However, the current environmental crises and the shift now occurring in many commodity markets are signs that this system is in the midst of a grand decline. A new paradigm is now increasingly essential. Our Earth allies have delineated such a paradigm.

As you look at what is happening on your world, you can clearly see that there is a natural evolutionary process that is being greatly speeded up. This acceleration is due in large part to the environmental abuses of the old economic system and the recent, huge population explosion. This opens the door to daring and pressing solutions, and the rise of our Earth allies is a much-needed response to this demand. They are looking at your world and moving to give you viable solutions. The next stage in your evolution is the shift from planetary to galactic human. This presupposes your leap toward Full Consciousness. There is also a need for a new scientific paradigm, one that returns Spirit to the science equation. The post-quantum world of modern science, with its hint of morphogenesis and the so-called hundredth-monkey effect, is beginning to concede that there are factors in this reality that need to be added. This can lead easily to a spiritual science that reflects a new consciousness mindset.

This march toward Full Consciousness is happening on many fronts. There are the many changes to your physiology, including the way divine Light enters your energy systems. This allows ever more Light to suffuse you and accelerate the manifestation of your new chakras and new "genes." This operation permits you to awaken in greater and greater numbers. We are also aiding this process through the numerous nightly adjustments performed by our ever-increasing numbers of Galactic Federation medical teams. They are becoming more sophisticated in the way they perform their duties, and so a great influx of divine Light is streaming into you and paving the way for the creation of a new, fully conscious You. This new Being is the reason this reality cannot continue as presently constituted. A new reality is needed, which includes your entry as a fully-fledged member into the Galactic Federation of Light.

This movement from limited- to fully-conscious Being is the main element in all that is now happening around you. This divine operation is being closely guided by Heaven and overseen by our aforementioned medical teams. It is this special process that the dark cabalists discovered they cannot stop. The Creator decreed that this is to happen to you now. Therefore, all the many parts of Heaven and physicality have converged to ensure that this decree occurs as planned. Against this the dark cabalists have few successful resources. It is the failure of these last remaining resources that has sent them into their current panic mode. What is left is to let the Divine Plan work out the last details and fully manifest the results. These are to permit you to return to Full Consciousness and meet your spiritual and space families.

As you morph into who you truly are, you can then grasp what this really means. Full Consciousness makes you the planetary and star-system guardians that you are meant to be. This stewardship of physicality is a special talent that the divine Creator has given you. For many millennia you have wandered through your reality encased in an amnesia that robbed you of the ability to see how you have given away your vast powers to others. These highly manipulating and deceitful masters have taken you on a crazed ride through the strange realms of the dark. Here, you have learned many skills and developed a wisdom that is soon to serve you well. It is this knowledge that can permit you to help transform this galaxy and others. Your talents are considerable and are much needed throughout the whole of physicality.

The next parts of this drama are proving to have a most interesting prelude. The events to come will be mind-boggling! There are to be shocking changes to your reality, the greatest of which will be our arrival. First Contact is turning out to be a most complex operation. Nevertheless, we are prepared for whatever is to come and fully understand the enormous implications of this consciousness transformation. Each reality is a special construct whose grids can be altered through a broad consensus of its most sentient inhabitants, in this case, you. As you overcome your supposed limitations and learn of your great abilities to promote change, it is hardly surprising that you may be a little overwhelmed by it all. Remain calm, centered, and ready for what is to come. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we resumed our discussion of what is happening on your world. We talked about the reasons and actions behind what is happening. We ask you to release your frustrations as the divine time for everything to happen is fast approaching and the moment for First Contact gets closer with each day that passes. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday October 7th, 2008. 12 Chicchan, 13 Tzotz, 4 Eb
Article taken from:

Dramu Kasi! (Sirian for Much Love!) We come again as the conditions for a dramatic change on your planet move closer to manifestation. At present, your world is slowly unlocking from the stalemate that has encumbered the type of progress that we dearly desire to see happen. As this process works its way forward, many events have occurred that were predicted by our various projected scenarios for First Contact. What we are seeing is the death of the old manifested belief system and the birth of the new one. As we mentioned before, the growing chaos is a mere smokescreen designed to conceal the true dire plans of the dark cabal. These revolve around a global tyranny that is set to emerge out of the present, rapidly deepening crises. However, our Earth allies, with due diligence, are setting the stage for another more serene and prosperous reality. The important point is for you to not get caught up in the chaos, but to join us in envisioning the coming, far better alternative. This alternative is physically ready to go, and the events that lead to this new reality are already in motion.

An ongoing series of secret negotiations have yielded a definitive set of directives that permit the present US regime to be replaced, legally, with an interregnum of no more than 6-9 months duration. During this period, the interregnum is to function as the legitimate government under special, agreed-upon, emergency provisions. Under its aegis a broad range of reforms is to put in motion a new economic and political system. Since the Depression, a number of major intrusions into the intent of the original Constitution were implemented in the guise of a national economic, and then wartime, emergency. These disfigurations to the Constitution were further massively expanded by the current, illegal US regime, and the purpose of the interregnum is to undo what the dark cabal has so egregiously wreaked. Our first actions are to redo the political system and prepare to be the fair and impartial instrument as intended by the Constitution. Simultaneously, the present economic disaster needs to be untangled and replaced by new fiscal and currency instruments.

The present decline of the dollar is a natural process foreordained by the dark, but also indicated in the plans of our Earth allies for replacing the dollar. During the latter part of World War II, the dollar gained a dominance that is only now beginning to decline. The dark wishes to replace it with a fiat currency based upon a broader union; namely, the North American Union. This is their long-sought way of ending the dream of America in this hemisphere. Our Earth allies are totally opposed to the tyranny that this union represents. The continued use of a highly manipulated fiat currency, which is what the dollar has become, is not this world’s way to salvation. Rather, a return to a value-based currency is the bedrock of the new system, backed by vaults filled with gold bars and silver ingots. Helping to accumulate this wealth has been one of our tasks. These secret depositories are ready to come on line when this illegal US regime is ousted from office. With the new currency system in hand, the next move is to issue global debt forgiveness.

Debt forgiveness resets the global economic system and allows the new banking and currency system to start afresh. At present the world fractional banking system has virtually every nation and every citizen in some degree of debt. We need to switch to a hard currency system and use a new method to register debt, if any, in this system. The unprecedented aspect of all this is the amount of universal prosperity accompanying these changes: A veritable ocean of funds is waiting to be distributed, and all that is preventing the disbursement is the restrictive policies of the US regime. Once these restraints are removed, by legal methods we obviously cannot describe at this time, a spigot of enormous wealth can be opened. It is this wealth that transforms the limits of the present system and initiates a new fiscal realm for you. Prosperity brings with it countless new responsibilities, and it behooves you to focus on and envision this coming potential and to dwell less on the chaos of the crumbling old order. All that now seems so frightening will be done away with before long.

The return of your freedoms is taken very seriously by our Earth allies. A plan is underway that is surely loosening the grip of the dark upon this world. After 13 millennia of control, what has been done in the past half-decade is truly amazing. Among the tasks still ahead is to break the backs of a number of obstructions that are slowing things down. By the time you read this, some of these blocks will be removed and the remaining ones will be near resolution. That is all we can say at this time. All of us are working to annul the huge amount of authority that the dark acquired. As this is lifted, new possibilities arise that expand our options, and each obstacle removed accelerates the resolution of the next, and so on. In this way the momentum increases each day, thus assuring our mutual success.

This process of incremental successes has been going on for the past half decade. During this time we have learned much about the dark and have been taught many things by our former Anchara Alliance foes. This new knowledge is being positively used by us to creatively detail each step we make. As it all unfolds, we see just how convoluted is the logic employed by this dark cabal. The degree of its deviousness seems to grow as we progress from one stage to the next. Nevertheless, progress is being made, and so we ask you to focus intently upon your vision for a more prosperous and positive reality. This new reality is to manifest in so many wonderful ways, but the ceaseless blaring of the media news can envelop you in a numbing cacophony that can make it near impossible for you to see this.

The movement toward peace and prosperity is quickening within the very essences of Mother Earth. She dearly wishes for all of you to be free, sovereign, and prosperous. This is expressed in the many loving energies that she daily sends you. If you stop and become silent, and either meditate or just center yourself, you can feel this Love percolating throughout the Earth’s atmosphere and within the ripples of energy that come from the Earth’s Central Sun. The physicality that you reside in is watching as you transform into fully conscious Beings and cheers you on as you move irrevocably toward the transformation line. It is this that makes us know that all our work is to bear fruit and allow us shortly to meet. Then together we can usher in a new reality for you and for this entire galaxy.

The new reality is not just about physical change, but spiritual change as well. You are integrating physical and spiritual changes that are to manifest a 13-chakra system and a fully functioning union between all your RNA/DNA. This individual requires a reality filled with prosperity, true fulfillment, and a Joy that never ends! This is your future, not the scary, tyrannical realm that the dark wants to create for you. We make this point for a reason: Some of you have regressed into a depression of doubt arising from the events of the past few weeks, and yet these events are the necessary prelude to the changes that are coming. Use your intuitive heart logic to snap out of your worries and feel the bright future that quickly approaches!

Today we continued our discussion about the baleful events of the day. While these may appear bleak, the new is nearly ready to "pop." We are almost at the finishing-line and this is when that final burst of joyous resolve is required of us all. We conclude by reminding you of our unwavering, prime focus: First Contact. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday October 14th, 2008. 12 Chicchan, 6 Eb, 0 Tzec, 4 Eb
Article taken from:

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about the ongoing events on your world. Right now, the secret conflict between the Light and the dark continues. A number of things have happened that give these dark ones some added resources, but these are of temporary duration. Everywhere the need to curtail is showing itself. These things only add to the crescendo of chaos that is now engulfing your world. Behind this "white noise" is a group of very powerful families and individuals whose degree of personal panic matches the escalating chaos as they realize that there is no way out of this dilemma for them. Yet they pursue their futile, tunnel-vision course which can only briefly lengthen the time they have left to remain in power. Despite knowing this, these dark ones have chosen to play out these roles until the time of change arrives and knocks them from their lofty perches. Meanwhile our Earth allies are busy working the present financial crises and using them to complete the arrangements needed to accomplish this.

The moment when change is possible is not far off. Those at the top of the dark-oriented regimes know this as well. What remains to be done are some final legal details which are to formally end this current nightmare of yours and transform it into something grand. Keep in mind as you read this that the events now close to happening form the end of a nearly 13-millennia-long roller coaster ride for humanity. This "ride" allowed your ancestors and you to build up a vast mental, emotional, and spiritual database on the ways the dark and its cronies kept you in confusion and ignorance while using these conditions to manipulate you as they pleased. Now you are close to the point when you can cast off this dark mantle and gaze at last upon the true light of the day. This light will help you and allow you the wisdom to look at all this with fairness, and then turn it all over to Heaven. The key point here is not to judge or accuse, but rather to learn from it and allow the wisdom in each of you to grow, even as your Love for the manifesting new reality grows within you.

Above you, we continue to monitor everything closely, detailing our liaison and diplomatic corps to oversee all that transpires. It is vital for First Contact that we use our expertise to guide our Earth allies and ask our fellow family in Inner Earth to join in when necessary. The Divine Plan shows that this world is getting very close to the time for the long-awaited moments to finally happen. This end game is reaching a point where some important precursor events can occur. The dark is putting on a good public face. However, behind the scenes these dark ones are informally contacting their former off-world allies and desperately asking for help, but to no avail. This lack of cooperation is a further sign to them of just how much their formerly unassailable position has deteriorated. Their rapidly decreasing maneuverability shows them that a great shift in this world is not far off, leaving them to wonder just how serious their future punishment might be. This prospect compels them to prolong the inevitable.

As this strange power game plays out, we are gaining more and more "allies." The old banking and financial system has thoroughly failed. The new system, proposed by the Basel II agreement and by a number of informally approved new currency directives, is pushing the dark cabalists out of power. As the new consciousness shift gains adherents, it is helping those who once aided the dark to come to their senses and give credence to our Earth allies’ propositions. Also relevant here is the commitment of the First Contact team to completing their mission as soon as divinely possible. New developments daily demonstrate the truth of what we say, inclining these new "allies" to join us and see for themselves just how close the reality shift is to manifesting on your world. The new reality gives these new allies some initial wriggle-room, but once we land they know that this world of seemingly intractable schisms will end. Then comes the day when humanity can at last live in prosperity, peace, and cooperation!

In this new world, you can start to become true stewards of Mother Earth. This involves more than being environmentally aware, it is more about perceiving Mother Earth as a living entity. Your earth sciences need to regard themselves as a planetary medical team whose purview comprises a single holistic purpose: to sustain and nurture Mother Earth’s health. Such a team requires an interdisciplinary approach. Biology, geology, and geophysics need regular meetings to help each other to a better understanding of Mother Earth. This cross-pollination can begin the search for a new comprehensive paradigm for the sciences in general, which in turn can begin to form the prototypic base for a spiritual science. This foundation can be greatly upgraded by us after the landings. The important point here is that you begin this new approach and apply the technologies you possess to clean up and help maintain Mother Earth’s well being.

As you start out on this path, jointly focused on such an immense project, you begin to see not only yourselves but also your reality in a very different way. Once underway, this project can be much expanded by our arrival. Our role is to simply take what you have begun and apply those elements that can allow you to complete what you started. In addition, we wish to introduce a new way of looking at reality which can answer questions that will inevitably arise within you. Human nature, as with all sentient Beings, possesses an innate need to explore and discover what makes things tick. This brings you to the whole subject of consciousness, including why you are here and your purpose in general. The answers to this and more will be found in the transition to Full Consciousness and in the amazing latent abilities you all possess.

It is for this reason that we refer to First Contact as the most important watershed in your recorded history. Our landings end your quarantine on this planet. You move in a matter of months from being a planetary Being to a galactic one. We see this as the great return. You can them embrace your Inner Earth family and begin the journey of forging a new star nation. It is this new star nation that holds so much promise for us and for you. It is almost impossible, at this present moment, for you to get any sense at all of what is in front of you. All we can say is that this future of yours is filled with a most marvelous series of accomplishments. This is why Heaven waited so long before asking us to begin this present First Contact mission. Now the time is fast approaching when your global mayhem is to be replaced, first by a brief transitional period and then climaxed by our arrival on your shores.

First Contact is the final series of events that quickly leads you back to Full Consciousness. You have reached a point where a great deal of change is imminent. This involves not just structural change but a transformation in the way you view reality and yourselves. Much is being thrown at you now, and it is important for you to remain centered and focused on the prize that is your return to Full Consciousness. Consider all the wondrous events in store for you and the sneak peeks that our ships provide. Many of you are witnessing our ships and snapping photos of us that prove to a much wider global audience that we are real. This evidence joins the chorus of scientists and astronauts who maintain that we are here for a truly beneficial and uplifting purpose!

Today we talked about what is happening on your world and gave you a brief exposition of the momentums behind recent events. We wish to repeat one critical point: Stay in joy, and concentrate on that most magnificent event: your return to Full Consciousness! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday October 28th, 2008. 7 Cimi, 14 Tzec, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come as many events prepare to manifest. Right now, the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal is reaching a point where the dark’s power to resist the Light’s ongoing challenges is weakening noticeably. These things are becoming real, and as they do, they bring the day for First Contact ever closer to reality. Our intent is to do this First Contact in a legal and moral manner. The madness and greed that have brought down your present economic system is to us a sign that the time for divine intervention is very close. The secular power that rules your world has shown its true colors with an overreaching greed that consumed them during the last six decades. This unabashed avarice was condoned by the Anunnaki who thought that the next stage of this great grab for total spiritual power would erase the follies of this time. The divine events of the last 13 years proved them wrong. Now, their on-planet minions are caught in a squeeze: On one hand, there is the disaster of the last few decades, and on the other is the determination of our Earth allies to unseat them.

While we watch this drama unfold, we continue to assess when to initiate First Contact. There are a number of factors involved: First is the need to resolve the current political mess and make way for the global interim governments. This ongoing process is our main determinant for scheduling First Contact. Our intention remains to initiate the mass landings only when a more favorable environment for contact is established. Nonetheless, we tell our Earth allies that contact is dependent as well on the sacred dispensations given us by Heaven and most of all, by Lord Surea. These are the two principle predicating factors in our plans for the grand occasion. Saint Germain and the other Ascended Masters also closely watch this main timetable for contact. This command team has forged the master scenario which we have described to you many times. Any changes to it are to be given to us when necessary. This is why we always maintain the highest possible state of readiness. Look not in fear at what is happening to you, instead, see this as an opportunity to manifest a welcome series of positive, divine changes.

While your society goes through the daily shocks of your current global crises, our Earth allies are close to their victory. Our inner-Earth bases serve now as places where we can send commands and intelligence in this struggle with the dark. We dearly wish that we be allowed to use our more advanced technology to intervene in a more direct manner, but Heaven desires that this final struggle be yours. Armed with their own determination and with special technologies, our Earth allies have advanced to the very brink of victory. A special array of economic, legal, and political resources accompanies them. The dark overextended its reach during the past decade and gave the Light a number of openings capable to leading to the dark ones’ much overdue demise. Yet their grand stubbornness has kept them in control. But now this arrogance is proving to be a quality which, in the end, cannot sustain them. As this last wall crumbles, our Earth allies sense that the time for a New Beginning has arrived. Moreover, it gives us a chance to assess what is to occur next and make the necessary adjustments to our timetable.

The exchanges between our Earth allies, the events of the day, and our timetable are constant. We are going to come when enough of these variables indicate that the magic moment has arrived. We intend that First Contact be as smooth an operation as possible. Another part of this procedure is the observations of our inner-Earth hosts. Their cooperation in every way has immensely assisted us in taking on every phase of this mission. We are most grateful for their insights on your cultures and your many diverse societies. Their wisdom continues to be of great service to us and especially to our individual liaison missions. The easy interaction between our Earth allies and those from inner Earth has further enabled the success of those preliminaries that need to precede the actual First Contact. All this allows us to bring forward the dates for mass First Contact. We dearly desire to finish a First Contact with you as soon as divinely possible.

First Contact is reaching the stage, as noted in our last message, where we have increased sightings of our craft in broad daylight. These sightings have been received in a more logical and loving manner. The attempts by military aircraft to intercept us have decrease in the past six months. The volume of photographic evidence is mounting and the witnesses’ attitudes to these events have become friendlier. We intend to increase these sightings in order to better prepare you for our arrival. The advanced technology and the mere thought of the arrival of Beings from other worlds in this vast galaxy is not an easy concept to take in. We realize this, and have planned this so as to make this divine intervention easy for you to accept. A gradual unfolding is best. The continuing denials of your scientific community and major governments need to be addressed. Contact shatters paradigms and ends the denial and the lies associated with it.

When we stand before you, we prefer to have had the wisdom contained in the agenda of our Earth allies already manifested. Government can then become an ally and the truth about us be freely circulated among you. We fully expect you to air your frustrations and your criticisms about us. A dialogue based on truth and real feelings demands this. We expect a rough first week of frank discussion and clarification. We need to get to know each other and to Love each other freely. Our knowledge requires that it be an exchange based on Love and caring for each other. This is a natural process during which you learn about your true history and off-world origins. This period of open interaction is to last as long as necessary. We have come up with a prospective timetable, which we conveyed to you in past messages. We look forward to these first exchanges and to then familiarizing you with our technologies.

Consciousness is what defines us. Our lives are a constant interaction between our spiritual and physical selves. It is a realm of ritual and it expresses our Love for each other. This is quite intimate and permits us to know each other simultaneously as individuals and as an interconnected whole. This interweaving with each other brings into play a huge breadth of experience, which encompasses past lives and the meaning of our present responsibilities. Within this context we often travel in time, advising those in the past and present about what the future holds for them. Our mission is to interact responsibly with many aspects of physicality in order to ensure the timely unfolding of the Divine Plan. What aspects we interact with are determined by the net wisdom of our galactic society and those heavenly counsels that so lovingly advise us.

We came to your world to foster change. First Contact is the last aspect of this complex operation. Heaven decreed our arrival and gave us some ground rules. Their timetable is fast approaching the point for contact. Your growing consciousness is opening the door for a quiet revolution in thought and culture, in governance and economics. All this leads to us. First Contact is just another starting-point for a new journey, only this time you are not alone and your amnesia is to be replaced by a cornucopia of wisdom. A return to Full Consciousness is a magnification of what you already possess. The grand vistas of past, present, and future are to sweep before you, and your connectivity to the Infinite revealed. What wonders are to be yours!

Today we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. The time for First Contact approaches. We sense strongly that the events of recent months have left you more than willing to proceed with what is about to happen. Remain ready, focused, and willing to participate in a most magnificent adventure! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 4th, 2008. 1 Ben, 1 Xul, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say about the events of the day and First Contact. Right now, many critical events are happening that are to profoundly affect your world. These events involve the remaking of those corrupt institutions that put your realm in peril. The current fiscal crises demonstrate clearly now the urgent need for global financial reform, not least because what hitherto has been considered appropriate remedies for these problems is no longer viable. All is interrelated, and the growing consciousness of the world needs to be reflected in suitable change. The proposals of our Earth allies fit this bill. Your world requires that the old beliefs in limitation be abandoned as these resulted in a society in which some are extremely wealthy while the majority struggle to maintain a decent living. A solution is to utilize the vast abundance sequestered away by the ultra-rich centuries ago. These special funds, or trusts, have matured and are now ready to be distributed according to the directions of the originators of these funds.

The Ascended Masters used their shrewdness and wisdom to have the wealthy crowned heads of Europe set up a series of special trusts that were to mature at the turn of the millennium. They were intended for the Light workers and those enlightened ones who deeply desired to bring in a New Age for Earth’s humanity. At this most appropriate time in your history, we observe how this grand plan superbly heralds the very essence of these contemporary times. In support of this, our Earth allies put into play a backup program that supports the payouts prescribed by the Ascended Masters. These programs, too, have reached the payout levels decreed by the Masters. Further, our Earth allies initiated a number of actions that can legally remove the governments that have so far blocked these initial mass payouts. These funds together with the establishing of more agreeable political regimes are to be united with a new system for conducting global banking and the day-to-day operations of your world’s business.

This new abundant realm is merely the "baby-steps" for the events that form the prelude to First Contact. Among these are many disclosures of long-suppressed technologies. These can greatly reduce pollution, cast you into a new computer age and end your reliance on fossil-fuel propulsion systems. These new technologies will point the way to an enormous number of revelations about past and present encounters with Beings from other worlds. This news can excite the vivid imagination of your world and lead to a formal announcement of our existence. These possibilities delight us and are the reason for a great deal of our planning for what comes next. You are more than ready for us. We have watched your reactions to many different kinds of information disseminated by your media about us. Most of your reaction is positive, and we have seen that you deeply disagree with the skeptics who are so pervasive in your media. This encourages us to urge our Earth allies to announce to you that we are here and ready to work with you in a post-First-Contact world.

Creating the environment for this New World is at the top of our list of priorities. We understand that a series of interlocking events are close to happening which can set you on the path to manifesting what we are talking about here. The critical bit is the first action that precipitates the rest. Doing this is never as easy as it at first appears. Multiple preliminary actions are required, some of them tedious repetitions of each other. But each one builds upon the other, creating a foundation that finally achieves a prearranged critical point. Then more building blocks extend the base outwards and upwards, and all this takes time. The good news is, the first actions blossomed as planned, a global base now exists and is at a definitive stage. The elements for a multi-tiered monetary system are ready to manifest and the protocols for a new banking system are agreed to. The sticking point is governments that refuse to follow these edicts and that have the power to block action.

In the face of this we have formulated the means to legally end their ability to obstruct. A number of agendas are in play which are to shove these regimes into the fabled dustbin of history! First up is a legal process that declares the heads of these governments to be in violation of those documents that legally oversee said regimes. In the case of the current US administration, the long list of criminal and related activities defies the beliefs and the very laws that govern it. It forms the basis of a series of court and related enforcement orders that are now ready to ease this illegal regime from power. Surrounding the actual ouster is a sequence of announcements which are to inform the public of the reasons for this move and of the consequences for those so removed. These announcements also address debt forgiveness, new banking laws, and other related actions.

These programs are to usher in an American interregnum that is committed to restoring the Constitution and preserving the fundamental liberties that are the very foundation of American democracy. In addition, this caretaker regime is committed, during its 6 to 8 months in office, to fostering peace, global prosperity, and cooperation among nations. These activities are to culminate in the announcement of our existence and the dates for a full restoration of America’s electoral democracy. The new regime, elected fairly and freely by Americans, is to be the government that welcomes First Contact, along with the last essential steps of your return to Full Consciousness. It is this government that is to readily embrace the use of many advanced antipollution devices, as well as the consciousness programs that can prepare you for the next phase of your divine destiny.

First Contact remains our primary objective. This direct interaction with you will introduce you to the protocols and other daily procedures that are part of becoming fully conscious. Heaven is daily making the adjustments to your genetics, chakra system, and so forth, which are needed to move you toward Full Consciousness. Our task is at first to oversee these alterations and then to instruct you directly in what you need to do in order to live successfully as a new Being in this new environment. Hence we are to have a whole range of get-togethers in which you come to know us and develop the trust needed for completing what lies ahead of you. This process has distinct stages: The first is taking place right now as our medical teams look after you on inner realms. The next is direct, and begins once First Contact is completed.

We are directing all these things most carefully and always with the full counsel of Heaven. Lord Surea issued a number of specific decrees whose purpose is to move you toward the destiny provided for you in the Divine Plan. This destiny includes your return to Full Consciousness and the restoration of the heavenly orders of physical Angels that are your true brethren. Each of you, deep down, feels the loss of losing this direct connection, a connection that fills you with Love and Joy, and an accompanying passion that each of you senses every day. You have a purpose here that cries out for inner fulfillment. This is why a deep relationship with nature brings you joy and why you feel the urge to go inside to discover the answers to all the whys and wherefores. This is the reason for your need to connect and rediscover your true relationship with Spirit.

Today we continued our discussion. As you can see, the work toward manifesting your new reality proceeds on all fronts. We have come to deliver a First Contact that is now not far off. The things that need to be done are nearly finished. We intend to see you all in the very near future! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 11th, 2008. 8 Ahau, 8 Xul, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come again to talk about what is happening on your world and about First Contact. The events of the day continue their forward move. We are watching all things very carefully. Meanwhile, the chaos engulfing your world continues to grow. Patience is required here. Heaven remains strongly committed to your Ascension into fully conscious Beings of Light. This objective drives us all and gives us a great determination to see all this through to its inevitable conclusion. To this end, Heaven is now working on clearing out much of the past karma that still affects you. It is important that the events of your former lives cease to prevent you moving forward as swiftly in your awakening as is wanted by Heaven. To do this, a number of chakra cleanings are now underway, opening up many blocked pathways to your over 200 minor chakras and ensuring that the newer chakras manifest with a minimum of physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. These cleansings are to be completed just after the start of the new Gregorian year.

This momentum toward Full Consciousness makes it impossible for the dark cabal to continue on much longer. As we have often mentioned, there is a divine timetable at work here. This sacred schedule puts us very close to a mass landing on your shores. We gathered here in large numbers for one purpose only: First Contact. There are no "laws of non-interference" here. Since the days of ancient Lemuria we have watched over you and "interfered" freely and at will when needed. Your former overlords, the Anunnaki, are yet another example of this. Heaven quarantined your world only in order to allow you to absorb the dark lessons that you need to carry with you into the Light. Now these lessons have been well imprinted, and the time arrives for the next phase. It is time for a transition to the Light and for a new kind of knowledge to be embarked upon. This knowledge is to take you out of your current amnesia and lead you back to who you really are. This operation is one of the prime reasons behind First Contact.

Another reason for First Contact is the awakening of Mother Earth. Like you, your planet needs to dramatically change the way she uses the spiritual energy she receives daily from the Sun and the galactic core. This energy is mostly deflected into space or used to maintain the various magnetic and gravitational fields holding your solar system together. These fields are now changing and your scientists notice this. They are puzzled by the many changes that are happening, seemingly all at once. Indeed, many of them see these alterations as the start of something quite out of the norm, while others consider the phenomenon as a whole to be only a passing phase of anomalous and unexplainable activity. From our perspective, this amount of "anomaly" is a sure sign of just how committed Heaven is to a rapid transition to a new reality. Everywhere, your solar system is shifting toward Full Consciousness, further highlighting the urgency for your planet to shift also into something quite different from what you are used to. As we watch and learn much about this process, we also prepare to greet you with open arms.

First Contact is ever a work in progress: Each day brings forth new evidence of the change manifesting around you. This massive change is in fact the transitional adjustments prior to First Contact. Not all events lead in this direction, but enough of a grand pattern is emerging that confirms a definite momentum toward this goal. Our operatives among you and within government corroborate this. You are changing at a rapid pace from one set of beliefs to another. As these new concepts come on line in your reality they trigger change, paving the way for the next set of new perceptions. As one set takes root, the next begins to emerge within your collective consciousness. This chain-reaction moves you inescapably to the very brink of immense change. This is something many of you now sense, to the extent that even those in charge of your world are actually beginning to acknowledge it publicly.

As the need for change grows, and your ability to manifest it in your heart and mind develops, so the new reality begins to appear before you. This new reality is more than a shift in grid pattern or a frequency of consciousness, it is the birth of something different. You sense it within yourselves, but mostly lack the leisure required identifying it. Nevertheless, you make a stab at it, but fail to include all its many aspects. This creates a period of confusion as to what is truly afoot, and this is where you are now. The upcoming phase will bring a series of dramatic events that will help you in this process. Here, the "economic meltdown" is not to be included, as it is merely another staged event by the illuminoids to scare you into doing what they wish. In any event, this manufactured chaos is at an end. What we are describing is the inner changes, the strange dreams and unfamiliar aches that are moving you out of this reality and into the next.

This coming reality is one we are more familiar with. It is a world based upon a profound equality for all souls, in which you cast off limitation and understand completely how the natural abundance within all realities supports and uplifts you. Want is an unnatural concept that has been ingrained into you to control you. This artificial lack of resources is something we daily observe with disbelief. Everywhere the avarice of the wealthy few holds sway over the will of the many. This is done by making you believe that the few are special, and therefore privileged. This is, of course, poppycock! You are, all of you, equally "privileged"! You all possess the same grand soul given to you by a most Loving Creator! It therefore follows that you all have equal right and access to the bountiful resources provided for you by this reality. Your rising consciousness can ensure this.

The coming new reality is to be filled with abundance! Moreover, you have the ability to access it at will. Your present world, in retrospect, will seem like an all-absorbing, vivid phantasmagoria of lives lived in sadness, misfortune, and peril. And yet the wisdom learned there is to serve you well: You are indeed a special lot, who have passed through rigors that can now be drawn upon when needed. For example, you can be appointed to explore as-yet unchartered realms of physicality where you can use your special powers of discernment to ascertain the truth of any given realm. This is a divine gift that reveals itself to you only after much seemingly endless travail. This hard-earned quality is to permit you to carry out your destiny and help unfold the Divine Plan throughout the whole of physicality.

Thus, a most remarkable future awaits you. We would ask you to look at this whole panorama and see the present time as a strange but exhilarating endgame. You are on a path that is leading you rapidly to First Contact and Full Consciousness. The new reality awaiting you is preparing to sweep you up into its loving embrace, which means that the one you presently reside in is about to transform in the very near future. On top of all this is the steadily growing intimation of a mass First Contact. All these factors point to a transition that is to flip this reality literally at a moment’s notice, and in anticipation of which we keep our fleet at the ready. So be patient, and prepare well for all that is about to happen. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we have gone over some of the things that make this time in your history so very, very special. One of these elements is our arrival in great numbers on your shores! And this special moment is getting close. We anticipate a most lovely reunion with you! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 18th, 2008. 2 Manik, 15 Xul, 4 Eb
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Selamat Kasiran (Sirian for "Be One!") We come with more news on what is occurring in your realm! The final moment for the cabal is fast approaching. Their last attempts at forestalling the inevitable are now taking place. We are watching this with great care to ensure that these long awaited moments finally happen. While all this is going forth, Mother Earth is preparing to go through the next part of her own consciousness shift. The entire solar system is presently in a state of flux. The Sun is behaving oddly as she prepares to alter the patterning and the strength of her electro-magnetic fields that bind this solar system together. You scientists are publicly perplexed by it all. Yet, in private, they realized the immensity of the paradigm shift that is implied by what they are observing. This series of perceptions that embody how your reality views the universe is altering. This conventional wisdom is swiftly becoming unusable. New perceptions are quickly needed. The time is approaching to unveil your new reality and with it, a whole new series of amazing, man-made devices.

The solar system is changing at a most amazing rate! The orbits of your planets are starting to become slightly more circular than elliptical. This chance is most noticeable with Mercury. This planet, once thought by your astronomers to be a dead world, is currently considered one of the most active places in the solar system. Venus is likewise undergoing signs of changing herself for the better. Everywhere the solar system is in the midst of a profound series of changes. This is yet another sign of just how far your reality is advancing to its shift point. You are advancing toward this shift point at a quicker and quicker pace. Your reality is actually imploding and its grids are cracking. This phenomenon is further making the reign of the cabal more and more difficult. We are assured by Heaven that this progress toward First Contact is progressing along as planned. We are told to prepare fully for the landings and to continue on with the necessary preliminary rituals. These sacred conventions are at the completion point. The next step is follow the unfolding of our prime scenario and carry out First Contact.

First Contact always comes with a stipulation that the inhabitants of the star nation chosen must accept it. In your case there is only Agharta and the acceptance of this operation at your soul level. There is most importantly, the full compliance of Heaven. Indeed, It was the clamor of Heaven that initially convinced us to undertake this most unusual procedure. We view what we have done in very favorable terms. Without the total resistance of your dark cabal and its sycophants in government, this First Contact was scheduled to happen over a decade ago. Their intransigence and a near natural catastrophe altered this initial schedule. Now, we are on a timetable dictated by events on your world. This requirement added years to this first timetable. It leaves us ready and yet unable to come as first planned. Currently, a number of new factors changed these first conceptions. Our new timetable is busily ticking off the time and we await the moment when we can fully reveal the vastness of our fleet to you. Our joy for the arrival of this moment is beyond compare!

The time comes for contact and the revealing of your new reality. This new reality is one to be noted for its abundance and for the end of the lies and secrecy that marked the last eight decades. You suffered through a grand ignorance and now is the time for this ignoble behavior to end. The new caretaker regimes need to tell you immediately the truth of what has happened just since the start of your last economic depression. The follies the US government and the utter hell instituted by Nazi Germany and her minions need to see the light of day. A great scheme born partly in the depression and aided after World War II by the Nazi conspiracy is a tale needing telling. This conspiracy murdered a US President, misused the US government as its staking horse and contributed massively to the current economic mess. Along the way, they instituted the UFO cover up and a tale of corruption that seems almost too incredible to be true. Our Earth allies await the time when these international criminals can gain their just desserts.

This process of change is also under the auspices of Heaven. The decrees of Lord Surea made it quite clear that what we are doing is executing the Divine Plan for your world. This plan explains clearly that Earth’s humanity is to be made ready for a return to Full Consciousness. This plan states to us that our divine intervention has a purpose. We are to ensure that this occurs in a timely manner and that our fleet uses its resources to move your society firmly into the Light. Our on ground personnel are closely watching how you react to what is happening on your world. The present economic catastrophe is not meant to last much longer. The abundance programs are ready to be distributed and the gold and silver for backing the new currencies are already in place. What remains are the final maneuvers to be in position to oust legally the last remnants of the dark cabal. Our Earth allies are presently undertaking these last measures.

As your planet reaches the point of change, our mission becomes mainly to safeguard and carry out a First Contact. This operation gives us a broad leeway in what we can do. We are weighing our options and waited for the time to move us into a position of moving from being a myth to being a reality to the people of your world. Here, we need to strike a pose that readies you to accept openly what First Contact truly means. This jump from seeing your planet as a global arena has only been in play for less than 400 years. The next conscious leap has only been widely envisioned for the last 40 years. This perspective can give you an idea of just how quickly your world has progressed to the next leap in your history. The coming magic moments promise much for each of you to absorb and for each of you to acknowledge.

First Contact is only just the first stage in a great journey that we are to travel together. In a way, we are here to acknowledge who you really are and to show you your sister subterranean world called Agharta. Agharta and its many wonders are to be shared with the people of the surface realms. Your future is to be spent here and much less so in your former surface world. This surface reality is to become a great and protected wilderness broken only at Mother Earth’s major nodes by special temple complexes. These are to be the special points where the life force of the planet is most dependent on a special intervention by its guardians. This guardian group’s land component is you. At the time of the start of each of the four seasons, you are to be summoned to carry out ceremony that can sustain Earth’s eco-system and vivify Mother Earth as well. These chores are based on your Love and respect for your home and indeed all of physicality.

As physical Angels, you move into a daily reality that is quite different from what you are now doing. Most of your day is engrossed in your life’s joy as well as the joy of friends and your large podlet family. This lifestyle is based upon abundance and the interlinking of family and interaction with the society at large. You are known for who you are and you are eager to contribute your talents to the world at large. These contributions are honored and you are a respected member of this star nation. In this capacity, you come to serve for a time in the fleets of the Galactic Federation. Most personnel on our ships are here for a short time. They come to serve and to advance the Light in this Galaxy. The First Contact fleets that we have above you are made up of veterans of this procedure. They desire to land and help you to Full Consciousness.

Today, we continued our discussions with you about the events of the day and about First Contact. We wish you to know that we are a dedicated and determined group. First Contact is to happen shortly. Until then, we are preparing to do all that is necessary to achieve it in a proper and a timely manner. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday November 25th, 2008. 9 Ix, 2 Yaxk’in, 4 Eb
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Greetings! We come again with more to discuss with you. Around you a reality is shifting as the vast anomalies observed by your planetary scientists continue to increase throughout your solar system. Change is indeed the word of the moment. Reflecting these changes are the ones happening on your world. The strange weather patterns of the past few years are only one aspect of the wider changes that are to affect the world you currently know. Everywhere, changes are afoot. The present global economic meltdown is a big part of this. This massive problem is, above all, a harbinger that an entirely new type of economic reality is to be forged. Included within this new reality is an abundance program that is close to manifesting. Along with this abundance come a slew of new caretaker regimes and an end to the current malaise. This birth of freedom is a herald of the formal end of the nightmare that is the sorry legacy of the current US regime. These illegally elected criminals and their allies inflicted the most grievous wound to the global body politic during their time in office.

This lamentable state of affairs is not to devolve into something much worse. Rather, look upon what is now happening as a very temporary situation. Besides the abundance programs and all that goes with them, there is of course our arrival. Preparation for First Contact is something that depends greatly on how all of you are doing. We need you to be less, not more, stressed. We look upon our duties as doing all that is necessary to ready your world for our arrival. As we mentioned last week, we have completed all the necessary ritual to prepare your realm for us. Our priests and priestesses, in unison with your many native shamans, have worked diligently to establish the energies needed to support our return en masse to your world. As you know, Heaven has spent the past few decades preparing each of you for a shift in your consciousness. Our part in this is to move each one of you through the final stages of this most complex procedure. Aided by our brethren in Agharta, we have set up the necessary structures that can easily and beautifully move you into Full Consciousness.

This move into Full Consciousness is the culmination of what we are doing here. Your next stage of reality is based upon your shift in consciousness. Normally, such a shift takes many more decades to achieve. Your coming tasks require that this shift be done swiftly and with the necessary issues formally addressed. One of the first things that you notice in Full Consciousness is the wide range of sensory input. Your awareness of your environment increases exponentially! The vividness of the colors and sounds, and of the life forces that surround you is truly amazing! You become both observer and participant simultaneously, and you move into a direct experience of this fact. You feel and are an integral part of unfolding Creation. You work in a realm that is alive, one that gives you continuous feedback on whatever you choose to do. If you are not used to this state of being, it can easily overwhelm you. What we do is accustom each of us to it, even before birth, and provide the measures that allow us to live safely and sanely in such a reality.

Being fully conscious, we flit between past, present, and future. We understand absolutely the importance of the unwinding present as being our most stable base. Setting up our base is something that we do constantly. We recognize the way that the present does most profoundly influence the past and future. Thus it is a real necessity for you to learn to appreciate your present and learn how to turn it into your mountain of protection. Right now you see past, present, and future as unconnected, and the energies of these three states seem unreal to you. In fact, each aspect has a live energy entity that is in charge of it. We ask for its Love and advice, and then use these to make our central perceptual core. This serves us well and we continually interact with each of them. We regard this process as a way to know what our True Self tells us, which adds to our store of wisdom. This growing wisdom helps us to fulfill our life purposes and assist our society to gracefully solve any problem that comes up.

Full Consciousness permits you to experience colors and sounds in combinations and with a vibrancy you can barely now imagine. We engage with our surroundings in ways that make life more intense and deeply meaningful. This interaction is a sensory joy! Yet, at times, it can be overwhelming even to us. Here, remedies learned in childhood serve us well. To us, each aspect of our reality has sound and color, and gives off a specific feeling. Taken together, this creates an amazing symphony of color, sound, and emotion. We call this the joy of our Beingness. We revel in it, and simply cannot wait for each of you to experience its exquisite beauty! Using this ability, we can perceive you with a degree of fullness that allows us to know where you are and how much is required for you to achieve your destiny. This destiny allows you to aid Mother Earth on her own path to Full Consciousness.

As stewards of this planet and this solar system your lifetime goals are deeply entwined with Mother Earth. You feel the energies emanating from the Sun and gain strength from them. You feel the pulse of the planet and innately align your normal breathing and heartbeat with her. This is most natural as you need this connection to influence her for the better and to use your life energies to sustain her. As you grow in awareness you can feel and realize the dark things that the powerful in your societies have done to this most beautiful planet. In response to this a movement has grown up with the intent to find ways to reverse these horrendous actions. You have passed laws and become able to prove how these actions affect your planet. Now you are taking steps that can put right the deeds of the past.

These things are only a start. In truth, you can use many devices and formulas, now suppressed, to accelerate this corrective mode. Mother Earth comprehends what you are doing and Loves you for it. As you learn more about her true nature, you can discover that you are not alone. The people of Agharta want you to learn more about them and, together, help Mother Earth back to full health. To this end they have sent ships to the surface to assist Mother Earth and make you more aware of their existence. The time comes for this separation of nearly 13 millennia to end. This takes us back to the matter of First Contact. First Contact is to complete this task of helping Mother Earth. It is also to transform you by ending your separation from your various brethren in Inner Earth and throughout this galaxy.

This huge expansion of knowledge, about your galaxy being a part of a vast universe of life, is a beginning of your new reality. It is the start of your reunion with Spirit, and is part and parcel of your return to Full Consciousness. In this new realm you are to be introduced to many strange and seemingly odd facts about Creation. You are to be able to sit at the base of the energies that are the Nine, and to be made aware of the beauty and power that lie in the highest realms of the Creator. These sacred Councils of Orion are the great messengers of Lord Surea. These Ones spread the Joy of the Creator (Ja Ta, in Sirian) to all parts of Creation. This joy is the Divine Plan in action. From this joy comes enlightenment, the highest achievement of Full Consciousness.

Today we continued our discussion about your shift in consciousness. This shift is accompanied by our mass arrival on your shores. We await this magic moment and use this time to prepare you for what lies ahead. Look upon these times not with apprehension but with joy, knowing what is truly about to happen. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 2nd, 2008. 3 Imix, 9 Yaxk’in, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to say! The great adventure you have embarked upon is reaching a shift point where the first fruits of your journey are to manifest. Centuries ago, Saint Germaine initiated an operation to entice the crowned heads of Europe to grant him large sums of money. This Ascended Master used the wealth to start his world trust. It matured years ago and only the obstinacy of the last dark cabal prevented its distribution. The time has come for this impasse to be resolved and for the great wealth to be given to his followers, the Lightworkers. Lord Surea now decrees this. So, in accordance with this divine work and with other decrees, the Galactic Federation has asked our Earth allies to carry this out. Furthermore, Heaven has unleashed a great energy whose sole purpose is to make this so. We see before us the might of Heaven and know that this great force is to end the chaos and poverty that has for 13 millennia plagued humanity. A new time is getting ready to appear, and the old ways and beliefs now need to be vastly transformed!

This truly remarkable change for humanity is a major part of First Contact. This period is when humanity turns a huge corner, and the shift points along the way mark the rise of a higher sense of consciousness, albeit accompanied by massive carnage and disorder. However, this mix of hope and despair is to be expected as you approach such a major turning point in your history. By and large it takes a concerted collective energy to move in a different direction, and in your case it is to be a positive one. This reality is not to last much longer in its present, limited state. Rather, a new paradigm is to manifest, which pushes you swiftly toward Full Consciousness. In fact, you formally started down this road a few decades ago during which time Heaven ensured this direction by prodding you gently to make slight changes to your way of looking at things. Now you have reached a point where a number of new elements are being introduced into your reality. You live in an electronic age that is also a time of growing consciousness.

Your understanding about who you are and what you can become is beginning to morph. This change arises partially from the advent of the age of the UFO and the discovery every day of new stars that harbor solar systems. As you already correctly surmise, this galaxy is swarming with intelligent life and space-going star nations. You are indeed not alone, and as you grow in consciousness a natural evolution takes place that involves you in these distant star nations. Mother Earth and her solar system have been visited on and off for millennia. Your historians and scientists see this evidence throughout the ancient texts that have been studied, and it is only your imposed educational blinkers that have kept this information from you. Now, as you grow in awareness, this sequestered knowledge becomes known, leading to a suspicion among many of you that even more mind-blowing facts are being deliberately hidden from the public. This line of enquiry brings you up against the UFO cover-up and various other startling conclusions.

These revelations lay bare the inescapable deduction of a global, centuries-old conspiracy. Its most recent form is the secret organizations put together just before and after your World War II. That war’s maelstrom of opposing groups, nations, and beliefs possessed a dimension beyond the axis’ grab for world domination and the ensuing global conflict. It was a test to see whether a set of doctrines born out of hate and the logic of intense materialism could survive the crucible of war. The sad truth is that they almost did. Buried beneath the collapse of Nazi Germany and the rise of Soviet Communism is yet another doctrine, this one was part Anunnaki, part pure lust for power and wealth. It solidified in the giddy glee of victory and the sudden falling of off-world vehicles from the sky. New vistas opened up and new possibilities for mind and energy technologies were at hand. The key question was how to handle it all.

A vast diplomatic conflict then broke out between the factions of the new Anglo-American power structure. The issue was resolved when the Anunnaki intervened and mandated the creation of what we call the last dark cabal. And the public be damned! All evidence of off-worlders was hidden, and denial became the order of the day. As for the new technologies, they were to be leaked only when profitable, otherwise they did not exist. What followed was a surge driven by greed and power. The goal was to use the hidden technologies together with mind-control devices to forestall indefinitely humanity’s progress toward Full Consciousness. Completion of this goal was set for the mid-1990s but was derailed by the sudden, out-of-the-blue announcement by Anchara (the galactic dark force) of a peace agreement with the Light. Soon thereafter the Anunnaki left to join the Light, throwing the grand plan for Earth into total disarray. The question now was whether to join the Anunnaki in the Light or find a way to finish the devilish control plot without them.

The reason we are telling you all this is because it is vital to see this group in its historic and spiritual Light. It is important to view the dark as a vast power filled with guile and Machiavellian deceit. It is not an easy entity to overcome! Indeed, its departure from the field is to be attributed as much to outsmarting it, as to the fact that the world is growing away from the favorable environment the dark needs in which to operate. This is why Heaven now ordains First Contact for you. You require a means that can move you beyond the fear and manipulation of this global cabal. You need a counterweight that can move you toward the actual moment for First Contact. The rest is then relatively easy. You are more than ready for our arrival and its implications for your belief systems. Many of you have already moved beyond this point and are ready for the rest of the puzzle to surface.

We are dedicated to moving you to Full Consciousness and transforming the yoke that was placed around you in Atlantis. What you are currently going through is the divinely devised process to free you and help you reestablish the inner and outer responsibilities which go with your rise in consciousness. This operation is not to be taken lightly. Your world is indeed changing for the better and you, as an individual and as a collective of intertwined Souls, are beginning to realize how this all fits together. Within this apparently irrational mishmash of precepts is a greater spiritual logic that transcends the physical. It sets you on a course that reintegrates you with the grand wholeness of spiritual reality. It is this that constitutes the holy grail of your long search for truth. Our part is to finish this by returning you to Full Consciousness.

The moment of First Contact is an event beyond words! It marks the culmination of a long, dark odyssey that we have walked together, although your part has at times been the more perilous. Now comes the end of all the frustrations and delays. These are to be transformed into the final steps that lead to First Contact. We see this event as a natural process which heals the old Atlantean experiments by rousing you from the long nightmare that they caused. This is why the next steps involve your awakening from the fog of amnesia. Then you can remember all, forgive all for their trespasses and manipulation of you, and move forward together in Love, filled with the Joy of Jah Tah!

Today we continued our discussion about the ever-changing events of the day. Look beyond the turmoil and see the magnificence of what is taking shape around you. Be joyful, and do not let this strange chaos pull you in. Join together and let the sunshine within you radiate for all to see. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 9th, 2008. 10 Lamat, 16 Yaxk’in, 4 Eb
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Greetings! We arrive again with many things to discuss with you. Right now, we come to tell you that the events we all desire are on the verge of happening. But it seems, yet again, that some minor point arises to slightly delay things. Everywhere, Mother Earth is rapidly advancing the endgame of this reality, which is transforming it into something entirely different. These continuing changes are alarming many of your atmospheric and climate specialists. Your present reality is slipping away as the vast changes in climate formation and the increase in various types of seismic activity together produce something new and different. All this heightened activity points to one simple fact: Mother Earth cannot hold this reality together as it presently is for very much longer. What is now urgently called for is a big shift in your global society, and this includes public acknowledgement of the fact that a great consciousness shift is well underway. And yet this is a mere prelude to the reality that is coming. Your world needs to plan for this, and begin to comprehend the huge implications of this monumental process.

Another priority is to come to grips with the falsely concocted bogeyman called the UFO cover-up, which either denies our existence or portrays us as an evil presence waiting to subjugate you or draw you into some dark agenda, all of which is untruthful. These often subliminal, imposed fears of yours need to be resolved. Happily, your rise in consciousness now permits the solving of this dilemma by a disclosure of the whole truth. The resulting global catharsis can open up a discussion that needs to be taken up on the highest public and governmental levels. To quote a couple of your famous authors, your world has reached its "Childhood’s End", it is time to let go of old beliefs and "put away childish things." Many unquestioned notions were set up for you by the Anunnaki many millennia ago, one of which was the fiction that you are unique and quite alone. The suppressed evidence accumulated by your scientists, who know this to be untrue, must come out, and this can provide a most effective prelude to First Contact. It is often the case that apparent upsets can furnish a society with big opportunities for beneficial change.

This is a time when many issues, which until now were mostly kept on hold, can at last be put into some kind of legislation. The long period of disavowal concerning the need to alter the global economic agreement is one such issue. Another is the necessity to address your energy crisis. Even your primitive energy alternatives can be a bridge to the coming-online of your sequestered technologies and the devices we plan to offer you. As your geologists become more spiritually aware they can recognize the damage that has been done to your world by the coal and petroleum industries over the past few centuries. With this understanding you can move on and set policies that progress you into the age of Light energy. The first step on this road was taken over 50 years ago by secret government research and by many private inventors, even well before World War II. These sequestered devices need to be promulgated and widely distributed as a new source of electrical energy.

All this is just a start as you begin to look at how your society operates and adopt an open and willing attitude of learning and investigation. Abundance is not just a pie-in-the-sky concept; you need to understand the way your world was set up to create and maintain a subsistence-level mode for the majority, where basic rights are accorded mere lip-service by most of your nations, generation after generation. This process is something your consciousness must boldly confront. The means to provide global prosperity has actually been on your doorstep for decades, and the present time in your history is a good one for all this to begin. As your society struggles with an artificially created situation of grave consequences, many of the old blocks to clear thinking can be breached and many alternative beliefs tried on for size. By peeling away your inherited preconceptions, you can begin to open up to new possibilities for right living.

In our case our evolutionary shift away from a monetary economy, or any type of economy for that matter, happened eons ago. We can materialize what we desire either by use of our devices or by our own abilities. We comprehend our connections to each other and to this Creation; hence, we create only what we truly desire. Moving toward this mindset is implicit in Full Consciousness. Another aspect is your innate sovereignty. Society needs to recognize this fact and use your great abilities to solve its occasional difficulties and honor you for the magnificent Beings that you are. Such are the next steps you need to take as a people. It will indicate that you acknowledge what is happening to you and that you intend to honor this fact globally. Doing this allows you to naturally grow out of the egotistical ways of your lengthy childhood and into a new period of mutually accepted growth in consciousness.

Your growing self-awareness is arising from the mounting economic and political turmoil that now engulfs you. Chaos is a factor that in the past has distracted you to the point where you were easy to manipulate. However, this time it is your controllers who are panicking. These former wealthy controllers sense their abilities swiftly waning. This realization scares them and they deeply desire to somehow stave off this "slippery slope." Meanwhile, our Earth allies are working all out to manifest what we have long discussed with you. A natural pattern is emerging in which the old cabal is being forced to renege and acknowledge the operation unfolding before it. This is taking longer than we wish. Nevertheless, Heaven is working to a divine timetable which is coming due. Now some remarkable things are to be done.

The present dire global scenario is actually a herald of the impending changes. Behind the scenes a mighty struggle has forced the old dark cabal to give way. Gaping cracks in its façade are widening and the united front that this old guard perpetuated for millennia is breaking up. Its iron grip of power is also loosening, allowing "new growth" to burst through the cracks. We repeatedly emphasize this aspect for a reason: You need to know that some drastic but amazing changes are just around the corner. The architects of these changes know who we are and welcome our arrival on your shores. Our Earth allies worked hard for many decades to secure what is now ready to happen. The future belongs to the Light!

The near future, however, is fraught with what appear to be many portentous hazards. But it would be more true to describe this period as a sort of rite of passage that marks the end of this reality and its imminent, swift transformation into a higher state. It behooves you therefore to refrain from regressing into inappropriate fears; rather, use your knowledge of what is happening to assist in make it all possible by being positive in your outlook. Your role in all this is important! You are the main reason why so many are pulling out all the stops to make this happen. The dark was once convinced that it could stop your evolution and turn you into its willing pawns. Instead, you, with Heaven’s help, have proved them wrong! So, rejoice! And bless you all!

Today we delved deeper into what is occurring around you. Take these last moments to proclaim your victory! Proclaim the arrival of Heaven’s great abundance and joyously anticipate your return to Full Consciousness. The time approaches for our arrival and for the great celebration of which First Contact is a part. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 16th, 2008. 4 Men, 3 Mol, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more information about the changes occurring on your world. Inside you, vast alterations to your RNA/DNA are either happening or preparing to happen. The same applies to Mother Earth. Your reality alters itself by daily increments, and these shifts are accumulative. Each slight step brings your world ever close to its glorious destiny. These changes to your reality are readily evident in the many species that become extinct on a daily basis, thus opening up new niches in your ecosystem. Further, Mother Earth’s magnetic and electrical grids are shifting, causing a series of anomalies to spread across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. This is accompanied by evidence of intense "global warming" which is melting the Arctic ice and which has placed you on the brink of a mini ice age. All these diverse factors are symptoms of the huge shift that you and Mother Earth are going through, and more is to come.

At present, this period in your history is filled with mounting chaos, bringing with it an increased likelihood of economic and natural disasters. These potentials stalk your reality. But remember the immensity of what it is that underlies the surface brouhaha: It is nothing less than your shift from limited to Full Consciousness. We know it is not easy to rise above a disintegrating world and to focus instead on the many transformations happening to you and Mother Earth, especially when dire prognostications of economic and natural disasters come at you from all sides. One such is your current energy crisis, and this is all the more galling as your rulers continue to keep the lid on a simple, logical way out of this pressing conundrum. In this time of crisis-piled-on-crisis, your mind can easily be trapped in the limited state of consciousness that the Anunnaki wished to leave you in. But you know in your gut and your heart that the way out of these dilemmas is to be found in your growth toward Full Consciousness. On top of this is the fact that you see this time as an age of wonders and miracles, and First Contact!

First Contact is not an instrument of rescue. It forms part of a natural process which is set forth in the Divine Plan. This event comes only after you arrive at the grand tipping-point, which is the moment when you leave behind what you know and gladly move into an unknown that you sense is to bring you great joy. This thought has long excited you, and now you are sensing just how close it truly is! You are moving into times that bring many of your fellows much fear and bewilderment; nevertheless, you comprehend on many inner levels what is actually happening. Spirit has entered upon a grand plan to change this world dramatically. Such a transformation has been told to numerous shamans around the world for centuries. A much talked about point in time is the Mayan date of 2012, which symbolizes a time when this grand shift occurs. Thus, most Mayan timekeepers see it as a time for a new, better reality to materialize. These end times constitute the upheaval which brings in this New Age of wonders and miracles. Always remember that you are not here to become extinct, but to survive.

This age of prosperity and new governance is foreordained, and its arrival is not restricted to the Gregorian year of 2012. We are in a time of preparation for what is to happen, and indeed, most of what needs to happen has already occurred: A great abundance is ready to manifest, and the shifts within you and around you are well underway. The dark reacts to this with its ever-increasing chaos, and more recently, with a rising panic about what is to happen to its great wealth and power. These opposing momentums drive what you see openly around you. The dark hides its true intentions, but nonetheless reveals clues that can intimate what is taking place. In this instance, the current worldwide meltdown disguises the systemic breakdowns caused by the dark’s state of panic. Our Earth allies are close to a major triumph and this fact is most disturbing to those who have long ruled your world. A great void in power has opened up and needs to be filled.

The big issue now is this power void. The struggle between Light and dark has taken a long time to get to this point. Now your reality’s dark mantle is to be changed for one that proclaims the rise of our Earth allies and of you. The crucial element is money. Currency held in vast sums has been used as a weapon to rule you. Another cudgel was the constant threat by the Anunnaki to dispose of anyone who failed to please them. Their iron grip was removed in the mid-1990s with the sudden Treaty of Anchara. Thereafter their dark on-planet minions used wealth and influence to set up a construct designed to perpetuate the Anunnaki’s erstwhile plans. Now this too is crumbling. Your reality needs more than a new Dumbarton Oaks financial agreement; in fact, it must understand that Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again. Something wholly new is called for. This "something" is the new system created by our Earth allies.

Instituting this new system is nevertheless only a forerunner of what is to come. Your reality needs to move beyond money to being an intrinsically abundant society. For this, the concept of abundance needs to be used consciously. It is not avarice; rather, it is a prelude to a true moneyless world, operating within a fully conscious reality. Such is our realm and it has existed for eons. Now it is ready to make its appearance here. We come to inform you about what is shortly to be yours. This new realm probably seems quite foreign to you as it is a place that has no significant sense of lack or limitation; the focus is on the successes and rewards that come from what you set out to achieve. However, before you reach this place, you require a period of transition and this is where First Contact comes in. We come first as mentors; then, as your equals in a new reality.

Once you see this present time as merely temporary, you begin to view what is occurring in your world in a different way. Nothing in your society is permanent; it just appears that way to you. We understand that what matters is one’s sacred relationship to a reality and its inhabitants. A divine Soul connection binds you all together, and flaring out from this are the individual nuances that are the physical you. This "you" is composed of your divine Soul energy and what it is that you came to achieve. We call this your lifetime objective and we support each other in achieving this. Each lifetime gathers in essential wisdom that increases the sum-total knowledge of a reality, and this can be drawn upon when needed to ensure your own success. All the resources you need are duly provided for each inhabitant within a reality.

This transition augurs great promise. We come to end your programmed fears of extraterrestrials. We come to show you the way to amazing technologies and to the restoration of Full Consciousness. We come to help and to let you become whole again. We come to resurrect who you really are and to tell you why this is the divine time for profound change. Long ago, your shamans locked in a time for a new Golden Age that was to set the stage for a return of the Light. This time is now! Even as this realm self-destructs, our Earth allies intend to be the special way-showers to a new reality. Along with them comes your First Contact team us. We await the moment when we can be part of a well-deserved victory celebration!

Today we carried on our discussion with you about what is occurring on your world. Mother Earth is most anxious to start her great physical changes. This transformation is something you are also close to achieving. We are ready, when called upon, to restore you with great joy to being fully conscious Beings of Light. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 23rd, 2008. 11 Ik, 10 Mol, 4 Eb
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Selamat Balik! We come again with information about the changes occurring on your world. Everywhere, critical signs are showing that much needed change is indeed quite close to happening. The panic that began to set in a few months ago is approaching its crescendo. Your dark cabal realizes that the game set in motion eons ago by their former masters, the Anunnaki, is losing its momentum. Accompanying this fact is yet another. Our Earth allies fully intend to carry out an all-encompassing, global "house-cleaning" of the dark and its myriad cronies. They realize there is no escape and thus, the dark cabal’s leadership remains in charge with a knowing that a most elegant ouster of them from power is just about to begin. These new "brooms" of the Light are starting slowly: first by sweeping out their old malingering dust-cobs and then by disinfecting the strange odors and odd stains left behind by these slovenly and arrogant power brokers. What is left is to arrest them openly and distribute to the worthy the vast prosperity long promised to them by the Light.

In doing this, the Light opens up in earnest the pathway to Full Consciousness and the means to return you to your rightful place in the stars and within Heaven. Look upon this current time as the moment when your final frustrations were vented and when at last the great moment for change suddenly manifested. Consequently, these times are most strange and in many ways quite awkward for you. You feel the change and, initially, it can seem to you as if outwardly nothing is occurring. However, behind the scenes much is going on worldwide. A great shift is moving forward at a steady and very relentless clip. This movement to alter your reality is a climatic change, an eco-system alteration and surface modification by Mother Earth. Its vastness cannot be doubted. What is unknown to you is the timing. It seems to the uninitiated that it is something that has caught itself on some endless loop. In fact, it is seeping almost unnoticed into the very wheelwork of your present reality. The transformation is drawing ever closer and with it, the period for our arrival on your shores.

All indigenous groups across your globe note this shift in consciousness. They talk of a time of fire and a time for great changes in what and who you are. They also explain about the return of the "star people" from the many nations that comprise us. We indeed are coming. We come to act as a harbinger of change and as a mentor to each one of you. Our part has been foretold by Heaven and agreed upon by the Spiritual Hierarchy who is in charge of your world. As you become more aware, your meditations lead you progressively to us and to those spiritual guardians that have long looked after you. All of this is just another indicator that you are not alone and that the change you need is ready to come upon you from the great Light of Creation that in Joy made the Heavens. This Joy is represented in this realm by a great Love that intends to keep you safe and to fulfill a number of announced decrees. In this, take heart and let this energy of Light guide you. The grand ways of Heaven are to perform miracles. The ways of this Galactic Federation are to carry out and obey Heaven’s decrees.

These decrees call for a First Contact. These sacred plans call for your return to Full Consciousness. All of this is done within the directives of Lord Surea. The throne of Heaven has spoken and the highest orders and Beings of Aeon have come bringing vast numbers of the near infinite Councils of the most High. These events are not things to scoff at! They are divine signs that point to the very nature of why so many have come from throughout this galaxy to observe and to partake in your grand transition in consciousness! Thus, this is a series of sacred acts orchestrated by the Creator. These realities make it hard for us to do anything but carry out what we have come here for. Those of the dark who wish to deny us now comprehend the seriousness of the obstacles that stand before them. The dark continues to try to find a way to defy Heaven. This simply cannot be done! Heaven is to make you whole again. This outcome cannot and will not be stopped by the dark!

In this mode, we have put forth our plans for First Contact. A number of you have already become privy to this. You have seen us and heard us describe our arrival to you. We come in peace to mentor you and assist in your final transition to Beings of Light. Doing this is a great honor for us. Our priestesses and priests performed many rituals above, on and within your world. These rituals set the stage for our coming. At this time of the Gregorian year, watch the skies with interest. We are preparing some simple surprises. Many who are of the dark continue to think they can find a way out of their dilemma. We wish to use this time to show them otherwise. When the time comes, the signal is to be given for our arrival. Then, we can descend from the skies in untold numbers and complete the mission we started nearly two decades ago. Before that, we observed you closely and intervened only when Heaven or we thought necessary.

These brief excursions in times past were merely to bring you messages of hope, needed enlightenment and a means to continue your path toward your destiny. These succeeded even though they were only forays required to keep the way of the Light burning within your Heart. The dark was in charge and these things were done knowing that at best they were only small endeavors that lacked the ability to make the dark notice us and plan ways to stop us. It was only in the last few centuries that the time became ready for a more direct infusion of Light. The resulting new technologies carried you to this point. Now, you have a worldwide web run by computers and the means to power them. You sit on the next step. The stars await and we, visitors from these stars, come to greet you and show you the way to our homes.

In doing this, we prepare you to become our equals. You are a grand race of humans who have temporarily lost their way. Now comes the time to rediscover the full wonder of who you really are. Even as you are in the process of doing this, your world, Mother Earth, is likewise preparing to become what she once was. Indeed, the entire solar system is joining together in a vast effort to return itself into what your distant ancestors saw when they first entered this solar system. When you venture out in your newly acquired Light ships, this original perspective can again be joyously gazed upon. We look forward to watching you sally forth and claim your responsibilities as guardians of this beautiful place! We also wait with glee for you to forge your new star nation. This living entity is to be the scene of numerous conferences and many great galactic events.

Your destiny is not to be defined by the dark. You have passed successfully through their caverns filled with the work of their knives. You have survived their imposed sorrows and forded their flooded streams teeming with assorted hatreds, divisions and unrequited violence. This feat is amazing. Now you come to the end of this treachery. The Light at the end of this dark journey is shining ever brightly upon you. Soon you can leave this behind and travel in Light to the shinning crystal cities where you live out the rest of this life in the glory and honor that you truly deserve. Here, Heaven can present you with your earned rewards. Here, we can greet our family and show you the Love and kindnesses decreed for you long ago. All of this is to be yours! Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion about this special time. We ask you to remain ready and prepared for all that is to come. First Contact is drawing closer. We await with Love the moment to come into your realm. At that time, much is to be revealed and much is to be said about your destiny and wondrous return to Full Consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday December 30rd, 2008. 5 Muluc, 17 Mol, 4 Eb
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you with much to say. Your world is moving steadily toward the great shift in consciousness decreed by Lord Surea. All of Heaven is now rejoicing in what is occurring. The dark cabal remains in a state of ever-mounting panic as it awaits the final steps preceding our arrival. The Federation personnel who normally handle the actual First Contact procedures have been sent to liaise with our Earth allies. We are ready to proceed to the next step, which has announcements orchestrated from above by Heaven and by the Divine Plan. Selected members of our Earth allies will make these special revelations. Thereafter, the UFO cover-up, along with a number of withheld Earth-based technologies, can at last be revealed and the next needed steps can quickly become a fait accompli. Thus the dark’s dominance on your world finally comes to an end. This means the way for you to return to your true selves can be fully disclosed, and as a result of this wisdom our landings can seem much less astonishing. Then the process of fulfilling your fondest dreams can begin in earnest.

First Contact is, after all, merely a more direct means of reaching a divine goal: your return to Full Consciousness. Heaven has had this operation in the works for nearly 13 millennia. The Galactic Federation’s part is to make quite sure that the dark does not in any substantive way interfere with these sacred plans. You are still in a fragile physical state, consequently, we need to nudge and cajole the dark ones in such a way that they understand the import of their present situation: namely, the imminent end of their dominion over you. Imparting this message has at times been challenging, but we are now in a position to enforce these divine intentions and have already done so when necessary. The dark also now realizes that no succor of any kind is to be forthcoming from any quarter. What remains to be done is to comply with the divine timetable, and in accordance with this, that schedule has been extended to each major government of your world. This avoids any misunderstanding about what now needs to happen. Our final internal security procedures are underway and we expect all of Earth’s governments to abide by this timetable. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are preparing some surprises for you!

Our Earth allies have been thoroughly briefed about what we need them to do. Your planet is crippled and requires assistance. The new economic and fiscal package is ready to be rolled out. Further, a vast abundance for the people of Earth is about to manifest. Your realm needs a quiet revolution that affects global society in every way. The first part is a thorough purge of all the rats and corruption that kept this abundance from you. You are not intended to be impoverished, ignorant, and manipulated; you are meant to be responsible, sovereign, and abundant citizens of the world, and Mother Earth expects nothing less. You came here to sustain her and honor her place in the cosmos. Instead, you have defiled, pillaged, and raped her in every way conceivable. Despite this sacrilege she is ready to help you on your journey back to the Light! We ask that you use this last period before Full Consciousness to graciously restore your beloved home world. This can go a long way toward reinstating the original reasons for your journey here so long ago.

Our part is simply to do as Heaven and especially Lord Surea so decree. You have reached the magical tipping-point when our direct intervention is permitted. Nonetheless, we operate under a set of protocols that govern our actions: We come not to rescue you but to comply with the prescribed conditions set forth by Heaven and which are outlined in the decrees issued by Lord Surea. Hence, to renege on First Contact is not an option for us. We are here to finish up what Heaven so lovingly set in motion. You are our family and, more specifically, a special aspect of this family. Each person incarnated here in the last two decades is part of a vast project to end limited consciousness and return your reality to its original state. Special neural and reality grids are in effect because of what these remarkable Beings have done. We are using these networks to carry out what remains to be done before we land. What you need to understand is that your world is more than prepared for what is to come.

First Contact is an organic process; it builds on itself and grows upward toward the Light. Like a plant this consciousness needs to root itself firmly in the Earth and become an essential part of your inner and outer growth. First Contact is thus part of your growth in consciousness. It is about your acceptance of who you really are. This includes the fact that you are not alone. The vastness of the cosmos precludes the silly notion that only one world bearing "intelligent" life could possibly exist. By deduction this brings you to accept that your society is of the stars and has divine relationships with others who, like you, traversed the immensity of space, absorbing the divine wisdom to be found there so abundantly. It is this wisdom that you are finally ready to accept once again and to apply to re-envisioning yourselves and those whom you are about to meet.

This time is like an incubation period prior to your rebirthing, which is what First Contact brings. This "new you" is to be the galactic traveler and the special Being who renews Mother Earth and creates a new star nation out of this solar system. This star nation is to become a beacon of peace, unity, and universal Love. It is this thought that is creating the new reality and birthing the new you and a new Mother Earth. It is also allowing the prophecy of our galaxy to manifest. This is just the start of the great things you are to accomplish. We come, therefore, to be the mentors for all this. You are great Beings who barely know your potential. It is this potential that brought us here nearly two decades ago, and we now wait joyously to greet you formally and lead you toward your destiny.

The dark ones are only just beginning to fully grasp their fate. They are quite aware of all that we have painstakingly and clearly told them. The moment for interfering in the Light’s work has come and gone, and the only role now open to them is to acquiesce. This is not easy for them, they are used to being the autocratic rulers whose every whim is law and this is no longer the case. Now they bend to a new authority and are to be seen for the miscreants they are. This task we leave in the hands of our Earth allies as we do not intend to sit in judgment on anyone here. The heavy weight of your frustrations and the "beasts" within your customs are to be let out. This game must play out, and then be done. Attend to your new responsibilities in a swift and conclusive manner. Remember, Together, We are indeed One!

This oneness is paramount! We see how you now struggle with this concept, and during our mentoring-time we can show you the significance of this fact. We monitor your world and see how, as a collective, you have grown. Much still remains for you to do, but happily your growth in awareness permits you to see some of the wisdom in our beliefs; the rest will come in time. You are being asked to make a tremendous leap forward, and we know that at first this will not be easy. But as a people you persist in growing toward the Light, and this can only reap positive results. The rest will be revealed in the final days of your metamorphosis. What you will become is at present inconceivable to you: You are to be joined with a mighty Being that is You, and become more than you can possibly now imagine!

Today we continued our discussion about your wondrous future. Keep in mind that a great shift in your consciousness and in your reality is very close. As this moves forward it brings on line our First Contact with you. We await this time with joyous anticipation! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Continues atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI

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