The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV

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Through Sheldan Nidle
The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV

From The Planetary Activation Organization (  Published by permission from PAO.
Series: The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, II,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, III,The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, IV , The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, Vand The Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, VI.

Tuesday March 6th, 2007. 4 Chicchan, 3 Ceh, 2 Ik
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Selamat Balik! We return, Dear Hearts, with more information for you! Our Earth allies continue with the wrapping up of those tasks that are to bring you your promised prosperity funds. Also, those elements of the American government covertly assigned the most difficult mission of ousting the present illicit administration are finally ready to carry out this task as soon as the necessary preliminaries are over. Moreover, we can report that the mechanisms are in place to move fiscal responsibilities from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury and that the new Treasury Bank is now actually operational, albeit "under camouflage." Indeed, the fiscal and currency policies of the American government have temporarily been bifurcated into an overt operation (the Federal Reserve) and a covert one (the Treasury Bank), the latter being secretly in charge of most "key" fiscal pronouncements. The exceptions to this new arrangement are the so-called anti-terrorist decrees coming directly from the White House. The ongoing secret struggle has reached a point where the removal of this US regime is the only workable option.

To accomplish this, this global mission set up special Earth-ally task forces outside of theUS with headquarters in Europe and in East Asia. These three bases are linked by a high-tech communications systemsupplied by the Galactic Federation, which allows everyone to talk to each other, engage in conference calls, and send important data streamsoutside the interception range of the world’s intelligence agencies. This assistance has greatly helped the mission to stay on course by being able to set up the code criteria needed to carry out this project successfully. We are confident that the first series of steps is very close to manifesting in your media. That this entire operation has remained both clandestine and efficient is an emphatic tribute to those brave souls who deeply believe in what they are doing. This will permit your world to alter, which will then allow us to be formally introduced to you. First Contact becomes more viable every day because of their steadfast activities. We ask you to stay patient and in favor of their complex and difficult undertaking on behalf of the peoples of your world and us.

A key aspect of our mission so far involves support and encouragement. We gladly lend whatever experience and expertise our Earth allies may need. We also brief, on a weekly basis, selected representatives of your world’s governments on those aspects influencing your readiness for First Contact. First Contact requires that those who rule your world become fully aware that this event is not only inevitable but also quite close. Further, your world requires a steady diet of serious warnings about the destructive use of nuclear energy, especially since the dangers of the present nuclear age can so easily be converted into peaceful use. Also, many suppressed technologies seized by various governments under the veil of national security can be returned to the world to end your current energy crisis. The continuing refusal of your governments to do so appalls us: If your governments so wished, your poverty and pollution problems could be permanently solved. This makes it essential to implement, as soon as possible, the splendid line-up of programs drawn up by our Earth allies to enable you to be ready for our arrival.

First Contact is above all a psychosocial phenomenon. Closing the gap between where you are at present and where you need to be for this event is a continuing task for us. Preparing you for this new reality will require a great deal of preliminary training. You are on a path composed of mandatory, interrelated steps set out by Heaven and the Divine Plan. As your consciousness grows, your search for answers about the meaning of life spirals upward and opens you up to possibilities that previously would not have occurred to you, or that you would have considered illogical. Now, however, your expanded body of knowledge allows you to rethink many of your most cherished precepts. This has led to many of you accepting the fact that we exist and that we are here to complete a divine mission based on benevolence and the desire to tell you about the wonders of full consciousness. We thank the Divine for this wonderful plan!

This plan is proceeding at a pace designed to allow you, as a global population, to adjust to a great deal of change. The complex web of control and manipulation set up by the Anunnaki, and then reinforced by their on-planet minions, will require extensive recasting. It includes your history, philosophical and religious beliefs, and your myriad cultural conditionings. Such sweeping change in the short period allowed us is no easy matter, and yet the process already underway under the aegis of the Divine is wondrously preparing you for what lies ahead. We watch carefully as Heaven alters your RNA/DNA, introduces new charkas into your physical energy systems, and opens you up to new mental, emotional, and spiritual prospects. These things raise your ability to perceive us as your long-forgotten family in spite of the foolish propaganda spread by the world’s mass entertainment media. The key is to keep focused on what you know is truly going on, rather than be distracted by erroneous offerings.

Our operation relies on your growing acceptance that a great change is underway. This inner knowing of yours enormously aids our cause. Your scrutiny of our presence reveals to you that our actions are not merely benevolent, but beneficial to Mother Earth and to you. This growing realization lies at the core of a proactive paradigm shift in favor of First Contact. Each day, we see this movement gaining more adherents across your globe, and this evidence of your acceptance of us sincerely touches our personnel. First Contact is to deliver you to the next level of your conscious existence, and it is in this state of Beingness that you will be able to interact with those sentient Beings who reside beneath you in inner Earth and in the untold vastness of the galaxy that surrounds you.

First Contact, in short, represents a level of attainment in your growth in consciousness. It is a sign that you have graduated from your present reality’s limitations to a higher and more expanded one. In accordance with this, we tailor our contributions to support, in all ways permitted to us, your current development which the Divine is now exponentially accelerating. This means that this next step is approaching rapidly. Your destiny is to soar over your present troubles and to forge a galactic society of some consequence. This society is destined to lead us to things that have long been prophesied by many of our more illustrious forbearers. And it is this, amongst other things, that inspired us to dispense with the usual protocols and to sanction this present, unique First Contact mission.

Your First Contact has reached the moment where it is to be manifested. Events are moving fast to free you from a series of overwhelming disasters most of you consider to be inevitable. But contrary to appearances, you, as a species, are not on the brink of dying, but on the point of your return to full consciousness. A crucial point here is to keep seeing your true and glorious future and not to lend any power to the dark’s desire for your demise. Those now in power on your world know for a fact their game is up and are frantic for you not to discover this truth. Be aware that this next period can dispirit you if you let it; instead, be in joy in the knowledge the time comes to slip into the reality of your great potential now manifesting. As spring follows winter, you are fated to burst into the bloom of who you truly are. Know, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of the present day and of those events ready to manifest before you. Always bear in mind that you are a truly powerful and magnificent Being cast temporarily into physicality by the Divine Plan of a most Loving Creator! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 13th, 200711 Eb, 10 Ceh, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come once again, Dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! The operation to oust the present American regime from power is now ready to spring its carefully prepared trap. Accomplishing this feat is to be the first link in a chain of events that is to profoundly change your world in the twinkling of an eye. The other elements in this global action are also ready to go once this first essential step is complete. Thereafter and at long last, the Divine Plan for planet Earth and all her inhabitants can begin to be sketched in, starting with the cessation of the contrived and illusory "war on terror." Then follow comprehensive debt annulment, true worldwide prosperity and, most importantly, the formal acknowledgment of your unalienable rights and your God-given sovereignty. Also, governments will now be beholden to the people and not to those special-power elites that have long governed your world. These quintessential changes are to usher in a new golden period for all humanity and to spark off the start of great cooperation on a number of vital issues.

As noted many times before, the bedrock of these changes is world peace and addressing the escalating threat from your global pollution crisis. The first of these tasks is being spurred on by a number of serious diplomatic overtures to your world’s nations that we began a few years ago. The focus of these initiatives is to get them to redesign the UN charter to enable it, finally, to act as a true forum for world peace. The second task entails releasing a large number of sequestered technologies and demonstrating how they can solve your myriad pollution problems. Among these are a range of inventions that are to end the petroleum age and usher in an age of "consciousness energy." These devices are not only to power your current electrical appliances, but can also allow you to use special energy fields to boost the levels of your fast-growing consciousness. The access to this new energy can permit your scientists to move into a new field–the exploration of the living, conscious universe. These studies are to be an exciting introduction to the technology we intend to share with you.

As you move into this next period of your history, the integration of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is to enter a new phase. The tremendous energies now bombarding the Earth are to be greatly amplified: This means that you may experience higher levels of stress in your various energy bodies as you bring in other aspects of "self" and begin to embody the fully-conscious you. This process is reaching a point where your heart, throat, solar plexus, and "third eye" chakras are to be refined and then integrated into the new, 13-chakra system. Such an integration needs an increased absorption of higher energies and this can at times feel quite strange, even alarming. Just remember that you are being prepared for the coming-on-line of three new chakras: the "well of dreams" in the back of your head; the thymus, located in the upper chest above the heart; and the diaphragm just above the solar plexus. These new chakras may come in with a bit of discomfort and a potential for flu-like symptoms, accompanied by nausea and, possibly, even vomiting.

This alteration to your physical body is to prepare you for our arrival. Heaven informed us that once we land, we are not to lower our own frequency as much as we planned on doing, but instead, your populace is to be adjusted upward to the point where you can handle the greater energies that we possess. This arrangement can help you to bring on line your natural telepathic abilities, which makes it much easier for us to interact with you. We can then impart to you much greater amounts of information much more quickly. We want our instructional and medical teams, upon landing, to rapidly assess how best to begin our educational procedures and technology transfers. The immediate post-landing period is primarily for getting acquainted whilst also transferring much-needed information and vital technology to you. But these things are a prelude to our main task of educating you in how to access and use your many wonderful, natural abilities.

When we welcome you to membership in the Galactic Federation, you are to reunite with your brethren in inner Earth. The Ruling Council of Agharta has long carried out this representation on your behalf on our councils. Agharta’s return to the surface world signals that the operation to reconstitute a global galactic society together has begun, and hence, Agharta’s main concern is to teach you the protocols and procedures used to implement and maintain a galactic society. You will learn about the true history of your origins and the special role played by Lemuria and ourselves in this history. It is for this reason that those among you who know this true history revere this special role and await our return with much joy. Many windows to enlightenment are to be thrown open to you, bringing much pleasure to you and to us, as we once again freely interact with you. This time is to be filled with great celebration and feelings of relief and delight.

Once we begin to transfer our technology, we need to educate your scientists and technicians in its use, and this will require an understanding of the science of consciousness. This science goes well beyond a mere collection of theories, facts, and equations; it is predicated on a comprehension of a collection of divine truths given to us by Heaven and taught by our great teachers for millions of your Earth years. This knowledge is kept in a huge library that we call "The Book of Understanding." This work comprises chants, rituals, histories, and genealogies of humanity, as well as the above-mentioned science of consciousness. This compilation is of truly immense proportions and it will be our most joyful duty to introduce it to you. With this in mind, we translated this great body of wisdom into the many languages of your world.

Learning who you are is central to understanding where you are going, which is why galactic humanity has always kept records of our histories and ancestral lineage wherever we went. These gave rise to the epic songs that are used during our rituals of guardianship by our priests and priestesses. We stage huge pageants to demonstrate not only our dedication to sustaining physicality, but also to serve as opportunities to remind us of who we are as a people and of our role as conscious participants in Creation. At certain times in our calendar, many far-flung branches of galactic humanity come together to celebrate these tales in dance and song. In this way, we share mutual histories binding us together as a people that have spread out across the vastness of the Milky Way Galaxy. Soon, we can hail you as a gracious part of these annual festivities.

A transformation of your world approaches fast. It is coming because the Divine has decreed it so. Closely monitored by us, many covert events are moving rapidly to a point where they can finally appear before you. This huge, complex operation has taken on the secret, dark rulers of your world in a behind-the-scenes conflict that now promises a triumph for the Forces of the Light in the very near future. Our role in this grows each day, albeit still within the parameters given us by the Divine. These guidelines define a very special role for us: We are here, not to rescue you, but to guide and teach you. And now this longed-for moment of mutual triumph draws close indeed!

Today, we gave you more details about the pre- and post-landing scenario. Furthermore, we want you to know that you are at a point where the first domino could fall at any moment. Stay focused, knowing that your heartfelt intentions are now fully disposed to happen. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 20th, 20075 Cauac, 17 Ceh, 2 Ik
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Greetings! We welcome you to another discussion of your world’s happenings and the progress toward First Contact. Our Earth allies continue "gutting it out" and so each day brings us closer to victory. As this undeclared covert war between the Light and the last dark cabal reaches its denouement, forces within major international financial and legal organizations have seized the day and are working feverishly to ensure that the promised deliveries go off as planned. Added to this is the rising discontent among a number of major trading nations concerning the cabal’s American allies’ handling of daily monetary transfers from one nation to another. The growing bottlenecks are raising doubts about the viability of theUS regime, which further undermines its present position. Amid these grave challenges our Earth allies’ approaches to the last cabal fall, as ever, on deaf ears, and thus the day for carrying out our "quiet revolution" draws near. Now the dark is beginning to see the inevitability of its doom.

This movement toward a new reality progresses at its own divine pace, accompanied by a vast upward shift in consciousness. On a personal level most of you are now very aware of this aspect of things. But the reality of the corresponding global changes still escapes many of you, and yet these two aspects are inextricably related. Heaven set up a broad-based program of change that affects both the macro- and the microcosms that constitute your present reality. It is indeed hard to bear witness every day to the amount of pain and suffering that the dark and its numerous minions can still meter out. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know, as you observe this mayhem, that just beneath the surface is an unprecedented series of huge changes on the point of breaking through. Once a critical mass in these affairs is reached, the aforementioned quiet revolution can wreak its damage upon the dark. This promised day is getting close, as the strength of the dark to hold things at bay is weakening rapidly. In fact, the time has come when the Light has only to choose its appointed moment, and then charge!

The conditions on your planet make the current situation most interesting to our liaison personnel. On one hand, the moment for the Earth allies to spring their vise on the dark seems immediate. On the other, the way the Divine is working this procedure appears to delay this moment unduly. Our position is to watch and wait. However, we sincerely want you to be aware that in our hearts we dearly wish to get going, in full-throttle mode, with the charge of the Light. But we recognize that a carefully formulated divine strategy lies behind all of this, and those truly in charge have the final word. And so we commend your gracious patience and ask you to envision your imminent victory. For us, First Contact is an integral step in a big leap in consciousness, which transforms how you view your reality. This also entails a complete reorientation of your worldview. For example, a fully prosperous world is a good start but leaving the present structures in place means that it is only a matter of time before the dark regains its lost ground. This makes it clear that a new way of doing things is essential for permanent success.

We are fully committed to implementing this dramatic change of direction on your planet. Despite the challenge of transforming the perceptions of an entire global populace, that is what the Earth allies and their associated organizations have set out to accomplish. These brave souls are pledged to a massive global reform of government; financial structures and monetary policies; currencies; and adjusting the vital role-played by the media in these affairs. It is essential that a safety net be thrown around your new abundance and your freedom. The media, also, must be able to report freely on what is truly happening. The corporation must be recast, so that it looks first at its societal and environmental obligations and not just at "the bottom line." As a sovereign individual you have rights that carry with them a duty to become active in your community. Sovereignty, on a mass basis, can only truly work when the focus changes from self to your divine connection to others.

This divine connection becomes a living reality as you move into awareness of who you really are: This great Being is a sacred, immortal Soul dedicated to helping others. In this act of community is born an ever-strengthening sense of self, which finds its joyous expression in working for the greater good. This relies on placing the essence of sovereignty at the center of all considerations: Each person is a divine charge of Heaven, invested lovingly by the Creator with many unalienable rights. The unrestricted use of these rights generates the resources that allow you to do wonderful things: as an obvious example, helping your fellows to accomplish their life purposes. Building structures around this natural impulse results in what we call galactic society which operates using a procedure called "fluid group dynamics." This, in turn, is regulated by the Four Societal Laws given to us millions of years ago by the Creator and Heaven.

This rapidly approaching new world is a total about-face from the one you are now used to, and as such, a certain amount of retraining will be necessary. In this context, First Contact can be seen increasingly as the divine instrument that completes the move into this new world that you have already begun. As we often mention, our role is to be your divinely guided instructors and your mentors in consciousness growth, and we have been preparing for this with relish. Happily, passion can often make quick work of a daunting task, but we also know that this passion of ours needs to be tempered by the Divine. It is being given its proper place in the sacred equations mustered forth so efficaciously by Heaven. We must always remember that what is being done is driven by the sacred, and that this carries with it only forgiveness and graciousness.

The coming time will completely change how your world operates. Besides the new structural elements mentioned above, a huge amount of data is to become available to you to help you move your new world down the divine path laid out by Heaven and the Creator. You are to be both monitors and participants in this process. We cannot emphasize this enough: The key element in all of this is each one of you. As your awareness grows, vital new insights come to you, which you need share among you. To this end, practical local and global forums need to be used, which can spawn watchdog groups to safeguard your freedom and sovereignty. You can see how this throws new light on our oft-quoted mantra "Together, We are indeed Victorious!" Only by honoring each other’s rights and empowering each other’s gifts can you hope to be triumphant.

First Contact comes at the end of your journey as a limited conscious Being living in a desolate world of darkness. This event is a catalyst morphing you into a fully conscious Being living in a galactic world. As one caught at the center of this transformation, your impression is that your world is plunging ever deeper into chaos and heading for some form of global extinction. In fact, your perception is based on the biased data so vividly reiterated by your media. Those who defend the so-called realities of your world often fail to make the link between what is happening and how it is presented to you. Our aim is to provide a more balanced view of your affairs by including what your media leaves out. Those who intend to change this reality need to have a comprehensive overview and focus on their positive visions in order to hasten the advent of what is now inevitable. Remember that what you put your energy on grows.

Today, we continued our discourse on current events and their relationship to First Contact. The world we all wish for is divinely real and ready to roll. As you watch it unfold, you can help the process by maintaining your joyous anticipation and feeding your collective and individual heartfelt, detailed visions. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday March 27th, 200712 Cimi, 4 Mac, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We return with another message about your Ascension and your move into a new reality. Mother Earth continues her determined march toward her fully aware state. Everywhere your scientists are noticing conditions of heightened movement. You are now in the period when your global civilization must face up to the disaster that they have made of Mother Earth’s surface and of her precious life-giving atmosphere. This abuse needs to stop, and stop now! The minor rumbles all across her surface area are warning signs; you are being prompted to come to a decision about how to remedy this, and then to take swift, concerted, comprehensive action. Mother Earth is chiding you and indicating the utter gravity of your present predicaments. The current mode of virtual inaction is no longer tolerable. Your near-criminal negligence now demands a much more committed approach and plan of action. A global conference with effective legal "teeth" is now expected, and knowing this, our Earth allies placed a series of such forums on their calendar. The time comes for them to carry out their plans.

While Mother Earth rumbles and spews forth her discontent, Heaven continues to prepare you for full consciousness. At present, the heart and new thymus center are the focus of attention, along with the new chakras located in the head. Heaven is working diligently on both, those who have awakened relatively recently, as well as on those who have been on line for over a decade. You are all being connected up and adjusted to enable you to accept much higher frequencies in anticipation of our meeting. Heaven has somewhat altered the procedures of First Contact by requiring that your planetary energies be bought more in line with ours. Hence, your global populace is to be raised in frequency by small increments until a satisfactory level is reached. You will then be fully ready for our arrival. How fast this is done depends on two factors: Mother Earth’s determination to accommodate this change, and how close our Earth allies are to achieving their goals. We are currently assessing the situation so that Heaven can make her decision.

By now it should be clear to you that your world is reaching a point where no-nonsense decisions must be followed up quickly by committed action. The delays and the covert programs appendant to both the Earth allies’ and the last cabal’s opposing causes must now be resolved. We mention this because this message is given to our Earth allies time and again. Those who monitor your world’s spiritual progress and who have a say in this decision have weighed in on the side of speedy and positive action to remedy this particular situation. As we speak, the final implementation of this ruling is underway. Our Earth allies acknowledge that a significant transformation in power structures and in wealth distribution is long overdue. Those currently in charge are incapable of instituting what is necessary; in fact, those individuals and groups remain largely in denial of their sacred responsibilities to both Mother Earth and to humanity. Greed and callousness are still the hallmark of their reign, and so the time for a "quiet revolution" has now come! We wait upon the expected outcome and the achievement of First Contact.

From our vantage point, we look for signs of positive movement on the part of our Earth allies and carefully monitor what your last cabal is up to. We are encouraged by the increasingly friendly reception to our diplomatic and liaison efforts on the part of many governments in Europe and Asia. We are also heartened by the various American groups who press for disclosure and First Contact. But this doesn’t change the fact that the present US regime remains the primary stumbling block. Its adherents are determined to countermand the progress being made globally on behalf of First Contact despite their growing awareness that their efforts are doomed. They are currently scheming to procure weaponry that they consider capable of obstructing the Divine Plan’s mass landing scenario. Each day, your world grows more ready to accept our open presence among you. This pleases us greatly and keeps us moving joyously toward the moment of First Contact.

Our fleet works hard every day preparing for the open implementation of this First Contact mission. Our personnel happily anticipate the time when we can greet each one of you in peace and sovereignty. Your world and her ecosystem are under a great deal of stress, and while part of this is due to the changes currently underway by the Divine, a major contributor to these looming crises is the shear carelessness of your world’s peoples. We have been permitted to mitigate to some extent the severity of this situation, but in the end it is down to you and your own willingness to redress the effects of your neglect that will resolve these matters. We do what is permitted to nudge you in this direction, including partnering with Mother Earth’s elementals to allow you more time to "get on board" and solve this dilemma yourselves. But we must reiterate how critical it is for you to act now, and to do so in a resolute and comprehensive manner.

Our emphasis on the need for swift action on this issue springs from a number of scientific and societal reasons, among them, the matter of your dwindling global water supply, which is now a calamity in the making. Without a sufficient water supply, including an adequate flow of water in the major rivers of Earth, humanity cannot exist. This scenario now threatens the nations of Africa,Asia, and the Americas. As water scarcity approaches, it puts increasing pressure on the many instabilities that already exist in the areas just mentioned, thus strengthening the potential for serious discord. This situation demands your close attention especially given the added destabilizing effects of global warming on an already volatile mix.

These fast-growing predicaments make it critically important for you to be very clear that these are not regional issues, but global ones that can only be solved on a global basis. The unconscionable, continued use of fossil fuels is absurd in the type of global environment that you are now entering. Our Earth allies know this, and have drawn up plans to rectify the most crucial damage of your long reign of thoughtlessness. One of the measures of a society’s ability to survive is the way it adapts to its changing surroundings and makes necessary course corrections required for survival. Your present dark elite has chartered a deadly course that will either decimate or totally wipe out humanity.This matter of literal survival is the prime reason why these amoral ones must go.

The reason for your rising consciousness and for our swelling numbers around your planet is that the Divine intends to provide humanity with the resources to survive. It is not intended that you perish nor that you continue in your present mode of bare survival. The objective is for you to become able to live in prosperity and to experience yourselves as an integral part of a hugely abundant universe. The new reality promised you is bursting with opportunities for you to fulfill your heartfelt dreams and to achieve your life’s goals. Full consciousness invests you with the capacities to manifest your divine birthright, to be successful in your wondrous pursuits, and to be fully acknowledged for your deeds and for who you really are. In this magnificent realm, you are never alone, which is the basis for our mantra: Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we focused on some of the compelling issues facing your global peoples. We ask for your continued patience and to prepare for what is now quite ready to manifest and transform your world forever! The time for deliverance is truly upon you! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 3rd, 20076 Ben, 11 Mac, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with much to tell you! The logjam that has delayed the deliveries of your prosperity programs is being broken even as we speak! The seemingly never-ending hold-ups appear finally to be at an end. Also, those involved with the return of America to her original constitutional status are likewise approaching a critical juncture in their mission. Thus the time for the first part of your reality shift draws near. We have been told to alert our forces and personnel and to be in position to act promptly. We need to inform you that the previously forecast events are actually closer to happening that many realize. Our Earth allies have also requested our personnel to see to those tasks that are precursors for what is about to go down. We are excited that our mission is close to the point where we can complete the landing phase of this operation and are thus busy coordinating the various activities that prepare Mother Earth for this most auspicious time!

First Contact, as we may have mentioned before, is a complex process involving a multitude of necessary, interconnected steps for success. Besides this, we also monitor all of you very carefully to ensure the triumph of our Earth allies and our arrival en masse on your most beautiful shores. We deeply appreciate your patience and your focus. It is not easy to live in a world such as yours and continue, as you have done, to push for our victory. Since the start of this mission, much has happened on your world and in this galaxy. The peace that now prevails in the galaxy is very soon to become your own planet’s very pleasant status quo. Realize that the approaching watershed has been literally decades in the making and that an enormous amount of spadework has gone into undermining the dark’s immense power base and getting the last dark cabal to its present state of panic and disarray. Now, at last, the final elements are slotting into place and we are reiterating this for a purpose: You need to know that the end times are now here. Your world is preparing to burst into bloom as she returns to the wondrous joy that is Divine Light!

As we pointed out last week, omens are coming thick and fast of a planet planning for the approach of massive change. Mother Earth’s tectonic plates are in the midst of what seems to your scientists to be a period of rising hyperactivity. Similar conditions are appearing in your atmosphere. Both are hints of the impending surface reconfigurations. However, the huge changes to your planet’s landmasses must go through some preparatory steps before this begins. The steep rise in the level of volcanism and number of earth and seaquakes is a hint of these preliminaries. Imagine what an intricate process it is to change so completely the face of Mother Earth. This colossal geophysical upheaval, contrary to your teachings on the subject, are not to take millions or even thousands of years, but are to happen "in the twinkling of an eye." And again contrary to the teachings of your science, these changes are set by the workings of the Divine. But rest assured: this is only to start once you have all been removed to safety, which is another reason why our active presence at this time in your history is essential.

Thus, First Contact moves forward, bringing with it the means to transform how your world reacts to our presence. Your peoples have been lied to about us for so long that even those who represent the Light on your world have reacted to our presence with fear. Our first task is to allay these fears and end the vast cover-up that began in the post-WWII era. We are not some rampaging group that created you to be a race of gold-mining slaves, among many silly notions! We are, as will become swiftly obvious, a benevolent organization of the Light that has come here expressly to reunite in Love and in Joy with a long-lost colony. You, dear Hearts, are from the stars! You are great Souls who have suffered for too long under the fiendish rule of the dark, and now the moment for your prescribed liberation is at hand! Some final legalities are being completed along with sundry last minute preparations before a series of announcements can begin. What we would like to do now is give you a better sense of what is scheduled to happen.

The precondition for any constructive scenario is the removal of the present US regime. This entity is resolved to keep the "UFO" cover-up and carry on with its present course of escalating global confrontation. Ridding the planet of this dark force sets the stage for new possibilities and, as you know, a veritable cornucopia of sweeping changes is ready to roll. First among these is the ending of the US Federal Reserve (in truth, a private bank and not a government agency) in conjunction with the bringing on line of a new banking and currency system and tied in to a inclusive, global debt annulment program. An intrinsic component of this is the completion of the deliveries of the promised prosperity funds. Following swiftly on the heels of this will be an end to the phony "war on terror" and the withdrawal of all fighting forces from the Middle East. The emphasis then shifts to the creation of permanent world peace and developing global cooperation.

Next, this initial momentum is to be turned toward encouraging a huge increase in your global societies’ ability to "green" each nation on the planet and create the infrastructure for raising global living standards. This includes: clean and plentiful sources of water; more-than-adequate shelter and clothing; and an abundant, non-toxic food supply. Another vital ingredient is the technology to reverse the dangerous levels of pollutants and other solid and gaseous by-products that harm Mother Earth. This "improbable" scenario is to be accomplished by the release of hitherto suppressed and confiscated advances in technology; these devices and products can solve most of your present difficulties in a seemingly miraculous manner. We have had long discussions with our Earth allies about how to most effectively and swiftly resolve your current ecological disaster-in-the-making.

Once these essentials are done, the subject of how to prepare your societies for our arrival comes up. The first phase described above, starting with the removal of the US regime, is expected to take about six to nine months. Thereafter, the transitional American government is to release the complete UFO files that until now have been kept in strictest secrecy. This will unleash a whirlwind of data into the public arena, including the truth of other unsavory secret activities. These necessary revelations are expected to produce shock and public outcry. The transitional American president is to expound upon and clarify many important matters, and public debates and forums are to be set up to discuss the issues of what is revealed. This period of national debate sets the stage for our arrival.

This time of revelation can provide us with key information about how to proceed with First Contact. The reactions of the leaders and members of your many indoctrinated groups can tell us a lot about you. We deeply desire to carry out First Contact in a manner that allows you all to favorably accept and digest the fact of our beneficent presence and formal arrival. First Contact is not a carnival act; rather, it is a divine alteration that is a necessary step on your journey to full consciousness. For this to happen gracefully, we need to know how you react to the fact that you are not alone and that you are of divine, extraterrestrial origin. While we watch you reactions, we intend to supply your governments with whole panoply of "magical" technologies to prepare the ground for our coming mass landing event. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we discussed the intended sequence of the upcoming changes for your world and the fact that it is very close at hand. But remember that how this plays out is ultimately in your hands. We ask that you continue on as graciously and Lovingly as you are now. The time for First Contact approaches! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 10th, 200713 Ahau, 18 Mac, 2 Ik
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Greetings! We return, Dear Hearts, with more interesting things to tell you! In our last message, we began to describe the timetable for First Contact. We intimated that we currently intend to wait about 6 to 8 months after the fall of the presentUS regime before making ourselves public. We are doing this for two reasons:

—First, we want to be the hidden hand that ensures that your unalienable rights and your massive abundance be delivered to you as promised. The Divine desires us to act as Heaven’s true enforcers; this means, we are to make sure that the various programs we are deliberately telling you about come into abundant fruition. These things are given to let you to carry out the tasks given to you by Mother Earth. Your world is in a very sad way! All over, the profanity of your power structure’s unclean hands is evident. Undoing this desecration is one of your top priorities. Another is to make your society and global governments truly "green." This will be the start of your mission to help your ailing planet.

—The second reason for this delay is to give us time to prepare you for our arrival. At the right moment, we expect your governments to divulge our existence to you and to shower you with the release of documents that prove their involvement with various ETs even before the start of WWII. We did not appear out of the blue from 1945 onward; our relations with your governments and our observations of you go way back into the twilight of your history, and this needs to be unveiled. Documents held by many governments reveal this in detail. Next in the line-up of revelations is the fact that your governments acquired esoteric technology via illegal covert treaties with the ETs and back-engineered from downed space vehicles. They now possess quite an inventory of advanced technologies that is being carefully hidden from the public by special secret operatives. All these disclosures are to become the foundation for the immense amount of data that we wish to impart to you during the first phase of First Contact.

This bringing-you-up-to-speed can be a big help in preparing you for our arrival. Moreover, these technologies, when taken together with others long-suppressed because of "national security," can greatly help you in cleaning up your planet. These initial revelations can stimulate a curiosity in you about how and why you are in the midst of a great consciousness shift. Your adage "ignorance is bliss" is one that our galactic societies have never subscribed to. We prefer "the truth shall set you free." So, in accordance with this, all possible data is to be made freely available to you. We sincerely want you to fully understand your duties to Mother Earth, to be in possession of the means to fulfill these tasks, and finally, to comprehend our role in all this. We feel that this can clear the air and allow for no-holds-barred, interactive discussion between us. We want you to get to know us and permit yourselves to open the way to a new paradigm that sets the stage for you to create your own galactic society.

We do not consider First Contact to be a "rescue mission"; we see it as a means to complete your journey back to full consciousness. The issue is how this is to be accomplished. A lot of specialized communication with your nations in the last decade produced a range of flexible options for achieving First Contact. The one we are presently outlining to you is the result of lengthy discussions with our Earth allies. Naturally, we wish the operation to go over as easily and safely as possible, which means that your awakening to our presence must be done as seamlessly as is practical in the time allowed. The main challenge for us all is the negative press we have received at the hands of your governments and your media. Many untrue religious pronouncements about us also need to be set straight. These errors of perception arise from a variety of unfounded inner fears and prejudices, including an earth-centric xenophobia. [N. of Editor: A rejection to the extraterrestrial races, racial discrimination by reactionary individuals who still have the mindset that the Earth is the center of the universe.] Converting this false indoctrination about Divine Creation in general into a more spiritually mature outlook is essential.

This undertaking can be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion: our task involves chipping away at layer after layer of untruths, which is why we decided, upon conferring deeply with Heaven, to delay somewhat the date of our open introduction to your world. An enormous amount of energy and detailed theatricals on the part of many compartmented intelligence agencies have gone into supplying your UFO researchers with mountains of bogus data concerning our activities and our intentions for First Contact. These government agencies are given carte blanche to use their esoteric technologies to stage abduction scenarios and other atrocities with the intent of instilling great fear and distrust of off-worlders. These operations have been most successful in diverting ufologists from the truth. As a result, UFO literature is filled with fantastical and confusing claims about our nature and intention. Such tomfoolery must end.

The whirlwind of data released from sequestered documents, which we mentioned last week, will start the process of peeling back the onion layers. The ludicrous misconceptions about us that your public accepts as commonplace will quickly melt once the truth of many things comes out. In effect, a vast education project will be underway, preparing you for our capabilities and our role in the special divine procedure that you are currently going through. You will learn that most of your genetic code is extraterrestrial in nature, and that your various teachings on the subject quite misrepresent how you came into being. As you absorb the truth in myriad areas, your fearful worldview will be soothed. The technology now used to unstill fear, like "flying saucers," will take on a new light.[N. ofE:the invasion of Martians in "The War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells.]  We want you to regard us as your extended family, and indeed that is how we intend to welcome you.

Once what has been kept from you is absorbed, you can accept us quite naturally as human Beings who represent what you are about to become; in short, we are your destiny. Such is the healthy state of mind of a people on the brink of First Contact. Such a society possesses the prerequisite technology and has a grasp of the changes it is going through. This society is ready for our arrival and gladly anticipates the responsibilities we require. The currently agreed-upon Plan aims to move you into this prepared state by instigating a global education project that is to remove the above-mentioned liabilities. Because your governments held back your natural evolution to such a degree, you must, in a sense, make up for lost time. You need to dig deep into your divine inner resources and bravely know and engage with a whole new world of truth as it becomes revealed to you from your secret archives. This is the challenge now before you.

The transformative process now underway can be seen as two "giant leaps for mankind." The first is the about-face in your current planetary direction and this moves you to the level of planetary human. This begins immediately upon the fall of the last dark cabal. Here, you focus on harmonizing your global society so that you can work together and assume responsibility for the well being of your home world. The second leap involves the acceleration of this direction via First Contact in which you are opened to the world of galactic consciousness. This world, and our open arrival, will begin to interface with yours at the time specified by Heaven and Lord Surea. It is an integral step in the Divine Plan. At this point, we are to bring you the expertise needed to turn you into galactic humans. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we concentrated on the preconditions for First Contact. All of this hinges on the removal of the present dark US regime and its many dark cabal allies. Know that this Plan is under the aegis of Heaven, and if any prerequisite element does not play out as planned, we are charged with manifesting the shortfall. We ask you to persevere as graciously and lovingly as you are now in the knowledge that the time for First Contact approaches! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 17th, 20077 Manik, 5 Kank’in, 2 Ik
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Selamat Balik! We return to discuss with you some auspicious developments on Planet Earth. At present your planet’s secret cabal is in a tizzy over what is happening to their long-held plans to somehow stop us from arriving at our appointed time. We have duly informed their legal and diplomatic "hired hands" that we are preparing the means to back up our Earth allies and assure them that the ouster of the current US regime is close at hand. This latest initiative of ours is in response to the ignoble stance taken by these dark masters. You are in the midst of a great consciousness shift that cannot be forever ignored by those who still illegally control your world. Their perfidy is such that Heaven allows us now to instigate alternative ways to ensure that First Contact goes off as planned. In accordance with this, we began at the end of the month of Ceh (late March) a number of campaigns to make our messages to the dark ones more publicly known. As part of this operation, we are delivering this important message to you. The time for instituting a number of transitional governments on your world has come!

The series of documents, just released to the dark cabal, has a clearly defined, specific focus: Your world is on the edge of a divine window for First Contact, and our task is now to expedite anything still outstanding to allow this grand event to manifest. Our goal and, indeed, the purpose of this sacred mission are to carry out First Contact. To this end, we have supported our Earth allies and cajoled them into carrying out their mission. This supporting role allowed us to learn about and experience how your cabal and its opponents operate. We have gleaned new perspectives on your lives and on the way your various societies are circumscribed in their options to counter the arrogant manipulations of this dark cadre. We admire the way our Earth allies have been able to work around these limitations and thus come very close to a laudable, hard-fought victory. Our message today is also by way of being a resounding commendation for what they are accomplishing. Yet, we sit on the brink of all this potential manifestation with no dramatic results for you to sink your teeth into. We intend to see that these preparations now manifest, and do so quickly!

The way of this world is for you to wait for your infernal masters to lead you into believing that "whatever somehow comes about" is all for the best. This back-to-front logic needs a rewrite. The bounty of this world does not belong solely to the dark cabal; it is meant for everyone. And still you hang back, and whine only amongst yourselves to relieve your frustrations. Move beyond this, and intend en masse that the events you so deeply desire happen as divinely planned. Do not give in to the dark’s insolence! We represent a powerful faction that is on your side, and as such, we wish all to know that this present reality is not acceptable to you any more. Make your own clear message ring out in Unity with what we are doing to bring you to the verge of your new reality. First Contact is to be a meeting of minds; it is the point at which your yearning for abundance, freedom, and sovereignty melds with our own goal to alter you into fully conscious Beings of Light. The result, for you, is a new Star Nation and the fulfilling of your grand destiny. And this, in turn, leads to the unfurling of the Divine Plan for physicality.

What we are saying at this time is that a number of incidents have happened in the past few months that are testing our resolve to remain laid back and willing to tolerate behavior that normally is unacceptable to our general protocols. This easygoing period is coming to an end. We have watched many brave attempts to facilitate the advent of First Contact being thwarted by the actions of your cabal, and our willingness to reign in our response to aggression against us has now run its course. Many years ago, a game of cat and mouse with your global military started up, in which we either refused to engage their hostile behavior toward our science scout ships or else had our defense ships disable these assault craft. Now, we have again been given the green light to give these primitive aircraft a brief taste of our capabilities. These encounters are prefaced with a warning to your governments, stating that these unnecessary and futile skirmishes are most distasteful to us.

Our new policy is to confront this cabal and its military when so required. We want your nations’ air forces to know that we do this only to establish some basic precedents. These include your rights concerning the approach of First Contact. We also wish to impress upon our Earth allies our desires on a number of important fronts. We are entering a "window of opportunity" for action and want to use our capabilities to ensure that action does indeed take place. First Contact is such a monumental watershed for your planet that we intend to do whatever is required to make sure that it is carried out smoothly and correctly. The Divine decrees this, and in keeping with our sacred allegiance to Lord Surea, we intend to do what is divinely right both for you and for us. In short, we are informing you that the continuing interference and delaying tactics of the dark are to bring about their rapid end.

The present conditions truly favor our endeavors. Our Earth allies know how essential it is for them to succeed in what they are doing. Heaven gives them the divine go-ahead to move forward quickly and decisively, and this has really brought home to them the need to complete their assigned tasks and set the stage for First Contact. We are seeing how all of us can work together to make First Contact happen. This process has taken longer than originally hoped, but we are now in a time for something critically important to occur. This is to set in motion the sequence of events that leads to our arrival. Hence, we have asked our liaison and ambassadorial teams to stress the need for speed. Time is now of the essence! Many amazing things are getting ready to manifest upon Mother Earth.

As these events gather momentum, we are presented with conditions that prove the point we are making; namely, the time for action of a major kind has arrived. We are confident that this operation —to shift your reality and move you into full consciousness— is now turning down the home stretch. The dark ones’ ability to mount effective opposition wanes by the day, but their arrogance and false bravado continue unabated. Their game is still on, but they see as clearly as we do that the end game is upon them. And yet despite their dwindling ability to maintain this bizarre reality of theirs, they are loath to throw in their hand. Their bullheadedness in persisting until "their goose is truly cooked" is sad. It would be so much easily for everyone if these rascals accepted the writing emblazoned on their walls.

The time for this First Contact mission has come. We are determined to see that this present reality is gloriously transformed into one that is resplendent with freedom, abundance, and sovereignty. The world around you is dying; she is preparing her rebirth into an entity that is deeply involved in the business of bringing this galaxy together and forging new alliances with galaxies both near and far. This series of divine challenges is your destiny, and the only remaining obstacle is the trouncing of your dark secret rulers. Said obstacle, one way or another, is about to be overcome. We promise you that First Contact draws close. The key is Unity! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we advised you of the new policy adopted by the First Contact Board and supported by a number of divine decrees. The time for taking action has arrived. Therefore, we now intend to encourage and act as a catalyst for all remaining necessary actions. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday April 24th, 20071 Ix, 12 Kank’in, 2 Ik
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Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to tell you. Your world remains in flux. Many things are happening that alter the way the daily goals turn out. This constant change makes it difficult at times to give a substantive analysis of what actually occurred. Such volatility can become quite an obstacle; nevertheless, the movement of our Earth allies has been only forward. We anticipate that you are quite close to receiving your much-deserved prosperity. In addition, those in charge of ousting the present US regime are moving ever closer to achieving their hard-won victory. This seemingly unending struggle is nearly over due to the large numbers of key administrative personnel who daily join the ranks of the Earth allies. This operation is the resolution to everything else that is happening on a global basis. We are monitoring all this very carefully and are happy at the progress being made. The battle to overthrow the last dark cabal is getting to a stage where the final signed documents required sweeping away this miserable government can be procured.

This particular struggle is only one of many that are being waged across your planet. Do remember that what is occurring is a grand war to end this regime’s control of you in a legal and benign manner. In effect, our Earth allies are both legislating and adjudicating a new path for America and the world. During the course of this operation, a new, true financial and currency system was salvaged from the fiat, virtual world of the dark. Moreover, an immense debt annulment mechanism was created as well as an end to the present global illegal fractional banking system which is to be replaced by a true local and national system. These things transform banking from an important political asset to a more proper economic resource. These reforms required a great many careful negotiations and the alignment of important global governmental authority on the side of our Earth allies. All this is now done, and what remains is a final chess game with the dark, in which this last cabal and its minions keep falling in and out of our checkmate. The fall of the dark, a most welcome event, can come at any moment!

This point brings us to what we are currently up to. At present, we are engaged in a broad-scale mission to garner the last pieces needed to end the chicanery that is the present US regime. We have watched for years as these poor fools somehow remain able to stay just a little ahead of our Earth allies. The general feeling is that this advantage is now swiftly crumbling. We have been able to narrow this gap and put our Earth allies in a position to end the madness that fully pervades this illegal government. Moreover, we have used our good offices to help our friends follow the movements of secret funds, which this last cabal is always moving around the planet. Tracking these funds has enormously increased the ability of our side to stop these illegal movements in their tracks and keep the dark from succeeding in the many dire shenanigans that they cook up from time to time. These actions keep the pressure on them and permit our Earth allies to stay in a near-checkmate situation with them.

On other fronts, we monitor Mother Earth and assist her by seeing that the mounting pressures between tectonic plates are properly relieved. This procedure has greatly increased the number of six-plus-magnitude Earthquakes measured by your world’s seismologists. We are equally active in your planet’s upper atmosphere: Here, we are "balancing" the stability of a number of layers that affect the amount of radiation leaking into your planet’s surface area. This work is maintaining a degree of stability for your world as you move quickly to the brink of First Contact. To us, First Contact is the grand watershed that begins your actual transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This divine moment is something that the dark dearly wishes to delay, and it is our divine purpose to see that this magnificent moment goes off as planned. Hence, we are involved in a number of contingency plans which unabashedly ensure your success!

The main contingency plan concerns how to rid this world of the pestilence that is the dark cabal. We have informed our Earth allies of these strategies and have received a number of "thumbs-up" indications from some members of this diverse coalition. These positive comments moved our planners to draw up a series of more detailed plans based on the highly instructive intelligence that we possess. Armed with this, we began, some weeks ago; to set up the steps required to carry out these plans. This led, in turn, to our starting this process in earnest. So far we have stayed "below the radar" and allowed the scenarios of our Earth allies to come to fruition. Our objective is simply to see that those things happen that result in bringing down the dark’s puppet show. We have at our disposal a choice of strategies for accomplishing this end; the critical element is to wait for the right moment to deploy the winning move.

We wish to point out that your success is quite close at hand. Only a few last factors remain before the doors to your riches and your new, fully conscious reality is unlocked. We are proud of your ability to stay focused in a world where unusual, devilish distractions are commonplace. We applaud you especially given your frustration at how long this much-promised transformation has taken to manifest. Today we can tell you that the many things being done by our Earth allies, and now also by us, make the extraordinary changes very close to happening. It is easy to proclaim this from a place far removed from your everyday world, but we say to you that, one way or another, your reality is very close to an immense change for the better. This change is to bring us to your shores.

First Contact is something that we are fully committed to. We intend to bring it about shortly, either as a result of our own efforts or those of our Earth allies. The question is simply which party is to be primarily responsible for its completion. Either way, the goal is to achieve First Contact as quickly as possible. We have set aside some time for you to put your various issues in order before our arrival, while nevertheless bearing in mind the prime imperative of the hour; namely, that First Contact is inevitable. Our fleet is working diligently within certain restrictions laid down by us regarding what is to be done to "force" this event into occurring. Our intent is to transform this present reality into one that is more prepared to accept our coming. This is now our major objective. As noted, we are currently doing whatever is necessary to bring about this wondrous event.

Everywhere your planet demonstrates that she is in the throes of a grand transition into the Light. This operation has brought us to your shores in great numbers. We are not here merely to observe you but to intervene formally under the aegis of the Divine. This commitment has now reached the point where we need to do what is necessary to stage a mass First Contact. Your planet cannot for much longer stay within the chaos into which the dark has thrown her. The time arrives for something different, which shifts your world and this entire solar system to the Light. Traversing great galactic distances to assemble our fleet here was not done on a whim; we came to bring enormous change and the time for this has arrived. In accordance with this pledge, we are doing much that we can only hint at. Just know that a divine action for First Contact has begun!

Today we continued our discussion about the great changes going on here on planet Earth and the closeness of First Contact. The dark does not have much longer to mess around with its delaying tactics and display its arrogance and total distain for its fate. Rather, the time comes for the Divine to transform this reality. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday May 15th, 2007. 9 Men, 13 Moan, 2 ik
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Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return with more interesting goings-on to discuss with you! Our program to break the deadlocks, which have recently been frustrating all those involved, is now reaching some eventful milestones. A great deal of necessary movement in the international banking field has occurred, which promises that the deliveries are close to being manifested. Our representatives inform us that many important breakthroughs have been achieved very recently, which, coupled with what we are doing in Washington D.C. to promote a swift and legal regime change, indicate that First Contact will shortly return to its former fast-track status. Here, we remind our Earth allies that their many similar programs are being integrated into these most crucial procedures. Our intent is to prepare your world for a number of surprises. As we often note, First Contact has become combined with an elaborate prelude that is now sliding into place. Further, those persons involved in these changes are being prepared for their momentous duties.

To change the direction of an entire global society, and at the speed that is required, is a truly colossal undertaking. A huge number of people have to be primed and many sound agendas ready to roll. And yet these factors now stand ready. The training is being expedited by special technologies and aided by the large body of intelligence that we alluded to last week. This new data is demonstrating to our Earth allies just how sneaky and reprehensible this last dark cabal really is! Remember that this group controls most major players in your present reality. As the playwright for new global scenarios, the darkside has maintained an illusory stage production that has masqueraded successfully as events of substance. Our intelligence is able to blow the lid off this charade. Our Earth allies were astonished by these discoveries and have proposed valuable people to be trained by us. As our joint projects move forward, it is critical that what is meant to occur in the next timeframe comes off as planned.

We are working on numerous items of interest to First Contact, the most important of which is a suitable US regime change. The new transitional government most assuredly needs to be devoted to moving America back from the brink of some massive disasters, all of which have been carefully put in place by the last four administrations. The agendas they followed include forging a single North American Union under one government; weakening the US economy severely; outsourcing the key elements of the economy; and sabotaging the US dollar. On top of this is an accelerating drive to institute policies designed to remove the Constitution further and further from legitimacy and to substitute a plethora of statute-based legal codes. When we began diplomatic dealings with your top officials, we had to become conversant with these trends so that we could work with our Earth allies to create a template for returning the US regime to its constitutional roots. Today, this operation contains all the necessary steps for doing this.

On a more general note, the endemic corruption and wholesale covert theft indulged in by most governments on your world need to be turned around. Election and appointment to government positions are supposed to be an immense privilege predicated on honor and merit. Instead, ruthlessness and self-interest seem to be the prime qualifications for high office on your world, and very few men and women of honor are to be found in positions of real influence. All too often those who possess merely great economic and financial resources rule the roost. To correct this our Earth allies have put into play a means to transform this sorry situation; the new form of governance they are preparing has a great many screens to prevent a repetition of the degradation of the past, the most important safeguard being your direct involvement in government. Another stipulation is the re-chartering of corporations into special limited public partnerships, as these entities have a wide social and ecological impact on their communities. These companies need to be geared toward responding both locally and globally to a variety of social and environmental moral imperatives.

At the top of our agenda is the distribution of a massive prosperity drive. This project creates a truly global abundance as vast funds are funneled out to reach every person on this globe. Humanity, for the first time in recent history, will be free of the burden imposed by lack and limitation. With freedom comes responsibility, and one of the prime duties is for you all to become government watchdogs. This requires the use of the Internet and other technologies that can unite you into large, democratic interest groups. This body politic can also push for the end to the "UFO" cover-up. This world of prosperity is far different from the one you now know. To begin with, it is much more peaceful and cooperative; true harmony among nations can only happen when scarcity and need are not fomenting aggression born out of desperation. Also, the amount of sharing and cross-cultural acceptance will immensely increase.

A world released from the need for conflict is ready to embrace its cultural and racial diversity. A form of technology, at present suppressed, is to become widely available to you; this device is designed to "put you inside the head" of the one you are speaking to. This interphase unit instantaneously translates language and cultural nuances, making your words completely comprehensible to the other party, and visa versa. Thus, conversation goes to a whole new level of exchange. Further, entire networks of speakers can be simultaneously interphased with one another. As you can imagine, this can result in a huge surge of understanding and appreciation for each other and your many varied cultures as the linguistic barriers that divided you melt away.

Your future is about cooperation and a worldwide coming together. The event of our open arrival is a waypoint along the road that is making you into, first, a planetary human and, ultimately, a galactic one. Our projects simply form part of Heaven’s greater momentum to achieve this divine goal. Your present systems are breaking down as the last dark cabal and its adherents work feverishly to prevent the inevitable uplifting. Nevertheless, your divine future is unstoppable. Thus, your present world is meant to crumble and to do so in the very near future. Our part is to do what is necessary to see that this occurs as planned. Your part is to accept this, to remain positive, and to know that First Contact draws closer. What we are doing is designed to make this possible.

The privilege that Heaven confers on us is one we do not take lightly. What we are currently engaged upon is now moving forward at a most wonderful pace. Our First Contact team is divided into many components, the most essential of which is the one that looks after you. Our medical teams and our liaison with the various aspects of our Earth allies are dedicated to getting this mission thrust quickly into the final stage of open, manifested contact with you. Likewise, our many fleets of observation scout craft work to prepare Mother Earth for the final grand event. Our senior staff is similarly preparing to deliver the broadcasts that mark the opening stages of actual Contact. Our entire mission is focused on bringing our technology and our personnel to your shores as swiftly as possible. Together, We are truly Victorious!

Today, we discussed some of the projects we have undertaken to assist our Earth allies in assuring the people of Earth that the necessary pre-contact changes come off as Heaven so intends. Know that we are doing everything necessary to ensure your great victory. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday June 5th, 2007. 4 Cib, 14 Pax, 2Ik
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Selamat Balik! We come again, dear Ones, with more news about what is occurring on your world. At present, the last dark cabal is busy defending its interests around the globe. Our new galactic advisers on these matters first predicted the cabal’s use of these most immoral strategies weeks ago. We are telling our Earth allies to proceed according to the agreements reached between us. Until these last few foreseen struggles are over, we are to see that the status quo remains in effect. These conditions of relative non-movement are not to last very much longer. During its death throes, the cabal has managed to keep a hold on most large international banking transactions. However, this grip is now loosening at a much more accelerated rate, due to the numerous plans that our Earth allies have put in place. These special "financial tricks" are paying dividends, and we expect that you are very close to receiving the funds so long promised you. In addition, our Earth allies are arranging for the legal removal of the present US regime. The first domino is nearly set to fall!

Before this happens, our Earth allies are preparing the legal transitional government that is to restore America. The entire government of America is to be replaced! Understandably, this process, at first, seemed quite daunting. In short, an entire new government, replacing all that has governed America from the American Civil War onward, must hit the ground running. All the myriad statutes, types of governance, and modes of election need to be reformed. This involves revoking literally thousands of laws and modes of enforcement, reviewing all prior sentencing, and setting in place many former state constitutions as well as an entire system of workable Common Law, including suitable constitutional courts. Judges need to be retrained, where feasible, and a new means of retraining and retesting all attorneys and potential attorneys instituted. Indeed, no small task! Furthermore, recasting the whole election process is essential. This puts an end to the biased, money-based political system that has dominated America for decades.

This wholesale revision of the US political apparatus is to apply to Canada, Europe, and most of the Commonwealth nations that formerly were part of the British Empire. In short, an enormous change in the world’s political systems is to occur. These transformations form a large part of the fiscal and banking changes that are to accompany the formal delivery of the prosperity funds to your world. This is part of an operation that aims to create the type of world cooperation that is required to carry out the multiple disclosures needed for you to assume your first tasks of stewardship. These include: solving your global pollution dilemmas; ending world hunger and poverty; and setting up a means to resolve all prevailing, serious political difficulties among the nations of the world. To do this, the present global political environment needs drastic reformation! Everywhere you look, on most continents of Mother Earth, there is conflict. Conflict is supported by the highly chaotic political situation you now live in. Reforming this political climate calls for you to adopt a new set of standards to work from.

In this new political climate, things that cannot get done before will get done! Our Earth allies have had the time to think long and hard about just how to do this legally and properly. Bear in mind that your global society has long been held hostage by a group of cabals whose sole interest was bettering themselves at the expense of Mother Earth and her peoples. These ones felt themselves to be above everything because they were the appointed minions of the planet’s overlords, the Anunnaki. Now this has changed. The Anunnaki relinquished their former position of authority over a decade ago. Since then, your world remained in that erstwhile state while a group of very powerful men and women fought to determine what path your world was to take. This conflict is closing in on its own resolution. What our Earth allies are now doing, along with the resources given to them by Heaven and by us, ensures their victory. The finale of this long struggle comprises a last set piece that forces the dark cabal to withdraw and surrender.

This act of surrender changes everything! Your world is at last set free from the tyranny of the past 13 millennia. An aspect of this immense shift is the unveiling of a great deal of long-suppressed technology, which runs the gamut from new sources of power to ways of quickly turning around your pollution crisis. Almost overnight, your world is liberated from the oppression of the petroleum age. Transnational energy conglomerates run your world with the support of a banking system that only encouraged their avarice. This global web translated its power into the global political system, and since 9/11 the difficulties springing from this total disregard for Mother Earth and her people have been accelerated. Inevitably, the vast excesses of these energy cartels and their associated petrochemical and energy industries are coming to a head; the time has come for them to pay for their crimes.

This movement by our Earth allies for a huge alteration of your planet is, in fact, divine. If humanity is to survive these times, she needs an agency capable of the task. "Drastic times require drastic measures," and the events following the delivery of your funds are just the thing your world needs. However, it is beyond the measure of most minds to know the depth and extent of the changes required. Further, it is generally accepted that the degree of your global problems are largely insuperable. This is why the present series of activities was set in motion by the Divine, and why we are taking the time in this message to assure all that the required changes are nearly in place. As you look back on the full run of events that has preceded what is now occurring, you can see how labyrinthine an undertaking it was, and how essential divine inspiration is to both the process and outcome of this staggering undertaking.

The operations currently underway are the start of a complex process that sets the stage for our arrival. We understand how difficult it may be for many to fully comprehend the many issues involved, and we know that the events forming part of the fall of the first domino need a lot of detailed explanation. Accordingly, the transitional governments, especially the American one, have set up a schedule of presentations of 3 to 4 hours each, one to be broadcast every evening for a period of 10 days once the initial governmental change has occurred. These messages can bring the American people up to speed on the myriad changes taking place. Similar programs are to be broadcast by the many other new governments resulting from the actions of our Earth allies.

These things are to serve as the prelude to a mass First Contact. We sense that the moment for this grand event is not that far off. Our part is initially to provide the guidance and wisdom in support of the excellent plans of our Earth allies. Next, we are to act as a divine observer whose purpose is to see that what is promised by our Earth allies is duly manifested. As these things come to fruition, we can, at the divine right moment, introduce ourselves to you. With this done, we can then set about the task of carrying out the last stages of a formal First Contact with you. Then, for us, the fun and joy truly begin! And the mission of restoring you to Full Consciousness can start in earnest. You can then complete all this by forming a galactic society with your inner Earth family and forging the beginnings of your new star nation.

Today, we have carried on with news of what is happening on your world. We ask you to remain patient and be able to respond to whatever comes next. This is a time in your history when a colossal change of direction for your planet is to take place. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday August 14th, 2007. 9 Cimi, 19 Pop, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! A number of events mentioned in our last few messages are extremely close to popping up in front of you. The forecasted machinations of your last dark cabal are going ahead on schedule. This is good news for us! The monies that make up the first domino are getting ready to roll and will start the train of events that forms the foundation of your new reality. This means that the formal transformation of the US Federal Reserve Bank into the new Treasury Bank is getting close. Next come global debt annulment and the end of fiat currencies. In this new context, a host of caretaker governments will swiftly emerge. In America, this will take the form of an abrupt end to the present regime and the start of constitutional, common-law government. These new regimes herald the beginning of a global cooperation that puts an end to a great many wars and smaller conflicts currently raging across the face of Mother Earth.

These dramatic changes in direction start the countdown to First Contact. After the initial broadcasts are concluded and the governmental and financial changes enacted, the time comes for the official announcements of our presence that we have long awaited. Formal acknowledgement of our existence changes your reality considerably and we can finally take a more direct approach to interacting with you. The present interdiction of our scientific scout ships can cease and we can be more open in carrying out our daily missions in your skies. We want you to get used to seeing us and become accustomed to the fact that we are benevolent. However, we intend to wait for the divine right moment to announce formally our mass-landing date. Until then, we desire your new governments to spend their time supervising the disbursement of your prosperity, carrying out various pollution-cleaning projects, and unveiling a whole host of suppressed technologies. These actions set precedents, which are important to our post-first-Contact plans.

Once our benevolent presence is formally announced, we can upgrade some of the technologies just released by your interim governments. Our desire is for you to possess the technology appropriate for what needs to be done. First, you need to be able to turn around the huge amounts of pollution that endanger your health and well-being. To do this, we intend to put to use some equipment from our own inventories to help you resuscitate your failing ecosystems and regenerate the environments vital for lessening the damage created by heavy windstorms and immoderate flooding. The climate on your world is changing to accommodate the emergence of your new reality and you need assistance to reduce the repercussions of volatile and augmented weather patterns. Hence, we also intend to greatly upgrade the capability of your weather forecasters to predict daily and monthly conditions.

This climate change is part of the process by which Mother Earth is transforming herself into her fully conscious self. It is melting glaciers and pushing up temperatures worldwide; but the rate of this natural change is being accelerated by rapidly increasing man-made pollution. However, the most important reason for obliterating pollution is to ensure that potential health crises in nature and in your societies are avoided or greatly reduced. We watch as those who presently "run" your societies downplay or entirely dismiss the dangers of this ever-growing pollution to you and to the flora and fauna of your world. Most distressing is the way these same individuals create fiscal and technological conditions that make rampant pollution around the planet inevitable. We are assisting our Earth allies to bring forth a schedule of projects that remedy this situation and that provide an environment that is to be the foundation for manifesting your new reality.

There exists on your world a whole class of technologies that are either kept out of the public domain or completely suppressed by your power elites. They form the transitional element between what you now use and what we intend to introduce to you. This interim technology can take you off your oil-dependent economy and provide a revolutionary means to generate electricity, power your vehicles, and travel by air. In addition, there is a very effective process that can solve your growing solid-waste problem while supplying you with an effective and organically safe way to produce the fertilizers needed for mass cultivation of your global food requirements. These advances are a stepping-stone to what we shall introduce to you, namely, mass-energy converters. These can reproduce food, house wares, clothing, and houses and buildings, large and small.

Mass-energy converters are ecologically safe and are to take you and your technological development to those levels long denied you by your dark cabals. In short, the transitional period is to progress you swiftly to the point you would have reached some 20 to 30 years ago had your natural progress been allowed. Unhindered, technology creates waves which carry a society forwards much like an ocean wave. This natural upwelling results in societal prosperity whilst simultaneously imparting lessons that permit that society to recreate itself in new and dynamic ways. Your dark cabal stalled this normal flow because it feared what these new technologies would do to its ability to control and manipulate the global economy. Fear of losing control is its motivating force; it is the reason behind the decades-old "UFO" cover-up and why a great many advances and discoveries were confiscated or suppressed.

The changes in your financial system and the rise of global abundance allow us to move your economy beyond its deliberately-imposed limits toward a model of complete and permanent abundance. Galactic societies are founded on the concept that whatever is needed to achieve individual or collective goals can be provided. Furthermore, these goals can be satisfied within the purview of that society’s planetary stewardship, and at the same time all are encouraged to balance responsibility-to-self with the best interests of their society. This includes using one’s creative potential to aid Heaven and the Creator in unfolding the Divine Plan. The result is a society in which invention and creative thought are much promoted and cultivated. Thus, our coming is a catalyst that can open avenues for you toward your own galactic society.

As you can see, you are on the cusp of a massive leap not only in consciousness but also in the restructuring of your society. Our coming is a spiritual watershed and First Contact, a divine convergence. Your priority from then onwards is to relearn your true identity while also reuniting with your spiritual and space families. It is an occasion that Heaven has very carefully scripted. The rapid expansion of your consciousness is designed to link you up with a range of amazing resources that can exponentially boost your creative powers and demonstrate to you that your ability to surmount any challenge is limitless. You will experience the universe as a friendly place, crammed with adventure; and the "f-e-a-r-s" you have at present will be shown to be merely "false eventsappearing real." Therefore, be in joy over what awaits you and remain focused contentedly in the "now."

Today, we updated you, as far as we are able at this time, on the march of events on your world. We discussed what these events signify for you and your reality. It behooves you indeed to be lighthearted as, around you, a brilliant and magnificent world is preparing to take you back to full consciousness and all that that implies! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday September 25th, 200712 Lamat, 1 Tzotz, 3 Manik
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Jai Bashara! (Sirian for Good Day!) We return, blessed Ones, with more to discuss. Your world is embroiled in the definitive struggle that will transform the present reality into one more to Heaven’s liking. The dark cabal continues to behave in its accustomed manner, namely, with much bile and arrogance. Their state of mind contributes appropriately to what is happening to them. These ones very much want the world to continue on as before, but the planetary changes are rapidly accelerating and posing a growing threat to their dark vision of the future. Everywhere the rate of extinction of multitudes of plants and animals grows. These early warning signs will be followed by even more compelling indications on the part of Mother Earth that the world these obdurate ones seek to maintain is indeed dying! Their excesses in the financial and banking arenas are reaching a breaking point. Their inflicted wars, their covertly propagated violence and encouragement of sectarian hatred are reaching explosive levels. These conditions cry out for resolution! "Something’s gotta give," and soon.

The picture that we draw is dark and bleak; yet there is a huge desire on the part of humanity for something very different from this frightful prospect. Deep within and bubbling swiftly to the surface is a common intent to create a realm of Light, Love, and prosperity. And this world is now being birthed behind the mass media lies, the manipulation of events, and the self-destructive greed pursued by your dark cabal. Millennia ago, there was a general revolt against the Anunnaki overlords on the part of many earth rulers and a wish to return to the concepts of the former realm of Lemuria and the initial colonizers from Sirius-B and the Pleiades. This challenge to off-world authority was dealt with by horrifying destruction that was intended to stamp out any potential re-occurrence. Afterwards, all that was left were odd telltale signs of destruction and some relics that were treated with much reverence by those who survived this great onslaught. The Anunnaki put a new stratum of ruling Earth minions in place, and your present dark rulers are the descendents of these new minions.

Today’s global circumstances are in many ways similar to those at the end of the age mentioned above, only now, the tables are being turned. The coming of the Galactic Federation and the worldwide spiritual revolution instigated by Heaven has put a spoke in the wheel of the dastardly plans of the dark. Our promised divine intervention in Earth affairs is rightly viewed as a grave threat to their schemes. Their panic reaction is creating the chaos you have watched spreading all around you over the last half decade. Your world is gripped by manufactured fears and the hovering threat of global martial law. One aspect of this panic reaction is seen in the ever-tightening stranglehold over the global money supply, which is their major power base. The financial markets at the highest levels are closely monitored, and the transferring of funds internationally has become very difficult and requires either special expertise, or the ability to pull strings within the hierarchy of the dark cabal. This is all about to change.

Our Earth allies are working carefully to ensure that this dark fortress turns, at the pivotal moment, into a house of cards! A divine wind is preparing to blow this house of cards into oblivion. Great stealth is essential, and so, details of the strategies cannot be revealed at this time. But we can tell you that the decisive and most critical step is underway. We can only repeat that meticulous secrecy is of the essence, as the dark is quite paranoid about everything and everyone they associate with. It therefore follows that the cabal must be lulled into believing that everyone around them and involved in their stratagems is a good friend and can be trusted. Our end game takes this paranoia into account and capitalizes on the implications of this. Once the end game is successfully accomplished, we will take great delight in providing the details! The caretaker governments that are to take over once the illegal dark-cabal regimes are legally toppled will mention these matters.

We have talked about this new realm at length, and we assure you that its manifestation comes closer each day. Our fleet and its many diplomatic teams scrutinize each development, using a technological surveillance network that covers every inch of the planet. This keeps us instantly and vividly informed of all that happens. So far, all is going as planned, and proceeding as swiftly as possible within the strictures of not arousing suspicion within a most suspicious environment. Those who, for generations, have wielded absolute power do not lightly give it up, and this is the case with our dark adversary. These ones have recouped the degree of global control, with the attendant control structures, that a united global elite possessed before the Anunnaki, their off-world mentors, quite suddenly changed sides, thus making a shambles of control structures and strategies. Despite these gains, our arrival and the Agreement of 1998 still constitute thorns in their side and frequently trouble them.

Your world is reaching out toward its divine destiny and still the dark ones persist in ignoring the many signs of this phenomenon. They are focused on the fact that their schemes have now got back to the point where the bottom formerly dropped out of their world. Now they intend to push on to complete their global agendas as quickly as possible. Our presence and Heaven’s momentums somewhat hinder their activities, but they remain determined to finish on schedule. With typical forethought, they set up the means to overwhelm any possible interference to their plans and they are manifesting these even as we speak. But! Unbeknown to them, it is precisely within these "means" that lie hidden the devices, which can cause their dark schemes to fail utterly!

While all this works its way forward, our fleet remains on permanent alert. We are fully aware of and take fully into account the considerable resources at the disposal of this last dark cabal. Our mission objective is to complete this First Contact within the divine timeframe given to us by Heaven, and we take this responsibility very seriously. To this end, we stepped up the reconnaissance flights directly concerned with First Contact. This includes increasing the number of defense triangle-scout-ships that accompany each of these missions. We duly advised those surface governments allied in any way with the goals of the dark that we cannot brook any form of interference with these critical tasks.

As we mentioned before, First Contact with a realm so physically and mentally unprepared for our arrival is rather beyond our ken. We come, nonetheless, to do something very special. Our role here, as a court of last resort and as the world’s future mentor, is an excellent learning opportunity for our personnel. Further, those from the former Anchara Alliance not only find your world a thing of enormous beauty, but also recognize the chance to review their former ways and to participate, for the first time, in a quite novel (for them) operation. Their view is that what you are going through is approaching a most successful conclusion, regardless of the obstructions arrayed against you. The dark’s master plan for Earth reminds them very much of those schemes filtering through the Alliance just before the peace of Anchara were formally announced. So, in light of this uplifting prognosis, we ask for your ongoing patience and a confident focus on your coming triumph! Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we gave you more information about the secret doings on your world. These are ensuring that the promised interregnum bridging this reality and First Contact rolls out as planned. Our role is that of the physical arm of Heaven, which is to solemnly ensure the divine Will through a mass First Contact with you. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 6th, 20072 Oc, 3 Xul, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We arrive again with a message of importance concerning the secret goings-on in your world! Rejoice, dear Hearts! Many wonderful breakthroughs occurred in the past few days which confirm that we are drawing quite close to the day for your long-awaited prosperity to show up at your door. This means that the many necessary preceding developments have indeed been as effective as predicted and are casting their weight on what is close to happening. These events are starting to embody the plans given to us by our Anunnaki consultants, and so we can say we are happy with the way things are going. But we need to ask you to continue your focus and to realize that all good things take time. However, know that events are accelerating, and we are most encouraged by what is happening on all fronts of this vast and complex undertaking. In light of this, we instructed all our on-planet personnel to push forward with their current procedures and to maintain the requisite security levels. The success of these measures gives us the confidence to inform you of the closeness of our joint triumph!

As these events approach, your integration into fully conscious Beings is also accelerating at an ever-swifter pace. Right now, Heaven is directing our medical teams to concentrate on connecting your major energy meridians to your physical central nervous system. This profusion of interconnections involves literally thousands of intersecting points within your physical body. Some of you may be experiencing particularly strong feelings of discomfort, or even areas of pain, in your body when you awaken during the night. These aches and twinges are part of what we are doing at night to hasten the completion of this vital task. What we are preparing your body for is the integration of the last few layers of your upper Lightbody with your physical body. This needs to get done as quickly as possible because Heaven is intent on bringing on line, albeit in a preliminary mode of operation, the two new chakras in your head capable of linking you up with the new forms of data that are now heavily streaming from the Galactic Core.

These two developments dovetail with the Earth watch we are engaged in. Mother Earth is also speeding up the preliminaries for rearranging her surface features. Various tectonic plates are slipping at a much more rapid rate. The more critically unstable plates, like the Pacific and the Asian, are having their plate subduction rate corrected. In this way, Mother Earth is adjusting her tectonic plates so that they will be able to lock together at a moment’s notice. This increases the number of earthquakes where this operation intersects with land, and so a number of quakes are happening in areas where they are relatively commonplace. These shakings–due to a lowering of the Earth’s magnetic field–climate changes, and subtle shifts in deep ocean currents are to continue in some degree of heightened intensity until the present period of instability is fully alleviated. Then, once First Contact has happened, Mother Earth can finish the wholesale surface reconfiguration she has in mind.

The many interlocking processes we describe come together here to form the big picture. To us, First Contact is quite a complex operation. Another aspect is the ongoing process of transforming the way your global society operates. We are amazed at the way our Earth allies and you are solving this very unusual puzzle. As the degree of chaos increases, so also do the opportunities for major change. You are currently experiencing a huge upward spiral of change that is to forge a new reality and institute a new, more discerning level of consciousness. Every day, we witness this process in full-throttle operation: We watch as your old guard, or dark cabal, struggles in vain to keep the lid on the society it has so long controlled. At the same time, we watch the birthing of a new group on the verge of power that realizes that new and drastic solutions are desperately needed. Resolving this clash will bring in the divine interregnum we often talk about, and this, in turn, leads to First Contact.

This movement in global awareness is punctuated by some very serious attempts on the part of this dark cabal to "emphasize" its control. The many wars, sporadic economic downturns, and socio-religious clashes are a last stab at making the old ways work. As you can see, these strategies are reaching their limits. Across the globe an immense amount of unprecedented cooperation is counteracting the effectiveness of these traditional, repressive methods of mass control. Further, humanity is learning to adopt small-scale economics that bring people and nations together. These grass-roots projects are gaining ground and redefining the way a society perceives itself. The next, splashier steps are to be taken by our Earth allies. Until then these small yet effectual initiatives are teaching local and rural areas how to develop themselves; they also demonstrate to the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Americas what a powerful tool properly applied cooperation can be.

This burgeoning economic cooperation has led to a degree of social cooperation that is changing the so-called developing world. It is also stimulating growing networks of people-to-people (as opposed to intergovernmental) exchanges between the developed and the developing worlds. These exchanges are showing that these mushrooming networks can become valid vehicles for positive change. Humanitarian groups are presently combining the social and the economic aspects in novel and effective ways. These globally oriented projects form the core of a swelling grass-roots movement that is also affecting Europe and beginning to make inroads into North America. This greatly encourages our Earth allies and us because this micro-movement has many implications for what is to happen soon on a much, much larger scale.

The large-scale changes included in the programs of our Earth allies are getting close to happening. These programs need the small start-ups we just mentioned. Everywhere, it is being shown that human society is deeply invested in a new set of values. The repressive controls of the dark cabal are rapidly losing their hold. Humans deeply desire to prosper, and to do so in a more cooperative milieu. We stress this for two reasons: First, the ambitious programs about to be put into play need this change of focus in order to take root. Second, your world has only a short time left before a more violent push for change on the part of the dispossessed underclasses around the globe literally explodes on the scene. Our Earth allies know this and are determined to circumvent this violence by creating conditions that lead to a glorious era of peace and prosperity.

You stand on the brink of many dramatic new perspectives that will quickly become normal to you. Our intent is to make it possible for the events preceding First Contact to be greatly accelerated. This is also a stipulation of the Divine Plan. Our objective is to weave your desires and ours into a unique tapestry that encourages a swift cleansing of your world’s dark natures. Then the goals of the interim governments can pave the way for First Contact. We are well aware that the present state of your societies, despite the encouraging growth of the more cooperative grass-roots movement, is unequal to the event of First Contact. It is therefore our assigned task to do all that is divinely possible to ensure First Contact. Come what may, we are destined to come among you as part of a divinely decreed reunion!

Today we talked about a few of the elements leading to First Contact. We remain fully confident that the path we are both on is taking us to that most magical of moments. We ask you to remain focused and ready to do whatever facilitates First Contact. We know that this grand celebration is not far off! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 13th, 20079 Caban, 10 Xul, 3Manik
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Selamat Balik! We come again, Dear Ones, with more to discuss with you. As you well know by now, your last dark cabal remains intent on doing all it can to maintain the status quo, and against these odds our Earth allies, too, continue to unfold our joint game plan. Much is happening behind the chaos that is presented for public consumption on your national nightly news casts. The rising turmoil in many parts of your world is a smoke-and-mirrors act that hides the fact that these obdurate ones are rapidly losing control of things. The time thus approaches, equally rapidly, when their legal drubbing from power can finally take place! Our plans are wholly geared toward this goal, but remember that our ruse here is to make these malefactors believe that their stratagems can indeed keep them in power. This means that we can act openly only once the breaking point in this confrontation is reached. Then it becomes possible to use our growing worldwide leverage to bring their 13-millennia-long span of power to a timely and just conclusion.

As we keep reiterating, absolute secrecy concerning these operations is paramount. The degree of stealth required is often daunting because so much has to be carried out that simultaneously must appear on the surface to be accomplishing the opposite. This sleight of hand is the only currently known way to succeed when dealing with this cabal. It maneuvers in such a way as to make its true dark intentions appear in public to have a worthy goal. These duplicitous machinations were standard operating procedure for this cabal’s former dark off-world masters, and a proven technique for keeping control of the masses. This is why our Anunnaki consultants can advise us with some accuracy on how to anticipate the treacherous moves of this cabal; in fact, we can clearly see our advisors’ former dark philosophy mirrored in this cabals’ current beliefs. This opportunity to observe how the dark operates in your realm is not only most enlightening, it also allows us to sense how this current scenario is to be played out. It also shows us just how far you have come as a people and just how close you are to your deliverance from the dark ones.

The first wave of your liberation is to break you free from the series of global institutions that were created by the rise of the modern nation state. These states were set up under an extension of Roman, or statute, law, which evolved from the legitimacy of the Holy Roman Empire and the "divine rule" of the Papacy. By the time of the late Renaissance, this form of legality was the keystone for the creation of nations on your globe. This instituted the strict codes of Lex Romana (Roman Law) as the prima facie law of all states, and it was only the rise of a democratic philosophy of law in the 16th and 17th centuries that gave humanity a way out of this Anunnaki-made predicament. The solution grew out of the equal status that "common law" was accorded with the Lex Romana, yet the covert contention between these two concepts continues to this day. What your global liberators want is to banish the lingering miasma of the Lex Romana from the liberties and personal sovereignty of humanity. This starts a process of deliverance which will end nearly 130 centuries of distortions, fabrications, and manipulation by the dark.

The process of realigning the legal foundation of national sovereignty permits humanity to take on its own personal sovereignty and to enlarge the premise for its liberation from the global legal system that has long considered humanity to be mere chattel. Achieving this goal brings you closer to the formal declaration of our presence and to the release of much technology long hidden from you. These substantial advances can reform your worldwide society and prepare you to learn about your true origins and history, and about the many ancient civilizations whose existence has long been denied by the orthodoxy of your archeological and related sciences. This vast amount of knowledge is only the beginning of what we intend to share with you. Here it is important to note that the return of your personal sovereignty and the large numbers of public disclosures about many things are an essential part of the foundation needed for First Contact. The process set up by the Divine is like the waves of an incoming tide which peak with the event of First Contact.

Your return to full consciousness lies at the heart of what we are divinely instructed to do. We have watched you for millennia and have been limited in our interactions with you by the edicts of Heaven. These divine decrees told us how far to go in assisting you and what was possible at any given time. Heaven’s recent clarion-call to more forward with a First Contact mission altered our responsibilities toward you. Suddenly, our efforts to expand our interactions with you developed into a full-blown First Contact mission. At first, the mission was somewhat reined in by what Heaven was doing to ready you for this incredible experience. Now, however, the brakes are off, and we are moving forward on all fronts to set the stage for our arrival. This brought us into contact with a select number of you from all levels of your global societies. We call these our Earth allies.

These groups of Earth humans are dedicated to saving your planet from the line- up of ever-worsening predicaments planned with avarice and cold-blooded ambition by your dark cabals, especially during the last 400 years. The Earth humanitarians regard First Contact as a means to accelerate the many cures needed to transform a fragmented global population into a collective ready to accept the profound challenges posed by a sudden rise in global consciousness. These noble aims put them in stark opposition to the way this planet is being run and require outstanding resolve in order to effect transformation on such a scale of all the core perceptions of humanity—a truly monumental task! Faced with such odds, they came quickly to regard our assistance as a most welcome addition to the course they had decided to pursue.

Decades ago, our Earth allies had put together plans to begin a general prosperity and debt forgiveness program for humanity. Being in many cases the children of one of the more caring of the illuminoid groups, these wealthy and powerful individuals decided to work secretly to transform global society. In the course of this pursuit, they came across some of our fleet personnel who were assigned to live on your world to observe you at first hand. These early meetings in the immediate post-WW II era established a system of contact between us and eventually led to an informal manifesto between what we now call our Earth allies and us. We asked our on-planet liaisons to keep up this interaction and to counsel them on certain matters. By the late 1980s, a good rapport was in effect. Then in the early 1990s, we informed them of the divinely decreed First Contact mission.

The present circumstances arise out of our history with each other. A harmonious working relationship now exists that is leading your world toward a day of triumph over the dark. The particulars of our plans must stay secret for now, but know that we are pleased with what is happening. As always, these things have a great deal of divine timing in them, and we constantly defer to this component in our talks with both your governments and with our on-planet friends. It is our heartfelt intention to greet you all shortly and celebrate our joint victory. At that time, we can finally reveal who these courageous individuals are, and the identity of some of them is bound to surprise you! We are most grateful for what they are doing and for what they have pledged to do in the near future. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued to discuss the events that are preparing to spring upon your world. We thank all of you for your ever-gracious support of our Earth allies and of this First Contact mission. It is not easy to hold the Light and Love for an event that has taken a good deal of time to get ready. And we close by thanking you again for your wonderful, generous support. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday November 27th, 200710 Batz, 4 Yaxk’in, 3 Manik
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Selamat Jarin! We come again at the start of this holiday season to greet you and give you some fine news! As you know, a long, drawn-out showdown is being played out by our Earth allies and your last dark cabal. This scenario is starting to reach its expected finale. Thus, it is not inconceivable that your prosperity funds can pay out before Christmas. This operation then legally ousts the US regime from power, begins a series of important announcements about the end of your global society’s debt crisis, and ushers in a new era of worldwide peace and prosperity. These broadcasts will talk about the new banking system and new currency, and introduce a whole range of much-to-be-welcomed new technologies. These events set the stage, after a few months, for our existence to be proclaimed by the new governments. We look forward to a very preliminary interaction with you before the actual first-contact landings take place. During the interregnum, you are to be given the time to make a good accounting of yourselves and set up the conditions needed for our arrival.

As we look at your global conditions we see proliferating crises on all fronts feeding a mounting global chaos. This societal disintegration fuels the danger of a new arms race that would leave the cold war in the dust! These situations are unacceptable to our Earth allies and, especially, to us. We are fully aware of the grotesque plots that your last dark cabal has in the pipeline. This cabal’s corporate allies have spread a veritable ocean of money around the world to foment what you see on your nightly newscasts and read in your morning papers. Their intention is to coalesce new ominous alliances whose sole purpose is to stoke the fear and manipulation that has kept the dark in power for many millennia. But as you can begin to see, this plan is crumbling around them as many forces, fully dedicated to peace and global cooperation, come together in a concerted opposition to these unholy maneuvers. These cries for peace and spiritual wholeness have not gone unanswered by Heaven or by us. This groundswell yearning for peace is the foundation for what is shortly to occur.

Everywhere on your globe, some form of misery, hate, or violence is exacting its toll on Earth’s humanity. On top of that a constant assault on Mother Earth by the dark’s minions continues. Your society is bleeding and calling out in unison for heavenly relief, and the dangers posed by the last vestiges of the nuclear age also weigh heavily upon our Earth allies. They know that what they are accomplishing must, on the one hand, fly under the radar of the dark’s stratagems, and on the other, also assure us of the cabal’s ultimate demise. This daring game plan is allowing the energy build-up that will backfire on the dark! Bear in mind that a natural process for global change is underway, and the first fruits of this strategy are nearly ready to manifest. We want you to know the gist of what is happening so you can know what to expect, in general terms. Dealing with these groups of miscreants is quite challenging: you need to play to their egos and to their strongly held belief in their omnipotence. This conceit often leads them, unwittingly, to let some small thing manifest–useful to us–which they believe will serve their power base: a sort of mini Trojan horse.

While this face-off plays itself out, we have examined with our Earth allies the continuing plunder of your planet. The constant raping of Mother Earth has your home world in a very bad way. Happily, the rise in consciousness among you has created groups of humans around the world who are dedicated to using their healing energies to aid the planet. This is graciously accepted by her and we want you to know how much this is appreciated. Mother Earth fully understands your predicaments and wants you to know that her suffering, and yours, is nearly over. This period is merely a giant hiccup in your history. Soon you are to welcome in the grand changes promised to you. Your world is arriving at a point where a much-needed shift in the timeline is to happen. This shift permits you to acknowledge our existence and to prepare yourselves for First Contact and full consciousness. This peaceful route to the stars is your only true destiny!

Our Earth allies have told us that they need a period of a few months before the mass landings in which to ready you for our arrival. The immensity of what we represent needs to be eased into your consciousness. Accordingly, we came up with a plan to gently increase our exposure to you. We are to start a series of uncloaked daytime flybys, at a time and place that would be announced by your governments. Concurrently, a sequence of formal hearings in a number of major countries will transform the UFO cover-up into an IFO disclosure. The feeling is that this time period, along with the unveiling of now-hidden technologies, will be enough to ease the present potential for panic. The aim is to transform people’s fear into healthy curiosity about us and excited anticipation for our arrival. We agree that this proposal makes sense, and in the near future we can give you more details about how this is to be done.

The growing cooperation between our Earth allies and the First Contact mission is quite encouraging. We are now witnessing this period of mounting planetary discord actually starts to transform into one of cooperation and harmony. As we stated above, the finale of this seemingly interminable process is approaching, and with it the succession of broadcasts that will take you into the interregnum. The first ones will impart essential and, for many people, "unthinkable" truths via the mainstream media. Then, a great deal of inquiry, analysis, and examination by various pundits is to follow. The airwaves and the Internet are expected to be choked with opinions about what is happening. Here, let the actions of our Earth allies speak for themselves. What is about to happen is unprecedented! And previous experience and conventional wisdom are unlikely to be applicable!

This coming period in your history is to be the watershed that ends 13 millennia of confusion and futility. Across the planet a still largely unknown force is gathering momentum. At the same time our First Contact mission is getting ready to enter the next and most exciting part of this complex operation. It is always satisfying to see what you are doing reach a point where success is assured. The fact that we have moved to the very brink of victory is a sure sign that the decrees of Heaven are having the desired effect. Your dark cabal is not yet defeated, but the means to do so is reaching critical mass. We ask that you keep your focus and let the timings of the divine plan reveal their efficacy. A great transformation of your life is almost upon you, and it is important that you just let it play out as the Divine so wishes.

Understanding how the Divine works is often confusing and frustrating to the impatient. Being confident and willing to accept the way of Heaven is something you grow into as you learn to center yourself and tune in to the energies of Creation. This is a skill that most of you lost through no fault of your own. On top of that, this reality of yours is bent upon keeping you off-center and focused on short-term gratification. However, you are reacquiring your ancient skills as your grow in awareness by absorbing the wisdom gleaned from your current path to enlightenment. Our task is merely to remind you, when necessary, of the great potential that you are opening up, not only for yourself but also for all humanity. Therefore, be in joy, be patient, and focus on your most heart-felt goals. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed the progress being made in some of our joint undertakings and we rejoice at what is drawing closer for you and for us. Be confident in your victory and gracious in your triumphs. Never forget that the little spark of divine Love and Light is in all of us! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Tuesday December 11th, 200711 Chicchan, 18 Yaxk’in, 3 Manik
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Selamat Balik! We are here to assure you that a great many wonderful things are quite near to manifesting! Our Earth allies have worked diligently to prepare a suitable festive present for you. This operation has taken much longer than we would have liked; yet, things have advanced and are close to resolution. What remains now is for a series of events to roll out that will permit your prosperity funds to be widely released and for the present US regime to crumble appropriately into the infamous dustbins of history. This precipitates a whole range of bombshell changes that will forever transform the nature of your world. The current US regime is the last in a series of administrations that have severely restricted what the American people are truly capable of. The illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan represent a very negative and aggressive foreign policy that has understandably cast America’s true nature in a most unfavorable light. The coming American caretaker regime needs to set the stage for a readily seen about-face in policy, thus reversing these adverse worldwide opinions.

Globally, the monetary policies of the last dark cabal have thrown a pall over all international movement of monies. This and the need to adjust the present banking rules make it imperative that those new agreements already in force in much of the world extend to all domestic banking in America. This need is now being negotiated and a means to do so is about to be implemented. However, this is a mere fraction of what is urgently needed. Above all the greatly corrupted and hijacked US political system must be replaced. We watch what is happening in America and are appalled at what is now passed off as a "democratic political system." Indeed, the bulk of the US political system is nothing more than an adjunct of Corporate America and is something that the coming "quiet global revolution" intends to redress fully. The grand domestic coalition that America put together to fight World War II proved to be her undoing sixty or so years on. It must now be put aside and a more attuned group put into positions of power.

This pressing need for reform extends to most of the political systems of your world. The primitive nature of your nation states is in stark contrast to those societies on the worlds that we have previously chosen for First Contact. This is why we so applaud the motives and courage of our Earth allies as your planetary society lacks the degree of sophistication required of governments normally considered for First Contact. Their shrewdness, skill, plain common sense, and above all their long-term dedication has resulted in this remarkable accomplishment. We have spent a great deal of time tutoring them in what is required to succeed in this all-but-overwhelming task. Their absorption rate and capacity for action have recently improved immensely, implying that the grand intentions and formal decrees of Heaven are indeed in good hands. You, as a people, possess enormous potential, and this is becoming apparent in the series of meetings we have had with our Earth allies. Mentoring them is turning out to be a joy. And yet we know how much more needs to be done in the short time given to us by the Divine.

We have found that our dual role of mentor and advisor needs to be handled separately. We have assigned carefully selected teams to carry out each vital role. Mentoring is a learning process: It requires Love, patience, and an ability to praise or gently chide. Advising is very different: The full and accurate particulars of an issue are laid out, and the individual or group in question allowed to draw their own conclusions. The task of mentoring has a definite duration, while that of advisor is open-ended, relying on a more spontaneous exchange when the conferee asks for help. Our intent is to fulfill both roles conscientiously. A prerequisite of both these undertakings is your full consent, as we have no desire to impose on you. Our purpose is to assist and to make those contributions that can procure our joint success. Your growth in these vital areas is the result that we deeply wish to attain.

Fulfilling these roles has helped us get to know you better. Our Earth allies are very dedicated individuals who operate in a number of different environments. Some have the freedom to plan each day in a very detailed way. Others are quite restricted by their circumstances and have to play each moment intuitively. Thus our teams have had to work around these conditions in order to carry out their assignments. We are pleased with the results of our interactions; much good work and a mountain of knowledge have passed between us. We know exactly what these individuals need to do in order to ensure our joint success. Also, adapting our mentoring and advisory protocols to their various operational milieus has taught us even more about daily life on your world. We can tell you that progress is indeed being made, including a free and open exchange of ideas that now flows freely between us. The concept of fluid group dynamics is truly in effect!

Our medical teams and those assigned to live among you have lately taken on a more active feedback role. The increased information allows us to take what our Earth allies have told us and to apply it to our work. We are happy with the initial results. A sort of patchwork pilot project is underway, and we are swiftly evaluating the new data with the intention of carrying out a much broader operation in the very near future. Your growing awareness is a joy to us. Heaven assures us that this is only the tip of the iceberg where your rapidly expanding consciousness is concerned! The events planned by our Earth allies and us are falling into place, and the outcome that Heaven desires appears to be taking shape. The adventure that is your great transformation begins with the deliveries and the many changes to follow!

Your growth in awareness and becoming a fully conscious Being is what this First Contact is all about. We are here to empower you and help you stay on track, using the approaches mentioned above. As we watch and carry out our various tasks, we learn what is needed to complete this mission. The plan currently underway is working most effectively and is moving you to the very brink of First Contact. We are, in effect, watching you succeed! The last cabal feels this and knows that their stratagems cannot now be brought to fruition. On the other hand our Earth allies sense that their victory is very near. The time remaining in this Gregorian year can well be the moment for your great breakthrough. Thus it is important to be in a festive spirit, be focused and ready to receive your prosperity!

Your role in this joint undertaking is something we continually refer to, namely, to stay upbeat and prepared to implement what you dream of doing. Your reality is wobbling and is ripe for change. Mother Earth is also more than ready to begin those surface changes that will transform her into her former pristine self. Although the rising chaos may seem to you to be an ill omen, remember the old adage: The darkest hour comes just before dawn! And so it is that the strife-filled tumult that shrouds your beautiful planet cloaks a great Light that is about to burst through all around you! A Light that heralds the coming of events that is to shatter the conventional wisdoms of your age. We assure you, once more, that these events are divinely inevitable! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we reviewed what is happening on your world. A series of wonderfully clever strategies are underway and are reaching a turning point. This turning point will be complete when the prosperity deliveries come off as planned. Be one! Be at peace! Above all, never lose faith and know that the Divine is with you! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Continues atThe Process of Ousting This Dark Cabal, V

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